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MSNBC host Chuck Todd asserted that Judge Roy Moore doesn’t appear to believe in the Constitution because the Alabama GOP Senate nominee said that our rights come from God. This just shows you the cultural rot that’s going on in this country. America’s...

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Now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody martlet in here are number eight seven, seven, three. One three eight one, one eight Seven: seven three, eight one, three, eight one: one well, ladies and gentlemen, where to start at the beginning, I want to go through this, because this just shows you the cultural Rockets going on in this country
Why those of us who understand this country understand why was established understand the principles for which it was established, revered and love it and those who don't do not You ve got shot Todd on MSNBC yesterday. Truck Todd is one of the biggest me Its media personalities in existence. And, of course, as you know, he's the host of meat, the press and he replaced in Russia. So he's very influential individual within that circle. I want you to listen to what he said. I don't want. This ban has been played by closer whatever it doesn't matter. We're gonna work on this. And his own MSNBC yesterday. Then this is how it goes cut three go here
Just how freaked out some folks in the radio p and the White House are about what that means. Then you know Roy more first off, it doesn't appear to believe in the constitution as its written, our rights will come from Gub. They don't come from a bill of rights. They come from Almighty God. Now, that's just a taste of what are very fundamentalist news that have gotten m removed from office. Wise as Alabama chief justice. Now, what's amazing to me is check tides, utter ignorance, absolute utter ignorance,. A man who apparently has ever read the declaration of independence, which is our founding document constitution, is we ve talked about, is the governing document, but its aim. Ratification of the declaration of independence.
And what Judge Moors talking about because he's much smarter than tractor much more sophisticated and Chuck TAT, much more informed about a man The charter. Is the notion of unalienable right and where they come from. That's what Judge Moors talking about. All of you know that the bill of rights or reflection. Of the protection of your unalienable right from the government. And what are these unalienable right come from, while the founders of the country told us. When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another. And to assume among the powers of the earth the separate unequal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them a decent respectively, opinions of mankind.
The laws of nature of nature's God now I know it's fashionable today to blow all this after Britain under this exists, that's in the declaration of independence. That's why I wrote rediscovering Americanism and MR producer no joke. I want you to send a copy, a signed copy of rediscovering Americanism distracted with a note on it. For me, Saint Chuck read this mark. Ok that send it out. It goes on further. We hold these truths to be self evident. That Men are created equal that they are endowed by their creator was sure Unalienable right said among these are life liberty in the pursuit of happiness. Look, I'm no extra. Religion or faith. I my own. So this is an issue about religion or faith. Nor needed me if you cannot accept the fact it is a fact, it is not debatable. That this nation was founded on the nose
the laws of nature and natures got and what the Honours meant by that, and we know it. Exactly what they meant by that, because the same language, essentially in the Virginia Declaration of Rights in the Pennsylvania Declaration of Rights in Massachusetts, declaration of rights And we know what the founders got this, they got it from John Locke. They from Cicero. They got it from Aristotle, they got it from Sidney. We know this because they told us that the judge more is one hundred percent right and truck taught his ignorant, and he doesn't even know, is ignorant. And yet there is one MSNBC see speaking, do several thousand people who are viewing.
In them false information, so first off, it doesn't appear to believe in the constitution as its written course. He believes in the constitution as its written. Do you chuck even know what the constitution is based on again. You don't even have to be a so called religious person and Truck Todd cause these fundamentalist, use fundamentalist view, so being a constitutional conservative who actually understands our family now you're a fundamentalist fundamentalist. Now the left has taken a liking to Alexander Hamilton because they feel that Alexander Hamilton was a big central government socialist, which he never was. But they feel that way because he help create the first National Bank of the United States and so forth, and so on. Anyway,
as a a strong opponent of Jefferson matters for the Federalist. But even Alexander Hamilton. Who wrote a number most. He in medicine. The articles. What we call the Federalist papers today in February seventeen, seventy four he pointed out in a newspaper essay called the farmer fuel it? He was excoriated, particularly nasty objected to the growing american rebellion against the british crown what he said They stress natural rights of the individual. He rode up on this natural law depend the natural rights of mankind, the support in being gave existence the man, together with the means of preserving and beautifying that existence endowed him with rational fact, faculties. By the help of
It's the discern and pursue such things as were consistent with his duty and interest and invested him. With an invaluable right to personal liberty and personal safety, hence in a state of nature, no man and by the way. Nature, they don't mean. You know some poets sitting out noble farce state. An eighth remains God's. Will. In a state of nature. No man had any moral power to deprive another of his life limbs, property or liberty, nor the least a party to command or exact obedience from him, except that which arose, from the ties of consensual sanguine. It's also the origin of all civil government, justly established, must be a voluntary compact and he goes on. He writes further. Let's see here, I'm trying to cut to the chase. I don't have to read the whole thing.
It'll take too long endowed by their creator with certain unalienable right. So there is an appeal to this beam judge of the world a firm reliance on protection, a divine providence, Hamilton, agreed Jefferson, agreed all the facts. All the main actors, all the rebels, the revolutionaries.
They said we have unalienable rights, man can't take them, man can create them, government can take them, government can create them, man can try to protect them. Governments can try to protect them and that's the nature of our constitution, but judge more is right and Chuck Todd is wrong, and this is part of the problem are even go further. There's the famous speech uncover coming at this from the first chapter, rediscovering Americans August seventeen, eighteen, fifty eight and Louis Town, Illinois Lincoln running for the Senate against Stephen Douglas, and he delivers his powerful speech. That's transcribed by a reporter, whose there and he's brandishing the declaration of independence and condemning slavery. He says now: slavery had been a good thing with the fathers of the Republic have taken a step cap,
Related to diminish it, it's bet it's beneficent, influences among themselves and snatched the boon wholly from their posterity. These communities, the colonies by their representatives in all independence HA said to the whole world of men. We hold It's true to be self evident that all created equal that they are endowed by their creator. What sir? Unalienable rights Then, among these are life liberty in the pursuit of happiness, Lincoln, citing the declaration citing the part of the declaration talking about endowed by their creator Lincoln went on this was their majestic interpretation of the economy of the universe. This was their lofty and wise and noble understanding of the justice of the creator to his creatures. Truck Todd does not even comprehend that the apple
This moment they tie slavery moment repeatedly referred to the declaration of independence and specifically to the creator. The laws of nature and natures got to make the point that men can be able and histories filled with evil man And each of us have a circle of liberty. We individuals, we have a circle of liberty around us, Whoever we I, wherever we are the moment we are born, we have unalienable right now Some king says so, not because some.
Congress says so that, because those are the laws of nature and natures God, and what do we mean by that? What we know right from wrong here in the United States? You know what's wrong to steal, you know what's wrong to assault somebody. You know what's wrong to cheat on your wife for your husband. It's wrong in Kansas, it's wrong in every state of the country as a moral matter, it's wrong apart from criminal laws and civil wars and it's wrong. Harris and it's wrong in London and it's wrong and TEL Aviv to do these things it's wrong. How do we know what's wrong because there's a universal moral order, tucked her? The golden rule is a perfect example.
What is the golden rule, but a statement of a universal moral truth treat others as you expected be treated by them. Look at the ten commandments. Most of our criminal law are codified. Law is based on those ten commandments. What's right on what's wrong what's going on. What so we're not talking about religious fundamentalism, Thomas Jefferson, religious man, but he was a dearest and so was frankly, religious men manner and the men in independence ha whether was the declaration of independence for the constitutionally
They were not trying to create a theocracy, which is why the first Congress propose the first amendment and was adopted by the state ratification, a convention. That is, if you read the first amendment, it doesn't just talk about a free press and freedom of speech and freedom to assemble talks about the right to practise their religion and talks about the government, not establishing a religion. The brilliance of the founders, the brilliance of the framers, the brilliance of the declaration, the brilliance of the constitution completely lost on tat. So anxious is this former Democrat Hill staffer Tom hearken to try and demonstrate how smart he is to try and catch
judge more in some kind of a trick, a contradiction when, in fact he exposes his utter ignorance, not just of american history but humanity, but humanity. The framers of the constitution created a magnificent document. You could be an atheist, you could be agnostic, you could be a person of one particular religious denomination or another. It doesn't matter what they created in the constitution was a society that nurtures liberty and nurtured the right of people to practice their religion. Unmolested,
our it's it's beautiful, it's beautiful tractor doesn't have to agree with everything. Judge more says. I don't agree with everything he says. I don't agree with everything in the waste as everything, but fundamentally he's right about this. He's fundamentally right about this and here in lies the problem, ladies and gentlemen, Chuck Todd as a progressive. He rejects the declaration of independence. He rejects the constitution's purpose, its purpose. And he goes on tv and unwittingly. Sixty mark judge more when in fact, he's mocking himself. But their millions and millions of people in this country who are just as ignorant as chuck time and that's the odds she placed one msnbc and that's the audience he place to meet the press they have no substantive
standing of this country, of its greatness of its founding principles, of where they come from, why their important They have no fundamental understanding of the enlightenment, the pre Enlightenment period, Aristotle and others, none whatsoever. There is so steeped in progressive ism, the news of the minute at anybody who stands up and actually articulate principles. That serve as the fundamental undergoing this nation? I read, offers cooks. I'll be right back John have been leading an effort with you, my boy.
There are eleven on all of us for many many years. The train rid the Republican Party to try read the Republican Party of Mitch, Mcconnell wouldn't bother me if he were some back bench in the United States Senate, like all the rest of them. These sits now as the republican leader, the United States, and I did an entire show on this front. Levine tv we put in front of the pay war, so all of you could see it, but this is. Something I've been addressing for how long rich. Five years. Six seven years we can get anything account. While this man is sitting at the head of the Republican Party in the Senate, nothing. There is a blistering peace and political that I will share with you when we returned after the bottom of the arts very very important present.
About getting rid of the filibuster. All I think that's a pipe dream. I say: let's get rid of Mitch Mcconnell. That would start help things and replacing one of his clothes replace The conservative hardly somebody's moderately conservative- maybe that's the ass we can get not somebody who is basically unelected bureaucrats hawks. And when I come back my club America's passionately, so Wieber Voice Talk sad voice now, eight seven, seven, three one three eight one one now politico is decidedly left this website in this guy. Adam gentleman is decidedly left us as well. When you make some very good points and running about Mitch, Mcconnell the myth of Mitch Mcconnell political Super genus.
The cinema drag. A leader has been coasting on an inflated reputation for too long this week exposed just a little. He has achieved. The past eight months of massive unavoidable failures have delivered such a devastating blow to send a majority leader Mitch Mcconnell reputation for political savvy. To wonder ever existed at all, so how did MRS Mcconnell- Get started in the first place. The stories one of cynicism, self promotion, incredulously borne out desperation for bi partisanship and craving for familiar roles in an era when american politics veered an uncharted territory. For the uninitiated. The myth goes something like this: a calculate in Kentucky, and he sees fit steps ahead, while playing eight dimensional chess on his sobbed Rubik's cuban one hand, while using the other to hold an inside stray close to his vest, which is in Uttered with messianic secrets
that only he can read and that unlocked true man mastery the Senate, along with it colonel enlightenment, for good measure. In the midst of Mcconnell she's. My grand achievements are conjured out of last minute crises driven exercises and can kicking like extending the borrowing authority, government funding, all things used to happen routinely before Mcconnell became leader of the republican caucus, an elite, Is unique, brain of unprecedented obstructionism on the Senate Manual actor. The various crises that may the last minute deals necessary meanwhile, humdrum political events like winning re election in the deep red state and a strong for Republicans. His Donald, twenty fourteen, I recast, As achievements of macchiavelli brilliance, you don't have to agree with all s, but it certainly hits a court. Doesn't many believers in the myth remain after the brutal weak Mcdonald has endured, which capital off a number
if only brutal, eight months, they should take this challenge, namely major legislative accomplishment, Mcconnell credit over the more than thirty years he's been in the Senate last minute. Yes, don't count, you can't do it now, decidedly liberal guy, but he's right about this. Unlike former Senate Democratic leader Harry Red, he writes my former Bosley noise left us and how stomach, radically to Nancy Policy Economies never offered a single piece of major legislation that became law. Nor is it successfully ideas they all have a trove have a Pelosi and former President Barack Obama Raw Party to the last minute deals, but they are. Having trove of a stark accomplishments to show for their leadership. It goes on and on. The left is maintained But it's true in the set. They ran through their agendas. Detestable as you and I know them to be Mcconnell
has not advanced anything of substance. He's going to log, even a single major achievement is without precedent in recent american history, Lucky hasn't had the opportunity narrowly Mcconnell, enjoy two hundred and fifty days of unified republican control and twenty seventeen years but a GEO p majority in the centre for the previous two years, paired with a solid republican majority in the house Under Mcdonald's leadership, even bills back by strong by partisan support tag, is likely to pay ass by seizing the hill observers, relations in sight, the Mcconnell exploded, the maximum effect? These simply labelled everything goes on and on about that. The myth is manufactured ever deeply cynical but highly effective public relations in sight. The Mcconnell exploded a maximum effect simply labelled everything goes on, and on about that, you know what you can read it yourselves. We will wait till it, MR producer, but.
In general is accurate. Is it not now he's a leftist? Why can't Republican see this. Conservatives more and more see this the tea party sought you, and I saw it in twenty fourteen when we took an active role in trying to feed him in Turkey and the republican primary in our support of men. Who would later become the governor of Kentucky. The fact of the matter is one of the reasons we cannot get a gender institute. It is because of Mitch Mcconnell, image. Mcconnell is an incessant leaker in his soul. It gets her incessant leakers today I shouldn't post to the New York Times to political. Today. Street journal editorial page and other pseudo conserve abilities. My has enormous influence with with Ease Please because he is enormous, influence is built, but lobby
special interest in the? U S, chamber of crony capitalism and so forth, and so on. Travellers can advance, even though women the majority in there, in the Senate and the house, twenty ten and twenty fourteen and put trumpet off We cannot advance with people like him I mean say what you well about Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan is better the match. Mecca doesn't mean we have to check celebrate him, but he's better the Mitch Mcconnell Mcconnell in my view, is the worst and if you, place by one of his clothes, like John Corn and by John Food. Lamar, Alexander Guys, I that we have learned from the school and the count power themselves had a and destroy their opponents. We want I've gotten anyway remember what he did. To judge more in Alabama Mitch, Mcconnell collectively He controlled directly or indirectly, nine million dollars a year.
They small percentage of that to promote their mandate. Their strange, though, is it faster from day one day, most of that money to trash mobile rocks and then, after MO, Brooks Roy, more that's what they do, Trash conservative and up cause. Why does anyone Roy more Why didn't you one more brooks because they all said that they would oppose him. They all said that they would oppose him and so that One that he will not tolerate that he will not apply made even the left. Even the last season measure as a job and then you ll, see in a column appear. Typically, it's from one of these long in the two colonies have been inside the railway for a long time, Mcconnell his work over work with her for decades.
You'll see them and those in the right things. Like you know, Judge Gore Such became on a Supreme court dress. This, ladies and gentlemen, any republic of leader in the Senate could have should have an I've done exactly the same thing. Face a wet Schuman, the Democrats redoing, he doesn't get points for that. Mr Barroso, we did post reason. Again, my. I believe it was in April of this year. My apple showing How did we not a few hours ago? from Levant TV on Facebook. I really want you to check that out, because I stay on this. About convention a stage in article five that something we have been promoting here for several years now, I wrote a book about it, something we really want to continue to do so. Engage in the federal level, which will not six. What's going on it'll, be convention states that fixed. What's going
But when we engage in the federal level, if we cannot move people like Mitch, Mcconnell out there will be no progress, are minimal progress in the end. It states, Senate and elsewhere there's a reason why Chuck humor run circles around the Republicans weather is in the majority in the minority, and that is the leadership of the Republicans in the Senate. Mitch Mcconnell one after Christmas Daniels in Mississippi, when he was in fact the legitimate republic ignominy pushing fad carpet that carpenter Ellie speak at the time I believe, is in the hospital. Now I don't know what's wrong with I'm. Not trying to put the guy down but he really was not fit for another term. It didn't matter to Ms Mckenna that This guy reached into any Anna recently in reply, but can primary for the Senate and tried to destroy the reputation of the conservatives run. He got the rhino that he wanted and this guy votes with them.
One hundred percent all the time you can look all around the country and the Senate. Races. Can you name one solid conservative, not a rhino conservative who Mitch Mcdonald's, backed in a republican primary this name one. Martha Rubio wouldn't be in the United States Senate today. Instead, What is his name, Crest would be I'd states are now is in the house as a Democrat. But Rubio and Rove choose me time, Colonel Unrove, opposed Rubia TED Crews would not be in the Senate today. If Mcconnell had his way. It's true MIKE We wouldn't be in the Senate today if Mcconnell had his way ran, Paul, wouldn't be in the Senate today of Mitch. Mcconnell had his way, and yet LISA Rakowski. He went all out for her and look what she did: Obama care about,
Susan Collins, he goes all out for her. Look what she's done. Time and time again and she'll be problem on the tax cuts to its, not just that my Connell's ineffective, he's, not bright he's just not bright. He doesn't understand the fundamental principles that need to be article eighty day in and day out to the american people to counter the hard left that Schumann, represents only doesn't want him he's a bureaucrat he's, also progressive. I remember years ago one thing he did do as he fought Mccain. Fine call now course he lost who was passed and, of course, President George W Bush signed it and the Supreme Court in a trash. The good chunk of it.
But that's the only thing. The first thing, the last thing I can remember where he really took the point of the spear and ran with and ran with example Obamacare. They should have had a plan in place here. And on repealing what did you say, root and branch? He had no plan at all whatsoever, none. So it's good. That, as others are coming around other than you and me you and my audience, Eleven audience, and we here and it's good Others are finally coming around to see that this is a problem. A problem he is a disaster is not the only one. But he's the republican leader he's the majority leader. He decides what legislations gonna be voted on. What amendments will be taken up? Who serves as a committee chairmen who serves on what committee he gets to make all those decisions and that's where he gets his power? That's how he holds onto his power
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allow me to manage your question. Yes, who asked him too? He was. He was well That's true, but all in all, I could do a search for anyway. Yes, go him well, I called his office today and one percent Parents are never answer the phone and I tell them that I had read there, and I said I have just said one comment for Jeff like, and I want to make sure you get this down, either. Remember it arrived at Dale, but from the flying the flag of Red Butler. You can tell just like likely Jesse, we don't give a damn you right. Let me ask you this Cathy. These Republicans flight. There always turn by bi partisanship reaching across the out. Why do they hate? We conservative so well, How come they don't reach out to us? How come there always in the business of undermining as well?
why it is now an hour or more conservative need to speak out. I mean ankle, Let me let me table Jeff like Jeff like as a libertarian. He used to run I believe the Goldwater Institute named after the Great barrier Warner he left there from the director president position a run for the house. He was elected then he runs- is big. Concerns for the Senate comes on their show. Another shares. And now he is what he's arena we, so we ve been well undergone, became Kazi. God bless. You take care. Robert part of that country, Boston Massachusetts, Syria satellite go. I am first to integrate. Speakers. Do thanks short, let me be any shall supplant. Thank you. I also wanted to I will start by saying that term. They, let me remind America, Boston,.
Is where the American Revolution started. Go right ahead, what you I check about Chuck Todd was on a lot of our minds. Thank you for doing that, but I really call to talk about your book covering Americanism, because because the effect it out on me in one particular part of the book, I wanted zero in on now, as you are introducing owes to progressive ISM in the progress of mindset in its inception, it's up its genesis and so on. As I read through call dad. I actually started getting almost like physically ill. At one point, it really kind of made me sick how how that thing with that thinking is and what it's comprised of them so on and then all of a sudden page, fifty three you introduce us,
speech by President Calvin Coolidge and there was like an oasis smart. That was like two or brilliance, restaurant, brilliant, that you placed it right there, but his speech was actually brilliant and it, and it took progressive a minute just highlighted how, if anything, but progressive in fact economy that the case that it very regressive- and I oppose it- I think that, for those of you listen to have met the book, yet they really need to get it. I've got three copies by the way about to actors to give way to friends, I appreciate it, I'm not pushing it, but what I did I started studying and looking for speeches. I were given about the declaration of independence, her July for speeches and that's how I found college in your exact right college. In essence, is Responding to the progressive brilliant brilliant man who is unfortunately appreciate by so many people. Thank you Robert. I appreciate it very very much.
You know where he's a friend of mine too? I hear it. I hear every now and then on on my station, my home station of, say you know we're not You too subscribe and pay for anything or by a book or anything are email, is free something is free. You gotta ask yourself: what does what it really worth? There's an enormous amount of information in this book. I spend sixteen months writing. We have published the publisher has to get paid its fifteen bucks, you let the buyer, If you want to learn things, you will not learn from a free email check it out. I'll, be right back
now, let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody mark living here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one, eight seven having three eight one. Three eight one, one. Like these and a- as for kneeling holding arm standing on their heads, doing whatever their doing don't even allow doing it is around the fray social injustice and inequality and so forth, and so on. I really do believe that.
And I think it's very very interesting, ladies and gentlemen, if you have a football coach who Niels on the football field in order to pray before again, that coach could be fired, that coach works for, say a school district or that coach Be attacked if it was an inner coach, so kneeling and praying for your country that absolutely unacceptable. No free speech, kneeling trash, your country, all we're not trash in our country where just trashing the country's anthem, the country's flag. Now, don't we don't mean the trash the country which has trashing now? What a hard place
This is why we're not trash in that country, the lies, the contradictions that confusion. Now there were hearing a protest without a purpose. Now we have a protest without a purpose. And I don't know about you, ladies and gentlemen, but young people today look at what their being taught and what they see at the men's room, isn't necessarily for men the ladys room. Is it necessarily sorry for Ladys that it's actually a a great courageous act to kneel or otherwise. This back, the national anthem and the american flag and about you. But I was taught differently to show respect for your country and the people who fought for it made our liberty possible.
And so the propaganda of the Niggers keeps changing. That's what call them for now on the neighbours I began to the excuses. The arguments for the nearest just keep changing waltz again, the cops, I don't mean that it sir, equality well and they went on me now. It's actually brought social injustice area, but tat is not against military, not against. Commissioner, we would never do that and yet we know exactly where Capra next stood with his socks. We copses, pigs and so forth, and so on. The american people are stupid. The athletes are stupid and people are stupid, so the Neil hours will continue with their propaganda to show just how our courageous they are in a course or not.
I just said all their millionaires. They are fabulously wealthy in this magnificent society, even though they just play game just a game. Ruth Paine in Spain, will get better. Ginsburg should resign from the Supreme Court because, in my humble opinion, she's not all there. I really believe this. I believe that she's hyper politicized. And her ability to think substantively. And rationally is just by the common she makes is questionable. She just spews the ship it these shibboleth of the year of the left and she's a Supreme court justice. So as regards you she's completely on ethical and with the most monotonous interviewer ever Charlie, rose.
This is our CBS this morning, which nobody watch cut. Five go when you think, was a woman as president when you and I will stop there, how stupid, as this question for life I can see a loan of president in I've been thinking about this Ladys and if we had a woman running for president who had the character and qualification Survey Margaret Thatcher, you would vote for her right, of course, stead. There was Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton. Why would we vote for Hillary Clinton just another far Local leftists, but we would vote for Thatcher when we, Usually you Charlie, no, what do you think will see a year of a Frenchwoman present wireless, a I'm gettin a year from now. This is what we call a set of question start from the top. Please cut.
I've got anything. Was your woman? Is president when I think that we came. Houses, sexism played a role in that camping start sexism, you think sexes played around my campaign, ladies and gentlemen wearer, Men anxiously were men voted for Donald Trump, because I didn't want to vote for a woman. I just said, could be degraded like this. By morons, like this sexism played around now a left wing, candidate played a role where all well familiar with Hillary Clinton. We're not talking, they're gonna tell his manner fact willing want to think about it either this bill Clinton for that matter, but that's another story. But for Charlie Rosing Ginsburg, it's about genitalia for the left it about genitalia who has what JANET
Who should have what genitalia you should swap an Italian when it goes to the bathroom actual genitalia doesn't matter what matters is what's between your ears, not between your legs on and on and on. I would say there genitalia confused the janitor confused. What a riveting interviewed by the way. Whose more monotonous trolley rose. I Ruth state against where go ahead. I think so. I have no doubt that it did Hell area here they clapping seals in backroom did sexism player, one out what's your basis, which are proof that isn't she Supreme Court, just as I heard what you're going to do. I have no doubt that
Clapping seals, yes, of course I did the Russians and miss and an sexist men. That's why Hillary Clinton lost. You see tall figure Go ahead: do you think it was decisive? Canyons, decisive, stop a second! Why she on the Supreme closer, decisive, decisive? You know the easy. I s, Ivy where's, my law clerk were more. There had been a man. She would have one that election going now. Let's lesson of this, this clown, he just can't stop. He keeps feature that they the lines, in other words in any s, no interpreters for because she's, a search for importers and she just doesn't get in other words here, I'm trying to put words in your mouth
please regurgitate them. If Hillary Clinton had been a man, I won't go there if Very Clinton have been a man she the one that election going away go ahead. So many things in had been decisive, but that was a major major fact: actors margin sitting in a year, cloistered conference room just nine of and the Supreme Court, and you get it you gotta get with better Ginsburg involved in the discussion and say well, Stana. Are you. Me. Yes, Ruth, how do you had his bride He won't, I I wrote I I passed the sugar cookies anyway? This is
This is the genius that comes out of Charlie rose and Ruth Paine against. Where gets offensive, isn't it. So one of the major reasons. Hillary Clinton loss was because of sexism, and the basis for that there is no basis, And I saw one of the major reason: Sarah Palin lost when she was running as vice presidents, because the sexes right right with pain against, were now while I was it, she was enraged good candidate and It was a question. I Michelle Obama in Boston yesterday can't wait to hear what she has this by the way how those school lunches going not very well I understand. However, the cafeteria is all across the school system in Venezuela have adopted the Michelle Obama School lunch. But did you know that MR producer, yes and, of course, the starving to death because cardboard evenly ketchup is not very
hasty, here's, Michelle Obama and her pearls of wisdom. Cut six go, in this election voted ways. So any woman who voted again Distillery Clinton voted against their own voice? First of all, how irrational was voted against your own voice, border control voice? You mean your own interests, but but listen to the totalitarian mindset and she's praise for the she's, brilliant and the clothes she was. We ve never seen a first lady dress like it absolutely bab. Absolutely fab agenda She just. She says she should run, and twenty Twond she's got all the credentials you now and, of course, if you don't against a year, a sexist mean if you don't go for her.
So anybody just listen to this astounding statement, any woman, anyone, I guess I d that would include. The first lady who is currently in the White House, any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice. Have you ever heard anything down her heavy? May I say respectfully: have you ever heard anything dammit? You know what MR producer here. I I'm in the buggy, I'm gonna. Take me on this one. What do you think I'm dead, take me on this one, I'm so offended by the injustice of such a stupid statement. Let's start from the top let's go, No
wasting away laughing seals, say it again. Again, if so, brilliant, any woman who voted against Hilary, oh did against their own voice. You mean that shrill voice anyway go Women. Some role of women is a girl because Hilary didn't win in every single woman in the country and vote for Hilary there's something wrong. You see, ladies and gentlemen, republican when element to be conserved, republican women are stupid. Yes, like republican man, they're stupid to and their children are Republicans probably end there dumb to they're, not even dream it take deadbeats. So you see, ladies and gentlemen,
any woman who voted against, however, the problem is not Hilary Problem is women. Now she sounds like a massage illness. She sounds like a sexist, but she can't be cause she's, a female any liberal Democrat, so they can't be sexist promises. She sounds like a suffocating woman to me. Go first of all, those two candidature not women are: they must produce those two candidates as women, I get it. I get it go ahead, What's what they hiccup left, that guy he's better for me. Go ahead, is more Yeah,
rambling, psycho babble and that's what it is. May I say with all due respect this rambling psycho babble, since when is Michelle Obama said for all women. When that happened, who elected her to speak for all women? Did we have a race in this country, and I missed it, who ran exactly. This is what I mean the group thank the absolute intolerance of the left. The Clappings Feels that encourage them go ahead. How does that mean? You know Mister petition, hearing voices right now, though, I am as I what she means that little voice, the back of my head, that little voice in the back of everybody said: oh yes, yes, where you say it, a grocery store supermarket, walking down the aisle you're talking to yourself.
You walking down the aisle, you say I want to get that her sheep. I don't get it while the lifecycle I'll get it now, but I wanted not dont get it that voice its talking to me. Mister So are you women out? There are millions and millions and millions and millions of you who did vote for Hilary there's something wrong with you, you're not listening to that voice in your head. You don't get it. You don't get. It always vote liberal, particularly when the liberal is a woman. These. These contest her about genitalia, first and foremost I'll, be right back
made again where it has long. She does not have the capacity beyond the Supreme Court, anyone and by I mean specifically. She does not have the kind of judicial temperament methods necessary to be an honest broker. As a Supreme Court justice she's out, there are pushing her. Conspiracy theories, which are down the line Democrat and her radical. Let opinions Michelle Obama is not to be celebrated. Michelle Obama has disrespected she's. Put down every single woman in this country who voted for Donald Trump, or let me put it this way, who did not vote for you required that there's something wrong with you, but you must not like yourself that you're sending back womanhood
The who the hell does she think she is seriously. She was first Lady big Deal big deal big deal. What does she accomplished? Actually and I'm being honest with you, organic garden to shave inorganic garden her home. Now, something tells me not Their children eat the equivalent of the school lunch programme, while all the time christian and health and the rest. Something tells me not. We allow these liberals to try and define us, and we need to push back like truck. Todd proved himself to be an absolute maura. We'd. Better Ginsberg has proved herself now to be absolute Maura, as has Michelle Obama, three stages for the day, but there's a forced, stooge. Ninety policy, at a press conference today to it
border, weaken native Puerto Rico, ladies and gentlemen, as part of the United States? Oh yes, it is, can thank Theodore, Roosevelt Eureka is part of the United States to american territory, cut seven, go thank you very much less closed areas together. This morning's, thank you for your commitment. Two entire country- and that includes rico- thank you for sharing the grief of your family, raised today are and came to America to be an historic stage. You're here, poor Regos in America, unit with Porter Rico is in America. It's not a state, but its apparent you were born and raised their Puerto Rico and came to America to be a historic figure here. First
well She'S- not a historic figure here or imported Rico. Now, ladies and gentlemen, who live in Nancy Policies District in San Francisco, you don't both for her and you're a woman. Obviously you hate women not listening to your proper voice. Just keep that in mind and remit. When it comes to Democrats, all things genitalia, I'll, be right back. My club in Joe this is done all mother July. Fourth, Americans you Go where they seven seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one another call borders fall, it's been followers.
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these forces of evil all over the world. Levine TV, the entire programme. Again as on North Korea, new aspects, new information for you- I hope your check it out- so we cover these events. North Korea, IRAN in other I was standing ends Hamas, Hezbollah, all these events all over the world because they have an effect on us. Something took place at the United Nations. The other day And there's an organization called you when watch it's a great organization, it represents you and me a keeps an iron. What's going on at the? U N, so it's it's a watchdog group that you and I can support. Something took place at the: U N, that's been either not reported or under it. And so I'll make it a national of it. Every year, most sob Hassan Youssef, of course, not he's the son of the leader of Hamas. This
and we'll get you callers. Hang in there. This son of the leader of Hamas. And on Monday he spoke at the: U N n. It was outstanding And ass, he was speaking at the: U N. He was in a sea speaking at the urine. He was among the Palestinians, their sent by Abbas, the terrorist and arrested And you could see, they were visibly upset, visibly stunt. Visibly angry at listening. To the son of the leader of Hamas. Mozart. I saw you said is the son's name. I want you to listen to what he that and then you'll see, Y gotta go My name is: must have had some use if I grew up in the Roma as a member of him ass, I addressed the words to the Palestinian Authority, which claims to be the sole legitimate representative of the palestinian people. I ask
the union's legitimacy. Come from the palestinian people did not elect you and they did not. A point you to represent them. You are self appointed your account but if he is not here on people, this is evidenced by your own daughter.
Violation for their human rights. In fact, the palestinian individuals and their human development is the least of your concerns. You could not, but his tenure students from campus and torture them in your jails. You thought you'd put rivals. The suffering of the palestinian people is the outcome of you. So fish political interest. You are the greatest enemy of the palestinian people. If he's right did not exist, you would have no one to blame. Take responsibility for the outcome of your own actions. You fan the flames of conflict or maintain your abuse of power. Finally, you use this platform to mislead the international community to mislead the palestinian society, who believe that Israel is responsible for the problems you create. You better believe
I got a better be looking over his shoulder day and night every day and every night. The son of Hamas leader lays it out as it is and as an excellent job I might add, and he is exactly correct. In a related matter, not exactly but the same part of the world and the linking of the Jerusalem Post. Listen to this, because our state Department, ladies and gentlemen, is completely out of control. So this guy Rex tell us the State Department declined to defend it. It Friedman David Freeman, ladies and gentlemen, is the american ambassador, Israel, the State Department, to decline to defend him today. After he claimed in an interview that israeli settlements built after nineteen sixty seven are part of the country.
The claim which runs contrary to decades old, Hugh S policy continue by the Trump administration. This is accorded to the post. Could not be read as a way to prejudge the outcome of any negotiations and should not be As a shifting. U S, policy said state department. Spokesmen Heather now would be the first in a ok. I just want to be clear that our policy is not changed. She said I want to be So clear, and yet it was the second time the State Department spokesmen had to come to her podium to walk back comments from the Israeli envoy, this month after Friedman refer the alleged occupation in a giant drew interview on September. One fusing. Many as to whether you s policy had shifted, see, the State Department is dug in dog it and it is heavily pro palestinian and pro.
Just tell me the facts. We have some very effective leaders and representatives now replied before referring adjacent. I'm glad you're a special representative for international cooperation to Jerry Cushioning President Donald Trump Son, allow tasked with leading the peace efforts. Did not name Friedman, yellow that as a disgrace, I'm not done from Washington senior administration officials say that settlement activity not helpful to the pursuit of peace between Israelis and Palestinians topic for trot. Now now it said she had heard about the interview, but had not seen its full context or spoken with the ambassador Friedman, while a news that he thinks the settlements are part of Israel. According to a preview released on Thursday morning quote, I think I was always the expected One resolution to four too was adopted in nineteen sixty seven Freeman said the idea was It is what would be entitled to secure borders, the existing borders, the sixty seven borders, reviewed by everybody as not secure.
So is redwood retaining meaningful portion of the West Bank and it would return that which it didn't need for peace and security. Folks, you need to know the nineteen sixty seven borders where borders for a a piece arrangement that is they weren't purple. Borders, arab states surrounding Israel attacked Israel, famously you remember in the nineteen sixty seven war, those borders. We're not intended to be permanent borders role of a son. Oh look! It is rather occupying territory now now about at all. These are to do some research here I want you to go back and listen to the interviews I did when I was in Israel with these brilliant brilliant people, one after another, wiser called the West Bank wise call the West Bank
Because Jordan sees what is called accurately the ancient terms today and tomorrow. Have you noticed that word Judea? You notice, I wear Judea, Mr Buddhism, you know that's where the gene. Whose get their name Judea and scenario. Now, don't you understand it occupied territory to the West Bank of Jordan? It belongs to the Palestinians. Challenge anybody to go into the Bible and show us where the Palestinians occupied or our indigenous to Judea and. Area or for that matter. Jerusalem show me and ask,
the Bible outside a hundred and fifty years ago. I challenge you to show me in any age and transcript or any objective historical analysis period period. A bachelor Friedman happens to be exactly right, tell us and in the state You're out of control is still the Obama State Department is still the Obama State Department with a
former chairman, and see your backs on mobile Running and Friedman went on. So there was always supposed to be some notion of expansion into the West Bank, but not necessarily expansion into the entire West Bank, and I think that's exactly what you know. Israel has done. I mean they're only occupying two percent of the West Bank. There is important nationalistic historic and religious significance to those settlements, and I think the settlers view themselves of Israelis in Israel views the settlers as Israel to statement of fact, this statement of fact I dont care. You know these state department, this state department, is it foggy by Foggy bottom foggy type, it needs to be fumigated, there needs to be fumigated. The state department is at war with a trumpet ministration, though With their own, a with their own Abash, well,.
Here are the mark Levin. Shall we know where we stand? I don't believe in this two state solution. How can you possibly have a two state solution forget about Hamas? We have fact ha and we're told off a the moderate wing of the Palestine is neither not factor That terrorists are Bhatti was supposed to serve for five years, what again year, fifteen, not only that they continue to use tax dollars to subsidize the murder of Israelis. You and I pay pensions to their families, out of our hard earned tax dollars. I guess what MR tell us and has no problem with that Mr Netanyahu and his team of objected to the around deal, as has president tromp himself as of ice and stay one.
Tell us who wants to penalize the israeli government by seventy five million dollars because Under the deal with Obama Railways are not allowed to criticise the dealer, try to change it. Did you know that contortions? Where are the array? Let's get a hundred and fifty billion dollars to build noakes, and I see the aims and spread terror all over the Middle EAST and then to our country. The Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, which murdered american soldiers, never forget it. American soldiers, MR tell us and doesn't want that deal repealed either so intelligence, world and the State Department whirl the ambassador to Israel from the United States should keep his mouth shut? so our boss is welcome into the United States, and kissed should speak any time he wants that
you should not cut off funds to Abbas and Fatah despite the fact that use some of our tax dollars to get pensions and subsidized that families of murders- and this is the state department- tell us in world that guy needs to go in my humble opinion anyway, I thought that speech by the Son of the leader of Hamas was right on right. There in the union. They are among the Palestinians. Oh, my goodness show how rude of him I more to get too, including a cause I'll be right back
rabbits here, my buddy Dave. Now he reminds us. Nineteen sixty seven borders are not border there. The nineteen forty nine armistice lines on which the Arab israeli Army's stopped fighting in nineteen. Forty nine Israel's war of independence, Jordan, occupy the West Bank from nineteen, forty, nine nineteen sixty seven and Israel. Took it in a war of course, of self defence. Doin. This stay worn. Nineteen sixty, seven, nineteen, forty, nine armistice lines, that's what they are, our complimentary indefensible and left Israel eight miles wide at this narrow point, and so this is the point in essence that Ambassador Friedman dismay.
Among other things, and the United States State Department siding with the most radical elements of the so called Palestinians, and I say so called Palestinians, because that's a name I was assigned by Arafat was it sounds like Palestine here, you'll get the facts here. Look at the facts here. Where am I, Mr Belet? Oh yes, the turmoil in America, let alone around the world, it goes on and on and on. Every day we hear about risks that I've talked about four months, particularly when it comes to the debt and so forth, Political cyber risk continue to be in the news every day. And there are some questions about the stock market bubble. You started to read about them.
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Information to be sure that buying gold is right for you, it's one, eight, seven, seven, three, six five coin, one: eight, seven, seven, three, six, five to six, four, six Here we go lowly, say avail New Jersey, the Great W Abc go out a Mozilla. Then let me tell you a man of at you Can you put into my brain its end? the more than all the education I had combined with ice, cool and grammar school and thank God it and go to college, and I could see what would a when I hear right. Thank you. I appreciate told you called green around the first generation Cuban American, you I know a lot origin or even a worldwide is another stupid. No, no Martin! I don't need a lot of relatives told me that he is supposed to be a pre election. The cuban you to talk the total carbon, your neighborhood and somebody would had picked up a niece drop. You would have been Gale that even more ground- well, maybe two three four five years mark, so I just want to educate young people out there,
We talk to the millions of people out there and it's me gained were putting your mark, was it doesn't get on his radio station? He can be doing under other million other things, but markets at once. Again it's been a pleasure and eurostar worth, and man now we will. I think we were born in a war time. I think you should have been born in a revolutionary days at the human eye, a great preachers up I would have been a rifle manner. Something might be more keep up the good work brother, Maggie though I appreciate it, man I could use one of those powdered. Wigs too must have. It is spinning I could use a powdered Donna about now. You know I've lost twenty pounds. You have any see me rich having the last few months, I only eleven tv, don't I look centre I ve been trying to lose weight I'm just not hungry, just not that hungry.
Other nice well done stake the little, but a catch up. You see the president. I have a lot in common. He likes the stakes. Well done. I like my stakes while that he likes ketchup. I like catch, see I'll be right. Back
now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. It's our three, our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! I will get a call. This hang in there April Ryan. Border at which here, I guess, she's in the White House Press room, with Sarah Sandy. There would be Sarah Huckabee sin and they have a little back and forth had to wash and free bacon about the Unifil, because this is very, very simple
into the media not or not. The issue the NFL was very. Very important of the media is the propaganda that these athletes are protesting: social injustice, inequality, the cops so foresaw, and so on so far Let's hear it cut eleven go
dear I'm standing there. Many players are still, I think so many Americans weird, I know many nfl play as many people have different ideas and opinions on this. When the present we fell sick, we wouldn't be united in anticipation for even more self is weakened, suppressant anticipating, which these things to say about this now fell against the present. I think the presents made very clear that shouldn't be about the NFL being against the president. This should be about our country coming together to support the flag, support the national anthem. There's nothing wrong with having pride in the United States is present. Spending.
The clear on that, and certainly not gonna back away from what we have is not about not having had the singer patriots they love is closely. This is a reporter whose really making a statement as a representative of the left as a representative. Now the players as a representative of the Anna fell and then she puts a question mark behind them. So you think it's a question. Go ahead, challenging system. Looking at history like I've challenging this system, they are the system. This is a joke. Those football players are this system. The owners are the system, the NFL is the system. What do you mean there? Their standing up against the system? This is it is. It is this for real. They are the system
Go ahead of the system when it came to women's rights issues as well as women's rights issues. Let's not go there. Man, let's not go there. I don't blame all NFL players, but there's been some spectacular exceptions when it comes to women's rights. Is I don't know about you, ladies and gentlemen, but I dont look too ass. What I'm thinking about women's rights issues and no offence that will be college or professional athletes to you. And besides Michelle Obama, already told us a woman is no woman in essence, unless she voted for Heller, recollected, that's what they are. Basically, Michelle Obama said go ahead life was a surprise. They say when you look at history and see how people love is countries wanting to challenge the system to make a better. I think if we look at history not so challenge the system to make it better had is getting on a knee on the floor,
I guess you re doing the national anthem challenge the system quote to make it better. How does that make it better. With these weekend warriors these way can someone rights activists, the the daily. Now I ve Aaron Rodgers challenging the system. What a joke go ahead, Thousands of Americans who have given their life to protect that flag to protect stead, anthem, thousands, not thousands, hundreds and hundreds of thousands go ahead.
I gave you a chance to answer me finish your statement. We should be looking at every way we can celebrate our country, bring it together, not looking at ways to divide it. The president is simply talking about what we're for not about what we're against, and certainly this administration will always be for protection and celebration of the flag and the national anthem, and that's not gonna Chang clarifies. We must clarify that. I think there is much that clarifies the readiness of acreage lacking. I terrible people are very divided on this issue. It is outrageous that same so called report same report, so call go ahead.
The question is: when the military issues, via the military goals and fight for the Freedom of Association, the players are saying, thereby full for the military service to a level of freedom start none of this. This is a year. This keeps changing with players are saying freshwater. They dont speak with a united voice in many states in many senses. It's absolutely in coal. Its number one number two, let's remember how the start it was an attack on the cops. The attack on the cops number three, the national anthem that play Most schools- I really not often.
Let's see what where's played most of the time and who plays it most the time, the military, the flag that drives the coffins, the men and women who come back from bout, This officers are nine eleven first responders. We know what what's goin on here. This is an attack on the country. Tat is the left overstepped, so neither taken little itty bitty steps backwards, not about the milk cherry we're, not call the cops page, you don't understand about social justice, about Social and what the hell does that mean socialism
radically gala terrorism. What is social justice me group think how come you're not taken any for liberty and individualism and enforcing the constitution and private property rights, so as a protest on behalf of the left and for the left. As I said, what the beginning of the show notice, if you take a naked she'll, want to play out rushed, I ought to fail.
But if you take any her social justice, that's all another story. Tat I had coming is: there is some confusion here. Was it worth? It certainly should be, as I said several times before this: isn't it s verses them? Disunity had ended up, so you have the media. Now they left wing, Kook sports media and the left wing cool. Just the news media all pushing the same mantra and the same argument, All pushing and the only resistance is the american reap. The american people love this country, because the american people created this country. What kind of people were trash their own country. Well, it's not perfect. It's not exactly what I want and by the way, what does that mean perfect? What were they social justice system? Look like that's perfect
everybody arranged the same amount of money. Let me honestly, what does it mean? One more then we'll get to where the collars camera for hammer of all Tom broke, draw Hombre more in Joe, had thrown the malcontents miscreants girl and when they want to dust off their careers and have something very, very important area for here from combo call from rogue that's, why I'm go well, I think there are some people on the right who would destroy the prevailing culture and this kind of, let us let us let us stop there.
And we were right want to destroy the prevailing culture recovery. Now the left has spent a hundred and fifty years trying to destroy the prevailing culture in this country. The founding principles, the declaration, the constitution, private property rights, individualism, individual freedom, capitalism, family faith. The left has been at war with a court on call culture from day, one the left, the progressives who embrace Hegel, who embrace Rousseau embrace March all yes, they do It's the left who has destroyed this culture or certainly far on away of destroying this culture from right right now
and I don't know any man quite right. I really am I right. How do we send a lie like Miss Mc Com, its constitution, conservatives who want to restore the republic, its constitutional conservatives, not the tree tops and the Tom broke, calls who understand, Americans, natural law and the laws of nature, unalienable right and so forth, and so isn't it calmer. On the phone and all round, moreover, go ahead. While I think there are some people on the right who would destroy the prevailing culture in this country, I me that's the way that he ran quite honestly, but at the same time for all of us
the way Bernie Sanders ran. Ladies and gentlemen, they will never say similar things about Bernie Sanders, a dyed in the wool commie, who the Hell Spencer, honeymoon in Moscow other than Russians themselves, who the hell does that Bernie? Does it. Bernie now, they'll, never say these things about Bernie Sanders wanted to destroy the culture, because Bernie Sanders its economy for everyone arrive. Refer people not destroy the culture. We want to put this government back within the boundaries of the constitution. That's what we want to do it. That means destroying the current culture. That is the system. Created by the left. The ideology spread by the left, when I guess you're right about that, go ahead,
so that he may during the campaign, and none of them are coming true? Not one of them is coming true, grammatically correct and I always sound like he's like about the Roma. What's he like a mixture of indigestion constipation, that's that's what it sounds like to me: ha ha ha ha ha go ahead. You know why go out and talk to people in the worst in the trunk voters as it were filled with them. We can only talk like going to the zoo when I don't. I've found louder, we're underlying hey. I start my trunk guys, I'm an area when are you gonna go soon? I meet these where I programme in our western transporters go ahead. Talking about us but then it'll save our wish to just shut up for a while. You know that I mean a lot of people. Mr Brok wishes you would shut up for a while
I'll, be right back, Joe Gazer Gazers Bird Maryland, the great w I may I go, go go ahead, I'm gonna get you all about Let you have a great job my call was it the fact that their, like, I told you call square that their levels are laughter for their minds If they're going after this, like the soccer teams back and now to fight, they want to see a fight in the stands. My point They want to see Americans going after each other, while town, I'm watching I'm watching these football players,
arm in arm, and I'm watching the fans very unhappy with the San Rogers. I guess he thinks he's, Sir, a uniting figure and he's not at this point and the fact of the matter is: we have a guard, we of the American flag, fans were yelling, USA, USA, and they were not linking arms. So thank you for your car pressure at dawn Portage Michigan, the Great W Casey I'll go markers one third, a number of things tonight, the flag supply Israel and when you let off with their importance the creator in the founding document, then I duly strikes me as I know that the schools fifty years, public schools and private do. If I use those textbooks, have been ample I that there is no creator and that's where people
their mind, become level and- and the point is you not teaching religion, you're, teaching, american history and you'll? Let people make their own decisions, but they they whitewash this. They they scrub it. Thank you for your call, sir. The vast majority of fancy flags are putting their hands over their hearts and some of the vat you saluting during the national anthem. There is a huge disconnect, Justice- and I see a number of the players for the Chicago bears MR producer putting their hands over their hearts as sir as the anthem is played, look how controversial the left has made this thinker and an end
the mouthpieces for them actually wants you to believe. This is some kind of a civil rights effort on social justice. Pathetic, that's what it is. Let's go to Rafi out LOS Angeles on the mark. Levanter go Thank you very much for letting me tiger. I guess if you every day I want to allow these countries a great country, and these at least, are you, in these countries, making millions of dollars and forget that also here in order to defend our country. Detroit National Anthem, defense flag when they get shot. John trying out, then they get shot dead bodies, on the third day they were gonna die for our country. These, at least they should go to defend our cards.
An early white need there now pretending and I say pretended. I am not trying to be provocative No, no. We like the military, really how so when you're told what you're doing is offensive to many many that's too many active duty individuals to many in the reserves: told your offending them, you still do it somehow supporting them out, while it's our effort to show up social injustice rat, really there's a million ways to show that including action doing something about what you think is unjust and I, just mean honor. Two days a week. If that's what you will, I have to tell you if I believe that This is a enormous social injustice going on in this country. I would do something about her. I try to do something about it, whether it's behind Microphone are out on the streets, but I dont consent, America to be a force for social injustice is an imperfect. Yes, you any place, it isn't. You know human who isn't but, as I say
and I say again: imperfect is one thing, but we are Great nation. That has done great things, and you can focus on that. We can focus on the other. Thank you for your car and the american people are tired of being put down and we're tired of our fathers and grandfathers, our mothers and grandmothers being put down, you know the vast majority of people in this country today we're not in this country during the slave period. They were not Why black brown, yellow red, whatever, apparently that doesn't matter? It's gonna, Nicholas Columbus, Ohio, fourteen years old series satellite go ahead. I remember I'm doing great. We don't have a lot of time, go for some fourteen years, all I'm from Columbus Ohio, and I honestly I cannot stand these people's needs
and sitting down for the national anthem. It really really just things me off. I survive in speaking about it to our friends from public, for you, Wanna come friends and they ve been. Responding with the crazy thing from that its showing respect for the black, then I just really dinners and, if it really my respect for the blacks yeah. I don't know what that means. Are I my friend, the music means we gotta role will be right back more logic that allowed by law. Denmark Levin show call now at eight seven, seven, three one three, eight one one in such a joke thesis social Justice nibblers a k than yours,
they hold their arms during the internationally of them, and then they go play football. So I guess they feel like they really done one for the cause. It's so preposterous! It's so stupid! They they really are. In other showing what they really stand for, so they stand there during the national anthem they disrespected by holding rather than putting their hand on their height. But they want to show love or is it peace or is it they support social justice. So our social justice nibblers, then they home arms. So I guess there now social justice arm holders. Even decide what exactly they want to do, and then trying to adjust it to accommodate the public's outrage, to try and figure out how to address it, another are playing football so they go home tonight after their game
Their mansions to their estates, what I read as and they're gonna save them. So I did my part for social justice mark. You don't understand some of these guys really do when, when on Mondays, really. You know, maybe you ve already taken the Hills- the college free online introduction to the constitution course. I want to recommend this to chuck taught by the way. Now, if not, then what sign up right now, while you still can at Levine for Hills, deal dotcom, that's Levine, Foothills Deodar come now! If you didn't about preserving the constitution than you would be listening to this right. Let's care enough to learn how the constitution affects us, each of us and- families and now, when you sign up to take the free course, even if you ve taken it before you can download a free course. Guy that includes discussion. Questions use the guide for a small group or book Club Church Group, even with your family
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holiday for people of the jewish faith, so I will not be here. Friday can ban g, and now he will be here. It is a great friend and he will do a great job is always all right. Let's go. Carson, Columbus, Ohio, the Great W tv and go remark. I gotta get a warrant for here had been, or will we just did it? I know far away here now fighting for far from the very end, It's a strange creation right now what the unofficial, when Trump himself are doing good kids of that country and why I gave way and all his find a black person. I can you prove your wiser, your refund your picture. I well. Well, you're, the one immense can you prove it to the radio? Aren't you said your light? I can't prove that your wake up there.
Yeah, I know that you, but now it's insane, because my kids, in playing with his hand for you, go with them without any complication whatsoever, but over the man. We do these children under eighty eight ten twelve years old, We want the issue of well what's going on right now they don't understand racism because they never cared. That we are never going to be an I'm convinced of it now unfortunate. We're never gonna be a colorblind society, because there are individuals in public positions in end, whether whether its media or sports or whatever who do not want us to get along, they do not want. To be the United States and we know that when it comes to race that this is not a perfect place, I know when it comes to erase no places a perfect place you look and largely white societies, largely black societies, largely brown societies and on and on and on. We know it exists, but the constant
He tried to destroy a society, that's a whole different story, that's a whole different matter. As far And I am convinced now that we will never be a cut. Blind society, not for the reasons the progressive say, but because in many respects people will not tolerate a colorblind society. Do you understand what I'm trying to say what we are offering Vienna Fellowmen taken only weapon do what they want. They are free to do what everyone next my friend professional bowlers. Will they be taking any. Thank you for your call. Yes, you never know you never know what next, let's go to Scott that by the way that stop us realize I've intentionally- discussed what seven or eight different issues to all of which are important, and I want
the NFL understand and the owners and the players in the leg people you need to understand. My phone board is for every day with people who are disgusted of what's going on. Of every race, how do you know why? Because people announced the race many of them when they call. Let us go to Scott Corona. A Fournier on the market even go broke. You so much appreciate the arbitrary and adopted I disagree with a collar the calling of an earlier said. You should have been a different time, quite honestly, you're right where you belong and as an area as an attorney. Leaders like you, speak out and educate alot of people that are on educating and I'm going to see him about the phone, the place, protests and the owners between supporting that and as a consumer. I turned awaited if it occurs
Very deep is an American because I think, there's nothing miracle american calling for then than professional football the aggression and I would have thought before this happened. I grow point proper scope just about political goal. I know coach, you forgot, and there's nothing other than the military. Then, when you play football, worthy colored goes away Mark made, I think, we're and very passionate about teaching the sport, not just for the sport, but how it it so much. And I feel that their concerns and I think it by the left- and I think it's better But I will not allow us to racially not looked at. Destroy what is american and what was dreaming, Touching you there
we even know why, this evening, and quite honestly- I don't care anymore, I guess there's so disrespectful to the flag, the soldiers who have died and black for it law enforcement, the different lives every day, but I feel I have to explain to a lower than cooperatives when we point the national anthem how it is unacceptable to take me, but I wanted you to providing an opportunity to talk to them about what is to be an american and am thankfully I've waited here for years, and I beg of you I can share with them about individual liberty and little responsibility to eleven and twelve year old said there has been a get that from school and they're, not gonna, get a common vision, and I'm I'm saying is We need to have a dialogue that allow the left to dictate what spoken about
Americans in its conservative, in God loving and flag, loving Americans, we we don't go into the shadows that we actually led by calling them out saying that the wrong signal except at the way that it is hard on you, you, your extremely I take a lead, and I know you're gonna have an impact. And when Tom broke all says the people on the right or trying to destroy the culture, he has it all wrong, we're trying to restore the culture. Thank you for your call, my friend. I much appreciate it Let us go to Bobby Little Rock Arkansas K a hour and our great affiliate there go right ahead. Yes, I, like you very so my trying through my phone call tonight, where are you located at I'm in a bunker in Virginia? Ok, Dave I'm calling you from a Rock Arkansas,
retired military ie, eight. For a start, it God bless. You. Sound pretty tough. I don't know if I wouldn't want to serve under. You might have been very rough, so my quite soon is. I want you out of football. I really do I used to what a lot of annabel by with Everything has gone in my life. I don't have a lot of time. The Walker fell, but I've made you shut off. I wanted to see what would happen at the beginning, so it's. I'm really my I'm really Megan that the college football fighting and when I college football they get drafted to go into the NFL. Ok they get paid a lot of money. I understand I'm a construction, I run heavy equipment sold. My thing is: what made me twenty two year that the military, how many of these young children that drafted out of
college guide anywhere about it have never ever ever ever have served. As a matter of, but most Americans haven't, but yet we ve had family members who do or have, and even if we don't we know how good we have it in this country, and we know that we say And on the shoulders of the men and women who fight and serve in this country, we haven't done it, I haven't done it so at least show them respect, and if there are telling us your telling us that when there's some form of protest during the national anthem, rather than putting your hand over your heart or showing some other former respect that that is degrading and say what that's not what the players mean, but that's how it received by, tens of millions of Americans, including most men and women in the military and most vets, and they don't give a damn.
Trying to find a way out, and they can't because they think they are stubborn. Its group think and the left this have taken control. This situation is I've been saying since last week, Thank you for your service, my friend we'll be right back. Brian gamble. Each be. I never like this guy's a big time live and looking at the bright board headline thanks for energizing these social conscience of modern american us. Why would somebody with a social conscience need Donald Trump Energized, their social conscience? The understand what I mean folks,
If you have a social conscience and your multimillionaire in your famous football player, why would you need Donald Trump or any president to energize your social, conscious? It's a conscience. You don't have a conscience or you don't have a conscience. So you see We have no idea now either holding arms other than their therapeutic poking there, Fingers in our eyes, if. When I asked one athlete after another, not hearing one after another you'd get different answers. The lid media, particularly the Lib sportsmen Khazars, a zillion lives in that media there projecting their own political, social conscience. On top of the athletes committee. I've come to the conclusion. The athletes are being
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bill cake Coral Florida on the mark living go right ahead, hello bright, he were said he served in the military they'll go. Please we're running out of time. Ok mark. I am beside myself yes, I served in a military. I joined the melting of the ice or because of the housing situation. I've been a lifelong conserved I am beside myself with you and rush in Sean after waiting to hear that his meal. Errors are doing it because they hate their country. A fly. Military. I cannot by war Can anyone remember saying they hate the country hate them? What I said is the disrespect and ask a question. You know many people, any vets in the Miller. You know many, that's you served in the military
All my friends are veterans yearly in your friends, have lined up behind the athletes right no? It's not beside the point. It's not beside the point. You're one out of a hundred, maybe a one a thousand my father's of that too. Serbian well, why Tilneys, disgusted by others, do not said to me, sir. He said anybody who would use the account. Each of the national anthem- and there using the american flag. The protests that's on American now. Do you think my father's on American National get em off the air? Is guise of fraud? Did you believe that ok? Well, you need to tell me I'd. He went right to the F word more than once this guy's a fraud like. I thought he was
Absolute fraud too funny way to show that you love the country, though I'm sick of the left and how they twist things. If you attack the country, you must love the country. And then broadcasters, the people on the right are trying to change the culture. Ok, let's play along what most love the country to the left defined the terms they use the language doesn't matter if they Hippocrates doesn't matter if they contradict each other, and I smell this- broad from a mile away and you should have heard his mouth got it all right, rich you. Their heard this guy right the gutter, absolute fraud, ok, Steve northward,. New the Great W Abc, go ahead mark, but you perhaps you're so near
They are a relatively young conservative here in a year in a relatively blue state, I've seen a lot of what the constantly with the younger generation, a lot of which brought us together, as Americans in the past, were now losing or were fighting over. This and I am wondering how does it look to others? Other countries other other adversaries in the world that that can I see this as a How do we or do we send them off while we can't even greater singing our national, we can send them off. I'm assuming your comments rhetorical, but I'm gonna, how we send them off. I mean they're gonna get an impression, but the impression they should get is the the Unifil. Still with multi minor players and donor owners who are committing profession. An economic suicide now, unless they change course, and that the american people love their country. They love our anthem and they loved their flag. That's the message they ought to get
we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person, now we'd all male, we stand tall with those folks, see an ex wake, happy young people or beyond the four I'll be back.
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