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On Friday’s Mark Levin show, a report has come out from the House Intel Committee and the bottom line is that the Obama administration did more to interfere with the 2016 election than the Russians.  Not a single witness provided any evidence of collusion; this has been a hoax from day one and it goes all the way to the top. Top officials in the Obama administration conspired to take out Donald Trump the candidate, president-elect and as the president. Robert Mueller isn’t investigating Russian interference, he is trying to take down Trump with a Martha Stewart type game.  He is looking to take him down asserting obstruction of justice in hopes that the democrats take the house in 2018.  How is it possible that Barack Obama knew none of this? He is the invisible hand in all of this. Also, one of the reason CNN is so against Trump is because they were in on it.  James Clapper leaked the Steele dossier to CNN’s Jake Tapper and was rewarded with a job months later. We have a conflict of interest here and CNN never revealed this info.  Finally, North Korea will not give up all its nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Un is a Stalinist and they don’t play by the rules.  It’s strange that Jong Un goes from an iron fisted dictator to a smiling, happy leader. President Xi Jinping is telling him to do this because Trump won’t be president forever.

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He's here now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader by living here. Our number eight Seven hundred and thirty eight one hundred and thirty eight one hundred and eighteen, seven thousand seven hundred and thirty eight Three eight one one well What has come out from the House Intelligence Committee may have heard about this little with today, and you know at the bottom line, is the bottom line is that the Obama administration, Did more to interfere with our election, then the Russian, though I have nothing but contempt for, as you know,.
The Obama administration did more to interfere with our election and the Russians. The Obama. Ministration did more damage to our republic than the Russians. It's been said by many, that if the United States is too far it will fall from within, it will fall from within. So top officials within the Obama administration, including at the FBI, including at the CIA. And including the head intelligence man in the entire government, clapper conspired to take our trump, the candidate, drop the President Elect and our Trump, the president- and I told you about this- Last March March, twenty seventeen that this did not up what was going on
something was wrong. The leaks that face investigations, the espionage Something was wrong and something has proven to be wrong. Then right all along, and that's just based on my experience. I don't come to the microphone as a glad happy website reader. I don't have any problem with website. Moreover, the attempted coup Continuous Robert Mahler, the special council, was appointed at the at the insistence of the Democrats. Party and dreams and James Combing robber Mahler is not investigating russian interference with the elections. Any significant way. Robert Mahler is trying to take time. President Trump without
at the stored game back We played against Martha Stewart. She went to present a prison for making a false statement about a crime Sheena recommitted. They dusted off their all play book. They want to take up as in the United States, implying or asserting obstruction of justice the hopes that the Democrats, when the House of Representatives it has been a coup attempt from day one by the Obama. Administration and, as I've told you before, goes all the way to the top. How is it possible that James Clapper. Nor about the dossier that John and instead of the sea, I knew all about the dossier Jim call me signed off when a warrant in part based on the dossier. How is it.
I support the approach of the United States did know about this. The damn thing Wait: the presence in the United States not read newspapers. She not the internet at some point before he left the presidency. You know a lot about the dossier, if not from administration officials, which is prepared why would they tab there linking it to the media. You're telling me Valerie Chair, it didn't know. She know everything she's never been question about this, Susan Rice didn't know course she did. Harry Red, know all about it. The CIA met with Harry read. The pressure Harry reading conspire with Harry to pressure federal law enforcement. This nation is never seen anything like this.
Has never seen anything like this. What the prior administration did In one of the reasons now CNN is so far Throated against Donald Trump is because CNN was in on. It C Mon was it on MR collapse. Who, I believe, should be imprisoned. Violated, dissolve, rely, Dissembled repeatedly a Laker and now on. A hired employ of CNN. Mr clapper leaked the dossier in all or in part to check tapir. Isn't it ironic, MR producers, the one of the people who attacked me when I was putting together my arguments back in March was Jake Tapir? Isn't it amazing.
Now I wonder why Jake Little too close to the trail I wonder why Jake. And change getting all kinds of wonderful media attention impress about Jake Man about facts may in seeking the truth, why would James Clapper wanted to leave to Jake Tapir? If you didn't think Jake Tapir was friendly right, we're going all this we're gonna get all this. The extent to which this dossier was used At around the media spread within the Obama administration, the is not when it comes to the senior levels of the intelligence agencies and the FBI and so forth. Had the dossier. The issuers who didn't have the dossier.
But be curious to know how many members of Congress had, I think, To know of Adam ship had it in part or a whole, I'm not saying you do I'd be curious to know. Does anyone ever ask him so two things going on here by the Obama administration, the attempt to decide Donald Trump as a candidate to attempt to destroy him as the President Elect and now the coup attempt. The second thing: Hillary Clinton. While they were doing everything possible to illegally abuse their power to take our Donald Trump They were doing everything possible to illegally abuse their power to protect Hillary Clinton. No charges brought against Hillary Clinton under the espionage act. Despite the fact.
But she's, a serial violator of the espionage at her gross negligence in the handling of classified information is not in dispute. Its unequivocal. But MR call me Mister MC, came Mister Stroke, make sure that all the rest. Made sure that she would not be indicted phenomenon. The democratic party they protected. Their little confused over there. On the Democrats side, the Hillary Clinton campaign. She swings in all directions, blaming everyone but herself for her loss, but the fact is, the Department of Justice under Loretta Lynch, the FBI under Co. Me. Then Intelligence organization, under after the CIA under Brennan, were in full Hilary mode.
Four Hilary more I've got into the on masking of I, can citizens like Lieutenant General Michael Flynn,. I haven't even got to cement the power our ambassador to the EU and on masking so fast, your head would spin. Our Susan rice doing exactly the same thing: the advisor presented. The Vienna see no water four Hilary records. Nowhere. Four laptops: no words for cell phones, her lawyers, warrants further immaterial. No up agent sent to their offices to grab the ear. No, no, no pilloried lawyers got to decide what emails or irrelevant. Hilary lawyers got to decide what emails would be destroyed. It wouldn't be destroyed
never seen anything like that before and two months two months before he pronounced that Hillary Clinton. While she had very bad judgment, could not be charged criminally. Two months before James combing and his surrogates, the people surrounding him. Where to drafting memos to themselves and preparation for such a pronouncement. Even before they had interviewed over a dozen perhaps ended up to two thousand witnesses, examined appropriate laptops and questioned her. On the one hand, all the is blazing, but take our candidate press but, alas, and our president drop, on the other hand, our dry powder went to protect Hillary Clinton.
And let me be as clear as I know how about this robber Mahler. Robert Mahler is the Frankenstein of this he's. The Frankenstein. He's a very dangerous man because he smart because he's wise not because he is good but he's automation. He's French would call me he's french what clapper he's wrench were Brennan he's work with all of them. He was up by Obama. He's part of the team. And MR rose staying Manchurian, deputy attorney general. Let me repeat it: MR rose today is the manchurian deputy attorney general Refused himself
its entire investigation, given the fact that wrote a memo encouraging the power. The United States, via the attorney general to fire, call me in the first place, there is set protecting Mahler, rubber, stamping everything mother wants to do, I'll be right back. From Sean Davis at the federalists, buried within a newly classify congressional report on russian meddling in the twenty sixth dangerous or watch position. King revelation former director of National Intelligence DNA James Clapper, normally leaked from
about the infamous still dossier and high our government briefings about it too. Cnn. He also may have lied to Congress about the matter the findings within the two hundred and fifty three page report, the house until. Did committee wrote the clapper leaked details of a dossier brief? given it to then President Elect Donald Trump, the CNN Jake Tapir lied and what about the leak is rewarded with a CNN contract. A few months later now, CNN, some quite a little half there. Over Sean Hannity in his while and MIKE Cohen, and some of the legal work that he may have done for Sean and that should have been revealed that the time I told you were CNN and MSNBC in these other stations, don't Reveal their conflicts in here we have a conflict for CNN Jake. Tapper, that's been going on for year,
we don't really far sources really, even if their part of the news flat upper flatly denied discussing the dossier combine by steel or any other intelligence related to Russia Russia, hacking of the treaty, fifteen election were journalists. The committee found one asked directly directly, whether we had ever discussed a dossier with any journalist, clapper replied that he had not according to a transcript of the process. Congressmen Rooney. Did you decide the dossier or any other intelligence related to Russia. Hacking with a twenty. Sixteen She would journalists clapper no. Clapper, is a serial liar, a hugely deceitful man. It's not. First time he's lied about it Conduct a knowledge, ladies and gentlemen,. The former dna late remember, who he is he's they had of intelligence.
Former dna later changed his story after he was kind It specifically about us Indications were Jake Tapir on CNN quote from the report. Upper subsequently acknowledged discussing the dossier was soon and journalists, Jake Tapir and admitted that he might have spoken with other journalists about the same topic. The report concluded clamorous discussion, Tapir took place in early January twenty seventeen round the time I see leaders that is Intelligence Bristol Obama and Present Elect Trump on the Christian. Steel information to page summary, which was included, in the highly classify version of the ice hey or intelligence community assessment now so bomber is breathed formally. The briefing of Trump by? U S, intelligent chiefs,
was hot. On January six CNN, Listed story on the brake briefing, so an anonymous leaks from call to national security officials. Unquote. On January ten bucks published a full dossier which was jointly. Funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign in the day and see minutes after the CNN story was published, The revelation that clapper was responsible for leaking details about the dossier and briefings at his briefings to to present on the matter is significant because former FBI, direct James Commie wrote in one of four members that he liked that the brief Tromp installations and unfair fight allegations of the dossier was necessary,
because CNN had them and we're looking for a news hook, clapper leaked Commie leaked the head of national intelligence and the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Opposition research funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. In which the Russians played a role. This suggests to me, ladies and gentlemen, directly or indirectly that it was Mr Clapper and MR call me and MRS Clinton and the deep sea that had loaded with the Russians carrying the Russians, water they can Report on russian Interference: note of that
with this very briefing of trump Multiple media organisations used as an excuse to publish the unverified dossier. This unverified dossier you see folks, was in the hands of scores of media organisations. Play every top officials are intelligence apparatus, every top official in our law enforcement apparatus and to what end. It was Hillary Clinton and Dnc opposition research dressed up as intelligence used fraudulent. To get a fight so warrant against an american citizen to open a back door into Trump we're up. I can I stress enough. I can Stress enough what took place Your country in this election. The Obama administration
for them speaking about for about five Americans who are later it, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. If they go further in the Federalist, in a coordinated response to the full intelligence committees. Funding committee Democrats defended clapper. Claiming he broke no laws. While acknowledging that he did leak information about the dossier to see an inch Jake temper. Evaluating context, clapper denied leaking classified information, while acknowledging that is, DNA engaged in legitimate discussion of unclassified not intelligent information tapir. The Democrats concluded has become a very sick bunch.
Proper, who previously lied to Congress about whether the? U S government was electronically spying on millions of Americans was subsequently hired by CNN just months after his leak was, a quid pro quo, ladies and gentlemen. Potentially a quid pro quo, I think maybe. He was rewarded with a job. Although he eventually apologize to Senator Diane Feinstein for lying to Congress about government Mass surveillance of american citizens, he said, Lee told MSNBC that the question to which you responded does the end. Take collect anytime Data at all on millions are hundreds of millions of Americans. Was I gotcha question similar to. When did you stop beating your wife, MRS Clapper, Well, there's more over the daily collar.
Hang in there there's a lot, but you get us For this. You don't remember every detail in the weeds and all, but the cat, This overwhelming what took place here against the press of the United States. This is Chuck Ross was a hell of a reporter exclusive cabal of war. The donors financing, fifty million dollar Tromp Russia investigation. A but wealthy donors from New York in California have forked over fifty million dollars. To fund a Russia investigation being conducted ready for this by Christopher Steel. Fusion, GPS and a former Senate staff for die in fine style. That bombshell revelation is made in a footnote in today's House Intelligence Committee's report on Russia interference in the presidential election. My
one qualm. What this report is its Miss named: it's not russian interference in the presidential election it the Obama administrations, Slash, Democrats, interference in the presidential campaign. And this is an important point to understand when you see the damage minority, all over CNN and MSNBC in the media trashing Us intelligence committee report, trash. At present, the United States. You must understand their Ending their party, which help fund this dossier aid defending their candidate Hillary Clinton in her campaign, which they support, it is well what's up this dossier. Their defence The Obama administration, which was the democratic administration, so they are she'll players.
Fusion, GPS, hard steal a former m16 Asian, as you know, to investigate trumps activities in Russia. Didn't campaign and Dnc funded the project. How are they dossier project failed to help former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the presidency view? gps and steel of continued their investigative work. He got this their store at that, According to statements from Daniel Jones, a former Feinstein staffer, who runs the pen, Quaker Group, peak e g, a Washington DC, consulting firm. The House report states that in March twenty seventeen, this former fine- instead for Jones, told the FBI about a project, he is present tense, working With steel and fusion gps that is being funded, Fifty million dollars by sea,
a ten wealthy donors from New York in California, When I use the word coup and I've called it, a silent co as opposed to a military coup, people shake their head. People cringe. I've come under, of course, withering a sop to exactly This is, ladies and gentlemen, your witnessing it and you have been witnessing it. Late March twenty seventeen, the former fines. Stanford Jones met with the FBI regarding P Q jeez, that's this project, which he does, I've been exposing foreign influence and western elections. This is in the committee's report, redirected they blocked out there, told FBI that Picou G was being funded by seven at ten wealthy donors located primarily New York in California, who provided a proxy
fifty million dollars? Redirected, that's their source further still Their peak Ujiji had secured the servants of steel, sixteen. You US presidential election reach the report, which adds that Jones plan to share the information. To continue exposing russian interference in the twenty. Sixteen you us presidential election reach. The report which I have said our plan to share the information he obtained by policymakers and with the press this. Why won't go away folks the ten zero hectares have put up fifty million dollars and keep pushing this issue and pushing at a pushing it. The media are working with clapper. What call me with Brennan would my cape and all arrest a couple a coup?
George also offered to provide p q jeez entire holdings to the FBI. The report says the report cites a transcript women interview the Jones gave to the FBI its data March, twenty eight twenty seventeen from the House permanent Select Committee on Inter Report released April? Twenty seven twenty eighteen report confirms recent reporting about Joneses work with fusion and steal. Now the Federalist, the website outstanding website. First reported on February twenty that evidence suggests Jones was working with fusion. That is this fine Feinstein former staffer. Challenges name first emerged in connection with the Russia Prob in February of the Fox NEWS published a batch of text messages exchange rate. In Virginia Senator, Mark Warner and Adam
Haldeman, a lawyer for all their Pasqua, a russian oligarch who is on scrutiny in Russia probe. The text show that Adam Waldman, this lawyer. Is working as a back channel between steel and Mark Warner. Referred to Jones, to exchanges with Mark warranted a senator from Virginia sought to meet with steel separately. From the rest of the Senate. Intelligence bow. The text messages sheen exclusively by Dc Nf Jones, first contact woman, a March fifteen twenty seven team. This lawyer for the russian oligarchy. Saying that he was with a nonprofit group that adjustment formed in Washington. Then Jones here from the democracy integrity project. Chris wanted us to connect Jones wrote referring to steal.
Warm and the lawyer for the russian oligarch met with Jones, the former Feinstein stare for a march? Sixteen twenty seventeen During the meeting this lawyer woman says the Jones revealed that he was working with fusion gps in words still going after the President Turkey also said that a group of Silicon Valley, billionaires and George Soros Court quote were funding projects fusion tree PS. According to a woman who testified to the Senate intelligence Khamenei panel last November, three mile. Jones sent warm and several other articles on Tax Jones, suggested a warm and that his team, how place a report with Reuters about trumps real estate activities, our team. But this Jones wrote linking to the March seventeen twenty seventeen Reuters article Joan
warm and several other news articles, including one from a classy alleging Happy I was investigating whether russian Botz inflows conservative media outlets like bright Bart and enforce the same: Aren't you reporters wrote that a colossal recently published a report alleging that space, Council Robert mothers been provided with evidence supporting this Does he s alligator goes on and on, Adding stories and proud of it there funded by. Extremely wealthy leftwing democrats, mostly New York in California, cloning. The silicon Valley they contain, Press. This narrative. This is why I say the Democratic Party in the federal government menu picture one and the same thing they
have each other. They must receive nutrition. If you will political, legal nutrition from each other, they nourish each other. I want somebody like Trump wins, the presidency or as a threat who might when the presidency they cannot tolerate, because that means the instrumentality of government. All this power not completely in their hands, even though the wrong with the bureaucracy in the courts and so for pretty much. They are so just to be abundantly clear. The House Intelligence Committee report today says. Not a single witness that they interviewed provided any evidence of any collusion between Trump and his campaign and the Russians. None.
And see it and has none and MSNBC has none, and the FBI has none. Mr Mulder has none whatever he concocts committee. Esther criminal investigations, media investigations, nothing not think cost I think not. Is a fraud. There wasn't anything. The opposition research was dressed up as Intel used by the intelligence agencies used by the FBI. To try and take down a candidate, then try and take them a president and a light. And now to try and take down the president of the United States, I don't care what you think a trump. This that issue- that's not what we're talking about we're talking about something. Incredibly diabolical here, she's in a conspiracy is being laid out.
Over and over again, the essential facts are on the table for everybody to see everybody now over its CNN and MSNBC in the other democratic party media operations there focused on this russian lawyer, who have now confess that she's a russian informant. You have to be an idiot not to realise that, once she met with Donald Trump Junior, among others, And tried to set them up that she was anything but a russian informant and what's important to me, we're about that meeting is Donald Trump Junior Kosher and the other got up and left They got up and left based not on that
First, I know something was going on: so they had a rat right in front of them. Didn't osiers whip her. They don't agree to do anything for nothing. Not a thing occurred at that meeting. They didn't like classified information like certain FBI, directors and certain intelligence agency had now They leave nothing, they received nothing. They offered nothing. A russian and. I suspect they suspected that at some point that this is what carries the news over at sea why, because CNN has been revealed. As part of the operation that is trying to interfere with this presidency. They claim they represent the first amendment and freedom of the press and freedom of speech. They records
No such thing no such thing whatsoever there, a bunch of partisan left this hacks that have as their purpose to dislodge this president and not just this point, watch this guy Brian stop or even though nobody does honour weakens his entire existence. Aimed at trying to destroy punctual hosts, television hosts concern. But of colonists who do not. All the line that the entire purpose- O Brian stouter over it CNN. That's it He's not a nose. Man he's a good man I back, then,
It is amazing, so watch target watch of objectively, but every now and then stepped back. It's amazing to watch. Who supports tyranny and whose participating in tyranny the defenders of this tyranny and the participants in this turning Jake Tapirs she and innocent organization. Some BC is an organization the damage party is an organization. The top echelon of our intelligence and law enforcement- federal, I should say federal law enforcement race tyranny, promote tyranny. This is quite a serious matter, it's quite a serious matter and for wasn't some brave members of Congress and, quite frankly, among other,
the mark Levin show pressing pressing, pressing pressing pressing to the point where people they turned off some of you, we'd never be where we are we a prosecutor investigating anything, goes Finally, a prosecutor out there trying to trace down the victim Donald Trump is the victim. You can help put a pocket copy. The constitution in the hands of every public high school and middle school students in the country. Why would you want to help with the specially sincerest archologist spearheading this ambitious project. Many of you have taken one of Helstone colleges, free online courses on the constitution, economics, history and for freedom. Others have attended the free regional events, Helstone sponsors around the country and some of you benefit from Helstone free work. Would charters
Hills they'll: does these things as part of their mission to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty to help Americans become better citizens to preserve freedom? now the reaching out to public schools by sending a copy, the constitution and declaration of independence to every middle and hide public school principle in America. Along with an offer to provide free copies for every student learn you can help in this historic effort to reach America's youth with Truth- and I get your own copy of hailstones Pocket constitution to keep her give away at Levine Free Hosty about come, that's alleviate for hills. Do about come within four helstone that come now. I want it to You before you go to the next hour about Sunday show, since it's Friday evening. It's an extraordinarily important show on the Fox NEWS Channel, it's a ten p m Eastern and Sevenpm Pacific they won't advertise it that much. I advertising
is cerebral. It is heavy on substance, but yet, in my opinion, I hope your watch it from beginning to end so you'll be able to follow the the our discussion, because we have six segments, that's the clock: six eggs Starting with the longest and then they work their way down, but its very variable bet you listen from one segment of the next to the next and Ivan open, mind and open ears. You might say Does my college, this was like an HP highschool course, or this is the kind of stuff I wanted to avoid. Don't I want, demonstrate. I wanna damaged that you wanna, hear serious, stopped discussed with serious people and not just yuk yuk yuk back and forth with political operatives. Or the hot person of the weak, and these are we shall discussions in the Sunday. One is right at the top of the list: Progressive ISM site
and evolution, and I think, once watch this Sunday show again want just started: gonna watch it all the way through. I think when you're done. I really do. I think I'm going to say. Oh my Lord like many of you said after last Sunday show on the E M p. I'll, be right, back now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with leader, everybody mark the Levant here. This is our too
eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven that's right. Eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven knowing what we know and there's a hell of a lot more to know. To say the Senate Judiciary Committee rather than passing a vote out of that committee fourteen to seven with four republics republicans, rather than passing a proposed bill that protects Robert Mahler, the special council. If you're going to violate separation of powers shouldn't you pass or propose build demanding his firing. The entire premise of his investigation, in addition to being constitutionally and legally defective, is a concoction, a conspiracy by the Democratic party
the Obama administration. Wouldn't it be nice if a committee of the Senator the Committee, the House, if we're going to violet, Separation of powers would violate it for the right cause. Again, that is shouldn't. They pass a bill. The cause for the removal of Robert Mahler, rather than the protection, a robber, Mahler Watch, What these Republicans house stupid? Do you get? How stupid do you get? There is overwhelming evidence. Overwhelming evidence they were out to get tromp, there is overwhelming evidence of this co attempt by the different. Party by the democratic campaign by the Democrat operatives in the media by the democratic operative. The intelligent should apply agencies, while many evidence that they colluded with the Russians. Have we got?
jerk running around with theirs democrat prosecutors. Luckily, we want interview the present proposal, obstruction structure of what all we may have tried to interfere with the rational investigation, real So why is this discussed endlessly every day? If there's no wretched investigation, the Republican Party needs to stand up for the republic. The republican Party needs to stand up for its present. Even more. The republican party needs to stand up for the people, but not Lindsey, Graham I'll bet he's on one or two programmes this weekend. I guess it's dating life, really sucks buddies on tv endlessly, although yank another one where where's flake flight busy this waken, I'm sure he's not one here from flight
I mean, after all, he shall representative everybody now flag, who else? Oh Tom, tell us up North Carolina now that complete schmo, but here we are so if they want to pass legislation, as I say, if they want to pass legislation, even though its unconstitutional and will be shut down or pass the right. Colonel legislation, you're gonna, be a clown, be good plan for you to be a phobia good for at least a full for the cause least, a clown for the cause by the way, kudos threadbare. Obviously I couldn't watch the interview live while I was doing the.
The greatest shown, radio, maybe I'll, say the greatest Sean earth. Whatever happens that the outfit whatever happened to the great circus, while first the elephants, then the other animals and then the end came. I dont know that there is any other circuses at has large animals anymore very few if they do so want to congratulate Peter Leftwing cooks and some phony conservatives well done loudly wild. Well, though, be poached and murdered just a stream a thought here anyway, let's listen to just little pieces of this Jim.
Call me, let me put it this way: the dynamic with the Brett Baron, a view of call me was like a deposition and prepares. Not even a lawyer call me who was? U S? Attorney was assisting you US attorney was deputy attorney general. Was the FBI director looked out completely thoughts and that's what happens when you're a liar a serial killer, completely out of sorts- and it was obvious brett- Bear- came fully prepared. It was riveting Slowly re wasn't like George Staff, Annapolis, hey aura Or any other Eddie, it's no red bear really put the hammer to the narrow he really did caught one.
The producer go when the steel dossier comes out sometime early July. When did you personally learn about the memos in the dossier at some time in the fall? I dont remember exactly when you talk unfold, farm shortfall of sixteen right. So who told you about I someone on my senior staff, you re how they were described. I remember they me about it, explain that it came from a reliable source, former allied intelligence officer, remember being given a copy of it. I don't know where there was a temper October some time in that fear to time Oh, he remembers, it came from an ally, intelligent source Remember when he got it does remember, who brief damn He has a select the memory, this guy. Isn't it cut to go. When did you learn that the Dnc and Hillary Clinton campaign had funded Christopher steals work? He has done for a fact. What do you mean
I've seen it in the media. I never knew exactly which Democrats had funded and it was funded first by Republicans I'm sorry, that's all this dossier that Christopher Steel worked on was funded by Republican? My understanding was his work started funded by echo. Research funded by Republicans free beacon and said that they had Glens Simpson, infusion GPS on a kind of a retainer, but they fondly Christopher Steel Memo or the dossier, that was initiated by Democrats. Look at my understanding was the activity was begun. Deal was hired to look into was first funded by Republicans, then picked up thinking
Thus, it was never funded by Republicans. The free bacon use this group to do background. Research on all the candidates had nothing to do with Christopher Steel. They didn't wash their money through a left wing law firm in a left wing law by the name of Mark Elias. None of that was involved. And the idea that the former director, the FBI, still doesn't know who funded the dossier because he was so what uncourteous is preposterous. Even to this day, We know who funded at we even know how much money they put into it, how much money they put into it. Go ahead I Democrats opposed to Donald Trump. So is that why did you tell President Obama that the dossier was ever who was funded by You want to know who was funded by.
Wanted to know what I knew, which is. It was funded by people politically opposed to Donald Trump, rational human behavior. Miss that direct their look where we have? What do you have there? but those yea, how many asses and those the aid to help, and they are Silent, oh ok, tell me about it. Well, it was funded by the Democrat great. Put it in a fight application, Woody guy oversight, which Democrats who the hell funded this thing: where did it come from? What's the source of it This guy's they head of the FBI, is a liar. I knew we didn't want to say he knew clapper New Brenner, no tapir anew clapper tapir flapper. They all move
Go ahead parlance. Wasn't then, for when did you you still to this day, don't know that it was funded by the DMZ or have rather earlier, but I dont know for a fact and didn't know. I was at the FBI, Helen Keller, everybody, our FBI director. It had no idea, they can't see can't speak, can't hear go ahead at opponent of the president's funded. That did you even tell the President at Democrats funded it. It was no. Did you tell the president that opponents of the president funded the answer's? No, did you tell him any more? Only only the part about the only the part about the. He russian prostitutes? Did you tell him any more than that? No, no this is why I have said from day one when those came out. This was really an attempted blackmail, but just to set up a black man
To let him know that he Intelligence agencies had this information on him and if he had told her look. It was funded by Hilary campaign at the Dnc or democratic opponents. He wouldn't. Have that right. You wouldn't have thy cudgel to use against trump trouble. Oh my god where's this crap coming from ouch come from somebody, a reliable foreign chow guy. If he had said funded by Hillary Clinton and the the Dnc which which free so should we which come says I don't want to know anything about trumpet have been furious, but in a different way, should he would have been furious at this sort staff has been used against me and the FBI is using it and the intelligence agencies have it. That's why call me never told us there
Why call me never told him you go into a coming. President Elect and you say, look at this stuff we have left this stuff where words a coat. Let's try state combing at his word, which is taking a lot, but let's take him at his word. He knew what was coming from Democrat operatives right. Isn't that what he said? Mister producer well would even keep that from the president unless he wants to hold us over its head. Unless you want to give the impression it scurrilous, you know it's unverifiable. Look what we have here. Mr President,. And if he got answer, but don't worry about it, it's funded by Hilary and the Dnc Democratic. Ok, here's the bigger point: why would even discuss this with the president at all at all unless he was going into the present. To tell him look at this attempt to smear you
by the day and see, and they Hillary Clinton campaign, the price Amid the F b, I used to get a warrant I used to get a warrant here is the the Marquis contradiction? how's, the president, elect its scurrilous. Its unverified. Did you not say that that citizens know try in the mean time they used it to get a vice? Aren't you can ever both ways go ahead. To cut three go ahead, how many times a and to what extent you breathe prisoner Lama on the dossier ever brief, President Obama, on the dossier, I was present during a conversation, what let's wait a minute? Why was it so important to brief the President Elect, but not the present.
Can someone explain to me why was it so important to brief the present alike? To the extent was brief, Course, but why was that some important, but when it comes the actual president, his boss. He doesn't feel a need to brief one Two answers? Obama already knew and I believe he did. Or they didn't want him to know, as they were using this information to try and destroy Trump. But I think it's, the former go ahead A director of national intelligence proved it to him, as we did to the gang of eight and to the President elect first week of January. So to do of national intelligence briefed the president about it. The first week of January, that would be clapper leaker, relate to dossier the Jake Tapir, for which he is now recompensed. Is it contributor on CNN nobody
the higher this mumbling buffoon, who can put together three syllables. To be some kind of a commentator of any merit? heard four weeks now, maybe maybe a week ten days that truck Todd, among others, that shown They should be punished if he should be admonish by Fox. What's gonna happen, Jake Tapir, what will happen? it tapir. Why up and all the other media types who know and no they had the dossier or aspects of the dossier in advance. Who know that the Obama administration and a former clapper, and perhaps We're making the dossier and parts of the dossier this is there story and they kept from the american people. They kept it from the american people, cut forego
called the dossier unverified salacious Why did you use that to the fire? or to ask for surveillance for Carter page knowing you but you lead with it a bulk of that size. Application deals with that dossier. Why it's not my recollection, bread and I don't know the FISA application has been released. My recollection was, it was part of broader Mozart of certain committee, chairman read. It was provided to certain committee chairman to read. I believe, in the basement of the vault room of the Justice Department, of something like that It hasn't been released to the public, but some have read it go ahead. There were,
laid before the fire, a judge to obtain a visa weren't. There was a lot more than the dossier in the five application. My recollection was. There was a significant amount of additional material about page and why there was probably cause to believe he was an agent of a foreign power and the dossier was part of that, but was not all of our level- of on let's He's right again, which is not let's say the dossier, is part of that: it's still a fraud committed on the court because they never explained the court. In any rational way who funded so the federal judge at the face a court didn't know who funded it. The President Elect wasn't told who funded at the american people who told you funded it? They kept at a secret, is it would destroy the entire effort to use. A dossier that opposition research to pretend it was some kind of important intelligence to promote them?
Russian collusion argument and take out Donald Trump back then How is it possible that Obama didn't know most of these people? leading to the press. Much of this was in the media. I have to do, is read it and a president gets a m, a thick packet of press reports and so forth once or twice a day. Is it possible, Obama did know about it when the most senior people and his administration we're doing these things. How is it possible? It's not possible.
So ever reporter, like this fraud, this buffoon Jimmy Casta harassing Morocco, Burma ever and if there was such a reporter harassing Barrack Obama the way across the attacks trump. What with the rest of the media say they be blowing the guy they were trying to intervene, interfere with the guy. You know all the rest of it. Harassing Barack Obama ever and if there was such a reporter. Harassing Barack Obama, the way Acosta attacks trump what would the rest of the media say they be blowing the guy. They betrayed. Interview interfere with the guy. You know all the rest of it. And so this is a big issue. As far as I'm concerned, I've been pressing this point now for a very long time to the invisible hand.
Iraq, Milhouse Benita Obama, My closet, America's passionately, some wieber voice, talk with a voice? Now, eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one one seems like every day: there's another story about technology based, but this Amazon, that on and on cyber hackers, are always looking for a way and trying to use technology to make an easy profit of folks. Like you and me, this doesn't mean we should be skirted technology. I can't imagine giving it up, but we need to be smart and protect ourselves. The texts. He's going to do it stopped us? Should I wouldn't put it off another second get protected right now, nice
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six, six three three four thirty eighty four or my idea care dot com, Slash Marco Bill check it out. Jenny branch in Missouri Ex M satellite go There will then thank you for taken. My call just want to say that most without here in Amerika, are really sick and tired of all of this. As we see it for what we it is, Now we're done it's over go home, everybody it's over but this isn't really aimed at you This is aimed at getting out the democratic base, and this is. Aimed at trying to persuade so called independence the com- during the mid term election, give the Democrats the house in Impeach Trump. Jane did. I was literally we now ok well, you're, saying on dont, give great like but the problem is there not done gonna win
not gonna win journey their journey Jenny. It doesn't help us to say that we are, acting like? They are going to win, so our people turn up sore, you, think, workers Turner, so p. Make donations to conservative candidates and I can tell you, I live in a state in Virginia where they want and they one big They slaughtered us in the governors race. They ve slaughtered out on all these issues wide races. They all took over the the the house delegates which was sixty four thirty six republican and is fifty on forty nine republican because of a cow toss. This is a serious challenge: Syria, and we all, but it take a damn seriously. We could lose our president. Well, if you know what I have to say in this country and the total I in there
I believe the good Lord gave us brains and hands and feet and the It was to do what we need to do. Thank you for your car. I don't mean to be rude, it's just, The appalling at a time like this is a huge mistake, they're going to turn out there Russia probe, but they're, not mark Palatine, Illinois. And satellite go thank losing I'm not making any but you know you got to got to have your eyes wide open. That's one of the things we So what do we actually believe in knowledge and information we might be and with the Russia probe, but they're not mark. Palatine Illinois Ex M satellite go. Thank you. We are seeing is happening with job with the Stevens so the senator where they want After him made up stuff and took him out
So the with the deep state is already happened there they really haven't you may. If you listen to the show you may know, I went into that case about ten days ago or what price quotas are capable of their capable of doing. I think the capable of doing the wrong side of the coin, Stevens, which was a criminal case different than this. In that the doubt Whenever be a trial you're exactly right, they would All information they need up information and they look out this senator and he lost his re election bid by only a couple thousand votes, but an absolute disgrace? Thank you for your call. Let's keep going MIKE Jackson, Florida series Satellite GO bark Lebaron. You have heard tonight on their head that everyone else's danced around I'm a guy. Why do we ve been married, and I went to women The same Europe call me went away Mary and he is a flawed
you hit the nail on the head when he said that he's pretending He doesn't know who it funded by and trying to presented two trump as plausible and legitimate intelligence did get a hand over Trump. That's what you want to do is have leverage over tromp, which is why somehow forgot to tell her. How was an illegitimate but keep saying it was set up. I think that's relatively obvious. It's more than a set up. He did this to be able to hold an over trumps had brought up at the through important by the way is commendable. Job is As bread bear did last night, he really needs a real lawyer and you need to bring him onto them. I could then show on Fox NEWS at ten o clock Sunday night and you need this in our with him was examining him My home. We're home me won't even call the radio show colonies public
this morning, MR producer open up your microphone rich. Did we contact them? His publicist way contacted them and they ignored me and they ignored you. Yeah, because I don't want people coming in by drugs and returning their books. If you understand what I mean like yet one more thing, no two and you re, really good point about Praetorian Guard and the invisible hand in trumped cochrane about each state rear. Twilight New one. It's really the legal state against the commercial state. Trump's, not a lawyer trump speaks in terms of hate. I want someone who's loyal to me as an FBI director. Can you imagine Why Crump question when I don't tromp views? It is hidden leading the commercial state Finally, we need to come up with an wholly new concept. I think it's right in front of us. Bunch of us in the nose every minute. It's your turn what what's going on here is a progressive power grab and they do not want
This government managed by anyone, but them in they're practically disgusted with tromp for several reasons, including which keep saying he denied the Obama third term through Hilary, they They run a raw with a bomb care and open borders, and they ran deal and all these other radical things they were doing. They thought they would easily be Trump. Pilloried was skating. Anyone campaign in some of the important blue blue states which she lost, and so they feel entitled entitled to govern entitled to the presidency. I let's go to Curtis nor Virginia on the mark, Lavinia app. How are you This is an honour and I'm a little nervous don't be. Well, I'll. Try not to be is not a deposition, just relax. I just wanted to get your bottom alike on Virginia rather than I was in Norfolk, Virginian and work and run up Virginia, and you just made the point about our state and nodded it, sir.
Gone further wept, and I don't see how we correct that as long as we keep letting illegals blood in the Northern Virginia outside about way and just wondered about your thoughts on that, while the two things happening in Virginia number, one legal leftwing democrats are flooding in Virginia from Maryland from the District of Columbia from other parts of the country. Because there's so much government largess in Northern Virginia. Another northern is like. If you had a, if you had a tanker, the tanker is, is and a floating on its side, if you consider it near the tanker because nor the Virginia this pocket Washington D C is where the wealth is, the concentration of the population is, and it now controls the rest of the state, which is relatively conservative. That's number one number two in turn: illegal aliens tat Just illegal aliens, its legal aliens in the Gulf
It has a way of placing a lot of people in this country and there isn't it but under way to turn- and there has been for twenty years to turn some of these red states in the blue Its Colorado used to be a strong red state, not anymore Nevada, He used to be a strong red state, not any more areas, as having the duke it up. You look at all these states. You know what that long ago. Maybe it was twenty years ago whether you the porters in the end, the and the and the right We're saying things like I don't know how the Democrats will ever take. The presidency does not in fact after ragged, when George W Bush, one we don't have a democratic will overtake the president's, because the Republicans control California in Florida and taxes and as long as I control those big three bacon never lose and what happened? California is gone. Artisan trouble. Tell you something if it keeps the the waiters in Texas with the open borders.
We will be the ones who can ever when the president's right. My friend. We'll be right back. About those seven seconds could keep track of Mr Produce. They play a The term pretty narwhale right guns. Well well. Well, I been, and I talk about all upset the rest of the country. You no harm case are honest mistake: does to the IRS when you oh back taxes or have been filed, tax returns and quite some time, they're coming for you like with Rhonda Didn't matter that she's, a single mom or a nurse living paycheck to pay check, they didn't
is that the reason she owed thousands of back taxes was that her ex said he'd file their tax returns, but he didn't. The iris was aggressive. Pursuing her garnishing, her wages. Miranda was trapped in what she thought was a no one situation If you can relate to Rhonda, you need to call Optima tax relief, optimum was, that behind every tax problem are honest, hard working people, people, families, home savings and paychecks that need protection. Which is how they resolved over half a billion dollars in tax debt for their clients and eight rated with the better Business Bureau, call Optima tax relief at eight hundred four hundred and ninety nine six thousand three hundred eight hundred four hundred and ninety nine six thousand three hundred. That's. One I nine sixty three hundred people are asking I wanted to on this too. We talked in the first hour about
this former staffer right to die and Frank in Feinstein who, when he left Feinstein staff, hired fusion gps and crystal steel, backed by millions of dollars and money from liberal Democrat millionaires in California in New York, but particularly Silicon Valley, that is Diane Feinstein strength. That's her muscles. Diane Feinstein is a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The question being posted, I I endorse it is denied. Feinstein know that her former staffer was actively presently working with fusion GPS and Christopher Steel, funded by liberal Democrats. To continued to push this contrived scandal of russian collusion with IE
Trunk campaign is he hears what I'm getting at? We now know about Mark water, into the lawyer of a russian oligarch. We now know about Feinstein staffer,. We now know about the day and sees role in funding the dose. We now know about the Hillary Clinton role in funding the dossier. You see what I'm saying as a Democrat party operation. This is an open, Administration, operation.
This is a Hillary Clinton campaign operation, the DNS see they Hillary Clinton campaign, top Obama administration officials as well as now members of the Senate. Democrats. No wonder there trying to cover everything up, no one other trying to obstruct and, of course, there are significant sources for the media. Most of the reporters so called and journalist so called are either out of the closet, registered Democrats or in the closet Democrats. Chris Cuomo Tom Limit, Jake Tapir, look at ever sell us day, you're lucky. If their democrats, most of them are even more left wing. The mat.
Anyway, let's see who passes out here, Katy Alexandria, Virginia the great WMD I'll go right ahead. I hurried sir okay, so I. The thing to the river interview today and just getting Anger, young angrier listing varying that come in said, if being know based on you, ve heard him say before, and then, but I wonder if you could comment on something I also caught in a clip between Martha Mc Gowan and comment on other shows MA. Am I doing my show soil of time? The watch the Martha Mcgowan show. It's actually on the same plan, minors on, but thank you for your car, it's kind of weird. How am I supposed to comment on somebody else's show when I'm doing my show when their being aired, when I'm doing my show
Anyway, Jim South Amber New Jersey, the great debut ABC Go markets, a pleasure mark. Listen, you are you hit. The nail on the head, like you had said when you used the word black now for the meeting, we call me and Donald Trump Mark, I'm gonna tell you something. I believe that the Obama administration, the Clinton Crime family that eight years has been gathering in town Whether real or manufactured and has compromised The majority of the senators congressmen that's why they act where they are one example, and we have no idea about this. Its corruption cases come out and to listen to me, listen, you said a majority, the senators and congressmen. How am I supposed to react to that when there's no evidence for that, but the Republicans quite Democrats,
the UK there ok got it. But how am I supposed to react when somebody calls and says the Obama, administration and Clinton administration had done On a majority of members, a house and Senate, when I dont know led to be the case at all, I understand, but the facts. Thanks for your call. Those are not facts. Those are not facts. I don't understand. There's enough information out there right now that condemns these people that exposes these people. Why do we have to make stuff up. Crazy Scranton Pennsylvania exam Satellite go. I mark honour what an honour to speak with you today. I just wanna two on comments about how these leftist media and how they disrespectful,
As you know, I listen to the news break at the top of every hour, there's a certain new source that comes on and not one time, Have I ever heard than refer to our president as President chop? It's always MR chop, and that makes me so irritated at six point, not a big fan of President Obama always referred to him as President Obama. But even if you didn't you're, not a news person. And what you are saying is news. People should respect the office and stop playing favorites absolutely and that's why I want of President Obama and I wouldn't But I'm not a news person. It's just saw the three spicy date. They pretend to be journalist. I don't pretend to be a journalist. I pretended call it as I see it to look at the facts.
Ex dictators. I, as I see the facts, but I'm not doing independent reporting. I can draw my own conclusions. Analysis many cases its unique, but if you're gonna claimed to be a report, A reporter, not an pinion maker, not an. Torreon writer, a reporter that data be a reporter. I Chrissy. Thank you. There and screened pencil and by the way, Chrissy Wednesday. It's time you saw Joe Biden and spread out. What are you been around, but I have never went to go to him. He's been around, has been Duncan doughnuts. There are I, my friend, I got the job we'll be right. Back
now run only underground boughs of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building? We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levanter. Here our final, our the show our final hours a week number eight. Seventy seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven! Three eight one, three eight one, one. I don't get upset a lot of you. North Korea will not give up all its nooks, even if it says it will want. I'm sorry. The president has done a magnificent job under the circumstances he really has To build weapons against you and me stealing
But in the end, North Korea will not give up its nooks and I am a little frustrating when it keeps talking about his good friendly Genocidal media coverage, China G not forget. We got a lotta help for my good friend. She Julia China, the man who stealing Oliver technology stealing build weapons against you and me stealing it to take our jobs. I don't know Go from. We need tariffs on China to stop them from stealing our technology and ripping us off to my good friend g right, the guy that runs China. I dont know how we get that but all the smiley stuff, if it makes you feel good rights like watching polar bears, are what around you know. You get this warm fuzzy feeling there. They are duly elected president
Country in the genocidal, mass murder of another country digging dirt together, you know like two three or on the beach, but I'm just saying: ok, good, fine, I'm not trying to be a wet, blanket But if any of you have ever watch live in tv, I think I've by this twice. I don't think I've done it three times yet we have scored a scroll through All the deal's all the arrangements, all the negotiations that have gone off with North Korea since the nineteen eighties. And there is always some announcement about how they have agreed, not to build noakes theyve agreed not to do Yes, they have agreed not to do that. And yet look at where we are now your say, while trumps different, I'm certainly hoping, sir. The problem is whether trumps different the point is on is that different he's a stalinist.
And stalinist don't play by the rules, and it is interesting to me that we ve gone from a virulent little dictator To a smiley face, reaching out sending his sister to the, I buy all of a sudden, like turning on a diet and I'll tell you who told him to do that the guy China you showing look, look just be real. Nice. The president tromp Jasper. Smile on your face, just re trapped, but in the end kind do at your what we gotta wait this guy out. He won't be president forever and if we're lucky, the Democrats will take him out we'll get. Somebody like you know like like Obama in there and Obama sycophant, The Chinese, the North Koreans they play long by they play longbow, so
The president has done more than any modern president really too, to confront North Korea in a very effective way, but this definitely realisation well They won't, we know it's not a matter of seeing in the next two or four years, sing in the next ten or twenty years. That's how the measure these things the way they do something else big happened in Washington today actually was yesterday. Really big, I'm guessing! You saw about ten seconds of this ten seconds of this, Have you ever heard a Robert Menendez outside in New Jersey. He's the senior senator from New Jersey. He was Congress for many many years he's been in the Senate many many years and he's a crook mark.
They had the strongly wasn't convicted. But the ethics Committee has said: cities a crook and they have different standard. And I want to read some of this to you and then you need to ask yourself. I believe why hasn't this man faced expulsion, he sold his office. Why isn't he being expelled more than that wise and even part of the discussion. Maggie Astor, writing. I guess, for the Washington Compost right, MR produce from trend. Remember I pulled this article from yes. The Senate Ethics Committee severely admonished Cora. Senator Robert Menendez yesterday for accepting gifts from me, say doctor, while using its position as a senator to promote the doctors, personal and financial interests, while.
It also order, Mr Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat to repay the market, viable improper gifts. He has not already repaid what incredible punishment. And what they dont say here is also, yes, stop latest five financial disclosure form, so you stop laid his financial disclosure formed, pay back the market value they give any severely admonished. Now, when you hold a high public trust and you abuse it. And you deceive the American, the american people. In such a signal away, and he did it repeatedly. He should be expelled. The admonitions stems from the same actions for which Mr Menendez was indicted. Twenty fifteen his trial, in which the Doktor Simon Belgian
was a code defended ended with a deadlock joy in November, twenty seventeen and the federal government. Chose not to retreat. Mr Menendez was a deadlock jury in a heavily democrat part of New Jersey. In its letter of admonition, the ethics Committee acknowledge that the trial did not result in conviction but rope. The criminal system, however, neither enforces nor supplants the senator their standards of conduct, and they commit traction stands independent from that result. The committee's three republican and three Democrats found that, from twenty six to twenty thirteen. Donna, seven and a half year period. Mr Menendez quote knowingly and repeatedly accept gifts of significant value from Doktor Belgian without obtained Required committee approval and failed to publicly disclose certain gives, as required by and roared federal law. The gifts included multiple private flights.
Set luxury hotels among them. A villa in the Dominican Republic While accepting these gifts, they wrote you sure position. As a member of the Senate to advance Mr Belgians purse, a business interests? That committee wrote your assistance, the doktor Belgian. Under these circumstances, demonstrate a poor judgment and a risk undermining the public's, put it to the Senate as such, Since reflected discredit upon the United, so here we have a guy who's taking in kind money. If you will and doing official phase the extent of which you can read in the letter and their significant for Mr Doktor, Belgium, these brought discredit to the Senate isn't over. They said mother wanted to expel up.
Among other things, Mr Menendez intervened when Doktor Belgium was accused of over billing Medicare by nearly nine million such Medicare Medicare senior citizens tax dollars the Belgians behalf, he lobby the Secretary of Health and Human services and a fish. Said. The centres for Medicare Medicaid Services doctor it was eventually convicted America, fraud, sentenced and seventeen years in prison. The senator also helped arrange visas for the doctors, girlfriends come the United States. You see, Mr Menendez is very very busy. I is the ranking Democrat only set at Foreign relations Committee attacking Palm payer
Both men argued that their actions were tokens of friendship, not bribery of course course. That's, just friendship, Medicare, private trips and I'm not reporting lemon, not bribe richest friendship. Mark Elias, a lawyer for Mr Menendez. The same mark, Elias. It was the straw man for the cash pass through from his law. Firm, diffusion. Gps! Don't forget that. Said in his statement that many the committee's conclusions are at odds with the earlier legal proceedings. Now they weren't those who follow the eleven we trial, no money. The findings of the letter were not only contradicted by the presiding judge and rejected by the jury, but sittings clearly demonstrated that there was no violation of any law. Mr Alive said, though, that doesn't promote all was a Hungary was a Hungary.
But Mr Menendez is quite glad. There's ethics committee process that began nearly six years ago is now finally resolved nor what his lawyer, the hack Eliza and say, as it was put on all during the course of the trial. Bobby, ended, scandalous conduct laid out in this letter should outrage, renewed Jersey voters said Bob so Lira a spokesman for the national Republican. Senator alchemy are enough of these politicians. Here's the point Menendez. Was doing famous for his body who Havana gettin seven years in the pan,. Was a hungarian New Jersey. The ethics committee has an independent responsibility to protect the Senate. Criminal prosecutions or about the federal government, in this case defending the american people at the federal government level. But the Senate has to defend the Senate.
The Senate has to defend the. So what was the name of that congressmen from the Miami area? Who was who was brought up and charges? Drug charges was indicted and so forth, and eventually he got off not drug charges, but on the take as a judge, that's what I was on the take as a judge. What was his name? Remember, Mr Bin but he was impeached and always congressmen cut on the whole world know somebody tell me he sits, Is right now and the reason, he was impeached. As a federal judge, impeach by the house, tried by the Senate removed by the Senate, including by Democrats, Because Congress, whether the House of the Senate has to protect Congress,
I'll see Hastings, that's it Elsie Hastings as an elected member thou representatives from South Florida from South Florida, and he was accused of fixing a case of taking a bribe. Ultimately, they were not able to convicted. But the thought he was guilty and you see when you are congressmen senator we have to face two authorities. The criminal authorities plus the authorities within the house in the sun Mendez now be heard much about this today know why not? Why not, because the lips control the media, that's why. And I will continue to say that this matter should be expelled. He's a disgrace is a disgrace, but he won't be.
Might recall at his trial, Coy Booker testified as a character. Witness so did Lindsey Grant as a character witness from an under a mania oh character, I'll, be right back what's happening with joy ray, Appeared a time when there was a desert. Nobody would talk about that. Mr producer. So I went on the ear and I said why, anybody tongue about joy, reed. I stood back for a day or two.
The evidence mounted and mounted a mounted and her defences became increasingly preposterous. If you'd come out said he, I wrote all that stuff, and it really is grotesque. I should never have written all that stuff. That's fine, everybody does something they wish they hadn't done, but she did. Like thirty thinks I mean it was. It was constant, but but he would talk about conservatives, certainly liberals and I called out CNN and they call it a mace MSNBC, and I call on my fellow conserves. I should look if any conservative had done with joy. Reed had done they be done, it would be over. And I'm not leaving a boycott against her, I'm not saying MSNBC should fire her or whatever, but this Ireland is unbelievable. Now, finally, conservatives are talking about it and
some left wing publications of distance themselves from her. But Still, as I pointed out what last week, Rachel I'll stay silent. The Congo line of but miscreants Malcolm Tented MSNBC and Senate or site but say in quick, passing right, brine, stouter, quick, passing. Anything new on the Congo West Story today, Mr Bloom, I believe, has been tweeting and present we get back and he waited in the present tweeted back, as is that correct. See, ladies and gentlemen, I am not willing to bet the entire culture on Conway West. Gladly standing up for his opinions, I'm glad he's making some sense, but it's really. Deeper than this.
But all the other boys and girls run within it's. Ok, it's ok! I mean it's interesting, but I think they're making way too much of it. Just one man's opinion. One man's opinions, Scott Staten Island, New York, the Great W Abc, go Emma PICS. Thank you, Sir Sir. I was just euro it. It's unbelievable. It seems to me that the left can do anything that they want and just get away with it, whether it today whether to senator whether the FBI Weather The sheer yea, whether it border it be whether it anything it's unbelievable and right does not thing. Does nothing to help this man move on with this country he's trying to do everything that
possibly to instil. Now you quite wrong, sir, because we had at least four Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee vote to protect Mahler I like they're doing nothing. I forgot about that. I'm sorry and they are disgusting. They are. They are really disgusting, it it just it's unbelievable and you were talking about the elections coming up. You know how this thick. They talk about the Blue, coming now I see it myself and end. The Republicans don't seem to mind, and this is assembly. You know it's a good point, the very passive. In the face of this I got my like people like yourself myself, you know come on this fear us fight for rice. They do nothing, they do absolutely nothing for us and, as you say this Lindsey Graham, it is a complete bomb in all within ASEAN Tv all the time. Well, you know what you're putting
adventure: why is he matter? Well, I'm sure I'm sure this weekend, you know, I'm sure he'll be on what least one Sunday shoe. There's no doubt about that. In the end you spoke about this. Madame de guy hope this guy gets away with a wise in the Senate. I can understand that you know, and I saw him questioning pump I'll, ask you: how can anybody try to question this man, especially him Menendez questioning pay? You I mean. How can anybody try to question this man? I mean come on especially Minette damage Agreement and, as you said, Quarry Booker questioning, Ok, I'll Scott Scots, a good man, I could tell you and I will get along great You'D- take CARE brother. Pigs for a lot of Americans. Those in this regard is certainly speaks for me.
We'll be right. Back One man, liberal media buyers, Mark Levant call, eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven, empire, radio, Digital TV, cable, tv books what's left. Firstly, what's left movies. Correct what is the point of innovation in this country? Why is it that every EU innovation host an anchor comes on tv
Somehow, in the media, promoting the objectives of other countries promoting the objectives of other countries, but just be honest about- and it's like it's a obviously a spanish tv network is spanish tv networks of the vast majority of English speaking. Americans have no idea what's being sent on universe, but wherever, in our.
There's with some big news from p dot M capitol, there's been some big news from p dot m capital. They know that when it comes to retirement, most of us want to make sure we have the means to travel and see more this great country. I hope you listen to this because they only do this very, very rare circumstances and there's a very small window of opportunity to act for a limited time. P dot m
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on just about everything, gets an alpha. Conservator review and grant grant around California word here, just as sense for well, but How do I support him? I mean I don't want to Democrats. Take over bids have a primary challenge, Others are primary. Challenger form is now just business, we know the. Maybe maybe you started writing campaign for somebody. Maybe you start a right and campaign for somebody. Maybe you start an effort in that regard, that I am not familiar with their district to be we honest with. But if he's your typical loser, then you can at least consider the other problem. Is this. As bad as this guy might be my cousin.
It is. As you know, if the Democrats take the house, the presence gonna have a huge problem on his hand. Yeah. So I mean you gotta, take that into consideration when your voting this time, it's one of the issues, Going door to door, you know, not Halloween. Why Andorra door, I put it, a cap on the score cards at four. A m I'm talking to my neighbors and south. So he's enough student he's enough congressmen yeah. It's pretty bad. This is what we call a conundrum you ve got it. You ve got a proud, If you got to decide what your priority this election. For me, to be perfectly honest with you, it's the stop. The Democrats from impeaching the president.
I know it's not. It's not satisfied because replaying defence all the time, but I'm not telling you what to do. Ok, that's why I called you indicated Just say: I've been on the horns of this dilemma for six months and we gotta came up today because he is morning, answers to having a breakfast next week and he's gonna, be there why challenges, I'd still argue with him politely. I still hold his score over his head. You know. I think I will show up at an amount is only about our. I might give peace a chance, Bob Wiring, tin, right,
Kenya, the great W Emma hours or as we like to call it William all go right ahead. Mark prevented it's a pleasure to meet you. I've got a question about this. A judge, yes ever her too much a bomb I dont know is now it's not necessarily at him cobia her, ok, goodbye, but how come somebody gets mad interview, dispersion or if the trains generally could be like in between ok somebody's, not interviewing this person. Well, I can't for Congress, and some of these are federal district judges who service Pfizer judges. Is there not separate, and apart from the existing or routine judicial system and. Some time ago. I called for the abolition of the face, the court, because it's obviously not working for something like this, that the interference in an election
it may work a thousand other times, but on such a major matter like this, a complete failure, either the judge, asleep at the wheel or the judge didn't care, or the judge agreed with but in any event it should never have gotten pass this judge, because if the judge isn't be smart about what's going on in the court than bad things can happen in the corridors it secret. It was established and nineteen seventy eight hour hell hell up. So here there's no way I find enough who this later man is Well, there is a way that I forget the name of the judge who was involved in the in the original application and some of the extensions one of the guys recused himself cuz it turned out. He was pals with a with stroke.
Of the dossier in yeah, when we all here you're in it was the same judge denied it. However many times- and I honestly don't know- and I don't think anybody knows that specific question, what about that would make it for me. What last hour comment in question comment. Sure would like to see. If I could tell me vital for applications that were rejected and in jail, but with all the one that was accepted with the addition of the dossier. Yeah when we all enjoy it was. The same, judge denied it many times- and I honestly don't know- and I don't think anybody knows- that specific question. What are you about one that would make it for me? The other
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special savings when you enter Lavinia check up its legal zoom that calm and turn Levine easy? I ain't check. I want more time legal zoom that calm Levin at check, We'll be right back look at this friend of mine just suddenly this from the daily caller back in. Thirteen. Twenty seventeen Whitehouse official confirms I've been reviewed Mahler for FBI director job seems rather strange to me since smaller had been the FBI director for twelve years. Donald Trump interviewed robber Mahler for the position of FBI, directors, senior administration official confirm comes one day after
tromp friend, a news MAX media, CEO, Chris Ruddy, appeared on PBS News, our money and said the president had interviewed Molly. For the position just days before he was appointed to be special council. That's just strange to me. The guy was a pr admit. Maybe they just went through the motions- that's probably it anyway. The collar was right. I not remember that a k, let's move quickly, let us go to Steve Normal. Connecticut the Great W b c go young conservative here. I just remind some your listeners, maybe maybe depressed, bout, be illegal spying on Trump, but we haven't Nigeria
we're coming out in diameter, going to be handed out. Our slowdown, slowness, Nigeria's an unindicted. The hygiene made a referral, a cave, the deputy, the ideas investigating the commie leaks so that All the ideas doing, as far as I know, oh and the handling of the yellow, recurrent an investigation. Yes, I believe people are gonna. Go down for this. I think that there is he got weighing over their heads. I think. What they might, but I dont really hang my ad on things that I not sure of This idea turns out to be a turkey on these other matters. You ve just build em up, you know well that could be the case, but we all have Jeff. Jeff sessions is also doing work by sea
well. Well, then, how do we know he's doing work behind the scenes of he's doing work behind the scenes while bears sole reporting here and there I saw and heard it elsewhere, but I'm confident but there's gonna be sought. Then I mean just when you look at all, but would the boy investigate tromp them, you find these connection, the Hillary Clinton anywhere you walk, and everybody knows that the concern is that people won't be held to account. Like call me like clapper like Brennan. And now I know Loretta Lynch Sofa. Ah, yes, I guess I very calm and I think that things are high. Thank sir folks. Every Friday, we salute you. We shall achieve our aims
dont forget folks, this Sunday just couple days away Fox on the Fox NEWS, Channel life, Liberty and Levin, ten p, DOT M Eastern seven, p, DOT, M Pacific, I want to miss this. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel unites Friday, and I really can I Pepsi in smoking and get I exaggerate get all that terrorist bombs. All those. Observe and check out Levant tv tonight and have a
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