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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, it was Joe Biden that first broke the debate rules and repeated the same beleaguering behavior that he displayed throughout the debate. Video from Biden's 2012 debate with Paul Ryan shows over 85 interruptions by Biden. Biden has made a career using tactics to prevent his opponent from responding. Then, White supremacy is repeatedly pushed on President Trump to denounce, despite his 17 previous disavowals. As the election nears, leftists in the media and the Democrat Party are again attempting to frame Trump as a racist. Later, Democrats are trying to change the rules to replicate California across all 50 states. This would allow packing of the Supreme Court and increases their chances of gaining more senate seats as they target the District of Columbia. Ending the filibuster would quash debate and allow the passage of laws with little pushback if there is a majority. Similarly, ending the Electoral College would weaken the least populous states negating any reason for even being part of the Union or getting fair representation. Afterward, Jason Whitlock of Outkick.com calls in to discuss how the media is race-baiting and polarizing their audience for the sake of political divisiveness, God, one's faith, masculinity, and American culture. Whitlock says that being an American and having those freedoms is a privilege. Finally, Jim Marchant calls in to discuss his run for Congress in Nevada’s 4th congressional district.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented of the as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now, in its hundred and seventy fifth year hills, there is truly independent institution, where learning as prized and intellectual yes m- is valued. Thank you for listening and my son Here, appreciation to Hills, Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground commend both in the bowels of the hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with a leader
our number, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three thousand eight hundred and thirteen eight hundred and eleven. I hope you heard yesterday show, if not it's recap, In short, I check it out, particularly the first our man
manischewitz. Are you ready for the show? I hope so the vine should be up. It's gonna. Take a little bit of focus. I've been a tremendous amount of research. I decided to dig in and look at the Biden Ryan Debate in twenty twelve October, eleventh for the vice president's all day long. You been hearing that the presidential Commission needs to fix the debate structure because of trot trumped up interrupting by Trump started, interrupting bite, despite the fact that I've pointed out now, others have pointed out that it was Biden who first interrupted the presence of the United States, was Biden who first broke the roles and continued to break the rules. The fact that I played a short clip of the twenty Twond debate with Paul Ryan, who doesn't interrupt anybody,
And showed how he was using the same stunt, the same tricks, laughing Facial Tex, waving his hands staring into the sky. You know the things it that a slug does in its debate will Paul Ryan. So now I have pulled up. The entire debate were Paul Ryan, or let me say this: six minutes of the debate with Paul Ryan, unfortunately I'll be able to see the video, but I want you to listen to the audio, because I have counted eighty five times in a twenty try vice presidential debate, eighty five times and you will hear the ding that goes off every time by interrupts Ryan. So what I ve been trying to point out over and over again that it was Biden who came in as the brawler. It was Biden who started to break the rules. It was
president who punch back because even wanna be Paul Ryan. So, let's begin this process a man. I've got so much good stuff for you today seriously the suggested did the iceberg. So here's a montage had Tipp video up the volume here we go we show that we're going around of events is eager makes us more. We give them more brazen their tax and our allies are less willing to. With all due respect, motion will mark three hundred retirement, the hair was in spite of their opposite. Given twenty waivers of this sanction, and in that case tell the Moroccan whether another war is literally superseding up and they are encouraged to continue and now Well, I was, let me ask you what the world's largest sponsor of these dedicated and wiping an entire country off the map. You don't read this living, not how it's going to Scotland as two minutes and that are looking
in war House had enter. I have, as Martha looked, were applying for grants. We do that we're all constituents. Were I look. I love this such a bad programme. Was it a good idea to bar all this money from countries like China and spend it on all these various different interests? Crew me, Jerry, was a good idea. Is a good idea can over this enough maybe a semi island and as a result of this snow in point four million seniors. That's a thirty two hundred dollar benefit cut that to say more people size from your own. Very warm up about people signed up for Medicare advantage out through the changed. What now What is this right here right now? Now this is rather, we are under a lot of the rest to make ground, but, They will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. Well we'll, take it all venison organised,
time it around the problem. Let me ask you those items like other with a prominent Democrats senator from orders, not one Democrats endorses giant, not one democratic partner is a Democrat for Morgan and he said because we no longer simply retorted put it together with the former Clinton budget director. This here's the point Martha, which was made. If we don't fix this, That's not a political thought that one thing it's either regard I'd swear, not look. Folks are alone, I've been working. Their money work faster for them within the show security system is now well run these proposing. What we're saying is no changes for anybody. Fifty by these proposals, then the kinds of changes we're talking about for younger people like myself, is don't increase the benefits of people as fast as everybody else thoroughly raise the retirement age over time. It wouldn't get die until they want your twenty one or completely misleading, but, more importantly, that's their site is what politicians do when they don't have a record to run on its going to tackle it
there are beneficiaries. Are more barriers are going to work on it, but we have to save it even large guys who doesn't your cheek? I won't a very simple answer, but let me ask you: this game is raising the cost of labour, which has a broader base of tat. I ll show you can lower tax rates across the board know what we're saying is hero groundwork respond. We wonder why I get time tat. He is wrong about that there, Tax rates by twenty percent for middle class taxpayers are not automatically policy. It is mathematically possible. It's been done before. We are proposing? It has never been done before it's been done a couple of times Jack already, lower tax rates, increase growth, run already getting Ronald Reagan republican crash Republicans and Democrats have worked together. You guys are useless doing by origin, we're going to do what we did it. We never hear hear that we're gonna work less only serve to fill in the details. That's exactly that's how you get things done. You work with Congress We say it this way
Republican Congress Working Party, silly Mitt, Romney seventh rating knit round was governor of Massachusetts we didn't compromise principles and use our any balance. The budget, if I may say so, I will drive organizers, are raising tell I isn't even contesting Massachusetts seiners. Islands are incompatible here, guarantee that no wisest tagging less honour thousands have a mortgage, this lorries, it does in fact it this time small businesses. He kept trying to make you that it's just some movie STAR Hedge Fund guy. I indeed said the small businesses may a million small business. Ninety seven percent of the American, even half a million businesses who are greatest I wish I get it. The greatest challenges and you're lying to increase thing about this budget and you're going to increase the December. Does cut the defence budget like that there are two billion dollars. That's we all know about now. Have this increase.
to answer you don't cut defence by a trillion dollars. That's what we're talking about. and why do you not charity issues and increase we're getting old so I shall carry that was the decision of the genome. Why we say that, like I don't want to broadcast your enemies how best to complete this time line we I want to do in twenty four. We do not want to do hold and wait out for us and then take over the Mars and that we want to make sure not central to our neighbours and just like that some less sending fewer people out we're supposed to do The girl, because twenty thousand people out turned over to the afghan troops, we train counter worsened every year. It does work every year
SAM or air all fewer people than the front to fight them. In that that's right, that's the afghan rs! Let's move! Let's move to another war on the EAST East are seeing our cities most dangerous place. That's why that's why we don't want to send fewer bladder where we should send Americans and to do that you can do the job, but of them best, though that's right, you're sending in more Afghans to IRAN is flying flights over Iraq, rock is being armed recess in life. The mother. Now I've got to take issue with the catholic church. And religious liberty, you have they obviously Elgin Doc. Why would they condition biggest problems and what I would tell him if we don't have to settle for MAC, can do better than this robot get equal tat. I knew you and by the way we have. We will not represent a year This goes on and on you just heard six minutes.
In many ways it sounded like the debate, the other night with Joe Biden didn't the difference is poor, poor and he's really plugin a hand he's trying to get his information, but he's being drowned out. Donald Trump, not Paul Ryan and Donald Trump fought back and he used. The same tactics. Biden has used throughout his life, It is career whether he's thrashing trashing by Clarence, Thomas Clarence, Thomas Miguel, Estrada God knows who else this is the Biden technique? This is what I'm trying to point out to the entire nation and any journalists who are serious, Donald Trump and start this. it was Biden who started it on Tuesday debate now go back and track. It. trot, was doing his two minutes and Biden interrupted him three times three times and tromp was not
put up with it was Biden who came in with a brawling strategy was buying. Who came in to call the president Over and over again a liar to use the two minutes that he had to make nasty while allegations he's a liar he's a liar than the name calling and Trump didn't call him a single name, not one, but he pushed back, And that's why everybody's upset he pushed back. And then they say you know a park on all your house and know not a park on all your houses are both houses. This is what Joe Biden does. this is what he did in twenty twelve Where eleven I just played you six minutes of it he interrupted interrupted. so every talks are worries got that weird laugh he's
calling his eyes he's making faces? He's distracting, that's what he does. The president of the United States fought back and if the present nine states had not fought back. He would not have been heard. His points couldn't have been made. Wave, a presidential commission, that's gonna, do what that's going to change the rules to accommodate it was by no one in their throwing molotov cocktails President Santer attack today by sea conservatives by trumpeters, by fence sitters by the media, certainly won't call out names when I want to do that. go back and look who started it, go back and listen to what I just played with binding and Ryan same damn thing saying: damned thing.
I'll, be right back then, folks, I have something serious to talk to you about. I don't have to tell you that were in a fight for the soul of the country. One side in our country claims that America was founded on ban principles and build on oppression, theyve even put together a distorted history of the New York Times. Sixteen nineteen project, the other side nose like you do that our countries done more to it even advance liberty than any other in history. The best way to fight back teach the truth today. we have learned the true story of America from the college, that's better a teaching it than any other hills. They'll college, my friends at Helstone, have put together a great free online course, Cobb, a great american story, a land of hope and folks, that's just
We need right now hope so. Get inspired. Sign up today for free at Levine for Hills, Delta come from Helstone course on the glorious history of the last best hope on Earth America and share with others. That's Levine for Hills del come L, av iron for hills, Del backup. I wanna and dig up the history Donald Trump being asked about White supremacy meet its constant. understand why there are asking about white supremacy, because the question becomes the issue. And they're trying to use it to effectively and I said this yesterday, a media matters which is a year, a nun Harrison Charity. That's now been sued for taking a relief money.
The corona virus package. It is a absolute he reprobate operation and they I said: there's a plot is no plot, just pretty obvious. I said yes today and I have said before and make the president's made headway with African Americans, black Americans, particularly males, and so the the idea is the slime. Now here's a montage, I'm gonna play. You had Tipp Twitter of Trump condemning white supremacy at least seventeen times at least seventeen times cut to go, wait, supremacy the NEO Nazis. She hasn't condemn the darn thing you ve got David, don't just joined a beggar racist, problems are not what we repudiate: David David, Duke Robo, Karlsruhe out again the White Supremacist movement supporting you. I do not have any words for that, while I just about data to endorse the eye, disavow. Ok,
look at it and looked at the question. I guess about David excited about David. Duke all weekend long Andre spoke on twitter slaves. Never, and so are you prepared right now to make a clear and unequivocal statement renouncing the support of all white supremacist? Of course, of course, when Chris joined we had a new governance and they asked me the exact same questions that I deserve our ideas about. Then I disavowed today on a b c with you. It's definitely I disavowed again. David Duke, is a dead person who I guess about numerous occasions over the years. I totally disavow. Explain I totally disavow David do. Ultimately you got to look lux land which obviously I'm going to disavow, have reject David, do rejected David. Duke I rejected the K K, K.
To pluck plan for David Ducas, saying that his supporters and followers mode, four Donald Trump White Supremacist are saying above you want those votes? No, I don't want them and I don't want him to say it and I want to support- and I don't want anything away at home and white supremacist by the way I dont, like any group of Hake David, Duke announced a Senate candidacy claiming your agenda. Are you ready before we asked the question Newt Gingrich said every Republicans repudiate this guy compatibility and I do we built setup. We built rebuild. I dont do what white supremacist of over you doctor that its campaigners denouncing a show of support from the K K case official newspaper as in the class? And, in the same way, your times interview he denounced white supremacist, denounced the NEO Nazis and support him. Racism is evil and who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, NEO Nazis, white supremacy and you had
And I'm not sure about the NEO Nazis and the White nationals, because they should be condemned totally ice Gout, forcefully against hatred, bigger drew and violence, How many more times this man can say it. So it's clear that the media are pushing this narrative, the media and the Democratic party He was asked this question of March. Third, twenty sixteen at the republican debate. You ve heard I'm sure it's been plate. What is it really cut? Forego Totally disavow Klute looks clan, totally disavow David. Do I've been doing it now for two weeks, says: you're, probably about the eighteenth person. That's asked me the question. It was very that question was also talked about in the form of groups groups. I want to know which groups are you talking about? You have to tell me which gives ultimately, he got to the
looks land which, obviously I'm going to disavow and by the way, if you look at my twitter account almost immediately after the programme, they were disavowed again. You know it's amazing what I do. Are they going toward everybody picks? It up goes all over the place, but when I did this, Nobody ever picked it up. Take a look at my twitter account. I just thank you know I was here, by Christa. Why was he asked again? I'm not done with it They should not be right back folks, I've something serious to talk to you about. I don't have to tell you that were in a fight for the soul of the country. One side in our country claims that America was founded on ban principles and build on oppression. They ve been put together a distorted history of Amerika. the New York Times. Sixteen nineteen project, the other side nose like you do that our countries done more chief in advance liberty than any other in history, the best way to fight back teach the truth. Today
We can learn the true story of America from the college. That's better a teaching it than any other hills. They'll college, my friend that Hills D have put together a great free online course called the great american story, a land of hope and folks, that's just we need right now hope so get inspired. Sign up today for free at Levine for Hills Delta come from Helstone course on the glorious history of the last best hope on Earth America and share with others. That's Levine for a hill they'll back, come L E, Vienna for Hills, Del Backup, study, nations, town Hall Meeting, and you can join in at eighty seven seven, three, eight one, three eight one. One now yesterday out.
by the way. By the way I don't know what TIM Scott's problem is he's in the White House has to be a more forceful, and maybe TIM Scott's not familiar that. The president's being asked this all the time- and I think, with TIM Scott should be doing- is making of Joe Biden, you don't leave the shouted, a trust me. I've got wages. Just stick with me. So here's Trop outside the White House yesterday tells Cairo Philips does she with NBC Mister Bellew Roadmap, ABC it happens to be foxes, John Roberts, wife. She s about white supremacy. Got five go now. She says they clearly love you and support you. Do you welcome that now, ladies and gentlemen, one
as I understand it, so cold leaders of the white supremacist NEO Nazi movement. His name isn't believe Richard Spencer. He endorsed by tonight. He endorsed Joe Biden. He's a trump's been a miserable failures parties, a miserable failure, I'm endorsing Joe Budden, so listen to the question white supremacist. They clearly love you and support you. Do you welcome that honestly know? What kind of question is this? I mean palestinian terrorist, clearly like Joe by they do Hamas prefers Joe Biden Abbas prefers Joe Biden, the genocidal communist regime in China. Joe Biden prefers you. Do you welcome that he doesn't get questions like this. Look. What the disrespect
our president receives because they disrespect you. This is awful horrific started
Top please, I want a law in order to be a very important part is a very important part of my care and when I say that what I am talking about is law enforcement as police have to take here. They should stop the funding to police like they ve got a New York like they ve got in New York. I just told you I've, always it out any form any form, any form of any of that. You have to denounce what I also your fine has to say something about his teeth. It's not a philosophy. These people that it people over the head with wasteful that he's gotta come out and he's gotta be strong. He's gotta condemn deeper, and it's very important that he does. You know it's amazing to me how the narratives get push the
crap party in the in the in the media are always on the same page and tv is a marxist anarchists, violent organization. Black lives matter. Is a marxist anarchists? Violent organization has done billions of dollars a damage in our inner cities, has harmed Newman. police officers. They or their adherents have killed people, and they keep going on about these. Why? premises? I don't know anybody who supports white supremacy. So what do they keep saying this and what do they keep trying to attach? Any body whose motto Democrat funny thing is it's the democratic party? That's always been our home with a white supremacist and the NEO Nazis at the plant, You can't say that she just disgusting. Then so yesterday or choose me Tuesday.
President of the United States courts. The media not only jump on this. The media perpetuate this here was the talking at the at the debate. Go ahead. You have repeatedly criticised the vice president for not specifically calling out Anti for and other left when you're doing this now keep something in my present essentially asked this question four years ago. I pleaded for you, it's on the internet. The whole world could see it Every porter in the country concede every moderator, a would be moderator could say, go ahead a well tonight condemn whites, promises and militia robes and stop sure cheap at the, promise that the way the question was set up, it is anti for was included. We know antifreeze behind and then black lives matter is behind much of this. If not most of this.
That's going on our streets. Did I go ahead? That day to stand down and not add the violence and a number of these studies, as we saw in Canosa and as we have seen in Portland and by the way, I'm just saying, is a factual man. I don't know how you look of Portland Canosa in don't turn to Joe Biden say: are you prepared to denounce black lives matter and Antigua for the violence and the attacks on the police? Everybody knows who was two eyes and is watching this stuff, but these are the people who are behind. So much of this fight. And how do we know this because Comma Harris's cheering them all right? Mr producer with cheering them on their there there contributing to bail, not from It's a premises and NEO Nazis, but for black matter and anti via the most-
peaceful protests, the media themselves, so it was mostly peaceful means mostly peaceable, except for white supremacist. They said it was mostly peaceful right there. So corrupt and dishonest I had just like my eye or has a, I would say. Almost everything I see is from the left wing, not from the right or the president said sure. Then he said well, I'm willing to do that. isn't I said over and over again it goes back and forth about Anti. For at this point at present, it didn't denounce what I wonder. What TIM Scott has to say, because TIM Scott is the go to guy apparently for Republicans in the media is very concerned. is TIM Scott, not aware of what the president has said over and over again. Over and over and over again see the Republicans. They just embraced the tactics Democrats in the media, they embraced the tactics.
One of the leading NEO Nazis and white supremacist and the nature Richard Spencer has endorsed by when David do control sixteen endorse trump. He shot but was asked over and over again by he's, not ask once about Richard spent. In fact he gets this loaded question. From what's your name ABC News, forgetting Cairo, Phillips, white supremacist. They clearly love you and support your. Why is she taken a pole and then we have Caitlin Collins, who works for CNN Cnn this group. What's a call prob boys
How do they know? It's a white supremacist group, the guy that heads it it's a black eye from Cuba. It was in England, but is it every group? Every group is a white supremacist group. I don't, I don't even know what that means, and I think that's what the President's getting what group are you talking about? I am not familiar with all these groups. What do you mean proud? I I don't you want me to denounce a grip on a familiar with them and neither are the media. They just repeat themselves.
Go ahead, cut seven pleased to see that the media seems to be the only one putting the names of these groups into headlines enter media reporting. He didn't know who the proud boys weren't first time I heard of them, was in the debate about the media, continues to put these names into circulation and give them a lot of public attention. Twelve hours since was asked. Why? Yes, Mr Liese, I don't know I'm going to sub so John Roberts. Will he unequivocally denounce white supremacist now his wife, who works properly fray BC? He just did that. She just as but now now we have the presidency's achievements:
press secretary, Sir Robert went out and now CNN seen em what I've had enough of this. Because there is a big running in this campaign. I mean a fall. Throated bigot I hope the minorities in this audience, particularly black Americans, are paying attention. What I'm going to tell you a true bigot. I spent forty minutes, for their show. That's all it took my own. research on me, forty minutes to find this have researchers like these various multi bill, dollar news operations hide me and let's get started October. Tribe pay attention, media, you bastard start paying attention, Washington examiner October, twenty nine
Seventy five Joe Biden, I think the Democratic Party. stand. A liberal George Wallace Summit is not enough. to stand up and offend people, someone who wouldn't pander but would say that the american people know and their God. It's right. Twenty said about the races, George Wallace, to the Philadelphia inquiry. More nineteen, seventy five Joe Biden, I think the concept of buzzing that we're going integrate people so that they all have the same access and they learn to grow up with. another and all the rest is a rejection of the Movement of black pride, is a rejection of the entire black awareness concept. Wear black is beautiful. Black culture should be studied. And the cultural awareness of the importance of their own identity. So there is opposed to integration. Nineteen. Seventy five.
now from the New York Times: nineteen, seventy seven where the business insider quoting I am saying that non or Lee racial integration policies would cause is children to grow up in a racial jungle. He then said unless we do something about this: my children, going to grow up in a jungle and the jungle. A racial jungle. What tensions having built so high that it's going to explode at some point? No wonder Richard Spencer is Endorse Joe Biden. What's wrong media what's wrong catch of fine you're, a damn reporting. More nineteen, seventy seven, as reported in Austria in the near Post, Joe Biden on Segregationist James EAST Lynne of Mississippi
I want you to know that I very much appreciate your help during this week's committee meeting and attempting to bring my aunt. Passing legislation to about bone Biden Writ wrote, Tub Eastland, Jew, Thirty nineteen. Seventy seven Islam a plantation owner who believe Blackthorne inferior race and forcibly forty segregation throughout his career as a democratic lawmaker, and they got this from letters and letters or friendship, tween Biden uneasily going back to nineteen seventy two that gun, but I have to take a break ask me: you're gonna wanna come back I'll, be right back folks. I have something serious to talk to you about. I don't have to tell you that were in a fight for the soul of the country. One side in our country claims that America was founded on ban principles,
Hold oppression, they even put together a distorted history of Amerika, the New York Times. Sixteen nineteen project. the other side nose like you do that our countries done more chief in advance liberty than any other in history. The best way to fight back teach the truth today We have learned the true story of Amerika from the college: that's better at teaching it than any other hills, they'll college, my friend said hills they'll have put together a great free online course, Cobb the great amount, story, a land of hope and folks. That's just We need right now hope so get inspired sign up today for free at Levine for Hills, Delta come from Helstone course on the glorious history of the last best hope on Earth America and share with others. That's living
Hills, Delbert COM, L e Vienna for Hills Del Backup got during a night in eighty seven fund raising trip across the south? for his unsuccessful nineteen. Eighty eight presidential bid bind so appeared? A white voters telling audiences that he had You ve been award from George Wallace and nineteen seventy three and that this irrigation is had lauded him as one of the arts, and young politicians of America even called Wallace a friend. Also nineteen eighty eight and on the floor states and abiding pray. Segregation is John Status, Democrat Mississippi as a man, a character even after Democrats sought to oppose brown versus port of education with something called the
Other manifesto, in fact, binders, then brag about status. Gifting him with the table Some southern manifesto was signed on. Twenty seventeen Biden says I've been around so long. I work with James Eastland. by setting a rally for Democratic Senate Kennedy, Doug Jones at the fall of twenty seventeen Eastland Segregationist for Mississippi, said even in the days when I got there, the Democrat Party still at seven or eight old fashioned democratic segregationist you get up and you'd argue, the devil with them go down and have lunch dinner together. The political system work. We were devised, on issues, but the political system work. I don't now. Would you sitting down with a segregationist. There's comments made about working with segregation, is further twenty nineteen bite been talking about his time, working with democratic senators, James EAST Lynne and
and tell much of Georgia known segregationist and ninety Seventys when it began. stressing the relationship. I was in a car with James ease. Lenny said before. Maintaining a southern accenting, claiming that the senator never called me boy, which is considered a dragoon, The term used against black men. Nineteen, nine you for ninety four: it's called the Biden Crime Bill by the way, that's what they call it because he wrote it. He was chair this, the judiciary committee. He sat on the floor We are predators on our streets that society has in fact in part because of its neglect created. He says describe a contrary of young people, tens of thousands of them born out of wedlock. Without parents without supervision without any structure without any country developing because they literally because they literally have not been socialize. They literally have not had an opportunity said we should focus on the map.
Because if we don't, they will, or the portion of them will become the predators. Fifteen years from now you think he's talking about. Ladies and gentlemen, binds nineteen ninety three predator remarks are similar com made by then First Lady, Hillary Clinton and ninety ninety six, where she and of super predators who had no conscious, no empathy and will need to be brought to heal. Twenty ten is eulogy for Robert Bird, who found that they could collects clan a West Virginia though no coup collects clan. A West Virginia West Virginia broken off from Virginia. and its sided with the union. So I founded the cook plan a West Virginia. He filibusters the nineteen Sixty four civil rights ACT and I guess that qualified him to be the Democrat, Madrid, leader in the United States Senate,
Among many other things, what abiding say about robber bird quote to me and for a lot of us he was a mentor and a Friend and for a lot of us, he was a guide buying, said birds funeral. Why isn't finds record of bigotry and racism every question by the media? Will it be question into the next debate? Tell me media ever get to ash buying the question. Will they ask him about this about common heritage? Why would she agree to run with such a big it Is it because she's power hungry she shall be president soon after he selected seems to me the Democrats, party the Party of slavery, that party of racism, the parties. Radiation. Has I have a lot to answer for including nominating this big it to be
what are the United States I'll, be right back from the westward one podcast network. Easy now broadcasting only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, Magna Burglar, then, Mr President, Sir, I'm getting emails, people ask me: can we get a transcription of your first? Our particularly your comments, Joe Biden, history tomorrow, Levin showed dotcom. Mark Levine showed Outcome
We ve started transcribing the first hour this programme anywhere on their they open your microphone rich. So they go to mark. Levine, showed outcome anywhere in particular on the website, and they can click on daily recap and click on October. First, today's they are so hit, Ellie recap hid October fur, you'll have the audio and the one hour the first hour transcription will be there to Morrow. I would strongly encourage you to pass along, maybe is what I'll discuss on Hannity deny pal. I will be on her need tonight. Nine. Fifteen p m Eastern, I'm the soundtrack for the present. Presently the present becoming on after so
nine hundred and fifteen p dot m Eastern on Fox on Hannity tonight, and we very much look forward to that this election, these debates, you know, I know people love to give the present invite you know you should just mister President Biden Talk, you can't just live by the truck cuz. He lies and four people. or on the fence and then only follow politics, they'll believe his life and he doesn't just lie: he's nasty calling names. You're alive you're, a liar you, the worst president we ve ever had presently can't just let that go to look foolish as a matter of fact during the first hour, despite what the commentator saying you and I watched it, listen to it by was relatively cogent. He wasn't getting lost.
I think the last hour a sort of the kind of tail off- maybe that's a decent strategy, for I mean half our last half hour. but otherwise he would have gotten badly defeated and mopped up like Paul, and I dont say that to criticise Paul Ryan, I think Paul Ryan did the best he could against again spied who went in there too broad, and so the how's. This reputation is abroad on his account or punter Joe Biden does not want to discuss issues. Look this man cannot get away with failing to tell the american people. If he's gonna destroy the Supreme Court, packing the Supreme Court by adding to the six new seats in order to put radical liberals on the court. So control your life without any recourse by EU election or no election, a guy running present can get away with that does
supported or not, trucks. Humor does says he's the Democratic Party, but okay words. He stands. We know he's watch it you and I, because that's. Why won't talk about it For people out there who don't really follow this stuff, they have no idea, so they, a fundamentally change. Have a three branches of government function. Shimmers out there saying yes, they want to give statehood to d c and quit illegal here's the problem. He can't you ass, a statute to do such things, but they don't care, particularly they control the court, so they went out for them. rats to the Senate, which means to becomes almost impossible with the open immigration rules and the other two. just they're going to make for republicans to muster enough votes to win this, in a generation in it.
And what you see this playing out in California, California, is their blueprint. The Republicans have no. Instead of taking the state legislature, favorite democrats of a super majority in the house of the seven they all the governors mansion. as soon as they got it all, they need it couple years and they destroyed. They destroyed the government. They destroy their constitution and obviously the destroying, if not the most, one of the most beautiful states in the country everybody would say you want to really make it go to California land of opportunity. Now they say get the hell out of here that occur in ten or fifteen years. That's it. The Democrats, Love California, because its power care about the country there, family they care about any of it, certainly not the constitution
in English to them their ideology doesn't comport with a constitution it so Joe Biden. won't give us a list of the possible nominees because he knows the radicals. That's why the extremely dishonest he can't get away debate after debate with with ahead fixing. Look, I'm not mentioning because I'm I'm trying to avoid, but because I don't want to make this an issue, but it is an issue if you wanted to our government. It's an issue. If you want to change the United States Senate for all time, it's an issue and no one else do they want to do eliminate the filibuster or why do we oppose their? But because the Democrats want to put it in place so at least for a two year period at the minimum,
they can rush through hundreds of pieces of legislation that will affect your lives. Europe. I ve ordered and the future this country, I solemnly Virginia. They couldn't act fast enough. They will pass laws that affect the bill of rights empowering federal government against you. They will pass laws that are raised based on identity politics. They will pass laws to fund and support. Their front groups. These organizations give tax benefits to their constituent groups, while punishing there, How does this is what they're going to do and, of course, they're gonna go after the electoral college? Why we ve talked about this? A thousand times have been on the air, almost years. I bring it up every year, unfortunately, because they
make a run out, and why do they want to get rid of the electoral college? Because then the big cities in the big states run the country there would be no constitution none, but for the electoral roll out, because the less the United States would never have agreed to join a union. Why would they be given up all their power? And yet there are things that go on this country that are so critically import that have nothing to do with the most populous areas of the country, like the bread basket of this country's, not Manhattan. It's not in Georgetown, it's not in our cities. They feed our cities, don't have no representation whatsoever. None. Are oil wells or not in our cities some you now you can drive through law censure but that the serious ones at that actually make energy independence there.
in our cities. In our rural areas, there are no less populated states set for parts of taxes and Pennsylvania, but Alaska, South Dakota, North Dakota other parts of the country, and yet they have no representation whatsoever. All the campaigns will be in five or six states in eight or ten cities. So, of course, the Democrats want to get rid of they, like poor college, They can't lose. The electoral college does one other thing. It keeps piece to give peace in the country rather than balkanization and tribal asean. Because everybody has input into the system, everybody has input into the system.
Weather than a rural area, an expert but suburb or the city, everybody has a stake. Those who produce those who receive those indent areas- in rural areas? It is serve this country very, very well, but the Democrats want power. They will burn down the bill of rights that will burn down the constitution. They will do whatever they have to do now. That's why honestly? For me, I don't give a crap about these debates and we give a crap about they commentary after these debates and they give a crap about interruptions. I don't give a crab, I could care less. I care less because I, like most of you, know, what's at stake and other the media love these debates for the purpose of attacking the President of the United States and setting
Poverty issues are you against. I e the clan and white supremacy and shut the hell up, He is. We all are the Democrat Party that embrace them right up to the last century. By the way you and I know it's on the table, and we don't need the baits to tell us what's on the table, It's a disaster in a way in waiting, not hoping, maybe in the next debate. I doubt it not only will Joe Biden be confronted, honours its long history of bigotry and racism that he'll be confronted, as he says, I am Democratic Party on the exploding, Anti Semitism within a democratic part, whether its tallied or Omar Rio say or the rest of them.
the growing area, TAT, Semitism imbibed, like that. I support his rug court. No, he doesn't. He was the vice president of the most anti Israel anti Semitic administration in american history, were they CARE where they engraved the mother brought the Muslim Brotherhood where they put the screws that Israel, where they think enormous sums to IRAN. Will it be asked about us his past racism bigotry. Will we be asked of the Democratic Party about the Ty Semitism in the democratic party? No, he won't. certainly not by the New York Times, which has are horrific record when it comes to Anti Semitism. the worst record of any cooperation in America. As a matter of fact, then he won't be asked
about his bigotry and racism. Any more than the Democratic Party takes any responsibility for its own history. But this election really is like any, unlike any other. This is Election over policy, this is an election over survival. The people who hate this country. that a bot, often this marxist ideology, of a Democrat Party, that, throughout our history with small respite, has been anti American. The party of the confederacy. Can you imagine the party of the confederacy, the party of Segregate I'll be right back then,
Some breaking news, MR producer problem, Let's see, Emerson dot com, the girl dictating what's a radio dot com. If this is accurate course, I'm not doing me sign reporting Lebron James buys Beverly Hills Mansion for thirty seven million dollars. The king is a new car, Lebron, James, reportedly just reading it. I don't know this a pricing mansion in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, the same days, Ella Lakers, reset opening MBA finals, James point down a whopping, thirty six point: seven: five million equal to new, his entire twenty twenty salary? That's all right! There get money on all the promises for the two and a half acre estate previously on by soap opera legend leave Phil
Bela, CO, creator, the ball in the beautiful, the young in the restless teams, sports reported the twenty nine thousand one hundred and four pad both plenty opportunity for James wife, Savannah Brinton and their three kids to stay fit featuring a grass tennis court with lights and in ground swimming pool but as in America, suck must reduce there's. Also Guess, houses and no Beverly hills. Man would be complete without a screening room which ballad put in the one time tv house turned ain't producer died in February, the age and ninety one. The homes James is third. in the allay area. Now what any three homes in the earlier luck, I'm a capitalist, that's fine, but but. So has one leg and both sides, one for each NBA Hidell the date. The fourth time NBA Mba previously purchased to Brentwood mansions and twenty eighteen. For about forty three million buying the real deal reported James Lakers, open Finally, on Wednesday night, who cares and twenty fifteen Jane
all Miami Mansion. For about thirteen point, four million busy Insider reported report itself is third House LOS Angeles era. This one is in Beverly Hills. He just paid thirty six point: seven million tuna have acres that for this the the other earrings he has. I guess these homes, forty three million dollars combined to MR bid history by eighty million lives. Three houses in the Euro area. man what an oppressive society America's systemically. Why privileged America, it so sickening it's. So sickening Lebron James has more money and ninety nine point. Nine percent me even more than that of the people by the States white, black brown or anything else, and I suspect this impart
by he, and so many others where thou wealthy our down for the revolution. He didn't buy a home and watts hidden by a home and interests in Cleveland He didn't buy a home and in the Bronx, loaded and largely white Beverly Hills. It's incredible! The hypocrisy! It's like Oprah Winfrey, and not just with African Americans It's these, these billinger wipe it like Sorra Sorrels has mentions all over the world while they try and traps is cut. You know, with the fences country, the hardworking middle class, this country people get dirt under males people who work on our assembly lines, people who work in our grocery stores, people who drive trucks and and taxes in October.
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Much of it from the communist Chinese, I suppose, would nike right blood money. You might say well, when I attack. The communist Chinese is not or not that government take our own government, but to do that because, I'll, be right back. The world, seem so confusing. My will be glad to clear that up you're, gonna, now, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one so transcript of the first hour will be available to you. Did you tonight or tomorrow, which tomorrow Levant showed that calm. That's the mothership Mark Levine showed outcome. The daily recap where we have the first hour trend
the first. Our only as well as an audio of the show it will all be there and I hope you'll take a look at it and spread it is far, and why did she can what's at risk All the articles that I cite will also be up. There is well now Most of us have seen this gentleman sky. Steve Skull is on the washed and journalists C Span. seems to be a straight shooter and yet over the blaze, the reporting, something am, I wasn't aware of says here that he had been and in turn for then Senator Joe Biden when he wasn't college and later worked as a staff system relate leftist TED Kennedy in the communications office? What is with this presidential commission, where they have this, come from
abolished and the campaign I've been saying this almost twenty years now we don't need a presidential commission. We moderators we're the leg. Douglas device. Mcconnell saying you know that debate the other night wasn't exactly Lincoln Douglas. He does. no, what happened in a lingering Douglas debates? I've read them so Furthermore, very high brow, some of them are very good and some we're pretty low, particularly thanks to Douglas when you consider the issues that they were debating, these politicians they think they know what they, how their time later, the foggiest idea. That's why by briefly, went through history. The last night of these different campaigns. starting with Jefferson and and Adams, which were brutal and John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, Brutal twice and Ulysses S, grants campaign and others
Media here that I'll have people on their show and host, who call the present a United States, Hitler and guests who say the most awful gracious, racists things particular white males their horrendous there, not a media and then they wonder why all the debate seems a little rough. I don't know no is mostly peaceful debate. Don't you think, MR beneath the debate was mostly peaceful. I thought it was mostly peaceful debate.
You know I have something I meet, you watch a sky, Jake Tapir. That guy has an endless constipated. Look on his face is a demo or Jim Shouto, Democrat Afraid or Cuomo Democrat or DE limit Democrat Andrei Mitchell, Democrat Democrat Democrat and, of course, their analysis, Erle, tromp, surreal, Ashura tromp gives it a truck. I play you at the beginning of this programme and the first hour, but Biden did What Paul Ryan in Washington in the media were perfectly happy while you gotta get points thereby now he was already boy, he was excited. He was involved,
he wasn't get, you know, Paul did his best, but he was outmatched and what is binding, brawling with direct looks and the laugh, the weird laughs at the wrong times and constant interruptions. I play those for you. And he started it again with drop. This is the big lie. That's that that's that's out there today that it was truck. He started, it would drop. One trumped got us two minutes and I suspect trumpeters guys know so well, wait a minute. What I'll? Let you Paul, Ryan US any more than you. You seek the Borg people. and when you see and remember you can go online. Do it the way by mocked and attack? Bork Martin TAT, Thomas and on and on and on and then eager. Oh there's Joe, you gotta feel sorry for jobs. our job is being in a web portal chosen, is in a all. Better, they all just sleaze ball fact,
Got a story right here: the wash them again the wife and I'll bet. You haven't even heard about this certainly not on any tv show that I can tell the wife of Massachusetts France, a police officer who was injured and the man Hunt for the boss, a marathon bombers accused Joe Biden of touching her inappropriately and making a suggestive, common and twenty working now, you're here why? What about trot? We ve heard all about Trop it's been investigated has been reported
over and over and over again. What about by you to Facebook posts, one of which has since been deleted. Kim Donoghue allege that during a remembered ceremony in Boston a year after the April twenty thirteen deadly bombing, then vice President Joe Biden began quote rubbing her lower back where's the me to move at Mister producer where the meat two types, they really mean: Wear me to Democrats Duncan and our way quote: listen! Look at those eyes! Where did you get those eyes? Donoghue wrote Biden, saying anyone else's good, looking as you and that family those eyes or mesmerizing people must just do whatever you say is by I'm sure, he'll be asked about by Steve Scully. Is this going to drop on any new show today? Any now and Aceh proposed this one made in
Lie twenty sixteen die You were yet awaited. Her claim that buying called greeted me by rubbing my back and in an appropriate and uncomfortable way. Unquote. Thank quote, pushed on quote her husband Donna you who was shot in the leg by one of its sovereignty, brothers aside, some sounds like that story about that secret service agent. Remember who almost slug Biden, because he was starting to follow his wife right in front of him By then asked if I wanted to ride in a car with him down to a ceremony, we were all attending the marathon finish line. Donoghue said he led me down a black hallway and I got in
the most uncomfortable three person car right, I've ever been on reach for common, combining confirm making the accusations again buying but would not discuss them for cause. They're scared to death. Look what happened this time, a red they try to destroy, starting with the New York Times. I couldn't get out of that car fast enough. I pray We Deauville the payment, dining who wrote in the comments of the post, Dick Donoghue, her husband, a retired from law enforcement and twenty sixteen nearly died following a shoot out with a star brothers, who are responsible, as you know, for detonating the two bombs near the finnish finish line at the boss, a marathon two hundred and sixty four people injured, three kill. We will never yield, we will never cower. America will never ever ever stand down. Biden said we are Boston. We are America, this jackass stance in front of the camera. Seventy seven years already looks like you, two hundred twenty seven years old, what their hands move
and an egg and they cringing eyes and the skinny lips barely moving America, we need a yard. I gotta skies clown besides a are liard, although for him for me, the unity guy you're river, may touchy feel smelly. That's me, mister plagiarism. Mr Cereal Liar MR big. It lets me I'm getting a night per country vote for me. I'm Joe Biden. And, despite all the media billion dollar international corporations, zoning these different broadcast networks, he gets away with all of it. You don't look in is forty seven year background. They look at any accusations. They look at nothing, nothing. Instead, they per pop and regurgitate down a trap.
once and for all. What you say that you reject white supremacist, then only once and for all the team waited reporters. It's disgusting! That's why I'm not one of these people on tv every during the debate I think a trump should have stood this way rather than that way. Part of his hair on the other side, maybe not interrupt so much What are one of the weather, the independents gonna say the suburban eyes. What, ladies and gentlemen, if you don't want to save your country is not a damn thing. Anybody else can do no debate matters. If you don't want to save your damn country, and if there are enough of us who want to save this country, it won't be saved.
And it won't be Donald Trump fought and skies changed. His career is put up with all kinds are wholly how his family have come up with wholly how criminal investigations impeachment co attempts spies. He has to put up by that crap from the corrupt media day in and day out, morons now, I'm gonna get me what only debate properly really Really, if Lincoln only debated properly, you know it's the only debate it properly. History is going to judge us on this election. Our children and grandchildren are going to judge us. Did we say this
free and their liberty. Did we sell it down the road because of a debate or because of tweets or because you are persuaded by Chuck Todd a loathsome little troll a dim waited moron or George Stephan Apple? As a Democrat Party, hack or Jake Tap Democrat you not to make Jake Tapir Active Democratic was Chuck, taught active, Derek Add wives, active Democrat George definite Bless. Big active Democrat in the Clinton amenity go right down the line right down the line they control every damn thing pretty much.
How dare you criticize the media is the enemy of the people, which is populated by Democrats and Leftists and trump haters? How dare you you're attacking the first amendment, the very people who are trying to burn, and you got to listen to these- these phony conservatives, many who didn't back trunk of the first one. I really think your truck needs a chat, we're not going to get those into. I guess the independence country, then, because that's what is at stake there, family you're not voting for Donald Trump. Your voting to save your country. You are voting for your family. Your voting for your livelihood, your voting for your single family home, your voting for
Automobile, your voting for your way of life, your voting to defend law enforcement and defend the military, your voting to have secure borders, your voting to defend capitalism, tradition, it's that simple, and you know who else knows this. My friends at Helstone College have something serious to talk about that. I don't have to tell you that were in the fight for the soul of America. One side in our country claims that America was founded on ban principles and Bonanno pressure. They ve been put together a distorted history of America than you Time sixteen nineteen project by the holocaust- and I in New York Times, which seeks to destroy this country from within the other side nose like you do that our countries done more to achieve in advance liberty than any other nation in history, ass, Lebron James, you just bought a thirty seven million dollar mansion. It batches of other two mentions the best way to fight back teeth,
the truth. Today we can learn the true story of America from the college. That's better a teaching it than any other hills. They'll college, my friends, hills to put together a great free online course called the great american story, a line of hope and folks. That's just what we need right now hope so get inspired sign up today for free and loving for hills, delta, com for hills, douse course on the glorious history and the last best hope on Earth America and share it with others. That's. Then, for hills back, come alleviate, free hills, outcome, Levant, free hills, they'll we'll be right back
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The anti defamation leg used to be a good group. Now it's despicable. Why? Because an Obama Flunkey took it over and saw its a left wing hive and nobody jaw. Pollack has an orthodox, he writes in bright barred. The anti defamation legacy circulating a petition among jewish organizations, urged. them to criticise President Donald Trump fulfilling to denounce white supremacy during the first presidential debate on Tuesday, though he did so then, and has done so often before, and I've laid out the case over and over again. The petition, which was leaked, the bright bar new states and I'm not gonna, be the whole thing, but in power tuesdays presidential obey. One asked a simple question about condemning white supremacist. The president could not simply disavow these groups after their mention the proud boys could barely contain their excitement. This is extremely dangerous
It goes on. Let me tell you about these self destructive organizations there, many of them not just jewish, but this is and their several of them. In my faith, it's a horrible thing- and I know from my catholic friends several of the catholic faith, but but its office. but this is so repugnant that the Democrats over these organizations. Theirs. One word now: One word about the endorsement: abiding by TAT, Leap or Omar or or bought up or abides. for them. There's not one word of the anti Semites who are part of the binding campaign and support them campaign. Not one word from the anti defamation lit. And here we have a presently united States whose involved in peace efforts that working in the Middle EAST, who done so much
for the state of Israel and beyond that he's also done things Jews in this country when it comes to free speech and it comes to protecting Anti Semitism, which is good when by leaps and bounds. Given our immigration structure being honest with you on our college, kids Susan Universities, Obama did nothing, Obama poured fuel on the fire and this job who runs the air tight, defamation leg, there's jerk, who worked for Obama, Jonathan, Green Black. what a jerk you wanna come on. Their show power come on. The show shall be happy to confront you you gave us a bad name. That's what you do. You do this organisation, so they want to get it. many organizations as they can to sign this petition and then media were run with it. The Thai Symmetric New York Times now Alex
the New York Times the Holocaust denial washing about that, There are certainly a run with all of us. Suddenly they left wing. that hates Israel? All of us They're gonna run with the eighty. on all these other groups attacking trump cards Another phony fraudulent new cycle, gets. The president of the United States has been more supportive of this data. The jewish state and the jewish people in this country than any president in modern times, and this is what he gets for they Jack acid I'll be right back from
the westward one podcast network. Ladies and gentlemen, this final, our the podcast, is sponsored exclusively by aim at the Association of mature american citizens. Now over two million conservative member strong, a MAC, believes in and stands up for, the values that we care about: faith, family and freedom. Thank you for listening and please support. A man and you can become a member at a MAC dot? U S. Slash join now. Broadcasting on roaming underground commend both in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader a mark of an air. Our number eight seven seven create one three, eight one one,
eight seven, seven, three hundred one three eight one one Laker play off game loses forty one percent of its audience. It appears that race, politics doesn't fly And these these legs, you gonna, learn the hard way sosius paean, because he s pen as the mouthpiece for these various legs and these. These athletes, retired and active. It's sort of the year MSNBC of sports when you say MR producer, yes, pm should just changes, name MSNBC S, MSNBC sports, because it's really identical same damn thing in my humble opinion, question by Chris reject ups was done, the absolutely best job market,
bring the bidest taxes hearing the federalists a great website. What doesn't anyone asked Joe Biden? Why he's dodging Obama care taxes wait a minute? Is that possible. He says it was ignored in the last debate, paying millions and taxes when they focused on Trump. The trump did in fact, pay millions and taxes Actually pass that along the newsroom at Fox that he had paid millions in tax. Are twenty four million dollars give or take the alternative, when tax was right there in any at times article, but instead can we get the same seven hundred and fifty dollars, but the person who really should answer for his tax returns? He writes is Joe Biden a few hours before the first president, eight, the twenty twenty general election campaign and amid a full blown media kerfuffle over trumps taxes. The Democrats not many released. Twenty nineteen tax returns the time
the releasing far from coincidental ahead of the debate. So Biden can say he made his returns public, but without reporters in mind. The moderator time to absorb the returns pride or the debate seems by was hoping that details of his return would be. I'll lose immediately after Tuesday evening earlier right, but not here, reporters hello reporters are you still out there. Reporters should dig in the Bible acts returns in the same way they ve shown a seemingly unquenchable curiosity regarding trumps. For one reason buying says he supports Obamacare But has consistently avoided paying Obamacare taxes. You read that right. By twenty seventeen. Twenty eighteen returned showed a tax avoidance strategy that allowed him to circumvent overhead
two million dollars in Medicare and Obamacare taxes. According to his own returns, he and Doktor Jill did the same thing and twenty nineteen, so they avoided paying the Obamacare taxes Hallo hell. Since the vice president left governments service and early twenty seventeen, the bidest funneled their income from book, royalties and speaking face through two corporations: celtic Caprice, corporation and g, a copy cooperation- I guess He'S- The mob they paid themselves modest salary through the corporations which they paid full social security, Medicare taxes. The binds took most of this book and speech and come over thirteen point: five million, not his wages, but its profits from the two corporations taking that income as profits, corporate profits allowed them to avoid pay
Call taxes on the thirteen point: five million dollars you see, the social security tax is only applied to the first hundred and thirty two dollars nine hundred in twenty nineteen, but the two point: nine percent Medicare tax applies to all the income. any zero point. Nine percent high income tax created in section nine hundred and one nine thousand and fifteen of the Obamacare Bill, applies to all wage income over two hundred thousand and for an individual or family. Two hundred and fifty thousand taking their income is corporate profits allowed the Bible.
Paying this combined three point: eight percent payroll taxes more than thirteen point, five million in income they received, and then they have a chart and saw hope. Steve Scully will listen to this programme. The next moderator- and I hope you will look at the binds taxes the S one corporation. They set up actually to corporations that they do not contribute their fair share, the Obama CARE tax or the medical Data Lunch bucket, Joe. What a corrupt fraud? What a crooked buffoon. honest to God and the media. What do you think Jake when you think de lemon, when you think Freight O Andrea Brian, all the other dim witted buffoons toward the bottom. The pecking order when it comes to lose room. There's Joe by
Informations out you don't even have to do the research so have Joe Biden avoiding to pay dodging Obamacare taxes, while he talks, but care, while as parties have shown that the judge, barracks gonna, kill, Obamacare
if everybody Deborah Bomber, did exactly what a binding Obama care, what they kill and then we have the big it Joe Biden that they ve been able to hide up till now. Thanks to him, why isn't repulsive if a great guess coming up by the way to them Jason Whitlock and become a huge fan, his he's more than a sportswriter? He really is he's more than a sport rider. He is a a brave, independent and very very intelligent and thoughtful writer about current events in the currency. They really is fascinating,
and so we want to talk to me talk to me before, but of course it's the big audience, the biggest audience of audiences, and we wanted to talk to him again and we can have a wonderful candidate member. The goal is to take the house away from Nancy Pelosi and make sure we've been a majority of the delegations test in cases like thrown into the house. This is crucially important folks, I I discussed it with your first people are starting to pick up on including policy, but the whole the whole can caboodle on there on the table this election and it's in your hands, Jim my shot running in Nevada, the Fort district A real shot at that too, but I wanted We had a little but a good news from our body. Bonn GINO. bandanas. What am I really good bodies? He's terrific Bonn, gene
dad. Come you know. If you don't have to go to the Bonn GINO Report and you dont book market, you don't know what you're missing. Nobody goes to drudge anymore. They just don't, and I don't blame you. It's a cesspool, cesspool, predictable and pathetic, but people are looking for. Alternatives. Are many great alternatives outer bond GINO, the Bonn Juno reporters fabulous. Lucien is fabulous the daily wires fabulous at my in an hour. Blaze is just to reflect their other great websites out there, but I'm talking about aggregation sites. There are other great website. Bright part, of course, is terrific, shrugged missed others legal insurrection instead Pandit these are all great sites, and I can't name them all. But there's a lot of a lot of competition and a lot of wonderful
honest sites out there for you to check out, but I wanted to tell you this. Voter registration data bodes well for President Trump and a handful of key states. and their registration data shows Republicans gaining more voters than Democrats and Democrats lagging there. Twenty sixteen registration numbers in two cases think about this. I'm telling you We turn out en masse. We will beat them. We need. have a landslide o the fifty four hundred project. In the year, the Ernie Grabowski, Frank Jones, Poles, I tell it, I don't care what they tell us. Florida stages from March through September, voter registration, Florida Republicans added one hundred ninety five thousand six hundred fifty to voters. The Democrats added ninety thousand two hundred sixty two in twenty. Sixteen Republicans headed a hundred and eighty two thousand nine hundred and eighty three Democrats at a hundred and sixty
one thousand nine hundred and eighty two over the same period, so an account twenty. Sixteen and twenty eight excuse me in the more current numbers, Republicans Republicans, but a hundred twenty thousand net plus registered. Over the Democrats, Pennsylvania, my home state, the Keystone state, don't let us now Pennsylvania and I love my home state and I know how corrupt Philadelphia I grew up in an around for a corrupt. This hell. The democratic party machine is the worst of the worst Republican cited, a hundred thirty five thousand six hundred nineteen voters, the Democrats added fifty cents one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, so the Republicans cited almost eighty thousand more and twenty sixteen begins to two hundred and seventy seven thousand Democrats honour and fifty five thousand. That's twenty thousand, North Carolina Republic incited eighty three thousand and am rounding off Democrats added thirty, eight thousand and twenty
Sixteen republic incited fifty four thousand Democrats. Thirty, eight thousand. You can see that the Republicans Trump supporters in those four battleground states, got a hell of a job. Well, they write back then Aim at the Association of mature american citizens is one of the fastest organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and on one of them a MAC believe in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk, a MAC fights a full time presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and they expanding reach of the federal government and beyond, advocate joining a MAC, gives you access toy wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member! Only rates on car insurance travel discounts self,
plants and a hell of a lot more and if that's not enough, you'll get a max by play magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives as I said, on a MAC member and you should be to join today at a MAC dot. U S! That's a m! A sea dot! U S, Stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot? U S a pleasure to have that harms Jason Whitlock here now: Jason Whitlock! First out this programme, I played if the case would not of trumpets, denounced David, Duke White, supremacist and so forth, and song was asked about the twenty sixteen republican primary debates. He denounced them again
What what's going on here, do you think, works media rigged the media, Donald for is a thousand percent right. When he says the media is the enemy of the people inside it s, I'm a long journalists than wish it wasn't true blood, the media want this point. They and divisive myth, and they saw and to do so. Media, prompting of race bathing and re show polarization metal, Facebook Twitter, that's how they survive I polarized and everybody, and spurring division they're making money. forbidden for the rest of the media following food and their pretending to live with some new ground covered and thereby making something. another issue into a major issue, and yet you know,
a lot of digging it drove binds been around a long time and Joe Biden has taken positions and said things that are really outrageous. He was happy to work with segregationist. He praise them, whether was EAST Lynne or Status for Mississippi, and these guys were really segregated is no joke and others and and they don't even raise it. It's my knowing that there is no question about it when you make that I think more and keep my eye been a non political participant. I've never voted for that thing that the media is doing in the entire establishment is doing is convincing me they clearly Donald Trump, is a threat, to whatever the establishment wants to have transpire and the latter This to me, is tied to masculinity and
I'd usher out a patriarchy, an usher in a matriarch. He- and I do think this is all driven by massive culture war. They Donald Trump is in the way of or massive social engineering that there too! the usher in the battle proper stand in the way of an end. This only the first part of my life, while my men I may have to oh. We legitimate rooting interests in this, because I guess The way they are eliminating God, and religion and faith from american society is frightening. Me am, I noted, perceived Donald Trump, is being some passionate Christian, but I is someone that's respectful of America's a Kristen
bringing aid or how call it what we were founded in and that's what made us great and it would be a man, They could completely eliminate that from our society, culture and though there, show me MA, am aware, I've got a real truth. Then I'm actually passionate about this election. You know were Jason wedlock, the war that their launching on Amy Coney bear the federal seven circuit judge. Because she's a woman a face she has said over and over again I'm gonna comply with the constant in that the problem they don't really want or to comply with the constitution that they really do not that do not respect people who actually have faith and follow them. faith and so they're gonna go to war with anybody who thinks like this, Margaret. I guess I believe that their such level of immorality being ushered into american society and
been doing a lot of research on this. I wrote a piece about the debate tonight. I compare Chris while as an american media too narrow and woe according to lead in the Euro played the fiddle Rome burned for I'm looking at our country being burned to the ground and look at the american media fiddle and so the whole question about open rave- I was just lay hold Are we not talking about MP from black lives matter? We watch this entire summer as they tear down city after city. After shoe, kill police officers where people burn buildings, down, loo and and we're talking about the prow boy. I don't even know what the hell the proud boys is I'll. Be perfectly honest with you. I just hear about them. I vote I bit either look to them.
you know it seemed tat. Guy apparently, is a black guy from Cuba. There that's what I also share their brother, black members, and so the M M whoever the puppet masses of the media Big Corporation global Corporation and and this comes down the prompt America first philosophy versus the global agenda. This is an all out war and- and I dont understand people, particularly these regions, We can whatever that have really benefit from this country. I just don't give What they're doing other than you know adhering to what their puppet masses tell me? Do you know when you really smart guy, you really a wise guy. I read your stuff, I listen the highest speak. You understand the culture, nor was I gotta. Pee bond
all the time in other, their little more swap surface orient you're much deeper than that. I mean you're, not a sports guy. That's not the way! I see it! You're you're, like commentator on the scene and what's going on I've, always looked at the world, an american culture to delay The sports I've always believed in the importance of sport that relates to american culture, but I have always tried to be more of a culture critic and- No for better or for worse, you know, I'm in my fifties, I haven't Mary, and I don't have kid so they did Give me a lot of time to think of where we were beautiful. I think other people in my profession, by the time they reach made, they got away care than they gotta be able all that. Have a lot of time to craig- and I am very appreciative of being Point into Amerika the privilege of being an American, the privilege of being
but the worship and believe whatever I want. American freedoms are important to me and I'm just pray. to be an American and what's going on right, now, really upset me I've gotta. Have you back more often work? People want to read you, and here you: where do they go I'll? Kick. If the play where, where promoting or masculinity increase be arriving. I'm with you I'll. Take that come, let's go and post MR producer. Thank you. Jason, we'll be right back aim at the Association of mature american citizens is one of the fastest organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a MAC believe in and stands up for, the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk, a MAC fights a full time presence in Washington, a MAC
she's back against reckless spending disease just like many care for all and they expanding reach of the federal government and beyond but to see joining a MAC gives you access toy wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member. Only rates on car insurance, travel discounts cellphone. Plants and a hell of a lot more and if that's not enough, you'll get a MAX by monthly magazine full of incite articles on the issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives as I said, on a MAC member and you should be to join today at a MAC dot. U S! That's a m! A sea dot! U s! Stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organism she has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m, a sea dot? U S,
mark love in great one, a great one bottle of entirely now. Eight seven, seven thirty, eight one, three eight one one and you know lady gentlemen. We are focused heavily on the House of Representatives, we need to take seventeen seats and we will control the house and get rid of Nancy Pelosi while they think they're going to have this big landslide. So I'm trying to work with a number of candidates who are in these districts that can be taken back or what flat out in the House of Representatives that that the national media not paying attention to Gmos it is one of those candidates. Nevadas fourth district. I met him, he's a terrific Jim. How are you, sir? God, our you thanks for Heaven they on very, very well tell America in particular the people in a district a little bit about you and a little bit about your district,
Well, I am a business guys. My background. I founded three technology companies and the Middle one, It was an internet service provider. Company is kind of the one that kind of got me involved in politics, and I was internet service provider company. And the Florida Department of revenue. Almost from Florida regularly and they wanted me to collect sales tax and I actually challenge them and again involved in politics. By doing that, we got a law passed in Florida, exempting us from collecting sales tax and every other state adopted our bill in that's why nobody in America pace else, tax on their internet, actual, that's terrific and When did you move in this district in Havana, two thousand and five?
If I retired in two thousand and three and had an opportunity out here, just a small little opportunity moved out here and loved it, and once again I was disturbed by my my own republican party. Raising taxes out here in Nevada and I decided to run- and you know, try to stop it so once again, just can't keep my nose out of politics out of here. Tell us about this strict is the northern third of last beggars and it goes all the way up to easily and on the east side of the state in Europe and on the West side too. It's a lot of world, it's a huge district, seven counties, and it's a little bit plus Democrats us like a plus three cook index, but it is when a bull we have had a republican hold this office before and we're gonna. Do it
and now tell me about your opponent. Tell America by your opponent. My opponent is a radical socialist. He boats, ninety four percent, were they see in the squad. What's his name, I want the names of urban alluded defeat. Stephen horse bird is his name and He is like. I said, a radical socialists he's not a pretence socialist. He actually believes and the radical laughed and what oh see an Omar and all other were all of them are paddling, so he supports them. Ninety four percent- and that is definitely not the views of the people that I talk to out here and my district How was the fund raising compared to your opponent? Well, you Republicans! Ways are behind we're struggling, but we're we're doing the best we can and may be in a business man, I'm able to maximize every day
and a week it all were always use more. It's it's tough out here they have George Soros. They have Tom's Dire and Michael Bloomberg and their coffers or just full to the gills, and Isn't it a mailing Gerald at that that they have to rely on these multi billion airs, and yet they have they painted the republican party. Is the already. The riches and amazing. That's amazing in that policy is amazing. Yes, it's it's a struggle for us. That's why we need every dollar that we can get an almost appreciate the people that donated dollar to me, because you know that they feel so compelled to do that and they are worried about their country and that they are able to send me a dollar when they probably really can't afford it, and so, but we need people to step up and help all of US republican candidates cause it's a struggle. I've gotta still raise an enormous amount of money between now
and the election and every death, mostly what my time every day is spent on is raising money. Well, I went ass my audience from all over the country. These candidates are going to affect our lives and are going to check whether Nancy Pelosi remains and I've spent a lot of time talking to each and every one of them and visiting them, and- and I would encourage you to help Jim Jim- are shot dot com that J I am obviously M r c h anti, like March at Amaze, R C, H, Anti Dotcom, it's up on our site. Your opponents welcome a come on the show and for me the question in your opponent as I'd like to now. That would be fine. I would really like that you're not. Come on. It's amazing thing: it's like life, liberty and live. I can't get a left to come on what they pay. Won't even debate me, but want the debate because I don't think he wants his record exposed when you guess doesn't he thinks he doesn't need
so the able to buy that much air time? Yes, oh my gosh, you ve got tons of money and it's like I say, as mainly Soros when Styron Bloomberg and other there's some local national party helping you. If National Party is helping me, but not as much as I would like, I would really like some more hill rallies red sin: yeah yeah there everybody spread. But I understand, but you know I'll, take all the help I get from anybody. I mean every body listening, you gave me five dollars now would be huge. So, let's Solitudes Jim March, Dot com, J, ai j- I am- and may I see a chanty dad come now. How does it look in terms your grass roots activity? It's a huge district. How does it look really good? I have right volunteers. We have really good rural accounting party
down here that are out beating the bushes they're making calls for us there a walking doors for us. So it's that that's how I want my primary to was just a really good ground game and the grassroots effort, and that's what I'm famous for and so we're going to do it again. We've got a really good chance to Polina We got in here recently are really really good. We are very happy with where, when are they tell us? They tell us that we're trending the right way and I am very, very happy and if we They continue the way we go on. We're gonna win this gesture. It have you help public office before
have I was ending about estate assembly out here, which is our state house, and and may I was ranked by match lap, probably a good friend of yours, I'm a man, a c. I see you American Conservative Union. They rang legislators all over the country based on how they, both for bills and their legislature, and he rank made number one in the entire assembly. As far as being the most conservative voting legislator buried outstanding, I actually know Matt really well and very proud of that ranking, and then there were a couple of other organizations here. that a better conservative and I was right at the top with them too. Well, I know that president we want to get reelected needs a republican house. It would be an outstanding member, the House of Representatives, Jim our shant folks, if she can help him now's the time we gotta take the house
We gotta throw her out. We gotta have these solid, the conservatives and constitution, send out Jim are shot Dotcom, Jim Emma RCA, Chanty, DOT Tk. Jim. We wish you all the best. My friend thank you mark. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and I'm a huge fan of yours. Thank you. I appreciate it. God bless you. God bless you too, the people on bringing on this programme are really down to earth. Folks, for just like all of you, some of them have held office before some of them are citizen candidates. They ve been very, very carefully. Look that- and you know, during the tea party revolution, which still goes on, we elected a number of people to the house, represent and the republican leader Baynard took amount of the wing socialize with them. This is what happened: two people by the way like or such and bread cabin honor.
And they really take em under their wing, and you know socialize with them, and then we lose them. We get a small percentage of them, but actually stand by their principles. These folks are different. These folks but they're very, very solid, and you can hear each and every one on their so earnest. So I hope you do whatever you can. to help him Jim are shot that come to go to Mark Levin, Show Facebook Mark Levine, show Twitter. Mark Levine Show parlor. By the way, are you a follower mine on twitter? There's millions of you out, I know you're not join us. Have you friend did me is that the phrase must reduce road facebook and if you join me on parlor, where trash a million we want to help build up and muscle up parlor, but we still want to have a very big footprint on Twitter and Facebook enemy territory.
so Jonas on all those platforms. We love to. Have you love to have you in literally thirty minutes? I will be on the Fox NEWS Channel on Hannity TV. I think he said. Nine hundred and fourteen give her tape at nine hundred and fifteen p dot m eastern time. I'm the lounge act for the Big ACT, the big man Emmanuel. Listen to and that's the President United States I'll be right back aim at the Association of mature american citizens is one of the fastest Organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a macbook lives in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk a MAC fights a full time.
presence in Washington. A MAC pushes back against reckless spending. Disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond advocacy joining a MAC gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member. Only rates on car insurance travel discounts cellphone. plants and a hell of a lot more. It's not enough. You'll get a max by money. The magazine full of incite full articles on issues that matters to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm on a MAC member and you should be to join today at a Magda. U S! That's a M a sea dot. U S, stop supporting, Liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot. U S. While it is breaking thank strive for
the legal insurrection. Lemme Nicholas Salmon, Mr Producer, the young man, who was libelled by so many news organisations a feather quarters Jes ruled that the lawsuit by Nicholas by Nicholas Salmon against the new. Time, CBS News, ABC News and Rolling stone. You know indifferent orders issued by the We can all go forward every motion, dismiss has been rejected and the near times argued, for instance, that it did not liable. MR salmon young salmon in the court said: oh, yes, you did, is that the allegation is libelous. Have you can prove it, but Allegation is libelous if you can prove it
None of those cases will be dismissed, they were all go for. This is how important it is to have a court that has integrity and that's one of the things were going to be fighting for in this election. So that's excellent. News and I don't know one of these days. I'm gonna hireling wouldn't go after some of the people who keep trying to smear me right media matters, just sitting here, watching whiteness ie, just watch him, somebody's litigated myself. I know what they look for no threat just a fact: twenty five, twenty eight minutes I'll be on Fox, don't miss it I go on there really from my radio audience. You know. What's the sort of thing or Mr Barroso, I dont have my call screen: who do you recommend who would be a good collar W Affair Sex, Victorian Florida go hello. Yes, Victoria go right ahead,
hi mark. I love the research work. You do, I'm I'm awful a research, I'm a conservative, psychologist research. Ah yes, these Scully I've been watching him for five years on Washington Journal in the morning. You that'll again to him. He had so bias against when he usually an early morning, oh yeah he's very bias against Trump. Monday morning. You nobody uses for his research work ever knew time, both New York Times and Saturday night lived clips web. Yeah Saturday night live clips. She uses those and then you know he puts up in January. call in class. I got caught up with us last month from C span. Collection, then- and I said that my biggest issue was too I read the Yom Abiding Sanders report ass and I started comparing.
So that is a true mark. This manifesto hundred term pay really is on it, and I have not yet I read and I started talking about it and they just cut me right off nor is there any idea really do not want to dig into that document that we notice. I know they now and I recommend I wasted. Donald Trump head had that in his hand when it was a nice way too detailed for him the use during a debate you gotta have any they shouted over to my mom. I don't know, if he's able to bring a document like that, and so four main the present it's getting all kinds of advice. You know that from everybody should do this, you should he needs to be himself Ray. I totally agree. Everybody's giving he needs to do their shoes, he won't when he may not win, but he may win and sometimes He just had to be yourself. Thank you for your call. My friend MR producer.
The great W Abc Rosemary in New York Harry you, fine. I was enjoying your interview with Jason. whitlocke. I just got my im Primus than he has a big article and there are called american Sport letting down Amerika and I turned on your show and there he was such a coincidence, but I wanted to you too you, oh, my god, you're preshent, that's you a good sense! You go right to the ideal with, You can't say that about liberals have your now called LE. I call them totalitarians. Have no while you're right, you were there, they don't have said to him. You have the sense that have humour, but anyway guy that's, don't be mad at me. Let's take her phone number. Call her back tomorrow. Ok, thank you miss one
backfire, promised slaves and generally salute general, our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency personnel, I'm gonna beyond In twenty minutes on Hannity, I hope you'll tune in nine fifteen eastern by the way of a great guess Sunday on Fox Senator TED crew. For the entire. Our you're gonna love it and I'll see you tomorrow, goblet from the Westwood one podcast network.
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