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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the individual mandate portion of the Obamacare law (Affordable Care Act) was removed by a vote in Congress at the behest of the President of The United States. Six justices are likely to uphold it for the sake of severability and with the individual mandate severed from the ACA, the law is likely to stand. The Democrats know this yet they turned today's hearing into a theatrical campaign commercial. Joe Biden is going to pack the Supreme Court and Congressional Democrats are subsequently intent on destroying it. Then, Anthony Fauci claims he's being taken out of context in the latest Trump campaign ad when he says that Trump's coordinated response was "impressive" and that the President has always "followed the science." Fauci was unequivocal in his statement to Mark Levin on "Life Liberty and Levin" during the height of the pandemic. Later, RINO's and other radical leftists like AOC and renowned communist Angela Davis are excited about a Biden Presidency and have signed on to endorse Biden. Afterward, Sen. Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee joins the show to discuss today's hearing to confirm federal judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court. Graham also discussed using federal grants to get states to take control of their own healthcare. Graham stresses the importance of re-electing Trump in November. Finally, Congressional candidate Matt Rosendale calls in with an update on his campaign and why Democrats and Nancy Pelosi must be defeated.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented podcast, as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now, in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution where learning is prized in actual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my son,
here, appreciation to Hills, Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground commend both in the bowels of the hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with a leader,
call America Mark Levin, our number eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three thousand eight hundred and thirteen 811now America.
Let me tell you why you despise so much that goes on in Washington DC. Let me tell you why you despise politicians generally and liberals in particular. You're, an entire hearing today on the Democrats side on nothing, Let's talk about Obamacare, the individual, mandate was voted out of a care couple years back, and that was the part. That was the part that was constitutionally sketch. In other words unconstitutional it, was removed by Congress at the behest of the President United States. It's not there anymore. So the administration is trying to strike, choose me strike out the rest of Obamacare and unfortunately, from my perspective, its unlike
to succeed. We have six justice has already that have indicated their likely to uphold the rest of it now. Why? Because they like, it because I believe in the policy, because they think that such a wonderful lot now. Because there's a judicial term called several judges, particularly supreme Court. Just if they can uphold a law that uphold it if they feel its constitutional. With the individual mandate now gone, that's been severed from the rest of the law. So the rest of the laws like latest Stan and six justices have inferred at least that that's their intention now the Democrats know this
The media know this, but they don't care, they don't care and so have. Today you are subjected to were subjected to photos people who, if they lose their health care, they're going to die, I go broke or what have you know these are very soon. stories that have absolutely nothing to do with this hearing and absolutely and to do with this case Zira, and so they turned a hearing Over the nomination of a Supreme Court justice into a Democrat Party, commercial. Intending to pull up the heart strings of senior citizens and women look with Trump is going to do you look what trumped troops not going to do anything to you, Even though this is aimed at suburban women in particular and senior so unfortunately,
Obama cares likely to stand it's likely to stand, all those photos, all the draw all the theatrical and outrageous contemptible act by the Democrats, who think everybody stupid who think everybody stay. And this is entirely intended to help Joe by that's what they did. to the oversight hearing today, but whether or not to confirm judge barrier to the Supreme Court of the United States. Another mockery, another complete mockery, Obama, CARE Obama, sucks for those who are required to use it. It stinks the prima so through the roof, the deductibles or through the roof. Some states, you have no choice as whatsoever. Other changes
as states may be too, but the fact matter. Its coverage is quite poor but mark what about pre existing conditions? First of all, This law is very unlikely to be struck down on the legal theory. Imagine, and the fact that their been inferences may by at least six justice who are currently on the court don't know of a single republican senator or for that matter is single Democrat Centre who has said they support mandating pre existing conditions, so they would pass a law compelling insurance company They cover preexisting conditions, thats, it nobody's. a fall through anyhow, moreover, dates already do that for the most part member, most insurance companies are regulated by the federal government, there are regulated by the states.
Virtually every instance. The required to cover preexisting conditions So another straw, man, another phony issue, preexisting patients will be covered and then finally, Joe but we have no idea how judge by would rule when it comes to the bombing care case and we're not supposed to. So the democratic just view this as a politburo that they want to control and the irony throughout all this. They complain about the process. Is that the very senators sitting there and pontificate stuff What Camelot Harris have everything, Should have destroying the Supreme Court by packing it so the niceties of the constitution or the niceties of the issue of Obamacare and pre existing into. They intend to destroy the Supreme Court and we should
Stop asking Biden Weather is going to do it and we ought to tell the american people he's going to do it. He is. Going to destroy the Supreme Court. The senators sitting there on the Judiciary Committee have every intention of destroying the Supreme Court. So when they see it there want to know about Baron one about the cord and want to know what none matters to them in the end because of their plan is too, Had six more justice, as I hear that's the plan to make it fifteen just like empty I wanted to, but was blocked by his own party, then bear it is of no consequence Mary Clarence Thomas is of no consequence. That same a leaders have no consequence of the rest of them are not of no consequence because again, a pact that
So when you watch these court gestures up there with big posts, There is of individuals who presumably won't get the magnificent Obamacare coverage. Here's my problem in part. The Republicans are utterly unprepared, MR produced there ready, the debate, the technicalities of this section or that section of the constitution, which is perfectly fine, but there, the democratic on a political level there trying to With this election, and they're using this nomination politically. So it's ok. To argue the constitution, but you must push back how about some photographs. a veteran through died over three hundred thousand of them, when I'm we're run the federal government Obamacare no Obamacare, they died and they advance coverage veterans, administration which
the more comprehensive than Obamacare they died. They have got to learn push back. They ve got to learn how to play the Democrats game. I know it unseemly. I know what it is: frustrating. But this isn't a serious hearing for the Democrats, its exploitive, and so they play to the media. They played the cameras. I'm a kid and next Roby Way. They say. And then they lie, we have sick conservative dress. This is ladies and gentlemen. John Roberts is not going to vote to overturn Roby Way period period. That's five justices and I doubt that gorse. It would agree to that, And I doubt that Cavanaugh would agree with that. So, though, of you who favour Slaughtering human babies, you're safe.
Ok, it's a choice. Don't worry about. and so this is a lie. We waited a disgrace. It's a pathetic opinion. Its incoherent Everybody agrees, but there is another policy objective. If Congress of the american people so overwhelmingly want abortion on demand on demand and paid for by the american people, then why don't? I men, the constitution, the answer is the american people. Don't that's the answer, but for you left us Their Roby way will not be overturned, so you should very excited with your death called very, very excited. so that's. The second are. And we even have one senator. Chris currencies on tv over time is considering. This is irrational. Guy this creature
Oh yeah he's a rational guy. We gotta. him on tv to show that in other we're going to have them. scratch on that. You not he claims today. Well, let's get cuts team. Mr producer cut sixteen go judge. I am deeply concerned about ways in which your approach, something that may sound abstract to folks watching staring decisive or precedent. That means, Urged to reviewing and reconsidering and possibly overturning long settled cases. May I never stop? You're right, there was dredged gotta settled case it's got your member dredged guy right cheek. Justice is United States. Hany wrote the opinion that slaves are not people that was this case about policy versus Fergus separate but equal as equal. That was a settled case about core martyr.
whenever the hour rounded up, japanese Americans and Americans of japanese dissent. That was ok, I'm gonna, throw a hope for cases where we really don't. The precedent and cases should be overturned right. Ladies and gentlemen, your damn right anyway, let's go to this low. I q senator go at some of the very principles for justice Ginsburg for her entire adult life principle. It protects, settled fundamental rights for all Americans. What might this mean cases like Griswold versus Connecticut that establish married couples, have a right to obtain and use contraception and privacy so another. What you see the fearmongering scare attack is how many you gonna fall for this, that a justice Barrett would vote. To allow states to outlaw contraceptives. How many here than by this, how many gonna believe this.
It's so outrageous, so appalling. She said nothing of the sort. You should be disgusted. With these Democrat. More when I return I'll be right back folks, I have something serious to talk to you about. I don't have to tell you that we're in a fight for the soul of the country, once in our country claims that America was founded on ban principles and build on oppression. They even put together Stored history of Amerika, the New York Times, sixteen, nineteen project, the other side. Nose like you do that our countries done more chief in advance liberty than any other in history? The best way to fight back teach the truth, Today we can learn the true story of Amerika from the college: that's better at teaching it than any other hills Del College. My friend
he'll still have put together a great free online course called the great amount story, a land of hope and folks, that's just. We need right now hope so get inspired. Sign up today for free at Levine for Hills, Delbert come from Helstone course on the glorious. we of the last best hope on earth. America and share with others: that's Levine for Hills, Del dot, com easy I for a hills del backup, so that democratic practice now. What does that mean to your liberties and rights? They want to talk about rights. Let's talk about real liberties and rights like the bill of rights. It means that freedom of religion. We'll be destroyed. It means freedom of assembly. We'll be destroyed if you dont assemble, but the right people.
It means major right to bear arms and protect yourselves under this Second, amendment will be destroyed. It means due process in many instances, What may destroy it means equal protection in many instances What may destroy it means that taking clause for the federal It is supposed to reimburse you when they take your home as an example. What eliminated it means for certain crimes. we'll be strict liability crimes without probable cause eliminated. It means the ninth amendment, which they already ignore will be eliminated. The ninth amendment represents Europe. political rights as expressed in the declaration of independence. It means the tenth amendment and federalism, we'll be eliminated unless they think it can help undermine further your individual liberty. and the constitution, like was saying,
cities Means they will destroy the constitution's electoral college glory. It may They will destroy the whole notion of a bi camera congress by forever changing United States Senate as an appendage of the Democratic Party lifestyle. About your liberties. In your rights it means the private sector will be the plaything of a centralized big government iron fist at left. You'll have government run house care whether you like it or not. They are going to limited charter schools at all opportunities to send your children to alternatives to government schools. They want but said it. They will give illegal aliens, the same rights as citizens and instead Their cities they even ever the vote. You can see that expanding mark. What are you, I'm saying exactly what they intend.
Illegal aliens, I've already said she get health care, whether it goes Medicare dead, because when people don't pay into a programme, They get a hundred percent of the benefits. No programme can sustain that medical care will be dead. Social security will be dead and what else. our constitutional system of checks and balances will not exist any longer. What what happened to your children? grandchildren. Under those circumstances, you saw what took place in the streets, the law the streets took place over their son riding and demands. Why privilege stomach racism. These will be enshrined in law and in trying to what's left of our constitution, meaning individuals alone will not be judged by their own character.
It rules will not be judged based on their merit. Individuals, wanna, be judge based what's between their ears, it in their hearts and in their souls between their legs and the color of their skin. As their nation, tribal ISIS Balkan ISIS. That's what you're sure In your grandchildren have to look forward to this is the devil My party, this is what they what to do to America. Hold up all the posters they want, but make no mistake about it: their target is the constitution. It stands in their way and they want to devour the Supreme Court. Devour the Senate, devour the electorate and that its over over for all I'll, be right back folks, I have something serious to talk to you about
to tell you that we're in a fight for the soul of the country. One side in our country claims that a. Echo is founded on ban principles and build on oppression. They even put together stored in history of Amerika the New York Times. Sixteen nineteen the other side. Nose like you do that our countries done more. To achieve an advance liberty than any other in history, the best way to fight back teach, the truth Today we have learned the true story of America from the college: that's better a teaching it than any other hills. They'll college My friends at Helstone have put together a great free online course called the great amount in story, a land of hope and folks that Just what we need right now hope so get inspired sign up today for free at Levin for Hills, Delta come from Helstone course on the glorious history of the last best hope on Earth America and share with others. That's
then for a hills. Del back come L e Vienna from Helstone Backup. If you turn off your radio and open the window, you can try. play here. I'm straight from the studio call Mark Levin at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven manual, and I d day great second basement, maybe one of the great The sincerely Reginald last month, Tom Seaward, died last week, Bob Gibson die. Today, Joe Morgan, do you know my childhood childhood, but maintain years? At least these were my sport. I cut its really sad to see this and three of the greatest ever just tremendous,
Perhaps you ve been watching the last twenty four forty eight hours, where the trunk pain, random, add which features in part doktor faulty praising the administration No we're going to get into this centre was my show and my interview and the one on any view: doktor faulty at the old executive office building where he made these comments and I'll, tell you what shocking Lavigne nights. They complained, the solemn fox and not once have they mentioned. It was on life, Liberty and Levant. Can someone explain it to me? They ve, been playing at all cable tv, other networks and not once did they mention. It was my interview. In the newspapers I almost don't mention was my area. This is how much well I've been an answer.
But it was a serious interview, I call My interviews assures interview watch my friends on fire some friends. This more, never said a word. I dont know why x, you know it's bizarre. Because I'm the one who can begin to this on the one, explain what he said to me face to face. I'm the one way and we're gonna get into this because doktor foul tree, doktor factory His deceiving the american people, Donald Trump, as the head of the Trump Administration, Donald Trump chose the taskforce, Donald Trump appointed, the right, president, all the final decision to made by Donald Trump Mr Fat Doktor, found she said to me the Donald Trump each and every time he would raise an issue with him about science. Even have trumped this agreed, he would go along with foul tree. He praised the president.
And now you fools at the Washington Compost fools at the nearest limes fools had CNN and MSNBC and elsewhere, trying to pretended didn't why they try to pretended other than the fact that they have this narrative that the present United States screwed up on the virus. This is the Democrat Party narrative. They spent tens I get it. I was pushing this and yet fatty praise the President praise the administration praise the taskforce, all of them. And now he's reversing course he spinning and I would argue, lying. and I was their face to face with doktor fouche. This is the Trump ad. And again it is bizarre to me I interviewed for an hour, half an hour, faulty and a half hour, the vice President states as head of the task force. So we really dug in
Corona virus and doktor factually said that I was very forthcoming, and so I would encourage cable tv, network tv, the next time you use my interview. Have a tyrant, or at least say it: here's the ad! one go. President rum is recovering from the corona virus, and so is America. Together we rose to meet the challenge we are seeing. It gave them life saving drugs in record time, sparing no expense resident tromp toppled the virus had on leaders should manage. What do we get through this together, not afraid, Donald Trump- and I approve this message. It perfect tomorrow I've been wondering and waiting, They gonna run. Something like this will. Of course, doktor foundries been why
A little longer than by half a century, his look friends of the media. Don't like this Hillary Clinton to erode love letters to clearly doesn't like this, the Democrat Party. How dare you use the fouche? You can't use the fouche. Why not? So, let's cut into some of this, this was March twenty second on life, liberty and live in March. Twenty second cut forego fancy. Let me ask you a question: you ve been doing this. Have you ever seen this big of a coordinated response by an administration to to such a threat to health threat? we ve never had a threat like this and the coordinated response has been, there are a number of additives we describe it press of stars. They ve been impressive. While the coordinated response has been impressive,
Which administration is this? Is it the Obama bind administrate? No, it's a Trump Pence administration go ahead on other, I mean We're talking about all hands on deck is that I as one of many people on a team, I'm not the only person since beginning that we even recognize what this was. I have been devoting almost full time on this, almost I'm I'm down at the White House virtually every Here's mask where you you're down at the White House. Almost every day is your office at the White House. To dine at the White House almost every day, working with the task force and the Trump Administrative Maginot go ahead was unconnected by far
throughout the day and into the night, when I say night, I'm talking twelve, two in the morning the only one theirs a whole group of us that are doing It's a whole group. I think we call it the task force at the President appointed and the vice president is in charge of margin that. Any similar thing with Obama by no, of course not go ahead Every single day, so I can imagine that under any circumstances that anybody could be tried doing more. We can imagine anybody could be doing more. The team right, the administration right, of course, that's what he was talking about, not himself Obviously we were fighting a formidable enemy is virus. This viruses is, is it is a serious issue here? Take it
What is done to China to Europe to South Korea. its serious and our response, aim than I knew. You heard that many many times and ends it's true I mean I deal with viruses, my entire career, when you haven't Break virus, if you leave it its own devices. It will pick up and then come back down Well we learned from China that letting it he got up is really bad, because It can do some serious damage, so we focus now laser on doing what But we can- and there are two or three that deserve mention to make this, actually be a mound, which means you can laugh suffering you're, not illness, you gonna have death, but it's not gonna, be maximum that the virus can do capital wasted.
Wait a minute. So it's not going to be the maximum. Because of what the team, the task force, the Trump Pence Administration or doing. Magic that go ahead burst was, as we say, all the time, the very timely decision on it, the president to shut off travel from China. Wait a minute wait, a minute, the very timely decision by the president of Travel from China, which Biden opposed he paused for like two months wow, so buying had been present, potentially one two people would have died in this country. You just heard fancied any MR producer. Did you America about my fancy, opposed. Go ahead. We saw that there was this. possibility of people coming in and seating in the country. We did it early
turned out. There were relatively few cases in the big picture of things that came in from China. Unfortunately, for our colleagues and many of whom are my friends and people that I've trained actually in medicine in Europe. In countries they didn't do that and they really hard and are being hit really hot? Firstly, second thing when the infection burden shifted from China to Europe. We did the same thing with Europe. We, shut off travel for any saying they save lives. The president shut of travelling infectious disease directed does not have the power to do that. The president shut off China, the President shut off Europe. While would Joe Biden have done it now? He would not have done.
Others has found she go ahead. Again was another safe god to prevent in flux from without in the other way you do. It is by contain and mitigation, and now Everybody knows what the word mitigation me, because it's the things that we're doing no crowds. Work from home. Don't go to play. That you can be susceptible ten, people in a room, not fifty eight hundred people stay away from theatres. Take them Elderly people were susceptible and have do self isolation stay applause, stay at a restaurant if you an area where there is a lot of the virus activity closed, Baas, closer restaurant, that's duty litigation. So I think with all of those things going on. At the same time, I believe we will. We are already doing it, but you just can't notice it yet because
Dynamics of the virus going up we're trying to put it down, you're, not really sure quantitatively, which are doing, but you actually certain. That we're having an impact on this a man was very proud of what they ve been doing, that their on top of the issue. The who do they all work for they work for the present the United States president. It states can be proud of what his team is done. his decision. And so the ad is misleading. The tab context, here's the whole context, Mr Producer, here's all context, America, He's beating his chest tragedy so excited about what the administrations been doing. Go ahead now, there's another part here. I hope we captured it somewhere in these clips riester. If the present follows the science he said. Yes, president fowl,
the science let's see if we can find a won't, we'll be right back more than folks I've something serious to talk to you about. I don't have to tell you that we're in a fight for the soul of the country once in our country. Claims that America was founded on ban principles and build on oppression, they even put together a d. Started history of Amerika, the New York Times Sixty. nineteen project, the others, I like you, do that our countries done to achieve an advance liberty than any other in history. The best way to fight back teach the truth. Today we can learn the true story of Amerika from the college: that's better at teaching it than any other hills. Dale College, my friend that hills they'll have put together a great free online course called the great. american story, a land of hope and folks, that's just
We need right now hope so. Get inspired. Sign up today for free at Levine for Hills, Delta come from Helstone course on the glorious history of the last best hope on Earth America and share with others. That's Levine for hills. Albert com Ill, Easy Ireland for a hills del backup, more doktor party. From my interview on March, twenty second cut: five go your impressed every day. Twenty hours a day of what's taking place about the private sector impress for their reaction. Well, I'm I'm impressed with the fact that, when the prince. Called the private sector into the cabinet.
and into the Roosevelt room and said we need to step up our. How old are you here that she undoing the whole thing in contact? I was taken out of context point after point after point. The point again see Trump leadership: the leadership of the tribe administration. It's true, when one year the whole thing than when you just hear the one sentence go ahead. To have a lot more band if you want to call it that I mean particularly with idea When we were stalling early on a bit with the testing, they said we need high through protesting. We need the companies that make it to give out there and can implement debt and, to their credit, the company step to the So that's the reason why we are seeing and will be seen, soon a major escalation in the ability to be doing testing. There's this statement put out some in the press, somebody Opposition party, the President, that the present
doesnt follow the science president, following the site: every No time that an embassy everyday, it's like almost every day, it's not like once a month, we wherein the in the task force meeting there are all of us myself included, I'm not the only one. That's us It is the republic help person, there are other p who have other responsibilities. So we get a good sampling of expertise that you mean and its led by the vice president, terrorism. Is there as the secretary of eight changes, and we talk But every aspect and we we make of our decisions and recommendations that are based on the science I have never in. Room. Listen had a situation here, scientifically. This is the right thing to do it and they don't do it or sign ethically. This is the wrong thing to do did it anyway. Then we get
We presented to the president and he. a lot of questions. That's his nature constantly asking the question, and I never the multiple times that I've done that price at it. First terrific reasons. We really should do this- that he has said: let's do it or. when he's decided not deciding when he suggests what We do this and I say That's really not a good idea from the scientific standpoint. He has never overruled. I too, let's, let's regroup says the entire response has been impressive. He doesn't think anybody could be doing more. he lodged decision on China in this It went decision on Europe. Any talks almost brought,
it OSHA about these social controls that they put in place he's impressed by the president, eating with the private sector and telling them to step up, and he says each and every time each and every time we raise the science where the president, the president, has agreed with us. Ladies and gentlemen, The media have been lying for the last twenty four to forty eight hours. Obviously, doktor factory has reverse course Unfortunately, now he's trying to undermine the present the United States. back to the matter is I Did this interview it's on video, commercial only takes one sentence. He had all the sentences at voucher used would even be more impressive. The fact is that factory is poor. raising the president praising the trouble illustration praising the task force
I'll, be right back from the westward one podcast network, easy now: broadcasting them only underground members than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one now you know why not a single news organization in the entire country, not even my own network, made a comment on my interview. Have doktor factory, not one.
because I remember it front end there at least six or seven lines and that interview that could have been used in a trump bad. Now, In fact she says in all my years. I've never used in a campaign I had before this is amazing. Coming from a man, who's been on hundreds hundreds. of tv shows and interviews and so forth and so on, but don't use it and had no, no, not at all. Absurd. Is that, ladies and gentlemen, he's a public figure making public comments? about one of the biggest public issues of our time. Don't you and, of course, of course, Trot administration and the trunk campaign
We continue to use it and add, because it should truth, it's the truth. You know the media gets very excited hurry, When there are republicans who endorse Joe Biden for present in a lot of these, Republicans cannot get tension and thrilling our positive media unless they do exactly that, if God com They fear Rina number, her John K, sick number him Colin Powell, Christine Whitman truck Hegel, whose whose kind of a clown anyway wasn't like an Obama defence Secretary Energy, was re. La Hood, who was like an Obama transportation secretary at the Scar mochi, a complete schmuck.
David Byrne Burger. What did you have some kind of ethics issue? Whatever was I mean it's all about John Warner Virginia, I think, is about one hundred and twelve now and he undermined Ollie North. When I lean or Thor is running for the Senate, Jeff Flake, yes, he is, and then there are others, I'm looking at the list here. We've got Let's see former Michigan governor Rick Snyder disaster Bill well who's a hose Please schmuck, I know well any turn on my boss. The attorney general stabbed him in the back. and, as I say, there are others several other Tom Ridge is an example. Well, I want you to remember those names because there,
Supporting a candidate who wants to destroy the Supreme Court, destroy the Senate, destroy the electoral college, destroy our healthcare who believes in open borders and has signed onto the most radical agenda in american political history. Every one of those Republicans is now voting for that. But there is even more of Angela Davis. Some of you are too young, NOME king Ski corner West, Francis Fox, given These are all radicals, socialist, Marxists, the worst, in my view, the worst Yoda, do a Google and Angela Davis well guess what they're doing there all endorsing bite, or did I find this? The people
world dot, Org people's world out our guy soon that some kind of a marxist operation Atalanta, so their joining John K, sick and Tom Ridge and so forth, and so on, because they say we ve gotta stop truck, and so we ve got about forbidden. I Angela Davis, known Chomsky Corner Western France, has Fox prevent our among many prominent left wing voices there more than love working or encouraging a vote for Biden Harris. Take it despite the shortcomings of the candidates in order to block the greater danger posed by trumps, continued occupancy, the White House Now think about those Colin Powell joined in with Angela Davis ALARM over the prospect of a trump presidency and desire for substantial change is preparing the ground for non present. voter turnout in November. This is from this commie rag. The virtual
the crowd. National convention showcase. The vast array of support coalescing around former vice president job and Senator Harris that support ranges former Ohio republican Governor case ICT, as Socialists Bernie She's a marxist, a spectrum so broad makes I required turn out a real possibility. November is about stopping fascism in America and that's what Donald Trump represents since Alexander oh Cassio Cortez. What appeal As she is by the way, what an ignorant surface before I see the working families Party and the centre for popular demand, Creasy have jointly pledged to mobilise the vote for buying Harris, Saudi Ultra right a way way out. Reds in this country are organizing provide here that suburbs.
both groups have a base. A progressive activism back centres in the primary. Both groups vow to keep fighting for a progressive agenda, binds elected, so binds elected, and they ve already put this group together with a demand agenda. It's just the beginning. C p d, director Jennifer Epps Addison hopes to convince those active in the streets that the next step to take is voting and voting for Biden. I'm excited said: Angela Davis abides historic pick of Harris for Vice president. Now this is to say, come Harris doesn't have problematic areas of a record. But I think it's a feminist approach to be able to work with those contradictions able to dwell. There said the count, I say I M very excited Davis this this. How the communist right of other Davis was a political prisoner for her work,
fight for black liberation and the early seventies and was the vice present truck candidate of the Communist Party, USA, nineteen eighteen, nineteen, eighty four now, even though dogs air use or white supremacist. These are permeate the the corrupt drunk with stupidity. Media all keep asking that question. Joe Biden was just endorsed by Angela Davis, who ran as the vice president cancer candidate. The key when is Party USA, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one thousand nine hundred and eighty four will he be asked to distances house. Well, he bear this is serious because she was violent. Angela Davis was violent communist. She was part the violent uprisings in the nineteen. So so my question is well Joe Biden be asked if he rejects the support of Angela Davis.
Who was the vice presidential candidate of Communist Party, USA, nineteen eighteen, eighty four and suburbs and seniors I just you know, she's endorsed by I'm, not a soldier Storm a moderate yoga God, while critical abiding shortcoming on several issues: Davis added and I'm reading from this world people doubt or we have to get rid of the press and it is in office at the moment his name I will not pronounce- and it's really a question of who we will be able to pressure pressure. That's the organizing upgrade editor MAX Album has it against the strategy of electoral abstention or third party voting caught the central, Liberalization in the country today is between trumpets, blocked, driving towards authoritarian rule first as a majority opposition that, for all the vacillation, send it for this guy's ahead case.
Came and understand what he sang Kenya over forty. My Craddock Socialist signed a letter in the nation calling for trumps defeat The scientists say that priority for the left and twenty twenty should be the electoral defeat of Donald Trump and the Trumpets Republican Party in November at present. The only way to accomplish that will be to vote for his democratic opponent. Trump's commitment to the destruction of basic needs are from communists. By the way, I'm told by my friend spirit on this is the newspaper to come in his party that I'm reading from trumpets commitment to the destruction of basic democratic institutions, the right to vote in pendant judiciary isn't that precious, a free press even more precious. Congress has a coequal branch gum. The sovereign character of state government would make further pursuit of a progressive agenda. Impossible. The letter includes the
Was initiated by the North STAR caucus for socialism and democracy so These include corn, our worst, you ve, seen eighty on TV, Francis Fox Pivot, who argues for riots in order to change society. Gus Newport Catholic Paulette Carl Davidson Barbara rich bill, Fletcher any list that has grown to over two hundred special people. The communist paper says trump continues to assault. Democracy, plots still election and polarized the nature of bigotry and hate. The urgency grows for his defeat, but the Communist Party is ready, and so was Tom Ridge Carly fearing John case. It call on power, Jeff Lake.
Chuck Michael Christine Weapon, John Warner. in so many other reprobates and has they join some are on a good day with Angela Davis, France's Fox, pin, NOME Chomsky and Corner West and the Communist Party USA in voting for buying and trying to defeat Trump. Isn't it sickening beyond belief, sickness and these were pubic peril, have no problem with packing the court, a generation of democratic rule in the Senate by packing the Senate, pushing through the most radical kind of legislation by getting rid of the filibuster in destroying represent
asian for tens of millions Americans with the assault on the electoral college. That's what he's republicans are. but don't worry we'll get a headline in some liberal newspaper. Maybe we'll get a headline in the people's world newspaper. The communist newspaper that has exactly the same goals is needed. I'll, be right back then, I'm gonna be really direct with you If you're cellular plan is with Verizon eighteen t t mobile you're simply paying way too much for the exact same covered. You would get right now with pure talk. So look at your cell phone bill. Work shows data usage, the average person is switches to pure talk is using less than four gigs of data a month, but the big carriers are charging you for unless
Data, it's like paying for an entire row on an airplane, but only needing one seat. That's how pure talk saves the average person over four hundred dollars a year on their wireless service. Unlimited talk text and to gigs have data offer just twenty dollars a month And if you go over on data usage, they don't charge you for it. So folk. Switching to pure talk is the easiest decision you'll make today go to pure talk, USA, dot com and enter promo code, Levine Podcast, when you do your say, fifty percent off your first month that pure talk, USA, dotcom promo code, l e g, I an podcast, that's Levant, pod guest, pure talk, you up
Simply smarter wireless, how many of you believe in an fantasize? What are you scientists say out there you, climate experts, infanticide, those babies, right, crying out those babies? I went ass. The climate change experts, the I too soldier babies right by every definition by every measure, while the Democrats packed the supreme court. Infanticide will not only be constitutional you'll be paying for it. Ray medical care for illegal aliens will not only be constitutional but you'll be paying for it human being, should have the right to vote. I'm sure the Democrats will push ahead. for non citizens and that court will uphold it. It'll uphold the most
cream agenda. You can imagine, because it's not there to uphold the constitution. In its up there to do the dirty work of the democratic Party approved you want a liar and a coward, Joe Biden is here's what he said and nineteen eighty three. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on packing the court cut six Co. President Roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the United States and in the United States Congress, a proposal of pact, the court. It was totally with. he is right to do that. He violated no law. He was legal, logistically, absolutely correct, but was a bone had idea. It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make and it put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body, including the Congress. In my view, the most significant. body in this country, the Supreme Court of the United States of America, which is supposed to be a co call branch, but now here Joe Biden,
in LAS Vegas, this Saturday cut seven go so I've gotta ask me packing the courts, and I know that you said yesterday the Ark and answer the question until after the election of this is the number one thing that I have been asked about from viewers in the past couple of days. Well, you ve been asked by the viewers. She would probably Republicans you don't want me continuing to talk about what they're doing the court right now also zone. The voters deserve to know no, they don't, as we are not going to play his game. He d love me to talk about I've already said something on corporate. He loved that to be the discussion instead of what he's doing now he's about he's about to make a pick a militant election first time its ever been done first time in history, its ever Don T, ladies and gentlemen,. He's such a liar. He's he's so sleazy. For the vast majority of our history. We didn't have this early voting. You had some absentee voting, but she didn't. He. Millions of people voting early with mainland bouts and all the rest of it.
so now in the middle of voting used to be November, that was election day so when he says this is the first time in the history. In the middle of voting, you can see what asleep Joe Biden is he's always been asleep. That's number one number two: he said it was a bone head idea in nineteen. Eighty, three: okay! Now it's twenty twenty! Can, you just say Two bonehead idea this guy flip flops flops flips more than John Kerry. Ever did. Another reason is he now he will lose its base, but they have Intention of packing the court, and not only does it. destroy our constitutional system with one vote, one law, but it affect your life mightily because the Supreme Court now far more powerful than the framers ever intent,
whether social issues involving your church, your synagogue or your mosque, abortion and prayer wheel that social issues. When its other issues and involving your health care, your freedom of movement. Whatever it is, the court has gotten into everything everything a sound and so now what they want. Is this massive control, a Politburo that will not serve as a real corridor will serve as an old soviet style or a common. communist chinese court today. That's what they want that that's how these these dictators handle this and so they go on and on about trumped. The autocrat trump has never suggested changing the constitution or chain
during these institutions, he's not the one who's proposed, adding seats to the Supreme Court he's not the one is proposed. Adding republican seats It is not the one attacking our electoral system. That is the the which we like presence today through the electoral college? Stay Democrats? I just hope, there's enough of us for a small enough- the free Well, you know during the debate on he was he was interrupting. Who cares? Who gives a damn. a year to three from now. God forbid. If the Democrats sweep the elected branches. Then the destroy our healthcare and destroy the Natura Citizenship and they confer all manner of rights. And while four on illegal aliens, if they destroy us,.
Supreme Court, to destroy our Senate and ran through all kinds of changes in our society and our allies. Are you gonna, be thinking about interruptions during a debate God's sakes, sick, what up everybody for God's sakes? Don't let the media spin! You. It's not about a debate is not about interruptions so about the life and death for this republic. It's that simple. I'll be right back right. Now, the big Heck tyrants are doing their best to silence conservative voices. They blew ban sensor, demonetized and de platform conservatives to shut you up Spock, twitter and others Believe in your right to free speech, and we should never forget that these tech tyrants can't survive without us you're not already on the hottest social media alternative to the Tec. Tyrants, that's parlor! Then, please download the app and joined today, parlor is the free
speed social media at that won't silent your opinions or violate your privacy. Syn, download the app create your account post share and speak freely without fear. retribution or censorship got up. Parlor dot com or visit the app store today stand up for your right to speak. To produce or MR cause greener. On parlour- and so am I you follow me at mark. Levine show parlor dot com or visit the app store. Today, that's p, a r l, e r dot com or find us the app store marks, a pot. I shudder, patriot and out of order, Jeddak constitutional, lest you can reach at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven by the way, next hour, the chairman of the Senate judiciary,
The committee will be joining Us Lindsey, Graham, and we have other guests and they my surprise, the presently a nice man is unbelievable. He gets through the corona virus, they just keep attacking him and he will not. He will not relent and areas and Sanford Florida go ahead, will take alive ass. The declaration for the state of Florida and I'll be with you through every step, rebuilding and you'll be hit with others. The one thing we know about largely a very good at this stuff. You get it by hurricanes and you re and you rebuild fast and it's incredible. I've watched I've watched and you dont want much help me. The proud people you're incredible people, You put it back together, but were therefore you all the way and with their monetarily and were there with FEMA, and I think wrong. Dream has been incredible heavenly right. There.
incredible. Thank you! Defamer. We have a lot of people people here right over there we spent the last four years. Reversing the damage Biden is inflicted over the last forty seven years with that ridiculous, dumb thought, NAFTA, teepee. And China's entry into the World Trade Organization, a disaster for our country and our chinese goods developing nation. I stop that China's did it to develop and other words. China is so wonderful that developing isn't that nice now being helping nation. They get much more benefits. Detonation, that's not a developing, so I said well Developing nation to their developing nations, and we just one you know this week. one seven and a half billion dollars from the World Trade Organisation and from the World Health Organization. I took this out why
to do that is never when they were wrong and everything, although they corrected themselves today- and they said I was right for the locked out what I said or to. Why are we paying five hundred million a year and China, which has one point? Four billion people is thanks nine million a explain that they couldn't explain. It was very hard to explain so I took us out for that and other reasons so we'll see what happens with that. But if I could go over hundreds of different things with you and just common sense and me common sense, what what we do think of it World health organization we spend, we have three hundred and twenty five million people. We spend five hundred million dollars, China Spence two hundred and thirty nine million dollars, and China Domino
then I said- does not work that way. Anymore, doesn't work that way anymore. They'll take us back in so fast and less money. For decades our politicians sped trillions and drill use of dollars rebuilding far nations fighting foreign wars and defending foreign borders, but now we are finally per day our nation rebuilding our cities. We bring in our jobs at our fact our drew back home to the: U S, a remarkable man, hospital Isabel days of betrayal and that's what we were. We were betrayed by our own politicians.
There was a purpose, are that there were just plain stupid, we'll come back with unprecedented force of Washington. Democrats are allowed to take control again. We can't let it happen I've got to get out and vote sleepy Joe Biden, and it was a damn. It's a people that control of these control totally has put forward the most radical blood. In american history, including a plan to Ireland U S, borders! Oh that's wonderful! Wizard border! We don't have one just come in everybody come on it come on everybody of Europe, a of Europeans, if you're very, very sick, where the disease that can spread all over just come on now. You know we're up to almost four hundred miles of war
Nobody talks about that. We now have the tiniest safe is border in our countries is street, but we're up dogmas, four hundred miles it'll be finished very soon and its top of the line. It's exactly what border patrol wanted. But by implementing nationwide catch and release imposing deadly sanctuary cities- nay you'd wide nationwide. They want sanctuary. Cities is what they want. I don't even think I know a lot of people in California. They don't want sanctuary cities, it's like the politicians want it. I don't think the people want it, but they want to suspend all removals of illegals out of our country, whether their murderous rapist Thugs bank robbers- they don't care, they wanted to spend it.
he almost say where the hell are they coming from. Where does it? Even? Where does the thought process come? It's demanded it would mean the total suffocation of all. U S. Borders overwhelming every city in town in America, including this wonderful place that we all love very much under my leadership. We achieve the most secure borders. U S, history and weapons, doing that war is gonna, be finished and so beautiful. Why do you say that? Why you're more mon we're doing ten miles a day and by the way Mexico is paying they desire? Mexico is paying for I'm Mexico's Wingrave omega guys, are going to talk about a few more things here, although I could listen to him on, I couldn't you, but I wanna hit a few things you may not be aware of. The economist is no friend of the present the United States text.
Quite liberal, and I want to read a year a paragraph that in an article they publish that's really quite fascinating. Again. There were no fan of the present, but I want you to listen to this, because these Paul's may be dispiriting you and want to get too excited and motivated. Most of you are- and I hope, you're the Thomas Pains in the power of Where's that I know live in ice can be. I will get all these people out to vote your friends, your family, your neighbors and your co workers. It's so crucially important. Here's what they saying the economist's Paul's may be understating
pumps support a bit. The reason is a phenomenon. Researchers, call differential, partisan, non response and less geeky words. When the candidate you support is doing badly. You are less likely to answer pollsters com. Or at least when there reported to be doing badly. Pollsters, are used to having to adjust their data to be demographically representative of the population as a whole. Imagine that in a pulse sample of likely voters. Fifty percent do not have a bachelor degree, but according to the senses,. In twenty, sixteen, the sheriff is without three degrees with sixty percent. So together representative sample of likely voters a bit more weight must be given to this group to bring them from fifty to sixty percent.
Similarly, if there are say too few non college, educated or low income respondents in a sample, pollsters will adjust data to meet demographically geographic reality, but even to correcting these demographic biases pollsters data- is still unrepresentative of trumps support. In other ways they may The right shares of young people and southerners, but too many Republicans are Democrats in their data. Sets But many non identified voters are secret trump supporters. This problem comes to the fore when enough. And causes especially good or bad news for political party, as is the case now.
in such scenarios, making national Paul's suddenly filled with partisans eager to voice their pessimism about the president. Now we discuss this the other day, not this point, which is a brilliant point and a factual point. You have a pole, they came out this morning or yesterday that says NASH, The president is twelve point behind. Last week we had a sin and Paul. That said, the president is fourteen points by.
Get an NBC politics at the president. Also is twelve points behind. Do any of you believe that you're buying will defeat Donald Trump by a modern landslide? Do you believe that it's not going to happen? You don't have to predict what's going to happen, but you can protect. That's not going to happen. There will not be a judge, I like she's may landslides, and so you know these things are not right in other, not right. and what they caught him saying here is these posters. Taking into consideration a lot from people who just don't want to bother with the poultry I've gotten calls here, and I have
Caller id on my hardline from posters, I don't pick the phone up, I don't I don't care what they think. I don't care what they have to ask. I just have no interest in it. They could be that's what they're talkin about. In fact, in many ways, I think posters are part of the problem at all John Mclaughlin types of Rasmussen since her, but you understand what I mean these put poles: were they trying to influence the outcome of the election, rather than trying honestly determine the outcome of the election. I'll be right back, I'm gonna be really direct with you. if you're cellular plan is with Verizon eighteen T, T mobile you're simply paying way too much for the exact same covered. You would get right now with pure talk
look at your cell phone bill. Work shows data usage, the average person is switches to pure talk is using less than four gigs of data a month, but the big carriers are charging you for. Unless the data it's like paying for an entire row on an airplane, but only needing one seat. That's how pure talk saves. The average person overflow two hundred dollars a year on their wireless service, unlimited talk text and to gigs have data all frigid. twenty dollars a month and if you go, run data usage. They don't charge you for it. So folk. Switching to pure talk is, easiest decision. You'll make today go to pure talk, USA, dot com and then a promo code, Levine Podcast, when you do, you will say fifty percent off your first month that pure talk, USA, dotcom promo code, L E, the eye and podcast that's Levin, pod guest, pure
USA, simply smarter, simply smarter wireless. Here we are folks. Facebook is censoring. Me. They made another run at it, they backed off again, but I'm getting up here: to do something with Facebook we can have love overlooking my shoulder all the time we get some closer to the election, its clear, their trust, sway. The outcome with their left wing ideology and their censorship. The policing, my perfectly legitimate posts, and they in fact or threatening, but It is gonna shoot me up not here on radio, not only and tv. This is white.
Important a watch and support Levin TV on the blaze tv network do not lead big tat control. What information your lad to see and hear this is our country. This is our election. If they don't want to live, who here, at least tv will now they create these platforms? They lower you win. People like me, build up The platform you got over a million and have people on I do on Facebook. I've got over two point: five million on Twitter and then they they try to threaten to try threaten you one of the reasons I like parlor. By the way, I hope you're going over the parlour. I love the way they on these doctors and former bureaucrat doctors and experts on tv to comment on whether or not president Trump should be campaigning for president.
And look out, we ve turned things on their head. What Trump is doing is normal routine. It's what presidencies Posted to do when they're running for reelection, whereby misdoing is perverse, it's odd, and yet they call. Responsible, not response boys, hiding. And there was a story, my soul, on the blaze. Did you see that MR producer, whereas Biden, and come I'll Harris were in Phoenix and nobody showed up. Nobody showed up literally, nobody showed up and the local. border. There was basically saying. Nobody showed up, but you see too percentage points ahead. Fourteen may be massive landslide he's got the communists USA behind them.
As well as K, sicken Ridge and women and those types of republics. So together they ve got this force pretty crazy. No, ah right, let's take some call Let's see how about Quinn and Hickory North Carolina, the Great W H K. Why Quinn? How are you, sir? I am well must go then go right ahead. My friend, with the separation of powers is supposed to exist between the privilege of a government. It should be necessary for each branched to determine their staff. Love me requested calmly now and it doesnt work their way under a constitution. Congress sets the number of seats in the Supreme Court. I can understand them certain yet yet there.
I made log on to buy. You said each branch should set its own. That's not the way the constitution work. Well, if I can look would be better if we just vote to make sure these people don't get anywhere close to a majority. Yes, sir, but what we're looking at right now is that the top overthrown then balance on the Supreme Court. I am well aware that we ve been talking about that. I can Understand the Supreme Court, we sign we need more members. Thank you for your causer thugs. Folks, there's no point. The constitution says that countries can set the number of seats and they passed the statute. The president's I do so, as a matter of I wish this
It happened and I wish that can it doesn't work that way and it's not going to work TAT Way period. There's no there's no debate does no discussion, it just doesn't, doesn't get to set its own number. I don't even think it should, but we're going to do case. These reprobates, these tyrants out of town Susie Dallas Texas, the Great W B, a pay go. I regret the fact that here again thank you who I am bubbles in here, so that I wanted to bring never played about Joe Biden. Isn't it interesting that by saying the american people do not deserve to know whether he is going to pack the court or not, that he wrote is answering the question that he will you and I don't think we should ask him anymore. I think we should say he's going to pack. The court now we have to say, is that's a lie. Norma he's going to pack the court, let's not be passive anymore,
so, I did find. Unlike you know, when you totally alluded back, I don't understand how he thinks we could, when this because he had no bright while he could, don't turn out our. I, my friend Susie. Thank you very much. We gotta power our next. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is asked to come on we'll becoming on as well as others, while they write back from the westward one podcast network? Ladies and gentlemen, this final, the podcast is sponsored sclusively by aim at the Association of mature american citizens. Now over two million conservative member strong, a MAC, believes in and stands up for, the values that we care about: faith, family and freedom. Thank you for listening and please support Amer and you can become a member at a MAC dot. U S, Slash Joe.
now broadcasting, I'm lonely underground commandos than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, America, Mark Levant. Here, aren't number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, remember what I told you a couple weeks back that Joe body set up it s corporation. So the money he would get from speeches believe it or not. He was paid to do speeches and writing. I guess he wrote a book or somebody wrote it for me. Cuz. I don't think you can read one
which was substantial money over thirteen million dollars in a relatively short period of time that, by setting up an s cooperation here, he contributed almost nothing toolbar. Another running round turn metabolic. I hope people listening to me in the trunk campaign, even some in the so called media, are paying attention because the truth is. Joe Biden has contributed very little to Obama care over the last several years, but I want to talk to the New York Times thanks to the New York Sun, which is an outstanding publication, iris stall. Listen to this folks. The New York Times, investigation of president trumps as the present use big tax losses in some years to avoid paying taxes and others that he invested some of us, profits in the money losing businesses and Mr Trump paid his door as a way to transfer ass it to his children court on quote
mission. It says that MR trumps businesses, or propped up by foreign revenue and Mr Trump quote as written off a business expenses com, including feel in mute meals. Associated with his aircraft used to shuttle him among his various homes and properties. Unquote. The times are now because the new. Times company and the Ox Salzburg or family that control, it have done the same things. The New York Times investigation of Mr Trump reports quote: MR trumps, business losses of often accumulated in sums larger than could be used to reap reduce taxes on other come in a single year, but the tax cut off workers with some restriction business owners can carry forward left over losses to reduce taxes in future years. Unquote, that's how it works the New York Times company shareholders to then he attacked company had a loss of about fifty eight million dollars and await and its two thousand.
Annual report disclosed a net income tax benefit of nearly six million that year the aunt or stay with me report says: state tax operating lost, carry forward, see they're carrying it forward, total thirteen point five million as of December twenty seven, two thousand nine and so forth. Such loss carry for. Its expire in accordance with provisions of applicable tax laws same into thousand six same it to fail Speaking of the New England Media Group, it is Salzburg family. What loss producing golf courses harder, the Trump family see the Times company bought the Boston Glove for one point: one billion in nineteen. Ninety three added the worst a telegram and gazette for two under ninety five: nine. Ninety: ninety: ninety nine saw them both to the bath in Boston, read so
Solar John Henry, for seventy million dollars in twenty thirteen. They lost a ton. Like MR trumped, the Times company has even dabbled in the gas sector the Times company What the gaff dodges magazine, a nineteen, sixty nine b for between three and four and then solid, two thousand one. The New York Times makes a big investigative. And about president trumps business, paying his sons and his daughter of vodka describe It is a way around the give tax less than a week before the times published its investigative report. It issued a press release quote the New York Times company today announced that Arthur Ox Salzburg Junior when we're tired men and a member of the board of directors, and while six succeeded as chairman by a G Salzburg Times, publishers, since twenty eighteen sulzberger junior soon the title chairman emeritus so the times twenty two
Proxy statement includes two paragraphs on us: Ox Salzburg of family members employed at the company and twenty nineteen, Including not only the outgoing german son, who was paid we're two million dollars, but also James Dreyfus, who earned over two hundred Eighty thousand dollars PAMELA Drive, over and over a hundred and thirty eight thousand dollars and so forth and and David Perpetual earned nine hundred and thirty one thousand. So these are family members, thus Berger, Father and son Chairman publisher. Do themselves can even be bothered to report their transactions to the government on time they twenty twenty times company. proxy statement says on February twenty seven, Twenty twenty reports on form four hundred five firmness Sulzberger Junior in Salzburg disclose certain transactions in twenty seven, in twenty eighteen.
twenty twenty they're paying monies out in twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen. Now they inadvertently omitted from previous reports that Mr Salzburg Juniors too glad to gifts of classes That he made in twenty seventeen and MR solves burgers transfer eclipse a stock and twenty eighteen march treatment. Mr tromp would get from the times that we claim to have inadvertently omitted reporting, gifts of stock and foreign revenue the times complains that Trump is making many overseas licensing deals in countries with authoritarian Leaning leaders or thirty job or thorny geopolitics, for example, three million from the Philippines to appoint three from India. One million from Turkey. The time is operating overseas. To does business in the fish panes VS, Singapore based subsidiary, the most
Sometimes and reports as international Digital, only new subscriptions represented seventeen percent of their new subscriptions and it goes on times even claimed a two point: six million our tax deduction in twenty nineteen for foreign derived intangible income, along with five points seven million research and experimentation tax credit the times pointless. A subsidiary communist China. The Beijing should guarantee teacher during cop consulting company out dvd. Meanwhile, nine point. Eight percent of the Times company stock is controlled by a Mexican National Carlos. I'm hullo. Accordingly,. twenty twenty times proxy statement. Now, that's down from seventeen point three percent control back and twenty nineteen And still, though, he owns about ten percent of the company, the times complains that MR trumps taking the use of an airplane is a business expense. The times, though, did To four years with a plane,
the FDA tell number eighteen. Ninety six during the year that Ox Sulzberger family acquired the paper two thousand nine times company put it corporate shit up for sale in its report on trumps taxes times are shores. Readers at all, the information at Times Obtain was provided by sources with legal access to it, skirts, though the question of whether was legal for those sources to provide the information to the times over the times to publish it. Twenty six: U Dot S code, section, seven hundred and twenty one three makes it a felony willfully to disclose tax return. Information provides for the punishment of up to five years in prison and a lot of flies to federal and state employees and also the other person's. Carlos Slim and the future generation members of Ox Salzburg, your family, are making
money, selling a story that is based on information obtained from methods and sources. It refuses to disclose the paints, Mr Trumpets, some a corrupt for doing things that the Ox Salzburg or family has itself been doing for years for years. The New York's limes, live by one. What facebook things so that, Mr Barroso, I all seven article here from first things. First thing is dad come in they go through Khumalo Harris's record of Anti catholic bigotry come Allah. Harris has a deep record of anti catholic bigotry, and I want my catholic friends out there to understand this, particularly on Columbus Day, and they talk about this at length at first things, and this is a
the task today by Kenneth Craig Raft, and you can go well. This information yourself. The attack on the nights at Columbus, and she's gone after other Catholics. As a matter of fact, centre for medical progress exposed evidence that plan parenthood was illegally trafficking, organs and tissues from aboard children, then California attorney General Harris off that a raid on the arm of Sea Mps David daily done She sees the video footage Harris's office conspired replant parenthood, whatever generous political support in drafting a bill of attain or style legislation again and this is an organization, obviously that car Finally, the Euro senator possible vice and so forth, and she said
the two did a movement against the Catholic Church and has in the past and the beliefs of those who share the fates principles and other then conservative or cat. Like publications, what you seen newspapers like the Washington compost as an attack on Judge Barrett, her Catholicism and her children, that's how low some the left is, and the guy that's. The chairman the watchman compost was also the term of the Reagan Library, the sky, Fred Rhine does no policing of his newspaper in its bigotry. It's a shock to me. We'll be right back then, The association of mature american citizens is one of the first
describing organizations in America. Now over two million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a macbook Lives in and stands up for, the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk a MAC fights a full time presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and they expanding reach of the federal government and beyond But to see joining a MAC gives you access. Toy wealth of benefits in discounts include special member only rates on car insurance, travel discounts self plants and a hell of a lot more it's not enough. You'll get a max by Monthly magazine full of insightful articles on the issues that matter to most of us, we conservative as I said, I'm on a MAC member and you should be to join today at a MAC dot? U S! That's a m, a sea dot! U S
supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot? U s chairman of the Senate, Judiciary Committee Lindsey. Graham, how are you, sir? I am great after hearing heavy bear. If you watch today mark, of course, and often she was up- let me just say history of May I hope your audience understands that this is now the first woman to be nominated the court. But this fine woman is unashamedly concerned. And she should be an inspiration to all young women who are conserved. It there's a sea, table for you in our present drop from making their possible first, I thought I was sort of Asia, education, committee, hearing or health committee here-
democratic want to talk about a bomb. I care about an hour or two private interests are buried up, I'll drop, nominated and fill it more here I get it, I hate for you to get away of a good coverage, but but here's the thing Lindsey ground. We know this. There are several billowy. I don't know what the court's gonna do, but I six justice has so far who were leaning towards appalling the whole Obamacare law and if they knocked down, I don't move single senator of any party that opposes covering preexisting condition. So this is all a fan, dance with them as an ear it is you always do so if about driving a narrative anything other than her qualifications, the only thing. We didn't talk about today on the Democratic said: was her qualifications she's ever bit his qualify
Furthermore, Kagan Alito cabin arm Gothic, you name it she's ever better qualified. If anybody there be nominated Supreme Court, so there clearly using the hearing to beat trumpet Vanessa about affordable, correct and, as you say, I don't know one Republican that would do where prison pre existing conditions, but I can say this about Obamacare Mark. In my state, we started out with five choices on the exchange were down to one pregnant went up, thirty percent and here's something those who about thirty five send the money and Obamacare goes to three states. Name I'll, give you a free trade. The marble beat you Pekin aimed at her. Let me try to limit the guy. California yeah. York now hold on. This is a tough one. Illinois Massachusetts They cannot download page so here's the deal there all very generous medicate state so that twenty dupes in the bar.
elation thirty, five percent. Ninety, what do they have in common Pelosi, Schumer and Elizabeth Warren? If we did a block grant where you sent the money back the dollars that exist today, based on a for CAP reform lower! No matter where you live, you get the same contribution. Would you live in Charleston Quartier San Francisco, with the almost billion dollar increased at the state of South Carolina, my goal is to get the money back in the hands of local backers, local hospitals and hold local politicians accountable. So if you don't like the product, you can do something about it versus the beer. Gradual, never meet. His grand capacity is a blot Gran approach rather than centralizing AU pair approach. I think that's a great idea. I'm a favorite block ranch generally well yeah. It worked what welfare remember what we block granted money back and states welfare with it. they people more to have children. I went lot guess what they stop endless whereby medicate, when he left
India and other states to come up with different ways to cover preexisting admission. They do it more efficiently. So my goal is to take the money get it out of washed and put in the hands of a state officials, hold them accountable, the ballot box and allow used the consumer to have a say about we're, gonna healthcare. You you receive in fifty different ways of doing it. You'll find some state will find a way to dupe diabetes but another state, and it will spread dollar where you gonna, get better outcomes in medicine is through innovation. Delaware. You get, innovation is to empower people at the local level. I want. I want you to. Let me speak a second and want to speak to the people. The country and its people. South Carolina were all over South Carolina right. You need a real like this man, the United States Senate. He is very, very close to the press in the United States and helps Mona married of issues both publicly and private, his opponent as a radical leftist, we can't afford to lose.
South Carolina, we lose South Carolina, we lose the Senate, we lose the Senate filibuster this Supreme court. The whole kitten caboodle their pouring money into this race, Manhattan out of Hollywood, to try and knock off Lindsey, Graham and I'm telling you as a rag and conservative- and we must have Lindsey, Graham back in the United States Senate, that his opponent is Come on now, yours senator is a crackpot and and then we got to get him in there and we got to keep at the issue with Russia and all the rest of it. So if people want to help you, where do they go grandpa com, very kind of you to say that thirty seven million dollars was raised to beat me and all the money came out her South Carolina, this most money raised in the history of the United States Senate in a agreement
cycle. Why I stood up gave an arm. I was on your show, allied at thirty percent American now thought there were qualified when it was given always turn they toward the man's life tried to. I got in the way of that game plan, and- Shambley, help present trompe won or lost. I wanted to be successful. Those two things were driving this money. They hate my goods Jamie here Then they reliable both for the agenda you describe use without gonna party chairman he's associate Germany, the national
democratic Party and the bottom line here is: I need your help. Let's grab dot com, I dont me doubt raising. I just need enough to talk about the fact that the opposed gothic- listen. This mark remember the filibuster, Corsica humor near the first partisan, filibustering history, the United States Senate regarding springboard he is quoted. He trotted out bring out the cats I want it came to Cavanaugh. He wished cheering destruction of bread Cavanaugh when it came to police reform. He sounded the Nancy Pelosi, not teams, God, Damn Scots a national treasure. He started with a close the deal that will cripple the police. And finally, you think there's no difference in this election between the Republicans and Democrats. Listen to this. If Republicans keep the Senate I'm in line to be the budget chairman,
Democrats take over the Senate. Bernie Sanders will be the budget chairman and about Socialist Bernie Sanders versus lengthy, Graham that matters. So it's Linsey, grandma doktor, my Graham Dotcom, I wanna, make sure run around that dot com. Whatever you could give, would be helpful. We ve been getting a lot of I'm gonna released by members in my world, the republic well, they're gonna be outstanding, but at Blue, when this is over mark we gotTa look at how? What is that? I was a dark money. Front grew. Well, I'm telling you my friend, forty eight percent of the people giving to act Blue listed themselves unemployed, they raised three: haven't it remained dollar since Justice Ginsberg it's all low, although dollar donations, where you don't have to report, I hope somebody at the federal election today will look at this destiny. Does it passed the smell. But I'm in a fine, we're all edified we're gonna win this race and fat guy. You said something that people
They do realize Ronald Reagan was an inspiration. One reasons summary. Public and I entered the air force and nineteen. Eighty two went to Germany. but when he sat right and gave a twenty percent, they re. That's it. I like this guy, but Donald Trump is Ronald Reagan, plus Viti Barnum. When you mix the two, you got trapped, Our I'd, Senator Graham Levant Nights, come on. Let's up the senator, we gonna win the sea and many others. God bless you, sir, we'll be right back, we're gonna get em. The association and mature american citizens is one of the facts. describing organizations in America. Now over, two million conservative members strong and I'm one of them a macbook, In and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about, more than talk a MAC fights a full
time presence in Washington? A MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and they expanding reach of the federal government and beyond but to see joining a MAC gives you access, toy wealth benefits and discounts, including special member. Only rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone it's a hell of a lot more it's not enough, you'll get a max by monthly magazine full of insightful articles on the issues that matters to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm on a MAC member and you should be to join today at AIM Acta. U S! That's a. I see that you s, stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a seed dot. U S more for them
a voice of America dialing now every seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one. Joe Biden today, I'm not sure what he's running for again go ahead. You know we have to come gather. That's why running around as a proud Democrat for the Senate. He is oh, what is it keep doing that MR producer? He sharp as attack We have a wonderful guess: Matt, and dale running for the House Montana at large. It's a big damn district, all state, that's a big stick! Mad, how are you my friend, going out there tonight. How are you doing I'm doing great? It was a pleasure for me Julie, to meet you and tell her about your race. You now
going well. Our raises Roy close up here. Unfortunately, people had the perception that Montana deep Red, like wiring, but we're not gonna big ball tomato soup, with a couple of huge blueberries dropped in there that make it difficult, were inserted like myself to go ahead and achieve victory, but were were keeping a close. We ve been able to maintain a bus all consistently in the polls for about sixty days. Unfortunately, that has certainly attracted the attention of Nancy Blowsy. Indeed, ass, the Democrats so, while they're going to dump and have already committed to spend several million in about three million dollars in the remaining three weeks mark I'm going to work harder and, with everybody's help we're going to we're going to get this thing across the finish line.
In our met not that this helps you but every candidate I bring on here where the running for the house of the sentence being out spent. It is an amazing thing how much money the Democrats were able to raise whether pretend to be for the little people they as most of the money from both coasts and from honestly wealthy individuals were willing to put their money on the line for power and I'm a little troubled by the republic. billionaires. I don't see how many of them stepping up some do, but most are not in order to try help save country. You know you gotta go blow for blow again people, like Soros and styrene and so forth, and so on, but in any Montana. Tell us about your opponent, lands. She is absolutely a radical liberal from check this out. Barclay gallop warn, see, was educated in Berkeley born in San Francisco and she's trying to play
in the middle of the road I get along with every body Democrat and nothing could be further from the truth. I served with this woman in Montana legislate. And we were both their in eleven thirteen and fifteen, so you can look at our vote on the same subject. Side by side, piano, Ray Gibson, F rating beyond all right. Give me in a rating
The mines Hannah shooting sports associations are local organizations, give her an app rating. Give me in a rating. She was so poor one tax policy or regulatory policy that even the Montana Chamber of Commerce raised her with ass, as they were rating me with with a champion a business voting me as a champion of business. She's, already voted against one billion dollars in tax relief for the hard working people across our state and has said that if she was elected immediately, she would vote to repeal or sunset the tax cuts and job that which would place a two to three thousand dollar tax increase on every family across to stay because he called it a revenue give away. People are sending their tax dollars the Washington and and try to limit the amount of
sending to Washington and she call that a revenue How does a person like this get elected in Montana, you're right? It's gone, ten as a marginal stated away, but she so right Is it because all the money they spend on these buying? These adds to indoctrinate and to lie and the same thing that that every republican runs in your nationwide comply media. They will not expose her for what she truly S. Image Now people want to help. You got ya, gotta good. If we people like Bagua, then after helping out to evangelize? Well, listen, it's very, very important in Montana and the rest of the country that we remove Nancy below You from the house, representatives are bringing loses country now. If people want to help you met, that is people in your stay
one a volunteer in the last few weeks or people all over the country want to support you, because your votes affect all of us. Why should they go mad for montana dot com that match at O r montana dot com and they can get information or may they can get information or mother worked at dawn and they can get information on how to giving contact with us so that we can get them to help us with phone calls and Andorra knocking, and they certainly can help
was with our contribution now or Montana. That can give us a little bit information on your background about business may mark. I didn't like it in the public service. Until about nine years ago, I was in real estate development. Brokerage management took a little one off its operation. It was a mom and pop operation, my mom and pop, and basically with five agents. Sire was instrumental in the building that into a or office sixty five agent, multimillion dollar firm data for about twenty years came out. The Montana, with my wife
Saunders and settled in on a ranch in the eastern part of the state, where not many people are water cows, lotta horses. I did that for about eight years the community got together, they elected me as president of the Agora says, the Asian they elect him is present in the Parish Council, very active in the catholic church, and then they You know we really see that you got a lot of skills, your utilizing and they got me to run for the legislature and send from there. I found myself quickly taking me The ship roles, and what I also found Mark, was that most of the problems that we dealt with in the legislature didn't originate and Helena they certainly didn't originated land. I Montana Population, forty five hundred, they originated in Washington D C,
Basically, I become tired of fighting the fires, rob too far away to it's time to go right in and start trying to support some of these things. Washington are, let's see if we can have man who will help us if he gets to Washington. This is a very winnable see its Matt rose. They are by the way it's Matt for Montana. Dotcom MAC for Montana is very simple. To spell Matt for Montana, Dotcom he's one of the kind, if we really want to help these in a district. We can really win, and God forbid Montana, if Donald Trump doesn't win, because they will make mincemeat that state. You know these these people from my Wilmington in San Francisco and queens. They don't quite get Montana and all map, not, I doubt not adopt whitlocke mark. We ve been social, different thing here.
since eighteen, we just want to keep it. That way. Just gonna do little more socialist, distancing and then you'll be all right. Now, my friend, God bless you mad for montana dot com. You can check. Mark Levin Facebook choose me Mark Levin, Show Facebook Mark Levin show parlour mark. Levin show twitter. If he can help man, let's help amount. Matt, God bless. Take care yourself. Thank you! So much more gripe bullshit. You bet, and we met matter terrific, terrific, I gotTa Moses, North Bergen, New Jersey, the great W Abc Moses Duncombe undergo did we Moses, Mr Brittan, already low market. It yeah go ahead, Moses right migrate. To talk to you again, my friend, but the one thing I wanted to talk about which, despite the income, growing needs of doktor, foggy, bigger. I guess we lost Moses. I guess what
Another sorry, Moses, Fred, sought likes Utah. exam satellite go on here. Let me refresh this. This is becoming a mess here. How one second David in Milton Delaware Kind, are home to watch I run or for the Senate, we're in a red part of his fate mark word them his back yard, but you don't know where he is. What does it matter? I just want before I start. I spent fifty dollars windy, not only because the euro from fellow her, not only because the cabin all, but if we don't keep defended this whole Russians. those away our anger when I write that yeah yeah anyway, what I want. The appalling is absolute nonsense and by the way I said we have to elect ever republican. You know, normally I say no way now. I'm saying yes way
Because everything is on the line, go ahead, wholly is nonsense. These days- and all you have to do is ask yourself what the heck is answering calls from numbers. They don't recognize any more. Do you certainly not us no and marketed. Never, there's never been a better time to read. Animal farm is really you get. Some additions are only about seventy pages, so even liberals can read it and the pigs. They chose the geese to spread their propaganda, not because there were more them because they squawked elaborate and because they were among the stupid. If the animals in the media give today or so stupid became means of bringing or who are mixed up their squawking pointed to try to force well the problem we have now. We ve never had a media like this before so thoroughly corrupt, it's always been level, but that they always try to pretend that they were unbiased and in summer. But now there fully out of the closet they ve embrace wits,
Public Journalism, Rick Community Journalism, it's pushed by a bunch of leftists like this guy, a professor Jay Rosen and others that I've written about and on freedom of the press. Tonight idiot logical approach to news. It's not enough to report the news, you got a push, these social LE activism ass banks of really started with John Dewey when it comes the closure, and now it started before Providence, we started with gianduja progressive and it is Bread and other areas of our society anyway go ahead. That's all I'd rather appreciate call, let's keep go and Tom Glenn DORA, Caliph, Were you eight? Seventy, the answer, the great k, our allay our you very good, work is an honour to be on the air with you one Greatest patriots trying to save this country, time of dire need. God bless you, Martin, you to my friend. Well, thank you. I wish we retire
conservative instructor from cows, long beach and I didn't get one bit of help from the endangered species act like I did mention what. Gotta clash class one of the first things, I would say every day is whatever you think of politics, this the best nation in the world it based on God in God, given rights and Unita, depend your freedom, because it agile and will lose it and how I was- and I didn't think it would be this soon. That would be. We would be facing such a grave crisis and my com arc. education, we talk about saving the country, the huge danger we flags that was seeing the horrible attacks on it is he headed monster in our school system. I know you well aware of it number one is the vile history book. It's been
Public shows for forty years and nineteen eighty hours in discovering people's health the USA, which yet noxious great country Two is what you've referred to and is now taking deep root. It's cancerous evil roots are getting deeper. The vile one thousand six hundred and nineteen project from the New York slime with says that we are just as a nation of white, evil devil racist murderers, Tori, which Donald Trump as addressed and tried to ply lead, while away, perhaps critical way, scary, which says again that it provides under diversity at them. power. Wash it again says that he's right, you wrapped. I got to run so I got a heartbreak. You wrapped it up very, very well time, we'll be right back MAC. The association and mature american citizens is one of the fastest
organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a macbook in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk a MAC fights a full time. presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and they expanding reach of the federal government and beyond, but to see joining a MAC gives you access toy wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member. Only rates on car insurance, travel discounts, self plants and a hell of a lot more and if that's not enough, you'll get max by Monthly magazine full of insightful articles on the issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm on a MAC member and you should be to join today at aim. Acta? U S! That's a m! A sea dot! U S
stop. Supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot. U S! you know it's true, bear the israeli Jews camp, in this election sixty three. three percent of Israelis prefer the re election of Donald Trump eighteen point: eight percent prefer bag. It's almost say reversal here in this country It's one thing to live in. Neighbourhoods and so forth. And and be a leftist, If you dont like what's going on, you can move, move the Florida lived somewhere out and then continued about, like left wing Democrats
It's not only Jews, it's Catholics of it everybody, but you see it is real, there's no moving their surround it and they appreciate this president. I appreciate this present too bad. They can't vote in our election. And everybody else seems to be working in our election, so that peace- I was telling you about. Let's see if I can find it again here it is the Jerusalem Post. find the article a new poll published by twenty four news deducted by direct falls. Research found sixty three point three percent of Israelis prefer the re election of encumber you as President Trump compared eighteen point: eight percent who perform who prefer former vice President Democrat Challenger, Joe Biden,. and the respondents indicated that they believe a majority will be a better president for the state.
These are a minority of Israeli said the same about Biden, let's see here well anyway, It truly is a remarkable thing is the truly is remarkable thing: Donald Trump has been the best friend in the oval office that Israel has ever had ever Simon, close and even in our own countries, issued executive order against Anti Semitism to protect your students on our college campuses. Given the growth of the baby S, Movement and the effects on immigration in our country and a lack of assimilation, and try and turn them into run anti semite anybody's. He spent a fantastic president. Her for Israel and for Jews has he's been a fantastic present. for really all minorities in this country, as well as the majority in this think about it.
Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency person out all our heroes. Thank you. and we will see you tomorrow right here. Don't forget your the Thomas pain here. The pole there. We need you to get five or ten people to vote. If we all that we went big see you tomorrow from the westward one podcast network.
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