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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Brian Mudd from WJNO fills in. Senator Elizabeth Warren released DNA results showing distant Native American ancestry. However as that news was fact-checked it was revealed that Warren’s DNA was less than one percent Native American prompting the Cherokee Nation's Secretary of State, Chuck Hoskins Jr. to say her claims are inappropriate and wrong. Meanwhile, every step of her career path was attained by this fraud as she held herself out to be a minority early on in her academic career. Then, Medicare For All is a fraud for the Democrats to push a total takeover of healthcare that will turn this country into Venezuela. Despite the 92% negative coverage of the Trump administration, his approval rating is outperforming President Obama by about 3 points at this same point in his Presidency. But how often do you, or will you hear this? Afterwards, Saudi Arabia continues to elude the press regarding their knowledge of the missing Turkish journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. Now you can't make this script up. You can make this threat. People talk about Donald Trump and unforced AIRS gal. You can't make this stuff Elizabeth warhead affectionately. Referred to as the bad Boca harness you want to talk about stepping in and way that is spectacular, Donald Trump at its worst not manage to do what is it but worn, has done to herself inside of about twenty four hours.
Is your southward. A friend a bride mud do a morning show W Gino in West Bobby. I doing midmorning show W I o D in Miami, and occasionally, I think, when they are, I kind of desperate for somebody or people on tv. Fox news will get around to doing Fourth, mainly the BBC and its other with them. Last week on the mid term elections- and I was great- I actually it was kind of waiting for the moment like I'll, give anything legal try once and I was waiting for them too. I did did try. They get me monopoly actually has a good experience, so a b c world special on the mid term elections that was actually want to fund. Now we are three to wait three weeks today. Twenty one days from the general election in the entertainment, its endless, hits absolutely endless. Elizabeth worn poke honest about one. You take a look at test, CNN Headliner, Elizabeth, worn released
this test withdrawn evidence of ancestry now and the series of events unfolded. Yesterday you had the Boston Globe that I believe was the first, the kind of lose their gourd over. These two orders a task. She really is a native American and I dont think they actually ended up early. And the whole thing they simply to wow shoes. She's got evidence about the boss, a globe even miscalculated family, only by a factor of about a thousand. How much made of blood she may have in her, but they won't daily what's wrong with it is CNN Moran with the two years a nicer promissory, there's yesterday, Senator Elizabeth Worn, has released the result of a dna analysis showing she has distant made of Amerika.
Ancestry and an apparent attempt to pre empt further questions and attacks shouldn't she run for president in twenty twenty or in first place scrutiny for her purported, of american heritage during her twenty twelve zero rates, but President Donald Trump has revived and amplify the controversy. See eyes worn as a possible rival frequently marking or the name Pocahontas, but Warren as now documented in and obtain documents, a beggar per family law and malice of her genetic data performed by Carlos boost the Monti of their name to right, Mr Monti, the name of credibility, a professor of Jeanette, that's damper and an adviser to ancestry and twenty three in me and a roll out video about warns here it's the Massachusetts Democrat, as sitting behind a laptop as she calls boost the Monti. Now the President
To call my mom a liar, worn asked him. What do the fact say a boost? The Monti responds the suggests that you absolutely have a native american ancestor in your pedigree. Isn't that the way the humans talk to one another by the way pedigree? Is that what were usually like talking about a breed of an animal? Not this is happy it just. I have never in in the context of conversation weathers in my family or with somebody else in talking about their ancestry, you're, you're pedigree. You tell me about your your pedigree, so anyway boost Monti talks of her pedigree. Warrant and show nodding boost demand days for report now posted on warns website along other supporting documents in interviews detailing her background. According to the report on this Just kind of a minor detail here, the majority.
The horns, identifiable ancestry, is european O. However, the report does, however, the analysis also identified five genetic segments, as native American in origin at high costs, thence boost the Montes analysis, places warrants native american ancestor between six and ten generations ago, HU, the report estimating eight generations. Ok. So let's take a look at something here. This is where the bosses open there. There, man, really got off track by the way really got off track, trying to figure out the six to ten generations. Okay. So, if made there was a little bit of native american thing going on that say. Eight durations ago, while without equal here and the answer. Elizabeth Warren, as it turns out, is more
a white, then Whitey wives, could perhaps you and me. That is what the experts have actually been able to find here. They dug into the report on our website whoops. Now, all throughout the course of the day I have heard from my friends, the labs here in cell, for as I've been talking about this and be noise continues to be allowed out there and social media. Adding it is fascinating. North of knowledge on this particular subject? Et seemingly the average leftist wanna be socialist, actually huh is about Elizabeth warn the cavalry The question is: why is it? Why is it that this even an issue. Well, the first thing happened to me: made one again. Cheek areas was rodeo. Nobody too.
Go out there and get all actually present interim. Did President Trump did in fact, do you have cut three ready to cover Paul got this think of it. Think of it she of the great tribal heritage. What tribe is it? Let me think about that. One she's baser life on being a minority They always want me to apologize for saying it. Why don't I I apologise values tonight, Bogart as apologise to you. Do you. I apologise to the Hague programme. Is I wanna buy now is causing a problem. You know that names going because now even the liberals
test take, it has very golgi, took their tears, be always entertaining in Russia, Thomas J Trump. Presently I'd states a rally back in July. She took the test. She's, the one who put it back out there? Maybe you you have to wonder you think that the President prompted her like that. You think she's gonna take the tests and then you your finger. She supposed to be Ivy League educated right when you actually, I try to figure out exactly the results of your test would mean before you go out there and say yeah, you know I ma am jerking here it is and then there's brcko actually know you are wider than the average white book here in the United States to same oh by the way, but now as in the best smack down a ball now and in the grand scheme of of entertainment and the full fledged w w e version. Can it smack down here back,
aim from none other than the chair key nation Secretary of State Chuck, asking junior. This was the statement that he put out yesterday quote crying DNA. Do not even distinguish whether a person's ancestors were indigenous to north ores. America, sovereign, viable nation, set their own legal requirements for citizenship and wild dna tests can be used to determine lineage such as paternity to an individual. It's not evidence for tribal affiliation, oh by the way, Using a dna tests to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely is inappropriate and wrong. It makes a mockery out of dna. And its legitimate uses, while also desiring legitimate tribal govern. It's an their citizens, whose ancestors our way
documented and whose heritages proven set at our worn, is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage once again, boom goes the dynamite and the questions you can have the the present. The United States referred to Elizabeth, worn. A bad book on us, as he might say, as a fraud, but really all you have to do this in these secretary of the chair, key nation, that she claims that the import of who calls for re fraud, oh by the way details. You know these things so part of the liberal argument,
that I have heard of answers today is well I mean what difference. Does it make any way? Interim sacks returns? Ok, let's talk about the need to act, return thing roadway, so let's say that out worse, you think I got somethin untried, transacts returns. Here's a person who lies literally about who she is and always has, and the problem is for folks who sent while I mean, but who did it hurt? Oh, but it wasn't, it wasn't a victim of a crime. There have been problems here as a matter of fact, she's use it every step of the way to gain and if in law school to gain career benefit to identifying as a minority. Now, somewhere there is someone who was supposed to obtain the type of benefit that the bad Pocahontas received by virtue of her using her bow indian status to obtain financial
efforts to obtain status, to obtain a position and a programme that she would have otherwise a tape, every step of her career path was a fraud was a fraud. So, yes, there are. Dump the people than never had the opportunities, and for that matter, what are the odds men had she never had those opportunities by virtue of her fraud committed against all these institutions. What are the odds as she would have been in the past? to become a United States, Senator in the first place to side stories, one side effects again, the president. It calls her be bad book on ass. He calls her fraud, but when the Secretary of the Cherokee nation does you know, going straight to the source Bisbee I might I'm in or the great
Ben, million is leading people, Massachusetts and the american people in saying that she had claimed now waste. We know there's no real, conclusive proof that she has native american identity, but I guess I just deal B. But I guess I just deal B. Public, and also known as cannon fodder in the Massachusetts generates? What happened? What happened? to choose its once upon a time. Not all that long ago there were some semblance of private to Elizabeth Warrant a and at this point I hears the question. Jeff deal the Republican in this race, has been dragging on average somewhere in the neighborhood about twenty five points. Any chance badly fires enough to move the needle even reasonably Jeff I ended up call.
Today on Elizabeth warranted drop out on back of her being built, on us in her entire test backfiring on her quite spectacularly, but you take a look and I mean it reject anything on to be good folks with questionable, Voting Habits in Massachusetts right now, but had taken to get at New Jersey. We gotta senator meant, as he is still in the poor. What happened? What does it take? You actually have to be inside a jail cell before you will not be voting or if your demographic, Massachusetts or or Jersey, or what happened people come on now I gotta Some sense left in there somewhere so anyway, Jeff deal regarding just and gay, because for many I including pension, Maybe some folks, a Massachusetts might be the first time you have even heard the guy's name, but he's try and give him credit. By the way I'm blind might inform Markov any gets me add Brian, radio and talking about the
the president has had on back of Elizabeth warned. Draw out of her test, proving that those high cheekbone she talked about really had something to it. President? Now? Twenty today's, a poker harness the bad version? sometimes referred to as Elizabeth worn it's getting slammed? She took a bogus dna as an showed that she may be one and one thousand and twenty for Indian is what is referring to them far less than the average American. Now Ricky nation denies her dna test. His ears Even they don't want her bony containing Yolanda there. He had a lot of homes. Where is he now her. Claims are being indian of an indian heritage, have turned out to be a scam in a lie. Worn, should apologise for perpetuating this fraud against the American Public Harvard called her a person of color amazing con. There were none
they can her. Otherwise and again, this year, The important point here we're talking about Let's be warned you not just oh it's another politician line, it's not that number one is. A lie. It is a fraud, but she has kept up her entire adult life but secondly, it's not a victim was situation. She committed fraud for personal gain, every single step of the way educationally, professionally Shiva Winner, because a couple epsilon her career path. These Billig institutions, and I If I her as caucasian made sure that she was always referred to and had it would have a change that she will native american or a person of color. They say ITALY seriously, but in the present is still as done he's a bag you to the cheer nation
for revealing that Elizabeth, worn sometime, if arduous Pocahontas just see him in and hear him say that to king is a complete in total fraud and again now not to listen to me? we'll have to listen to the pressing, and I say to all you have to do. Take it straight from the tribe. He claims to be part of the tough coming up. I heard a rally back from that one the way the the present in terms a tweet holy cow, yet all kinds of moments today, moments in with their story, Daniels now to be for two hours. I guess horse face that that happened today, but we have a bunch of others have obviously been going on in the news, including the saudi arabian situation, will be discussing that a little bit later in the show we have the. Oh by the way, Honduran Caravan part. Whenever this is three point, oh is on its way here This was a really cool thing. President. Twenty now united
days has strongly inform the President of Honduras, but if the large, prevent people heading to the. U S is not stopped and brought back to endorse no more money aid will be given to Honduras Effective immediately. Well, thank you so one day I never understood about foreign. Why is it we give foreign aid to countries escrow us over and over and over the case my nurse were given billion and have books per year. Ahead we gave a billion and bugs out the honduran government, for so they take it and then send our people out to try to cross our borders unreal but presents paid attention and if he does so, the ape step one to recovery when you're being victimize, I am very much the gray one Margo them
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Levin and another patriot and unapologetic constitutional? Lest you can reach him at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one Medicare for all is a total lie. The Democrats a total take over of healthcare, and I will tell you, will be the worst thing that ever happened to you and your family I see and humor and Bernie thereon Pushing to get this done, you'll have to double at even Tripoli. Taxes and that will be enough to pay for its going be a disaster for our country. It'll turn our country into a Venezuela, but that actually happen, because I will never let it happen- something else that she's got a great about Donald Trump and preserve the United States in Africa. South, like deferent bush, didn't want to get that from anybody else. This test ray
trial with right. There embalm there was present rumpling out a video about the fraud that is Medicare, we're all. In fact, when I was last with you Friday night, we were talking about the fraud that is Medicare for all its largest Pocahontas. That's a fraud Medicare for all which he is also pushing for is abroad, Bernie its of odd Andrew Guillaume need for governor in Florida on a platform of attempting to each the President and Medicare all it's a fine entity happened amiss and our conversation brought a here's, the readers age as version right now, you got
ten percent of the. U S, population on Medicare, fifteen percent are doing, but how many people pay into your organ? Ok, your pain into it now fifteen percent, who, on it everybody workin pain into it and we are set for insolvency in eight years, eight years, twenty twenty six and by the way that our main talking so does gonna kooky right wing math from firms that comes from the trusty Trusty Amanda care busy after they are not so horrible characterise pass, and you have the Democrats that diverted Medicare money we went from seeing now. Medicare begin insolvency and twenty thirties too. Well, twenty twenty six thorgest eight years away from Medicare saying: oh yeah, you know one nine percent benefits year.
I'm gonna go way and it gets worse from there. Now you have to present. The United States has not brought a prey to say it's a fine, so for all the people that go gang, you know I was just over their smokin. Some dope and Elizabeth warrants big, not a sense right now. For that person a make sure they dont vote. If you can help it. Because we should not have a everybody else. I've I may get off on to answer our questions. I went there you, you got all the peers, this time a year in MBA cycles, always drive me crazy. You you have. The deepwater die type appears Acer out there, everybody should vote. I vow you bout, we vote all crab. Every election has consequences from local,
since especially local elections, all the way through obviously too, and will president in the last thing I want the dope smoke and uninformed people making decisions bats. Have we got in this mass turning away? Friends, don't let friend, said, smoke grab NGO, you know Lisbon, wars begging, laws that they don't, then all encourage them to register devotes. I'm saying I I want, as few ignorant people voting as possible to invest by public service announcement and I'm not afraid to say you're just sometimes because it one thing they can be very careful about in radio, even if their advertised, is that you don't endorse it. You can't come home of em man. I must heard Antonia these things are out there ball, stinkin, crap, now of euro. Listening to this show good chance, I want you, who I sort of unbowed on election day.
But now for you you're an unlikely. You know that the station plain now. Taylor Swift right now now probably don't want that person. Body she's gone loud, had Taylor Swift, making a lot of political sense right now, oh by the way my tackle had coming up in the third, our the show today, Funny thing about how ignorant Taylor Swift actually is about Tennessee politics and help make her Tennessee values are a vacuum. I say that Taylor, Swift, Tennessee values or about as fake as I dont know, Elisabeth warns native american routes, but I digress because I was telling you about the Medicare for all fraud. Again, fifteen percent of people on it, everybody workin pain into it. What do you think happens if we
your percent of people on it how's that work, since this thing already doesn't work in twenty twenty six. Any questions I mean that's just kind of stuck on stupid. If you travel down that rabbit hole- and I don't I've- never smoked anything, so I wouldn't know, but I'm guessing there's not enough dope in the world to have that math makes sense. Anyway, let's go to Joshua in D C b, great w in a l, go hey. I do in return collar like hamlet and around twenty zero biology didn't. I know it appeared that genetic, as you said, you know of it in a thousand. Twenty fourth,
native American. If we're conservative she's like one two hundred fifty six native American, I mean I'm probably one thousand twenty fourth of like every race that there is, unlike that, the thing that really frustrate near the and the young. The unthinking person is. Why can't use part make their careers based on their own merit on their own talent on their own with them or their connection with the people and how to solve issues of it, pretty annoying God that this is the first time you ve gone through him amen brother, MRS one of my mild I've ever calls. Quite twenty one years, adieu and radio. This is a moment that makes my heart sank, your twenty two, You're in science and you're in wash in ten and you're making political sense.
That happen in an do, you have any friends. I do a pointer friends were there the more revolution, but I have to get a lot of credit and my parents, you will hear about, though orderly and not just her first rate, you even more forward pedigree is actually like a political term that we use in genetics and because the people dont really see the difference between animals and people saying grow very pedigree for people and animals reminds me of said song, you and me baby in Athens mammal anyway odd that amazing Josh, I mean really long, live you and spread your wisdom to as many people as possible or knows we could use at their great call Greco our rights go to Peter in Illinois, Peter I I did it tough act to follow. So you you ve, got a up. Your game
I was of a pretty impressive call their well when you were talking about the brain disorders are Massachusetts. You have to remember that these are the same people, who, after TAT, he left a woman to drown in the bottom, a Chappaquiddick Aquatic reelected him six times back to the United States Senate you raised a very important and interesting point. In fact, the only thing that I did get caught disqualified problem, well, ultimately, his presidential bed at that point you're. Add to your right if you can ultimately get away with Chappaquiddick and you still get reelected Massachusetts Ah, you know I d, I defer the. That is that that is an excellent point which, by the way, did that whole thing in the end, its fascinated by the way, every now and then because of the last named people, will think that, because I'm in broadcasting I am directly related to the person who helped break that story. One Roger might back then, and I am not I
somewhere in the very outer or not. In a bar genetics, genetic pedigree, you might say there would be some overlap, but actually much more aligned with infamy there. Very is one infamous member of it. The family that I am directly related to and that would be Doktor Samuel, but who baby There was one of the conspirators The assassination of Lincoln he was the doktor, actually fix, booths leg and end up having a whole can interesting, be aware. He went to the tried tortugas and that's the story for different day but anyway, Is my relation not Roger Mud who broke Chappaquiddick which, by the way, it's kind of interesting, but people thought after that arrive or must be the best way, Publican guys now my best, I know to this day he's still a Democrat, it's just that he was doing his job. Imagine bad begging actually had some people in the news business that did their job gotta, like you know yet.
Kennedy. I was running against Carter, their captain peanut girlfriend you, because that was my nickname- bore him in in Georgia by the way, I'm from we Atlanta, so I nickname was always captain parities like they have. Sometimes you favorite it from many years ago was remember the mounds and on enjoy commercials. Sometimes you really cannot bag. I gotta some parties like I have? Sometimes you feel it cannot? Sometimes you are in and plenty of Jimmy Carter Isms they could throw em they're so anyway, just as an aside yes, I declared the path for Jimmy Carter too. When the nomination again for the Democrats and get his but whipped by one Ronald Reagan, so fast Italy's was happily ever after for the country not so heavily up ever after four Massachusetts or for the United States Senate. Because to your point, he continued to win time after time after time right how so coupled exam when we are taken in three weeks away from election day that there is a lot to keep in perspective and one of the things that I
frequently point out, you have heard me anywhere along the way you ve probably heard me say things like they are two sides to stories. Are one side to facts tend to be pretty yeah particular about the facts you don't get his kind alike in our work on having a conversation about you, the native American Elizabeth, worn because while you're not right, so you can't you would dead. There would embrace a false premise, which then takes me to the premise of the premise of anything is false than anything built upon. It is as last Friday, I introduce these sliding scale of morality, which means that people always wonder how it is, you'll have somebody who, under best day, seems like a pretty good person and etc, the way while they really are awful in their stabbing you in the back in their line and in that's because you have some people that have a moral compass that is stronger than others. You know
let's say that on our best day or night, out of one to ten ten being perfect, which none of us are what's your name even on a bad day, you probably and be worse than a five. Therefore, when you're at your weakest We're not gonna go out of your way to hurt somebody else for your own personal benefit. Well, then you bring into it something like. Oh, I don't know, Elizabeth worn. Barely clearly on the sliding scale Brownie one of Elizabeth, worn, pretty amoral person because she is willing to hurt somebody such as that she's one to commit fraud. It's that she is willing to hurt somebody for personal gain and once again, not a victimised court cry because somewhere many times over all throughout her academic career we're her professional career, leading up to the time that she was a United States senator she took these sought of an actual native American? So somebody did get hurt. It's pretty moral on the sliding scale of morality. That is the willingness to hurt somebody
or your own personal benefit, so put it all together to size the stories one side effects the premise in deciding scale, morality we alternately get is that yes, Elizabeth worn, sometimes referred to was Pocahontas is a bad person who is pretty a moral and again two sides. The stories on side effects, if you wanna be the person who defends taking this lot of an actual native American and you can justify that will bring it on we'll have a conversation who can also talk to the turkish nation as well, because they have a few things to say about it. We'll get day the conversation non bright mud in for the great one mark Van
You're learning, Michael Bloomberg might be run as good as it could be we show is ninety nine. On the issue of what. Get through the Democrats. And those who in Vila do anything in the primary making where the parties going. I think I think the Democrats will eat em up. You know you have a lot of we're running. You have my names, it are shockingly bed, but their nasty was the press We trust rig, and just a little while ago, a box business. They covered all kinds of territory in a path in a couple of clothes, then made news and the like which was about the bad saying that there are the biggest threat to the economy.
So if you see people get hysterical about that, I did happen during that particular interview. But something has happened over the last several days. That made go ahead. Do something a little bit early. I wouldn't usually because until after the general election one because it is part of annoying to me- it's like the point which will not even in two September. And you go into the store in the hallway stuff is all run up against the Christmas like seriously and are now little space or distance not necessary. Not yet right can we not get through the midterm election before it's about twenty twenty, a mysterious about, because you have really did twenty twenty election that started during the Cavanaugh hearings, because remember The only reason we have Spartacus was because of twenty twenty outbreak, Abner palaces
mom. It always is highly Spartacus moment right, is- is fifteen minutes of pontificated. I'm lecturing I may have a quarry bucker Spartacus, who went to Iowa imagine what that's like by the way you imagine someone I Corey Booker marching into Iowa, I mean did the first thing is just think about how much your This leftist loathe sense. Indeed, these Singapore, the kind of five or country rule ninety six percent of the land Mass of the United States of America is red. You start taking a look at where the majority. That is you so you here you have Spartacus marching into Iowa to test the waters over the weekend. Me seriously:
yet the mahars holding her nose and who made in California to go to the south. She went to South Carolina just how painful that is for her and, of course, Why do we have he being test the native american ancestry tests by one report, occasionally, as Elizabeth, worn, a really bad Pocahontas. I e its ultimately because she's also running right now for twenty twenty. Now she might just taken- or so how then we shall see, although who knows, and in democratic ranks, this might be a rallying all.
Because all this is going on and you even have the president of the United States being asked about twenty twenty on a mere daily basis. I feel the need to tell you this President Donald Trump or likely be re elected area done at EU. Prop odds are he's re elected before you just sit there. No one s outspread baseless, now That is how you have anything to do with the economy is not anything to do with all the record, improving So we ve been saying here first reason why the odds are in his favour, easily I've been president running for election, so, let's start their sixty five percent of praise and who run for re election when and In order not to win you. To be as lame is captain pay not before mentioned Jimmy Carter, or you have to do something like read my lips.
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and dot com offer code Levin now run only underground. The bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader somebody's. These deals there. Some arms deals its think right now in Saudi Arabia, there having been big, it's called the Davos and the desert conference and given the news item that part of the world with the wash imposed columnist are going into the embassy in and never coming. Now I still gonna send a delicate. In its wasn't we I've later now is. Might pompiers terrific was done a great job secretary of state. With the king, great now underground, Prince literal
as we speak and we're trying to find out what went on and that will be determined. He hasn't got back to me, he's going to probably over the next couple of hours temporarily? You shall button he will be getting back to me and you ll start hearing what is happening. Turkey's looking at a very strongly we're all look and added together, but and Saudi Arabia. Looking adverse strongly ended depends whether or not the king, with a crown prince, knew about it. In my opinion, number one what happened but whether or not they knew about it. You know about it. That would be bad. Horizon details. They are details and by the way, I hope we have lots of people accounting for palm pale, because we know what can happen when you go into buildings and then you have Sally officials and then they come out and then well, not everybody who went into that building happens to them.
As an unholy alliance. We have for quite some time, and it's been was Saudi Arabia. Now, in the context of Saudi Arabia, seems like we're making allow progress made shoe wiping can drive. I may come, I'm right there, like a totally cool people. I mean just You wanna talk about who human rights of Saudi Arabia women when they contrived now might even let them get a little education means shoe And why do I use a fascinating because you have this new. Anger king, who, whose eye gallic May women's rights you may drive and you have the left- that's gonna like rallied around. They knew kings, who, like the celebrity in Hollywood, and a lot of them think he's super cool. One thing they may not think is super cool. Issuing along now little detail about Sharia LAW is evil and
when I get a little background here in Just a minute about some of it still goes on with. You and a lot of the other middle eastern governments by the way my mind. I am your sound for a friend I do a morning show W Gino in West Palm Beach. I do a midmorning shall, because you just can't get enough of me in four hours and south order, so do another one from until noon, w I o d in miami- and I it is truly an honour and a pleasure to be here any down. My I am able to join. You fill it in for the great one. More clear, then by the way you can catch me at Brian Mud, radio, on twitter, now rapid up last our I mentioned that President Tromp was likely to be real If for no other reason than he is incumbent, president running for reelection, historically sixty five percent and nearly two thirds of all come. It presents who run will win out
only what we have is presidential election. It's about the incumbent president, too. They really doesn't matter, first and foremost, whether it Spartacus or folk or whatever, and matters who and what Donald Trump is represents and what is accomplished in Europe. You have to screw up. You really have to screw up in order to be in there then president and lose if you're running for re election, I'm going come a background to this arabian thing here in a minute. So when you put this in context, you think about why? Because for folks on the left, They're just beside themselves, they can't figure out how in the world I mean I'm not your racial day. I had a lesson to pin heads around here
hours, alloy, he's he's out after the army will force is gonna, be impeach, but who will never be a real act and when people already see the mistake they may like you, you, you really just do not get it. The first thing is when you're putting that in context, we have to take a look at what it would take her someone who voted for that Does it not to vote for them? Again I mean yes, you can have new voters that come about over the course of four years and if all those new voters linked heavily in one direction, maybe just maybe you could move the needle and by a lack track at that, and I'm gonna give you a little piece of a story, I'm actually working on for my local shows here tomorrow. Just the research on this little while ago, chicken in other states, but a registration and from info you're interested to know how border has over the past couple of years since the twenty sixteen presidential election, Well, yes, afforded did break for Donald Trump beyond that at
Hence the twenty sixteen presidential election through today. There are thirty thousand your Democrats registered about thirty thousand fewer registered Democrats important over the past years, We have fifty one thousand additional Republicans registered about, oh by the way Probably not going to make the news anywhere even state side Now we do have quite a few independent set of rights about over a hundred thousand there my point being, even to the extent that we ve seen people from a point of parts. Chip registered about. Like they're all Democrats, even though you would every young person you here all the time all the young people are going to return about. Then they're, all Democrats, what we heard from Joshua twelve years old Washington, D, C, n oh last hour, whose a thoughtful conservative
to have that can happen in DC. Well again, in other places too, and oh don't be surprised, that's part of the story, a beyond it. You gotta think about what happened here, and there is a lot a lot to feel good about. First, he you take a look at the economy. We have the best economy in a generation on ever. Altered. Millennials Bob opportunity to the: U S, economy didn't know better, whether a school hearing from a bunch of Well, who didn't get in the education establishment they get out no yeah, this really does suck RO they go. I guess he's right until the end. Given an opportunity to see what the? U S economy, is capable of Gus got some open best economy in a generation, but we have to Supreme Court Justices Tax reform, the end of the affordable care acts mandate, Louis unemployment rate in forty nine years, and by the way Reckon
Oh unemployment for all demographics accept asian and white men, remember out all about the women white men in Asia meant We will only demo is there that are not a record low unemployment right out, oh by the way, but I also had the biggest increase in that take on paying in thirty two years. By the way I mentioned that a blade, unfair and I received some notes from some angry folk. Some left always happy to try to do then, but I want to make our work with one once again, because not here to get there is little bath. And it's easier than calculating the Pocahontas math. If you're, the boss and global listening. It works like this. You too, the overall salary that the average person was making last year. You take it what it is today by the way, it's pays about two point: percent base our euro per year are then you take
look at the average bonus that has been paid out so far this year, when you do that, I get you a little bit over three percent and then you take a look at the average net benefit of be tax cuts, which happened to be for the full time employed person about eighteen hundred bucks this year, you put all that together and You get six point, seven percent and complicated to size stories. One side, the facts, Israel, and by the way, in the event that you're the angry left is that goes gather. I would say they benefit for the tax got well as does you nor your employer, probably David about it, which, by the way, personally thirty in people who are in this situation, where imports They make it adjustments you'd make adjustments if you're not seen it and I'll be in so doing, you file your taxes and can go. Relations you'll have likely given the government in interest free one, but it still there because well over ninety percent of people to benefit from the new tax law, but that's all
right- I mean all that progress that I just cited. You have tat, yourself all of you voted for Donald Trump. Why would you vote against that in two years, The answer is, if anything, he probably has attracted more boats, nothing else, nor compliments and always status quo from here until twenty twenty he probably gets reelected again, sixty work on something conceptually before I give you some facts will do that successful than he is, he would still likely be re elected and twenty twenty, but here's the than ever and this is the under stated point when a work on something conceptually before I give you some facts will do that in a little bit. How often we are we talking about domestic terrorism, they about that. How often do we have atta, collides domestic
grown terrorism in the United States, wire to Donald Trump becoming President. That was a fairly regular occurrence. Wasn't now you take a look at not having up you, take a look at not having tea party in white people specifically, all these are angry white men. Men are singled out by the Obama administration as number one folks on the watch list and instead you have people that do at the profile or potential Islamic tourism that had been number one domestic land the Trump administration. Guess what doesn't make the news if they stop it before it happens, which happens a lot which happens a lot and be foreign policy. Success are not just talking about North Korea and the fact that today, We believe cat to Russia at Bay or that Syria, as
much of a mess as it is, has been dealt with about as peacefully and with as little damage the United States in our interests, as we could have hoped towards this by nine talking about all that moment, targeted The trade deals that had been worked out thus far to our The fact that are often under discussed talking about the near eradication of ISIS, but also the implications for other parts of the middle. Is now one of the amazing turned about, and all this had been Saudi Arabia. We actually have had. So Raby under the Trump Administration say that they are with us with Israel, a middle eastern country? saying there with Israel against the one. That's holy cow material, now. That's where this whole situation, where they were. You got this job. What is too, by the way you know, has a interesting history of his own. That goes into a consulate in Turkey.
We have some folks from my day these sally. Regime that enter and the hours later they leave and in our problem We not putting his foot beat up by eating bonbon, so we have a missing journals. Ok, that This whole situation gets complicated because we made progress was Saudi Arabia. But the problem is back to my I didn't scale morality if you are. Not very moral. At these started your comp ass. You can become pretty evil at the root of it and it's important to know who and what these people are, that we are still dealing with I'll bring you the rest of the story, as they lay great one would have said. I'm gonna bring it back up here, on the other side, ambrosch mud in four, be great Ben,
We walked into that building and there's no video of him walking out so either he still in there somewhere or he's dead That's really the only explanation for that. There was video of him leaving the facility, I think common sense cuz. He just got out he's with a producer who did it how they did it? I think we have to assume the worst and we'll see brace hoard, Marco Rubio, candle name it out so where's water or, as we all know, friend, formerly known as Jamal Society, our eye. So as this situation plays out laid, the groundwork by Zayn, probably the greatest accomplishment of all of the Trump Administration is actually the one we think about the least they today because we're not going with the problems every day we
in the benefit of the economy. We got in front of us, but we cannot forget that yeah. You know what we did. You two have all those domestic radicalized terrorist. All the time we haven't had this problems of light by dilemma. Superstitious matrona jinx anybody here, but guess what does it mean that they don't happen around the world are referenced Sharia law? We have some problems here. There was real education that I undertook. After we went into Iraq, Syria, I went along with the near that hey, you know what I mean Afghanistan's guitar, yeah some have been one but We know that we know that we get back
They are set on who same bad dude. If he goes down, I mainly added that that makes sense in the people if they could be free there, and I want to be free, not understanding, of the complications. So once things and work out exactly the way that we all hoped and were to believe that they would. I decided I was gonna, go straight to the source and read the Koran starts out by the way Give you the waiters digest if you're not familiar starts our colleague, sunshine alone. Option by the end yeah it's kind of like hey. If you don't see the world why we do I e you die and by whatever means necessary, the groundwork, ultimately, the groundwork under Sharia. Now you have is one practice, obviously many different sex, some of which are positive, but Sri as not tree law in all
forms is evil and by the way, if you want to argue this realise not evil again, I guess you can. But then you have to make the case that women are subservient to two men, that if a woman is ripe, for example, she should still be stoned to death because she had sex with the rapists having just details, you know that if your homosexual, that's why I was like about the left come on. Don't understand, realer for you lefties! If you are a homosexual guess what he gets down because your home sexual or you know these two easy? They they just got. I sometimes it I'll get the whole formal, stoning thing together. They they just Topshop buildings or whatever, but support the problem. In us being somewhat immune. From the realities of islamic terror. We can take for granted the safety that we have day today. That is not present elsewhere in the world. A little detail for you that you
probably were not aware of how many islamic terror attacks. You think of happened that have been documented around the world so far and twenty eighteen take it out of her. Second gonna try one thousand five hundred and eighty nine, probably a bit higher than what you thought just today, for example, and Molly you had a terror attack, a woman writing her donkey blown up by islamic terrorists,. Earlier today in Afghanistan, you add or sit at the citizens that were bombed by Taliban. You probably didn't even know that yesterday, in France. You had a man attack somebody with a chisel raising our probably didn't know about that. So, even sometimes in countries like France, it doesn't get reported every year a lot more to that story, he is at the root of it and guess what there are still ten
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the president and I armaments grace continue to call for answers. You say that those responsible are held to account answers, are good guy by Israel, I've been there on the most. Serious case of Benjamin Button, but Jamal Soggy, who has gone missing two weeks ago, today, point AIDS rather obvious. Now we ve heard the rumours that have come out of Saudi Arabia too early to say it I mean like we. As a crazy thing. Yeah there's a little interrogation, and can you know I would just Joe really hated win when we examine com. I'm sorry, sorry, we won't do it again, really bad apparently, is what were eventually gonna get orally sets the rumour of what we're gonna get out of Saudi Arabia I also having the assertion Hey the king, this young and
yep king, whose thank DR now I mean come on then he like yeah when they get DR so easily that guy he'd know anything in and he's supposed to know anything where we are in this process. The way the president was even talking about that today. He said that further action, I've, no financial interests in Saudi Arabia, but he also said that he spoke with the king hey, he denies everything, denies and everything. So this is difficult. This is difficult for a lot of reasons. We don't know the exact or obviously And you have a lot of folks to a yeah. You know like shoe sanctions, not I mean I just whenever we sell euralia. The first thing is one be thankful that we are very close, very close,
to energy independence of his country. By the way did you know that we are now be world torches producer boil cat ass, having a radio, Russia us us. Great were actually pacing to get their January. We got their little bit earlier softly good about now. Because if Saudi Arabia, in the importance they had in OPEC, they decided hey. You know what we don't like you putting pressure on us. They go ahead in dramatically reduce production. You could see spike in prices. Obviously they could earthy economy bow amuse. You know what happens there. So that's one thing we gotta consider in this entire process, but once again, as you do have this new younger, hip, being in Saudi Arabia, who is like yeah women can control I may look how progressive I am and then equal rights, and all that he's on Board thus against IRAN and with Israel
we can get there in the Middle EAST. You take it for sure. That's what complicates the steel, but the problem still is mentioned reel off its evil. Wherever adds its founder, something good about it. We have had one thousand five hundred and eighty nine islamic terror attacks around the world. So far this year we have Ninety four hundred and eighty three people killed an additional ninety six hundred injured, oh by the way so islamic terrorists, alive and well. Sharia law in daddy folks had covered under it still sponsor terrorism and the least of which is Eric IRAN, but here's the problem that dirty little secret about Bree LAW in his arm in government Predominantly in the Middle EAST there still over forty of them. They carry the tenants of Sharia. Including by the way, Saudi Arabia now,
we have, it necessarily had only track record to see how long that's going to remain part of their government that the bigger problem, as if you're on board with Sharia, your moral compass, really socks, and if you think that you can like I kill people at will, because I know now, there are a man. They were raped or your homosexual. What else are we willing to do like this journalist thing, for example, so that where this becomes tangled web. So it's it's easier quarterback. This thing it's much difference it to be pragmatic with Eric, That's a lie with the sea where this Argos, let's go to ice age in Washington, Isaac, go hey Brian, how Aria decorate all goody I was talking to your call. Screener spoke a hundred sorrier. I think that the lady is trying to make research.
Herself seem like a minority to get people just like her hand. I was gonna him you. I think that these people were the democratic trying to do basically turn this country into Mexico or or even Venezuela. I'm someone I am here in the United States under the Daca programme, and it's I think it I think it really succeed. You know that these people have the nerve to chile put themselves make themselves, look like all were won the war on you guys just trying to get sympathy from anybody in anybody who actually Had the item have you been here Isaac I have been here since I was about eight years, ok and now, how would you now or price my right now, I'm vertically,
your view of the United States as a child in an adolescent tee to today when it what's changed. In what your perspective, you know what I'm like an ethnic and recommend. We raised our good people, know about people. I've had good experiences and really bad ones too, but overall, what what people have in this country is a limit to favour. The prevalent the everything that people have in this country. A lot of that Malta is not everybody in the Democratic party takes it for granted. You know it exists to me it's frustrating, because when I was a member one were imposed on them. Our president, all everybody all become everything all we're. Gonna leave its country. Hey Never do they always say, and they never do it
Is that one love? I would love to click my requirement, as our colleague wondered when copper next by every day, so unhappy, I'd, love to transport well, calling cavern egg is wait, making way too much money being the role of the bee, begged him, who who sacrificed everything making what, by s, made a hundred million dollars. I just but the more they would have made as a backup quarterback in the NFL. So now I mean hee hee, only has capitalize on his victim status and I appreciate that the call in the perspective you know it's interesting- southward Umbria mud, filling in from Arkell, then, by the way and Himself border the spanish means about thirty different things and people always over. Simplify it inspire the reason why the way you have a lot of votes to get for elections wrong, because You'll have some of these pulsars or analyse out there, you all say you know: hey nationally, Hispanics break ex per cent for Democrats and
they see that hey. We have a very large hispanic contingent in Fora. And they use go all those people are gonna break for Democrats at this precise well hold on Odin for just a minute you have to figure out all the different interest in all the various different groups that are here are all the caribbean islands that are represented Mexico. Yes, you do have South and Central America is also represented, one. The things I found to be most interesting, Connell I got Isaac was indicating their you're on Dhaka for many on the right, is. There are stereotypes and assumptions. For example, someone's here on Doc, I e they probably are an o bomb, a type of democratic they don't like dollar trumpery. Well, not not necessarily big misconception that way: com like hey, you know x, number Hispanics will break this way, regardless of where they're from or what their interest are. You got to get to know the people, and I found are more often than not that pee
who really sought out the United States. True immigrants Bell wanted a better life over well meanly overwhelmingly are more conservative, the not certainly socially more conservative been bid. Migrants have been in a very long time, but even in terms of economics, I mentioned earlier this out. You have a lot of the younger you have millennials, for example, are starting to have their eyes open to what this economy can do. What the United States economy is capable of Meda. They'll be bore because they became adults during the recession and then the Obama economy to now they're just turn ago. While you know things can be different I've seen it even around radio you're, with with some folks, had been here over the years. I, while you know, really can't get better yak can Same deal with a lot of Hispanics, a lot of different backgrounds,
what evokes. I want a better life if they can obtain it. They're gonna have one more that and so what we ve actually been seen increasingly, he is and towards them to the most watched districts and the country did a baby, see special on the mid term elections. They wanted to highlight six different regions of the country and they tossed up elections, as the case may be in south order. Here we have the two most heavily demo Attic districts currently represented by Republicans in the United States House, their debts twenty six and twenty seven of boredom in district twenty six. You had Hillary Clinton when in that district in twenty sixteen by sixteen points, but you had Carlos Coelho, the curtain representative, whose a republican win by five or six weeks
how does it happen now, wouldn't happen in other parts of the country right anybody there are too many people which is both to take it. If your believer Hillary Clinton, how could you vote for any republican congressional again when I was just mentioning not as a conventional as the not so what Benjamin wisdom or or wise thought would have you think, there's more to the storing. We start talking about Hispanics inimical they want a better life. And district twenty seven you have Hillary Clinton, having one that districts by twenty points, twenty points and you had the arena, Erin Alien arrives late and win that district by ten aiding. That's the difference here in that, what's important too,
break because with stereotypes to really understand some of the dynamics, many folks do not support the left in what they ve been doing. From the immigration stance in in many folks that are here on Doc. I got a disproportionate number and southward. I've talked a lot of them over the years. They might. Prize. You politically so anyway, just a little food for thought, as we are three weeks away from election day. Let's go to, Ryan. Who wants to take me to task Ryan and San Francisco? Go? a? U you mention it yeah. People who smoke potter all down or whatever now, although not educator, nice you got it came across. Stereotypes about a yes but you're you're. Here. To tell me: that's not the case, you in your body, our are on the rise, and I work my ass off by actually got a good
You know I got my crumbs back from this, They are in the land and anti points here. Exactly right and I'm on a low read up and down dig it hey brother. I am acting as look into all my city council people on me and ask work, is only twenty one days were so, why don't you go on? God bless you, other and duly noted, duly noted. I did make kind of a nasty stereotypes about the dope smokin folks in and may be how they would vote. So I M This is a really interesting shower. Having here because managed have a twin To your old biology student last hour from Washington D C, which, by the way nine b, one per cent of Washington DC votes for Democrats, and he is a thoughtful, pragmatic, conservative
and now we ve got someone who is now in the Bonn from San Francisco and he's a conservative. I mean in our move mountains and is here you're Donald Trump republican it's gonna interesting gotta go hide. I'm bright mud in for the great one March ban, after the president? But what I would do, I know what I'm gonna do: organization the Hell out of Saudi Arabia. You know we deal with bad all the time, but this is in our face. I feel personally offended. They have nothing but contain for us. Why would you put a guy like me in the present in this box, for, after all, the president has done this guy? gotta go Saudi Arabia be listening. There are a lot of good people. You can
is but envy asses Tanager treat intended himself cod I glimpsed grand did his version of coming out. Isn't it all? I can the cow at all. There has been a whole new lazy, Graham and he's he's out, he's Lowood ever known about it. I mean this is this. Is Global Forum major zation, why the old, stodgy Boring Lindsey, Graham anyway, in this particular case, that one ME nervous adds what makes me not just the idea sanction the hell out of ok well What happens, for example, of Saudi Arabia, says you know what I mean We could have been with you not Israel and against IRAN, but you know where we are feeling quite as as cordial as we had previously. What happens then What happens if they say you know? What
We're just gonna go in turn off this bigoted OPEC and see what happens to oil prices and see if we can use then I'd to wreck the economy a little bit. Therefore, you oh Presidente again to things that that could happen any now. Different applications. I think it's easy for a lengthy, Graham who's out there in eleven every minute of it. Enjoying this new found freedom maybe being the person we always wanted to be that he finally feels that a peace be a fascinating you think about it. I digress here you have a lens grabs, holy cow. I came out maybe said things that you don't have always meant to be same and people did you know you talk about the Trump effect. Take a look at it in the Republican Party makes by colonel. Gunnar incredible reception in Kentucky the other night that ever happen mean, it's an interesting day. These people
enjoying this. This new found freedom and be Trump a fact that has come over them, but complicated, it's complicated, so I don't know, but I just go sanction the hell out of all that's the best answer. And I'm not sure that we're necessarily going to find our our friend, who are is mysteriously well, where exactly Jamal his soggy. Let's go if you're in Kansas Gaming go suppose you could end asked the king, denies any knowledge of it ought not give us a body Obviously it is not my counselor consulate anymore. Give us a body. This Borg I sent a whole somewhere still being tortured, It's an interesting god, a if you're gonna be really. I don't know if you're going to engaging in war gaming I suppose you could end up up. Any number theory is
areas, anomalies of which would be maybe when ye shall be sorry officials leave, the consulate may left with them. If you're there there any number of things that can happen, I'm not sure that it would make sense for him to remain there and be tortured because I have many more potential witnesses add a lot more difficult situation for even turkey to account. For at that point, of all the scenarios. Two weeks later. He still, they are being tortured, I think, would be among the least likely, but hey dear boy, anything could be possible precede the call now I ve been talking about the oddities. The audit is politically and in some of the assumptions that often are not wise. Here's one for you you're ready for the forest, I'm sorry, it's twenty fourteen! According to gallop, the Republican Party is beyond me.
Favourably than Democrats curly. Forty five percent of Americans hold a favourable view of Republicans comparative forty four percent for Democrats. Legend grab as brothel They live in every minute of it Brian. I didn't for the great one mark Levin,
now, run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. I don't think he's a serious person he's just meet him in the case of any legal fees idealized, he has any money, but he and she had to pay me a lotta legal fees and its vision, although accountable for their stone. Texas, love, Texas on Texas. Well, where the legal fees at nice and plant Laval Annual hold them to that you use of core hundreds have been disappointed of us. They'll pay alive,
that was the president wage rates Reagan robotics business just a few hours ago, it's her team for sure, and others already different directions. I want to go by the way I need to tread only when it comes to references, I'm really proud of myself. If I branch way for Monty Python or sign veiled in the only thing, I've had my mind with what the president has been up to. I inhabit I could pull the court because it was a magazine. Is that the one the Seinfeld episodes where I think was actually Cathy Griffin ironically enough, Jerry was talking about said that does think she should quit, but wanted they because a may and should be the traditional route,
resolve rejection and failure until she sped out at the bottom of the porn industry. Hang up, it's a feel like bats. What's happening right here, except in the case of stormy yeah, she started down the porn industry, but you knew all the interesting characterizations override inertia he'll go Brahma a certain level of decorum. You know she's a an adult film store. Four times she is a porn actress or whatever I it's it's interesting, but nevertheless, by the way I am your southward friend, brine mud dewy morning- show on W Jane, in West Palm Beach, a midmorning Joe after that w I o d in Miami and every now, and then I think the fog evokes it tough, OX news. I run out of radio people to put on tv, and they put me on so you may, I guess, contributor to box and some other things here- There is always an honour and a pleasure to be able to fill it with a great one market. Then, and holy This happened as well related to the whole
the annual avenant anything earlier today. The president's out- four hours or so ago, tweeted out, citing Fox NEWS federal judge, throw out Stormy Daniels, lawsuit versus tramp tramp is entitled to full legal fees. The common in of that present tromp said great now I can go after whore space enter third rate, a lawyer and the great state of Texas. She will confirm the letter she signed. She knows nothing about me. A toll. Can I go good old horse face, oh boy, so that happened and then speaking in seventy nonsensical things that are happening now, bear you got the Taylor. Swift effect remember on
Couple Sundays ago, where the earth moved because Taylor Swift, Taylor, Swift. She did it. After years after years of the entertainment industry and the folks and the left, they finally got her to do that was going to move, but only one of the mountains. I think an eastern Tennessee they Taylor, swift effect, as she waited in with her. Tennessee values, which the first thing tat I was that Taylor Swift is too Tennessee. What Elizabeth worn is too Cherokee. Indians now want a hawk, oh by the way small details. I'll get there. I I couldn't help myself but to put together some information on Taylor Swift and on the race that she endorsed and her clear lack of understanding of any of it. We
I ended up reading. This was a headline on Sunday, unseen BC, how Taylor Swift political endorsement could become the biggest ripple ever at the polls. Pickens ripple ever at the polls. Ok, ok, maybe just maybe not how you thought. There's an excerpt last weighing pop star Taylor, Swift, made ways by breaking her say: it's a political neutrality and backing democratic congressional candidates in our home state of Tennessee be effective, swift, surprise endorsement, which was made. The and Instagram posts were felt right the way as thousands of people between the ages of eighteen, twenty nine register devote according to vote that org it's happening. Ok now, I'm gonna get straight to the point about the tailor.
With the fact that some of the media recently is a couple days ago. We're still a cash is happening. I think it's quieted down a little bit. The past year so because I think more of them are like being pointed to the policy on a sea was absent in Sierra CM, tailors specific endorsement of the dam Bill Breton Cinnamon and tendencies you're in a race. You say at the time of the endorsement: Marcia Blackburn be republican challenge during this rice. She was averaging a three point late and the three most recent polls in Tennessee aren't Blackburn three point led in the three most recent polls player, Taylor Swift effect. Where is she today and the three most recent polls in that particular race? earlier is now nine points. Supple None
exactly what you're, probably thought would happen here, so they Taylor Swift effect in the immediate aftermath of the Rays Beth. She, only way they and on is negative, six percent in a week, so I They got two sides. The stories on one side, the facts, but here's the deal you up a lot of observer guy, familiar the concept that, for every action, got the equal opposite, reactionary, countersign sky on earlier in the show, here's the thing in the south in particular, you have a lot of folks thou. End up getting energize about the moment. You got celebrities better away and am and specifically when is she ended up outing herself, pretty much immediately a lack of understanding of pretty everything, including the person. She was endorsing safe if you're in Tennessee,
and your fine politics. You might have noticed that she was a bit of an obvious hypocrite for a few reasons, among others. Now, She said then Marcia Blackburn Dozen represent who'd Tennessee values is here is that the dirty little detail, Taylor? Isn't actually from Tennessee she's from Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, oh, she happen, only moved a tendency to pursue her music rear and Highschool, oh by the way she's live. There are less than half her life now. Hence the tailor, there's two Tennessee values as say Elizabeth Warrant is due to Jerky Indians in the B person, sometimes referred to as Elizabeth worn, better known as the bad poke audits now, and now
she spoke of supporting algae, BT rights, Algae BT rights as powerful Tennessee values. By the way, I guess what the Democrat that she ended bill Britons and he doesn't support gay marriage and a bunch of other issues he's on the red card as much it is clear that she's never even looked into what he believes it now go, and then you got the optics. You see. Or maybe you could activate some of those young folks and in Nashville that are now but here's the thing anybody noticed that the got Taylor Swift. Door, seen an old white guy who does not support gay marriage and a host of other old GB. He writes that Taylor says are part of her tennis
values from Pennsylvania. So she's endorsing the old white guy bad evil these days and let this politics right over a younger woman, ha ha interesting. I mean and there's a lot more. We could continue down that rabbit all, but it's not necessary, but you see those antipathy. They re much get the point to an eel long. You log in terms of Tennessee values on from suburban Georgia lived Knoxville for a time when I was small and am pretty familiar with does he values and they take a look at these celebrity in and high, would endorse bits and well not often impressed, so it probably is going to continue to have the opposite of the effect that they weren't tis a painting, I mean come on all these celebrity endorsements war, cried Katy, Perry, holding up Hillary Clinton arm
by the way was in an awkward moment. I mean that did the trick always does, and so here's the funny thing you're? A look at win, celebrity endorsements, actually matter. Well, she kind of MR moment you think if she actually wanted somebody with her Pennsylvania, Tennessee, algae, BT rights values, She couldn't actually waiting in the primary, because Columbia University actually did prove that some Democrats are impressed by celebrities, for example, Columbia Universe they did show pretty empirically that in the two thousand, eight democratic presidential primary Oprah? When phrasing, really dead, encourage an additional million people, largely black devoted per Brok Obama over Hillary Clinton so if only Taylor Swift her way, then whether Pennsylvania. El Gb
see values Maybe he wouldn't have ended up with an old white guy who doesn't support gay marriage or energy, Bt Rights Ben bade. Her look like she is Cool is, as she actually is, and she could have had somebody that I was going to. I don't know shake it off, do whatever it is that she does these days. But nice try. Taylor I stress and by the way, by the way, as WAR Tennessee values part of the reason: why have the Democrat Bill Brands and that is not supportive of those things? Eighty one percent of tennysons are Christians. Fifty two percent of the event Jellicoe Variety, oh, by the way that you might wanna least investigate the state, but you claim to be from that. You represent the values of dust
and two sides. The stories ones are the facts and we were words, get warmed up this. Our brain mud in for the great ban, prisoners are tortured later. Forced to renounce their religion and to pledge allegiance to the Communist Party. Well, better use! one good thing. We got going at the United Nations on our way out Nicky Hayley. By the way, do you know who she was talking about there being any number of countries rang China, China, icons,
by Magda Index you, my body, Saudi Arabia, is no, no, not not any. Of those men. A bill was China, which, oh by the way Jeff Basis Holy Cow, Jack, Pesos stepped up to the plate. Tell you about that in a moment hers I won the wife. She's, amazing member one. She puts up with me in just four that she deserves a metal tat. She she has sent me texts when I was making the analogy with Taylor: Swift, swift and no one Pocahontas, but Taylor. Swift is in one in one thousand twenty fourth tennesseeans. So here he counted. That is how authentic pillars, with better see values, really are now jack, peso. Stepping up to the point and doing something kind of amazing. You might have noticed this trend of take. Now,
Gee companies of light. All their friends in Silicon Valley that have all this diversity of thought such such diversity, that the loan conservative apparently left at Facebook is now out of the company, yesterday was so now you have complete open mindedness, The exact same mine said at the privilege all these companies, so what's happened increasingly, is that you have them body here are the best and brightest minds involve all the codes and in everything that goes into building software and building whatever it is that they are creating it. George Technology Company here, and they happened to apparently now hate the United States of America when I die made depends contract d or something with the federal government comes up. They are
we're just seen it from the inside and in threatening their companies to leave, should they actually bid in and work on a project for the federal government mean that makes perfect sense right because it would be much better for I don't China, before mentioned therefrom, Nicky Hayley, to step in and feel that boy, I'm sure it would work out in our best interests in the long run. Jeff Bays owes Jeff Pesos set up to the point today and said that we need american companies doing those deals, and that will be much worse off if they're not to a man. Jeff based, Finally, what said, what art Denmark was now willing to say, or anybody else, Embryo but even the year late, Paul Owen, Profounder, Microsoft. Okay, so stay with the entertainment being for a moment. Here from CNN, why
Matt, Damon, Hilarious S, analysis, it couldn't stop the cabinet confirmation, these people are, you realize that old, Matt Damon S let's get was designed bade. They actually thought he would stop him for being confirmed they take themselves that seriously now battle Matt Damon apparently took on that role you who s in our going to stop. This here is an extra. It's hard to imagine a more comprehensive takedown of a political here then the one Saturday now life executed, Unbroke cabinet and its season premier last month, editor one, the judges fade, seem to be hanging in the balance. What it's hard to imagine a more comprehensive take down the magnet then point Gavin off and ass Adele eddies dead, game, serious damage
several layers of really go to cabinet was angry, aggressive testimony before send it presented him as a sputtering snapping weeping, beer, loving, all the beer carry out beer by. We go a beer beer by the way, don't actually appear only let beer addressed me. I'm Goin Guy joker. They were, but a caricature of of judicial temperament of the sexual assault, accusations against him when she has denied sketch included in especially devastating line devastating line, not backing down, I don't know the meaning of the word. Stop these guys are serious. That evidently was what they were. This is the moment. Yes, he was gonna happen. It I don't know the meaning of the word. Stop that's gonna be the one.
You know that meetings, because you know eight, ah and then, a few hours before the dress rehearsal of the shows Accept pursued cabinet was confirmed as a justice to the Supreme Court of the horror. As an l can hardly be blamed, are marked or failing to keep cabin off the court. This is the way these people live in This is a worldwide, go talk about your Tennessee values. Taylor, swift, that old white guy who is now the border of gay marriage, go talk about your elegy BT values. Unreal I might incur the gray one mark, Levin the establishments worst nightmare, Mark
then call now eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one we reached out to you said the global hazmat team are local vine apartment, working with federal authorities, and he was capital police as well as its basis. Investigation moves forward worry about bad. It's not a big deal. That is just a banker. P we'd, better from the banger pity. Dog in error and ngo banger Beggar Mania, Bangor may awhile what's it about. Well, age is more peace, loving liberals there, because be Collins, family home. Actually, her husband had taken. I threat letter the Ceta contained Rice and TAT, the house by the wages again more peace, loving and liberalism to where I hate. What will you didn't boat the way we want to do so now we're going to threaten to kill you and your family. I jumped up I'll oak, I will that's makes for
party, of course, to wear Hey if Mr Horrider, the attorney general, you know that the former topic a guy in the country it may mean you can really see that I used as a mere they go low. We kick ok, violence about best just like Maxine Waters and was in I mean it's not like we had as somebody who, when in in hunted down Republicans out a baseball field or anything, oh wait, we g it's almost it's almost like its embedded in many of these, are Democrats. The peace in alone, the open mindedness. It's all, therefore, you all bear you can feel the love field or why, when you want to be part of that by the way, I'm sorry
Let's go to Joe in Jersey, Joe Go Ev Ry. How are you all good wildly created thought something, an extension do what I want to talk about with wait, you're, just caution on what is this I swear thing: could it be even a larger on a larger scale where people are just rejecting the Hollywood talking heads as being any body of any value or lack of value whatsoever? That number one number? Do I know if you recall, but on a ninety nine eleven you remember they had that music, video of the digital with Springsteen and Tom Petty where they were found in the war drums. They recall that really to be honest with they all came on and Palm Cutty song is we won't back down? It was all
It was all in a kind of aggressive music that headed towards were common action, but there they say that your come from the same cloth, especially Springsteen, where they were Anti war. It that they are just so hypocritical, I'm hoping the guy that people are not taken and serious any more. Where I can t. I tell you this much in Tennessee and particularly their some places where this celebrities don't believe you're in California. No doubt that applies and factors resource that did show Columbia University back to two thousand and eight presidential primary too, where there Democrats. A percentage of them that are activated by celebrity it, but you ve, got to some he's, got be open to the message. It's what I talk about, we all describing politically persuasive one, the most common questions I get. How is it ab find somebody who I can now. You know convince of. What's right. Well did the first
as you gotta find out who's open to the information if he finds somebody's close minded. Well, it doesn't matter how hard you try there not to the information. So case, of the celebrities. When you talk about what's going on in Tennessee, You ve got a large swathes of the population that is not I'm going to be turned on by a celebrity endorsement, but what piracy, and this is the most offensive thing, and I say this not really true southerner, in the sense that I'm from suburban Atlanta the honest where the idea of a no would be these same, get out, dodge Man, and until I was sixteen made, that kind of thing didn't come up where Wherewith from but you understand a lot of southern culture and in you say that you have Tennessee values. You're not only not from Tennessee but you're from Pennsylvania. They grew more money. Other folks in Tennessee. That's those people answered
I I know fancy you and in Jersey job, but I mean in Tennessee in Jersey, not not the best reputation anyway. It's good point faint jerseys, chronic cotton. Here you now have the center of the state for the most part and I'm down in the more conservative, area, but I just hope, I'm hoping to God that these members who rely on these celebrities for their political opinions are shrinking more and more and more, that's that's my hope, I think, though, is the library that inessa surely have to worry about in terms of this cycle. Is the present. The United States are making their bids. That irony discern extent. It's obviously successful independent of these delivering, but I just gotta Plenty now was somebody, otherwise probably will, if I don't approval, Joe in Menendez I mean come on. Really. You got some work to do in Jersey. Let's go to.
Liberal, then in Arizona not happy with. What's going on in North Dakota, go. I'm not liberal. I have always been on both sides of the fence and honestly with this, and the founding egotistical you should have somebody call me back and let you let me tell you my entire story billion. To cut short very quickly. I didn't go paramatta we believe in gay rights. I fully believe in freedom of religion. I believe that a woman's right to Timor, a woman's right to choose all the line I but I have always been- I never could com What anybody tell me without my own thoughts, author behind it good. And so I am, the absolute that moderate, Everybody wanted me over the other. I begin to me,
those very social level value. However, very social, a business most of my adult life. And I voted for the here because you can do whatever you want to be. I shouldn't have to pay for ground with their and work in the I'm an odd thing and yes, I'm upset the you're. Not making a bigger deal over the Heidi High can bring. The campaign. Add that came out in North Dakota, because that is I'll. Remember I'm all of which I am a true sexual abuse them with documentation. Moderate that everybody wants to pore over. Unfortunately, at this point, I'm going tell you straight up it my kid. I don't care if we go back fifty. MIKE it's up to sit on a table and get into a you know about your job, abortion
God forbid you have to round up and start, is again and put my I'll dvd friends in a I. Ah poor- put that right button right wing. Guy in there and do that because at this point I but I have a better chance. Converting them over. To my true value, believe with your everything which is going to get everything I get bad because it leaves they will listen to me. The democratic party. What then duly down. In the mean time we ve been waiting, creepy tell me, in my idea, my ideas that I believe in Then you? Why you? You raise a number of interesting points and it sounds like you have been very much politically involved.
Nay ball lean over along window of time, you're, not a typical Roma. Bud of likely Trump voters and even its difficult because sure, if it Asian between concern There's forces Republicans versus minority. It's really hard anymore with labels. What I will say- and I see this a lot with especially younger republic- can ask boaters we're Basically, describing is that you are a social liberal but you're fiscally conservative and ultimately it's. How do you want your government to be run Now, in the grand scheme of things, if we're talking about the values that you just represented, is Donald Trump likely strip. Any of those potential rights from any of the aforementioned now is Donald Trump going to be the guide to try to
a push for the elimination of of gay marriage. Now his heart for that matter, he's even told Justice sustained down when it comes to marijuana enforcement in their he's, not the most conservative I have been taken to his own personal life. It tells you ass much, so you do have a lot of skull. Conservatives are getting an idea in I'm I'm a little bit of a quandary politically myself. I dont generally talk about a quite this way, but I promise, I am quite conservative and when it comes to social values, I live my life s kind of like a half ass. If I said I was good Catholic One betrothed all want to be honest. I bet so I gotta have ass gathered, but you know I am here to that that Canada, EU system for so, for example, in a personally, am pro life, but I believe if in a libertarian form of government. So when it comes, social issues. I I am more inclined to get there
for many the white, for example. I don't think the government should be involved at all in marriage. Why is it that the government dictates marriage? Why is it that the tax code has ever delineated based upon one marital status, we ve created so many issues, so many issues that way they didn't have to be created because we put government into the mix so I am inclined eyes like with marijuana lot of people. Think that are you know, because I will rail again said like we have medical marijuana, legalized in Florida, which gonna where you can use the financial system and it creates a whole host of problems on that will go now given like a wink at a not because you can actually issue a prescription, because songs. You keep away from me and don't hurt anybody I issue as there is no legal. Again in the premise and so these have suddenly marijuana well in these to be either legalise where the minimum decriminalize by the federal government, otherwise We're doing all these states like mine,
His thumb in our knows that the United States constitution. It doesn't work that way the reason I will get all this kind- a horse scraps of Granada on where you can use the financial system and it creates a whole host problems under that you have doctors that will go now, give I go wink at a not because you can actually issue a prescription, because, oh by the way, you're trying to issue guidance on schedule, one drug. So again, that is, I think, where you're coming, More of a position that is prevalent within a trump supporter, then maybe even a young, younger republican. Ask again voters for the lack of a better label, and certainly, I think, people who are constitution. So anyway, my heart goes out to you for having been a victim bessie doing your family and, may God bless and by the way for hide camp in North Dakota, I mean come on. I can't be North Dakota eight year, you're talking about hey state that
one by thirty six points and her she's voted with Donald Trump, approximately forty percent. The time I mean deadened exactly line up with the North Dakota values. I mean, I don't know what Taylor Swift was able to say I'm very mud and for the great one March ban, This allowed now is a simple things: are you for what they did to Cavanaugh are you for having your government run by mob? Are you for sort of a rule of law persons presumed innocent? Who can- Country due and who you want to run it you want these, People spit on me and yell at me. Being in arch. Aren't you on a more orderly process? Judge Cavanaugh represent
the best and our legal community. He was treated like garbage, despicable and I hope they pay a price is the art is formerly known as Lindsey, Graham United. They said it or from South Carolina who hold her person, since the Gavin Ironside has been elaborated, elaborated knees, love it now right. Abide by what you wanted to do, something that is a super super important for your kids. Her grandkids bear is a book out on the thirtieth talk temper, thirtieth couple weeks, that is from Markov instead Jack. It's called our police, and now more than ever it is critical. It is absolutely critical bout we raise a generation with an appreciation for the poor folks are put on the badge everyday leave their families,
go to keep us safe when we know what goes on any more super super important in our police beautifully written and it's got wonderful illustrations. That's so go ahead and get a pre order out October thirtieth. You can pre ordered on Amazon right now. Our police by Jackal, then now Lindsey target about them. Terms. There are one of the things I am inclined to tell you set the most pervasive form of bias in the media is omitting, is omitting and they give you a little somethin here. So on. A related investors. Business daily headline prompts a probable rating is better than you think. There's an actor drop has been enjoying a rare string of good news. The economy is humming and the job it just at a forty nine year low trouble on them
tens battle over bread, Cavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. He secured a replacement for NAFTA. His pole numbers arranging up anyway, public and prospects in the mid term, elections appear to have improved, but, according to the Gallup Poll trumps approval rating as of his six hundred and thirty second day in office, was forty four percent. As a matter of fact, trumps approval it is now higher than or tied with three of the past six president's at this point in their first terms, oh by the way right something you probably had heard before, he is currently tied with Obama at forty four percent and above both Clinton at forty one percent and Reagan. Forty two percent at this same stretch and their presidency did you know that
approval writing at this point, then both Clinton and Reagan tied with Obama, but here's once more. This is not an the investors business daily article. Every Friday I go through all the point. Information that's been accredited for the past week gather. Some information tries you. It's really going on out there, among likely voters, you average out likely voters, Donald Trump approval. Readin right now is four points higher among likely voters, then block Hussein Obama at the same point in his presidency. Oh, by the way again, those pervasive form lies in the media is omitting how in India I see this gonna take the Skull Tennessee values we gotta, who Taylor, Swift, Tennessee values, Caroline in Nashville, Caroline GO, I'm actually from Cairo that require
Damn right outside of members- and I just wanted to say that as its energy value, sixty two percent of us voted with Donald Trump and the presidential election of the other three eight percent. The democratic didn't get very many boats they, please I'm kidding about compensated for other candidate by were out there on their own brother being one alone where I you know I just I just want, that is contained more than the ramblings Taylor were mine, That's why you do you intend to say you're gonna, shake it off now take it off and not even really pay any event in a ring. If it has been reported, the media there would have been beneath my noted right, so there you have it care, mining company in Tennessee, going shake it off tailors with Sir Pennsylvania Tennessee values rybody when an honour and a pleasure been with you
you can catch me on Twitter, add Brian Mud, radio, the gray market, then we'll be back with you next week, Prime, the end for the great one, Margo them.
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