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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Democrats assisted the so-called whistleblower to file his or her complaint, as was initially pointed out on this program that Adam Schiff was behind this whole 'leak and coup campaign." It’s been confirmed today that Schiff already knew about the forthcoming complaint and his staff had been in touch with the so-called whistleblower. This is yet another lie of omission and deceit from Schiff and the left. In the same way, this report from the New York Times explains why Speaker Pelosi didn't wait to see the actual transcript because they were basing this whole thing on the lawyer-written complaint of the so-called whistleblower who is reported to be a CIA employee. According to the New York Times, Schiff's staff was coordinating with the whistleblower despite Schiff's denials of any collusion. What the New York Times fails to mention is why the whistleblower bypassed the traditional route of a complaint and disclosed it to Schiff's Intel Committee staff. Then, Attorney General Barr is under attack and Pelosi is in a hurry to get this impeachment over with before everyone figures out what the Democrats are doing. This entire impeachment charade is to burn down the Trump presidency and reverse the 2016 election. This type of interference is exactly what the Stalin-era of the Soviet Union was like. Later, the Democrats have taken the approach of the French Revolution — using a political guillotine on all of their rivals. Finally, Alex Marlow calls in to discuss the LAPD not allowing recruiting ads on Breitbart’s website because it creates a “negative juxtaposition to our core values.”

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, in its Unwritten, seventy fifth year hills, is a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground command, both in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader maritime number, seven, seven, eight one one one, eighty seven, seven, three one, three, eight one one we ve been saying a long time. You remember things approach today, it's
certainly cause well, let's start with this. This is cut five? Mr producer go. We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower a we would like to and but I'm sure listen for his concerns that he has not been advised as well requires by the inspector general or the director of national intelligence, just as to how he had to communicate with Congress That's from September. Seventeenth on them Schmo Shell September thirteenth House intelligence committee, Chairman Adam she official to subpoenaed to the nations top intelligence official seeking to force him turn over a whistle blower complaint that the intelligence communities, inspector generals allegedly deemed a matter of urgent concern. Their identity, whistle blowing the nature of the complaint were revealed that September.
Teeth the audio was from September seventeenth, the it had the transmission transmit. Of the year. The so called whistleblowers complaint to show and Sir I couldn't stated August twelve, you have a copy of it. If you want to look it up on your on the internet, is twelve September thirteenth September. Seventeenth. The timing of this was always, a serious matter, the nature. This was always a serious matter. So in shifts. Should a subpoena. He knew there was a complaint. On the seventeenth. When he said we, we, not spoken directly with the whistle blower stare, if his certainly had among others. No doubt
shifting a lot more than he told the american people It was lying to the american people by omission and by deceit. By omission and deceit. And the New York Times has now reported, but binding why the near times as reported in the reserve, no credit whatsoever. They ve now reported the fact. Of this so called whistleblower approaching the committee. We're getting out front what is it credible piece of information that completely undermines the Ty investigation in this term there in They work together there trying to pretend they did but before get to that last Thursday and once when happens and talk radio, sometimes on tvs, people say I said this and I predicted that I'm not playing that came through
play some clips about some of the audio from this show last Thursday. Is it my shower. Hannity might my wanted to remind show number three clip three is, I guess, Hannity. Not because I want to show you how smart am because I want to show how we analyze things on this programme and not yet Rushed through websites and so forth. So when you hear somebody tomorrow so, as I said, They never said anything. Here's Thursday on the radio show right here caught one Go Adam Shift and his staff and other, Crash or orchestrating this entire thing. I called a leak include campaign. In coordination with it at times and the other media outlets embassy and so forth.
Now we know from the New York Times A CIA operative is the whistle blower. I once amazingly at a hearing to data. Where is the whistle blower we're having, A hearing today and what the whistle blower is said to have written but we know the main witness. So the witness can be scrutinised and question the crossing and cross examined Instead, we have Adam shift in the other ship was crowd, on the committee. Telling we, the people How to remember this was of lower is how brave and courageous this was of lower is under what would I always hear she? How do you know I was patriotic Rashid, patriotic noble righteous outstanding Also, last Thursday radios, oh cut to go. So I've been around awhile. Ladies and gentlemen,. I figured Adam shift knows exactly this whistle blowers. And so did his staff.
Adam Shifts, knows exactly this whistle blowers and so does of staff, because. Working with the whistle blowing his lawyer, that's how, if you look at the date of the. That was sent to Richard Burr at Adam chef. It stated August twelve, twenty nineteen that Several weeks ago,. You also notice has shown Davis the founder of the federalist points. Here. At the news, article cited. By the CIA operative. Oh called whistleblower, who have first hand knowledge of nothing. Those articles I were cited by Adam chef in so, as he points out in his right when you The phoney Russia collusion issue and the vice of matters, the leaks, came out of the FBI, Then the FBI cited the articles that they were Article four Adam Shit,
is doing exactly the same thing. Adam shift should release his phone records. His staff should release their phone workers. I'm accusing them of leaking now prove me wrong in this Three, also, by the way from last Thursday radio show go ahead, a question that is perplexed, a number of people. Why would Nancy pillows call for a formal impeachment increase, Twenty four hours before the release of the actual transcript. Because they had the sea. Operatives documented information, it didn't matter with the transcript said: they had this guy's document which interpreted the phone call, That's why they didn't have to wait for the transcript, and yet the transcript is really quite innocent. But the c I a operatives description.
It took place here. Far more quote, unquote, damaging Anti Pelosi didn't have to wait for the transcript They had they Robe CIA operatives information, That's why she didn't weight? That's why she, in her own mind figure the transcript, was helpful. At least I wasn't hurtful that's why they're trying to reach Turkey, what's it what's in the transcript, they get it. What this rogue CIA operative had to say but that was last Thursday on the radio show. Last Thursday on the radio show now. I want you to go to waste. There is no night on Hannity cut forego? this is where twelve August twelve, the rogue CIA agents, complaint.
Stated August: twelve, it's to Rachel bearing the Senate and Adam chef in the house, The data is correct. That means Adam ship has had this for many weeks first of all, as a because in law I went through this and I can tell you that a CIA agent, they policy guy for Ukraine can't write something like this? This is a legal brief, was voted through lawyers, and I want to know who wrote this. I want to know who participated in writing this. I want to know who this man spoke to every single one of them. Now I'm alive again and your recall on Fox and friends Sunday, I repeated much of this Now let us see how Stephen Co Bare and make The king and all the other crackpot morons out their treatise watch how they spin watch how they spin.
Now, when we come back and went away, to what the New York Times had to say about this you'll see they provide the information they do all lake possibly can to protect Mr Schiff, this whistleblowers. The core whistleblower blowers lawyers. And how this is an effort to get our front to put out the bed for the Democrats to shift, but then to spend, I sure, as Hell, how the Republicans are smart enough to do. This will be right back then liberty and learning and a healthy democracy. These two things are mutually supportive in a man
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the truth and defending liberty since eighteen forty four learn more at Levine for a hills: Delbert COM, that's l, easy iron, Fray Hills Del backup. I want my girl is attacked Julian Barnes, Michael Schmidt Matthew What they mean three people to write an article by they go broke. The democratic headed the intelligence House Intelligence Committee Representative Alan shifted California, learned about the outlines of a CIA office was concerns. Present trumpet abused his power days before the off Sir final whistle blower complaint accordingly Folks, men and current informer american officials. Current and former american officials
eat. Something like that, and if you read on freedom of the press, you know how this works. You have to try and decipher this stuff, because what they try to do is utterly mislead. You and lie to you. Let's continue. The early account by the future whistleblower shows how term, and he was now is a hero. To make known his allegations said. Mister Trump asked Ukraine's government to interfere on his behalf on the twenty twenty election. That's not what happened! Let me repeat that early camp by their future. Whistler shows how determined he was another state. This is in fact too. Known his allegations that Mr Trump asked Ukraine's government to interfere, his behalf in the twenty twenty election. That's not the transcript says. It also explains how MR shift new to press for the complaint when the tribe administration, initially black, lawmakers from sing it.
You're, going to Congress. The CIA officer had a colleague conveys accusations to the agency's top lawyer. Concerned about how that avenue for areas allegations was unfolding officer then approached a house intelligence committee aid, alerting him to the accusation against Mr Trump, Both cases, the original accusation, was vague. Now following us, they didn't like held, was going with the CIA so goes around the sea. I ain't. He goes to House Intelligence Committee. A learning them do his accusation, but the accusation was vague. The house staff member, this would be a shift staff member. Ultimately he's the chairman of the committee. They work from the house
number, following the committee's procedures can souvenir times this. Suggested the officer find a lawyer to advise fire whistle blower complaint. Now. The lawyer that he found was a lawyer who had worked for shimmer and Hillary Clinton. The aid shared some of what the officer conveyed to MR shift. The aid shared some of what the officer conveyed to Mr Schiff, who is the it exactly what we share with MR shift into whom else was shared. The eight did not share the whistleblowers identity. With MR chef in official said. Why not. This register, why wouldn't shifts aid go up give him say, hey look, this is what this guy has in. This is who he is. I don't believe that it all to you.
Other whistleblowers blowers is a quote like other so blurs have done before and since under republican and democratic control committees, the whistle blower contacted the committee for guidance on how to report A small wrongdoing within the jurisdiction of the intelligence community said Patrick. On a spokesman for MR ship? That's not how works. Ladies and gentlemen,. You go online, you produce The form that online you follow, The direction cider provided online for filing. A complaint as a court on core whistleblower: that's what you do you don't run to the house. Intelligence committee see my point rich. Why would you run to the House Intelligence Committee election trying to kid? Convey information to one of the most loathsome radical. Liars and the House of Representatives who have
as is life's mission, to destroy the presence of the United States. Why you go there. You're, a CIA operative. Why wouldn't you follow the procedures that are provided on the internet. And so this is this information being provided here by the New York Times via MR shifts, now, let me read it again like otherwise so blowers have done before and since under republican and democratic control committees. The way a blurring contacted the committee. For guidance on how to report possible wrong doing within the jurisdiction of the intelligence community They refer him to the website. In his whistleblower complaint, the officer said: Mister trap pressure and then they go onto regurgitate
her protection of a complaint that we can read ourselves and we do not need three reporters at the New York slides to interpret it forth. The whistle blowers decision. It says later to offer what amounts to an early warning to the intelligence committees, Democrats. It's also so short thrust, Mr Shift, even more forcefully into the centre, the controversy Now I need to slow down here with you. He went to warn the committee Democrat. An early warning. As to what he was doing. The New York Times just blew it the blood for So called whistle blower, tire process. You understand He didn't go to the committee because he was, Fused about the process, which is what Mr Shifts Guy says, whistleblowers
TAT did the committee for guidance on how to report possible wrong doing within the jurisdiction of the intelligence. Green, that's pay attention. Public goods on the hill and educating it. That Mr shifts spokesmen, says, but later on. The near times gives it up by accident. The whistleblowers decision to offer what amounted to an early warning to the intelligence committees, Democratic Democrat, And remember the inspector general. Whatever he is whom embryos, the inspector general said that this guy was a partisan. He and to the committee Democrats the Tipp them off about what he was doing and you what they told him. Folks.
They told him how to wrap himself in the whistleblowers. That's that's what they did, that's what they did and now you have fought like rashly. All in all, we don't really want to pierce bavarian liar, we don't want to know is identity their. Yet all we're gonna undermine the whistle blower process. You know over there. Oh, yes, we will more on their stick with me, I'll be right back since its founding in eighteen, forty, four hills still call. It is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in Primus is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published a nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job
issues like free speech, the regulation, a big tech Illness and the American Medical insurance system cause. America's founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. What I want you to do, I want you to visit in Primus thought Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus. I M p r. I am I S. Dodd hills deal that EU welcome Thursday new American Revolution, starts here. Denmark LE then, shall call it at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one that country with this, and because it ups, you- and hopefully
best of America understand exactly what's taking place here. This is a set up. This has always been a set up. And so the CIA operative Wrapped himself from the whistleblowers statute, then you ve heard morons like rashly another, sir, all your Got his hide, none other your camp washed Roma guy, because it will undermine the whistle blower system. Don't you understand that him doing what he did undermines the whistle blower system? Don't you stay. Mr gradually, that those- first hand, knowledge didn't file a whistle blower complaint. They didn't go to the house, a committee and tell it This committee Democrats. Don't you understand what's taking place, MR gradually. Or any other knucklehead there. In the Senate side there How to impeach a the United States doesn't matter to these people? Are they ever going to step a hell up so
spokesmen for chef whose sleazy Schiff, as you can imagine, Patrick Bowling. He says here that the whistle blower contacted the committee for guidance on how to report possible wrong doing within the jury. Fixing of the intelligence community? Even though intelligence is online with very soon Terrific directions and a form to fill out. Which is eventually what he did with the assistance of council that why he contacted the committee, then at times later explains why? But they don't you. To explain why the west our decision to offer what amounted to an early warning to the intelligence committees. Democrats, is also show to thrust MR shifting the more forcefully into the centre of the controversy. Yes, it is but to trying to protect him.
Getting it out. Their first shift can say we knew they would try and spend this in politicize at these republicans of the Trump deeper. Yes,. Mr shifts AIDS followed stages involving the CIA officers accusation, Mister Berwin said same spokesman, referred. The CIA officer to an inspector general advised him to seek legal counsel. The partisan CIA agents, I was confirmed, to buy the inspector general and I'm not impressed with this inspector general, but nonetheless he puts that in a statement who go So the Democrats and the House intelligence Khamenei. I would ask Mr Ball Uncas. Apparently the New York Times did, but I'm done with this article, the Mr Bonde, did you share this information with a ranking Republican on the house intelligence? Many refugees
the columns of Georgia. Did you tell him MR ship was running around saying. We have never spoken to the so blower that wasn't true, wasn't we poor last time I checked. Will clearly a stem from the House Intelligence Committee did and information was passed. A MR shift. Now you know why know Annie. I have this all figured out. I may because it you to be a brain surgeon. I had this figured out Thursday, maybe Wednesday I conveyed to you. This is why Nancy Pelosi went to the podium and announced Hee hee, hee, hee. And she announced like a fascistic dictator.
Decided that we are going to go ahead with a formal house impeachment inquiry. You can't do that sure I can t he and everybody wants. You didn't want the transcript of function, but they knew about the contents. Of the complaint, they knew what the whistle blower so called had told the committee. And now we're gonna get the typical? How do you know that should now? How do you know that. Because I've I q an iq over seven which Do you on the left, dump. Mr Shift, never saw any part of the complaint or new precisely what the whistle blower would deliver. Mister Berwin said or folks. We know we saw the complain. On August, twelve, the complaint was sent to the He means before that August twelfth day.
But he knew what the whistle blower so called had in mind, because the whistle blower so called convey that to it. Maybe stare for who then conveyed to Mr Schiff. You see these People who need to be under oath these, people who need to be subpoenaed these people who need to be sworn in further testimony under penalty of perjury these the people whose phone records need to be known, and I expect the report It is that of finally step the hell up. And what should happen as they should be finally and ethics complaint at a minimum yes, MR shift. The glue you're off the branch knuckles are on boys and girls of Capital Hill. At no point did the committee review are received a complaint in advance said Patrick,
all, but they knew information. They knew enough information to tell him to tell him what are the inspector general and tell him to seek legal counsel? What exactly did you so called whistle. Blower tub. We need to know now? The name of the committee staff or staffers, We need to know who among these staffers were informed this information we need to know what Mr Shift knew exactly and with whom Mr Shift shared it, including the Speaker of the house, a boys and girls. Capital, how I'm telling you how to run a game investigation. Mister Berwin, so committee, received a complaint the night before releasing a publicly last week and noted that came three weeks after the administration was legally mandated to turn it over the cat when interested in that pal.
We want to know what took place on the committee. The future of whistle. Blower went to Mr Shifts committee after he grew concerned about the first investigation. He had touched off. The scenario officer you see this is being led by shift in his committee, this But I told you there's a reason why this is in the New York Times not to get shift, but the help chef. Because it's eventually gonna come out. Why, honestly, because I've been pounding this all over tv and my parents fox and friends. Sunday was all over the place, and I will So my friend ed, this is what you do to get in Maybe I'm not a reporter, but this is what you have Do you have to check the trees. He would fall out of the leaves.
The future whistle blower went to Mr Ships Committee after he grew concerned about the first investigation he attached of oh, do tell while they do. This officer first, had a colleague take us concerns in vague form. To the CIA General Council, Courtney, Simmons Ellwood wealth. We began a preliminary inquiry by contacting a deputy, Whitehouse Council learning the White House that complaints were coming from the sea Are they going to turn this? You see it's gonna, be trumps fought gonna, be As far as CIA and White House lorries began, following up on the complete, the CIA officer, became nervous. Couldn't Familiar with the matter. This is There are linked by his lawyer or bike you stare
In that John Eyes and Burger Deputy Whitehouse counts on the legal adviser and national security adviser was among those scrutinising his initial legation. This is in it explaining why he had to go to the committee. Had no choice. Body was against me- Here I am minding my own business. I must see I age at the White House. Minding my own business. Collecting information about this phone call trying to act. The transcript, but they moved to a safe and secure place, and I couldn't rated trying Information from people would first hand knowledge, No, I'm a partisan, it doesn't mean I'm a partisan I've gotta get the. And nobody will lessen and and and look but talking to the wine has all my. And the sea are well look how their this I gotta go
Where should I go? Oh, ok, having shift staff course they'll help me pagoda Adam shifted? Why not. Socio Whitehouse lorries began following up on the complaint. The CIA officer became nervous, corny grow corporate person familiar with the matter his lawyer. He learned. John Burge, Deputy White House counsel and the like. Advisor to the national security adviser was among those scrutinising his initial allegation, COD acts of the National Security Council had also the CIA officer that the white Lawyers had authorize records of Mr Trumps CALL was Linsky put in a highly classified computer system. So now there leaking like hell before he testifies in a week or two. Their leaking like house all these, so called journalists can start spinning. Now all the phoney former
federal prosecutors can start spinning now and so the Mc Grath can develop their defences. Meaning that the lords, who were now helping the CIA, investigate the officers allegations, With the same ones implicated in them the preserves alleged the White House age decision to store the call records more restrictive, itself, an abuse of the system I had to go to ships office. And I had a rap myself and a whistle blower status. And complex, so you didn't have any knowledge of a no. No you don't understand, I'm courageous, what next, while let's look at the New York Times this, officer decided the complaint he had brought to Miss Ellwood? The general council was at risk the being swept aside
Bring him to go to the law makers should conduct oversight of the intelligence AIDS. I had nowhere else to go. I tried I had nowhere else to go, followed the advice of Mr Shifts, aid and filed a complaint to Mr Atkinson, the inspector general and though Miss Maguire the acting deputy national top since directive blocked him from forming the Congress. He did allow Mr Atkinson to notify lawmakers of his existence. The poor, was blocked at every turn. He had kinds of newspaper articles and second hand information that he wanted to turn over. The House Intelligence Committee, Mr Schiff, specific. Unbelievable news story said he dug out unbelievable. What oh, yes, here,.
The complaint was filed in consultation with the lawyer officials at all mark your batting a thousand you should be playing for the Yankees they entail. Since community whistle blower, followed the advice of legal counsel from the beginning said: Andrea, but back hedge, not back course workforce for and Clinton, though council for the whistle blow. The laws and processes have been fired while by God,. I won't get play when the inspector general gave the whistle blower at a protection against reprisals also the legal report and classified information, White House intelligence can many members are allowed to receive classified whistleblower complaints. While house committee- or they are not, to make such complaints public according to a former official
the time the whistle blower filed a complaint. Mr Shift and his staff knew at least vaguely what it contained. Vaguely vaguely, my god. Thank the good Lord for the CIA agent. If we Didn'T- have a rogue spy at the White House a partisan, rogue spy. Gathering information trying to hunt down the transcript. Sharing information vaguely, of course, the shift in the House Intelligence Committee. Where would we be today? Where would we be today? We must rid of this law was present. We must get rid of it. And this man, this noble whistleblower, whose a patriot scale, courageous. Is worthy of a ticket tape parade. They know.
We should know as identity but they're going to forces identity out. Ports as identity up, I got what will happen to him. What will happen to them you know they talk about russian Interference in the election. This twice now The Obama administration using the FBI and. Gents agencies in the department addressed in the face of courts as well of the media training straw, the Trump candidacies in the Trump presidency. They fell in the Russia collusion, but they made a hell of a shot. And now this phony Ukraine scandal, will we this rogue spy. In the White House collecting information trying to see the transcript. That's how he knew it was in another place. Colluding handshake colluding colluding
shifting his staff and the Republicans did not because shift didn't tell him. America did not because shift didn't tell us during his hearings. This is a deeply deeply grave issue. I'll be right back then. You know our nations oldest colleges were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting idea of objective truth. There, panel, moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully none of this applies to Helstone College. For almost two centuries hills Dell has remained true to its original mission. To bring
sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent, piety now's hills Del celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain
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breaking news tonight, regardless of what Cable America says and as to the frauds and the hate, Name of the press, media. The headline is Adam shift lie to the american people. In item Schiff and his committee gotta heads up. From the CIA operator, before out of complaint. Another headline would be. Crash on the House intelligence committed the staffers help the way a blog file, a complaint. By giving him guidance on how to do so, telling him the contact, Back general and to get a lawyer the whistleblowers so called one around the CIA. When around the usual processes,
And that process, by the way for filing a whistle blowing It is on the computer on their site. I introduce pull it up. David form, one of the biggest fell it out and, of course he checked the box. That says he at first hand information when you Didn'T- and we know this spite the protestations from the inspector general- that they changed from first hand- knowledge to include second him. She did they try
to do. Include newspaper articles. I guess we could all file whistleblower complaints. Are they write back now, run them really underground command, both the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We have once again made contact with our leader. Everybody mark here are number seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eighty, seven, seven, three, eight one, three one, one c by wrapping himself in the whistle blower statute. You get stories like that. This is roll call the left wing rag from capital held dated today Donald
up on Tuesday said he wants to interview corn and quota whistleblower, who prompted House Democrats, the launcher of formal impeachment agree federal laws offer the intelligence, community official protection and pulse the president's attempts to discredit that person are failing. During a morning, long tweet blitz Trump asked why we, title to interview and learn everything about the whistle blower. This is my point to an all A person who gave all the false information to him this is simply about a phone conversation. They could have been nicer warmer or better. He said. The headline is Trump District large whistleblower protections Paul's turned against him on impeachment. So you see this guy needs to be protected. He needs it. Protected for his sleazy conduct. For his spying for his effort to over by president, he needs to be protected. Ladies and gentlemen, is it clever, isn't that something
he's got Charles gradually in his corner. Oh yeah, I just grass lay a handful republicans. Like that eighty eight kings at what is his name. I can't get out of my king singer. Guys like that, and that we have. Tromp lashes out in it Which storm because there's something wrong with Trump just because their issuing all these subpoenas trying destroy the man is family is businesses just because put him through a special council investigation. Just because he wakes up every morning. It goes to bed every night being attacked then trashed and undermine every step of the way. Just because they seek to impeach him. Their use lashing out. He lashed out now. Lashing out, my goodness,
bending himself what Every day, one of us would do well let's take a listener, some of what the present had to say shown at the press conference with the President of Finland, Finland, thank Goodness, cut
Let's go, there is a report that came out just before you in present initiative walked out here that the whistle blower met with a staff member of Adam Shift prior, I love that will actually be vile. It shows that ship is a fraud, and I love that question. Thank you, gentlemen. Can I finish it s? Nothing to finish so so the whistle blower putting this report met with members of Adam shifts staff you gotta right there. You know I hate to say to New York Times. I can't believe they wrote you your response to maybe getting better response to the fact that happened and the ship may have learned some of what the whistle blower new prior to the complete. I think it's a scandal that he knew before I go a step further. Think you'd probably help to write it Okay, that's what the word is and I think it's I give him a lot of respect for the New York Times and putting it down just happened. I'm walking up here. They handed it to me. And I said to Microsoft: glow, that's something gets big stuff! That's a big story
he no longer before any up right too its a scam, it's a scam. Just to finish on this, I prepared. I love that second question by the way should have asked at first, but let me just sell you. The whole thing is a scam. The Mahler deal was a scam. The russian collusion was a scam. You can, as prudent nobody's been rougher on Russia than that of crop. Ok, without being shed a great to get along with Russia, and we will get along with Russia, because a smart but nobody's been tougher on Russia, then Donald Trump, ok, now here the headlines in a site called media. I know I do I focus on the this site because this site was found by Dan Abrams. He is the legal aid must over it. Abc news, We think a legal analysed in a news organization would at least attempt to pretend
but they have some objectivity, but not any more. The legal analysts, like all the others, are out of the closet. As I reported the other day, yes reported Dan Abrams Legal analysed ABC knows his sister was appointed to a federal judge ship in the southern district in New York by Barrack Milhouse, Benito Obama, and that sister is married to an individual that he gained Abrams brother in law, who said on the staff. Robert Mahler, the special council There's an appearance of a conflict of interests and in fact there is a conflict of interest, but this is how this incestuous media operate. Start illegal, analysed just and analysed. May I say with all due respect. And so our media? Here's some of the headlines, not all, but some. Let's see here trumped up
Ciao nickel, back meme admits escalating impeachment crisis. Jake Tapir Is it an unclear crisis? Shake tapir reacts after Trump pressure ends with a brutal, shouted CNN. Leopard Smith's, stunned by trumps tone rhetoric at while s conference. It feels, like things, have changed Prompt administration reportedly used and unaware vice president pants to pressure Ukraine in investigating corruption. Msnbc Howard finally goes off on would be dictatorial leader trump. He says, I'm the state, It goes on and on and not very sick over their who's that if Bala runs a thing. He looks like a goofball, in addition, actually being one Caleb, somebody rubber. Caleb Hall, or how or somebody no Caleb. Philip Howl Caleb, Something like that. I I think so.
MR, how remember, MR, how must reduce. Yes, Gillikins Island, where media is one big, Gillikins Island, This is how they reported its trumps, fought Trunkful, TAT, Adam Schiff, Didn't tell the american people there is all over the media Is exactly why I said on fire Friends, Sunday, why don't you Ask who is the whistle, but why are you know I I vaster about. Second hand in four: I didn't ask that. Where's, the whistle blower. We want to know everything about the whistle blower. It's gonna take out a president worthy people, the United States. We have every right to know that we think we do. President Trump cut, seven go
The three house intelligence, three has committees that are looking into the visually and great gave notice today that they will be sending a subpoena to the White House for documents and other materials. Will you cooperate now? Let's stop right there, These guys are put on subpoenas, I get ahead is hooked on crack. There are subpoenas in their subpoenas a few supporting the White House in a way which the White House must assert executive privilege to protect the office of the presidency that are not going to get the information act. Peach bar French, I say that's unimpeachable offence. Present United States cannot stand up for the office of the presidency, but you see is the thing Schiff Policy now Adler. All the same milk. They know that their base is so stupid that exists,
their privilege separation of paddy. They won't understand that Manna tax, the rich redistribute wealth. Free health care pre school eliminate Yola that they understand, but so creation of powers in the world so the presidency. Now I'm never going to understand that it's just Levels to smart ends they they resort to hear. Shooting from the hip logic while at work, that tell the impeachment stuff organised to unpaid go ahead
I always cooperate. This is a hoax. This, the greatest hopes. This is just a continuation of what's been playing out, John for the last since my election, I would say if you want, and probably we'll find out soon, but probably even before my election, this is a fraudulent crime on the american people about will work together. We shifty shift in policy at all of em and will really be shifty Pelosi. I think that you know mister producing she's, pretty shifty to go ahead. We did absolutely had a great call with the President of Ukraine, who was a hundred percent. You have the transcript and then she went up and they got, as the chairman of the committee get up and related call that didn't take place. You made up the language ipod to believe nobody's ever say this. I think he had some kind of a mental breakdown. Yes, but he went up to the microphone any read a statement from the President of the United States as if I were on the call
because what happened is when he looked at the she which was an exact transcript of my call done by very talented people. Do this exact word for word? he said. Well, he didn't do anything wrong, so he made it up well, Mister, Shaw, should be censured by the House of Representatives. I see Kevin Mccarthy Day, a dollar sharper we'll take. It said, I've had enough. He wants to join in an effort, a resolution to censure Adam shift during the monarchy. It doesn't matter you fight. I will The candles paying attention everything that's taken, but why I'm proud of governor remember artists, similar levels of my power. I pay attention Mitch. You better, not hold some drawn. A kind of trial based on all this that's taking place. This is Utterly illegitimate
A return to what I said earlier now everybody sang it. That's fine! You needed an original vote from the House of Representatives, all the members to have an effect on patron angry inquiry, that's what happened with the house. With Andrew Johnson. That's what happened with the House with Richard Nixon. That's what happened with the House with Bill Clinton. That's not what happened this time. This is an illegitimate processes. They Democrat Party Impeachment inquiry for the purposes of a coup. That's what it is. It's a demo dont tell me that Thea and you listen to these reporters, they entail committee issued subpoenas? The intelligence committee issued nothing. The Democrats the intelligence committee issued at the report you don't even know about it. Tat I read about in the newspaper because I'm not having a full vote on the floor of the house. There, look? Have no ability to influence subpoenas to even call witnesses, which is exactly
But they did and that prior three cases Kay call witnesses, they have no control depositions they Control over subpoenas, so don't touch, a house of representatives and conducting a formal. Each when a great and I'm sure I'll read all about this New York, slides and washed and composed, although I the buffoon said that dress up this journalist, sobered, CNN and MSNBC, oh yeah,. I'll be right back then. With a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism. Sir, Tis suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this Are they discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to overheat?
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But a brick house, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levine, dot com offered code live in Ukraine To look into the bargain situation, Mr President, I am I missing something, I guess he many wanted the Ukrainians to look into the Biden such wish. But what did you mean by that? Looking to these such were the buying what want them to do? I'm hearing this now. When I wanted them to look into the Biden set up What did you mean by that? The extent of idiocy the media cannot be fully comprehend it it just kid.
Here's the president again cut mine. My on minor eight today, He went up to a microphone and in front of the american people and in Congress Chevy went out and he gave a whole presentation of words that the President of the United States never said it has to be a criminal act. It has to be any, should resign. And some people even say, was treason but It was a very sorry. I wondered bill world. Thank so just so you know the call was perfect. The real call, the call I made many people are on the line. I knew that because, usually when I speak to foreign, country leaders. You can they many one of em, but when I speak on the phone, I know that we have many people listening from various intelligence agencies. My knowledge, I know all about it and,
So this is in something like oh gee, I'm on the line. Let's talk about a big secret. This is many people on the line. I don't even know how many will find out. I guess but many people my time. So we have a new rule. Ladies and gentlemen, a new rule in America, if you're a Democrat, running for office or you're thinking about running for office, you, cannot be investigated. If your republic- and you must always be investigated, running not running president. Post presidency, but if you're a and you're running for president you must never be investing in EL or even more, and if you Democratic, you ran for president and lost in retirement. You must never be investigate, like Hilary. Do you not to be investigated? If you're running for officer in office in your name, is by oh you're, out of office, but
things you did while you're an office in your name is clear, but when it comes to Trump. Non stop investigations perfectly fine Before doing after whether, whatever cut nine, Go by and his son Stone cold Finally, you know it, Son walks out with millions of dollars. The kid knows nothing, you And so do we go ahead as equivalent to the questioner was? What did you want, presents a Lansky to do about present Vice President Biden and his son hunter? Well, I wanted him to look and look into it. I can look into it. What do you mean by setting for. You actually wanted them to look into this anyway.
Democrats, senators, one of whom said you'd better, not look into this, and we have three of whom we said earlier. You better look into Trop, but Mr Pinochet you're saying You wanted them to look into this. That surely, must be an offence, go ahead, Are you talking to me yeah? This is follow up of what I just ass. If you listen you ready, we have the power a final and ask him a question. I have one form I just wanted to follow up on the one that I asked you. What did you hear? What you want you hear me, ask him, I will, but I might have in your long answer ass. This gentleman in a collective dont be rude does or I don't want to be rude. I just wanted you to have a chance to answer the question that I as a dance it everything. Well, I may have the report raises a reporter risen. Or was he homeless, guys knocking very, very penny creating question
when you said, Mr President, that you wanted Ukrainians to look into the binding such wife. What do you mean by that. It may speaking, english I need somebody to do the hand speaking about whether my speech, not only people are stupid. Tumbling when not announce. Today me, he wouldn't so the question, would it. The question. So here we have Adam Shift caught Red handed here. We have Joe Biden caught Red handed here. We have a son caught Red handed, but its trump, who should be impeached. Tromp I'll, be right back you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel better
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I end. Neutralize port by this: U S attorney Durham and can that he's working on an course inspector general report on the fire. Say, oh well, how hum who cares? and also this is effort to undermine all we'll be found in the twenty. Sixteen election overdue I crashed the Obama administration and Obama's various departments and agencies. Now, you're, seeing in the case palm pale they're. Calling me witness, because he sat on the phone call with the president and the President of Ukraine, a fact witness a fact witnessed what We don't have a transcript put together by monitors
we're taking notes during the course of the conversation and put together their notes, as they always have for this An impasse brezhnev's, so it's a fact witness to what what the President have some Eminem during the course of the phone call and may be a cup of coffee or what fact? What this? To? What. So that's absurd than we have us subpoenas for five states farming applies. Not many of these are dish, Another point is, this administration moved out and they know that mother was crouching Obama, ice or civil servants, and so they want to get whatever information. They cannot allow them to use it without scrutiny. Without cross examination, depositions depositions! and on top of that they say. Look. We want the wheel People to appear give debt
patients behind closed doors, at least initially they're not allowed to have any administration lawyers, and if bypass the usual process have going through. The processes that exist for state Department, employees in Congress and so forth, so what the Democrats impeachment inquiries about is burning down all institutions, all processes, all procedures in the pursuit of Donald Trump. And the reversal of the twenty sixteen alike. They who were interfering with a criminal investigation, It is they who are interfering with bar. The? U S, attorney from Connecticut by what they are doing. Moreover, I already said that the Republican House members have no role in. Witnesses, no role and subpoenas no role.
Meaning depositions none If there's been a for a vote on the house for an official, peach when inquiry they would have a role as there was role for the minority in the prior times. This took place involving a president. This is all plant. And if you are listening this programme, we would know because I'm digging into this stuff, and then they think they ve figured out that they should issue a slowest subpoenas for information. They know they can't get information that no court would directly president to turn over because The separation of powers. So the present will undoubtedly asserted I could have privileged from time to time, and they mean he walked say, that's a cover up and then my crafts will say it's a cover up the democratic states, corrupt than the media will say to cover up in there Add that you see to their peaceful offences.
You want to know what the stalinist era was like for innocent people. This is what it was like: an Kitty jump right in our stalinist mania. Interfering now with the investigation and twenty sixteen who knows whose work what reporters names my papa but that's precisely what they're doing. You're not gonna get to the bottom Now Adam chef stood. The defence with a whistle blower. Who his committee knew about, let's, Look at the cut eleven go ahead, but slower has a right on the statue to remain anonymous and we will do everything in our power to make sure that that was Protected that that whistleblowers,
preferences in terms of their anonymity are respected. And let's, let's not make any mistake here, The present wants to make this all about the whistleblowers suggest. People that come forward with evidence of is wrong. Doing are somehow treasonous and should be treated as traitors and spies This is a blatant effort to intimidate witnesses, it's an incitement to violence, and I would hope, there's now, there's no there's no incitement to violence. That's anti for that year, such as the iter on those kids in the mall from Covington Kentucky. That's your side that those nobody's inciting violence. You worry- really disgusting before chief You really are. You really don't how you live with yourself, maybe that's the thing you do. Look at yourself.
Sky represents. Areas in and outside LOS Angeles. But it's unbelievable wit Intimidation so present can't defend himself. They wrap this guy in the whistle blower statue. They tell How to get wrapped up in the whistle blower statute we now know all this is going to rise, this guy's holding his press conference. He continues to conceal the fact. That certain individuals on his committee had contact with the whistleblowers and he had the general vague understanding. What the whistle blower was gonna complain about wiser general, vague understanding The whistle blower went to the Democrats my House Intelligence Committee. Let's go to cut twelve. I had the other wondered underscore though he is,
What the whistle has set out that is within our power to this day to confirm we see, confirmed in that call record The present can attack the whistle rhetorically all the present wants It doesn't change the fact that, The record of that call shows the president of the United States in the same conversation, and indeed immediately after the Ukraine present asked for more military help. The president I'd states asked that leader a favor, though this is all a lie. Had nothing to do with military hub. We favour had to do with the twenty sixteen. Astrogation. There was already under way with the: U S attorney. And the attorney general. In the case. While australian these other countries they presently united States, was asked by the Department of Justice, the attorney general to help given on trade. To these.
Investigators, so these are the governments would help in the case of Australia. Also, they contacted us before we contacted them. So this is only an effort by ship. A propaganda scented demagogue to confuse paper And asked for a favor about Joe Biden was no favour favor. How you have something for values, and none of this occurred nothing. It was a very truly. Neutral conversation there. That being the discussion, the President of Ukraine has said so I didn't phony pressure for anything. There was no withholding military aid, they got their military aid. There was no withholding the transcript the transcript as public. There was no withholding of the complaint that complainest public public they d Tire thing: nonsensical. It's bizarre.
Thirteen go we are concerned at the White House will attempt to storm all our investigation, much as they have stone walled other committees, as in other words the issue is subpoena, and you can't defend yourself. Another branch. A government cannot defend itself. Now there was a warning about this each man process. If it wasn't done right, she had but I got him chef. And it was this, I think, was James Madison, but he pointed out that the concern they had was if the house, a representative, had unfettered control over this process or unfair control to investigate and executive, then President would be answerable to the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives could blackmail him. You do what we say. You give us what we want or we're going to remove you
exactly what's taking place here. I will try to remove. We learn peaches. President of the United States is not answerable to the house. A representative sees answerable to the american people and back and people are not even involved in this process since Nancy Pelosi and shift in the rest of the Politburo. Will not allow a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives to lie an official impeachment inquiry. So you and I and everybody else were cut out of this process Ten inside Washington process, lousy from San Francisco. And other chairman who are from New York. In LOS Angeles and Baltimore. The rest of the country's literally cut out of this process. Your representative is involved in this process. These are the people driving it. These are the people driving This is an appalling abuse of power. And this is why Mitch Mcconnell and Republicans in the Senate, so
better, get ahold of Romney and SAS to buffoons need to put their personal hatred and sink receives aside and understand. You wanted then the constitution and defend it. Against this,
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We are concerned at the White House will attempt to stone Wall our destination much as they have stonewalled other committees. In the past you see an argument over separation of powers, which is a legitimate debate that the get a branch can have. About subpoenas. It seek information that in the past the courts have said a White House does not have to give up or this practice. They haven't is absurd. Can it stonewalling. Obstruction and stonewalling folks, Yoda read a little bit about the french Revolution, because That's what the democratic become Basically, anybody who disagrees with them disagrees with the best interests of the people. You see. And it is a constant revolution, as for ten years, and it was incredibly bloody French revolution.
And anybody who disagreed with the revolution was executed The guillotine was working nonstop full time Even people who originally participated in the french revolution, they were killed to offer their heads. It was called ten years of Terrorism Inter ten years of turn now What's happening here is, if you don't agree with the Democrats in the house, a rabbit, there's no legitimate constitutional issue there a legitimate objection to any subpoena. They issue There's no legitimate interpretation of a phone call no legitimate concern about the political decision of this whistle blower so called, and the whistle blower process now And if you look at the media.
The media is trying to humiliate or mark or destroy anybody who dare, the question any of this. So the media have become as they aggregate fascistic. It's very much. A fascistic media with is progressive clowns running around. We got you here. Gotcha on this one trash People like John Solomon. Has been a tremendous reporter trying to destroy Fox news. People some people are stupid enough to fall. For that, Involved in their who even work there. That's the effort. You know liberty and learning in their health. Democracy, these two things are mutually supportive. Erica today that bond is broken to help prepare the breach.
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college pursuing truth,
defending liberty since eighteen forty four you're the break. I want you to do me. A favor. Do yourself a favor, the girdle of Infra hills doubt that calm l e b, I infer a hill stout that gonna check it out. You'll have to do anything else to check it out LE then for a hills down that path. We write back now, broadcasting number may underground for members from the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, America, Marco. Then our number seven seven report, one one, one: seven, seventy one, three one soldier Stadler now that I'm sure lied and deceive the american people.
That his staff worked with the whistle blower I'm not buying all the spin out of the New York Times. I believe that was leaked by them, as I said earlier, to get them passport coverage. They could, because the New York Times is working with Adam Share and em, And they are the ones who told him to go through the whistle blower process. This is why you keep hearing magnificent process, it is, and what a magnificent whistleblower we have here from do faces like us, Senator gradually. Run circles around these. These old balls. I don't know what the hell's going on. And other third every diabolical move. They can possibly think of us what they're applying here, There is a movement to censure. Adam shift, Movement should be pushed by the Republicans. Every single Republican should vote for that. Everyone.
He is discredited himself and there needs to be exposed. But I want to take this step further. Do you think Adam? She would have kept this quiet from Nancy Policy. Do you think I M Schiff wouldn't have run down the hall? I think see here, yes, little lad, and what is it now. That's why we found that may affect and, of course,. This comports. What I've been saying all long since at least Thursday, that Nancy Blowsy New? The complaint neither had access to the information in the complaint. Exactly why she called for. A formal house house impeachment inquiry without overlooking the transcript people out there. Gee walkers, I don't understand why she has looked at the transcript and yet she seems awfully cock sure, she's going forward would be impeachment process anyway. What are ones that all about? Because she knew.
That they have, what they wanted. A look folks, the extent to which Shift and his staff Would this whistle blower really isn't known? it's much much deeper than they're, letting on the New York Times is running interference for them. It's a big deal and you'll see how corrupt the media are tomorrow morning start with the deliverance boy. Andrew player, the morning smile and MRS smile. I've come to the conclusion is to reduce the Joe is actually dumber than make. I mean this is a very low bar and I'll bring on their assorted guests. Like who's, the plagiarists Michael. What does make something or other him wherever he that sexual harassment, though they had a real. Quite a Congo line. There And I'll be pushed by this
Dan Abrams member he's they legal, analysed at a b c help that that that'll be pushed by his side. And they can push each other. You know saw connected very ugly. How have you see all the defences of Adam throughout look here? There's no longer only a problem here. The way we re this is that sort of thing. This is a diversion. Drops Hitler why we wasting time with this. Their websites out there to some of which are used to like that are so over the top. I came and look at him anymore. You agree, mainly to producer. They have. So they're not even try. The objective, let alone pro trump. They're just hostile and anti in every respect,.
So that's that re sad, but that's where. Here's item shift today say but when I issue a subpoena Either get what I asked for I went to hang you by your fate at the closest telephone, Paul cut fourteen go our deeply concerned about the Secretary Pompiers effort now to potentially interfere with witnesses who see, interfere with witnesses easy, so shift and his staff go around the union procedures directly to the individuals they wanted, the State Department or former state parliament individuals. To make it almost impossible for the White House to assert executive privilege wished her anymore, because you're not to come here with any Whitehouse administration lawyers. So now what she was saying is I to pick the witnesses I get they should subpoenas. I can tell
If they get council or what kind of council they can have. I get on the whole, damn government to some creep from one congressional district. That has nothing to do with me. As a represent me. This guy's unbelievable Somalia is needed before committing many of whom are mentioned. Not with your committee for the Democrats, let me make it abundantly clear, so the back benches can regurgitating It is not a committee investigation is a Democrat Party investigation. So when they say this is for Congress, this is for the committee, we believe in Constitution saw bs, for the Democrats on the committee, the Democrats in Congress and so forth. Go ahead.
And we want to make it abundantly clear that any effort by the secretary by the present or anyone else to interfere with the Congress is ability to call before it relevant witnesses. Aims in this is that, if you dare to assert, operational powers and use. Well worn doctrine, Threeg, branches of government coequal. I'm warning you, if you dare to do that, I had him. Schiff hold you as an obstruction. And include you on our list. Go ahead. The evidence of obstruction of the lawful functions of Congress. I am more than that will allow a an adverse inference to be drawn up, and not only that. Use it to impeach the President go ahead. Why in fact, that, if they are going to prevent witnesses from coming forward,
to testify on the allegations in the whistle blower complaint that will create an address in France that those allegations are in fact correct. Let me I mean this guy's worse than stalinist. In other words of the executive branch, rages, raises a well understood. Executive privilege claim. That item ships, as you do, that. We're going to assume the allegations are correct. So there's no due process of any kind, in other words, He is trashing leaf type notion justice in western civilization, since the enlightenment. The whole notion of justice. I'll give you don't do what I tell you to do, and you know listen to me see you do that sea. We can do that to Adam. That is your name
You think this guy was kicked all over the place on the playground. Mr producer, every day day His lunch was taken from him. I promise you when I get older, I'm gonna get back at you. I really well. But he's not the real problem. Nancy Stretch policies, the real problem stretch. Think it should be obvious by now thrive, are popping out of her head stretch. The yellow skin has been tied repeatedly behind her head. I'm convinced of this, maybe need to subpoena her and her plastic surgeon. Or surgeons Pulteney, probably don't blame me, I'm just telling you what I observe. Oh Nancy really didn't want impeachment. You listen to these idiots on tv and radio. Now she really can't control her her. Her left like she is. The radical left wing
she's time. This out, he told a few months ago. Do this we're gonna? Do it my way, see. Bugsy Nancy, should we color Bugsy Nancy for Bugsy Siegel anyway, to produce you know, Bugsy Single was rich. Mobster an ally and so forth. They had to take him out too. He was uncontrollable. He was a hitman who Shall I call her Bugsy seek on comparing her to a man, a man shouldn't offend anybody since genitalia out now. And bugs he's a rabbit. You know like bugs Bunny cut fifteen. Go and this President United States stooping to a level that is beneath the dignity. Of the constitution of the United States. That pressure says you can barely speak those words with the dentures loosening in your mouth. Yes, yes, so the
in its beneath the dignity of the constitution of the United States, which they hate. Which they undermine all the time which they say was. Written by and ratified by slave holders, they hated they hate the founders, they hate olive, but now they wrapped themselves and to try and impress. The difference is out there who believe this stuff go out Since the chairman and shout founders, they put guard whales in the constitution because their new there might be some one who would, overplay. Her power, like you, you idiot IQ. And the way you're exercising your power go ahead, thought that we have a president who would kick those guard railed over and disregard presidency? It's not kicking any guardrails genius. Isn't done, anything unconstitutionally isn't violated any law.
I wonder how you in that stupid husband, a year's paw, which is kind of hangs around like a mannequin. I wonder how the two of you would do, special council investigating you and your finances in your family. I wonder how you hold up, I wonder how you hold up if you weren't in Congress, but you are the target of Congress. You and your family in your accountants had peanut after subpoena targeting you wonder how you would hold up. Claim that the constitution that the constitution compels us, not, constitution, go ahead. Article two says that I can do whatever I feel like I didn't say I can do whatever I feel like you idiot.
That's that's Adam Schiff she's, a propagandists This is how she gets elected in San Francisco about the This is sad, have to be prayer, for we have to be prayerful, she says. Does she struck? You is somebody who's prayerful. Abortion on demand This life abortion waiting. Prayerful, for it's, not the public square song. It's not in the schoolroom she's Committee chairmen, who say take under God out of the the oath when we swearing these various witnesses, but she now she's prayer for all of a sudden. A person of faith and got a prayer for one. My really were praying a lot about this unit We really were very prayerful. Every night I'm saying prayers, can you seem a
I'm prayerful about this and Donald Trump and the country I'm really worried about an prayerful go ahead. We have been worthy of the constitution as we therefore have to be worthy of the constitution. It's one of left is worthy of the constitution that they so hate. You understand progressive ism in you. Do they If the constitution, they hate separation of powers, they hate federalism They hate the limitations, the constitution place. On the mighty in the powerful, Politicians in Washington DC and their desire to centralize all authority under themselves and look what he says about the predator guard, their guard roused me a constitution, hee hee, hee hee. Against false, like you go ahead As it in that's why this is a and investigate unemployed and not an outright impeachment.
That's, not even coherent, You need an inquired before you impeach, MR producer. I that we have to be fair to the present fair to the president, She gets up their lives through her tea. She is the fit Castro of the House of Representatives. Had sixteen go. And then she heard me say over and over again the dark days of the revolution, Thomas Pain, said the times have found us Thomas pay would be so disgusted with you. It's not even funny. It's not even funny. He. Find you to be a reprehensible tyrant, your agenda, your party, your conduct, your strategy. You cite Thomas Pain, Thomas Pain. We call for an armed revolution against you, I'm not, but if
understood Thomas Pain You understand what he was about, the part, against the second amendment. How do you think Thomas pain would react to that. Times had found us now, that we place ourselves in a category of greatness Of our sounder zone and are now they loved the founders racist bastard. I got sick hours, those who work just as bad, they didn't and slavery founders, white, supremacists, white supremacist. Now a white prevalent bastards, the FAO, snouts. Not there were as great as the founders of course, amber I must pain. Of course you know he would. He would say that I'm so found us. She she went to chinese restaurant opened a fortune cookies Chinatown in San Francisco and down the club shit
husband, Papa Papa. Look at this. Look at this, in my sure, but I I have this this fortune cookie open it up. Boats, Thomas Paint, I'm gonna, use this Paul go ahead, yeah, I'm going to use this Paul. It's it's a good quote. And I think I'll play the lottery members on the back of a thing to the euro, the low strip. I think I play the lottery numbers on the back to parliament. Thing is going to go ahead. We do place ourselves in a time of urgency. On the threat to the constitution, a system of checks and balances, threats, the constitution, they system of checks and balances; You damn well better reply to our subpoenas and you well buttered turnover your phone calls from Putin's and you're dead about to turn over the grand jury, information, where are we believe, and checks and balances system of temperance.
But the urgencies moment usually requires us to use these tools and these techniques for democracy, It is being made, it is, a five four I shut up. You idiot I'll, be right Much love here's my question. We have shows like the view right with all women as the permanent posts Is there a show like that for men, For five men sitting around. I'm serious hadn't watch wireless daytime stuff. Do you know mister producer.
I don't think there is a show with men sitting around like the view is there well maybe there is, but I am not aware of any quite discriminatory him. Here Hillary Clinton was on the view today cut twenty go I do think that he knows that he's a legitimate president very insecure about it. They look. What he's trying to do now in part of the Ukraine scandal that is slowly coming to light is he's trying to figure out how to say? No, no, it wasn't the Russians, even though our every one of the people on the view couldn't make it somewhere else Two of them could make it on radio theirs
It's such a pathetic chef. Hillary Clinton, you now ass. He knows he's an illegitimate president she's not challenge the clap and sales in the audience agree with it. I'll be right back if the world seem so confusing mark will be glad to clear that up for your column, now eddied seven seven per year, one for your point, one by the way I see Bernie Sanders head some stance in plan, and I wish him well. I have three stance in my chest: they also had bypass surgery. Subsequently Bernie had those stunts in Canada or Mexico must producer. No, he went for those stamp. Just curious chief
Editor in chief of bright news is Alex Marlowe, who does a hell of a job and from time to time, a visitor there on his programme, Alex. How are you, sir? I've been wonderful it's a great guy. Beyond your broadcast annihilate I having our having a mine, pleasure? Thank you, so Something's going on out there and allay right with Euro Organization in the LAPD of all places Yeah. Your audience is familiar with the efforts of the laugh to try to shut down people on the right. Usually it with these sort of woke corporate fascist were trying to use their power this cooperation to try to silence people, but that expanded as of this weekend, where a daily beast editor after that, the locking and was police department. Not recruitment edge by partners now add actual for LAPD Recruitment by a googled algorithmic Al Gore. Advertising placement on bribery,
I've been deemed that wage by the walking endless police department who says bright, Bart is arguably the largest pro law enforcement website operating in the United States and happens to be based in LOS Angeles. We are now opposed to the core values that their expression not out I think this is unbelievably frightening, because by part is incredibly divorce. Incredibly large out, let that happen as people from every single background out there isn't a worn conservatism and now conservatives are apparently banned from LAPD who was the rapporteur at the daily beast, who's who launched this I gotta know a shocking easy editor in chief the editor in chief of the daily beast, Don't you find it amazing that other outlets are true to put to you and other and another outlets that outlets or trying to put outlets out of business. Well, amazing and one way of putting it. I think it's our utter fear.
The reason why we have a conservative movement in America is because people don't listen to alphabet networks. They don't get their news from the New York or from CNN. I didn't get their news from talk radio and now they get their news from a network of online out lessons from streaming outlets. Might be the most influential of all those I fired from a horse talk. Radio at the whole course number wine and has been for decades. But this is a new thing that will stop the laugh in their tracks and have time and time again that this is about. The LAPD were able to speak to anybody there. Be to speak only on record and, of course, we ask them, and I get the ball divulged human I want to be an audible journalists, Well, let's put it this way. They did not have great efforts when we asked them. What is Our core values that do not match up at the LAPD were overwhelmingly prolonged Foresman. Divorce staff, with.
You just talked a bottom: the companies owned and run by Jews out we ve got a black entertainment, editor of black copy, cheap, panic, woman, international security chief is taught the body is laughable, mark this again for anything other than a divorce coalition of millions of Americans, and they want give us an example. They went out with a single example of what we do, but against their core values: And I'll tell you something else: you are you ready, So Israel is very interesting that they trying tagged this anti semitic line on you guys, given what you just said and given the bearing errand out there and over the line- and I was more highlighted in our Jerusalem Bureau And it's funny because if you look at the New York Times This anti Semitism endless examples of Anti Semitism same with aspects of the Democratic Party. You guys you're too you're like Kryptonite, apparently you're, not you're not allowed to be associated with the LAPD. What, I do about this. What can you do about this?
What I would like to deal with, I would love to see people contact the LAPD. I would love to see particularly the rank and file, even though they are putting himself a significant risk if they Judah entreated them. At any point, the h q and try to reach out. If you an end to suggested in Gaza, law enforcement entity discriminating against conservatives, but hold normative viewpoint in America. His knock it inappropriate Why are we fighting to a lot of people? The rank and file law enforcement, both the LAPD appropriate back in the programme forbidden. They like to think that we stand for it to be People at the very upper echelons and by the way mark your point and thank you for giving some of the wonderful Jude colleagues viper meat exports. Anti Semitism had the New York Times. Yes, but we don't take it seriously, we taken more seriously mean your touch. Course. You were the first employ a bright barred and bright barred himself was jewish.
Absolutely our diversity. Oh Mary, like like combat friend of antibiotics, it just amazing how they get these narratives and they just keep pushing and pushing its just the left. The does not believe in a diversity of viewpoint, it believes and uniformity Seeks to inform it, but your it's not the the cop on dream. They pellinore know anything about this. It's the cops at the top who are answerable to City Hall and their say, look what we just did so you want my audience to do what exactly but love from people between them to call them from number on the LAPD website, family and friends reach out And, most importantly, I think it's time for us to stand up and be counted now thought enough to be passive and justice. Four November every other year and boat, I think people being to stopping being more, oh there's a risk, but if you like, the country is at stake, does not then not be like you to state he getting sooner this is different. This is much different when I started
forty forty years ago, almost than the conservative of this, is much different, it's a very serious threat and it's a threat across the board. I can't think of any norm any part of the civil society. That's not under attack canoe No, I can't and when you think about how bright bar is not just a coalition, I mean we have twenty million readers. Doc dimension are thirty eight hours of broadcasting jury section I mean you think Syriac then want to be in business and probably trading company with a bunch of which is the obligation here, of course, not They they do. They give one example of racism, wrap them to do it keeping our conservative voices and started with companies, but those are private. Company should enjoy so much. You can do when one of the major cities of our country had their law enforcement chief, going out You're insane, I pull the important website go to the core values this is frightening market, It is not as an attack on board audio about you, Maybe it'll be you next, it will be Fox
the whatever it is. Your favorite all my website that provide new the party CNN approved. Come on for you. Next we're just give it a spear here. What did they say their core values? Are that your violating that's exactly what we keep asking them and we do not get an answer: they just the mouth of a racist and when they move on Just incredible I mean the All will keep us. Keep us updated on this. Okay, Alex. Absolutely and thanks so much for the incredible platform, but none of them are. We much appreciate that Alex Marlowe editor in chief bright barred news, which is under attack gap, and take care. You believe this, MR producer. Senior level the LAPD. I mean I'm a free speech guy. It's what I am that's what I am so if you have a differing viewpoints for that sort of thing, but the point as their viewpoints on law enforcement of that much different from the right, File, police officer, but the top level,
In these major cities,. Of the police force. As you know, the de politically appointed cops and so forth at the top levels. His big blue cities were reporting to these these marxist mayors, theirselves. We're not talking about the cap on the beaten, sir, we're talking about at the very top their sell out like they were in Baltimore in New York. Let me add, to cameo. In other cities to its very sad. Alright, we taken a cause with, we ve had a lot to talk about today, lot few to digest MIKE up Ireland North Carolina on the mark, Levant Go go for a baby? one other thing that really really difficult to do your own good, covering so many different aspects of summoning up, something
Get on the phone, you wanna call you and you want to make your point in by time. We get. None listened in all the different. Did you bring out? I mean you're, my constitutional, though, to but anyway manifestation of having said that this is what really aggravates me. And you know I listen assuring him a piano tucker I listen to and pr and all the other. Things that out there the other, is a little more time for me to call you the other nation him and he had man, and I am not talking about other hosts. There were the there was another individual were now I'm not talking about other house. Ok. Let me put it this way: why is it that the Senate,
Why is it that Lindsey Graham talks, a good game but doesn't do a damn thing? Is that what you're, trying to tell me in general, there isn't it. I agree with you: it's even worse. Grass leaves out there. Attacked the whistle blower mind. What excuse me but may have this also, when I agree with you So why aren't all these other people there are supposed to? I can speak for everybody else, but I've been on this thing about the Senate. There sitting on their thumbs. They have committees, they can have hearings, they can she subpoenas penis. I the issues of involving a hundred Biden, Joe Biden there, not just for the house. Democrats but look Mcconnell leads it. These guys are scared of their own chef De Gekko. In Mcconnell sky from Missouri, I can remember his name. He such nothing burger delete ship, the Republican Party, very weak.
House rent in the United States Senate. It is go along, get along just make sure they not shut down the government. And then I heard Mcconnell say we're gonna retrial. That's our rules would can't change the rules unless we have sixty seven votes to do some of its fleet only says You know maybe it'll be a short trial. I have a better idea: I guess this Sunday Albert rays of former independent council, why war independent counts he picked up or can STAR left off I spoke to the interviewed him today. Sometimes I do it early when I have to get the guest and he was magnificent. And he said one of the things they could do it's. The truth comes up, there's emotion to dismiss, and then dismissal. He said when he was the White Water Independent Council In the matter went to the United States Senate. There was a motion to dismiss course was defeated. An emotion to dismiss with a simple majority in the Senate?
and that would be that now here's the prom. Romney SAS Some of these other drama types. We are I'm standing up for the constitution and the process when, in fact, they're not they're giving their imprimatur too, Nancy policies undermining of the constitutional order. Give me a call. My friend I just want to underscore this point. There is no way the United States Senate no way The United States Senate. Should confirm or give it and premature Nancy policies doing in the house no way no way. Now with the Republicans in the Senate, but I fear that they will. I hope that they don't
I'll be right back then whining get everything I wanted to get too, but we did a pretty good job. I think listen tomorrow and you'll, hear it repeated or you can listen to my podcast and listen to the original, our common pot cast. Let me find a thing air. Mr producers, like remind everybody how to do it. Here's what you do you go to. My radio homepage website Mark Levine showed that come That's the mothership. Click on the audio Re Rhine button at the top Middle, the top of the homepage, so that step too. I'll take him to the podcast page. And then choose the podcast that your one, that is the platform in Apple podcast stature, Google, pod cash, you download it.
Your Iphone or whatever, and you set So I go with you everywhere, you take a trip, business, family vacation. Well, if you're busy it's a holiday, when my shows you got kids stuff, go whatever it is, you ll never miss the show. You just go to the podcast if we Pre empted for baseball preempted for While preempted for some nonsense again, You'll be able to listen on my podcast So I strongly encourage you may not think you're going to use it, but many many millions of people using about so. Not at least have it set with the EP download it with the podcast saga. Mark Levine showed outcome Click on the audio rewind middle, the top of the homepage. We'll go to the podcast page and pick the podcast platform that you want and set simple. Will be with you forever everywhere, while stock you Will follow you,
Actually you'll be stocking me in following me and that's just fine. You know we're learning even more about Nancy Policing, the Democrats plan to socialize and therefore destroy our medicine, We want you to believe But international price indexing a term you're going to hear amuse over and over again will you, to lower drug costs. Oh see, plan would set drug prices based on what socialist european countries set them on. Now what is really design it to do is move from a care based model to a european cost, based smile These are the same european countries where patients are experiencing rationing waiting periods denied access to cutting edge drugs. You ve read a lot of these stories. We ve talked about where people are on it, he's horrible situations where there waiting months and months and months of many em, don't make it
today the United States has access to the most cancer treatment drugs when the world because of competition are markets where there's an incentive to develop these preserving and. Extending drugs. The reason the United States is way ahead of Europe in cancer survival rates. I noticed Bernie Sanders never talked about that. But cost based systems focused solely on cost, instead of care So Washington bureaucrats determine the treatment you needed to costly you're, not gonna, get it and, like you It's too expensive you're out of luck. International price indexing is another socialist pill too painful. Swallow folks get the facts. Gotta true healthcare, facts that come true: healthcare, facts, dot, com, that's true, health care facts that com. All right. Let's see Let us go to Natalie
Natalia, I should say Orange California, eight, seventy, the answer Charolais, I'm a girl of em. When, you get. You think he'll! Thank you. I am actually really looking forward you going to the town hall this Sunday, that's gonna, be fun yeah, actually only discovered you like. Here we go now and me in my boyfriend, love you and Borg. So really hoping to get down, everybody loves cork. Everybody calls himself by com the Gort, but that's just me Yeah gosh thorium. Like her, I millions of people listening, but what can I do for you, I'm sure you don't
I don't think any control over there by their anyway. I listen to you. You're serious accidents, Is there any way we can get them like put you on demand, so I don't have the men men. Why don't you go to the podcast Yes, since a podcast here, I want you to go one more time. Go to Mark Levin showed that come click on the audio rewind middle atop, the homepage, and then you go to the podcast page, and then you can just download it. Ok, I have everything for everybody, Mother so glad that your thing, everything your thing, because I can't tell you how much I agree with you and how you I'm thirty, in your boyfriends. How old My boyfriend is thirty: seven how'd, you know
that and I'm gonna meet you guys Sunday will make sure you remind me that you got through a new Paul, and I appreciate it now I gotta run I apologize for. We salute our armed forces. Police officers. Firefighters emerging, has all those folk who protect us tonight. We also want to salute our president and thank him for standing up these, the General Worthy Infantry. Now we don't mean more Atkins. Ignore you idiot I'll, see you tomorrow can lead from the west. Would one podcast network.
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