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On Monday's Mark Levin, If conservatives don’t go to vote in two weeks, it will be our fault if we lose the country to the Left’s radicalism. This election is so consequential because it’s about you. What kind of country do you want to have? How can we allow these rogue leftists to control any part of our government? There are no moderates or centrists in the Democrat party. They out-radical each other. They do not have any fidelity to the rule of law, the Constitution. Then, we have Jamal Khashoggi who we believe was brutally murdered. Yet the Washington Post didn't miss a chance to blame this on President Trump and implicate Mark even though he wasn't even on the air when it was reported! Mark doesn't manage CRTV and is not the managing editor of the 20 plus conservative commentators that appear on CRTV yet multiple news agencies have tried to connect him through "guilt by association". Yet again, the media has missed the mark misconstruing the truth. Afterwards, we honor and reflect on the life and legacy of Mark's late father Jack Levin. A devoted husband, father, small businessman, author, illustrator and self-taught Constitutional historian. Mr. Levin was the author of six books including the soon-to-be released title "Our Police" available for pre-order on Amazon now. Finally, Chip Roy calls in to discuss his run for Texas’ 21st Congressional District.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. I want to thank all the wonderful hosts My dear friends, who filled in the last two weeks, under the programme. I will explain to you why I was not here. I can assure you I was not on vacation, I want to thank all of our sponsors and affiliates. Most of all, all of you, bless the have you in my audience, and I want to thank you so I'll discuss it at the end of the programme.
I've been observing, Whitman taking part this obviously the past few weeks and we ve talked what's been taking place before the past two weeks, Election is so consequential because it's about you, it's Even about the president tonight, even about the Republicans in Congress, it's about you! What kind of country do you want to have? I, and I believe that we will allow these rogue leftists Control any part of our government. I want you to think about this we're unmoored from our constitutional system, so our governing document constitution in many respects has become irrelevant. So we have to decide now. If we want to live in at least a relatively free country, we have to decide
if children live in a relatively price, for a country or whether they're gonna be swamped with debt, that destroys the economy and destroys their futures. When you look But the Democrat parties offering there are no moderates and the Democratic Party there are no centrists and the Democratic Party. I'm not talking about some of you and my only it's I'm talking about the leadership I'm talking about. People want to be president, they outright Each other they do not have. Any fidelity to the rule of law, the constitution, none. You hear talk about how they want to destroy the electoral colleges. Who now you hear talk about how they want to double the size of the House of Representatives. Anything the end, justify the means sanction A city sanctuary cities are illegal, and yet there they are five hundred of them all across the country. We, the caravan of illegal aliens, trying to get into this country,
the creature rooting for them. Billionaires errs the left, funding them These people literally want to destroy our culture, our civil society, they ve done it. Agnes Job and have gone a long way in destroying our rule of law are constitutional system other last more than for centuries. The issue is what kind of a country do you want to live in? then a game. It's not What takes to you and me it's and, turning to you and me, we are people. Who's, going to war to fight, so you and I can live in a constitutional republic and be treated as individuals. And we have young people overseas and one how whole after another doing exactly the same thing. Meanwhile, back here we are confronting a beggar evil.
When the challenges the fundamental principles of their society, our foundational principles, they reject them. No, we don't vote in, ten days. Issues on us. It's not even on the Republican Party. It's not on the President, United States. Its on us beat it past about poisonous ideologically left media. It's not even therefore, it's ours, because we oh, that there does testable poisonous ideological left, media. Many people say this is the most consequential election in history. It's not the most consequential election in history. It's the most kind, the quest for election of modern times. There is no question about that. None. So this is about you. This is about what kind of
I'm society you want to live and how you want to raise your family and children and grandchildren, Government do you want? Because? Because IRAN more from our constitutional system it the Congress and the bureaucracy in the courts are free to do whatever they all, they want to do which was never posts to be the way that it is Supposed to be the way that it is no eve been listening day in and day out about this. This comment: this opinion writers, I'm not sure what really contributor to the Washington Post, who is allegedly believe me was brutally murdered. By the Saudis, in their consulate located in Turkey, inestimable.
No that's unbelievable, that they would do that? I have been off the air. For eleven days more than two weeks, I've been off the air. And they Washington, Post and the Washington dares to write an article last week. A news by Robert costed. Another person trying to use the the murder the assassination of this individual, as not only to trash the presently United States, but the trash conservatives hereafter whispering against this guy throughout their whispering again, My name appears in the article one
My name appear in the article one. I wasn't even on the air when I posted nothing on social sites. When I wrote nothing when I said nothing, how is that possible because its character assassination, the Washington Post Robert, and the other reporter and unfortunately my computer is going bonkers. Wired, read it to you. They talk about my paraphrase A number of concerns, including see The tv conservative review tv founded by Markel of in and they go on to cherry pick, quotes from an interview and we ve scores of individuals. I work for see our tv. They don't work for me, I'm not the rapporteur, I'm not there managing editor. I dont even manage see Artie I believe in it as an alternative to the Washington Post and the rest of them strong I believe- and I am I show Levant TV, I'm responsible
what comes out of my mouth. For what I write and say, but they brought me up brought me up in the context of this article and then the article because they Ebay service, a wire service at your service wash the post, where their articles go all over the place, my name, our showing up and all these sites, these no sight, and rather even say founder, one of them Hundreds of sea our tv mark LE then they start quoting me. Quoting may use making comments about this. This fellow who was assassinated the consular and I never said a word, quotation marks around words and a sign Show me and not a single one of these news outlets will correct it not a single one of these new out of which, while apologized for and what.
Up and down the road. Is people take what they write and then put it on Wikipedia. Our repeat it when they write another article about me. They ve done this before you look at what Now I have like the longest entry in american history, because the meat Matters types, the thing: progress, types that move on dot, org types, although leftist go on their Wikipedia, which has a best guys encyclopedia site they gone they allow these people to cherry pick. They allow them to put on their they dont lock down. You will not recognize me absolutely silent for over two weeks, he put words in my mouth. Part of they whispered campaign against Kush hoagie. It reminds me of what took place
In March twenty seventeen, when I took the actual news reporting by news outlets, Micheletti, the New York Times the Washington Post and others? its so called legitimate new sites. I love From all, I bade her tone of them, and I Holy macro look what they ve done, the Trump look, what they're trying to do? Look but the FBI's doing look what the intelligence Service Our doing and it helped trigger became these investigations into what behind the others we're doing, I didn't make up these stories. They wrote these stories. I just put them together they wrote these stores because now we know senior people. The F b I will leading to the mania senior people, intelligence services were leading to the media and the media as demographers were. Writing
but leakers we're saying I just happen to know certain put it all together. What they were trying to do is take our trump take out. Visuals in the trunk care being taken on individuals Rob world do or whatever they could to push this. This conspiracy theory about Trump and Russia collusion. And I laid out next thing: you know right, winger, conspiracy, therapist, goes on and on and off, they repeat each other. They regurgitate each other's work, This isn't a media in this country to joke a job fifty years from now hope, depending on what kind of a country we have the going to look back on CNN they're, gonna, look back on MSNBC and even then at times and unwashed imposed on all arrested, and this will be the oh period of yellow journalism, their hate for Donald Trump. Frankly, there hey,
were you is so obvious there so completely out of the closet. Now the new period of yellow journalism, anything flies Cavanaugh. Cabin. I was involved in gang rapes every weekend for ten weekends. And the media ran with it. You have an accuser who doesn't have a single shred of evidence, Doktor Ford treated with mittens, not kid Will you now to say a word about our credibility? She had nothing on Cavanaugh Zira and the Democrats in the media were prepared to throw due process out of the window. The presumption, I sense of the window. They want to throw the elect poorer. Our agenda, the window they wanted to
draw their house or representative. They wouldn't want peach after the fact cabinet and while erratic there thinking about impeaching Clarence Thomas wanna, completely ruined the Supreme Court and the entire federal court system, which is bad enough. That's what this elections about it. You can stand up to these totalitarians, you going to stand up for your country, Are you going to stand up for your constitution? so many generations before us. There look at your children. Look at your grandchildren. Are you going to fight for them? All you have to do is get off your ass and go vote and bring five or ten people with you. If you bring five or ten people with you or if you make sure the conservatives in your family in your neighbour
your colleagues vote. We will crush them. We will crush them. I'll be right. Back, When is the last time you heard a republican candidate talk about capitalism, And how humane capitalism and how capitalism creates wealth and how capitalism create jobs and how capitalist? improves the quality of life of the Van. The majority of people who live on, such an economic system. I hear this guy Gilan,
running in Florida. Now is pretending not to be a socialist used to be a socialist? He was a Bernie Sanders Socialist now he's running as a year as mashed potatoes, basically running. Mashed but much of course, the media, let him get away with it, trying to paint the scientists have some kind of races, which is disgusting, meanwhile, give is this new candidate and he could be the first African American elected in flood. How come they don't talk about the first act American who might be elected from the Senate. Michigan John James. Where is he in the media? where's he in the national media, this guy is great. Unlike gingham, he served as country in combat, unlike gingham, he actually created real, since he's a capitalist, unlike kill em. He really is uniting people and give them gets hold. Potential. Why? Because he gently
when stooge? That's? Why a word that he used during the debate stooge but James running for the Senate Michigan how much time is Yet on CNN, how much time does he get on MSNBC, the New York Times the Washington post? Zero Guy Badal Orourke names, not NATO name, Robert Francis Rourke is irish. So and bade all because he wants to lie to me. A teen owes in Texas wallet call me beta was a kid great. They used to call me Marcie as a kid. My name's mark so runs around with this name beta or veto. When its name is Robert, Francis O Rourke Robert Francis O Rourke, so neither one mashed potatoes, absolute mashed potato another hard core leftist Bernie Sanders Type,
And they lie in the media, helped them why these running to gauge the guy a principle of substance, TED crews, but they love nothing better than the take Florida and take Texas. They take Florida, they take Texas. We can't win how America we can't win These votes are important their important for you, every one of you listening to me a Texas in Florida. You know why florist prospering Is one reason why florist prospering one reason they can make all the arguments they want. There's no state income tax. But who retire in New York, Philadelphia Chicago all across
eastern seaboard. In New England, they moved to Florida, they move there would their pensions there's no state income tax and many them vote Democrat many them vote Democrat not all those of you listening to me your solid, but you know what I mean, maybe then vote Democrat, because for them it's in consequence, They figure they still will get no state income tax Rostov their pensions, not gonna, be a problem. It so irresponsible. It's so piggish it's so outrageous. They will destroy larder the people of fly You want to be destroyed. It's in your hand, people a Texas Wanna be destroyed. It's in your hands. We have very few states left, withers actual actual
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you'll get ten percent off your simply safe home security. Now you ve heard me talk about it before you we ought to do it now that simply safe mark dot com. All, let's see here, so these elections, you know people say where were you would get a protect? This rhetoric that would trumpets were- and I agree with that by the way- I regret that, but you need to look at it- maybe a little differently to you, trying to protect yourself, your way of life right you're, trying to protect what belongs to you, Now, let's see here, let me give me a perfect example: Coy Booker, Hano, Coy Bugger is not relevant in the sense that he's not up in the mid term elections. But this the mentality. This is the kind of saying that they want to do the kind of thing that their thinking about
here we have from Vocs Veo Exe. America has a massive growing racial wealth gap. Let's stop right there. What does that mean. We have all but open borders? People are coming into this country, most people coming into this country illegally are not coming from Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and so forth. Their coming from south of the border. The vast majority of them are considered latino and the government makes people. Fill out forms, even if you're in illegal, ailing you're pretty you check the form who you are, what you are and so forth and they make. Estimates about how many people are here, so let me ask you to be twenty nine, people who are here illegally? Are they included in this wealth gap issue? just curious. How is this configured.
What really doesn't matter? Because that's not the. This news article, the point, To support a left wing agenda, You know when the nation was founded matter back before the nation was founded. Be pre revolutionary peered into the revolutionary pier. We didn't have a media per se, but we had a limited number of newspapers really around three dozen across the british colonies and we had pamphleteers. That was the form of social media. If you will. And the information in these papers in these pamphlets were mix a mix of news and moat much. News was all by the time it. It would reach certain parts of the wilderness in this country and opinion.
But the vast majority of. Pro colony Pro America, that was the point. That was the purpose. Nobody wanted a red stuff. Or pass along information that rash. Their own society doesnt mean they weren't. Taking a credit. Why to events are taking place, but these people early on. Understood liberty, better than most of our neighbours and fellow citizens too,. An early on early early on you how to get permission. From the governors of these colonies, most of whom, were you know, installed by the Brits to write something so they, They started to do these pamphlets to get around all that.
One of the earliest printers, not the. The last, but one of them was Benjamin Franklin, brother and then later Benjamin Franklin this whole my idea of freedom of the press. Where did it come from? It came from them those white slave owners, although Franklin ever own slaves, but you get the point That's where freedom of the press came from freedom of the press and freedom of speech are synonymous and they were promoted, republic, they were promoting individual liberty, they were promoting private property rights, they were fighting the opposite positions and viewpoints. They were fighting them.
Almost every day, when you read a so called news article, its trashing our country, now, let's go back to the first sentence. Space on Vocs America has a mass of growing racial wealth gap. Let me ask a question: why do people risk their lives? The come here. Because that sentences telling you that America is racist and there's not equal opportunity in America, that's what that senses towing. Why do people of color a k, a man, whites? Why are they flooding into America. Why are they leaving Guatemala in Honduras and Mexico one country after another in central and South America, are they leaving one country after another on the african continent? Why
Are they leaving one country after another in Southeast Asia, even China. Why are all these people coming to the United States if there is a mass of growing racial wealth gap? Theirs, Opportunity for non white is that it. One of the problems we have in this country, thanks to the left, whether in the media are entertainment and elsewhere, is a lie. Promoting assimilation. Lack of promoting assimilation, learning english law. American laws learning american practices embracing american culture- I mean, after all, you came to you, It states to escape the culture of your birthplace, right. This is therefore the refugee is isn't what an illegal alien does. Otherwise
Come to America. And America you see is so racist as a country that as Barack Obama and Joe Biden used to say by twenty forty four one. People will be in a minority. They're so race obsessed one of them. Erika is so racist. Why do Americans allow that? Because Erica as countries not racist. That's why. People should be encouraged to embrace capitalism? They should being First, to embrace entrepreneurs, They should be encouraged to embrace the private sector. The profit motive, creativity, productivity rather than government government government,
the vast majority of people, do not succeed by getting a government check, it destroys them. It destroys initiative. It destroys independent thinking, It destroys the human spirit, which is exactly why the left pushes it. So, let's go back to the story. America has a massive growing racial wealth gap. For the left, of course I've means more government, more redistribution, higher taxes, more regular, you know in or in more and more new government. Goes on. The median white family today holds nearly ten times the wealth of the media in black family. Senator Coy Booker's introducing a bill aimed at closing that gap that caught my attention here,
Idea is to give lower income. Kids kids sizeable nest day nearly fifty thousand dollars in some cases that they could use for wealth, building, perch Like a down payment on a house or college to wish, did you hear this? Will you familiar with this? These? They call them. Opportunity accounts they don't call these marxists accounts, they column, opportunity accounts would theoretically now. This is the article. This is the news article. It doesn't say that it's an opinion, peace, these opportunity accounts, would theoretically make sure all children have significant assets when they enter. Rather than just those who grew up in wealthier homes, sounds cool right, equality.
It be a dramatic change in our country to have low income people break out of generational poverty. Booker's set an interview with box we could rapidly Security into those families lives, and that is we exciting to me now? The one Ruby any discussion of where this money comes from. Never nobody cares. What kind of tax is one to be increased? Who cares what kind of additional, It will have to be accumulated. Who cares? None of it matters we're talking about equality of results, economic equality, when I'm talking about Liberty Bell confuse us with liberty? Don't confuse us with market still confuse us with opportunity Now, don't you see.
We have a racist country, we need to take money given to poor people, poor kids up the fifty thousand dollars So we can move into the middle class. You see tat simple. Why didn't, I think, that's? Why did anybody think of this? These are opportunity accounts. After all, ladies and gentlemen, coming into the the modern era, the modern modern era. I guess economics. Don't matter that doesn't matter tat, traitor irrelevant. We need an opportunity, account up the fifty thousand dollars a kid. What's the big and while we at it free college. Our at it. Free healthcare. And while you're at it open borders.
Now we're at it, why don't you destroy the country. Where the richest country in the face of the earth were even our poor people. Better than most poor people in the rest of the world, they all have local state and federal welfare systems. Food systems. Housing benefits they dont have em in these other countries. We have him in this country, thanks to the productivity of ender, just who get up every morning and go to work. Back an evening. And contribute to society. Why We spend all our time. Attacking the people who create wealth
great this magnificent society who build things who produce things will make it possible for people who don't even do those things. To have some form of material wealth, food, clothing and so forth, you kill the golden goose You will not have those golden eggs, I'm telling you I'm telling you You need to do more than just vote. You need to take five take seven eight nine ten people, whether all you need to make sure they vote, or this is your future. This is your future and I'm talking to all people all income groups, all races, all religions, all joy. Theirs and so forth. This is your country. To what makes this country different is an opportunity. Accounts would make this country differ.
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vain dot com and by the way, if you use code, Levine, foot, rest, Livin, foot, rest, you'll, get a free foot. Rest too. Exchequer Levine Exchequer L, E Vienna, dot com code, Levine Foot, rest cash, I don't know if he was a journalist or not. I dont know if he was an opinion right or not. The washed and posts is not very clear about what Raleigh play quite frankly there, just not if people want Can those background and try and figure out if he had an attachment to the Muslim Brotherhood at one time which he did and now is more of a secularist. According to the Washington Post, So we have no idea he was brutally assassinated in this in the consulate the saudi consulate in Turkey, You know there were six murders in Chicago. I will weaken six murders.
No, I know none of them were. Journalists are contributors to the Washington Post, but who are they? What does who are these human beings, these Americans? Who are they? How old are they? What are their names? What they look like, not even one minute, They don't have put their pictures on tv. What about their families. I mean I could go on and on here. I watch this from a distance. Of course, this was a murder. Of course. The Saudis did it They should be punished, but we should destroy our entire ability to protect our. Our country and our allies now cut off the Saudis. What do we what Obama did you give? A hundred and fifty billion now to the Saudis. The way we gave a tour ran a ranch
Others, journalist, all the time, tortures people all the time they actually q, people left and right or maybe Cuba. Last time I checked, Obama opened an embassy in Cuba; they kill people too, poor people to you, Jack ashes in the media, your concern, human rights, one of your programme for once Now quote me on that I'll be right back. you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel bloated, tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of filled agree.
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and dot com offer code Levin now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one: some watching this debate between Rhonda Sanderson Gilan, running for governor in Florida a temper. Does a lousy job. No, he pushes the left wing narrative. They never ask questions related to cap.
Listen private property rights? They never ask questions sanctuary? Cities separation apart? They never answer toys while he asked the fifteen dollar minimum wage, of course, give them support, set everybody whose tried it as regretted it see. I'll try to it was a disaster. It Faster the employees. It's a disaster for small businesses. They go out of it, You ve been were Mcdonald's lately, you see all the key asks that their building that's to get around the fifteen dollar minimum wage and others are doing it now as well. The left doesn't know how to create things. The left only knows how to destroy them, so give firm support to fifteen dollar minimum awake. You're, not I'll supports medic
For all, do you understand what many care for all means you folks are Medicare means many care for nobody, care for all means Medicare for nobody. It means Medicare as exists today, even people who, in their seventys and Eightys and Ninetys, we'll see, Still exist as it Just today, because you going. But tens of millions of other people into it. Age this system altogether? They want government Roy top down health care? can't seem to figure out how to run the veterans administration. They can To figure out how to make Obama care work. So what do the left while they nationalized more things and they control more thanks. That's their answer to everything. They just don't have enough government, they just don't have enough taxes, they just don't have enough control, but it's always that way, because I can't work
So Gill, on wants to destroy medical now he talks about medicate their aid, thousand people if they would just expand medicate in Florida. Eight hundred thousand people, so we left six billion dollars on the table. Here's what you didn't say and Jake Tappitt embody follow up after the first few years under Obama, care worthy states bought into expanded medicated many of these red and purple states did but not all, but not all red states. Then you, No, what the governments going to contribute to the state coffers, a state, least theoretically could one of paying a hundred percent of it. It's not free money anyway, the taxpayers, a flutter, also federal taxpayers, but this is what we're doing about now fifteen dollar minimum wage Medicare for
all, which means Medicare for nobody, man, the boy expanding Medicaid in a state like Florida, which means the people of Florida going too. I've pulling the bag, it's only a matter of time, but problem the most remarkable thing that came out of that debate again, no thanks to Jake Tapir, who did a really lousy job, was Gill. Gilan did not deny that local and state law enforcement would not work, With ice, in other words, let's say you have a criminal, illegal aliens, criminal, alien in a state prison in Florida, one of two things happens after that sentences serve only one of two things as to, pointed out you're that turn them over to ice and the feds to be deported or you let them loose in your communities and Gingham Rick
uses to turn them our, so he would wind up letting them loose in your communities it's not a big issue to Floridians cut twenty go boy. You honor request from Donald Trump Zeiss agency. If they provided the tainer requests, will you honor it as governor? Will you working with them? the problems we foresee with your time. They won't answer than Jake. That simple. Because that's what happens when somebody had I've been embraced. The I've worked with law enforcement when there, the system there convicted- maybe they serve ten years when it comes I'm too come out? There's entertainer requests from eyes. You either over two eyes or release him into the community. That's the only two options: Andrew. Not answer the question that I mean. Let me would be willing to release into our light into the well. Of course. I just think that they show voting as unnecessary slot. There. There's no show boning pow.
I found a lot of that during the course of the debate. These cheap shots these these dismissive cobblers. Show Bonino show boating go ahead. What what? What? What we will do is we will follow? if you commit a crime, you do the time if, through the agenda, Tori Process in a judge, issues a warrant for arrest or movement into an ice facility. Then we were actually what we must now, but that's not the way it works. A judge does not issue in putting somebody in the ice facility. The individual has done time. They ve been charge, they ve been prosecuted, they ve been found guilty, their sentence, they serve their sentence? Now you have to open the jail. How store. Is that person gonna wind up in a Bus, a yellow eyes. Pass, though, why. Deporting that person or its output Gonna, walk out that jail. How store and go
Your neighborhood, that's the question and obviously give em takes, the latter position. This is a big deal. It's a big point he's so radical. He doesn't want you to understand the process, but that's the process you to turn them over to the feds to deport them. Could states can support people Or their lucian, your community. So fifteen Darwin Minimum wage which will bankrupt many small businesses are chased them off and by the way, is harmful. Many many people who work, for instance, in the hotel, the restaurant industry and so forth. And the elimination of Medicare under the guise of health care for all. And a massive expansion America, which is health care for poor people. The other thing is when you're a state that has all these illegal aliens coming in in Florida is one of them. A Texas is one of them and so forth.
And you're saying you know what we're going to pay for all that health care and medical care related to this and and fourth and so on. You're gonna be attracting more more But we need more more state benefits. So you're expanding the welfare state. Why expand A number of people who are on the welfare state. These are just a few issues that were utterly destroy a state like Florida or state like tax spot, destroy them as they have these other states. It's a big deal. And are you wouldn't really understand it because TAT never really followed up. He didn't drill down. Yet its own agenda and brings up the agenda the Democratic Party in Florida, I'm just using this as an example, immediately tried to paint. The scientists has a racist.
Which is so sickening and outrageous. But that's what they do on the left and the left being the media and the Democratic Party. That's what they do. Meanwhile, once again, You have an african American running for the Senate in Michigan. Any conservative and he's a cap and he believes that the constitution and the rule of law he doesn't get the kind of attention that give em gets. What will you know why it's the. The media mentality. We talked about the Khashoggi briefly, I'm trying to figure out how this story over the world about Donald Trump.
How does this story one being about Donald Trump. And where do the media get off claiming the moral high ground. When human rights abuses all over the world right off. Our border take place every day, involving far more than one individual, mostly go under, reported or not How many stories did they do about torture and political, nurse in Cuba? One Obama was an embassy in Cuba very few, how many stories that they do about the genocidal police state in China very few very few when I'm responsible for Took place and that saudi Consulate in Turkey course we react to it. Of course, we
do what we feel we need to do in order to address it, but we didn't do anything. The blood is on our hands. Yes, there's a lot to be outraged about A lot to be outraged back I'll, be right back, Now, if you don't. Get in line behind the media narrative you come under brutal attack like Sebastian Gorka coming under brutal attack. He doesn't follow the media narrative.
In others, don't follow media narrative? I don't follow median air by follow my own conscience. My own principles, my own beliefs, is. Look around the world, the, Georgia. This cause matter our role as a murder is. Is well beyond the kind of coverage that other human rights abuses that take place in this world, which are far more extensive and systemic. How many other people been murdered by the saudi regime? I'm sure many others do we know they are not we don't the foggiest idea who they are. Do we know how many? No, we don't know how many well. Why not, because
You could give a damn that's why they could give a damn. As I speak to you right now,. There are black Christians in the Sudan who are being slaughtered and rate and tortured in the most horrendous ways. There are black Christians. Being slaughtered and torture and rape in the worst. Nigeria in the Congo. By these radical black muslim organisations and groups. Terrorists. Have. You heard a word about that in the last two weeks. Anything at all anything. Have you heard about how Hezbollah and Hamas torture and murder their own people. If they dont toe the line? Have you heard any of that? Now? We have entered a damn thing about.
IRAN, the around deal, our government facilitated the delivery of a hundred and fifty billion dollars to a terrorist regime, are present at the time Obama oversaw and was intimately involved in. Every day, till of the delivery of one and a half billion dollars and foreign currency under cover of darkness. Delivered on an airplane, a non american airplane, hoping that wouldn't be seen. To the slaughter of nazi regime in Tehran, which has one of the highest execution rates in the world. Obama didn't come under criticism. From the same people who are involved in criticising our president, whose had no role. What's so ever in any this, so the,
You use to attack him, the media use it to attack. Conservatives. I think I read somewhere the year the pro saudi conservatives, who the hell of a pro saudi conservative, somehow I wound up in that group, Mr Barroso, if I ever said anything that makes me a pro saudi anything. I said nothing the last two weeks I wasn't on the air. The media are diabolical their disgraceful. I dont know if anyone it's possible whose making any excuses for what the saudi regime, which is in incestuous throwback regime. I don't know anybody who is making.
Any excuses for their brutal assassination of this journalist, but what people are asking is about the coverage. On the one hand, its man stopped, on the other hand, are they reporting everything about the gentleman who was murdered you now? As agreed by the way, while you're at it don't ask about climate change, not you can ask, don't ask about anything, no, their legitimate policy questions. Can we debate is the President right when he says I'm not going to forfeit in ten billion dollar purchase of Amerika military armaments, which the Chinese
I sure would sell. Otherwise, why is that a controversial statement? The purpose of that sail is the benefit us. If it purely benefited the Saudis, there will be one thing, but it benefits America I mean, as I said earlier in the programme, what they, how we open an embassy in Cuba. It's a police state but tortures and murders president's been attacked, because of his heart policies on China Told you ran, has one of the highest execution rates in the world. China has the highest execution rate in the world ass. The Tibetans. Ass the other religious minorities in China S, here, the political dissidents, how their traded in China.
And these are real trials that take place in China at all right. So what should we do? What we do? These are legitimate questions that ought to be engaged, discussed. Policy thoughtfully considered, but whose need jerking around now. The media and the left a president muster this treasure muster. Presidents had thirteen different positions on this. It's a non american citizen in the saudi consulate, saudi territory, within the country of Turkey within the country of Turkey, I despise the saudi leadership. I despise the turkey leadership.
Despise them all, but I know how dishonest the media are when my name is thrown around when I'm off the air for two weeks is, if I said something which if somebody at sea, our tv who said something is monitored or manage by me, which is not accurate media sucks. And I'm not involved in any whispered campaigns. I have a microphone for God's sakes. I may have million people can hear what I say. What's a whisper campaign. I'll be right back. If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brickhouse, Levin dot com just go there and click on the buy now button. So you can read the reviews over one thousand two hundred and five,
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code, Levant Nations, Town Hall Meeting and you can join in at eight seven, seven create one three, eight one, one in the final hours of everyone. This week and next week we will have in a droll who's running for office, HU. I strongly support you can hear from them, and I can encourage you, Support them all over the country, with the your financial support and in your particular districts, are states to rally on the person, it's just not enough. The vote on your own anymore, you gotta get on the phone. Like your precinct captain. Contact, family members and and and friends and colleagues in May. And make sure they woke up we're gonna lose
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maybe I should maybe I shouldn't it, take a current mattress, leaning against the wall and try the Casper I'm betting on better big that you're gonna love, like aspirin solely by the way these strip slower malls malls. They don't do anything. Let us go Israel in Mars Time New Jersey, the Great W b c go. Thank you very much for fighting the good fight on behalf of all of us. I stood Enjoy everything that you say and agree with a hundred percent about the danger that we face what's going on in Washington and you have Will it be a better way of doing things tat if we just go on without, Strategy to win there was a really great day We lose it all an opportunity now today with electronic media, although its powerful enough,
The new media, but with today when we talk radios, there would be a partnership, it could be a tremendous force. Ranging taught radio is not free to suspend all its time partnering with a political party or something like that that's an impossibility and what I'm saying here is we have millions and millions of people listening to this privilege. Let's pretend right now: five million people are listening. If all of you listening to me right now make sure that five six people vote on election day. We will have a massive lying flat. I thought no Thanks for your car, what he's rambling on about talk, radio, partnering with somebody or other first, let me explain tat. Talk, radio is not this It's not it's, not the yet. This isn't the wizard of OZ, where, behind the
There is talk, radio and there's, Mr Big and all the rest of it, and and there's the person HI talk, radio talk, radio is hundreds of thousands of local region a national hosts, the the majority of whom dont know each other. They are owned by different businesses, different companies that have different affiliates. So it's not like. Hey talk greater, let's all get together and work with someone, so it doesn't work that way. So it's not rational to begin with. That's number one number two: if that's what we did. There will then be talk. Radio anymore, we be G, p, radio, I don't e g, o p radio, my whole point, in the first hours this is an election about us. You need to go out and vote about part. With this one or that one each and every one of us has power each and every one of us has power. Let's just do things
Currently, this election day, you. Take it upon yourself to make sure that Or five six or whatever their number, the visuals and you're Circle family circle tat. Her synagogue, Circle, Europe, employment circle,. Family circle, I think I said that they woke. That's all And we will swamp them, they will know what the hell here, it's very not complicated, very simple, complicated raw J bakers. California. The great care so far go yeah yeah on the orchestra. Only thing and crop I'm really disturbed is disturbing. Is that in our trump throughout it right has repeatedly Internet Beth delegation number one number to it. He repeatedly defended
the saudi rulers throughout it. Ok he's not even leaning on our on our own intelligence. You know it's like they of all. What you're saying is dishonest. He said over and over again he wants to know the facts, this is a moving target. That's the way it is. He wants to know the information he wants to another. Unlike you, and unlike these cheap shot, reporters and commentators on tv. This president has a country to run and he has to figure as best as he is able to watch best interests to the United States of America and the citizens of the United States of America, so easy there's going to call a talk, show our or get My cable show our or pop off about. About this side and the other and he's he's been sort of adjusting his message is: more information comes off as he gets more advice on what to do, plus there's things going on in the Middle EAST that he's involved in and his staff involved in that you- and I can't even imagine-
What do you want him to do?. You to say the royal families guilty. I know there we were cutting off all relations with them without making a happy now totally grin approved by what you said, but that last thing that you just gotta slackened and go you're right. It's an investigation. My parent might have big pointed you know it's not over get the information number one and then make some decision right, but he keeps defending those guys authority. They even nice, Guy data really bad guy. They do a lot of bad stuff and wave going. Where do you keep the fundamental guys Who keep defending those guys despise? Those guys fell bogies defending those guys, I'm in again I I've been sort of observing this from afar over the last period of time since, since the Turks. Without the information that he was murdered
don't seem defending those guys of these defending those guys. Why did the old man the king step in and take the power back from his son to train? This situation, where you know he's already come out several times, for he came out with a rogue excuse early on that, let's go, let's go wrong You know you have no ever yet. Ok, let me pass rural. Why are we so focused on this? Well, because it's important it's about how to it's. Not that important. It's a horrible thing that took place a horrible thing that took place. But I hate to say this because I note or be twisted and four thousand different ways, but for the United States It simply not unimportant. I mean giving up And fifty billion dollars to the iranian regime, which killed, which was involved and killing thousands of american soldiers. That means a big damn deal.
But you know the media and the left supported that deal. Obama supported that deal That is a terrorist regime that is an enemy of the United States. Now I'm not, any excuses there, And was slaughtered and a horrific where great horrible horrible horrible horrible. But I dont know why we coverage is, is, is so massive and neither deal I'm just like for truth. Ok, now you a great man, no matter what they say. I thank you, sir. The truth is the Saudis murdered him that we know and do I believe the royal family was involve, certainly part of it. Certainly the crown prince in my view how the hell are they do this without knowing some of them were his right hand, one of whom was his right hand entrant. I believe one of his aunt. Urgent sky sends his top forensic guy over. There is a really
Doubt about this now, there's no doubt about it. The will wait for the investigation will get all the facts you know. But what do you want the president to do? He says they're going to be so fear a severe ramifications, but he's not cutting off the military says so Do you want him to do? I'm quite cheers about this I hear the criticism, any suggestions. What do you want him to do and I understand the washed imposed as all worked up about this so other media outlets. I got it. I understand it and I understand that people, said about. I don't like it at all. I think it's outrageous, I'm no fan of the saudi regime and I never have been, but I'm not talking about any of that talking about there.
Pouring is over the top, in the sense that it is non. Stop. And there are so many other things going on in this country in the world at Least- deserve some attention I don't know that deliver get to the bottom is, hopefully they will I'll be right back. You know we have a tremendous economy right now, just as an exam. Which is exactly why the media will not report on unless, of course, the racial eyes less. Of course they re.
But with a tremendous economy, Raina record employment The lowest unemployment rate among black Americans, hispanic Americans Asian Americans ever recorded overall unemployment of under four percent. One was the last time that happen. You ve JD, p over four percent. My friend she likes to say it's, the highest monetary waits. Not we had it at seven and a half percent undertaken, but it doesn't matter. Economies, chugging along and ever chugged, along under Obama, tries to steal credit for the media. Don't report about this. They don't want to get the warder, but you are experiencing it yourself. New experiencing it yourselves. Isn't it a big deal? Our economy is a big deal. Is it not?
What's going on in the economy is great news, but it's news to the news media. Going to spend all day on the news media The problem is, unlike the pass, the news media Part of the ideology part of the democratic infrastructure that pushes this of course, but that's not my point, have you ever thought about the word education? It means to lead for a free media that the left receives all the free media that the Democratic Party received. I mean talk, radio and fast. We can only come close to the rest of the media in terms of size and reach market share. We fight tough. We have our brass knuckles, but that's not my point. Have you ever thought about the word education? It means to led forth. The word for
earth raises another question which way is fourth: how do you know you're going in the right direction? These answer is. Just depends on which way you want to go. I will be the liberal answer. My friend Doktor Larry armies, present of Hills Del College, my dear friend, said young people almost always say that and that they ve been taught to say that. But you we both know that that's the wrong answer. Let me tell you about a place that leads fourth Hills Del College: had hills daily, understand that the true education means pursuing the highest answer to the question which weighs fourth hills: Students are challenged to discover the right way forward, reading the greatest books by the greatest minds in history. And they learn the meaning of the three ultimate related things. The good the true and the beautiful
He'll still holds a unique and important role in american education today. I strongly encourage all of you, my listening, to learn more about this remarkable institution. Take it two seconds just check him out and Levin from Helstone dot com. If hills still didn't, Must we be talking about how we need such a university? Wouldn't we that's, then for hills, Delbert come live in oh, I am free hills, delta com just to check him out all right. Let's take another collar, let Douglas Legrand or again, exam satellite harry. You, sir, I am absolutely perfect. My friend lip Applebee's do I got my radio down our area. I have a senior That is a good thing furthermore, and I a freshman at Millville near
as the courage when it Yeldo would listen to me to you through the past six years of her life, and she told him over any other. Colleagues that I can afford well. That is that it is wonderful Go ahead? I'm sorry! We fell with things giving and Christmas here their rhetoric back and forth between covered eyes and held there, not even closer you you personally and Bill O Reilly are on the list that my senior Pepperdine not produce any. Private reading from wait. A minute, you're senior law student peppered. Nine is not able to read what my book men and black that's. None of your books are listed as a person
reading. She asked to produce a certain amount of our Lesser America's. I am a Mason. I lay block brick work for women really hard. My entire life might get a better life, And you don't beautifully there near. And in our library all of your books were there. We took a family vacation to get you to sign one of my the regular library. Thank you was I like me, thank you, but she got her professors every day and they will not accept any private reading responsibilities then involve you rightly O'Reilly, basically highly concerned out there and I guarantee them read any of my books. I don't mean Arthur able to quite frankly.
Thanks for your call Douglas and your raising wonderful children, that's obvious, I it we'll be right back he's here now run underground. The bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, well, I want to tell you why wasn't here, the last few weeks First I want to talk about my father, Many of you probably feel, like you know my dad in many respects. I ve talked about him a lot and my mother
You know where my father- wrote and illustrated six books, so Looking at the time he was eighty five years old. In his last book comes out on October, thirtieth. And he had ridden and illustrated a book in nineteen. Sixty five is an artist some author very small business man Most of all, he was a patriot you nowhere. This first bug, Abraham, Lincoln Gettysburg Address, illustrated, does a preface that I wrote And in order to write it, I interviewed my father and I mean
formally, but I needed to know more about him and her family. I learned a lot. On July, for nineteen thirty seven, my father I was twelve years old and a neighbour buddy here and they and the two of them walk several miles from their homes to them. Raid route, where the city of Philadelphia was celebrating our nations founding and the stretched from Centre City Philadelphia, not too far from Independence Hall to the Philadelphia ART Museum which some just along with make famous in his rocking with Many years later, one the dignitaries and the parade caught my father's a civil war veterans, a civil war veterans and he sat on the back of a four door. Convertible dressed in his old union uniform, including his campaign. Had my father remembered it vividly.
And behind him marked a small group of spanish American WAR veterans. But of all the soldiers, the veterans, the martian bans, my father saw that day that union soldiers stood out Young jack had read somewhat about the civil war in school, but, Saying that soldier in the flesh and trigger. The soldier would become seared in my father's mine. Costly, worn american history become real them, thus began my father's lifelong journey of self education and patriotic preaching about this Nations, history and founding principles. Now at a young age, my father had a knack for drawing designing and inventing. It was: thirteen he design and automobile window invention for a contest, the Philadelphia Daily NEWS was conducting in conjunction with.
Release the movie young time, Edison, storing Mickey Rooney. He was one of only five wonders, citywide and earned a trip to the night. Thirty, nine New York Worlds, fair. Fifteen he submitted an idea, would drawings for animating story, Christmas Carol, the Walt Disney Studio, California, the studio loved Then they asked that he provide more examples of his work colluding whom Cartoon drawings- and he did, then they contacted Jack's parents, my father's parents, my grandpa, and asked whether they would allow their son fifteen at the time to join Disney studio. They were proof with dormitory space and schooling at their facility. Ali was working for them. But his parents concerned about his age turn down the offer. Now. My father group, during the great depression.
This family was very poor. His father Harry Work part time, as when he could find them often is a bartender. His mother, my grandmother, sir I work in a cigar factory jack, was the eldest of for children and the only boy and when he turned sixteen after school day ended. He would walk to the cigar factory about a mile from their poem apartment. If you will. We worked until midnight. Earning the going rate of seventeen dollars a week. On the weekends my father took freelance jobs with furniture frame, manufacturers, sketching frames, till pollster, sofas and chairs paid. No, I'm a background in any of this. Two hours for a set of three drawings, the man factors salesman use the finnish drawings where their customers, if you
on Slater, the japanese attack Pearl Harbor Jack spent the summer working at the cramps shipyard in Philadelphia where they built destroys and submarines. But he wanted to do more for the war effort, Like so many wonderful young man at the time The decided to enlist in the armed forces you want be a cadet in the army, air core, which today, we know as the air force. But he was only seventeen. He was too young, so he got a copy of his burst If we get from city Hall, he rubbed out the five and nineteen twenty five as birth. Here he wrote in a four. Just like that. He reached the legal age requirement of eighteen November, Pass the rigorous air core exam he was in ten would be cadets took the eggs. Cleaning students from the University of Pennsylvania, but only for past, including my father,
And not long thereafter smile I was born in a trained Biloxi, Mississippi for basic training, the soldier Stopped him and told him the lieutenant wanted to see you lieutenant who had taken a close look at the birth certificate. Ass track wholly was, well. My father told the truth, Lieutenant wasn't very happy, but he told them when turned eighteen. He could join up than a week. Three turned eighteen, he joined up. Then, while in service jack would use brief respite to draw cartoons which were published an overriding newspaper. After the war, my father worked for company making displays restore windows and trade shows. Round this time. He met a beautiful young lady, Norma, Ruben. The next morning drag told his mother that one day he would marry her. She was seventeen.
Norma headed to Syracuse University and so did Jack with help of the G bill here in this room and bored by working in the cafeteria. Jack's love of art in history would learn back to his home town of Philadelphia after me, pleading by Jack. Norma returned with him. And they were soon married thereafter. My mother was a brilliant student. She graduated from our Katy a university with a bachelor signs degree in they began teaching, for she did fourth and fifth graders and public school. My father enrolled in Philadelphia College of our where he made an advertising, it began experimenting with new ideas, in particular unique drawings and images of clowns. Well, it goes on, Eventually they would start a nurse The school and day camp, my father, would the would build all
boys, the desks and the chairs with his hands. He was a hell of a carpenter and For the camp would maintain the pools each strip down every summer, Panem all my arms, you'd more. The lawns, all by itself, has till his sons were old enough to offer any get up at dusk. And it worked till dawn, and so my mother, they work like Hell. They worked hard twenty our days. You know if you go to the regular library, there's a portrait there The President Reagan, the giant high Bush. Placed on a law, I remember was twenty, eleven October one when we went there, he was so honoured he adored Reagan.
My father, was a super patron. Everything, I am everything I do. Is because of my mother and father. Crews to, but then one ninety call me said why the hell are you so tough on Trump. And I was always the greatest radio hunched over. My appearances on Fox He really enjoy them, particularly on Hannity he's That's the way to get him kid. He's very worried about the future of this country. The republican primary twenty sixteen I was back in crews early on. He like crews, to. But then one ninety call me said why the hell are you so tough on Trump.
I said you know, I dared, maybe your right side like that guy. I like that guy My dad was very excited about the book coming out. I'm October thirtieth Armada hawking and I'm just telling you very concerned about the way our police had been treated by. Burma by turning general holder. I, these organisations was right said about it like us, the. He was trying to provide lessons for young people about Americanism supporting our institutions and supporting people who are appalling. Those institution. Until last book is called our police And you can see he almost it and that's a bureau but he was also in the middle of writing. His next book on the
Duration of independence, reading for young children to so. Now you know, I was gone because my father passed away last Monday from cancer. In his eye, embarrass myself here, he will be gravely missed, Me and my family and I want to thank you nor do too he adored my audience so proud of his son, he's very proud of all you, patriots out there I'll be right back.
Folks, do me a favor, don't call me about this. I appreciate that each and every one of your butt. We got a plough ahead. That's what he would want. That's what I want to do. We're going plough ahead. I saw some of what President trumpets took the break After he's one of a kind, Miss him greatly when he's no longer president telling you right now, we will he fights back. He speaks plainly You know what Harry Truman was present United States. He would beak in plain terms. He would use curse words from time to time. He would do all those. I try the Democrats in the left in the media, praised plain talking,
I am speaking Harry. So we have a plain speaking plain talking down on twitter he doesn't. I can't Pedro and he's trashed. We're gonna miss him after his second term is over. We are my dad was right about her and to crack up my debt as he does make, because nobody Nobody gets under the skin of a leftist media type, one. In the same, like Donald Trump, and that's one of the reasons you eleven isn't it he that he doesn't give as good as it gets. He gives better ten times better and drives them nuts,
And it drives them not, you do not have to agree everything Donald Trump trumped. But one thing you do know he loves his country. And while you might- and I might disagree with them here and There- we agree with him the vast majority of the time- and we know his hearts in the right place. We know, that's not true, would Joe Scarborough and make a Brzezinski. We know. That's not true. Jake tampering Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. We know that's not true. With the miscreants and malcontents the New York Times in the Washington Post. Man loves our country, You can see it and you can hear it.
And his nominees to the federal bench had been outstanding. Stand had been outstanding. The left tries to pay him as mentally deranged in the media. Takes the lead in this. The media really leads to them. Cried party. It's not the other way around anymore. The democratic party is political wing of the modern media. Remember I said that some of the backbone prosaic to anyone. I heard that somewhere else, it's true. The media led the Democratic Party. The democratic party actually follows the media. Talking point. They're not even one of the same anymore, the Democratic Party. The lap dog for the american media. President knows that no it and I know it and they get furious. When you criticise.
I want to remind the people in the media that we have freedom of the press. No thanks to them. Thanks to those those men who they denounce all the time- and I did so- men, those men who they denounce all the time who founded this nation, we have freedom of the press, they died for freedom of the press. But there is also this phrase. Freedom of speech, the rest of us, get to speak to women printing press. We may not have blog site we may not have been Though spending billions of dollars to to build us and so forth and so on. But we have the right to speak too, and that includes the right to criticise the media. It's interesting: the media have no problem criticising their competitors.
And actually has a host whose entire job is to trash fox brine stouter is a scumbag by the way. And I say that, with all due respect His entire shows, based on attacking conservative media attacking fox, actually does that choke But when you- and I call them up. Then were dangerous. We're fascistic were like dictators, no we're not. Were the ones who believe in the bill of rights were the ones who believe in the constitution. And I do think after his second term, we are going to miss Tromp, a great deal because, among other things, he shaking things up and things need to be shaken up very, very badly forever badly. You know
Tromp loves the country. Can you really say that about all these media people who bring on these guest who trash the country. Who use racism the trash the country who call tromp supporters names? No, you can't. When we come back, we have a very, very important person that I want to Thank you again, the person You can help us a great deal. Should he went his electoral remember every day this week, every day next week, he's one candidate working to bring on who needs are Financial support and, depending on the state district, they need Europe. I'll be right back. My boyfriend. Thunder on the right calling now,
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And he's running in, I think it's the twenty first District of Texas, its close race, my buddy chip, Roy Chip, power user log onto a great Thanks for having me on having to be joining you from taxes, where on our all fired up and ready to be defending against this thought from people outside of taxes, you think driving me on and your site is cheaper. I dot com, I hope, will have eleven surge. He can you some cash, so we can get some adds up there in the last few weeks. Chip Roy Dotcom, also folk in areas that indicate that, on both sides of the Isle of Fuel, so we ve got to do our part to give the boat burned out. Because You say that about my website. We definitely worth spending every dollar, the Democrats or under full assault. Here, I'm going to tell you without their early boating out that a rally was governor Twice what an art than one advantage you he's obviously now had gone down to Houston. What the president, with Senator crews, it's been a great day,
We ve been all over the desperate people. Stop it I'll, tell you early voting numbers are really hot, really really high, they've smashed all records on. I think in areas that indicate that, on both sides of this of the Isle, if you will so we've got to do our part to get the boat turned out, because, if for now we when you early voting in Texas is started as with other states and, ladies and gentlemen, if you hear me right now, really don't put this off turn voter, and you know that early voting was set up by the left. To try and change the system you can take advantage of it to go ahead involuntarily and the more People who do that the better now tell us your race looks in your district. Well,
You know it mirrors in many ways senator cruises raised, and it is they tight and and and and hard fought, but very winnable raise with the support of your lives. There is a lot of good taxes, we feel good, but we feel that it is necessary for everybody to show up in order for us to win. My opponent, as I think you know, is they are a very liberal, democrat, very level who served in the United States Army. I thank you for a service, but you did that to try to claim said for You claim independence is running into dad, but there is nothing centres and nothing independent about somebody who is already said he would vote you a peach, Donald Trump, whose already said that he would undo the tax cuts with already said that he would put in place a carbon tax is already said that he wants to regulate gun. He want single payer government run, Healthcare called Medicare for all and he wants to take away.
Sources from the border patrol and give him the other country, and I can go down a long list, but he is trying to run as it centres that he's not. But I think the people of taxes are seeing through it. Just like our seeing through MR awards efforts to claim secularism, and if that centralism network. They were to go and not defend our taxes and a lot of these leftists intact listen floored in these other states are really trying to disguise and camouflaged their true hard core left wing agenda. Arthur. Oh, I mean I can't even begin to describe to you how much worth seeing that both partners, but our work as well as my opponent and others. The Democrats very purposely went out recruited left who could one because they may have won the uniform or otherwise good one with the veil of secularism. Moderation because they know liberalism doesn't sell attack, does not take something Margaret. I beg you you'll appreciate, as will your listeners. You know- and I mention this to my opponent- he never
a spot. Why would my opponent or why would better or not want you won in Texas for governor or state rap or senator, who do all of these socialist things where at least is constitutionally reasonable to have the debate, but they know That's not doesn't sell and taxes, so the only way to win the only way to go to him up. Would they be below the jug humor and the rest of the left is the coast who are trying to. Taxes with thirty eight million dollars of money and meeting at a work there not annoyed by taxes, because taxes are gonna, stand up on the wall, Well, I figure. If they can knock off, whose knock off you and some of the other conservatives in these district set they eventually own Texas in their own country, and that's why it's very very important that certain it's like Texas, flawed and so forth that we really have to in these states and has many these seats, as we possibly can now
a solid conserved. I assume you would join the freedom. Carcasses are correct, sir I've already publicly said that I would join the freedom cargoes. I've supported Jim Jordan and his race for speaker. I fundamentally believe that his campaign to quote deal what we said. We would do hardly something that should be earth shattering, but I'm bored in Washington. Dc too often is, and we all know what we get out here on a campaign trail and you and your listeners now that the failures in Washington stem from their failure to do what they said. They would do that's why trumpet successful and why people are proud to subordinate, because when he says you gonna do something he endeavours to do it, but Republicans in Congress fail to do that. Their failed European Obamacare. They fail to balance the budget and they run away from border security, and the consequences are dire, we're seeing people
Two and three and four died because of their health and health insurance premium. They can't get the doctors of their choice. Twenty wanted to have truly now the debt, and now we are seeing a caravan of ten thousand people coming to our border, because our guys won't do the basic job of a sovereign nation to defend the border that needs to stop and we need congressmen up their largest Republican, but are conservatives who are For a constitutional value than that's what I intend to do, you know how is in Lhasa. Guess, Nevada assuming And he's telling the crowd there remember who started the economic recovery, meaning him Is this man, unbelievable Us Obama? I mean First of all that he's out campaigning the way he is violates all traditions, but that's what he does, but even more than that, to literally lie his record and to literally lie about whose results
support for economic growth. We saw for over eight years really go back even under the Bush administration right we had a decade of agony. Growth. There was on average. In you know, this is somewhere in the one percent to two percent rain spending on a year which was causing the continued stagnation with the lack of the ability, the veil Billy, to have the jobs that we need, a lack of economic growth which obviously harms the deficit and debt as well. And now, what do we think we're seeing four percent economic growth for seeing the United States for the first time in a decade labelled as the most competitive nation on earth?
We are seeing a job. It was claimed that all time low, but not just for everybody, but for groups like Hispanics and black business owners and other folks. There were seeing incredible successes and added, not rocket science. If you leave money in the hands of the entrepreneurs in the business create creators, if you least money in the hands of the american people, if you do your basic job of governing, then the Americans there's no limit to what we'll do. We put a man on the moon and nineteen sixty nine ten years before the Department of Education ever existed, its extraordinary. What be left to think government does when it does the exact opposite. You see things. This is why it is very, very important, election night chip, Roy, become an elected United States, I representative to the House of Representatives because I'm convinced will be a conservative leader in that body: Chip Roy, it's chip, dot, com chip, Roy DOT,
We wish you the best. I went to strongly encourage everybody who lives in the twenty first congressional district in Texas. Vote tomorrow vote the next. They get out their vote as early as possible. Get it but more than that we talked about the first hour of each one of you make sure that four five other people vote. We will crush the op, eight and a half million of you listening. We met Many people listening enterprise district- if you do that, you mean for your spouse, your boyfriend, your girlfriend or, if you, if you're your children, your grandchildren, you're. And so you work with your neighbors say: come on. Let's go vote, vote and you'll make a huge difference Roy dot com. Any final words, my friend, yet more how to say one last thing, and that is the power of your listeners in the power of strong and across the country. It's resulted the election of MIKE Lee. Instead of Bob Bennett of TED Cruz David, you hearse ramp law instead of Trade Grayson. It resulted Donald Trump getting
and if it is all, though they have built, people gave ten bucks. You have eighty five million dollars of money going to strong conservative. They would keep us from having to go kowtow to K Street or the leadership and stabbed, which meant and instead represent the people of this country. So please get involved boat spread the word. Thank you for all your doing a mark. Thank you for what you do for freedom. For that Institution where winning we just gotta keep a fight. God bless you. Thank you, my friend you taking good luck, garbage remarked so, let's, let's put Roy Dotcom up there on my social sites and those social sites for everybody, I almost social sites. They're, not part of any media company, while you're not How did it do whatever allowed to? I want to do those are my social sites. Mark Levin show faced mark Levine Show Twitter. I went
carriage. You two were to support chip Roy and will be bringing conservatives and all week and all next week as well I'll, be right. Back, then you need a check. Your state for early voting, tray, simple, I think those early voting in Florida right now. I would strongly encourage you to get out there. I mean you really have choices side. Some of these states, Texas. You have these radicals verses. These constitutional conservatives get the same in Florida, the sky, Gilan pretending to be a moderate sprint to be. What's the big deal, The scientists show boating, I'm not for that. He is radical left us
Bernie Sanders Guy and I I know, there's a lot of liberals in Florida, but there's a lot of non liberals too. I mean if you really want that kind of government, just move back to New York or New Jersey Marilla. These blue states are all over the place. Where they kill businesses and kill jobs and have massive tax rates, and so for me, not stay people flee those states, they go to read states and then they vote make those states purple. If not blue, it's crazy irrational, but then again their levels. So that explains a lot falls officially here I actually love the fall. I love the cooler temperatures the breeze and, like the winner, can't stand. The winner can't stand the snow quite frankly, actually like the heat like in Florida, but I like the falter, so follows. Officially
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lemon. Let me underscore your point because in a lot of elections I say no, no, I'm not voting for this is a different kind of election. The radical Democrats Are so dangerous to this society? me even have to vote for some rhinos. Just to make short, They don't get elected, that your point right, Tina, absolutely and then a media is complicit with the dam and lay you're. Gonna calls us to lose our country. I dropped so much. They hate us, yet they try I support as a trash conservatives and look they trash Republicans to yeah. I mean they're not even out and about what he did with Lamar Angela Merkel in Germany with the gas, he's gonna they're, not gonna, buy a whole bunch of american gas. Thank you Tina.
Oh they're count on you, Ladys in the suburbs. Their counting on you voting democratic staying up think they own you, you, women, in the suburbs, Europe turn out in force. And vote for the conservative slash Republican because they really take you for granted. They stereo type. You. Their radicals on abortion. They figure you're a radical on abortion. They figured out like trumps tweeting. Therefore they figure you're a sucker. They are counting on the women in suburbs, particularly wealthy Europe's not devout what about against Trump. By voting for a Democrat conservative Hispanics out there. They don't you think you exist reading story after store the democratic concern about that Tina about that. I won't show up
of you who are conservatives and latino, show up vote surprised they stereo type you they think they ve got you in their back pockets Casey LAS Vegas, Nevadas Serious Satellite go right ahead. I mark I'm so happy I can't get out. You I love you. I love your show on here. I love your song Sunday night Biplanes everything Sunday evening, I miss you. I miss you a whole lot. I miss the beginning of the show, so I don't know where you've been, but I was hoping that you taking the time off to go work for Trump You gonna threaten the data a little while ago and I was so excited, but I wanted To tell you that I ruled out five friend Saturday morning and we went down to them all LAS Vegas to get in. I knew there was a line. We ve been praying a lot about this. There was a line for about an hour. We stood line to vote for all the Republicans and wasted there.
You gotta go very judge a week. We check them out and then I have a whole list and all my other friends that couldn't come they're asking me heard about far. There are her, yes, they are had. I have girl, but that is perfect. Euro precinct captain selfless signed that outstanding. I need all of you to do that seriously. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel, and I want to thank you all I am, I truly do I'm greatly blessed by you.
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