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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/23/18

On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, This isn't a caravan of immigrants, it’s an invasion! The media and its appendage, the Democratic Party, are framing the narrative claiming that President Trump is driving a message of fear and lies about these foreigners marching from central America to America. In fact, some "reporters" went as far as keeping the story solely on Trump and their propaganda about "fear-mongering" clearly turning a blind eye to the impending invasion of thousands of people at our southern border. While the media blames Trump for scaring people, the real fear lies with MS-13 which is a genuine threat to urban communities across America. Then, we listen to former presidents Clinton and Obama’s tough rhetoric on illegal immigration plus a classic commentary from the late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. Also, Democrats want to change the citizenry because that’s the way to change the electorate. If you oppose this destruction of our country, our system of commerce, or our system of healthcare you'll be labeled a racist, xenophobe or misogynist. They will not debate the issues because their ideology is illegitimate and they know it! Finally, Congressman Dave Brat calls in to discuss his campaign for re-election in Virginia’s 7th Congressional district.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one now mostly work for living and pay taxes not watching television, listening to radio all day long, these leftist sol cable over network news and so forth. All sound alike because their left us thirty logs and that's why they sent a line in the media, and I just as the killing of co kosher go shaggy.
Turkey in Saudi Arabia, consular style, transform, apparently so is the fact that looks like more than seven thousand may, but seven thousand illegal aliens are heading for a boar, and you know story line is that Donald Trump is politicizing and he stoking fear. And you may not know this, but through timber so far this year over four hundred thou, An illegal aliens have been stopped at our borders. This is an invasion. The meat. Do not want to describe it as an invite because remember what I told you the other day we used to talk the media being an appendage of the Democratic Party. It's actually the other way around. The democratic party is an appendage of the media. It's an appendage of the media,
And the media narrative here is that you oppose illegal immigration, people just marching from one country to the next into your own country. We have no idea who they are no idea, if any of them, Actually we do some of them in deported and so forth. If you are poor, sat then you're a racist, and if you objective objective and you're a politician, your fearmongering you're fearmongering I want you to listen to this montage that trumps, mid term elections. Strategy is fear analyze. Most of these people are was seen in some of them were them as NBC, but most of them are would see it, and I want you to listen to this cut one go. There are showing the big headlines in Washington Post this morning, an Republican, settle on fear and falls
as a mid term strategy fear and in some cases, long there's something truly wrong with a leader relies too much. If not everything but the lies about how I see the wise men to divide our country to horse specific people or groups of people. Those lies should discussed other elected Republicans, Are you so? What's going on here? Are the president's lies becoming more brazen, I do not know what he's saying this is not rhetorical. What's going on with the president? Is his grip on reality loosen, MRS, they base selection and it's a fearless.
Why is Donald Trump, so frightened wisely, so scared? Why using? Why is it being so so pathetic and little right now, so small, so tiny that he's haven't you to create these guys? He has taken us to a place where untruth is the order of the day we are officially. It appears in fact Freetown. President tromp campaigning like it's two thousand sixteen all over again, where fear is driving his political message and the truth goes by I see this is propaganda. Repeat the big lie over and over and over again you use the same words over and over and over again vast majority of these people are on Seen and not all of them, some of them are actually called reporters and anchors and house Does this sound like news to you.
Senior Whitehouse corresponded on good morning, America, today, Sicilian, Vega, TAT, Tipp NEWS, busters cut to go Let me just give you some perspective here. This so called national emergency actually really represents about point zero, six percent of all the undocumented people already in these countries that we are talking about a very small fraction of people here, but the president is hoping that this is a winning strategy. You, the same strategy issues a moose reporter is the White House correspondent, these senior Whitehouse correspondent for ABC News Good Morning, american guy at the White House, to help give public engine them in terms of that strategy is stoking fears about immigration. There you go also an attack on you. You see because you're so stupid that the president is able to cause you to be feared.
And scared you're so stupid. You can't process what's actually taking place and better it's only zero point: zero, six percent of all undocumented people already in this country. The irony is that there's Many illegal aliens in this country said thousand or whatever. The number is marching to our southern border. To this report, simply no big deal. Peter Alexander. Another White House correspond at this time on the today show that would be NBC. Had Tipp NEWS, busters cut three go yesterday you're right I mean what striking here is the economy strong unemployment is low, but instead of talking about his achievements these days, the present really is leaning ended this message of being out of fear step. This is another journalist, Instead of talking about the economy, which, of course, the media never talk about. Instead of talking about the economy
media could care less about. The president is stoking he, Sir Leaning into his message of fear not law I would remind you. Course it is law and order, but it's fear you see, go ahead. Argument focuses on stoking these fears of illegal. Creation M S. Thirteen shadowy middle eastern pledges wait a minute. I happen to live in it, Community, where s thirteen is a huge problem. Maybe these people dunk, but am s thirty. It is a huge and going palm in a lot of states metropolitan areas. It's no joke. It's a thirteen that stokes fear. Not the presence of the United States go ahead What he's been trying to do recently to try to motivate his base of support his voters sap see it's all about. Motivating you because you see, ladies and gentlemen, unless you are
Absolutely emotionally out your minds. You're not gonna, go you're not going to go. And yet is not immigration, a key issue. Is it not an important issue? It may not be an important issue to phony journalists to phony anchors too funny huh. Two phony reporters, but it is an important issue to men and women who go to work every day I raise their families and living communities that are exposed to this. It is the people break there ass every day, paying their property taxes and in states where we have income tax is most states and so much of that money those two individuals who here illegally it matters to people who are construction workers. It managed to people who are truck drivers and taxi drivers. It managed to people record their hands, many people work with their hands. None of these reports,
there's work where their hands least not above the table go ahead. Dammit from winning back the house or the Senate, or both armies. What is crucial in this circumstance here is that the present recognizes that he is up against the wall right here. This is a reporter. Now Gloria borders on CNN today utterly and completely predictable. But we need to hear from Gloria border. Because she's on CNN, all the time cut, forego I'm old enough. Number twenty? Sixteen is this is twenty Nora key, bringing up many of them twenty? Sixteen, because they believe. An illegitimate election by all of us stupid people who came out voted Tromp, because we're racists, Rosanna folks, were homer, fobs and on and on and on.
Just noticed how they keep trashing you even more than Trump. It's you. This is twenty. Sixteen all over again an illegitimate election, illegitimate issues. Look at this look at the re spending. Look! What's going a race painting, you have thousands of people told us what they plan to do marching to our border there from Honduras. Now Salvador and Guatemala and other countries not re, stating that identify. Re spending is what we saw during the cabinet hearings by the left. The Democrats in the media go ahead and Republicans are feeling good, because if you start with cavanaugh- and then you you know something twitched have an eye, and the president is now on the campaign trail rallying up the base getting them out to vote.
And you see in the pole numbers that suddenly republican voters are almost as energized as Democrats, that quite but almost as energizes Democrats, whereby as for this before this year mongering afforded this before fearmongering, cabinet, Howard, we fear mark and has the president Monitoring now he's playing, spoken just like Harry Truman, he's explaining what's taking place. There's an invasion taking place, seven thousand people who wish to come across the border illegally. Without you call it a parade, go ahead, Ok, I'm gonna sit at home and what Trump is doing is getting them, tomorrow, by telling them, if you dont use, should be very, very scared, you're, an idiot absolute before a notice. None of these people
None of these people live in the areas that are most affected by these immigration policies, or I should say, these illegal policies. Actions undertaken place, none of them, not one of them. Senator Ben Cardan he's a complete buffoon Marilyn one party state many respects. He's on CNN today. To now tell me He doesn't sound like one of these, so called reporters are anchors. Our hosts on CNN cut five go well you're a present from clearly appeals to some of the worst fears in America and some the worst behaviors Can this guy talk bill could add another good job Maryland Yes, I am concerned that it does get. A group of people live nationalist, sentiments, so nationalists and when I mean our nazis, you say you're NEO, Nazi
nationalist sentiments you're a NEO Nazi, if you say so, where the damned border, where a sovereign nation come through the front door, follow on immigration laws, You idiots in Congress pass up all the rules. You must be a NEO Nazi and he hates Maybe we could get women women he's appealing to you know the year, the NASH, sentiments. Ship peeling do go ahead, not what I'm here, stands for the market. As for the rule of law, skies lawmaker, Yoda Lawbreaker go ahead. The true Twenty What about the people there in the caravan? Not a desire of an it's? Not a parade should Invasion Caravan like some.
Of Halloween Parade or hey look at this caravan. That's quite a correct, not a caravan go ahead. The american community here in Amerika. As far as their violations of laws, so he as main case by Sadly, shut up you idiot there, you are state senator I'll, be right back, now. I know what you you with the Democrats said twenty years ago, in some cases, fifteen years Fearmongering racists, NEO Nazis, obviously. Montage spoke just a few minutes,
Miss Turner, rich! Well, let's not use out one, let's start with Bill Clinton, Ninety ninety five stated: a union cut seventeen go all Americans not only its most heavily affected, but in every place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country owe their job might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public service they use, imposed burdens on our taxpayers. Now, that's why duration is move aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards. Report twice as many criminal aliens is ever before by cracking down legal hiring. Sounds like Donald Trump. Doesn't it? Oh, my goodness, racist NEO, nazi hobbyists, go ahead. Truly lilies in the budget sent to you. We will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who arrested for crimes to better identify.
Illegal aliens in the working as a slight chemical? Party goes you the way, though, use you like they used African Americans, like they views poor. Why. People in the rural areas of the country. This is a Democrat Party that uses Race Democrat Party, that was the parties lay Reinstall, aggregation the Democratic Party, was the party Jim Crow and Paul taxes and literacy test. Now it's the Democratic Party that attacks old white people And wants to use Latinos and African Americans to hold on to power its this party, it's a party, a power, centralizing government anti constitutional list- go ahead, been headed by former Congresswoman, Barbara Jordan. We are a nation of emigrants We are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and autumn appealing for a name no the emigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws. We
seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop. I don't remember the me calling him racist, fearmongering, scary, I don't remember that, do you. Here's Obama on illegal immigration. Over ten years ago, cut eighteen go. We all agree on the need to better secure the border and punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants. We are a generous and wait a minute. Shooting undocumented immigrants isn't that the liner undocumented bad Obama. Racist NEO Nazi language, like that, is very off putting go ahead. States, but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them does respect the rule of law.
And they are the rule of law. While I gesture or a border. Whatever the hell. Her name is- and I heard them at work today show and good morning, America and all the rest, I'm telling us not, this is your mongering. This is race, baiting Brok, Milhouse beneath Obama go ahead to regard for those who are following the law. We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently diligently And lawfully did become immigrants in this country. Anybody remember the media trashing him for those comments. Was United States Senator anybody course not about Bill Clinton. Body, remember the media, trashing human. Ninety. Ninety five, of course not
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read for nine nine sixty three hundred? Alright? Let us now move back as we expose the Democrats suppose the meat and we're gonna exposed more in a moment. No, not like that. Now you recall Harry read the famous forty one seconds of Harry Red on the Senate floor. Nineteen thirty three really not that long ago, have meant nineteen ninety three, although you wonder with them ninety ninety three nineteen go if making it to be any illegal aliens enough. How that offer Reward for being an illegal immigrant, no sent no sane country would do that right. Guess again, if you break our law. By entering this country without permission to give birth to a child
We reward their child with you, a citizenship and guarantee a full access to all public and social services. This society provides that on services. Is it any wonder that two thirds of the babies born tax very expensive county run hospitals in LOS Angeles, born to illegal alien mothers, While again, I don't remember the media trashing him, do you wore the phrase? racist or NEO Nazi being thrown around his supporters dia course now. Here's a man Tosh, put together some time ago by my body, Sean on flip flopping demo, some particular you're here, Chuck humor cut sixteen go people who enter the United States without
permission or illegal aliens and illegal aliens. Chassis, see now use the phrase illegal aliens today, you're not allowed to use that France, you just not a lab. Why? Because the left says when I want to use the media. The Democrats, academia Hollywood were not allowed to use phrases that they ban so we're not allowed the sailing oil. They were saying it up. Ten years ago. Thirteen years ago, twenty years ago,. These people are aliens in their here illegally illegal. I don't want you to understand their undocumented, just preposterous, preposterous, how they control the narrative. Go ahead. People who enter the united without your permission or illegal aliens in illegal aliens, should not be treated the same as people who entered the. U S legally president's decision to end Dhaka was heartless and it was brainless
when we use phrases like undocumented workers. We convey a message to the american people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration. Hundreds hundreds of thousands of families will be ripped apart. If you don't think it's illegal you're not going to say, I think it is illegal and wrong. Tens of thousands of american businesses lose hardworking employees. Biometrics based employer verification system with tough enforcement and auditing is necessary to significantly diminished the job, magnet that attracts Illegal aliens to the United States, they may have known no other country, but ours and voluntarily registered themselves. All illegal aliens present in the United States on the date of enactment accident of our bill must quickly register. There
since, with the United States government. Amazing, all these liberal Democrat races, isn't it tell these old white supremacy types using phrases you know like take their appealing to nationalist instincts guide is imminent deportation the argument them as the presidency's Bernie Sanders. Americans, I don't want to do the work wages can buy american workers to do the work. Mr President, that is a crock in many instances. It's just not true. In my view, France decision and a doctor programme was some. Eight hundred thousand young people is the cruellest and most ugly presidential acts in the modern history of this country. I cannot think of one single act, which is our Google and more cruel. We have all been educated that he can
This is about supply in the man. If you don't get the work as you want, your raise wages and you raise benefits, simply open the door and bring and other workers at low. What I believe are absolutely, but we have to move aggressively toward comprehensive immigration reform. And the deportations poverty is increasing and of wages are going down. I don't know why we need millions of people to be coming into this country as guest workers who work for lower wages than american workers and drive wages down even lower than they all right now, but we have to send a clear message just because your child gets across the board That doesn't mean the child gets to say, so we don't want to send a message that is contrary to our laws,
or will encourage more children to make that dangerous jury, so I will buy or comprehensive immigration reform and a power to citizenship. I will fight to stop part as an attack on the executive action that would put dreamers, including those with us today, at risk of deportation and in Congress, continues to refuse to act as president, I would do everything possible. Under the law to go even further? We gotta do several things than I am no adamantly against illegal immigrants. People have to stop employing illegal immigrants who Westchester voted. African Nan thought county stand in the street corners and in Brooklyn, or the Bronx the theme of people waiting to get picked up a go.
Yard, work and construction work in domestic work. You know eighty. This is not a problem that the people who were coming into the country are solely responsible for the plenary humming if we put them to work. My proposal, wealthy families together and it will include a path to citizenship, number of immigrants, added to the labour force every years of a magnitude not seen in this country for over a century. This huge influx of mostly most go workers provide some benefits from the economy as a whole and also threatens to the press. Further. The wages blue collar Americans and puts strains on an already overburdened safety net emigrants are the principal reason wages haven't got up. There are those in the immigrants rights community who have argued passionately that we should simply provide those were illegally with legal status or at least ignore the laws on the books and put
To deportation until we have better loss, but I believe such an indiscriminate approach would be both unwise and unfair. It would suggest to those thinking about coming here illegally that there will be no repercussions for such a decision, and this could lead to a surge in more illegal immigration. These are students, their teachers, their doctors. Their lawyers are Americans in every way, but on paper, those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them, this respect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law. We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently
gently and lawfully did become immigrants. We were poor means establishing a responsible pathway to earn citizenship. So you see, ladies and gentlemen, media change their position, the democratic change, their position, they work hand in glove. There were canning, love the media, the mouthpiece for the progressive movement and the Democrats. The act of his base for the Progressive Movement heard Obama Bernie Sanders, Chuck, Sumer Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Harry read: these are not many Democrats. These are leaders Bill Clinton was President Obama. Was president shoes the democratic leader in the Senate Sanders is the leading progressive Harry, read, of course, democratic leader in the Senate. What changed
over a period of a few years. While the objectives Democratic Party in the left changed they used to be protection. Trying to protect the EIA Felsi Audio and all the the union's under that umbrella. Then they felsi audio and many of the union's under that umbrella? Not all, side that, in order to increase their members, they needed to tap into image should, in particular, illegal immigration, and that way they can increase their dues. Democrats also figured out day after amnesty after Amnesty, to citizenship after citizenship, after citizenship, in their counting on twenty percent. Who come in here illegally, eventually being citizens and voting for them. There was her The other day, the democratic concern that the latino vote will turn out as they expect the Democrats
party is not a United Party, the democratic parties and safety is a party of disparate groups and disparate special interests. That's why I ll never give up on algae, be and so forth. That's why. It'll never give up on race. That's why it'll never give up on income distribution, it can't wear. It ceases to have a purpose. It cannot exist. It cannot exist. And in order to get their base out these disparate groups, disparate special interests, it has to keep banging pots and pans and the media. The institution through which it's done. Maybe you didn't trash pay, these six individuals at any time about any other. Visions and immigration. Now good morning, America, truly was doing a new segment. If the today was truly doing. A new segment of seeing
was truly doing a new segment. They be doing exactly what I just it, but it's all tramp tramp tramp you see is fearmongering. Trump is politicizing and yet look at these Democrats. I look at the media. The media take sides, the media advocates for if certain policies and positions. It's not just CNN and not just MSNBC, there's some of them on fox to its true one more. I don't have time for that. We come back after the break the great Barbara, Jordan and ninety ninety five of play it before, but I want to close the call since this is now a hot issue.
For the media to try and trash the president and even more trash the president's supporters, because they fear what did they say, Another twenty sixteen election, we can have Yet now I'll be right, Ben. The left does what's expedient, The left's power and glory the conservative defend founding principles. Doesn't give a damn about our founding principles. Now will say they do, but they dont, the left doesn't give a damn about our founding principle.
Look out and serious. The left is when it comes to immigration. Firstly- a secure the border. Then they wanted deport people now they dont vote here the border. Now they dont want to deport people. How does a change in ten fifteen twenty year? Well. I decided that the way to gain power Key power enhance power is to change the citizenry and change the motor and, if you object, then you're attacked. If you object to their anti capitalist de growth efforts They call it climate change, your attack that you deny science, even though they perverts on it. If you open, the destruction of our health care system. What was and has been, the greatest healthcare system on the face the earth, then you're attacked
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we're dot com use code mark for fifty dollars towards the purchase of select mattresses. That's Casper, dotcom code mark for fifty dollars towards the purchase of select mattresses, Casper, dotcom code mark terms and conditions apply, were. Jordan was a congresswoman, I believe, from Houston or the Houston area. A lovely lovely person, a liberal. But a very sensible liberally That sounds like a contradiction in terms, but no not like the way jobs like Adam Shift or Maxine waters, or that sort no It was a very, very thoughtful person, And I want you to listen to what she said. She was the chairperson of the. Commission there was looking in immigration and nineteen ninety five and the EU. Should I a really terrific report- and here in part.
Is what she had to say about it. Go ahead. We recognize Then there are costs as well as benefits to legal immigration, and some of the costs, or associated with the impact of immigrants on like localities, to wit they migrate in this large number. Now, let's stop right. There, she's even talking about legal immigration, not even illegal immigration and she's raising some say: difficult issues respectively. Immigration, ok, go ahead. You know that You can look at a map of the country and identify where there's a concentration of emigrants when Friends are less well educated and less skilled. They. Pose economic hardship for the most vulnerable, full of Americans Party only those who are unemployed or under employed Emily
sometimes utilise public service services disproportionately in the case of elderly emigrants. And she she goes on and in beautiful a glance ass? She talks about this and that's why that I'll never be played. On MSNBC or CNN, Be played on a b c CBS see never played on the today show or good morning, America, and in the rest of it I'll be right back If you have a moment, I want you all to go to a brick house. Levine dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews. Over twelve hundred five,
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Levin now run them. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. Everybody Mark Levine. Here are no number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three, eight on one hour I will cut off the Barbara Jordan. Clip in the middle- and I don't want to do that- she was a very classy lady, very sharp. His head of this commission on immigration in providing
I'll see, advice and ninety ninety five, not that long ago, low over twenty years ago, and I would ask then cardan if he thinks the barber Jordan was a racist, would now was tendencies our air, Cecilia, Vegas, Senior, Whitehouse, correspondent GO morning, America, same thing about ass, Peter Alexander Whitehouse correspond at all today show I would Gloria barge Mulder on the CNN on today show. Excuse me on that. Show. Make a Brzezinski John Berman Some camera Jeff Zella, any Carl Bernstein, Kate, Wolden. Joe Scarborough. Who's out of sync here, ladies and gentlemen,. Who has no morals who has no principles? It is the people I just listed.
They all say the same thing. They all say the same thing. But here's what Barbara Jordan said and nineteen ninety five cut twenty go. We reckon eyes that there are costs, as well as benefits to legal immigration and some of costs. Or associated with the impact of immigrants on luck, localities to win, today. My great in disproportionately large number. I want to remind you that she's telling but legal immigrants. Illegal immigrants. She had absolutely no tolerance for the notion of illegal immigrants, Barbara join Democrat, liberal from Houston and like look what's taking place in LOS Angeles today, with these ten cities.
It's incredible and you're not even allowed to point it out. You not even allowed to say we're importing in many respects the culture of the third world, because the left and the institutions that they control many of them, if not most of them doesnt support The malaysian it supports tribalism, national balkan and balkanization For that reason I said last hour: that's what the democratic path. Yes, it is a it- A loose confederacy of disparate parts based on race, based on faith, the lack of faith, based on genitalia. What you do with your genitalia and on and on and on when you really think about the institution of the Democratic Party, is so contrary to Americanism. And if I had one piece of advice to the president pointed and care what I have to say, I'm just saying rather Nationalist call yourself an american honest if you wish.
I am pointing the term or not, because that's what you mean. You say putting America first, making Amerika great again. Nationalist as somebody who believes in a big, powerful, centralized government, the national government, but we're Americans right government citizens were american citizen, any that's neither here nor there go ahead. You know that you can look at a map of the country, and I did if I, where there's a concentration of emigrants when emigrants are less well educated and skilled? They may pose economic hardships for the most of all people of Americans or Only those who are unemployed or underemployed Emily, Sometimes utilise public service services disproportionately
in the case of elderly emigrants what the commission is concerned about all the unskilled workers in our society in an age in which on, workers have far too few opportunities open to them and which welfare reform will require thousands, define more jobs, The commission sees no justification to the continued entry of unskilled foreign workers? Unless the you know of other admission otherwise serves significant national interests, as does the admission of nuclear family members and refugees Stop there what she says earlier and I turn to play the whole thing is
We should prioritize the entrance legally nuclear families and real refugees, not poor people from the third world, not illiterate people from the third Not twenty year old men from the third world, that's what she said. That's what she said: she'd be a pariah today and that the Democratic Party, because the Democratic Party has lost all sense of its ability all of its mornings go ahead under the at commission's recommendations them professionals with at least a vacuum already degree and skilled experienced workers would qualify.
We have come to firm conclusions. However, on one aspect of the temporary work of policy The commission believes that a large scale, agricultural guest worker program sometimes refer two, as a revisiting of the procedural agreement, is not in our national interest, we met unanimously and only believe that such a programme would be a grievous mistake. Now, listen to that, John Mccain used to run around and talk about them. We need immigrants in this country to pick. Let us is what I think he said. Who else is gonna Let Us- and here you can see Barbara Jordan saying on behalf of the commission and ninety ninety five. The worst thing we can do is temporary workers who work in agriculture. So worse thing we can do and yet
This is what the Chamber of Commerce and the United States pushes for. This is what our friend Linsey Grand pushes for. This is now with the Democrats already uniformly pushes for the poor better, the more illiterate, the better the more people and get into the welfare system the better, because their voters eventually. What did I just say at the top of this segment? The left does what's expedient for itself. We conservatives are trying to defend and promote our founding principle: go ahead, I urge private industry churches. Community groups volunteer groups, individuals to redouble their efforts to provide english language instruction and civic education, or to emigrants now say she's, pushing for assimilation, English and civics,
When is the last time you heard trucks, humor say that one is the last time heard Bernie Sanders say that what is that? time you ve heard any of these, so called journalists who are providing their opinions radical left opinions or any other guests say the same thing. Learn English and learn Election America. They dont go ahead. I remind immigrants that they too have a responsibility. Now wait! That's the time. I've heard that in years mean the people. Our team, our border, who Barbara Jordan, are illegal aliens trying to get into the country once they do, they have a response. Body to really wow, go ahead. They have responsibility to embrace the on core of american civic culture while having values an institution Why stop right there, you
in this country, but the damn flag down from your other country that you say you're escaping because it sucks you're coming into our cunt. Pick up our flag, you embrace all Culture, your brace our language. Otherwise, what's the point? That's what you're saying it's such common sense but when you are dealing with a political party that as you that your biological genitalia real it's not a determined and what you're gonna tell you is that what you're mine thinks it is. You know we're dealing with a collectively, truly sick operation here go ahead, while at it now some of the news, people, there- they like to claim their for news by attacking tromp. You say that that way they can show that their truly objective their non partisan. You know
An excellent piece a couple years ago, almost to the day and the daily wire, which is an excellent site, started and found a buyer, Buddy Ben Shapiro, good man and this by air and banned were not I don't mean to cause any issues, I don't mean to provoke. Anything We return I want to go through this, the nine things you need to know about the legal immigration and crime, hello, hello about illegal immigration and crime I'll be right back we need to understand, ladies and gentlemen, is that the media, as a collective ports are illegal immigration, but the
media as a collective support social at that media as a collective supports. The exacerbation of the United States military that media as a collective supports. The democratic party. That the media as a collective supports activists, judges that media as a collective supports the attack on american history. What else do you take from And they go on and on about, freedom of the press, like you and I are somehow threatening freedom of the press like Donald Trump, is somehow threatening the freedom of the press. Was John Adams are truly great founders and his party, the Whigs,
their past, the alien and Sedition ACT, with emphasis on the sedition park, who locked up reporters so call or threatened, It was Woodrow Wilson and nineteen eighteen. I bet you didn't know. That he and his party- Through another sedition act in nineteen eighteen. Because we know the left and the Democrats for such supporters of. Liberty and individualism in the constitution, pleasant trump. Then we can go on. It was Paraca Burma who sick the FBI on the IP and Fox NEWS and the New York Times. James, rising,
and James Rosen. Oh yes,. Trumped merely calls them up for what they are. Many calls them out by name. Nobody can seriously conclude that Don lemon the kind of journalist a reporter, he's a buffoon Nobody can seriously argue that brine stout as any kind of reporter or journalists, taser buffoons and you go right down the list right down the list, now, nine things you need to know about illegal immigration, a crime. This is two years ago, the daily wire by air and bandleader number one No state local governments keep data involving illegal immigration, a crime out of the public purview.
Action is reported in twenty fifteen, that a source from immigration, customs enforcement ice and Levice, I've said I quote that comprehensive This takes on illegal immigrant crime are not avail, from the federal government and suggested contacting county statements, Jail in prison systems individually to compose a town, a process that would encompass thousands of local government so, in other words, its the official position of the federal government, not to provide you with the crime statistics not to track it. They tracked except that number two available evidence suggests that illegals are in fact more likely to commit crimes than the rest of the population. Fox news, sorted through myriad local state and federal statistics, and found that illegal migrants are three times is likely to be convicted: a murder as members of the Eu our population and account for far more crimes than their three points.
Five percent share the. U S. Population would suggest now wizened this information reported today. I'm good morning, America, on the today show by ship Smith by WAR Blitzer. Why not. The percentage of illegals committing the number of crimes are as follows: according to Fox thirteen point six percent of those sentenced for all committed crimes in that country. Percent of murder sentences. Sixteen percent of trafficking sentences, for three. This is a daily wire. Almost fifty percent of federalism, were committed near the Mexico border. A report from the Department of Justice in twenty fourteen the following via judicial watch, and it gives these specific statistics number Or illegal immigrants account for nearly seventy five percent of federal dry,
sentences and twenty fourteen. This is according to the United States, sentencing commission, which also found Legally were involved in ITALY, seventeen percent of drug trafficking, sensors and over thirty three per. Federal sentences overall How do you know these people are committing crimes, while I dont know about specific individuals? But these are the statistics. I thought big government left us. Like statistics number five disproportionate amount of illegals. Our state presence, Peter Cursor, now remember that the commission on civil rights and a lawyer, reviewed statistics. Government accountability, office and Pew Research Centre and compare the number of goals and not illegals, imprisoned for murder, related offences and a twenty fifteen national review peace. Some of the findings Dramas
a thousand illegal aliens in prison for every one hundred thousand illegals in Arizona. Let me correct that there were sixty eight point. Five seven illegal aliens imprisoned for every one hundred thousand illegal to Arizona compared to fifty four point: oh six citizens and legal non citizens, then it goes but you can imagine what the statistics are personal knowledge that, while comparing murder incarceration, rages in a perfect measurement certificates to contend that illegal aliens are more law abiding, then legal residents when it comes to major crimes, but the more disturbing fact was the approximately two thousand. Four hundred and thirty illegal aliens who are in prison jasper Homicide related offences in California along number. Six, ten
thousands of criminal illegals have been released by ice and are at large in the country in twenty fifteen released almost twenty thousand illegals that committed sixty four thousand crimes that evolved over twelve thousand drunken driving conviction. Seventeen hundred twenty eight cases of assault. Two hundred and sixteen kidnappings, and more than two Great homicide or manslaughter convictions, and this is why, when you have a fool, like the mayor of Cartel ass you give em whose they will not turn over convicted. Incarcerated and then freed illegal aliens to be deported by ice. They will turn them over to you understand that Florida. You understand what I'm talking about. You ve got a radical code who wants to be your governor. I've got more when I return with a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv mobile phones,
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They can see the statistics they can work at through They spent a lot of money on fluff and so forth. Instead, we get propaganda. While how can you prove I feel that this is this. How can you prove that is that Your news entity, If you're going to make an assertion like for instance, while illegal aliens don't commit anymore crimes, and then you know american citizens do. Can you prove us right now? we're making the assertion show us, are making the opposite a search. Then illegal aliens as a percentage, Commit more crimes at american citizens do. So why do we deny that fact Obama? I follow science. In fact, no, you don't. Neither do the media. CNN go look at the state, prison systems go look at the federal prison system and
about the populations. How many are legal, migrants how many illegal immigrants, harmony or american citizen go ahead, they'll never do it, don't ever do it When's, the last time you saw a programme on any these news outlets so called on the Cost of illegal immigrant immigration to local communities, schools, hospitals, law enforcement- they don't do those stories, Instead, we get the same thing over and over again that these people have a right to come here. Don't they have a right to have a better life. What are you a racist? What do you want, or you want to stop them What do you need a roundabout around, but is that what you're gonna know that's what we from the so called move
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now you, my listeners, you can try zip recruiter for free at exclusive web address, zip, recruiter, dotcom, Slash, Levin that zip recruiter dot comes El av iron, zip, recruited dot com, Slash, Levin, zip recruiter. The smartest way to higher to let's finish, the nine things you need to know about illegal aliens and crime run number seven. The rise in illegal crossing the border has fuelled gang violence. In March, the daily quarter collar reported that they, Barrack M thirteen gang has been recruiting young illegals. Reed building in higher crime and the Washington DC area, in fact country. County and Merlin has seen it on. Set at a level of gang related violence in the last eight months. This was written two years ago with illegal immigrants
this being responsible for eighty five percent of ST robberies according to age, a review, in the county, I live in close to the shares department, and they told me that this area thirteen problem is a significant problem, but you wouldn't know that Because when the president raises it and he's done a lot of work on this issue of them as thirteen so's attorney General Jeff sessions of the? U S and trainees all across the country. When you re they blow it up. Where everyone is not, I mean, what's the big, there were certainly small number. Everybody's, not by Mr Liese, insane A main arguments. The harm of as thirteen of extended to the Brentwood community. The long Island New York. And they ve committed horrendous crimes in Virginia on long island it and other cities the west. First, around outlay
Right sanctuary cities have hampered law enforcement and cracking down on gangs. The great Heather Mcdonald Document the frustrations of LOS Angeles law enforcement officers all the way back in two thousand for when they couldn't touch known gang Because of their status as illegals weakening, it Talk about it says, are frustrated LAPD. Captain people are afraid of a backlash from Hispanics the LAPD Commander and predominantly hispanic gang infested district size. I would get a firestorm of criticism, talked about enforcing the immigration law against illegals. The issue is that these gang members tended to sneak back the country even after they were deported for heinous crimes and police officers couldn't enforce immigration. Laws against them would have resort to surveillance these gang members until they commit a crime number nine. Crime is also increased among major city centre immigration hubs,
wire editor in chief Ben Shapiro, written quote David from the Atlantic, know how court, immigration, opponent and a kind of a coat, but anyway wrote in twenty fifteen that, as of twenty eleven, there are twenty five thousand illegal immigrants should murder sentences. Three million offences committed by illegal immigrants between two thousand three two thousand nine, including seven, thousand sex crimes and hundreds of thousands of other violent crime. After years of welcome decline from pointed out, Rachel arising in immigration hops, including Houston, Milwaukee, Phoenix Santiago, you got that Gloria border. You idiot in New York. It was thirty four percent Arizona. Seventeen point eight percent going. Huge criminal aliens accounted for thirty. Eight percent of all murder convictions in the five states of California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York well
legal. Aliens constituted only five point. Six percent of the total population in those states. Now there is no denying the facts. You A guy running for Governor Gilan in Florida, the donor problem with this- a criminal, illegal alien is released, prison rather than having a detain to hold them for the feds to deport them I'm says: abolish eyes and now we're not gonna work to get a retainer now think about that Florida. Think about that. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the official position of the United States to put the Democratic Party of the democratic. It's the official position to abolish ice. It's the official position, localities and states. Local and state law enforcement should not work with ice. They ve smeared ice.
Ices and even the border patrol ice, protects the key of the United States from illegal and criminal immigrants and you're supposed to hate them. Now you know actual facts: if you're watching cable tv, the silly news, parts of cable tv, so calm, you didn't hear any this. Instead, all your heard all day today and yesterday was trashing Trump. That's what you ve heard, you ve heard report the term. Do you know for sure that terrorists among the seven thousand? What kind of a stupid question is that my response to the reporter is do. You know that every one of these seven thousand haven't committed crimes, that none of them are terrorists What point is there? Are illegal aliens are not going through the voting process, while the president said the colonel
among them their tears among them. Why? No doubt there are criminals, know what they're doing terrorist, They're doing what we have to wait for them to do something, but that's not even the point allowed in our countries a matter of federal law. Media do not have the same compassion. For american citizens who violate federal law. They are the same. Action for american citizens who may get their taxes wrong or. Maybe violate Obama, care and so forth, and so on. What's happened. This country is the Democratic Party in the media, have romanticized illegal immigration. They have romanticized illegal aliens that
propaganda. That's going on in this country that the we immigrant is nobler, better, more hard working, then the american citizen, and these rules and the Democratic Party in some of the republican Party. But, let's be honest, really, the Democratic Party is near monopoly on this. Legal immigration, these fools and the democratic parties, all in the media. These fools in Hollywood. What they're doing to this country is unparalleled, its unparalleled whoever president, Who cause it like? It is with a president who is trying to address in his hand tied by ridiculous His hands are tied by the Democratic Party them It try to beat him down, even though they fail the media desperate
once the Democrats them in this election, all the free media. The Democrats gets incredible. They desperately want the Democrats than when the selection They reject the results of the twenty sixteen election to the media this Gloria Baldur on CNN, it's too Sixteen all over again here, shut up. You Eddie. We know the vast majority of these people are Democrats and Liberals Paul after polish shown, it. And they can no longer conceal their ideology, but what Kind of people what kind of citizens route for illegal aliens to come into your country and they don't know any terrorist, and they don't know if there's any criminal. What kind of journalists do this sort of thing frauds and foaming. That's what do this sort of thing.
I'll be right back I told you of each programme this week and next week, will bringing you bringing on at least one individual. I strongly year, needs to be re elected in order to hold the senator hold the house. Some are more conservative than others, But there is a reason why I'm back in one or the other. And this evening. Our three will be bringing a day brat on the pro and who is a solid conservative outside a rich man, unease in a hell of a race where they left wing cook but the course the media, don't like her daybreak.
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here the presently United States. It takes long to sort this out. That is the the benefit of this format. This format, in my view, is not how many issues can I hit in three hours and how many guess can I haven't three hours? That's not it. You got it dig into a subject. That's that's why this is such an outstanding format dig into it And unravel it and look those of you who have stayed with us for the last two hours? Look, how much we ve gone through. Look at all they hypocrites we ve exposed, look media we ve exposed. Look at the information you receive. The facts in the statistics. This is very, very important, even election coming up in two weeks, there is a great deal at stake, the one man presently United States who controls the executive branch is trying trying to protect us, trying to do the right thing and they want to destroy him and if they take them,
there are not just interested in changing policies, their interests, in destroying the presently United States destroyed. These businesses destroying his family, there going to be everything he wants to do. You know who's rooting for the Democrats to win this election. China, Russia, IRAN, Cuba,. North Korea? They are ruining for the Democratic Party to win house. They are rooting for engagement there. Looking for the democratic policies, soft on foreign policy, after the United States military appeasement, face of aggression. You know ouses rooting for the Democrats, Hamas that's right. I said it. Hezbollah, Syria,
Obama didn't go into Syria and blow up those those sites. I was prompt who did that? in both the israeli embassy. Jerusalem is tromp, who did that all the enemies that we have everyone, I can think of- is rooting for the Democrats that take the house, our rooting for the democratic Democrats taken nine. All my words will be twisted by the sword Funded the style funded, the left wing, billionaires, funded front groups and tanks and media sides who gives a crap sometimes we gotta stand for something, and you have to speak out. That's what my parents taught me. And then it gets harder and harder to speaker as you're a poet Furthermore, more poisonous and vicious, you need to speak out more.
I need to stand up more. You have every reason about in two weeks, but your money bring friends family and co workers with you. Otherwise, we're gonna lose. This election is on trumps had its on our head, our collective head, which, up to we, the people you are going to tolerate this, no branch of the federal government Should be seated to these hard core leftists no branch federal government. Don't take any solace in these arguments. So while I hold the Senate and I'll get the house be ass, they shouldn't get bows. They should get the Senate, they shouldn't get the local dog catcher.
I'll be right back, Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody like living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: the Democrats. This election are also promising medical care for all folks are Medicare. I want you to listen to me. You really need to pay attention to this investors. Business daily nails it
Democrats won't tell voters how radical Medicare for all actually is. See, ladies and gentlemen, Medicare for all what they mean by that is meant to care for nobody remembers. Republican said that Obamacare was designed to fail, so Democrats could push single pair that was conspiracy, Margaret, but guess what Obama cares. Failing and Democrats are not pushing Medicare for all caught on quotas. The solution. You hear these democratic running for governor, like Philammon Florida. Hear them running for the Senate and the house met care for automatic care of, don't ya lamented care. The trouble is damning turn tone voters anything about what Medicare for all actually means, probably because the and would be the most radical socialization of health care on the planet.
Everyone from New York, Socialists, Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez, to Texas, Senate candidate, Peter Orourke, to Florida, gubernatorial, candidate, Gill, em. They ve called from they care for all. This is now the official position of every Democrat running for the house, every Democrat running for the Senate every Democrat running for governor this is their collective position, Now, what would medical care for all? What would it do, while here the facts based on the bills, the actual bills in the house, Senate, you would lose your existing plan. Whatever plan you have on Medicare employer plan, it doesn't matter what outlaw exists, Think private health insurance number one all of it- that includes all employer provided plans individually purchased in
Every single union plan at all. Means an end to the increasingly popular private Medicare advantage insurance plants all gone. These private insurance plants seniors had been fly king to specifically, to avoid and rolling in existing Medicare plant. If you like your plan, your guaranteed, not to be able to keep it, they will all be outlawed. That's what they mean: I know you didn't hear this on CNN and Emerson BC. I know you didn't hear it on good morning. America today show you hearing it for me. Through the excellent writing investors. Business daily sex medical care for all will have the government pay all medical costs, there'd be no co, page or deductibles on anything. Doktor visit surgery and drugs to long term care dental envision, the only thing:
covered with, because medic surgery keep in mind no other country on the planet. Does this. Even in socialist countries, like Sweden and Denmark, people by fourteen to fifteen percent of health costs out of pocket candidate as cover prescription, drugs and private insurance, picks up thirteen percent of the country's healthcare bills even China, people by private insurance to cover copious deductibles and the chinese pay. Almost third of health care costs out of their pockets. So democrats listen rushing to endorse a plan that is more social listing, then It is China's point now medical care for all They would also nearly double the size of the federal government, double the size of the federal government
A recent analysis are Bernie Sanders. Current Medicare for all plan, which is supported by eleven people. I can find said it would cost the federal government thirty two point six trillion dollars over the first ten And we know these analyses are always wrong: they're, always low thirty, two point: six trillion dollars, plus free college for everybody right, free healthcare. The trustees, Medicare say many cares going broken eight years, eight years, so the Democrats have a plan massively expand and destroy it incredible. And that's vast understatement of its true costs, since the analysis assumes direct Coney in payment cuts to providers and unrealistic savings on administrative and prescription drug costs at all,
Nor is the enormous cost of delays and rationing then invariably result from governor on healthcare, in other words, all the people who will die all the people who will suffer. When a government takes over a system like this. Crash, pushing Medicare for all say that those costs are irrelevant: People will no longer have to pay a premium, suspend any money out of pocket. What they dont say is that everyone would face huge tax increases, defined here and this government take over of healthcare. Bernie say plant starts with an eight point: four percent hike in payroll taxes, sharply higher income tax rates and more none of which would fully cover the exorbitant costs. How many more failed countries,
ladys in general? Must we copy? This is Venezuela. This is the prescription of Venezuela phony support for medical care for all, Democrats also point to survey showing strong support shoot from medicate for a medic care for all a Reuters, Ipsos Paul found seventy percent backing it, including Madrid, Republicans, but that's because people have no idea what many care for actually means run Reuters substitutes. The terms. Pair or government run healthcare. Support. Absence twas logos, forty percent down from seventy percent, and that's exactly why the Democrats a flyers, their true intentions and lie and deceive the american people. But even that's probably too, I forty percent, a separate Keyser the foundation survey, found almost half Americans, wrongly believe they could actually keep their
listing health plans under a single parent system. Incredibly Democrats are the most ill informed. The pole found fifty two percent of Democrats think they'll be able to keep their healthcare plants. I mean that's absurd right. If they're going to nationalize healthcare, a single parents system destroy Medicare, destroy all private insurance, including your implore insurance. Mahogany, keep your plan still Lack of public support didn't stop. Democrats from imposing Obamacare inclination eight years ago. Won't stop them from opposing court on CALL Medicare for all if they get the chance. The only way to prevent such a disaster is the key Democrats had a power, at least until their socialist. First breaks. This is another reason you need to go to the polls. Ladies and gentlemen, these rogue leftists so thoroughly completely irresponsible. They wanted hose their ideology on you, and these have
real life consequences it here's to your family. It managed to the health of your family. It matters to people who have private insurance. It matters to people who are on Medicare, it's incredible what they ve been proposing. Corey Booker an opportunity account as high as fifty thousand dollars for a kid. Is no end to what they want to do, how they want to manipulate us control. Us take from steel from us through, I say all the time. The progressive ism is on American. It's absolutely on American. There is absolutely no constitutional support. Our basis for progressive is none which is why there truly hostile to the constitution, as you saw in the last judicial confirmation proceedings.
I'll, be right back. I got a radical kook running for governor of Georgia. Stacy Abrams, a radical cook And we just talk about healthcare, here's what she said in a low, on Sunday cut fifteen go Why? and
How stupid is is this? a demagogue. I've never seen the free market right, a prescription and World Georgia. Let's just stop for a second, the pharmacy wooden exists, but for the free market the drugs would not exist, but for the free the scientists working on the drugs, the capital investment. To come up with these drawing board. These people think these drugs come from. People think hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, of dollars in defining drugs to help you what diabetes and heart disease and Alzheimer's and so forth, and so on. We should be celebrating people who commit,
their lives to this. And then this kind of demagoguery. People in rural Venezuela have nothing. People in rural Cuba have nothing nothing. What do you think the chinese government has to steal from us? They have nothing to cause. Communism doesn't work people in rural Georgia, she sick of the free market, It's funny how most rural areas will republic anyway This listen to this area.
Listen to this city. Let me tell you something, and this is a fact thirst. Prescriptions and are very, very expensive because it took a long time to develop them. There's an enormous amount of money that ports into them and they are not widely used, in other words, therefore very specific, types of cancer, very specific types of diseases and so forth, and so, if you can show any pharmaceutical company Annie. Your tax returns review dont, maybe you don't even have tax returns that poor. They will provide you with the prescriptions for free What an enormously reduce costs, but often for free, they have programmes where they specifically do. That.
So if you truly cannot afford met foreman and that's the right name or not or very expensive prescription, and you can show based on your income or lack thereof, that you can't In about a week to a ten days time at a friend who work for one of these organizations. You will get those medications almost always for free Why doesn't anyone ever talk about their work? city will not talk about. Is the problem of supply and demand things free if everything subsidized. There is less and less of it less and less investment into new cutting edge drug crops, new Quality of life technique. Jeez and drugs.
There is less and less of it remember them. After about redistribution, it's not about production. It's about redistribution, it's not about growth! It's about redistribution!. Go ahead. But for the free market there would be no steps to put in your heart. Maybe I'm missing something. Don't we have medicate in this country, MR producer and twenty five cents, of every single dollars spent by every state goes in a medicate. Am I missing something? I thought the left but already solve this problem, nineteen sixty five shortly after Medicare- was founded. They founded Medicaid, I've, Medicaid was supposed to resolve all this personally, it does so. What do we need more government that I'll fix it? Many care for all that I'll fix it.
Go ahead: well, if they don't make a profit, there's nothing to invest. Why, ladies and gentlemen, do people faith in somebody like this or Bernie Sanders, or the whole phalanx of leftists to make judgments about industry make judgements about society, make judgements about your own life, your own quality of life? Why do you put faith, and somebody like this, she doesn't know. Anything about health care, she doesn't know the first thing about medicine. She doesn't know anything, Doctors and nurses- she doesn't know about pharmaceutical companies, she doesn't know about, capital investment for pharmaceutical companies shipwrecks, doesn't know about these three programmes that that the farmer
local companies haven't, they spend billions of dollars doing. She apparently is utterly. Completely illiterate on the sub. It doesn't matter she's in eighty alot. I go bombers in eighty along, like guillemots in any alike like centres as in any alike, War is an area, doesn't matter. Spiritual year. Relevant knowledge is year. Relevant facts area Haven't even though they claim to possess all other there's no profit in doing the right thing, she's Why do socialists do the right thing to communist? Do the right thing to bureaucrats always do the right thing, this constant attack on the private sector? capitalism and the inability of most people be confronted in addressing is very frustrating to me.
Look around you, ladies and gentlemen, look around you overwhelming majority of what you see was not created by the government whose created by individual initiative or a group of individuals getting together. It was created through freedom and private property rights and yes, a market system, a market system We don't even appreciate what we have and who we are and what we ve built. Instead, we have these radicals who talk like morons. Just one phrases, medical care for all, there's no profit and doing the right thing.
There's a hell of a lot of men and women who have spent their lives committed to finding cures. Who spent their lives to finding cures Miss Stacy Abrams ever did they need to be paid and there needs to be investment and you have to have r and d, and you have to have capital And that's how the system works and it worked so brilliantly twi. We have more patents than any multiple of countries put together I'll, be right back people talk about the tea party. We, the tea party colleague, now a seven. Seven three aid, one three, eight one, one.
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I've always wondered about that. I see that on tv, MR producer diverse burglars come through the front door think so. Do they not say hi, I'm here now. I don't think so. Now get ten percent off simply safe today, at simply safe mark dot, com and you'll also get free, pink and free returns that simply safe mark dot com for a ten percent off simply save home security system, simply say mark dot com. One of the dish- We're focused on, ladies and gentlemen, is outside Richmond Virginia in the com. Author Virginia and its rapporteur, by a solid conservative, a reg a man who is endorsed and supported, Donald Trump as well as name, is day brat day Brad. How are you, sir? There are great Mart. Backfire me out
Tell us about. What's going on in your district, first will tell us what your site is. So if America wants to support financially, which I hope we will in all events you can get some more adds up and also get the get. There orders, Sir out there to yeah. Well, I'm a blade of grass tat. We are a key date, brat doc, and I appreciate that you raise similar to the rest of the country. Except my opponent, it's kind of trying to hide from the policy agenda: soap, politico, Adamite, peace. I would hope load you get a couple days ago, but my opponent for the most part she's on the record for single air. You know up the government take over of by health insurance, thirty two trillion dollars or require you to noble your personal tax rates.
And the corporate tax rates that Europe makes an economics and who are surrender your healthcare. Yet you can you can keep your healthcare right right. No, no, no private, insurance companies, no free market, know nothin and then she's again to the pact got right there at a middle class families in Virginia again twenty five hundred dollars back, and so she saying you don't give it back up to these. The lowest unemployment rate in history for african, american and women and the kids are doing well, and so the entire economic recovery take off is at stake. It and finally, on immigration, cheese, open border sanctuary city, she says federal laws, it can be handled by the localities. They'll they'll do fine she's even made statements supporting
your Emma's thirteen etc in public it. I dont think some folks out their understand. What sanctuary is- and we were talking about the hardened criminals that should be deported arrested at the governor of Virginia and my opponents bamberger? I am- and everyone on the lamp right, Nancy Pelosi. San francisco- want to offer them sanctuary in your neighborhoods instead of deporting that they want to give them sanctuaries, so they can stay here. It's so it's its mind, boggling with his caravan common and lawlessness and and when she says that local law enforcement can handle it. That's me clever way: assaying, let's ignore federal law and she does see a bat rounds as she knows better, but it ocean the issues you are using language and a club away to deceive the voter across the board on healthcare contact with the economy on immigration said it's a standard thing
we ve been workin like crazy, with our sheriff and abuses in three hundred million lethal doses of Fetnah came across the border this year and the laughed wants to take it out on ice officers who are protecting us from human trafficking. Is that no and then Hara when it says that Russia with the country's upside down, but that you know they have five million dollars? They at two point two million dollars spent fuel from the shore, back act, Blue, they get money. His fallen out of the sky is so we got a top right on our hands on it. This type we're up a little after capital, of course, the rest, the countries. I you know that the left is used on a control, so we got a bump and we hope that You know they're getting an enormous amount of money. You talk about the Soros front, group and style has front group and Bloomberg after spending, you got all these leftist multi billion years set up all these groups to to launder their money through and then to give it to these candidates like.
Candidate you're running against, and they use this money to go on tv. Trying to disarm the public too come across as, like you know, I'm not this radical left us. You know. I just believe in this this and it is happening all over the country and summits happening in your district absolutely had hidden that right. Is it the Democrats this way off they want to have you know the endless investigation, impeachment tromp impeachment a cabinet cetera it. So they have a radical left agenda in Europe. Lives cursor sophisticated enough to know, You know this is banned in the Ivy League than that the higher add for forty years. They wanted Deacon struck the judeo christian tradition
and now they have right, you can't bring it up. Eight o clock every an up, and I read you getting bringing up like conversation. They wanted deconstruct the rule of law, look what they got into those who serve us every day and they wanted to reconstruct the free market. You know pro business environment we have so it's just amazing billionaires who have made their billions are for the free market does system an awful human freedom, in the full frontal attack on human freedom because they want to ultimately they become enormously wealthy and what's left power, power power, they want power they want. Control the law. They want to control the politics and They ve tasted power and America. Its Dave, at that time. He need your financial support all over the country. You know how he defeated era can't do you know how he's a leader in the conservative movement and in the house its day dot com. Anything you can give em.
The federal legal limits he need your support is one against a radical leftist The people who live in your district, one of the main areas in your district, the I've, got the savage district. I got a rural calling. My pupil, suburban colonies are gonna write. County, Chesterfield you'd. Have we gone away from me, I'll call pepper up at the north all the way down to not away this out. That's just great people through out, and they there just spammer is trying to buy this election and taking them out, which is millions and millions that I cannot match in messaging polite there. I think burgundians are going to see through at their pretty sceptic on at this decade,
that kind of stuff and people a crack and jobs to be about the energy Dave. I didn't know that about you either making fun of it is, I think, a little bit of it is backfiring, but with enough money taken out there, the Democrats do what they owe their threaten and we're gonna take away a medic cared so security than just the biggest both by his. Why is it that you know about the healthcare build the Republicans pre existing conditions? Folks coverage was covered in that bill and there you know just spent in total falsehoods on all these scare tactic and that we expect it every time. But the new thing is the money element died, they five million dollars. So are just an urban your army, just five billion box. It's like a Senate race and so were run up against the mainstream media. The Washington Post does opinions on fire again meet every other day. It's a world where fighting a good fight nigh still trust the american people there can see through this
and the american people. We, the people were the ones who can make a difference in each one of these races and that's why I have day Brad on day. Brat shouldn't have to fight like this, but he does because which being done. The kinds of money- that's that's the kind of that's being spent in the way it's being spent and laundered into these groups. These front groups and then and then attack my love. The way they always have the word reformers something in there and the name. Their group, how's your eye ground game, how's, the grass roots their growth solid it I get it out. It's always your kind of motor, got President Obama in there we had you. The laugh now definitely have a blue way that still sitting Papa district, but now after cabin or match, the people come under the office like crazy in the last month, or so the energy
Why you off everyone is, did you see what will happen right? Maxine waters will be the chairman of financial services and their starting here. These stories gone. This isn't real as if it is real people, don't understand fully what the laughed. How far off the lamp these right, gentlemen, discipline eyesight tax cuts was proud of. His Catholic Bay was belong America. He couldn't get elected anything right now, the Democratic Party and they're. Your objective criterion right that that shows you, it's not a right wing or a strike. Have moved the laughed so far off from any of its traditional mooring, even caring about third, you know the middle class work that they have abandoned them. For this you, this crazy resistance. You know, and indeed the new tactics in my district businesses ravine
Grattan my opponent, to call it an apologize to a huge Ben you either because they were seen so many threat. I've had hate mail left on my door. Stop signs are being taken down by the fifties: Every week in then, that you, don't you see it on a national news, already knows what's going on in that the american people have to stand up and reject this outside ass, to learn how to fight for freedom day, brat dot com. I would strongly encourage everybody who lives in the district. Make sure you vote actually, you bring a friend Kali, neighbor bureau Recent captain just do it in that way we can ensure the day. Brat returns The rest of the country its day, brat, dot, COM Europe day, brat roads, issues that affect everyone, no matter where you live, no matter where you reside so
Very importantly, we return him the Congress its day, brat dot com day. We wish you all the best Martha. Nearly always God bless you and God bless you to my friend. But hate to see him go down on election night, America. I really would. They're doing this to a lot of very, very good people all over the country they're lying about, flooding the zone with an enormous amount of money there targeting specific races, so winded the target back. And gave day Brad all the support, we can easily crucial voice, house of Representatives and the Freedom caucus We're gonna do each night eleven Surge day Brad I don't believe in giving money to parties political power, I believe in giving up the candidates.
And this is a candidate that needs our support day. Brat dot com that stay, Brad, dotcom I'll, be right back I'm not supposed to tell you now, but I'll tell you now This Sunday on life liberty in love in I'm, scheduled to interview Nuke Gingrich Wanna, one for the fuller. Can you imagine, Gingrich and Levin to discuss the election at great length and a great deal, Say don't have fourteen guests, Serbia, new king, rich and me. On life Liberty and live in for the full hour I'm sure you ve never seen him and me Either for a full Erica's, we ve never been together for a full, our men effect.
And I remember the last time I see nothing. It's been a long long time but he's a really really sharp guys. The excellent analysis- and I thought would work in the following Sunday right before the election. I'll just be me myself, and I just me and an election special thought. I'd give you a heads up now we ve shut down the day, brat campaign site so you need to be patient. We do this all the time, try a little while but don't forget to go back its Dave, brat, dot com weave, show down, because many of you want to get in there and give him a donation. I want you to get in there and give them support, Just be patient, as I say, give it The time NGO back, Dave. Dad come. Do I haven't on my social sites? Mr producer, he needs. Are.
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Here: Levine dot com or call one eight for four four exchequer. If you use code, Levine Foot, rest you'll, get a free foot, rest, Exchequer Levine, DOT, com or eight for four for extra just. Barbara is really a low life I don't know how to put it he's alone in my view, in his personal life, so low life on tv he's just a low life. And that's why I myself rusty, gives him a job, because I must tell us: TAT is known to hire low life. The whole line up is a bunch of clowns and miscreants and malcontents not a very pretty sight. I might add. So there it is. Morning Schmahl with his bulbous knows, looks like the guy. That's on the bridge and deliverance we ve talked about that before theory is and what does he have to say that so Brian at ten go one way. This is added,
this reference in nobody stop. She wants to read something that references, no, which means referencing trump, because these obsessed with Trump he's a test what trump he's got a man crush on Trump. I understand meek as even jealous, go ahead. Please my my beloved viewers out there do nigh beloved viewers. You like listening to my show you clown course you do. Your beloved viewers cite the people at the wreck our house. They hate your guts, but they want to watch. They want to watch the snake. Eight the mouse go ahead, draw a parallel between what is said here. Indeed, anybody living or dead past or that law. He so clever. Draw a parallel link. Wink now, don't don't draw a parallel wink wake. Just reading this for our own edification go ahead, we very deeply. You don't want
we deeply. I dont want to weep on this as this this relate this guy guy, a psycho or what go ahead of us. It's just It's going to range in range and volumes. I love World WAR two and which side led by the way go ahead of fan, rose so eyes. Reading this this is from LA. The United States Office of strategic services industry. Having Hitler's psychological profile, and this only pertains Adolf Hitler in paints and nobody else again. I just can't state that enough, but guess what they had. Four Adolf Hitler's cycling profile for those of you in the midst of reading world war, two reports, your fire that as to lay off the block here, basically comparing trumped Hitler while exclaiming he's not this guy is a complete, complete
Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. We ve got live in tv tonight. I hope you'll trackers us out just call eight four for live four tv. And have a wonderfully see you.
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