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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/24/18

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, The person or people who sent suspicious packages possibly containing explosives to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CNN, Eric Holder, and George Soros need to be found as quickly as possible because the speculation isn’t stopping by the media and democrats. The media are grotesque as they lead the charge in heated and hateful rhetoric, yet they want to hold President Trump responsible for heated and hateful rhetoric. Just yesterday Trump was compared to Adolf Hitler four different times on the media; did Trump compare anyone to Hitler? Of course not! So who's really responsible for the heated and hateful rhetoric? Then, Dan Bongino calls in to discuss just how amateur this attempt bomb attempt was. The devices looked incapable of detonation and appear the work of amateurs; lacking the tactical efficiency and hallmarks of a genuine criminal mind. Later, is Jeff Zucker proud of his CNN team that compares the President to Hitler? Zucker has driven CNN into the ground and former heads of CNN has criticized him saying similar. CNN is not like the pamphleteers of the old days, all they do is attack Trump and they bear much responsibility for the ill-tempered behavior we're seeing. Finally, Mississippi Senatorial Candidate Chris McDaniel calls in to give us an update on his midterm election race.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Markel of in here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one we oppose Are people who are involved in the planning these bombs need to be Found as quickly as possible It's some resolution here
Does the speculation is already beginning its like after a mass shootings, just can't stop and speculation is being promoted in the media and by politicians and that's who always promotes the speculation a deadly serious matter, I underline the word deadly deadly. We ve talked about the rise and violence in this country in our concern about it about it. He found black lives matter and about attacking public officials and restaurants. And we ve said over and over somebody's gonna, get hurt. No, we have no idea whose behind this no idea of the Koran, CO, political affiliation of the people behind it. We know all of those Arguments are Democrats and CNN that we know.
Why come and beyond that? Because we don't know anything else and yet that's what's taking place now, And there's something really grotesque. About the media in this country?. Going on and on today about. They hated rhetoric It full rhetoric, do them. In this country, understand that they are, eating the charge. In hateful redder? Do you know yesterday alone, Donald Trump, I counted for four times was compared to Adolf Hitler on MSNBC and CNN, Sir, times. He was called a racist in a day. They want. Donald Trump is responsible for the heated and hateful And divisive rhetoric that's going on.
You dont trunk, compare somebody Adolf Hitler. And he's called a racist all the time. So the media do not. The high moral ground. I do not hold the high moral ground in lecturing the people of the United States about the rhetoric. Humor Pelosi put out a joint statement today, they don't The high moral ground on this I d get this, but it's going on all around us. What am I supposed to do? Ignore it. Is a very, very serious matter. And we need to know as soon as possible. Who are home. Is possible for this. That's what we need to know, but
I'll need lectures from the media as as this story began to break, And more and more these packages were were uncovered, it was, read between the lines and other lines are becoming more More bold, The media are going with this; they can help themselves. Cnn receive one of these packages, courageous that they received a package. Am I wrong, MR producer. Didn't some They try to break into the Fox local channel in Washington DC yesterday with a weapon and they were shot.
I mean somebody was actually shot. I get death threats. Rush gets death threats. How did he get their threats, but I know I get death threats, it's not it's not fun and you worry about your family. You, wherever you look over your shoulder from time to time, is that good, you're paranoid she had to be a little bit more careful I wanna Tito is out there an antivirus filled with violence. It's the most violent organization, I'm aware of in politics. Today it was down played by most of the media downplay same of black lives matter, downplayed. And another saying this exclusive to the left, not change.
Closer to the left at all. We want to know who did this as soon as possible. And, I believe, the F B. I will figure this out because nothing, bloated. So they have these these packages these devices, In their original form, which will make it much here for them to track down those, though get the guy or gal, the guys are gauss I hope so I think so, based on my part, the experience of the Department of Justice. They have a ton of evidence now. And you're gonna be able to use different methods of tracking this down began to pull strings and then the strings begin to pool the fabric of the fabric began stone rather than the terrible attract people down, but they need I find this person are these people because they may do it again. They may do more of it. That's all we know.
We don't know their motives. We don't know their motives, we know. The motive obviously, is the threatened, if not harm, if not killed it. Will they targeted. But there's a lot of speculation out there now why? Why can't people just wait, particularly in the media,. Now you can see the crescendo building that somehow this is Donald Trump Swap because the way he goes and speaks at rallies a language he uses about this, that or the other I am so sick of this. You have no idea the press the United States without question faces death threats all the time. It's a because what the demo Say about him? Is it because what Joe car says about him or dumb men, says about Hammer, Steve Colbert says about him.
The other day, the president said rallies and rally. I think it was Houston and he says, he's a nationalist Well, I'm not a nationalist, but not for the reasons. The Democrats in love say he's a nationalist, Now we know what he means: America, first and so forth. And they try and tie it to nazi fascism. Or the muzzle Lenny Artists, Stalin, This is in the media National Socialist Party notice, when people power. I met their socialist, they don't try to tie them to their nazis. It is Actual as socialist right. They didn't say that. About Bernie Sanders, hey he's using Nazi language is using stuff. Honest language, no, of course, not most of them, Media in this country, they revealed themselves so far
Now the shit back. For the most radical among them on cable tv. On MSNBC unseen and for the most radical among them. Today showing good morning America for them. Tragical among them. Two now point a finger at tromp, who had absolutely nothing to do with. This is really just further evidence of the person are people who are responsible for this. Our response. Our people who are responsible for this are responsible for this are responsible for this. Do you think the media in this country over the last two years have been responsible given The media in this country over the last two years have been measured. You think the media in this country,
many in the media in this country of cross the line with a reference the Hitler and Stalin Racism and all the rest of it, you think, our bones, cross the line or make emergency or down lemon, are critical I'm on the list goes on and on you think they cross the with their heated rhetoric with their poison language, and now you can Calm down, stop the rhetoric, the heated attacks. We must bring it down it's too much having stoke the flames. Now the firefighters and saying what policy the things that she has said and say the the things that he has said and the things that they did. I like, haven't to a guy like Cavanaugh, taken
the tensions in this society and the anger in this society. Do they have any responsibility for all of them trot thou. Surely they do I'll be right. Back one of my best Hutchison radio but periods. Damn Bonn genome was a fake The last few weeks to he's got a beauty but book at their terrific book spy gate. The attempted sabotage. Donald J Tromp. I cannot recommend it strongly enough or we will linked to it, and I was not on the air when it was released, so will bring them back talk about Dan former
secret service, former Nypd, nobody better to talk about this in anybody else. You ve been watching the cover twenty and make of this or mark it seems like a very amateurish operation. I mean just look at some of the hallmarks of these devices that were sent. That mean number one is the obvious one mark, none of whom thank God, actually get naked and unexploded again. Thank the Lord that happen, but certainly not the hallmarks of someone with experience in this in this space, but things as well Mark would seem to indicate one of only two possible options. It was either a really amateurish operation or someone seemingly wanted to get caught, I'm outside of the not detonating you also when you look at the photographs we seen of the devices mark, you see just all marks of of just a rookie tight behavior like excessive postage, which is all I mean it's all over the
city be pronounced type on the year on the label. You know if you're trying to secreted device into a mail system, to God forbid, detonate in front of a male hand, law that target you don't use height, that's going to draw attention to the package, you see the M one other thing marked: they had a one of the packages was addressed, the John bred in its agenda and well I mean John Brenda, doesn't work at sea and that's quite obvious. A basic internet search would produce that information, worked it and be see which meannesses it's really a this thing not right. Here's a very suspicious operation, very amateurish right now. Let me ask you this question: is it possible? He has such a devious minded work that somebody wants. It looks so amateurish. Well, it certainly
Why said? There's only one of two scenarios here: I've either somebody wanted to get caught for some reason or it's so amateurish that I speak to some kind of you no motive. We haven't yet this bizarre, and that is the selection of the targets. You know, of course, there's people want. I you know these people all over the media right now or given out these pay special begone from these other network
who are desperate to prescribe emotive, didn't you have no idea what I would encourage all of them. They take this very, very slow, because when I, what I've seen mark in my experience in the space, especially with the secret service and all of its male processing system, is people who are serious, who have the savage animal minds. We want to do this kind of stuff. They are very practically efficient in the way they do it, and none of the hallmarks of tactically efficient of planning were in our in that this is a highly highly suspicious the operation and none of them even detonated. Again thanks, but that is that certainly speak with some its expertise in this in the space to investigate and you're. Looking at this, I would thank you make no Adrian
scenarios that you would just try and get the evidence and follow the evidence and trying to figure it out that way, rather than while this mode of that motive and the other motive you're, really judge you just getting down the forensics there and that's what guy like you when I do or are we hesitate, jumped you about it before actually have the facts in the date of their I mean this is what common sense reasonable people do, but, of course, when you know what the fit with the current environment and and the media hysteria, they immediately want to prescribe of them. A motive remembered mark the most important of all the w's in this right, the who, what when, where why and how the most important thing obvious who did who the actual person it we'd have? No, we have zero clothes right now, at least publicly as to who that Percinet, I suspect, knowing how these investigations go and the availability of the initiator and these devices, which usually leaves a signature that there
get someone relatively quickly, but you have no idea who it is and when you don't have to who you have no idea The motive is- and I gotta tell you it's grotesquely irresponsible for these people. They are already who are absolutely convinced that that that they know exactly why this happened. It's ship, it's it's insanity, but you also find it really got wrench sickening that every time the something terrible it its place in this country. They try and Donald Trump now brought down. Yesterday was compared to Hitler multiple times on cable tv. He was, to be a racist, multiple times on cable tv, because use this word nationalist phenomenon. Explain this later in the show where that word actually comes from comes from the progressive it comes from Theodore Roosevelt, his new nationalism speech, but I dont want to jump I'll get into that later. Just shows you how ignorant people are but going on and on and on.
These same hosts lease. Aim guests. These same contributes call them whatever you are talking about that better too hot things need to be cool. They understand. The media have led this this. This battle, with the vicious rhetoric mark their favorite cures for a man of being a russian trader guilty of trees, and we ve had we had no called air quality. Respecting commentators accuse the man of treason, accusing him of being a Nazi, and there you have magazine waters and others talking about getting in people's faces Mark one of the things you Sean and the people in this industry have always been clear. On the conservative side, people are responsible for their own action that maniac, who shot up, speeds, police and paste popular. I back I'm responsible for its own action, but having said that, the people who are out there calling for confrontation and aggressive confrontation and public have to be more response,
but that's not conservative than the fact that they're trying to turn this around immediately and pin it on Trump and make it some kind of a political issue without having any european bounding back to discuss. One they key advisers to Hillary Clinton, Doorn or campaign some french name Felipe whatever his name is this guy yesterday on tv, I think was on tucker- show refused to condemn people getting into the faces of members of Congress and other public officials and restaurant. That was just yesterday. I heard it. I saw the exact segment you're talking about, but that through here I paid him before marked ethic factually who we I that the price one bit higher, I my brother, while we appreciate having yawned and near great friend, God bless you will. I bet you wake up in the mall, running, feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel blow. Tired and shape eating healthy. As a habit
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ii, the iron for years I'd go there immediately. We use it in our household now, by the way Take six two zero five foreign I know seminary giving examples have been talking about the president on Monday he's in Houston, any says in part. This cut one go first, that wants to do well not caring about our country. So much, you know, We can't you know. A word. It sort of became version, its claws, journalists and I really do not suppose that work it out. I am combination, is now one of the media do this with the media did with this was done, I'm not a nationalist. I may constitutional list
I believe in Americanism. I'll, explain why in a moment, so stick with me. The media have no idea what they're doing, but they don't care. So like everything else. They sit there. They hang on every word. The trump puts out there and then they second they go after, like dobermans. So scene and brings on Gregory makes whose an attacker a Democrat from New York with Wolf Blitzer, listen to this cut. Seventeen go first Today they stood up to a nationalist is a chauvinist, and that, apparently, is what this present is and to say that we better of bad or It reminds me the kinds of words came from people like Hitler.
What date in Germany he was a nationalist and the kind of people that this president seems to like and, and they are those who are oppressive dictators. Those are the individual that generally use. Phrase and all this at so over the top seen and gives a voice. Reminds the sky of Hitler and this pressure It seems too, like repressed. Dictator why he didn't open an embassy in Cuba that was the prior president. He stood up the pew Stood up? The Chinese stood up, Dorani stood up to North Korea. All things are Obama wouldn't do. Where is the evidence that he likes dictators? Where is the evidence that is anything like Hitler? Do people know what it up, Hitler did. Now this is on CNN war. Sits there, like a bump on a log, doesnt cut off the congressmen. There
where's men is invited because he's I hate her before You say we want to lower the temperature at their. Ladies and gentlemen, we being told by the media today. The same media that promotes this go ahead, whether you being at Mr Putin, whether you looking at what is taking place with the of Saudi Arabia. Now all individuals can jump there. The visuals who pete within their societies, are not working with others out These societies and Press individuals win within those societies, gig to win the goals of what they looking for so as a very dangerous words, but I think very dangerous. The next few, very, very here's, what you gotta, listen to me throughout the program. I'm gonna hit this very importantly in the next few minutes, go ahead. We This president is to be precise, congressmen you're, making your parents in between
The present United States that Hitler and- and I want you to explain exactly what you mean, because obviously this is this is controversial What I'm saying is that using the word of nationalism, internationalist meaning that When you listen to me, was talking about German for the Germans and that's it come on. Franklin Roosevelt was looking at America for the Americans. These are. Historically illiterate human beings that we have Listen to these not alone MAX boot. On CNN yesterday, cut eighteen go serving historical goes to me was now nationals We spent a lot of things over the years and in the night century was primarily associated with liberal move. People I feed are heard so the founders, Summer Cosette bigger of all those who helped to create the state of ETA layer. All of our who helped
the states of colombian Venezuela but in the twentieth century nationals taken on a much darker, much more negative, attention being associated essentially with fascist movements and you think, nationalist you think of people, I've, Franco and Mussolini, and Hitler Pinochet, though we do not exist. If people are the president of the United States were technically be emulated, and that's why it's very hard for me to think of people in: U S, history who have described themselves as nationalism, not gonna popular turn. A k! Well I'll, explain one, a very big one! in the twentieth century in a moment Joe Scarborough, really loathsome. A loathsome individual cut, nineteen go, This is added this reference in nobody. So please Is my beloved viewers out there do not do not parallel between what is said here. Indeed, anybody
so he's doing this to attack trump. Anything. Cover by saying don't a parallel. Whilst what are we doing to give us a history lesson on Hitler, go ahead. As that would hurt me. Hurt very deeply. You don't want to hurt me deeply. I don't want to weep on the shelves this this doesn't relate. Anybody whatsoever. It's just The United States is a strategic services in describing it happened. I come across this latest Joan because, when you take a joke, as from the United States, is of strategic services. Where are you going to happen? I come across this latest Joan because, when you think it Joe scar Are you think of a historian particular when it comes to our work? To don't you nobody, this the hammer put it there is rather huge babo snows. Now not he. Down this on his own, go ahead
while in this only parties, Adolf Hitler paints and nobody else. I can. I just can't state that this is what they had. Four Adolf Hitler's psychology profile and for those of you, in the midst of reading world WAR, two Reports you'll find it fascinating primary rules were never allow the public to cool off, never admit a fault or wrong. Never get to see that there may be some good and your enemy never leave room for alternatives, never accept blame. Concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame them for everything that goes wrong but we believe a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you either free, I so there you have Scarborough, comparing Trump the Hitler, even though he denies it. That's the entire purpose of this Then Don lemon on CNN cut twenty go wow, I'm a nationalist nationalist,
use. That word we're gonna talk about that word tonight. It is a favorite of the all right and is loaded with native US Racial undertones and global as well globalists. Have been used as a seller Sort sometimes even against those in the administration, often with anti semitic. Overtone, ok, not keep a mine user media figures. These are hosts. Some claim to be reporters and listened to how they talk This cooling down the rhetoric is springing up country to get is this news? Isn't even news at all There's Peter Alexander Whitehouse correspond MSNBC, I'm getting somewhere with this folks. Please stick with me. I can't do this. And quick soundbites cut. Twenty one go and Peter Cleaner fuels,
about his using the word nationalist saying you know out loud, I am a nationalist. How does the president can conceive of that term because it doesn't in many ways have racial undertones, racial undertones, racial overturned? The word nationalist go ahead: their tones that are not just racial design, a foe back. This is something that the presence and sort of shied away from in the past. Obviously, nationalism was a phrase Steve Ban and obviously, over the course of the campaign and a lot of the presence of Poland's try to payment, you get the drift and theres many others, yesterday, crop is compared to Hitler. He's a racist he's, a xenophobe he's all these things. All these years, the media or the media using selectively guests to say these
they know what they're gonna say. The media. And tonight they're out there saying down, politics is divisive. It's too now their reporting, and then really reporting so but surely there aiming at Trump I am not a nationalist, ladies and gentlemen, I'm a constitutional. I believe in Americanism, not nationalism and the correct max boot and everybody else you heard speaking. One of the leading progressives over the last century progressives. He ran as a third party candidate, as the head of the Progressive Party was Theodore. Roosevelt.
And on August thirty, one nineteen ten, those of us who actually do study history Scarborough he gave a AMOS famous speech. You know entitled to speak New nationalism, the new nationalism, And in this speech, the new nationalism. Theodore, Roosevelt borrowed a gentleman but an aim, our Herbert Crawley. If you have my book rediscovering Americanism, you know what I'm talking about is. It s, a famous s, say in something called the Outlook magazine promise of american life. This had an enormous influence on Theodore, Roosevelt Grass of movement, was really born out of the Republican Party early on and its greatly would become Theodore, Roosevelt.
And in his new National there's some speech. I said he called at his who nationalism speech he spoke about. The new national is the object of a central government, the need for a federal guy, They need to be interfering in the private sector. A rejection. Of market capitalism in many respects, a rejection of the deck I'm telling you the truth. I rejection of the declaration of independence has written a rejection of the separation of powers that confines the ability, the federal government to help people. And it was all the raven I left on the progressive left, the new nationalism so Why do these people in the media compare tromp to Hitler
They call him a racist. When this is the word Nationalists, the criticism should be. That's a progressive turn. The progressives, oh, my word in the twentieth century But Don lemon is a moron. Garbo as a moron MAX Buddhas, a fake. Gregory makes us a moron Alexander, the White House, corresponding a moron. This is a phrase, a word that is. In the understanding, progressive ism. The centralisation of the american government there Electoral wrote about it all the time. Presidents to be criticized softly. It should be using a word out of progressive ism, but now the progress
to run the media for the most part, the leftists. They want to compare the Hitler Hitler. Hitler who rounded up millions and millions of people and slaughter them they use this phrase. And they wonder why people are angry at them and they wonder why people despise them, and then tonight they tell us we but I call the rhetoric we gotta, we gotta do you know you like the country They start slowly but surely moving our hand, appoint their finger Trop yet again
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Men so sharp was. We were short fictional. What happens next? On the? U S, near at times, but this week alongside Scott Torone and Joe And Laura and Lippman and Jason I thought we were asked to write short fictional. What happens next? On the euro, Russia scene, she writes inaction when it was time he went downstairs took his place in the lobby before the ant appeared, the hotels. F, had been lined up to see their boss. The president, go by fear. Them applaud Most did not the president didn't seem to notice. He waved his de sultry fashion, the secret service agents clustered around our should employ the armored limo outside the curb the Russian waited until they were a few steps before he drew the gun. He cited on the center the president's back and squeeze the trigger
oh they're, just haven't fund over there at the New York Times come on. Ladies and gentlemen, civility the media tell us about civility: don't you know: I'll be right back with a daily fake news dump pouring through your tv more Oh phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food. But what this they discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and The ball is in your dad, Which is why I recommend that you start taking field of greens by Brick house nutrition. Just one scoop of field of greens has A full serving of real USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables. It helps.
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Brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levine, dot com offered code Levin, now run only underground, the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody, Martin woman. Here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one by the way when the mid term elections are over going to tell you a few of the people we invited on the programme whose who rightly said no, because they always they're trying to appeal to moderates and Democrats right. Mr producer. Solid. You know those are minimal.
Drinks their campaigns, but really quite pathetic. The vast majority of people we invited that's real, We too have, however, the dry excited about coming on, because we want a lot of time and given the events the last few weeks him and were now, we're doing it out right now, as sir My dad want me to do and as we wanted to write, gene and put out a statement today. That is really reprehensible. From the face of these these bombs. These packages that have been set up jobs. President CNN worldwide. He puts this statement up. There's a A complete lack of understanding of the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media, the present especially the White House Press Secretary understand the words matter: Far, they have shown no comprehension of that this disaster, I would say to you When you watch your shows, you proud of them, when you
watched on women and camera, and Chris Cuomo who you're promoted, you must be very proud of them Let's be proud of guess who reference Adolf Hitler when talking Our president guess on your programme and hosts and anchors who go on the president's mental instability, his racism, xenophobia, yours small for that, Mr Sucker, you have destroyed CNN have commented on it. Jeff Green has commented on it. The founder of CNN has commented on TED Turner. Others have commented on it. The kind I hate in part and poison that you my day in and day out, one
to be partisan, it's another when the present the United States is talked about this way, maybe you should try. First, Mr Zaka, you should try first. What news do we get from CNN anyway,. Like the old news networks. It's not like the old newspaper. Where's pamphleteer. Nothing. Don't get news from CNN. If we do it's very, very limited, quite frankly,. So immediately seen an attack trump if they can't help it. Surprisingly, com Hitler again today. The media have A lot of responsibility for the tone a Hillary Clinton stooge Felipe whatever the hell his name is, was on Tucker Karlsson, show last night on Fox encouraged people getting in the faces of members account.
We refuse to flatly condemn Antigua. Eventually was somewhat critical of it. A healer Clinton stooge Felipe whatever the hell his name is was on Tucker Karlsson show last night on Fox, encouraged people. Getting in the faces of members of Congress and others. What's the problem. So what's the problem now there is a problem, Now I want a circle back if I may say: confinement and thing there there. It is. This big race in Florida for the governorship. Lord of flawed, as a key state, many of you- don't live in Florida flawed as a key state Texas as a key state to me that the two key states of the Republicans of any open the future of Europe, Lightning, the president, in future republican President's there are huge states.
The second and third, most populous states and the Democrats are dying to take him over and they ve nominated a Bernie Sanders Socialist. They left us. Who has ever seen a corrupt administration and tell I asked to be the next governor of Florida, pushing a fifteen dollar minimum wage, which we know what that does. Seattle tried it. It was a big failure. He's insisting that Florida law enforcement must not and will not turn over Criminals who served their terms- State prisons to the federal government to be deported, Instead, he would have them released into your neighborhood. That's the only alternative Jake Tapir did a lousy job of explaining that even explain it at all. Here.
Medical care for all, which means eliminate Medicare, eliminate every private insurance programme eliminate employer private insurance grams eliminate insurance companies all together and the federal government? Take over our healthcare seriously folks, really. He insists spanning Medicaid in Florida, two eight hundred eight on fifty thousand more people, we're leaving six billion dollars on the table with the feds when it as an tell you as twenty five cents out of every dollar spent in Florida goes to medicate, as it is today not leaving six billion dollars on the table because under Obamacare their the first view Here's a medicate, the sub. These are where a hundred percent but they're, not
people, moving to Florida who want to set up businesses or who want to retire there and spend their money their money there, because you don't have a state income tax. That's the main reason why he wants to increase taxes. Forty percent. The reason you have growth in Florida is because you have people moving to Florida who want to set up businesses or who want to retire there and spend their money. Their money there, because you know Of a state income tax, that's the main reason why he wants to increase taxes, forty percent of businesses- and that won't be enough. You walk he's gonna. For a state income tax. We ve seen this happen when Democrat Take over these red states. They don't have taxes, income taxes, but here's the thing: the guy's corrupt. You know how to say these things: he recalled a racist. Well, you know what screw that screw. That.
Record show up, be agents gave Andrew Guillaume tickets to Hamilton and twenty sixteen. Now some of you left us at the well. What's the big deal? Well, they game tickets. Somebody paid for his hotel. Also, there are other issues related to Costa Rica. You ve got all. Kinds of corruption, swirling around his administration and Tallahassee, which is why the FBI had out of recover agents under cover up Agents and his administration calling to the tab, obey dot com site Under cover FBI agents paid for Tallahassee mayor Andrew columns, hotel room and his ticket to the But why musical Hamilton during a twenty sixteen trip to New York City though a bomb shall trove of records. Their raises new questions. Two weeks before the November sickle six election for Florida, governor
He has been lying about this through his teeth and I'll get to that in a minute. Among the records really and an CNN and MSNBC won't even touch this story. Neither. The big networks. They won't touch it. It's all local moose,. Because they promote him, like they promote this, this fool Robert Francis Quadrant, quote: Buteux O Rourke in Texas Right, Mr Sucker. Among the records released Tuesday, this pass to say, photos a video and dozens of text, messages between Gill Em who's, the democratic nominee for governor form, lobbyist, Adam Corrie and an undercover FBI agent Contradict guillemots explanation for the expenses which had been made a major issue buys republican rival, Rhonda Centres.
Give em campaign is maintaining continue to do so to say so. After the release of the records, they continued ally that Guillemots brother, Marcus. Marcus kill, em handed him the ticket, the knight of the show. He didn't want to know from Butkus. Brother just gave me the ticket. What's the big deal, that's not what happened. The text messages at the time of the trip show Gilan was told he was told that tickets came from my Miller and The agent looking the city, corruption, who is posing as a developer, came from my Miller, using as a developer, who was an under european aid might Miller and the crew have tickets. For us, Hamilton tonight at eight p m Corey, texted Cullum. On August ten, twenty sixteen. Hey also news about Hamilton Guillaume, replied according to their records. The campaign has not said how Marcus kill em who lives
Chicago Illinois, by such a sought after Broadway ticket or whether Andrew GUM asked his brother about it. These messages only confirm what we ve said. All along Andrew Guillaume, set on Facebook live so in that He sent his lies caught with actual hard evidence Andrew girl, I'm so sorry, they confirm what we said all along, because he knows enough stupid people out there who are just dismiss it. We did go to Sea Hamilton, he said I did get my ticket to Hamilton from my brother and at the time we believe that they were reserved by friends of Atoms MIKE Miller. When I got there after work, I take it. We went in there and sought sue my brother paid for it So, as far as I know, that was the deal yeah no big deal, now he knows I wasn't the deal. The new records,
from Chris caused K, I, as an attorney representing Corey. That's the lobbyists, I said he gave the records of the Florida Commission on ethics, which is Vesta, gaining a complaint about guillemots trips to New York, City and Costa Rica with Corey Tee then gave I appeal to the campaigns of Guillaume and dissenters. What's it called friend of guilt comes the lobbyists Corey is at the centre of the FBI's, long running, probing the corruption and tell assay no one has been chow Dilemma said that agents assured him. He was neither a target nor a focus of the problem. All, these, obviously part of the probe. Can you imagine if a trumpet done this impeachment charges to be at all drawn up a gear repeatedly, given vague answers to questions about who paid for the New York City trip is avoidance of a directive.
Sure became pronounced during a sunny debate on CNN, between two scientists and give them and by the way, Jake Tapir did nothing to follow up. Nothing. Did you pay for the Hamilton tickets to scientists hast? First I'm a grown man go, replied my wife and I take vacations. We pay for our own vacation. No, you didn't. You're a grown man and you didn't pay for your own vacation. I don't take free trips or anybody. Yes, you did. You took a free trip from the FBI I'm a hard working person. I know that may not figure description of what you think. People like me do this under the race car, but I have worked hard, everything that I've gotten in my life will you, a card for that hotel room and you didn't work hard for those tickets power. We used to call it RAF, where I grew up, did notice, notice, notice
I don't take free troops from anybody, I'm a hard working person. I know that may not fit your description of what you think. People like me do sickening. Who records go beyond Broadway tickets. They show that undercover FBI agents posing as businessmen we're working for months get out of state meeting. We give them and they give him appeared willing to oblige them. In June twenty sixteen Corey, the lobbyists texted Miller, the undercover FBI agent, telling him that he would discuss options would give him. I just want to make it a good trip, Sweets and be will be booked on something else. If we don't locks, Something down Miller replied MIKE Sweet and Brian Butler were the two other undercover FBI agents posing as businessmen the lobbyist Corey then followed up proposing to meet a LAS Vegas Agee Andrew Gilan thing.
Vegas in August, is an easy option for him. Corey texted Miller, referring to give him he's double, Checking availability with his office, now stand by so instead of Vegas, they met in New York wagon, was attending a conference on behalf of the people for the American Way Foundation. A liberal advocacy group that employed, and that would be a left wing group. Text messaging show Miller, that is the The cover FBI agent, paid for the air fare. An hotel room for Guillemots brother, Marcus. Show me the mayor and his brothers information, and I will have my girl book. Their flights Miller wrote Corey the law. Replied. The guillemette already bugged his flight, but he would send his brothers information. A sap just Let me know what their flights caused and I will cover Miller said the ethics complaint was founded. And skill em in June this year and Guillemette with investigators in early September.
Eyes, the attorney for Corey a lobbyist, they should a subpoena for records. On October, fifteen last Monday was released in the records now because they were going to become public anyway. He said they show who did not participate in any criminal activity. It's rare, but not unprecedented for the commission to use its subpoena power, as it did in a given case by law, ethics, comply her confidential until they are dismissed, they probably cause finding is made or the target complain voluntarily waves confidentiality which give them did not do now. The document dump Tuesday was the type of event Democrats feared when given on the parties nomination in August, but hope would never come, though support Generally dismiss the significance of the texts and emails between Gilman lobbyists, Corey one Democratic, Saddam acknowledge that anyone on the fence about bellum could be deflated.
The timing of the Riis release exactly to it before election day and on the second day of early voting comes during a keep. Bidding goes on and on the Democrats don't have a problem with this. Hillary Clinton was in South Florida, Couple days ago she raised two and a half million dollars figure. She could care less about any of this. The question is: will the people of Florida you have a leftist, a hard core radical left us. Who is, in fact a hack I'll, be right back, well. I have a short period of time here
Are these elections consequential Arthur I really don't believe we want to turn doing any element of the federal government, at least not right. Now This force on the left. To give them a foothold. I really don't There's somebody things we need to do in this country. If we can hold the house pick up some senators. I'll be able to secure that southern border, and that is crucially important spy. What the left says they're irrelevant they have no tend to doing any of it told you yesterday. In a minute, I meant it There are hostile governments that are ruining. The success of the Democratic Party in this election cycle. You can bet Cuba, IRAN, you can bet China, Russia,.
You can bet North Korea, they want to see this president crippled they same bogged down in his own country. By the House of Representatives. They exercise their muscle while they build up their military will they take a more aggressive actions. In this country and our enemies overseas have something in common, you have to admit it. They want to the destruction of Donald Trump, our commander in chief, and if he wasn't an outstanding commander in chief, they wouldn't give a damn but they care very much because he's been outstanding commander. In chief, I want you to keep that in mind. We'll be right back,
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I would love in going. Mr right, Mr Conservative, bad Mr Constitution, You can call it MIKE seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: what do you think any responsible president would do? I would have done. With thousands and thousands of illegal aliens heading toward our border other than Barack Obama other than Barack Obama. What do you think any present would have done Eisenhower Truman Kennedy Nixon either the Bushes Ford Reagan. What are you They would have done when people are trying to invade.
The country right in our face. What are the only Obama and only the modern democrats. And the media today, fine, something notorious in efforts to try and stop it. Taking place here, it is they who are out of line it is they who are out of sight. And now we'll watch very carefully tonight tomorrow and the next day see how they try to exploit what's taking place today there, and on the precipice they're getting there say it. You can smell it. You can feel it. Right on the precipice zone already done? It is blamed Trump, Soros son has already done. It is plain trump, frankly, Schuman policy. In the statement they release today they blame Trump Their viciousness in the cabin all hearings
silence in the face of anti for their surrogates on cable tv, encouraging p. Taken front TED cruiser. Era Sanders or the Update Chester whomever in restaurants and so forth,. Watching the media sit silently as antifreeze beating people's brains. The language they use and talking about the President, the United States, Hitler deranged mentally ill, racist, xenophobic it just pours from their mouth, like the words or the word is. Any they accept no responsibility, none. What they're doing and have done this nation.
While they may not accept it, but we place it. Mr sucker. You're, the leader, the caravan on this one. So is fill what's his face over there at MSNBC actually forgot his last night. You know your data is everywhere: data breaches, Facebook breaches, big companies, mining and sharing your information. These are legitimate. But he's putting you at risk now you out in all the crooks and scammers and the risk of Idee theft. It's insane no look the best, you can do is protect yourself in your family. Why I switched to my idea Care for identity protection because it's absolutely the best, though the best in the Bin, what plans, starting from less than ten dollars a month and only I d care offers a one hundred percent money back
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but neither very important that you protect you. So the government caning protect itself. So you need to protect yourself. This is the best. This is platinum coverage. My idea care, that's why I switched to my idea care and that's why I encourage them to be a sponsor I D dotcom, Slash Mark inner promo code Mark Darin, Denver, Colorado, the great cave, Yo R go yes Erika most of your opponent. I tongue right into the mouthpiece, is difficult to hear you yeah and regard. Earlier and jacket. Are you kidding, I mostly consecrated. Let's call I guess that's Darin is out who were talking to let's call and back, I can't understand him. It's getting.
Your line of his available sorry about that therein, let us go to Scott West Brain Michigan on the mark. Levant I'll go right ahead, Therefore, they regard engineer and I don't believe in speculating but, as I listen to the media, today I'm hearing immediately. It must be someone who hates the Democrats and that's why they're gone after him and then I look at what Let the caravan There has been spent. Asian about the left. This support the caravan and those people in driving forward now and I'm curious. Is it really the all aid right wing that may be planning these bombs or Is it really a left is boy to are the elections in November.
While we're going to find out, I hope one where the other I'm not going to speculate on this. But people have said that to me. That it really does make a hell of a lot of sense to do this close to the election, and Turn off all these people against the Republican. I have no idea whatsoever. No idea whatsoever and I'm not gonna get into this speculation stuff. I agree I had become so crazy likely I'm what about it. But, but I do know, the media in this country has taken us to a very dark place. The media in this country. That, through around the words Hitler and Nazis and stuff like this- and they know better than this in its day in and day out they they know what they're doing become propaganda mills if they don't like president says they don't like the way says it fine report it but Listen, I how we talk they're supposed to be newspaper, and you know we could devote for president and so forth. We don't get the vote.
Laura Don Lemon. We don't get the vote for this under that one whose whose on these cable networks there hired by these major corporations and then Fox, which really is balanced. When you look at, some of the liberals they have on there and- the libertarians, who are also liberals in many respects Depending on who, they are on Fox and so forth summit, former Obama staffers that they hire there You look at these other networks. I mean they're propaganda. Mills. Are you my friend? I appreciate your car. Let's go to my Tallahassee Florida, the Great W F, L, a our group, Failure there go right ahead. This night and I know Your spot honour, our mayor eventuality for thirty six years and those until ass, a very little town, but in previous years
republican leadership. They really comes from outside the city, stay. Why leadership, but a mayor idly! These are major item. These is one democratic. Yet another problem is the people outside of the tower. Has he Metropole Mary, really don't understand with skill m? Is any spending millions and millions of dollars and getting an enormous amount of free media? We re making him in the national media, one hundred remains a lousy, failed mare, he's a hard core left as he drove your taxes up crime is up despite what he says. He just ease on that city under the ground. We don't know where you working Poor Norman Lair people, miracle away and poorer for Soros per year. Since we ve been in college, he works for an attorney. Now, really Charlie worked for normal lair, none when he became
the money for governor, they changed the way running down. He works for the return of these. This money still coming from learn, sorrels he's making it may Turner fifty dollars per Tarifa, two thousand dollars last year, where it came from the last year. Now? What do you mean? I don't mean to being heard about this, so so in a fire me you work for normally you mean people for the american way right there, you work, which is a radical left wing organization funded by highly will. We still are important. An attorney. Intolerance is a lady chemical Renee like look at others a guy in the morning or morning, conservative radioed Ah, monsieur Morleys, even talent for years, nobody Listen, but I am listening now tell us. Well, maybe if we shall gain in order for normal Lear and then when he started running for Governor Elect changed, they change the office, and the lady, whose the attorney works well,
motion on earlier and I use workin for her yet because they want to change that. People know who he is showing its shell get me. Did you put up these places like what you pointed out, which we ve been talking about for a couple years now with the collection I left the geisha had been going on for a while. Now so tell me something: Jake Tapir was the moderator of a debate a few days ago. How can we bring any this up? That's crazy shit about it is different in the summer is democratic apologia brought it up, corruptions corruption, but the fact that our party, someone is exposing them to wait before the election.
Exposed months and months ago, whether it be in office of Marine it kicked out mayor may his whole his whole staff down the corruption. I mean it's crazy me. He said you can also take em, gotten drone protection tickets or sleep of organs, answers corruption. Is my friend I appreciate your car almost like the Keating five stuff, tickets and so forth and song, but But again the media are covering this up: the national media, local media, starting to get on this and started report like the Tampa pay a site. The national media, could give a damn even look on some of our friendly websites nor on there. Back then
now we're gonna election cover drawn election night from sixty nine pm eastern time. Here You don't want to miss it now if you're affiliated stupid enough to not carry my programme. You can you can listen to honour mark lava, when I heart radio at peak and listen to it, struck me in this turn on satellite radio. So we will be here, no matter what sixty nine p m and on election night And nobody covers these elections, but then I we have a historical record here that surely quite amazing, think you'll find a really amazing. I want you to listen before I go to see our tv to Andrew, given on Facebook alive today when he was caught in a lie about taking
it's from the FBI, in a hotel room and so forth, cut twelve go the Republicans obviously want to distract want to suggest all along throughout. This trail Dave wanted people I too believe that somehow having deserve what I've gotten on at the goal. Paid in legal and illicit activity, I mean you name. It The goal is obviously to use my keys. I see as a way to reinforce frankly stereotypes, a blind man, I'll cut it out, stereotypes about black men, what they take hotel rooms and free tickets? and trips to Costa Rica from the FBI. Is that IDA stereotype about black man? You know. People are being really incense about the way he's using his race, particularly people who share his race about how he's wrapping himself in this and takes no personal responsibility that wasn't it.
Community who got on that airplane that wasn't the black community who took tickets were Hamilton. That's not the black! Maybe that's under investigation by undercover FBI agents. It's not that community that want to Costa Rica a GEO Mr Gallop takers, body for your own actions. It's you. Has nothing to do with your race. And this is how we hope to do- people. This is highly hopes to do. People headed, haven't, seen and cover this. Mr producer cut thirteen go, I think. Most of it can voters assume that politicians are not totally clean. They assume that they hang out with some people who may take favours from and that sort of thing that's enough, and he goes on this guy's frank. Brunei scene and contributing hey. What's the big deal. We assume politicians are clean. What's the big deal?
so he's not playing. We want them to be elected. That's all! What's the big deal. See our tvs make comedy great again: tour coming Tory Performance, theatre near you. This is gonna, be a lot of fun That's your democratic nominee, ladies and gentlemen. In Florida. You know, you remember when comedy was great some political, it wasn't profane and it wasn't worried about hurting someone's feelings well being gone for Are too long great comedy is now back. That's and see. Our tvs may comedy great again: tour coming Tory Performance, it or near you. This is gonna, be a lot of fun. Tonight. Have one hundred percent clean Politic free stand up comedy featuring in entire line up a comedian who ready to make you laugh until you cry you'll, approved it's safe, hilarious, laugh out loud language during this night of life. Oh free tell it like it is vintage comedy, Sir
tv. Twenty eighteen May comedy great again toward features veteran comedians like Jeff Alan Brad Upton, Harold David Red and many more can bring your grandma bring your kids get ready to expand What company was always meant to be. That is great Tickets for theatre near you at make the great again dot com, that's make. Many great again dot com make comedy great again dotcom Bill Willow City, North Dakota, the Great W C, F G, go back. You, Sir Gringamore call I'm calling about the bombs in. Just tell me: what are you doing the military? What did you do? I was eighteen generally, you abominate input. Yes in ours is part of the job, as many other things I did by June
where the packages are wrapped, it This way from the handling and he's an open for anybody ahead matter. Specific target. And that's why I say: there's a faulty also how can paper go through an x, ray machine and not get picked up All male goes to a central station because of things in the past. I see so that Greece, too many of them, did get picked up what they did, but some not directly app Post office it from my understanding, but I'm still do more. Research is, I just picked story up, because I don't have tv area that I just listen to the radio, indifferent things. I want to thank you for listening to me. My friend, I appreciate your call in your service. Frank Jersey, city, New Jersey, the Great W a b c go
taken. My call out of my condolences, the integration of the people out. Your realise that this measure, Well, I should probably the most important one. We had a name, this country's history, this country, the precipice right now go one way or the other. If you allow me Eliza and any Democrat Algiers should actually be voting for the report, no party, because the Socialists and Democrats, because hardworking people have a lot to lose. That being said, our committee on TV. I was watching a CBS man, I feel on the bottom and absolute and see the S words serious act, what language, making reference, of course to the President, I don't believe the bombing visa bonds in saying that I bought my person, Sundays bomb targets of the president's explosive language.
We import, gotta president yeah, it's it's! It's so horrific what the left has turned into, but the media The media leads the charge Thanks for your car will be right back, now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one
Great peace, a conservative review by our body, Daniel Horowitz ingest seventeen months illegal aliens, family units. Increased by nine hundred and sixty percent at the border. Nine hundred and sixty percent. There are a lot more than roughly fourteen thousand people seeking to invade our border. He writes the american people Rightfully concerned about the brazen caravan quote on court of invaders headed for our southern border and fully expect that it will be stopped of course, before it reaches our border, not an hour courtrooms. However, we must not lose sight of only eight hundred thousand strong quiet invasion at a list public level that is crossing our borders this year, brand new data, from Customs and border protection should mob. I've Trump and Republicans cannot judge
because on the caravan, but on finally stopping the broader invasion in its entirety, according to customs, and border protection that C b p, roughly four hundred. I'll illegals were caught, sneaking in between our points of entry in full. Well, you're, twenty eighteen, and it's not even over. Another, roughly one hundred and twenty five thousand presenting themselves at the Point of entry and f why twenty eighteen were deemed inadmissible that fact The overall numbers increased by one hundred and six thousand from Why twenty seventeen is enough of a concern, but sir other data points are even more concerning the trajectory and the nature of the border crossings What should really worry us first, it is important to remember that border agents will tell you that the? U S, typically apprehends, only about Percent of those who are legally cross the border that
ain't, that there were likely close to eight hundred thousand people who What's the border last year nodded? points of entry now as such it's, not just the several hundred thousand illegals there. Release to Nora Population after being apprehended That should concern those who care about their communities in schools more. Concerning are the people we ever apprehend, who most likely are more dangerous than the ones we did apprehend Brandon Judd, president of the Border Patrol Council, explained several months ago to Horwitz they could but cartels are pushing them. That is these family units in front. The sacrificial lambs for me to use my resources to take them in the custody so that they can then cross. Dangerous criminals right behind them and we, play into their hands by continuing to humanize the way things are happening on the border
more than humanize. We romanticize, ladies and gentlemen, and other substances are press them in that counterfeit pills. The product is detected illegals coming in every year, thanks to the fake sympathy over families is terrifying. As the airline times wrote in a recent report, quote in these companies sense now in small quantities to dealers in the United States, Canada, but ship the drugs in bulk to criminal cartels and Mexico. Well, then, what happens? The cartels then mix the synthetics into heroin and other substances. Our press them in that counterfeit pills. The product is then smuggled across the border sea, of that chinese government working with mexican cartel the president assigning a series of opium bills today, all of which fail to recognise this premise, as the main cause of this two thousand annual death, the next data point,
that should concern us. They trajectory of the increase, which is unfathomable,. While the overall numbers are higher than they were during Obama. That is because the numbers dropped to a once in a generation low during the first few months of trumps presidency, just based on the perception, that he'd enforce our sovereignty. Since Legal saw that nothing changed the numbers surge beyond belief and the president has been trying over and over again he's been telling us he wants to make changes, but the debt communities, along with the blocking half. And saw some Republicans by the way, eight Of sixteen thousand six hundred and fifty eight family units, these are nuclear families or copy The points of entry in September, a new record and a sharp spike the previous month in total one Hundred sixty one thousand and I love, and one hundred and thirteen family units were three hundred this year. Remember only one point
Four percent of the family units apprehended last year were deported, so must All of them remain in our communities. On what the nearly half a million others who were never apprehended, and this is growing every year, so now we ve gotten to almost seven hundred thousand, and it goes on. This is an incredibly serious matter, of course, National sovereignty, the rule of law each of our immigration system. Its being openly and brazenly violated, and not just by aliens by p, When our own country, by people in our own country, now we spent a lot of time left I'd. It's been picked up by lot. A news outlets conserving news outlets since today we have in the past on this issue pointing out the hypocrisy of the Democrats. Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton, Morocco,
Mama, Bernie Sanders trucks, humor and many others Harry read the possess that they took ten years ago. Fifteen years ago, twenty five years ago, the Emissions that they took, no immigration, first of all they call them illegal immigrants. As recently as two thousand nine twenty turn trucks, humor call them illegal immigrants. As a matter of fact here, vanished his audience in two thousand nine, he said. Look. If you dont use the word illegal then, you lose essentially the moral high ground. What is this on back amended stuff? He said now, of course, he's reverse course These are all about power politics, not about country. So, what's the point The point is: the Democratic Party is not even the Democratic Party of ten years ago. It certainly
the Democratic Party of twenty years ago. Its position, on immigration like its position, Economics like its position on the military, like its position, healthcare embraces increasingly radical policies and attitude. And it's not gonna get any better. It's gonna get worse. If the media really want to understand the division in this country, they need only look at themselves and look at the course. The democratic party is taken. You have a party, were John Kennedy, couldn't be nominated for the presidency. Today, you have a party, Bill Clinton couldn't be nominated for the presidency. Today you have a party that wouldn't Harry Truman, for and then see today and I could go down the list so now you have individuals who want to out radical each other.
Tell me who is a centrist and the democratic leadership, Oh called, can you name one just name one. Why can't name any I dont see him. Do you. All right, by the way we have a wonderful guest at the bottom of the hour. I told you each night now, we'll have one or two candidates on here. There are many. Who are deserving of support, and you know who they are. But doesn't work that way on radio. This can't be a Congo line. Candidates but a Billy LOS Angeles, California, eight. Seventy, the answer k our ally go Mister Overend! Thank you very much for taking my car just motto: I've! Just why added my my lot, you sell your Aubrey rockwork about such care. Cal on a caravan, it's an invasion. It isn't it asia- and I don't know- I call it a caravan, it is an invasion and
yesterday. Next thing, you know the coroner parade. You go ahead at LOS Angeles, coming to you wanna, they just made this new law. Were anybody could sell anything on the sidewalk? and if you drive around on the weekend, through LOS Angeles, it looks like Tijuana and urgent at nice. Barton so we're assimilating the Tijuana rather than the other way around you and I people work anymore. You should speak Spanish, you should learn. Spanish I I I, I do not want to learn Spanish, why should I Yeah and I come from a very democratic family, I come from Scratch Pennsylvania, whereby family recall minors And the Democratic Party really look out for the working class lay down any more democratic, have completely gone so far left that they don't care about that. The working class in in America anymore- and you know the biggest thing that bug me. I want the wall, but I think the biggest single could be done.
Its both sides? It's it's! If, if you really enforced a verify and you'd want to these, people- and you said, ok, every illegal aliens. You hire workers to find you ten thousand dollars a week and- and I think tromp was behind it and if I'm not mistake, that was brought up during this whole dreamer thing I'll, give you another one: why don't we enforce our visa rules? Forty five percent of the people here illegally comes through the front door and overstay their visas yeah exactly and it just really frustrating, because I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. Republic in law, in LOS Angeles, and I don't keep my mouth shut. I let him I'd, let everybody you know how I feel not that you now and- and I usually do in a humane way, so I dont cause any type of problem, but I can't wait now, the California, because the southwestern taxes and so many caught are so many other states from this invasion order be turning into a third way, is an amazing people with them.
They mean on your case, but people who have been in California, their ancestors, EVA generations of family members in California, they're the ones now Amy. Waiting to other states people are coming here illegally from south of the border. It's really incredible. We at its very pathetic us he's gonna, be are keep telling my friends in twenty years. It's gonna be in the end and multimillionaires or the middle classes, and we ought to California, and it was really get her ear. What you do her for all of us on the on your side and and have a wonderful day. The only sign homeowners inside of the constitution Individual liberty and the sign of private property. We call I capitalism. Thank you, my friend, that's my side. John, like have a shoe city Kay, tiara great Affiliate- go ahead good evening, Mark Day for taken. My call, you got a great show. I again want to cut
one moment on immigration of fifty eight years ago, Dear Kay said that America has a limited capacity for taking an immigrant, that's why we have a lawful immigration programme. The problem has been occurring for what I say fifty eight years, sixty years We ve had immigration problem with our problem. Back and nineteen sixty see the problem today be people that are responsible- are the tenured Congress, people in the house and in the Senate. Ok, the people have been are twenty five and thirty years. What's what can we do to solve? It play people want term limits. People want, I can communicate with. Some may have a conversation So how do we get power? How do we get time limits? And you ask me questioning you're talking over me, so
Did we get term limits that we already have the people the people term limits by going on voting out. You just said to me: we need to set term limits, and now you tell me the people said the term limits I thought you men from a constitutional powers, but we all know that people have the power of old people in and out of office, where we have to. Thanks for your car, I can't stand it. When I can communicate with somebody and have a conversation it's obvious. We know we have the power of old people out of office, but when you get into state certain certain, no one party state becomes almost impossible. Doesn't it We have a term limit for a president of the United States. The constitution was amended to provide for no president can morn ten years or two terms period.
We do not have time limits for members of Congress. I think we need them desperately where'd you get, that is who convention of states. Congress, isn't gonna term woman itself, these guys, like power, needs to come from the bottom up,. If you don't know a convention states as you go to their website and read about convey, their staged outcome can be simpler. I wrote an entire book on the process, called the liberty amendments Some people say: what do you do? I don't know what else to do. Spent. Sixteen months. Writing a book explaining the process in my proposed reform. Amendments is an organization out there that breaks its back every single day trying to up to encourage people to participate in it. I mean we can't do it. For you. Everybody has to do it for themselves and participate in this process. There ought to be constitutional term limits, but that's not enough.
There's a lot. That needs to be done. We need to limit, baloney the government to borrow money, we need to limit spending to a percentage of the gross domestic product. We need to limit constitutional matter regulations in this country, that imposed on us by unelected bureaucrats, there's a number of things we need to do. That's why I have eleven reform amendments to get people to think about these things. And I suspect, it'll get bad enough in this country one day when people will embrace it. I don't follow me in my lifetime or not. No way of knowing we'll be right, Tom, Atlanta, Georgia, the great W. Why why country go thanks for all. You do and I'll get caterers.
Have always got the press and the media. Controlled and on their side. When these big media appeal Trump being a dictator, nazi and other stuff I don't think you're really applies because he's gone after the big media. This is totally actually actually moronic or paradoxical, or whether we want to say that this is a very interesting point in your point would be then Brok Obama would be. An end. His relationship with the media will be more kinda. What the accused, tromp and his relationship of the media to be. Thank you. And another just another example of leftist sinister reaction and the one more quick point, sir, the word in Latin for laughed is sinister, which perfectly describes everything About the left, and if we just keep that little
had been in mind. I think that a gift from above for us to know that then I think all will be Well but I'm a little rusty on my lad me enough, but I had to go to sum up Medical training, and so I learned all happened right in different words like that in Latin, right hand is Milo Dexter. Left hand is Mano finished That's what I'm unhand used up well, on us when we carry out our left hand back in the day. All right, my friend there you go, we learned something every day. Thank you. Let's go to Susan Beverly Hills, California, eight! Seventy! The answer go, I mark. Thank you for taking me. Call time telling your screener. This has been so obvious to me what the devil
He's doing day started all the civil war stuff in Libya. Then all Arab, Other middle eastern Fundamental left in our country started the civil war in Libya. No, no, whoever, behind all of these however, Europe by arab muslim refugees, If you remember it was not long ago, they are doing same thing. With the: U S, weird, I my friend, I have to go no offense, I'm not sure where we're headed with this anyway I'll be right back
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running for the Senate Mississippi? How are you, sir? They are great mark. Thank you for having me, Sir What's my pleasure and explained everybody in the nation, as well as in Mississippi how this particular election works? Well, if it actually works- and we might recall- twenty port clean. I ran a guest of forty one you're encumbered by the name of bad Conklin. We defeated Mr Kok when the first night, back out any scared, forty thousand Democrats into a republican primary and they stole away from us and twenty forty. Well, I remember the yes, sir, just like yes, TAT was my guys. They then Tine Senator Cochrane's, stepping down perfectly so they can have worked the net.
Said Missus sedley- we shall have to be a lifetime. Gonna quit Hillary Clinton, supported by the name of the eyes met, so they appoint hurt position, and now that means we're in a special race to fulfil all the remainder of bad terms. So poor people in the re non partisan, but he has no parties but where and what happens if the top to it do we really want all, after November the sick, but the bottom line here mark here we are again I personally establishment conservatives version of the same all machine in this common gonna take em out Why would the Governor Brian, I believe his name is? Why would he appoint? Somebody has been a lifelong Democrat who voted for Larry Clinton, who at more recently became a republic. Why would he appointed to the Senate? Well Marge think that may surprise when you're listeners but much Mcconnell, but the like me there, and I don't like your very much either so within their mates, Mcconnell met with the governor.
The structures to the governor were anyone but Mcdaniel for sure enough. They uphold all the states. The give me a lady in working out very well, so they finally found this one person who didn't much name. I d. The thought process was despite the fact that she was a lifetime Democrats. We can appoint we can read a whole bunch of money we can define or as a republic, even though she had been a you have a great chest to win. That's why it was much Mcconnell hand selected dispersant, be the appointee You know, I know, there's a lot of my conservative brothers and sisters out there who now think the world of Mitch Mcconnell. I do not, I think he did in the case of cabinet is something that any republican leader must do and should have done if they can't deliver a. The Prince court position when they control the majority in the Senate. I don't care how small majority is that one of the sank? The report a party for a decade. In my view, now, having said that,
It's actually more than that you're, a constitutional conservative explain your views, I'll go all the way back about. Was the states lawyer against Obama care? I represented the lieutenant governor and ten other petitioners against Obama here, but here in opposition, I guess I'll outlined for you, I humbly strongly, prostitution, nominal Reginald, my orientation average but man in black understand the power of the corn, the bottom line here, if we ve got to find people back and construe the document as well. The intended, and that means were gently, living constitution, nonsense that pushed by the likes of Kennedy and the sort of my your in the like. We need I most more Clarence Counterfeit, more individuals like gorse, inspected to construe. This document was meant to be and what that means simply as the third world. Employment is way too. Large is due way too much article one section: eight, given all the power to
the Hell Bobo S durable years. So what happened here? They turn off our spigots of money. We have to find new ways to raise, and, despite that, despite that, there would be an outspent tend the wine we but between eight and clear and other poles whispered around town. So, what's up to Mcdaniel tell us tell us about your race in Mississippi, how's, it going it's going Gabriel. Well, obviously, the establishment they work, hard cut off our money supply, that's one of the big eyes, but we always when you stand up against the establishment, when you push back, they punishments it is for doing that, and yet we you'll have to have the courage and the goods to push back because they cannot be allowed to discuss this the way they have over the last several years. So what happen They turn off our spigots. We have to find new ways to raise it, and, despite that, despite that, that would be announced outspent ten, the wine We're still winning the race nobody's one Pat Kosovo itself between agency and other poles whispered around town. So what's up two or three other portion
the five, the bottom ideas were winning this rate. We are five thousand soldiers on the ground. We have us, carrier ground Games superior social media present and if we can just yet another, held a block and tackle for the next few days, we ve been over this race outright now, when an outright it's the truth, to vote getters or if you get over fifty percent urine yesterday, the cave or fifty percent, more n but there there is good news there. In any event, despite the fact, if we just barely get under the fifty percent and were forced into a one off that naturally makes us the winner in after you why, if called enthusiasm, then call motivation. Our base is ready to fly their rated around one and we have a lot of people out there. They're gonna boat rain. We tried it. Doesn't Our solar excited about that, so is the p. Around the country one assist you with the donations and the people and
to simply want to assist. You were donations and going door to door. Where do they go Mcdaniel? Twenty eight green dot com is the website. Magda the alternative, green dot com and, of course, all social media. Cynical Chris Mcdaniel on Twitter and Facebook in Malta is something I want. You got to think about this. If you can't find a conservative and a state like Mississippi defined for you, were you gonna find it? No New York can't do this boy, California, I can't do this Goya, it has to be the deep south. You send me to Washington I will fight every day to withdraw our constitution and finally get trumps agenda. Past no more escutcheon over Mr Connell. We're gonna get it ass one to blow and then people forget that so much of trumpets, gent agenda that he requires legislation has been left on the cutting floor. Including the issue of the wall and immigration and the mass of spending they give. They give trump these bills it increase. Defence spending which we all want, and then it increases spending across the board.
This is a huge problem. Yes, your lesson: we won't that wall built. We won't turn limiting poem we want to say no to amnesty and darker. Now is the time to find our goods that's concern because we have no. Where else to go. We have nothing else to surrender Then, after compromise, the idea that we have to change the Democrats for social movements mindset our time to stand in the girl in force, this country back toward liberty back toward the wide, for all the marbles. We cannot lose, Chris Mcdaniel. What is the website again? Mcdaniel? Twenty eight green dot com, Mcdaniel, twenty eighteen- that and we were posted on Mark Levin. Show Facebook Mark Levine Show Twitter, so it's there. I want all you'll event. I sat there. Please we have a candidate. A night may be to a night, I strongly endorse Chris Mcdaniel. I think it would be a solid conservative for Mississippi but you know senators vote on issues that affect all of us. All of us
and I just can't imagine the people Mississippi electing somebody who was a Hillary Clinton supporter follows years Miss we wish you all the best, for God bless you, sir. Look after and fight. Thank you are, I m. Take air yourself, keep an eye on that race. Chris Mcdaniel, very, very important. There will be a shocker that would shake up the system, and he's got a good shot at it. I just need some support, need some financial support. So I check out my social sites and link on to his sight. And give him some help. Every one of these candidates were bringing on this week and next week they need support. Otherwise I wouldn't bring him on. And there's a big debate in about an hour so again in Florida with two santas and kill him and I'm a strong desire to support now standing member, the House of Representatives,
He really tried to smear him as a racist and enough enough is enough. The skies and I Iraq, war veterans sky, went to Harvard LAW School he's And everything the right way, everything you're supposed to and in more than that, easy, solid constitutional conservative cap policies running against a radical used to work for peace for the american way no was supported by George Soros and the guy got a big push big endorsement from the hard left Bernie Sanders now he's trying to kind of dress it all up, which is what the hard left us. In order to deceive as many people as is possible and there's a lot of independence and flawed who are found for this now top of that. We see the corruption. Was an FBI sting on the guy and his administration or watch it just a ticket to Hamilton you try and get a ticket to Hamilton and you try and get a hotel in use. What that costs a couple, a grand, then
Costa Rica and there's other things too. Then he claims back the Tribune raising things major racist nature, you Talkin about all Africa american men. This way what I can't It succeed on my own what're. You gonna stereotype me when somebody hides behind that. When somebody hides behind that, you know they're, not innocent. The least, in my humble opinion, just one One man's opinion I'll be right back, have thought about. The word. Education means to led forth and the word fourth raises another question which ways forward no you're going in the right direction.
The answers easy depends on which way to go right What do you want to go? That's the right way. I really- friend, Doktor Larry. Aren't president of hills to college, says young people. Always say that that they ve been taught to say that, but you I both know, that's the wrong answer dilemma. I met a place that leads fourth hills, the college and it hildy they understand the true education means pursuing the highest answer to the question, which way is forth. Still, students or challenge to discover the right way forth. My reading the greatest books by the greatest minds in history they learned a meeting of the three ultimate related things: the good, the true and the beautiful here still holds a unique and important role in american education today, and I urge all of you, my listeners, to learn more bout this remarkable institution at Levin, Hills, Dale, Dotcom, L, e g, I and free hills del dot com that slow,
in four hills: they'll dad come on Claudia Rockford, Illinois, the Great w are okay, go then this will then are you ok. Thank you. Create a lot of a lot of the topics and points that you make. Our are typical ingredients of what is taking place in the destruction of Europe, and unfortunately we in the. U S are just mirror in that image, and I believe that that what we are seeing happen in this country is just a on it, just what their seen taking place in Europe as far as the the what they call them denoted there. There migrants, they're wrong people come from that Syria to ban
these regions that are going to wars and that we have a media that is destroying everything and has their opinion, an agenda and they have in Europe the EU, which has people there are wearing a suit, but not appointed by anybody, there dictating was going on and I found there interesting aside, and I don't like an sure on the air with you. Well, let's not but you make you make some interesting points there and them and your problem not aware this, but you are quite right in this. To this extent, the ass a movement It is to its philosopher kings in Europe. Rousseau and Hegel. And me, x and angles, among others,. And also in certain respects, the shining. This nation reaches back into Europe To lock and monitor skew and Sydney in and others
also, of course, Aristotle, Cicero, but but Point as these are really two different is of looking at humanity, On looks at humanity one individual at a time, that's where we come from you and I one individual at a time, individuals have merit. Individuals have value, individuals have worth their God, given God, given God created and then there's another view, which is to look the whole community and People are stepping out and are not doing what their expected to do for the better good. Well, then, those people need to be addressed and dealt with and of what happens here is a relative handful of individuals when compared to the overall population, determine what good for the community, whether it's good for the community or not where you get in trouble you
these various ideologies and theories and obstructions, in which A relative handful of individual seek to impose their will on all of society destroy man's nature. And so the individual is. As good as the individual is willing to surrender his or her individuality to the greater good to the state. Because conformity and uniformity are priorities. They are primary now our view doesn't feel that way conform and uniformity. That is not the priority as much liberty for it, they draw. That is possible in an ordered society and a moral ordered society. That's our model, and so want, in addition to that, an economic system competitive that is market oriented that is relatively voluntary and so forth, and so on is opposed to this constant. And of government power
But that is essentially seized by unelected individuals in a world that is imposed on you. Rather than exercising your own. Will you can Do this now your point on the immigration The vast majority of Americans don't want. What's in place on the southern border The vast majority of Americans do want the southern borders security, even those who are fairly liberal and the issue of immigration, but you political party and leadership in a political party that believes it must change the population. It must change the electorate. We must change the citizenry in order to have as close as possible to permanent hold on power, and that's exactly what can place here. That's what Merkel did in Germany? That's what's taking place and people. I have a right to come to the United States of America. There right to come here at all, they're, not even covered by our constitution. It's the people in this country who have rights. And of the right to make these determination
and so I agree with you to that extent, that. What's happened here on the American left as they ve taken european left, the progressive laughed both of which are progeny of, of Hegel and marks in and angles their Rousseau and others, and that's the that's the road they ve taken as opposed to the road we ve taken, which is the enlightenment, the IMF. Some western civilization in those sorts of things That's my round about kind of profit away of agreeing with you are I Claudio. Thank you for your call, appreciate it. I want to tell you this every night right up to election day. First of all, we're gonna have an election day. Is an election. I programme when this result start coming in moving I'm east west- I will be here from sixty nine p m all over the country. So I think you want to stay with a second life you're, the precinct worker in your home, you
need to make sure of five to ten people come out and vote family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours you are in charge of the faded, nation. Don't forget it We salute all of you, ladies and gentlemen, we appreciate you, please check out, live in tv. If you get a chance, and I'll see you tomorrow.
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