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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/25/18

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the liberal mainstream media has a double standard that they use in reporting threats and attacks on political figures. Only a few months ago there was mail claiming to contain the toxin ricin which was sent to Republicans and even President Trump. CNN and MSNBC didn’t get as upset over the potential ricin threat as they did over the suspicious packages sent to CNN and Democrats. The media is out there trying to determine who, politically, should benefit and who, politically, should be punished. Then, the Trump administration wants to regulate one industry after another. The way to drive production is with less regulation and government interference. They want to raise the cost of products like steel, which end up costing us more. If we raise the cost of steel it will cost Americans more, we'll sell less products containing steel and people will make less money so we'll have less jobs. They want to push ethanol yet the US has become the largest producer of oil and natural gas, then why are we incentivizing the production wheat-based ethanol? Supporting America first is supporting American capitalism first, and supporting the American worker first by allowing the free market be free. Finally, Congressman Ron DeSantis calls in with an update on his race for Governor of Florida.

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