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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/25/19


On Friday’s Mark Levin show, CNN’s Jake Tapper is the Walter Durante of our time yet he says nothing about freedom of the press being obstructed by the secretive depositions being conducted solely by Democrats in the House of Representatives. When Jim Acosta lost his White House press credentials CNN hired a powerhouse law firm, but when Democrats in the House blocked the press, where's the lawsuit? Tapper purports that when the GOP had the majority they too held private interviews instead of public testimony, however, this unfair comparison is that an impeachment inquiry must be compared to the other previous impeachment inquiries of Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton. The process is important and they must be compared fairly, especially since the facts are in dispute and the un-tested testimony taken in secret is not available to the public or the press, except for the opening statements that have been selectively leaked to the media. Yes, process matters! Then, Andrew McCabe retired in disgrace after the Inspector General’s report exposed him and he's currently under criminal investigation. James Clapper and John Brennan should also be placed under oath and questioned too. Later, the media's polls are skewed because they have no access to the information, to the facts from this secret impeachment inquiry so they are formulating their opinion to support or oppose impeachment from leaks in the media. The investigators are not investigating the investigators, they are investigating what intelligence officials in the Obama administration did to interfere in 2016 with help from the pro-Russia Ukrainians that were helping her campaign. Afterward, General Michael Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell joins the show to discuss their latest legal filing charging several government officials with egregious government misconduct.

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