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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, The history of the 14th Amendment isn’t in dispute – it was created to protect freed slaves, not illegal immigrants. Birthright citizenship didn’t start until the 1960s under the New Deal bureaucracy, so why do we have to amend the constitution or pass a statute to change it? The left changes the constitution all the time by hook or crook, but now tell us we need an amendment to end something that’s not even in the Constitution. Also, Democrats have nominated anti-American candidates pushing socialism and unconstitutional progressive policies. We are truly battling a bleak force that does not share our values. The left doesn’t want a united nation; they want centralized power while the race-baiting media divides us and keep us from having civil debates. Later, Mark speaks with Patrick Morrisey, Attorney General of West Virginia, about his run for Senate against Joe Manchin. Finally, Mark talks to Representative Lee Zeldin about his re-election campaign for New York’s 1st district.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one one one Kay were here. Aren't we, the selection, ladies and gentlemen, is up to you and me your friend. Your fellow citizens,. But we want this country to look like reason: it's not a regular elections, because the Democrats have nominated some very, very.
Article even anti american candidates, and I will say that because, if you're pushing socialism, if you're pushing Draft constitutional policies and that try to turn America And if you're dead, thus, the with the media. You need to turn on vote and push them back to free speech. Freedom of the press. I can tell you at our founding freedom of the press was not what it is today. Freedom of the press was about promoting. A revolution. The monarchy The press was about republicanism, smaller republican is freedom of the press was about individualism.
Freedom of the press was about represent Asian and limited government. It was not a rabbit, progressive agenda, and we need it. With this in mind,. Because of the progressives are not about supporting our principles, progressives are not about what you and I believe in so huge battle, so big election you wanted a president who would shake things up. Exactly what he's doing he's trying to push. He's trying to push back really like. No president, I've ever seen before and even today he's been com The Hitler is being called a racist. There is grotesque.
Going on in this country, in the Democratic Party in the media. Those of you who can vote early, I hope your voting early. Those of you who can't like me, gotta, be there on Tuesday, but it's more than that. As I've said over and over and over again, you gotta bring five or ten people into this. We're gonna lose You ve got so many Senate races at close within two three four points: so many house races at our within two three four points of governor ships within two or three four points. Furthermore, last turn out a more then turn up. Tired of hearing about the blue wave. There isn't a blue wave a red way. There isn't a red way. We want no Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, it'll be a blow up against us. If we don't show up regardless of the policy
but it could be a blow against them if we do show up and Their candidates like Andrew Gilan in Florida, her repulsive not because of their race, but because of the things they say, the things I believe I view here anti semite- and I will explain that to you later- I know That's supposed to say that, but he is. Conversely, there's a reason why John James. Who is as red blooded as they come great patriot, combat veteran there's a reason why this african American gets no national attention, not appeared on CNN Msnbc in any significant way or me press rainy, the rest of it. There's a reason why Barack Obama is not campaigning
John James Michigan, there's a reason why Oprah, when free is not campaigning for John James in and yet Honest campaigning, forgive him in Florida and prison George campaigning for another radical. There is a reason why a guy named Robert Free just oh Rourke, who calls himself beetle. Has re seventy million dollars and is receiving all this media attention free media attention. While other candidates, or not. We're gonna have a special show on life, a billion within this Sunday, ten p m. Mine is the last of the shows.
Without reruns on Fox on the weekend before the election on that Sunday. And I'm gonna- do things little differently on show I'm going to do a monologue and I'm not going to do normally. But I'm going to do it in this Because it's an extraordinarily important time in our history. I am also going to have an expert on the programme to go through a number of cases that are very close and I consider very important. We are truly battling, a very bleak. Of a very dark force in this country Do not share our values and principles, they lecture us while they attack us. They tell us to tone it down why they call our President Hitler. And there's many bigots among them. Many. Like Don Lemon CNN.
The thing he said the other day is a viable offence. Prestige, Schmidt on MSNBC, another big. It. And the things he has said, and I've I'm through unlocked these are firing offences, but the executor The corporate executives on the boards of directors. Of these companies Comcast time Warner and the rest. They obviously want this. They wanted divided. Country. They want the race baby, they want the Anti Amateurism coming out of the media, they don't want a United Nations, the United nation they dont, want for having civil, so to have serious debate, they want centralized power with ease operations in these executives believe they can. They can
allow comes in this society there we to talk more about this as the programme goes on, but I wanna hit this issue again: birthright citizenship. You are hearing people who make absolutely no sense on this issue, saying that earth right citizenship again. My caviar is that birthright citizenship, the My caviar ideas that I know the courts are going to be a house. To any efforts to curb birthright citizenship, statutory or by executive order, But I hear people say: a statue would be stronger first, while they're not gonna, get a statue because oughta be filled. A strict in the Senate, It's a non issue: the Democrats I'm going to allow it. They want birthright citizenship. What would the filibuster all in the Senate. There will be no statute. President is aware that,
Commentators on tv, even some conservatives- they pretend they're not aware of it, but we are all aware of it. I have been done already. These are the same people in Congress to refuse to build. Barriers on our southern border to protect his country and to enforce immigration laws, suddenly they gonna pass a statute outlawed birthright citizenship. But why pass a statue if, in fact, The left says in some of these conservative say goes there know nothings that birthright citizenship is in Fourteenth amendment, which is what Paul Ryan said preposterous effect. The case then house, a statue, gonna fix a statue of fixed because they're saying you have to amend the constitution, ones This time we actually amended the constitution, the old fashioned way, or one of two of the old fashioned way been a long time. Why? Because the lead
changes the constitution all the time and now what we want to address, something that they did outside it? Institution now worked all we have to pass a constitutional amendment. How absurd. As we discuss the other day. As I do Gus understand your harlots from conservative review discussed with me. Birthright citizenship was not fully implemented in this country until the Sixtys and Seventys than ninety, sixties and early nineteen, seventy by the bureaucracy by the bureaucracy. It wasn't in the constitution, no court ordered it and those statue was passed. So what if your men, the constitution or passion statute, while better chance in front of the Supreme Court. If that's the case, we have no chance in front of the Supreme Court.
And as much as this battle of a cabinet was so crucial here, Clarence Thomas, please, Antonyms Scully, There is John Roberts, it's just what it is. The president happens to be right about this. The president happens to be right about the constitution that President have be right about an executive order. However, it turns out and all of US critic I happened to be wrong. He knows more than I do as day our which put up their conservative review today leftist. Can an ingenious game of judicial, sir premises on that, it's a one way ratchet for their policy outcomes, heads they in town they win yet the so called Servant of legal community chooses to The game, no
Is this more evident than in a debate over so called birthright citizenship with a left cherry picks, one non binding, footnote of a terrible decision, miss presenting another bad decision that violates previous president, the plane, meaning and purpose of the fourteen, the moment: sovereignty and the social compact, while collector ignoring endless, uninterrupted case law indicating opposite all for the political. Come of giving our sacred birthright to illegal aliens, the fourteenth them representative, James, F, Wilson Republic in Iowa, the chairman of that, our Judiciary Committee back in the eighteen sixties, who helped draft the Fourteenth amendment spoke in fact,. I believe that it was quote as abolishing no new right clearing. No, no principle on quote: it is not Object to this bill to establish new rights, but to protect and enforced
which belong to every citizen. Unquote, that's what declared in eighteen sixty six, and I want you to think about it. How many states- would have ratified this amendment if they believed it will be applied to a legal, alien babies known as birth. I'd citizenship, not a one. This amendment was passed, a bread tech, Africa. I form are slaves, not foreigners, yet to be born. But we have no right to come into this country illegally period. For centuries and had no allegiance to any other jurisdiction, the basic rights of american citizens would be used as a tool to prevent Congress from Reg american citizens would be as a tool to prevent Congress from
regulating citizenship for immigrants of all stripes is scandalous that first So the fourteenth amendment, all persons born or naturalised in the United States and subject to the protection thereof, are citizens of the United States, and this wherein they reside, we need speculate. What subject to the jury diction. There means, as I said the other day, Senator Lyman Trumbull of Illinois, the chairman. Of the Senate Judiciary Committee at that time said during the debate over the fourteen amendment quote: subject the jurisdiction on quote of the United States, means subject to its complete jurisdiction? not owing allegiance to anybody else, jurisdiction in this sense So they have to obey our laws and are subject to criminal law. A partial jurisdiction in this they have to obey our laws and are subject to criminal a for this Bang our laws, but why
congressional drafters added the second phrase of jurisdiction to citizenship laws they require, clearly limiting citizenship to those in the words of one of the three key drafters were subject to complete jurisdiction as America. Senator Jacob powered of Michigan, the principal author of the citizenship clause of the fourteenth amendment in the Senate, experts certainly said that Canada, for citizenship must be born and not all along Is there any other authority, echoing Trumbull, he said a fall play jurisdiction means the same jurisdiction in extent and quality, as applies to citizens of the United States. Now he may Clear allegiance quote will not, of course, quote will not. Of course Persons born in the United States, who are foreigners aliens belong to the full,
please of ambassadors or foreign ministers, accredited The government of the United States so simply part history. This amendment, is not in dispute it's not and about, and doubt it's not up for debate. So what changed in the constitution, changed nothing legally change as a matter of statutory law. In the nineteenth sixties, their bureaucracy under the great deal decided Chicken confer citizenship on Babies born of illegal aliens in this country and now in order to reverse that presently, United States has to push work. Institutional Amendment or Congress, Esther so statute, but he's not the reverse, what the bureaucracy did in the nineteen sixties within eggs water, how in saying. Is that I'll be right back
Ben all those who have a different view from me and academia? practicing lawyers or former federal. This form of that I challenge you to show me the error in the eighteen. Sixty that supports your position that birthright citizenship was enshrined in the fourteenth amendment. Just give us one piece of evidence. I challenge you to show me any statutory Authority were Congress intended and in fact, affirmatively granted birthright citizenship. To the children of illegal aliens- and I I want you to explain in some kind
coherent way how something that is done by the federal bureaucracy, cannot be undone by the President directing the federal bureau. Prissy, which is what an executive water is now your tongue. He'd have a stronger case. If it was a statute is not going to get us there. Shoot, and I don't understand why that's a stronger case. If your position. No that's in in the constitution. Then nothing can change it, but constitutional amendment, which will never happen I'll, be back you wake up in the mall running, feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day? Do you feel blow Tired and add a shape eating healthy as a habit, but most The west all really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of green, every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of fulfilled agreements as a all serving a real USDA, certified organic fruits and vegetables helps boosted.
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we want to destroy Medicare and your private, Where's supported health care, and some of you with your own private health care. This notion of me, care for all which means many care for no one. Then you vote for it the crafts and that all only cost, you three thirty two point six trillion dollars in the first ten years, and you turn your care system over. The Democrats have done such a wonderful job under Obamacare. That's their proposal, Every one of them is supporting everyone. You want to undermine the United States military. You vote for Democrats It cannot say, there's too often enough. Who do you think China's rooting for in this election, who did it Russia's rooting for in this election, IRAN, North Korea, the United Nations, their running for the Democrats. Because I want to see the president weakened and bogged down with a thousand subpoenas and and
a fourth and so on. You want to see the culture that continued unravel. You saw the Cavanaugh hearings. You want to see them shred, the constitution and spit in the face of people, were they allegations against vote Democrat or better yet sit on leave it. Everybody else to try and carriers who cross the finish line. Unbelievable? What's going on in this country? the bottom of the hour, will have Patrick Morrissey on the programme. The attorney General West Virginia running against fraud, Emma Joe Mansion, who sits and wait to see if its votes needed are not before we vote and at the eight thirty arrow I have represented, leaves Zelda New represents most have long island he's in a tight race.
And at the eight thirty arrow I have represented leaves Zelda New represents most have long island he's. Tight race their army that Newark first congressional district, good man? There will continue to do I believe tomorrow we have crews and some others we're doing our part. Please write it down. That you're responsible for five six, seven, eight, nine ten votes, people Will you wouldn't normally totty go out people It wouldn't normally make sure about it. There Only voting going on and by God, what are you waiting for? This is your country. It's up to you.
It's your state! It's up to you at your congressional district, it's up to you and that's the truth. Now, Do you remember when comedy was great? It was. Political, wasn't! Profane! It wasn't! announcing see. Our tvs may like these, these frauds at night, a performance there near for far too long gray, comedies back now announcing see our tvs make comedy great, again tour coming to a performance they drew near you tonight of one hundred percent clean Politic, free stand up, comedy, Featuring an entire lineup of comedians, who are ready to make you laugh until you cry you'll appreciate say: hilarious, laugh out loud language during the night of label free tell it like it is vintage comedy
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get the discount and you get the book within your hands. Twenty four to forty eight hours from now. I would encourage you to to acquire I want to encourage if you go to a bookstore beautiful, but doors all over the country, Ella Bookstores there there well our police the vital mention- and nobody else will that's not here dimension. It is not on ox it's not on earlier, namely that it here I mentioned. I wanted to mention it to you now. I want to swing back into Florida. This Florida race is particularly important as far as I'm concerned, because so watch the of what the democratic parties Upton Andrew Gilan is repulsive to me As he has dipped his toe repeatedly into
Ty, Semitism and anti semitic actions, and yet he tried to turn this campaign. Into a campaign of race. I in turn out the minority base in Florida in Well, be working. A radical left us he wants to destroy. Many carry wants, destroy all your private health care systems. All you unions out there who negotiated for your health care all this stuff goes away if you have cornered called Medicare for all, they use the word Medicare, because they know many of your love. Medicare so. They're using the word Medicare to destroy Medicare medic care for all means an iron fist at top down healthcare programme. That's what they're talking about government run government run. We don't need a government run healthcare programme.
Now this guy Gilan is making racial slurs Against his opponent, Rhonda scientists who served in combat. He's now saying that the Santos wrote a book that support slavery. So I went back, and I read what this guy Guillaume is talking about it's also up and hot air. If you want to check it but I'll abundant. That's supporting slavery in the least. He's explaining what happened: here's, what he wrote, here's, what he wrote he wrote and paraphrasing the what have at the constitutional convention was a day,
couldn't push the issue of slavery as far as some wanted to push it. Although some wanted a push it all away. That is abolition of it. But you wouldn't have a United States and others circle. Dance as you wouldn't abroad, in a Carolina Georgia in some of these other states in this there's. No quite That's the history of what took place. That's the history of what took place. Benjamin Franklin was an abolitionist. Alexander Hamilton was an abolitionist. Several of them were abolitionist, but they voted. The way they voted because safe they needed to have a union and then from there they could address the rest. That's exactly what took place. You know who else took them? I believe it to their progeny, their children and our grandchildren to fix this issue. Seventy some years later, Abraham Lincoln Peaks,
exactly the same way that they have believe it to their progeny, their children and our grandchildren to fix their citrus slavery. But if had not been a union that would a civil war to eliminate it. That's what the scientists rights, contents and purposes taken. The position that Lincoln took up taking up the position of Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton took up so this guy Andrew kill em says that demonstrates that decide. This wrote a book defending slavery,. Now this man is repulsive and he's a demagogue. He's lying is way through this election about the undercover FBI investigation, not only the city, but him him. It was a when they gave him that ticket Hamilton was set up, I gave him
hotel room up set up when you get a trip. The coastal, Riga, any pretence that he wasn't under our is not under investigation. If you dare to raise it, you're attacking all African Americans. That's how he shut you down Sally shut you down, but I want to tell you a little bit more about this man who the debt, crash or hanging their hopes on Barack Obama in Florida campaigning for job. I in Florida Hillary Clinton. How can back a man like this. I would ask members NBC unseen, and how can they back a man like this? Who has a history like this. Aaron Klein over bright boy, so good man, Eyes between the Israel boycott promoting an air I police, dream defenders, group and the FAO
gubernatorial Kennedy, Andrea Gill, Enron, deeper than previously reported. Gila worked at the George Us financed people for the american way. Remember that Norman Lears Group, where he is as director of youth leadership programmes from two thousand five. Twenty seventeen and over that long time and oversight, radical training, outfit calling itself young people for or why P for Philip Agnew, CO founder of dream defenders, member that name dream defenders- is a two thousand graduate of gallons former? Why p for group now Jones. Why? Before gave agnor the Norman Lira Ward named after the producer activists who founded people for the american way? You know that group hard core left wing rashes, constitutional, is nominees to the court.
Guillemots face controversy over his refusal to disavow dream defenders, which has age than activism, to promote the boycott of Israel as spouses I patriotically air, tight capitalism, air time military, type police ideology with which guillemots Already been associated the dreamed of and website refers to the entire state of Israel, as quote the sight of Continued settlers colonial project encore. So this is, About I oppose and lament This military aid to the jewish state, a large section of the site, promotes the group's anti Israel activism. Now, why is being reported on CNN. You're teachers about quote liberation movements and they glorifies the popular front for the liberation of Palestine. Pierre. Give em stream defenders allies compiled an education tool for you, ass teachers about quote
Liberation movements and they glorifies the popular front, for the liberation of Palestine. Pierre fell P, a deadly rest organization. Well, I guess he has Latin camera with Obama, other challenger, Rhonda Santas, has repeatedly called for going to distance itself from the dream defenders. A debate nine days ago, given claim that he had no idea what to say some fearing to when he brought up a dream defenders pledge Gill Reportedly signed that supports a Radical Manifesto. That fact is Andrew signed a pledge with a dream defenders. Pledging is support this radically Manifesto decide to said during the debate I have no idea what pledge he's talking about. Gilan replied, so is a liar and that's a patter, whether its tickets,
Hamilton Hotel, room, Costa Rica is a pattern? all face lie because he thinks his supporters and we'll be voters. Are so stupid. They're gonna buys Face painting, jus baiting, you're going to buy his lying. Guillemots, claim of ignorance about the pledge Despite is already known, close relationship with dream defenders. Guillemots talked about eighty groups, activism and has written and strong support of dream defenders and its co. Under this fella Agnew he was a mentor in turn Agnes himself recently described a long and close working, a personal relationship but give them and said he can protest is going to be part of the movement on at. But notice. I have to try and expose them with their help
dream defender activists during a thirty day, sleep in protest at the largest captain I go on and on what this guy but notice I have to try and expose and with the help of air incline, not done Lyman, not Jake, Tapir, not camera, none of them. Can you imagine floored elected this guy's the governor, right back then, I would like to remind a be started, I believe that's her name on the all star panel on bread, their show that Donald Trump didn't Cora.
Throw this issue a birthright citizenship out there. He was asked about a bite to reporters the other day and he was surprised that they knew about what These discussions were going on in the White House about how to address it. It wasn't trump who threw it out there. Porters, asked him about any honestly responded to it. Moreover, her comment that all legal scholars believe you need a constitutional amendment Constitutional amendment is a lie. Many, us, don't believe you need a constitutional amendment and I have now spent multiple show's over the course of a decade explaining this issue, but Because the media know more than you and I as the media have a narrative, because the media hate this president, like these left wing policies, that's what you're gonna get that's what you're gonna get crap.
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I really involved in this campaign and Europe need to push back. You're gonna need to show the media that cannot control the outcome of this election. And there is an analysis of this at the time, our sea, a news busters by Jim Noise. We just one week before the twenty eighteen mid term and is actually lesson at six days. The broadcasts networks are heavily spinning, their campaign coverage against the Republicans, even as President trumps campaign activities are receive more air time than all the individual Senate House and gubernatorial Tests combined Molly was network coverage, Republicans far more high mine, ten two Democrats, fifty three percent negative, but we found nearly ten times more negative statements about Republicans and President Trump. Ninety seven, then
other democratic candidates. Combine ten. At the Cinema in Arizona who is an absolute radical, extremist you ve got same thing going on in the governorship in Florida, you ve This guy, this phony beat out. Who is a radical left that you ve got these people all over the country? Truly extraordinarily out of anything close to the main stream but if it hadn't been for, in an criticism. There republicans get in fact, coverage of the entire field of democratic candidates would have been sixty seven percent positive. And been for a negative comments. The worry about Massachusetts. Senator Lisbon warns dna test. Now they
found a combined one hundred and thirty the stories that I'd are focused on the mid terms or mention them as part of a story of another topic, like the cabinet hearings for years ago, when Republicans replies to take for control the house, those same network air barely one. Fourth, as many stories doing a similar peered, they are in full attack mode. They are in full attack mode. They are desperate To give the Democrats, the House of Representatives and the Senate desperate you, my fellow Americans, you, my fellow constitutional lists, You stand in the way who stand in the way of the media. Stand in the way of trucks, rumor. You stand in the way of our work and cinema
And give them at all the rest. You stand between liberty and tyranny. I dont know how to say it. I don't know how many more times I can say it. I only have a certain reach which is why I am saying those of you listening to me. Army of people out there who should be voting. We need to get the vote that we cannot simply rely on. The president. Waste cannot simply rely on the candidates in the hour and see you have to participate in this. This is, dissipate torn republic. You need to be your precinct kept. You need to find out what you're congressmen is up, two of its a Republican. I'm sorry, This is a special type of an election. You need it we support that candidate, even though you may have many
many issues with him or her. This elections different. It's different, The Democrats not and the media know it. You wanna see smiling phases, Adam shift. I am actually waters. On energy policy on deck turban. My truck Schuman all the them on election. I. You need devout and you need to bring several people with you or make. That, they vote or that's eggs Actually, what you're going to see And you're gonna see smiles on the face of the so called anchors and journalists, CNN and MSNBC they're gonna have parties in the nose rooms of the wall, Washington, Post and New York Times part he's in the network news rooms.
While you're sullen, while you're depressed and frustrated it's not enough the vote, that's the minimum, We gotta get out there be an activist. He had take her business They voting that still going on now, some time or- election day Tuesday morning, which is where I'll be at the precinct and Several people with me, or at least on make sure their voting with me. I want all of you all of you to vote. All of you. If all of you out. And you ensure that four five six seven eight other people vote, we will crush them. They won't know what hit them. They won't know what hit them Let's talk about some of these races now. This guy Donnelly is a fake in a fraud he paused this has a moderate in Indiana. He vote
against Cavanaugh votes for Shermer he's a sure. My guy he's monkey he's astute. People of Indiana Home to my pants dismay must be Placed what brought you have a very good candidate and brought an outsider, a businessman, people of Michigan You have a wonderful candidate in John James and after An American, a conservative constitutional is a combat veterinary, successful small businessmen. He's put everything aside to offer himself to you as a senator. What a wonderful senator he would be. Michigan. This is a very, very important race, Montana.
You're, a wonderful candidate running against fraud, tester. Another fraud or pretending to moderate when he comes back to Montana Buddy comes to Washington DC. They thinking from Massachusetts. Libertarian, is dropped out. I raise a montana, unfortunately low light because, while the thoroughly voting, but nonetheless. Rose and ours available. You need a vote for him. Florida. You have a very, very successful governor and Rick Scott. You have. A worse than mediocre, senator and Ben Nelson who exists for the of filling a sea. Given
yes, vote to show that Chile is by almost half a century in effective, accomplish governor Or a backbone for after all, these decades of the United States Senate even opportunity floor Make a big difference and I'll get back to the governor ships in a moment. It's a big deal, Kansas I'll, get you in a moment to North Dakota, Heidi high. Europe has been a fraud for decades. Just like this guy Donnelly in India. Yes, like this guy Donnelly in India, it's up to you.
To send somebody who truly represent your state in this country. Does many sent races that are very, very important? Look at Arizona. Mix Sally look, I know MC sallies Arena, let's not play games. I know people are trying to pretend she's a concern. I know she's, not a conservative, but my concern. Their brothers and sisters. Don't sit on the sidelines. Sit on the sidelines. You truly have a radical hate him. Ok, candidate, running for the Senate from better. Go Waters, Arizona, Please don't send it to the United States Senate. You know, Better, so I'm calling on all my conservative Knights in Arizona, Throw a mixed sally, I got it. I understand.
But if I were in Arizona I would vote for instead of Taliban. The Sunday candidate on the Democrats, I am quite serious about this Nevada Heller, ironing And that Heller's bit of a rhino, I got it. I know that. But he's got a slightly and again his opponent as a radical leftist, see this What's going on throughout the Democratic Party, the Democrat part Today is like one of these radical left wing european parties, so you'll have to vote to stop them. And if I lived in that state, I would vote for a right down the line. That's the kind of election. It is. You need to send our back to the United States Senate,
All my conservative friends, brothers and sisters there. The wonderful man running for governor to Adam lacks all haven't talked much about, A campaign we tried again, oh Mamma, we can't seem to get through. I don't know why. His grandfather, and I were very good friends, dear man. Adam lacks all this solid. There is a great opportunity there in your governorship, in Nevada be voting for lack salt and Heller. No question about no question about. Texas, thy really need to remind. All eleven I'd she conservatives in Texas how important this races. To repudiate Hollywood to reply He ate the big media to repudiate this fraud.
Robert Francis our work. You don't need really need me to tell you this day and yet that's what needs to be done. More when I return, Now, for another very important race in Missouri, Weekly, Mc Caskey- has lied to the people in Missouri now for decades, She claims to be a modern. You an excellent candidate in your attorney General Holly. Was on the programme the other day. Not mechanical is so slippery And she said: oh, I voted against Cavanaugh because he supports Money going into campaigns.
Now. That is a lie, ladies and gentlemen, no it doesn't. That is a lie. This is what she does. She lives, that's what she does. In my view, just my view, the most important gubernatorial campaign out There- In Florida. Was around the Santas A catch, you shouldn't conservative, a combat veteran. Important race in Georgia, where another radical has been nominated, important race in Kansas, where you have co back. Who is a terrific candidate? You need to pay attention to this Wisconsin constant Uva Lebanon, Wisconsin Walker and he's in the fight of his.
Political career you're in the fight to your political career, this is very, very important. The least. I know it is a new. No one is still. So these are some of the. And if I miss some, that's perfectly fine, I'm not pretending. Who will be to recall all of them. This is. These are some of the very, very important centre races better. King place that we have an opportunity to truly win We love Chris Mcdaniel in Mississippi. As many of you know, he's is the Senate? There is an actual conservative by the way to real concern. So that's very important race and we, like Patrick Morrissey, very much in West Region,
against mansion, many folks and West Virginia remember mansion is your governor. Well, I want you to think about a measure. Senator cause he's been awful. I'll, throw vote here and there. But you need better than that. You want better than that. I think when we have all these house races like possibly get and all of them, I would this and Huntington Beach. California, have Dana Roar Backer. Not all agree with Dana roar Bachar on everything, but I can tell you this he's a good man. He's a ragged night. I remember when he and I worked in the red and White House together. He was a speech writer Foreign Oregon, he's in the. Bite of his career, How do you really want some left wing cook to represent you. Your other races in California about seven of them. The Democrats are hoping he went all seven, so they can take the house.
Lot of important races in California, nor do they might actually get a republican governor. The first one and forty. To try to influence the outcomes in California, few Republican, eleven one of these districts. You must not give up. You must vote. You must vote. A lot of important races in California. A big race for governor and Org. They might actually get a republican governor, the first one in forty years. Can you imagine a butt big races. All over the country. Look in my state, the commonwealth of we ve got Dave Brat, so what they did Democrats, as they found a former CIA, employ who, as a left wing cook, but she keeps campaigning on the fact that she's, a former CIA, employ because the leftist I'm trying to cover their trail. They can
crying cover what they really are and who they really are. She will vote to beat the President of the United States and day brat is a member of the Freedom Caucasus crew. The important that's an important race. We're Barbara Comstock, in Northern Virginia she's, the only Republican left in Northern Virginia she's it being targeted by the gun, Control Crab, Bloomberg, she's, being tar by the policy pack and all left as they want, take her down, of course, areas have been disappointed with some of our positions choices between her and the biggest tax. Sir in modern times in this state Senate of Virginia Waxen, torso vote on Trump. So I would urge my Lavigne each these different districts to turn out and about four Comstock and about for some of these other candidates.
You need some of these rhinos in order to win. This is or you clean out the Rhinoceri clean out the rhinos and republican primaries. We have certain candidates in New York, New Jersey and and so they near here in the house to the Democratic party. This is what goes on with these Obama judges. This is what goes on with these democrat judges on these. Not too long ago, a few months ago, they completely redistricting the state doubt the Democrats, which may fact if you don't turn out all over the country, including a pencil the house to the Democratic Party this what goes on with these Obama judges this What goes on with these democrat judges on these various states Supreme Court this, Green Card gerrymandered, the congressional disparate, Pennsylvania out the Democrats,
be right back with a tremendous If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brickhouse, Levin dot com just go there and click on the buy now button. So you can read the reviews over one thousand two hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you, brick house for your amazing product and great customer service, I'm a monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and you're welcome Steve and subscribing a smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables, and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics
They offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back, gotta, brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levin, that's brick house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three three ring be h and problem. Code Levant for Halloween, the church, humor and Nancy policy nightmare continues. Call now eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one: Accurate Morrissey is the attorney general a West Virginia. He is a conservative is a constitutional lest he doesn't have to wait for the Democrats to vote to figure out of the way he should vote. He won't I
out for Czech, show me to be the democratic leader in the United States Senate. How are you Patrick Marcy, I'm doing great work. Van thanks for having me on your show, I'm a big fan and I'm really excited to be on line and talking about the big issues and issue. A Senate race is gonna, be alive Watch. My pleasure go ahead and tell us the big issues where you stand and where your opponent stance absolutely well, I think it's may people are beginning to really follow this you're Senate rates. In West Virginia their seeing that they couldn't be a bigger contrast between the Republican and the democratic candidates have started the basic I'm a conservative fighter mark. You know I took on the Obama administration isoude them. We had big victories in cork. It was West Virginia that led the way to the feet. The Obama power plant, That was just this amazing power grab over the United States Energy Supply
We lead the way built a twenty seven states coalition. We stop Barack Obama, the? U S Supreme Court fact it was the last major decision of justice squeeze that was the big deal we ve led on many other big issues taking on the federal government. In their own, I'm strongly pro life endorsed by all the pro life groups, because I not only check the box on the issue of why I believe in the sanctity of life and I'm actually in part responsible for a lot of the changes which have a in been West Virginia. So we have protection for the unborn. I'm also strongly supported the second amendment and our gun rights and will working tirelessly to help president trap. We think President Trump has been doing incredible things for the country and for West Virginia and I'm proud to stand with him were running a campaign partnering up with this present,
This is helping turn us around now the flip side of that issue of dishonest Washington level, Joe Mansion egg he's just another one of these Washington politicians. He went to wash and city drink the water and now he's in Cahoots with shock, tumor Nancy Policy and all the radical Wimbledon holding Hillary Clinton on the issue of life he sold out West Virginia value he actually literally has signs saying that he supports planned parenthood and also that he stood with life on the issue of life. That's not a multiple choice. Question you need someone who's pro life who opposes taxpayer funding of abortion. Who wants to stop the government funding of planned parenthood on the issue as second amendment, we need someone who's going to stand against on Grabbers Mansion is best known for offering a big gun control bill and on the issue of coal. Oh, I have to say, is this: he double down on support for her weakling, even ass.
She said, but a lot of coal minors and coal companies out of work. Big differences between dishonest Washington level, Joe Mansion and conservative fighter Patrick Morrissey, and that's why we're gonna win on election day in West Virginia. You know Patrick Morrissey, There's a reason why Donald Trump keeps coming back to West Virginia to support you because he not only support you. He doesn't trust romance notice, the radish career in the Senate, he waits and weights and weights to see if he can throw a safe vote. That isn't with his party, Does it lead on anything? Am I right about this? Right- and I think, vice president, my pants said it very well. He said quote Jimmy is always there when you don't need em and you're a great lack of forever finally, and really accurate about match.
What are your priorities? Among other, you mentioned a number of them. I suppose he supported the present its tax cuts. Jack Tis Caravan you want a wall on the southern border. Raymond will absolutely select start. I agree with all of the above. The trumps tax cuts are good for West Virginia, not only doubling the standard deduction which helps lotta hardworking families in our state, the lowering of the rates, but we also have other Thank you, sir. There really helping lift our economy up to levels we haven't seen before when you combined the Trump tax cuts mark with BT regulatory approach. I mean, let's face it under the Brok Obama error, they tried to put a lot of organised for profit businesses at a work and certainly they went after fossil fuels. I stood up and I said noted nonsense when I found those lawsuit and present a trump. What he's just finishing the job? I was basically the breach the present a trump whose don't so many great things
for our economy and for energy jobs in West Virginia. We need to continue that up which of lowering our taxes and then ultimately being regulating so that regulations for a morbid The purpose mark, as you know, were meant to be a free people. That means we should try to solve most of our problems, either individually or within our communities on the local level. When you have federal regulations in place, there has to be a very compelling health safety welfare aspects to it, and it obviously must comply with the constitution. And that's part of the problem of the Iraq Obama error. They went so far beyond the pale prejudice. Trump is doing and we know unfortunately Joe Mansion, his first cloak and you a Senate, would a power humor and that radical team there was on full display of obstruction and resistance during the judge, Cavanaugh Nomination and the people westwards, They need to understand that when he
Ray Clinton and her bunch talk about deplorable they're talking about people who working men and women blue collar men and women. The wonderful citizens of West Virginia Tommy The Democrats done in the last forty years for coal minors. I can't think A single thing I've been trying to put him out of work. Look, I think the thing is when you are by presidential nominee, who says well a lot of coal minors and coal companies out of work. You might be able to say, oops and trying to take it back, but the people West Virginia, don't forget That's why the major reasons why Joe mansions going down that's his true self through the factors that Joe Mansion vice presidents right, he's there. When you don't need him he's never gonna lead. I certainly not going to stand together with prison, crop and that's why more and more people are examining the contrast between my campaign and Joe Mansion they're coming over to our side. That's why
hide or maybe up by one and the latest pole. We feel very good, but I have to tell you mark. We have to get the word out because Chuck Shermer and the coastal elites Burke and sorrows, and all these radicals they are coming under spending on level money. We think it's gonna be over twenty five million less for most expensive stay in the country per capita, intellectual, Patrick Morrissey. If American wants to donate your campaign of the people, a West Virginia want to turn out and supports the grassroots level. What is your website? While our website is Patrick more? She thought that's two hours in one s and the folks consider doing twenty five dollars right now, you'd make a difference. We know the tumor the other day, just stop seven hundred thousand more money in the Democrats, senatorial committee a cop wandered born today were fighting
I can in the arena and we're gonna win, but you know how we're gonna win win through these grassroots patriots that are listening to you mark a people care about the constitution, people care about the rule of law, the separation of powers. That's what I've been about as the state of turning general a West Virginia. That's I'm going to act in the? U S, anybody, Patrick more! She got time to ours, one s, please twenty five dollars here: twenty five dollars there, the limits seven hundred. We need the fight that Humor Mansion Clinton team because they ve got the money, but we ve got the heart and we have a trump card, and you know what, if you can't get to republican senators out West Virginia, given what the Democrats have done to your state. It's going to be very, very tough, so I hope West, Virginia understand, mansion comes home and he smiles and shake hands any
Canada's lincoln, and not about the liberals in Congress and so are the votes with them. Ninety eight percent of the time so warm and on these exults, you gotta sit breathlessly only edgier chair and wonder. If he's gonna come through or not as he's trying to figure out what is best for his his political career, I assume, Patrick you gonna, take a leading role. Defending your stay. You're gonna take a leading role as a conservative. We are marking, and I appreciate you say that as a tory general, we help lead a lot of these national challenges. We stood against illegal amnesty and we were very strong. We took on that Barack Obama EPA time after time. I look, we say no to this pc nonsense that comes out of a laugh, It is actually outrageous and anyone who says that Joe measure well, we ultimately voted for Cavanaugh. They have to look back at one point: do you that all of the shenanigans and the obstruction resistant surface that we saw could have been avoided if Joe Mansion had stepped out earlier
instead of taking a powder when they called whose name purse somebody could wait for the state of me for Susan Cowards, past the deciding vote? That's a profound cowardice and that's not gonna, be my approach on the exact hurry, Patrick mercy. I wish you all the best. I obviously support your effort very very strongly, give out you're a website again, so America can try and help here. Well, thank you. It's patchwork, more see, dot com, and that's two hours and one ass, and once again, if you dont need twenty five dollars, Furthermore, a hundred dollars whatever you can do, I'm fighting gets the machine. But I say you were tied in the polls and I think we can get it done if I think people speak Louder than money, but you're money does help today, if, indeed enough, my a beat back these levels. Patrick Morrissey Attorney General of West Virginia hope. The next senator from West Virginia good luck to you, my friend I thank you. I can appreciate you talk to me up the next couple days
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So that sex, chair, Levine dot com or give us a call, eight for four for extra will be right back I hear a lot of activity will trigger traders. Now my own view about this is that fewer trick or treating the better. You know I'm, Mr Producer, exactly more candy. For me, I'm just kidding for crying out loud. There was a I'm at the bunker. When I used to put out I've told you this before a big ball of her. She bar I dont mean the tiny little ones one bite I mean the big ones
at the big big ones but a real Hershey bar and are used to put out a big ball them he's dead like three balls in them, and I would do it during the course of the broadcast toward the brakes until a few years ago. Do that and apparently some kids or teenagers took all the Hershey bars. And so they were not love, so I put that another ball out. They did it again, so I stopped then I shut I turn so that's the not enough of that bank, My wife's in charge of it So I hear a lot of activity going on up there. The Halloween people talking about you remove at the weekend.
Why don't you just leave things alone? What just leave things alone for once you know. Have you ever thought about the word education? It means to led forth. The word fourth raises. Another question: as you know, we ve talked about this more, which way is fourth. How do you know who in the right direction. While the easy answer is, it just depends on which were you wanna go now my Friend, Doktor Larry aren't president of hills. The college, as young people almost always say that and that they ve been taught to say that You and I both know that's the wrong answer. Let me take about a place that leads fourth hills. They'll come had Hills Dale. They understand that true education means pursuing the highest answer to the question which weighs forth here.
They'll students are challenged to discover to discover the right way forth by reading the greatest books by the greatest minds in history. And they learn the meeting of the three all men unrelated things, the good, the true and the beautiful. Still holds a unique and important role in american education today, I can All of you, my listeners, to learn more about this remarkable institution, and it certainly is at lowood- pray, Hills, Dale, DOT, com, l, aviation for hills, thereby come live in free hills, they'll, Dotcom, West Virginia. India and other states where these phony moderates as Democrats running to hold on to their political career. I want you to think about some. Let's really focus him, let's There's another retirement on the Supreme Court or death on the Supreme Court there's another vacancy on the Supreme Court. How do you think Joe Mansion over
our newly elected with another six years, another five years? How do you think about your vote? No. How do you think Joe Donnelly who just voted no on Cavanaugh? How do you think over your vote? No habit, Mc Caskey who against both of trumps nominees? How do you think shall vote shall vote no. How about Sienna, whatever they Heller Name, is in Arizona Miss Taliban. How do you think shovel show vote? No. Ben now, some of our no tester In Montana, here, although no. Stab in Michigan she'll vote no. Every one of these frauds and phonemes who convince you look, I'm a centralism by partisan. I guess they were vote now on the next Supreme Court.
Many should Donald Trump have another one, and I want you to think about that there is no figure they're gonna last trump. Because after all, they have another six years. And he has to win reelection. It is very, very dangerous to play this game if you're a voter who is it conservative, our republic enery our right of centre to be voting for these Democrats They're very dishonest. Why would trucks humor be spending so much in Virginia West Virginia? That is as he knows mansions going about foreign. That's. Why. And say where these other states. What do you think. For that reason I said. You know New Jersey, you have an opportunity to. You an opportunity to elect the First republic
the United States and in forty years no, I know he's arena. It doesnt matter its men and that is a crack and I'll have test. That's what you're gonna do he's a crook. Why isn't over Winfrey campaigning for John James in Michigan Instead, a radical left wing Democrat in Georgia for governor. Country campaigning for John James. Why isn't Don lemon promoting James he's not at all white man Donnie. What's the problem you left wing hack, your a lunatic, that's the problem. I'll, be right back
Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a non described filling. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven three one! the day before he broke his hip, because the cancer had gotten end because they a little story very short, back in the Florida primary. I seem to think it was an August, something like that. My father, one of the vote.
Actually, my wife Julie said early elections coming up, you wanna voting said absolutely I'm gonna work. And he wanted to vote and the day before he broke his hip because they can't had gotten into his bones. So broke his right hip and he would later break his Bone is at near the right shoulder a few weeks later. He didn't get the vote when he wandered about any word about it and he always voted, and I'm telling you. Because I want to encourage you to vote. This is a man who was a world war to vat. This was a man who would call me almost every night after my radio show, or I would call him- he was
A word about the future of the country. This is a man who, during the republican primaries when I was back in crew, said to me. I lie crews to, but why being so, tough on Trump and he was right. This is a man who was very, very frustrated and upset with the left in this country. Because he understood history. And worried that we were losing our country, that's why. He wrote these books and illustrated these books. He didn't need to do this, but that's. Why did it and The greatest generation could go to war, defend this country, the cream War that could have gone to warn defend this country, the Vietnam WAR vets.
Could go to war and defend this country. And all the young men and women in between and all the young men and women now in Afghanistan and Iraq and other places, Syria so forth, put their lives and law Friend, this country, what are they defending exactly the defending our liberty, their defence, Our constitution and the rule of law and our national sovereignty. Is it really so hard for the rest of us to make sure we vote. Is it really so hard for the rest of us to save the country from within? We have an enemy, from within its called socialism, call progressive ism together. It's called tyranny. When I say these things, I'm attacked on call a hate minor, I don't care. The truth is the truth.
There are millions of you listening to this programme and all kinds of outlets and formats, terrestrial radio, a member. Satellite radio. The mark Levin APP heart radio, app. You listening to me on your podcast. Your live streaming, the show. Their multiple ways. They hear their show. And on any given day. I'm deciding at my head could be thirteen or fourteen million of you. We ve been together along time. Those of you who listen to this programme a long time relatively long time, right more Fifteen years now, others have been with you longer. That's ok at other careers. And everyone tended to get into this career.
But we ve had a very special relationship. I feel. I know from any of you on party or family in some respects, distant party or family, but the same with me. I know I'm blessed with you. And the common thread- and all this is our love of country- that's where you were taught that's You believe that's what I was taught that's what I believe. There's some people country who don't love it, who attacked who rip it apart. Use their fellow citizens are being like Hitler and Nazis and racists and so forth. These are the four These are the people we must defeat. Knowing right now to feed him in our public schools in college campuses we can't night, now to feed them in Hollywood, in Beverly Hills, the entertainment industry.
Can't right now to feed them in the media. But, ladies and gentlemen, we can defeat them at the ballot box. It's up to you. And I'm serious when I say it think about Power we have, if we make sure three four five, six seven people who we know and who will vote the right way, get out and vote Think of one election idle, really look like. It is in my view, particularly in this Senor your patriotic duty to take care business here. I really believe that each patriotic duty This is not just another election if we lose their grave consequences.
And so, rather than have anxiety and frustration. Put your energy to work. Put your energy new, you dont need people to tell you what to do. You know what to do. You know how to get other people Evolved and voting and so forth as your own precinct worker get out the vote. I brought a number candidates to theirs. Up on my facebook and twitter sites who need it Help in close raises a number of candidate. As I told you not believing giving to the party bureaucracy, I believe and giving the candidates, so I would encourage you to look at them and to support them. And hopefully most of them will win on Tuesday, but some of the monk. But the goal is to make sure most of them don't lose, but most of them do in And I take it down and every house fight.
You have like forty seats. There are close. You may live in one of those districts. One of those seven districts in California. One of those six or seven districts in Pennsylvania, one of those three districts in New Jersey, one of those four five districts in New York. There, all over the country, You may live in one of those districts. Very very important. That should get involved. Even in your own life that you get involved with a hand older people and make sure they vote in If you do that and a few others do that and so forth, and so it would be a big deal, it really would. Is there a silent majority of it we're about to find out.
Are the Paul's ride or are the poles wrong we're about to find out that we should focus like a laser forget about the static, we should be focused like a laser. You know you love this country. You know there are candidates out there who do not. Through candidates out there who want to fundamentally change America, I don't want to fundamentally change America, Love America. You but Hollywood Bloomberg Style sorrows and others, many others, multi billion, airs. They they support a strongly centralized government. Because they know is multi billion airs. They have enormous influence over the future this society and they want more influence over the suit. In future,
This aside, their ego maniacal their narcissistic with the fight this. You should be on the fence right now. If fellow conservatives in Arizona you should be on the fence. My fellow conservatives in the tenth district of Virginia were Barber Comstock, as you should be on the fence anymore. My fellow conservatives in the state in Nevada, you should be on the fence anymore,. I will go through all these states. Republicans running or not necessarily that conservative, but they still love the country there not trying to tear it apart. Seat and that's the kind of race we have right now, folks,
No, you detest the media and you have every reason to test the media and defending the first and memory, not defending freedom of the press, we ve talked about this before dancing a here. Article. Eighty illogical agenda that they're trying to disrupt this presidency there trying to burden this And then see they're trying to undermine this presidency much russian TV there, like Pravda till I probably. When you get very little news from news today, right. So this elections very important now, look it's Wednesday and money talking about this right up to election day on Tuesday night, I sit here and hopefully with millions of you- and they were don't start coming in. As we have every election cycle and we start analyzing. What's going on a very good about this, when returned started a comment MR produce oughta than that.
Campaign around eight o clock. Eighth, there I said to MR producer: trouble Selection, so what do you mean? I should look. Going on in Florida, let's not over, they haven't, I said, look at the spread and we haven't even got into the year pensive Pensacola area than a Panhandle. I so look a he said on rice. Look at Pennsylvania. I know Pennsylvania and Ohio North Carolina in we had to leave the air, but the dominoes started before. Come hope in the same thing happens on Tuesday It's not gonna happen unless you get out of the bring some people with you or have some people vote, your voting Just make sure they vote, it's a big deal venality parent grandparent? You need to help them, so they can vote. It's not a big deal.
In Afghanistan, you're done in Iraq, IRAN and Syria, not somehow hall in the world in a bunker and foxhole. No Hira you're an american annoying at today's vote A little surprised at some of the odd headlines and hostility in favour of this guy. You kill him. On some of these websites are that we consider. Neutral or even conservative is bizarre almost like the rooting forgiven. I will call the website out, run by a friend of mine, but is very weird very where. I would say, give them is the worst candidate of the bunch. I'd, say the year, this Kennedy for the democratic
in Arizona number two I'd say the year. The democratic runner for governor in Georgia's number three I'd say their sky Robert Francis O Rourke in Texas, is number four. I mean they're, so bad, so bad. It's incredible I'll, be right! Back maybe we shouldn't call them the enemy of the people around a problem with that, in certain specific cases, that is the media? maybe the malignant media. You like that phrase, MR producer, the malignant media. They prefer that, because that's but they ve become John Store, was on CNN last night with arm and poor.
Any was shockingly good one. Thousand programmes listened very key. Fully to this exchange. I dont think you will expect the kind of I said, John Stewart provides cut. Eighteen go Obviously we are all caught up in this sort of daily confessed. I mean every single newspaper, every radio station every bit as social media gotta make money too. Well, I think you're gonna bills about man. You got electric bills, you go food, this guy is. He's giving you all cash. The cash flow in the transfer of her
for these tv stations over this, isn't that might have been an issue and you may be used in his nation for the people who are being counters, but the journalist we, I think, believed that our job is to navigate the truth and to do the fact shaking and all the rest areas. I think that's what motivated journalists have taken it personally personally wounded and offended by this man. He bade them and made dive in and what he's done? Well, I thought is appeal to their own narcissism to their own ego, because what he says is these are the Bin, the journalist animals. We are noble. We are honorable, how dare you, sir, and they take it personally and now he's changed the conversation too that his policies are silly not working or any of those other things. It's all about the she's is able to two now everything else
And get people just focused on my hearing that fight or even about Bob Woodward said it in his book on the on the Trump White House at a lot of journalists to emotional about this, but it is hard for us to be dispassionate when words from the White House or aggressive against as an and raise despairing. Here I am addressing the commissioner. We believe anything that can you read our energies peg them. I think he's pay very much there thin skinned, the regal maniacs. Their narcissistic, enormous power. And the Trump take some are charged them. And you know how to do that
here they used always say: don't pick a fight with a newspaper. Why? Because they by either by the barrel but tromp, rejects that he is a he's a contrary. Him he's a contraction and it's a good It's a good thing under these circumstances and the media cannot stand of their use to the way George W Bush would react to the media, which is not at all. Not at all. They thought they taught Republicans a lesson when they went after Richard Nixon. The way they did. The trump has its own man he's writing his own history and yours. Through this history, its remarkable history, ladies and gentlemen, And they will try and write the history. They will try and write the books about Trump.
How he was like Hitler. How is supported, rely killer? How was a low point in american history? It's a high point in american history. It's a leading point in american history, And what's going on now, is that the media and want to cut short Advances have been made, they We want to create chaos, they want to create hatred and jealousies and so forth. But on that which is why they are not only rooting for the Democrats to win the house in the Senate. They are the propagandists for the democratic near the propaganda. For the Democrat, that's why you see them not dare to take on Andrew Gill for the clown is running in Arizona for the clown who's running in Georgia,
for the clown he's running in texts, and by that I mean the democratic nominees I'll be right back Michel lie a national at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I dont know many members of Congress by choice, but I've got to know a little bit less Ellen. I really like leaves out at least seven. Is an army vent? Please avenues wonderful congressmen from Long Island. And very important, I think to the nation that he gets reelected particular the people. A long island leaves Ellen. How are you, sir doing great to be with you tonight?
tell me how you campaigns going. What are you I think complacency is not an option weathered the first congressional district are all across the country. We have to close our eyes visualize. What type of a country want we one January spend the next six days fighting for it or we will end up with a very different looking country. I'll tell you go as far as what's happening in my district people came home Halloween you want to spend time with your kids enjoy your evening together and mailboxes were filled up with an attack peace where Linda Mailer, one half of it was just a hanger. I should like to put your code on and one line it said. Louise Elden plan for women's health care is discussing what we're on again one and all across the country. I am fighting for my daughter's on fighting for this country, this nation and we got a vote
That is incredible. Absolutely incredible, and you know at least Ellen he had any any notion of civility gone out. The window with the media your opponents. Say anything five. So they they, they sent up. Hangers Trying to imply that that's view of how women should be treated with the unwanted pregnancies. That's right posted it. It's on my my twitter account at least Elden yelled, the iron you get you could see. It said it was said,
in Europe. Today Democratic Party and my opponents campaign and made my point was asked about double down. I mean like proud of this end, you're right after Maxine Waters, a few months back, told her followers, not just in that audience, but all across Amerika be confronting opposition right. After that we had some one who showed up at one of my campaign offices. Confronted one of my volunteers said that every supporter of of president dropping this means. Elden should be killed and then try to run him over with a vehicle had to out of the way the guise of getting arrested. It's worth fighting for a future that maybe I am about to say I think things are going well in this country's either Labour department numbers were wage growth is now up over three percent, the highest her down ten years on appointments had a forty nine year low. We still have challenges, but I have an appeal:
and their running all across Amerika. They want to oppose resist, impeach, obstruct everything and anything. I do not want to see policy be speaker. I do not want Maxie waters to become share the house wanting to serve this committee, so this country that I am willing to lay down my life for on the battlefield is one is worth fighting for incongruous, it's an honor to be there by I'm, not going. To be intimidated, I'm not going to cower. I know, obviously, that you never will your your audience won't and that's the country that were fighting for its always sixty. We can do this, we can keep control the house. We can even pick up a few seats in the Senate and the alternative scares the hacker at least Ellen. If the nation wants to help you in the people and on long island in your area, there. I get involved. Where did they go developing for congress dot com? You can visit my website on Facebook,
ITALY Amselle then imagine my twitter at least L David and wherever you live. If you have a Republican who's running against one of these unhinged leftists who want to take our country in the wrong direction, you're fighting on the street on your block with your neighbours with your friends, no one can stay home, You can't wake up on November, seventh, complaining about the country that we have. If we don't fight for these next six days, you have to earn that with your vote, and you're such a great patriot, and that's all we have to do with men and women all over the world who are facing enemies. Their lives are in danger. They ve left her and comfort of, on their families. As you did some years back, all we have to do as vote. Make sure five or six people who we know who have like mine. Also vote, and we will strongly defeat the other side, that's right and our national Security Amy Embassy in it.
Moving to Jerusalem, the president, not just fulfilling his own campaign, promise and doing the right thing by fulfilling promises of presidents pass withdrawing from the fatally flawed IRAN nuclear deal withdrawing from the Paris accords, well we're making these commitments on our end, while a country like China was agreeing to Increase emissions, making your understanding their enemies do not respect weakness; they only respect strength. We can't be silent, not because we want more, but because we want to prevent it. We have right now a prize it in any national security team. Behind them there is ensuring that american exceptionalism is nothing to apologize, for. We are respected again and I love it we have to continue going in the right direction and the President needs people in Congress who are going to support him when he has a backbone standing up to
ready to our country. That is how we protect ourselves and next generation. That's how we protect their freedoms and liberties and I'll tell you as an army reservists. I know that if I was ever sent in harm's way, I would be sent to win or not sent at all where we have had conflicts in the past, where we have sent our troops in harm's way. We set them up to fail, so I feel good as U S! Citizen with with where we are national security as a member of Congress, and also someone who are actually just got select the last week for promotional, attend to curl y know. Probably servant entered in the reserves as well. There are many ways to serve and I it's a privilege to be able to two where the uniform that that uniform actually feels even better than that the suit that you were down in Congress. Well, congratulations on that now. Let me ask you this the President also wants to fight
illegal immigration once better vetting through cinemas. Thirteen problem on long island isn't there absolutely ever thirteen is now being defeated. The president is confronting that the threat had autumn we saw with the threat of radical islamic extremism. You cannot defeat a thread you're not willing to identify this President get cheats for calling MS thirteen animals. They are animals. He'd come up too long island multiple times we find members of emissions the ministries in all, in working with local law enforcement, and it's not just about combating M S, thirteen, it's the it's, the sex trafficking, the drug trafficking, the human trafficking, so it's protecting public scene,
Not just the high profile murder that everyone in the country will hear about is also this administration, rescuing the that that the women who are stuck in that sex brothel in that town within my district, where they are being used as as slaves having sex all day long, so the administration is, is protecting all these people who are who are being victimized by the crimes and the way that Amis thirteen supports itself. My opponent is one of those people who said that we need to the ports, a sanctuary, city policy, of cutting off all coordination and cooperation between ice, their local forces at times. When, let me just stop me they're, so the american people in your district, That means that means that after criminal illegal aliens has serve their sentence in an american prison. That they will not work with ice, to get to detain her for the feds to pick up that person and report
That person is released into the community right, it you're cutting off coordination and cooperation. You're, not here, not telling ice that you have someone that you're about to release them into the community you're, actually working against the ice, where the Oakland mayor gives everybody a heads up. Did ISIS coming at where we had in New York. We have all sorts of sanctuary, city policies, county and even state policies if Andrew Cuomo and the Democrats were to have full control of Albany come January, so yeah it's it's really concerning because actually the maximum,
Cooperation is how to keep my constituent safe, not cutting off cooperation eyes. Now they are ice agents. Their amazing are governed calls or ice agents thugs. He says America's never been great our ice agents, they kissed their sons and daughters, goodbye no morning their spouse and they put themselves a great physical harm, not just for their family and home for strangers as well. We should be supporting them backing them up in the fact that people are getting rewarded with both by it, Ice attacking our law enforcement. How know what's going on in this country? It zella for time restart, clumsy l Delian for Congress. That can excuse me what see having domestically if Nancy, hello, C and D. These ready first, while the democratic
he's been strongly radicalized, don't you think whose main yet I mean what they want? Socialized medicine I made. My point: is one of those men who care for all type guys free healthcare fur for illegal immigrants. It would banker Medicare foreseen ears. You would have to you, even if you doubled everybody's taxes on the individual and corporate Saudi, still one enough money to pay for it, and I hear of that person in the UK who has a heart attack. They get stabilize, they wanna catheter, they don't get a catheter, they get sent home if they have money they get on a plane. They come the JFK here in New York. They arrived at the airport, they complain about their heart, they go the local hospital, they get a catheter it's, because their rationale without provider can only provide twelve catheters. So what what? What are we risk with the Democrats gaining control on the policies? They are going further and further to the left and in as far as having gobbles in there,
Jerry Neighbour or Maxine Waters or Adam shift. We dabbled in their hand, are all gone. It is, can we completely about resisting opposing impeaching as president and his jerry? Neither has pointed out, he would want to people be pursuing impeachment against Justice Cavanaugh, so he leave people can't have dabbled in her hand the consequences. Our way to great congressmen. We, as you know, I strongly support you. I wish you all the best that Zelda in America, let's have em out what sets us then for Congress, Dotcom, Zelda, Z, I'll die for Congress that common Long island He can lend my hand and all over the nation. I'm sure you can use a little bit of support, It's just amazing. They would send hangers. Sir, the Democrat State Party, under your poet And that Europe staffer was threatened that way, and we want to wish you all the best. Thank you mark. I throw support. Thank you for fighting the fight, and you too, God bless you. That is.
Great congressmen at New York. Long I'm on the long island, W Abc where number one w ABC. I got my radio start on W Abc and I have a tunnel listeners out there in his district. It's very very important that you return him to Congress very, very important. And you ve got candidates all over the country. You heard. How he spoke. This is a real leader. He talked about all of you, folks, with republican candidates in your district in comments and those of you in open seats with republic trying to win and those of you and in democratic, desperate. Tat are marginal with Republicans. Try knowing you heard what he said you gotta get to the vote. Those you gotta make sure other people go or look over gonna be left, would look at this country's gonna turn into that's quite it's not even about the candidates about us and our children and our grandchildren. It's about us
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risk online data any longer protect yourself. Keep your privacy visit, Express, VP, n dot com, slash mark. Now you folks listening to this programme, you love me. Country nor patriotic, are you wouldn't be listening to this programme now something Listening a curious, when talk to all of you is living. Nights are big. Family are big town hall, meaning here. Why do you work every day. Those of you who are retired in you spent decades working. Why did you work every day to take care your family to provide for your family to take care yourselves? This is what you were taught. This isn't a very, very important
Contradiction, why do you go to church or synagogue or your Moscow? So for what do you do that? Because you're believers, and even if you don't many of you- have faith, if not most of your faith, you believe in family. What else do you believe it you believe in your country, the United States of America, your proud of your country, you are proud. Of your declaration of independence in your constitution, your proud Since an exceptional nation, you proud of our history warts at all, you proud of the fact.
Now we fought and war war one and the good guys one. You are proud of the fact that your country and some of. Family, foreign war war to a Adolf Hitler and Togo. And Muzzle Laney at great cost You are proud of the men and women who serve this nation and war after war. You are proud of the men and women who print this on our streets and in our communities you loved this country. Let me tell you a secret There are people who have exactly the opposite view. And they're trying to destroy what this nation has created. What we, the people, have created. That's what I'm talking about
if you have early voting vote and bring people with you, it's on the line. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency personnel. I hope your check out Levine TV Very much hope to pick up a copy of our police at your book store her go online on Amazon dot com see you tomorrow,.
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