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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, WJNO host Brian Mudd fills in. Senator Chuck Schumer's strategy to deliver sexual misconduct allegations to derail Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the US Supreme Court isn’t working. Doing away with due process would have been disastrous. While the country didn't get screwed today, we're still only two votes away from getting screwed in the long run. It’s a reminder that we are riding on a fine line and we can't afford to rely on a false premises because there's two sides to every story but only one side to the facts. Senator Susan Collins delivered the most amazing speech today which put the wheels in motion to get the votes needed for Kavanaugh's confirmation. Also, here we are with a booming economy and while President Trump’s not as personally popular as Bill Clinton was, there’s also no indication most Americans want him impeached and there’s a growing indication that there will be a backlash to the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader diametrically opposed stories. My view for telling the truth we interrupt. The market then show to bring you a spell, in a bid. Chuck humor sexual assault allegation show here at the touch him or sexual assault allegation. Show we facilitate touch you mercy also allegations, because we believe each him or sexual assault. Allegation show that all allegations are important, We believe that all Chuck humor sexual assault allegations are important. We believe,
don't touch him or sexual assault. Allegations are serious and, most importantly, we believe call Chuck Schumer sexual assault allegations should be believed healing happens here at the Chuck Schumer sexual assault allegation show if you would like to join the Chuck Schumer sexual allegation show you may heal by calling eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand and eighty. Levin all right, so I hate a weaker it's better, but I would a few weeks had spent It is your southward of Brian Mud in for the great one market in and by the way, because there's always one This is not the place to share your your church, humor sexual assault, allegations upheaval, I think by now you go directly to the FBI and
demand an investigation and then be sure to recover their children tell them how they can be conducted all throughout the course of that investigation. By The absurdity of this situation is that checks, humor the last time I was joining you couple tuesdays ago had made that statement earlier in the day for we even have a hearing last Thursday. Well, I believe her, that's. What this really was all about. That's what this really was all about fabric avenue out about this Supreme Court at about Christine Ford, as about what kind of country we're gonna be. What can a country This would end up represent in a world in which someone as distinguished as incredible and in an otherwise clean as break out and I've hiccoughing taken down the highest levels of justice, we're all screwed but mom
as somebody comes at a left field with an allegation actually sure to a very personal story with you and I received from across the country and our responded to add to all of you who share those stories about extortion, about threats about that had done bad things to you, and here is the The news in the banners began. And the bad news of this situation is that we're not screwed in this country Values is we're two votes away today. Being screwed in this country? So it's a big time. Wake Oh and a reminder reminder about several things, for example It's a reminder right now that, if you are in Chicago and you're, a Cubs fan and euro left us wow. It must set to be right. Now, must really sector be you. If I were you, I wouldn't miss jumped about. What's the boy, what's the point in the sand,
But it's also. He reminder that we are right now that online that fine line- and I get a message for you. If you are familiar with my work, then you have heard me talk about the premise Andy: premise is what I operate right off. I will never embrace a false one and if you build anything on a false premise, anything built upon it is indeed itself going to fail. For example, when you shut your mouth news? I hate you know what I believe her. You have no evidence. You have noted money have nothing believe her, that's a false premise and guess what you loose, but we all do so. That's the before summer, the board. Thank second is that there are two sides to stories in one side effects now hear the facts and it's ok. I drove me crazy. Crazy, creates crazy last Thursday and was her heart Susan Guy
who delivered a speedy and among the things I never imagined that I would be saying at any point today, one Oh, my god, shall gradually disgust. Left, you know goes by spunky And Susan Collins. Susan Collins's afternoon, delivered Most remarkable speech, I've ever heard a senator deliver poor her cap and near a lotta interests. Thank the Junta, interesting things going on. They context there are two sides to stores and once artifacts bastard, he has only people, including before mentioned Collins who unbelievable today, but you know what she was really credible, really credible, Christine Ford really believable and so was brought Cavanaugh. How many times did you hear that from people,
yeah. You know they both were no. They were not. They were not given me right somebody was line. Somebody was committing perjury, someone testifying last Thursday was really really committing an act of evil and that person based on all The information available Christine for sea still now people are treating her with kid gloves but in this moment, whereby a tube margin. We are advancing to the final vote tomorrow. Break avenant price, my father cocky certain time. It's also important that Christine Ford Saying that she is one hundred percent certain that bread, Cavanaugh sexually assaulted, her. But she is not allowed to just up into the sunset as though she never made those claims. Now, there's gonna be
account a building, there's no way in the world, but the these in it Judiciary committee is to pursue her for port. They should they should. They should be a full investigation of her. But as long as I have an opportunity to do so, what she did is an act of EVIL Christine Ford. Trying to ruin a man's life saying she is one hundred percent certain providing witnesses, none of which corroborate anything. She said, throng, that's wrong and it's important. Now, when we are confronted with acts of evil in this society, be false, accused. Missions by someone like Christine Ford. They are called. And what they are in she is made to it will have to account for what she is, which is a perpetrator, a woman who committed inactive evil, but there's some folks ago but she might really be a sexual assault victim. Ok, it's
that's easy is impossibly sexual assault bigger. Let me ask you if I have someone who is a legitimate victim of sexual assault and they go they murder somebody down line. Are they not occur? for that model, because they were victim of sexual assaults, someone's life. After all, what we are held accountable for more right away. You try to do to break out, and I am one hundred percent certain. It was brick avenue. Was she not trying to effectively ruin that man's life, his family's life. How how do you have to be to do that? So I don't care, If she was a sexual assault victim somewhere, on the way, does not the right to do what she did and its important once again
and we don't just right off, because breakdown is gonna, make it through this thing and ignore people who are perpetrators like Christine Board, because there will be other biggest issue we could have had this country, which is due process, just go on the way. We could have had this country, which is due process just go in the way of I don't know Chuck and rather than by the unjust, pointing out that if I were a left us, these are not drain rather than by the unjust, pointing out that if I were a left us in Chicago, I wouldn't joke to vote, because I'm just why. Things are going your way right, Alan's. What's the point, but that's where we are met, We are here on a red razor, thin edge. If you are someone who believes in rain wrong? If you are someone who believes in the constitution, if you are someone who believes in the premise, then we.
All need to acknowledge what happened here and who the perpetrator was. And recognise and our own lives. Should those people come about the bay as well will be caught out. He made it the boy for who and what they are now couple things. Because we're just came warmed up happy Friday by the way early. Has been that kind of awake has meant that kind of couple weeks, a color three months on we shoot print, rolling, Clarence, Thomas and and and Canada has been through an emotionally. Doesn't I kind of feel like we were through another election here. The sole cabin, I think, is a pretty emotional deal, because there was so much on the line. By the way mentioned. I'm very much your cell different I dont want to show my home station W J and no in West swampy to do a midmorning show that are you who d in miami- and it's always an honour and a pleasure to be here with the occasionally they'll catch me on Fox news.
Contributor therein, I shall do my efforts work for the BBC Next Wednesday and that'll be interesting. I was reviewing what the other books of the BBC earlier this week. The producer, so stereotypically british, perfect English and everything was brilliant. I mean I've talked to a guy for probably twenty five Then everything was brilliant somewhere along the way. I just wanted to say- and you know what- I don't know they necessarily like you just to see if he was a brilliant but anyway I was held up, goes next Wednesday, but I want to get here. It's up here and a couple of things. But later in the show, I'm going to be talking about what is at stake with our police and Belarus is a new book that has come out October. Thirtieth You may pre order it right now and Amazon. It is by none other than Jackal. Then marks tat our police so go ahead and get your pre or right. Now, if I were a lesser person, actually direct like said to go and do that, but I am not so I
need to go Hindu of herself before I go ahead and activate Alexa and make it happen, or you and coming up Sunday, night, Tinnekonk, Eastern, a brand new life Liberty and Levin and they're they're gonna be talking about the media and who is they will be Molly Hemingway on the show one of my favorites one of my absolute favorites in journalism today, so I checked that's your life liberty and live in or just gettin warmed up and we'll get a whole lot more to get going on. I'm Brian Mud in gray. One month ban I don't like what the president said last night, I'm the first person to say I want. From doktor forward. I thought, was handled respectfully, stop. Kavanaugh was treated like crap,
moon yourself up. Speaking of the above two I stepped up in surprise this week, Lindsey Graham at the Atlantic Gibbon in thy TC on Wednesday, will bow we ourselves after. I guess what it I hear you had Corey Booker a case I- and he told us here having his Spartacus moment and then Lindsey Grandma gags was particles at the hearing AIDS. Genuine is gonna Lindsey Grams. Play. The Grinch and indifference antenna Grinch is hard, grew three three times three day. Let's say Lindsey grams intestinal fortitude grew three times over the past three months leave and so he's become, hero in this entire process? Rock solid, Lindsey, Graham something else. I dont, think many of us necessarily thought would be the case couplings. I am very much based on
Formation, I be arguments the information they provide, you my opinions all based on information and things, I've been tracking from the word go the day after brick. Avenue was nominated to the United States Supreme Court Gal has always tracked on Supreme Court nominees anew. Maybe yea boo, whatever about gala, but regardless of what you think of their pulling its instructive, because if they do it every single they ongoing you can you a baseline to get a temperature Chet temperature check of public opinion on any given issue. In this case, our views, a brick cavenaugh. What was interesting and the very first pulling done. On bread Cavanaugh after his nomination. By present wrong, we had four percent. More Americans say that he should be confirmed the knot, case, it that's the baseline, that's where we started now after we had the first hearing.
And we had twenty senators- Andy the synergy. The committee and Spartacus do what they did coming out of that four percent. More Americans thought that brick Cavenaugh should be confirmed and not, in other words, despite the fact that a couple once when by despite the fact that they know what Del Spartacus Autumn, it didn't change public opinion at all, not at all now is interesting because. As consistent as that was we did see with Christine for delegations a bit of a shift as Thursday morning now yesterday, but If out the morning of the hearing, we did, public sentiment, courting a gallop shift into in a territory unbreakable, we saw public sentiment shift to three percent. More people
Believing that he should not be confirmed, then, should be again prior to the testimony right. That's after everything that the media and the politicians did the bread Cavanaugh. Where are we, that's gonna interesting by a forty six to forty five margin. Americans believed that break Havana should be confirmed. Now there are two lessons to be learned in this entire process on the The first is public opinion, despite all the emotions or the emotions, the all the since when Spartacus Christine forward to Gang raping and whatever public opinion only shifted by seven percent, seven percent up to bomb met in terms of the opinions they about that now what's instructive, incited by seven percent, we bounced back to pray much where this country is,
The things I find fascinating is when actually do have representatives in this country that represent us and in this particular case the United States Senate is doing pretty much what the american people want. Have happened here by a slim margin, right, Cavanaugh, receiving the necessary votes to advance the final vote tomorrow and will end up becoming the next Gore, justice on a narrow vote, just as the american people wanted it. So that part, I think, as psychic graphically interesting the next facet of this conversation is where Focus your energy, because how many people, really persuadable poetically, one of the most questions I ever receive has to do with persuading people politically. How do you do it.
Well, the easiest way is to tell you how not to do it, who is it our most likely to engage politically. Probably though most people in your life that oppose you right. How does it work out for you and let me ask you or the angry leftist, but you argue politics with you ever get anywhere, please get angry. Do you think they're one of the boxes for that seven percent. There was ever persuadable in the first place. Now I know we wish that we could change their minds, especially if they are in our lives and our universe, but people have to be open minded. First, I'm coming next, I want to talk about that and how to be persuasive and who can be persuaded I'll not to bang your head against swollen. Become really unhappy, I am brine mud and further gray, one more you wake up in the
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then a marginal issue where we create the talking points, call in now, seven, seven, three one three eight one one, Mr President, I will take and Jack Campbell and boom goes the dynamite. It was that moment, Susan Collins, throwing down the hammer, you know how I knew by lay boom goes the dynamite. What am I to all time? Favorite you tube bit, so be it
I mean this is my Emma. If you ve never done whom goes it item I, this is mandatory. Viewing for your entertainment purposes, go to Youtube at Jerry Next available opportunity and check out boom goes it Adamite are the only other one. That's even in competition without one would be utterly market Montgomery, and you a rich you with me. Yes, now: ok, ok, good God, just making sure just may I many more living rooms, bedrooms die nets, oh yeah, and you can find a market where the saddest thing about we market Montgomery is that it went down during the recession. As those may be one of this the market. The saddest thing about we market, Montgomery, It went down during the recession. That was me could be one of the saddest moments during the entire great recession. Now This great economy we can have new flea market, Montgomery's and I'll be out they'll, be bigger, they'll, be beautiful. They will have by doors and then the walls I just.
By the way, I am very much behind him, for a great one mark live in and get to I'm your calls here just a moment. By the way, the the phone lines are not to be confused with Thea. They touch humor so also allegation line which so has been known to have the exact same phone number so just to please do not share your truck More sexual assault allegations on the market then show just take. Go straight to the FBI place now right before the break mentioned persuading people how to persuade. Somebody politically eye over the course of my career is the single most common question. I have received an the easiest way to tell you how to persuade some one is it Are you who you shouldn't be attempting to persuade people are closed? Minded If somebody is genuinely not open to information I gotta get anywhere and that's the problem.
Most people in this is true of conservatives to buy the whites. It's not like. This is unique to liberals aeronautic clothes. My conservative, too, but you gotta be open to new information and you need I get, I, who those people on your life I mentioned, be Cavenaugh, pulling from gallop bets, to finish everything that has happened over the past three months. Everything public sentiment. I'm break avenue only by seven points. The entire time puts it, in other words at most, seven percent of this country was even persuadable outbreak Cavanaugh. So what does that tell you he's go the average person and that opposes your thought process expect to get away somewhere. Now he did all you're doing. Bang in your head against the wall and you're gonna
cell phone happy. So if you want to be persuasive, the first thing find the right people, people or open to information, not the loudest people who will fight with you politically everything is credibility, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is by lacking it, because once you give up, your credibility Why is anybody going to listen to you, for that reason, operate with facts operate with information. If you just operate with opinions, independent of the in the information. Some who is otherwise open too information there. Just a view you as someone who is highly political trying to can communicate, Yeah, you're, emotion, rather than principle a because typically what your and for those that are truly persuadable is that they are analytical and that a genuinely are inquisitive
looking for more information and by the way this surprises a lot of people, but I find that commonly bear the millennials her number of reasons in the search for the economy, lot evokes have given up on the money, all generation which, by the way the youngest millennials are closing I'm being legal to drink the youngest once right and what is ones like thirty, five. Thirty six now. And I have not blame them right along cuz. When was it that they came of age, they came of age and the great that's right. So here they went through the education establishment. They were fed bill of whatever Education establishment feeds them then they come out in the economies terrible and they weren't able to get up opportunity It made sense to them yeah, you know what capital some this economy doesn't work. We need change. Now,
but probably made sense because hey, that was what our teachers told us, and here we are, and things are working. They had never seen a good economy, never seen a good economy we find. You have it right now is one the most important windows of time. We have to really good opportunities to reach people, especially younger adults. That now do have opportunities. Three point: seven percent unemployment. Are you kidding me right? There is getting the wage growth, the bonuses, its. Happening and it's important to tell them how we got here and then it is also important in this cabinet situation to articulate What's on the line here, if somebody that you even know came out and accuse you of sexual assault. We not be awful right, yeah, be pretty bad. Da me. That's what happened here and in go through information only rather than,
just the emotions of yeah Cavanaugh anyway, just a little food for thought. Let's go Two Archie inventory, California Archie Go Ryan is good to hear about your your history and, in your experience, told me why Mark would the trust you to do so? speak well of you and I wanted to say that I listened very carefully to the year Susan, Collins, Senator Colleges is about what happened, and even though I am a democratic in California, I was quite impressed by it. Get out there a precisely. He was very methodical, sorted out little weak, but it went on from there and build she was diligently. He showed her diligence all the time she had been getting coming to conclude. Gallina, be he did know all meeting he won't do until very edifying and informative, and her stock went up one hundred percent with me
I couldn't agree more, I was frankly shocked at just how detailed the bottom on every single consideration. That's part of this process I mean she was unbelievable and point by point by point from the nomination process pointing how many organizations were going to oppose regardless of who the nominee was, that one of the organizations hadn't even filter name and they put out that they were opposing the nominee mentioned that even senators got out ahead. One of them even got out ahead of Bee. In being announced when they are saying that they were opposed all through point by point by point, why Christine Ford was not credible in terms of her allegations, even though she did mention She believed that, ultimately, she was likely a sexual assault, dictum, no evidence whatsoever that it was bred cabinet and her. I should have been the top attorney in the country.
Way that she laid out the details, found them. It was about fifteen minutes. Fifty fifty five minutes, page, and I would say that it is a must view. If you missed it, it is definitely worth catching the entire thing it was captivating and again I You have never heard assented deliver a better speech not ever I don't agree with absolutely everything she said, but it was principle it was detailed. It was well thought out. And almost everything there was in arguable I just absolutely remarkable susan talents boom goes a dynamism scope to Jim Jim in Charlotte, welcome to the show by banks. That's what it is premature to go with the last quarter of my respect and admiration for front collars, and we have increased by water.
That sort of thing for about ten minutes into that I knew who boat was gonna, be a outspoken Okanagan awaited you're. The only other thing bigger than what should we call his beard today was when the twentieth Main Joshua Chamberlain protected. That looks like a peculiarly getting we're wrap up close preserving the union? So I really admire her and I'm glad you did what you did well, that's a pretty moment in history, and I agree that this is one for the history books as well. By the way our folks in North Carolina doing you guys are making the back a you're gonna bar rapid and big, but physical, whether cold weather, gets into her at the girl, A debate should be like diminishing out of it the folks ever Wilmington. Robert Charlotte Butter Thousand- regards patient over that area. Men, taxing pretty good recovering, pretty good but Jacksonville
you're a real Bulgaria's there. All the waters receded in various, though I thought your friend over their earnings back, hopefully slowly because, like normal, appreciate your service, thank you for less name and sharing your thoughts as well. May God bless? You know the folks there to end Wilmington for a very short time, and when I saw what was going on and heard that it was an island pre, unimaginable cgi that external get back together. The hurricane in North Carolina all right. Let's go two Jake Jake's in California, welcome to the show. Hey. I was I was agreed, your point about work and observe and Ford, and as far as allegations are concerned, but all of them, God not so much to go after her, but to go after anybody in the future that might think that they can put people The putting of false allegations and not have to pay a price
I think that's the single most important thing and the reason why I am not willing to just give a pass, even though Cavanaugh clear this thing because he's we're gonna have disdain that he's going to have to deal with there's a certain percentage of the population. That's not insignificant, but is to believe that allegation regardless, and it's not ok to poacher yourself. These are printed And again, you know if we're going to deal with the rule of law for going to deal with the premise that should be addressed, and we oh because of politics, we're not going to see these Senate Judiciary Committee pursue her for perjury conducting the geisha. Now it be necessary to travel down that path. It doesn't mean that it should go unchecked. What she did was absolutely wrong. Big, again when you say you I'm one percent certain that break avenue, sexually assaulted me and you, have none of Europe. None of your witness, we're not the witnesses period that corroborate any that information. That's a problem as an acceptable in this country appreciate
You listening an injection in given up by women, The conversation and also share some of my final thought. On brick cabin on the situation as we get ready for the vote now a day away, I'll, be approximately five o clock. Stirring time tomorrow, because Once again, this whole process has been much bigger than brick Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. It's become about all of us we'll talk about it next time by mud. In for the great one, on this boat visas or fifty one, the nose our forty nine. The motion is agreed to
there is, and I hate Primus Inter Markel, then Happy Friday. I hope by you, have had a wonderful day and are getting set for an amazing weekend. It certainly has been an emotional time and no doubt we're gonna have must see tee. Going on about I've got eastern time tomorrow, as the final vote should take place approximately around that period of time, but at this point given the Susan gallons made her speech, made it clear that she is going to be voting to conform. Cabinet and then shortly after that Joe Mansion Demographic Virginia, who it's a republican and waiting at this point? I am. He needs seems, like its inevitable, add at this point to mention is gonna go and make them. Maybe I, after the election, but he is, he said that he is also on board, so it is absolutely Here's that there are the boats and about something that interesting that developed added Alaska, LISA Mortality voted no Republican, Elisa recast,
voting. Now she did not want to end debate and again, if debate did not end, today basically gave no had been dead building it right. There they proceed, although, today, absolutely critical. So with her voting. No, Ah, you know she has come under heat from her constituents on the right and what's interesting. I, when you take a look at that in context, is the waves they being on I did not screaming, are protesting, not people there too, in her down an elevators Are there been a lot of votes I have been a line up her office with phone call. I them know how concerned they are. They are banned now some pretty good pieces including one by the Wall Street Journal that was amazing, pointing out that hey, you know if they summer Caskey or haven't her way here. The ninth circuit Court of Appeals, would be kind of the final say if you end up having basically this split court and you had, significant decisions that impact Alaska ends the nine circuit
points, ultimately if by their warrant a decisive decision at the Supreme Court downwards and, for all ask seems like Lisa might now actually be reconsidering, has taken away, most likely outcome here? It looks might be in that fifty two boat range and I we might end up there. Even though we were fifty one. Forty nine today now someday that I have tried to non from a point of optimism throughout this process? Is the power that can be gained from all this. How many people knew How many folks were on these in a judiciary committee until the past couple of weeks, I have known Manning I mean even you an astute listener. Somebody who cares and is engaged did you know that there are twenty one members? Well, Ok, so twenty and Spartacus. But did you know how many members of these in a judiciary committee there were.
We learn that right means once more detail, but for many folks, because we don't teach civics in school, this has been an opportunity and cabinet. In particular, That Batman, what he has been through and haven't, backbone of steel. To see this thing through only cow and credible person. Definitely a role model, a role model that we can all point to match. Emily one thing, Brett Cabinets role is twofold: one, I think he taught history but he went through during this process and happy a whole new generation of people engaged in paying attention. Second thing is: I think we have a new role model and we can point to one. The main concerns, of course, has been well help. Trumps, gonna drop, Donald Trump has been an incredible effective, present, the United States,
not necessarily the best role model right. But if you want to introduce your kids to some, that seems to have all the ripe for our priorities in the right places is the right way some back down when he's face with adversity. Are you absolutely can point to read? Cavenaugh now. How many folks necessarily knew how many spring court justices their war before all this? You I'm sure you did, but a lot of books have warned that not evokes folks have learned about how this in it actually works, and that's important from the point of subjects as well, how deliberative the US by design. All these procedural votes thing that's happening now, including the thirty our window that were in as we wait until approximately five o clock tomorrow afternoon for the final vote. There are a lot of things about our government. We complain about things. We don't like a lot of things that we should be frustrated by
but they're always opportunities and were in one of those moments, one of those historical moments and we can look back on and this an opportunity for a generation to learn what they never would learn and an opportunity in a time of adversity with leadership. The point there's somebody: does it the right way doesn't back down I'm Brian Mud we'll be right back and then for the gray, one with a daily fake news dump pouring through your tv mode, oh phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism. Anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this They discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and
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Brick house: Levine Dotcom, Brick House, Levine, dot com offered code, Levin now run them only underground bows somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building we want to make contact with our leader, aerosols. A ban can set up a focus on the future of the ports and rights based on They concern the judge cabinet which seek to overturn Roby way. Protecting this right is important. But then she said Susan Collins said, but to hell a own form anyway,. Candy carrying hitting, in fact hum it was
The more interesting moment during the course of her fifty fifty five minute speech earlier today, which again was, I believe, the best be finest I have ever witnessed United States Senator delivery. I just incredible incredible. Definitely something worth your while, if you did not catch it early or too early earlier today, easy for me to say, I am very much in for the great one Markel. Then your friend here in South Florida, I do. I am warning, show on DVD Jane. I was Beach aim in mourning show w I o D in Miami. And are always an honour and a pleasure to be here with you now one of the things about Susan Collins during the course of her dissertation. You might have found some moments, where you're wondering how his breath cabin really the conservative. I thought it was she the constitutional ass. I thought he was. I'm not so sure that I mean that was how good heard a picture.
Of Avenant was held thorough, her investigation was all the folks the interview. I mean she laid it all out there just remarkable and You know it. It might raise some questions about how he would end up ruling on things like say pro life matters, and there is an important point within the pro life compensation here as well wreck Avenant, pretty evident being the good catholic boy that he is he's pro. Right, but does not necessarily mean that he brings that philosophy to the bench. A dozen doesn't necessarily it hasn't ass. She pointed out based. Paul I some of what he has ruled on and stated previously, and when we're travelling down this process.
You're learning things that you never would have otherwise known about bread about the level of being negation that took place with Susan, but also what She was not done by so many other senators, and this is where its instructive for you with the folks that are in your neck of the woods, your senators. How did they vote I'm here and for now, Marco Rubio? He boated in favour of any debate today will vote for brick habit. Tomorrow got bill. Nelson. He voted no in by all accounts will vote no again tomorrow night, He happened to be up for re election this year, he's up against our term limited governor, Rick, Scott who has been no less than be third best governor door seven plus years as governor of the state of order just remarkable what he's done. Our bodies, a real horse race against bill, Nelson, whose.
Already served three terms in the United States and an important can be fascinating to see how this can be nothing plays out here, but what you have not had a bunch of people. Ask me this during the course of the wicked I dont No the answer, yet I'm still trying to figure this out is this and then what point in american history, everything going through right now, so I Do these weekly series born Local shows and its now where we are politically based upon historical analysis and for the mid term elections I'll, give you the readers Digest portion, we tend to be incredibly incredibly predictable. In terms of political swings in this country. The issues change the politicians, change any change, but we have been incredibly incredibly consistent in our decision making. I want you back real quick to the central election? Twenty six. I've done this for years for years. Go back to the two thousand cycle
but it was most notable and twenty. Sixteen when I was able to effectively and accurately depict Donald Trump winning the presidency based upon the Electoral College and the way I was able to do it is based upon historical trends. Simply put you take a look at history back in now, twenty sixteen we had a full term Democrat who was president. There has still to this point in american history, never been a full term Democrat who was succeeded by an elected Democrat not ever after eight years we tend to have enough the only time it has ever happened. Many democracy today, full term Democrat, was Truman after a He inherited the office. Yes, he later ran as the incumbent in one, but because of that we tend to be incredibly consisted in all during the primary process.
Specially yearn for the folks rescue me with Rubio running, isn't Rubia more like the ball trumps. Winning. This can't be good this in that till I vote for the person you believe in. Because the odds are the republican candidate will win and sure enough. There you go now in the context of mid term elections. You are probably aware that be incumbent presents party loses generally, in fact, there's only been three times three times since we had. The two party system would start in the late 1850s that the incumbent Presidents Party is actually gain seats only three times, and they each happened with an inflection point in american history. The first time was one thousand nine hundred and thirty four FDR was president. We had the great
should the second time. Ninety ninety eight- we had be Bill- Clinton botched impeachment effort by Republicans watching point american history and then the next one came four years later, two thousand to George W Bush in the wake of nine eleven, so we took a great depression. Nine eleven- and the botched impeachment Clinton too, about the presents party gaining seats B. Virgil come in a mid term cycles that the Presence Party will lose four seats in the Senate. Thirty seats in the house, if just Average outcome happened this year. Democrats regain control of everything. Now there no chance whatsoever that difficult will gain for seats, there's a better chance of this point. The Republicans gain for seeds than Democrats and Republicans
almost certainly at this point going too ten controlled the Senate MAPS favourable for them, Heidi, hide game, it's pretty much done herself in a north Dakota. She voted no today and what we have seen ever since she indicated that she was likely to be a no vote about ten points about ten points What the difference in HORIZON North Dakota and she was already endanger their clear mechanical Missouri voted. No, She already was trailing slightly in the polls likely to end up being a big time issue and they Joe Donnelly in Indiana same Deal voted. No. These are all big drumstick Then you did have Joe Mansion West Virginia devoted gas. Yes,. By the way is almost certainly going to be re elected on back at this again I've been taking a look at and how much this boat meant and those particular states an average about ten points.
Yea or nay, because those are pro tromp broke, Abner states so the Senate almost certainly going to stay, but still the house, you take a look in a cage guinea. The policy check decide to take a look at everything. Right now does not look good for Republicans Psych Republicans are patients somewhere the neighbourhood of about thirty losses, which would be enough for Democrats to take control the house But I continually have people say that they'd just don't see that happening. They don't see happening, they don't see it happening. My question is This is what I'm working, because, again I base everything off of information. Are we add an inflection point in american history? Is this number four Is Donald Trump as a catalyst, TIM Bein, the disruptor president of the United States, then this Our situation. Is that analogous to what we win through.
Any of those other examples, not the great depression, not after nine eleven, but if Looking for a copy, absolutely could point to made United ain't right There are so many similarities, right now booming economy, what's going on right now, in fact, our unemployment rate is much lower than in eighteen. Eighty eight. And you have the President well he's as popular as Bill Clinton, but then again he actually isn't specifically the issue here, except that they made him the issue We ve had the more investigation we ve had the get trump effort since before he even took office that would serve Lee, though it has risen to the level of impeachment. Yet because Democrats or not and control the house could be analogous you throw cabin on the mix? Maybe, That is too
This is also something that I am working on right now. Is there a chance? Republicans really might gain is this year? Is this that much when a dime than inflation point american history or things are different. Historically, ninety two percent Chance Democrats when more seats than not this year, but there's an eight percent chance. That they don't for reason. Are we in that window working? in that conversation coming up next, I'm Brian Mud Info Right one month
I mean who does it? to be a part of that movement is all I'm saying I mean come on. I note that the kind of people that you want to be and its quality time with well you're out having a life today that was going on be paid protesters there. Heckling now and then harassing Joe Mansion, who is a yes Joe Mansion, be republican and waiting water. That is good I have no idea, but the Joe man should, of course, has been the most moderate Democratic Senate mentioned after between sixteen election, that he would consider it considered. The party flip
governor, the democratic governor of West Virginia deadline. So the question is: is mansion ex? Maybe he wins reelection here in any goes ahead, an end as the foot Bethink butter, mentioning in the previous segment. There's the potential we could be an inflection point in american history, one in which the norms don't apply. I'll drop being present. The United States night you're typical president, and movement that he learned twenty. Sixteen, not your typical moment what just happened with bread Cavenaugh that could. Certainly. Aid. The argument that war in this inflection point the things are different. This is not your typical mid term elections cycle. Provide a little more fuel for that fire. If you want to embrace him, some ban I've never seen again. I'm a student of history numbers student of information The point age began in the nineteen thirty's
so we have in common about what we ve been interested in. What we ve been into for mid term elections, since the late nineteenth darting. Never once not ever as the most important issue to the average boat or been the United States Supreme Court. It's come up really high and presidential elections. It was the number three issue on election day. Free issue an election day. Twenty six same rights number one number one right now. According to the Pyrenees, her centre, seventy Six percent of Americans say that the Supreme It will be on their mind when they go to vote. However, there and passion to vote now We are still just you: a month away from election day, people are sick. Old things can change cabin. I gets confer tomorrow, maybe the level of priority comes down
has been taken off the table. I guess we can say- or maybe people are still that motivated by because hey We could have others Supreme Court justices that come up here over the next couple of years, right that remains to be seen but we are seeing right now in some be internal data, that's available. What's driving us that's different than ever before? You have these Supreme Court dimension and then it goes to healthcare. Okay, so after that which, by the way, does that changed the dynamic at all, so we're in this window of time that is different and any time that politics that people are different, the outcomes absolute. Have the potential to be too so, as we are now, just over a month away from election day, you take a look how many elections are out there that could,
The outcomes changed by seven percent seven percent, and that is the potential for what happen if there were a red wave that came out of this right now, if you had seven percent that moved because a president tromp, because of the economy because of the progress or may because they are tired of what Rihanna this country, because a backlash about brick habit on Eagle Wine, seven percent and the first hour I mention that in this entire Cavanaugh process, entire process from being day after he was nominated until today: seven percent movement top to bottom in terms of public opinion,. On whether or not we should confirm Brett Cavanaugh
that is really what were. We cannot hear. Those are the people that are persuadable, but seven percent encompasses a bunch of elections. This country, usually voter enthusiasm is exaggerated, because only sixty four percent of eligible dollars or even registered about in the first place- and we The mid term elections? Well, I mean typically have around forty percent actually shocked about. So we You tend to open bake a bit too much in but our enthusiasm this in that, but it so lately has the potential in this type of an environment, to make the difference which is why it's absolutely critical you wanna make a difference. You get your butt out there in your vote Did you find those seven percent. You use this potential inflection point in american history. Get out there and you try to make a difference. We do have a different landscape, all they are on the point. In the end, the top level number
their discussed yet, but it has the potential to be and we're a little more than a month away. So that is what your in store for you get out. There make a difference if your inclined, unlike those, angry people that were Paden and shouting that your mansion the hearts and minds. I don't think it's going to win the hearts and minds there is this window of opportunity a moment in time, One faction point issues that matter more that never matter before in mid term elections cycles. So what are you gonna do with it and I the. I want to give you a heads up on something that you definitely definitely should go ahead and he on your dvr If you don't already haven't life liberty and LE then Eastern Box NEWS Channel Sunday night going to talk about the media. And what am I all Tom pays best in the since my opinion, Mollie Hemingway from the federal there's going to be one big. Yes, on the show I ve ever de la been Sunday night,
Eastern Fox NEWS Channel aren't coming up. To continue this conversation, get some of your thoughts as well. Is this an important point, eyebrow mud and for the great one Mark Levin
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code live in Europe and globally atrophy tyranny but my Golovin show now at eight seven, seven, three eight one three eight one one I met with judge Cabinet for more than two wow hours in my office. I listened carefully to the testimony at the committee hearings. I spoke with people who knew him personally, such a condom, lease of rice and many others. Don't let the approach the lack of enthusiasm in her voice for you. Susan garlands had our finest moment. In fact, and I Phil shocked by it be final moment.
Think any United States Senator is at least that I have witnessed still almost beyond belief. If you did not catch. Susan Collins, her speech earlier today, is definitely a must, listen and watch so I'd take it in for sure I she really ended up by laying down a one some of your thoughts. Let's go to Nettie in Anchorage Alaska, and I met understand that your eye you're a little higher on Lindsey their non susan at this point. Well, Dan Coy by and of a senatorial moment because I think quite Lindsey they last week it wasn't on the before the Senate than them all the trappings but They made those Members on that Judiciary Committee, aided ether, spillage their them exactly what they need to hear. I don't think they pay any attention to it, but he took a stand in the heat of battle.
He didn't wait to see which way the wind was blowing that car The way I look at it, and I think that I'm going to say that they never Trumpery switch Susan Collins was one reason we're Caskey was one and Jeff Like was one. I think that they have seen the attendance at trumps rallies. These he's been, they had four or five lost count. He liked the energy Germany, I think, be enthusiasm in those rallies when president trampling meant- the cabin eyes name, I'm sure you heard that too, and so did this plan, Susan Collins for her speech, today, but I really wanted to say how much I admire Lindsey, Graham for really helping them to bear to really say what needed to be said to those members of the Judiciary Committee. There were acting well, they are, they all have their sport.
I think, but, but actually so that you can be proud of a budget. I would agree with. You is probably Linsey grams finest moment as well. Are you talk about the five o clock? Our five o clock proximately eastern time tomorrow? We're gonna have this vote and day was the price waiver like eastern time that Lindsey, Graham a week ago yesterday ended up by having that particular moment where we sped up now are respected, I disagree with you just in terms of ham influencing in this particular case, Susan Collins. She was so Prince What in detailed ass she laid out? I dont think there was anything that you going to be swayed by virtue of simply be pragmatic, yet emotional plea of Lindsey, Graham, but ultimately America take anything away from him. It really was a pretty incredible moment, but speaking of LISA Mc Caskey, I'm interested in you take a given that you are in Alaska, She voted no. Today the heat is being put on her. Ultimately, what are they
applications in Alaska? Does she have a chance to to win her next election. If she I'm going down this path. Well, I wish I knew the exact answer that Brian judging from but the very popular radio radiation afternoon from three to six up here. I listened most every day and believe me, the people. I can't Very many calls made me one hand for for LISA all the other calls have been. We hope she both for a cabinet ok, it's gotta be interesting to see what happens there. I actually think there's an outside chance that she ends up becoming abode in the affirmative tomorrow. I know that the earlier today, in addition, you heard voting no two in debate. He also indicated that he was in the right place at the right time for this country. But then she walked back. This later in the afternoon after she started getting some of the response in so I shall
an interesting one to watch tomorrow, although it should the likely be a formality which gives her covered by the way, because say you can go ahead and early summer cowskin and vote in the affirmative, because the second alter the outcome. I almost certainly tomorrow are go to Dan Dan is in clear water for to day and welcome to the show. Thank you, sir. Hey I'm, I was watching and listen to us in our current speech today and at first I was gonna stand. I was amazed. I was impressed and empower wind, her speech. I started going this damage control and I started gone out. I mean the american public and importantly to the Democrats, the independence for getting angry and they need to lessen the damage and they did the one damage control they would lessen the damage to them. That's what I saw I think fit actually horse her speech was scripted sheet
not speak like the protest was written some rather, I think that that was genuine. I think that they will really running damage control in trying to you take the anger directed that they righteously have towards them, and lesson Where I can't necessarily go along with that the level of detail, starting from the very moment that she d It did what happened at the time of the nomination is seen details chronicled, every everything, bad, she thought ran a foul, and I don't know that she would have had the level of detail you're just trying to rally here in the eleventh hour to try to save face for the moderates and the Senate. I got the sense that what took place today was truly the ball and and really was something that she was, that serious about every step of the way and in throughout the process, including, as she pointed out, with all her other previous votes. So I
Here, what you're saying, but I'm just not in on the conspiracy thought process that Susan Collins, it was not the up and up by a really I got the sense that does she was sincere and genuine throughout her speech. Go to rise. Raj is in Virginia welcome to the show hello. Thank you so much. I do so appreciate your very strong emphasis on the infliction point that I believe we are at an collection point, but not just in the political arena. Even a financially arena, even the head arena
red or change the curvature is increasing and do all the trains and I'm looking at her strong red wave on another point you mentioned about our knowing more about our political system. It has to do with what's happening locally in DC. Few people know that the two at large seats are to be held by the opposing party, so both have to be the Publicans and that's why that's not seat these. He can't election those who important to a tank. You very much for all the two said, and I agree wholeheartedly with you- I'm guessing the yours, big of a door desire. Are you and analyse the eye, I've been an engineer, all my life. Okay, I had a feeling that it was somebody who was
They are a similar type, a thought process anyway. I'm not an engineer, though, not by a long shot. I came in change attire, effective way, just as my doubt about that. That was one of the moment where I met my background is in financial analysis and in business outside of radio bananas One year's love what I do, but but the I kind worked here. The path that way and what I ended in doing is taking financial analytics in very stiff, algorithms in and formulas and figuring out there, If we have history, we have information, we can do a lot of different things in life with them beyond just financial markets, for example. So anyway, good self praise she let's go to fill.
Is in Vegas welcome to the show good afternoon near the two things that I took away from that when I was watching everything this whole process with my wife, the first thing when we saw the doktor giving her testimony, we felt sorry for we really felt that she was emotionally disturbed and there we thought there was probably all plethora of reasons for that. Obviously, so sexual molestation, maybe one, but that we felt pity we didn't kill anger. I have no animal towards the woman, but I think the biggest take away on this was the the battery. The third Democrats expose themselves to the process that they would go to to prevent something that was normal within. You know the process at the government and there should be some we can pass from these attorneys tour directed to her by Diane. Fine sign who had an.
Towards President chop and hid things from her like her being able to be interviewed in California where we wanted. This is the thing that needs to change. And the judiciary buried the procedures and the penalties, not necessarily innocent victims, like Doktor Ford, LA really think she is, but the people who will be high, that in directing it in and corrupting our gut and I'm angry, because I don't see anything on it. NEWS show talking about how the wrong people are gonna, be punished. I'm going to agree with our group Seventy five percent, your point here I do want to ask you specifically you say that you're not angry at at Christine forward here, will you feel that she did anything wrong by going under oath?
and involving herself in this process, and that she was one hundred percent certain that brick Cavanaugh sexually assaulted her or here's. What we don't know. We don't know what was said in her sessions or therapy sessions. I dont know that some fairest or some lawyer may have, author into it. You know when you bad exposed in your that vulnerable member, can be created all over the place. I've been reading all kinds of articles about. That's why I don't know enough about the woman to be What I know one asked is it: I can see that she was used by people who gave no enough. I mean if it that big of a problem Diane Feinstein, whether blotted out day one she knew that that wasn't provable and courts knew that the longer she waited the bigger political bang, she was gonna get out of it and putting the attorneys who hated trot began with an in charge. She knew there was no lose situation, while the boy did she calculate wrong
you're saying I e bring up a lot of compelling and interesting points. I still can't get there in terms of her having necessarily been co worst, into this mindset remember she's a professional the field I may not. After all, I mean as part of her credibility. Was telling us about how you know, emotions are stored in and memories are stored in the Hippocampus Was that they only one by the way when she pulled out there went seriously. Tell your attempting to establish your credibility as a witness. It was one of those What's the like? Ok, you signal as part of our tactic easier but but anyway I still feel she's counter. Would you go under oath you're? You involved in this so you say you're one hundred percent certain you provide all these witnesses in the thing, that's too, if she was going to end up being coerced by some months, I psychologist, but that These are the members that you really had? Where was she of. Did all those names that she provided as the witnesses that certificates, for somebody who is a third party that would have been involved in,
that process to to instil in her. I just can't quite get there otherwise, very compelling and interesting thought our aid. I am Brian Mud in for the great work The conduct of left wing dogma groups and their allies in this body have shamed us all. The fix was in from the very beginning Before the was even dry on the nomination, The minority leader announced that he would oppose Judge Cavanaugh nomination with everything he's got this It, should gradually everybody who know how it has been born surprises here. The basque couple of weeks.
Lindsey, Graham, the rock, solid pillar of constitutional conservative principles you. Ve got Susan gallons, laying down hammer and chuck He's got shoes, I mean you'd ever did God Mcconnell bottle. I bill Mcconnell, he as an amazing way of just annoying the crap out of you, For months occasionally years, and yet just one eye what what is it that we need to do? to talk you into retirement, Mr Mcconnell, that's where we end up with it, but then he asked those moments like once every couple years AIDS like- and that was amazing. All this week, single most important important person watchments become. Every step of the way he did what he needed to do. I just remind in gonna, get it get the vote I mean so anyway
it's a vapor restoring moments for folks who are on the right to take a look at the party go wow law. These people said they still might, but Nevertheless, they have had many of them very strong moments here of late now. Ansell boredom something happen yesterday that became national news, have a way of exporting alot of stupidity turns out for number in for Marco then, and I'm in West Palm Beach. Now this happened in Boca witches yeah city that is further south in palm beach. Counting yesterday in the Palm Beach Post was covering this. And as soon as they did wow this, proud, as they put it every terrorism Boca which, by the way, if it was faint, fifty people, fifty that's being generous but anyway speaking, to occur, retirees in Boca Raton John Paul Stevens Thursday said that a court nominee Judge bread, M Cavanaugh, boosting
and once allotted in one of his books, not belong on the Supreme Court steam heads, a lifelong republic who is known for following the liberal side of judicial Roy. Thank you have bank Pretty is given on one of his rulings in one of his books, blah blah blah anyway. Here's the deal- I do credit palm Beach posed by the way, for always being somewhat honest. Saying that he, now to follow the liberal side of things. Let me give you an idea of the media x in this country and I don't have to tell you that, but is really easy to information early and am ethically tell you who, in White John Paul Stevens, is because any time you can find a republican and it's a lifelong republican. When giving idea about John Paul Stevens, former Supreme Court Justice, he is too the republican Party. What Stephen
Where is the right to the republican Party? You see the briar liberal from San Francisco and got yes Tango, Stephen Briar No, why? Because a heavy Danny level check of the Washington University schoolboy Supreme Court database, one back in compared the voting records I won John Paul Stevens to others. And core justices he sort with guess who eat with most commonly you guys, did Stephen Briar. Imagine that and I can even put a number to it you're running John Paul Seasons, the lifelong Republican Supreme Court Justice, who said that haven't, I should not be on the court on Harrison, split decisions,
in his time, as is Supreme Court justice. He was seventy nine percent liberal twenty one percent conservative and again to give you an idea, Stephen Briar, exact same split. In that way, one step further wanna know how liberal John Paul Stephen suit. Happily, the brick Cavanaugh should be other spring court conservative. This guy really is. If you compare voting records, and the United States Centre right now on Parson splits what are you a senators? Forty more conservative that are Democrats. John Paul Stevens, was as the Supreme Court Justice, that was interesting to see? The stories once artifacts accounting numbers are born. And I was more people actually did their job Amelia Brian, The end for the great one market
easy now run underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a non described filtering. We once again made contact with our leader damage a man. Preppy painting do tat, really dollar dollar career. I think American, what the government they will be taken dragged someone might have an offer. The mud everything fell MIKE and had been so well regarded by. Seventy people put thirty Then, who the? How could I not dragged through the mud, go and that's what I've been talking about right along a vagabond as eyes with you? you go Tuesday? That was the entire premise of what I was hearing during the course of the show. This entire Cavanaugh thing was not about
supreme Court. He was not about break avatar. It was about all of us because if they could take downright cavanaugh the accusation or accusations without any evidence, without any evidence and wages presume. If we don't like you, you're guilty we're all screwed we're all group in that Is that the end of the story, and so the single most important thing that has happened here is not that brought Cavanaugh is about to be approved for the, sprang toward the United States, this The most important thing is that the presumption of guilt was an accepted here. That was far more, then again it's a razor thin margin were riding on right. Now we are that close that close to votes today through the presumption of guilt being the new way that we do things here in this country I could you imagine. Could you imagine how embolden people would be back just towards politicians but
If somebody got sideways with your work, somebody got sideways Your kids school, I mean that's. What's at stake here, so much more aids, Am I I I am your friend here in South Africa, do morning show in was Palm Beach W Gino. I a midmorning showed a view I o in Miami, and it is always an honour and a pleasure to be able to pinch and fill in for the great one Markel then, by the way, the audio there. But you just heard that was Rhonda Santas Rep, I can give an a candidate and my buddy from Fox NEWS, radio, Ebon Brown on the best in the business. Shut up with IRAN earlier today and in Sydney that clip it is about so much more as RON correctly pointed out. There's something else involving want to, and this is something that point out around this state yesterday
but it's something that is a bigger issue for everybody, for everybody marks dad Jackal event got new book, our police, beautiful boy and its illustrate it's perfect for your kids. Kids, our police go ahead and do the pre ordering do it on Amazon and if you don't do it by the end of the show, I am bound to activate Alexa in and make Alexa do it for you, so our police, by Jackal them what's going on. With the place in this country in an yeah. I know what happened in Illinois today in my dad I said that there are few people worse than a backup, but few people you'll ever find that are better than good cops and we have hundreds of thousands of good cops every day. The good work that make it happen and that have to deal
with a frappe that is thrown their way by our media and by so many now want to use them for political purposes. You think about it. We gotta work ever Are we doing about deal the boss? So we got this meeting. Those are our big problems. When you're a cop and you put on a badge and go to work, what are their biggest problems? We have the luxury of being a man. I really don't want to go this meeting today because they put under badge and they put their lives on the line that is what's on the line here in this country and look at all the attention that a bad cop best convicted gets. But what you don't hear about folks. They sacrifice everything and there's something that happened here yesterday. That crystallizes this perfectly for the entire country, now Son Sentinel today an idea of just grand scheme of awful are they stand.
One of their major endorsements today was the glowing endorsement of Debbie, while some so on the grand scheme of of of sucking. They are all the way there. Ok, they're the people that hold the Baghdad that make the case for Debbie was an insult. So it is b consider this horse thing, but I want to illustrate some points here. Is an excerpt from an article. Yesterday police Union endorses Republic in Rwanda Santa's for governor for years. After endorsing Democrat bottlenecks are from the store, a major union for police officers to afford a police, benevolent Association as endorsing republican ROD disadvantage for governor Years ago now a. I endorse the democratic nominee for Governor Charlie Crest and waved people's Charlie,
crest, poorly dressed literally, has been everything politically and in our state if you're not knowing he curly as a Democrat, but is serving out the Saint Peter area, but that was my tie. My he actually was a republican governor and inform them Rubio rain him out of the party would happen anyway. Knowing and Wednesdays endorsement of the scientists, the p ba. Residents said this Santas would be the kind of governor Who would stand up for what he asserted are unfair efforts to malign police quote? the men and women of law enforcement want to tell oratorians thereon dissenters. Has our backs battle I am proud to announce that we have his back said they, the p a president. In its endorsement of dishonest is Where did that police had been treated unfairly in recent years, so their quote from the president of the border police benevolent
Association as we have seen in the past few years, police have been scrutinised, we're doing their job and kit to the curb myself. Interest groups, media and politicians. Which have resulted in the rise of law enforcement officers being killed or assaulted, and duty. He said Andy A boy boils here: buggy ever you want to refer to this poser. That pretends to be an objective journalist. I wrote this garbage for the sun signal. He ended the article with this. He didn't offer examples of how scrutiny of police has resulted in police being killed or salted. I too call myself down. I am only show yesterday at one point I was actually yelling. I had a mother said their children in the car, but you know what this is, that big, a video
Because if we don't have good cops, what happens in this country its game over its came over and part of what made me so upset what was going on? long after the whole cabinet thing broke loose ignored in. I was tracking Islands towards police officers remember before the whole Catherine. Thing, even if he had the Dallas Cowboys and they wanted to honor. You know the the so are murdered d and wouldn't let them in all that, and I started being more aware of what was happening to police officers in this country. I notice that there had been escalating violence is actually started. A weekly series that I do here and sell for that cracks the violence against police officers. And here you have the one posing as a journalist,
has the audacity to say he didn't offer examples. Have our scrutiny of police has resulted in place being killed or salted? Well, I got it for you, You might sucker what you do. My now do Homework might now want to because it would disprove the nonsense narrative, but he advanced. But here's what's real. In this story. Remember this is the border police, Benevolent association and about politics? Is it Nor Democrat four years ago for governor their endorsing one dishonest, the Republican this year. So obviously it's because it matters more now right now they fill in the blanks here since twenty ten. Five hundred and seventy three police officers died in the line of duty, five hundred seventy three
They last made a political endorsement. Those five hundred seventy three officers, three hundred and forty were killed. Three forty killed, And until this week. We had in. This is the audacity of this person Ryan this article informed about the full force of police, benevolent Sosius Whittemore officers dynamite duty afforded than they had their say in the country. This is how bad it is, and yes, this is specific to Florida what's going on across the country. He has the audacity to eat an offer examples of how scrutiny employees has resulted in police being killed or salt now. Ironically, it is exactly exactly what the president of the
the police. Benevolent Association was saying when he may be endorsement within, kicked to the curb by special interest groups by media by politicians And it's exactly why I started this year is that I did couple years ago. And in the grand scheme, of choosing sides. We ve now burden put in that position. Yeah, every now and then you're gonna have a bad cop, get a hunt hundreds of thousands of people from any background in any profession together and tell me you're not going to find a bad apple, but almost every one of all good p, that put their lives on the line every single day for us, and it is, our responsibility. Now, more than ever to back the badge and spread the word Getting better is getting worse.
He's got. A crap is going on a media. If we. Have good folks. Be police officers that put on their bad shall leave their families and, by the way just this year seventy widows, seventy widows, seventy people that have lost their spouse and line we had more than a hundred children that have lost apparent in the line of duty stories. There never told. But if we don't have great folks a pick up that badge put it on but feel that uphold. Gold void, the rest of it. The matter not the other way. The left is systematically two and through our society to support your police back them. It's about a hell of a lot more than politics. Ambrosch mud in, for
They want more ban, creating a world wide web. Oh yeah, oh by the way Just some of what place have to deal with this talkin about the importance of supporting.
Our police, because of what he goes on out there as the Gonna grab. They are dealing with today in the capital, as you had the protesters every now and again from a political sit movement standpoint who doesn't want to be part of that way, leave ideology by the wayside from one of the things I ve never been able to get my brain around. How especially young people go. Yeah Those people make a lot of sense. I should be deal. I should be part of that now, let's be real problem. Ah there, those folks in DC are put prose their paid these, our folks who don't have lives the rest. We get to work. We have lives and we can only go about our business letter. The Dame go. Ok, that's what the losers are up to today. Yes, Israel at the losers were to today the losers that go out there and they get paid, and in many cases they are getting paid more if they are willing to get arrested. So yes, they did. They are those people, but nevertheless
just in terms of winning hearts and minds its fascinating now stir segments talking about police talking to law enforcement and you ve, had? Obviously this immigration debate has gone on for ever Andy seemingly now resolution inside, but the other aspect of That conversation that often has ever like refugees, and I have long had my focus on refugees for a couple reasons- one is principle and the other the implications of refugees now it was made, though it wasn't big and the new cycle, because obviously we know what the new cycle has been, but I was made that we ended up having the fewest refugees in decades, licence? Nineteen, seventy five. According to the State Department, oh my gosh, we're not importing you not even more people into the United States and pain for all that to happen
according to PBS at the end of August, nineteen thousand eight hundred ninety nine refugees have been brought in over the fire eleven months compared to Forty five thousand now anticipated Spain, my gosh, and that was about thing right and then they went on to about how we're only anticipating thirty, three and being brought in next year. Oh, my gosh, that's just terrible! Now here's what is often not discussed the implications, the implications. When are we going to be compassionate to Americans before we try to be compassionate to the rest of the world? Here's the way towards what you're not told we, as taxpayers, pay the brain. The refugees into the United States, average cost tens be around fourteen thousand hours per refugee and, according to this for immigration studies, they typical emigrant, guess what so they get here where they live. On government assistance or a minimum of five years and the average five year cost per refugee sick,
four thousand three hundred and seventy bucks now you're ready your how much it costs to relocate a refugee into a safe? So if we can vault a thousand fifty seven bucks, so it can actually relocate price. Sixty four refugees into safe zones without importing them into the United States and by the way. Ninety one percent of refugees. We bring into the United States end up on food stamps and sixty eight percent off in the preceding ongoing welfare other programmes made available. Now, how compassionate is that, today, we found out that we have the lowest unemployment rate in many decades. Three point: seven percent: how is it that we made progress with? those that have been long term unemployed, those that had the toughest time, those that were not as educated, that order How have we made improvement in young unemployment? Anybody Think that maybe
cracking down on illegal immigration, not bringing then refugees to compete for entry level. Work might make a difference, something that's never discussed back on June seventh. Last year I actually the case for how it could happen. We have seen over the past year plus exactly that. Is it we're near the entire reason. No, but it absolutely is part of the reason boy automatically suggest that we have a responsibility and tat kind of cost to import people in to compete against the most vulnerable in our society if you're really cared about most vulnerable in society, you'd give them the opportunities. That's what Donald Trump has been doing his policies once again, omission is the most pervasive form: a bias in enemy. Two sides, the stories one side effects, I'm Brian Mud and for the
one more. Move straight marrow badge. You have a guide markov in call him now eight hundred seven, seven, three hundred one three, eight one one ultimately the existing evidence, including the statements of three alleged eye witnesses named by doctors or refuted Knocker, Ford's version of the facts. Spunky should gradually heads of Jews, laughter I can't be the only one who thought during the four Cavanaugh hearing a days ago that the ship had sailed, pulling apartments, or here you always water in his he away here, right there check but many rose and engage in this way. A dozen years in the tank
there's an Collins, I mean who would have thought ball She lays down the hammer Lindsey, Graham might play bees. Bardic I mean it's been in an impressive showing by some of the maybe the least likely suspects and the republican rights. Are get to some of your thoughts here earlier this our talk about police, the importance of supporting them, now more than ever, given everything that they face, terms of danger in our society, along with a media and politicians that are complicit in gwynplaine politics against their interests. Often we have Brian from Greensborough, brine, retired cop. Go. Aid, not everyone is eight about I'll get them good. I had started law enforcement Two thousand ten and just recently got out back in
and I decided to open my business and the main one of my main reason, for it was because of the the hostility towards police assassination in general, did I not idea some of what you came across in the field. Adele was aunt Theresa when they came after the Confederates statues, down ass and drank RAM North Carolina. Without was IWW from Durham at the same rally. He knows I'm dealt with people look at you he offered. Is there to you because you're a police officer, then I've been workin when other officers have been killed. The line of duty.
And in what is the response in the media when he gets me in terms of what you see with politicians, what you here in the media compared to what you lived it out, You see the hostility in on the media, I dont labour traded which dares to train a bad job. They cops. They always do something and I work with a lot of good police officers. Just like you were talking about that did the best they could, with the circumstances that you know they were in now in this day and time and they still treat people with respect and dignity just like they should be treated. When they were being treated that weight of sales appreciate o Brien. I appreciate your service, sorry that you you and I believe, and because their circumstances best wishes to you in your business, gives you a bit of an idea. He actually reminded me
and appear and from my what my buddies couple weeks ago, have a lot of police officers that they keep up with, and One of them is story just recently. There was a year as a family and to sit in two kids, husband, wife and african American. Why police officer they ran a red light? and he said he was gonna, give him a warning. They clearly ran it, but. Didn't in their being dangerous. He was simply gonna pull over and warning Oh, he pulls him over. He approaches the car. And not only is the driver, the father cussing at him- Kids, which he estimated to be maybe round
eleven years old were flippin him off and cousin. Madame too. Now, these stories are untold not publicly correct. Some, like this happens every day old time. You have folks who put their lives and the line all the time national news everywhere big deal. What happened with the bad cop in Illinois convicted today, or you don't hear the fork upset it been killed in line a duty over the past week and their families, the widows kids without fathers- that's what's real, it if not for us than then who's it going to be do I say again, I recall, is a good one, but hundreds of thousands, almost all the more and God bless him because, if not for them, where are any of us or any of us.
And I see a believer ex again in right now on the line of the police officer I'll go ahead and go right to you, you get to the front line because your another place, wanna, hear from you I'm in go. Are you tonight? I do fantastic, not just one or two comments that I have to agree with all your thing. I've been in law enforcement over six years and its if would come from my department, you, you just see a thing: Please can we will be around a college down, fell so everything that the media puts out toward us. Your definitely feeling it especially the younger generation who, been taught that way and if, like one interaction after another, where you're trying to change that. God bless you man, hand the folks who serve with you there s one thing I'll, tell you in a again. I do this series down here and south order. Every week I will tell you that there is a lot of support. Can.
The silent majority that came out in May Donald Trump, President elected more. Republicans top to bottom, the United States of America in twenty sixteen than at any other point, since one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight a lot of us out there like bugs that that really do get it and that do support. Yet I know just often isn't depicted and the media, and certainly with many politicians foot, but those days draw. In an thank you guys were all you do. Lee is appreciated. I was skiers, go back to Senator Collins and her big day Joe and gains Vel Florida Joe go Hey Joe Joe Europe. Joe you're you're you're up, let's go to Glenn in Springfield Illinois Glenn go Did you hear the good yeah we got. You ok, hate partake of my commoner. Thank you for all. You do. I'm cold
some central or no I'm I'm proud to say that Springfield is my home town, that's what I'm calling from, but I'm I'm afraid to say: I'm not proud. Durban is from my home town I heard some of the comments that he made the other day face to face two Brent care at all, and I was appalled that there's no respect their no, no professional demeanor, nothing! I think that the german and and and I'm saying it I want to his constituents- frankly, oil annoy Durban, I assume an apology and out- and I I credit Senator College refreshing- that she took the time to sit down with this man and get a one on one per guy conversation with it. I give her credit
no doubt all her final moment and you're absolutely right about Durban and all the others. Jimmy how many politicians we started with the church humor today in the church Emma sexual assault allegation line he before we heard or anything from from Christine Ford before we had any facts, presented, said that he people her and what happened in this country in part because of people like the Durban because of people. I touch him who said that they be her. That's all part of the damage that was done in this country to go to Anthony and New York Anthony GO. How are you they might clarify a great shout I just wanted a damned finally, private, the Republicans
I have been, but I'm really finally got it out again. They started fighting back Look I gotta like karate kid number three hundred for what major me, I D got out not eating. How may buy back against the bullies and these democratic didn't expect this debate, They got out of hand to them, so out of them, you got an interesting, take here this is not something that's been advanced elites in my presence before I'm I'm interested me again, you take you think. That potentially Donald Trump being Donald Trump. Maybe bided thee. Necessary juice for czech ground, play? The figure out that he's now watch job or Susan Collins ago, holy cow? I do have a backbone for Lindsey Grand too I don't know it actually intend to be Spartacus. Is that kind of what you're you talk about here?
Absolutely because I mean, if you remember, when some first came out every time. Every time you would say something everybody everybody would go hide under rugs, I'll come and go back and standing up, and I mean maybe I mean I can't believe I'm asking you picked a beehive and then to women's captain. It I hope you. I hope you know that, if a welcome to Walmart once you get to the once, you get thrown out of the not directed against o at that time, I am up and doing the right thing are you lay Walmart deserves better, but I appreciate that that's really really compelling thought it could call Anthony in New York there. But day in New York. For a moment. Let's go to Frank Frank: spend extremely patient of rank, go yet right, but I would just like to say I support the
formation of Justice Brett Cabinet, but I just want to find out. I have been thinking about this the whole entire week, which road these democratic senators. How can they keep believing the stories from the lady but We actually dont know what the procedural issues are in the Senate beat all understand what they are talking about when their accusing bread cabinet things they have no actual physical evidence in regard. The capital has showed every bit of evidence, is proven where the timeframe, where he's been and what he has done. His life and they continually for some reason. That what they hear from this woman is actually And the thing whether it is or is not what I believe I am sorry, MR might I may five borrowed them
I from the city of New York. I have a different understanding of different things, but I feel very sad that these democratic centres in Congress confuse any in to what their think and feel about bread, cardinal as a whole. I think they should give this one last chance, and then we will see if they were right and of their wrong. They should actually think about resigning. Interesting very interesting call there. I now understand, given your political disposition, why your inclined to travel down the bad that given them one more chance? My my ultimately is? I am a bit more of may be cynical, which is in a day eight its theme by any means necessary and Diana politics trumps all upon intended by Thursday night, especially coming from a democratic to hear that the on principle. You think there comes a point and we're close to a tour. These people should resign
all right, I am by mud in for the great one, thirty six years ago. This one beer right, I had one via well, you think was not. There was one very good. How did you get home? I don't really how'd you get there remember. Where is the place? I don't remember years ago was it I don't know. I don't know I don't know, I don't know what neighborhood I don't know where's louse upstairs downstairs. Where was but I had one beer yonder, the
Are you not entertained? It's amazing. It's a may. I mean I Very real right, that is the course of the rally- was that one, the Mississippi Wanna play Tuesday night, where everybody Susan Collins, who is amazing today was like I shall inappropriate, wasn't or here is the irony behind it, because pump is always crazy and out of control like a genius. What did he say? That's not true anybody about it Anything he said there will be an incredibly entertaining. Was any of it, not true the fascinating way of being able to cut through the bs in a purely trompe anyway way. And you take a look at where we say: you're ready for a score Cartier for a moment, pretty remarkable people.
Also there are marking money, sir I've done than anybody has at the first two year. Wherever you know yeah. You know seriously get this. Nobody executive actions. Donald Trump has engaged in some It became president three hundred and fourteen. I keep up with this crap to thousand and fourteen I mean thing about how many days we ve had spring core justice tomorrow. It's gonna have his second tax reform, the hate the amount of power grass he's made, despite the obstacles in front of him truly remarkable, we have the best the economy in a generation gotta me in the generation we ve, Unemployment rate was forty seven years now, three point: seven percent, I mean he was marked care.
three percent growth economy, I'm just not possible anymore, but guess what we're gonna I was talking with us even more from heritage. One of these to economist in this entire country that get it. Ninety seven point. Six percent of economists, God be tax, cutting jobs, wrong by the way Stephen was one of only a couple who didn't you take a look at the impact of power and how quickly it has happened. Stephen was tell me yesterday wherein get another four percent plus cortical We just wrapped up, we get it is gonna, be over foregone second take it a quarter and not three or four percent growth. Donald Trump. Might you know crazy, like a genius uncontrolled,
like a genius, let's go to run in New Orleans RON, go hey Brian. Our EU logo. Listen the market then, since about three thousand. In its and then a breath of fresh air ever since then, I'm glad he has you on. I think you one of your collars and mention that Donald Trump add inspired a spine in the GEO p. I think he's done more than that. I think he cleared the playing field so that we could see everyone clearly and in the two years that it's taken For there to be enough, rope drawn out between the Russia hopes the special council at the further paid protesting,
Hillary Clinton and her denials- water, all that crap, the obstruction of the appointments that still go on hey a good. Braun appreciated pleasure been with you.
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