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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Bill Cunningham fills in for Mark. The biggest winner from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings is due process and President Trump notching another victory. But this fight isn’t over, it has just begun. The midterms are 4 weeks away and we have to decide if Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi should be in charge of Congress. Also, Hillary Clinton says that Democrats can no longer be civil with Republicans anymore. This should apply to the Republicans too. Why would they ever work with Democrats? Later, it has been reported that Rep Shelia Jackson Lee's unpaid intern Jackson Cosko who was actually paid by a George Soros-funded organization. Cosko published home addresses and phone numbers of Republican Senators.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader cutting out the great American in for their great. When Mark Levant now he's going to cut back on Monday, I have no fear. Levant is coming back taken. Some well deserved. I'm off until Monday, and I'm here tonight with you to talk about what happened a Kevin all today, he had his first real session is judge. You know my wife's in a pellet judge or know exactly the kinds of things at break: Cavanaugh through our reading the transcripts reading the Braves getting ready and did it Some of the news coverage of the clowns, the feckless- or in the derelicts who continue to protest when the judges and the Supreme Court Complex today, because they were not given
their incentivize by people. I Hillary Clinton, who gave us stoop in our view, to Christiana on Poor and which, had she said, Democrats, cannot be civil with republic. In any more quote. You cannot be civil war political party now wants to destroy what you say: for in what you care about quota celery. Doesn't it, think applied Republicans assuming route, but wanted oppose the Democratic Party and what the care about? Why would Republicans ever work were Democrats? The answer, of course, is they cannot. You cannot be, however, where the political party that want to destroy what you stand for says Hilary and a tweet that to me means it's time to declare civil uncivil war with the Democrats, which is what the true MR dead and did so well. Let's put some of this income text about two or three days ago, republican Senator Corey, gardener of Colorado on Sunday couple days said, his wife, received his wife, received a graphic text message with a video
painting a beheading after gardener voted firm bread, Cavenaugh Supreme Court on Saturday. Thousands, strangers, bought and paid for. By or sorrow storm the halls of Congress, of course, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and our protests continue today on Tuesday, unbelievable also last week. I'm her cried again turn Jackson Carrasco was charge for burglary theft of personal information? All kinds of crimes fell when he won on line and release private information about three set. Are sitting on the Judiciary Committee that Center and Lindsey Gram? Senator mightily, Utah an orange attribute all including I'm and their personal cell phone numbers and of course, Jackson Carrasco was this oh god, unpaid in turn working foreseeable, acts and lay a real clown from taxes and the truth came, He was on paid not by action Lee, but by George Soros, funded group
so somehow these laws love doing hid. Groups have hard, so called it in turns to work for the Congress and the Senate, and he has worked for senators before to dig up. Third on Republicans, being their home addresses in ship that out to many others, then of course you had two female activists bought and paid for by George Soros cornering so Jeff, like an elevator screaming at him. You had ten crews and his wife, I do, however, have a restaurant by protesters peppering the senators who questions about care now, then, early on and Junior Sarah Sanderson Homeland Security Secretary, Kirsten Nilsen during the same treatment out of restaurants, and so It's happening is the titular head of the democratic, Ray Hillary Clinton is telling us. Taste to confront Republicans ever you can find them, make their lives and comfortable house out possible how's that fair, of course it is not and so or world
for this situation, where the american people have got to choose for weeks from tonight for weeks today will be election day. When twenty eight days we have to decide whether Maxine Waters and how are you Hunton and though war hero, richer Blumenthal and in Chuck, humor and Nancy clothes. You should be in charge of the Congress or this behaviour Will become even more mainstream which to me is impossible, winners and losers. I was talking to richer cement and also vowed as earlier. They great producers in the marvel of info to talk about the winners and losers of what happened with the weather stood. I Cavanaugh on the: U S Supreme Court number, one, the biggest winter, I think, is due process in fairness, they principle, an old fashioned principle, not the mob does not rule and that the breeze I'm sure, venison supplies and that some sort of substantive and procedural due process must apply. The second big winner is my President Donald.
John Tromp nudging one more victory and his first, what twenty two months in office, the trimesters scored a hundred Democrats, have scored zero, The economy is percolating like crazy that Mexico in trade battle has been won by tromp, including South Korea. Next, to follow me, the goddess thence in Beijing and Communist China. That takes out about five hundred, billion dollars a year, so in the last ten years they ve taken out some like five trillion dollars to build their country and, at the end, they they need us alive, more than we need them. So when tromp gets done, with the Chinese is going to be the same thing when we Canada, Mexico in South Korea, now, according Erasmus and it came out today, the trumps approval writing his sword to fifty one percent, so others economy, immigration or federal judges. I could not think of a better president, then Donald John, he makes Reagan almost looked like a liberal, because, unlike
Reagan and the bushes who were pincushions this guy fights back when tromp his head. He gets back hard or what he did Nah Monday night last night, with the Supreme Court, saying that I hereby fine, you not guilty judge care you're an innocent man, anyone else Democrats with the other members of this house cord sitting there on the Republicans to me was beautiful. It was wonderful. This guy's got, Backup fundamentally has stack up. He continues to teach all about winning in Troms world. It's about the fight and you're fighting spirit. In your ability to be bear knuckle and think about this Cavanaugh Yale Middle Age Judge who educated and Yale Undergraduate and law school spend about twelve years on the second circuit? Yours court of appeals: it is not the kind of guy defied like Trump, but when they push Kevin all further and further and further Cavanaugh
look. I looked over Trump and said: that's my model, that's the guy. I want to be I never imagined that I will be middle aged judge from Yale headed Anum defied back no holds barred street brawler fashion because but Cavanaugh studied Trump. He learned from Trump, so all of his brilliance and eloquence. All of us all of his great draw girls, basketball, coaching or teaching and Harvard would not help at all. To win this fight. You had people, I Chris Wallace, a Fox news who said after that Mr Monti, that liar and she as a liar Christine, for she lied about what happened. Extremism. She was mistaken at a minimum. We might go over that later, but Chris Wallace of Fox NEWS said after she testified that it's over the Republicans, the Republicans had a bad day I'm a trial attorney. I see it all the time a witness testifies and you and you buy and hook line
thank her and then the other witness testifies. You say you know what I dont know what to believe now Cavanaugh he the innocence have not took on troms personality and he fought no holds barred, bear no and guess what Kevin all one by trump rules? He knows that, if you something here like bad enough, you gotta fight, forges Trump proved and he won the Supreme Court after Christine, for testified about the second front door and about afraid to fly and about the claustrophobia and how a changed her life and thought okay unrefuted Evans Cabinet, get up broken. You know what I thought I cannot believe Cavanaugh. I waited for the next week to transport, and I did, and the next week clearly demonstrated that Christine Ford was not tell the truth. What does she lied or not to different matter? because she said there were four witnesses. In We won over witnesses, refuted or story or
no memory of the gathering question whatsoever, the therapists notes- were critical of this in relation to the Washington Post, but not to the Us Senate Committee, she said for boys tried to raper she was in hour, late, teens and the time was, the Med nineteen eighties She says it was one boy and I was in at the fifteen, not early teens, and it was Eighteen, eighty, two, not the mid nineteen eighties and she flipped on that. Because nineteen. Eighty spread Cavanaugh not even in Maryland. He was in Connecticut, so then she said the therapists was probably accurate, but she said six years ago before politics entered the fracas. So when she's four boys tried to riper She was in early late teens what eighteen or nineteen years old and the mid nineteen eighties, what nineteen four, eighty five, eighty six that didn't fit the scenario of Bread Cavanaugh, so she flipped in change what she was saying in order to
fraud and take care of it all down, and it didn't work and the second on door was put in twenty eight and twenty nine, because She wanted her psychologists, less therapists to have an office in a direct entry into her house who knew room so the second front. Report, not because she was scared, the only one to exit, but because a her, since she wanted to run out some of her house to a small business owner, a psychologist to have a direct entryway Nicole. The other thing? Was she was afraid again on planes or boy many years testified they took single propeller planes. Why? That's? U travelled to Tahiti round. Will why travellers draw Amerika travel to South America travelling. Israel and travel to Europe. How is it swim all these places hell. No, she flew everywhere. Floating on single propeller plains, which are quite claustrophobic. If she was so nothing she said, had any relationship to reality and over there
Delay brought about by Jeff Flake, whose last name by adjective describes its character. Refute, what she said and that's why so Collins, stood up on Saturday about three o clock and gave that great speech. Never thought. I would say this. Susan Collins is a profile encourage. As is Linsey Gram, Mitch, Mcconnell, bread, Cavanaugh and, of course, the President Donald John Trump, those with a big winners and now today break of an eyes first hand: the Us Supreme Court, I'm sure he's gonna do great, but do not think for a moment that the fight is now over its only just begun. You fool, we got for more to go. I cannot imagine and America when its policy in charge of the house and Chuck humour in charge of the Senate and the vested that would be launched and all the problems that would arise so it tonight. I want to get your perspective markleham is off until Monday. He'll be back then, with some well deserved time off. The great American Vulcan the atmosphere
so. I would also like to know their Markel events day. A jackal of in has a new book I'll call to our police, our police, which is perfect for Chile Megan Amazon to order, and now our police by Jack live in the great father. A thing is, in his nineties a mark Lavinia we're back with you on Monday, but this show is yours. I wanna hear from you tonight. The number to call is Seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one! three eight one one and lastly, before I go to your calls, Stephen Colbert is someone the course that I cannot watch, but I am too then he has a rider name: Aerial Dumas: who wants Saturday night or Sunday tweeted out. Whatever happens, I'm just I had we'd Rowan bread, cabin all his life, so this clause This fool in New York, Aerial do MOSS Workin for Stephen Colbert CBS is light. Show is happy that the life
a bread. Kevin is now ruined that his wife's life is ruin. That is daughters. Life is ruin. In reality. Guess what aerial Dumas Break Cavanaugh life is not ruined, neighbours not ruin. His name is associate justice. Bread cabinet because he sat today this morning on the United States, the brain court? Where is going to be for the next thirty to forty years? But that's metalogy that were fighting with pleasant, want to take up the cause and what's happening in Portland, and did you see the reporting out what Antigua is doing in Portland, Oregon harassing individuals, strainer sections, take it over blocks of the city, the drug dealers, the druggist, the homeless. The radical left are taken over parts of Portland Oregon and then the feckless foolish marriage doing thing to stop it. Let's get your thoughts on bread Kevin all who are the winners and losers this morning, brow Kevin. All sat on the United States Supreme Court has the ninth justice or number once again is eight seven, seven
Three, eight one, three, eight one one bill Cunningham Great American and for the great one mark living Ben I want to share with you some reporting on the Wall Street Journal. This was from of this year on the Wall Street Journal. The daily diary of American Dream is that of Portland Oregon a mob surround an ice offices and South was Portland Jus nineteenth. They barricaded the exits and blocked the driveway. They sent code guards on quote to patrol the doors working for intifada trapping federal workers inside a night they laid on the street prostate stopping traffic at a critical juncture near hospital police stayed away. The orders of the idiotic mare, TED Wheeler. At this
I'm denying your request for additional resources said the mayor. The Portland Police Bureaus deputy chief Robber Day wrote to federal officials under direction of the mayor TED. We no I'm sorry, TED Wheeler he's a real plan, and so the federal workers were locked inside the federal building because and take a few hundred protestors. Would not permit ice or other federal agencies to operate inside of federal building hours later, the remaining ice workers were finally evacuated by small federal police team. That fast shut down for more than a week, they couldn't function. Complete rampant mob I once in Portland Oregon, which is similar to what is happening in San Francisco and other cities. But now the protesters in Portland are back on the streets blocking traffic. Have you seen the video several dozen. In a particularly disturbing video protesters. Take over intersections stop traffic.
Parade harass older white men in cars refused to obey their traffic directions. Portland pull he's gonna be idiotic. Leadership of Mayor TED Wheeler do nothing that reality older white men you're a little white supremacist go back to the south, no k, K, K here, etc, in one video protestors passion order: White Man, Sudan, with baseball bat after who makes a turn against their wishes. They ve taken over the street shouting whose straits our streets after they driver, zip down the street to get away from They chased after him for some reason he stopped got out of his car to inspect the damage. He is carbon unscathed, MR more damage he got back in his car quick ahead of the mob and left this emerging brand of called street anarchy has left. Asking Poland mirrored TED, Wheeler, terrain country
the city which he refuses to do less flip. Describe what difference city, maybe in the south, a whole bunch of white supremacist or black people out of their cars and beating the hell out of them or damaging their problem taken over the street jailing, whose traits our streets, what the hell would happen all hell, would break loose, wanted to happen in Charlottesville, which was a terrible deed committed upon that woman who was killed, the person response, was subjected to federal hate crime legislation. I'm sorry indictment plus arrest and he should have any killed. Somebody and I was roundly condemned, this vile she's gonna leave the shootings? I wait a minute. I forgot Steve's Lisa Louisiana was shot an almost killed by a democratic. Bernie Sanders supporter who wanted to kill republican congressman, chased out a restaurants in the enters our streets and at airports the left as mobs haven. T in all their supporters are doing so
They would Hillary Clinton and what the devil chronic party once done. Are they applying their hands for some today from tonight for weeks, we're gonna have a good idea whether this left as mob is controlling the Congress. I pray not, but I'm not so sure, So it's continue with more once again, the liner call is eight seven. Seven, three eight Three eight one one built Cunningham, american aid for the great one, what If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levine, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews. Over twelve hundred five star
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Levin My club in America's passionately, cerebral voice, talk with that voice. Now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one continue one of Europe's Marine cause. I always listen. I love Marines love what they and for my daddy was Marine John in Washington DC. I get Marines President's here. Don't cunning from our clever and John? Please go ahead I always think pretty entirely from from start to where it is now an answer, we have to agree with your opening monologue. First off Baxter stubborn thanks
In a word of honor of art, of our approach You know John Adams, you know you get just dissected it and look strictly at facts and you go off the values of the contrary that you are innocent until proven guilty is absolutely mind boggling, our people can lead to no kidding, inclusion of there's. This guy is guilty. I do know John last night, I want some of the left as media today. Talk about how unfair was that the President Claire Diana Zenda, bread cow. Isn't that what you? Yes, Andrew innocent until proven guilty, and there wasn't a case Close. Wasn't fifty one, forty nine to give you small example Rachel Mitchell, who I think that allow Your job is the prosecutor ex before the USA and Canada walked Chris. In afford down the primrose path. What when she odd question about coaching, a friend who was take federal law detector test and I am watching
Rachel Mitchell said she must know something but she knew was that the Ex boyfriend or Kirsty Ford and, by the way Christine Afford cheated on there Boyfriend is always credit cards, but I redress what one what the reason Rachel Mitchell said, those questions about coaching friend protection, alighted texture test. The under oath, through a sworn affidavit, a boyfriend Christine afforded the ninety ninety said that she could a friend of hers or female friend, preparing to take U S, government, minister polygraph exam and so practically everything that Christine Ford It was either a lie or a falsehood, whether it's the front door, the fear of flying taken aeroplanes, whether it was. Reaching someone on our lot attacked or test she did Somebody on allow detector tests so Christine afforded I did Bob little things. They lied about the big things and assuming she lie John, what does that mean, for you read Kevin all's say
the inferior status, theirs. Mean is innocent until proven guilty well without out of it at all. That is the only conclusion. One could come to a deal, absolutely sad with it for the family and the all out of beer that no kidding that back out of attack Digg is actually allowable, that that's that's terrified, You have now take take somebody pulled a lesser degree or lesser income in life or whatever the case. Maybe you'd, also that there is no coming back for something like that. There could be no coming back, whether whether it really does the mere fact that they could be absolutely balls at something like that. You know gets thrown at one and that it life is over you and Moody'S during cabin all go to get back his reputation you're in the marine corps. If some their fellow marine. A woman accuse you of rape, and there is
I haven't had took place. She don't know where it happened did know when it happened, didn't know how it happened and the four witnesses shoop supplied to be witnesses, turn out to be non witnesses, they didn't they They didn't see what she said they saw, you're still found guilty about imbalances in the marine corps. Where would you go to? but your reputation right on now. It now would be a hell of a road. It wouldn't come back. You know about them again, I wouldn't get their deprived due process would prevent it from such. I don't have to think you know John. I am an offence attorney I've been in it only general's office. What once, comes in and says I was sexually assaulted. Unlike other crimes, I tend to believe them If you come to me, and so you know so Install my shove rely, I'm not going why she knew to say what did someone still afford? No was a shiver live, so if you,
When did say my left foot, turning, I'm not gonna say what do you mean you're right elbow? No, but when it comes, actual result turned. Twenty percent of the time. There are false allegations of sexual sold that later on proves to be absolutely ally. For example, the innocents project has listed hundreds and hundreds of men I've been exonerated years later, who were wrong convicted of sexual assault. Gregory count Anne Van died, Perry Spur to black eyes Thirty, seven years in jail and false rape charges, there was no harm. Or university case were for college. You man storm or charge raping an eighteen year old fellow students it came out a year later. She made it all up and it was a lie. There are thousands of examples a woman or a man falsely accused, is somewhat of a sexual assault for all reasons I'm saying is: give bread cabin due process. The right, too examination the right to confront its accusers there,
to be in the same room and look me in the eye which the Senate denied and now that the weak took part in that New Jeff Like Oddly enough, it was a good thing: it took an extra weak because conservative media tore part. This story equestrian afford, and prove that she was either Prevaricator or liar or both, and they could prove that bread, Kevin was, in fact the innocent and not even present so but when this has happened, is that going to stop? radical love now from perpetrator, lies against bread, cabin all. The answers not just know the answers here no they're going to continue a democratic all along that. This isn't what they do not allow. The part that, just as the absolute mind boggling tonight, you know like it is it just a it. Just doesn't seem like
just any ethics laughed anymore. Nowhere, where is the moral gauge at what point do you stand up with some kind of ethical value and go? This is wrong, regardless of by Political opposition. We know. Well, you know, what's going on here, is that it's a constant fighting count. It began with Bork, then it continued parents. Tom was a little bit of Alito his cried had to leave the room with a leetle democrats? Do this the republic, but even though a lay in a keg and made several misstatements, nobody talked about perjury. Nobody talks about impeachment Lindsey Grand voted for soda my or he voted for Kagan Democrats. Do this the Republicans, but Republicans have too much character, but to Democrats when there's an odd rightist, Steichen Charlottesville that does something wrong and those clouds, those all of your a white guy urgent around a southern city would take heed torches yelling Jews than you
clown in Europe, for we can have that in this country happens on occasion, but the constant I'm bade from the left, whether its Portland temperance, fiscal or Antigua or whether the democratic Congress or whether, as those in restaurants and elevators, that chase down the Republicans its in ten times more often with Democrats and Republicans guarantee a John. The media will not cover it that way. The media every Charlottesville and they should have covered Charlottesville why they covering Wouldn T was doing in Portland Oregon. That's when I want one of they cover that out, because it doesn't that their Eric How about even sculleries gone down about a democrat hunting running down a road we can wanting that killed dozens. It was. One day story and they stop Stephen Scully story after one day hey I someone warring a mega had ever done now to a Democrat. They would follow that democratic for to talk about the daily struggles that democratic
the violence committed by republican, but when Stevens Please, who shot down like a dog at a baseball practice was one or two days story because it didn't fit. The narrative, the media drop down like a hot potato, absolutely ideal held. I remember my high school journalism, teacher God rest his soul. You know it the biggest thing he could push down everybody I welcome any ice, cold newspaper and taught for thirty years. Without a bee. Now unbiased I've decided there's Dixon, my at like, like one who does not leave her out at an end at that concept. In most journalistic circles compels not all but most is lost, whilst its now getting what political. Why do I have bad? What do I support that it needed as light
that has have never existed in american journalism. Obviously, but I mean it's just really: you know join. Lastly, I'll say this: Leland Keyser was the girl friend of Christine afford who gave a sworn statement that I don't recall the event Christina never talked about in high school. We friends for, like thirty seven thirty, seven years, she's never met to me. Leland Keyser was a name given to the authorities by Christine afforded but he who would confirm what happened on that day. A former FBI agent contacted Leland Keyser girlfriend of Christine afford and try to get her to flip an end to refute and a repudiate or sworn statement. That's all four Aren t this John Leland Keyser, the female friend Christine afford, had not given a quick affidavit. That said that didn't happen. And if that FBI, agent had flip Leland Keyser and Leland Keyser, it said well Christine Afford told me on that day-
It happened and our bedroom with marked judge red cabinet? If that happened right now, bread but I would not be in the Us Supreme Court because Susan Collins, hunger had on the fact that the witnesses provided by these so called victim did not confirm what she said, and they try every way possible to find dirt on bread Cavanaugh any such a boy scout. They could I'm anything and at the end of it, their collapsed and I think the president last night, Europe your commander in chief and my president did I job telling the country exactly how he felt about break avenue. We need more circumstances like that. John thanks for your call, and once again thank you very much your service on its content, was not with more bill cunning and the great American a phone number to call it a night. Great call from John eight seven. Seven. Three one, three, eight one, one built cunt. And the great american info, the gray one more
will be. In. Can I put the rest the idea that this present it is not normal. I hear about the norms and the presidency about norms of presidency going back to forty one read my lips: no new taxes was abnormal about the years of William Jefferson Plan, sexually assaulted Catholic Willie inside the White House, raping a broad rig having sexual issues with numerous and turns, including Monica Lewinsky, did he the norms of the presidency. Movement on board Forty three increase taxes, increased Rosa regulations, greatly I urge the role of the federal government got his of the war in Iraq, the cause for thousands of our best costs billions of dollars. Iraq has lost now part of IRAN that Bush forty three
listen to the norms of the presidencies that normal many had Morocco Dane Obama who want an MTV and talked about you seeing cocaine and other illegal drugs, while present on MTV is out the norm of the presidency. So please save me, liberal media, the idea that somehow this president, forty five is violating the norms of the presidency. Did John F Kennedy violate the norms and the presidency, when they passed off, is in turn to other EL cohorts in the White House to perform oral verbal services on them was up the norms and the presidency, when L B J lied about. Vietnam WAR, getting sixty thousand of my generation killed many murdered their Nixon light the norms of the presidency with integrating lying. Did he violate about Jimmy Carter, his mere presidency file? the norms and the presidency so place may the embarrassment of trying to convince me. Tromp. Somehow my
waiting the norms and the presidency, as if Obama and Bush and Clinton and Bush and I shall be J and John Fitzgerald, Canada and everyone else violated the norms and the presidency place. Save me now we have Sharon in downtown Pennsylvania, sharing, welcome to the mark. Levine show please go ahead. I just wanted to say thank you for noting that list of people that were profiles of courage. I totally agree with you. I also wanted to add Chuck gradually to your well tat. He really had to hold the line on some pretty strong personalities who wanted to pull any direction. They could cause much trouble as they could and I just wanted to add to the west, and that was an otherwise I really enjoy your show sharing. Thank you. Let me has shown, as your question does not the norms in our lives listening, liberal media today, because they think Trump last night vial
the norms and the presidency by being political in front of the Supreme Court, come over here. As violate the norms and the presidency have Corey Booker the one with the crazy I'm crazy eyes Poker Geneva the norms and ascended their behaviour in front of grassland front of the nation grass condoning and make an opening statement become all my hair is inquiry Booker in the war hero richer Blumenthal today, the norms of the Senate and did the aid underpin. Boy you showed up and about not around two hundred arrest inside the Senate today violate the norms of the Senate. Do you think a little bit I think they are violated in order to defend a thinker? Behaviour was extremely Hannah, and I think that you know age has no marker for maturity, and I think it was terrible. Another point and the third debate. I can recall tromp answer your question about whether he would accept the outcome, the twenty sixteen election and the third debate tromp. So
depends on what happens and he didn't give a hundred percent. Yes answer. Hillary Clinton and rural viciously attack trump for saying three weeks before the election in November I November the eight twenty sixteen that remain I may not accept the election since the action. Has Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party accepted the come thousand twenty. Sixteen election they become what they criticized I'll, absolutely and were worse earth because they are determined. You can see the devotion and dedication to things that do not bring this country together in any way. It's terrible. It's really very, very bad, and I think it as far as a about accepting the results of the election, whether it's the fishing collusion delusion or what, whether its all the other investigations because we were fully should turning general name. Jeff sessions
you should have resigned as soon as he resigned from the russian collusion delusion and as soon as he could not do, its job is attorney general. He should offered his resignation. At that moment and right now the ascendancy would not be undemocratic hands without Jones Character Outer Alabama. But what happened is that bed one trump criticised for not acting normally, if this the abnormal economy is the result of ammo abnormalities. I say tat more of it. If this then border which is being guarded by this president, is abnormal. Please give me more of it if we have the trade deficit we used to have a Canada and Mexico in South Korea. This president is corrected the trade deficit and the only reason that communist red Chinese are doing what they do, is there going after the Trump voters, the Trump basins it's like I want where the present it's gonna be tonight and and some point: the channel. Is needed more than we need them at some point, they're going to recognise that they ripped as offer
five hundred billion dollars a year and that's way too much so All this is abnormal sharing one more abnormal, because if this is abnormal, I cannot think of something better than what we have right now, I'm with you, and I also detest the fact that they will not acknowledge anything good, anything, not everyone as good and bad. They will acknowledge nothing good. The Donald Trump has done. Donald Trump never stood in front of everyone and said you know what I'm I'm perfect. You know you never did that, so he tries he tries hard. He is a hard working man for a orderly and it doesn't have to do it now. I have optimum respect for and they will not acknowledge anything, and that too, is six, make sure we're gonna run. Thank you recall from Pennsylvania juncture say get out and vote if you do
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it's got a brick house, Levine Dotcom, Brick House, Levin, dot com offered code Levin now run only underground, the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader gunning under great American and for the great one mark levantin following the leadership of James Hoskins in who shot congressmen. Staves galleys. Did you see this this morning in Minnesota? The appeal you're Minneapolis is confirming and is aware. Retweet that's been sent by teacher at an intermediate school in the area of Rosemont Minnesota. That said, the following quote so who's gonna take.
One for the team and kill Cavanaugh Code unquote, so who's gonna take one for the team in Kehl cabinet cord. Unquote, you have the left, encouraging violence encourage confrontation and what has to is a simple enforcement of the law when you have a hundred individuals combating criminal trespass at the United States Supreme Court on Food a Saturday and Sunday, something should have been done when you have intervened. I was up in the face of Senator TED crews in a tub race against a left wing extremists in Texas someone's got to charge these individuals with criminal. Us Bass and because George Soros is paying all the fines about doubling in tripling the islands and making a lot of money and make sorrows pay, could say. Whitman someone's gonna get shot but the already have- and so on left, is doing right now the left, the riots in boycotts and protest and marches in confrontations in airports in L,
nurse in restaurants and more is urging that cabin all be killed. According to the store and the wire a spokesman for the by FBI, Minneapolis Monday night. Under the bureau was aware of the tweet which read to quote so who's gonna take one for the team in Kill, Cavanaugh and, of course, the addresses of the Supreme Court Justices and you are senators, have been made public by democratic operatives. Work inside the federal government wise in this a big story. Shouldn't and mainstream media cover this as much as they cover a lot of the crap against this president must contain where there are calls us go to, let's go, two genie in El Paso taxes and Genie taxes. What
The bill Cunningham Show Please Jr, go ahead or thank you so much for taking my call one measure little nervous here. I don't get in keeping with what you just said. You cannot answered it, but I'd like to know why these people, who are running Republican, sat a restaurants getting in their faces, going to Miss MC camels house at seven thirty in the morning and shouting and demonstrating. Why aren't they arrest for disturbing of peace, because their left us and they represent the viewpoints of the political leadership in charge of the city's. Why Didn't they see, is in charge of a left wing, radical, progressive female mare, who kind of once the protesters to do it in The apple is I guarantee you? I don't know the politics in Minneapolis Minnesota but I ve been all but guarantee you and has left wing extreme politics that governs our city and weather
Portland Oregon or San Francisco or New York City, because the police department is handcuffed by the political leadership. They can't do their job in that sad makes me sick and wise, and so Mazarine Christine Ford, you lied about. Second door and the front of your house, you lied about taking an airplane. You lie about no one helping? No one ticket and polygraph test. You lie. Every party or testimony was either a fabrication. One outright lie why, someone saying less investigate Christine forward for perjury. Why not do that? One of em get the senator. I practically losing my memory, I'm so nervous. Talking to you, Lindsey Gram, Lindsey glancing she needed to be investigated of hers
That's the way, I feel will every name she supplied of witnesses turn out to be false. Every factual detail that she provided turn out to be false. I think what happened Juny in reality is that when you go to with replaced or do a doctor. You our incentivize to tell the correct story, because you are seeking help for your problem? So if tomorrow Juno you go to a doctor and say my left hand is hurting. The doktor believes what you're saying if you go to a therapist as Christine for dead and twenty twelve and twenty thirteen well before bread, Cavenaugh Percolated and she told me, purpose, that there were four boys, you try to write me when I was in my late teens and amid nineteen eighties. You know what I believe that happen, I believe something fun. Mentally bad happened there Gerstein Ford, which is why she's been seeking meant
for all these years, and probably what you told a therapist incentivize to do to do so to get help was accurate. That four boys try do rape her in early teens and amid nineteen eightys, I believe her but somehow in her mind, she had recovered memory. Instead of four boys, it became one instead of eighteen to became the age of fifteen instead of them. Nineteen eighties and became nineteen. Eighty two because Bread Kevin all was available in Maryland and ninety nine two to be around Christine Ford, but you see the media then pursue that angle. Do I think something Canada, woman, yes, and I think what you told a therapist and twenty toil twenty thirteen was accurate when she told a therapist who and in a room in our house that caused or to put the second front door in our house, so
Patients could come in and out of arouse. She accurately told the therapists six years ago that four boys try to ripen in the end, my late teens and the midnight teenagers? some out in our mind, to get famer to get money. She decided this shut up a little bit instead of four boy. Sarah was one instead of waiting until I was fifteen The mid nineteen eighties must make at nineteen eighty two and so somehow her mind is twisted in turn by left wing, democratic politics, Stamford Universe, and she could not recognise reality, which is why she did not want to come forward, because she was unclear about what happened and it took the Democrats to wrong we leave her name, which, by the way, is a crime Dian Feinstein off, as it was a crime so as to ensue, of eyes and encourage and require her to come forward, and when the Senate said, when the Senate said will come to you in California, we'll make it private her lawyers, Deborah cats and others did not tell their client,
it offers made because they wanted a public humiliation, a bread Cavanaugh and that's what happened. Other people have on the radio had said she was a con artists, because her answers were so perfect for her responses drew out feelings of sympathy. They were absolutely perfect. To make you on side and afraid to challenger, I'm sure, Deborah CATS, whose democratic activists in California lawyer referred the way by die in fine style. Can you imagine a senator referring a witness to a particular client? That's a friend of yours, in which case later on, you have to judge the credibility of witness that you have given that witness a lawyer. That's another completely different issue, but this
probably had something happened in her life and involving those four boys that tried to raper and that's damaged her life, but then damage your life so much that you didn't successfully complete high school without incident, then, dear your life. So much you didn't get masters degrees and a doctor. It then damage your life. So much he's not gonna teach her for twenty five years, Palo Alto University in Stamford and not so bad. She isn't written or co authored, sixty one books in Paris articles? What was she waited on? Seventy one books and periodicals there's no evidence at all. Tat are life at all in every factual statements she made before the sound. It was either false purposely Alai, one or the other. They have all been proven not to her and Judy you're a woman and, of course, you're femininity he's been, jack by the Democratic Party. Do you
to live in a country where your son, your brother and your father does not have due process. Absolutely not. I am a Christian Anna follow what the Bible says. I think a man should be the leader of the house, I'm leaving you, then you can't say that new. You can't say that you can say I think How do I get out and other that's a terrible democratic? Please Janey! Don't don't do that because men and women are equal. In fact, women are my in either people have known in my life are women, whether my wife, my sister, my mom who passed away about five years ago. My granddaughter those are the best people I know and I'll be damned. If I'm gonna sit. There me told us a man that I don't care about sex also against women. When I think about women, I think about my wife or forty. Nine years is no pellet judge and this data, while I think about my sister, who is the coach, Now the Republican Party who stand, I think about my beautiful little grand daughter I want to protect the whip
around me and make sure they have all the rights, privileges and immunities of every citizen I also want to say that there are times tend to turn percent of the time when men are wrongfully charge with sexual assault and due process ferrets out the good from add the right from the wrong and the wheat from the chaff. I what men have due process right because now guarantees down the road that wrongful convictions for rape and other crimes, which happens hundreds of times every year in this country, will be less likely. I want women to be protected and I think men have I too, in a sense the maid to movement. There's nothing wrong with me to movement as long as rights, and due process goes along with it somebody's charge rather to title nine violation or rape, sexual assault or a groping. I don't want my wife, groped or my sister grope, that's disgusting, and if somebody growth is a woman I want them to be held to account, but every now and then a woman by Christine afford either doesn't know the truth or tell
Why and when that happens, I want the presumption of innocence make sure it's available for innocent victims who have been charged, such as bread, cabinet, bread, Cavanaugh as one of the biggest victims. In this whole thing, would you agree absolutely I mean I agree with you. I dont think women should be protected. They needed upon a pedestal, absolutely more. Bread for women and men, because known to many men in my life and I respect women a lot more than I can love and men because I know women are the best people in God's green earth. We gotta run genie thanks to your call from Texas must continue with more of a lion. I available, which never does thousands Millions were listening. Number recall is eight seven, seven, three, eight one three one we are counting on the great American and for the gray one markleham
Ben. Coming out with great American Romani women. I want to take a little torture privilege at this moment As you may know, I'm broadcasting! You lie from Cincinnati, Ohio and not my friend, but what am I over the years has been Neil Armstrong. The first man walked on the moon, and I run into him. A various events did a couple charity events with him. He was always around since then. I doing this and do not humble quite understand it never wanted to take advantage of a so called celebrity for any personal benefit whatsoever. Neo saw himself is one of four hundred thousand Americans working on putting a man on the moon, which the movies
on Friday called the first man. It's it's coming out on Friday and it's it's it's a wonderful moving, Neil Armstrong story. So at last night the Armstrong family is son, mark an Ricky invited me to go to a private showing at a local theatre here in Cincinnati with the Armstrong family. Other celebrities throw their credit card is worth many other shakers and movers, and I sat with the Armstrong family and I told mark this story about his dad. Neil Kinnock encapsulates how Neil Armstrong viewed himself. It was about twenty years ago When I go to a golf tournament, it was on Monday of the almost hour break and there were various reds baseball players. They are bangles football players, various other celebrities. Kind of a minor celebrity here in Cincinnati and I was about to be a celebrity, so I go up to the Czech and desk at the gaff tournament place
shake Iranian Run Butler County Ohio and there was a to celebrity, since she has made to salmon aim next, to my name and about four names about My name was the name, Neil Armstrong, and at that point I had met him. First, man walk on the moon July, twenty eight nineteen sixty nine and so I said to the ever: a copper young college poet sitting there. I said the is Neil Armstrong checked in what next to his name without a signature but to check marked. She said. Yes, She said he went down that way, pointing to my right to where there was a lunch and ten. It was a hot July afternoon and I and she looked at me and said what team to see Play Fort Knox. Neil Armstrong he's an astronaut issues. All Montreal I said no nice, it never mind. So I found the walk person. Golf cart. Men who attended area and there were some Montgomery and Ribs and Saratoga chips, and so I got a little chicken breast in some Saratoga chips and I'm looking around
and I see that the elite of of the of the baseball the football world in Cincinnati and sitting by him, offered a table in the back and forth top was older man when this had pulled down on a baseball had so I kind of man or my way around the table, and I said Sir may I sit out with you I'd love to what you know Bill Cunningham. He said I listen to you now and then I saw and thank you, Mr Armstrong. Commie NEO, please call menial, so we add small talk for ten or fifteen minutes Then we got up to leave and I kind of walked out with some chit chat with them about the wretched bangles or some going on, and there was a photographer stay there are no bill ranking who earlier became famous for taken the they Bruno Maui Photoshop of Oj Simpson we're on those Bruno Malaise, shoes and amendment four
Amy Cincinnati and I said the bill Rankin photographer build. Could you get a picture of me in the alarm? Strong and NEO said? What do you want? My picture? Well, maybe you walked on them, whom you were the first man to hook on the moon is so the picture and immediately hurried off, and that was it and other people came up. Did pictures taken what them anymore uneasy. Didn't want it to happen. See Neil Armstrong was an engineer. You didn't see himself as a pilot and the furthest thing from the truth was a hero he taught for seven years and university of since it out in the school of engineering and every stew. Adam said it was a wonderful teacher, a great professor, very bright, but you see University of Cincinnati approached them. Do name you'll of engineering, then you're a Armstrong School of engineering without make sense without makes sense. Named the school of engineering
since noddies O Neil Armstrong. The answer is yes, but NEO said absolutely not my name on buildings. I don't want that, and within a few months he left you see what he did at. That point was simply serve on board. So directors had a farm and worn county which is accounting Northeast Cincinnati inside the amount now then, and events but noble, whoever know that fat was Neil Armstrong. That was and he walked on the moon because you never carried himself away in any way that Neil was special than anyone else. So becomes out on fraud, are you going to see actual real depiction of Neil Armstrong and how difficult it was to go to the moon in nineteen sixty nine. When there was less than a fifty fifty chance, he would come back alive. In fact, NASA drafted a two page statement.
Telling the american people than Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did not make it that there forever lost in space, because that was the probability of what was going to happen. The odds are going there and coming back and being successful in living was less than fifty Fifty by Neil took that risk. In fact, eleven other men took it over the next three years and we're not going back to the moon since must continue with your calls back to the topic. That was a talk, show host privilege number to call his eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one, but see that movie hit is a fabulous movie movie reminded me of the ten commandments built the great american pension remarked you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel bloated, tired and out of shape eating healthy, as I have
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I am dot com offer Code Levin show what our warning label liberals, romantic love info call him now: Eddied, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one don't Cunningham the Great American and for the great when Markel event back out on Monday, you know tonight Arthur Maccallum. A Fox news is interview, Chuck Grassland and he's been privately told by some. The chronic centres that may try new impeach Cavanaugh, Of course, you can only in page of federal officer for high crimes and misdemeanours committed while in office so he's been in office. One day this morning at his first couple hearings, and the Democrats, our anyone who impeach and then no one page and what they want to do is raise money to use and haughty. Camps, race and North Dakota, for example, or Joe Don way in the that's what they want to do. They are threatening
on page one. There never gonna do that because it wouldn't fly. You need fifty one percent of the of the house and to the sound, and it would never happen and of Guy God in Heaven. The Republicans will keep the Senate for weeks from tonight will know better that so that the federal judges, the pipeline, continue. But imagine the absurdity of the modern Democratic Party when having had his first day on the bench and the Democrats want to impeach bread, Cavanaugh unbelief Let us continue now the great state of Texas or the cowboys can't win. Sunday welcome to the mark, Levine Show Sunday, please go ahead. Uncle Bob call that poor Devil club in the house- this might happen even if they do that. Is it possible they could go the same way they dared to reconstruction under got around our group's plan. Now you come here
so do you bring up that an excellent point? You know that the party, of the confederacy, is and was the democratic party. There ones who declared civil war on my country and killed about six hundred thousand total soldiers. So the Democratic Party is the party, the coupon plan, as the Party of Jim Crow democratic parties to a party of lynchings, the democratic parties, the party of the destruction of public education currently and the welfare system itself responsible for most of the criminal disasters at sea like in this city, is Chicago: the Democratic Party from reconstruction, the coup colleagues, clan, Jim Crow, lynchings
collapse or public education, in fact about eight percent of Detroit, our Chicago public school students that are African American raided, the appropriate level and so you're talking about a massive dumbing down of the population to keep them on the modern plantation, which is the democratic party. So sunny that preserve behaviour, you're, saying from Democrats has been repeated for the past hundred fifty year. Some call them demon rats, though not democrats of a demon rats and what what we see in the restaurants in the end, the airports and the elevators today its mild compared to what the Democrats Data than I in sixties, burning down about a hundred american cities. So I wouldn't put a law passed him because Democrats are now shooting? U S congressmen
republican. So wherever I look, I see the disaster of the modern Democratic Party not covered by the mainstream media. Sunday. Do you agree on Sunday we gotta run thanks, recall us continue with more, let's go to Jimmy in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn Jimmy in Brooklyn. Welcome to the mark, Levin show Jimmy go. Great to hear you again? Listen when we hear about the radical laugh, the far left we see what's going on in the schools, we see the crime we see anti, for this is the result of liberalism. Now let me give you some quotes from communist training manuals. The communist right use this system to destroy the system, the communists right. The best way to help the cause of communism is through the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. The communist right, yesterday's left is today centre. Today's left will be tomorrow, Santa that talking about them
american political system, move to the left. So they have a highly organized. Well trained group within the Democratic Party that the strategy's tacticians therein of our professors. There are a lot of our teachers what about congressmen and senator. So what you see the cabin or hearings you see the russian probe- you see the violence and rise by a tea for nor the stuff. That's part of the left movement which is Anti American, its Marxist, and it also largely. Hi, white and Jimmy. Let me explain this to also in the beginning, you might recall the first few weeks of the Trump administration it was traditional to have telephone calls. We world leaders, and so the or nice laughed inside, the federal government would release transcripts of the president's private telephone calls with world leader in order to debase him dimension and tomorrow
analyze our new president. He never had a chance to get his feet on the ground to do the traditional things that were president's had done, because the radical left the inside the federal government worked against him from day one right at that helps that helps. I ran North Korea, Russia and China. In fact, the senator from Beijing, which is what I am Feinstein known as in New York by the Chinese here, the senator from pop. In fact, it up in fact, look at it. This way. The radical democratic Party has united the Republican Party. I never thought I would ever say good things about Senator Susan Collins. I didn't think it was possible for me to enjoy much Mcconnell or Lindsey those three and chuck crossly. Influence is more than their numbers and we are actually, I think, a very big trouble and out of nowhere comes trump
I never thought I would embrace a political guy as much as I do. I love tromp, though, in fact up inside look at it. This way. The radical Democratic Party had united the Republican Party. I never thought I would ever say good things about Senator Susan Collins. I didn't think it was passed but for me to enjoy much Mcconnell argued Linsey Gram, those three and Chuck crossly have been fabulous. I can't believe the benefits that the Republican Party is gained because of the activities of the Democrats, and I think trumps gonna be blessed to have a democrat run against him, like pop harness or Corey Booker, with the crazy eyes or Kemal Harrison had illicit sexual affairs with me, really brown. She slept her way to the top. It's gonna wonderful to have those kind of people running against trompe. If there was a bill Clinton in his prime or twenty o, eight Obama out there I didn't tromp would be in trouble, but
who is to run against this is gonna, be wonderful. I would encourage Michael Evan Eddie to keep seeking the day product party nomination. That guy would do a great job as the Neither Democratic party when you agree, you'd, be wonderful. He deserves it and we heard the terms of ivory that he has to Survivors Catholic Willie, isn't, five or judge? Cavanaugh is the ultimate survivor? Genius was well reported because it was Clinton but in the oval office. And ninety. Ninety four care, if we really want am to get a job because her husband recently died. She was a democratic activists from Virginia. She knew Bill Clinton. She got a point. He took her into the oval office and sexually assaulted, her President in the White House, Kathleen Willie now crowded party knew what happened, and they did nothing about it because they careless about women about victims of sexual assault. If they,
Did they would not a nominated unable or like Hillary Clinton and twenty sixteen? They couldn't care less about women being sexually assaulted, but they care about his power and money and prestige, and that's where the democratic parties, after right there in the environmental movement there in the Oj Bp movement therein. The women's movement therein? They immigration movement, the environmental movement that have left gets day of strand. They have strategies and tat fix and their well trained, and they have a lot of people, help it and don't even realise what they do and it's a mass of massive movement, absolutely incredible. What's goin on, but the people now have a chance to wake up. It's right near face people can't the night. Now when you got Democrats, shooting elected officials, I mean what more do we need to see that this country is under? the moon joining and I'm all unknown. Sadly, bed in the next few weeks will be more violence perpetrated by the left against Republicans. Who can't take it.
And what we have to do is normal Americans, God, fearing Americans recognise what's at risk. I seldom to say this to you, Jimmy: but you gotta listen to church humor, who says to vote. You got the vote. You got to vote in four weeks from tonight. Look I know the results Jimmy we gotta go thanks for your call. A line becomes available. Eight, seven, seven, eight one: three one one and bought a while mark events, Daddy Jackal event as a great book out, Annabelle for water on men on Amazon com. Our police is an elder shredded. Children spoke great for the kids in the grandkids. Our police by Jack live in that daddy of Markleham in its content, with more forty four minutes after they are built cunning under American and for the great one mark, Ben
the great white shark in a few days or back with your own money. This is Bill Cunningham, the great American in for the gray one. Now, let's go to a Christian Tyler taxes and Chris Welcome to the mark, Levin show crisp. Please go ahead. A year, first of all times have changed when it Cincinnati fan is back on the cowboys for winning a day bangles relied five and one I think, dollars what I would like to add three years ain't. You they look here. Where are we gonna ways to get reality? The terrible? Automobile Jimmy puts up there and I don't know I don't see it he's got more talent than that record indicates, but that's up to you
he's, may la more money, and you and I put together so what the heck, but always gotta, do something Jason's a yes man. So that's. Why put up with it now many easy he defines mediocre. That's why Jerry lacks it, gives you like the spotlight on him where it is. I Criswell Gimme update on the committee chairs, ok, so you're talking to What happens if the Democrats win in in one thing that I have heard no more to point out as we can't let him have the house even the hound big, because the committee heads have subpoena powers and they ll discontinue these investigations on and on and on with these broad powers at the happy about that Slob Jerry NAM are taken over the House Judiciary Committee. Can you imagine that terrible what I mean legislation would pass what one,
nobody's on our behalf, whatever occur, jury, NED, learn, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters or in charge job ass, a representatives. What positive things would ever goin nothing tat, I could think of aerial. Even if we got meal Mueller out of the picture they would. They would keeps a painting and keep investigating investigating and it would be nonstop investigation that they went out so we ever, I want to encourage your body to donate all you can do it again and tear volunteer all you can, if you can't donate, then get there not doors. If you see a sign for the other side, the Democrats be as nice as you can pull eyes. You can try to engage us people while why you ve steers waiver for this person, because the reason yeah, but because it is there in other player reasons not about forming just been- is nice clean about it bidding?
agent gotta, give him the park and a lot of people. You know that their main wagon fans or whatever they don't, really know what they are voting for this one, the crowd so trotting. They talk to me about beta Orourke, isn't even too is closed, could TED crews actually lose a Texas scented say too, a clown like better or Rourke, is out possible is possible. I don't think it's going to happen, though, because in a bit better get Kennedy asked vibe about in your young and near his units, and people like us. Finding physically attracted Deborah showed for different folks whatever, but there's been a lot because tat, the economy is so strong. We ve had to let people movie and from out of taxes and either there is obviously some liberal.
It is here and ask Marianne some other used in Dallas, but most monster taxes is a pretty normal validly conservative, normal nor nor yeah yeah. But Each yeah we get people move any and her change in the demographics himself is important for rewinding get every vote here in taxes we cannot let crews, please we ve. Now we ve got having when Turban floored is too many new Yorkers a move to Florida, and there their virus in their cancers. Ideas with them from New York from the empire stage, the sunshine stay there taken. To my new Yorkers, removing a new jersey. I too can stand the place any more. Removing Florida of Florida I'd think is kind of like a purple stated this point. Who's gonna, be hard fully for the governor when the USA at sea, but you know Scots approach- is pretty good governor, but Nonetheless, you bring up a good point that the goal of two, if they flip taxes or Florida, then the country's done
lose those twenty, nine and thirty five electoral votes either one it's over with and and tromp can get reelected. A Republican can't get elected Florida and New York. I begin to be, as one in of taxes looks the same. Electoral is New York, then we're done because taxes in Florida would Tipp this thing permanently. Well, I ll leave you with some Good NEWS a place. I was not a triumphant, ok. I was very hard core and forget craze for president and I have to admit I was dismayed by what happened in you know, not that I do I want a fan term because I wasn't sure that he was going to be conserved had been out and I was sure the TED was so I know that's why I thought when Trump got elected, It would run toward the center gonna, be a New York Republican and I supported Teddy, was in the beginning, because I thought he was a real bible, even conservative, from taxes who was bright,
smart and knew what it was wanted to do, but I tromp has done governance. What tat crews would have done and you have the star factories gonna be in Cincinnati on free hey, I'm gonna be with them a little bit on Friday and I've been in his presence at these rallies. Tromp is a it's like Elvis it's the Beatles. It's Michael Jackson, TED crews lens everyone to say, they have they rockstar status of forty five tromp is a rock star. And there's an animal magnetism that I see present thing is, and I were denied a. Hopefully out every day between now and election day and when it comes to town. But an Damone, I why the eleven thousand on the inside and thousand on the outside, and this Friday there's like an atheist. Seed facility, he's going to speak on Friday, Northeast Cincinnati and worn county, it's already sold out, there's gonna be twenty thousand people. Shop,
those guys, the Messiah conservative politics he's done exactly TED crews. What I've done, but crews doesn't have. The magnetism doesn't have the correct don't you have a charmer wherever you want to call it, tromp was a rock star and if you have a shot Chris get in his presence go to one of his rallies and hold back the beetle circa. Ninety sixty five or Michael Jackson, Circa, twenty four or Whitney whose encircled twenty three this guy's a rock star, and when he shows up in your town, it's wonderful thing to watch and when you tat magic gonna bottle that you catch would trump you got to ride out We for all its worth in this
I make Ronald Reagan, look like a liberal. Well, you know. If it would have been to me, I still would had crews in their bit. My eyes were open and here's what my eyes are open to the God is in control, not me, and he knows what he's doing nothing now that I've seen it happen that my faith is behind trap as president, not because he is the most godly man, but because I believe that this is the plan, because I think tat lab work and I loved him. But I beg you, pull off things away, Donald there now and nobody, I've got a plan, and so we need to take comfort in that and have confidence and say it just do what we need. You individually to help this. Can you get back to where needed imagine, if Hilary was in the White House who would be on the Supreme Court, would you have gone? which would you cabin all? You would have to Ginsburg look Alike and imagine, is tat. Is the country than an army,
the notorious our b g at some points, gonna meter maker, I'm not sure I wanna Amy Coney bear it from the to take over Chris we're gonna go thanks for your call must continue with more clever out till Monday away back with your money, some good good days off, remark Levin and the number to call again as AIDS seven, three, eight one three thousand eight hundred and eleven eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven the great American and for the great one Mark woman,
now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, but other great ones off for a few days back out on Monday by the way is Father, Jack Levant, gotta, be a great American and his ninety says a new book out our police avail on Amazon, it's good for kids, pictorial, all the rest, a jackal of in the book is our police get. It must continue. And you now is go to Stephen Springfield Massachusetts. Massachusetts state welcoming to Mark Levin showed stay. Please go ahead I have spoken before me with joy and five. Sixteen sprinkle before don't worry I'll, tell you what I couldn't be any better now get me alive up day. What, if the house becomes control
Nancy policy in a fat feckless one jerry, meddler people need to take on we see this in our battle. Bulge walked round are campaigning for all the house members because naturally we cannot lose. The house to Jordan needs to be the next speaker for us to go forward haven't told the investigations of the FBI and the tee o j of the damage. To have the gavel in the house, what happens he's terrified is the pillory and one you in and done, don't in other words, I'm saying that the democratic get the gavel. Think of all the rebel Patients have come out of the house about the misconduct, the top of the d o j. I am your Mackay etc and the top of the FBI, all those individuals heaven how did because there False information given for the Pfizer warrants all the stuff of fusion GPS. That came only. Cause the House Republicans had the gavel and Jim Jordan and the other leaders. The trading
whose retiring all of a sudden, the democratic control, the house they're going to down every investigation conducted by the Republicans and turned the impeachment of the president. We cannot have that No, we can't this is our battle and abolish. This really is our battle, and above this is a battle that can be lost. Our car country depends on a register, your brother, your causing your sister, your uncle friends at work on the elder relatives. I have been given The only people right from a nursing along a lot of elderly people are really angry at this cabinet bs below. I would hope I've read more women. Tell me there, side of bread Kevin all than vice versa, because women understand that We live in a society without due process. That means their husbands. There my friends, their sons, their brothers. Their fathers will be judged by the same standard way. Runs deep thanks for your call. Let's move on a shame in Springfield
you're insane welcomed with a mark. Levine shown Shane. Please go ahead. Yeah really enjoying your show. That question are you while ago, when we were near doc about protesters you're done not troubling, find on those heroes would have to pay it Well, how about we tried him right crime, the little more incentive not to be paid to do it. Y know. I want to look into this stuff happening in Portland. Oregon will in tee, for members are pulling white people out of their cars and restoring their property. That is hate crime, because their targeting individuals based upon their skin color and the poor, in Oregon, police stand by ouch mobs take over control of intersections. Stopping only white people damage their card to curse at them, and these your privilege, white people doing it imagine if somebody with a my mega had was pulling someone black out of a car somewhere that you should be arrested and indicted
but one wide led radical liberals and pour in Oregon in front of the Portland police. Intersections and stop traffic. Why can't them? Portland stand up and say enough! Is enough stop it? It's me What's goin on yeah agree it all! It's horrible, an antivirus I miss on Watch on Fox right now to my right and I'm watching leftist protesters take over intersections of Portland Oregon in downtown section Paul, out white people breeding their car in using using racial epithets against him when you live and have this to prove a grand they wouldn't be approved aid. Us right going to happen in Oregon. I guess but The? U dont? U S, department of Justice, doing it! What about of sessions in the FBI and all the rest. What about that?
green that should come from the top because you know Charlottesville what we one white skin had ran into a crowd and killed some woman. He was large or they murder in Virginia He was charged with the hate crime now oh I'd, say: crime of a white person kills a white person, but nonetheless I want that got to spend the rest of his life in jail, because you can and it is a woman who is protesting, I'm with them and when Jane, when White Supremacist, Margarine Charlottesville. Yet about Jews you're talking to a guy. This practice law would choose most of my professional life disgusted by that, run it around Charlottesville at night would take you torches talking about the inward about Jews, that's bad stuff. It happens, but ten times that stuff happens on the left, all the time and it's never confronted in reality for what it is, which is hate from the left there is much more hate from the left and from the right there's many more
crimes on the left and the right, but there never prosecuted. That way are they now now they're, not well and we're gonna go thanks. Recalls move on a John in California, John, California, welcome to the mortal events. Show John. Please go ahead on ass. Your greater legal mandate, question fancies hooligans from antiviral over their control in the streets and or again, and the mayor's bordering them to the police to stand down so that people can be assaulted, their property can be destroyed. The mayor be charged for aiding and abetting those hooligans? Forty two, you! Nineteen forty eight is a statute that deals with one state. What he's actor honour ACT under color of state law to violate I'm one civil rights, the mayor of Portland. Oregon is part of an unspoken conspiracy. The odd
of which is to violate someone civil rights of the right to travel, and when these individuals confronted TED crews in a restaurant in a private restaurant on private property, Then one authorities did not arrest those individuals this happening. Our she didn t see this. Zander Collar of state law or city ordinances, city or state officials, acting in such a way so as to deny The human rights of TAT grows and his wife hiding and so the answer is yes. If we had a functional department of Justice under Jeff sessions, these things a prosecutor for what they are, which our hate crimes under color of state law and the fact is not could not The other thing you drive me crazy, John, Is that the national media doesn't cover this? Do they they hate crime. Why don't they cover it? do you imagine large number radical individuals taking overs intersections a great american city like Portland Oregon
knowing only those people of color to go through and attacking wide citizens. How the possible the mayor. We doesn't arise and say not in my city. There's tape on Fox tonight, hormone police, watching it going on and doing nothing about it, because the Mayor Wheeler doesn't want anything to happen. This is despicable. This is wrong it can happen in Amerika. The mayor's lying is political agenda to go forward or you do you expect the governor to step up and say I want to bring in the National Guard Emma take my stay back and I take my city back. I'm not gonna tolerate this. Maybe somebody above it needs to step in the federal government, but we can't have America like that thing. You do violence. What might think the Mare of Portland believes what he's doing is politically popular he's doing what citizens of Portland won him to do an elected him to do it, and so how is it possible?
that's a great american city, not in the south, but Portland Oregon, allows in Tita to take over city streets block intersections, lie in front of federal buildings king, an impossible for federal agents to do their job and the mayor of Portland, a clown feckless, full name wheeler does absolutely Nothing to stop it because, politically its popular. Do that in Portland Oregon. You know, John, how is that possible? How do we get ourselves in this situation? the incivility on the left is unspeakable left us. They are left us movement if only out of fame, and thank you for your great job, cavern after the great one John. Thank you when I watch what happened on the Supreme Court on Thursday, Friday Saturday and even today, on bread Kevin all his first day on the job, large numbers of visuals, in violation of federal law, committed criminal, trespass on federal property.
And I watched from climbing a topic on statues and scratching at the doors of the United States Supreme Court, How do they do this in public a lot of motorway thousands of crimes in public a few are arrested? They're, fine, like fifty dollars on the first violation, then the second time they might be a night in jail and the guy paying it is George Soros has it support, is mass of lawlessness is occurring without recompense without someone saying wait, a minute we can have this in this country can do it was more of a line becomes available, eight, seven, seven, three one, three, eight one one and no one would continue. We have called Virginia in Annapolis, Boston and also New York City Go Cunningham. The great one in four right one Mark Levant, ban
How bad is getting James Caravel? Will it's like a cobra James? Carbon Clinton is to blame, said tonight that the Cavanaugh, his worth more alive than dead dead reference to Jane, but reference to bread care from James Carbo, making reference to death in reference to break Evan, all that comes from a famous democratic operative, the story out of Minnesota ever met tool. Teacher who tweeted on Sunday night quote so who's gonna take one for the taming kill cabinet code, unquote whose take one for the team and killed cabinet that comes FBI's investigating now and so we're gonna Carville talking about care. Worth more alive, and did you have a teacher in Minnesota calling for the assassination of Bread Cavanaugh We have the one of the lead writers of Stephen Colbert CBS late night show named,
real dumas who post on a Saturday night quote: whatever happens, I'm just had we ruin bread, Cavanaugh Life, Unquote Oh good average Americans look at what the Democratic Party has done to this country has done no bread, Kevin all his wife and daughters. To smear and encourage his murder and this first annual Supreme Court and say that's the group, to whom we want to get more power, on magazine waters and Jerry Nebular and Nancy Policy and Chuck humor and richer blumenthal- the war hero from Vietnam. We won those individuals, those congressmen senators they have more political power because we trust their judgment. How is it possible? This is going on. Can you imagine the Obama administration, those the political right issue, death threats and tried to kill them.
Credit congressmen during a baseball game. What the news media, what I've done? What that information or chased him out a restaurants and hours and chased him and now evaders and out of airports, What what would the media have done? What those rights, Wing Racist who changed, Obama maniacs. They wanted Ah fallen unremitting, but there's no media coverage of the death threats against broadcast. No issued in writing, teacher in Minnesota and the glee take by one of their head writers and Stephen Colbert show whatever happens, I'm just glad we ruin bread, Cavanaugh is life and that passes political common dating Hilary Rawdon Clinton, the clown torture, do you know I'm on poor, how in the world can we ever work with the Republicans when they don't believe in our philosophy? In other words, we will not be we don't recognize action in during the campaign and the third debate, tromp was rigged through hell because Trump,
hey man. I accept the outcome of the election three weeks hence the November, the eighth. But that is exactly precisely what the damage- party has done to Republicans for the past twenty twenty two months. They have not accepted the election. They made her make a done deal gentlemen by this russian collusion delusion by suing- I'm in the streets blocking traffic conducting race wars against white individuals, Isn T for is doing and most haven't some members are white bought away in Portland. Oregon now you have national leaders in school teachers calling for the assassination of bread cantonal. What. And the media can ignore all that. The answer, of course, is yes, Let's go to Robert and Boston Massachusetts Zone of the Red Sox and my good friend Andrew been attending raw. Welcome to the Marshal events Show Bill Cunningham here Robert. Please go ahead at great cost. American, Mr Cunningham. Thank you up.
Oh I'm fine, you're monologue. Let me add a few more things: Jeddah Donald Trump accomplishments began shouted apparel, cloudless accord got us out of their Irene Irene Nuclear Deal. Jane Obama deliver billions of dollars, powers for somebody else, Claudia with diversity could crushing crashing. Sudan them and help them at day. There has been no rocket allowing class out of north create almost a year now. First out of the last one, I promise more recognised. Jerusalem, as the capital of those were all embassy there, the other said it, but he did at the outset it he did it Well begins. Laughter is gone. We get allowed is ten scratches Ronald Reagan. We we
a deregulation of writing a lot holding back allows different regulations. That Obama were put in place, an unemployment at all times, love a black suspend, women, you, my throwing the trade agreement with South Korea. The trade agreement with Canada and the trade agreement with Mexico when you're gonna make millions of american jobs right here and down the road to chinese rule buckle they Bennett, five hundred billion dollars from us, we'd all benefit from then there, on its flow, no America, our products can flow into China. The chinese beloved by catalogs in several ways and forge, but they can't do it because of a thirty five percent tariff, at some point. China's gonna say: okay, we give up and we're gonna have, our trade and fair trade and one persons responsible for that, and that's Donald John Trump. Understand. As Republicans and many in the payments are both a bottle J top
at a time to be complacent. We need to get out there for three days we needed about enabling people to Republika made. We have to hold your nose for we need to revise republican I'll go away and it may now. Basically, if the democratic control, the house, I think the Republicans keep the sand and no matter what, but, if the Democrats, the house will be no activities other than investigations for the next two years and it is far easier. Cheaper goes along with me why It means Claudia Departmental, just as has been the diva Azure Mascot domestic Aeroscope no more harm to Amerika the past ten years. New clan in tv is alive, doing terrorist they ve done many more sense and crimes. Member to preserve what do we want dead, cops and one we want him now. You take black lives matter, herds murder of cops along with Antigua there,
real damage of this country. A lot more than the K K K is done for the past ten years we gotta run robber gray. Call thanks for Conakry. Massachusetts must continue with more whenever becomes available, which are never does AIDS, when seven three, one hundred and thirty one one hundred and eighty seven, seven hundred and thirty, eight one thousand three hundred and eleven, what's the end of mortal events- Daddy Jack Levantin, our police, a great pictorial for children, get an Amazon and more so we continue with more built Cunningham I try to be it a great American. Every day, the Marshal events show hosted by Bill Cunningham tonight. moreover, in the library is General Patton, in german Mark Levin Show now how did seven? Seven three, eight one, forty eight one one feel cunning ammo
the officers in the Mark Levin Army with you and Marco tobacco with you on Monday. You know one thing I want you to keep keep the faith. This is. History is repeating itself. You may recall the Democratic Party Sarka Sixty five sixty six sixty seven sixty eight encourage violence, protest, cities would burn under democratic mayors. Who would be there would be a hundreds. Millions of dollars or property destroyed all hell, Breakin loose average Americans looked about. Instead, we don't want Humphrey, sixty eight we'll take Nixon, promises, law and order, Four years later, the chaos continued cities continue burn administration buildings taken over in college campuses. Murder was rampant, and what happened to nineteen? Seventy two Nixon one, forty nine out of fifty states, because the average American to live in Iowa Wisconsin Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky Indiana Taxes, Florida couldn't look at didn't like where they were sitting on television and you had a cat a promising law and order, and
the working on behalf of the moral majority in the silent majority, current candidate. Is the President Donald Trump he's doing what Dixon dead and sixty eight and seventy two. So unhealthy Clinton playing a part of you, weren't h, Humphrey says the rules of civility are suspended because Republicans control the Congress and once the damage let's take over then the roses civility will be imposed once again. It is a blatantly stupid comment: twenty It provides a margin of twenty eight percentage points. Independent voters believe the Democrats act like fools of the cavern all Committee Harry's by margin of twenty percent a great number c railleries doing this. Now she seventy seventy one years old and she wants to appear hip and radical, but so. I cannot it's not true. It doesn't work, she used to say during the campaign, I'm with you now Hilary is saying I'm with them the Antigua demonstrators, the black lives.
Protestors who demand the murder of cops. What do we want cops one. We want em now that black lives matter protesters. It say pigs in a blanket prime, like bacon, that's what is encouragement of the Democratic Party and the last, what years have the Obama administration as black? and and white apologist all over the country scream. The murder of cops and it happened and I was in bad mirage and all over the country you might work. The Brok Hussein Obama into the White House, took the founders, and preventative stale, re, Mc Cason and others a black lives matter as if they had a point to make cops, are racist murderers systemically, which is now the case every now, and then you have a con Donald Situation in Chicago work. I should not have shocked that boy sixteen times every now and then you have something bad happened. The one
point one one percent out of ninety nine point: nine percent when cops, do what a right, but the argument is not that the occasional cop occasionally does some role The argument for the Democratic Party is the cops are an occupying force, though not work, They are being protected and loved and are worthy of our support. Worthy of law and order, and so on, candidate like Trump per MRS Law and order this I'm a majority will rise and stop the democratic only once again, overplayed its hand, would Cavenaugh, and I don't know of the FAO or can be maintained and other twenty eight days. Twenty eight days from tonight we're gonna have the results of most of the most of the elections. Oh yeah by midnight tonight. We're gonna know twenty eight days from now and going to strongly predict that the United States Senate will stay within the grasp of the Republican Party because of the behaviour of Democrats play overplayed. Their am
it's way too much so as continue with more. Let's go to Craig and little falls. Minnesota Kragan so to welcome to the market events show Bill Cunningham here and Craig, please go ahead to hurry night other than Sunday. Thank you, I'm I'm market. If there is a red way, which I think there's gonna be I'm concerned, these anti for types are gonna dish, go absolutely bonkers. Everywhere, maybe start shooting more Republicans well see. That's the problem of somebody comes up to my car with a mask on tries to drag me out of what I've got a black forty three, that unlicensed carrying about forty four states, and I think somebody at a mask is gonna, meet up with that and then they are actually putting in jeopardy and are putting a lot of other people in jeopardy. I dont know how to I dont know Bob We deal with that, but especially these places, Werner's Democrats in charge and they're gonna encourage dislike they're doing it
What Craig, I would imagine Portland Oregon, I also have a concealed carry permit. I would imagine Oregon doesn't have reciprocity with hardly anybody and you, Imagine if you're in Minnesota and Ohio in Kentucky Alabama in Texas in Florida aren't too many mobs pulling people out a pickup trucks, because that ain't gonna work, maybe in Portland works, and what does so despicable the video tonight on Fox there's a poor when police officer in uniform or on a motorcycle watching these individuals shot. Intersections in downtown Portland doing nothing about it. Crazy, that's crazy! I don't know how the cops feel about it. I suppose there beat up and they want to keep their jobs. Will they do it five thousand or maybe they're, complicit whether I would TED we have no uniting cops are the greatest people. Cowardly comes to me like soldiers, and I have great respect for police, but they are hard, but a city,
Portland and Mayor TED Wheeler is the political mare of poor. In Oregon, and he allows its activity to happen. How about, for a month hundreds even people and black lives matter. Protesters laid on the city streets in and around the federal building, to stop ice individuals from going to work and they like incarcerated employees and a federal building until the federal police unit showed up. The escort them out. That ever happen anywhere right side of the offensive. Some right extremist, and lay down in front of federal buildings and refuse to lead. Enforcement around Heirs of these cities are left wing. Social Democrats would never put up with this behaviour from anybody whose a Republican, but they allowed on the side of the fence, and why do they do that? Craig because it politically popular and We, the Mirror Portland Oregon, knows he stays in power because of individuals like this
that's true and, of course, the other side of that is, if the right, if any of us on the right, did that you learn about it in the news media, we now if somehow a Republican had shot a democratic baseball practice a year and four months later, it still would be big news every night, but above Hopkinson almost killed, Stevens Gullies and item with a rifle and tried to killed dozens of other Republicans. There was a they story. The media quickly dropped it because it didn't fit their narrative. Very odd and good area on Tuesday and ice with me on Sundays to so great regular? Thank you, Craig you're, a great American. Let's take one more quick call before the break loose go to Lynn and Trevor City. Michigan I've been there once
It's a beautiful city in Lynn. Welcome to the mark, Levine Show Mark Soy Loon, please go ahead, so a man I just want to say two things: one is being pro life. I am her women's rights because I'm trying to save the lives of female baby and there's no greater depth than to give or save a life. So there's no argument there. You know lunar you too, but it isn't a fell, upping baby, isn't developing baby a month or two from birth, entitled to some property right to live. Much like much today, a day after conception to me? That's a soul, that's an expression of gauze love, but can we agree the last three months of pregnancy. When a child wants to live and feels pain in the hard speeding in this brain activity. In many doctors perform surgery, developing babies in the womb. Can we agree that that
so developing human child. Well, absolutely I've done nature photography for forty years and you notice that almost everything starts out on a microscopic level and for it to advance to the next stage. It has to have feelings because it's a living thing. So that's what I've observed going to two hundred National state provincial park photographing nature there. The other thing I would like to say, as I think president tromp needs to get some sort of legislation going for laws that are very strict against the harm. Done to people based on their political party or their careers. Because you know this republican phobia whatever you want to call it and its hey towards law enforcement is horrible. I mean these police officers, for example you whenever
see something on tv that you know a bad car accident, whatever they're out there and they have those visuals and then watching people die or suffer whatever with him every single day and it'll give these people to credit for what they have to tolerate on a emotional level, let alone you know, knowing that people just automatically for no reason at all are going to have hate towards them, and I just think that President Trump needs to have some laws that protect people, so you can go into a restaurant, not get harassed an illusion This way, can you imagine that President Barroso Saint Obama numerous times something into the White House groups of individuals from black lives matter that I urge the murder of cops any to them into the White House, complemented them, isn't that enough is not official approval of activities?
a b olam that calls for the murder of cops. What are we went dead cops one who I am now pigs in a blanket prime, like bacon, how does the chief law enforcement officer in the country Who is bureaucracy and Obama? Well, groups in the White House that urge the murder of police. I have no idea why anybody would put themselves in the company of people that do any kind of harmful evil things. I I then a fly over, say. Person like I've called other talk. Radio and work is very grounded in the final report card who you stand and judgment of, and so that's all goes on your history and if you are surround yourself something: that's gonna be positive in productive and pics ass. You don't do with people who cause harm and no one is called you think of the harm caused by your teeth by black lives matter, though those four Dallas cops evermore,
during a black lives matter protest for them, it was, I mean, didn't covered like. Mr President, how do you ride to the White House the organised There's a black lives matter when, during one of their so called protests against cops for cops, were murdered because the color of a uniform, Mr President, How can you do that? The media never even to question? Why don't they do? Why? Don't we have something on a special report that talks about all the people behind all of this better instigating in funding? Why don't we out? In them? I mean investigate George Soros in the group that demand anarchy and their funding that paid protesters. The last week in Washington were paid by George Soros had fifteen bucks an hour to go, make fools of themselves and I ve got arrested. They got a bonus now, I'm out of paper fish are things that he could go back at the fourteenth century. Didn't afterdamp, say the biggest threat was gonna, be an f
figure. So now I rather solemn Linsky rules for radicals we're what It learned we're loan we're gonna go thanks to your call. I'm watching is going on and I'm thinkin. I live in some alternative universe of continue with more after the break. We have woody Portland Oregon. I wanna get the woody. When I'm watching on Fox news tonight. What I've read and AP wire copy about what happening of Portland Oregon is disgusting. And what? Gonna give you and I have first hand account built bringing the great American and for the gray one. Our global ban Cunningham the Great American and for the gray when Markleham anyway, back with you on Monday night of next week, but in then, let's go to what are you what I in Portland Oregon the sight of this type, over of downtown poor, learn what he tell us back,
What's going on in Portland Oregon, Nothing short of anarchy. We can go back to the we're taking the access, even the let that go on for a month, then they did and about. Finally, at the behest of the police chief, moved the city hall and you may recall a story where a tattered setting off stabbed aside. I am now I encounter about individual about two days. Prior and he was holding out his guidelines set down about. I thought I was a shaking my head me. He turned away across the street subject to remain here till I want shaking my head. You talk about the taking over of city streets. I see this video and theirs, standing by watching individual
beat up on cars, stopping city streets and put it explain, what's going on that? are told the police to stand down. I dont think even gonna stand for very much longer it's a damn there. They are they let these quota, they call them peaceful protests, mind you they let these growth, as in this case it is over civilian there were shot by a police officer, respond, to another shooting or taken there an for going on two weeks now, I dont believe it forth and pedophile I've been hurry. Milk, decided to had in the street and they ve been Africa. Now and it's time to let the city habit street back? It's ridiculous. When how is it possible? Not a few as an anti for protesters can over an intersection in downtown area of a city for you're telling me weeks and the police nothing about it. Basically,
let them go about dollar chalk and allowed and may decide to grow up at the end of a work they. I dont know what data, what what what the motivation is? just pick and choose one. I want to do something covered in the news or people angry about it. What's going on the left! up here, unfortunately, we don't really have a non biased news network You don't have television condemning this kind of miss behaviour, they cover it. If they have a valid point. Local conservative talk, your radio host appear in imports. And now we don't have a voice, saying otherwise willing it does, is poorly conceal carry state. Can you have your own weapon, yes isn't it so more risky to be pulling people out of cars and stopping them and beating their vehicles with sticks in baseball bat in that a bit dangerous
all you may recall a story about two years ago were one Mr Strickland pulled his perform seconds to push back, People are approaching them and intimidating him here. Is charges of charges right now trying to fight back because the city's come down on him. People know intimidating him. So defending himself was the one arrested yet this. Is crazy, This is crazy TED Wheeler. The mayor gets her you see making the political calculation that this behave, where's popular in Portland Marijuana. Let cos I call myself a worrying. I am a citizen an enemy lines and the people's Democratic Republic of Oregon on the limit, my mama prefecture, so you'd, to avoid sections of Portland, because it is you can't go there.
Call when you can go there, you can go in and out. You just got to have your head on a swivel, I'm a courier by three and I do a little in downtown as I can, and I can- What an altogether this is what is in the national media cover this thing. I stated that instead how many stories are negative about term? Ninety six point sometime fly pointed out all that, basically every negative, might have gone right in this country over them needed uncovered because it doesn't fit. The narrative. That's it I'm already we gotta go there the national media cover the take over Portland Oregon by Anti and be oh em. I love that to happen. Had the honor, to do it in the market, then I'll, be back on the next month. And I dont know once again is dead spoke as our police available on Amazon pleasure. During this tonight I'll, do it again bill, cunning and a great American in tonight for the gray one market,
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