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On Wednesday's Mark Levin show, It’s outrageous that all other news outlets have joined forces with CNN. CNN and Jim Acosta are protecting themselves not freedom of the press. It’s irrelevant that the media is reporting on itself that fellow news organizations are filing Amicus briefs--these are all pseudo events. Notice that none of these other media organizations have filed suit against the White House, they simply signed on to support CNN because they have no case. They wouldn't tolerate Acosta's behavior in their studios and judges wouldn't allow it in their court rooms. CNN and the others need to be reminded that they are there for the American people, to report the news not debate the president. The media no longer reports the news, they create the news and that is not protected by the first amendment. Then, it seems there's no Constitutional Crisis after all, as the White Office of Legal Counsel has concluded that the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General is in fact legal, Constitutional, and in compliance with federal law under the Vacancies Act. Also, CNN’s Jake Tapper’s demanded evidence of voter fraud in Florida. Here’s his evidence - the Florida Department of State has asked federal prosecutors to investigate altered election documents tied to the Florida Democratic Party. Why wasn’t this story broken on CNN? Because CNN’s not investigating. Finally, Michael Avenatti was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Dept for alleged felony domestic violence as reported by TMZ entertainment news.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one lots to get to. A whole lot of news outlets have filed friend of the corporate. Some make us briefs in support of CNN and Jim Costa. Including Fox NEWS, I'm getting a lot emails about this. I don't make decisions for Fox NEWS. I dont make decisions for corporate Fox news. I am
Fox NEWS as a lawyer, and they don't consult with me, I have a radio show. I have when tv I am an author. And I have a one hour programme on Sunday on Fox. So Ox Cnn and the rest are free to do whatever they wanted to. I do my one hour show, I think, all these news organisations- I really quite outrageous in their findings, have a good chance of winning, not because the right on the law, not because the right on the constitution, but it takes a strong federal district court judge and then a strong circuit court panel, then strong Supreme Court justices to stand up Hence the mob
CNN and Jimmy are not protecting freedom of the press, there protecting themselves This is not some great first amendment case if you read the Theodora Boutros Theodore. Also brief: it's almost reads: like a first year law student wrote it with a bunch of creole, a crown, to my view, its boiler at no point do any of these news organisations any of them any of it. Insist on any level of professionalism from any other reporters in those press central press conferences
I mean roll over and play dead. I don't mean be lapdog like we saw the media during the Obama administration. You can be tough, you can ass aggressive questions, but you can't throw a tantrum. He can't take over the press conference. And the president, not some damn judge our group judges gets to decide at present to if the president had thrown Acosta above the White House, and you know what he never did. He took lose heart. Pass away. So we can seek a daily press pass on a daily basis. But if the president had removed people In that room who opposed him, he would have every rapporteur in that room virtually, but he did he didn't remove the embassy reporter. He didn't remit, the PBS reporter hidden, movie. I don't even know where she is
April Ryan reporter he didn't remove the other CNN. Reporters sought this is content based a hell of a tough time proving it we The american people saw what's going on, we have a very a very low opinion of the news media and we also have a very low opinion of the judiciary. Now, will they come by once again to uproot the constitution to do damage to the first amendment and freedom of the press, It is Mr Costa and his national tantrums in the press, conferences who demise the press and denies the president and his surrogate the press secretary, ability to communicate with the american people, once CNN to know what the lorries for foxes When you are cited in the aid beaten up you're, not there
yourselves, you there for us and if you're going to defend Jim Costa, that's a problem, a problem, because we can't get ass. We can hear what the president has to say Lotta reporters that may have good questions. The media in this case. Circling the wagons around individual personalities, walk. Clothing themselves in the first amendment because So much of the media. Today the news media on the cable and also the network channels, and so far it has become a matter. A personalities going Hollywood, but that's not what the news is supposed to be. I don't care who they, how files? I an amicus brief, parting, CNN and Jim.
And the media reporting on itself pseudo event created by a stuff pseudo event but a lawsuit, Sceura Vancouver. By these other news, Organizations filing there and make us briefs we're supposed to be impressed impressed with what I'm not impressed in the least the disgrace. And these damn quartz better, keep a mind separation of powers and these damn courts better. Keep my that people may. Are bringing lawsuits against them for not having alibis hearings in the Supreme Court. Why? otherwise hearings in the Supreme Court I mean the vast majority. The american people have no idea. What's going on in the Supreme Court, doing oral arguments. Why should that be tough
Why should they be on cable network tv? Why should they be on satellite tv. Why should they be on hand held the vices? Why should the american people know what they are gone on during oral argument in the Supreme Court? What about that chief justice, freedom of the press, while the decorum exactly that the corn, while we're not elected more the reason tat tell Vision and the Supreme Court- and I believe that I'm just following the logical argument. How come no legal organization choose me? How come no legal office. For any these media organisations hasn't files. President of the United States, has the right to manage the press conference not talking about manage the content but manage the decorum the civility.
He's not required to stand there and one. Egomaniac one narcissist one media, personality take over the role and of all News organisations, a pay USA today, Fox whatever they are, thank that's appropriate. Then I have news for them: they represent the american people because its inappropriate it's an appropriate. They would not tolerate such behaviour in their own offices. Other own in their own studios? They wouldn't tolerated for a minute nobody, what the court's wouldn't tolerated in their court rooms because what is tolerated in their rooms, you don't have to agree with the press. But there has to be some level of self discipline Maybe these media organisations can tell us. What is a reporter out of control, if not Jimmy cost? What it is
Porter hijacking a press conference. You see Ladies and gentlemen, this is more of the same them. No longer simply report the knows they create the news they create the news, that's not protected by the first amendment, that's not intended by the first amendment, while their defending the first amendment, really You know it's amazing, these media organisations for the last defend the first amendment. They dont defend religious liberty. They do not the Freedom of association. They dont defend that free speech.
Well, if you're conservative, they certainly don't defend that, but freedom of the press, they don't even support freedom of the press. They support their freedom to do what they want to do. That's not freedom of the press. If you knock, cannot conduct yourself like a civil, mature adult in presidential news conference and stuff, as tough questions that the president may not like, then you don't deserve to be there and, if CNN doesn't have the responsibility to withdraw somebody like that than the present the United States. Finally, after all, this time has every right to These other media organisations have thrown in all these other news organisations have thrown they sally themselves.
Beth? I am obliged to how about that Mr Barroso, maybe if I get fired for action exercising my first, my rights covering a federal laws, no, not really doesn't apply private parties. Of course. Now I think tat also it CNN view- is very confused: no senator from the great state of Colorado on the issue, of fraud in flux? You have any evidence. You haven't you of fraud. Anyone spots any evidence you have any idea. What for US senator neurons whatsoever, whether the evidence, while this law
playing broken in this deadlines being broken, and this separation evidence of fraud paid dummy when you violate federal, like me, date law and stay regulations that is evident fraud, but he wanted more. So the intrepid Jake Tapir a k, a fake tapir, sit this, but at the CNN headquarters in Washington DC demanding that Republicans bring him evidence of fraud, ok, fake gonna give you some information, it's actually from political. You know you read that after read the Holocaust, denying New York Times and its end let it go and I'm sure you're gonna covered very very heavily this evening. I dont know if you'd you're show's over actually listen to this one, fake MAC, Dixon Tallahassee politico. The Florida department of State last week last week asked federal prosecutors to investigate dates that were changed from official
data election documents, the first voting irregularities. He does flagged in the wake of the twenty eighteen elections. Now, why wasn't this story broken on CNN, because it's not investigating and CNN could care less. That's why the concerns which that Armand says, can be tied to the Florida Democratic Party set, achieving hello, hello, sent? around day, changes on forms used to fix a vote by male ballots set within racked missing information, known as cure affidavit. You know what the old days when I use the vote there. Now after David's provisional voting early voting. You got off your ass and your voted on election day unless you literally couldn't, and then you could file and early about, but you had to a signed affidavit under penalty of perjury. Now you can vote by mail. You can vote on the internet, can vote if you're, not citizen
But if you dont at a buckle, you're shape out, you can vote. If you don't, I had, I were well, you understand, notice cure affidavits. Those documents used to fix mailbox ballots were do. No later than five p m on November five, the day before the election, but affidavits really On Tuesday by the Department of State Florida show that documents from four different counties said the balance. Could they returned by five p m on Thursday, which is not accurate audio of a floor, democratic party collar leaving a voice mail message asking a palm Beach county voted to fix their vote by male ballot. After Action Day, which is not allowed, was also sent, political separately, it was not part of the Info She turned over to federal prosecutors, who will be now. Unlike counties in question, is Brower, which emerged at the epicenter of cod.
Versus three statewide races and three local legislator raises when it erect following the November six election. Let's be honest, look what happened in California, five Republicans wiped out after election day. Shoes me for Republicans wiped out Look what happened in Arizona, resign, Senator wiped out after election day other states to other states to let's continue the. Urban of state of Florida officials. There have repeatedly told the media that the monitors they sent the Brower County, so no election fraud, wasn't it till Tuesday that the office reveal publicly that it had turned information to federal prosecutors formation was sent on November, nine by Bradley Mcveigh Department of State inner
general council, asked that the altered dates be investigated sheets of crime to change ballots like this, count, everybody can I read about even the fraudulent ones. Even the non citizen one, even though the ones from dead people the record released by the Department of State, which is part of Governor Rick. Scots administrate, see political can. Help in the Department of State is part. A Rick, Scots administration, but Rick Scott actually has absolutely nothing to do with this process. So why not? They put them in the political peace. While you know why they point the finger at the floor, democratic party political parties can get daily lives of people who had their male imbalance, rejected political. But he's anyone else can also get the publicly available cure, affidavits and said the voters who had mail in ballot rejected to encourage them to fix the ballots in any now chain released as part of the Department of State, Tuesday document dump sick
this county super when you love the living citrus County or citrus county trips county supervisor of Election Susan girl, ass. We told the Department of state officials that event who receive one of the cure. Affidavits were the wrong date, had also received a call from Number identified as the Tallahassee office or the flooded my party, an indication that party reaching out about her vote by mail about when I called it. It is the Democratic Party of lotta she said in an embryo, em out department state sure on the right that she thinks the incorrect date was used, because whoever sent the cure for David mixed up the day Line for affidavits, with the deadline for provisional balance, a change to an official election form was what state officials turned over to federal prosecutors. Another now the Department of State Document dump. Including correspondence from ok.
So county supervisor of elections, Paul LUX, who also said, leave the affidavits for up from the floor to democratic party. So it looks like we have potential systemic fraud, a potential federal investigation, And I'm sure fake tapir will be so concerned about this, that he'll coverage thoroughly. Won't you think, maybe Jim Acosta should be able to ask a question at the White House: maybe say to the president. Mr President, humans that there is a fraud in Florida there is evidence of fraud in Florida. What is your opinion known? And he won't ask that question because the present its name is tromp motto: bomber. I'll be right back
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but love in America's mentor of conservatism. Call now at eight seven, seven, three one three eight one one at the Department of Justice is an office called the Office of naval legal counsel. We ve talked about this office before it was headed by the likes of William Renquist to become an associate justice. Chief justice of the? U S, Supreme Court maintenance, coolly, social justice in the supreme were very, very important off It's where the brightest minds on the constitution set Thank and right. And the White House Council passed that office to give an opinion on the appointment, the temporary appointments, of Acting Attorney General Matthew, Whittaker.
And the office laid out in its opinion, the constitutional statutory basis for his appointment and every site, in point they raised- I raised here behind this microphone with you all. These commentators on cable tv, in particular lawyers with various types of legal backgrounds, were wrong, and yet there still onto me. Commenting about the law. They ve been wrong about whether you can indicted sitting President Corny the Department of Justice own memoranda. They been wrong about support They ve been wrong about so much, and yet they still stay there ass, the nose. You know it's not a question of whether a judge rules Why so bit there judges and their judges their real judges, and then there are political judges. The judge roles either. Why so bit there judges in their judges their real judges, and then there are political judges.
So that's not my point. My point is when you look at the constitution, when you look at the federal stature, the vacancies act when you look Traditionally, what takes place it's perfectly legal and constitutional. It's not a big deal. You see, ladies and gentlemen, there is no constitutional crisis after all, What do they do now? They're smearing, the guy, the smearing, the guy. I want to read a little bit to you from the Trump administrations response to see and all the as under news organisations have thrown in wood Jim accustomed in a moment please safe is a fantastic security system. Its great Britain for your home and family and right now, We save as giving my listeners a great deal on home security order. Now I know
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save mark dot com and Harry this deal and November twenty six And you don't want to miss out. That's simply safe mark that simply safe marked outcome, You know when most burglaries robberies occur right round the holidays, You need to act quickly and get the special deal simply safe. Mark that come on. Let's take a look. We went through the the also Boutros, Boutros Boutros and Golly was had a very bad brief in my view. But who knows with the judge but here's the response. I don't read it to myself yet I just saw something to read it to you as I go through it. Here's background the recitation of facts. Let's see, if it's better than me, Boutros wholesome recitation, which was really quite misleading memory where's cover the White House Free Range local, national and international news outlets.
Subset of those reporters have access to facilities within the White House, complex access that require certain credentials, after completing a secret service background check a report of may then be approved by the White House for a so called hard pass, which allows access to the White House Complex and briefing room. Three just learned more. You just learn more from that. Then you did at any the time on November, seven, twenty eighteen President Trump held a press conference to discuss the twenty eighteen mid term elections. Really attendees was Jim accosted, Chief Whitehouse correspondent for CNN who, how they hard pass at that time, at that press conference, as reported a statement by press Secretary Sarah, how can be Sanders quote after Mr Casa asked the president to questions each of which the president I answered He physically refuse to surrender a White House microphone to an intern so that other
for it is, might ask their questions on quote so true. Mister ass. I quote held onto the microphone unquote after a White house. Staffer, put our hands on the microphone and attempted to reclaim it later. That press, Sectaries Sanders announced that MR cost us hard Pass had been suspended until further notice. She stated quote MR cost. This conduct is absolutely unacceptable as also completely disrespectful to the river. Let not to allow them an opportunity to ask a question. Following that action, MR costs, this application, Day pass on November. Eighth, twenty eighteen was rejected. It permanent access to the president's events during a trip. The pears, the following day, also November. Eight sooner, send the White House a lighter, Mr Cost, us behalf half respond, though, suspension on conduct grounds
that letter scene and asserted that called the nature and tone of MR cost as questions was approved an newsworthy vitamin. So his tone was newsworthy. All are in that letter, the press actors further explained the decision in a written statement released. One of em are thirteen. They quote it. We don't need plain. MR cost and seen and filed a complaint, emotion for preliminary injunction and emotion, free. Pray restraining, honour November, thirteen, twenty eighteen, this call scattered or argument on plainest motion for a temper restraining honour for the afternoon of November. Fourteen now you have so called legal experts who are not many of whom have never actually practice federal constant. National law or saying this is a slam, dunk scene and will win what their true to do, ladies and gentlemen, is influence. The outcome, that's what they're trying to do so here is part of the argument by the immense
the standard for issuance of the extraordinary in drastic remedy of a temporary restraining order or prelim An injunction is very high there, citing a Decisions and interim injunction is never awarded as of right. And they go on and I very difficult to get I mean the really has to be matters related to public safety and so forth, plaintiffs, not likely to see a succeed on their first to mimic claim the and then broad discretion in granting Whitehouse access to journalists. The first member does not restrict the present its ability to determine the on which he does or does not engage with particular journalists The DC circuit recognised Cheryl versus night, citing the same case that TED and TED cited two others any other result would certainly be unreasonable interviews are briefings, was selected journalists and deny that opportunity to
any other result would certainly be unreasonable. The president may choose the journalist he calls on. This is their brief now at a press conference, or which journalist he invites to an interview in the oval office or a press conference. Just a large form interview in the EAST room that discretion extends to his White House staff. The present is free to instruct Whitehouse officials to respond positively to particular journal request for information interviews or or questions and he's equally free to instruct Whitehouse officials. Did it These arguments we made here last night courts would frequently be called on to police the daily Ellie, give and take between public officials and reporters and Iraq and we made here last night courts would frequently be called on to police daily, give and take between public officials and report an arena that is defined by discretion and where and what
let's see and where public officials routinely grant or deny interviews. Two specific reporters based on their judgment about how the reporters viewpoints what color the interview. This is which I pointed out last night, that concern led the Fort circuit to uphold Governor Maryland decision to prohibit everyone quote in the executive department or agencies, on quote from speaking, but to reporters from the Baltimore son in reaching now here's my question to you. If you're going to have but who call themselves legal experts on the subject on tv, why have he cited. This information reaching that conclusion, the court explain that providing relatively less information to one reporter was permissible, even one done on account of that journalists reporting Such decisions regarding the level of access a journalist receives the public officials are a pervasive features.
Journalism and of journalist interactions with government, more broadly There is no first, a member right about as to the White House and other point, I underscored last evening as the Supreme I recognise decades ago, even though any restriction on the citizens access to the White House diminish Is the citizens opportunities to gather information he might find relevant to his opinion of the weather countries being run? She's me that does not make entry into the White House a first amendment right. That's a Supreme court decision from nineteen sixty four. The president is generally freed open the White House doors to political allies in the hopes of furthering a particular agenda and he is equally Fredo invite in only political foes and the hopes convincing them of his position. The first amendment simply Not regulate these decisions and the first It does not impose stricter requirements when journalists as a
Subset of the public are good and are denied access to the White House. The Supreme Court reinforce that the press does not receive special treatment for first amendment purposes in citizens, United versus Federal Election Commission of twenty term Mccord said we have consistently rejected the proposition that the institutional press has any constitutional privilege beyond that of other speakers. A role that That's the White House is discretion to grant or deny journalists hard passes without risk requiring the White House to grant full access to any member of the public Who would like to ask the president or his staff question see this as a grown up brief. It's not a slapdash sloppy brief, like Boutros and fire. Nor may not, after, depending on who the judges are and where their heads or at
matters to you and made because we on this country, not them plaintives, I commend to the contrary, rests primarily on the Sharll case, the D c circuit case. They cite regarding press access to the wider. Plaintiffs rely on Cheryl for the broad proposition that press accession not be denied arbitrarily are for less than compelling reasons. But surely not so broad. In that case, the sole question was whether the secret service permissible denied a hard pass toy journalist who the party agreed was otherwise eligible to receive it. Our concerns over presidential security, there I'll resulted solely from the determination of the secret service. After investing Mr Cheryl that he, be issued. The pass the court noted quote that all parties to this case recognise the right of a journalist who are White House precipice assume
but the journalist satisfy some basic objective criteria and is a source of potential danger to the president or his family? The particular question the court had to answer was thus. What's energy governed, the secret Services denial of a hard pass based on security reasons. In this case. By contrast, it is not conceded that Mr Costa, is an otherwise eligible journalists, the present, has his designate in the White House Press office. There exercise their discretion not to engage with him and, by extension, to know grant him on demand. Says to the White House Complex so that he can attempt to intervene. But the President or White House officials on like this situation in Cheryl. Where only this what service was objecting to the issuance of pass to the rapporteur the why ass press office has subjected and thus does not
recognise the right of a journalist who I Whitehouse Press pass in all cases absent a demonstrated security threat put differently, stick with me, put differently defendants do not concede and in fact reject the premise that the White House, as facilities are perceived as being open to all bona fide Washington base, journalists such inclusion is untenable and light? numerous discretionary determinations, the White House Press office must make and alligator hard passes to a subset of bona Fide Washington based journalist, for example, the degree to which the request beat requires reporting on the White House, whether request or as a journalist with sufficiently broad audience whether hard assets are fairly distributed between comparable organisations etc. Therefore, the premise on which the Dc Circuits opinion and child depends doesn't exist here.
They ve been waving it around on cable tv back like a share of the surgeon, and what did I tell you, that is a Deasey circuit decision limited use and that's all I've got right now more when I return, ladies and gentlemen, this brief gets better at the creation Fatah mean there's no question. This is a far stronger brief and what was filed by you tat in TED. CNN and Jimmy asked in all the the the angle of news agencies at feel the need to circle the wagon around a cost, but I'm gonna get more facts up. Cause you're not getting in on network satellite or cable tv fuel my any a MAC member. What they like
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I acknowledge the present its attempt to move on to a different journalist. However, Mr Costa continued to try to hold the floor. Such that a White House staff were tempted physically to physically reclaim the microphone Mr Costa had been using, even if The staff were actually had her hands on the microphone. Mr Costa contain This refusal to permit another journalist ask a question, ignoring both the stated. What the president of the United States and the efforts of a staffer task, helping to manage the event. Listen to this second plain, claim that the decision, a rope revoke Mr Castors hard Pass, was the result of the present allegedly clear intent, paper CNN, and it cost us reporting well. Ladies and gentlemen, did you know there approximately fifty others? and journalists who retain hard passes to enter the White House Complex, fiftieth birthday? I
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already on the law. This will be the same man who was on MSNBC repeatedly as an offence, We all know law. Now they were and he doesn't exist, are free press pact. Yellow journalism. Michael haven't already became famous for reporting. Representing stormy day knows rights DMZ in her battle. President Trump has been arrested for felony domestic violence law enforcement sources tell DMZ by the way a judge just ordered him and his client to pay three hundred thousand dollars to us for the president's floors, too, he's having a bad couple of weeks. Our law enforcement sources I haven't already was arrested Wednesday after a woman filed, a felony dv report were told face. Was swollen and bruised with red marks on both shakes. Our sources say? The alleged incident occurred Tuesday night, but there was another confrontation Wednesday between the two at an exclusive apart
building in this century city area, valet, we're told ones afternoon, the woman was on the sidewalk on your cell phone with glasses covering her eyes. Sob. And screaming on the phone. I can't believe you did this to me They get a restraining order against you. Gonna go I'm just citing the free press ladies and gentlemen. Tansy were told, secure. He brought her inside the building Tucker upstairs. Michael showed up five minutes later and ran into the building. He scream repeatedly. She hit me first. We're tardy angrily added: this is ball ass. This is a thing, bull s pet sense. I gave a naughty How come the sky still has a lot of law license? I just keep wondering this. We're totally. Try getting into the elevator by security, deny them access capture
Escorted I've a naughty into a corner, the apartment lobby and spoke with him from five to ten minutes and then took him into custody. Enforcement source says on Tuesday Evan? I kicked her out of the apartment and that's when the alleged domestic violence occurred, we're told she went. To the apartment on Wednesday to Retriever belongings and cod police stand by a case. Things got heeded where I have a naughty is currently in custody. Mr produce If I were noddies in custody, how will he appear on CNN and MSNBC, we'll sit and put out a statement and apologize MSNBC made that the press to face the nation, all that magnificent free press. They use this guy to attack the president of the United States, that's exactly what they did.
Domestic violence will see it and put out a statement and apologize MSNBC make the depressed or face the nation all that magnificent free press They use this guy to attack the president of the United States, that's exactly what they did and now they pretended doesn't even exists. Thank you. Now they pretended doesn't even exist. Arrested for felony domestic violence, Michael ever naughty allege. It, of course, is alleged. Let's back to what I consider it a truly grown. A brief. From the Trump administration compared to they create a crown brief. There was, by TAT in TED Rep, turning CNN Endemic Costa on which the rest of the media have circle. The wagons unfortunately.
So we ve now learn that there, approximately fifty other CNN journalists who retain hard passes to enter the White House. Fifty. Plaintiffs compliant. They write alleges that this and. Against CNN his long standing without any plausible explanation as to why there were no allegedly retaliatory actions against Mr Costa. Previously. The more natural explanation for the White House revoking mystery cost us pass. One of seven is that Mr Costa revocation is based on his conscience. At the November seven twenty eighteen precedent. Again there was my emphasis. Last night there was a lot of written static thrown into the so called If five by CNN and Jim Accustomed, they go on? Third and related lay plaintives description of the White House. His conduct towards other reporters reinforce.
Does that plaintiffs have failed to demonstrate that the White House made a content or viewpoint decision with respect to MR cost? Again, there was a point. I raised less Plainest papers include no allegations at the White House has revoke the hard pass of any other reporters, including from CNN, whose reporting the An allegedly disagrees within fact. Dozens of in a still retain Whitehouse hard passes to a number of other journalists who ask him hard, hitting questions. Together this evidence undermines any claim of content or viewpoint based retaliation, the better exploit it is at the White House- responded to conduct that was particularly disruptive to oppress France, with a decision denying one specific reporter further opportunities to cause disruptions. Revoking reporters hard past
four impeding the White House, his ability to conduct fair and orderly press conferences is not arbitrary, rather a priest where's the White House, his ability to balance each individual reporters desire to ask questions with the new To abide by norms that permit other reporters to ask questions as well. Indeed, need to avoid disruptions, has long been a non arbitrary basis for government action, the White House. His actions accordingly do not run a foul of even plaintives articulation of the relevant first amendment standards. These are excellent points well written points we raised last night. And if the White House, that is in a strange and gets a fair shake, it should be a slam dunk for them. But again my first book was called man in black how the Supreme Court is destroying America, and so you ve got ass,
yourselves. If he will Betty. Should this really is a slimmed down for the president, the court's don't want to get in. Business of micromanaging presidential press conference scene and is not harmed in any respect and Jim Costa being a year a Rama reporter fee well being the Morton down Junior of the press corps, he doesn't get the interfere with the press. France, he doesn't get to undermine the other reporters, despite the foolishness of their amicus briefs. This is not a first amendment issue. This is a perfectly legitimate administrative discretionary decision based on the conduct. Of this individual as an individual, not as a report as an individual, you don't get to do certain things in the theatre. You don't get the do certain things in the courtroom. You don't get the do certain things in a class
You don't get to do certain things in a newsroom room and you don't get the do certain things at the White House in a presidential press conference and should a court. Otherwise can you imagine the anarchy, As they point out earlier in this brief, as I pointed out last night, is the court going to create a cause of action for every rapporteur and any reporter who doesn't get a heart? es or doesn't like the way the White House manages press conferences. Or complain, so you can get a second question. I sure hope the court understands the consequences, unintended and otherwise I'd it will create further more. I hope the court understands separation of powers, it's none of its damn business. This is not a first amendment issue and one slash four,
against CNN Endemic Costa and against all these silly and make us briefs which are really pr plays by some of these news organisations. They should be able to do that. The court, the judges, but in this case a judge relative, we quickly I'll, be right back. Now you know the facts about CNN and all the hard passes the company has there and all the rest of it Why? What all these other media companies join in on this and claim this first amendment issue, including some of our friends. Why would they do that. A friend of mine carried picket, whose also what does she says, though,
the house will grant the cost of conditional daily access on a paper pass. In areas the same rights as others breathing room, many of whom are paper, passes a daily. Prepare. But you see, ladies and gentlemen, accosted doesn't want that because it's a status issue, the status issue. You have less regular access, but so what? The question would be this: why does CNN have fifty so. A journalist with hard passes. While you know what he's really suppressing freedom of the press, the present a United States really is We ve never seen anything like this. What a dictator. They hard passes over their CNN, but they want fifty one and they want that, one for the biggest jack S in the press corps that violates the first amendment. Don't you think so guys? Yes, you I say today jumps in a p jumps
Fox jobs, hair. Where knows guys, you know we're standing up for the first amendment now you're, not how preposterous. And that's why I always look at history and put these things in context. That's why I've explain you several times now the John proceed in right, Emily Good Administration, the wardrobe Wilson administration. The Franklin rose about a the Obama administration Tropez in TAT. Anything that these are the president's did wait a minute he revoked the heart pass. For my guy, I wouldn't give up the microphone large country, I hate on four CNN right and that's why they have fifty report origin there without passes, but then I heard an expert on cable tv. You know the usual it This is a slammed on case.
It should be decided on Friday now it may be it the Jesus. Had you nowhere. But if it's a serious judge, the judges gonna have serious. Questions for CNN, how in the world this is violate the first amendment and freedom of the press She has more reporters there than the vast majority of reporting outlets in the country. I guess the judge gets to decide. Who can stay, who can't stay and we want due process due product. This is why I am totally disgusted with what ten also has done. He wants to create a cause of action for a reporter beyond the constitution. A cause of an administrative burden on a president that if you want to remove a reporter, you have to follow these due process rules. They
Take this case out of the deep sea circuit they spinet and twisted into a pretzel, and then they insist, your needs to be a due process right. What that that means that Rapporteur has a right to be here, Pressure, it changes the entire situation, I said last night in the smart lawyers said in their brave and I'm glad they listen. Our president doesn't call on a reporter. At present. It doesn't allow a second question from a reporter. What is this still process that. How he's discriminated against makers? I'm a liberal, he's discriminated against, because I work at the New York Times hastily when they had against me over my race he's discriminated Moreover, my religion, I can hear it all now. I can hear it all up, because the truth is the media have become the Democratic Party and the
my credit party had become the media. You cannot tell them apart. You cannot tell the news from the Democrat talking points and vice versa. You just cannot now one this beginning, at a bar in it. If a federal court rules for CNN and Jim cost on First amendment grounds, when, in fact a judge member holds a press conference when in fact they don't televised federal court room. So what takes place in federal court room? Wouldn't that be. An irony so their federal judiciary once the monitor and manage a presidential press conference, but they don't hold press conferences themselves while acts because we're different exactly stay out of it.
But out of it, this is not an extraordinary circumstances. This is not a freedom of the press issue. It has nothing to do with that, just because CNN says it does because they have a lousy writings, cares because Jimmy Cost has said so. They want a pop up. There are publicity. Mitya shows you. How terrible the media are today that they circle the rag and around CNN and a cost, and these stupid arguments that the people USA today and AP and Fox in these other news outlets. They know that she and Anne had fifty individuals with hard pressed passes. Did they know that I into the network news. On my show, which I have no control over? They ve, never said that
we need actually read the circuit court decision that Boutros and also site which has to deal with security. Has now They do at the first amendment that they actually read the case. Do they actually think through the consequences. Should sit in not only be able to destroy itself should sooner, able to destroy a presidential press conference with this kind Ambulance chasing litigation. Incredible to me, absolutely incredible! That is why tonight On virtually every single news programme on all cable shows all the network shows they haven't thoroughly gone through the wider.
His response to see em in Jimmy cost. Instead, the loses all the news groups had a file friend of the court briefs self serving self serving incredible. The truth this, despite what the President says about the press, despite what they say about him, the president's actions against the prey had been almost non existent compared to past presidents. Woodrow Wilson set up a whole intelligence commission within his Ministration monitor the media after threatened publishers, left and right, left and right. Senate Democrats. Issued hundreds and hundreds of subpoenas against telegraph companies wanting communication with publishers and energy and that goal,
On today, you since these whiny thin skinned, eco maniacal, so called reporters, not all, but too many elastic Jim cost about, but apparently all the media programme would Jim accommodates the gym across the media, And what our marrow media it's the gym across the media, and you know what I should stop complaining. It's perfect they're out of the closet. They ve exposed themselves every day, one of em, I'll be right there with a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv mobile. Phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, scientists suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this,
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Brick House Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levin, dot com offered code, Levin Cloven, show where we create the talking points collar now, seven, seven, three one, three, eight one: one. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have I disagree: events from time to time I do with certain republic, turn concerning certain people ministration president has endorsed so called criminal justice reform, the vast majority of you haven't read this proposed bill, but it sounds good and that's always the problem. My body might Lee has said he's been pushing for this for eight years and Mostly believes its a good bill. MR the police department in this country oppose it.
The assistant. U S. Attorneys association asked for an opportunity to speak with the president. Because I had serious questions about it that didn't happen. Ultra low tearing groups, like the coat brothers in their organization, have been pushing for this for a long time, as have many these defeat related organizations and so forth. I do not believe In these broad brush, so called reform bills. Because ultimately The thousands and thousands of individuals, I will see their sentences reduced or eliminated. There will be many individuals who should be released. The released out into our communities where they threaten our police and they threatened your families and your kids. We have a criminal justice system. We have governors.
If governors who can release prisoners, we a pardon boards, Isn't it can pardon individuals at the federal level? I have no problem this case is being taken on an individual basis. I do have a problem with this broad brush. You have organizations out there that say our justice system is racist and so Criminal justice reform to others who We have too many criminal laws subway, that's not are you deal with this? You want to deal with too many criminal laws deal with it. If you have a space, like instance, of racism, deal with it, but I do not sadly, we have systemic. Racism and our criminal justice system, and I do not accept. That everybody is going to be released. Now is going to be a very nice person. And this is gonna be a problem. What this actually does? drawbacks the Reagan era, sentencing guidelines,
which significantly reduce crime in this country. So Lindsey Grandma's out thirty Glinda, Graham support pretty much anything that has the word reform in immigration reform, criminal justice. Form whenever you see that word, you really need to open your eyes and below little concerned. So even if I'm the only voice so be it, then I know I don't make friends at the White House when I say these things, even though I am a friend so be it so be it too bad idea, And there's a lot of people who will be released, who committed my, more heinous crimes and the crimes that they applied guilty to or that they ve been convicted of theirs. Other discretion. When it comes to prosecution, there's a lot of discretion when it comes, The cutting deals soon individual may have cut a deal for aid lighter sentence. On alone
are included crime and the climate actually have committed. But you won't see that It's like the argument about the data packets and when you point out We don't know who's here. People haven't been properly vetted, they trying got down the debate, its the same mentality and criminal justice reform. The watchman Examiner federal officials have confirmed by the great Paul but died a real rapporteur that, legal immigrant, released from jail by a sanctuary city and later charge where they triple murder was a dreamer protected from deportation. Now you're led to believe that every dreamers somebody who wants to become a college educated rocket scientist some do many dunk. Most a law abiding accepted. National criminal act or that are their parents, some are not and it's the son who are not there, this concern.
You need to be able to figure out who so and these broad brush so called reforms. Don't do that who Rodrigo Perez a twenty three year old Mexican National was given two year differ: action for childhood arrivals Dhaka, that's Edison twenty twelve. When he was seventeen years old and in twenty Fourteen again. The illegal alien who murdered free people after he was released from New Jersey, county jail was Dhaka recipient in twenty twelve and twenty fourteen is confirmed by ice twitter The centre for immigration study, which advocates for reforms, focused on legal immigration,. Now. This will receive a one day hit by some media. Most of the media will ignore it. And here we have immigration, reform emigration, reform. Three people murdered.
Back up our offer doc, I was sure why does a year of Cars Dhaka Criminal justice for absolutely. Yes, we have too many laws deal with it. But most of the people being released. I give you one example: I've heard one or two examples out o you talk how about all the other examples All these people are in federal prison who shouldn't be in federal prison that it unbelievable. She me. But here we are around the country. Millions of Americans are turning up the phone for the first time and then spending a week freezing at night. Why? Because in neglected to change out their air fellers and their systems fail And I entirely on these costs, it is really cold. Now,
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That we should enforce our immigration laws and not allow illegal aliens in here You know that criminals out of prison- I dont, get it. People who have pled or being convicted. I dont get it. I dont get the logic about victims, rights, We don't hear about them anymore, about victims, rights, And if we say we support law enforcement, there We live in criminals out of prison because of criminal justice reform, we'll just because The cope brothers believe in it doesn't mean I have to because the White House is bought off on it doesn't mean I have to adjust. Republican senators and house. Members want to look compassionate and show that thereby partisan doesn't mean I have to go for this nonsense Reagan. Erect sentencing guidelines served us well, lot of criminals in prison,
protected a lot of american citizens. We just and so much time in Washington, DC, worried about legal immigrants, emigrants, prisoners have at the american people How about those of us who are here fair and square? How about those of us who live Baron Square when they pay attention to more that. Rather than these little policy areas where they think can show the media and show their opponents letter I partisan in this ass in the other. This is our priority: the lame duck Congress letting prisoners out of prison. You ask your senator this question. Can you assure me that every single person is going to be let out a prism earlier than they otherwise would be? Is. Going to commit another crime, yes or no How am I supposed to know? I well, you seem to know.
You seem to know, could you sound like a lobotomy? They do. I want you to listen, yes, we're moving quick. There's a ton, the cover and run another type. I want you to listen to Baker. This guy was mayor of Newark It was considered short of a moderate guy, but now to be president in order to be present. Any he needs to be nominated by the Democratic Party in the Democratic Party is nuts That is, the leadership is. I want you to listen to this man and he reflects a big percentage of the population because of a lack of assimilation in our education that tears down our principles and tears down our history here. Boy Booker at the National action network. Now this is our sharpens group, so our sharpen,
Hu as a horrific s, history of racism and anti Semitism, certainly in its past. Our sharpened Lee National Action network. I thought I should was a host at MSNBC Stella House. Mister producer. But he's a weekend house right- why? How come media, don't attack him for getting involved in politics have May attack conservatives. At fox or elsewhere, your character, environment, politics world knows operation. Well, Is an msnbc, a news operation? How come there? attacking sharpen. Oh no. No. I forgot their leftists. Here's coy book earthy national action network, our sharpens conference today. I want you to listen to this. This man wants to be your president. Cut one go.
This country, you don't love because there is changed in Hungary- has broken your heart. You don't love her enough. I mean the stuff at these left us I'll say about this country. Magnificent country. The greatest country really ever established by mankind, the most magnificent, the freest, the wealthiest for all people, If this country has broken your heart, you don't love it enough. So it's a moral imperative to trash your country Or you don't love it enough,
This is our vision of everything right, but because there is just as this is a group of folks, like America's country who are dissatisfied because we live in a country like our many communities, combined. Unless we hear a lot of water, we learn a new system for treating better if you're, rich and guilty see this. This is this is why we have a huge problem in this country when you have a political party that just Tearing the country apart. Balkan eyes, is the nation. Tribal as is the nation, doesn't got the magnificence of the society in this culture that is constantly attacking it.
Nobody said the country's perfect, but it's a great country and it's the most perfect on the face of the earth. I know This because millions of people want to come here and now he wants to leave. But the here somebody like this and elect senator of the United States and he's not alone. Here's twenty or thirty on line up who have the same mindset and will say the same thing. We all know he's a liar Although this is not the America that that we live in. And it goes on and on and on- and this crap justice reform cortical plays into this mentality?. It plays into this mentality, go ahead,
Satisfied because we live in a nationwide repays extra jobs just to make. We are sad because I was like What was it. We are just satisfied because we're not even the common sense things to make or ninety percent of Americans grimly should do. I have no idea what he's talking about and needed. Is he. And neither does he just pushes hot buttons. I don't I how we're gonna become. A civil society who retain our civil society- I dont know: how will we have people like this or my hard left.
And he's not alone. Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren come Allah Harris right down. The list who talk like the most radical marxist leftists overseas America, our enemies, talk about America, this, why? When you The Booker he's a propagandist for the Red Chinese, he's a propaganda for the fascist Putin regime, he's Propagandist for the Islam on Nazi terrain regime in Tehran, uranium regime. They love what he sang and I'm sure they repeat it all over the place it is discussed. I'll be right back
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we will be there. She will be reading especial children's though I time reading of our police. And ass, she- and I will be there- the sign the book. And sign some of my books too reasons for the reading, an followed to see each other meet each other at this Saturday. It's a surprise, because I wasn't it Either this Saturday Barnes and Noble thyssen- quarter: eleven: a M eastern time, my wife droll and I m- bring your little ones because its story time with them another one and the only other one, that's it: Bookends Ridgeway New Jersey, Bookends what new, Jersey, W B c country, the other, was doubly. I may our country- and are you see me, I'm country, rich What New Jersey November eleven November eleventh. You can join my,
Julie, I will not be there, she will be there, that's even better again, especially when is it? Is it the twentieth. You're right, you know I'd. Let me get the date on that. I screwed it up, but I think its next Wednesday that the twentieth. I hold onto the next hour or clean this up. It's the twentieth, not the eleventh! I apologize. We need to fix that on my social systems. It is on that headline there to dry, my wife, Julie, special children story time at both ends, four p m eastern on the twentieth Wednesday. I believe it is the twentieth man will get the day right. I'll be back.
Now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Finally got it right. This is Mark Levine, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one eight seven set Three eight one, three eight one: one ready there with me then going to get into something, I think that's fascinating this Saturday Barnes and noble at Thyssen's Corner Virginia eleven, a M five Julie and I will be there signing up. We will also be some copies of my other books. Barnes noble would like me to sign This will be the only event and the only time that I'm signing our police. That's it. So
want to attend, I think, but the key is say special children story time. Reading Julie is going to have with the kids forty eight years old. So if you're gonna come make sure you bring your little ones and you may want to get these gifts. Because, as I say, this will be the only time I am signing our police I'll be some of my other books there to unduly will be signing our police to now book ends Ridge, what New Jersey, one of the great independent bookstores. I love this bookstore November twentieth. Tuesday right, MR producer, Tuesday November twentieth, which is next week. Julie will be there for a special case. Historic time reading, as well as our police,. And she will be signing the book in. We hope you'll bring your little ones there again. Forty eight years old in that ball park or if you dont, have children that aid
Try grandparent her parent and you want to copy the book and you wanted signed by Julie and it'll be available, then for Christmas and Hanukkah gift in Europe w b c country. You won't want to mess it, so that's book A ridge would New Jersey November twentieth on Tuesday, four p m again Barnes Ennoble this Saturday W I may our country wonderful wmd, I'll affiliates. Thyssen's Corner Virginia. I will be there. That's eleven! A m for our police, a reading To your little ones, my Julie, my wife, as well as the signing of the book. I I think I got it right now, sigh for the screw up, short at Brown, Shariah Brown, Sherrod Brown just got reelected to the Senate from all how this guy is a complete puts, it doesn't matter
He was at the national action network to all this democratic politics. At an event sponsored by a host of MSNBC and you'll, see no criticism of this MSNBC. Note! this is another, said NBC. No criticism of this CNN. You won't see written up in any newspaper. No, An msnbc tries to portray itself as a news organization which clearly it's not I mean it- has Andrea Mitchell afterwards and Brian Williams but let's listen to charade where he goes by Sharon, but you should Brown Anti National action network. Now. Sharpen organisation had to Washington, free bacon, cut for we also know that Donald Trump, Go ahead at the White House, looks like a retreat for Wall Street and oil company executives,
by attacking fellow Americans by calling people names by attacking emigrants, he purposely pits one group against another central areas: did he not just here Corey Booker And by the way, a senator. At your entire ideology that your entire mantra turning people against each other? That's what left as Democrats do they ve always done that go ahead, the White House, looks like a retreat for Wall Street and oil company executives. Wise house looks for wreak like a retreat. I don't know Tom style. And who the other ones Michael Bloomberg,. And all the other ones out their buffet. All their billion which are shared Brown won't mention because they outspent virtually every Republican in every race in the country A play this line that therefore the little people-
they don't take money from special interests. Should now go ahead. Things Distracting divide by your dad Forty populism- that's that's not, appeals, populism, populous, are not races. Pocket are not anti semitic, our let's stop right there. Here we have a guy called the present, a racist and anti, where this is just so over the top and the media do the same thing: He just story from the federalist website, one of the best site by David Arson, and he is a terrific writer Senior editor at the federalists, is the author of a new book. It's a great book. First, freedom, a ride through America's enduring history, with the gun from the revolution, took today, Johan Omar, Johan Omar, you know she is.
Ill or Mars one of the first of Muslim women to be elected to Congress just now. And is a new kind of politician. She's telegenic, ideologically progressive, Widely celebrated by a media that it is obsessed with identity, politics she's the kind of politician who openly side with Hamas against Israel or spread protocols of Zion style conspiracies on Twitter, claiming that Jews, possess the supernatural ability to hypnotize the world as they unfurled or evil. Progress of Danish just got elected the media she's one of two. First female Muslims ever elected, and that's all you hear she's a Democrat. He says it's not surprising, then that Omar also supports the boycott divestment sanctions movement Beady s in a statement.
Website muslim girl later confirmed elsewhere. Someone on Omar staff explains that yes Hon, believes in and supports the baby s movement and has fought to make sure those rights to support it isn't criminalize sheet However, I have reservations on the effectiveness of the movement and accompanying a lasting solution. So Omar contends that BS will be. Effective in getting the sides to a lasting solution. He still believes in and supports a movement that smears the jewish state as racist Racist endeavour and aims to stride economically, it's a mysteries had not why Jews might find that positioning offensive. Oh, has supported videos for a while, even though she will now occasionally slip in some platitudes about the peace process as Johnson power line has been following the story from the beginning points out, o our misled. Jewish voters and district obfuscate
About our position- and she still does conflicting her support for Beady S with a bill that would have stopped continued taxpayer funding. No one is attempting to criminalize anti Israel speech, although Harding Missy Omar is a free speech. Absolutist. He says. Sarcastically, we'll see a firm position on the criminalization of speech remain consistent, moving forward and not reserved for supporters of Hamas,. As far as I know, we rights not even former congressmen, Keith Ellison, who wants accused Shifty, Jews are running american Farm policy openly part of the media movement, not J Street the progressive front for hard left activists posed Is this supporters openly back PBS Norton it, although he hasn't, are mainly let intermittently funded b ES groups in the past and has been active against the jewish state for decades. Of course, beating proponents will tell you they are in
Design is not anti semitic, but when you're fixated on only liberal state in the Middle EAST, avoid criticism of any islamic regimes that deny their own citizens the most basic of human rights. You at the very least, betray a morally bankrupt position. Even as Hamas has reigned, hundreds of rockets down on civilians and nationalistic project always takes precedence over investing in their own people in there. An autonomous palestinian territory, there is criticism from those who only see evil behind jewish acts of self defence. Now this is a newly elected congresswoman. Ladies and gentlemen, Democrat. It's no mistake that Omar insists. Israel is on a part time regime and ugly, simplistic, misleading and irresponsible accusation. It's not only the propeller, for Anti Semitism on campuses across our country
a foundational accusation of the Pd S movement, which is attempting to recreate campaign against racist, South Africa, apartheid in the nineteen eighties. Israel's laws of course, make absolutely no distinctions based on a person's race. Every person in Israel has the ability to participate in the democratic process. And all of equal standing under the law. Muslims in Israel have more liberal rights than Muslims anywhere anywhere in the arab world. What we do have is a complex situation, involving a one time. Jewish land that once again fell under israeli rule after a bunch of neighbouring countries, try to destroy it yet Democrats claimed here anti semites Anti semitic, dog whistles. Every portion, Red America and, I might add, from Donald Trump, rarely see a problem with this kind of rhetoric. The FBI says: Jews were the victims of sixty percent of religiously motivated hate crimes and twenty seventeen, although they were
two percent of the population, Whatever inherent flaws exist and these self reporting statistics, the Disparity- is real. Despite the horrific shooting of Pittsburgh in June hatred on the far right, it's almost certain. The average American Jew is more likely to encounter and aggressively antis scientists, beady s activists on campus or a progressive march. Then a white supremacist anywhere. Just been more courageous than Mallory Linda Sarsour Kofi Annan go on as they simultaneously. In fact, allies and radicalized mainstream left wing politics. Not a single democratic party leader. Listen Not a single democratic party leader has gone down. Their ugly rhetoric or relationship with hate mongers or there systems on singling out the one country that happens to be filled with Jews. Then again, not one chemical has condemned Omar for comparing
pure state to erase regime This way, tv actress turn activists Alyssum Olano has been more rageous than senator trucks, humor about State up against Anti Semitism Deborah messing braver than Brian Shots, Bernie Sanders giant Feinstein a richer Blumenthal
Fortunately not everyone is consumed by sheer political expediency. Where's fake tapir where's down one for which I am accustomed, where's, Rachel Manner, where's Chris Matthews where's, our sharpen Corey Booker at the National action network. How sharpens place Kristen Jalib ran the National action network, showered Brown at the national action Outwork, causing the president being an entire semitic, My one called out ITALY on or more as the anti semite bigger that she is now one of them. Now one of them use the occasion
now one of them had the courage, national action network, which is largely african American, to call out Farrakhan One of them turned down an invitation to the action network because of Al Sharpton in it. They call this. The best friend Israel's era, had they call this president who has a Jew? daughter and a jewish son in law and three jurists: grandchildren, anti semitic. These are sick people who poison the body politic. That's what the Democratic Party leadership and the Democrat Committee has become.
Be very sick and poisonous I'll be right. Back I'm hearing a lot of so called capitalists, so called free market advocates praising Amazon. For locating Northern Virginia in New York City are going to create fifty thousand jobs and, of course, the effect Pointed out as all the housing and everything that goes with, that it's an enormous economic shot in the arm to these areas of the country have a few thoughts on this number one, Mr Beazley is a big lip, he owns
washing compost, which is a big live newspaper. Why would he pick. Northern Virginia and New York. Why didn't he picked Mc Gowan, Texas, quite serious? Why did he pick areas right? order since were told: there's not enough Americans in this country to fill jobs since were told the people coming in This country, particularly illegally, are so noble. Why do they keep low? hating. These companies. In and New York and in and around government hats poses my first point. My second point is this: nothing to do a capitalism. This is crony capitalism. She, great peace by Jim Gary at the corner and national review The state of Virginia is giving Amazon more than half a billion dollars. The law
the government of Arlington Virginia kicking in another twenty three million dollars Amazon will receive performance based direct incentives of five hundred and seventy three million dollars based on the company credit. Twenty five thousand jobs with an average wage. Over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in Arlington. This includes a work where's cash grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia of up to five hundred and fifty million dollars based on true two thousand dollars for each job created over the next twelve years, and it goes on. The company will also receive a cash grant from only ten or twenty three million dollars over fifteen years, based on the incremental growth at the exists. Local transient occupancy tax, a tie, on hotels. In other words, Only ten is raising taxes in order to pay Amazon to locate their this. Not how government tax are supposed to work. This deal should be tattooed on the forehead of Governor Ralph North of Democrats,
Never let a Virginia democratic, reclaim, the Republicans or in the pocket of big business and special interests again like this idiot Sherrod Brown. At least the most powerful media institution in the region. The Washington Post will stand up to the giant corporation giveaway. Oh wait a minute: pieces of Amazon, he owns I too now some people will benefit. They'll see the value of their homes increase substantially. Now, if you're planning on selling your home that might help, but if Europe, On, staying in your home, your property tax You're gonna go through the roof they're going to go through the roof. You're gonna need infrastructure, you're gonna need all. This will mark the people they Harold pay their taxes. I do not like this kind of government subsidy government, crony capitalism for the wealthiest company in the world.
For the wealthiest man in the world, I rejected in any serious capitalist free market capless, shall we But let me tell you what's gonna happen around here, although Our powers are gonna, be excited, many of whom are Republicans they're gonna, No more housing, they're gonna, get more infrastructure, you watch you, the national taxpayers are next as the infrastructure bill after criminal justice reform. Yes, we can at least agree on more spending, as we all agree on a bipartisan level and waited grant agree I partisan level to let my criminals out of prison happened. Never agree with us on our principles. They won't, even so are the damn border. The Democrats only by partisan one way: There is no why Amazon should receive this kind of subsidy, none whatsoever, I don't even know what that's all they gave away in New York, so multi billion dollar competence word ninety billion dollars.
Our taxpayers subsidizing anything I'll, be right back Joe very soon, on all mobile July. Fourth, Americans, you can go Seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one given it the state of the liberal, medium. Of course, I do wonder how got word is today it doesn't matter. The fact is the fact we used to have a journalist who search for the truth, who brought you the stories that mattered, who really did report on evidence, objective truth now, they're activists left wing activists and propagate As for the most part, most people recognise when President Trump does something well, any should be acknowledged for that.
No point out when they disagree with him, but that's not the way the modern media work. Now every story is a negative. Every stories and attack not true and living, tv, olive in tv were not here to carry water for anybody good or bad. We're bringing you a principle perspective on the news on history when he cannot mix on philosophy. This is why we ve gotten amazing feedback from. You are subscribers who say that see our tv is, unlike anything they ever got before. This is cutting edge. Certainly won't see anything like this on liberal outlets on cable, but we need your help. Folks
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This project in my living room three years ago, more than three years ago now- and it's been widely successful- it can't be widely successful if its lousy, Because people have to step in and actually sign up, there are knock off out there trying very, very hard. But you're gonna, say unique talent, unique personalities, that's what we ve done, Steve crowded, he's terrific! You want to see him. Cieca, Steve, Dace Summit, others. I shouldn't start naming them because then I forget, Michel Morgan, This is where we don't make any apologies about this. We make any apologies about this. We defend it. We support it. We don't pretend that were this and that
they are a conservative network, doesn't mean we always agree on everything. We have different personalities, different content, different types of entertainment, different formats and that's what makes it so exciting an extraordinarily different there's, nothing like it out their sorry, fox nation you're, just not so check us out, go to live in tv dot com or give us a cod eight for four Levin tv aid for four l e g I and tv right what happened? The polar bears. Remember that the polar bears we have heard. But the polar bears lightly have a global warming climate change. Everything's melting! Well! Excuse me, I'm sneezing! where to go all the way to the male daily mail bought calm in the United Kingdom.
We checked CNN nothing. We checked, MSNBC nothing polar bears. Their numbers are so high. They threaten native in new at population, Claims controversial canadian government report bitterly content, stood by environmentalists, who had made creature the icon that is, the polar bear. The icon of global warming see it's the left that reject sign. And knowledge they are the deniers p. Or bears are one of the enduring symbols of the environmental cause. However, a controversial report- it's not controversial it yesterday deny it has claimed that their populations are increasing. The report found the growing bear population poses a threat to the native population. However, scientists say that climate change has pushed bears closer to humans. Oh sure, warming is cause.
The amount force in the creatures on further afield? They dispute government claims a polar bear. Populations are growing, ladies and gentlemen. Polar bear populations are growing. The ocean is not getting warmer there's whether change there's climate change, but it has done little to do with you and me the idea that we can control the climate by driving less or by cowls, releasing less methane, is so stupid and preposterous, and yet the left pushes of this agenda because they don't have any intention of changing the club. They want to change society if they can control the climate. I don't mean control it, but regulated court on quote, then they can read
You remember the rain tax and Marilyn while that's what they do if they get to control through regulation climate, which they really can't control, but they can control you through regulation. That's what they'll do even more as we ve talked about at length. It's an attack on capitalism, its attack on the market system. It's an attack on economic growth, it's just another scam. I heard the interior secretaries say we shouldn't debate this anymore. I heard the NASA administrator. Right and stand used to be conservative from Oklahoma, but there he goes out the window.
This is not a debatable issue anymore once they get into these bureaucracies, their captured by the bureaucracies and by the way, it's just the course of least resistance. If you accept so called man made climate change, then you don't take us much crap on Capital Hill and you get nice articles written about it's hard to stand up for the truth. He get palm of all the time. But then again you have delivered yourself die. You that's why you stand up for the truth. Let's take a cup of coffee mode. Lexington Kentucky the Great W b. Ok country go here. I am thinking I regard willow, grandma a great grandmother I grew up why things are only David, Greekan baby. They didn't try to tell me what I want to think they, let me use my own brain
some years ago. We disagreed on politics, but you never fall where their reporting Hulu Huntley, was a liberal and and Brinkley was more. Conservative, Anne and by the way. What do you think David Brinkley would be thinking now, he watched CNN and MSNBC You would be so embarrassed by them. Did you say they are not journalists? They are Doktor in, and feeling and going for the ratings there now
the job that mean that new people are supposed to be doing and are not really that bride. They come out of politics. Most of them. Are they come out of some ideological outset and thank you Mona Good, Kai, appreciate it. Let us go to let's see Lou our body and Milford Connecticut Series Satellite. Go. I mark condolences up like you. I am very proud of my brother he's a multi Emmy award, winning sports television producer director. He sat waiting to marketing he's lives. Then the Indianapolis went there initially because speedway, ah you know the bp and having little trouble hearing. You are you alright, the truth. Is it me or what directly into the phone about now yes put em on, go ahead. Low ok, so my brother is directly responsible for the package. In my brother realise that was
for Indianapolis really. Yes, he worked very closely. He knows the bp very closely with Miss Daniels, rang pants, his predecessor right they missing, back to the beginning of the year mark and they expected asian around July, and then it kept getting postponed. There are over two hundred city, they fight for this. My brother was in the top ten to bathers Lou. And then came. You know they made the pitch and whatnot. They felt pretty good about it, but ever think progress towards the election. My brother realise that was the key that they weren't gonna, give it to a state. Would politics such as it is
They ignore the obvious cost of living difference between New York fanatic or for that matter, Washington, it half of what it is here out there. The infrastructure, the proximity to the airport, the whole nine yards. There was a very application are right, but I win. People I think you're, a special pleading for your brother. You haven't bought more overarching point right, cause we're running out of time the art. The overarching point is the fact that the infrastructure and the low cow, conducive to families living there, the cost of living What do you want to lose? I gotta go soon. You told the call screener that what happened was Amazon kept, calling out holding out holding out and these these other localities kept giving better and better and better taxpayers subsidies correct, and he didn't He did not want to impact the election that bottom line as the main too,
Away, that's why he waited exactly and notice. He picks New York and Washington, where the power is on these coast. Saying one of these companies relocating Macau in Texas. Are you my Arizona where they are very very healthy populations of illegal aliens. Why don't they do that? back then Going to the mechanical like going to the doktor, they tell you what's wrong, you take the word for it. Of course. That's what makes those surprise repair bills had so hard when a simple oil train turn into refinancing your mortgage. Pay for problems never knew even existed. Thrive, extended vehicle protection from car shield.
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Why won't be here tomorrow, and it's because of you folks other, because a you folks, I'm blessed by you folks, You voted the semi to the Radio Hall of Fame and I'm going to be conducted into the radio Hall of Fame by Russia. Number and also in attendance will be my buddy Sean Hannity. So I want to thank you so I won't be here tomorrow. There mancino will be here, and I hope I get there. The supposed to get some ice and snow Those of you who really get a lot of ice and snow on these Those when we get ice and snow may be half enter the world, stops the government shuts down, and that's that some hoping I'll get to where I need to be, but I wouldn't be in this at all, but for you I wouldn't be on the radio I wouldn't be on Fox.
Beyond Levine TV on see our tv I the author I see, they wouldn't be in the radio Hall of Fame but for you my loyal, beloved Lavigne Knights, and I cannot thank you enough, and so that is why I will not be here tomorrow. I'll be back Friday. Let's see, let us go to Alan Saint Louis Missouri on access to satellite. Go yes mark for you to find out. If there is anybody that has been the authority to basically down the stupid said that they're trying to do in Florida in Arizona, Stealing the elections, when the night of election public are in. The now is like now areas have been lost and Florida is in jeopardy. And watch to your ears? The problem area
has been controlled by republicans for decades. Floored has been controlled by republicans for decades, What are they don't sit on their hands What are they change the election rules? Why don't they change it? So these sorts of things can happen. Look at the look. So the federal level Republicans control, the House and the Senate and the presidency, and in the house they would present the Senate with a bill that would actually fund the wall for the southern border. They won't get control of of immigration when they are in control. You got Guy Kevin Mccarthy. Unfortunately, he was now like to the minority leader over Jim Jordan on four hey guys, Demoiselle adorn up. He's out there running ads. About how he's introducing legislation too. You're, the border you damn well, monetary policy is going to let that hit the floor. He was the He was the majority leader under the speaker of the House, a Republican For all these years,
This is a joke. And this is how the american people get misled, but it has real consequences. Doesn't it there's? No, there should be gone on in Florida. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel and all Once again, I want to thank you I'll, be back on Friday, and be very, very well. God bless you.
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