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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Federal Judge Timothy Kelly, has ruled, from the bench, a 14 day temporary restraining order that the White House give back Jim Acosta's hard press pass until due process can be afforded to him. The Court did not discuss the validity of CNN's first amendment claims, however the court does not allow media in the courtroom and we the American people have no idea exactly what took place in that courtroom. The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia would not release a public transcript of today’s ruling on Acosta’s press pass unless we paid for each page of the document, filled out an extensive application, and got the approval of the court’s office. Freedom of the press, except when it comes to the federal judiciary. Also, there is no requirement for the President to even hold a press conference or much less to call on certain reporter. We don't need a jerk in a black robe to tell us that this isn't constitutional, we know that because this is a clear violation of the separation of powers. What we're witnessing here is judicial tyranny and all they care about is themselves. Later, Robert Mueller has submitted written questions to President Trump and he has easily answered them reiterating that there was no collusion and there should never have been an investigation or witch hunt as he calls it. Then, election recounts in Georgia and Florida seem to be unchanged despite the effort of the Democrats to change the results. Meddling by the press, posting election projections before all precincts are counted is irresponsible; the press has a responsibility to report news for the people not for their own evil maniacal interests.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one want to thank my body, damned Bonn Juno for sitting on last night. The wonderful national radio Hall of Fame event and I'll tell you what it took us over four hours to travel twenty miles. From Northern Jersey into New York, Now these are the bluest blue areas. Ladies and gentlemen, the damn Rats control everything local state
federal, so I congratulate them. These are the highest taxed citizens in America. And apparently they enjoy this. They enjoy being ripped off by their governments, so congratulations just keep electing more them as apparently, you have. Anyway was a fabulous event. Was a fabulous event put on by Craig Kitchen tremendous job, and there were a lot. People who I thanked, I left out Dennis Green and trial stand our unfortunately, so I want to mention them now I saw a lotta, wonderful people. There. I didn't ducked ease so So I want to thank you because, as you know, I wouldn't be here, but for you- and I certainly wouldn't be there, but for you it's a big deal. And again I want to thank you very, very much and my wonderful family, of course,
on other things. I thing I want to clean up tomorrow, a Saturday our Barnes, a nobler Thyssen's corner in Virginia. I've Julie and I will be there will be signing my father's book Jewel will be doing a story time reading of our police, the book, if you're interested in you signed copy- and you wanted for Hanukkah Christmas, her thanksgiving. This is the time. This is the only event I will be at book. A book ends in Ridge would New Jersey. I will not be there. I will not be there, but my wife Julie will be there again for a special children story time reading. That's for sure These are eastern time. Four p m on Whose November twentieth four p m? Bring a lot of kids. I think they have a blast shall be signing books if you're interested in that's yet those two events
So we look forward to seeing focusing Thyssen's cornered remark. Virginia Our bodies from double Romeo, a book ends in bridge New Jersey, my wife will be their Tuesday November twentieth. Four p m and they're gonna be a lot of fun and Is our police now at bonds and noble intentions, corner focuses on our police that book I'll be signing other books. They acquire their some of my books but focus is not that the focuses Kids are police story time that book the New York Times still has refused to place my father's book on any of its less I've. Just given up on these people there totally pathetic. So then go to Hell. I don't really care about them. We can my publisher now simony now say that dont show that well. I said it.
We have a special system how we count books. He I bet you do. I, ladies and gentlemen, let's get down to this now a decision by a federal judge. By the name of what the hell is his name, Timothy Kelly and in every article they say- is a trump appoint. The trumpet pointy trumpet pointy have. You know, this one, their left wing, appointees of Obama or Clinton. They never say that I've pointed this out you before again, I want to educate you about something because the New York Times they can I'll tv networks the other networks, the Washington Post, you're, not going to tell you what I'm telling you, but as somebody who served in the Justice Department undertaken in somebody served in the White House, his ass she'd director presidential personnel under Reagan
handling, among other things, federal judge, nominations the federal district courts, the federal district court. No a president tromp president RAG and our President Bush whomever may Nominations: Equally, what happens is the senators from the home states make recommendations and, if there's two democrats- senators from these various states, the democratic area. It has to be some horse dealing. So Let's say: there's three vacancy a demo: at Senator will say: ok, I'm gonna filibuster that or not anymore. What thou sayest I'm gonna hold that I'm gonna do there's someone to do that, so sometimes a prayer it has to separate. These are the two I want. You can get one. This is why, even when they were what this, they call the judge Timothy J Kelly a Trump.
I take. This is why they never tell you the background. Well, is it actually trumpet point here was as part of a deal. I have no idea, that's us! I point, it's not really that substantive, but I want you to know how this horse trading works it at the same on the appellate court said. Is the circuit court. Where were administration doesn't do horse trading and it certainly at the same when it comes to the United States Supreme Court. Now we have a ruling from this judge Kelly. Let me read from the New York Times stay with me: you gotta learn more than anybody else, Michael grinned Bomb and Emily Ball. My guard turner, whatever four hundred letters, would expect. I can't pronounce it a fit judge on Friday directed the White House to restore the press. Credentials of Jimmy costs have seen in a week. For media advocates a news organisations in a
Major legal test oppress press rights under President Trump: let's stop there. The judge issued the IRA a temporary restraining order. I dont know how he did it. I don't really know why he did it Fourteen day, urgency order. That's what a tiara was. Not a permanent injunction and so forth and To get a t r o, you have to show a heightened level of threat to the public health safety? That sort of thing this judge issues a t r we went into the euro, places to look for his ruling right. Mr producer, I love MR producer look, my
Julie, whose a lawyer looked. We as somebody else to look who's, been apparent legal most of her and we all locked and we couldn't find it. So this was a ruling from the bench. It was not a written ruling, Theirs Oh written order a falling from the bench. Now the irony here, ladies and gentlemen, is there's no cameras in this courtroom. To my knowledge, there's no broadcast equipment of any kind for radio and so forth, you and I were left out of the court room. You and I were left out of. The information flow as it took place. Because federal courts don't allow television cameras. And so we have a judge ruling on whether or not. A showman.
For a news network has a institutional right to our hard pressed issued by presently united Snake and this tiara suggests. Although there is no institutional underpinning yet cause, he avoided that all together, then you might. But you and I have no idea exactly what took place in the courtroom we The american people. The media are going around telling us what took place in the courtroom. But not you and I. Now, let's go beyond that. So we contacted we contacted the year, the court and one Well, it see here I'm looking at her email.
Scheme. Here we contacted Aren't we said? Ok, how do we get a copy? Did somebody make a transcript of what took place? Yes, somebody did the court report They have a court report, they made a transcript. Ok is it somewhere the transcript of took place? An oral argument is that posted somewhere, no, its, not women, not publicly posted anywhere- it's not pub Lee posted. Why not We're not gonna do that for ninety days, nine, Days You're, not gonna, go for ninety days. However, they said you want to buy it. You want to purchase it at the end the day or you know them the next week or so forth. While south The court said yourself to us: yes but just to dodge five pages about eighteen pages such
over twenty, but a little over twenty bucks an hour. I get it at the end of the day. While these are benches for the court? We were told I was spent. Equally told this. Well, that's fascinating!. And we were told you can go online. The district court the District of Columbia. We got the the edge the EU. The actual me, the url. And we looked at it and here's how you get a transcript border directions and information. A shorter transcript. Please complete the requested information below in its entirety. You may select the appropriate core report. From the drop down menu below You do not know the name of the core reporter. Please consult, CM, dash, easy, F or pacer and review the dock. Countries to determine the correct court reporter be transcript, Ray
can be found by clicking on the maximum transcript rates, link. All transcript rates or per page see after receiving a completed request, form the assigned Report will confirm all transcript request by return. Email within two business days for urgent request, airily or daily refuge. Received confirmation of your transcript request within two business days, you may call the coup. Reporter directly or contact the main office de former reporters who are no longer applied at the? U S. District court are still spots, Beaufort producing requested transcripts and it goes on now. What do they want? You picked a court reporter. Yet the data the preceding you have to pick the case tied all their case number then they want to know indicate the status of the ordering party. You have a lawyer. A quarter pointed lawyer, praise proceed party. U S attorney Deo J Attorney whole list.
This case currently on appeal: yes or no is a sea J request criminal justice at court appointed attorney? Is this an ef I and one requests use attorney's office request? Is this it s? he d request, federal public defenders, office, name of ordering attorney firm firm address name of contact persons, phone number extension, email address firm email notice. I agreed and understand the following: all delivery costs must be pre approved by the assigned core reporting and may also caught goes on and on. If you want to know what took place in the courtroom and want to read an actual copy of the transcript judges proceedings and that courtroom over getting it. The vast majority of the people reporting on this today a hell of a time getting it the vast majority of the people reporting on this today have not read the transcript unless
in the courtroom is amazing So tell me in the courtroom: there's no public Transcript of what took place in the courtroom, There's no radio audio. What took place in the courtroom, nothing. So while I would like to analyze what the court said and did other than a few sentences in the media, I can't. We are told in the media that he did not address the constitutional issues, but he did it Press the due process issue due process. And the White House now is having to prepare Egypt is for reporters, maybe a code of conduct that will be applied to reporters. So this federal district judge, who conducts himself and secrecy at least away from the american people make
extraordinarily difficult for you and me to know what the hell took place in that court: room, that federal judge one judge and of a thousand. Federal district judges has ruled At present, the United States can't a hard pass from an end, A who can, Acts himself. In a very inappropriate way in front of the amount, people in front of the rest of the press corps in the White House, even though CNN has approximately fifty other, so called Journalists with hard passes, unbelievable. This is why I want you to stay with me. I will explain these things. So we don't have a transcript of what took place in the courtroom. And so I said to the court reporter. Well, why don't you put it? Why don't you tell the judge.
Hu, I am that I have an audience of millions that we'd, like it put it up for free on a site where the people can see it. Any would have none of it. Free but the press baby except when it comes. The federal judiciary, that's a fact, and nobody, be calling this judge. Hitler, Stalin, a fascist and- free speech, in fact, he's being celebrated today, Being celebrated because the eagle maniacs and their narcissism media all across the media all across it are claiming victory. The American Criminal Lebanese Union, ACL you claiming a institutional victory. I'll, be right back
according to the United States, is now required even hold a press conference. The first press conference was held by Woodrow Wilson and my thesis. Whereas the United States is now required to calm any particular reporter, but apparently. It would appear, we don't know for sure a hundred percent, but if you, look at the temporary restraining order. That is the result. Not the rationale, because one hasn't been written and we don't have a copy the transcript. But the president does not have the power to younger pass unless he create some kind of process that pour it approves. This is a clear violation of separation of powers.
I don't know who this man is in black robes got a lifetime appointment, Timothy Kelly, well tell you now, despite what the mob and the media say, despite what the mob any in the law, school say. Despite what the mob on cable tv says, this is utterly. Completely unconstitutional, and I don't need some jerk, recently appointed to the bench or some who take up the case for CNN and turn this entire process on its head, a very dangerous thing lecture me are you and when I come back I'm going to show you additionally how absolutely ridiculous losers will be right behind you given the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel blow but had tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit. But most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how
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then logic that allowed by law? Demark Levin show call now eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one! One now do you think the courts are actually Checking reporters no courts and I really reporters. How do I know this? the case in two thousand and five. Involving leave form a New York Times reporter Miller, you'll, see her on Fox from time to time, Judith Miller and also Matthew Cooper. I believe he used to write for time magazine and other newspapers near times. I think as well well and individuals who leaked information of them. Brunner crib investigation by the Department of Justice, both
serve with grand jury, subpoenas testify in front of a grand jury, provide their notes in any documents involving conversations with any of these official governmental sources who had apparently been leaking too. And this related. You may recall to this Valerie Plain. Miller, refused Mill refused so. I federal judge in Washington DC, held her in contempt, held Cooper and contempt civil contempt. He refused to the appeal to the Dc Circuit Court of appeals. They claimed under the first amendment freedom of speech they, What they called was what a reporters privilege the power cord in Washington DC, said no, you know they appear
The district court decision. And they were both sends to eighteen months in prison, then the appeal to the United States Supreme Court there that the courts, the Power court's decision was stay that is held until the Supreme Court rule, The pre import, when even here the case and Miller, spent I believe it was for maybe five months in prison in it is of Cooper. I seem to recall his source released him and allowed him to provide the information. So comply with the the district court, the federal APOLLO court, the Federal Supreme Court. There is no reporter's privilege. The federal district court, the federal APOLLO court, the Federal Supreme Court, where they called dictators.
Was it said that the judiciary violated the first amendment and freedom of press no. Presently, United States yanks a hard pass. An individual? Who is it go about. Who is disrupting a presidential press conference from an individual who's, not even asking tough questions, but has been enormously disruptive And argumentative and provocative soft outing. If you will in the media in this country, including Fox. The Associated Press, which was restoration by Obama? You are today, in others circle the wagons around Jim Acosta, and they claim that this the beginning of a police state,
the filings? I forget which one when the friend of the court to make us filing said what about could show you two. These are not serious arguments. When pulling a hard pressed pass. When there's still a hundred and fifty reporters in the room when they're still Fifty CNN report with hard passes and so course. This is why I wanted a transcript. I wanted a transcript. So I can read it to you to night of what this judge had to say: Timothy Kelly however, the hell. Yes, I wanted to read it to you. Because with a big problem in this country with these judges, my first. What was called men and black, how the soup the destroying America, it should have been how the federal judiciary destroying America, not if they Adhere to the rule of law and the constitution so forth, but the problem,
The courts have also been conquered by the progressive that's what the activists are. And it takes a very strong federal judge to stand up to this, particularly to stand up to all these media outlets that have the power to destroy his his or her reputation, his or her character. It takes a lot of power to stand up to them to stand up to the media mob. And apparently so far, this judge can handle it. In my humble opinion,. Because the arguments made by ten Alison and TED Boutros, where almost childish they were, they were. There are superficial and, of course,. They intentionally left out numerous factual hunters pieces of information. The currently the peace, advocacy that they wrote.
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To pass along to your children to your grandchildren, Really what it means to be an American. And why we oughta respect the rule of law and law and order, no tv tells us otherwise. I know the left tells us otherwise, but you tell your children and grandchildren. The truth. That's important. So we have another decision by another court. Intruding on the executive branch, Violating separation of powers is a good piece and conservative review by our body, Daniel Horwitz. He kind of builds on my point that I, because I talked about a buddies building on the point about judges. Said sir. If a single judge has the power of God and can redefine marriage, create a right for seven billion people to emigrate and create around. Two thirty days of early voting, there's literally nothing a court cannot do and he's pointing out what courts have done
if someone can forced his way into our country and litigate rights and citizenship for his kids against the National will why Canada? I can opinion journalists forces way into the White House. I cannot obtain a press pass as well. He writes A process occurred within the government is still so shrouded in mystery that the governmental Government could not tell me at oral argument who made it if a decision to revoke MR cost US press best said Timothy Kelly of the. U S: District Court of appeals according to a reporter. I suppose. Well, it's pretty ironic judge Kelly. Pretty ironic, You were right, something like this when you're on courtroom Why not released to the american people what took Senor courtroom today stick come into the country. This injunction or I'll, say it I tromp appointed judge proves every thesis he says I
courts tell us, he must show us, he must show his work on who gets to come the country. This injunction or I'll, say a t by a Trump appointed judge proves a thesis. He says I've been posting about the judiciary since I started this column in Rome Book stolen sovereignty. And they could also underscores my book man in black. There was In two thousand five, once we erroneously agree to a judicial supremacy ism and to the notion that a single district judge can order the other branches of government to take the most absurd actions. We no longer have a republic with judicial dictatorship. Good job Judge Kelly. Once we have sent a judicial supremacy, there's no way to win the judicial game. Even so, Called conservative justices have fundamentally accepted to varying degrees. Torsion of fundamental rights, has been accepted by the legal profession, Very few of them are like Clarence, Thomas merely
morning, better judges without dismantling traditional supremacy will not help. So not existing toxic jurisprudence in the legal culture to destroy republic. Ten times over if we don't add to it. Absurd. Conservative lawsuits would be tossed out immediately. But there's no level absurdity fray, liberal lawsuit that will barred from least getting standing in obtaining a temporary restraining order. We saw this with a bunch of immigration lawsuits in the global warming case. Why their absurdities legitimized in the system, even if they don't ultimately went on the merits. The first time around. They will have We become the law of land. There's literally nothing that a court can do that will elicit a red flag from the body Politic, a sea, District judge has more power than the House Senate president. Fifty state governments And our entire history and traditions put together
at its core? What we are seeing today runs much deeper than the outcome. Press bad for one highly paid professional protest at this is why I condemn also- and this is- why damn Boutros this as well. Condemned the pseudo conservatives who defend this- and this is why defend denounce all. Of the news organisations friend or foe, right to involved in this case. We have a judicial system that is flip the whole concept of fundamental rights on its head, so that a real right is violated. But a privilege is treated like an inalienable right. So you don't have the right to your own property and conscience, not to be forced to serve a same sex. Marriage wedding. But someone else has a right to it Terry Servitude, you don't have a right to prevent public, but the right to access the White House, anyone living and say Somalia has a right to emigrate and illegal aliens, consumer law enforcement and when civil damages against them,
They merely follow the law. It would be enough in any branch of government held such views on the foundation of fundamental rights, but the fact that our police, system regards the courts A prey to the other branches, sense it makes us a judicial form of North Korea rights. Our were told nothing, we can do about a writer a principle that we are entitled to live without government applying actions against our lives, liberty or property, and SAM Adams added together, whether To defend them in the best manner they can seeking a visa, a marriage license or a press pass is a part. A privilege that yours, he came from the government? They are fundamental rights we ve talked about this before being left alone in being allowed to run my property. According to my conscience, offended with a weapon, our fundamental rights Clarence Thomas explain. This point is in descent and of earlier fell.
The court's decision today is it not only with the constitution, but what the principles we're translation was built since but before seventeen. Eighty seven liberal has been understood as free from government action. Not entitlement to government Bennett Throat Thomas response to the court, creating a right recognition of same sex marriage and he concluded. Our constitution, like the declaration of independence before it was, dedicated on a simple truth: ones: Liberty, not dimension on dignity was something to be shielded from. Not pro by the state As to this other point, if one wrongly posits that the courts of the final saint vetoing a government action over a broad political question. That would only, I too, negating and overreaching action of the government, but to debate, that the government take a defeat, a definite action left up to the executive branch, not the judiciary,
The granting of visas or press badge is beyond any scope of judicial power. What use today, although The transcript. When, as a result of this judges, oral opinion is judicial tyranny. I've talked about it, I written about it for decades. Judicial tyranny, that What CNN brought you that's? Why Cost are brought you that what tat also brought you? That's what TED Boutros brought you and that's what all those render the court makers breed bought you? They don't care about a constitution. They care at themselves thereon the library, their own writings in their own profits, I back
what do I care what Michelle Obama has to say Is anybody care what about whoever Michelle Obama Jose she's gone through the same dollar braided media interviews. Jim call me has all the rest course eyes. First, lady, I never directed that somebody should be fired a removed at the White House really, but Ex first lady are doing things. Ex first, ladies aren't supposed to do that, doesn't seem to bother you. As a first lady here, your mom lived in the White House. I was kind of weird: different You really complained about an I mean weird stuff. You did end in my view, a very hard core left radical, just like your husband.
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skin sick, so for eight hundred skin six hundred four, Argento sell that calm generous so that come eight hundred skin six o four Well, ladies and gentlemen, I thought I needed to take the time to go through all that, because if I don't do it, nobody else. Well, let's be honest about it. He how ass, the nine New York Times has it all wrong the cable shows are barely explaining what took place in the courtroom. Because they have the transcripts, neither do I I'll be right back with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism. Anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food. But what this
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a brick house, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levin, dot com offered code Levin, now run only underground, bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader rebutting Mark Levant hair, our number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, I've gotta turn more on a costly here, but I'm done I'm not going to do more on Acosta here. Because I think I've analyzes better than most and for you to listen to what all these The United States had something to say, and on Sunday he'll Bianca current chiming, castor, Brian
daughter whose another nobody, Jim Shouto, the sky. Four obama- now is it CNN will be gone where a dumb as adorn up another presently. United States had something to say and on Sunday he'll be on Chris Wallace's show so Let's take a little peek at this time or move on cut five go a federal judge, You appointed has just rule no stop now also explained how the district court appointments work. Ok, go ahead,. See and unreported Jim accosted, his press passed back reaction of the role that I just find. Em, it's not a big deal. What they shed, though, is that we have to create rules and regulations for conduct, etc, etc. Would do it I'm going to write em up right now? It's not a big deal. Enemy misbehaves will throw em out
the news conference, your rules gonna be what what is it that you are saying? This is over the line and you have your them now. I may well have rules of decorum. You know you can't keep asking this is so sad. There. We have the rules at the corn for media types. They're. So out of control. We have to have rules for decorum Some federal judge has now dictated to the present United States. Are you after rules for decorum? You can't pull our hard pressed past now thing like this is ever happened in american history. Nothing pray putting reporters in jail, which I absolutely opposed, but that's not the point Just incredible so now ape a hard pass, a Pass to the White House is a Constitutional right for reporter, I think about how ridiculous this is. Let me in the White House makes decisions every day about which
Porters can come in, report is get a hard perique. Everybody who claims to report. It can't get a hard pass, we're gonna based on ratings on audiences Twas, a conduct based issue. The judge really blow if he really screwed up. Again, I would like to read what he had to say: Buddy really blew it and the government. Can you tell me who first decided this guy should have his press passport? What does it matter to anybody? Why any constitutional matters and the president makes the decision. So Decisions, a president makes we don't know who initially came up with the idea of no consequence and addressed. Doesn't have any right whatsoever to look into that. None. To even ask questions about, go ahead. Borders and that there are many many reporters in their Roman. They were unable to ask questions because this guy gets up and starts. You know doing what he's supposed to be doing for him
then for the CNN and Euro just shouting out questions. Making statements to, but I will say this look Nobody believes in the first amendment more than I do and I think somebody's acting out of sorts I will leave I'll say. Thank you very much. Everybody I appreciate you coming and I leave reporters will not be too friendly to whoever it is that's acting up and that's the point. I mean this doesn't serve the american people. It serves the press, not freedom of the press, purpose of freedom of the press is to promote free speech, Among the citizen re, so we- can get the information so weak and speak to each other. So we can share our thoughts and ideas. This is a republic. Freedom of the press is one little tiny piece of it. It's a very crucial peace and so we now, these massive media corporations at higher these hot dogs were all
looking out for their own agenda. They want to go on. These nighttime shows they want to go on the speech circuit. They want to her. They wanted recognize they want to go a Hollywood that does it serve the american people. No major garret These CBS Whitehouse correspondence I had lowered his his sir. His rank tube, You may recall MR producer trip to Private garret. But I'm gonna bring back up the Major Garret Casino Review of my body, Larry, O Donnell, who is a great radio host here on w e mail and Larry O Connor, who did I say, yeah Larry O Donnell, no Larry O Connor, is my body and Larry Oconnor raised this issue with the wood. Now major garret end It regards said: look within my jobs. They asked questions but really
I'm not the news, and I try my best to make sure that it's not about me that it's about the news now, that's the point judge. That's the point. So the fight it out they should appeal at they should go all the way to the Supreme Court and force the Supreme Court to force the president. That's what they're going to do through these various things, but I want to encourage blocked. He's out there and others bring lawsuit. And bring lawsuits in court against the very court urine and demand tv cameras demanded the court be open to the public demand tv cameras. Because the most significant way information is share with the american people through radio and yes, television. So we should demand tv cameras in the court. I don't like it and I oppose it, but still I
to be consistent? We have a right to know how these courts operate. We the right to know how these judges operate. I don't care if they ve lifetime appointments announcement effect. Actually because I've lifetime appointments we right to participate in the judicial selection process. These court decisions affect all of us, so I mean. The president, compared to the courts. He's an open book. So the idea that he has to have this report. Who is a hope who is a Hollywood? application. If you will the creation. Is really so ridiculous. Try one through the difficulty. I had being a tranche rip out of this court on what took place. You know are learn more about that in a moment of our collar holds onto
so I wanted to bring that to you too there's something else I want to talk about, and this is Mahler. This guy hangs around like a bad fi rash. For liberals out there you understand what I'm talking about is a bad cyrus. You know you should be ashamed of after all this time, what the hell does he have manifested well That's the! U S! Attorney eastern district of Virginia to deal with stuff like that. Roger Stone like guys do but like a cloud on what is what that we fine, but what is that the Manhattan Madame what is he doing here? This guy, I listen, we need checked he so important, because we're really I would ask to certain questions. I have answered the very easily.
So apparently the present, the United States, the Mahler, submitted some written questions at the President has answered in it. He talks about it, the president, let's go to cuts sky had my lawyers are. Where am I right answers? As to certain questions, I have answered the very easily, I'm sure they're pricked up, because you know they like to catch people, whether sunny it was raining. Instead, it may have been a good day. It was raining. Therefore, he told a lie themselves. Ok, so you have always be careful when you answer questions when people that probably have bad intentions, but The two questions were very
routinely edge by me. I mean I haven't submitted in the end we just finished and, as you know, I've been illumine busy in Europe. We ve been working on various deals. We just finish the: U S embassy you look at that deal, which is one of the great trade deals see you can see how happy farmers window out of work in the last period of time, so we ve been very busy. It's been very, very hard to find, but it didn't take very long and they were my answers. I don't need lawyers to do that now. You need lawyers of middle aged over some of the answers, but they're not very difficult questions, not very difficult questions and I believe that's true. One more question in this regard: the prisoner was ass, cut, seven, go
No, it's just a continuation, you can go. Addition has never been any Mahler investigation because it was never anything done wrong. There was no collusion. There never has been. You would have known about it a long time ago. There was there was nothing they should never had it been wasted millions of dollars. They should have never been, and in this so called investigation which in theory, it's not an investigation of me, but it's as far as I'm concerned, I like to think everything personally, because you knew better that way. The witch hunt, as I call it should never taken place, continues to go on. I imagine its ending from what I hear it's ending and
I'm sure of egypt- and you know why don't we just five, because it was no illusion. The fact is. I wasn't much better candidates and Hillary Clinton. I went to the right states. She went to the long states. She was not a good campaigner. Obviously I can pay very well and I easily won the election and the electoral college. Rio. Six, I guess, was three sixty two forty three, that's a big difference, but they don't care. It's like what's taking place in Georgia, the radical see but running for governor to win, and you only Congo on Democrats going Abrams. The radical, not job running for governor there. She almost one, but she lost And she finally gave a one of these preposterous speeches. And conceited, but didn't can see, but no way for her to win you only Congo on Democrats going to our sharpens event
And I haven't heard MSNBC explain how I'll sharply to be doing what he's doing on Shore Kennedy came under attack? something he didn't even want to do. Sharpness. Holding this political event, it is national action network. And you ve got shroud Brown, you ve got policy, you ve got others going in there Booker and so for saying that the Abrams loses in Georgia. It's fixed because she's, the winner. These are lying, left wing thugs. Stop as senators and congressmen. She didn't when she lost can see what's going on in Florida. They want count the votes of non citizens They don't want any rules to apply. They want left wing
I just including this Obama judge down there. They want these judges to extend voting dates. They want these judges to approve signatures and aren't signatures. They want these is to approve our votes on birth. Eight, where they don't even have birthday it's in there. You don't feel bad about property or vote, doesn't count, that's the way it works. Let me tell you felt a tax returns wrongly, and you find with the IRS you found under penalty of perjury me. People are to be voting under penalty of perjury sewing, get rid of a lot of this sleazy Activity that's going on there, crash, don't wanna cleat on floating Rawls, legitimate efforts, the clean up your called erases Democrats, not one spot Four types of photo idea that were really tell us of somebody has the right to vote in a particular place or not because they, but those laws broken. Otherwise, why oppose them a crash believe in rules that hurt Republicans but help them.
And Democrats try to flood the judiciary with like minded individuals, so when they go to court they get. Like decisions. They like. I remember there was a day before Bush versus Gore were lawsuits were brought in voting cases. They just work. And now they're always brought because that's what the Democratic party. As it destroys our traditions it destroy. Our customs. And even though we vote many: these elections. We have no idea what the outcome is. No matter. How much these cable networks and There are times in these now of in the end, these other networks, and on election I coverage where there were their color maps and all the rest and there and then lists here we are and no network friend or FAO should ever should ever call an entire house of Congress at night. Thirty at night eastern time.
There's still voting going on in California, I think an argument can be made or somebody ought to look into it with us these very, very close races in California. Some of them were enormously close for five of them were affected by that. Free press has a responsibility they exist for that while not for their own ego. Maniacal behaviour Back then so there's draw this guy, George Conway, wrongly conway- the media now loved the guy, and you don't know the media love this guy who's porky little fella, Because he's Kellynch Conway's husband,
I pointed out to the little baby girl. He seems to enjoy trying to humiliate his wife and public. Oh thanks he's a brilliant lawyer. I think he's not you can't. Verse, birthright citizenship and an executive order really how was it instituted in the first place? But I'm not sure that's because no precedent, No Congress, no court ever instituted it. It's the executive branch, the presently can't fix it not like Dhaka, we criticise Dhaka. Will there we have a president creating a law. Now, if you're not capable of distinguishing between the two? Because your reasoning capacity is so limited or you're in such a trump hate mode.
Then you're just a moron, Georgie and Georgia is very upset. Also about removal of the hard pass for Jim Acosta choices, I'm going to form a group of conservative, Lars Walcott checks and balances, checks and balances. Because the Federalist society has sold out consumer laws were sold out. You see, but I George Conway, I haven't soda, I just keep them pushing the position of my wife's boss in public on America I'm morally superior. I'm standing by my principles as a conservative jackass. Basically. That's standing by any principle. I can
reading that he wanted a job in the administration. I don't know that's true. I keep reading that. He was denied a job in the administration will clearly not working in the administration. I see of Council for some law from not a partner of council. Ok, fine. And you know loose joining this group no they're not theirs thin skin. A well known, conservative right. Tom Ridge Arena. He's joining the group of concern, so all than there were Trumpery juicy will get together and tell us how they are morally superior and how they are actually more principle than say me, another, not their thin. Skin Emotionally unbalanced, for the most part there on a when I hate kick.
The damaging our ability, quite frankly, to defeat elements in this society political elements in the society that are an enormously dangerous, does. But the media lab. That's why the media put them out front
I'll, be right back. If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levin, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver, I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you, brick house for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and your welcome Stephen subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic some probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back gotta brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levin, that's brick house, L, easy! I am dot com or call a three three ring be h. End
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Let us go out of. Let's see here, Joe Jupiter part of the Great W giant go appreciate their taking my car. Well Joe Urine, Jupiter flowers, I correct that's correct one most beautiful places on earth. As far as I'm concerned- and let me tell you I think I've said this before my favorite restaurants right near their wages. Called Flash Beach over here. Flash Beach. I should like to address these people were now when I go there will annoy me, but anyway, flash period as a great restaurant and hopes, and I don't get anything for it. I'm just telling people who want to really good meal go ahead.
He had had the rates while on is a year. You're you're really calling my nerves tonight, because I can't I've said France. I heard this were rolling on this very ridiculous judge and hearing aid. This is such tyranny that were area in this country. One of the report, what a powder one tomato, a trumpet marijuana kick them out. Would that be alone, and then they would call that assault. But let's say you ve got reporter after another. Who does what James Acosta says. I mean the american people learn a damn thing right: question is market. I know you can't put. I gotta ask gift, we gonna do about it. I think the presents gonna keep fighting the just apartments. Color appeal this at some point. The courts not done you know it's just a temporary restraining order. Then, in a line of going to the Supreme Court, but it's a point. I wrote in men and black and our body Daniel Horwitz brings up. Why
the court so powerful. The court should be involved in this stuff, this, Not a first amendment issues not of free speech issue. It's not a freedom of the press issue. This is in a noxious punk, dressed As a rapporteur, who is no report are, quite frankly, does not as tough questions, seeing any major corporation at home by Time Warner has sent this guy in their parents to disrupt visa. These dance. They they dress up as news and freedom of speech and freedom of the press is none of those things. I mean, there's a lotta reporters in there are hostile this present. In fact the vast majority of them are. I can't think of any one who is not a lot and other there. He didn't yank their press passes. Nl Cnn has fifty of them. So how exactly? Are the media being denied their corner quota free press they're, not at these judges are rolling lives. I mean us everything we do it is it is it to ethical judge decision, yet
and that's why the american people, in terms of judges now either their opinion of judges going down and down, and now the president can make it as a decision or set a policy on immigration that differs from Obama's, which was radical. As a federal judge, says: ok,. And this goes on and on and on the federal they present. United States can reverse Obama EPA policies, radicals those where a federal judge, saying: ok, presently. United States can't remove a reprobate from the EP presidential press conference. We all saw what he did. We all heard what he said, Without a judge saying it's ok, I mean the judges control everything. What the hell is, that about it. We hide, sir, I'm not a magician, It's not an easy answer to complex since we didn't get here yesterday. Book after book after book on this one Do I said the president will appeal it we need take back the authority away from the judiciary and give it back to the people. I ve,
about convention of States- it's gonna be harder. Now, since we last seventy state houses, so I'm the only one who's even mention solutions, but their hard, their tough. They don't happen overnight. Our rights thank you for your car, but we're not four years old here as I won't do. We do a job. Ok, just just do this. Rather than that doesn't work that way. It's much tougher, if it wasn't easy great. Not that easy: is it right Tom you're Belinda California on the mark? Levant go! I'm You ve been encouraging me for years. Listening to you, I wanted to I encourage you. Miranda had please I run a group morale blisters, that supports law enforcement officers, and Yes, we have several, a man said different stations. If the letter We had an event yesterday for LAPD in North Hollywood I brought your dad book, we bring.
Books, they hand out, and food and stuff like that, and I Well, they probably won't want to kids book, serve fifty five police officers plainclothes in regular patrol officers. That book went like that. While and some of them came by- and they were looking at it in one- has a visa- I've got two and four year old children home. I can't wait to read this to them, and one of them has a third grade. Teacher is a daughter- She wore was reading this to her class so my heart, when you dad died, bud, I'm Praying he's worsening And God bless you for what you do and we will continue to encourage the police with your dad I'll. Tell you what you may my day, you may my weaken with at its very, very kind and I'm sure
he's listening and I'm sure he really really appreciate, sat and Tom. Thank you for what you do for our police officers, Go and God bless you, my friend. You know, there's gotta, be a place Listen to who supports the cops. How are you, sir, I mark on the support of your values? Thank you very much for sticking up or people in news or whatever. I'm not talking about that. All this crap about systemic, racism systemic this systemic? That I'm just so sick of it. Second, it. Let us go to Billy Washington D C, the great W Emma out. How are you, sir? I mark part of your values. Thank you very much for sticking up for us. Thank you, sir. I have something I like to prepare and gimme. Fifteen seconds are reduced to because it supports all your point. There should be
in enforcing the legal rules regarding certain battery on women. There shouldn't be any deviation to this or any selective issues on this document that this plague, such to the nation as the women of this nation. If this is acceptable, behaviour and watch your phone lines light up, this could be one of your daughters. This, A clear case of assault and battery on this young woman and She should when I, what is what are you talking about what it, while you know with the rapporteur that push our asda? I gotta yes, our right right. That is a clear case of assault in battery. You do not do that She should seek a motion for a restraining order against him and damages if deemed reasonable by the courts against is perpetrated. I know you don't understand, flat out lies against Cavanaugh. Have more credibility with the media more reporting by the media, then what faster was doing with this young
in turn this young Look like a kid and I'm not saying he assaulted her in some over way or whatever some aggress away, but he clearly pushed her arm down when she was trying to take the microphone back and Billy. It seems to me that if Jimmy cost and wanted to be a Supreme court justice and a Republican, a remark made him. I would assume Mr Spartacus When I looked out over the right, he would look at that. Look at tat, everybody and Sheldon White House. I climbed remote island. It s got reelected very depressing, maybe he'd, say something like that to our committee beareth. Today I have about GM where, when you're posture on our white terrible, to policy, that kind of public display in the type of environment, because you know there's plenty of other CNN people and reporters in theirs. While I just think that this young lady, a sinner,
Just think the entire incidents disgraceful Virgilius and it is too to judge supporting it. I my friend, Keep going quickly. Here but I appreciate your call very very much. Bill Columbus, Ohio, Ex M satellite GO.
Hey marked thanks for what you do and for being a boy to liberty and freedom to make a Supreme court needs to rein in this outer control thuggery judiciary, thereby allowing extradited appeals or at some point the president is gonna- have to stand up and say this orders I answer to should all have violated separation of powers. I'm not going to follow it up. When you look at the travel ban case, I think it is about thirty. Two federal judges ultimately get overruled by the: U S Supreme Court, but in the meantime they stopped up Trump for over a year. Are you look at Dhaka? Federal judges had not interfered in that process. It may have forced day. I resolution Atta congressional level, but because the judge step then took back all the all the pressure of a deadline in something needs to be done to stop this. And the problem is one of the Supreme Court part of the problem
you have to come back to the President's saying you I can remember, was Marbury Verse Magazine or Thomas Jefferson, but one of them early president's said in a similar type, a dispute in issued your order now go ahead and try to inform, and what do you think would happen if you did that while the media would go crazy died when you think what do you think Lindsey Groundwater It would offer. Here I owed all come down to where the Republicans would say: I'm gonna teach Donald Trump. For now they won, because these Republicans hate Donald Trump. Right I've never seen anything like this view. And you basically have a thousand federal judges who apparently think they can overrule the president of the United States, and it only takes one of them. But that's where the Supreme Court you're right should step in and say one federal district judge.
Cannot control what takes place in the entire to the United States. They can take place but takes, they can rule on on issues related to the areas in which their district is. But a federal judge in San Francisco shouldn't be able to place a nationwide blanket decision. On the president of the United States. I can assure you. I can assure you. But the framers in Philadelphia, and in the framers in the states, the ratifies would never ever. Have ratified a constitution that empowered one judge it life appointee to do so, no way you read the first was papers in the relevant parts. You constitution. The relevant part They had no idea that the gene History will conduct itself this way, and your have many many conserved some claim to be constitutions What I want, what a decision when a magnificent decision, Marbury verses Madison was
I'm one who says no I don't agree with that whatsoever. For your car will be right back. Here. The ports operate very formal way. Every court fear rabbinic federal court in a pellet corridor. The Supreme Court and I've been wrong. A very formal way and decorum is crucially important. Your honor, you speak when you're from the speak. You sit down when they tell you to sit down Restrict clock in most instances. You filings have to be done exactly right. They might be directed her otherwise decided on the substance against you.
But the courtroom can't function. If you don't follow the rules. And there's no due process issue either. That is the court's, don't put out rules for behaviour; in other words, don't yell at the judge. Don't drop your pain the court room in all that kind of stuff that use post understand. When a judge tells you to sit down, you don't keep ass The judge questions. You dont, grabbed the microphone off the podium or off the table and refuse to allow the bailiff to take it back, judges would never permit that kind of conduct in their own courtroom, because Lose control. The president can conduct himself either under those circumstances, because who lose control enemy, control over the substantive questions or control over the report. As I mean control over the room. He's the judge in that room, substantive judge.
Terms of opinion in questions, and that certainly, but he's the judge on behaviour it's his White House belongs to the executive branch. The media are prey: Parties accept for PBS for you and I pay for them and PR were you and I pay for them the rest of the media. These are private enterprises, private companies and so it's really up to CNN, to control her custom It's up to these so called professional. Almost organizations trawler kasza, its to his colleagues in the room to control a cost, but they won't. So now he judges interfering to try and tell it President, what to do- and I am quite serious about this dependence But this judge does and the APOLLO judge and later the Supreme Court believe strongly that litigation. Litigation- should take place against these courts, claiming
first amendment violations. Now you might civil courts will decide so be it you're making a point to the court. It may be And just maybe people want showed the court and the court anymore if the judges, Back decorum and other circumstances, the maybe people want respect decorum in front of them. Keep that in mind. Margaret went about shelter by it's call out there. Stuck in traffic for four hours. Yesterday, my wife and I, my mother in law, was awful. Around the country. Millions of Americans are turning up the furnace for the first time and spending a week freezing at night. Why? Because they neglected to change out their air filters and their system failed. So this costly mistake is completely avoidable, by regularly replacing the air filters had filter by dot com.
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a more expensive. It's a wonderful company, If great prices and a great great products here, say might really want to check him out. Let's see acts of Opel in California. Mark Levant quickly go Mark, yes Furthermore, I realized I am honoured to be on the show, I'm right here to liberate literary and Jerry my there one. Rediscovering Americanism and I blew I blew the clock here. Whole mess it up. Don't hang up our backs. I will get back to your next hour. So don't hang up. Hey when I do that, but it happens at times will be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one, one hundred and eighty seven, seven thousand three hundred and eighty one. Three eight one one. I've got a number of issues I gonna hit in this. Powerful third, our they're, not necessarily related may have heard the present United States has awarded the presidential muddle of freedom. Which is our countries highest civilian commendation to a number of individuals.
Some of them posthumously. Now. It is typical that president's choose individuals from really all walks of life. Babe Ruth. Now why Babe Ruth. Well, it was the greatest baseball player ever. This is a quaint two central American Roger Starbuck I agree great quarterback, four dollars a great page. The remarkable remarkable athlete. Even though I didn't look like an athlete. But he made baseball what it is today he gave it. Certainly, a cachet that it has In enormous impact on our culture, Elvis Presley same thing,.
Had an enormous impact on our culture Roger: star back. This is a quaint, the central American, Roger Starbuck. The great quarterback four dollars a grey Patriot served in the military. He was in the Navy Alan page. Alan page was a tremendous defensive tat, the defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings he went on. He be AMOS States Supreme Court Justice in Minnesota, late, truly great Antonyms Scully, an orange hatch. But there were some others. Miriam made. Some of you may not have heard a merry aid, often. She shall the NATO since
but more than that He is a physician she's, a philanthropist She has spent an enormous amount of time addressing researching funding. Matters related to addiction, addiction,. And they ve been tremendous philanthropists normally in the United States, but also in the state of Israel. And, of course, the eight since have given considerable money to the Republican Party. And so the Democrats and liberals are attacking the selection. Because the Democrats and the liberals have no class, they have no sense. And we should ignore them. We should ignore them.
May remain Olsson and shovel NATO's. Both deserve a metal of freedom. As far as I'm concerned, you want to know why From her outstanding met, on philanthropic work. They're trying to help save the country. That's why If few people step up like they have to try and save the country. They have also been extremely supportive of the state of Israel to try and help that country, As it is surrounded by enemies, and they ve help that country culturally and otherwise, Equivalent of our Holocaust Museum in Israel has been funded heavily by the aid of sense, But the left in this country- they don't care, then I'll care. And I wanted to point that out. And I think the president had some wonderful selections here.
You know what MR producer I'll tell the whole world too. I am a baseball signed by Babe Ruth look. Eric did I retailer. I collect stuff than. I have a baseball signed by Babe Ruth and look Eric. I believe, and looked at a lately in nineteen thirty. And an event in New Jersey, but a real baseball, real signatures. I've got. Some babe Ruth Cards- I've got some time, Cobb carts there say that MR producer. See you learn all about me with the rest of the country. That sort of thing. I have the same. Colfax rookie card I don't know how valuable it is. I'm a big Colfax fan.
Did she ash burn for you, Philadelphia fans out there. I've got a number of things. I keep a minute walk along with my guns. Sought Morocco threat the same place. Yes, yes in Virginia we're still outdoor guns, it's not New York, Jersey and the rest. Although we're getting there thou art we're getting blue, blue and even bluer as we hand out half a billion dollars to Amazon and by the way. Businesses is a big democratic, any meaning The Washington compost. And yet Democrats gave his company in New York. Half a billion dollars and subsidies. I think in New York, it's like two have a billion dollars subsidies create jobs, one when you give people subsidies like this, I guess I will, but why? Could you give it to the wealthiest company on the planet and the wealthiest man on the planet? crash skimming Democrats benefits. That's ok,
Obama, handing out the metal of honours away the his donors and two left us like Alan Degenerous and oh, that's. Ok, that's! Ok! Tommy whose contributed more to society merely made us in around mirror made us may remain. Let's keep moving. This one bothers me a lot. This one bothers me so much, I'm gonna razor whither. I posted on my social sites. Is from the mere in the United Kingdom mice? I posted this. I think this morning, maybe yesterday. A rare white lion is set to be auctioned off to be shot? by trophy hunters, In spite of a huge worldwide campaign to save him now, this is how sick it gets. The majestic animal name, move faster was. Confiscated three years ago when he was a cub,
Along with another baby, lying called surreal, Animal lovers want to move him to a sanctuary. But authorities in South Africa have instead announced he will be sold at auction, become Because move faster is infertile, The only value he would have is to be brought by bought by a hunting company and then shot. I'm reading from the article There are said to be less than three hundred white lines like move faster in the world. Would just there team still living in the wild boar Two hundred thousand people have signed a petition calling for the decision to be reversed, so beautiful beautiful animal The petition to South Africa's Minister of Environmental Affairs says, move faster and Syria. Are now three years old and are inseparable. Nature conservation officials refused permission. Move faster to be relocated to a sanctuary off their care
both move faster and survive for their natural lives free of charge. Instead, The rehab centre was tall telephonic lay that move faster, we'll be auction. These funds for the department. Wildlife sanctuary wild for life wild, by four move. Faster, has been cared for over the past three years. Raising cash, the battle against the auctioning court. This is discussed. This is absolutely disgusting. So the south african government is gonna, sell it. Hunters to shoot to the highest bidder To put money into wife. This is disgusting, though they should they should night, all of us. This year. This should unite all of us.
This has nothing to do with any of our business. Well, so what. People, but their nose in our business. All the time. In the last few weeks, what is this? when it continue with the article on here, because I think it's important. In the last few weeks. We have seen in red extensively about what happens. The lines in the industry move faster, has had a backs of a sector me and cannot be with this means, there is only one of two options left. The number of line hunters are down and lines have been killed in high numbers for their bones to be exported to the east. Sir, I move fast are inseparable and it would be extremely traumatic for sir, I d lose her companion. She was in terrible motionless state before they were united as cubs and even one move to a bigger and closer. She was highly anxious when she,
Capping confine will foster. So. It's called the same move faster, the White Lion petition. If you want to participate and hope he will. I don't know if the south african government gives a damn or not, but I do I hate scene, that's like this now you I'll be right back We as politicians like come Allah Harris Demagogues. But you see the media only attack Trump struck, Kemal Harris wants to be President she's a Democrat. They'll, never attacker.
I want you to listen to come Mala Harris said a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing today, but I guess was yesterday We were nominee to head ice. Ronald will tell Listen to her cut thirteen go. You are aware of the perception of many about we have the power and the discretion as has been used to enforce the lawns, and sandy parallel now stop there what's the enough, he sees any parallels with the coup Klux clan between ice and the K K K You know any it's like this used to be a sort of life. Part time, professors, if you will they were elected, high positions in government. It slight Khumalo Harris.
The blue or the state that the politician. Go ahead, I do not see any parallels between tied him up and officers and agents untimely perception. I do not see a parallel between what is constitutionally mandated as an as it relates to enforcing the law. Are you aware that there's thereby set? Why don't you stop interrupting him?. I mean she's like the gym accosted the sun. To stop in a rubber you're, asking him to compare eyes to the clan, which is a disgusting disgusting thing to do. These are brave men and women and law enforcement, so people in this country. Illegal aliens, including criminals, are beside the interior of the country. They ve gotten through the board where they don't go for their administrative hearings and so forth its up. To find them. He hates these people come Allah Harris the Democrats. Party hates these people, not I'm not talking about the criminals who are here illegally, I'm talking
the employees of ice, these are federal employees, These are sworn law enforcement officers. And they put their lives on the line, so they attacked The cops like they always do, like they always do go ahead Are you aware that there is at present has twice in the same category as KKK there is that what you're asking me now, I'm very specific about what I'm asking? Are you aware of a perception that the way the discretion. I cylinder I'm nothing. I see now, I'm not finished. Are you aware of perception that many people think you're a moron? You aware that perception. Because a things like this that you say that are so at a left, left field go ahead, Finished, are you aware that there is a perception that that, Ices administering its power. In a way that is causing fear.
And intimidation, of course, its causing fear and intimidation against people who were here illegally. Are you aware senator. The irish causes fear and intimidation. You, airline. The aware go ahead Particularly among immigrants, very articulate, either by the way, because you know you're gone down a road that is, that is, that is fraught with stupidity, And endanger political go ahead, civically Immigrants coming Mexico and Central America. Are you aware that perception not see a parallel between the power and authority. That eyes has to do its job and agents and officers who do it professionally and excellently with lots of compatriot. She should be politically. Eliminated from any serious political party
in terms of the nominee for presidency and yet left wing cook contingent at their will, find this very exciting. The amount of cookery that's going on there and the energy and the year, the F To outdo one another is why, you have these absolutely insane Democrats, senators like this more on Blumenthal from Connecticut. Ok, let's what is it? Dump dump she's, just how can you be the head of an agency and be unaware, Of how your agency is perceived, also, your age perceive certain community says the king. The clan was somebody please tell me This woman rose up and the Democratic Party ranks became United States Senator. Were the people she ran against, and democratic primers
worse than this. I mean this. This lady is cocoa for cocoanuts afore, I, what is it dump? Dump she's just cocoa. Go ahead. There is a lot of perceptions and the media in the public later incorrect about the perception exist. Would you agree We already answered the question. Twenty eight times, and none of us agree I had screwed on right now. Is not perceived as the clan are you The clan you note, the clan did. Why don't you just call this guy Hitler To do that on the left he's here, Where ices, the clan, body opposes open, borders is races where we build and white privilege, even though many people who take this position are, why Did you just say it and there's no brought no due process. First,
court nominees? No, no! Expectation of innocence. It's just agree with our whole agenda. Serve you seek to be a cop termed nominee, administration. Can you imagine. A thinking and a Come Harris administration. And yet the country might be lost for all I know, go ahead and when she agree, then that if that perception exist, need to be some work. My perception is you're an go ahead to correct the precept. I do want to advocate for the workforce. The vital public safety mission that they have to protect the homeland and, I think, More people need to know how valuable they are to the society. Try agree with you on. That I agree with you on nothing: nothing you're disaster,
Problem is there so many disasters on that site. It's hard to keep count. Quite frankly, One sounds just like the next in their craziness: their insanity I'll be right back Going gets, tough, get My now, in eight now buried, seven seven, three hundred one free, eight one, one I've been sitting back and watching over the last forty eight hours or so stand to which news media. Other than the washing compost. Pick up what I consider to be a crucially important review. Of our military. Easily, the Chinese and the russian military,
I've seen almost nothing again, Credit where credit is due. This was in the washing compost. Just from a couple days ago. U S militaries edge has eroded to a dangerous degree study for Congress, fines Now, you're states has lost its military edge to a dangerous degree and could potentially lose a war against China or Russia. According The report released Wednesday: that's two days ago by a bite Partisan commission that Congress created to evaluate the Trump administrations defence strategy. The National Defence Strategy Commission, comprised of former top republican undemocratic officials selected by Congress, Evaluated the Trump administration, twenty eighteen national defence strategy, which but in a vast reshaping the? U S military, to compete with Beijing in Moscow. In an era of renewed great power, competition,
While endorsing these strategies aims, the commission warned that Washington isn't moving Fetnah. This is really precious but its of its infuriating. The commission warn that Washington is moving fast enough are investing sufficiently to put the vision into practice risking a further erosion of american military dominance it could become a national security emergency. Nowhere in this peace do they what the Obama administration did to our military. Nowhere in this peace do they mention the obstruction efforts, by the Democrats in this house. In the cinema, we try to beef up our military. Nowhere in this washed impose pace Do they admonish the media. Which all but ignores What went on with the United States military under Obama we have at present is trying to turn this around. At the same time, according to the commission, China and Russia are seeking dominance in their regions and the ability to bridge
military power globally, as authoritarian governments pursue defence, build ups aims squarely at the end. States I have been talking about this endlessly here. Am I fuck show Levin TV we have, the Pink Republic into who think Putin's just swell these are morons morons. In terms of China, dealing our technology. Building phony islands in buying of different countries and in strategically located geographic areas where there, but where they can build ports and so forth and heart and a missile sites. There is a strong fear of complacency that People have become so used to the United States, achieving what it wants in the world to include militarily. Then it is there is not heeding the warning signs, yet this one
says Kathleen Hicks, a former top Pentagon official during the Obama administration and one of the commissioners. Well why didn't she put up Flashing red signs alike. During the Obama administration The picture, the national security landscape that the twelve percent commission sketched is a bleak one- an american military that has enjoyed undisputed dominance for decades is failing to receive the resources, innovation and prioritization its leaders need to Muscle, China and russia- race for military might, reminiscent of the cold war. We have and they don't have to be they ve- got satellites. I got cycle who are historically time military we have problem with the libertarian wing in there part of the conservative moment. You look at the Coke brothers.
When it comes to national security, when it comes to funding our military, there, like coat pink Republicans. When we look at our friend ran Paul same thing. Mama libertarian on. And the number one job of the federal government to protect this country. That's the number one drop while they're, not here at our border. You gotta hear these idiot protection while they're not here and our border are. They know you idiot, and I don't have to be satellites, I got cyberspace power, they ve got so I can hit any city they want. They can take out. Our major aircraft me. What are you doing? about our border, The military balance has shifted adversely for the United States, and this is in the Washington post I mean so.
They? They were grinding their teeth over there when they wrote. This trust me. Military bounds has shifted, adversely for the United States and Europe, Asia and the Middle EAST. Undermining the confidence of american allies and increasing the likelihood of military conflict there, patient found after reviewing classified documents receiving Pentagon briefings. Viewing top defence officials the Us military could suffer unacceptably high casualties and loss of major capital assets in the next conflict. My struggle, but winner perhaps lose a war against China or Russia. The report said the youth. It states is particularly at risk of being overwhelmed should its, but try be forced to fight on two or more front simultaneously then warning about this, but wanted about these two countries and warning about our electrical grid How even IRAN and the and their North Korea good take it out,
its list of thirty two recommendations, the commission urged the Pentagon to explain more clearly how it intends to defeat major power rivals and competition and war. It is El. The strategy for relying on times are unquestionable assumptions. And weak analysis on leaving unanswered critical questions? Now they tell Us- and here is the problem- The Democrats and Republicans responding like spending my drunken marxists on domestic spending. Interest rates are starting to grow up, they could never remain, it was zero or one percent forever. Was a phoney level. Interest rates are starting to go up. What that means is The federal government has to pay interest on the debt. And in a few years the interest on the debt will be a bigger budget item than the entire defence spending budget. And instead we gotta talk about what I have
why, in the constitution and the rule of law, to a judge in Washington DC when it comes to Jim Task, that stare, we're gonna, hear come our Harris. Who wants to be president, comparing. Instead, the clan, Instead, we gotta here Jeff like taken Shut remit. Leslie presently United States. Instead, we get a war, Matthew Policy, be this bigger or some other liberal, my job When real stuff is happening, it shocking Let me tell you, know, Republic last forever: none has Athens wrong. They're gone they're gone. Rome existed for over five hundred years even close to five hundred years when they re close to three hundred years? Yet. Where I come all irish wants to be president.
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apology is cutting edge hd and it's just it's just terrific. We have over twenty hosts most of whom you will not see on regular tv No, we're not just regurgitating stuff. That's already out there. You don't know Fox nation is out there, there's others out there, but there's nothing like see our tv. It's called conservative review tv and we ll step three years ago and we have an enormous following out- and we want to continue to build it- I'll, have a cable channel where I can promote a twenty four seven, but all you live and I to listen to the show you really ought to sign up. In your friends and family because you have seen nothing like it, nothing like it, so heat for four eleven tv shows me You know the good, the true, the beautiful one begin to understand these high noble ideals start with the right kind of education, it's tough define these days, but
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So how much time do I have MR producer. Hurry and don't forget tomorrow. Those of you who are around. Patients corner? in Virginia Vienna Virginia Eleven, A m, our police- my wife will be doing a reading for the kiddies forty, eight years old, or so and those of you who would like a signed copy by me. And by my wife That's where you can get it not be doing any other signings for this in the Barnes Noble will have some of my books there as well, but the focus is not on my box. The focus is on our police and be a lovely lovely. Give more nap can't wait to see you And my wife will be reading our story time for the little one so we hope we see a whole lot of you again. That's eleven a M tomorrow, both of us
in honour of you every week, America. Now. Why do I do the same song? Everything awake, because I love this song. I think it's the best rendition, of America. People ask me this all the time. Aren't you play something else, This is what I play here. We go
So we didn't get back to you. Save is number will cause next week. Guys Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel, ice, the border patrol law enforcement. Can I pretty good. I Griffin can I Pepsi goodnight smoke again I'd Zelda and, ladies and gentlemen, let me say again: I too, you pops and we will be at Barnes Ennoble tomorrow, Thyssen's, coroner, hope. We see a whole lot of you
have a wonderful weakened and don't forget Sunday, ten p, M life Liberty and live in.
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