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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, The Robert Mueller investigation is one of the greatest abuses of power in modern American history. There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Now members of Congress are trying to protect Mueller from getting fired but it is a clear violation of the separation of powers. This is a coup, an effort to undermine a legitimate President. If President Trump decides not to run for reelection in 2020, he should fire Mueller and pardon every one of special counsel Mueller’s targets. And then tell the House, ‘go ahead and impeach me,’ and the Senate, ‘go ahead and remove me,’ because this is simply unacceptable and somebody has to protect the Constitution. We know what's in the Constitution and the special counsel and his illegitimate appointment are not in it! Also, the Republicans should be passing every last piece of the President's agenda during the lame duck session, but instead Mitch McConnell is too busy passing the largest spending bill in US history. Then, the real reason GM is laying off workers is because of the steel tariffs. Higher steel costs raise the overall price of new cars and with new car sales costing more their sales are flat - now we see the effects of tariffs on steel. If this continues we'll see a terrible recession in a few years. Finally, Sean Hannity calls in to give his thoughts on the Mueller investigation.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three. One we're not going to say something that I've, given a lot of thought to a great deal of thought This a Mahler investigation is one of the greatest abuses of power in mind. American history is it was an abuse of power violated Department of Justice rules.
As no criminal based from the investigation, Schumann Democrats in the media pushed for. So they got it right those are as a coward, very weak man, and he wanted to cover his own tracks because erect and at the firing. A call me. We know a coma is we know what this your officials at the F b I weren't. We know what they did. They were the ones who interfered with the election. They were the ones who are trying to elect Hillary Clinton. Now. Ladies and gentlemen, what Mr Mulder is doing destroying lives in time To just fi. What he's been up to is really truly on American. That's not what our criminal justice system is all about. The efforts by members of Congress to we pass a statute to protect Mahler from being fired by the present the United States. Since
Michael, is right. Of course, I've set at many many times is a clear violation of the separation of powers of our constitution. There is no question about it. There are individuals who hate tromp their individuals who want this coup to take place in It will back anything and anyone who tries to take out this president. And there's almost nobody standing up to this. This is what the old Soviet Union look like. When people are In front of prosecutors, they look at your records, they try and catches. The pubs memory losses and then throw the good luck unless you give them what they want. Some prosecutors will table. This is the way we normally we operate. Will it shouldn't be it shouldn't, be. The presence of the United States did not collude with Russia, and everybody knows the Clinton came
included with Russia and everybody knows it, and so on in India and the whole point of this. Ladies and gentlemen, The point of this, ladies and gentlemen, is too hugely, but An elected president who you elected many of you elected to prevent him from doing what he said. He wanted to do this coup, this effort to undermine it legitimately, elected president. There was no reason from all are to be appointed in the first place we didn't, a special council investigate these individuals and as I've from day one department adjust. This policy has been from almost half a century that she cannot indicted sitting president. So, what's the point of this point of this, the Democratic Party, the media and some Republicans are used a criminal investigation for political purposes. Trying to Peter Present in the United States,
and so this is what I want to set up It's a great deal of thought. Somebody has to protect constitution here, How can it be the media, even though they wrapped themselves and the free press? Certainly Maybe the Democrats, they have so many similarities to the old Soviet. It certain How can we most of the Republicans because their saw progressives, they're scared of their own shadows? It a trump decides not to run for reelection. He should fire Mahler. He should fire is whole team. He should pardon everybody involved. He's Mickey Mouse charges of false statements and tell our house go ahead and impeach Mean Seneca hadn't remove, may because this is simply unacceptable. Simply. Capable what's happening to our country. What's what's happening here, you haven't
Americans, who pretend to be constitution, lists like Jeff Lake, actually. Under the floor the Senate pushing for a bill that is We completely unconstitutional where Congress well. I presently united states that he cannot fires. Somebody in the executive branch, then we're tobe By the same malcontents miscreants who trick this entire fiction. Drag this nation through this day in and day out, The Chinese are on the move and the Russians are on the move and the Iranians on the move. Our enemies are on the move and they love every bit of this. They are telling us president better, not pardon anybody. The and powers in the constitution- and we don't need them- Crash in the media and miscreant Republicans to define it for We see it, we read it. We know what it is. Meanwhile, the spam The council is not in the constitution.
Nowhere in the constitution. And when you have a media and a democratic party, and some Republicans who argue for more due process rights for tears, in Guantanamo Bay than for the presence of the United States, I've had it up that here we are, what the hell's Goin on here, we are but that has gone on air and I'll go even further, whoever that democratic next to be present in the United States. He or she should be treated exactly the same way, because if they're, not if there are not This will never come to an end, a bogus investigation, a bogus media, a bogus Democrat Party bogus Republicans men and women have fought for this our institution from the earliest days. They put their these snake oil salesmen, this current
nice guy, I'll salesman. This current crop of politicians there's correct crop of so called journalists, throw it all away. Is enough then, it's supposed to just sit there, you see, according to the media and the Democrats and some republic just sit there. He better not use the party in power. Fire, any body it better, not to their she better who the hell do. They think they are, Ok! Well, that if we take the steps, I suggest you well peached unlikely removed. I know it, but if it Sighed she doesn't want to run for re election at some point, then you should do it and we here and we watch this phony issue that the meat care about the IRA scandal. Where is Europe Where's. Your proof, generic Holler, appoint,
special Council now that the media care about fast and fear no did our call to appoint a special council since she was in charge of it now not a damn thing. Presently, the United States a pointers acting attorney general gentlemen by Matthew, Whittaker. I have no idea who is other than as pedigree other than his regiment spent a? U S attorney. There's no it's a guest in any way that you son torrent nothin, but they seek to destroy him. They seek to destroy. Because they want rose and seen in charge because he's No, no that's why? Because our stay of smaller and the courts. There are no better There are no better at all. When Republicans elected president
A throne with the opposition- that's quite obvious, Mr Chief justice, quite obvious, Mr Mowers. Appointment. I don't care what the court say I can read the constitution is unconstitutional. Look at them! This man has the power to trigger impeachment of United States president. Does any? U S attorney. Have that power? No, but you tested and fear Ploy just like an assistant: U S attorney my ass! For years, get this investigation. It's it's embarrassing. The people is interviewing. What is threatening them with this RO prosecutor, this STAR Chamber operation and nobody as the goal to stand up to this. Nobody, but I will.
Everybody being investigated by this man should fight it. Vitamin court. Fight about where I began document fighter, for every subpoena fighter cut plug nickel. Then I would strongly recommend the President, United States pardon every damn one of abuse back then To be honest with you were doing, this tyranny and it is to them He loved to say that there are therefore freedom of the press are not needed. Freedom of the press. You and I we defend the first amendment, all of it. You want
we defend the second amendment. We defend all the bill of Rights laid out. They pick and choose for up there. There be no second amendment or nine thirteenth amendment or other Parts of the constitution that they read out of the constitution, the whole progressive movement is: a movement against constitutional government, the harbor at the moment is represented by the likes of Bernie Sanders, and they will do any for power do anything, they turn their country inside out. They have us each other's throats on race at each other's throats on sex at each other's throats, no matter what their ripping this country, apart. You have a legitimate presidential election. Winslow like poor college. They tell us the electoral colleges racist and they want to change it. Until they won the House of Representatives, they say we need to double the size of the house. Are representative, always tinkering, and it's interesting not to get us back.
Or a basic values and our regional principles now to advance their cause and taking our trump advances their cause. I don't care if you supporter concerned. Whatever the hell you are, it got a stand for the damn constitution, because that's all there is between tyranny and limiting free, the press, Jimmy Class, that represents freedom of the press by go And took the white of Press room Or clowns on tv, like Jake Tapir lying about lies with President United States. Lying about lies with President United States. Our noses leftist and you and I You wanna you elected Trump president. You Supposed to sit back and watch follow this unravel Adam shift.
He would have been great in the old Soviet Union. I can seem in the uniform work in his way and the court. He would have been great there. I have to do, is look at the border the last few weeks to see what the democratic parties up to I have to do is look at the border, the last few weeks to see what the democratic parties up to look at the border they dont. If we want to defend a border. They don't want to defend national sovereignty. Suddenly that's a partisan issue. I came people on tv, even on our favorite I will one of them go on you and I, angry because more more brown people and yellow people in red people in black people are coming into the country who they are things like this. We just want
follow the rules. I am tired of having them projector, biases and their bigotry onto us. We are a good people. We are better. Some people were all over the world defending people of color in I've. Ghana in Iraq and Syria. The vast. Are the people who come here illegally are people of color. We don't like by the liberals certainly don't need lectures by Democrats who have yet to come to grips with her history of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow. That's not on us! That's on them. But trying to take out a present of the United States, is sick. It disgraceful, they have.
Nothing on Trump. Hillary Clinton lost their selection, fair and square She was a lousy candidate You didn't resonate with part of the democratic base, Trump dead and they cannot tolerate. The media were furious because they Take the trumpet get blown out they despised. The democratic party is trying to claw back that twenty sixteen election and Mr Miller who's in their back pocket. What does he know? Ladies and gentlemen? He hired Democrat. That's an donors that Democrats he doesn't even right. I have appearance by partisanship, objectivity he's in your face and why wouldn't be as members of Congress, including Republican, say, we need to protect Mahler. Let's protect the row prosecutor. While he stopping all over the United States Constitution.
There should never have been a special council in this case, and the special council is unconstitutional, and the things that he is doing to individuals to destroy their lives should shock everybody. Because let me Tyler Sacred, if they can do this to our present. To his family of heat. They can do this territory. Lieutenant general. If they can do this to these people, they can go at tat. Everybody. Everybody. This civil libertarians don't even exist anymore, the ACL, you doesn't even exist anymore. The phony survives on these various websites and so forth. They are pathetic. The way they write is pathetic, always agree, went on, but sometimes but when he does, while I agree with- and I got Other policy issue should be put aside. Language in tweet should be put aside. This is hard.
Those other policy issues should be put aside language tweet should be put aside. This is our constitution and its being shredded. Its being shredded and Democrats are applauding MR flag. Applauding the media are applauding these were the enemies trump before he got elected in their enemies trump. Now we do I have a free press in this country. We have a liberal press in this country. This president hasn't done a single thing. Single thing to use the power of government to interfere with freedom of the press. Unlike past presidents, This president has not only least the FBI against reporters. The way Barack Obama did the way Eric holder did no special council. There
No demands by Adam Schiffer hearings. There no demands by Mark Warner, hearings there. No and who is use the pardon power now collect and abuse the pardon power or Obama partner tariff. A porter written tariff I'll be right back goes most powerful conservative voice. The mark love then show dialogue now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one: three, eight one: one: we have to learn how to fight the way they fight. Ladies and gentlemen, I really do at this point I will lose everything I really do. We gotta use their tactics and turn them against them.
And I started right here. The next Democrat President needs to be de legitimize deal a needs to be investigated. Phony charges similar people in the Justice Department, who will this that's the only way the Democrats will understand. We also need to create our more competition against? Seeing MSNBC cable gets network on the digital. In any other way, we can far more cutting edge media outlets and b t already cable as is losing subscribers network news. People are dropping off work news. And so the becoming more niche syn. Decided be niche him assembly. He decided to be niche. Have you ever
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two zero five, when I know seven, eight, six, six Tuesday, five, four nine o seven or go to Super beat stock, Slash le them and find out you can get a free, thirty day supplies super beats and free shipping with your first purchase. That's eight sick, takes two zero: five, four nine zero. Seven her go to Super beats calm, Slash, Levine! How easy I am ever notice, There agenda and the media reporting there's nearly identical about Otis said every time you turn on the tv there's a debate about the dumb, Brad agenda? There's a reporter the democratic agenda, Global warming, or whatever it is. Open borders, always in sync. It's not a conspiracy, etc. The same exact mindset.
The same mindset and therein It was to the people who Second, the Democratic Party or the campaigns. Go into media Come out a media and they go into the Democratic Party or they go into the various democratically straightens they're, not falling any by their, not fooling any and you and I are sick and tired of then they talk about the the sanctity of the first amendment. We only lectures from them. We have to explain to them the sanctity, the second amendment and theirs. Town I just saw that is my advice of several years ago, he didn't more. This. Sanctuary cities for illegal immigration right somehow we can't get rid this sanctuary label, and these cities are allowed to defy federal law. They five federal law. Despite the supremacy clause, they nullify federal law.
And I said we oughta have sanctuary cities for the second amendment. We can do the same thing. Make them take us to court, make them fight us, Make them fight us on our territory, About legally and politically. There are many needs to be more thinking like that: you're not gonna, get it permits Mcconnell on Paul Ryan. These guys are long and the tooth there's suckers their suckers. I want you to understand: under Mitch, Mcconnell stewardship in the United States Senate as the majority later we had the biggest spending bill in american history. They ve done nothing nothing to chip away at the debt. Nothing
Now, what are they going to do about Obamacare? I told you during this period Republicans are still in charge. The lame duck period. They should be loading up these bills with our agenda items the promises they made to us, but they won't. They won't. Instead, we hear about criminal justice reform or we hear about. I don't know. But we don't hear about our agenda. So. I said last night prison, United States should be prepared. I think he is Down the government, if he doesn't get the money he wants for the border and you ought to make us each to the american people and laid. I make a speech, the american people and show them what the Democrats stand for and give the
in way ragged and others used to show the communists are here on the globe and so a show this. Testing about the criminals in the EMS. Thirteen type setter among these people. Because I think this there's more of us still than are of them on the left. But who knows, but we start using their tactics with the take off the mittens again politically and legally, And put on the same brass knuckles that they use on us, I'm quite serious about this been thinking about this. A while now mister are finally has pushed me into. This position is just it's just enough already, it's enough already: it's not funny. It's dangerous, its.
Country we need to stand up, we need to speak out and I think the conservative movement. Each to have some real life breathed into it at this point- and I am not one of Is it thinks we should use? The word conservative, I think it's a beautiful were to. I understand the other views I really do, but I really do think to be. For where that has enormous meaning we shouldn't surrendered. Now, let me ask you a question: why were on this and MR call screwing up be curious to see what people have to say to me ass, you folks. What's the real reason, Ms laying off over fourteen thousand people. Does anybody know. What's the real reason.
GM is laying off fourteen thousand people. I told you they would I told you this car companies are going to start laying off people. Why? The price of steel has gone up An enormous amount there are locked into these various contracts they if they cut action and cut jobs, and it's only going to get worse. If you don't think Ford is going to be affected by it. You're wrong. There are going to be affected by its basic economics. The domestic steel industry, is making huge profits and I want them to make huge profits just not on the back The automobile industry in other industries in this company in this country, the old fashioned way they always have their Always wanting subsidies always wanting terrorists, while they gotta they gotta.
So the automobile companies use more still anybody else. So GM is looking for areas to cut in cut the stupid. Gregoire stuff, which it is, but it's not enough nobody buys electric cars, so they have to cut other areas. Good new car sales going Google, this you'll have to rely on me. New car sales are flat. Why are they flak? Could you not buying new cars? Why Cars are more expensive than they were a year and a half ago. But a used car market is very hot right now. Why? Because the tariffs don't effect the price of used cars. I've told you many times this, an ideological thing with me. It's rationality, I believe
That we all use tariffs and every other economic tool we have and national security tool. We have against China and, from my perspective, that would have included Bringing our allies. Bringing our allies along because there are the enemy. There are real enemy. Rather than going to economic battle with all of our allies, I never never bought this. Then you know that and some of you are yelling at me now in yellow. You want I'm just telling you why. GM is actually cutting jobs. Ices steel is going through the roof and my greatest fear quite frankly, isn't a year and a half or two years we're gonna have a terrible recession. That's my greatest fear. It takes a little bit of time for economic this location to have an effect, we'll tell if I'm right, all the
there's a right. The laws of economics have been suspended. The last two years. And somehow? The first time, modern history so created wealth across the board. Tears create for certain segments who they economy and they Poverty and other segments of the economy, that's what they do. And so we shall see the president even those. I strongly disagree with him on this. Managers, my pen and I'm just a radio hosts. Let us go to MIKE. Jersey, city, New Jersey, the Great W Abc, I'm ok, It is my pleasure to speak to you Thank you. Thank you.
I love you man, you were not. Well, I don't know about that, but you're very kind. Well, you beg my what's cook. Embody less than a movie in New Jersey, and I will tell how many we probably guinea Conakry do we have. Now, after her in January, That is why we have. Fifty one will have fifty three senators and in the house I don't know we had a majority of about eighteen or twenty, and now I never thought the majority about eighteen or twenty, something like that I'll. Try me I don't. Guys get together. Burgess Sheikh contracts, so But he could see all the media and put their slipped out I told him we are not going to stand still What's going on, because you have intervened.
Those within the republican caucus who are so petty, who can would be putting country first but they're, putting their own media and their own political futures first, and I would count SAS and fly In some of the others, among them just IRA. Huge disappointments and rather than not continue these petty fights they have with the present the United States, rather than be real statesmen, they can't do it and so in essence, they give aid in comfort to the Democrats. You got what web Mitch Mcconnell. I agree with you here He should be saying: ok, this is our bill. We're gonna ran this through I'm gonna get together with Paul Ryan and let that forward they. May they don't even do that because me Mcconnell is a bureaucrat that's all he is. Mitch. Mcconnell was never big Reagan. Supporters supported Gerald forties. He worked in the fourth administrate, he is required central rhino,
and he controls these Senate Republican cause. He raises an enormous amount of money he controls. The committee assignments he to the media? They love him over there at the New York Times and the Washington Post and political he play. The Washington game he's been around forever. They love em over at the weekly standard because he got some judges through which, of course, should have got through anyway, thanks diary read so they give him point Why doesn't even deserve point says our laps. Meanwhile, what I happened to conservatives in their concern about mass of debt. We don't care about mass of debt. Apparently, we should now support family leave, Currently, we now support massive bending- I what do they call it that Mr Produce or one point five trillion dollars on infrastructure, speed, spending spending spending may our constitutions being crap all over, and that's why We need to draw the line now, MIKE God bless you.
And I'll be right back The only the debate terms we'll see: plays out. I see how its playing and it's gonna play I'll even more. That's what I'm very very concerned about the same objective here, but. And, I believe in the Bernie Sanders approach. I never have time you go online or use public wifi, you're, putting your purse, information in danger. Less you take prick. Oceans, a hacker can grab your passwords credit card information in seconds these It's happened, millions of times a day and the victims have their personal information exposed or identity stolen. So how can you protect yourself? for the software I use is called Express VP in express views,
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but won't be able to get into your stuff and that's the bottom line right see houses here so matter. I disagree with you MIKE. That's like I disagree that water is what it is, what it is, it's not something that I'm inventing about tariffs, but I want to spend the whole show on the board carl- nor would New York, the great W Were you listening, Carl Abolition the phone here and nor would New York Mark. I know my when you called w to tee country. I'm sorry. I had read ninety to shovel locally gas, amen to that. This is our second go. Well known your former neighbour from Temple Stadium earlier. Bush he put me on the year at present, Europe greener and your bet but in any case we question, take ensure fair, please I guess. If it were,
Seventeen, seventy five today, anyone from today's twenty eighteen quote American quote even imagine let alone create, Josh, refine and perfect our constitution and bill of rights to gray call to great point, I don't think so: I mean they're things we'd like to do it now, in order to were to train recapture somebody, the courts and others have changed in our constitution, in my view, unconstitutionally, but here's the problem and the the the founders, the revolutionaries, the framers of the institution the ratified in the various states whose what they understood if people now, be free, they're, not gonna, be free if people, one. A representative republic they're not gonna, have a representative republic if wanna be light around the nose a by the nose
demagogues they're going to be light around. By than those by demagogues you can A governmental system that protects the civil society and the liberty of the individual, but up to the civil society, the people in the civil society to protect it and we're not right back He's here now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader remark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one. Three eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one eyed rich d, the clip
of these sectors. Stay palm peo regarding kush could, okey and Saudi Arabia. Would you play that place you believe in Saudi Arabia or do you believe I've read every intelligent in the last few hours? I think I've read it all. There is no direct connection. I stopped there, so this is what's confusing to me. There is no direct recording linking the prince says. Thinks he's right, all the intelligence information? That's the sector stay a few days back Jake tapirs said the president was a liar and among the things he listed was not. Adopting the CIA conclusion that this sorry per, ordered the the assassination of cash hoagie fan of the Saudi Arabia. The prince or the inbred are already, but I am just let's just stop a minute, so Jake Tapir was wrong. That's
secretary of State, the sector, defence of the same thing. Said exactly the same thing. So who's wrong and whose right. Obviously the administration, doesn't have any direct link. Hard to believe the prince would know. But the fact is the meat our pouncing on anything possible anything possible, President is not lying Jake Tapirs, Lauren but here we have a case of an american citizen who has been cut. By the Palestinians and Ivan. The damn thing from CNN or anybody else are, ambassador to Israel, David Fremont History, Freeman demands release a palestinian American who saw property to Jews. Listen to this.
U S. Ambassador David Freeman has demanded the immediate release of ISAF, a cow A palestinian American arrested by the Palestinian Authority Security, just two months ago for engaging in a real estate transaction Quarter of Jerusalem's old city, a cow, incarnation is ETA called to the values of us and all who advocate the cause of peaceful coexist then said: Freeman on Twitter We demand the immediate release of you heard about this. Why aren't they all worked up about it in Congress? That's an american citizen, post I'll, tell you why palestinian sources, set a cow, a resident Bethlehem and worked for the Pierre Ministry for local government The five year old man who was a U S, citizen, is being interrogated by the palestinian security agencies in Ramallah, for his role in the sale of an arab own house in the old city, Jerusalem to a jewel.
Organizations Organization sources, Tall drew imposed now. Did you know. That there is a death penalty sentence in place by the palace authority for any Palestinian who sells property. To a Jew in Jerusalem, that's been splendid to life in prison. Have you heard about this now in at trumpets, a liar trumpets alive Trump is well. Seems to me: Trump is telling the truth, but why isn't this being reported on CNN what it could be reason for this? What kind of people does, In the higher as contributors to see in it,
Well, here's one hour, Buddy Phil Klein over at the Washington examined, are seen in commentator. Calls for the elimination of Israel endorses violet palestinian resistance. Bringing this up, ladies and gentlemen, because I think on the list and that includes the media left. There is growing anti Semitism in this country. You know have this guy Dyson going on and on about wherever he goes on and on about. But this is a fact within the damage Party within the hard core left within the media, that and I said it and it's true. Yeah right islamist organization, it ripping off donors. Who were making funds available to the jewish community in pit, I gave to the mass slaughter by the Jew, Haider and the trumpeter. You didn't see national stories about that And commentator Mark Lamont Hill in a Wednesday,
speech to the EU and for violent resistance against Israel and advocated expanding I was dying quote from the river to the sea. Unquote, a phrase whose, by those who believe that Israel should be eliminated. Well, what about that beach to the United Nations on nobody cares. Nobody cares about I'm gonna, pull up that our. Can you find that article four me mister Bruce and let me tell you: it's gone and we have this sir Organization, that is involved in renting out people's homes and apartments, and I'm gonna pull at that. Can you find that article four me mister Bruce, and let me tell you what's goin on folks, my computer's down my printers down I'm working off my Iphone Plugin away stay can here, but I
this article we can find it. I think I senator Deny- or maybe not it's up on its up on conservative review, would you check up their real fast you have this organisation and they put out their own fatwa If you are an american company, privately owned. And they said that they will not face they represent any these. These homeless. These apartments, these bread and back breakfast types plight places in These so called West Bank Diane scenario owned by Jews who are trying to rent them to other people own, but only only Jews. Ok, and my folks upon its way lie. Radio baby is the way it works here. It is beautiful. Thank you. Let me take it from the washed and free bacon. I'm just
these things, because these things are building up and I don't see them commenting on CNN, MSNBC or anywhere else Adam our body over at the free beacon, the real Decision by air B and be the star Services produce living in ensnaring Judea is being with criticism by the Trump Administration and pro israeli leaders on Capital Hill Corridor sources, who spoke of the Washington Free Beacon, but the companies the join the anti Israel boycott divestment and sanctions movement are beady S Araby, and owing tech company that allows travellers torment lodging across the globe, announced that it removes some two hundred jewish and Reynolds HOMES in the West Bank, sparking fury Ro Israel circles, the deepening controversy over european bees decision to join the beat s? Women is beginning to be discussed within the Trump administrate. So here you have. This isn't discussed on Jake Tapirs programme. He's jewish. Well aware this is
Gus Non Wolf, glitches, Proteus Jewish. By the way. It's not cost on the dishes and just important, because the Democrats aren't really behind this year Bernie Sanders. Isn't behind this, yet shifted. Administration. Taking the lead on this fighting this gift, crews, taking a lead on this fighting this you have to trust me creation? Taking the Lee trying to get back an american citizen who is of palestinian ancestry? No coverage, on CNN whatsoever, to my knowledge. You have this is foundation that rips off owners who are trying to contribute to the jewish community in Pittsburgh after the slaughter of Jews and that's synagogue. Almost attention whatsoever. Not on CNN and so forth. Instead, it Jim a cost. It's so we don't believe tribe, he's a liar
It's not a its nodded invasion. It's a parade of course, the prince know about could show you even though matters now and Bumpo say we don't have directive doesn't matter, they pushed a demo agenda and the democratic line and more and more. Whether people want to hear this or not. More and more the so agenda and, let's be honest, will have controls. The democratic party is hostility that you see hostility that you see, and you see it in the media by what Our report, by what they don't cover by self censorship, I'll be right back Ben
I'm so tired of listening to these fools on tv. Supposing we know the law they always manage to support Mamma. You know they're, always managed to support my, I think, They ve done. This guy manifold is absolutely level bestowing solitary confinement trying break em and break em and break em. They need to get trump. But noses full, Andrew Weissmann, is that's a little bastard. That's right, he's been. Managed by courts in the past. So why would Mahler hire him because he is unethical? That's why that's? Why.
And so you have these commentators on tv trying to figure out other ways to imprison. Man referred the present were to pardon him I'll think about it. Think about that. They also said the disappointment is constitutional. Think about that They also say if the present uses his pardon power. That's some. So everything turned upside down. Because we are so moored from our constitutional system. It is it's just shocking absolutely shocking. I'm Atlanta, Georgia, the great w? Why a? Why go Well! I just want to put him in the American GO log. That's what they're they're they're trying to fell how to put out on our put who, in the American Gluck metaphor, accuracy
and maybe you and maybe me because you know what I'm not play: their game anymore. I Very little obligation to go along with policy where'd. You violate my given right, sir, and I don't play their game anymore. They want control, our lives, their control, freaks, yes, their progressive! Yes, sir! This! Yes there that, but a lemon and marks must surely be spot smiling to find their creed now so big Guy Lee. I know it's all power power power. My friend thank you for your car Kevin. Grants New Mexico Series Satellite go ahead, please! and we made it I've been calling for years. I thought I was gonna. Thirty, eight eleven number and media laws and didn't lets the liberal line.
Mark that I got before I get to my point cuz I you're on fire, I'm so wicked, but I just have to thank you. You know we're all out here, we're kind of like I don't want to get hyperbolic. Here's to grandiose We. We have the feeling that you're right, we have some of the knowledge, but GINO like bad the murder, the clay and you're that kill that drives in yield and top and thus ups and weaken bill back nation. Do I go out here and by liberty and fight for the constitution because Mark the movie four weeks ago, when you really, I everybody was screaming constitutional crisis over that guy replacing session, I can't think a bit better. Whatever Whittaker and you're gonna get at it and everybody say it constitutes a constitutional, the constitutional court says: is that nobody knows the constitution anymore and meanwhile they do half way know it.
Hurting it and using it for political and personal gain. I hate anybody. I don't care if you call yourself a Republican or a Democrat, if you're out there screwing with the constitution, doing things that are at antithetical to the I don't have any use bore you hear my enemy and I ended that's all we had to be marked. We did the GNP all of us, we get boy, don't we would get bullied and he also media. We get bullied on the press, we get told. While we thought told you. You even hear people on tv and someone radio, none of my friends thanks. They but someone radio who always give though say things like yeah! You know, trumped should have done this, and trumps should have done that, but then there's this, but then they set. But what is the point? the seriousness of what we're confronting right now cannot be overstated. It cannot overstated what's happening to the constitution. What's happening in this, so called criminal investigation,
is so over the top and you We need to prioritize what you're going to focus on right. Yes, sir, here your job. We have to buy back you dont work resource, so scared rye were like we don't want to go after them because they might come after us. In on our side, I want all the guys that are then. Let me ask you this flake SAS Corker they have anybody like that on their side. We sorry I was talking Flake SAS, COS her just a name three, do they have any body like that on the Democrats side in the sun they are now all you know, not the talk, the talk or another there there, like the year, the crows on the wire they all move in the same direction or whatever the year. What do they call? Whatever? We don't cry, we don't.
I will never. What do you know where it was just like whenever we trump said? Well, we're not we dont we're, not gonna go after healer, because we don't go after our political opponents. I don't give a damn if she's my political opponents, she broke the law we peacock of tree Dowdy, sat there in front with James call me and laid out the case why you should be in prison and the warlike. Well, you know she lost the elected when I don't give a damn keep until these people go to jail. Where is the justice for you in there? Isn't there isn't it when you see at Hilary. Bloke broke the law repeatedly. She violated the espionage act and she gets a pass and then you see that the FBI, the highest levels, actually infiltrated the Trump campaign. You actually had the, Fbi infiltrate the trump campaign. You they had intelligence agencies, monitoring the Trump campaign and Morocco
Ah my goes down to Rice University. The James Baker form goes, about identity politics. How was it? How is it that Morocco I'm escaped investigation. How is it that that administration escaped a special council, because it's a different country now, thanks to what this government has done? Thank you for your call, sir. I share your frustration. That's why open to show the way I did. I meant every word of it, I meant every word of it. Scott. Bring federal an eye on the market of internet go more thanks for taking I call so I wanted to. I wanted to bring up a point when it time for the house to impeach Trump and I think its inevitable. Do you. I wouldn't say that if you say its inevitable, you will encourage the miscreants, but if it happens yes, if it goes up- and
you think that that would be enough leverage for Republicans to have say another uprising like they did in two thousand and eleven, I think he could believe a problem now in the Republican Party The establishment would rather lose elections and still control the Republican Party. You see what I mean Carl Rove Types, the bushy types the colonel types, all these people they would other lose elections, but still control the Republican Party. For how long were they in the minority until Ronald Reagan came along? keep something a mine there, strongly opposed Ronald Reagan, the Bush, We strongly opposed Ronald Reagan. They mocked him when George H Stubby ran against him the Bush family strongly opposed Trump. Ro on all the rest of them strongly oppose these conservatives, and yet they are he's tell us they consume
can't when the two greatest landslides and modern history were both of Reagan's election and then Trump went. Member. He couldn't win and Reagan couldn't win, but they did when. That's why I say: don't abandon conservatism and conservative principles. The fact of the matter is It is a winning. It is a winning formula, but it has to be explain, the House of Representatives was lost because our house of Representatives didn't do anything. They didn't run on anything. I'll be right back
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afternoon monsieur LE then he said I have a simple question: how is it possible that written the Tories summit, by Donald Trump within just a matter of days, has been leaked to every. Outlet, NBC Amy you can be absolutely be odd. You just name on there all Ganum, because Mr Mothers team leaks and we know they leak. We know. Mister Weiss, turd at that'll be from now on, Mr Andy wise Turd sat, and with the Associated depressed something Mc Gowan went over his case against man referred and so forth. He was never admonished, they buy but that was wonderful. So there working hand in glove with the media. We know that for sure, because Nor about the AP case, so they leak may not be back again, per week deadline, who would you like to investigate the guy the criminal court better. Who do you want to investigate?
Our mouths entirely, who do you want to investigate them. Why you send them? I can't you see that fixes in well I think they should Damon Attorney general from a state that is not gonna name any body the departure Justice has become weak, the Department of Justice. Doesn't need to investigate anyone. What they should do is call these guys in and admonished them and let him have it. I picked should be charged criminal, hyperbolic, ok, but they're not going to be just. The system who is going to charge them criminally We don't have a real courage out this point because they keep like the other guy. Maybe they should find the attorney general nobody's ever heard of a parliamentary rights. I share your frustration. I appreciate your call just like an app.
Let's go to Joanne what Two, no high, the mark, Levant Perry, you I'm good mark, you want to call an about Maloney Tromp and the harassment that she's name from the media from power? millennia. What about a vodka she's gettin until well? She has, I'm who is now here in our children, she's, not here, selling dope too over and she came in here legally. She has raised herself to the highest level. She is the first lady of the Eu Why am I know you're putting in tummy wizened, she celebrated she's, a beautiful woman smart woman she's a self made woman she's an emigrant, Why is she not celebrated? But Michelle Obama is tell me why I agree. One hundred percent, I think at three what the hell did. Michelle Obama, ever, I'm being honest
yet they praise her left and right cant, do anything wrong. Maloney a trap is I've made woman, whose she's a very, very smart woman. She no, she knows like five languages and they try and they treat her exactly. As you say. Yes, a mature, The only thing she's ever gonna never did well in that was go on a diet dump. You can't just face stupid things on their good. Lord, about a vodka trump we're gonna, look in a hurry. Emails look into her ear, They didn't want to see anything when it came to Hillary Clinton, Z, Hilary clean, puts a server and hear what bathroom or basement for the purpose are we getting around federal law? The Secretary of state
deeming classified information, know exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. Could she wanted to run for president? She did want the year the year they presently The federal record keeping active but to apply should in one for you to be used. If I could she comes in she's, using her private email still on the government's server which page to everybody she's not trying to destroy any thing, maybe a couple hundred emails they ve never been deleted destroyed. I have the watch. This jackass on cable in Purposely lying about how so similar to what Hillary Clinton did Things do a wide. Hillary Clinton did. And by the way, ladies and gentlemen, the little. Group, of which I am chairman, Landmark legal foundation, which is a great legal organization, if you think about donating by the way landmark a foundation. We Lydia
It is against the Ip Leah EPA. When Carol Browner was menaced raider? She was using private email for government business, as were almost all the senior people there. The media could give a damn the media could give it the same thing under Obama. I forget her name at the the administrator there. I believe she was hired by apple or something but anyway say whether the Democrats, I always using their private email, but nobody excusing come forward. She said this is what it is. Baby, comparing millennia guess more effort, to undermine this family to try and ruin this family? a successful family. Let me put it this way if Donald Trump Word Democrat,
do this before they be calling this the new Camelot, the new Camelot. Baby, comparing millennia to jack you, they re. Looking at his kids, good, looking kids, hardworking kid, smart kids, they beholding them up. It wouldn't be tearing them down. I want to wake up Republicans on capital here, one more time either. You'll, be in the minority when you are in the minority. You. Just on investigating post press and shall wealth creation cause. I'm very curious about this myself. How they held Clinton's wind up with court of a billion dollars, how the hell did they farmers wind up with a hundred million dollars, despite Communist claptrap how the hell did Al Gore wind up with a hundred and fifty million dollars, Donald Trump, for billions of dollars that you're not
below the emoluments clause or they found something in the constitution course they don't even understand it grace in writing New Jersey, hurry, you hi. How are you think you could get my car? You bet sixteen years old I've been hold on hold on your howled. Sixteen, yes, sir, very God, I'm listening my life and I ve been home to all my life, but right now I am actually at my local community college and I just Playing on the english class today we were talking about George Geller and we actually were watching your interview, your interview with him on. I hear your tv show on Fox women Get this strike is shocking to me in a community college in by the must be really smart, you're. Sixteen and you're taking community college courses, yeah yeah you're, pretty sharp
so you're in a community college class on English and you're, watching part of my interview with George Killer. Yes, and some of my fellow Smith, all on your name on there and there like I'll, do do that. Interview. Do that interview of mirth Event- and I was pleasantly surprised and my professor adjusts thrilled with you. While you must be, must be one of the few who actually has a professor who's, not a left wing cook. Actually, you, my professors, are in pretty pretty good Isn't that great? While you know what that's great, because guilder a brilliant man- and he said many brilliant things during the interview and that's the point of that programme too. We're going to think that by next Monday, so we watch the first. Let me tell you this Sunday night coming ten p m Eastern. I have Heather Mcdowell. You defiling gonna wanna watch their show to she's unbelievable. Ok, I definitely well then aright. If we call of Grace
do you have a little brother little sister, I have like younger cousin, hey, don't hang up, I want to give you a copy of my pops book, our police don't hang up, and I have been given this out all want shouldn't MR producer Kathryn, Billings Montana on the mark. Levant go right ahead, place a high mark Rwanda. On your ear for a minute like see. Now that you spoke to arm. I just finished my master than Homeland Security, a two lane that will actually that was a year ago. You two thousand seventeen, but I had a teacher, and this was when the five the warrants were. You know we were, I believe this was happening with aside a warrant, and I told him that I believed that the left was gonna, be a national
But he issue I am now living in Montana came up here from New Orleans, I'm in Montana, and I have seen a huge amount of marxist feminist because I'm communism is rapid. It goes straight through the paradigm valley up those men, Mozilla straight to the West Coast, hats really shocking coming from my eye and await you just can't even believe how many people from or again are constantly running through the state they are on Craigslist. Looking for people to canvass, it is crazy, I have been studying the left and it started I kind of stirred with eager terrorism. I started with the whole movement from seven bees. My professors did not like
but I I chose to go down that road, because I believe that the people from the seven these are bringing it forward I don't get mad. I want to thank you for your call. You make somewhere Very excellent points: man will be right back. Ben? How comfortable are you with technology? tracks, your car, your cell phone or use your bank credit card. Technology is a great thing right now. Much if your money to the IRS, where it is put the Irish in their army attacks collectors of access to sophisticated data, Analytics
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you doing. I have something to say about Philadelphia meeting about amongst some bread. Call Americans to be One of them was Benjamin Franklin. When he came out of their sessions we can safely call them. Americans first think tank. He was asked by one of the women on the street. Sir. What have you given us and he answered her saying, public ma. Can hold onto it the fragility of our republic with a hundred years of attacks. You have system now of people on both sides of the out their embedded like pigs I don't want to let go none of them supported Trump, because the threat, their way of life and their large ass, the leviathan, the government that they, both fees from on both sides of the Isle, was
who would come under threat of guy garnered enough power to, of course, do the damage that would be done by exposing all of their corruption out their agreed and all of their trees. At his actions they pulled out every step. We have a nation divided now grounds have been totally a chess more complicated because so the supposed to an external force. You know dealing with the crown in Britain, and so we were dealing with forces within the country that have actually devour some of our institutions, if not most of our institutions, so it's much more complicated, now much more difficult. NL use our court system against us, though use The bureaucracy against us, though, use the media against us. Not saying
like hell. You know we're paranoid or anything. This is a fact. This is what's taking place. We're rose you where you are witnessing at all as we speak. Yes, The the attitude is made even with the situation with a high when mission being attacked with its general motors shut down. They don't need to do this. They could retooled. Does the scuttlebutt already in Detroit years that these plans will just be restored, but the impact is that the jobs being These are people, most of which may have, and the have benefited from is they didn't and the car with are rebates and increases consumer bonuses not buying these people will be soured to a certain extent. So this is, has increased. Until they were more course, they're gonna be soured. But by you actually think that GM did this for political reasons. Absolutely. Why would they actually because because birth,
no other reason for the ways there is clear and the price is still going on and the car sales are flat and the consumer Where is not buying new cars, the pine used cars because the price of the automobile has increased by what it should over the past eighteen months. This is basic economics, You and nobody else is any evidence that there's politics behind this. I think that is a concern whipping boy. This is, think economics and you better get ready James, it's gonna get worse because ones prices are up to the extent they are in the steel industry is maybe thirty. Eight percent profit the last year they made a thirty eight percent profit because their prey did by the federal government and being protected by the fund government- and I warned about this at the time and I spy perfectly said our assembly lines, particularly the car industry, the vehicle industry, because they use more still in anybody else, is gonna, be affected its basic stuff. It's happened before
It's gonna continue to happen. Thanks for your car I never heard this argument that its political, can't imagine why, but that's an easy sorted out which has no subsidy whatsoever far as I know, but one Europe material when they do in the material resources, have significantly increased your locked into contracts both or the material and labour contracts. And yourselves or flat. Something has to give something ass to give. And so there shutting down the electric car production, which I was never supported and I'll tell you something else I'd never supported subsidies for these car industry's ever I was the only one of a few I guess, hosts, who did not fact, Mr Produce, you may remember this other host taking commercials from general motors. You remember,
and what did I say? No commercials from General motors there being subsidized by the american taxpayer. All the others, I believe did. I said no I'll be right back now run them. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one: one: women mystery collar. Sean Hannity. How are your body? We got one hour you by the way, happy thanksgiving. I know you weren't feeling good hope it
better. I'm it, how can I just say one thing: could I say one thing cripple overnight. Yet great mark live in order, out there for a second. You don't need to praise me about now, but you know, let's be honest here, the years I had that kind of talk you Imperator alumni, yes awhile, but look at that look out now, Have you become an ilo? I'm a little overweight, that's true, very handsome here for years I would say now call mark would probably come on might be visa right. I don't want to do that, and now look at your show is the number one show enable new and you're our killin at every week, you read the final reformat that that I find really interesting. I had the pleasure of being a guest ones.
And I have a hit break out show on on Fox NEWS. I couldn't be prouder of you, but we get you to do that is like Poland, but you know you know it's interesting when that when I did, the first two shows one Fox. On Sunday, media matters in these others had it's boring it's this cause they're stupid because they're stupid people, but but I wanted to ask you a few things number one. By the way who are your guest tonight, we got a great should I actually have Rogers down your own policy, then we're gonna analyze, the legality in all I've got a peep, I'm gonna play, I might mark. I'm sure you probably plated of atoms You know what Adam Schiff ship is on the ground. Doing he think he's talking to Russia. Anything for the Russian is asking about. Wait a minute. I have not played this. I have not heard about the result actually a russian and them and they call him and with it
We have all this bird on Donald Trump. You have all of us really really. The more you know, because what is happening here is you don't number one. We have evidence of russian collusion and it happens to be a Hillary Clinton bought and paid for. Ronald Money law firm, hiring, a a up search, verb, hiring a foreign national, Russian why's that would disseminated to the american people That was never verified. Never corroborated and even the author of such dossier, Christopher Steel, under in an inner auditory in great Britain said on all getting. This is her with fifty fifty withdraw intelligence. I have no idea who has seen enter MSNBC reported on any this now and that Dame dossier then get views
never bear applied, because it's a lie, never corroborated they don't tell defies the court on poor separate occasions is seeking a warrant against the term campaign. Associate Carter page they hand the court fraudulent document. They don't tell who paid for the document purposefully and then a few delighted. The american people to get boats for Hilary in twenty six I bet it use afterwards. The watch and Donald Trump as they have the circular reporting, so that they can get the appointment. Listen. I think. Fifty a hundred years from now and people look back on this they're going to view. This has really absolutely outrageous and limp. Let me ask you this: I'm talking about real historians. I am really actually excited.
You're having courses and stone, Horsey and Roger Stone on tonight, a little louder it with a problem mark is this and it wasn't just put aside, prevent it and then what will put on Gregg Jared and they entered party, both friends of yours. Oh you, you got a hell of a line up their brother jello. Now. Thank you. Listen I'm trying to do the best you I can't every night. Yes, you do. We all worked hard, but here's. The important part is that all men of war and her own coursing worthy alike and agree with what the politics is. Is it doesn't matter both these men sat and more pressure to say things that they know not true. That would greatly benefited them at any legal jeopardy that money
that that that wiki leaks and a sound may have something on Hilary. You may want to contact them now. Tell me where the crime is there. We are in the law broke it. There is hope crime if they could but by the end of it, and for what, for God's sakes or why? couldn't remember an email at meant. Nothing do you remember the email you set me years ago could predict, Nobody remembering tell anybody about thirty years. The point now, let's say opera YE mail, as is hey? I hear rumour that their that that Wiki leagues in a sound may have something on Hilary. You may want to contact them now. Tell me where the crime is there. Where is the law broke? It there's hope crime. If they conspired to steal
Oh somebody, I hear a false statements trap, that's what it is it tonight. I want her dream traps. False statement, trap its b S, Ark and I'll. Tell you something you know you wrote in one of your books. I forget. I think it was liberty and tyranny that we live in a closed constitutional America. Yes, they read the constitution because they view of when I gotta have equal justice under the law on equal application of our laws. It we're not gonna. Why both the same path, youth and standards- Adam Schiff and Hillary Clinton and we're gonna have broke people at the top level that the FBI and I love the FBI
oblong portion, I'm talking about rank and file and the Justice Department literally doing everything they can do take down this president. This is about destroying Donald Trump. They hate him. They hate you and me and rush and others. They hate anybody and everybody that bordered for this president, an emperor long years, They have done their level best for not only be legitimize him now they're, trying to criminalize something when nobody stall anything or conspired to steal anything that was russian roulette but we do have one other candidate that eight rationalize the influences I am a none of that. None of that sort of managing no you're, not you're, not like we're losing. No I'm going arise rifle for Therefore, let me tell you what I open
with a monologue really. I just been thinking about this and I say to the press, Besides, he doesn't want to run for reelection. He should pardon every one of these people. He should say: go ahead Congress, do you will I'm gonna fighter? He should hey I'm doing this, because we have a rope prosecutor who was appointed unconstitutionally, whether the court's think so or not. Must defend the office of the presidency. I must defend the people who voted. In twenty, sixteen I've been placed in position where have no other choice: the Pardon powers, a constitutional power and I'm gonna use it hold. The constitution had tried, while people may not understand it today. The fact of the matter is Sean. There is no distance between the Democrats in the media. No confidence between the Democrats and Mahler no distance between the media and Mahler. This has been a coup. This has been an attempt to destroy.
This president, because I didn't want him in the first place, but they did thinking when they thought this was a joke. Anyone and they end they and they want to remove that's the bottom line. This is all political upmarket girl, creeper Roberto, after very all, felt very well. Thank you for your forty. In a life insurance policy, capping pigs, insurance policy I have a media weak strategy and they had circular reporting utterly one source. The phoney dossier, quaint and paid bore you know, shovelled for their black wing. Friends in the media. There reporting they all. While three really the special council, there really was fundamentalist. Why should they look at all be sources? It was one source from the very big
I won't. I wanna try one of the gutter repair forget. The beginnings of the male already pointed had on up a mom and pop shop, bathroom closet server that we believe was hacked by only six foreign impulse agencies shared Topsecret, classified special access programming bodily mark, which is a violation of the Jack ACT and, of course, we know how she obstructed. Justice believing that the act but washing your hard drive would breach buckling up devices and the pixel because they were writing. Her exoneration in early may have twenty sixteen. They never interviewed hard. They never entered seventeen other people, two days after the interviewer exonerate her you would be in jail. I would be
Gabriel, and everyone realises that love the mark. Will then radio show and Life Liberty the mouth and you ve, been on top of this day in Day in and day out, because I know you like a brother, you care about this report, a brother, you care audience. Much of what we know we wouldn't know, but for you. But listening, but for your show, but for people have brawny that enormous courage have come under attack by by various media outlets that go under your finance investments which are perfectly fine. They go after you personally, they try and straw. You and you ve, had to put up with an enormous amount and you ve been on. Up to this day, in day out day in and day out, because I know you like a brother, you care about this republic. Your chosen the shop, its substantive I'm an entire with stone, and course yonder night. That's big news, I'm gonna be watching. I look very much Ford to it are working.
Just me, I don't listen. We have obtained, we you, you do your you, your important role every day you know, I will pay you, you know where the foundational constitutional knowledge on your part every to your honor, this is about radio and tv is crucial so that you go back not only for our founders and our framers, but also the philosophers that inspired them. That created this great republic, and yet we ve come so far so far from where they were too. This is this is by far the biggest abuse of power and candle. It makes Watergate. Look like you now a hearing in the park, your seriously it inside the dramatically different and a big it away with remark. I
you never know what what becomes of. I don't know, because that means the FBI. The senior levels got away with it. The intelligence agencies got away with it. The fire judges got away with it. The democratic party got its big trouble are I'm the guy. So now let me start with your better Fox NEWS: we're gonna be watching you Very away to watch it, our God bless you take care. He is a great guys, a dear friend, to a very blessed very blessed by all my friends hopeful, no more I'm just saying I'll, be right, much Morocco, farmers in the news
because he's an egomaniac and in our societies never changed their great damage to this country. Great damage, The unity this country, race, relations in this country my view the great damage to our relations with our allies degree. Damage to law enforcement are military which were still trying who have built up as a result of what he did given what China's up to. I can't think of any areas. People often said me: can you think of one thing now? I can't think of one thing you did that I agree with that. One I get the pontificate. About how horrible America is, while he in the misses, collecting a hundred million dollars. I get so sick of this. We have no idea so sick of it. Bernie Sanders with his three homes, with his marks as propaganda the media there all over paid with their marxist crap, I'm just sick of it
so Obama's rice, universities, bakers centre. This would be James, a baker who was killed to the Bush family. Who was, brought in the ragged administration, but was always arena though I Carl Rove on tv trash, does take crews just about twenty minutes ago, guys got no class, no class whatsoever stir architect who lost the house in the Senate, two thousand six best architect whose candidate Two thousand well came down. Three hundred votes, as I recall anyway, here is Obama, eight go. What what I hear people say they don't like identity politics they don't like, I think, Some remember that identity, politics just apply when it's like people are gay people are women. Now the elder The folks who really originated identity politics would folks, who said it
three first clause, Mallette stuff. That was my last hope. This posts to be a constitutional professor was, and he really wasn't for the four hundredth time, the three Fisk, as in the constitution was by the northern states. Amount slave states. And the reason they did. This was not because they believe that blacks were three fifths of a person. Three four went to the representation in the House of Representatives. They were struggling with this issue of slavery, the north rejected it. Certain states Glee, Georgia, South Carolina- were protecting and they Ok, luckily, we we want to resolve the lead. The House of Representatives issue here, so we're going to count.
Your slaves has three fits of a vote for purposes of apportionment in the House of Representatives, because you don't treat them as free people. In other words, the north wanted to reduce the power and the representation of the south in the house or representative this it it doesn't even know their history, and this is true. Day in and day out, in public schools and colleges and universities in the country. Nobody studies this. It was the north trying to reduce. The representation of the south in the house or represent House of representatives. It was an initiative of the north, the free states, but what does that have to do with anything Two hundred and some years ago, what does that have to do with anything? Had there been no changes since this.
Kennedy: politics Balkan. Does the nation everybody's a victim? And then everybody has to have victim everybody else. And then you're at loggerheads and then your sword points. That's the problem with this. And he's the guy who brought all this back during his presidency and by the way, Obama. The great. Politician- are got elected president really. I think any Democrat could beat Mccain or around me. I really do they were a horrible candidates. Terrible candidates go ahead. That's still that's still out there, maybe maybe that was what, through controversial for used I have what the hell I mean a wise James Baker laughing it we'll split the go ahead,
nobody, Jim Crow was identity. Politics, that's where it started. Jim grow was identity politics about today Former president, what about identity politics of identity? Politics was wrong at the car, two tional convention, if identity politics was wrong during Jim Crow. Why do you embrace Embrace Martin Luther King and staff and a car blind society, that's the point people as individuals and, unfortunately James a Baker. It's just not up to the task. When I return My will show this is done all mother July. Fourth, Americans. New
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impeded, but more and more people go to the pot cast or they'll go to other forms of listening. So I just put that their because one way or another, the Levant I'd single, listen to the show, then I think they prefer to hear in real time and that something for folks to think about I thank all of you out there because so we are really taking, but we really are. Our numbers are up Ratings are high, are care is very, very strong, and I'm going to have a few announcements for you. I guess it's early next week, both with respect to were. Then I start this yesterday and say I can comment on this. Ok, I'm not trying to mess with you. I just can't come in on this, but definitely on the I'd cast and then on another matter too, because I take very very seriously
effort to compete with the media to provide alternative sources of verse of listening. So you don't have to. Watch these, these cable clowns. You don't have the watch Constipated news network, you have the watch em. I sell Us D you just don't- have to be bombarded with this stuff, because These people are out of control their area logs, and you know the rest right. Let's finish without bomber there's cut the second cut of a bomb today go ahead, so part of part of what's happened. When one people feel their status as being jostled and threatened young, they react and then am. I would agree with? Is that consensus whatever you want to call. It got a little too comfortable with elegant.
GDP numbers and there are looking at it on the internet and everything is what for the growth of Hellas. He rambling on about sounds psycho to me: go ahead or jumbo after what you guys. Many you have this period of great smugness on the part of America. An american elites thinking as I laugh when I left this talks about american elite? You understand: that's what they believe in May: camouflage their leaders and their eyes. Listed centralisation, in this notion of the people notion of the people. They want fewer and fewer people decisions about more and more of us, and then he thought but had the elites her smog will hardly elite who runs Washington.
Who's on CNN, whose on MSNBC, washed and posts, there's departments and agencies of the federal government who runs these things, the left they created this massive leviathan go ahead. There were books cover. That's the at the end of your career Frances, but ass. He was for about the end of history, habit, learning from history. About learning from history, Mr Obama, rather than cherry. Picking and spinning history go ahead next, one I am not aware that american energy production- you wouldn't always no one, but I went up every year, I was present
Not at all, Stop that now listen there. What why that is so entered, production one up every year he was present. Maybe that's true, but had nothing Do with him how Anything to do with him, he was at war with fossil fuels. He was at war with call. He was at war with electricity EPA was unleashed regulation after regulation. You can build that electricity bamberger, but you'll, bankrupt yourself, member Allah. So if it went up It went up in spite of Obama and in spite of his policy, that's called capitalism Ladys in this guy is so delusional. It's really pathetic. Go ahead. The biggest producer in the biggest get that was me
that's why, Lord, when it whether this guy is once it both ways right right, the postal where propellers on her head. But on the other hand, all this great oil production, and so with its thanks to him praised himself, which he does from time to time and so on? then you get the clapping seal. This is the James, a Baker centre, why is there a James, a Baker centre? Any was he presently United States now and why would they invited, guy, they can do better than this go ahead. Slow You got a Wall Street and false programme. What about our whole? You know, you know if Trump had said something like this, they be all over what they. If Trump praised himself, which he does
Time to time, so what that's? What successful people do. May be all over him. I can hear Jake tampering, line number seven I can hear, Fletcher. Now, developments in my mind, you know, but album. Doesn't. They set their story. I their tongue, hang in another mouth. Little dripping on their loafers he's alive, Unbelievable, look at the great things he did. Ladies and gentlemen. Through massive taxation and regulation. He created enormous wealth in this country. Are how is bustling thanks to him. To a mass of regulation oil industry. We now have more I'll unbelievable guide
when you start where, when I came in others where there are now? What what are you talking? What are you complain about just say. Thank you. Please up, it's not, it off stupid. Thank you, please. Let's talk about health care and I was you're a Marquis issue. Let's talk about that, tell us what was the cost you're insurance before Obama was president. What would you deductible before Obama was president, how much paperwork to Jeff the dubious Obama was President Emily sign off the gap that, before Obama was president, is a clown act. In my humble opinion,. Doesn't know history spins things together. He is the gift God, that's what he has it's like this guy, Robert Francis Orourke. You can call me
you know what I want to call you beat. Your name is Robert Francis Rourke Well, you know what I was a little kid. They used to call me beetle column veto, so he can try. I am confused latino voters that he is part Identity politics tall about identity, politics, while you know the three fifths. Thing in the constitution of ours, identity, politics a serious man. I tell a story. I ask you before mister about meeting Joe Biden in the Amtrak train so my wife join our only aim track train heading two were toward New York for these radio Hall of Fame event, And sitting there minding my business and were faced forward. Of course.
An income sir Joe Biden, Doktor Joe Biden, don't call on MRS. She gets very angry doctor and they. Walk past ass, I had my baseball cap down. I don't really want to be known forget environmental. If he knows me or not, but anyway, me toward the back end. Believe she gets off earlier? I think it woman. So I haven't use the train bathroom, you know so I get up and I I have to get up and head toward the back and there's Joe Biden, and I was very poor. Mr producer and I put on my hand, shook his hand, and I said. You know we don't always agree. He said that a good thing. And he said, and you're a smart ass. I know of two
so wisely so hostile over me. So at that point realize student who I was. I've only spent what fish in yours, mocking and MR producer. So I said, Mister Bud. All I wanted to tell you, as you dont travelled with security and that's a very bad idea. That's all enemies and I hope I am wrong by the way I hope there there, but I didn't see a lot in and there's a lot of nuts out there. Anyway. Begin to leave, and he says to me says: will thanks for thanks for coming by saying hello: there was, it throws city, he was ready to pounce they're, just just say hello. How old is, seventy four the Democrats are really they got quite the florentines
Bernie Sanders whose what seventy eight seventy six he's running for president by now, I'm sure as he seventy four God Nancy Pelosi. What is she a hundred twelve present today, over a hundred and eleven- but I don't know Of course, they know what all the millennials thank and so forth, and- and I love it- Oh buying is not considered a moderate, a moderate. And is considered a nice guy, the guy who who smear Bork? Who smeared. Clarence Thomas, who smeared numerous people that lunch Joe he's a great guys, never had a lunch bucket in his life. He went from laws thought. They were Wilmington City Council to the United States Senate. To vice president, that's it much like shit. Should we get shot a loss, Billy's elected to the state Assembly, New York, that he's runs for Congress and winds. Now is a senator
No real world experience whatsoever in most of these people don't have Trump thousand. They hate him all right I'll, be right back Obama, one to create a cold of personality around himself. That's what he wants to do. It's really unfortunate. Can you imagine at the first black present in the United States had been No fine figure. A fairly moderate Democrat. Embraced all segments of society.
Wow what a historic figure he would be. I mean historic beyond his race, what a historic figure he would be, I'm quite serious about this Rather than being a radical leftist, rather than dividing the country along racial lines, rather than trashing law enforcement, rather than trashing our allies, rather than undermining our military rather Destroyer immigration laws- I mean seriously, can you imagine what it is? dark figure, he would really be from a substantive point of view. The way I look at it. He really blew it. He really blood. Hard to believe that were already in the holiday season now, hopefully you're getting Betty for some quality time with family. And enjoying the latest episodes of love in tv we a huge year due in large part to the support of our faithful fans. Like you, you Lavigne sites out there,
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I been listen to you, I'm a first time collar and thank you very much for taking my call, I have a question for you. Do you see this going to the Supreme Court of the appointment. This special prosecutor and being argued- I it depends- I know, there's a case. That's being Foundation for that's being laid by by and by a legal group or an organization. So the pattern, still exists at it could it also depends. What Mahler does three issues I stupid subpoena. The president may need to take em on and do what he needs to do so that passes the exists, I don't even have faith the court anymore. To be perfectly honest with you, I I think to pursue that. But he also because I said earlier in the share of the presidents decided that he doesn't want to run for reelection. I hope he doesn't decide that he had a fire. All these
asteroids and pardon everybody and say I Congress you do you need to do, but I'm doing this to defend the office of the presidency in the Constitution Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. And I'll see you right here to Morrow God bless and by the way is a great hannity on in three minutes: let's watch it on fire.
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