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On Friday's Mark Levin show, democrats have the House majority and they will try and impeach President Trump in 2019, but they still don’t have something very important to the equation: hard evidence of an impeachable offense. Democrats are speculating about the president’s supposed dealings with Moscow or the status of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. But there’s lack of proof to support the various Russia theories. They’re just trying to create a narrative but it’s a big lie, and they’re good at it. They repeat it and repeat it and repeat it, and the media help them. If the Democrats make the mistake of impeaching Trump, they will likely see a side of the American people, not just Trump supporters, that they have not seen in a long time - this could spark a political civil war of ideologies. The Raoul Berger and Maoism has run amok in the Democratic Party making patriots the enemy of the left. Afterwards, mobocracy has taken over California's electoral system passing unbalanced laws that make it virtually impossible for Republicans to win. Yet, we don't hear the media reporting that, do we? Later, its America's greatness that attracts people from all over the globe to come here. It’s our liberty that they find attractive. It's the ability to make a future for themselves and their families that they find attractive. These are foreign concepts to those that embrace Marxism and Hegelian thought. But despite the left's propaganda Americanism will prevail.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Markleham in here I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one: it, seven, seven, three, eight Three eight one one boy: oh boy, these earthquakes in Alaska, big time, earthquakes, Show the people of their number of failure there. We wish you all the best. That's all we can do. What's a big country, Alaska,. And the terrible were active nature.
Not climate change active nature, but we wish you all the best and obviously everybody will keep an eye on this, but I can't keep scrolling through what's taking place in Alaska, because the news doesn't change the information coming very, very slowly, in radio. That really doesn't work anyway, because it doesn't keep you informed and you sound like a fool. But, ladies and gentlemen, I want to ask a question: what do you do? when a country is so unmoored from its constitution, you do when you have people who lack virtue in positions of power, whether its Climb prosecutor, the so prosecutor Mahler their its Gerald and Adler Gerald Italy has been represent.
What parts of Manhattan and so forth for many many years he's a radical cook, absolute radical cook, And he was on CNN today, he's been pushed by Some camera in and by the way. When you hear him interviewed by camaraderie. Really she could be the congressman, he could be the interviewer reality featly, so called journey, And the Democrats are one and the same. Now, listen to this. This guy is going to be the chairman of the House today, Drake Committee, listen and cut one go. But what are the serious questions that the Michael corn revelations reveal? Well, the president of the prison? is right, To be nervous right now, because it appears Time is running out when you can hold himself above the law, and really Developments help with that, but what does that mean? Isn't hell himself above the lonely? Isn't done anything?
don't interfere with mothers investigation, he hasn't cut funding the mowers investigation. But what is this when? hold himself above the law. What law they talking about. What kind of interviews with this idiot camera go ahead. Significance of of the developments this week is that one of the centre Focuses of of of Investigation is, we have known, has become very clear that the term campaign excluded the Russians in trying to subvert the election that nothing in and then there's no evidence that what so now this is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee going tell you how dangerous man and how rogue this operation is in a moment with real historical facts. Go ahead where was prohibited or motion has been. How is that? How can you say that so definitively theyve colluded? Well, the fact that the fact that the man at Fort in trouble Junior met with russian agents, who told
they want them and to give them dirt on Hilary as part of the russian government's attempt to help them They said fine. It is clear that the case included. There is a lot of evidence that the questions you know and listen to this. It is clear that the key painkiller. There's a lot of innovation in the question is: was the president an embargo? in love die all about it. I see. And he's not the only one, I'm lying this as a foundation for it, because I want to get to another point: you got Ben Cardan, this really despicable or from my Maryland. These are heavy Democrats, states and districts. These people come from cut to go. We're starting to connect dogs. We know that there are a lot of individuals who are connected directly with President Trump. Were involved in matters involving wash. What does that mean
The people involved matters involving Russia. So what. Man or manischewitz when this time in history is written about, I'm tellin you right now, maybe I'm too old, and some of you are too old, but others are going Back on this, and just be stunned, go ahead or storing to see a pattern. We see this rover now several months, we're getting close to the end of them or investing it had an of what they got isn't even say anything. Seeing a pattern of what. A pattern: a Mahler. Drawing lives in order to get these phony pleas for false statements are perjury go ahead. This is pretty important information, and I think it's just Underscores the importance of learning. More complete his investigation without any outside influence, particularly from the White House. There is no influence we ve been talking about it. For eighteen months.
There is no outside influence. What are they talking about so they're just trying to create this, this narrative, And it's the big lie in their good at it and they repeated, and it and repeated in the media, help them thing. If this guy Eric swore, well who's, a complete low life, but he's on and most of these people are on CNN fact every one of them meddler Cardan swore, while you're going to hear Siena, go ahead, you have questions but you're, not hard evidence right now that he lied about other topics, just to be clear here. Will also as it relates to the two main meeting strong evidence that Trump and Cohen talks almost daily about campaign stuff, and so they talked almost daily about keeping stuff. What does that mean doesn't mean anything. I'm just taking them at their own words. Go ahead. When you take,
Continually what we know about that relationship and house I am obviously Collins, not everything, but I'm just asking view of hard evidence that Michael go online. Sure committee about anything good through this lady Harlem is your last name, good fire go ahead. We have circumstantial evidence which. Created the same in the lies, direct evidence. You don't have any circumstantial evidence of what. Folks. Do you remember that it was Obama administration that covered up Russia's interference in the election member, though, and Obama did that to to protect Hillary Clinton. People forget this And then there's Gloria bordered. Stick with me, I'm getting to appoint CNN also today cut forego allies. With a who is very close to Michael Cone, whose alleged like a source, very close to Michael colleague MR producer,
close the scene and who might that be? Might it be any Davis! No, I don't if its hold lanni or not, but. Ladys welcome come on sign question on: go ahead, on certain terms. Michael has the goods he has. Streamlining valuable information, so what does he have tell us? What is planned, Reporting is this. I call has the goods Michael has the goods, but he just plant to eight to lying to the to Congress. Go ahead. This clearly goes beyond that from Tower Moscow that we're talking about, although that is crucial and important, but if not, I want you to listen to this entire thing in tell me any substance whatsoever. Go ahead,
Ok, we know how close he was too to top at certain points. How loyally has been to Donald Trump, and we also know the the things that were being asked in the grand jury. So you have to assume that they are. You know that there are not only talking about Tromp Tower Moscow there talking about who knew what, when about Wikileaks. What rambling on about she has nothing go ahead. At the meeting in Don Juniors office with the Russians. Did the president know about it? So I think you up. President says he didn't know about it. If Michael Currency you know about it. How would Michael Cohen while the president told me the guy keeps pleading guilty to tax evasion de violating campaign laws to violating taxi medallion laws, whatever the hell that is to lie. Congress go ahead.
Now? Who was the man who said he would take a bullet for the president has now become Brutus to the president, because He has this need now to two years. People say, tell the truth. Come clean and is no longer in absolutely nothing, nothing all day long yesterday, today on CNN now, Making now rageous allegation can't back at a card and make an outrageous allegation, no sir this Eric swore while same thing Gloria You re so called journalists. Rambling on, like like a homeless person and then there's the detestable Jeff turban, ramming out to sea and encourage go ahead, but you keep saying that everybody knew I was in negotiating in Moscow during the first half of two thousand. Sixteen that Leon. True, I mean when we all know what he did and didn't say, and he did not say
this negotiating with Russia and that's important, because this was the period when he was being so mysteriously solicitous to Vladimir Putin, why? giving each saying such nice things about food and why Why did they change the republican Party? Ladies and gentlemen, there was no deal if he was Putin, Stooge, there would have been a deal. There was no deal which cut everything, this clown saying go ahead, Russia, it comes clearer. If he had a fine, and shall motive to it? initiate himself with the russian leaders Kay What substances he have none. What's but that's all CNN all CNN now, when we come in There are people out there who are posing as experts on impeachment. I want to talk to you about an expert on impeachment, a former late proof.
Sir, at Harvard by the name, a Raoul burger. He wrote the definitive book on impeachment in nineteen seventy three during the next year, Raoul Burger in the book is called impeachment the constitutional process, now have doubled into this with you a little bit before, but when a Dublin to it a little bit again tee of this full context. Now, keep in mind everything you ve just heard. Ok, we'll be right back. The Democrats signal peach. This present, based on what they're saying here is pabulum the democratic seek to impeach this present the media
And the Democratic Party will unleash a fury they're not prepared for A good feel for millions of Americans out there. They will unleash a fury. They are not prepared for. They don't live among trumps supporters, understand trump supporters, and it's not just trumps opponents, who are the people out there who look upon this with absolute disdain? And if the Yo P goes along it'll, be already party. As far as the I can see, because the base will abandon it. In governing in this country, will become virtually impossible. Let me be clear: though the Democrats to the media to dinner, trappers and some of the Republicans You are going to unleash a polluted of civil war. An insane arm civil war. I said a pole
civil war anger and fury like you, ve, never seen before God in this country is going to be virtually impossible, virtually impossible. She concocting a case a whole cloth. Stay constitutionally elect a president who you hate, that's not good at to remove a sitting president, and rather than wait for the elections I got you ve done I think it can be cripple him in cripple, as presidency not tee with a lesser man, you wouldn't you would have been successful. There now stories about them going after a vodka tromp. Their stories add them going after John Junior for what and gentlemen. The party that has always colluded in conspired,
Russia has always been. The democratic party always been the democratic. But the Democrats and the media have no problem with lawlessness when it comes to the borders problem with lawlessness when it comes to sanctuary cities, no, I was lawlessness when it comes to a prosecutor like this, so we ties Mr Mullay no problem at all And we know where this is coming from. How did the New York Washington, L a San Francisco coasts, the EAST Coast and the West Coast, versus the vast majority, the rest of the country where they are population centres, no doubt about it, but they do not speak for everybody in this country. Cm All the other media outlets East coast, or have major.
Officers on the West Coast. None of them in Chicago in any significant way. Bertha largest city in the MID west. So you and I know exactly what's going on here- Hard core radical leftists: our driving not even evidence, contriving information linked to them to the media by their very elk who work for smaller, For this same fabric is, as they are. Obviously working hand in hand. The prosecutor, the Democrats and the media. They all say the same things leaked the same things and come to the same preposterous conclusions. And I'm serious about this in
two minutes for a very, very serious matters and this is what I wanted to get too, because we heard a lot of problem on this I'll start it now, but I may have to get continued after the bottom of the hour. Robert. Who, mostly you never heard of it Did you get all these are former professors of unknown Dick LAW school or whatever. After a long and detailed study of impeachment and how they, the framers of the constitution, looked at the bridge, parliament and look beyond that and and debated these. It was very, very carefully explains it in his book for three hundred page. What does burger conclude? What does burka conclude about the impeachment of a president of the United States as opposed to a federal judge? There's a thousand federal judges. There's one present of the United States
When going to when we come back- as I don't have enough time to think about this, they would never impeach judge who they disagree. Oh they talk about cabinet and so forth, they're, not gonna, bother cabinet, but judges. I really no offence. The diamond doesn't thousand up. There's one president on President elected country, wide when I tell what he concludes when we return you wake up in the more running feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel blow tired and add a shape eating healthy as a habit, but most, the best? Don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of green. Every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of field agreements as a.
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But the media limit the Democrats level, they don't even care of his hatred and that's What's gonna be their ultimate undoing, I'm telling you that these be are gonna, unleash a fury that they are not prepared for that when you want to Thee Voting place and you voted in trouble. Fair and scare square in any they go on and on and on about how, while the Russians, interfered, and course who was at the time, a bomb blood off, of course, but the FBI and the intelligence agencies it while blow out after with a face accords did were blown off too and Hillary Clinton in her ties through her favorite law, firm and fusion gps to the Russians, while ignore that too. In, so we got a piece together, this convoluted complex thing and all the people around trample. All the people around Trump had some can
action to the Russians isn't one matter one. These eighty eight said: do they think. That the next democrat President will be treated differently if they get away with this and open Pandora's box,. Think the next Democrat Programme is going be treated. Like Obama forget about the Republicans by you and me hell, no. There's a lot of us who resent this: we resent the effort tube. Burden this president burden his family bird dog them in India Headway, after a headline if the headline Benny I should add adverse news organisations are reporters and he's the one threatening freedom of the press: this is Kafka, This is upside down. This is how, wonderland when we know it
So the media, in Washington, D C in the media in New York City and the meeting in LOS Angeles. They think they ve got all the power, will they ve got a lot of power. But we are still Americans and we still think for ourselves, and we still know what the hell's going on in this country, I'm gonna get to Raoul Burger in a minute with getting colder. My casper mattress makes it so tempting to stay cosy under the covers. It's the most comfortable, mattress, you'll ever sleep on once you try cast. You're gonna, love yours, so high quality, mattress at an affordable price, you'll sleep com. Lay and never wake up over heated thanks to the unique combination of farms that by the right pressure, relief and alignment, Casper Ships right dear door for free at How did they do that size box and eleven pick it up? If you don't love it and refund you, from its engineering to its packaging tools
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the test of unimpeachable offence in England. Was not an indict about common law crime and when the first, where's withheld from Congress the power to inflict criminal punishment which had been excess, By parliament, under the courts of parliament as Distingue From the general criminal law, when they limited, Gradual sanctions on a to remove any, qualification and left criminal punishment to subsequent indictment and conviction they play. Separated impeachment from criminal process too this, despite that separation, that impeachment is criminal this to raise grave constitutional doubts? Does Subsequent prosecution by died constitute double jeopardy, his trial by required on impeachment now you might say, marked. Doesn't this make the contrary point? No, it doesn't. Who is leading this impeachment? Dr Mr producer,. A criminal prosecutor, a criminal prosecutor.
That's all it can be. I've been scientists from day one. What else could it be if the depart justice is position that you can indicted sitting. President. Mr Rose and Steen Appoint Mr Mahler, a special council to investigate laugh, martian. Whatever. No crime alleged, that's what has been from day one, and so, when you take in contacts why oh burgers, talking about this is even worse, is even worse. They say. Impeachment is a political issue that you know a burger says it's a constitutional issue, a criminal issue, it's not a purely The Galicia would say constitutional issue: the constitution doesn't say: impeachment is a political issue, that's not what it says our institution, does it say the majority wins
lays out specific words which have specific meaning, which relate back to the british Parliament, He had trusted some of those words. The problem here, ladies and gentlemen, from a constitutional presenting. No, this is way over Jeffrey turbans, head. It's way over swell well or whenever they held a goop was all of them. I don't care, I mean these are These are lawless political hacks, but if impeachment. Does not require criminal indictment because they're supposed to be completely separate, the triggering A criminal investigation for the purpose of pursuing impeachment is on its face unconstitutional. In addition to Mr Miller's, upon which have only talked about four thousand times Burger says the chief lesson which emerges from me: the Johnson, trout President, Andrew Johnson, he wasn't PETE
any miss being convicted by one republican vote, insight impeachment of the press and should be a last resort, but they ve been talking about impeachment. Ladies and gentlemen, since that day, Donald, proposal was alive, The president of the United States, as a first resort He says, inevitably, it becomes coloured by party spleen. However justified and purpose, an attempt should first be made to accomplish this. Purpose by less explosive means, but they dont want less explosive meat they wanted to. Came out they want to take his family out and basically they want to take you up. They wanted this in France, what do you think all this raises talk on CNN and MSNBC and elsewhere is all about. Why privilege? Why privilege of only People would go away what a great country this would be a family.
People would shut the hell up and accept their bigotry. What a great country this would be its sickening, its outrageous But they see that their areas of the country that are not parties coast, hard left coast that do not vote Democrat or are Trump Democrats and previously Reagan Democrats, so they need to drown em out. They need to crush you people So trial is had. As racists. Why privilege types when you know you're, not here. The chief lesson which emerges from the judge and trial is had impeachment other president should be a last resort, but it's a first resort with these people. Now they keep saying none, I we're not pressing it. What they're going to do is take this. Report waving around say? We have no choice: America, the goal we ve been present
with we have no choice, even we are shocked. That's why I play the four or five clips just now other, not these public appearances. By these politicians, particularly the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee,. And these media analysed urging on Mahler Mullah watches this. His staff watches this. They're telling Mala go ahead and do it pull the trigger will be there for you. And then burger rights. Finally, can regard for the design of the founders he resolved Avoid the excesses which forever Dogmatize, the President Tronchin trial constrain the Congress to disclaim unlimited power and to act with income, the traditional confines. If there are limits the impeachment power, the Senate made no more in excess of those limits when acts they wanted
legislatively where'd. She doesn't have absolute free. Well, it's supposed to follow the constitution, like everybody else in government, every branch When is confined to the limits drawn in the constitution, and the chief purpose of those limits was the fence in much feared. Legislator branch was left the unlimited discretion of that branch to disrupt the other. Anxious to resort to the impeachment power earlier in the book he talks at great length about, on teaching a president is far different, then reaching anybody else in government. Now you might say, or what about the Clinton and peace Well, what about it Clinton Conduct while he was in office, suborning perjury upset of a civil trial. Things he did in the oval office study that he sought to cover up, undermine
court case troubles and done any of that he's done anything Oh they're, trying to fabricate a case. And the media. As I said the other day, they are celebrating this. They are cheering this. They are working with. Prosecutor's office. All of us, Michael Cohen, is a big deal, MCA Cohen a slip and four fall slob sooner be Ex lawyer. Much different than avenatti, and then you can see Lee Stalinist, smaller, going if the core Instead, these are big players. They don't even matter to try and build the case. Preparing Adler to trial. The case for Adam shift to try the bill the case for Nancy Policy to try to build the case for all people on CNN and MSNBC at the washing post and the New York Times he's building the case for them. The EAST coast on the West Coast.
That's what he's doing back then You know it rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive. As divide, please you don't really cheers the book Siberian. I talk about the difference between the french Revolution in the american revolution. We ve talked about it here over the years several times, but let me put it even the left can understand, even though I doubt it. French revolution against the monarchy, ladies and gentlemen, was a revolution that sought to destroy the entire. French society, and if we make it that's what they sought to do, The american Revolution sought to defend the civil society
under attack by the british monarchy. And the American Revolution embraced the history parents and customs and traditions of the past the french Revolution sought to destroy them. So and see the similarity between the progressive movement, the mad learn policies these other folks on the left, you can see the similarity with the media today. Versus those of us who embrace the american revolution. Smaller would fit in perfectly. Is one of the project Restoring the french revolution, the offer their head crowd. In blood ran in the streets for a decade. It was horrific terrorism of all kinds. Terrorism of all kinds, data grand plan and they needed to purify society and what had come before it'll be destroyed,
very similar remarks. Isn't it. You must destroy the existing society. You must eliminate all that which Before you hear Obama talk about this, you hear these race bakers on tv talk about this. And the media today has embrace this of course, except when it comes to them It's the one area they wanted they want to protect. And even they are destroying that by, Johnny it with their ideological pursuits and the new You have done more damage to themselves right now. They have no idea, they live in a bubble. They work in a bubble. They have no connection to you folks out there, but they are destroying themselves. And once Trump does leave by choice by defeat by other method, We serves out two terms. You are going to see what happens.
Was seen in an msnbc, the become the dustbin of history and same with other outlets. If they're, not careful. You ve got a stick with the american people. You ve got to say with our principles. The purpose of a free press isn't too destroy an existing administrations to keep in check, but it's not to destroy it at every turn, with message of every syllable out of somebody's mouth. That is a destructive press, that is a liberal press. That's not a free press. You know it's the soggy jaw line. Ladies and gentlemen, it's this draw a line and the double chin that give your age away, but not anymore, producing the brand new genocide germline treatment. We do peptide, an empty I'll technology, shalmaneser most advanced technology ever
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dad come that genocide that come Bob infilling. See, Pennsylvania, the Great W p hd go out. I'll get a job. I do. I just want to say that they give. I agree with you. Ninety nine point: nine percent of cancer play. I have two gently and kindly this agreed to a little tiny point. You said you said before we are gonna, be report because civil war might disagree Oh, it's you on the service. We, Are there right? Now? I don't say it. I see them on our and our sitting on our thumbs, and I believe We ve been voting, doing everything about a book and if they pushed us the way We are pushing just got like their pushing attacking second amendment with red flag laws in five states and they pay this present allowed by law. Entreating like the communist that they are, we just gonna
To a full, loud civil war, now I can endorse that I believe that, but you, what anything's possible, particularly when you see the armed mark this militia call Antigua attended this narrative. Then everybody come across the borders of potential rocket scientist, so they don't come in illegally. Legally and other violent left wing organizations. No question about it, the very passive coarser coverage, hope it doesn't. Thirteen a They want to continue this narrative that everybody, Come across the borders of potential rocket scientist, so they don't come in illegally, legally or anyway, they can so were too. Stan. I agree with you. Thank you for your closer. I hope it does Reach a point like that: I'm certainly not here the instigator or encourage it when I'm saying is the opposite. If the Democrats and the media, one and the same really and this so. We had style prosecutor keep going at this
and then move on impeachment. I exactly what I said there the unleash a fear in this country that they do not do not understand because they're not part of the rest of the country and they don't care about the rest of the country. I'll be right back with a daily fake news dump pouring through your tv mobile phone. Owns and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this study cover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and vegetables. And your diet, which is why I recommend that you start taking field of greens by Brick house nutrition. Just one scoop of field of greens has a full serving of real USDA, certified organic fruits and vegetables and how
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greens, gotta brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levin, dot com offered code Levin, now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, Seven hundred and thirty eight one hundred and thirty, eight one hundred and eighteen, seven thousand seven hundred and thirty, eight thirteen thousand eight hundred and eleven will continue with this subject with collars. But there is also another matter. I want to discuss the ship. I can pull it up here. What do our best? of course, when I needed we lose bear with me folks were having technical difficulties. Not that's. Another word for things are screwed up right,
almost there there it is when you listen to this appeared not bad by Sean. Steel Many of you wanting well who Sean Steel and why does it matter Sean Steel, was the former California Republican Party chairman. We lost more seats in California than wherever into seven seats. There is now seven Republicans had a California, seven Republicans, that's it the biggest state, but the biggest population, And this didn't just happen overnight. Ladies and gentlemen, they ve been working on this for years. I want you to listen. What this gentleman has to say. Young Kim was poised to become watch the first generation immigrants led evaporate provisional point left account long bright spot on another
eyes dismal night for Orange County Republicans, but the past week Republicans and watch the first generation immigrants led evaporate Thousands of provisional ballots left a camp Her commanding lead. Is now under water? she lost one week after the election was over now there's no evidence a ballot box. Shenanigans no need I grant you it's easier to erode voter integrity laws and stuff ballot boxes. This is so true, which is why I am reading this. Do how does a fort point Republican led disappear, merciless and unsparing California Democrats, systematically undermine caliph. He has already weak voter protection laws to guarantee peace, One party rule this well we're up against folks Non citizen voting California,
Expanded voter eligibility some communities, grinning illegal immigrants, the right to vote in tone, Sixteen San Francisco approved a measure that allows people. Country illegally. I'm calling and other non citizens the right to vote in local elections corner the Associated Press. This year's San Francisco spent three hundred and ten thousand dollars and tax dollars to read There are forty nine non citizens to vote The school board election in made voting not to be outdone Neighbouring Alameda, canning, organised taxpayer, funded voter registration drives and county jails. Register a record number of inmates. California, law allows convicted criminals in county jails, on probation, and supervision on people, release. Community supervision are on federal. Provides release to evoke. Just
The only criminals barred from voting in California are felons in prison or on parole. Phelan voting, even California felt, had been enfranchised, a side effect of California Radical criminal justice experiments by downgrading numerous crimes from felonies to misdemeanours proper. Station. Forty seven has enfranchise tens of thousands of convicted criminals. Obviously barred from voting while on parole this states prison. Early release come on these damn advertisements Are you get to drift here right? Then? We motor voter fraud, every point, California, then interacts with the Department of motor vehicles is automatically registered the vote. This is predictably, the tens of thousands of cases of voter registration problems this day, motor voter programme has come under fire for Oh registering
as many as seventy seven thousand people. I just many as many as fifteen hundred ineligible voters. There eight by partisan oversight agency expressed concerns about serious problems with ensuring that the motor voter programme were excessive. And promised in October the Hoover Commission. They called it called for an independent audit of the programme and warned that vote of confidence. A fair and legitimate electoral process will be undermined if not shattered sick in seventeen year old pre registration cycle also mark the beginning of California is previous registration programme sixteen and seventeen year olds it's a very welders, automatically registered through the motor voter programme. Why would anyone need Dupree register? Registration is a thinly veiled effort to capture voters, while their young and more likely due identifies liberal Democrats nearly eighty nine thousand minors that participated in the programme, a mere ten per
registered, as Republicans can t ballots automatically mail to every vote. In twenty. Sixteen California approved a new law, allows counties to male every voter in absentee bow now this election, every voter in madeira- nap. Nevada, Sacramento and cemeteries counties received it The tea ballot was, He asked for one or not begin. Twenty twenty, every counting California, except one allowed to follow suit. Outrageously Democrats carved up a special exception for LOS Angeles County, where they maintained a significant manage in voter registration numbers in just four years. The number of absentee bow is distributed in California,. Have has increased by forty four percent, nearly thirteen million voters. I received a balance in the mail.
Where did just nine million in the last gubernatorial election and twenty forty ballot harvest. It's illegal in most states, but not California, as if it wasn't enough for every urgent to be automatically registered, devote and receive a ballot Democrats had made it easier for their campaign operatives took away, Those absentee balance. Also in twenty sixteen state law makers, eliminated the ballot protection law. That enabled only true the family members to return and voters ballot symbol, oh twenty one now allows anyone to return and absentee ballot the law. Encouraged is unbelievable, isn't it MR, but if it's ok, describe coercive intimidation, tactics implied by democratic kin. In twenty seventeen special election leading The liberal LOS Angeles time Electoral Board to criticise the law
National biologists is unbelievable, isn't it must have been? If it's ok, I mean just felt right. You shop and well known, and we have all kinds of ways we devote an even more than once, and we have very few ways to ensure the integrity of conditional ballots. California has effectively adopted aim day, voter registration with the introduction of conditional voting selection cycle. Voters who miss the fifteen day. Voter registration deadline could request to cast a conditional ballot ballots, under up to a week after election day in California? Voting doesn't stop on election day absent. This sounds like Saddam Hussein's Iraq, their Latin Putin's Russia speaking a Russia in for you. Voting doesn't stop on election day. Absentee ballots need only be postmark by election day, with its counter that arrive up to three days light if battle
percent of the wrong county. The ballot is valid for an additional four days. That means you literally have seven days after an election were account could still be receiving legitimate ballots. Second chance for rejected balanced fifty days before the election Democrats snuck in one more change of their states absentee voting law in September. When a Jerry Brown sign in the law. I'll say, sent a bill: seven, fifty nine, which requires elections, officials to notify every voter whose ballot was rejected due to a mismatch signature this election, a fourteen point lead. Fourteen point led was not enough for republican victory by choice. Twenty. Eight twenty point lead on election. I won't be safely. This is my backwards. One party rule in California.
Since the mindset of the people who are tearing into the president notice. Media could give a damn about what I just talked about going on in California. On every well counter about every vote is not supposed to be candid. Only the legitimate once and states are supposed to so completely pass unbalanced laws. So as to make it virtually impossible for Republicans to win Republican are blown out of Orange County Orange County used to be the most solid Republican County in California. Ronald relied on. The same was Saint Ego county in some of these, have handful of other counties aren't It does not have a single republican congressmen. Now, not one and young Kim. When election I was winning by fourteen percent, she lost, she lost
The party of tyranny, ladies and gentlemen, I'll be right. I was then that mile in New York, the Great W Abc go right ahead. Please her daughter, thank you. I was listening to your talk about California, and I decided to go with that mark. I think grace, what's going on out there, its sounding, like it's extremely crooked out there and it sounds like they want to be their own country up there, We should put a war California in good order maiden mark. Can anybody can anything be done about that seriously
The problem is, and some people are gonna be angry. So much for that That system is ideologically corrupt. There are so many institutions in our country that about this progressive ISM partake in California? and this is why the Democrats fought like Hell over cabinet and I want to tell us about cabinet many aren't gonna, like this have said before, he's not gonna, be the Gore such or Thomas that you think he's going to be, maybe for a year or two, but in the end he won't be but all that said the Ransoms told us a hundred years ago even more that they needed it. The the court you control the court. You can impose your will. And so they went to lecture stay, impose their will. They dont when elections they impose the world through the judiciary. Most often. And through this massive leviathan, they ve created one department and agency after another. And this is why what
Donald Trump is a hundred percent conservative or not. What he's trying to do is battle them he's fighting them, trying to destroy him and his family. And an end he's our general in this battle, and we ought to back them up, and I see these clowns corker, and SAS and Flake Flake was blocking constitutional from the bench because it was His personal would disagree with the present United States. These people are very unpatriotic as far as I'm concerned. Yes, I'm using that word Tommy how many times crash spoke out against Obama. Democrats really spoke out against Clinton. They circled the wagons around him now,
they work, there were few, of course, but not wake up what they're doing TAT predator trump, the Republicans paid him. The republican take President Trump and it nothing like with the Democrats, with Clinton or with Obama, or even voice You just don't like this man, sir, and and what they dont to his family. It's disgusting, I think that a lot of Americans discussed with this malady crash in the media going to look at this mid term, Of course you can see it now. They're gonna double down triple down quadrupled down, but therefore The gas pipeline really hit the road because they think they think the american people stand with them. Maybe they but there's tens of millions who do not. That's not a small minority, the country. I agree with you, sir.
I think that everybody in New York, city or out then we'll California. I can see that not many, not everybody in California feel the same way as the alone he's out there I mean I can set about anything anywhere. Not everybody feels that's not the problem, we don't expect you bought. It is one way or another, but You look at the media when you look at them and when, look at the Democratic Party. There is really no between thereof so reporting in their so called agenda there. Just isn't now. Every day same damn thing trump and the left wing agenda trump and the left wing agenda. Look they embraced I've, a naughty naughty. Pretending doesn't exist, they embraced a porn star. Now they pretend she doesn't exist. They display Michael CO, another embrace, Michael Cohen. We go on and on down the line on this stuff, this to the media have become so is greatest. Few. I really appreciate your knowledge I gabbler got you to join.
And White Plains New York, the great double ABC Go mark I could say I'd like to know why why human hasn't been disbarred. Yet now I worked in the court system in New York state for thirty three years and I sure lawyers being disbarred for a lot less to want this man has done beats me. You know I'm not a big fan of the american BAR or these courts, even though I am a lawyer, but how he gets away, but tell me: how did I ever naughty get disbarred by now but this man is actually done. Things had men put Important while he destroyed Arthur Anderson did me and the court Yes, yes, look disgrace. So why did Mahler Hiram. Because they wanted that guy, because his reputation as Malta Hatchet man
the hatchet man for the Democrats in the meat Wally's, a Republican, I could care less all kinds of weirdo republicans. Don't we Only a man out exactly our I my friend, I appreciate your call mean, cheers folks. Why would rose instinct pick Mahler, whose bodies would call me and their mother take this guy Weissmann and mostly Democrats and donors? To Democrats I mean that Tell you everything you need to know and noticed the median never discuss it. Ever TIM, Claremont, California, eight. Seventy, the answer, our great Kerala go a mark I have just mentioned to the cowardly lion. Daily on who ran against finest. I e state senator and you ve got a new one. I mean for a final should have been any Sweden, but he was in a state. A hearing and war
providing you. You wanted to introduce a bill to allow illegal to have some capacity in the governor and I can't we call by with a welcome a smaller item. I anodos is drivers likened anyhow when he was president at the hearing of war. He admitted he had several quite a few family members that were illegal, whether you live in the state. Now that's something to be proud of, and to brag about and to celebrate if in the old days they would have round them up, but in today they put folks on shoulders and they parade around exactly why there's gotta. By changing all the voting rules, you encouraging? I was most when you apparently not right right.
May not, apparently not because the Democrats row is encouraging lawlessness. Absolutely I mean really look how they get power open borders chain the demographics changing the voters. Changing all the voting rules? If you disagree with them your attack, This is as a racist or xenophobic or something like that, a law doesn't work their way. If sanctuary cities, they nullify immigration laws they only I was certain parts of the constitution away, but around other parts they want to remove completely this is who they are their progressives programme. So what are the progeny marks, I have said it over and over again I'll be right. Back
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code Levant? Ladies and gentlemen, a lot of collars here, let's go to Steve Santa Barbara, California, eight. Seventy, the answer, Guerrero him. Three remark: I never young serious exam why you want to relay the story, about the serious exam go right ahead, but it happened to me in the twenty twelve election. I was running for re election of our local senator district and there a bunch of challengers, one of the challenges, went to the democratic local Operation and had her name only put on the ballot. This is mostly a non partisan, NEO public utility special. This the collection and it was vote for three out of a field of. I don't remember how many on Tuesday night
I was number three but I won by two hundred votes over who is number four. I'm done the election of Joe well. You know we have to tell these other ballots and there's some late ballots and then, after a week I lost my one hundred and fifty dollars so. It's really go all the way down ballot down to local elections, and this really no way to go back and verify these votes the chest. It's almost impasse. Particularly the local level, the expense and the the year complexity. What created there. This is all intentional. The Democrats at the local level, the precinct Lava Dana play the system, they created the system, but I gotta that within twenty twelve and twenty fourteen I ran again and one boy. So many complaining about it is possible, but complaining about. I'm not I'm just relating a story that- It happens all right. Thanks for you call. I don't understand the point you you must reduce. He law
in twenty twenty one and twenty fourteen and he says the system is corrupt. Ok, fine! But you did when in twenty fourteen, I'm talking about these federal cases, these congressional cases where we got blown out of seven republican cease in Orange County blown up. We'll six, an Orange county, one in Santiago Area, ICES old district. Simply safe, is a fantastic security system, scrape protection for you. My family and right now simply safe, is giving you my listeners a great deal on home security order now and your their special holiday, offered an amazing deal. Now love simply say from our household because they treat people right. They want more people, safe in their homes. So the pricing is fair. Monodist around the clock profession. On a touring is just fourteen. Ninety nine, a month simply
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Thank you so much for educating us in helping us out and I'm a Navy veteran and thank you brownings. I just wanna tell you I am so sorry. I mean the way, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for our love of your father, because Two years ago again in a community college, because the age put me back to College and one of my liberal teachers, I'm a very in terms of our liberal teachers made us do an eighth of credit. She did not understand that she was getting jack. Levine do the speaking. He was speaking about serial killers. It's a different jack Livin, that's a different guy! Oh ok, our thinking your father know, and you know what, if you go Wikipedia, they confuse the two also because Wikipedia posted been encyclopedia. It's a joke. Anyway go right ahead. My friend, it's ok, I'm sorry, but thank you for it. What I'm gettin aggravated, he has now I'm in another our college going up from advisers and
discussing a lot about this voter oppression and I it burned Europe, and so I stand up in this is I think, where are you kidding this border oppression? Because you have to show I d and somebody mention about Georgia, ISO what just happen. I'm kind of southern I set out born in Georgia in a small Porto I said, and we had no problem but I know of I said I would have no three hundred some people are most for half and an nobody combats bs its bs. I just keep saying it over and over and over again to make it part of the official myth. I mean If we are voters suppression, they we ever trap suppression and seventy. Of suppression. All you need is a photo. I D, an official photo idea in the irony is supposed to be produced by the states like a driver's license or by the feds like a passport or by a particular city like a bird
dividend. There's no voters, suppression of voter repression, it's totally and completely out of control, but let me clarify the scary actually is voters, suppression and repression, the Trump voters, the Trump voters. For this man to be present, the states and the media in the demo, I've done everything they can to sabotage And how they want to remove them, so sixty five million people give or take for this man to be present in United States. He got over three hundred electoral college votes. It wasn't even close. He one much of the centre of the country, parts of the South West parts of the south, these parts of the south really quite diverse, quite frankly, not that far coast and the far coast, and they apps mostly insist on undoing the selection and they have up. So we have style prosecutor, a complete hack. Who are you he's, there's stocking horse, and you can hear
these clowns Oliver CNN, whether their policy, since whether their analyse whether their anchors, whether wherever they are, saying exactly the same thing. They're like media mouthpieces, all our media mouthpieces for four policy? Our Gary thanks to call my friend TIM. Clever Wisconsin, the great WS say you go. Mister again I was just calling real quick in reference to a comment that you made to a collar last night right before the under your show about the millennial survey, ran the disdain was. I minded M that not all Maloney older bad. I'm a Maloney, oh and I know it deserve a allowed in the trash talk we get, but you pointed out that all of us that it served Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria. We volunteered we were drafted and sore. Patriotism should be recognised for that
I agree coming from a man like you, that meant a lot to me personally and I wanted to say thank you It's my honour slowly. Somebody like me can do I do like these generalizations, unless they're deserved- and in this case there not but really the focus on a generation that has a real created a situation in which younger people indoctrinated and go through these indoctrination males, it's my generation. We did this. These these colleges and universities, these public schools These kids go into these universities, colleges and public schools baiting create than we created were the ones who gave him the any aid in the area of tea the ones who gave into social justice called on quote whatever that means, we, the ones who tolerated today, even though we are the ones who pay the property taxes and the income taxes, we
already today, how many people go to their local school board meeting I was school board. Member. When I was a lost cause, Let me just say this quietly: if you have a police people who are more taxes, people want more programmes, to this, the race bidders, Firstly, the ones I go to the school board meetings and I want to thank you for your service. My Ottawa, don't hang up. I want to send you a copy, my dad's book, our police, I'm sure, there's somebody in your life will enjoy it, our please, sir. Don't hang up to him? you all can get it on Amazon dot com. Just say this quietly. If you police officer, anybody in law enforcement in your family? This is a great gift I'm not saying they're going to read it, but it's a great gift. Children in their grandchildren- maybe it's your children and grandchildren, as a matter of fact, is how we push back, this is where my father pushed back. This is how I push back,
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eight hundred cars. Sixty one hundred mentioned code, Levanter Visit car she'll, dotcom use code, Levin save ten percent. A deductible may apply. That's a great service we haven't on our twenty ten Camaro Glenn. Carl STAT New Jersey, the great debate boy, Debbie, ABC wide awake tonight, go right ahead markets, great good luck with your bike. Regarding our call refer you to my point. I just want to say thank you to you and your team for educating for giving us aware of the truth and what's going on in the web and specifically in our country, it is a maze and think what you guys do. Thank you. Like my point, I give all now you you talk about the small things in and you have the expertise to delve into the details about problems going back and forth with it with our government with
society, but I keep coming back to the same thing even this date convention. The only way we can say this country I wonder I want to ask you, can can we do more to educate people to understand? We have an option. The state convention is an option for things like bows budget term limits border control. These things they they bother me they struck me out. I know you talk about them at length, isn't it the more we can do to educate people that I have a plan in place to do more. Next year I mean I have written look. We have promoted this really endlessly I believe, along with convention of states this programme has made this in some areas a national issue, we do need more, we do more and we will do more. But I really think in the end. It's the only answer and commit
of states and two We establish our constitutional system, put the court's back in the box, but the bureau see back in the box, put spending back in the Box so that freedom may rain and your secure the nation state It should be controversial unless you're, you know staring down a hard core left. This who wants to fundamentally transform this magnificent place, and you know it the greatest phrase: Obama every use cause he let the cat out of the bag- and I have said it before- and I say it again- do not fundamentally transform that what you love you do. Fundamentally transform that what you love! You love your country. Why would you fundamentally transform it? They don't love this country. And you can see with the identity, politics and the race bathing and the these socialism arguments and indeed, the attacking of our history, the open borders. These
actions and policies that that make it abundantly clear that the people who support these positions do not love this country and then which many people in the media. It really does, but I agree, It is certainly obvious that the media does not love this country. And yet they say they do and who cares what they say. You know only to understand what is the purpose of the press. What is the purpose of the press take this from the government, but more than that, the purpose of the press- is to allow us to speak to each other. To allow us to speak in here each other. Through this medium, And why is it important it port, because we have shared values and principles. To me, we agree on everything. Of course we agree on everything, Husbands and wives zone agree on everything, but there. Needs to be some basic beliefs.
Basic values there needs to be virtue. When the media have abandoned those things have become a progressive operation. Well then, they're not they're, not pro constitution. How can they be other than their little piece up. I ride. My friend prescience recall melody. Irvine California exam satellite? How are you doing They expire, carry you, ok I just wanted to make a comment that living here in Irma California, we are at the heart of the Republican Party in Orange County. My but today and a couple of other coworkers we're talking at lunch about how we're all in this belief that we have lodged all of our congressional report and give a republican weapon and by providing itself
the congresswoman, who represented Euro area, was replay by a radical law Professor a Bernie Sanders activist who had never run for office before and she won by like four five six hundred votes. Said that they all win by four five six hundred votes is an amazing. You may think that not only have we lodged are you asked congressional person, we locked arch state representatives, Matthew harboured who has been in extract it I'll, representing us in the state for quite a while? We don't even have any republican representative and we're all means, because the lackey numbers we saw they may have changed since Can we learn that for each tell Overwhelmingly for John Coxe, who was the republican governor candidate
explain to me how we can all vote for John caught that we can't get a Republican? explain it. I read that article two, which colonel lays it out that there is every conceivable backdoor away election after an election that the democratic put in place. They don't care about. Coxcomb Croxley felt, wasn't gonna win, but They cannot these congressmen their pick off these assemblyman, these states, senators and so forth. And this is what I insisted one party rule- is like it's. It's a horrible horrible thing. Are a melody. I understand I got kids and grandkids live out. There will be right back
Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three, eight one three eight one one, Indulge me for a minute. I hope very much that your watch life brilliant Levine on Sunday. We have a terrific show. Into a whole lot of issues, very very important issues are colleges and universities, identity, politics what's happening to me, speech in this country with Heather Mcdonald. We also get into immigration, she's been a scholar and a leader in many of these areas- and I bet
We cited her in one or two of my books and had never met her before and cheese Terrific, really really sharp. Then I think enjoy the programme so F politics is said and done throughout the weekend in the sports is said and done throughout the week and ten p m eastern time, some PM, Pacific time, life, liberty and love him. I think you'll enjoy no luck I'm only doing this as long as you're interested in it. That's the truth. I've got for jobs any gets harder and harder to balance the mall radio. I write my books. That's a lot of Levin tv. Am I fox programme, So if there comes a time when you really not interested. Then there's no really no need for me to do it and I'll tell you why I dont need faced
on tv, I'm not one of these people who dies to her face time or tv. I must produce kind of avoid Abbe on Fire Fox shows a week. I just we shared it. Don't get me wrong. I pray very, very much, but it's just not possible. And whether I'm recognized in the street or not, is not something that I I I live for better than I'm not quite frankly,. I do what I do, because life is limited, And I ve been blessed I use whatever format I can to advance the cause of liberty. Like you, Kids- and I have grandkids means everything to me: When I was taught by my mother and my father- and I don't talk enough about my mother and down the road, I will. But that's the way we were raised. And my parents had nothing.
Absolutely nothing when they started out. There is poor as poor could be, but they taught us. They taught us about this country, loving this country that there Ancestors, jewish immigrants, mostly from Russia, How they came, he would nothing. But nothing was everything because they were free, free from pogroms and the like. There were no food stay programmes, there were no food, Programmes there were no well welfare programmes. Excuse me. None of that existed. The eighteen, seventeen and eighteen ays. None of it. And like so many of you, my prayers
They were never on the government dull. They never worked for the government. We need people who do work for the government, good patriotic people, but that wasn't them there wasn't there, They started a nursery school. In a summer camp day Camp, they did it And they work like dogs and eke out a living took care there. Three sons. My dad would leave the house it. Five. He quoted the six. In the morning you get home around seven at night, seven thirty at night, My mother, the same thing any the cooking that took place. At the nursery school, my mother did the cooking.
The toys were mostly men. On a word. My father made the toys he made the desks. He made the chairs mostly playground. He made. And during the summer same thing,. They eventually solid, I'm telling you this story, because it's all yours, Lee eventually solid. They make a whole lot of money. And they started a little retail shop in a town. I'll drink in town outside of Philadelphia where they would sell furniture Wasn't a big store. First was a very small store ports? Lamps stature. What's little things you know Drury, then they did better Annie.
Expanded the store, then they retired, not wealthy, but they retired into the. My father was a super patriot and my mother is too. And they always told us you can be whatever you want to be in this country. This is an unbelievable country. Anybody can be whatever they want in this country. If you embrace freedom and you take the chip off, you show me and you reject the propaganda. Most of whom are on the public payroll or in the media. That's why people struggled here some people struggled. We get hit a rip off the system. Some people start, to get here, because our getting legal advice by leftists on how to get welfare,
but some people are trying to get here and because they heard about America and the greatness of America. Most of them are not elected, liberal Democrats or members of the media, and let me tell you this. As a jewish person, there is no other place, on the face of the earth other than Israel, which is a jewish state, but there's no other place on the face of the earth. Were poor jewish refugees coming to Europe Specifically, Russia and the Ukraine and sulphur could accomplish, but they have accomplished what I've accomplished. No other place. Let me take a little secret that applies to African Americans too.
I dont have another place on the face of the earth applies to Latinos too. I don't know another place on the face of the earth and nobody else does either. In all minorities, because, despite all the propaganda and hate. Rick Day in and day out from these tenured phony professors who brainwash our children. And they sank. Demonian elite is actually quite stupid, anchor men and women. We know differently. Doorway, we embrace capitalism, private property, the market system, and yes, profit. We reject centralize decision making, Distribution of wealth, because we know that tyranny. We embrace the rule of law, particularly as minorities. Because it's quite obvious what happens when the mob takes over.
It's quite obvious: what happens when the mob takes her. And I think I am speaking for many people at their people with african heritages Middle EAST. Asian heritage. People who come from Latin America. Irish Americans, TAT Americans, german right, you name it. Americans all and search particularly pernicious when people in public office. Use propaganda and demagoguery, emotional appeal to trial, for this country from within. You can see words leading When a lot of time on this earlier this week, maybe was last week on the I ain t Semitism in the democratic party. In fact, the growing
the Thai Semitism in the media was at Monday, MR producer thinker was Monday, I need among the Bernie Sanders supporters. Among others on the hard left and sour there's a lot Thankful for in this country a great deal to be thankful for. There's tens of millions of us who share this viewpoint and are trying to defend the heritage of this country, Drew our parents and grandparents and great grandparents. So why not just turn into another failed, so list. European experiment Let me remind you what has come out of Europe, not just Representative government and the notion of parliament and so forth,.
Fascism is come out of Europe ism is coming to Europe. Not out of the United States these Alien ideologies and yet. If you embrace marks, if you embrace angles, if you embrace if you embrace Rousseau, among others, has the heart does it not so alien and when I tell you This is one of the reasons why Bernie Sanders has a gutless coward, who will Come on my facts, show, on. I come on. My radio show willingness to produce. Because I know who he is. Now what he believes is a very dangerous old man. This is why trucks humor won't come on their show. He's not as smart as he thinks he is. None of these people.
I'll be right back progressive vision, azalea, slowly, a dangerous forestry, it's a very aggressive philosophy and it is almost over woman to some people they get saccharine into it Explains in part, while you might have people who go to say, church who are catholic every Andy, but the vote for a politician who supports part Birth, abortion on demand. And so they trying to square the circle. Or why Jews will vote, repression in Brok, Obama, who's the mode
Anti Israel, isn't it and I have argued in the past anti semitic in many ways. Ah, then, I'm aware of ever. And so progressive ISM is a religion to these people. And so attacking America attacking its founding attacking its founders, taking the constant Lucian, living in breathing and all the rest is part and parcel of the whole thing Or trying to set up Trump trainer to remove a president who one fair scared square. That's the way it is, and we give it a second thought. And there is a heavy dose of group think I'm good! Thank you. What kind of name is that I'm way, I'm India, Knifepoint in India during the repetition about what last twenty six years I've been here tribunal.
One of the reasons the first hour, I play those clips of all those politicians and media typee, genuine till one from the other. So well, let's take some recalls its Thea last hours a week when the programme, That's gonna Mala man, California view California, Exxon satellite area. I'm fine! How are you mark I'm good? You? What kind of name is it Oh I'm way, I'm indian! I was born in India. I grew up in London and now I live in California for about what last twenty six years I've been here, so beautiful name. Yeah I've been everywhere yeah. It's. I just want to call him that I just I just want to say. Thank you so much I've been in the public school system. I teach I was in biotech I've a phd, I went into education when I had my first child, because it was a better career path for me with kids, How do we then ip and he actually work proceeds
can, you know, did very well out of it, so we have led the american dream. We are living the american dream and I The public education really because I love science and I want to give back and I each at my local high school, where my kids, when I then, because I've noticed over time. Is I've taught how the edge I shouldn T J, P, Bio and Bio honours and either as a high level curriculum and I've been pressure. Every year, I've been there to lower lower and then ultimately, couple years ago my principal told me He wants me to lower rigour, to increase diversity, and I I'm not doing it. My department didn't support me and then I have been. She just took a year off just to get the my mental health back here- and then I went back this year and they took me off honours. They put me on regular biology, and the buyer team I'm telling you called screener, I basically you know
that's. What they're doing in your group think that you are saying about the liberals, that's what they're doing with everyone has to do the same lesson. At the same time, we did the same test and the kids just you hand out at the hand down. I refuse I'm doing it. The way I want to do it, like you, said discussing it asking them, questions having them think about stuff and because a view and other people that listen, listened to I've got the guts now and I just send them an email. Yesterday saying: look, you know which is stacking, the deck against these kids. You know we're not providing what they the undocumented the now it so blatant. You know we have transgender bathrooms and that's what they spend a whole year before I left. The discussion was about the transgender bathroom, which isn't maybe I've heard If it were a public school, what about all the other kids and then I will we not worried about them, the ages and the white here that there that fine they do ok, Just listen. I hardly talk yeah, that's disgusting yeah, and we now have
We were had over the intercom. Now they blatantly announced that there is immigration, help health, whatever advise all free for immigrants at the school, which is all the undocumented, the now it so blatant. You know we have transgender bathrooms and that's what they spend a whole year before I left the discussion was the transgender bathroom which isn't maybe I've had one, how many transgender people are there in this country seriously. Over my twelve years of teaching, I've had to kids who have done the com. It whatever change or whatever I've had to say. I don't. I have like a hundred and forty kids every year and he just it's got your point now. I think, listening to you listen to other people. I just like I'm done with it so now I just I just tell them what I think, and luckily I mean the parents love me, and I do I'm a good teacher tenure Oh yeah, yeah. You get ten you at the two years as the other Joe price. You have all these teachers who don't teach
now everything is the standards right and I'll. Tell you the worst thing is we just gave that we wanted to get. They want to give him a project about skin evolution of skin pigman nation so last. What does that mean that, while I well- and I said that, I think, is a good idea- these a freshman who have no genetics background that some maybe I could do in a p. But you don't even know why skin pigmentation evolved you're, looking at it now and looking climate and nurture legislator. Why is at a subject yeah, I think it's like think feathers evolved for flight. No, they didn't they didn't I of a flight, so you are and then what they are doing is giving them by giving them set data they giving them grass and then giving them leading question. So now we're doing exactly what you should do in science is one, leading them to a conclusion that you want and its up
Currently, the whole purpose of it is so that they understand that you can't discriminate between each other based on skin color and it's not even in the standards the standard back, but Mola they're doing exactly that yeah and they teaching the standard is actually human evolution which, as we have also evidence, the loser, whatever that's what they want is to teach, but the mighty. My group, which is I'm, outnumber good as four of us and I'm the only one, and I think I decide That's it like a satellite, getting some courage from you guys. I've decided next year, I'm just I'm just gonna. Each whatever I want, I'm gonna teach them basic chemistry, I'm gonna teach them all the fundamentals and the Latinos kid class. You work hard I have to go by your fascinating outstanding collar and your kids. The very lucky to have you. Thank you, will be right back
got your tongue Papa, calling call a seven seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one one right now for my club, right get a lot of exciting things coming up. And I'll be announcing early next week and other things very, very exciting, the good, the true the bureau. How can we begin to understand these high noble ideas? For the right kind of education and that's tough to find these days. I know one college that provides a comprehensive education of the very best kind and vacation in the philosophical political Logical, scientific and literary heritage of the West. That's Hills Del college. Every regardless of their major, spends half half their time. The same liberal arts, core curriculum.
Studying science, theology, history, mathematics, philosophy, literature and the constitution. Hills they'll. All students learn about our great western and american heritage. The result Helstone alumni our leaders with intelligence and character, making a difference in their families, communities in the country, but it starts with a core curriculum that develops moral and intellectual virtue. The or that helps them understand the good. The true and the beautiful this Is the Hills Dale CORE curriculum. This is learning for the long run, Cover what education is meant to be God, Love Infra, thereby come l e g in Re Hills doubt that in other words one other thing again, not for promotional purpose but I was reminded that when I went off the earliest, I almost forgot the year Mount Vernon. Washington's home
Andrea, Virginia outside of all tat is a magnificent place. And I will go there often as a young guy down from Philadelphia and so forth, gather often with my father, but a document came available And I've told you about this: a few years back, It was a fascinating document, problem was. It didn't, belong to Mount Vernon. People were trying to sell. It was ok. But it was the final lease on Mount Vernon. That was given to the least was let George Washington by his aunt. In an exchange? It shows what he he got, what he had to pay. And it's entirely hand written none of it.
Type, can you believe, MR producer anyway, it's in the George Washington's handwriting, thought to myself all this needs to be a Mount Vernon. So that's that's the fur document, actually that we acquired and engage and by the way I honestly don't know this and apparently I'm the only one. I didn't notice. Do you know in many school systems they don't teach handwriting anymore. Are you aware that MR producer in your your wife as a teacher right. They don't teach handwriting. How are they going to read historic documents, housing Documents that are ten years old well, I dig digressing intellectually I have a brand new needs and I didn't know it together. I didn't want to urge that the animal or to laugh,
teach script anymore or in a lot of places there not teaching script. This is crazy. It's like deejay, a society absolutely crazy Was appalled to hear this. Man, oh man,. Victoria Cedar grow New Jersey, the Great W Abc Go. I thank you for taking my car and thank you for what you too. I have to tell you something I think is great we have a brand new needs and I didn't know it: together: morning or step that animal or cute little outfit. Her mother has seven siblings. I went out and by our plea. Why did I buy our police because her dad he's when this little girl, Madeline way- gets older and they read the book that you dad will still say just like my daddy
And when she has shown over owned- children more say just like my pop up. Thank you mark. Thank you dad! It's my gosh I'll, tell you what I hope he inscribe tour to, because now last for ever and ever and ever that's beautiful. Thank you Victoria. Getting beautiful stories about this book protect- holiday season and protect, they for law enforcement families, LOS Angeles, California, eight. Seventy the answer, the great k are Ella, go good. Now, great one can't believe. I'm actually talking to forgive me if I found their return, stumbling you're doing So far, all right, well, I was calling because many of my fellow collars always call and they mark what do we do? What do we do? So? I have a couple idea of being a mile off Angela out of the blue, state. You mean other than moving. Yes other than movie
You are out of the box. I do, of course, are the simple like well we're gonna run out of time, so give us the smartest once. Ok, if you are, public living in a heavily blue district and want to run for office. Dont commit suicide within our next. Your name. One is a Democrat. Could you went to the democratic mean you can't boat like a Republican the Co Dinah yeah tell me, I know you would ask democratic name. Only. Yes, not a bad idea, in some circumstances, no not because we want an hour and just stay out a suicide mission, and I think that the state continually if some of the arts don't stand for any that exactly so begin with data California, the way it is the common Republican Party has is that it mused the them wrap party as the political enemy went. The political background is socialists can take over the Democrat Party. Why can't republic it very interesting next max
entrepreneur a business owner. You may not be a teacher, but you can bomb to your time to teach inner city kids about business principles while encouraging entrepreneurship in capitalism. That is an excellent one the convening of the bottom act tax deductions and feel the pain rain attracted the I read. It becomes harder to remain liberal, Although there is a lot of liberals who do just that, the richer they get the more done, they seemed to become, but anyway you're at it. You can't you One is got border fraud like the young men of ideas here, I take my wife lay one year, irony Dangerfield enjoy yes or no You want. The boat had brought it home legal activities, we'd I've on the inside on fear for a democrat campaign. I called mission with a blow at a subsidiary of operation. Dinah. These are clever idea is tat. You are the last one. Once a boy. You can do this pick two people in your life. He stood with Barbicane, who rarely boats and politically
a person who isn't registered where'd. You go the politically ignorant in drag them. Along with aware, voter could oppose simple problem is once the Lex is altered. Tallied. You ve got what we talked about all this after the fact voting after the fact telling You know how many votes do we need that sort of stuff? It's really really bad our eye Billy. Very, very clever ideas, some of them. Actually, I think or astute. Thank you, sir. Deborah Clearwater Florida, where Deborah calling us from There were no farther. I never went power. Are you listening to us? Firstly, I am not sure what the louder the You agent, he, yes, yes, our and I just want to say we're honour. It is to speak with the weapon and listen you now for a copy earth an arm I know that you had said earlier and began the program. You know it's all this goin on water. What can we do understand that? Well
we can cry and I believe that you can keep doing what you do on, because you give us hope you motivate Us- and I just you, teach us so many things but one thing is the main reason. I'm calling and I and every night is, I heard they are idol of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and israel- and I know that that's got chosen, and I heard today that a man from CNN was fired because of the comments he was making Israel and about the ethnic cleansing, and I really agree with bad. I forget what Charlotte was none too, but they thought maybe that CNN starting to get a conscience, I want to limit the material, we're we're, among others, who really hammered away at this Mark Lamont Hill, it's not the first time. And the kinds of things he says are very very out there very nasty
and he did it again. And in the end the phrase used, and he knows what phrases he's using because he, Sir he's, I ll informed about this and he's very Been very much radicalized is to exterminate the it in the jewish state the river to the sea from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea Well, that's called Israel, isn't it yesterday, and so a CNN Mr Zaki, there, they ve, supposedly jewish, and there's a point at which the media exposed themselves. I don't know why they heard the sky in the first place. This is not the first time yeah yeah. I could understand an end since I have been listening to you while I'm getting older and I'm getting one falconers politics and some interesting and and I just love,
I just love you and your family, your beauty and the way you speak about Euro. Your beauty a wife to away. I think a full is so precious. And- and I pray for you about you off with your father, and I just I pray for your safety and unjust. Please keep to what you do on, because What's going on, I'm not going anywhere, and I'm doing great and saying to you my friend, very very kind of you, never wonderful Christmas. You take care, What am I doing here gotta find a damned thing once again, my computer, you now up to tell what let's take a break. And then I'll hit it we'll be right back They found it,
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and you, my listeners, you'll get fifteen percent off at my idea. Care dotcom, Slash, Mark Promo code mark learn more and then let my day care take care of you my day care dot com, Slash Mark Promo code Mark my day care that come flash Mark Promo code mark right. Why MR produce reign of stainless a radio host out there? earlier. Radio host. But the turn of the new year is gonna, be broadcasting with an orange cannon. A string of you heard about this. That's what I hear. No, I don't believe in mandatory retirement when you're long and the tooth I mean maybe or to step aside and enjoy life a little bit, but. An orange juice can and a rope and a string. I mean I know. Many people gonna here, let s go to Milton.
Osberg Oregon, Syria satellite. How are you now thank you for taking my car mark? I really appreciate you got better I'm a long time with They stay outta, Hannity too well cow everyone's on vacation, something to you, said a little bit earlier, really struck a chord in my heart mark. And that was your talking about your parents in going up in his country, many people and Mark I'm one of the deplorable those people that voted for term, because he was a business man, not because he was a creature that because he settings politically correct, but because he said it as it was let the tubes forward they may mark. When I was growing up my first job, I may twenty five cents in our leading a horse to plough my second job was done,
the newspapers at two o clock in the morning on a bicycle, and I work my way up from that to allow my own my own little business. It's not a big business. It's a small one eye. We have four people working for me and the monk I'm just really concern for this country, because I see what's goin on him, he's people These amendments will maybe someone really really really want to have a better way of life, but I'm just afraid market they're, not gonna, find a better way of life to awaken a short period of time has Smilin Freeman would say you can of open borders and welfare system will destroy the society and destroy the people too. Milton Beautiful call. Thank you very, very much.
Ladies and gentlemen, every Friday, just
Happy birthday Nick only yesterday, my great happy birthday David millstone tomorrow. My great stepson. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel and all law enforcement. Can I, riding gonna grab me. Can I Pepsi? Can I exaggerate united smoking, and can you please get trick I believe our police and don't forget the Sunday night eastern time,
life, Liberty and Levin had great weakened and got one.
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