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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/7/18

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, It’s no longer the media, it’s the Democrat media mob and they've moved from attacking Jeff Sessions to defending him as if he were their new hero. President Donald Trump hasn’t created a constitutional crisis or a Staurday night massacre by firing Sessions, like the media is claiming. This is perfectly legitimate, there’s nothing wrong whatsoever. Now they've trained their sights on the new Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker already smearing him. Then, last night's election was no blue wave, it was a blue tinkle. They just won a 12-seat plurality above the Republicans in the House and they lost seats in the Senate. Plus, CNN's Jim Acosta disguises his allegations against the president at today's press conference, then nearly assaults a female staffer when refusing to release the White House press microphone and was subsequently banned from the White House. Afterwards, NBC's Andrea Mitchell calls Devin Nunes a clown on television, clearly departing with objectivity when making that judgment. The hard news people on TV should just tell the truth and call themselves liberal commentators and stop pretending to be objective journalists. The way the media speaks to our President is not acceptable in any professional environment. Speaking over others, interrupting others and their snide and cynical attacks disguised as questions would never fly in the workplace, yet they continue to treat the president this way. Finally, Rep. Jerrold Nadler slipped and revealed plans to impeach Trump and Brett Kavanaugh in a conversation heard on a Washington DC train.

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Now run, only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one a whole lot: the cover mostly the media, completely out of control revealing itself. It's not even the fake news. It's the Democrat media, that's what it is. It's the Democrat media The media carry the ideological ball for the Democrats. It's the media, that's pressing for subpoenas and impeachment an indictment of the president. People surrounding the president.
And now we have a constitutional crisis. Ladies and gentlemen, no we don't. We don't have a constitutional crisis now our attorney General Jeff sessions sessions was ass to resign and he resigned and he's been. Place by chief of staff, temporarily enacting a journal by the name of Whittaker. And other trying to smear Whittaker. Isn't it amazing how the media and the Democrats and left now run to the defence of suggests sessions, A man they once called a racist. A man they wants accused of befriending white supremacist. A man who they once blocked from becoming a circuit court judge who then ran for the It states, Senate and one a man who they didn't think was ethical,
oversee the Russia investigation. Now, just like call me they despised and hated Jeff sessions is their hero. Now Jeff sessions is not their hero. They like fact that the attorney general, the United States had refused himself. And was not overseeing the Russia Investigation, which is exactly why. By the same democratic, demanding that the acting attorney general do exactly the same thing, but why Well, it's like the Saturday night massacre. Now some of you may not be Enough to know what the Saturday night massacre was, it was Richard Nixon ordering his attorney general to fire to fire the special Council, Archibald Cox. He wouldn't. He resigned, then richer
In order that deputy attorney general to fire, the special Council, Archibald Cox, he would not- he resigned extend line the solicitor, the United States, Robert Bork. Presently, United States directed him to fire Archibald Cox, and he did. The president of the United States has directed anyone to fire. Anybody Our investigation goes on aimlessly interminably. There's no evidence whatsoever, so now they lowered the bar, even the should junior Judas royalist has lower. The bar is not a matter of firing. The special council, you see it's obstruction of justice. The mere fact That we would have a new attorney general acting attorney general, who might who might be the actual by
Robert Mahler, you see that in and of itself could be obstruction of justice. That is a damnable. Why. Then I'm watching my favorite cable channel two to three o clock and it goes on and on and on and on a day Nobel lie. Nobody's, ordered Mahler to do anything now, but. I would tell member to the Supreme Court, who might be listening to this programme, that they should inform you. If a challenge to Mr Miller's appointment reaches your court because listen to what is being said that the special council must be independent, he must be independent of any attorney general woven.
Well, that his name should have been submitted to the United States Senate for confirmation or not, and it wasn't all oh he's merely an inferior employ. I am tired of this fan dance, where Mr Malerba, viewed as Superior to any other, U S attorney any assisted attorney general above and beyond a special constitutional power, a special constitutional office. But then, when you say well, then you think, he's done is unconstitutional, said she wasn't confirmed by the Senate. Then they set my weight him and he's nothing, but an inn, area employ. He reports that that's why you can't do anything without permission site. Humours language and what he says, but the president an ordered, Mr Mahler, to be fired. In fact, he is carefully avoided such a thing.
And they knew acting attorney and all is not required to refuse himself from anything unless he has an actual conflict of interests. While he gave us an opinion. If its opinion on a smaller investigation- and you didn't much like that's not what a conflict of interests means. Conflict of interests means. Perhaps a issue or something of that sort. Otherwise what would you call Eirik holder, but in a political What would you call a rattle Lynch, but an Obama political hack data accused themselves from anything ever. I am tired. At the phoney legal analysts on cable tv, I'm sick of them? I don't care what ten court they served on. I don't care what damn law school. They taught. They have no idea what you're talking about I'm the one who had to deal with
Three different independent council, I'm the one who are a client to deal with large, Wash independent council there, Isn't there Saturday night massacre this isn't a constitutional crisis? This is perfectly legitimate and perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong whatsoever. But I want you to listen to chuck humor and David higher high Ottoman, hired men of em assembly Tea and John Brennan of MSNBC, David Gregory of CNN and representative, head Loo and Senate Maisie heroic, all objective people, of course, all thoughtful series,
People tell me by the way, if you can tell the difference between the MSNBC commentators and the liberal Democrats miniatures. No, of course, not list This idiocy cut seventeen go. It would create a constitutional crisis. To be absolutely, no ambiguity we'll hurtling towards the constitutional crisis. We ve all been worried about for the last two years when we leave navies issuing constitution crisis reason pathologists, namely I done in the EU in the question. Whether this has been a slow motion, Saturday, night massacre and those same like the only reason, Donald Trump fired Him- would interfere with the special council about the geisha vat. The case deck account that you'd obstruction I think, as long as a mother investigation continues there, this is yet more by the president to goes to obstruction of justice
There you have a gag rule of morons, but it doesn't matter they will be thrilled if the mob broke into the white. Our compound forced their way into the oval office, drag the present an app and strong em up by his feet on the closest telephone Paul. They would be thrilled. What waving around the constitution? More trucks, humored Prescott Today, cut fourteen go well, I'd say this: I just heard the news, but I'd say this: protecting mauler. And his investigation is paramount. It would Create a constitutional crisis if this were a prelude to end or greatly limiting, rather than waiting a prelude that that's ok, go ahead investigation and I hope President Trump
and those he listens to refrain from that. Actually, you dump cut fifteen, go I find the timing very suspect, number one. Yes, the timings very suspect after a mid term election president's, never never change cabinet officials. Never ever. I can't think of one time. Can you, ladies and gentlemen? Actually I can think of dozens of times, but this is suspicious. You see it's suspicious. This president has done nothing to interfere with Russia Investigation, even though he has the constitutional power. He's done nothing here. Withheld any funds from the FBI? He hasn't interfere with the funding of the Mahler investigators and investigation. He's done a thing, nothing.
Wouldn't have been grand if he had his his Eric holder, type. As attorney general, the United States, do you think shimmer would be demanding refusal then or is Loretta lunch. As our attorney General United States, you think they'd be demanding rig This will then, of course, not from day one. From day one they ve launched this phony investigation. Then then there's John Dene. They do got to John Dene. This is the whole, of the new media on being a disgrace disbarred, liar right, Johnny. From a next administration, the White House Council from the administration, he teaches ethics courses, don't you
and he's a favorite on CNN. Cnn loves the sky. Of course they do he's almost ass good, ass, Jeffrey Durban, who has his own issues, doesn't don't you Jeff, so they out of all people. John Dene go online. The massacre were Nixon relieved, special prosecutor, Cox, families that was shorter a combination of disregard For the president's direction not go after his tapes here, I think this seems to be Like a murder, given I say that, given the fact that the present draft the question in a press conference this morning, he started off I will deal with it later and is clearly been taken Later meant, not Surely gonna higher mauler even under caught him,
anybody have any idea what this rambling, the phone is saying with his bumbling mumbling buffoon, has to say any body. Of course I'll be right back I will be on the hermit, even I had than normal. I believe it's nine twenty five pm eastern time that makes it six twenty five Pm Pacific Tech? all times relevant times all over the place. This election last night. Wolf, Blitzer was marking out his wolf. Isms
and he was going on about how this was a historic victory for the Democrats in the house. How so how so? Well? What's the historic there You know being one of the activists in the tea party in twenty ten When we one sixty three sixty three houses and six senator. Do any of you remember: thee. The praise, the slobbering praise from the media for the tea party. And how it was a revolutionary about a hiss nor vote. I don't remember that I remember dripping utter contempt. The Democrats want about thirty five houses. They needed twenty three Though I have a plan,
Lady, above the Republicans of about twelve members, twelve twelve. Back in ninety. Ninety four, during the Gingrich Revolution, the Republicans one, fifty four: how seats and eight cents. Now we got clobbered in two thousand six. We lost the house. We lost the Senate thanks to the architect Car Rove, whose all over tv spewing his expertise who get the Wisconsin race wrong. He was a dumbing down and downplaying the dissenters victory because he's a conservative doing this Thing with the TED crews, victory can always ten twelve point behind where the governor is in Texas, right car or because tat had eighty million dollars spent against whom governor of whom I am a great fan did not. I don't know. I don't know otherwise out their various
It's like car, or, I believe in two thousand and President Bush, one. With about three hundred boats and flower. But I'd tell another story, the blue wave, what blue way. You know what it was. It was a blue, tinkle, tinkled, A little star, it was a blue tinkle because I didn't when the House lost ground in the United States Senate was a blue tinkle. And even tinkling all day long. I guess Ladies and gentlemen. We had this on I said historic to use, woke letters word press. Conference today, where the malignant media, the democratic media, was in four out cry,
Because yet again, Trump beat them. On prediction, is that the house would go sixty sixty more members of the Democrats and they have happen. They might even take the Senate, while naturally didn't happen, so their furious again. Their fears They were furious and twenty sixteen other furious again in twenty eight team. Did you notice it at the press conference today the knives were out. The horrid was ready. And they launched president was in effect called a racist. After the press conference by Jake Tapir Democrat a gangster. He was asked. What are you gonna do? Mr President, people around your indicted there of fascinating question.
We attach returned, commissioner, but I will you give up your tax returns. Mr President, they sounded like score? Oppression cares for Nancy Policy. Carrying their water. The questioner, Whose caring, whose water the Democrats carrying the water for the media, the media carrying the water for the Democrats, the media, are oh excited about spiking ratings. They want impeachment hearings, they want Appealing hearings they want indictments from They want a Saturday night massacre. This is what they were: this is so they are, they live and, above all, they are furious. What happened in yesterday's results, they wanted a slam bunker that house they wanted. They wanted a Democrats that take the Senate, no more. The socialists on the Supreme Court and they laws I'll, be right back with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones and
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congresswoman mess Linsky a Democrat out of but Althea one term are leftist and the former spokesmen ass. He was hang on controlling. Now he's a journalist or how to that happen. Take some. A task that we get a certificate. A cheery box or vague, tap. Our journalist. Oh well, then,. Journalists like Don lemon he's a journalist to you now nobody can around the race word like Don lemon. We have many other draw whole bunch of em over there at sea and in the constipated news network may gotta Jim accosted Jimmy casually legitimate national oil. What a loser. The guy is literally just
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Sturdy has it doesn't matter. It's obvious what he is he's a liberal democrat plant in the democratic media and a gimmick As there is confused, it's not the gym cost a press conference. It's the president's press conference. Gimmick cost a wants to have a press conference. I guess he should run for president, but he is he's like the pumpkin. The classroom keeps disrupting the teacher Bodies challenging you see tromp because he's a serious journalist, no he's not. He argues with the president's over his beliefs versus the president's believe, And I must say I was very proud of the President today he Handle that mob, called reporters beautifully. Just like a principle,
Where students not behave themselves, just like a father. The children don't behave themselves. You can't talk about that way in the media. When you conduct yourselves like punks, then that's what you are You would never do this to Barack Obama. Never ever you were Furious last night, when you saw those numbers come in and by the I don't believe any network should be only the entire house raised by nine thirty at night, even if they think they're right it in answers, elections further out on the West Coast, where people might stay home. Look at roar, backer, roar back. Ass by a few hundred votes just hold your file. Keep your powder dry. But our analysts are so good. It doesn't matter, that's not the point. Your analyse this is about an american election, and people are still voting.
You know I get information in here and I can be the first out of the block many many times with information, but I wait the issues being the first out of the block? The issues what's right anyway,. Should we have some fun sure we listen to the present United States slap around Jim Acosta, as he had to be as had to be, or it would be, the gym cost a press conference, take a try at a truly cut to go. There goes further the challenge you on on one of the statement that you made in the tail end of the campaign in the terms that is doing well, I want to stress that this caravan was an invasion as united consider to be the present period was not an invasion. It's it's a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards didn't, stop right here. What is the point of this question?.
Is it to elicit useful information for the american people? is too is to determine the policy that the president's putting in place. You understand what I mean that is the role of a journalist, Buddy one, The dispute, the use of this word, which they been doing over it CNN for time and calling the president directly or- directly a racist So this isn't even the role of a journalist Oliver candidate you're gonna run against somebody. You say you are. I don't agree with your user. There were there, but this The road when we learned nothing from this. This is an attempt. Brain embarrassed, the present impeach. What did you think the president was going to say but this is really good stuff- had seen- I think, witnessing. Ladies and gentlemen, the dumbest, a journalist in american history truly stupid people. I really do I really do to be
bear. You gotta go through all kinds of education and training and sleepless nights and they said to be a lawyer. You gotta take the bar in the sea Ali and you gotta. Try. There's gotta, be a teacher gotta get a certificate you get. It can be a fire fighter, police all kinds of standard. Tell me whether the standards to becoming a journalist can you name any. There aren't in their none, no intelligence tests, no physical tests, nothing! Go ahead, you ass, taking her dad. Why? Why did you? Why did you characterize it as such? I consider invasion you and I have a difference of opinion. You do you think that you demonized immigrants is now stops. You say this is posed as a question from a rip
but it's not it's an allegation from a liberal Democrat. That's all it is. I have but one of them. I want them to come into the country, but they have to come in legally. You know they have to come and Jim through a process. I want now this used to be the position of both parties. Ten fifteen years ago, that is used Here the border people cannot come here illegally if they do to be deported, we want emigrants. Immigrants come through the front door, throat process, so we can get them. So we can determine was coming and who's going and so forth seems very rational was the position of both parties. Now it's not. The position of the Democratic Party is anarchy on the board. And that's the position of the media is, you can see. They really never disagree, because it's the Democrat media go ahead.
And I want people to come in and we need the people you're. Ok, now you're gonna make you know. I wouldn't do that because we have hundreds of company. Why doesn't he even shut the hell up and let the president finnish answering he's, got more allegations. He wants to make. That's why and by the way, before we go on now the gentleman who the president has chosen as the acting attorney journals being trashed on all cable networks, and I mean all cable network being trashed on all cable network. Go ahead, Even people for your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls and was it for one around. You can't show that you gotta show migrants as rocket scientists Ryan. Migrants doing heart, surgery or migrants doings, The Americans won't. Do you know that's what you have to do? Climbing walls breaking down senses
you're not allowed to show that, even though that's what took place during the migrant parade, as I said, call it parade the parade. That's been going, go ahead, I'm gonna be doing our work is now. What do you think they were accuracy? They weren't actors that income from Hollywood? These were these where people this was an actual scale. It happened a few days ago. And there are hundreds of miles away, though their hundreds and hundreds of money so stop. What does that have to do anything? They have announced themselves, they ve said within and they do the groups that are behind them have said why they're doing it, this three hundred years ago. We have enough technology to know that their coming, they ve, said what they intend to do. So whether their nine hundred miles away or nine feet away. Would MR costs to be based. As far as the President said
invaders is, as I would first now, it's a caravan. Oh that sounds like a caravan of undocumented future citizens. Oh yes, prepared to do jobs, Americans rather well, thank God for them. Who are there? I don't know where they from Oh, no any criminals. I don't know I need terrorist, I don't know, but it's a caravan. Next time you stopped by a police officer on the street, you know you're in traffic, and maybe I have a minor automobile violation of some kind of a hey. I'm in a caravan amend a caravan em. And I'm eight miles from my house. I'm in a caravan enemy miles from my house officer. Oh ok, go right ahead anyway. Go ahead.
I think you should let me run the country, you run she and then, if you didn't well you're ratings- and we asked you if I may, commissioner, is present, now see right there- a cost and wants to taken over. No president. Would I put this but CNN. Claims no responsibility for this man's conduct. No accountability for this and content they keep sending back in their CNN. Cnn is a corporation. Is a subsidiary of Time Warner. And they are sending this man into these press conferences to disrupt this press conference which really obstructs American people from learning more information about what the President's doing or what it plans to do. This doesn't help them. Public. This is and freedom of the press. This is a a strictest. Dressed up in a suit. Go ahead
That's enough ass! One of the other programmes for me MA am on missions in announcing the young lady on the White House. Staff is trying to take the microphone and give it to the next person in Jimmy Costa comes very close to assaulting her. Doesn't actually assault or but very close kind of shovin, her away bowling. Her an interesting that nobody in big media. Nobody in big me is concerned about it. That's ok! Now! If anybody else did to tell young lady. They would be rightly called, but not Jim Acosta, because he's a good liberal Democrat go ahead I wonder if I may ask on on the rush investigation. Are you concern that that you may have not kid? I heard about anything with stash rush investigation concerning you may have indictments. Is that news? That's ok,
action. There's no news about indictments right now. What kind of question is there. Are you concerned Russia about indictments. Is that in the news today that it actually happened now, so what is he doing is creating, knows he's creating controversies, creating drama that The only way, dammit CNN, can jack up its ratings, telling you the truth, go ahead, because it's a hoax. Are you well enough put down the microbes present? Are you worried about environs going down this road and by the way, now they rested a mob? The Democrat medium up now, they're good Hey. What about my here's, the secret by a lot The other reports cannot stand Jim accustomed. They can't stand.
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I've never seen a president take delight in people in his own party losing and the One thing I can say compare that too is you know some the works of France's Ford, Cobler or Martin scores easy, I mean that's how gangsters act. The idea. Loyal to them and therefore you deserve the punishment that there are plenty of prayer as we have seen whether Bill Clinton or George, W Bush or Barack Obama Hulu elections will lose members of Congress in wave elections, whether it's ninety four two thousand sex or or thousand ten and Peter there are members of Congress want them to campaign with them, because it would be bad for their real action and they understand and they don't dance on their graves present Trump did. In addition to all the eyes and falsehoods? He shared in the press conference and the denial of the fact that he had a that's enough. J Tapir
become among the worst old, fake tapir. What's he so angry at me? He's become enormously popular doing this stuff. The trump he's a liar tells me Stories he delights in this sort of stuff. I heard what the president said. He says what he says. That's who he is. You know all residence aren't alike and Fort Most media types are alike speak tap or so angry about. I thought they just had a historic victory. Last night was historic, all my god. We ve never seen anything like it, except in twenty two ninety ninety four chapter, two thousand six- we saw a lot more, but anyway, it's a start is that a big lie: fake tapir? Yes, it is and who told it: Wolf, Blitzer your boss, But why you so angry? Why Looking more more like Nancy Pelosi, what's the problem
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I would love in now run only underline than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader anyone eleven here. I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one one great dances of the democratic media is Andrea Mitchell, one of the great dont Andrea, so she did a softball interview with fair kind, not that long ago, She was going one of the parishioners or maybe was the rabbi at the synagogue in Pittsburgh. Were eleven jewish
Congregants were slaughtered to attack trump and she was on the morning Schmo show today. This is a reporter merger. And I want you to listen to what she had to say about Devon Nunez. Who was Terminally Intel Committee in the house, but now will be the ranking member. Listen to this carefully cut tango Intelligence Committee, which Joe you know so well was always a bipartisan committee and we ve never run by a clown. Give me like Devon Nunez area. Have the clapping seals and the image lsd or is she is supposed to be rapporteur? Now, how much longer do we have to put up with this this? I that the media, reporting news of the media are objective or the media by partisan in I, book, the just came out threatened by
live by the name of Matthew, Pressman, two very thorough Balkan. It's a book called on press on press. To be on the press both when oh, I know the liberal values that shape the news and I thought well, that's fine. Donating them and I've been reading a lot of this book and right? The introduction just stick with me. Because this guy knows what he speaks he's one of them right there in the introduced. Liberal values, not liberal bias. Oh did you get that from a fortune cookie, liberal values, not liberal buys, as I would you see. Ladies in general, don't you see, liberal, vows and liberal vice. To some observers. He writes in the second paragraph of this book, the riding characteristic american journalism is liberal bias. But that is an accurate because its ES either a deliberate effort to slant the news or a complete oblivious to the polluter. Implications of news coverage what truly defines content
nor journalism is set values that determine new judgments, make that news judgments. American journalism is a set of values that determine news judgments summer political values, mistrust of the wealthy and powerful sympathy for the dispossessed belief in the immense responsibility to address social ills. Nothing about individual liberty or the constitute nothing. Others are realistic, take the believes that journalists must analyze. The news must. Nerve. Their readers must try to be even handed. These values are not designed to serve and any eighty agenda, but they help Chris. News, product, more Let us find to the centre left then too,. Sue are of right of centre. Mr Pressman doesn't realize he just gave up the baby right there. He gave it up.
Now he thinks he's clever by splitting hairs, but he's not clever. You just heard Andrea Mitchell. You heard fake tapir you here, Jim Acosta. Then this is hardly alter pretty much. You cannot tell Jake Tap or from a Democrat you cannot tell Andrea Mitchell from a Democrat. You cannot tell Wolf. Blitzer from a Democrat Canyon That's the news folks know you might have a mark what about your sunday sure I'm not a news person. I don't pretend to be in his purse. I'm too smart to be in his purse, hello, I'm too smart to be a news person. That's a fake business, In my humble opinion, A lot more integrity, honesty? When you say I'm commentator, I give you my opinion based on news based on what I glean,
based on my research in his transfer, but I'm a commentator. Or you can say, you're a scholar. But I'm not a news pressure and neither are they, but they pretend to be. They pretend to me give another example at today's news coverage. We ve talked about these FBI statistics the air tight defamation leg, which has now been taken over by a former Obama specialist system, so now gone hard left that a reporter. Four PBS. What what is it? Let's see: NBC Nerves, Kristen, Walker intentionally. Gertrude takes what they say about an increase in hate crimes against Jews and twenty. Sixteen, I read you. Those numbers The increase in hay crimes was in the early parts, the first five years of the Obama administration
much much higher than in twenty. Sixty the defamation leg played with the numbers by limiting when it looked as has NBC News and by the way, What are they sapient, defamation late? Why don't they site Scientist Organization of America, which is my More conservative, much more pro american, in addition to being present wonderful organization, their wonderful event on Sunday as we're others, but- never cite the Zyobite Right Wingers, but the idea or yes, so the enemy reporter sites. These phony, The phoney spin on these numbers got seven, go
We ve been talking a lot about division and the division that exists country. Radio statistics are disturbing, I think, just about everyone. I anti semitic incidents have increased by fifty seven percent since twenty sixteen hate crimes are on the rise. Why do you think that is? And what will you do that which because of me, I confess it may be that president? Yes, yes, yes, socially I'd about those statistics, the way the eighty. I lied about those statistics and Burma Obama was never ask that question despite the fact that he treated Prime Minister of Israel, like a rat, despite the fact that he went through that ran deal any survey of the Prime Minister of Israel and jewish groups, despite the fact that, he was a while. He wasn't very critical of the Muslim Brotherhood? Was he in Places now he wasn't, despite
his history no tears Almost perfect, he had great tone and we're just perfect how come You didn't look at the statistics under the Obama administration. Why cause she's a day the crowd. That's why why cause she's a liberal? You know there is housing, liberal values, but not liberal bias. I know this is the case because Matthew Pressman just wrote a book and told us that liberal values, but not RO buys, ladies and gentlemen, go ahead aid to see it and, as you know, I've done more in you were with us. The last time we met, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that, this presidency has done more for Israel than any other president. Those words his exact words. Jerusalem
protection working together. So many different thing tat. I might remind the intrepid report so far, as I know, is the first present United States to have a jewish daughter and three jewish And children as well as is jewish son in law. While I may having a Obama, had any jewish kids grand curtailing the sword. But, oh you know he special. And I might add up everywhere, Obama went where the elections were key, They lost this. Why said, when, though, bombers out there, I said, push him out there, the Republicans had a higher in the Irish Sea or a higher send them everywhere, because he's a big time loser. They lost that State House insanity Turner this guy. Anyone governor the Republicans,
at under this guy S. If a majority, the state legislatures, as well as six. Hey how seats they want and six senator who historic, historic. Do you think your told Mr Obama, your treatment of the jewish Prime minister, your treatment of the jewish state, your vote directing the vote of the MR carry in the last weeks of your administration. You think that that contribute to the jewish. Trade in this country around the world. Do you think, do you think that contribute? I hate crime. I wasn't. He ever asked a question because liberal Democrats, dressed up as reporters, would never ask that question. That's why and then I'm going to they would never do. Sir.
Now, there's a whole bunch of this going on. We have, I don't a pronounced this. It's not intentional YA, Mitre. How sender. A PBS news reporter and she asked this brilliant question: cut five go Emily shouts under PBS News. Our the campaign trail. You call yourself a nationalist. Some people saw that as in boldly weighty nationalists now people out there. So in other words, you see, Mr President, People are inferring that you're a white national, so this has been gone on. What now for weak or ten days. But we all know what he meant by nationalist. I don't like the word, not because I think it means white supremacy, but because I think it confuses American is when nationalism buddy I'm not gonna. Let's not my point ten. He's a white nationalist. Why would you were such a stupid question unless what you really trying to do is
remote, your ideology and tear this guy down. Now you did at all before the election. It didn't work and now you're still doing it. This isn't a real question. And the president had enough, he was furious because we know you're in I'm a white bashfulness, I'm sick of it, go ahead! such a racist there's some people that say that now the Republican Party is seen as supporting by nationals of your rhetoric that you really hard working party to other some people who say what some homeless guy straight now their sigh. I asked Jake Tapir. Einstein, lemon and the end. Some people think that when use that year, you're promoting white nationalism for the Republican Party, that is the biggest dumb ass question and he's fed up with it. The Party of and then there are the party slavery. The Democrats, neither party of segregation, Third Party, Jim Crow and Robert Bird at all arrest, attack,
that's damage, it's not on us. Go ahead, I don't believe I just I don't know. Why do I have my highest phone numbers ever with african Americans? What do I have among the highest numbers african American three? Why do I have my highest bombings that social races to question? Honestly, I mean I know you haven't written down outside what I like about. You turn it back on her had seen and went nuts, even though its PBS reporting, you know they're all in this together, we report is its us again. Him we in the Democratic Party. It's us against him! We, the demo. Party Hollywood. It's us against him. Yes, How dare you suggest that the questions races when she's, accusing you are being a racist, go ahead? This raises the question commissioner, as you know, what the word is, I love our country. I do,
You call nationalists, you have globalists, I Love the world helping the world. We have to straighten out our country first with a lot of problems, and this leads me to say that, You said so insulting to me. It's a very terrible thing that you said it is a terrible, saying that she said and they keep saying it and sang, incisive, you'd. Listen to them. He's Hitler he's around just he's an anti semite. This sick tonight Their comparing them direction on me Saturday night massacre, I guess It's an improvement. Only last week they were in comparing them it was, then Forget me unhappy at nine. It's nine, twenty
nine, twenty pm, Eastern six, torn p M Pacific and all over the place with a grin, live in tv for you tonight, review of water, place in yesterday's election I want to congratulate a few people are friend, Rhonda scientists. The Governor Florida, our friendship, Roy New congressmen Many other wonderful folks out there, but I want to tell you: there were few people who we, for come on the programming totally ignored our sir just blew it off. Martha Mc Sally of Arizona. Offered her to come on the programme ten days before the election? The Day before the election Herpes said, okay would will come on. Could she was in trouble? They thought
we can only come in the first hour. Of course we couldn't do that. The president was calling on the first hour. So that's Martha Mc Sally. Senator Heller of Nevada we offered to have come on the programme. His office. Excuse me, his campaign never get back to us. I think, MR producer s two or three tat, not that I want these people care for them. I just wanted to help us win because of what we're up against Ryan Mast, who represents. My district in Florida offered for him. They come on. He won is actually very nice guy, but his people said we're trying to appeal the moderates so we'll come on after the election, which course he walk, because I won't happen. Nobody wants that thing right, anybody else, oh, how
access. Somebody who I like a lot, I ve never met him. He's conservative. I was good friends with his grand either. I consider Mentor was a scheduling screw up, they apologized and Mister Bruce went back. It was what last week that revenues the more come on now and they never got back and unfortunately, he lost. Unfortunately, Heller lost MC salaries in a fight and so forth. Mc Sally had a lot of money to do. A conservative see. Was very vicious in the primary attacking her too conservative opponents and that why she may win, but shall squeak it out, because she's arena. But we supported even rhinos in this campaign. Given what was at stake. Didn't we. And yet we heard about day, brat are Buddy Day, Brad lost by what a thousand
about eight hundred votes. Something like that and when I got back that era counters. Friends the establishment types in that district actively was working against a breath. You say, unlike When we see there's a battle, we need to be supportive of the party the purposes of holding the line against what the house is about. The do the establishment doesn't think like we do. They have Very little substance. And very little morals, they don't think like we do, and so they figure. Ok, What the hell will come back with one of our rhinos. We want to take our breath and they alone the left it exactly that. I hope that runs again, because our back again. Anyway, a very, very important peace at the Federalist where
by our friend, Molly Hemingway Anna, and we started after the bottom of the are very, very important piece and it entitled incoming democratic chairman. This is this. This clown Gerald Meddler Demo. That's will go all in on Russia, impeach Cavenaugh for perjury and so forth. And it starts this way. Judiciary, committee ranking member Representative Gerald Meddler reveal plan, perhaps Democrats but investigate and impeach Justice, Brett Cabinet for alleged perjury and investigating Teach President Donald Trump for alleged treasonous collusion with Russia. Now these our communist tactic, Caesar Stalinist tactics and meddler, would know because it's a hard core march. As far as I'm concerned, we will other expose what they're up to few minutes I'll be right back you wake up, and
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It is simply unacceptable. You're, not a free press than Europe. A democratic media mob and that's what these people have become now can we go back to this Molly Hemingway piece which I think is very very important. Judiciary Committee, ranking member representative Jerome Adler, reveal plans for House Democrats to investigate and impeach Justice bread cabin off for the alleged perjury And investigating Impeach Donald Trump Ledge treasonous collusion with Russia imposed Elect chat with various callers while writing the seller train from New York to Washington, see somebody overheard him nad Lord. Advice, toy, newly elected representative and discuss potential twenty twenty two, credit presidential nominees with another. He also mended identity, politics and the thriving economy and worried about
regrets losing working class voters while gaining elite. Former republic since suburban women. You got Adam suburban women. So many of you voted for the left. Perfect, but don't worry abortion on demand, Neither was headed d d c for a two day planning session with a staff and Judiciary Committee staff, and we ve got to you're out what we're doing he explained in a phone call with a friend Nobbler requested. The friend's name, be concealed in the grounds. Is a private citizen the to discuss two routes for investigating new Supreme Court Justice; Cavanaugh! This is to go after the FBI for how they handle the investigation and the uncertain entreaty claims he sexually solid women. Didn't even do a half ass job, he said they didn't interview. Witnesses who said interview me. I've got a lot to say he said. While many in people waving their hands to be called on now. Let me stop here.
You see the way the media treat the present at these press conferences. I will talk This more, but I want to strongly suggest staff in this White House people in this administration and others. If your call up the testify- and you go up and testify, You abuse those members of Congress I'll go with those members of Congress, you, disrupt those hearings. Without you know anything physical thy, inner robbing them by making allegations about you come up their prepared Jerry. Neither has a very bad record. You come up with his record, as do most of the year, does the squad therein the YAP on these committees. You people to go to war politically, of course, and due to them what they do to our president. You don't have to sit there and take
crap. That's why they never call me in front of these committees. First of all, there is no reason to, but if they did, if they did, I would take I don't care how many times I bang that Jd Gavel take charge of it. Let's go want showing. His other plans to go after cabinet because quote there's a real indication that Cavanaugh committed perjury. He claimed that the atlantic public an article about the allegations of a third woman, then that, when cabin, I was asked Eddie Committee hearing under oath when he first heard, subject, he said when I What about when? I read about it in the Atlantic article, but there's an email chain, apparently dating from well before that, from my from him How can we deal with this never told the collar MR producer? Would you a general manner under the programme please any time any day.
Let's see if we can get the little coward on the program tat, Jerry Jerry, I want to talk to you a big guy. Neither was apparently discussing a site slightly different claim since debunked, which is that perjured himself, when he denied hearing the New Yorkers disputed allegation involving Deborah Ramirez until the story came out, considering that the New Yorker included a denial from Cavanaugh in its own controversial story. Asking him about it right before publication, and he acknowledged all that innocent testimony so unclear. How fruitful such to reclaim would be doesn't matter, Molly, This is a year a stolen, a show trial. Remember. Liberal values, not liberal vice when the collar into the plan. Naylor push back, that's not technical, that's real! He conceded that may be. It was not a great plan since, even if
I could be removed. It might result in the political results desired so No more talk about an independent supreme court, no more talk about respect for the Supreme Court, You see this is what the marks of Stalinist left is all about. The worst case scenario or best case, depending on your point of view, said Natalie. You prove he committed perch. About a terrible subject and lead you conference recommends you impeach him. So the president, when someone just as bad when the car. Suggested going after Cavanaugh quietly, neither explained you can't do it Finally, because word will get out that the FBI, the committee, is reaching the witnesses, then the collars can you imagine this guy head of the House Judiciary Committee, because that's what he's gonna be an Jake Tapirs, thrill, This is, I don't see. Why should take long at all? He said we're not talking about a thirty year scheme of getting money from Russians visa hidden no. Now we're gonna show trials.
And the media loved the call suggested and impeachment might still be worthwhile, because the President Elect and twenty twenty dominate someone else. Nablus said the problem was that. Any investigation wouldn't take long enough to last until the presidential election right, finite amount of witnesses. I don't see why should take long at all? He said one hour about a thirty year scheme of getting money from Russians, Visa, hidden sources that takes time Over twenty saying is: that's impeach fast. No, that was an apparent reference to Democrats, believes in a dream, Economic, substantiated theory that trumped inspired with Russia to steal the twins. Sixteen presidential election he promised but also be an avenue. The Democrats would pursue vigorously at the launch of the new Congress. Madame said Russia? Investigations would be under a broad umbrella of holding Trump accountable, since it say more palatable argument. Then impeachment it's an argument that fake tapir made last night that they would
going all in much of what they get too, would be depending what special Council, Robert Mahler fight? That's why. The acting attorney general the new and must refuse himself because we need Molly to give us anything, throw us about anything. We can use it as the subject of impeachment see. This is the scheme. This is the scam. This is the effort. This is the coup. Still he said, the Judiciary Committee would only be in a supportive role to representative Adam Schiff and the intelligence. Can anyone As a way, a head start on that score, He said judiciary will have a role in the Russia investigations. I is callers, discuss twenty twenty the financial prospects, noting the Joe Biden would be heard by the efforts to go after Cavenaugh, since when bring his role in the Clarence Thomas hearings back to prominence The only relevant some Clarence Thomas hearings, he said is, will come back to him.
Oh Biden over the head, if he runs for president, neither said uproarious. After from the collar could be heard on the other end of the phone. Other Canada toward dismissed for being too conservative. Conservative on economic issues for the party are not terrorist matic. Another call or meddler was very busy. And another call meddler said Republicans did better than expected on election. I because the booming economy, he said, did messaging, that the economy is only helping wealthy people and not other class. Do you see evil and diabolical the skies. And he's not alone and they media lava right. Fake tapir, and where are the changes to the economic bill would be blamed on Democrats. He also complain that the new voters recruited to join Democrats were Rockefeller. Republicans who are living on social issues and that the new group,
democrats more vulnerable to the charge they no longer the party of the working person. The let me stop there because this is a very interesting point than I thought but a last night the Democrats in the Senate as a whole are now more left wing than they were before, because they lost Donnelly and high camp and mechanical, among others, and the idiot from Florida. Nelson. Now don't get me wrong, they're all liberals at heart and they, although live up but they're, not Crazy, ass out of the closet, liberal. As shimmers under the shimmers in the Durban and so forth, meanwhile in the house, because they picked off summit republican districts. In fact, most districts? They got we're republican districts. The body parts take of the Democratic Party over there. That is that the aggregate democratic of
Democratic Party in the house is actually less left wing to not moderate it just less left wing. Problem is all the leadership is crazy. Nuts. It's crazy, muddy. So you have those two dynamics going on the Republicans research they figure out how to had exposed, because I believe it publicans do figure that out. Then this so on house majority will of the Democrats when I last very long, neither told one newly elected Democrat to start thinking about committee assignments. On the train: ride never weight in on Twitter about the news that treaty? Just sessions had resigned using the language of accountability. Americans must have answers immediately as to the reasoning behind the real Donald Trump removing Jeff sessions from the Justice Department. Why is the president? Taking this change and who has authority over
special council mowers investigation. We will be holding people a cannibal. Now, in March, twenty seventeen, of course neither called for sessions to resign, doesn't matter. The end justifies the means. Didn't some more to say that Mr Madelin, please, my programme. I have some questions They ask you and inquiring minds, one and now I'll be right what then. If you ask any aim at member what they like most about belonging to the conservative alternative of the Asia Europe E,
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right back now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, tallow, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one and seven seven, three and eight one, three, eight one one well, ladies and gentlemen, the gym castor of CNN just tweeted just been denied entrance to the White House secret service? Just inform me! I cannot enter the White House grounds for my eight p m hit.
Sarah. How could be Sanders tweeted, the following as an trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and this administration. We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman. Just try to do her job as a white house. In turn, this conduct is absolutely unacceptable. It is also completely disrespectful to the reporter Colleagues, not to allow them an opportunity to ask a question. President Trump has given the press more access than any president history. Contrary to CNN assertions, there is no greater demonstrate the president's support for a free press than the event he held today only they would attack the president for not supporting a free
Press, in the midst of him, taking sixty eight questions from thirty five different reporters over the course of one point, five hours, including several from the report in question, the fact that CNN is proud of the way the employ behaved is now they disgusting. It's an example of their outrageous disregard for everyone, including young women. Who work in this administration Resolved today's instant incident, the White House, suspending the hard pass. The reporter involved until further notice. And I'll go even beyond this. You cannot have an individual who has a press pass at a presidential press conference who has as his purpose to disrupt the presidential press conference. And that's what he's got? You cannot think of another reporter in any past presidency whose conduct
themselves. This way, I heard one Williams refer to SAM Donaldson, damsels dot. The same Donaldson didn't conduct himself. This way. He would your question to the president, the question raggedy Ann. What would smile and wave em off, but at a press conference you ask a question: you asked questions and that's it. There has to be some level of civility, but Jim Cost is not interested in that. Now, President Press conferences did not always exist, they really started in the last century, something. Evidence had many some have had few, but they don't have to have any they're not required to have any taken of interviews with the press, national press persons.
Regional press people, local press people. This is how a bomb get around a lot of the national press, even though they slob all over him. So, while freedom of the press is an absolute right access to a presidential press conference, Matt, and you cannot have one individual among many disrupting the entire press conference and creating And parading news rather than Morning news now I know the press will circle the wagons because there are of one mind, set group. Think as his fellow on press wrote, this liberal Matthew, pressmen and book liberal values. Yes, but that doesn't mean there's liberal buys but is wrong.
And we see it every day the media have gone from reporting to interpret in two advocating for the less advocating for the Democrats, questions about impeachment questions about subpoenas questions about the president acts returns repeated references to him as a liar on CNN. As a racist during the course of the press conference with the nationalism, question he's got a gangster after the press conference. By media. What are they so angry about? I thought the Republicans Trump just took a a licking last night because they didn't. So the media can be part of the resistance. The media have to be the media, but they're, not This is why the vast majority of editorial pages and newspapers in this country endorse Democrats,
This pages are area infected editors make decisions that seem to advance the cause of the Democratic Party in the lead. And their clearly hostile to conservatism. Republicans generally we're not white nationalists. That as a clansmen and and the nazis, we're not racist, yet we ve been caught all these things all these things and then look at the sessions He was effectively fiery resign. Oliver, it's called a constitutional crisis. The president removed a cabinet secretary. Why, aside a constitutional crisis. Well there's an investigation going on. There is always an investigation going on particular republican administrations, so
fire, the attorney general, whose refused himself so they a permanent jobs like a judge whether that happen at simply unacceptable, So we have what is now a malignant media as far as I'm concerned a malignant media, they never treated Obama way, despite the fact that he unleashed the FBI on the New York Times an HP and Fox NEWS whenever they never talked about a constitution. Crisis. When I recalled her Loretta lunch were running interference for, though bomber, never so, today, their comparing trump next last week they re comparing Trump they Hitler. So I guess we're we're making some progress.
At last night, they were so gleeful about the investigations that there will be launched by the House of Representatives gleeful. So the media's disrupting presidential press conference since they're making allegations and putting question marks on the back of him as if their serious questions there, The democratic go after the president to cripple his administration telling. How does this help the republic in anyway? How does it help the republic to try and cripple a president to try and get him removed from office to try and seem indicted, even though it can't be? They ve been rooting for Robert Mahler now for over a year, hoping beyond help that a whole do something to harm this present most of the media during the ends of the country. The eastern,
born in the western seaboard, even more most of the media is I shouldn T see in Manhattan. With some an ally and, of course, the rest in the rest of the country. They do not have a national perspective. Doesn't work, trumps supporters are there not in Manhattan and Jerry Nobblers District not an ally and Adam ships. District they're, not in San Francisco and anti policies, district, that's not where you are now. Obviously many of you listeners arbitrary get my point, that's not what strengthen the president, supported. And now they're gonna probably have an eleven or twelve seat majority in the house and if, in fact, they do neither says he wants to do and they do it. Adam shift says he wants to do and they do it Maxie waters. So she wants to do it'll, be a short lived majority.
In the meantime, the Chinese are on the move. The Russians are on the move. The Iranians are on. The move in the meantime, our borders are wide open and the means, our military needs to get the support that it deserves and that we needed to get in Meantime they will try and cripple the economy for political reasons, in hope, winning the twenty twenty presidential elections, and you know when you conduct investigations like the Democrats plan to conduct You start calling people from the administration formally from the administration in front of committees. If the higher lawyers many them go, broke, many them go broke. I'll be right back
using their control of house committees. Democrats, can demand to see president trumps long hidden tax returns. Long, hidden, tax returns on me. What does what are they talking about proposal? conflicts of interest from his business empire. Ending into any evidence of collusion between Russia and trams campaign team in the twenty sixteen election, You know there's a lot of ways to deal with this. Mr President, in the president's war, let's say they come after your tax returns no I'm not giving them. We're gonna subpoena I'll, see in court, It's just see my tax returns, because you you want to see me Tax returns on the present. The United States. Only went to see which, in that we want to see if there's any clue, genre
I'm so sorry you don't get. The seamen are seeing court. What about all the past conflicts of interests with your business and power we want all these records from Tromp were really we're not getting. That has nothing to do with my man, domain of the government or anything of what we think I waited the emoluments clash say all the dim? What's, including a federal Clinton judge What's already being litigated, so you don't need to know we need to oversee these. We need to see if you. If you, businesses were involved in nefarious activities or if you, if you benefiting yourself well see in court
And we want to, we want to look into whether others collusion between the Russians and your campaign says item shift. We we want to look into that, And we're going to see if the Republicans on any these committees are worth anything to. You remember how they Democrats disrupted. These hearings. Remember how Eliza comments. As the ranking member on the House Oversight Committee disrupted hearings. Of the Republicans need to do the same thing and if you're witness he did to be aggressive, we need to take these people on You need to make speeches to so the media has no choice but report, some of it equally votes on live tv, too little be on C span needed to make your point
At these kangaroo court about these stones, hearings Then let's see how the media treat shift. Maxine waters in I should comings and Gerald Meddler A. Any illogically, diverse group. Access, Maoists Leninist Stalinists. Parry, ideologically diverse, represent Very broad areas of the country, like LOS Angeles, LOS Angeles, San Francisco Manhattan in Baltimore. Ah, you suburban districts that one republican you voters who voted it she's me the crowd you voters who voted for Democrat. These committees will be run by people from
very, very blue areas. One party communities, like I said Manhattan. LOS Angeles, LOS Angeles, San Francisco Baltimore. Then, let's see how long you Democrats hold onto these seats that you took your, have An eleven or twelve seat majority, let's see how long you hold on, but they don't care see. Ladies and gentlemen, the common causes. These are kamikaze Democrats. They don't care how much damage they do to the country. They don't care, how much damage they do to the country to be power party. First cunt, Second, maybe third, even Mr Barroso, do we have some excellent college, particularly any liberal that I may speak to know. Liberals
They can't figure out our phone number. We have actual liberal line, you know. Eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. When an awful lot of money for that extra liberal line. Go right ahead, Mr Petition daddy way, BC been in New York, go our limited, eleven of them from New York and seventeen years old. I'm a conservative. I think what went down in the wider play was ridiculous. I think it's been ridiculous with doing from how they creaking and do not even going after a pause, they're going up. Personally, I would have nothing to do with it. It's all policies and new seventeen, and that is very well put. They're trying to assassinate his character, yet there I ride my friend while soon you'll be able to vote, or I also think that, after losing out last night, I need a puppy therapy, dog,
maybe they placed in my high school. I would write Mr Adler. Maybe he can help you. I think that's a good idea. Thank you very much for eleven having its Levin, but thank you said we appreciated in Philadelphia, pronounced le them. Then that's where I grew up Philadelphia, On the mark, Levine app an alibi, I guess I'll go right ahead. Please mark when I saw today, just as an average individual in America display what I consider to be the most incredible rudeness on the part of these some of these journalists and the thing that they ve been given the privilege to be in attendance at the White House Press conference and I'm wondering two things: what in the world are the world leaders thinking when they watch this as they watch
These particular journalists have essentially- and I hate to say above all, so that a truly was eight and a coordinated as attack on a man that is respected worldwide. That is given us one of the greatest economies that is respected all of our citizens. What must face bank and an end? What must the people of those countries? think about us as Americans, we would that we're so tolerant to allow these people do that what example did these? I mean. I know there are good journalists they standard to mark, but- and I thought I had- none mobsters have standards too well there, technically, saying you know there are no they're, not many of them are not technically train. Many them come out of the Obama Clint administrations or they come out. Of capital held. There's, no technical training well wait and we know it.
Irish mark and you know that you watch their questing. They were clumsy they were uncertain. For they never intended to get across to get a real and You know what would have happened mark if you HU as a litigator behave like this and in all along but in front of a jury. I know what would happen my judge. Would what can be held in contempt in contempt and sanctions and in fact, in some cases, jailed you're. I had a good deal and the jury would be turned off because Americans or like a jury, there are large jury, they do say at Obama was treated like this, and I wouldn't want Obama mistreated, but I I don't worry you only this man, why why counselor
Miss treating this man, because their liberal Democrats one, and they also say thank you so much that your father has made this contribution. I represent law enforcement. It is my privilege and my honour to do that, and I am unaware of any book. That's out there on the subject and for that to be taken on as a project for young, I thank you. I will make sure that as communicated through well, thank you and that's all my dad. He did it that's just the way he was he's working on The declaration of independence by the halfway done that Ladies and gentlemen, an hour from now I'll be in the Fox NEWS, Channel, Hannity, TV twenty pm Eastern six, twenty and Pacific and all other times and all other timezone margin that I'll be right back.
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slash. Mark promo code marked, learn more and let my declared take care of you. That's me I d care dot com, Slash Mark, Inter Promo code mark my idea you already know. Great great service, I think, you'll like it really will protect. You are right, MR producer. In let's I re I we did the call screen, I'm hoping we get it there. It is. Look at all those callers waiting David Queen, they are the great W B say: go or you mark long come only in college. Then he alive, my God man. I want to point out that Europe had this This draft has been on our side and the girl would working for Obama and all boy. The media were blown up. Your. I imagine- you're, absolutely right and all put us talking about it is prompt tramp tramp ended.
This angers me I'm more in college and everybody my class, even I'm not even taking political science courses, nothing to do with any any day, and everyone saw a man about trumpet. I mean I'm in New York. So is typical, but it's bad enough. We gotta go, If our family will not do it angers me. Well, I don't blame you name it me too, but you right here on the right track. My brother, you take care of yourself. Kansas City Missouri, the Great Casey imo- GO mark immigration and- and we appreciate all you do for us as a nation, you know, I think the what I need to do is to follow what you ve been teaching out during this time. The difference between free market capitalism, every freedom and the socialism communism collector do them that they will
hold on our nation. I think go forward. That has to be something that they really point out, so that the nation can see the differences between the between the two directions. The country has to make a choice on. Well, I don't think Mitch, Mcdonald's up to that. Do you know Fourthly, I hope the president somewhere around here will will I remember about a year or so ago he made a speech on socialism and I was destroying nations and, of course they mark in, but I think that needs to be set up in that they that he does to make their contracts, because, like you pointed out this moon ways with which really was timely because of the effort of the past outside out, and I think because the numbers show that shoulder your record turn out, but it could have been a lot worse and I think that too,
it can be a lot better if people are educated and uncle and don't go out both for people who really were in power, those who would destroy our nation, well very well put my friend it's gotTa John Minneapolis Minnesota serious Satellite. How are you, sir? I'm all? Thank you. Are you very well? Thank you a thing. I think that the Republicans made Do is instead of any time that they do something they always have the point back per se, while that liberal, so the Democrats did this before, instead of saying we're doing this, because it's the right thing to do and in that instead of using that crash, whether the Democrats did this years ago. This is why we can do this today gives us an example. You know I was trying to think of that. While I was waiting on hold and it I'm thinking like when we went to the door. What do you say that the nuclear option, as far as appointing judges in that?
we had wait until the Democrats use that option before the Republicans would go ahead and do that. But there are many things in the past that we always have to and not the end, the radio wholesale. We say we are pointing out the points in the past, where the Democrats did that that, for that reason why we are able to do this today, instead of saying we're doing this today, because this is the right thing to do, I might Grand recall Marty gains Veil Florida, the Great W S K. Why go yeah I or more going on when we get to hang on, hang a navy. My brother heard what I wanted to say. Yes, he's Democrat been absolutely, telegraphing their plays they'd I too have a naughty who killed on Trump defeated it. They tried that Caravans, Rowan and defeated it. They tried everything
the chicane to get this man to fold and guess what he's not going to fall and he is, a genius. He has already figure these hopes out and if you think I want secondly, that an already have some contingency plans in place for the result of these elections. Think again, Democrats he's on top of your game and he's ahead of you. In my opinion, well like it, doesn't just from the last night's results, Indeed he is out there, forty four cities stopping senatorial candidates in Maxie orders Pelosi. They can all try the chicanery if they like this man, the planet day, one sessions in doubt and guess what there's a probe is on the table the order, the deal it in full flight. Thanks for taking my comment, very buddy, you take care moving quickly
we Rebecca Colorado, Springs, Colorado, serious satellite, go hide mark. I was listening to your show and I emphasise we left my visa appointment quite and cast the first part let veteran- and I always the Democrats- a long time and I left this year. I pretty much ran this year because I was the criminal does this major in college and I had the kind of that, but on the back burner crystal my injuries, they happen when I was overseas, but I, overseas. I've seen some of the things that are they happen over there and then you come back here and like two totally different world how the left talks about how are sure to flooding by through the borders- and I know from talking to my friend the border patrol who are trying to get me work- form gifts to how they apply. The Mexico in then come up that way. Comedies country like they like the love warrant for another nine eleven lake
I dont get these veterans like oh sure, this was wrong. You know going through bad, unlike you, you're, an officer. Hearing carry the fire on that you're talking about like the one no better and whose pilot knew just got voted in a democratic party, and I guess I have no respect for veterans like that. That I use it. I wasn't me every five years. I know what I carried. I know what everybody else Jerry and then you get down to wording you hear the left talking about. Oh, we can say this and have no repercussions the exact wording doesn't matter or all I got raked by and even though I ve never physically, been on the same. Why am I dispel violated by him? But if you take the same language with their using in the media and sport in time the people from my family included.
Oh hell, this is true and I sit down. I talk of feminine, like you know. What really is true? How does this really you? I begin break it down. For them there does astounded, but yet they still guardian through what the media's pushing out there. But if you were to go to a court of law even hope water, and yet everybody on the gray, the conservatives are the ones that are quiet, Philip physically go attack people in general, somebody switched over than I don't think, there's not a true conservative. I've always been more on the conservative and I believe it is important. I appreciate your cover and your service very much locusts, Brazil. How are you Lucas hello mark. First of all I want to thank you, your call screener. He speaks very nice Portuguese, so I am very glad I didn't know, I thought he spoke English in gibberish, oh he's behold, are to be good
This is actually a lot of people from the left, the United States. They think that pursue also speak spanish because they think we are all the same, but we are So but the mark, I'm Joe colleagues, because last week we will know election here for the first time in my life I have almost thirty years, we will have a left in Brazil. I almost I'm getting emotional know about that. And I actually I want to thank you because because of the internet, the thirst- King esprit, we have access to two shows like as I listen to you and we in our group of studies that we have you for ten years and we eat, really providing a very important conference. Here, so you are helping people from all around the world through the concepts of
You dont tradition, men, everything. So I want to thank you very much for that you're, very kind, and yet you have a new present course. There trashing him right away to our thing, like that. With triumph, supremacy, teaser right, winger, he's unstable, I'm already reading these things, I don't know anything about it, but that's what I'm reading out the things. What are you not? He has approached them they're, calling him do no troops from South America. Me he's just like that. You know he has now labour when we say leader or because they left actually stole the concept of liberalism. It was here liberal, it's a guy who will stand for free market. They. Never that's what classical liberalism means the left always steals. The were like progressive like address they still that, even though there are the opposite, the regressive these
The word liberal, even there's nothing liberal about them in many That's their tyrannical our flag. We have riding dead ruling that the order in progress in all. I think that we have that mark. I want to tell you that the publisher here who I work are trying. I am very happy, we will contact you, your publish and you too late your latest all clear to Portuguese. You listen, we I gotta go don't get mad at me. Lucas. I have a hard break. I appreciated very, very much on those contacting whom, but I appreciate it honestly. I don't know we'll be right back
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before I get my news from I'll give from cable no kids from network, but I hope I told the car greener- and I gotta tell you in our audience. Can I save my audience? Is yours, but you know your gas, because I took two area and when I was opening, you know the box lambs hours from now on Amazon, Prime, that first is fabulous. What I'd first reply and opened it, the cover of it with the blue colours in the illustration, then, everything about it Spirit. It will promote. Read all already is pretty complete, is pre thorough and from my nephew six years old I do hold his attention big time. When I tell you and I'm terribly sorry, sorry about your father,
My father has say: forecast right now he's on his way out. So I know where you are with it there were you weren't how you feel now that your dad was that's a great get it at his point of view, and we know how tell him my prayers. I thank you. No listen! Let you go around is well known and I won't tell you are thoroughly decent and kind human being and I hope he heard what you said- was very proud of this book is very excited about the release. And when he got the first, finish copy of it in August, the publisher quickly. I want to thank them in latin books quickly made me- Two or four copies other men are brought into them and he was very, very happy about it. So You will be thrilled to hear what you said. Maybe has heard what you said. So thank you term, and God bless you. My friend.
Jimmy Brooklyn, New York, the Great W Abc go right ahead. I ignore our to repeat became get the last call the Corbin and Arie. I am sorry that you lost your. Other. I watched my own father back and ninety ninety eight and it was something I never get all work on. What I'd like to see What do you say? I learn more from you. As in the mirror again about the council, pollution of the United States at once We never gains are entitled to you, clergy, safe Michael Schumacher, at gap. Listen, you're a great american. This country is a great country,
and we will continue to be a great country- want the presidential on an under the tutelage of people. Like yourself, people like me, who now the young children in school are not being done, things like when I went to school. I was told so two studies I use toward hastily, I was what about the world. We're married at an end and the whole world, and we would call this with a great country and the more acute in school now and not be towards these things for the better we'll see you what they read your books. They will understand that this country was based upon God
the rule of law and the cash persecution that day cooing aided Well, thank you. My friend beautiful car, beautiful cause all around. I really appreciate it. Hope your check. I sat on Hannity on the Fox NEWS Channel in about twenty five minutes: twenty after nine
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