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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/20/20


On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the problem with those commenting on impeachment is that they don't know much about the subject and keep comparing the Bill Clinton impeachment with the Donald Trump impeachment. For those who've actually read or watched the Clinton impeachment trial know that there were 11 felonies that President Clinton was charged with. Clinton was also held in contempt of court, he was disbarred by the state court and was going to be disbarred by the US Supreme Court by he resigned instead. The Trump impeachment is purely about separation of powers. A sitting President must have the ability to have privileged conversations with his cabinet and advisors in order to execute the duties of his office. The brief submitted by the Managers from the House of Representatives does not include a single violation of the Constitution. Just as Andrew Johnson was wronged, Trump is being wronged. Then, the Senate has issued the rules of the impeachment trial. This marks the first time the President's council will be included and make remarks. Afterward, leftwing publications keep getting the facts wrong; this time they are misconstruing this program's commentary on due process and likened it to enemy combatants. Later, thankfully there were patriots who braved the cold to attend today's 2nd amendment rally in Virginia. Despite the media's best effort to sell their propaganda that there would be white supremacist violence, but there wasn't.

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