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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, there is a positive revolution going on in the finance world with the GameStop stock soaring benefitting the little guy instead of benefitting the hedge fund managers. The Wall Street big wigs lost their shirts trying to drive down the stock while average people reaped the rewards of the increase, in a Trump-like populist uprising if you will. Then, Dr. Elaine Healy, the whistleblower from the New York Association of Nursing Home Medical Directors, calls in to react to the New York Attorney General's report on underreported COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. The report reveals that as much as 50% of the deaths that occurred in New York state nursing homes were not reported. Later, why are parents paying to send their kids to a school so that they can be taught to hate America, hate their family and hate their genitalia? A California school district wants to rename several schools because some of the names are now controversial.  Also, Joe Biden's climate czar, former Secretary of State John Kerry, - whose family owns a private jet - says that America is the second-biggest emitter of carbon dioxide and suggests ending energy independence, natural gas jobs, and other energy until our economy is destroyed. Afterward, the FBI's investigation of the US Capitol break-in on January 6th indicates that various social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) were used in planning the riot but Parler was not among the sites released in the current report. Yet that information isn't widely reported.

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mark Levant, our numbers, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one too, big issues. I want attack at the top one game step now. Why would game stop at the top of the list in a moment
two. It's amazing em producer. When I, MR calls Green and the three of us, we talk all the time before I go in the air and so forth about how we really set this in the standard for so much it was a phone call though, we received, I believe, was march. Twenty fifth right, MR producer. from a year a medical administrator, Doktor, Elaine Healy on the orders are coming from Albany, specifically from mug Governor Cuomo. Compelling nursing homes to take covert positive patients. We broke that story wide open here. wide open here. Thanks to her, we spent a lot of time on at first. I couldn't believe it, and there is more on that in a moment, but before we get there game stopped
stock. If you can't even traded now some of these markets, you can't went from four dollars or fourteen dollars to almost Four hundred now actually went of almost fifteen hundred dollars, but came down to three hundred and eighty five dollars and people what's goin on here. Well, let me say this to you. I think there is now a revolution finance that is a good resolution, its it's strange last night I was talking about hedge funds. And I don't know a lot about hedge funds. I just know that people are relatively average intelligence, make an enormous amount of money in There is absolutely nothing now son
you, hedge fund, folks out there? I know your fans- maybe I'm not talking about you, but as a general practice. What did they do while they drive the price of stocks down in order to make money his they go down or they drive the price of certain sites. Except that they make money as the stock prices go up. I was involved in marrying companies together that sort of thing where they can. Then I want to talk about this game. Stop revolution. These hedge fund managers. extraordinarily wealthy men and women. And again I say these- I know one in particular is not particularly bright Bronze around meeting people smiles a lot, but anyway, I have often wondered how these p
make the money that they make it now. We know that basically bullies Bali's. they decide. While you know these retail stores like games, stop there not making it lets crush them. Let's put him out of business, but in the world, in a manner in which we can make money. in a manner which we can make money. So what happened on read it Software, but at a higher standard on red it where a lot of millennials go, they said we were different idea. Why don't we Try and save game, stop and drive the price up and why He's billinger hedge funds are trying to drive the price down and that's what they're betting on the price going down? We're gonna drive the price of this retail company pop.
And in doing so that means with these hedge funds, bearing on the price going down, but these into You're almost pop almost trump like populist activists and they're not intending to be activists, but they become activists. Putting relatively small amount of dollars in but adding up to a huge amount. driving the price up. These hedge fund billionaires have lost their shirts on these stocks, including game. Stop. Well, all these other investors out their slew them. not billionaires Niners. For the most part, just irish people have made some money now everybody's nervous. They ahead fund industry, if in call it that. They're nervous. He ever drive down those of you on these
she would go to flirting. You drive down. Is it a one eye or U S, one along the ocean there and you want what do these people do, that have these Manzi Mass of homes on the ocean? Well, a lot of them are trial. Lawyers ring class action suits, you don't get thirty five percent of a four billion dollar settlement, but beyond a lot in them movies these hedge fund guys And they sit around with other heads, guys. Are they sit around with. Red MBA and others, and they figure out how they're gonna make me by effectively manipulate the price of stocks legally legally made as a market system. Saddam deny them that. and they pretty much have had their way until the last twenty four hours. I dont off had started out as a spoof or what but people said you know what
You met her house games that we all know game stop doing I mean what my son was quite young. He would, he would be, was very active and gaming, and so for there was a game. Stop all the time and we knew games, would come out. I was air israeli I can get there and people still go there, but retail shopping is very difficult, and so they just pick the wrong scab this time, and so are you had this sort of this populist uprisen, this kind of populist up People investing and said you know we're gonna push back again, see going hedge fund guys and
some of them are really lost their shirts on this because they bed everything they bed, everything a basically destroying game. Stop we're game. Stop is not destroyed. Now, isn't Competition and this isn t always stock, where this happened in the last twenty four hours. And so some of these, Sir, the stock markets and so forth had put the brakes, What are we gonna do what's happening here? Balboa the political parties in many ways have relied on these hedge fund, guys I support and contributions. Joe Biden has relied on in a big way in a big way, so our people are freaking out. I'm not. I think this is actually put. exciting. I don't know why I hedge funds. Last night, it was you, my head- and I know some people my lot, but some people
I've been hedge funds, I make an enormous amount of money and I look at them and I wonder to myself particularly bright. What the hell is he doing you're, not using much. I can tell you that, depending on what kind of hedge fund, it is, of course. and so I want to congratulate the young people and read it and in other places who I've decided to push back against these hedge fund billionaires and more millionaires and thank them for what they ve done. I dont believe in stirring the just stir the pot, but I've had it with these oligarchs, whether there in bits this, whether there in politics, whatever they are? This is why I am a big fan of parlor. Despite the effort it And it into some kind of right wing, operation, which it's not. I know these people, it's just a platform whom
it's any body and everybody we're gonna, have some updates on what the FBI is famished, but who are they investigating Almost nobody related the parlor. Did you see that MR producer, nobody related to parlour. I'll be right back then. I know you love freedom. How do I know that, because you listening I shall end my show and everything I do is all about preserving freedom in the form of government that secures it for us. It's the same, with Hills Del College, one of the very best truly liberal arts colleges in the nation. That's why I talk about them all the time, because Helstone is committed to pursuing truth and defending liberty, hills, don't teaches stellar, stew,
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Another state attorney general in New York is a mental case question about it, but they do have a large step. And even though she's a mental case on a left wing hack, looks site cheese Friends over Cuomo certainly not after today, Headline New York severely under counted virus des in nursing homes. Report says that the New York's limes, the state Tourney, General Latisha Jane said it's likely. They Cuomo Administration FED Report, thousands, thousands of covert nineteen, that's of nursing home residence. I won will be forced to give us a daytime Emmi Back MR producer, I wonderful publisher will demand their money back and wonderful, be banned from anything in the future. Now March, twenty fifth we'd a phone call from doc.
Healy right must reduce her and she said was going on and I didn't believe it initially than we had a fairly long. Substantive conversation about what was taking place. They went back that show And make sure that we captured and made a copy of the directive. That, in fact did go out. Two other nursing homes and senior facilities. we read it on the year and we can believe it then My impassioned plea Yes, where the hell are the media, it's all up there, maybe will pull it for tomorrow. Mr motive,. I said where, where the media have a, how can this go on.
It took twenty four forty eight hours, but we we lit a fire under their story very, very important. And we know that a significant percentage of those who have an hour dying from this virus are the elderly I also know that certain states, with certain governors, all blue, did exactly the wrong thing and caused the death of thousands and thousands of your grandparents and uncles and ants who didn't deserve certainly did die, and certainly not this way out New York, an investigation by the New York state attorney general, has concluded Governor Andrew Comas Administration under county corona virus related deaths at nursing homes by much as fifty percent, in other words Cuomo
and his administration covered up the extent to which their policies caused the death of senior citizens and here's a sad, a horrible fact if this man were to run for governor today again with New York, he get elected a landslide? That's how far gone some of these data they can of debts in the states. Nursing homes has been a source of controversy from Mr Com on our thanks to the New York Times and State Health department officials, who sensitive any suggestion that decision was made at the outset of the pandemic, may have caused some of those des which the state puts of more than eighty seven hundred. They have also been. used of obscuring a more accurate estimate of Nursing Home DES, because the states count, included the number of deaths at the facilities rather netteke
running for the residents who died at a hospital after being transferred there? You know it's amazing, we talked about this after they were transfer the hospitals they weren't counted. We talked about this. And, of course I was attacked it made me by the are tabled, will dig into this. So you have- It's happened here in science and data collection. You have the overcome. That's associated Corona virus in many instances or enough to matter, and then you have the underground in the case of the senior citizens, to help protect the democratic governors who contributed to this. In the seventy six page report released today by the Any general Latisha James. Survey of nursing homes found consistent discrepancies between DES reported to the attorney general's investigators and those reported to fischler released by the health department and one instance an unnamed
somebody reported to the health department at eleven confirmed, imprisoning death The site, through early August. Many General Serbia that same facility, however, found forty deaths, including twenty seven at the home, and thirteen in hospitals. Another facility reported one confirmed in six presume covered nineteen Destr. The house apartment corner to the report, The generals off has, however, said the facility reported to its investigators that there are more than four times that number thirty one dead by MID April. I have a question. for the attorney general of New York. Latisha James, when this issue first broke in late March on this radio programme. and that was followed up by others. Why didn't you do anything to stop it.
We certainly appreciate your report, but it does little damn good to the people who are suffering the families. As a result of these deaths, Latisha James, the Turning Journal of New York didn't do a damn thing to stop the governor in New York and the Governor New York live through his teeth, while the media, including the New York Times, kissed his ass. Let's be and highly what gave him at any and some publisher, gay but here what you find our publish, regained the book damage to producer, and then he has the gall. Yesterday, go on television, that Idiot Mccall Wallis that too I Cuba Nor am I sell us day. Go on about how government kill people government caused death- and I guess he's pointing to the Trump Administration
which only cinema, ship and thousands and thousands of Ex Rebecca ventilators and masks, and all this other stuff, because there were, if there were an honest, what is it If there was an honest story done about Cuomo, you would see he was never ready for any kind of pandemic cosy. So busy pissing money away in every other direction or when I return. I know you love me How do I know that, because you listen to my shell, My shown everything I do is all about preserving freedom in the form of government that secures it for us. It's the same with Hills Del College, one of the very best truly liberal arts colleges in the nation. That's why I talk about them all the time, because Helstone is committed to pursuing truth and defending liberty, hills don't teaches stellar stew,
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can know how to defend the freedom. You love visit, Levine for Hills, Del backup. That's l, easy! I am free hills, Delbert COM, Levine for inhales Del dotcom. Nobody says it better than Mark Laverne out an important market said nobody could say a better call. And now I read seven seven: three, eight one: three, eight one: one: Walker Well Doktor, Elaine Healy. Obviously a fan of the programme was listening and is called in. She is vice President New York, association and medical directors. Any medical director for a nursing home. In New York. How are you doctor healing I'm doing well marked. Thank you. Make of this latest report. I dont think you are surprised and the least are you.
not at all, and in fact what what the attorney general did was estimate the number of people that died from covered in the hospitals being transferred from the nursing home and using that she she came up with their number that with fifty percent higher than than what was reported. But my contention is that a lot more people died in the nursing homes and have been accounted for- and I think I might have mentioned this to you before, but a lot
people died in March and April that were not counted as covert death for various reasons, including the fact that there were mistakes on the death certificate. There was a mad rush to collect the data over a single weekend day and just a lot of different reasons. So I think there is a large number of people. They died in the nursing homes that were not, counted in that number of five or six thousand that was given out originally in April or May soldiers that there is a tremendous gaps in our knowledge of what really happened in the spring, but in addition I was telling rich people are dying. thing home still in New York state and the very high numbers, but you never hear about it. Mark you never hear about it. You know what you know. It's really upset. As I listened to you, we have an FBI investigation, a guy in his twenties who puts up beam.
I will defend this guy. I don't even know everything that he put out telling people to vote by text. They they arrest him in Florida, their ship and moved to New York City. I'm thinking to myself, why the worst crimes- and this I mean I've- never seen anything like this. The federal garments all focused on this guy, ok, fine. Meanwhile, you have a governor and his health experts and scientists. right Alain making these decisions that even a pedestrian like me when you called shown us what the hell is that I was disbelieve, any anybody would with two brain cells to run Together knows you don't put people where they were they pandemic like virus in with the elderly. I mean you, don't have to have a medical degree. Do you the worst public health decisions ever made?
I would like to know what the consequences are: greater, all these deaths and no consequences. And I said earlier the man if he ran for real, like anyone by landslides and now I know- and if you listen to is, is press conferences. I don't know if you do, but I course not up to and they covered while they cover in exquisite detailed down to the zip code of these neighborhoods, where there's micro clusters in case positivity rates and in all of this, but the people are still dying in nursing homes. In you never hear about it up again could be close to forty percent of our our fatalities. I mean that's what it is across the country and they never mention it. You can't find it on the website,
you there's nothing about north nursing, home mortality, data on the Department of Health website. Nothing- and it's never mentioned in these press conferences and nobody asked the boy- The truth is the data on the whole with a sigh, I dont know what to think that the data on co with death. is not reliable in many respects. And we we went through the CDC form they ve since us rub that you know they yeah, they brush the ECB. They can't find it anymore. They original one, but it is assumption some some of its secondary. Here we find that when it comes to nursing homes, it's the opposite, because you gotta protect the governor at all costs. you know he's a qualm, only may want to be the next president after buying your son, that sword, so they protect their people anyway What happens now, you're, the vice president in Europe, Association and of medical directors? Do you have any pull in that state.
That the organization I mean no, no, no, no way we're trying to go through the state medical society. I was just on the phone with With them one of the assembly mended putting together a task force on long term care too, you know I thought it might be a good idea if the doktor was sitting at the table along a couple That said, I don't know, I don't know how these things work. I really don't, but it's There's going to be an FBI investigation, he acknowledges it. Do you think they'll be an FBI investigation mark? Listen, I now to foil request in May or the number of people have died in New York, nursing homes start, Oregon, two thousand and nineteen all the way through May of twenty twenty, which should be public information, and I can't get to first base with it. I mean if it's an electronic database would take a couple of key
to give them for making. Then you would know how many really got what does it say that they got a cold, but if they died at ten times the rate of average monthly deaths- and you could just somebody said smarter than me- could figure out whether statistically you could, make the case, for I don't know had it to me and I'm maybe it's easy for me to say this, but if one of my family, my said perished as a result of this, I get together with the rest of them, are being a mass of class action suit against the state of New York. I would argue their end. and what rights they are and then and then have your deposition. The governor and his health experts so called and all the rest of them- and you know it found she there praised govern lukewarm or what do you think of that now cod and we wonder what kind of doktor that what a mess they made of it will listen what a mess. I brought this to listen to me. You broke this story wide open,
That peace in the Wall Street Journal, but coming on this programme, I think, was very- very, very important because we want immediately manner with then spread. I am pleased that you are able to do anyway and gaps you keep in touch with our general Lloyd, be grateful. likewise marking and made sure people. Remember too, were to keep talking. Numbers in their mind. What is going on today in the nursing homes right now, nobody knows you know about away. Elaine When I tell you. I have a relative in Florida whose quite So I go down there rather frequently and I watch. What's going on a flight of governor dissent as governor to Santa said, the elderly are the priority period. Everybody else comes. Second, I have data, I know whose dying I know whose vulnerable he's not playing any games they get one shot he's holding enough that the vat
so they then come back and give a second shot, because one shot doesn't do the trick and so happening is he's coming under attack, including by this Saki, the spokes idiot for the Idiot say what have they have live, only use fifty percent of their vaccines and the governors has to play deef that that decision what's he saying it's not that we wait where we're? Wasting time are just sitting on them. We have the waiter here at a time. I don't know what it is three weeks three have whatever it is before we give the second shot. We have everyone in the database. We're gonna, go back circle back and make sure they get their second shot. Otherwise, the first shot was for nothing, but the politicians like the play numbers games and say look at this. We gave at this many shots. Anything, that's fine, but I've got to make sure that people who get the shock at the second shot. Isn't that rational,
Can one up, of course, of course, eddies enter a tangley bungled, the vaccine role, Adam yeah? Oh my thank God for the Federal programme for the nursing homes. That was a Trump administration. What is there to care of us? What is that? the Trump administration arranged for a federal inoculation of nursing home residents, who staff desire right out that's working yeah It is amazing that even in this long out here is an amazing that even in this long New York Times story, they don't even mention that whereas this governor was a complete disaster, that the president stepped in and
I do address these. These local and state nursing home issues than ever. Gonna give him credit, though the governor adapt. The president gave us the vaccine and he gave us rapid testing is sent rapid, tat, kids to the nursing homes, every nursing home he did more for the nursing home. Population across the country then well, my governor did anyway. I keep up the gray work here in Europe Oh here on earth. You deserve a medal of freedom. Quite frankly, aright lane Doktor Alain Healy. Thank you very, very lucky. I got blessed. She is terrific and other we spoke to her. We should be on all the shows tomorrow. That's ok! I like that, but we're not gonna give out a number easy enough. The fine on there are now when we come back
What did I hammer on for an hour and a half last night on this programme executive orders that MR producer founded that we played cause. He worked hard. We all worked hard on this programme, but we enjoy it. We found a clip back in October. I believe was the fifteenth give or take that preposterous interview with George Stephan Artless Clinton, Democrat dressed up as a phoney journalist with Joe Biden where Joe Biden said now, we're not gonna. Do all that we like I'm, I'm not a dick this democracy, I believe in democracy. I wouldn't I can actually executive orders and, of course he did and is, and we play that clip three times and fox and friends played it. I want to thank them for their attribute. Did you get? Did you hear that attribution distribution? I missed it too, but that said.
everybody today is talking about the dictator or the oligarchy or the monarch, Joe Biden, because yet again I hollered almost there. Top of my lungs, where the hell is everybody. this guy sitting there making laws signing them one. For another. After another all aspects of our culture. Our society is violating the It will constitution where the Republicans worthy Law suits and their more lawsuits coming, but where the law suits from the Republicans in Congress from there In the Senate, jointly showing in saying wait a minute, you're usurping our authority under article one, you can't do that now we got it, we understand Executive orders and a lot of them out there, but nobody We're sat there and use them one after another to write laws we spent. At a time on this? I won't do it again, search
and push the narrative and a lot of these actions by the way I want to thank the near it shoot me they washed imposed, MR, but if you're not gonna, believe this a fairly balanced article on this issue of unity? What does it mean really in trouble uses it means different things to different people and guess what the washed and posted this time is to produce. They quoted me, but they coded me as conservative actual host, no, not right wing. It's not right wing Vaclav In- and there were three report is on this. I don't have it in front of me all right. I took my hat: I'm leaving wearing one, but said conservative talk show, I said. While what happened to them right back then I know you love freedom. How do I know that, because you listening,
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No cost every month start receiving in reading and Primus, so you can know how to defend the freedom. You love visit, Levine for Hills, Del Backup, that's l, a violin, fray, Helstone about COM, Levine for Helstone dot com also, I see here this manipulation of the year of the market. To save these, fun, billionaires punish these retail traders. What is this one? This one
but that suspended? Why was called Robert Hunter, something I wrap Robin Hood app? Why do they do that? I think the only reason they would do that is to protect their these billionaire, these hedge fund billionaires. There is no reason to to freezing, Did they do exactly? They stop trades right? You can only sell you couldn't by you. only sell you couldn't by Robin Hood APP, they block retail, invite there's from purchasing site. That is outrageous. That is contemptible, unbelievable they can buy they. What are they
do they blocked the the fee. The buying you could only sell, I believe, a word for games and I m c really outrageous that needs to be investigated. Show the vine people be all topics the populace and also they liked claim. I think that's that's what I want to get back to these executive waters. We ve got to stand up to this kind of journey. We ve got a stand up sort of thing. You're not gonna, find it in the main media bureaucracy, Joe Scarborough show. He is a mental patient. Or the pact itself roommate of his meek. and of the third Reich experts who come on his pro. In comparison to Hitler. If I disagree with it, that's a sick show in others
however, show is a sick, show stupid people, radical people in the case of the scar, barrows washed up people who couldn't get a job anywhere else unbelievable. But this is a big deal, these executive orders and what's going on with these executive, then you get a guy like John carry. You know you figure here, and no no he's he said yesterday? They completely undermines everything that their wanting to do in terms of destroying our capitalist system cut one go. He also knows The Paris alone is not enough. Not when almost ninety percent of all of the that's emissions. Global emissions come from outside of U S! Borders! Why why why why why wait a minute.
ninety percent of global emissions come from outside Europe, for we have nothing to do So why would you destroy the american economy? Ladies and gentlemen,. Why would you destroy the american economy to and climate change? now that comes out of horse faces all mouth right there and treatment. that is unbelievable. Believer about what this guy has us many six foot luxury yacht has achieved for. He's married in the wealthy didn't make any of it is on his own Mary day. I believe a melon Paul, melons daughter. Originally, then he of course married Heinz. So he's married. Had all this wealth he lives.
A lap a luxury takes advantage of the luxurious. Lifestyle that he married into he's a disgrace. So if you're in fifty thousand dollars a year, even if you're in a hundred thousand dollars a year work in an oil or whatever he doesn't give a damn about just begun. Ladies and gentlemen, and I shall return from the West one podcast network
he's here now: broadcasting permanently underground demand, both in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. A mark of an air are apparent. Eighty seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one well enough: add to this yesterday, but I have it needed to be got to the San Francisco School Board. Changing names course getting rid of Washington and Lincoln and die in fine style that last Wednesday Rock colored only they must reduce. Why are we the dicing these schools.
And understand it's a blue state, there's no way around it but federally. Why we? What? Why do we subsidize these? Because one of the teaching our children in these classroom, other and your genitalia, not biological psychological. then, the sixteen nineteen project on how the Hate- America, hey Capitalism, hate you. Founding hate. The constitution hate the declaration hate your parents. Why are we paying for this. You know we come on here. We talk about these things. We see these things. I see no legislative action on these things to you, folks, if so where's the leadership on this. Now can we, as Americans agree. There were a great country, the answer today, no apparently we cared we
and agree that, where a great country now, if, if you're gonna teach children or for pay for others to teach our children to hate our country. Then we're not going to have a country. You can see the consequences of it now. So this is a huge problem as far as I'm concerned, so that when they're gonna take they? What? What do we call the schools marks? You know they have these point. Quaint names marks and. Obama, for sure will name, you know we're gonna name a whole lot of schools after the Obama's Michelle Obama Elementary School, the Brok Obama School further. Its technology and stuff like that, maybe Lebron James or get a school but ninety Plaza may many schools after Nancy Pelosi. Mr producer.
Just a matter of time. I would thank you John Kerry. Having said that, ninety percent of all the planet submissions global emissions come from outside of the United States just made. Case on why he and buying in these other crackpots crackpots, but then Today I am ass Alice D in response to the phoney reporter Andrea Mitchell. This happens cut to go. Let me say something that Mitch we're gonna have to say yesterday. Yes, please noted yesterday that even if the United States somehow brought our carbon emissions to zero, it wouldn't make much difference there's a piecemeal grain,
today? It is the wrong proscription. First one I didn't say it will make any difference. I said it won't make the difference that will save tat inhabit if we force you to get ready, your yacht and your jet, your lifestyle, that that would have a major impact on our ten percent. Wouldn't it aren't you sick of these frauds. hypocrites, whether their governors, locking down people and going off and have any good old timer. This kind of stuff. I didn't say that now you did. Eighty eight we haven't audio about anyway go ahead because all of the world has to be at the table. The only point I was maybe we need to reduce our emissions. We have the second largest emitter in the world and China and the or not its number one number two. What are we emitting carbon dioxide number three? What's carbon dioxide, where
I got it. I had to teach their great science over and over and over again it's not apply What is it anybody? Anybody? What is carbon dioxide. It's a necessary element of our atmosphere, because without carbon dioxide we have no plants, none not one and without plants would not have what's called oxygen And if we don't have oxygen, we die. but don't worry John Kerry. Al Gore and Joe by at least like the three is dumbest human beings on the planet and they lead this charge. Don't you think go ahead together. That's it almost fifty percent of all emissions in the world. So, yes, we have to do that. China and the United Look at any together. That's almost fifty percent of all his kinsmen. You just said China's forty percent or ten percent. China has
when tension in complying with anything through the midst of destroying Hong Kong, making over Taiwan grabbing the South South China Sea, they have other intentions and he's focused on us is an idiot. In that that he doesn't understand why you cannot agree with him cut three go. This is so logical, I don't understand the opposition, I don't think there's any gain and politically Gus massively the because we all want the nation destroyed. We don't want our economy turned into a bread basket. We don't want all of our jobs lost you idiot where energy independence. This is what we ve been trying to do for half a century. Consider the amount that we produce in this country are air is as clean as it could ever be. Our water is as clean as
can ever be. But for these people these radicals, these extremists. This is a religion, it's an ideology, so Gotta, keep squeezing and squeezing and squeezing tell you destroy the economy. and then you won't have to worry about anything. Could you not using anything now exotic focusing on what does she hates being called a Yossi, so I dont curiosity. I use the Yiddish MR producer now why she has a platform anything is beyond me. She caught the intelligence of a second greater and I mean a not a particular case. One second greater either she the experience of what she has no experience, she's a twin. We used to call people like this twits she's, a twin.
But don't worry, she was on MSNBC. Just look at this line up. They have on the same assembly said they bringing carry. No damn thing about the subjects, not train and nothing. I think at the line the sharp Larry O Donnell. What I, what a Rachel mad cow, smile message, Momo, my God, it's like it's like one of these vaudeville type, shows our circus. My wife would kill me now, but you know what I mean anyway: cut forego, even if folks, in the past, sector, for example, an automotive company doesn't want to get with the programme here. What are you gonna? Do where you going Hey you wanna. Even if the automobile companies and they don't want to get with the programme. What is
It is a yo see going to do after her red two years in Congress and are five years at the bar tender in and with what, we gonna do go ahead on track to obsolete Sense- and this is where public policy can be powerful enough, for example, shut up you idiot. What are we We listened to her. Tell us tell us what you think What to do what you say you when you're other fascistic friends
Have you in your other anti semitic friends? Now, yes, tell us teller tell us what should we do so we do and then and then what are we going to do in the world of work? We don't want. Why is it that we don't look at the experience of the left? Let's take a look at California. California is an aquarium of left wing. Squid, wouldn't you say MR reduce its debts there. They took the what was the greatest state in the country, the richest state in the country. They made it the poor state in the country and energy independent state, for all intents and purposes, and made A disastrous energy dependence stay with brown out some black ass. They push their climate change agenda and what do you get mass of fires because they won't do the things
sorry to manage their forests. Yet the highest taxes in the country give the worst services in that country. You have illegal immigrants, Rome on the street. You ve got drug use all of play. She got fecal matter in your main cities there, which are dodging Is there Nevada that they have point for us? Ladies and gentlemen, since their Nevada. There, school suck their hospital are beginning to regress. It is a state in severe decline. People can't get the hell out of their fast enough. California, here we come, nobody even sings that song anymore, and I remember everybody wanted to go to. California was the land of operative fantastic, but the light
Ronald Reagan. The governor Great governors p well, so do major and I look like what you Heather Newsome with a little dabble. Do you dumb as adorn up that guy. And a hypocrite, of course, I'll. Let you stay home or else stay off the bed stay out of the ocean, don't do a damn thing. May send a my kids, the private school. The little dabble do me and of course, Many of the finest restaurants, so you do, as I say, not as I do, and that's all these democratic, but how more experiments to we need look at New York. We have this clown Cuomo, who wins by massive numbers. He can win for the rest of his life, he's he's he is a book,
he's cause people their lives because people their lives, he gets an army that shows you help what a bunch of morons or in the entertainment business. So we have Zonia Cassio cartels and now sugars. Care her so he's even more leftwing Lenny normally does he's. Maybe he's he's move so far left now even worse than he usually does, because he said Fraid she's going to challenge them in a primary and beta. Isn't that fantastic New York with me, but don't worry a lot of Democrats and liberals who who destroyed that stator on the move, they're on the move, they're moving to Florida and moving to Tennessee no tax states, small government.
public, and so they can crap all over those states to turn them into my Virginia and turn them into Georgia. That's right. I said it. Locusts,. I'll be right back more than forty, percent of Americans say their top. New year's resolution is to save money and the next year will, let's check that box right now, when your family switches to pure talk from eighteen Verizon or T mobile. You could save over eight hundred dollars a year. That's real money every single month right back in your pocket, and you don't have the sacrifice coverage either, pure it is on the same network, is one of those big carriers, but they charge you half that's right, no gimmicks, no fluff added to your bills, which is why pure talk is that top rated wireless company by consumer affairs and how about this offer right now get unlimited talk, text and six gigs of data for just thirty bucks
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S parlour and it was deep platform by Google APP. Amazon and more its clear that left as social media giants, we're a hub for alleged criminal behaviour of take down a parlour was purportedly based on its unique. All in fomenting hate, on line relating to its alleged outside role in the events at the Capitol General Sixth, having spent a couple days weeding through the deal Jays published, arrest, reports, rights at legal and select insurrection I found a little mention of parlor but plenty of alleged criminal conduct, referencing Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. In the charging document of the nineteen Justice Department, press release is published to date, including the attached affidavits, which he touches and other documents where play
Regarding the person's charge for involvement in the cap with a hell riots, their multiple and lengthy references to Facebook, you too and Twitter. This is not an exact The listing of the reported hundred seventy arrests made thus far, but this post reflects only those materials the Department of Justice is made available at the time of this writing. Parlor is mentioned in only two with Facebook. References for. Dwarfing. The parlor references in one and the other being and unprofessional ideological ran against parlor. Five do not mention any of these sites, so The big lie out there and, of course, I'm quoting Joe Biden who quotes Goebbels.
The big lie out there is at parlor is we're all this hate is taking place when, in fact, it's not parlor at all. It's Facebook and Twitter and Google, when he may that, MR producer, you see how they lie. The narrative is created, you see Heaven Out of his created, ladies and gentlemen, poor parlors their having to defend itself defend its business. It's under attack by the very entities By the very entities I were apparently entities that were used to promote hate criminality. So, what's going to be done with this information, absolutely nothing. This is why you have every right to despise the big media and despise big tech, because they feed your mouth
lies day in and day out now that legal insurrectionists pointed this out, and I've made it known to now millions and millions of you. Let's see how the Washington Post followed with a near times. Let's see how many people question Zuckerberg and what's the twitter idiots name that spooky Duke? What's his name, Jack, Dorsey Jack Dorsey, what a strange bird does even know: there's fleas in his beard does even real. As Mr Barroso, I don't think so. Did you folks know this I'll bet? You didn't isn't that shocking and now that we have these narratives out there and everybody believes it takes weeks and weeks, if not months, to catch up with the truth. That's the problem.
And speaking of the big lie, we have some great catches me websites out there a lot of young people Noel Garden Year. The left keeps accusing conservatives of the big light cord I caught a term invented by Hitler. Is he prepared to persecute German Jew Spit in your social feed or on your television- in the newspapers a dozen or more times today alone. She writes the term the Big Buy used by an elected official, pundit columnists disk. have any challenge to official narrative about the twenty. Twenty years presidential election presented, Joe Biden has accused present trumps senator TAT. Few Senator Josh Holly of a big lie represented Maisie Harun, but on Anderson Cooper, they'll kill the republican senators of a big lie. Dominion voting, Systems has alleged a big lie in law, so to get
Brodie drilling ADI fake tapirs used the term big lie repeatedly on twitter and on air to describe allegations of fraud and the twenty twenty election. That guy is a sick bastard. He just is no offense fence, Limburg explain the analogy in September: quote: Adolf Hitler in Gaol Bosses Minister propaganda espoused a technique known as the big lie, which involve repeating a colossal falsehood. until the public came to believe it was true. You know like the one against parlour and it goes on. And so we have the media and the Democrats, accusing conservatives, Republicans and people who dare to question what took place in the election, particularly as it applies to the constitution. As Goebbels like with the big lie, the big lie.
wait till you here with the Philadelphia. Enquire has to say about the use of hip I'll, be right back large, Levant Michel lie. a national at eight. Seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Well Buying a home has never been easier or more affordable. True because more. The greater sticking near record lows which means bars have a bigger budget. The work with now so, instead of waiting until spring to look at homes, you really start today, because I can find some great deals, call my friends at him can financing and begin the mortgage pre approval process. You got an accurate picture of how much
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nobody. Nobody, nobody, not animal less consumer access, not or so big tech tries to silence that people. On behalf of the advocates of the government, and now we have organised efforts by financial institutions to protect billionaire hedge fund operators,. And we have Joe Biden signing executive orders like he's a dictator and imperial monarch. If you will all about centralized power, financial power, communications and government, all in the name of the people, all in the name of the people will just give them stuff.
We're plate or our base will divide them in order to conquer them or play right into our hands, and they do. I'm going to show you how this works. I'm going to show you how this works? There's a load, some person, a reprobate by the name of Hakeem Jeffries, he's a member of Congress hard to believe. So. If you supported Trump, then you're part of the white supremacists, and domestic Paris. And, of course, none of this language incites anybody. Ladies and gentlemen, none of it not that language and site any by perfectly fine. Nobody's, moving to expel him from the House of Representatives. Are they cut eleven go, but every available option to hold him accountable? Had his airlines should be undertaken, Donald Trump as a private citizen? In them
exist, then the fascists really there's an overlap in the democratic party. Think this is the old Soviet Union was Stalin, so they want to track them down like he's Trotsky in South America and hang them on a meat hook. Only then when Hakeem Jeffries be happy, go ahead and doing the biz the american people, both in terms of defending our democracy and I always turned a hockey jeffreys when it comes to defending our democracy. Dont you, Mr Bit, is nobody defends our democracy in our our traditions are economic system, our principles like hacking, Jeffreys and the Democratic Party. Nobody to quote the Democrats, Hakim big lie. Baby big lie, go ahead,
Under the leadership of Joe Biden, speaker policy and leader Schumacher went leadership. You idiot the three old stooges of politics, Galahad going to be a cow, by the domestic terrorists in the white supremacist, an enemy com And who want to stop us in our tracks des if we want to stop the radicals in their tracks? We are now white, supremacist domestic terrorist, an enemy combatants. Now this eyes in the leadership of the Democratic Party. This guy is big on the impeachment management and this guy's and and. Anybody how come they washed and composting generics limes? How come the constant did news network and Emma sell us D. Don't I'll do stories only the incendiary language used by Democrats and used by Democrats who our hosts, on their very
shows how come they don't talk about the I'll. Tell you why her friends and news busters will tell you why Lindsey Cornick talk about throwing God ones law out the window. She writes the latest, stop it from the Philadelphia inquired umbrella, the Philadelphia inquires even worse than the New York Times at the Washington Post. I mean it is a disaster. I grew up with his crap newspaper, but listen to this. This latest stop it from the thought of the inquiry go so far as to compare Donald Trump to Hitler on Holocaust remembrance day- and I assume Joe by Jo S, garbo- do that I dont know there will be in his warehouse what a mist reducing. Let's continue here, as I'm trying to find where I left off
On January, twenty seven required enquire editor David Lee Preston did his part in remembering one of the worst to trust. reason: humanity by what else, comparing President Donald Trump Adolf Hitler his peace. Happily titled is wrong to compare Trump. The Hitler no dive straight to the point that yes, it's now ok to connect a former you as president to a nazi dictator. Somehow I bet this controversial headline won't even garner. A second glance by the staff revolted this summer over an article titled buildings matter to Preston, began Many people find it offensive to use the Holocaust as a yardstick for the political excesses of the last four years. That culminated in the storming of Washington on January six. They believe that dimension, Donald Trump Anita, fail in the same breath is
let's get on Sunday in an award speech, disrespects the millions of innocent victims and survivors diminishing the enormity the Nazis crimes as a sort of holocaust survivor, isn't a grandson of for murder Jews. I might be expected to agree, but I dont what a piece of a you know what this guy is. You can only imagine his grandparents and others in his family exterminated by the Nazis. It's too bad. They can't speak for themselves instead in
ed? This guy does pressed it attempted to compare the two and broad and highly inaccurate terms, such as the child migrants in cages, Muslims banned from entering the Eu S. These are lies: Muslims, weren't banned in children and migrant cages. Of course, that started those cages were built under Obama Biden. I guess so bombers Hitler than right must reduce, who would bigamy even Braun? I donno corner this guy's logic, Its main source of comparison comes mostly from the capital attack on January six. Not only did he claimed Trump figuratively drove bus loads of angry Americans to Washington this month, an egg them on after they got their corn unquote. He also explicitly compared the data Crystal MAC.
There absolutely different once again, the Capitol Hill Attack was reprehensible. What it wasn't was a night, a widespread slaughter and destruction targeting and oppress minority. Any comparison that it too is disgusting, especially during time, we're supposed to honour the eleven million lives lost or law like us, including six million european Jews. Finally pressed and tried to save face by stating that he's not suggesting called the trump would have become another Hitler that Trump ISM is equitable. Excuse me is equal to Nazi as well. That would be the bare minimum of courtesy immediately undermined by ending with this quote, it is sacrilegious to suggest a link between had learned trunk question mark. I don't think so. I'd say keeps us vigilant for the warning signs. So basically, I'm not saying Trump ISM is Nazi ISM, but Tromp ism could be nazi fascism server. One can start comparing trumped Hitler now list
this nation needs is more line, fear mongering and division of the last thing. The solemn holocaust remembrance day needed was a sideshow at more whiny trump comparisons to Hitler, Spike Lee over the great spike Lee, but a punk what a punk makes millions and millions of the society by attacking it. I am so sick of these hypocrites. You have no idea. Why don't they lived the life, they demand the rest of us live. Why don't? They live a life that they pointed so magnificent and other countries, because they don't want to it's easier to be a hero.
in America. You say for doing nothing but sitting on your ass and attacking this country. That's what they do and sports when you watch these sports castors, how many of them serve this country sit there on their overpaid fat. Asses complained about this country to the wealthiest people in the country, white, black hispanic and everything else is in an amazing the diversity and nobody sees race, but they can't stop talking about it down for the revolution, except if a revolution touch their home for their boats or their cars vacations or their bank accounts. Mona mountain went up for that revolution.
Take it from everybody else. Not for me. Oh that revolution, that revolution I'll be right. Back forty. Percent of Americans say their top. New year's resolution is to save money and the next year will, let's check that box right now, when your family switches to pure talk from eighteen tv arise and her team. Oh you could save over eight hundred dollars a year. That's real money every single month right back in your pocket and you don't have the sacrifice coverage either pure it is on. The same network is one of those big carriers, but they charge you half that's right, no gimmicks, no fluff added to your bills, which is why pure talk is that top right, wireless company by consumer affairs, and how about this offer right now get unlimited talk text and six gigs of data for just thirty bucks,
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Served in the military and thank the air force, he was part of the capital police force. He was part of the metropolitan police force for twenty five years and he was my Ober driver today must produce, may invention. I go to Florida every two three four weeks for a number of reasons, but in particular visit a family member has been ill In any event there I am at the Palm Beach International Airport, there's really nothing international about it, but it's PBS Cradle Airport, and I take this flight and. Plenty of time to get back in time to do radio. Mr producer, this very limited flights and so again on the plane and we're sitting there. Ten minutes goes by fifteen minutes. I know it's not the whether its Florida, so snow
Thirty minutes go by and the pilot gets on any says very good radio voice actually, and he says. I don't know. I would take this long where little low on oil on I'm waiting for the mechanic to get here and give us our oil. So he said it very irritated. Try said to the flight attendant. What do you know about this and she basically blooming? I don't know anything else, use me when some pretzels now I want to go. We want our delayed because the mechanic took his good old, damn time, putting oil in the jet And then, when he's done, the pilot gets on any says. We don't know where the mechanic want were waiting for the papers. We got a sign that papers when anything done and we're waiting for so we're waiting for me. What was this guy? Who is this guy. the airlines are hurting,
on the airlines are holding onto their precious jobs and there's some schmuck. so we were in our life man, ran like I have a run in a long time. Mr produce, it's not good. For me, my wife at this- not good for me when I'm half an imperfect, so this particular airport dollars I'm not sure where the Hell Wilbur guy comes. They changed everything that we do a lot of members when he changed everything. So first I run down stairs And apparently now those are not the sort of an ideal area or island area that you're gonna walk like two things over to get there. So I get there I say to the guy works. There is this where Wilbur picks up, and he looks at me. we're only proper you, no official clothes. This name what the hell I settle, etc. I must be in there
place. I'm that's! U shy, ran back up so Edward Contacts, he says where it. Where are you, nice and I'll? Be there soon I sent whereas this place and is describing it to me again. I don't take over latina No, no, it's the other fats. I had a runaway bank damage to petition poor mark, and there was Edward Goal- is a cucumber good guy. Chicken thank Edward for tonight show because I wouldn't be here otherwise. Now the funny thing is a MR producer will tell you. This will tell you this at Fox the play this at Blaze and Levin tv I prepped all day and all night long, I rich two in the morning I wake up early, five Morning and I'm sending stuff, and also I was ready to roll problem, is I needed to be there and then we have our great. In addition, a great rich, whose booby since forever.
There are great cause, greener, Richie, who is also a pod. always has sits in the saddle. Just in case we have a technological problem which is frequently, but I gave them a heads up, icy care, Richie Ready, but luckily I was able to get here thanks to Edward, so shut out the upward anybody Cayona. Nobody cares tar eye to use Hitler. Fellow think alright, to use healthcare when you're talking about Trump, alright to white supremacists, an enemy combatants and domestic terrorists when talking about Trump Supporters- and none of that incites any, what if we use that language against the left or minorities or Democrats or the. That be under your career, the under your life, in terms of making any future progress,
Profession or other you'd be banned from so many things you couldn't even count. You couldn't even count em, but if you want to trash Conservatives and constitutional ass you wanna can trash Republican off holders you wanna trash trump supporters. Honestly, you wanna trash white people, go. You can say whatever the hell you want to whatever you want to that matter, say it go with it. People getting sick of this they're just getting tired of it. Because here's the here's the little lie that poppy be not the big lie. The little I most. People in this country are good people, regardless of their race. They don't want trouble with anybody. They don't want confrontation
They want to live their lives, they want to be happy. They want to pull little money away for vacations for college whatever it is, they want their kids to go to. Schools had actually work and equality schools they want to have a decent. And they're not out to hurt anybody or cause any kind of show that the vast majority, the american people, but that's not the way- vast majority. The american people are portrayed by politicians and by the media. Academia and Hollywood were a good people. I'll be right back from the asked, would one podcast network.
Ladies and gentlemen, this final, our the pod cast, is sponsored exclusively by aim at the Association of mature american citizens. Now over two million conservative member strong, a MAC, believes in and stands up for, the values that we care about: faith, family and freedom. Thank you for listening and please support Amer and you can become a member at a MAC dot. U S. Slash Joe Now, broadcasting, I'm lonely underground demand both than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader here our number eight seven, seven Bree. I want to create one want eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one well
John carries family trying to pull this up here. Yes, fuck John crazed family still on private jet, as he leads climate fight of hay records, indicate that you won't This anywhere else fox, maybe has it as I should say, but maybe your post stuff like that, but that's it s a records indicate that the family of? U S special envoy for climate change, John Kerry, owns a private jet. Despite its position, adding fossil fuels and the new administration, the FDA. History, shows a Gulf stream aerospace jet. That's a big jet own by flying squirrel. L L see the name previously reported for two. signs carries private charter, jet company.
Companies listed address matches that of the Hind family foundation. You see how many layers of deceit they create because they want this to be opaque. The White House did not immediately responded Fox news request for comment. Neither did the hind family office, do the FDA records. The jets registration certificates was issued on July two thousand five and expires October. Twenty twenty three badly Is not alone all these Hollywood freaks and the rest are liars, while clear, exactly how much carried benefited from his wife's company well uses? The damned plain: does any private jets happiness demanded to emit upwards of forty times as much carbon per passengers commercial flights. We look forward to the anti carbon, lectures from my guy who travels the globe on private jets of luxury lots reads: a near post editorial enduring is twenty
For presidential on, carries campaign made sixty payments to his wife's charter, Jack Company, calling a quarter of a million dollars, his latest twenty. Thirteen, its executive branch personnel, financial disclosure showed carry owning over one million dollars and assets for flying. Well I'll, see through his wife. These NEO marxist Marxists, are very wealthy men. Mean the ones and government, the ones in business. They want to control you. They want to control your lives. Many of you. You know you eke out a living, so I work in a shop, the actual keg exile pipeline, the keystone. All these poor people put a work, shutting our minds all these poor people put out of work and they just I say, and I won't get a job in a solid company which, of course you want with them
God, knows how many you illegal aliens coming over in the Chinese doing what they're doing and all the rest. And yet they get away were representing the little people. That's mostly because of the press, press. His full of liars benefactor. What did I do that, MR right here faked time, Jake Tapir, has maybe more than anybody else, maybe starters, and there a couple hours but Jake Tapir has utterly destroyed his reputation, his character and his professionalism absolutely is destroyed himself. Trump pushed him over the edge. but to be pushed over the edge like that. Ladies and gentlemen, you always had to have a screw or too loose. Syria's here is a montage thanks to gray me in a great site where Jake Tapir UPS,
passively uses mega terrorists talking point Magda terrorists talking point cut. Fourteen go How did these domestic terrorist storm, the nations capital be capital ransacked by maggot terror, the assaults perpetrated by them? terror, terrorists, the mega, recent Mega terror as Asthma attack by man, terrorism mega terrorist, more a terrorist attack on the Eu S cap, it all right, domestic terrorism, a huge problem, this country, nobody supports terrorist attacks or used to think that anyway, but nobody rational supports their terrorist attacks, The repercussions for your colleagues who played a role in inciting this terrorist attack, you can't have presidents of the United States, inciting terrorist attacks on the capital incited terrorist, modern, cited the terrorist attacks and the terrorists that he has emboldened, but after the terrorist attack on the capital
deadly terrorist attack deadly riot, the terrorist attack of deadly terrorist attack- that's that's not even including the terrorist attack new clues James six capital attack. It may just be the beginning of more right way, extremist mega terrorist attacks in America they managed well higher apparent. Don't you think, Mr Pollution and it would actually some better, but he has no problem with the de facto oil actions of the present. The United States, which I hammered on and harmonised and hammered out last night, wondered where all the media were. Apparently, we woke up part of America. part of the elites in Washington D C. As a rapporteur that asked Jane passivity. I know the peace sign up and I don't care what what is it. fine, choosing, executive actions. What is all this cut? Fifteen
the story of executive order ran on the shore, unity integration, they heavy a president for all Americans, but since you ve been largely acting unilaterally unevenly songwriter executive order, he has not yet met with lawmakers, I'm not quite sure he's talking to him saying to Americans who are watching these executive words Herschel. I don't know, there's reporters, but I want to congratulate her for listening to the mark. Levin radio show what about that per sacking. Go ahead, I think that this is the best way to make policy considering and opposing president could come back in four years from now to raise all the work he has done. With this view, there is a lot to unpack there, so I meet. Let me try my best. First, the president put forward a lot. And bold covered a relief package. One point: nine cuddling involve about spending.
I gave a drunken marxism- bold, very bold, you now to subsidize the teachers unions to pay off pensions and blue states to up to what it can do. What exactly four one. Nine trillion dollars go ahead is meant to address the challenges the american people are facing the dual crises that we are that the country is facing from the pandemic too. Economic recession. As a result, that package has the support of your asked about all the executive orders. Their genius go ahead. Kent's according to if all that we have seen publicly released. So I would say first that part of Europe,
in the country, is addressing the problems that the American cannot addressing any problems. You're not coming up with new vaccines, trumpeted you're, all confused about the complexity of distribution. Trumps team was taken that head on. I don't know what the hell you people are doing actually than issuing. Yet These sir muzzle leaning type dictates, which are attacking the private sector. All this is attacking the private sector, go ahead. Sixteen in terms of executive actions, he also ran with a commitment to takes immediately to address deep the pain and suffering that the american people were feeling out even a very good propaganda solution. I don't want to hear Jake the fake type of go on and I won't have her on my show. You know because she just doesn't tell the truth. You won't hear that from the
The painted news now worker I Marseilles day or the freaks and frauds and Congo line buffoons at that our house on these these are network. Now, you're, not gonna, hear a damned thing about her tat day. Well, you're, go ahead, puts overturning something detrimental harm and at times and moral policies and actions on just shut up. You idiot, you don't even know what you're saying she's trying to be The Jesse Jackson of the press corps would the yeah, you know sort of harmony and rhythmic talking, and so she can't do it just keeps throwing things out there. You ask the question: why is the you work for acting like a dictator, you Eddie at that time, bringing coveys any with no answer the media? We find women. Look at the Rehder Revolution, then I just say that MR producer freely
I'll, be right. Back more than a The association of mature american citizens is one of the fair Describing organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and on one of them a macbook, in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk a MAC fights old time: presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond but to see joining a MAC gives you access, toy wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member. Only rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cellphone plants and a hell of a lot more. it's not enough! You'll get a max by Monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us we conservatives
As I said, I'm on a MAC member and you should be to join today at a MAC dot. U S! That's a m, a sea dot! U s supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot! U s! do I have to confess I haven't listened to everybody today and then they're, never, listen everybody in any day, but I thought the Red a revolution is something we said here: Maybe I'll say that before us, MR, I don't know. But what can need to say when I can allow other people to steal the fray. It is the Rehder Revolution and I want thank them. Their mostly young, mostly liberal. I've been there before my son chases, had me on their promoting
then tv and blaze from time to time. We need to do that more! That's on me. But these error I want to salute them. Redder revolution? That's the phrase we'll take ownership of it. Either people can use it. somebody said it before us. That's fine, then we salute them and if we find that I will give them credit, but that's what just happened. Most of you, and most of us have always what what these headphone guys do exactly what they become incredibly well. What do they do? They produce something is her some service out there now there's nothing, there's nothing. They bet on this and they bet on that, but they mostly make money on the down on the down entire. By crushing these retailers, that's pretty much what they do. They do other things
as I understand it, but they make a lot of money when a lot of other people are losing a lot of money. So this whole hedge fund area, No, I don't want the government to get environments have report I want. I want the activism, I think the people, We have power and, I think read it just demonstrated some guys lost their pants. These billing answered third there. They, like. They like the flies hovering over the body. And this is how a lot of them make their money, and so It happened and read it today is a couple of people and a lot of people and a whole lot of people wait a minute. We like this company came stop. We know their hurting. We know these hedge funds are trying to put him out completely and make money on top of it these going behind the scenes. So you know what we're gonna
Hell of a lot of this stock drive the cost up and drive these hedge fund guys out. And a lot of them are gonna lose their pants. We can do this And we don't have to be billion years. Thinking just be, tens of thousands have thought hundreds. Thousands of us and will do that and they did it. and then this one site, this app Robin Hood. They said, none at all, you can do a sell. You can't buy so obviously fronting for the Billinger Hedge Fund operate or you can do, is sound and drive the price of the stock down. You can't buy and drive the start price or to stock up I'd, say they have destroyed themselves with new mistress.
so it started on the Robin Hood. How about that? It's supposed to be a free trading up. Well, that doesn't sound like free trade. To me does a deal And Robin Hood: wasn't he stemming from the rich to give to the poor by that companies all screwed up, and I don't think they're gonna make it because who the hell would want to deal with them? Certainly not me But I want to congratulate, I want to congratulate all the is involved in the Red a revolutionary course. It spread beyond that people were hearing about it, but still but he had a start. It some platform had a push back and they did and this should give you also, I hope, I'm not, Ty Wall Street- I'm not anti hedge phenomenon it,
banker, but I am anti oligarchs humanity oligarchs than man, I'm sure a capitalist. hapless capitalism is, and even the right word. I use it. That's ok, because that's the way it s like Progressive ISM is the right word. I use it in order, so don't keep explaining it all the time, but it's not the right word statism is the right word for progressive ism. As I wrote about long ago, liberty and tyranny, but it is. Even more now NEO Marxism Marxism, because they are truly borrowing heavily from marks and his ideology embrace a black lives matter and anti and all the rest, these are marxist organizations combined with corporatist combined with self serving buffoons, whether their basketball. fires or whether their politicians,
Does Reddit revolution as we've been calling it. I just can't give raises up the people who rip us off master videos, I don't mind them ripping us off, but I am not going to surrender it. It's just too good. Hopefully this is a big deal, and now they don't know what to do. The cabal doesn't know what to do, but it was pointing out his Wall Street back Joe Biden in this election heavily. why? Because war streets not about competition law streets, not about America first and they didn't like metropolis doing with Communist China. I didn't like his trade, Look, I was a sceptic early on not anymore. and I am a free market capitalist, but that.
Trading with communist China that stealing our technology! Now you can't have a that that the concept of a free market with Communist China is irrational, so logical. There ain't that can't be such a thing. That's like somebody comes in your house to steal your somewhere and you're still conducting business with them. Now you stole my self don't you believe in free markets, child what what what you stole! My son where you stole our technology, you're, stealing our proprietary information and then and now you want, you want to participate in and purchase other things are now. Don't you stole my self aware. You don't believe in free markets and you must be a transfer not me. I'm pure you're, not pure you're frauds, you frauds.
But this this revolution, it'll be trashed vote where the Wall Street Journal goes with theirs and the rest of them now look at where we have. We don't have a very comfortable, secure, predictable mark. Why handful of people walk away rich Norman, its number of people walk away port. You know, and you think, about stocks most of you Stocks, even though you know by individual stocks, your pension fund, your IRA, your for one k, mutual funds. Most of you have said You don't know anything about your start. I don't know much about my stock, but their people who do play this all that I'm at some level really really good at, but you can't you and have a platform that only allows you to sell in order to accommodate Billionaires, that's not. One a number to hedge fund manner These are the only one who get two partners
paid in the year in the year in the stock market, in a significant way. I just think today was a big day, an historic day in many respects, where we actually are trying to get back the capitalist rather the manipulation- and, I might add the thing about this as its very transparent but star, read it and spread. Everybody knows what took place in silver. Who are these hedge fund managers? Anyone whoever they are, not really I'll be right back. the association and mature american citizens is one of the fastest organizations in America. Now over two million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a MAC,
lives in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about? More than talk a MAC fights a full time. Presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. but to see joining a MAC gives you access, toy wealth benefits and discounts, including, special member. Only rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cellphone plants and a hell of a lot more and if that's not enough, you'll get a max by monthly magazine full of insightful articles on the issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives as I said, on a MAC member and you should be to join today at a MAC dot. U S! That's a m! A sea dot! U S
supporting the liberal agenda, that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot. U S the risk. Is that Nations Town Hall Meeting and you Who can join in at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven? Let's take some calls, I would say: let's see here, I'm looking for my. Chris, is dead, but I don't see that he called it He would I'm just saying MIKE lift New Jersey, the great debut ABC, might go right ahead place. Thank you marketable you to speak to you, Earlier you called out year when you're segments talking about how the left constantly use words like Nasty Nazi, nazi and white supremacist terrorist committed. Lucy affected so ridiculous. I do they think no one has any sense of history,
my mom is ninety two inches from ITALY and when she was a teenager, she was in Naples and when the actual Nazis came to town I remember her telling this to us. I have three siblings when I was very young. She said the landlord of her building our apartment building was dead, and, of course, they all knew the that he was but the Nazis were calling out to him, they want to speak to him. Of course you didn't hear it couldn't turn it in turn around, so to make it up I too shall we wonder there in charge. No, they grab them in front of everybody, just shot him in front in the head and for everyone so um. to you that these terms are really has no effect. I think on people who, who know a little better use. These terms demonstrates a couple of things. My penny see. If you agree that the People have no sense, no sense of history whatsoever.
that is that you don't know what were they don't care that they believe their lives their fame? Their importance is more important than anything now or in the future. There politics is dangerous in violence, and they really don't care about the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust or they wouldn't conduct themselves. As why period, your thoughts right I agree totally and now we have members of the house calling other members are admitted. It's bizarre mark, you talk about a lot and you have met. You have Democrats who are now accusing Republicans White supremacists of NEO Nazis, conspiring with domestic terrorists and conspiring with enemy combatants, and Keep something in my MIKE I've been saying this freedom since JANET,
six notice that the language that the left uses the language, the Democrat uses constant references to the third Reich Storm troopers, which is kind of interesting, considering, was the National Socialist Party bodily and his kind of interest, then consider its their newspapers. The New York Times at the Washington Post that covered up the holocaust and it's kind of interest Thanks since it was their President Franklin, Roosevelt, who turned jewish refugees back, who he knew it exterminated it's kind of interesting all of this, and then The party that has a big problem of anti Semitism and now several Ty Semites had been hired, quite frankly by the bad abide administration and they like to throw these terms around. It, shut its end and they're, not there's no self policing, there's no admonishment Jake Tapir does a left and right. They all do The only a Scarborough show it's done left and right millions and millions of people further to this way and then, when it comes to us
hiding insurrections, inciting anger, inciting this inciting the they take. No responsibility for whatsoever. None. Equally we see that over and over again I write best to you and your family MIKE you take care of yourself. I let us continue Brian Saint James, New York, the great them ABC go Brian go right ahead, plague. Listening, I'm listening on heart radio. I am a deliberate driver for one of the four delivery services. And one of the places I used to deliver. A lot too was actually the actual nursing home, we're Doktor, Healy, inform and thinking a couple in the area and I just wanted to say some of my best customers, but from their oftentimes, the children of the parents
in order for them and I was able to go into the nursing home and actually help set up in on their tables in alike and hospital setting and help them, and they appreciated what I did for them. In I have to say that it's hard right. You don't have any delivery either at its heart. Breaking that use the myth of these people and starting in in March in the they wouldn't let us come in, we had to leave the food by you know what the attendants and they would let the food sit there and then I'll be on the phone talking to one particular lady of name was Mary. They never give us last name, so you know that she would say. I really appreciate what you always did for my mother, bringing the food into her. the woman here anymore, and I really appreciate you. I just off the only
delivery about their recently is actually to staff member and I still can't go and you have to leave it at the door. It's like it's unbelievable. I know people who lost their immense. Imagine imagine your mother. your father in a nursing home or a senior facility in their dying and you're not permitted to go in that happened, the thousands of people they dying bed? They don't get to see their family, their children and their children or get to see them now. Think about that. it, doesn't get any worse than that. Does it I got it now. Does it he's got everything
You can be covered up, ok, well, well, proclaiming that he's a worthy of praise, writing books about himself in an inn and making posters showing how can only be brought us all through, like Moses, through the Red Sea of red. That's ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous and, like you said, if it, if he ran for election tomorrow, all these morons would vote him right back in again, and then they complain about the high taxes and every like you said like like locust, they most other states when they get tired of it and then they they they vote for the same policy. When light, would me even more up the war, and this may upset some of my friends were? Who are good listeners don't know, but who listen. Is when you get a significant pension, let's say out of New York, new Jersey on my Weber.
And then you moved away low state at low tax state and the people back in New York or less still paying the punch, and then you vote for Democrats and these low tax states. So in other words You ve left that say your teacher. You ve been working in the New York City, so whatever it is, you decide man. I have a great power Can I have this in that, but I don't want to live here anymore, cause the taxes are too high in part because of you, of course, and then they To say no income tax day like Slaughter, Tennessee or whatever it is, and then they vote Democrat. These people are a selfish, as you can possibly imagine. In my view, what it? How do you view that if you the move to Florida least Votre police vote vote for the low Tax party go ahead. I think there may be a problem,
Just a like, you said, vote for the day next to the anchors, that's what they were brought up. This is not your parents, Democrat Party, you know on Kennedy would not recognise anything about what now Corner John Kennedy would be attacked by Yossi he'd, be attacked by these frauds on tv is being way to modern? more moderate than mansion. it was more conservative the match. You know they point, This guy imagine you know, is a moderate. It's not a moderate, tell throw vote here and there because it isn't gonna lose assented, see he's not Are these a liberal I my friend, and thank you for your car Brian. I can tell you right how upsetting this is Europe rich,
like many sought that lets say on the mark. Levin at go right ahead. I am concerned that John carried two trillion dollar climate budget will be an extravagant play around the world. To play slush fund programme Biden than the bars and especially since there is no need for the Eu S to have this climate change department you right arm, but it's it's religion. Marxism is legend has Marxism tries to destroy religion, has its different sex. Let me put it that way. Has he see tee different sex,
It is a climate change, it is critical race, theory and identity politics, it is immigration, it's the green new deal, but it all comes down to the same thing: a mass of iron fist at police state, pushing people around bowling, people deciding who can speak, who can't characterizing people in with lies in character assassination in order to achieve an end, it's a very, very dangerous and ugly business. The Democrats are involved, but I want to remind you of something- and I always think about this- the Democrat Party, when you look at some of the worst times in american history, slavery, segregation, Jim Crow,.
When you look at these things right, it's not the republican Party. The republican party may be a mess, but it's not that and other democratic party pushing a NEO marxist agenda where they heavy a dunderheads so I'll turn. Presently, United States, you just keep signing declarations, laws in violation of our constitution, This is a party that does not embrace American is certainly the consistent basis whenever we ve had these these. These very tough and strange type of revulsion? It's been the Democrat Party that study the Democratic Party. If these these weird kind of movements but they're always anti American, that is
untied the founding anti the founding principles, because in the end, it is a party that masks and agenda in the agenda is what the agenda is to control as many human beings as possible in this country and force them to do what they want that's what party powers all about? You can see she doing it. You can see Putin's doing it, can see the Iranians doing it all these these sir, these types of regimes in there and the Democratic Party, despite all the propaganda about the third Reich and dictators, and so fourthly, the Democratic Party, is the party in this country. That embraces this, this alien ideology and I have to I and many it didn't in its earliest days. Did an israeli
days, but it surely did soon thereafter and it thus today when's the last time leaders of the Democratic Party, my friend talk about liberty. Have you ever heard them talk about liberty? Rich? No, have you ever heard them talk about the individual? No they're not going to talk about life. Have you ever heard the here's one ever heard him talk, Ridge about private property rights. No other than their own, I mean here, and these are the keys to the founding individualism freedom, private property rights, because private property rights represent the intellectual and physical nature of a human being. Now we spend most of our time either a quarter
property and buy property. I don't know sailing in real estate. I mean food or whatever, and so private property rights are important because you spend most of your waking hours using your intellectual and physical labour working most of us do working in so somebody can combine just take it from you. That's and voluntary service, and that's my property. Private property rights are so important. They don't talk about him unless they're attacking they don't talk about the individual. They talk about ethnic. Ropes, religious group, sexual groups, gropes gropes groups, and yet when you make decisions reached, you say: unama, white guy and I'm straight I'm christian. So let me make the following decision. Is that how you thank you no, you say I'm really. This is my life's experience. This is my family. This is my morality and I'm acting for rich right now, we're late
they do that in their own lives, but they will not allow society to function, naturally, our eye rich. Thank you, my friend. Well there. Back then The association of mature american citizens is one of the fair describing organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a macbook in and stands up for, the values that we constitutional conservatives care about? More than talk a MAC fights full time presence in Washington. A MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. But to see joining a MAC gives you access toy wealth of benefits in discounts included. Special member, only rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cellphone, Plants and a hell of a lot more, It's not enough. You'll get a max by
monthly magazine full of incite full articles on the issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives As I said on a MAC member- and you should be to join today at a MAC Dot, U S! That's a m, a sea dot! U S supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot. U S, let's go to Sow Moua panel. Is he the Great W b c sow? How are you how I moved back? You can take my call, and I appreciate it. I want you, show every Sunday night with the everyday. Thank you, but my question today is the person. What are we doing here? Where are these verities politician these republic, in that we put, nor do they just lightened the country get ripped off.
By an illegitimate, they took our boy, they took out. Let me snappy there. I want the compost limes and all the other losers to understand you called Donald Trump and illegitimate president impression tour any Russia collusion issue for years and you still are, I don't mind, went to college, says with a collar says, like South: go ahead, sound and like this guy within a week and one day totally totally totally. He talked about unity when he says carry months out how the people, a world diggers, call minors you good jobs solar panels yeah? Where are these jobs John Kerry month, exile? They destroy these jobs and why did they get other jobs dammit they have good jobs and jobs that are needed to be filled. What are they get other?
who the hell do they think they are that's number one. They destroyed woman sport such number to their opening the borders to be but come in here for a hundred days, if it wasn't for a federal judge who the hell knows, who is coming across the water with a virus with whatever they carry with them. It's unbelievable what this We started this country like you I'm kind of Muslim Laney Dictators Sidney sign away way. I saw you got me going. we saw there armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personal God bless each and every one of you and I'll see you tomorrow from The westward one podcast network.
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