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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/7/19

On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the left and the media have gone nuts! From the border wall to the government shutdown the media is despotically censoring issues to parrot the script of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and if you disagree you’re racist, or a denier. President Trump will be addressing the nation to discuss the so-called shutdown; so-called because close to 80% of the government is open and running. Left wing media types and Democrats are now questioning whether they should give the Democrats a chance to respond, as if this were some sort of State of The Union speech. Also, as discussed on this program, the president needs to explain to the American people that the border barrier must be built. The president has suggested he might declare a national state of emergency at the border if congress continues to prevent the White House from exercising its executive duty to protect the nation and secure the border with a steel barrier. However, the party that doesn't believe in American sovereignty continues to fight him every step of the way. Then, we should pressure members of congress to make Capitol Hill a sanctuary Capitol, and as they want to eliminate ICE we should eliminate the Capitol Police and remove all physical barrier in DC. We should allow all criminal aliens to be free to roam the House and Senate office buildings. We should apply the new rules to them as well, like the last 10 years of tax returns for all congressional leaders and their families. It’s time to treat them how they treat the American people..

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