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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/13/18

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, President Trump sounds like a man fully in charge by firing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, not deranged or someone who should be removed under the 25th Amendment like the media says. Tillerson was fired not because of confusion within the Trump administration, but because Tillerson was undermining Trump’s position on the Iran deal. Trump firing Tillerson shows he is prepared to take action and do what he has to in order to advance his principles and implement his policies. Also, Trump’s nomination of Gina Haspel as CIA director should be celebrated, but instead she will be criticized endlessly by leftists dressed up as journalists doing anything to prevent her confirmation. Haspel is an American patriot who did her job wonderfully, and if her nomination is blocked, Trump should recess appoint her to head the CIA. If Obama appointed the first woman to be CIA director, the media would be going bonkers and Haspel would be politically bulletproof; instead it’s the opposite because she’s Trump’s nominee. Later, the Barack Obama campaign hired Fusion GPS to investigate Mitt Romney during the 2012 election just as Hillary Clinton did to Trump in the 2016 election. Obama hid payments to Fusion GPS through the same law firm that Hillary used and reported the money paid as legal services. When it comes to collusion, all roads lead to Obama. Finally, Mark speaks with Andrew Pollack, father of one of the victims of the Parkland school shooting.

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Now run only underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader Mark Levant, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! We are that clean up bitter but in fact you'll find what I say here usually ones it tomorrow with a back ventures. But that's what I want to thank all you folks for watching the Fox NEWS Channel Sunday, ten p M Eastern Sevenpm Pacific. I do that mockingly, because I remember years ago, when I would Sean MSNBC a sharp there before was completely not job operation. The
What's his name Brian. What does that broadcaster? They? The ankara, forget his name and we at what's his name, not wrong the gown, a mess embassy member if they suspended him for six months, because he lied about fourteen different things, Brine Williams, that's it! He used to do at six p m on the EAST coast, it sir it's five pm central time and on the Pacific, it's three! I should what is this guy, and so I do that the tongue in cheek. You know what time it is when it's ten pm eastern in your area anyway for the third weaken our I've only been on three weeks now Sunday, at ten p m, we were number one in the entire audience number one and on Fox we were number three twenty five. Fifty four Damn belmont at ten p m.
And CNN ran a special when the Pope up against me on the Pope: that's tough to beat the Pope, but Benjamin Netanyahu beat the Pope, that's all I can set anyway. I will continue to do our best and I have her I'll talk to you tomorrow and the next day about what will be doing sunny, but today, it's Tuesday and Rex to was fired by the way you heard that one rate he'll show after another, one tv show after another Rex tellers and was fired, and so I guess I should spend fourteen hours on Rex tellers and being fired, but here's what I'll say my own defence. You go back and you listen to my show, a mad urging you to do it. I'm just saying you go back and listen I show in the sky- was nominated. You go back,
and look at social media when this guy was nominated. I said no he's not good he's establishment he's part of the James Baker Crap. I don't have a problem with Exxon Mobile where was chairman for many many years, but he's not the kind of person president needs as sectors that MR produce that I take more crap on matter. What, day, in and day out, face Walmart? What are you never tramper? Oh. What's wrong with you well audio Israel, first, their mark on and on and on and on and most of the people attacking me. They didn't know. Rex tiller, sent from Rex rate. Or Tyrannosaurus Rex isn't personal, I'm nothing personal, no personal animists against the man.
But I know he wasn't up to this job and he's not, and it is a very good thing that the president has recognised this and decided to note it's time to move up. The media, of course, is how it's more evidence of an administration is how to control of in a minute. Creation. That's fumbling unbundling, the media are sick, their sector pathetic, absolutely pathetic, and the choice of my palm pale I mean like Pompiers, CIA director, has done an outstanding job when you see on TV when he speaks he's very, very solid, very solid, erects teller. Soon it was actually the Washington Free, Beacon and Adam Credo who broke this, not these other media outlets. He points out that the firing of tell us and follows months of in fighting it.
In the State Department of the White House over teller. Since efforts to save the IRAN's nuclear deal now several months ago, I told you that Alison and hired, among others, a top adviser, a top strategist above porkers of Tennessee, A guy who literally worked only around deal with the Obama Ministry. The guy who literally work on circumventing the treaty clause of the constitution, so they turn the vote on its head. Rather than eating a super majority of United States Senator is present two thirds to ratify a treaty. What happened under Corker? They turned it off on a chair
They turn it around so that the presence of the United States could cut a deal with ran and unless the Senate could come up with a super majority to override a veto, sixty votes Obama would get what you want it so Corker and one of his brain wherein there who worked on it, that brain child wound up at the State Department under tell us at the other. Horrific appointments under tell us, and I told you about them at the time. So to me it is evidence that we have a president of the United States who can look back and say you know what I got to change this and I gotta put somebody in there when North Korea I'm going on this around deal. I'm dealing with Russia on dealing with all these these autocracy. All these violent nasty regimes and I need somebody else's.
Terry State, any picked CIA director? What could be more perfect? Let's take the next step. You watch as the Democrats in the Senate. Try to kneecap palm pale. You watch as the Democrats in the Senate trying delay it costs a lot about the country there not about. National security and defence, which they eviscerate every time there in power there. Not about any of that. You watch as they try and slow this down, as they have actually every other appointment other than rod rose and Spain, and we know why now, but then the president did something else today. He says I'm going to name China Hospital Director, the sea. I honestly, I never heard of her before I've spent several hours researching a background. Now
the deputy director, the CIA, underpin pay yonder under Trump and should be the first woman heading the CIA. Not honestly, I don't care what somebody's gonna tell you is what they do with it. Where it is what it is when it was. I dont care, but you know if they were Brok Obama, who is present in the United States and he appointed the first woman of the CIA. The media would become banker They love it, they go on and on and on and she'd be absolutely politically bulletproof no I dare say a word or You'Re- against women or you're against women, and then they would turn it into an issue in the election that the Republicans or against women because they oppose or what nominated to the CIA, and here we go again while their traffic in
Hispanics are women if their conservative, even that that, if they're not left wing kooks they go after them and when they go after them. So does John Mccain John Mccain as well. Sick. I don't talk about him anymore, because I don't, I don't feel it's the right thing to do, but he comes out. He speaks out against this woman and the Associated Press. These reasons why the liberal should oppose the women, the Boston glow, of all these reasons why the Senate should oppose this woman and when we come back, I want to tell you what the reasons are, because I think these are all the reasons why she should be supported. This woman, Gina Haswell, as it turns out, is a great patriot
Is a great patriot and one nine eleven struck she jumped into action. And she ought to be celebrated. The eventual nomination by the President of the United States of China, Haswell to be deputy director, the FBI already celebrated, which means I continue to be smear by CNN Emerson you see the networks and, of course, the Lib media all around. I'll, be right back. I'm not Written by the Boston Globe with the system,
from the Associated Press, here's what Martin Finucane has to say or finnish current came out, whatever Gina hast by was named by President Trump ahead. The CIA moving into the post opened up by the departure might Pompey or to be sector estate. A decorated career, CIA officer who joined the agency nineteen. Eighty five. She is potential overseas experience according to the CIA website. She's. Also how leadership posts in Washington was elevated to deputy director the alpine February Trump on Tuesday Cauldron outstanding person, but her past bears a closer look now. This is supposed to be a media outlets. Her past bears a closer look here: six things to know about Haswell, What'll happen you see, ladies and gentlemen, is the left is dressed up as journalists there, the one with the pointy heads they will use this against her as well. Democratic
and was as well John Mccain, Linsey, Graham and others. So her confirmation is not certain. What is that Austin Globe in the AP want us to know number one passport they secret CIA prisons in Thailand in two thousand to where terrorist suspects were subjected waterborne but, ladies and gentlemen, water boarding was permitted in the Bush administration after nine eleven, which was two thousand one. She oversaw the brutal interrogation here, the media, the brutal and Irrigation, why did they cut off ears? Her pull our teeth with suppliers are the baseball bat in a way it should be used. Now they were waterborne. Did you say she, I saw the brutal interrogation of two detainees. Abu.
single month. All woe is me. What was me as well as confinement in cloth, unlike boxes, another abuse was he killed now? Ok, he should come himself among the lucky interrogators later, tat. He should come himself among the lucky interrogators lady conceded he'd, given them all the info Nation that he had number two- Haswell also help carry out a two thousand five order that the age destroyed. Those are the waterborne backing, I should just chief of staff to the director of operations for counterterrorism, Jose Rodriguez. She drafted a cable ordering, the destruction of the tapes, probably a report pro public is not pro America that much. I know it's another left wing, goon site.
But then again saw as the Boston and Globe Rodriguez said in his memoirs, hard measures that he approve sing than the cable to get rid of some ugly visuals. That would put his people's lives at risk. It lightly justice, department, investigation of tape, destruction ended without charges the matter. This poor ladys gonna go through the meat grinder. Even though she's the first, woman ever nominated around the sea area. Even though, if she word shoes me a liberal appointed by liberal President Baby celebrating the street: that's continue. Why else we supposed to cater for helping to protect her environmental waterborne number three has caused a trouble in the past when this year, one of the name it around clandestine operations and twenty thirteen scenario- Dian, Frank Feinstein, California, soon to be ex senator by the way.
Then the senior Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Let's stop right! There! No level should be on the Senator House Intelligence Committee. You know why, MR producer, because they don't have intelligence- that is Why kill so when you say that, like Adam Shifty Shiftless is on the intelligence committee, he should be on the Dummy Committee, but let's continue, she blocked Feinstein the promotion because of her role in the enhanced interrogation practically. No. This is sick thing to me. We have these American heroes, her at the CIA and there asked, if not directed, to get it, Romania, we just came under attack. We lost three thousand of american citizens, you know what happened and that we look back. Seventeen years later hour, to punish the very people who help protect us.
It really is appalling to me: let's go on because there's more reasons we're supposed to Haiti. Hast thou and every reason I get makes me like, or even more number for her appointment by Trump to deputy director in February of this year, also droop flak from the American Civil Liberties Union. Ok, the American Criminal Liberties Union. So now we approach public, a k, a pro Cuba, a left wing, broadcasting outfit. That tractor now we have the ACL you, the tractor and, of course, a wind up in the Boston Globe and AP.
Senators RON widened now, there's a notch up I'll tell you that, and Martin Heinrich or Heinrich Martin Heinrich MA, said Democrats remark in a new Mexico respectively ROPE President Trump sang her background make sure unsuitable. For the position and on Tuesday human Rights first Raw Walla say what here I'm reading a news: article nine components have the names, no offense, whatever happened to Johnson and Smith, MR, but I dont know. But let's continue raw wala of human rights. First, of course, an authority on all human rights, even though we don't know who she is, or he is no one who had a hand in torturing. Individuals deserves to ever hold public office again, let alone leading agency really.
So virtually every general during World war to every I'm doing war war too, who fought the Japanese, should never have held a public position. Franklin Delano, Roosevelt, put it more than torture, with the term and of japanese Americans and Americans have japanese descent and water. The execution of german spies came up on our shores and New York and so forth. He should have helped public office either what a joke and then there's a number five and a number six, and I don't even care. Ladies and gentlemen, we need to get behind this lady, because she's, a patriot because she's a patriot- and I never heard of her before
Do you know, but I'm very very impressed and watch Ali's, really tough men gang up on her and all these phony civil rights groups gang up on an Ali's knucklehead Republicans gang up She's debate, punish you say, because she, how protect America against it slot from a jihadi I'll, be right back. Love is the champion of liberty and conservatism, call mark now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one headline. I shouldn't examiner John Mccain slams trumps nominee foresee a director for participating, in quote one of the d,
because chapters in american industry is dead wrong. This is not one of the darkest chapters in american history. It's one of the greatest chapters in american history when our government moved effectively and quick to defend the people, are the United States to find out we're going to be any more attacks on the United States. Now they're gonna try, This patriot, who get her job and get it wonderfully You're gonna die, or I shall ye back their ship. Absolutely. Incredible to me, and I want to salute the president for nominating her and let me give advice to the administration if she's blocked, somehow. He should reassess appoint her to the head of the CIA, Reassess appointed which lasts through the existing congress.
And they re such point again. This Congress is one of the worst Congresses in american history. Republicans and Democrats like they want secure the border they will. Repeal Obamacare, though Lest I will not this and well not, that seems infinite, Timmy infinite to me. They point to three or four things: they data we're supposed to celebrate them and all the ticket to parade now tell us and fired whose what tromp had to say outside the White House.
Into his helicopter, so keep in mind, it's gonna be little hard to hear cut five go! I'm working with my mama now, for, like some time remember remember, were always on the same wavelength relationship with very good ideas. As regards said I with a by the way, why not very well what will be the first woman director fanning? Furthermore, so I am very well so I got a lot of people very well over the last year and really had a boy where we're getting very been examined. In other things, that are one that's enough. I would say this to you, Mr President, as I tried to advise you not to go
listen, I want advise on another friend, your National Security Council. I would strongly discourage you from list the congolese rice or the bush. Forty three people, if you do in fact face a try, my master, and these are the rumours that are flying around. I dont have any inside information I Strongly discourage you from pickings. By day the candy rice promotes. Are that huh? a Bush crab, the James Baker crowd. There are the ones who encourage you to pick television. I want to encourage you to pick tell us now their income. Junior to pick somebody used to work with and for candy rice, everybody loves candy rice she's, a very nice lady, from what I can see on tv. She said some very, very good things
but she's, not a conservative. She used The link up a call on POW against Dick Cheney, Colin Powell. Well, he turned out to be a real knucklehead. Didn't he so, Mr President, surrogates listening to me from the White House who advise the White House. I advise the White House behind this microphone. I don't advise in any other way, do not pick anybody proposed by candy rights. As a matter of fact, let me go on record again. Mr President, you ve got the captain of the eighteenth sitting on the sidelines, the captain of the eighteen sitting on the sidelines,
Should you replay say, try my master and, as you just said, you're getting to the point where you really have the people you want around. You pick John Bolton John Bolt as your direct. Just don't you got when you decided to We'll get the same resistant you got when you decided to. To acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the embassy to Jerusalem the same resistance. You got when you decided to take military steps and economic steps really squeeze North Korea. Same resistance. You got one, you shot fifty nine missiles at that syrian airport after they were busy gassing their babies and their women in
I want the same people who have resisted you from within the Republican Party, including never trappers. They will discourage you from picking John Bolton. They will encourage you to pick somebody who caught Elisa Rice or that crab from the old Bush team recommend. Don't do it don't do it. Pompiers Sectaries state your new CIA director Hassle and Bolton head of the National Security Council, that is a trifecta, then absolute trifecta. As far as I'm concerned Now, listen to what the president also said, this is important cut sex go.
Where can I rent talking about this for a long time, but we we catalog actually quite well, but we disagreed on things. When you look at the IRAN deal, I think it's terrible. I guess he could. It was okay. I wanted to either break in or do something and he felt a little bit differently than we were not really thinking the same with MIKE Mike Pompeo. We have a very similar thought process and Washington. A great reporter, Adam Credo. He tells us exactly what took place here exactly in the weeks leading Iran's ongoing ballistic missile programme continued nuclear european allies to greater range of fixes to the nuclear deal there, address IRAN's ongoing ballistic missile programmes, continued nuclear research, while Trump had put
scribe a range of fixes that he viewed as tightening the deal's laws tellers and recently cave to european pressure to walk back these demands and appease Tehran. While preserving the deal according to these sources, the free beacon first disclose this tension last week in a wide ranging report. And it goes on, the television was worn tobacco off, but he wasn't so the reason Trump fired him. Quite frankly is he went wrong, any undermined his boss, the presently United States, that's what happened and Donald Trump is being very generous to him in the comet she's making about him They ran deal is no damn good. It endangers your family, your children and our grandchildren, is that your looser and, as the president has said,.
The Iranians, what I see pm's, intercontinental ballistic missiles, which were intended to hit America, that that regime would have the ability to put new. We're warheads on those vessels, a name them at our cities cannot be accepted. We already have one regime like that, so tell us and was fired. He was fired, not because this confusion in the trunk administration. Because he was undermining the president's position and if anything, shows the present. The United States is prepared to take action. He's pretty to do what he has to do to advance its principles and his beliefs now at sunrise,
X, I disagree with him on tyres and so forth, but you gotta give the man credit. He is trying to implement his policies. And I can't think of any more dangerous area than dealing with a ran, and you cannot have a sectaries state whose, in the cabinet, all reports to the presence of the United States. Going off on his own working behind the president's back with the Europeans with a doves in the Democratic Party with the doves in the Republican Party,
When the president's trying to rein in IRAN and trying to deal with this disastrous around deal, this unconstitutional ran deal that Obama imposed on the american people without going through the tree process and, of course, the crappy not charge media in this country render the defence a teller sent and trash the president. I say, let me ask you, sent in firing to listen in promoting pomp pale and putting this hast bellies intending to nominate her for this.
Hey this is sound like a man whose deranged this is sound. Like a madman, does it sound like a man who needs should be removed under the twenty fifth amendment no sounds like a man is fully in charge. Doesn't it you see- or I take exception, for those who are obsessed with hating trump? Is their character assassination of and that's what they are. I were. I take exception. With pseudo conservatives, people who used to be conservative is that they sell out themselves in their principles and undermine their own integrity and character by agreeing with tromp when trumpets doing things that are liberal.
You don't have to do any of these things. Folks, you stick by your principles and you can still support the present, the United States as the President and your challenge among certain of its position, my goal in your goals, not the sabotage him. Hardly I don't think there's a strong defender for the present the United States against what the Democrats in the media and the prosecutor are trying to do them than I. I don't think there's a stronger one, but the fact of the matter is in this case. He was right on the sectaries state that he chose was a mistake from day one came under that candy rice crap and always fixed it and should a charming
asked her step down or be pushed out or whatever the case may be. I just hope he doesn't go to that same well. To pick another person he'll be disappointed with when he's got. The captain of the eighteen sitting right on the bench he's got, MR whence right there, namely Mr Boden I'll, be right back. The Senate them immensely producer. I can't find it I'm afraid, I'd take a call here. Jim Irving, to New Jersey, the Great W Abc go wearing. I support your mark. I just got a couple. Things now shut up, first of all job, all those
chapter really, Israel! I have done. He does not have dual citizenship with Israel. He's got thought. Pay attention, may you moron, he does not have dual citizenship with Israel. Go back to the rock. Under from what you crawled you moron. I believe this get get on the phone you Eddie. It doesn't have dual citizenship with Israel sick. While we started off with a good one, there Jason Spring Fiddle and all the great w t x go ARC Miranda grade. One. Are you Don T find a my biggest question?
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thrive market that come slash marked by the way. I'm not gonna play audio after audio after audio of Hillary Clinton I'll at the back. Pensioners do that they probably have now that's waterborne, but Hillary Clinton to use the language of the left, I would argue, is mentally deranged how you can't say that marked by they say about Trump, and I believe she really is mentally deranged. I believe that we need to call in that year El Cycle psychologist that professor who went around the Democrats and all the media. I was analyzing Donald Trump. Somebody needs to wake her up and drag her back in a Washington D C, where she can be at CNN and MSNBC, and the democratic carcass I'm is qualified as she is to draw the conclusion that Hillary Clinton is mentally
the range you see, all you white women out there. That's what she calls you all you white women out her out there. You know, like her, a white woman, you decided to vote against Hillary Clinton because your husband said your boy, friends and other males in your family persuaded you to do so. If the James call me, you know, did that weekend thing about EMU said you know that so, in other words, according to Hillary Clinton, you white women out there are so stop it. You can't think for yourselves you're just dumb and you didn't vote for her. I think she's mentally deranged. Let's see if they cover that on my cell estate only morning, Schmo show with meagre parisian ski mentally terrain. Unfortunately, we can apply the twentieth.
Remember to her and by the way she won't go away, she's an angry white woman at what she is mark. You can't talk about her that way. No! No! I can't talk about her that way, but they can go after this wonderful woman whose actually done something for her country under like Hillary Clinton, who takes from our country this Gina hast, thou. Who's that more for our country. China, has Feller Hillary Clinton, while Gina Aspect. Hillary Clinton is vile, absolutely vital. In this last election she met somebody who was going to put up with her crap or her husband's crap, which is why they push this whole collusion crap with Russia stuff, yes, Zactly.
Let's see if we can find that if we can redeem ourselves with another colleague, Paul Milford, Delaware on the mark, Levant go or a pleasure where what an absolute pleasure he had made by data just shortening TIA. Thank you, Sir Reno team, which I wish where we approached with you in application of the eighteen years. My man John, and I think all this just waiting in the wings I'm sure you are aware of the fact that began a special meeting with the president just last week. I read them right now: hope it went well out of the bag. Luckily I had I forget, which told not to judge and by a little bit longer. I hope stay away from that Bush team. That's what I would say you don't need conall or ices advice. Congolese arise party, gave the advice for tellers and which
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A daily collar has a breaking story about a new book. That's out their apparently it's quite the compelling book, I'm shocked to say pie by a couple of leftists weave, cited from before I'm Susan racial Recall where Susan Rice told the these cyber security team at the White House to stand down and not stop the rush. So take on the Russian says they were interfere in our campaign, and I noticed a little media attention that is received, and I also notice that, since the president has said, he's going to nominate for the for the CIA Gina now that one media outlets after another, all our trashing, her over waterborne Now, ladies and gentlemen, if we don't stand up for our patriots.
What are they wear uniform or working behind the scenes? Then we deserve what we get. The next time were attacked and there will be a next time because we can hang them out there to dry and let them be. Attack like this. I don't even know this woman, it doesn't matter. She stepped up she put her life from Align. She wanted it information after nine eleven about what the Islam or Nazis we're going to do to us. She followed Protocol the CIA authorized by the Department of Justice. Even this crazy left wing, not job Brennan Who was to see I director under a he's endorsed her, don't scratch. Her head about it she's a civil servant any way back to the daily collar. Here's the story of campaign hired fusion, cheapest, investigate Ronnie.
The Brok Obama presidential campaign hired fusion cheap, yes and twenty twelve to dig up girl on republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. According to a book released today, they are bombing campaign, hid its payments, diffusion, cheap. Yes through its law. Firm, Perkins, Coy, says same law, firm prob, We the same lawyer that here Replanting used to pay off the Russians to get Trump. And they say the arrangement is similar to the one they couldn't campaign and Dnc used to pay fusion for its investigation of then candidate, Donald Trump and twenty. Sixteen. According to this book, russian roulette the insides story Putin's wore American Donald Trump selection in twenty twelve future GPS was hired to do opposition research on Mitt Romney for Barack Obama's RE election campaign. The book is written by liberal, Michael, it's a calf and left his David corn. My.
My descriptions to veterinary porters and met during the twenty sixteen campaign with steel and fusion PS, founder, Glenn Simpson,. Had become standard practice in the shadowy world of opera research. The Obama campaigns paying diffusion, cheap. Yes, we're never publicly disclose the money, do the investigative firm was reported on campaign disclosure reports this legal bills to the campaigns, love, Perkins, Coy, see, folks, all roads lead to abandon I've set it from day one, and I keep saying all roads lead to a he's above the fray. You know he's cool he's busy saving the world by institute the left its agenda. But all roads lead throw bomb. The truth is that
Corrupt regime when it comes to our civil liberties, in modern american history period, no exclamation mark they go on the bottom of our American Committee, paid Perkins, Coy this law firm around three million dollars during the twenty twelve election cycle. According to filings with the Federal Action Commission, a vast majority, the payments were, art for quote legal service, is not clear how the law firm paid fusion gps for its research on Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, the love I'm receive more than twelve million dollars from the Clinton campaign and Dnc during the twenty sixteen election cycle, fusion, Jean Pierre, was pay just over one million dollars for its research on Trump.
The apple front, page steel, just under a hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars for his work on the dose here. How do you like that anybody can now nobody can in fact, at the Sevenpm break what twelve thirteen minutes ago, Eastern As I was listening, we have network media on radio and tv, and what do they do? The republican house. Members who serve on the intelligence committee, that is, the intelligence committee in the House, least report and all the media do is trash them trash. The report, Yet they are quotes from Adam Schiff when the republicans are in the minority in Congress.
The report is run by the Republicans for comments about what the Democrat majority is down on any committee. Did the reporters run to the Republicans for anything whether Democrats control Congress? Of course? No, of course not. And then we have this from Sarah Carter and intrepid reporter real reporter, who appears having mostly on the fox on Hannity, show According to the House Intelligence Committee Report, James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, the umbrella organisation that he added late late That Donald Trump had been briefed by senior officials on the contents of the dossier. Member. In January of what is it now? Twenty seventeen and, in effect the brief.
Quote, gave the dossier legs and news agencies began to publish its contents because it had now become official news. So now, as a matter of fact, according to this report, change clap are in charge of overseeing all the intelligence operations of the federal government leaked So Leaker James call me who headed the FBI late and was a Laker his deputy MC late and was illegal. Bad of counter intelligence, according to his own text, to the text of his girlfriend Laker his girlfriend page Laker.
So you have these individuals within the federal government working with the media and the Democrats, Adam shift Laker and their supposed to be in positions where you're dealing with classified information or confidential investigative information and they leak and they leak in they leave they unmask they unmask and they unmask. They lie to the face accord, not all of them. You know they all have their different roles. Sarah Carter reports, having looked at this book as well, that it is clapper who pushed the dossier into official Washington and official
the media. By linking the fact, the trumpets reefed by commie and tromp was briefed with a summary by call me come, he did not show trunk. The dossier is your sleazy. This whole damn thing is I'll be right back some of the reaction of the reactions to I would even say: hey look, there's no russian collusion, how much this has had to go on in a way not here to serve the interests of the Democratic Party in their election outcomes. And yet, if you look at the instruments, tallies of the federal government, virtually everything the fair,
government does at the behest of the Democrats, is about empowering the Democrat right Our immigration policies are not about protecting and securing America or our economy. Thereabout advanced. Because of the Democratic Party increasing their vote. Economic decisions by the Democrats. There not about growing the economy, creating more wealth and opportunity there about creating more democrats. Through government handouts. Our national security, the democratic tree National security defence budget, as an area of spending where they can take money to pay for when subsidize the redistribution of wealth. They done the same with the social, pretty trust funds which, Exist anymore, same America, they take all that money spent today in order to build up
the power, the Democratic Party and look at the democratic Party. The Democrats, party been taken over by the most radical elements because of democratic. But he is now a full blown, radical, progressive ideological entity. That's what it is can't even tolerate somebody like die in fine style defined as a moderate, dying, Feinstein. No moderate she's leftist. She's one of the worst violet, Here's. The second amendment and the first amendment she's left it. At times she may sound rational, but those risks, prince to the rule. Here the Republican. So there is no collusion. And are simply isn't it, but the Democrats want to keep investigate. Please check, humour on the floor. The Senate day cut tango. The house Ruben majority has
taken this investigation seriously from them. Very beginning, they have sought to distract and kick up dust. They ve time and time again that they are willing to put party for country something I you see you see. Ladies and gentlemen, I got there first with Schuman, his party. No, it's interesting about this you're not going to hear a single fact from Shermer. Not a single fact: nothing just attack attack attack go ahead. Others want again They are willing to twist facts and ignore evidence about a foreign power attacking our democracy, because it might cause political damage to the president. Now this is remarkable. He sang this knowing full well that there is now a book by to his friends one hour. I've got one left us well. One of the same, I suppose.
There's a book out saying that it was Susan Rice gave orders as head of the annex C national security, council, Cyber security team stand down and not confront bring gauge the Russians who are interfering with our campaign, and they were and disgusted so It is about time the Mitch Mcconnell John Corn in The goofy one from Missouri Lamar bad time. These guys went to the Senate floor, found a microphone and stated the facts. And the facts are these Susan Rice blocked the Obama administration and Obama himself blocked effort. To take on the Russians and to protect our election, not trump.
Not the Republicans at my house. The Democrats in the executive branch go ahead. It's a shocking shameful abdication of duty german Nunez, you and your committee. In my judgment, made a shocking and shame shut up. You snake oil salesmen. You are disgusting. Your loathsome Outside of the EAST Coast and Hollywood, you're despised and that's the truth, listener there's four would prove disprove what witnesses were saying when where this is the lakes, the abandonment stowed, one. Now then, we have Adam shifty shiftless Adam shifty shiftless on Emma sell us. Do you last night cut eleven go they were not willing to subpoena the records that would prove disprove. Witnesses were saying where this is like the band Whinstone Wallace and they would be there,
Let me help you dummy state Ban and doesn't know anything about russian collusion. No, I haven't talked to stay ban, but Hold them out there, like the buggy man, it's unbelievable now keep in mind humor is not interested in fusion GPS is not interested in Christopher Steel. He's not interested in the dossier. He's not interested. It's happened to the files that court he's not in in a word madame, it he's not Twisted and Susan Rice telling Harris her inferior to stand down, not interested in any of it, is not interested in getting to the bottom of uranium, one where twenty percent, Erica uranium is now control of Lattimer Putin's collusion collusion everywhere right in front of their faces. Parties president tells them to stand out in the middle of a cyber attack by pure, not our election, the Democratic Party and the Hell recollecting campaign
Launder money through offer to pay an Ex british to pay soviet apparatchiks Putin's apparatchiks to give lies Tromp, which then find their way in a fight application, secure, weren't lying to us, federal judge. We don't know. Just from Chuck Schuman and shift. Our new standing up for American and who is standing up for their politics. These are loathsome, allow people and then there's what Castro of Texas Catch well go. Do you agree, The commission Castro with the House Republicans, and there was no evidence for collusion between I'm campaign and Russia. I strongly disagree. And you know, anderson- this is a real betrayal of the american people. The Republic Genscher betraying America. The Republicans Pudding Party first
The Republicans are doing a great disservice to the american people and the real tough question by Anderson Cooper. There isn't it go ahead of a public trust. Republicans closer investigation is why have you seen any evidence to suggest there was collusion, absolutely Let me just start with one fact: their stone knowing ahead of time that wiki weeks Don T Mobile, allow Roger Stone right stone is now the evidence of collusion with the Russians. What happened Papadopoulos I whatever they, how his name is that was collusion with the Russians. What happened to Lieutenant General Food, and I thought that was collusion with the Russians. What happened a session jittery cues himself. I thought that was collusion with the Russians. What happened to jerry- I thought he was colluding with the Russians. Eva Trump.
Was colluding with the Russian Donald Trump Junior. I got here. This colluding with the russian courage, and none of them were colluding with the Russians, are we going to Roger Stone. After all this time. Fourteen months, millions of dollars this this guy, comes up with Roger Stone. Go at the that's one example: their meetings that were attempted the email, occasions with shut up you, rambling buffoon. Where's the evidence or you're telling us email communications evidence. Where's. The evidence collusion we haven't, would they Hilary campaign, whether, with the day and see we have it. Their favorite law firm? We have it with fusion GPS, We have a with uranium one way,
it Susan right, where's, your evidence. They have no evidence Now aren't destroying this wonderful woman who the present to be sure. I directed now under the next target, other slash and burn leftist who call themselves Democrats and wash This is a very bad. Yes, it is true that Marshall event is the fastest growing radio show in Amerika. The marshal of any show is on at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. You know it is amazing to me that we find on television what is called the first openly undocumented.
Attorney other words and illegal aliens, whose an attorney in New York Rooms, the street freely, has a law. Licence goes and work rooms. This is a nation that is defining itself, but that there is anything personally wrong with this gentleman I'm talking about this is a nation, be itself degrading itself, and this is what the Democrats already in the progressives and many Republicans in the media in Hollywood, the tenure profess. There's an teachers are doing to our country, their degrading. It. We don't call these sanctuary, cities, lawless cities. We call them sanctuary Citys, because it sounds so nice and soften Dino Church like sanctuaries for illegal aliens going into churches and synagogue? These are cities. They giving sanctuary not just the people who are here illegally for people who are also criminals who are here illegally and then The Oakland mayor did gives them
heads up one law, Of course, I'm trying to protect us. So when you have a guy who's on tv, whose proud of being the first undocumented court on quote New York attorney. And has no fear whatsoever of any punishment of any kind. It's just the it's incredible and even over the last ten years, how much. Ain't. So fundamentally, when it comes to things like immigration in the rule of law. Now she do. The american citizen violate environmental Protection law, an election law. A tax law, some regulation that you're not familiar with, although throw the book at you, don't throw the book catch and if it's bad enough. Imprisoned and they're not going to be talking about your poor kid
grand kids being without their father or mother by the way. By the way this reminds me, I read a peace today about a federal judge in Alexandria, Virginia by the name of Thomas Alice, the third unfamiliar with this man? I personally he's Federal judge and he's been on this bench for a very, very long time. Haven't you, sir? Yes, you have, and I dont consider particularly good at what you do either. And he says today- and I paraphrase because I dont have his magnificent quote in front of me-. He says today in the case of poor management Yes, the limit his movements. Because he's a very wealthy man. Still, although I question that Listen to this, he could.
But the rest of his life in prison. The judge says this. He got wind of spending the rest of his life in prison, in other words Mahler and his democratic prosecutors, so many charges against manifest relating to tax, for fraud and financial fraud and other stuff that manifest whose sixty eight years old could spend the rest there was life in prison and the says this out loud as a basis for restricting his ability to try. Not even overseas but within the Eu stage, so he's basically Rick the state is condominium not go too far beyond that. You believe this judge, Thomas Alice, the third
Is there not a judge in America, a judge in America, whose concern about the smaller and its power? fact that he's so thoroughly on more from our, institutional system thereabout try a block this woman who I want you to see I director because she found, The rules of the sea, I follow the rules of the Bush administration, follow the rules of the Justice Department to protect us. And so she oversaw waterborne they're, going to punish her They're gonna punish her they're gonna make it.
Live, how they already are you see the media trash nor all over the place, we're going to punish her, and yet the barbarians who were waterborne were behind, among other things, the attack on the? U S, call They killed american sales and they and the scum that they run with. Attacked us on nine eleven and I have attacked us repeatedly and yet we condemn her end yak. Each man referred who can wind up the rest of his life in prison management.
And the same people who defend these barbarians, these sub humans, these terrorists they cheer they have a drink or to toasting each other. I what's happened to trumps former campaign and, as the great Bob Grant used to say- and I gave him all the credit- the world it's sick and getting sick are out there and these damn right, and he always was when we apply that phrase. It's sick and getting sick or out there. You know, folks, I want to say about filter by now. Your eyes are about the glaze over it. Don't I really want you to listen to this. One is the last time you check your age fact filter. I know a guy said exciting stuff, but. Not properly maintaining your system can cause illness, allergies. Unnecessary Weren t your age, vat system,
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only recommend you do that to filter by be why that com. It said simple. Ah, writing Really Yonkers New York, the Great W Abc former Counter intelligence, go right ahead, Sir you're more you- and I spoke about two years ago and at the time I didn't mean to do that, I was required. We're gonna command, you're an account or thought design was with the name of us, get observing tat baby, you took, forty years of watching the get where we are today because I know from the inside back in the sixties, how Social dialogue. At the time the intelligent growth in fees were
the guy around you to be quiet or walk away from it, because it's distracted. I saw you I have the call back when you're, not the middle of a crowd or something it's, I can't even I'm having difficulty fallen, what Jane, you sound like some. We would want to hear from, but we can hear from me when somebody's yak and Interior there David. Raising Wisconsin the Great W L S I hope I don't like. I can acquire scarier. But I dont think you will have a problem. Well, I'm glad I got rid of I got a good. More credible when supporting man made climate change, believer and the fact that I was a single native oftentimes. So Maybe the fact that there is
we're getting out. Some change in a secretary was the fact that the lack of an battery ships being filled in the road you dad I'm some of that is a congress, but he it was widely known as somebody who was not a team player. And by the way you know who else is widely known, as not being a team player that pollution over their treasury loaded, With a bunch of left us, are you aware that sir, that's why I think it would also concerning eligible for primary education, your programme is David. We thank you for your call in Wisconsin. Let us go to Stacy Bingo, New Jersey, the Great W Abc, go right ahead high mark. Thank you for taking my car Are my manner radio you're, my favorite, the wise when you said
ACE in the hall. Like you didn't even say his name, I was starting to yell at the Rio summit. Both then I've been a huge fan of his thin, I was in law, school and use of the U N during the Bush administration, and I certainly think to him- and I got to know him and I got to go to an event where he was there. He so brilliant. He soon knowledgeable he soon decent. They exact opposite of how they He happens to be right, that's the point. That is the point, any courageous, and even though he is decent unlike gentlemanly, they did. The media doesn't know he is a quiet tiger and Trump would, if why you They make master, whoever is going to be replaced by another. I dont know that he is a first and I'm just saying these reports, I'm crying because when killer sit with up able, cyclists and embolden, firstly,
Secretary of state. Was I I like golden ball them come Stacy. I appreciated. Thank you got it Jeffrey Santa Barbara Caliph, Oh yeah, I am eight. Seventy they answer go work out, courier com, I dont understand your opposition to this battle, charged with oil Obama. I guess somebody was indicted a federal crime which which law is following, there are thirty one indictment, Sikiana PAL, you didn't don't play games. The audience is smart. You knock announced. Which law was the judge following. I asked to learn whether everyone which law was the judge following Jeffrey actually Jappy part of care, Jesse File, names that kid Jesse Jeffrey which law you said the judge was following the law, and I bet you three times which law was following urinary
The phone wasn't following any law tat. They him it's in its discretion, a judge e judges following the law he's got thirty one charge that I don't care. If you have thirty one thousand, it is against you, he may be found guilty. He may not since one an hour. Austria is a charge enough. It's really quite appalling. Listening to these liberals call their tyrants, the liberals, their tyrants, leaving civil liberties, Electra ass murder. Unless your terrorist, we believe in civil liberties, what a bunch of wax? Let's continue? Showing? Patricia Wild rose Wisconsin the great. What were you listening to what w are you out of watching U s a you, that's right! I'm sorry guerrilla head! I'm calling about a couple of things. First of all, Hilary most recent
a man about women, but she's the one it has problems where women are? We a one minute go right ahead, but I also want to congratulate you on your life, Liberty and Levin Show and yours your interview with Self and nobody told me, hold a vote for women around me and tell them anything and the idea. Women who voted against her are doing it because their husbands were there boy, their fathers tell them who devote for seems to me, ain't that she's the one of those problems where women are. I we have one minute go right ahead, but I also want to congratulate you on your life. Pretty and Levin Show and yours your interview with Benjamin Netanyahu. It was out gambling absolutely fantastic, well you're very, very kind, and this coming Sunday weakness and the entire our listen to this discussion. The declaration of independence
Constitution, the United States and Churchill, with one of the great in elections regard doktor Larry on the President of Helstone College. I hope your watch we'll be right back are you hiring? Every business needs. People in a better way to find something better than posts, your job online and just praying for the right people to see a zipper but he knew there was a smart away, so they built a platform that finds the right job candidates for you. Zipper could learn what you're looking for identifies people with the right experience and invites them dope. I do your job, invitations have revolutionised how you find your next iron fact. Eighty per
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And his name is Andrew Pollack and you might recall, Then I noticed him early on after that horrific slaughter on Valentine's in Florida. And so, Mr Particle, beyond the programme at the bottom of the next hour, that's he scheduled to be. And will be an enormous honour for me to speak to him and a warm up the easiest interview ever done. I can tell you that. And I want to allow him to speak, I'm not gonna be pushing any agendas. He lost his beautiful fourteen year old, daughter and recall. We spoke up, and he spoke to the president and the individuals at the White House, his beautiful fourteen year old daughter on the third floor, that score was murdered and she was shot nine times
I don't know how you get through it as a father wears mother. I don't know. But he'll beyond at the bottom of the next hour, we'll be right back. Now run only underline than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant, here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three
one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one of Vladimir Putin's added again: oh yes, he's killing people he's killing people, the old cagey peed. Lieutenant colonel is a nasty man. From the sun. In Britain, Russia has threatened to ban british reporters from its country if it state broadcaster, Russian TV, Loses its british licences the row over these Salisbury spy poison attack intensifies
comes after Britain's media regulators said Russia today wait a minute whose at fats love that used to be on radio and work has worked for Russian TV, rumour that guy's name but yeah. They used to be on MSNBC. What the hell is. That falls not easy to forget and, of course, making work for russian TV. Did me there's russian collusion with our media anyway, somebody, I think of it so. Maria Zack, moreover, a spell Someone for Russia's Foreign Ministry was quoted by the state our eye. A news agency is saying that a single british media outlets we'll work in our countries. They shut down Russia TV so unclear whether the threat to ban british media will extend the world CUP
Average on television, radio and newspapers. Meanwhile, in a blunt warning to Minister Teresa Maize, government Sakharov. Also said nobody should threatening nuclear power. Alluding to Russia. Prime minister, may I said Moscow may have been behind the poisoning of surgery scrip. Ah and his daughter Julia in the English. Did he have sauce buried in a very nice city by the least they used to be had shot, sat right I said it is ready to take tough action against Moscow. Now what took place here? Well, I've tried to kill several people off many british citizens had become very, very ill as a result, so what's happening is Putin is ordering hits assassinations of individuals in these other countries. Now this
This happened in Britain before I mean in the United States, some guy down of a heart attack here, but they probably with a baseball bat. Now what I I am sad to remind you about, is we ve had Republicans and pseudo conservatives in our own country who thought that Putin was pretty cool, they thought Peut was pretty cool he called pink Republicans I used to talk about waiting later, like you'd know. Actually we don't need a leader like Putin's it's, not the sort of thing we do. All right. I waited this long. So let me do it for you, Sir Rex tellers and responded to the President today in. His firing, and I have to say we talk here. He sounds almost like a broken man or a man is ready to break break up emotionally.
And here in part, is what he said cut one go. I received a call today from the phrase the United States at low afternoon time from air force, one I have also spoken to White Ass chief of Staff Kelly to ensure we have clarity as to the days ahead, most important is to ensure an orderly and smooth transition there at a time that country continues to face significant policy and national. Dirty challenges, he sounds very upset me doesn't need to you rich. He's barely holding it together. I think. Ok, and I understand that go ahead. You search effective another day, I'm delegating all responsibilities. Are they also the secondary to deputy sector estate Solomon, my Commission, a secondary state?
What terminated midnight Marcia Thirty first and I'm sure this is very hard form, but honestly, if he couldn't work with the administration in terms of advancing policy If he was going sideways, particularly on big issues like IRAN and so forth, he should step down himself. He shouldn't waited to the point where the present and had asked him quite frankly, cut to go through my foreign service officers and civil service colleagues, we all take the same oath of office, whether your career employ or political point do. We are all bound by that common commitment to support and defend the constitution. Deborah true faith in allegiance to this
Did you faithfully discharge the deuce of our office as a state department? We are bound together by that oath. We remain steadfast here in Washington and post across the world. Or endanger pay situations without their families. The world needs selfless leaders like these ready to work with longstanding allies, new emerging partners and allies through now may or struggling as democracies and in some cases are dealing with human tragedy. Crisis of natural disasters barely crawling themselves out a little circumstances. He sounds very upset me.
Again, as you can imagine, go ahead than other what progress has been made. Much work remains in Syria. We did achieve important, cease, fires and stabilization, which we know has save thousands of lives. There is more to be done in Syria directly with respect.
The changing the peace as well as stabilizing Iraq. In saying I healthy government installed and, more broadly and in entire global campaign to defeat ISIS, nothing is possible without allies and pop and partners, though much work remains to establish a clear view of the nature of our future relationship with China. How should we deal with one another over the next fifty years and ensure a period of prosperity for all of our peoples? Free of conflict between two very powerful nations and much work remains to respond to the troubling behaviour actions or on the part of the russian government. Russia must assess carefully as to how its actions are in the best interest of the russian people and of the world more broadly, contain on their current tragic
Is likely to lead to greater isolation on their part, a situation which is not in anyone's interest anyway, I'm not gonna play anymore, it's obviously a sad event in his life and his family life. I've never understood this appointment. I've never understood it was pushed by congolese Rice, James Baker that whole crowd Henry Kissinger. I have never understood this appointment ever think that
president, now realises that tell us at least when it came to the reindeer, as well as other aspects of his desired. Foreign policy was organizing and scheming behind his back, and you know for the media in this country. They like that they like the sky. They, like John Mccain for John Mccain, you know, is very, very sick, he's fighting for his life, but he puts out a statement trashing the current deputy director, the F of the
de I, the president, is going to nominate the head, the CIA. That is very sad that he does such things, but again the media love. It there's no reason to defend Tollison, not particularly good at what he was doing any wasn't advancing the president's agenda president's agendas, not unconstitutional slot crazy. It's not radical. His foreign policy has been absolutely superb. His farm policy has been absolutely parents his instincts, for the most part, are very, very good when it comes to dealing with these other countries. Are I'll, be right. Back
Michael, I got all the disagreeable Sanford Cisco. The great care so far go right ahead. Germany on you spent some confusion about why works Rex tells him with appointed its action very simple. As you know, the calmer longtime see our backs on mobile here very, very well as Vladimir Putin's closest american friend, The reason for that being Russia has about a trillion dollars worth of thick. Oil resources that they want to explicitly enemies limit whose district you live in their finish I'm not gonna, let you finish. Why would I let you finish with your nutcase conspiracy theory that chosen because of his time. Is to russian russian collusion. Now it
My question before I make you skip battle, I asked you whose District Hoosier Congress person- my congressperson, the soon to be speaker about snappy policy, okay, so Another- Did you just any dialogue? Who calls a show dispute? Your stupidity dialogue at all under some, of course, unity, Allah, you're, leftist life. Are you in some? So I don't care. If you respect me or not in some ways, the bottom line is your saint, tell us and was chosen because of this conspiracy stuff. You guys got gone honestly. I think it's sick. I think it's absolutely sick, fact, is that the story about Donald Trump, and if you wanted somebody who was susceptible to Putin's entreaties, if he wanted somebody who is known to to advance Putin's cause, he would have picked Hillary Clinton
the Secretary of State, that no that's not true, not only yes. Yes, it is true because she gave twenty percent of control over. Our uranium two Putin's or maybe he would have Susan Rice to be the sector estates and she refused to confront the Russian to it in a fair manner and our election. When you think about that, Sir, what do I do? about the fact that the Russians interfere with Alex Honey. It's terrifying, I was just. Problem with liberals: do they have wax in their ears? What is the problem? Let me try the question again because you're coming across to eight million people as an ignoramus My question to you is this: if Donald Trump- pointed to appoint a sectarian state. They sell out deputed. He would have appointed Hillary Clinton or Susan Rice wouldn't have done that, given what Hillary Clinton gave deputed given that Susan rise obstructed efforts that stop Pewter
Romania, fearing that our election go ahead, Let me tell the eight million people who are listening to us to go. Google, We hope you get off the phone you moron notice. He can't answer a question. Can answer question. What's happening, liberalism scattered dumber than ok down South Florida, the Great w The Obi WAN, W B, o b is and in South Florida louder I work and driving up. How can I hurried come down a visit from direct what average how do deal telling him anyone's dinner I'll come right over. I go right ahead of her work. Work out. Eight values at the intelligent was what twenty eight years that Acta and he was ceo of one of the largest corporations, most profitable corporations in the world. On the surface, it made sense
even to be a kind of eight said that work in the and the oil and gas industry. Very briefly, and yet these guys are international business men, their politically connected. They have to be to do the work they do so on the surface. It would have had a bad habit, it kind of sort. It made sense on the Serbs. Okay, so I'll give I'll give are present. Travel pass on that a point that was given advice by our economy rise like some of the boat You're, not a matter of like here are not taken them. The dinner, my fine, the Christmas gift, candy races of the US, is a completely different school. When it comes to foreign policy, I am too and guess what pillars and was used to be in the guy in charge. He would you ok, you said that lies in quarterback beheld at my point is if tromp told him to go sweet the parking lot and put it into a corner, he damn sure should have done that if he told him to go out the truth and tell him hey we're gonna take fifty billion of your assets for
putting nerve agent, Yemen, Syria against Armoury Oral, turns out. He was workin behind trumps back on the saran deal and he was more representing the position of the European Centre. Was the american position exactly right and he was dead wrong and he should have in fact, or just like you, what a great power in his voice he's not used to get. No, he was very upset and by the way I like seeing him the upset, but it is what it is all right on good cause. I'd Dallas en masse Ohio, serious, satellite hurry user Andras for Morocco is a privilege to be told. I'm glad you on my side. Subject. I know it all mobile extortion, but by the police work. In this case and been a prison chap and talk to people who have committed a bombing. Another individual, so I went to school board meeting
Finally, I love dearly. I go in your twice a month just to sit class. If I get a risk assessment, a police officer, somebody's I'd training from a lot of stuff? I walk through their took me about fifteen minutes to do that I went to the school board meeting and I said Stan you already had a risk assessment. Can I give you mine, and they said? Certainly I sent him. Opinion: a failure. Shoot on more than one comes in? You ve got less than two minutes. Renders damage the agenda and I bought up after this. Forty five minutes talking about with the budget is an unjust. So Ulysses can be aware, something take looking what use board has worded it fully. Gymnasium for finding track. Yes, but they had almost zero budget. The only good friends that they put into the building was something donated for asking this question.
Could I have a daughter, their travels, a country she walked out of teachers, college been in numerous school and after a parking shoot, She was in Columbus, Ohio in orbit. Whilst we May we have your attention directly. Stone, on promoting supporting better, were scared to death, and so is the teacher winner because they honest respected they had an act of sugar in the building site. Asked her, and then I asked the school board. You little on defence mechanisms if they're not feel safe And in in the building I asked my daughter, I said a popular huddled in the corner and new protocols to try to quiet. Current children let in Would you do if you come to your door? My dad almost burst into tears. I looked at this meeting of the board of directors of the supervisor myself, What is wrong with guinea and I'll? Take my daughter, for example,
the option of killing Don't worry, I'm not expect an article on do a swap manoeuvre, Norway, The last resort we gonna finish here. The bottom line is after forty five minutes the budget media they used. The phrase were taken: a band aid approach to building budget budgetary. Haven't I left a meeting, here's my take away and I encourage you: listen surrogate fifteen seconds. It sure they're not taken a band aid approached the protecting children nigh great. Thank you for your call absolutely and from day one. It's obvious to me. Just as a father and a grandfather, I want that Scope acted, always going control. Bologna is just that. I want my kids school protected. You protect the airports, you protect. The aeroplanes with marshals am all for it.
You protect sporting events, although not well enough. In many cases I am all for it. You protect the capital building and members of Congress, fine, I'm all for it. The most vulnerable people, children. We force them to go into these schools in these buildings. There all collected there these men Murders now, for the most part, There is really no way to defend them. Is a decision that school boards may palate stations make is not to protect those schools. Call it whatever. They want I'll, be right, back mark within a proud conservative, no ifs ends or bites
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And the seventeen beautiful people who were slaughtered Most of us on this programme are familiar, my purse but generally with Andrew Pollack, and have been extremely impressed with this gentleman And how he does it in his beautiful young daughter, metal was gunned down. The Pollack! I want to welcome you to the programme. Sir. Thank you thank travel me tonight I am I'm really kind of speechless. Tell the american people watch you wanna tell them, go right ahead, short! Stop talking towards that goal. Not just you, everybody, there's nothing! Really! You could say nothing is going to make us feel better. You know that
That's what it is so hard to anyone that at that, that's why I'm on the spill? That's why I'm on this crusade right now, you ve! No one can understand the pain that I'm going to write. And yet and app that intro you gave me that's what I fired me up. My my kid that got Marta. That's fine me up I guess me a channel all that mark and I do what I have to do every day to make everybody's kid safer. So they I have to go through what what I'm doing any of these families are going through it? Can I gonna kill you Andrews out? Ok, whatever it's ok market Andrew indeed, I gotta matter. Let me ask you something: Andy sure body. Tell us about your daughter meadow. Can you do that sure she was? She was my baby pocket,
sorry about that. She was my baby and now I loved you know that she has to all the brothers who love the daily. Just like I did. We have a big family with someone island we get together every holiday, every birthday I have a broader assistant. I have we had ten. My grandmother had can grandchildren and she was though she was the baby at all the grandchildren. She was God she was beautiful inside and out she was graduating high school. This year she was enrolled in when universally shared admirations of becoming a lawyer. He was very humble, my daughter, I raised my kids to be respectful and humble abolished and Belarus gets approached me that I had to my house. We had like a vigil and most kids come under the shiver. Have my house told me
Our stories about meadow how one they moved down at metal was the first one to come over and introduce him to everybody and smile. She had a boyfriend for the last four years. His name was Brandon that I love that these calling through he's going through this till it's a horrible thing for it. For anyone, you know all the family dead end and everybody. It brings the grandparents yet the ankles community wall all morning, and even let me ask you this and I want to promote your crusade to, and we will do that. Many small Gaston. Unless you gotta timeframe, you tell me I've been, I really all right now. I will Tell me how you first heard about this. I was actually Marco with Valentine's day, so I went on a picnic and a bike wide what my wife
I love and we want are usually around town. This day I went travelled about an hour away the shocks values in the Everglades, so it was not so as are not now is on its fifteen mile loop. What a bike I was like on the seven mile loop into the trip and my son tax me that there was a shooting at the school, not a massacre. He said a shootings, oh my god. What happened like a sudden without someone, policemen or something I'm not thinking, Massa complicate the boy. You know, maybe it's one kid or someone with a police officer. So then my phone sorted blowing up and I started peddling fast and I had to get back. I went to my truck. I started
sing back, go into whites around traffic, and my wife happens to be any opposition in in the area. So, rather than go to the school, where you couldn't get, do we decided to search the we know which hospitals are there I'm a hospitals in the area where they would be send investments. So we went to the hospital where they were sending the victims, and I had my ear what what what was on the way to the hospital I see enables so I get behind the ambulance and I'm driving through the lights is about six police. Cars like you would see like us,
they got a funeral, their stopping the lights of the said they go into the light and they keep Goin to follow the police cars wiping right to the hospital, so they take a victim out and later I would find out that victim was the shooter. So I was like I was like fifty feet from this on eighteen, nineteen. Fifty eight marked axis of criminal number in prison. I cannot only way I could identify Cosette any other words I won't be able to say on a radio showed a in nineteen. Fifty eight he was in the ambulance said. I followed to the hospital and then my wife proceeded to search room by room. Looking for my daughter cause. No one could hear from all day, and now I I you know back, then I was crying. She wasn't there.
Hospital in my life. When I think about it, I said I would have been glad that if she was at the hospital so that night went on, then they had. I went home at first. I went they had me. Everyone had me crazy that night going before I finally went home and then eight everybody met at his hotel that with near to school, but I just I know that my daughter was on that point, and I just went home while we all got a family got to go at my brother's house, and I just waited six hours of seven. Eight hours told the detective showed up the three in the morning. I didn't me that no one else had to do this again. Let me ask you something, and you got what can we you're cool one guy you're. What I want first, my experience in Tallahassee Adam The anger that I have that like right now, I'm unstoppable mark you really
they are getting to tell you. I was all but a state today, now talking to a school boards, sheriffs newspaper I just saw him on a mission I had got without the heart of a lion. I tell everybody right now. I just I'm unstoppable. I get in getting this awareness out Gus, it's very important to me that What else have to do this again? Let me ask you something and you got, what can we do to help you? because they want, and what are you, what I'm well. First, my experience in passing. I don't know you guys you into your great I'm, not all, but others are ok, so whoever we, it was very historic. What what what went on in Florida this past week, we got that safety belts
asked the lot of people in the car other parts of the country? Maybe they don't know. I worked very diligently with the governor and war. Make us forget this bill past and it was very historic, had never really been done before the governor put this built to get. I went up to tell a happy and I actually worked with politicians, which I never did so that was an experienced in itself amused most of a more good, but a lot of them have bad. There's like empty suits. There's no more! I want some nuts none of these. Some of these people have no soul, but we got this bill past mark and and and it's gonna make Florida school safe and it was important. So so let me ask you this year. The website now right now. I got a couple of things going on. I gotta tell us what I need to strike the numbers when it comes to watch.
Nah, I'm workin on legislation that I could present to every other governor in the countryside me and you're in your goal. Andy is, is to protect these classrooms and protect these schools you're not getting any these ideological battles, as I don't feel what that no kidding. When someone says the gun control work. For me, I just I hit the off much because that that's not productive. When someone starts talking about gun control, it just takes away from what I'm focused on in that schools. Their agendas different my agenda as I think what all the american people want and they want their kids safe. When I get dropped off in the school, there have been two hundred school shootings mark in his country. After every school shooting the media polarizes gun control, everything is gone.
Oh you turned it on evenness. After this time, when I started my kid, they started doing the same thing. If you will only any, I had to take a break, I went to carry over and when we come back, I want you to tell the nation: Everybody has listened to this programme sitting on the edge of their seat. Listening to you,. We want to know you have a site where is your doing what you want us to do before I go there. Okay, I feel like I'm talking too much, know you're not talking to my talking you're doing superbly, and I want to thank you, don't hang up we'll be right back. Do you wish those sagging droopy eyelids were just go away in those bags and paltriness keep getting worse day after day. Right now is the perfect time to take advantage of the crew
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right: five free gifts, eight hundred skin, six, o four, eight hundred skin six, o four, eight hundred skin six, o four or genocide. Vodka, Andrew Pollack, the father of beauty. Meadow Pollack, who was murdered just a few. Weeks ago Andrew. What is your website? Remember: meadow dot com remember: meadow Dotcom were putting it up on my social sites right now and I want to carry people a girl. You don't need to. Thank me any for anything. Why I, as a matter of fact, I would the meat you privately one day can I do that should amend Florida I don't wanna, don't give me too much information Mr Produce will get the information, so How is your wife doing my she's, my ex wife and young lives lived close
each other, because we wanted our kids, they make it easy. On our kids, we levelled, I buy a traveling she's having a rough time. Auctions ass. She went visited our friend up in New York for a week and now she's hall and its workers, we I got sunset caring and they put in the way. You know they take care immensely about their mom, so they got such everybody everybody's affected. You know your mom, certain you're you're hurting, though everybody turning it it's my morning, my big concerns is all his MIKE is mom he's having a bad time when we're gonna help whenever we have to deal with. Do this again explain all moves in a child now, especially what you know what your sorrow so, but my letter hungry we, I like you, would understand my kid gets market.
And it's just been a world which is, I can anyone explain what's been going on since then I ve been to the White House twice I met with President Trump. I've been to cook. I've been with the governor. Numerous times had been to the governor s mansion. We got this bill pair That was very important for the whole country. What it meant to me what it meant to get this did getting a bill. Past met more than anything. I am. Eating the president or anyone else meant nothing to me because my kid was marked it. I'm not a motley nomadic on some. That's happy occasion a model on a trip. I when I wrote him you know I was there on a mission. I wasn't there to take pictures one, while I was there to have a man to man with the president and pop to him about what happened and- and I did any listen and he's gonna-
The president? I could tell you, I know one hundred percent, that I know that school safe, he's gonna, be it the priority of his administration movement I don't want you to know. I I I know a few people who, whose kids knew your daughter Mama. No, your daughter, and they all say she was an angel. What she was incredible, she was a precious yeah. She was certain special when I hear I'm gettin the prayers that are coming in from around the world.
I think it's empowering with more to do what I have to do to make sure this doesn't happen again his bill. I got passports, I want to tell you, I just want to get it out. It was very important because I passing that bill now. It shows that Florida we had their capacity to come together at by partisan Republicans in the Democrats came together and they just focused on school safety but that was pretty big. So now I have this bill marks and I'm gonna, I'm gonna drafted a modified Taiwan. Andy then the music means Here's what I want you to do. Put it on your website. Can you do that when you ready everything warm air they can reach me, everyone can reach up. You wanna, get all the May. You get all the big each remember meadow, not Tom, remember meadow and a deal w dot com.
Back with soon Andy you take carriers of God bless you and your friend.
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