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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/20/18

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, we are living in Ameritopia right now, we’re a quasi-republic driven in many cases by the media and the Democrat party. Democratic leadership hates the principles upon which this country was founded, they are an anti-American party. We have people in our country in positions of influence, who either reject the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution or just don’t comprehend it. Also, the federal government has become so bloated and it violates the intentions of the framers of the Constitution. Look at our government today, we have an all powerful supreme court. They can define speech, marriage, citizenship, whatever they want and theres no recourse. No way was the supreme court to be this powerful, that’s not what framers had in mind. Later, to have a special council like Robert Mueller whose sole mission is to find a way to bring down Trump’s presidency and do the Democrats work, does enormous damage to the Constitution and the rule of law. The idea that there would be a prosecutor with an unlmited agenda and budget undermines our constitutional system. The framers never created somebody with that kind of power. Finally, Dr. Thomas Sowell calls in to discuss his new book, Discrimination and Disparities.

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