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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/23/18

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, We’ve now reached a point of no return with this omnibus spending bill. Neither political party is willing or capable of reversing course and slowing the growth of government. President Trump was set up with this bill and he took the bait. Trump should have spoke to the American people and said I wont be blackmailed by the Democrats. With this budget deal Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell just gave Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi the tool to remove Trump. Most lawmaking doesn’t occur in Congress, but rather in back rooms by a handful of people. America isn’t a representative republic anymore; it’s a soft tyranny. Also, Andrew McCabe wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post acting like a victim, insinuating it was Trump that got him fired when in reality he got himself fired. McCabe was the fool that threw away 22 years of service by authorizing leaks and lying about it. We know he’s guilty from his op-ed, attacking Trump and playing to the media while never discussing any leaking. Finally, Peter Schweizer calls in to discuss his new book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one by the way where Mitch Mcconnell, as anybody seen or heard, from which Macao. I mean he's the guy behind the scenes. He's this friend golly, who put all this together, he's the good for nothing big spending. The old cutting self serving phony politician, who put this all together behind closed doors.
And threatens his colleagues in the Senate should they dared. Challenge him or question. This is a man who is sold his soul to the special interests, a complete, sell out. And I'll get into him and more this in a moment. I want to congratulate my fellow conservative radio talkers, who have finally awakened to the fact that we have a problem here that we have a problem here now I want to read you a few quote. Few quotes that I dug up we're gonna get into this. I hope you ll stick with us because I think we needed it is folly to believe. Congress in the president on their own, will make
Make the necessary and difficult decisions to address the impending financial debacle after all, they and their predecessors engineered the approaching tsunami. And as the situation becomes dire, the federal government's actions will grow more oppressive and other quote. The national debt, that is, the unfunded liabilities in fiscal operating debt amounts to tens of millions of dollars. The government, accountability office, the Congressional Budget Office and numerous other public and private institutions have warning alarms about the oncoming crash but no serious or effective steps have been taken to address the simmering financial and economic implosion. Another quote It is farewell addressed to the nation. After serving to terms as President George Washington urged his fellow citizens to quote a voice,
the accumulation of debt. Not. By shunning occasions of expense, but by vigour. Exertions to discharge the debts not throwing upon Postaya posterity, that is, our children the burden which we ourselves ought to bear more quotes the devastating consequences, wealth redistribution, intergenerational Seabury, massive federal spending, endless borrowing, an unimaginable debt accumulation on american society most particularly on the ruling generation and future generations, are a travesty stealing from the future. Does not establish the utopia promised by the statists. It is the rising generations, grave moral failure about this, one
Thomas Jefferson presently warned against such a moral collective behaviour as we are seeing today. He said this, we believe, or you act as if we believed that, although an individual father cannot eliminate the labour of his son, the aggregate body of fathers may alienate the labour of all their sons of their posterity in the aggregate and obliged pay for all the enterprises. Gesture unjust profitable ruinous in which our vices, our passion, or our personal interests may lead us, but I try. That the proposition needs only to be looked at by an American to be seen in its true point of view and that we consider ourselves on authorized to saddle what may be deemed the pier Of a generation on life A majority in a few years
Jefferson expressed even more trepidation. He said with the decline of society begins. Indeed, the war of, against all which some philosophers serving to be so general in this world had mistaken it for the natural set of the abuse of state, a man and the four horse of this frightful team is public debt Taxation follows that, in its train, wretchedness and oppression. Finally, And I could go on and on one more quote. After all, far easier for today, statists today money not yet her and by future generations, not yet born and below but it is compassionate, thereby reaping media, plaudits and political benefits for general wealth. Redistribution, then to be a key denying subsidies and programmes to a growing list
supposedly worthy and needy recipients, and for the media and political backlash. All those quotes come out of plunder and deceit, all of them and theres many more, and I just point this out to you, because we have now reached a point. We have now reached a point. I believe. Of no return. I'm not doom, saying I'm not saying tomorrow the role come to an end, not in the least. I'm saying I believe we have now reached a point of no return, that neither political party is willing or capable of reversing course. That we lack statement today, but we
constitutional is today. This is why the constitution is so damn important. The putsch parameters on the government. This, ladies and gentlemen, many, if not most, of our fellow citizens if not most, of our fellow citizens are all for this, Most of our politicians are all for this, there's only a benefit for them. Stealing from Generations yet born is very easy and reaping the benefits. Today of A positive media: well, that's what politicians do. We don't know politicians anymore, who are citizen politicians who Eve temporarily, as farmers leave temporarily small businessman exact this union members and so forth, gonna go
meant for short period of time to make a contribution and then leave. That's not what we have. We have a permanent political class, just as we have a permanent administrative state and while you may think, you're free in some respects. You are you're less so, with each and every passing day But we have an easy: our generation, We have an easy. I want you to. Little children in the eyes. I want you to understand what we're doing to them. I want you to think about. The generation before them and the generation before that great grandchildren, great great grandchildren. Our ancestors came to this country for freedom. They asked for nothing. There was no welfare state
There was no new deal, there was no eight society. There was a care. There was no redistribution of wealth, they came to this country just because they wanted to be able to exercise their free will And they knew they could make something of themselves and they did without the government. They did, what out a federal income tax they did, and today today, Looker what's happened. A hundred years of progress for the progressive Republicans have won the Progressive Democrats, one I'm telling you the truth. I dont know how many more elections we can vote for, people whose the conservatives fiscal concerns,
Siders insiders. I don't know how many more elections we a team. Free movement that rose up throughout anti policy, a speaker. All John Vainer later and Paul Ryan Republic, image, already in the House of representatives that they have squandered year after year after year, a republican Senate since twenty fourteen? Since twenty forty and look their leader Mitch Mc Com. This is his budget. This is his spending bill and he's not even on the battlefield. The defendant he's nowhere to be found. He operates in the shadows, he operates in the dark, but he operates nonetheless,. Our president, let us down.
I don't lonely blame him. I blame some of his supporters, Some his supporters on tv, some, his what is in radio. You didn't help Donald Trump by cheering, I'm on in February when they passed a budget. That is a framework for this spending. A budget. There was a disaster, it wasn't for levels, a chess, it wasn t the great deal of the deal. It was the beginning of the smoker. By the Republicans in the house in the Senate and the Democrats as well. It was the beginning of this process and it is very unclear the book and yet nonetheless, I do what I do to be one of the few who caused the shots, as he actually sees them. It's easy today
after the fact, when it's too late to jump up and down and complain about, watches, took place. The time to deal with this is before it's a faded Please I don't know how many times I've heard a red relax. This is the process they haven't even finished. Let's see what they come up with. That's ignorant. We need to be part of the process. What took place here is not only the most profligate spending bill in american history under the Republicans under Mitch, Mcconnell. Particular. What also took place here was an investigation of our constitutional system. The reason you vote for people in the house. Reason you vote for people in the Senate. Your representatives is
They can represent your point of view, the National Congress, if they are not free to participate in the spending and borrowing decisions if hosting a tumor. A Catalan Ryan alone should it our group and their staff, and make these decisions. Ladies and gentlemen, that's taxi in spending and borrowing without representation, Without representation, that's all a guard government, that's what it is: its government by relative handful of people On the second floor, no amendments were permitted. At vote within twenty four hours of receiving a document that over twenty two hundred pages in length on the house floor, Our amendments are allowed
They had a vote on a document, twenty two hundred pages plus within seventeen hours. They never read it. They had no idea what was in it. While they had an idea about this may be in that maybe but no comprehensive idea. The point of a congress, the point of a legislative process is deliberation, is debate. Is transparency? That's the point of arrival, like so that people know what their so called representatives are doing. Who is doing what how to hold them accountable or to re elect them? That entire process was created over the course of the last few weeks- and I read. My point, the two,
I will raise the the voices the time to show alarm isn't today or yesterday. It was all the way back last year, but in at the minimum was in February at the minimum was in February, when everybody thrilled with the budget these guys put together. This is from February twenty eight. February eighth, twenty eighteen cut. Seventeen go Republicans in the Democrats are seeking to approve. The biggest spending bill in american history, I believe our military has been abused long enough and they need significant funds, but that's an excuse to massively expand domestic spending. Was massively expanded. Under Obama has been,
Suddenly expanded should discuss through hundred Donald Trump, and the one person has been consistently involved in this under Obama tromp as much become, and it's free a disgrace, an absolute disgrace. You know this. I mention quickly yesterday we're going to have a trillion dollars over trillion dollars in deficit this year just this year, so the fiscal operating. There will be twenty one trillion dollars. There is no real efforts to get this spending under control; they are thrilled and all they do is for around this word by partisan bipartisan by partisan, as if that is acceptable, it's not acceptable. You have absolute lunatic. It's like Nancy plus another left us without who don't think this is enough to look at, as two issues now spending a budget in Dhaka, the demo, that's her waiting in the winning back
when I return will be right back. The wonderful retreating taxes understand Mitch, Mcconnell right hand. Man is your senior said John Corner. He slipped gun control language into this bill that could affect form people has drawn lot has written. I will open floodgates for the next Democrat administration. This John Corn and a Texas Mitch Mcconnell out of Kentucky we can't get. Conservatives had a Texas in Kentucky this
This is part of the problem I have heard it said many many times while you know take sixty senators to make it filibuster proof. Repugnance have never had sixty cents. In fact, I looked it up since nineteen fifty the most. Senators the Republican Party has ever had since nineteen fifty, even when there were only ninety six senators and nineteen fifty fifty five, fifty five was a ninety ninety six and then again And ninety ninety eight and then again in two thousand for. And twenty fourteen. They had fifty four. What did they do and twenty forty and now, of course, they have fifty one so the Democrats not worry about that. They use
the parliamentary procedures. They use the courts, they use the administrative state, they advance their agenda, they don't. Why are? We need sixty centred YAP, we're getting sixty senators? What are they going to do? control. Susan Collins and LISA Mc Caskey and Linsey Graham Making conservatism great again, dialing, now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one. I want to remind you Then it is rare in recent history to report. Is to control the Senate and the house at no time doing Ronald Reagan, eight years, that the Republicans control the House of Representatives at no time The idea of a reality. According to many of the surrogates of the Republicans on tv, radios and so forth, they say you got it
but the Democrat brothers dealing with it scratch and there's surrendering to the Democrats. A president is not without institutional weapons now, George, W Bush had a look in the House and Republican Senate and completely squandered it massive spending. Mass of spending. Until they lost it in two thousand six under the great could tat? Coral Rove, that's true. They squandered their majorities portion Rove didn't care The majorities in the house in the Senate? They inherited them and then they lost them. And I fear that exactly what's going to happen in these mid term elections, its
enough to say I'm not a democratic vote for me we're this now and yet budget. Is a democrat budget but colonel is nowhere to be found nowhere. He won't go to on conservative radio. He won't many conservative tv shows he's not going to defend themselves. He's a coward he's on the run. He got what he wanted. And I just hope president trump. This is in his read my lips. No new taxes moment. Because he may not understand this. But he was set up and he took the bait that five continuing resolution from counted correctly. Five.
Every time running up to the line, we're going to shut down the garment, shut down the government and, for some reason, modern Republicans, buckle. They buckle under this Reagan ever buckle under this. He shut down a government and he went to the american people and he said, let me tell you I'm doing this wouldn't have been refreshing, president went to the american people and said I am not going to be blackmail. The american people should be blackmailed by the Democratic Party. That is undermining our brave men, and women in military are brave men and women who are fighting the enemy. I'm not put our pilots and unsafe jets. I'm not put our young men and young women in tanks that don't work. I'm not gonna, send em up against an enemy. Were there not fully equipped? And yet that's exact what the Democratic Shine they're saying you they're massively increased food stare programme either man
If we allow more illegal aliens in this country or not going to support the military, I'm not going to accept that kind of now blackmail, nor should the american people rally the people to your cause explaining to them explain to them what this budget will do to your kids in your grandkids, airbag wrap them. Wait till the interest rates to going up and up and up on this debt and more more budget is sucked up in just paying the Dep Obama's gone he's out there making hundreds of millions of dollars. He doesn't give a crap Gore's gone bacon, hundreds of billions of dollars they cling, you're gonna make an hundreds of millions of dollars. Tom Bashful. Other russian trick lot. Their money as lobbyists and all the rest
He ended tonight's programme near the undergoing here about Mitch. Colonel laying trail in some detail now this was set up and the president unfortunately body they waited till the eleventh hour as they always do. They plop down this ridiculous document. Fill of all kinds are correct that you have to pay, for. I am so sick of paying taxes. You have no idea. Working Americans, you pay taxes, constantly told tunnel, some wrote some big manufacturing Kentucky. I am so sick and tired. Some tunnel, some road, some poor manufacturing Kentucky Tell that damn federal government and they still care.
Working twenty hours a day and paying her for my income, so that damn federal government and they still kept balance their budget. How do you told you don't pay enough I watch one person on the dole after another. One excuse after another. Our ancestors aspirin, nothing, not a damn thing. The whole mindset of the country is changed. We vote these office. Not only won't, they advance the cause of constitutional ism and liberty and capitalism. They won't they slow growth or what the left has done. They aid and abet them they aid and abet them. Since, when does our agenda and kill include amnesty since? When does our agenda include curtailing
oh right from the second amendment, since when does our agenda involve funding the abortion, a baby's, the importing of babies under plan parenthood. Since wonders our agenda, involve funding all of trucks, humorous pet projects, while mark we wouldn't get military spending and said how do you do
How do you know don't shine the budget force than the come back go on. The offensive gave a speech. Tell these damn falls in Congress, get out there and make the case for the american people, but instead I came, we don't have sixty. I don't know what to do it's getting dark. I want to go home, it's just setting and the sad truth of the thing is, I fear, we're gonna get creep in the mid term elections and, quite frankly, they deserve it, but here's the problem. As you know, if you'd been listening to this programme from the beginning,
The Democrats want to remove this president image, but colonel and Paul Ryan just gave them the tool with which to do it, and I don't know whose advising this present in the legislative affair shop. I dont know whose advising him on the economics of this kind of vein you running around like an idiot today and yesterday, when I actually think it shut up. I thought you were now you're making an I say to yourself. This could be the present its ongoing, but I'm very distressed going on in my business here. The conservative radio business I've told you from day one. It is important that. Those of us who principles and beliefs- those of us who understand that we need to
the size of government limit, the spending. That it is not in the present its best interests to trash. Anybody who speaks out and out of concern and tries to Urge him to do the right thing. I think, he's We open minded about these things, but when he hears the the boys and girls in Iraq. Cats cheering these irresponsible republican policies. Years that and lessons to that, All the surrogate out there on cable They are thus surrogates and conservative and consume Conservative radio have done an enormous disservice to the president. By surrendering that their principles,
not this loyal to this president to disagree with him in a respectful manner, any more than it is being a sick, affect the support him. What he's doing the right thing. But we have an obligation to citizens to help them to help of Matterby pirates.
But when he's pressure to go one way, we need to pressure from the go the other way. But when I look at the system, if you dont embrace the convention of states in article five, if you dont, embrace and realize reality that this federal design is a design that is not in the constitution that the? U Pickwick s- Nature the federal government, its open access to your wealth, its unlimited exercise of power that these people are not going to constrain themselves. These people have no interest in limited constitutional government. I don't care what had their wearing
the hat are the republican head. I don't care what they supposed to be in there on. This is who they are. This is what they are and we're just going to have to accept the fact that they are not going to reverse. If they do it'll be a short respite, they couldn't wait for I going leave office, the bushes couldn't wait For regularly walks, there's gonna be kinder and gentler. By massively increasing spending, you know that George W Bush, Office for eight years never veto to spending, though not once Bro. Advice from car, irrelevant, P Wayne or no doubt not once out of control spending Attica out- of control spending by Obama and our control spending by the Republicans in Washington? Ladies and gentlemen, that is twenty years of out of control spending massive yearly.
Visits. I dont know how we're gonna come out from under this. Even more, I dont know how our children and grandchildren are. This makes me sick to my stomach sick, the my stomach. You try and playing your future, but, more importantly, it try and play in the future for them what the hell did. You do. As I wrote in liberty and tyranny, maybe over ten years ago, I don't remember, as I've said you many times We are no longer a representative republic, you saw what happened. Oh we vote. We vote
we go to the polls and vote. Now we go home, but most of the law making doesn't even occurring Congress and when it does, it occurs in a way that is unrepresentative, so we're not really represented republic in the true sense of representative. Are we a federal republic that is a republic that is built on a foundation of federalism? Know we're not anymore the very states they created? The federal government now live at its asked. Are we a constitutional republic? I ask you when you listen to Ruth Baker Ginsberg, who is the new pop hero in our culture? I want you see what the district courts have done to the president when it comes to refugees and so forth.
When you hear people talk about a living and breathing constitution, which means there's no constitutional law, does that sound like a constitutional republic know? So what are we? I ask every guess this now on life, liberty and living on fox I'll, tell you what we are and you're, not gonna, wanna hear this, but I'll tell you what we are when somebody has pay? Thirty, forty, fifty percent of their hard earned income, the government at all levels or they're gonna go to prison. When somebody has to comply with airy, federal and state regulation, or they could face a prosecutor like robber Molly. You know it. They call that, in order to access to talk for call his soft tyranny.
I'll be right back close on board, ladies and gentlemen, that you look at the members of the house in the members of the Senate in the Republican Party who voted for this because that's where it started, you need to if your house member and your senator voted for this, because. They created the legislation that went up on the president's desk where he made terrible terrible error. And where he should have learned from the history of Reagan and not just right
even Jimmy Carter, you know every president, every president, I think, before George H, W Bush, but certainly before George W Bush has shut down the governor It's the only way to control this process. It's the only way to participate in this process, or is You just can t rubber snapping this stuff and that's exactly what George W Bush it. I'm sure they never truckers are gonna. Take off from a calm order being the concern. It is that they are. Surely they read article after article at National Review in the weekly standard and such Luminous Places is that in forming so the year with their profound Inside honour, John Mitch, Mcconnell and so forth.
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I've heard all the arguments of you: we needed a fund defence. One Ronald Reagan, build up the United States military to its greatest heights. Postwar war too. For the purpose of defending the Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan shut down the government six times six times. And one of the reasons he shut down. The government is because the Democrats, verbal as they always do are advanced. Aren't diesel so they were blocking this case. The annex missile they also at once, the the pearl two missile, which he put in place in Europe, the wishes of many european countries. Really gotta, have a pair. You really have to have a stiff spine and stand up to this stuff in advancing the cause and explained to the american people and let the chips forward. They may let that Small, where they may and I'll tell you what interesting. He shut the gun,
down six times, anyone to massive landslides, electoral and popular, like no Republican, now Republican ever in american history. I'll be right back Now run only underline the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levin. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one want to remind you: exclusive interview this Sunday on Fox at ten p M Eastern Sevenpm, Pacific. With senator mightily, wouldn't it
Gus, among other things, this budget process, what took place, swallows the constitution and so forth. That's this Sunday, you're, not gonna, want to miss. That now, Talk a little bit more about this budget situation and unwanted. To you a year and a bed the just appeared, nor in the course of this programme. And the editorial page of the washed and composed by Andrew MC cave the disgraced former deputy director, the FBI who was found by the by the profession civil servants in the inspector general's office in the FBI, office and professional responsibility. Having conducted himself in such non professional way that needed to be removed and removed immediately. But first, let's take some cause here. Jack
LAS Vegas Nevada. They great K, D, W and Kate on go right ahead. Thank you. I just want to make a new vote in Ohio may shaken in Pennsylvania. I awoke from a coddle orion. We won't have a trump and we support I wouldn't know our vote, but also our money, how he was the one who told us that he wasn't gonna well out exactly what he did today. He signed the agreement, not Mcconnell had not Ryan. I think this is his hump dumpty moment. No one would all the machinations they tried could stop his constituency from the boy him, but I think this is a defining moment. I think this time next year, you'll be on the radio speaking about his impeachment and I have already said the day after that. They were trying to teach him, but if they lose their house obviously now A lot talk show are geniuses, have said the same thing, that's exactly
I thought this. What you're saying is this is gonna Mr Moorhouse, representative, Humpty dumpty moment. There is no question about it. Tried every machination in the world they try to get his constituency, they turn off. You go, could CNN you get previous reports in all these great funded, all they can save. We can't seem to get his core constituency to turn against them, prompt using only trunk again his cord constituency to turn against what you did, that they fit all our. I got it. Thank you different view. If it West Palm Beach, the great W Jan oh, go. I mark. Discovering America grateful I'm also lemme tell you that Tv Schweitzer with you, Sir Cash, you didn't care, should now. It is no secret empires he's its boughs so many of our men in a while
can't say women. What was good to a corner today, if you heard the press coverage, he no choice. The sign this while our, Conservative president's put in a corner by these members of Congress normally their own party and, of course he had a choice. This is a different dammit Of course, he had a choice: it's called veto He talks to the american people in there the government is shot for a week or two or three. And they proceed in the present to get me of what he wants in the Congo. Gets less than what it wants. It's happened twenty times in the past. I thought I thought is. We are in a critical comment in this country might again when they give, No, it's ok! I'm trying to a more How can the listening you, but you gotta, get your history right? Waited depressed.
Military after Carter was president. We had a Soviet Union on the march. A very very Our full Soviet Union, in fact the communists were, were spreading Central America, South America, we at the nicaraguan communist as well, there are spreading in north western Africa there are all kinds of things going on. We The challenge is right. Now, internationally, we always had many challenges internationally. The Democrats are always of this ring the military but I'm sorry, sir, you can finish your point, but point which I already addressed before even mentioned. It is that when the President V Jose spending Belike this use, you can have significant spending increase. For the military on the way out in the next two or three weeks as they pass a budget as they pass the spending bill. But you don't break the bat, You don't massively increased the debt and then pretend
do it because of the military you're just wrong. I know its. Not any thing could you gotta give away. I understand that willing to catch gets gay women deeper Trouble in the world How old? How old are you I'm seventy two, Seventy two and you live through the nineteen eighties, and you say this and I went on. Ok, you lived through the nineteen eighties and you said this when the Soviet Union was on the move. Now and now you say, look we're in deep trouble than we ve ever been we are financially. We are financially there's no question decade after a decade of spending decadence, Well, I'm sorry, Sir, when the Soviet Union was on the move, we were in. Devastatingly deep trouble when our military had been eviscerated and the Old And had a plan Reagan he's gonna marry
will we increase, the military is gonna fight. The democratic trying limit is not a dictator, but he view told their spending pills. It was a great president thanks for your reply. I understand I'm not going to convince you. It's I'm just not I am pointing I reckon up, because he was a great president, because you, when people like you keep saying that the president had no choice. Of course he had a choice, and this is my problem. If we are people who your peace, this kind of behaviour, people who are going to excuse this kind of behaviour is going to happen again with the next spending bill and the next spending. The one after that and then, if you vetoes the next, Spending value, gonna call em a hero. You should not have such an an unprincipled attitude about this or that president had to do is say no, no stand up to the attacks, stand up for them.
In the end, when the day he would have come out of this more politically. Stronger, more politically from a political perspective, country would have been better off instead truck shimmers thrill, the death Mitch Mcconnell spell the death Our military stalwart have been funded, Gary in Massachusetts. The mark Levin go ahead markets an honor. I just like to say TED crews, constitutional conservative and I did everything I could hear in the northeast to try to get him elected The problem I'm having right now is on having a hard time, fitting in politically being a constitutional principle. Guy went comes to everything and what being told by these tromp supporters is we left the team and we need to come back to the team and that's not Face it all over who said that,
on the Twond people. We talked not saying to me well don't call your show mark. That's why I'm calling you listen to me. I'm I'm hearing trumps supporters who are very upset about this right. But what happened this day for the I listened all day today to talk radio, the truck the is a very upset and then, when you ask, and will you still ball for him and then they say yes, so this is the problem. When they know that they have you no matter what their still gonna it still gonna kill you This is why I thought we were going to state stick to our guns this election. Instead, you know four George W Bush. Yes, I did how many times. I'm just once. Do you know, I never veto to spending, though I understand that I understand that, but we have to hold up people a con. Well. We didn't hold accountable one trying to
This one accountable, but the people won't hold them accountable, even always doing things wrong, and you know it We tried I'm sorry, sir. I have to disagree with you. I think I'm hearing people who are very upset about this who did for vote for tromp as I voted for Trump and the general election people very troubled by them, I'm not hearing what you're saying, which is the Trump supporters. I support him, no matter what support him, no matter where there may be some people doing that, but there are many people saying I still Port- am, I still likened, but I dont support this and I may not vote for me. That's what I'm hearing tonight right! Well, that's what I convey because there's a lot of people in the northeast over here mark that will support him, no matter what no matter what he does they support here. Did you win Massachusetts. No he didn't when Massachusetts City win any New England State, I think no, not that I know of genuine New York right That's why we're some people in the northeast with all due respect?
I was born in the northeast myself when it MR trumps election, it doesn't matter what goes on in Massachusetts. Again, I'm not attacking Massachusetts. Just stating a fact. We are being called. We left the team because we also poor. What's going on right now, I would thank you. I'm not hearing that a union that MR producer. I'm just not hearing it anywhere. We left the team because supporting this spending bill, honest to God. I haven't heard that phrase anywhere. People may say the president had no choice and so forth, like that, but they're not accusing me or other people leaving the team as best as I can tell even try one right here: Rich Omaha, Nebraska, great K, o I go hey. I want to start by saying and above all I think I speak for water. Listen, we trust you wheels and Austria recently we love you, we we
cost Hannity. I trust rush. Working on the Ingram that gonna work there I, what do you get? I I trust, Tromp Hill. I trust him. And although you agree with every single thing, he does not everything heck. Now I wouldn't want, should agree with every single thing I do. Sometimes I look back and I say you know what I should have done, that that was a mistake. I agreed that they don't get everything. I do disagree, some kind of but Trump this way we know that he's a strong we're militarily. I'd sir, on this and not try to analyze character. You know I've defended him against the onslaught that does against him, which I think is outrageous, but you also know when he went to. The green them on the issues. I raise it in a respectful way to me This was a terrible blunder.
Was a terrible blunder and in some ways he was set up and it could well cost him his presidency. If we lose, the house is a part of what we have to engage North Korea, but he hath either to you do so, while we will have the weapons to do so, you don't understand this process. The government. How can it be shut down for six months? It could Shut down for a week to week, even three weeks and the press no, what come out stronger the military we'll get its funding, it's just that the progressive! crash Republicans, wouldn't get all the funding they want on. The on the domestic side This is why bring up Reagan not because he was a great president. He wanted as I'm ex missile system, and they fund it anyway. No you're gonna funded. They should know we're not an essentially vetoed it. He went. Purging two's put in place in Europe in order to check it's the Soviets who just modernize their thereof, Nook the weapons in Europe. No you're, not he said yes, I am any down again here
and then the military. He strengthen our position. What I'm saying is it anything else? You gotta stay up the bullies and presently states has a constitutional told to do that. It's not a matter of fact. We shut down the government for a few weeks. The military won't be funded as a matter of fact military is funded social security Medicare are funded. You know it's not funny, all those areas with a garment. The left loves all this. This wasteful domestic spent which is another reason. I don't understand why we're so scared of this, but anyway go ahead, but we know that there was one thing the trunk said during the campaign and he got thank and he got quite on a real, quick, we'll talk about recent Anthony. Then you have that, since he's been in office for dollars down thirteen percent We owe twenty one trillion, but in January twenty seventeen dollars it's about eighteen, trailing. Ok, listen to me. I said you really want to pick a fight with China. The going
currency market worldwide. It's nothing that Trump has done or nothing that any one man can do. You understand that right he's not a dictator. Satisfying golly he's the president understand that is picking up China and watch one of the weapons China has not buying or death die. I realise that you really want to pick a fight with China. They go after their banks exactly while he's not exactly he's, not a no. No. I don't know about that, because I think that our economy, There there get ready, you talk: MAC, Ro Autonomy, macro tariffs, macro trade. We know what thanks. I have we They are a house of cards you want to go. After China go after their banking system, it's a joke. I trust you. I implicitly called my than trust you I think, everyone look. We both love this country, that's the bottom line. Unlike the hard left, I can tell you that what we
right right. Sorry about you. Do me a favor where you from your from Nebraska you're! Sorry, you make me this guy Ben SAS Thank you. No, I supported me in the primary. I find him to be unbearable. Ok, if I forget they, both up or senators voted against it I am not even talking about this budget, I'm glad you voted against it. Ben SAS is a big Mcconnell guy Bench back Corcoran around deal. Tell you this. You probably have more contacts than I do. X. I don't have time I refused to doktor Nott, not him. Let him I did speak the people and not saying I'm connected, but we did. I did. Take the people in a local error, and I use the word opportunist Mary. Our I my friend, I appreciate your car, we'll be right. Back
mark Secondary defence matters is the one in probably taught the president the signing this bill finding interesting about our secretary defence he's not as tough as people suggested. Mad dog matters. Really I mean that. Dick Cheney was a lot tougher sector defence I do think Rumsfeld was a tougher sector, defence and strategic, but Just want to point out that the president who rebuilt the military more than any other pass president after Jimmy Carter.
Import enormous amount of money into the military, the strategic defence, and all kinds of r and d and so forth, and so on and brought the Soviet Union to its knees and even though people thought they could never happen, that president fought the left he fought. The pony I'll do the Reagan use we never control all of Congress. The other reason you veto a bill like this is to get your own party under control. It's to get your own party under control. The republican Party is how to control. Here's the thing folks, Mitch Mcconnell, Paul, Rhine and really most of them. Also, Obama years lie through their teeth to you and me. They lied through their teeth. They put a phoney objections to Obama. You may recall that banner.
And oh used to meet secretly. In vain early on started selling out Colonel agreed to seek prostration, so every cut one cut the military, have one dollar cut in the mess Spending or one dollar increase in military spending. One dark increase in domestic spending, no way to defend a nation. So you military spending on the same level on par. Redistributing wealth is at once in the constitution until Mitch. My I've said this for years until he is removed as the leader and not replaced cologne or a zombie like a corn and Zander or so forth. Until we get strong, fresh, charismatic, relatively young leader in the Senate
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that's filter, be you. Why does come filter by that? Come after me, ably the disgraced former direct FBI deputy director has written in a bed for the watchman compost which was put out a little over an hour ago. This is how the media Working with liberals and Democrats had miscreants and malcontents are able to control the new cycle, so it's done Friday evening. So it has an effect on a Sunday shows and He says a March sixteen I spent the day with my family waiting to hear whether I would be fired. If you're twenty one years and the FBI one day before a court, Fired from my long planned, an early retirement. You notice Michael Flynn, never wrote in a bed like this. This guy's.
The me becoming more more disgusting, he really is so he's writing as a victim. As turn a Time to reflect on how we feel to be separated from the Organization I loved and lead in the mission it has been. The central focus of my professional life will certainly The thought of that the time shouldn't. Despite all the preparation for the worst case scenario, I still felt disoriented sick to my stomach around ten p m Friend called it taught me that scene and was reporting that I've been fired. She read me turning general statement. So after two, decades of public service. I found, I've been fired in the most disembodied Personal way third hand: it's fun news accounts. Now I understand this is a man who reportedly authorized leaking and now
upset about how he learned about how he was fired. You believe MR producer. Now he's worried about forming process. Well, he goes on shortly after getting word. I Stan email from a justice to buy, official. My work account telling me I remove from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the civil service encore, I've been accused of lack of candor. That is not true I do not knowingly mislead or lie two investigators. When asked about contacts with the rapporteur that fully within my power to authorize his deputy director and amid the key I said surrounded me, I ain't should questions, completely inaccurate lose. I could skinning weird. See here and when I realized that some of my answers were not fully accurate,
have been misunderstood, I took the initiative to correct them, really one of the guys who is involved in trying to to set up General Flynn. At worst, I was not clear in my responses, but let me just stop here as a long time lawyer, we're getting into a lot of weasel words. Here there was, I've surrounding me, may they wasn't clear in my response is maybe had misunderstood. Well, if so confused or you should have been deputy the happy I direct in the first place. At worst, I was not clear in my response is because of what was going on around me may well have been confused and distracted and for that take full responsibility. No, you don't an entire weasel Epp Ed, but that's not active candour and under no circumstances could it ever serve as the basis for the very poor can extended humiliation
and under no circumstances could it ever serve as the basis for the fairy public and extended humiliation and life. After more than two decades in the FBI, you should know you should not have authorized leaks and then why about I was confused or so much what's going on around me. I wonder. What's Mahler what have been forgiving? if you'd been on the other side of the political spectrum, sir. And under no circumstances can it ever serve as the basis for the fairy public and extended humiliation of my family and mean that the administration and the president personally have engaged in over the past year. So it's trumps fault that the guy authorized leaking Not at my worst nightmares did I ever dream I apply career would in this way will of course, You thought you'd get away with it the next day. I will, find the president of the United States. Celebrating my punishment, see this is why know you guilty.
Could you playing to the media, your attacking trump? Your attacking trump, when nobody knew who you were. You take responsibility for nothing and what's interesting so far, but this pieces he doesn't explain the leaking Desi Andrew Beckett, Fired a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI a great day for democracy, not folks, I just want to remind you. This was all Lord. He didn't put this out with Having a lawyer review at just so you know, I was But not surprised to see that such unhinged public attacks on me would continue. In my life, so my service to the FBI was unhinged and inaccurate about. President trumps cruelty reminded me of the days immediately following the firing of James CO me, as the White House actually tried to push the forces that people in Happy I was celebrating the loss of our director. I can say many people were celebrating the lost your director and noticed
Stir in a cave. Never talks about the fact that the Democrats, The ones demanding commies head until tromp fired It was Harry, read, it was truck shimmer. It was Hillary Clinton, Democratic the democratic. The Democrat insist, they call me, be fired and then went trunk fired him they immediately reverse coarse and said. O trap is obstructing justice system a k prick out all that. The president's comments about me were equally hurtful and for with all due respect is this guy, like a deputy deb? Oh they were hurtful. I was hurt by this. For all the trashing Michael Flynn. This is a man who, as I stand up man, this guy is a weasel. What shows that he has no idea, however, be I'd. People feel about their leaders, but you do from a cave.
I was trying to the FBI, but nothing more than complicated and a desire to do good and ninety. Ninety four. So now we get into the life in times of Andrew Mackay, MR producer. Mr producers and Sir Andrew became wants to go public and talk about his life and times. Would you invite him on the programme? Please. Have we contacted Jim Combings publicist for his book Hit him on the programme they didn't get back to us. Come on, I'm Steve Colbert then. I know, though, look get back to us immediately. Many wrapped himself in the FBI. He wrapped him, so he dares to wrap himself and the FBI, when it was the Spectre General's office and the closer professional responsibility. That This guy red handed Benny to see
Amy just some them, and then they go to the Any general say fire his ass and others guy the rap himself a patriotic men and women who work for the FBI, use disgrace what I'm talking about, patriotic men and women who work for the FBI, we're talking. You're sorry ass. He says to those men, and women at the FBI, say quote: fear not set the headlines So side and give in and given to what draws you to this work, the country needs you, you believe this creep now I know he's guilty. I always knew was nowhere in is a bad did. You, that was the inspector general's office and the officer prevent responsibility. Inspector general office, headed by an Obama Pointy the office of professional responsive. Buddy headed by a Mahler appointee and power.
The later by civil servants, career professional, Where does he put that in his heart? Bad peace and, of course no, Do the editors at the Washington Post insists that. But that it is up at peace, simulation, is that trunk got him fired. One in fact is jerk so far, that's right here, a jerk you're, the folder twenty two years away. You're there, feel humiliated yourself in your family. Maybe if you look in word, made You should realise that you shouldn't a Laker authorized lakes and allied about it. You jerk back then Yes, are you know my
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Your voice for America and that so thank you for all you do. I have. I wasn't originally trump voter in the beginning, I was a TED crease game and I got on board and voted for Trump, and I followed him. This whole pass here really like a lot of what is done and then today, It really disappointed me. I mean it's like you said and made my stomach sick, and I thank you it said that he probably won't radio at last night and you are right- and I said it should, yeah exactly that but my question is why, in the world, did he be telling it not go through with it? Why would you even? Why? Would he that's, not his nature, I dont know does a lot of sense to me. I think he was struggling with. Perhaps
I noted the rush today he had talked about Paul Ryan had come, Wednesday? Try to convince him conventional real high, convince who, convince trot. Then he made emergency visit to go allow me to say the back story and I know the backstory Tuesday evening. The president's office defied. The concerns that the spending bill was outrageous. But Ryan kept telling him there's absolutely nothing. They could be done, the omnibus bill they could get the Freedom caucus members to vote for so they had to get the Democrat. And the President should just sign it and then tat will do something later to fix the spending issues
though the president was wondering if the Freedom caucus conservatives would join him in demanding an awful funding for the Juan De Funding. So trace cities, maybe a few other things and the thing said that the president could tell sign he's wrong about the freedom broken so that the know An Inter but Ryan said no so they're having these discussion but just a few minutes of beginning the discussions. Rhino Mcconnell. Said that president said whole sign it. So those discussed were broken off. I don't know why. As for general matters,.
Matters as dug in on this social agenda using military funding for sex change operations. So mattresses board and who believe it or not. The liberal cultural agenda. That's been pressed at the defence department, these he's not going to suspend the surgeries as he gets, a direct order from the present but all this stuff was going on behind the scenes. The fact of the matter is bottom line. Is this. Mcconnell and Ryan set up. The president. The president was told me in public. They buy me and others to do this, but he did it. Fortunately, he has delivered the political consequences. We have to live with the economic consequences. President should have vetoed it.
Prison should have eaten it. Me tell you what would have happened if he vetoed it. My wife even told me this. President, would have been viewed as a A man who was conquering the swamp and it would have been right, then he stood up to it. He could command A good if you could show that he would them he would come up. With solutions and impose them. But he was a real leader on this. The idea that he had no choice has absolute bs. It is absolute bs. We all have choices and he had a choice and he got a dog and fought for them, week, two or three any would have had to anyone. I had a fight against his own party
But in my view he would have helped fixed his arm fixed his own party. He would have helped fixes on party. Move significantly toward starting to control spending. Funding the United States military and In the state of ship, but he didn't, Suggest to you is flooded, and I This is probably bothering him a great deal. That's my he's probably wondering if he made the right decision. Truth is I'll be back
he's here now run them only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one, one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three thousand eight hundred and thirteen eight hundred and eleven there was a story couple weeks ago on Tucker Karlsson show raises the question: how is CNN and all these airports there's a peacetime Fox news, dot com today by Brian Flood growing questions about CNN Airport monopoly as network veers left.
You want another real echo chamber, it's right here. This is a tumor thirteen. Twenty fifteen. I raise this and I only raise occurs like you, I'm observant eyes, through airports in the ten list- CNN, CNN, CNN and And a half years ago I raise this on the radio fifteen go now CNN, is handling this debate, which makes it doubly pathetic explained before the only reason scene and gets any ratings is because purely every airport is required, to run that damn that work sitting down waiting for your playing there. It is CNN. And I have mentioned many times- Mister produces said, there's about a dozen times here July,
fourteen twenty seventeen, which is what The lesson a year ago cut sixteen go. Why CNN and all the airports haven't they get this monopoly a great question Key Basque I've been asking it for months, had a and get this monopoly. Is it that they were? once thought to be if a relatively objective news organization? Well, even if that were true- which it's not they're not now. I mean I was an airport today to airports. I was at the ragged national and in the Palm Beach airport the genome? fly to do a book signing tomorrow, I'm looking at their every damn screen if they dont of sports they have CNN why, maybe it's time we say to these restaurants and so forth. These airlines get rid of them, put something else but the jewelry channel on put the history channel and put but something else on HTTP, my favorite put them all by them. For this already made it's a joke.
I'm back live in one of the things seen in does. Is it pays to be on in these airports in exchange? It gives free commercial time to some extent, to the airport and airport advertisers. So they cut these deals for the most part, not all of them, but for the most, with these airports when they were. Promoting CNN as a On partisan objective news outlets- and so I ve been asking this question for years and starting to spread. Those of us who are left wing cook, not jobs within I kill you know over twelve, you go through an airport and you gotta watch this crap, Time into your flights delay there, it is over and over and over again it's in the bars it's at the gates. It's in the year
walk areas near the men's room. The ladies room, the you'd, whatever room there everywhere, it's just endless airport propaganda CNN. Now this should be done, Watched semen is not a news organization, it's a freak, show this Brian stouter in talking about him now forever this prize There is a joke. Is a clown. These Maura, he gets worse So, every day with that, for but he's not alone, the whole world stupid. Cnn is an MSNBC wannabe. Fighting over the same crumbs to quote Nancy Policy, but there it is in every pretty much every airport. Is it not? Our John Bolton is out.
Standing selection by the present, the United States to be as national security adviser in are the president has a lot of good things. To this budget thing is disastrous, But I have to say in the foreign policy arena he has been right on right on. And always muscling up as National Security Council he's appointing Bolton. The reason I like Bode well, its multi fault, is I work with them in the Reagan administration. I know how terrific he has but use you ve got new stormy, become acquainted with them on tv and so forth. Very very Oh man. Always an interventionist, though, is not simple. So strong, United States military any believe not waiting to work tat, We need to address an enemy
and one of the reasons I'm glad he's there is he he's kind of a balanced to madness, he's not a general but he's a man with a great deal of depth and background and the Reagan administration, both Bush administration and he'll, be able. If the president, very sound advice in the present will make its own decisions, as the president should now, the last if you ve watched any this yesterday, hate him. Which is one of the reasons we like but Chris Matthews to drink. You know to drink maximum Chris. You know what I mean Chris. There is one I miss Alice Day yesterday and he says the Thomas things this guy got nine go
We get rid of Us Secretary of State known for being a moderate import. She wants to people who believes in climate change. He thinks we should honour the also believes getting out of this truce. We had this treaty, we have with ran and try to forestall their nuclear ambitions and we bring in getting ready to worsen, I this is, this is brilliant Ojo. This is unbelievable. How Joe the Czech Thea the desk and make sure he doesn't have a flask there. You know what I mean Chris, don't you. So so far. He says you know this greater They always is opposed to that, and course tolerate till her son was a great moderating force, but is at me moderating forced to whom for what go ahead? John Wolden I this is. This is brilliant Ojo. This is unbelievable. How Joe.
A genocide on mass murder who attacked us had proper. It's like bringing in Togo, toga. Go ahead and all your met, your memories there- I don't- you know Chris Matthews, you would be Tokyo rose. Tokyo rows of Miss Alice D with a slur up, you know what I mean he's the foster Brooks of MSNBC We need a moderating force at MSNBC, who would that be. Look at that line up one jerkin creep after another, Collectively they don't want IQ over twelve. Now speaking, a pathetic this guy, Senator Chris Murphy of I myself. Do you people Netiquette is yours senator actually ever in the Senate, but does he have a special rule padded? Of course it s all austrian CNN.
He is the he's a snake cut. I go Imagine a more reckless, more dangerous fake. I can say that he better, then Steve the idea that the Person whose first in first out of the Olaf Office a national security measures and matters openly routes for pre, emptive war against North Korea and IRAN, with no congressional, Let me first, let me ask you some folks who is the city? Where did he come from? Where did he come from Chris Murphy. Go ahead, is just incredibly troubling into think about a president. Now keep in mind. Bolton has served. A number of presidential the present for positions that were that were involved in confirmations, his assistant secretary, this, in that. He's highly regarded respected
You see they try to make the present now I can not. They try to make US advisers out like a nut like nuts. That's what they do go ahead. It's so try to turn the news away from the myriad of scandals under which he is buried is going to have someone who is so. He points Bolton. To get away from the following this. He appoints Bolton. Who wants war to distract us from a porno star. Is this guy immediate answer? Yes mouth next up, Chris Van Chris Van stupid from Merrill Of course, cut seven go driving. This is a very dangerous development for the country. Now they talk more horribly about ball.
They ever have about any dictator in the world G peel on ah the Islam on Marty in Tehran. They chapter, two the or did to the Castro's in Cuba. There's not a genocidal maniac. They won't talk to. They won't great whose hand they won't shake, but when it comes to Baldwin, he's dangerous he's dangerous. Go ahead but John Vulcans history, I didn't want of war mongering. He was all in the Iraq image in the Iraq war. When most of the Democrats in the sun and the house voted twice. For a resolution to go to war in Iraq, Crispin, HOLLAND, doesn't remember because he's a moron I'll be right back
It's a pleasure to have Peter Schweizer on the programme. It is great book secret empires how the american political class hides corruption and riches family friends, it's a great book. Peter congratulations, however, I'm doing great thanks so much mark it's great to be on with you. Well, it's a pleasure, and now you get to talk to a real audience, no offense to all the rest of them. The smartest audience out there. That's always been my experience. Thank you, sir. I went to dig riding on this and I quote from your book somewhat earlier in the week its Mcconnell. Any lane trail tell us tell us what you write about them. Well, basically, You look at the chinese government has a strategy. They want. You co opt political elite, sir. They try to do in Canada. They try to do in Australia and they do it in the United States and the way they do it with Morocco,
when Chow, is that they have greased the family into very lucrative commercial deals in China, and Ms Mckenna the beneficiary of that, because he gets give from his father in law, James Chow, to the tune of between five and twenty five million dollars. In Mark me, relationships. These are not just oh, they happened to do business in China. The chair, families in the shipping business and if you read the trade publications of the shipping industry, it is an open secret and that small world that they enjoy, in the words of those publications, very close relationships with the chinese government. The choice is this: is this: is Miss Mc Connell's, wife's family guy? erect foremost. Maritime foremost group is the name of the entity, so the chinese government built all their ships its finances, the construe of those ships. It provides the crew for those ships and it provides a lot
the cargo that they hall around the world. Have these are chinese state owned entities which give them the business if Thou bad enough. You also have this sort of rather bizarre situation mark where these Senate Majority leader and a cabinet officer of the United States beef father in law, James Chow and the sister Angela Chow, have actually served on the board of the chinese state. Ship building corporation holdings, which is offshoot of the largest military. Contractor in China, they also you have Angela child these. These are Mitch MC in law. That's correct, Mitch, Mcconnell, then laws and Theosophy holdings, which is the common where they served on the board, have identified by the? U S Naval academy as the means to finance military construction in China, so this is the heart,
of the chinese military industrial complex, and you also have the fact that after Donald Trump was elected President November two thousand and sixteen China was so concerned about statements he made about standing up to them in the South China Sea on some of his policies on trade and technology transfer, so we can he was elected. The Bank of China, which is the fourth floor, bank in the world is run by the chinese government put you ain't chow sister Angela Chow on the board of directors, the first foreign national to sit on the board, so they Ursela so so Mitch. Mcconnell sister in law on the board of directors of the largest Chinese, which a state run bank yeah, come about China, which is is identified, as is one of the. Sonic tools that the chinese government uses
expanded Pinterest toll receipt so oversee. So look. This is very clear. The Mcconnell Chow Financial Future is directly try to today. Chinese government and were Mitch Mcconnell to do something in the Senate to upset the Chinese, they could wreak havoc on their farms business tomorrow and that's exactly the way the Chinese wanted. Ok now let me ask you this as you right in your book indications that. It's my candle in certain cases as as a consequence or likely consequence gone soft on China. My you dont short, this. The relationship begins in nineteen. Ninety three mark we're Mitch. A car up into this point, has been very hawkish on China. You probably gave the toughest speech on the ten Tiananmen square massacre of anybody in the? U S, Senate for
This later he's married to a lane chow, he visits Beijing, only the second, you were sent her to do so, since the massacre with his father in law, ain't, chow and they're, not there as part of a. U S congressional delegation, the chinese presence, very clear they or their as guest of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation and But you see you two things happening in parallel, beginning a ninety. Ninety three and up to the present mark one is commercial relationships I've been laying out at this. Time. You see much Mccall increasingly soft on China ease he becomes Oh Jack, about a handover of Hong Kong to China, he becomes less critic of their military action. He does. Your poet legislation related to currency manipulation is relates to China, because he's afraid It are now I'm a free trader is well but here's the problem when it comes to Japan when it comes to other countries.
Burma, South America in Europe, he's not consistently free trade, its we on China the heat It's out a position of saying we don't want to deal with issues related to current him in and out. I appeal which interesting on free trade when, when it comes to China I am less so a free trader right then. The up, because there their building their military against us, because their stealing our technology, actually right at me. They are state actors and that's what makes these relationships so troubling. I mean they the a Canada me says that my twenty thirty they expect the chinese Navy to surpass the. U S, Navy. If current trends continue and you ve got the Senate Majority Leader and his family that have these Loose ties to big military contractors in Beijing, I mean there's just no way around it and you know what what Mitchell I will say, is that that has nothing. That's not
influenced his decision making at all? But I tell you mark if we worry about you know: polluter, the contribution, swaying a politician, or we worry about a politician owning stock and oil. Current politician gone a luncheon somebody paying for asthma launch a crying out. Exactly I mean these kind of ties are gonna have huge effect on the way they see things in Mitchell. I knows that the it The fate of his family is tied to the good graces and being in the good graces of Beijing. This is absolutely appalling acts. The appalling now Peter Schweizer, when we come back, if that Bad enough. I want you to tell us about the children of Joe Biden and John Kerry, that is Joe Pines, Sun and carries stepson and their relationships Business relationships with China, excellent,
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we'll make it convenient right there on my radio website, Mark Levin showed where everywhere now Peter Schweizer, the Mcconnell Chow Connection husband, wife, is absolutely Taken in the relationship with official chinese government, but so too is the relationship between Abiden son and the tree, his government and John Kerry perhaps I can you Phillotson on that yeah it's it's Tino's, pretty clear cut between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand, and sixteen while John Kerry is Secretary of State and Joe Biden is vice, president, are negotiating with the Chinese, their sons and a closed carry aid.
Closing lucrative commercial deals with the chinese government and it kicked off mark in December of twenty thirteen. When Joe Biden flies on air force to to Beijing, you there to talk about a lot of issues. The south, China, Sea trade echoes the key issues, etc, while well with him on air force to use his son Hunter Biden and about trip, The Biden is criticized in a year in the asian Press for basically being soft on Beijing. You don't really challenge them on anything. Ten days after they come back from a trip Biden who ass a small farm called Rosemont, Seneca, who a one billion dollar deal. That's with a b, a billion dollar deal with chinese government, a private equity deal and
involves him, and it involves the Rosemont Entity and Rosemont. The name. Rosemont is the name of the carry Tereza Heinz Carrion John Kerry State in Pennsylvania, and they If we invest money for the chinese government, there are two other deals. The other one is something called a Rosemont. Let me cite the mixture so. Billion dollar deal. The involving Joe Biden son in this hedge fund, called Rosemont right And what exactly is Hunter binds background and hedge funds? If you know when his father Father was to be blocked, Obama's running made in two thousand eight, he was then he was doing a lobbying work for the casino industry, so he has no background and private equity whatsoever and the tree
is cough up one billion dollars to invest in his firm. That's right, in fact, baby later six months later, expanded to one point: five billion dollars, and this is again all going on while his father is a point person on policy towards China and his face is going soft on China to just like Mcconnell exactly right, and then I quote in the book. I lay it out or Japan to Philippines. All these allies are critical because at this time December, two thousand and thirteen mark it's when China has his made their territorial claim in the south, China, sea and every is concerned about this flexing of muscles. Joe Biden goes to Beijing and also before them. But he's kind of mystified, I think one of the way she rolls over is what happened ten days after they return when his son, with no backward
in private equity scores. This billion dollar deal from the chinese government is an important is not an american company doing business in China. This is not a you know: chinese company, that's kind of one. This is the chinese government itself, giving a billion dollars to this Rosemont Seneca entity. You set up- and that includes Devon Archer, whose along time carry aid. Who is I, as chairman of this two thousand for campaign, and you ve got Chris Heinz the steps on whose also involve you got these two other deals with the chinese government that follow all the time that John Kerry and Joe Biden are negotiating with the chinese government. John Kerry,
steps on what is wrong with whose role is is really is an investor? He puts up half the money for Rosemont Hanukkah Partners, which is kind of the vehicle that gets his going, but he's also involved in the third deal that occurs is called Rosemont real tee. This is a real estate farm that he is invested in again. Rosemont is the name of the carry hides a state, and the Chinese come in and by Seventy five percent of the company and was interesting this transaction mark is Rosemont, Realty becomes Gemini Rosemont Realty people can look it up online with interesting. That Gemini Mark is. This is a company that is linked to which is his large chinese conglomerate. You might recall in the nineties, was involved and all this military activity and is, guarded. Is the fifth arm of the chinese Navy,
Finally, a chinese government entity, it's link to the chinese military and they buy part of Rosemont Realty Workers Heinz, is an owner. So I assume these young men are very, very wealthy right now: think they are. I think, the term look, these deals are are or lucrative part of the problem. Is we don't know exactly how much money they ve made? This is how crazy this is, and this is why I called the book he could empires mark. Think about. You for a second? If you can, a thousand dollar campaign contribution. He has to disclose that if a thousand dollars in general electric stock. He asked disclose that son skip a billion dollar deal for me, foreign government. The chinese government notice glow. Requirements? Daddy? What why these secret empires or so does the troubling and they have to be dealt with. In addition, to their sons There was a campaign co chairman of the John Kerry
President campaign, what happened to him well, you're famous govern archer, and he actually got arrested in twenty six. Eighteen on another scheme that I talk about in the book that Hunter Biden very well could be involved in. This was a scheme believe it or not, mark to build the poorest indian tribe in Amerika, the Google Lala Sue of South Dakota Annie I just went bond deal a sixty million dollar bond deal. He was arrested in twenty sixteen and he's gonna be going on trial in about a week almost charges, so Mr Archer has got big problems beyond just doing these deals with China
Jesus I mean- and this is something for the ethics Committee to investigator, or this is the sort of thing they do investigate or wait. Where do we go from here? Well, I will say it. I could probably be hearing more about this in a week or so I've I've had to people from Capitol Hill REACH outfit or interested in having the House Oversight Committee. A look into this. I think it has to be looked into, and this is the trend of the future mark and me we can forget about you- know congressmen Jefferson, who had been ninety thousand dollars. Cash is freezer. Ninety thousand dollars is chump change. These are large massive deals involving foreign government, an on line, we get a handle of this. It is complete. We undermining the decision making. We have in this country because look, they are by nature. With these comments ties with the chinese government going to be softer on China aid? It there's no way that it cannot influence their decision making process.
And China is a huge problem. I mean China is stealing our technology left and right. It's forcing companies american companies in China to cough up third technology with these phony partners, This was state one chinese companies there Also, stealing our technology through a cyber warfare in and on the other. Spies and so forth I mean we can we can China's just a trading partner, and we cannot allow these politicians with these lucrative link. Through family members to China to get away Quite frankly- and here we have the republican leader in the United States and based on your reporting, he and his his in laws and his inlaws him. Of course, he's gonna be looking over his shoulder when he's making decisions about, aren't you states position on China. How can he not be that crap like
right market in this effort that China has put forward? They are the ascendant power and rival Russia. I get why people Focus on Putin and Putin is is, is not a good guy but Russia is a declining power. China is the ascendant power and it's amazing to me when we look at sort of the press coverage and look, I said at the beginning that they ought to look at This whole issue of Russia collusion in our first came out, but there's nothing there and in what MR fine to me is there looking at non exists. Deals that never occurred while you actually have a billion dollar deals involving a foreign government, the Chinese and the family, members of senior elected officials in Washington DC
to me that we ought to be looking at this stuff because it is very clearly undermining our sovereignty. Let me just give you this one illustration, by the way, the money that Hunter Biden firm got to invest. One of the investments to be made- and I write about this in the book- is an account each year, China, General Nuclear, and they becoming. Echo investor in that company, less than year after the vice president's on farm, invest and see gene senior cd and officials are arrested by the Obama FBI for feeling nuclear secret. That's how bad at speed and what they are willing to do to make a buck you're willing to align themselves with these kinds of companies that are doing it. Exactly what you're talking about, which is stealing our secrets and trying to gain a technological edge over the United States. I only have a minute or two, but let me ask you this heavily Rapid reporters, CNN or NBC, or ABC or CBS Remus NBC, taken
a baton where you ve laid this out. Have any of them actually started running with it? They mark, and you know this is this- is a huge problem what I won't quit and cash for a year and a half. I was basically on one show on CNN, then, when Donald Trump was elected in January of twenty seventeen, I came out and said he needs to create a big ethical wall between his investments as job a programme to make sure that there is no corrupting influences when I may be announcement. They have me on one show, with Clinton Cash and year and a half v Bnn shows reached out and said: will you come on and talk about Trump's ethics The kind of thing that we're seeing ethics should not be either corrupt. You listen Peter gotta go heartbreak outstanding job. I know how hard you had a work on a book like this, and I want to graduate you and God bless you thank you for doing this and I want to strongly encourage you folks to get this book over the weekend. It's called seek
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Oh piano, insist that our ambassador be placed on the terrorist list. Any cause. Our ambassador, a son of a dog. Let me suggest that a boss is a son of a pig. The problem is, pigs have high. I accuse Mr Abbas
has a very low Ike, ladies and gentlemen, every Friday in your honor. Here we go
Again, this Sunday exclusive interview a my glee for the entire, our great senator ten PM eastern time on Fox NEWS, Channel, Sevenpm Pacific. We hope you'll join us we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel unites Friday, get Griffey, can I Pepsi united smoking? Can I by the way that old terrorists ass? I said here: the Son of a pig but pigs are smart, you're, not
c on Monday.
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