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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/26/18

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, congratulations to the media for an outstanding job taking advantage of children participating in the “March for Our Lives” protest to push gun-control propaganda. The march was a joke and funded by leftists with millions of dollars. Just because people march doesn’t mean they are right, it happens all the time. Gun control is a theory that says if you have no guns you have no killings, but there’s no evidence for that. The shooting in Parkland, FL wasn’t because of a lack of gun control, it had everything to do with failure of government at the Federal and local level. We won’t save school children with any of these Federal laws. Local school districts can save kids by protecting them, yet many refuse to do what’s necessary. They believe security in airports is more important than security in schools. Also, John Bolton was initially dismissed as a talking head by CNN’s Brian Stelter. Now there’s the suggestion that he’s been colluding with the Russians and can’t pass a background check because the NRA asked him to record a gun rights video to the Russian citizens. This is consistent with unalienable rights and it knows no borders. But didn’t the left say Bolton wanted to go to war with the Russians? Later, we now have the pornification of the news with the endless Stormy Daniels stories. When it came to Bill Clinton the media wouldn’t pay attention to the scores of women coming forward. Did 60 minutes rush to Paula Jones or Kathleen Willey for their stories?

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