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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/27/18

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Everything related to our nation’s founding is considered a relic by progressives, especially the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. The left is a very dangerous place to be because there is a very thin line between claims of populism and autocracy, tyranny, and totalitarianism. We don’t have to defend the history of the 2nd Amendment, we only have to defend the 2nd amendment. The debate was had and it’s a part of the Constitution, and if people want to change it they have to come up with a Constitutional amendment, but that’s not how the left works. Instead they pack the courts with progressives and claim they have to power to alter the 2nd Amendment. Also, when Bill Clinton included a question about citizenship in the 2000 census, there was no howling about it being racist or unfair. Now, Tom Perez says it’s a craven attack on our democracy and a way to intimidate immigrant communities. The question about citizenship was recurrent in every census until it was removed in 2008 by Barack Obama. The progressive left doesn’t want the question asked because they know there are people here illegally using government programs and stealing from the American people. The democrat party and its leadership is about party first because it drives their progressive ideology, and if they succeed this country will end. Later, Russia interfered with the 2016 election and Obama purposefully and knowingly did nothing. People like Mark Warner, Adam Schiff, and Nancy Pelosi go on and on about how dangerous Russian interference in our election is; they were right, so where are they now? Instead of addressing the Obama inaction to prevent Russian hacking, they’re attacking John Bolton, a man who Russia truly fears.

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