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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, Rod Rosenstein is not the Attorney General. Rosenstein is the deputy Attorney General and the acting Attorney General on matters related to Russia when Jeff Sessions recused himself. Paul Manafort’s legal team raised the point that Rosenstein doesn’t have the authority to direct and supervise Robert Mueller for purposes unrelated to Russia. Manafort was indicted on matters that had nothing to do with Russia which makes it unconstitutional. Also, media hacks like Joe Scarborough and Bret Stephens have half-baked positions on gun rights and the Constitution. Their default position is that the constitution and the bill of rights are a relic and their real intention is to repeal the 2nd amendment. Finally, since when did citizenship become a controversy? A census asks every question imaginable but you can’t ask if you’re a U.S. citizen? How does asking if you’re a citizen violate the constitution, as Xavier Becerra and Richard Blumenthal claim? It doesn’t. So now according to the Democrats asking whether someone is a citizen is racist, hurts blue states and it keeps people in the shadows.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one and all you have to make a choice when you do a programme like this You either go deep or you don't. You either respond to the days news or you don't I
To respond to some of what's going on out there and in so doing we will go deep and I want to start I do want to spend this whole programme on the second amendment guns and so far, but the way I view this liberty issues. These are issues about the constitution and their issues about propaganda and demagoguery. And we're gonna get on the many other issues today too, but yes the v a secretary was fired, big deal. What am I supposed to do? Maybe he needed to be fired. I don't know that they made a hell of a lot of progress over there or not. But it's not Something I'm going to spend all all day all day on. I can tell you that I do want to talk about this The only reason I ever play clips of the more Small shop Not because he has raised, he doesn't her ratings, but it gives you some.
Insight into the mind or more listeners of the left. Of the Tony Manhattan crowd from what they think about you, what they think about the constitution, which isn't much. And Joe Scarborough is a perfect example of a man with a very limited cranium, but big ambitions. And he is determined that the only way to succeed is to join that crowd. That's exactly what is done. There is also an individual by the name of bread. Stephen some of you may have heard me speak of him before he used to write.
The editorial page, the Wall Street Journal for the truce, one post, and now he writes a column from time to time for the New York Times. Yes, he's one of those, so called conservatives he's not a particular bright man either, but He is a hack he's, a hack on some crucial issues, and so they amount there as the so called conservative. Nothing conservative about this. Man that is very nasty Oh yeah, bread, Stevens on with chose Garber together. There I accuse are not double digit. Here's bridge Stevens on your second amendment and liberty and the bill of rights cut to go. You are I'm gonna, get a handle on the problem of America's gun culture
There is a constitutional right to own a weapon. Most of the gun crime by the way in the country is an isn't done with a our fifteen's or the assault weapons. I suspect both of those who would like to see ban are done with handguns guns, purchase legally and then sold illegally on on on black or great markets, so you at least address that constitutional principle that there is a right, Air and arm you will not deal with problem that we have now stop there just for a second. There wasn't going to stop, but I have to do so. Goodbye gun legally in the guns purchase legally, but wind up soul on the black market in gray markets. How would repealing the sect amendment and making what's already illegal illegal, prevent this, but anyway go ahead Stevens and saying I think, with a
the more legal authority than either of us have, is that that is a relic of the eighteenth century that makes very little sense in the world we live even today, and so the our position always it. Institutions, a relic the bill of rights, a relic, some aspect, The bill of rights heroic some aspects of the overall. Institution, a relic notions of eternal truth, universal truth, a relic What's not a relic, of course, is a care and Frank died and title my programs, a deficit spending, and open borders. Those aren't relics. Those are modern day, brilliant ideas and real truisms and that's how countries destroy themselves. But Joe Scarborough being as dim. Would it as he is? He knows
Those whose Madison rub support in this country to repeal the second amendment, these people, Disciples to support their positions, but they know the two thirds of the members of Congress are not going to vote to repeal the second amendment and three slash four of the state legislatures would never do it. So Scarborough tries to make the case as in coherently an illiterate as he can and does ITALY too, feel it you'll have a right to own these weapons period. You never write down. These weapons cut three but you're, making the same mistake: the TED crews guy. I know when I asked now yet, let's just start their bread Stevens doesn't answer, the intelligence of TED Crews and Joe Scarlet.
It doesn't have an ounce of the intelligence, bread, Stephen! So you see what we're up against here go ahead. Americans had a constitutional second amendment right and I are fifty to purchase that sort of those sort of morsels and it's a big lie in our lobbyists in Washington DC pushed out and also other gotten lobbies push out. Americans do not have that right under the second amendment in the state of Connecticut, for instance, they have a limited, no sort of parts. Let us let us let us stop a second. It doesn't matter what the state of Connecticut did if you're arguing what the constitution says, what the constitution provides in the intent. Of the first Congress and the intent of the states have ratified it. That's what it doesn't matter what liberal governor and look?
legislators in Connecticut say about their politicians. It almost doesn't matter with the Supreme Court says about it: Dread Scott? They got that terribly wrong place, versus Ferguson. They got that terribly wrong core Ahmad. They got that terribly wrong. I was a pro slavery decision, a pro segregation decision and a pro Current decision rounding up, japanese american stature Could I want an entire book on this? These men and women on the court there of flesh and blood and highly political when it comes to the activists on the court. So Scarborough starts from the wrong prince. Neither there's under the second amendment. You do have a right to bind our fifty matter of fact. I would argue over right to buy any weapon rifle pistol, so
That would be seen by the framers at the time. As a weapon that an individual canoes to protect himself to protect his family beat himself and feed a family and to protect himself from police state. And so you get in debates about stupid debate about grenades, grenade launchers, bazookas nuclear weapons, and I would argue you can make a very rational argument that that, in fact, that would not be with the framers headed but an hour. Fifteen, ladies and gentlemen, is simply a rifle there's, nothing special about it. It's become their cause. Celeb. He's a are Scarborough, doesn't understand and is in a dialogue now
Isn't it dialogue? Now the government has to make the case against a particular weapon. The government has to make the case against a particular weapon, the constitutional case against a particular weapon. You don't have to make a case constitutionally for a particular weapon That's the truth. Now, I'm in the minority on this view, because I'm wrong fact, I believe I am right- or I wouldn't take this position, but because I dont go along with what's taken place in this country. I don't go along with the pressure like lots the Supreme Court of the just Scarborough's of the world and so forth, and so on. If you,
a right to own, and I are fifteen and the government can can step in and say you cannot purchase today. Our fifteen. That is your law abiding citizen in their side in the well, then the garden I can say on the right to buy pistol. You have the right to buy a thirty eight forty, forty five, three fifty seven a shot gun, because there's no particular reason why you wouldn't have a right to buy, nay or fifteen. Is so Joe. Scarborough is not a smart guy
snotty battle of which, when he's fighting TED crews cause, he doesn't have any Scarborough and the real intention here is in fact to eliminate the second amendment: Justice Stevens, let the cat out of the bag and so the media in this country. The left media are trying to put it back in the bag Scarborough in his cases too. Stupid he's let the cat out of the bag to but listen to this back in. But between Chris Cuomo and Rick Sand torn and you'll get the point. This was on CNN today. Had Tipp Washington, Free Beacon, cut one go you gotta the United States this morning, tweeting that the second It will never be repealed. We must have more reports whose quality repeal as well who's
Only for Justice Stevens deadly? That's not! It was in the context of a conversation about the fastest route to legal change. And, of course, if I didn't have a second amendment, you wouldn't have Heller our. Why all the Cuomo so stupid, and yet this is the stupidest, the bunch. Of course he can for the repeal. The second amendment that, in the context of anything he said, it's the simple way. The most direct way to address this in that there ought to be a discussion about a repealing. The second amendment. I read this to you yesterday can all agree with our own two eyes. We don't need Chris Cuomo interpreted force, go ahead change. The laws is not a politician he's not in office here, they had of any kind of significant group. While our he's a form of justice of the Supreme Court he's being quoted. Everybody and Cuomo is such a political hack. He doesn't want you to.
Say what you read: he doesn't believe what the man wrote. He doesn't politically. This and is of any consequence, try and get it bed publishing the Washington Post, see hard at it and finally make it remain to say, repeal the second amendment, and he in essence reveals exactly what the rock to many of us have been saying. Scarborough certainly believes that, based on what he sang. Wretch Stevens believes that, based on what he sang but Cuomo saying he is a politician, not a journalist wait a minute, don't tell them that, don't tell them that then the american people, many of them, will turn on us. We're talking about common sense, gun reform. By repealing the second amendment, then you let them really know what we're up to go ahead
okey man's oppose size, and that's the point. I've been trying to get too, which is there are things that in fact can unify us and what we see the point I ve been trying to get too, which is there are That, in fact, can unify us and what we see is demonization. You you point to the right. I will point the level of commitment and Marco Ruby. I mean more corbies. They are trying to do everything it can to stop these horrific events acts not J G young people? That is true. That's not true he's only negotiations he's talked about the kinds of bills, he's not Looking on any meaningful restriction, there is exposing himself again out of the closet right Chris, because he's doing what you want or your brother in New York Watch. So marker Rubeus his efforts area legitimate and I don't agree with many of us- have had such beside the point most trying to have it both ways.
On the one hand he sang, I went out for a reply. On the other hand, Rubio has not gone far enough. He just a phoney go ahead. Finally, some red flag work. That's all good and fine, but do not put Marco Rubio fear. I will not vote for this the most progressive ways to envy you. This is the problem that are the most progressive. That guy keeps revealing himself another dumb Cuomo the most progressive way, and he doesn't mean progress means progressives the most progressive way to stop this. Should we invite Chris Cuomo my show here Mr Produce wanted to invite Chris Cuomo to come on the market of in radio show to debate. The second amendment. Go ahead, we have here, if you don't agree with you on a particular solution that you agree to that some are another year,
You don't care about this. That's what you said to you a demon eyes, but no, you cannot do not his take Cuomo. That's what you just did not his take everything, not relative! That's what you just did. Go ahead and that he doesn't care about trying to I never said I think I'll. Send you the transcript of is you're thinking it in your head, because it's convenient ok, I mean what do you mean I'm about fourteen? What I'm saying is access about who gets weapons and how is the fundamental question in this situation? Ok, now it's not the fundamental question in this situation was the fish of the FBI was. The failure of the Brower County Sheriff's office was to fail I have a serious resource officer who knew how to use his gun and was prepared to do it to protect those kids. That
The seriousness of the issue Cuomo I'll, be right back then very interesting piece bombing them ass. Don't you find it strange that the deputy attorney general, whose the acting attorney general for one and one thing handling specifically the matter actually acts like the attorney general on other things. Where does the deputy attorney general rod rose? Sting get the authority to be the attorney general.
Four issues for topics that fall outside the realm of collusion with Russia, this is a very, very important question up. Unshaven heard it all day. I want to get into this with you, because I believe MR rose and steam in council. Expanding Mr Mullahs Authority is acting unconstitutionally and I'm gonna tell you first heard about them and unapologetic patriot and unapologetic constitutional list you can reach him at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one well: where is it I am unhappy. Last night looks like he won the night, beating Rachel, mad cow.
And everybody else and prime time cable. So we want to congratulate him. You know it's no easy thing for me to go on. These shows its no easy thing for me to go on these, The reason is, I'm doing their show. I have lived in tv for other things. I need to do funeral family matters and so forth, but I try to do my best. Try to be a team player I will be on the Jesse Waters show on Saturday. And then, of course Liberty and Levine on Sunday. There's only so many these that I can do, but if I can help and help advance the cause- Push the mission I want to do that to our let's get back, I ask
now. This is something you really need to think about vanished. You, a simple question, which is this: it's actually a simple question, but it could be complicated matter. Rod rose and seen as the deputy attorney general. The United States is not the attorney general, the United States. These are statutory positions, there are not constitutional positions. There are created by statute. Rod rose him steam was confirmed as the depth Turning general, the United States, not the attorney general of the alleged rod, Rosen's d, here's the acting attorney general matters Aid to Russia when the attorney general, the United States refused himself on one matter and one matter only Russia, that's it.
Paul manner fridge. Legal team is actually raised. A brilliant point which is being slashed off. I suppose it legally goals, which are more like legal pigeons and others. And what manifolds legal team is saying, wait a minute. Rod rose and still does not have the authority. The statutory authority. He does not have the authority to direct and so revise Mr Mahler for the purposes of invest, the matters unrelated to Russia? And their point, is this he's indicted our client Paul Manifold, Oh matters, having nothing to do with Russia tax issues are whether He is registered as a foreign agent.
On other financial issues that have absolutely nothing to do with Russia. And Mister Mahler, his already cannot be expanded beyond Russia by the deputy attorney, General, the United States, acting as the attorney general, the United States? You see what I'm saying MR saying MR producer. Now this argument was but by the manifold legal tee. An emotion that they filed? The dismiss on Tuesday is written by robber barons at law and crime. They that rose and state could not appoint Mahler to any investigation outside scope of twenty sixteen campaign. Since sessions did not use himself for anything outside the scope of the campaign in Russia. Et Mr Barnes himself as a constitutional lorries, as I agree with this take on my was authority. We follow the argument that would mean
some self has exclusive authority to appoint a special council. For non collusion. Charges and sessions has taken no such action. And doing so would remove three of the four areas of inquiry from mullahs. Requested interview would present entrap. Now this is no joke. Doing so would remove three of the four areas of inquiry from mullahs requested interview would present a trap, There's no joke this major. Donald Trump lawyers should make this point. I don't know who the hell is. Lorries are at this point, but they need to stand up and get smart. Mr Mulder has no authority beyond the Russia can't paying collusion silk but allegation so called subject matter. Because MR rose and steam does not have the authority none
To stand in the shoes of the attorney general for all the other matters. He does not have that authority he's a special council with Unlimited authority, but rod Some is not a deputy attorney general, with unlimited authority he's not the attorney general. He was not confront does the attorney general of the United States. Sessions, formerly notifying mullah that he does not have authority to act outside of campaign related cases in cases related to it. Section of Mueller's investigation would be doing what the constitution compels. Enforcing the appointments clause of the constitution. The appointments clause of the constitution He put it to you plainly, MR rose and staying the deputy tourney General has no more authority.
Yet Mr Mahler Authority to investigate matters. Outside the areas in which the attorney general refused himself does the Secretary of Agriculture additionally, rights Barnes? Sessions notifying Mahler that he does not Have authority to act outside of campaign? Related cases would be criticising sessions. Court recognised constitutional obligation to call direct and supervise unquote litigation conducted by the Department of Justice. That is job, not the deputy, Ernie generals. Furthermore, sessions notifying Mahler that he does not have authority to act outside the campaign. Related cases protects against the inappropriate use of the federal grand jury The defendant matter, for it now rightly complains about, in other words,.
Pastor. Mueller doesn't have a right to drag this guy in front of a federal grand jury. The grill him over matters that are not within its hard and the deputy the general direction of the power to given in this apart. Barnes goes on. One thing to remember: about sessions: refuse sessions only reduced himself from cold any existing. Or future investigations of any matters related in any way to their campaigns for president of the United States three cues or letter limits the scope of sessions refusal to the twenty sixteen campaigns. It does not authorize sessions. Useful for anything beyond that method,.
Constitutionally sessions has a duty to direct and supervised litigation conducted by the Department of Justice, ethically proof, nationally and legally sessions Ignore his supervisory obligations for cases that not related to the campaigns, for president of the United States and twenty sixty seconds rights, Barnes and he's referring to the filing of manner, fridge lawyers who are on their game. Their constitutions appointment clause requires the democratic process control the appointment of all but inferior officers. This means there can be no principle. Executive branch officer except those too
personally appoints and the Senate advisers and consents to there is probably no greater domestic power. The executive branch than the power to access a grand jury to indict someone the power to access a grand jury to subpoenas someone's testimony in records that power Access to tax records of any individual in the country, the parity request warrants, despite some its activity or search it and sees it or the power. It is simple, threatened any of the above to an individual American. That's why the power must be limited to principle democratically appointed officers. The special council, when not appointed by the president, cannot act legally, except as an inferior officer. Strictly limited to the jurisdictional subject matter limits of his appointment and soup
wise report of those above him that I've been directly democratically appointed by democratically elected officials. So. In other words, Mahler can act outside the bounds of either is limited jurisdiction or without regard to the Department of Justice policies and ready patients- and, I would argue, neither can rose and seen the deputy attorney general. He is the thing attorney, general, respecting a very limited area. We can now use that authority too. Really give Mahler? Who doesn't have that authority expanded jurisdiction beyond? The attorney general's here is a letter, and yet that's exactly what's taken place. Third,. The attorney general sessions limiting Mahler, what enforce the limits intended?
awesome, steams, letter authorization, contrary to antitrust critics, mothers mandate was not to get rob indict anybody who ever worked for Trump mullahs. Therapy is limited to links, between the russian Government- and indeed Twas associated with a campaign of President Trump which, by them it's absurd on its face, since MO the links are worthy Hilary campaign and the Russians the sea and the Russians and the surrogate so. And the Russians. This was a preposterous authorization of power to begin with, but that's a footnote. Let me get on so any subject matter that does not concern quarter, quota, campaign is a subject matter that sessions constitutionally must directly supervise over Mahler, because that's what the appointments clause is all about.
This includes sessions, power to notify, Mahler and formerly revoke mullahs authority at any time in since they do not concern the campaign itself in session, Then remove hours authority to request search warrant subpoena grand jury, testimony subpoena grand jury to records target individuals are issuing. I, unless the subject matter, is constricted to the campaign itself. Sessions can return power over the existing indictments to regular department of justice prosecutors as both the constitution and the statutes compel. So can dismiss existing indictments as in excess
authority of mothers, teen team already infamous for acting outside their authority in the past. Would it be ethical abuses are over broad unconstitutional interpretations of federal criminal law. Fourth sessions, taking for notice of his authority would remedy, with some saw as an over brought authorization by rose and steam. One argument for Mahler investigating his tooth: they two thousand five tax crimes and the twenty ten bank fraud crimes in the twenty third king Foreign age and crimes was rose and steam authorized Malo to investigate all crimes that directly arise from the investigation. As some legal critics noted, there are always to problems with this interpretation of Rosen. Steams authorization first
if it could be interpreted so broadly, it would make Mahler a de facto attorney general, the United States, which the appointments clause does not permit cause. He wasn't democratically vetted by the Senate and confirm so that's number one. The appointments cause doesn't allow a second. If it could be interpreted as broadly as Malta has done, then it failed to conform to the statutes and regulations Special council authorizations on this latter point. Eighty Mccarthy is raised regardless session three taking his authority, formerly one The issue now: why, because rose steam himself did not, as I keep saying throughout this discussion, did not have the authority to create a special
So for anything beyond the area, sessions resumes themselves. You see, ladies and gentlemen, rose and sting. Is a rogue public official every much as Mahler is a rogue public official rose and steam doesn't have the constitution Should I or statutory authority to grant Mr Malerba requests that Mr Mulder has sought. And I wish the matter further legal team, all the best for the sake of our constitution. Let's just hope they don't get a bunch of liberal judges. Another matter, I'll be right back. I think that effort
Lorries are right on absolutely right on Mr Mulder was not confirmed by the United States Senate and MR rose and steam was not confirmed as the attorney general, the United States and the attorney general. The United States, who was confirmed by the Senate, did not confer wide ranging boundless authority on the deputy attorney general, these of E, Mr Mahler, and if I were Mr Manfred lawyers, I would not only press this in them.
DC court. I guess it is. I take it all the way to the Supreme Court. The problem is a lot of these judges, her as political as anybody else, and really the man who could set this straight. As the attorney General United States, he would come under enormous weathering attack, which is why I don't think he'll have the stomach to do it, but he ought to do it because, fifty years from now, people will look back on that and give him a thumbs up might be too late, but that would be his legacy.
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he's here now run them. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader Van Dam, hello, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one You know the way the left speaks Few from anywhere and no matter how many should be allowed into our country And to say otherwise, for any reason makes you a racist, any person who lacks compassion- and you know the rest.
And this is how they do it. They swamp us with these absurd platitudes. They train force us into their group. Thank and then they try to silence us, no matter what the issue. Well, I want to talk about this and I want o bounce off of a peace, a conservative review by Daniel Horowitz. Not you can already tell how I do this program. I've done enough for fifteen years. I guess we're going on sixteen years on. We must have a dish how I do a quite differently than almost any other hosting the nation. In this regard, I am proud when I use somebody else's intellectual property to give them credit. I don't read an article.
Steely arguments and then play with a few words and then pretend they're mine, and this to me is a poison that has really been flowing through too much of this business and I happen to know I'm I'm among the victims. But it's not just me it's others too, and so, if, if I failed to do so, it is purely an oversight for which I am embarrassed. But I say I say, rule. I try to do that in Mr Produce will tell you when he gives me the list of audio clips. He puts in a parent theoretical the source. Don't you rich here, so I can give a hack tip. Now. If we don't have a sore servant ubiquitous, we don't know who to give that we just use it, but if we have a particular source, we tell it to you. We mention it to theirs,
on a great activity going on out there and you ought to know who they are, where you can find it go, get it one of the Places its conservative review, I used to be the editor in chief there and I stepped down. I just have too much to do our buddy. Gaston Mooney runs the site. We wonderful p. Over there and among the best in your Horwitz any points out. Their refugee policies are killing us with compassion. Now for some of you you're going to cringe, but for most of you I think you'll be very receptive to what he asked. Say says we see every day importing large numbers of fervent Muslims from the Middle EAST without any circumspection or common sense, merely imports the values of the Middle EAST? Now I've talked about this to the lack of it
relation, and instead we are expected to assimilate into their cultures in accepting way. I reject that. He reached the sickening irony of the left's multi cultural agenda came for Turkle over the weekend when the body, a mirage of morality, no, was discovered in Paris Cha and stabbed by muslim neighbour. Nor had evaded, captured by the Nazis in Paris and nineteen. Forty two she escaped the Nazi, but she couldn't aid, the suicide of policies on islamic immigration of her government. Now, according to various outlets, a granddaughter the victor
moved, Israel posted the following powerful message on Facebook. Now, let me just tell you this poor old woman was beaten, was stabbed to death and then burned her neighbor, a muslim refugee. From the Middle EAST, her granddaughter wrote the following on Facebook. Twenty years ago, I left Paris, knowing that my future was not there, neither mine nor that of the jewish people. But who would have thought that I was leaving my relatives where terrorism and cruelty would lead to such a tragedy. My grandmother was stabbed death eleven times by a muslim neighbour. She knew well whom Sure to set fire to her home and left that's not even one object, a letter, a photograph to remember her by.
All we have are our tears in each other, at least be I'll have the outrageous impertinence to call us NEO, Nazis and hard So, are you kidding me in another disgusting twist these same liberal Ngos, these nonprofit groups once you want Israel to commit suicide and create a pillow state. Thereby eliminating the one safe harbour for these european. Fling Anti Semitism thanks to their suicidal immigration policies in the west. So you actually, of Jews now who become refuge he's from Europe too? Israel to the United States. Thanks to these so called compassionate refugee policy of western european countries that have important people who hot some people not all, but enough, a satanic hatred for the West and particularly Jews.
Yet these same left wing, government officials and Ngos, including liberal jewish groups. Like H, I a are now trying to turn. America would, alas, beacons of freedom for Jews. To the Euro islamic nightmare. They ve been slow, gruesome attacks by Muslims living in Europe against peaceful Jews just last April, a sixty, Six year old, retired french physician. Sarah Holly me was beaten to death by a muslim neighbour thrown out the window overhaul. The killer was Molly immigrant who shouted out bar. You hurt throwing her out the window, her crime, where she was jewish.
In January, a few days after two kosher markets were set on fire of fifteen or girl coming home from a jewish private school was attacked and slashed in the face with a utility knife. Last February to jewish brothers were kidnapped in France in one's finger was sawed off. The security situation has gotten so bad for Jews and Momo, Sweden's third largest city, that most have had to flee after many settled there after the holocaust and poppies realise what changed. While today, nearly twenty percent of the city's population muslim. Now I am not saying that all Muslims, through these sorts of things, for the left us out there who are looking to attack me and undermine what I'm arguing, but when you have massive widespread refugee immigration into
country and a lack of assimilation. In fact, Pulling the worst of the worst car what's his point, is: that's not compassionate, that's disastrous, absolutely disastrous, so you literally have Jews leaving Europe. Escape their home countries for Israel or the United States or other places. Now why my bringing this up, because if I don't bring it up, who will bring it up. Have you seen any this on cable tv? No, have you seen it They don't satellite tv now
Have you seen any of it on network tv now you think Chris Cuomo will discuss this now, how about Jake Tapir, no Don lemon, no Wolf Blitzer! No! Two of the four I just mentioned to you, a jewish battle, but Leftist well I'll sharp and bring it up never. Morning: Schmo, never Chris Matthews, not a peep Rachel Matthau nothing. Joy red no way, nothing. None of them now, you might say, wasn't raised by anybody who works for fox. I worked for Fox and I just raised it I'll, be right back
Mr producers, I call screen is down again. We have any great pours out there who shall. I speak serious satellite MIKE in Austin Texas Scope, hey mark thanks for taking my call and you, Sir, I love your constitutional analysis and how you bring history into it to get the context and here's my question for you, you got it when you, when you look at the bill of rights and the reason people insisted that that be included and type in the declaration of independence and everything pretty good argument that we, Look at amendment one to those. Some of not all of them, but some of what the
there's considered our God, given rights or today's terminology Fundamental human rights and the law I would argue, unalienable rights are actually broader than that and remember the the Each reason originally that they didn't have a list of rights in the constitution was because the concerned would be that. That's it. So our rights and the argument that was persuasive at the constitutional convention was, if we start listing our rights. Then we might something out and that this might be considered it, and it's not. It. So one of the things say they added is one of the amendments you left out, which is the ninth amendment, and I
made the case of made the argument that the ninth amendment is the manifestation of the declaration of independence? If you read it carefully course, the whole constitution is from a governing document perspective, but the night, the men in particular, I think, reaches back to the declaration. The course the tenth amendment makes the point that were republic Pure democracy, when on a populous country were not a nationalist country were not a autocratic country or whatever we are a republic. So the tenth amendment is the federalism. Amendment makes sense yes, so my point is that they also What about the fact that I just government recognizes the people These unenlightened, inalienable rights and Protection rights for Susan So therefore, if the government is the government seriously attempt to repeal anyway
those first nine for instance, one, thereby Phoenician, be the act of an unjust government, while I think so, keep in mind how I would have to happen. You'd have their two thirds of both houses, proposing it and then three four the state legislatures or conventions of the states. That would mean thirty eight states doing gorge, because I M trying to answer your question, it would mean that the pop the body politic supported it, and if you change the constitution that way that doesn't mean that your right to bear arms is no longer an unalienable right, but it means it's like can be recognised in the I agree through either procedure. So what they're trying to do is change it we're trying to destroy the second amendment- and I make this case all the time when I took my article. That's right. I mean there was something my point was just that.
I'm gonna, be able to amend the constitution. I library through procedure. So what they're trying to do is change it for trial. To destroy the second amendment- and I make this case all the time when I talk about article five convention states when we have these clowns at that. Albert society. Another clowns out they're wrong Paul. Our group and even some of the eagle foreign people going on and on about how I want to destroy Constitution in the convention. States want to destroy the constitution when, in fact, it is the only constitutional method that can bring us back to republicanism. There is no other way absolutely thanks. A lot good com. I appreciate it Doug tried to New Jersey, I assume the Great W Abc now Doug. Maybe you can help us out here in Amerika, our powder? Now there is a bridge. Between Pennsylvania and New Jersey and
Bridge there's a sign that says what Trenton makes the world takes. You familiar with, Sir Well then, you don't live in train by employers. New Jersey, my name is to tell if I did I'd thanks, recall uranium. Don't give me S name, you don't get the colored, On hearing of my your last name, I don't know if it's actually you and that bridges there then there's since I was a kid and long before and that's eggs. We want it says when Trenton makes the world takes, and I asked the same and by the way the lights are always out and that sign you noticed that MR producer, or their point
in some of the letters have lights, and you ok they're yoga some trying to what's that? Oh yeah thanks third year some. So my question is what the strength and make that the world takes. I don't even though I don't know, there's something called Trenton crackers, which I love but don't think they're maiden Trentham. Anyway, like I was afraid, so I have to dispatch him quickly, I'm on average wherefore it right get lost. Brian, oh hi,. Syria satellite go Abraham, Martin oversized. The president has the authority to fire Mueller While they turn in general, the attorney general fire him if the attorney. Now believes that mothers acting outside his authority clearly that The attorney general can fire, that's it, and I am the president
the president can order him to be fired. Ok, so my question is: if I found what you said before the case you laid out with me or is determined to be outside of its scope, why can't One of those three come to the conclusion of the issue is not: why can't they say they can the issue for the present, and, if he does it is, he will be impeached removed from office, because the Republicans have already said they were thrown with the Democrats. They question, however, is why the attorney general. Doesn't do it. We know why the Deputy Tourney General Walter, because the deputy attorney general is the one who's given this unconstitutional and and statutorily prohibited power to Robert Mueller who's, never been confirmed by anybody and whose acting
outside the bounds of the attorney general's refusal, and so this is being facilitated and and help and assisted by the deputy attorney general as the acting attorney general. So really, as I pointed out, as the gentleman pointed out from the article I was quoting from its up the Jeff sessions. Jeff sessions there's a number of options he has. He can pool the investigator activity unrelated to his refusal within the Justice Department and give it to. I would argue, the Office of public integrity within the criminal division are handed to irregular. U S attorney. He can dismiss those charges which I daddy would do and or he could dismiss Mr Mahler, not because of his investigation related to the campaign, but because of his other activities that answer question well now. I just think that I'm on it
I do not believe I do not believe that is a storm. He could whether, because a Trump supporters have their will have no say in any of this. This will all be an inside the Washington ACT by members of Congress. You will have no control over this press. You will have no say in this process. You can. I do not believe that is a storm. He could, whether because the Trump support, tat. There will have no say in any of this. This will all be in it by the Washington ACT by members of Congress. You will have no control over this press. You. No say in this process? You can threaten about you, of all you out and about this went out. They will not care. Are I my friend, that's reality The way it is I'll be right back,
the new american revolution that starts here tomorrow. Cloven shall call at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one oil. Now you like to be part of an effort to put a free copy. The constitution and declaration of independence in the hands of every middle school student in every high school student were turned up public schools. Now in the United States, students are being taught the cards to so. How can we expect them to understand and bracelets necessary to protect freedom, hills, delicate? It wants to change all that, but they need your help: hills douse, taking the unprecedented step listener. This they're sending a cup the constitution and declaration to every man,
a school in high school public score principle in America, along with an offer and the office, provide free copies for every one, other students hills. Those doing this because I believe that educating the next generation is vital to preserving liberty. Because they love America. Learn how you can help in this. Starck Effort and how you, you get your own copy of hailstones Pocket constitution to keep or give away by visiting it for hills back, come L, easy I and for a hills. Delbert come to find I've had a helps and pocket constitutions to public schools across Amerika and to get your own free copy. That's Levine for Hills, Dale, DOT, com tray, Washington, D C, the great w Emily I'll go market could honour? Thank you,
saying its point by again weaker kid: James Cow will or our door cow. We put up a deeply. We add our kids in the archives today we're looking at the declaration of independence, the bill alike, you just get all her well with the amount of conviction and courage of men to put their signatures on the document. No, their signing their death penalty if they lose any just use it. What's what we know what our leaders that they can muster, that kind of conviction and courage to do what tried by the people, maybe It's pathetic! You're right, these men put their lives on the line, their fortunes in homes They didn't know what happened to them or their families. The british were brutal, absolutely vicious. You know up so many. Of our men died on these prison ships that the British had they didn't see them. Prob.
If they fed him of his rancid spoiled rotten food. They live in their own feces and they will die of all kinds of diseases. I was in income nobly horrendous treatment and conditions, and lost. Almost ten thousand men that way ten thousand most of the men we lost in the room. Missionary war were killed. That way would die that way as captive prisoners. Now Are you still in Washington DC we're dotting Backer Williamsburg this evening? But, yes, we are nay next time and that's a beautiful place. Speaking of our history next time The Washington D C. It's called a hills, the college in their constitution, centre of their Massachusetts Avenue and tell them you liked it Your visit there and you'd like to see the federalist papers that mark then donated to Helstone College.
And they have it in a special area under special protection, special gases they go in the year in the they did so in order to protect a just like the national archives, Betsy. A volume of the Federalist papers and you know they were individual s asian server, but it was published during the debates over the constitution at the direction of of Hamilton of Alexander Hamilton. It was published for her only five hundred copies four hundred and fifty copies. Were you MR, we believe to spread through New York, which was teetering on whether or not to have to adopt a constitution in the other fifty were set to Virginia as an emergency because Virginia there was some question whether the be adopted. You had them trick. Henry who spoke magnificently against. You had James Monroe, who have become a president who spoke out again.
Still you had incredible. On both sides of that issue in Virginia and ultimately, a past is a close vote let us in New York and close vote in Massachusetts, and so I choir and I spent years looking for it. One of the finest copies of the five hundred copies were originally printed in the best condition I can get, it We don't how many survive, but obviously all five hundred did not a relative smallpox. Ninja them did and I toy hills deal event a few years ago. Who's gonna alone it to them in so excited Larry on the president who I had on line. Liberty and levantin. They had built the security system, and they were just for a two year alone. Turn on my wife Julian. I said I'm gonna give this to them. When I got up and spoke, I gave it to them.
And so I hope, whenever any of you, including Trade, but any of your in Washington Dc Contact Helstone College at their constitution centre to actually right across almost from the heritage Foundation It's on capital, he'll right on the outskirts. It's a beautiful building. They beautiful things in there and just tell him. I want to see a copy of the Federalist papers and you'll be able to see it. Thank you. Hi. I try you take care of yourself and I'll. Tell you. I did it I didn't give it to the Smithsonian or anything, because I really felt I wanted this particular document in private hands in a nonprofit institution like Helstone College, I couldn't think of any better place where it should be. Let us go to Jerry, Fairfax Virginia
w? I may I'll go ahead. Mark grew. Thank you protect my call guesses now what we wanted to talk about. My nephew got murdered in a movie mom, Saturday, the three days the gun rally new way way. When will I wait a minute you nothing was murdered yeah. He was already bought her birthday party in a fight broke. A parking lot as they were getting off ITALY and we try to break up the flight and sound like a sixty, he had started shooting a crowd of people. He was the only one that got killed. Where was this an amber right soda. Lord, I'm sorry, thank you so much You will, on the same day, as is ridiculous rally, appeared in the deep area media outlets contact my niece for her restoring her side, you how she field, which won the message in error:
country trying to recruit her for the gun movement. You told a story about how no gun law would have stayed in since a kid wasn't both have a gun did, did the shooting the kid that they believe that it is But nobody on that bullshit had again today to bring a minor, no law would have stopped it. It would have saved him and in this more trying to put some push a message of matter: ship, a cursory spot, the boy about parents, Billy Bob and their kids alive, we now have the money to pay for the funeral, and, while they're trying to do is get her to join on the Anti gun, and where it pretty cold. Isn't it pretty cold? YO and she came the sun to bury him because he How, then evident wilder still going through all this Did you get her son in it? find a way to pay to put him in the ground and in instead media trying to get her to the hospital.
Out there about about, because she wants to make a difference therefore the Cuba. China could live like this. We now, while she was scattered bigger heart than I do. I don't feel bad for that kid. It all up without burned alive that I would have done. She does have a bigger harp, deftly messages back it now. If they don't want to tell me you're the only one of the people that they want she says she knows how come I will change it and it is ridiculous to keep harping on their instead of blame the gun, blame the parent flame, the people, the shooters playing the people involved. They can make a difference that make it up How old was your nephew nineteen Billy Robles chief was worth and I've got nephews. They probably then shot. Ok, don't don't say that, but not by this. This kid step then tried to break up a fight and was murdered
and was murdered and the attacks, it is on the wrong thing. It's the attitude is tragic. There are agreed and mother can't be in cooking, afford a barricade, can't barrier kid and oppressed trying our message: how could she won't know exactly Equally, the media are a joke. Well, thank you Jerry and please give our deepest sympathies. To the mother, the file, the entire family. I'm sorry. Let's go to Karen, you never know whose listening you never know who is listening. Carrying Greenville South Carolina, the Great W tee I be. How are you Fine, how are you learn mark? Ok, a lot better, I'm working on it for that Gentlemen before me, Radio or whatever that know how you get internet thing, are deadly academics.
I don't hear you wanna radio, call nine that that's ok ma am we get delayed. Some places go right ahead and I am talking about the thing. I did not understand the whole concept, because can anybody you know, o the concept of citizens being identified, They can do so Our citizens are really legal. Well, then, you can be prosecuted and that's so that you that as a felony they even pay people can cheat on their taxes, they can choose a lot of things, but it is important to have people. Indicate whether their citizens or not, and I don't really care with the democratic party- has to say about it
my party doesn't care and I don't care about them. Thank you for your car, Karen and here's my point, ladies and gentlemen, the Democratic Party is the political entity, the political ends, mentality through which the United States is being destroyed from within? I'm not saying all Democrats don't get me wrong. The democratic party is the instrument instrumentality. If you think about the priorities of the Democratic Party and if they had their way on every priority, what would this country look like? What would this country become. What would the constitution look like Tax code look like what what our healthcare look like.
What would they may Gratian look like. We know the answer to all the story. What would happen to our military? What what happened to our police forces, our education system, the modern Democratic Party in the people who run it had their way in the We saw it for several years under Brok Obama, but be disastrous, absolute, its disastrous if they had their way- and I asked this question all the time: what is their blueprint if it's not the constitution,. What is their final objective? What is this society supposed to look like? What is our government supposed to be, and they won't tell you are then, and everybody should be healthy and happy and wealthy, but they will not. Tell you
Bernie Sanders is a liar. He won't tell you. He won't tell you who we really is. Tell you what really wants to take the control you talk about free House cared for education and free. This and Frida got it, but where would take us what, with this country, like if Bernie Sanders had his way in the think about. I'll be right back?
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the second amendment in its pursuit gun control and mental health. I suffer from mile depression and on I dont Gun fighting, I have a constitutional right to own a gun and unjust, wondering with this gun control being put so much dad. You know, let's say either. They caught me on mental illness? You know if I just have mild depression, but you know can still think clearly and stuff like that. Will that still take away the right email, possibly for me to one. I dont know what I am concerned about that, because it seems to me that if you a mild depression, you should be the fund yourself as well, you should be able to exercise your second amendment rights as well, and I how many times in this programme, since all this, this talk about
control, has reared its head again. When people say people of mental health shouldn't be able to have a gun, I said. Well, what will you define what you're talking about? What do you mean? What do you mean Can I have the people in this country of some form of depression? I bet a lot but they're not violent. Are you, violence or non violent, Do you wanna hurt anybody know Have you ever heard anybody? Ok, so so you re a good decent human being hey. That's what I'm saying. So why shouldn't you be able to have a gun and that's the point Like I said, I've never shot a gun before level, maybe a BB gun once in my life, but I just say you know I would take the proper procedure to you know, I'm gonna be train on it, but let us say you know, but both the states or whoever it go. Arrow government decided to look well. Nothin to have some sort of depression. You know we might restrict on you know what you know you can ask the ongoing in the future
and while what the idea at the specifies, specifically on how much depression or even anxiety or anything else of mental illness. Why You get to the issue of how many, how much of your private health records do you have to reveal and to whom, you see this killer in Florida, he reveal themselves diary, but he went on line and reveal themselves. He went to friends. Avail themselves. We want the family and reveal themselves. He revealed Isn T generally and in some cases specifically that was passed on, the FBI. They did nothing the the Our county sheriff's office did next to nothing have a law on color in Florida, I should say that could have been trigger The Baker ACT, which was not somebody like amended it, but it was ignored. So the point There is a person who may well have been mentally ill. I don't doubt that yet he was himself, any revealed its intention to people were concerned about it and they contacted the authorities. Somebody like
It needs to be treated one way when somebody like you needs to be treated another way that guy should be dealt with. You don't need to be dealt with quotas You don't need to be on a list. You don't need to be done treated as somebody who can handle a weapon, and this is my concern You mean by mental health. They need to start using actual definition. So you and I can do an analysis of what they're talking about, but Sir you take carriers, If it's a pleasure to hear from you sound great to me,. Hi, ladies and gentlemen, I shall return.
Now, run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! eight hundred and seventy seven. Three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven, the inspector general now has been assigned the responsibility from the attorney general. What took place with the FISA court and related matters
It's better than nothing, but I do not understand this reluctance to appoint a special council with a very defined responsibility who would report to the attorney general. That would be perfectly legitimate since when did citizenship become controversial, I I just think that also watching the unravelling of the nation has just incredible. We have this political part of the Democratic Party when you think it's lost it.
I knew realize it just keeps losing its mine collectively Exuviae. Sarah was a democratic congressmen from California. Now he's the attorney general of California and apparently you have to be a left wing. Radical cook, they'd be elected state wide now in California,. And you're not allowed to ask people of their american citizens, you can ask them everything else, Get asked them how many toilets they have in the house. You can ask them. You know their pigmentation, their genitalia, what they do with their genitalia if they still have their genitalia. If they want to replace the agenda, tell you where they want to put their genitalia. That's
how many bedroom say have how many bathroom say have how many, whether they have a kitchen what's in the kitchen, these long form questions are really I've. I got one of those long form applications once a year. Everyone? Is your income below this, a manager income above this man? Are you married he so as male female one at all,. United States citizens, all my you can ES gives very United States citizen. Why not? Because total of french people where we don't want orphan there now do we not the world is supposed to revolve whether an illegal aliens offended our entire economy opposed to revolve around whether or not an illegal airliners offended our entire continent.
Ocean is supposed to be changed terminate illegal aliens. I've never heard of anything so stupid. I my life. What's the point of a census? Well, you know we're trying to get information about. The population will have if their citizens. Now we can do that now, that's intimidating of what where people are illegally, you know dreamers and dreaming parents and dreaming cousins. And dreaming great grandpa: well, we don't want to defend them right, so ask anything you want, but whatever you do, don't ask if somebody says citizen, here's Exuviae bizarre clown, California with another, plant cliches of Emma sell us DE cut five go. The legal issue is that some separate from
illegal last night, a tweet immediately after this came out. You said it's illegal. Why what's your case on that? Because a concept, It requires a federal government to get an actual count of all the people in this country citizen and on citizens. So stop so are you a citizen. Now the asset, what how do we know how many citizens are in the United States? How many non citizens are in the United States? How does that violate? The constitution does not violate the constitution, you idiot, unless, of course, we have any judges who say it does, but of course it does. Go ahead? We that's in seventeen. Ninety doesn't say get account of the citizens of the country and so to violate the constitution, would allow in us doesn't say fine out their gender, their race. How many bathrooms I have heard.
Bedrooms, Ahab. How many automobile Jose, have what their income is. You idiot go ahead, go straight to the heart of what we supposed to do in trying to get out. Now we go to richer Blumenthal. How is it that this clown, who lied saying he was in Vietnam and saw combat So you know is mentally off. He certainly shouldn't get any guns. He should be near a gun. He should be near water, pistol. Richard Blumenthal. If that is his name, did she can't trust him he's on CNN, you can ask about citizenship, no cut, six go Is this person a citizen of the United States? What's wrong with that question first violates constitution; no, it doesn't violate the constitution. How so
It's just. First of all, you don't give a damn about the constitution and are women get rid of the second part of that First Amendment we'd- all I guess, but now this violates the constitution, not Obama's actions by fear that does it violated. Institution now not this asking in this sense, somebody's and citizen that violates the constitution crackpot go ahead. Why requires census tabulation be done? Every person, everyone who lives, stopping that who is stopping you not sending the census only to american citizens you're sending this. Instead, we because you're not sure whose an american citizen, or not in some cases and you're, asking them a question.
So you're, counting everybody here, everybody. Are you a citizen? Yes, I am. Are EU citizens, nor not all while they station in their senses form. So how does this violate the constitution? Clearly it does, but you know what color skin. Do you? well. I've got a violate the constant there. I could show you to ask what kind of genitalia yeah. Well, that's! Ok! You're! Probably right are you planning on changing your genital yeah? Give some thought. If I get some government money, you know, maybe I'm gonna military they'll take care of it. O k those or find you a citizen that violates the constitution. Go ahead. A surly just on citizens
it is a practical matter under counts people who live in stage or in areas that may need RO funding. So how does it do that they make these taking the first all they said, you know we never account citizens. We have encountered citizens for over half a century here, and then they says and when we do count, citizens had undercurrents people who live in cities. Who may not be said? Why have I? How do you know you just show we haven't done it for how many years well, you know. Did I tell you, I show Vietnam, I saw combat. Why do my work I gotta take now I for changes come on, you're saying it under council because they want reveal. They will hide your saying whether or not their viciously amazing argument you get all the time. Listen, you can ask me, left their citizens, because, if they're not they're going to in the shadows. Oh, you can start deporting people,
Because they won't help us make it to stay in the shower. Oh ok, sanctuary cities are important and if you start taken these people are there, then they won't help. The cops. Ok got it. None of that It's about illegal aliens eventually becoming citizens. In voting Democrat, it's about the bluest, a blue states where they have millions and millions of illegal aliens getting funding from american citizens.
It's that simple, remember what I said. If you keep this in mind, that a law makes sense, you'll be disgusted, but it also makes sense. The Democrat Party puts party before country much like the Communist Party, because it is the party that you have allegiance to not the country. It is the party that controls so many aspects of the federal government, not the country. You must be faithful to the party, not the country, not the constitution, not the declaration, not our founding principles. Now those you gotta thrust aside, so you need to understand the mindset.
Go ahead because, on the face of it it looks like he's looking for transparency. It looks as if we will be able to get an accurate account of how many undone camera you might be fired. If you're, not careful girl, I'm tone go ahead or answer here versus citizens. Well, that may be administration is trying to put its trumps, been its trump spin? Go ahead for the reason that question hasn't been used, since nineteen sixty on oh now, it's nineteen sixty, I heard one jerk say it's now, not since nineteen. Fifty now the long form it actually has been in there was taken up by a bomb, two thousand eight for the twenty ten senses.
I don't care average bidden. There hasn't been a man, it was in part of it. It was in this. This form it wasn't span I dont care. It should have always been in there. Why not go ahead this count, but the practical effect. In a short changed areas of the country where there are a large number of undocumented people, undocumented people. First, my take offense. What do you mean by undocumented people? People are people, Sir, would you mean undocumented people? Aren't for people undocumented. What are you a racist on doc? I am appalled undocumented. What is it that
You ever people here legally who are documented. We have documented citizens and undocumented citizens. What a disgrace! This Blumenthal, who never saw combat in Vietnam and your claim they did. He say: I commend it. People documented people as opposed to undocumented people, so we actually have these fools, arguing that we can't ask in the census of Europe's citizens, because the blue states might not get as much now. Somebody named a representative from Washington State Pro Miller, J, a pop, but they live Premier look: p r m: I l a propeller J, p J. Why APL? Hey whatever cut seven go? These
This information is going to allow the administration or protect voting rights if they know how many eligible voters live in a community than they can identify potential voter suppression, what Response to that, it's a naked political ploy to depress participation in this sense and it's really outrageous all that's outrageous. Why is it a naked political ploy to depress participation in the senses. Because those people in the shadows won't respond to the census. Why not? If People in the shadows, illegal aliens, have been paying attention any time during the last ten years. They know Damn there never going to be deported, they know
Well, they're, right now, both political parties are vying for their support, even under trump. You know what seven hundred thousand Dhaka all up that our triple at one point: eight billion or close to tripling it citizens there. What do you think about that Democrats? Well, yeah having gone far, enough, there are hiding in the shadows. I know where you live, nobody's hiding in the shadows and let you consider the seven then the shadows nobody's hiding under shadow without hiding in the shadows. Go ahead was hoping that will be Would have a much more nuanced view and be able to come out and say no. The most important thing is that we do a very good sense, as the constitution says that you. To enumerate people for the Sensus and what it doesnt show: black people, brown people, yellow people, read people wipe
and yet you have no problem with that part of the senses. None. It doesn't say es them about what kind of JANET tell you they have. You have no problem with that whatsoever. It doesn't say asked them whether they live in a house, an apartment they live on. The street A big the house's how many cars say how many children they have, whether their parents are still alive. Anybody have a human. About disease and on and on and on it doesn't say that in the constitution either that does it, and yet they have questions like that. Leads Brianna, as you very well know, too how federal doll Let's get allocated she there look like we got all these illegal aliens. What we want- Don't get documented people there in the shadows, weed finally got sanctuary stage a tray city we want to protect them, screw the american citizen stop asking if your enemy
can citizen, we need money. We need. Voters tell me is that what the senses is about when they came up with the idea, the Sensus and they put it in our founding in our governing document- the constitution, whether their luck, we need a census to say how we distribute the largest that we taken here. All the taxes that we have. We need to make sure that states are short changed that never even entered their thinking, but now that we have this mass of welfare state to the left, that's what the senses is about. Who gets what who gets? What Democrats do not want you to know how many illegal aliens are in this country. The Democrats don't want you to know the truth. These v, how many citizens there are in this country, cuz you'd, probably be shocked, and so
whether somebody's citizen or not in the census, now is racist, it hurts the blue states any keep people in the shadow, hey. That sounds too. Me. But what do I know I'll be right back We want to know how many bullets your head, what type of guns you more about your gun? We wanna have a registry that we could put you on and so forth, and so on now, when it comes to citizenship in the sense that we don't want,
How about citizenship? You know they want to know about your health care needs in your medical records through Obamacare. That's why that doctor sits there with their computers, are laptops and type in all that stuff in putting co and that they want to know all about your finances with the arrest and so forth. They want to know all about you except a few cases, because they want to protect the illegal aliens and they want to protect the sanctuary city and they want to protect the blue states and the one massive amounts of resources from the federal government. You and me, the american taxpayer, to keep flowing into their coffers. It's all about the Democrat Party and I'm sick and damn tired of it
I'm sick and damp tired of paying money into the federal government to support the Democratic Party and the democratic parties priorities tired of it. Can you would take us centres and ass people if their citizens, although hullabaloo aware that I'll be right back, We are trying to reach my coming air Conway Matt, eight, seven, seven three, it one forty eight one one more glove in radio- show, continues by the way even though there is an unalienable right to bear arms, you know we have to tell the federal government on this next form, whether
We were born in the U S or a foreign country, and that's just one ever meant form among many others. That requires such information. My good friend, MRS Larue, reminds me great lawyer by the way. So the government requires had information all the time, go on to the gun, control efforts and even the existing form that you have to fill out. You have to explain you have to state rather whether you were born in the United States, horrifying country under penalty of perjury. That is potential funny, and that's again, just one of many government forms. We have to do that. You want to work for the federal government, You got to state whether you're, a citizen or not. If you want to run for public office, you have to state whether you're, a citizen or not when it comes to the census form
Ladies and gentlemen, we don't want to know, we don't want to know that would be way over the top. If you ve been paying attention to the news lately. One of the themes that you probably heard over and over again is these systematic censorship of conservative voices you ve seen the whistle blowers from the biggest names in Silicon Valley elites. Among them admit, the conservative points of view are actively being quashed. This is why you need to get see our tv and I want a carried you to do it today, few still getting your media from these social media giants for the liberal, mainstream media you're, just not getting the whole story. Fact: you're just getting frustrated and propaganda.
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one in a million no their eyes. But I appreciate that. I thank you so much for defending the constitution. I don't know how much more a man can do you. You have live in tv, you you're author of several fine books. I mean intelligently written on a proud owner of liberty and charity. I urge everybody to get out there and start reading your books so you're good man pressure Guarana hit the boy. Thank you for pointing out about Rosen Stein, and in those lawyers that pointed out that they its own constitutional, the way there there are going about it, but I didn't I knew all along in my gut that they didn't have the rights to to go out of bounds. So to speak from the original point of what they said.
Investigation was positive. Pardon me remind everybody, Philip, you don't hang up on what you're talking about in Europe. Do an article I read from that also refers to the filing Amana fridge lawyers telling the court this week that this special counsel's unconstitutional and here's? Why? Let me just sum up, for everybody was just joining us. There is an appointment clause in the constitution, so the president, when he's talking about presidential appointments or senior level appointments, let me speak generically.
These have to be submitted to the Senate for confirmation, so the attorney general he had to be submitted for confirmation that deputy attorney, general and so forth, and so on, and what they're saying in part as the appointments clauses violate, because you have this all powerful special council who didn't get appointed through the democratic processes, the United States Senate, so they sent it never had an opportunity to share in this now we have thousands of political, appointees and millions of bureaucrats who having gone through that process. But the point is when a special council excess. As this kind of power. He should go through this process because he's had a g s fifteen or an s yes to or whatever it is. It is an enormously powerful person. That's number one number, two The deputy attorney general, the United States, is the acting attorney general when the attorney general refuses himself
It is when the attorney general says I'm not gonna by myself in these matters because I made there may be an appearance of a conflict and in his Jeff sessions was talking about the election, action on refusing myself from matters related to the election. So for these purposes, that the attorney general, what act in my stead, so the deputy attorney general's the attorney general for those purposes. That's number two and that's it the number three. They argue correctly, while the deputy attorney general has been authorizing. This special counsel at the special council request, that's the guy matters that have nothing to do with the attorney general's recluse, which have nothing to do with the so called. Collusion or the interference by the Russians in the election when the special counsel is investigating Manafort's lawyers arguing matters that took place in two thousand and five two thousand and eight two thousand and nine two thousand and twelve,
matters involving the tax code, my finances, whether I'm registered as a foreign agent. That has nothing to do with what the attorney general decided to step. Aside from his refusal and the deputy. Many general is only limited in its ability to act as attorney general. He cannot expand the special council. Investigation beyond the refusal, the attorney general. Otherwise he is acting unconstitutionally. So these are broadly the points that have been raised by manifest attorneys and they ought not be dismissed. They are extremely strong. Substantive points go right ahead, Philip Smart, all Priscilla, What is your name Attila Attila? Oh you're, a teller! I'm sorry, yes, very about here, you're, absolutely
and I thought that all along he can't go beyond that scope and I hope just sessions sit up and take notice and isn't timid and indecisive The oil with Jeff sessions needs to do is appalled the constitution in a statutory power when, in to do is exactly what the rider that column said or the year the opposite, which is either move Those cases having now those charges having nothing to do with the refusal to you states attorney's office. I would argue that the public integrity section, the criminal evasion doesn't much matter, but Mr Mulder is not free to investigate those number two. Needs to rein in the deputy attorney general. Remind him he's only the attorney general for purposes related to the campaign he has now. Authority whatsoever constitutional, statutory to be granting. Mr Mulder, his request to expand his investigations beyond.
Specifically cues language that the attorney general made public. That's But just sessions needs to take action. Jeff sessions needs to step in a question about it. I write a teller Attila the what the trees had her. Sir. Thank you for your I'll be right back then I you know you're dreaded filing most blasted income taxes. Most of us spend a lot of time, being that are somehow go away, but it doesn't, the tax men always comes. There's some
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not tabloid? This? Is agenda driven Zog driven drivel because he has it engender against Donald Trump? Why They're getting ratings, you see what sixty minutes did they at the greatest rating safely and doesn't have those yet actually, but the truth is Donald Trump. Last name was Kennedy: we'd not be seeing a thing at this: they be covering it up and yours reference number one: why is it assumed that the porno actress in the Ex Playboy monnier telling the truth and why? focused on this. Let's take a look. A bill Clinton Bill, Clinton was accused of sexual assault in the oval office. Bill Clinton was used of having sex with an intern in the oval office. When was accused as attorney general. An official position of raping A broader bill Clinton was Ernie was governor of Arkansas accused of using its position to try
yet section exposing themselves to employee Paula Jones, Donald Trump even close, even if you believe all this, what China is not even close to this stuff, John Kennedy. Had an affair with a a bosses girlfriend job John Kennedy had a relationship with an east german spy. Joe Kennedy had sex with an intern in the White House Pool. Can I mean so many example: L b J. To be worst then Kennedy I can go on and on and on other media will say well. Divergent no I'll. Tell you what a diversion the media have ignored. The rogue active the highest levels of the FBI, the media ignored Russia's in Florence in our election. We now know that the Obama administration know about it that Susan I know about it, told the people to stand down. We got these lecture. Remark, water and Adam Shift, unbelievable
The Russians would get involved in our election there right, now that we know that the Obama administration? No about a vertically finally departments and agencies and did nothing about it. Moreover, we Oh, that wise were told to a federal judge at the face of court get a warrant. On an american citizen and then for a year they got three extensions. The media do not care about that. So what do the media care about the porter education and the media last week it was tromp was mentally ill. So they drag this professor out from Yale and parameter for I'm station to another before and it was this cook with book like a wolf everybody didn t but anyway, he was good for a week and that we get outta here in this area. For a week ago, on and on and on the media. Obviously hatred here's what they're trying to do. They know that Trump supporters are going persuaded by any of this or what they're trying to do is get to people.
Air who don't really pay a lot of attention? We may not be Trump supporters driving the stake and driving the stake and grabbing anything they can, including a star who I've never heard of these people before and all of us their presented to the amount people have their truth. Tallard this Andrews, cobra United Watch. This use this on your show earlier that question it was asking had seen. No shame is you barest the children of this country, to listen Iraq WAR going on about the highest liveliness sex when you add seconds Creek, what is it it's sick? I'm starting to think cyclical recruiters are enjoying setting at their computers doing research.
On Daniels or whatever name- is smokey Daniels, whatever an army and stormy Stormy Daniels, that's ok for inside now they're starting starting to get a kick at the way ass. Rarely pathetic! I'm actually gray it in. I have to admit. I have a good time we shown on his show. I really do diamond have time for this next clip. I guess I don't It's a damn good one, but you go online and check it out, and I am happy to report that Sean for the month has beaten. Rachel
cal over their damosel stay for overall view airship and that's what counts and are they like to talk about the demos and so forth? But the truth is when you are more people watching your show than in the other, show that's a big deal. I should know when people listen to this show and Sean is asking me and I'm seriously, considering it to be a weak Lee regular on his show on a particular day at a particular time, I don't know how much more I do here, but the but we'll take a look at that, and I must say these other programme, if the fox and friends morning, in my buddies, said, kill, Mead and do see and Jesse This is wonderful show. On the weekend. I'm gonna be doing that this week there all really quickly
Five I've really come to light. The five you know I used to get down on got fell on those I actually I don't always get the watch, but sometimes when I'm prepping I do. I find myself likened the guy and liking most of the people there one so well. I do Martha my companion. They are Tucker Ingram. They all do a very, very good show as far as I'm concerned. So I'm just a little tiny piece of a you know The Gambia after thought, I'm Sunday at ten p m. We do what we can, but I will continue to do our folks, salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emerging personnel check out Levine TV tonight, it's real! They really good and I think it's very very important. And I'll, see you tomorrow. God bless you.
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