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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, so what do we with committee chairs conspiring to impeach the president through strategic leaks to the media? Republicans should stand up to this betrayal of our Constitutional order and file an appropriate ethics complaint. The democrats are targeting pollsters, the President’s family members, current and former attorneys of the Trump campaign, the Trump Organization, and even the president. They want to bring in 81 private individuals, vendors and private companies to testify and provide documents in an attempt to smear and destroy them. This is designed like a military campaign to attack secretaries, executives, and everyone in between in order to attack Trump from every angle. This is an unconscionable attack on the republic, let alone on the office of the presidency. This is an abuse of power and abuse of federal funds to burden Trump's friends, family, and staff so they can ultimately burn down this country! Then, Ilhan Omar has been reprimanded by Congress. Despite her statements regarding her comments about pledging allegiance to other nations, a tongue-in-cheek reference to Israel. These not so veiled attempts at Israel have become very common in the Democratic Party. Later, CNN has been placed on a special monitoring list by the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) for a lack of black employees reporting to CEO Jeff Zucker.
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now run only underground command, the bowels of the hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody marketing year, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one sure we do. Ladies and gentlemen, when we have committee chairmen and the House of Representatives led by NAD, learn chief who have hijacked our government who are crippling the presidency. Who are destroying the agenda? The presently United States ran on and one for using taxpayer dollars to conduct
opposition research and I'm gonna get into this more deeply. You're gonna be shocked at a minute, unaware earning the impeachment clause of the constitution in the United States. What do we do about this? What we did. Some Republicans to the House of Representatives didn't we, but what Planning to do about this. Whether in the minority were Gerald now has been doing and if they were put together the portfolio, the brief against meddler, better. They perfect ethics complaint against a man He is conspired on impeachment from day. One ship is fired with witnesses and others from day one they are both Lakers. Why is but the republican leadership in the House of Representatives doesn't put together a powerful brief, too What the ethics committee against these many chairman: do they fear having
briefs filed against themselves, then the report shouldn't participate in this, this breach of faith with the american people. The betrayal of our constitutional order, sit there and wine and the committee's MO This calls for a high level of opposition. The democratic, say resistance against tromp, while other republican type resistance against this payment in the House of Representatives, I studied this. Why should anyone names being targeted by the House Judiciary Committee, clothes campaign, officials, the president's care painter, for twenty twenty. The president's, paying chairman and twenty sixteen any clothes, the president's pollster, any clothes, multiple members,
of trunk business organization. Clothes lawyers for Donald Trump and includes as former council at the White House. It includes lawyers, who advised Donald Trump during its business activities anyway, certain other spokesmen? It includes another secretaries of executive assistance includes family members. You understand in their path smoke filled back rooms. What the France has done here, they have decided. Military operation like a democrat terrorist operation they hit the president for react to overwhelm in Togo. Almost family overwhelm us businesses to attack executives, secretaries, everything in between and for what
They're using our tax dollars, our tax dollars taken that these activities not enough for the republican leader in that house to go on tv and say that girl never wanted trumps impeachment from day one. What those. I do about it. How is But Democrats when there are in the minority know exactly how to throw the police call equivalent molotov cocktails, but the Republicans down. How is it what the Democrats were, the majority they and their front groups and the non profit? Manage forget, tat new knows to refuse himself for a month while they found on ethics. Complaint against him, where the Republicans where their brash knuckles and other branch stuff. This is
and unconscionable attack on the republic, not just the president so the presidency, this on car trouble attack on the republic and if its lead, maybe the stand like this. If its left to stand like this there that will be disastrous disastrous the eighty one people being targeted. If targeted our guard to treat legal counts of other Trump Organization is a lawyer. What are they, this law to do to show up with files? What text with emails there after this group, Cambridge Analytical, I know I think, of Cambridge Analytical, but what I read in the left wing media, but apparently Some kind of data company that assisted the president and his election, so they must.
Destroy it. They have targeted she financial offer serve the Trump Organization whose work for the term family for decades. They have targeted at private corporation american media the natural enquire and so forth. I'm sure there being no, pause and have not been about the first amendment. The abuse, whether you like the National enquire, not among others. They were targeted, chief of staff to form a White House Council Dunham again they have targeted Brad par scale, They carry campaign manager. Do the president of the United States for his re election and the former head of US digital operations multiple executives at Cambridge Analytical they're, trying to cripple that operation of any even exist anymore. They are too
Getting yet again Carter, page part or page coral and Lewandowski trumps campaign, in twenty sixteen David Packer chairman of the american media, think that would be like the Republicans targeting the head of some left wing or even mainstream, so called news organization. The first amendments, the first amendment, they're gonna, bring in This is from the Department of Justice to attack the present a twig, some of obstruction, Jim Commie, Andrew Cape, among others, going to bring in down on began again, who is White House Council Donald Trump Junior, incredible, incredible, Eric Trump
his two sons they're going to bring in memory of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who will stick together? There lies people who should be imprisoned, or at least under criminal investigation, and some of them are there, bringing the man who headed the coup in Germany a man or linked to the New York Times? James call me, among others, who else Lynn and tell group will be investigated. Michael Flints organisation. They won Michael Flint. They want Michael, When junior his son, his son carried caution, so they want the president's two sons and his son in law. Meddler has threatened to including vodka trump on his list. No other prejudice
is treated this way. No other president. Bad as family, through the mud like this Jack SEC, allow the president's council in dealing with mauler, they expect him to testify unbelievable folks. I hope you listening. They're going to bring in the lawyer, who is the law of her stormy Daniels and former play model? Karen Macdougall take humility. The president. This is a lawyer who entered into their non disclosure agreements. Whether so dense lawyers. What about oversight response about in any these respects. There's: com, under article one, none more corolla, but
so I ve been a spokesman for trumps legal team. They want to talk to them the executive ice. President of the tribe Organization, Matthew Calamari. There was also, a bodyguard, they want to talk to him. They credible. Is it not All those more Paul Eriksson, a political conservative operative and Peter Smith. A state is a long time to your pay operative who died by suicide, Last year reported, we lay thousands of dollars to try to obtain emails. E book were stolen from Hilary clear what they can do have a sites. Ten emails feebly were stolen from Hilary clear what they can do have a site science. They want to bring in a radio host I don't know- I don't know the guy by the name of Randy Credit, go They want a ranch previous, the former
really are and and cheapest after that, as the United States Russia graph long. I'm Secretary Trump Organization, they, Bring in his former secretary wanna hear more. Ronald Liebermann and executive vice president, the Trump organization Spacer format Medications Directorate, the are and previously press second created the United States unbeliever wiser. The trunk care pain they want to investigate the Trump foundation they want to investigate the Trump organization they want to investigate. The trunk trains Should they want to investigate the fifty eight?
residential inaugural committee, they want to investigate remarkable cushioning companies The companies that are by Jericho there. It is family, they want to to get their National Rifle Association. They are investigating the National Rifle Association time for who is pollster to the trunk campaign and twenty. Sixteen you see a breadth of the democratic terrorist check on the presently United States. You see their breath They're trying to do here, everybody Swoboda or not, should be rage by this unconscionable abuse of power abuse so that taxpayers dollars abuse of federal staff,
abuse of the House of Representatives and the committee. Everybody should be offended, the effort to so burden this presidency burden as family burners businesses, but stem from the private sector in the public sector. But the goal here is to burn down the country in order to gain power, the same mentality when it comes to policies like the green new deal, borders and a marginal tax rate of ninety percent and a wild tax and all the rest of it These people are not our adversaries, they are our enemies, barely patriotism there are the Americanism there, the enemy. Institutional ism. These are truly sick. People who are power obsessed, go I'll. Do anything for me
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Not interested in the progressives, I'm interested in you, we, the people, it's up to, we, the people to retain what we have earned and retain what we have received from our founding fathers and our Fathers, Canada, on we, the people to hold our government in check and being able to do. That means understanding that proper role of Congress. That's why, for a limited time, my good friends had hills. Dale have brought their powerful online course on the history and proper role of Congress back absolutely free to equip all of us to know what we should expect of our Congress. Stay. I was on a mission to restore liberty like the rest of us and you can take their online course for free for a limited time sign up today for this critical course at Lowood, for a hills down dot com, that's l, e g! I am for wholesale dotcom, learn how Congress used to work and why it doesn't anymore. Learn about liberty, the declaration, the constitution, girl of for a hills doubt that com,
leadership for the report, party in the House of representatives there many tools at their disposal, many looking, which when he was a minority, the democratic showed us when they were in the majority, including shiftless. Now, what are they gonna do not just to protect them As in the office of the presidency, although that will be enough but to protect us and our franchise to protect our constitution to protect are tax dollars. I go to Washington D C for this nonsense, the devil don't get too Willy nilly, destroy individuals, bankrupt individuals, destroy businesses on our diet, and on our time they may be
elected from these dark blue areas, so that country, but is a collective they weren't for us. We. For every damn light bulb and that building every day a toilet paper, now building every day, a pencil piece of paper and pending that building, all of it all of it. And some of us pay more than others. We have tried on a more rational animal ran on the move. Enemies all over the world, we got biggest In this country that need to be addressed, I don't mean destroying the country, I mean embracing the country always spending time on the left's agenda, I hope the illegal aliens had a trash. The cops had, remind the military, had destroyed Trump off
their agenda becomes our reality. While I should be the case, meanwhile, the media are playing their role, not only in prodding and promoting what I hate America Democrats are doing, but almost as a chorus going after Fox NEWS. We don't like Fox NEWS, don't watch Fox news, but that's not they want to put him out of business, they want to shame. They want to right. The news division, probably a pin division. I dont mean in terms of reporting, it's me and I mean they want to turn the house against each other, a divided house and some playing the game. We don't need lectures from MSNBC and CNN jack. When it comes to news. Is this a joke.
We don't need a lectures from NBC Cps in ABC on objectivity when it comes to news. As I said last night- foxes, the most transparent media. Innovation in that country, it doesn't tend to be what it is not an opinion side and a new site, and I are you to tell that distinction to figure out that distinction our at seeing MSNBC. I dare you to find that distinction in the New York Times. I guess I find that distinction, the Washington Post or the big network. You won't find the editorial page news page. Exactly the same. Exactly same. Agenda too, are the commentators.
I know what loser anchors over it. Cnn watch Jake Tapir. Can you tell me: what's Chris Cuomo, Laura down? Unless you can't tell how about it, You re metro. What is she here reporter RCA commentator? That's the difference. They lie
fox- does not I'll be right back now. Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that the new congressional leadership is on course to impede our liberty, your liberty and mine and their future liberty of your children in your grandchildren. Many of our representative simply don't understand or care about the critical imperative to preserve our liberty, and it would seem that some of these so called progressives, actually seek to kill it, and these progressives are quite unlikely to understand or learn these things, which is why we have to. We need to overcome them. Our founding fathers count on we, the people to hold our government in check and being able to do. That means understanding the proper role of Congress. Not. I by us understand this critical issue. For a limited time, my Friends at Helstone College are brought their powerful online course on the history and proper role of Congress back absolutely free to equip all of us to know what we should expect of our Congress. I carry,
check out this course, but not just you, your family, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors, spread the word of liberty like hailstones colleges tell on an important mission to restore liberty and our great country and for them The time you can take their excellent and I think, on line courses for free, I urge you to sign up right now for this critical course at Levine for Hills, Del dot, com, that's l, easy ion, pray, hills, Del dot, com, learn how Congress used to work and why doesn't work anymore? Learn more about Liberty spread the word girdle of Infra hills down that come radios prince above patriot. Now at eight seventy seven, three one, three, eight one one! No don't own, ladies and gentlemen, you don't understand. The Democrats just want to make sure that the presence not obstructing justice the debt.
Crash. I just want to make sure that the president is important paid for by the russian present. Just want to make sure that the Democratic just want to make sure our governments functioning properly. Don't you know the democratic parties, an institution. For most of its existence, not all, but most has been damnable damnable when it comes to America. With its slavery or segregation and Jim Crow Well, it's undermining our defence, our ability to support our military, whether its trashing law enforcement, open borders. This is a party hell bent on rejecting the prince, also the declaration of independence, because that's what Progressive ISM is all about. I'm happy to debate anybody on this. They reject the confines of the constitution, just listener. Their proposals.
They bar on ideology, that is a foreign ideology. They open the doors to people coming into this country. Fine, but they don't want them vetted. They have no respect. The principles of this country, while they re waved them around and there's only one principle. The media pretend to be respectful, avenue, freedom of the press while they destroy freedom of the press while they destroy it. We have a proposed resolution, that's going to be voted on tomorrow, written by the demo. At leadership. That's a joke, a joke. And what it demonstrates is. The democratic party is not prepared to call out its bigots. It's never been prepared to call out its bigots, never
It is tolerated its bigots for generations until they find them politically problematic, and there may experience in rejecting there, but they tolerate them for a long long time. Gallienne Omar, a big it. In an anti semite. Before I get to that, and I will because we continue DR this point home now the Democrats think you're stupid, like their constituency, but you're not stupid, like there can it, which is why you're, not one of them. Which is why you are one of them: going to do this, its David our sawney, a senior editor at the federalists. He is a tremendous rider and a great thinker says liberals do their best to deflect.
Dilute daily Mars bigotry, so the temperature rising on her bigotry and for the Democratic Party to do something, and this is what they pretend to do. The Democrats trap condemning anti Semitism, which there Swell vote on Wednesday is a, useless and transparent attempt to distract from a serious problem hello dramatic resolution mentions Alfred Dreyfus LEO, Frank Henry Ford and aunt muslim bigotry because even when Jews are being smeared it's about Islamophobia, but why It does not condemn representative Alien Omar or this rain of drew hatred. She is helping normalize on the left, The resolution teeming with useless platitudes is one that even all market, probably support all argues that american democracy is built on debate.
And that she should not be expected to have allegiance and pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country kind words and Chauvelin Committee. She said no decent person did Is what this common in theory and no say It's an believes. This contention, perpetually repeated by Anti Israel Progressive, says, drew up Omar, no one STAR or anyone else. The pledges didn't stani foreign nation. It's her belief, that's supporting the jewish state. A long. Ideological and GEO political ally. The United States is in do a loyalty either I Jews themselves or by those they hypnotize. She said to do evil for them. She is the one who accused I shut. My a group that is played a a bus Roland, a nation, civic life for a long time doing the bidding of a far nation so that to the detriment of their own, just as no one
is forcing Omar to take a position on Israel. No one is it I think, our right to free speech. This is Gaza are Eritrea, our country on I recently visited and was quite impressed by weight, dictatorship, can arrest and tortured citizens for taking on positions here others are allowed to call out. Also, if our Mars moral compass also to advocate for terrorists, Theo grabs she's free to do so. Americans are likewise free to point it out and its work. Remembering there was only a handful of jewish democrats. Like Elliot Angle, objected on Mars comments that forest policy to act, or rather, tend to add, and I might amend this for him. It wasn't that it was this programme. That's been pouring the pressure on day in and day out.
In India to expose the democratic party? Even now A number pundits on my left, including, on this for the washed imposing the Atlantic argue that all market, as well as fellow Anti Semite, representative Rashid. I tell you operate. Then the parameters of acceptable debate or that the New York I am sure, is alleged Anti Semitism expert Jonathan Weissmann, probably never met a left us Jus hater, he won't defend. Then again, there's newspaper has, rich history. On this front, Omar could read portions, Hamas charter into the congressional record and the New York Times How was your latest remarks on Israel draw criticism? Another tactic taken up by democratic Trolling. Presupposing anti semitic comments by Republicans to deflect and dialogue, attention on Omar on Monday Democrats found only one such straw, man
the writing. Member. The oversight committee- Jim Jordan, spelled liberal donor Tom Stars name. Dollar sign in a tweet levels across a media quickly took the cars Gee whiz? What of it Omar had done this will evolve and inserted a dollar sign in the name of a support only jewish donor, considering her history we'd have to whom she was clumsily trying to make another bigoted comment, but, generally speaking there absolutely nothing anti semitic about pointing out that style and other acts. This billionaires, spend millions every cycle helping political causes star? perhaps more than any other activists, and the nation in fact, is known for advocating for the impeachment Donald Trump one house, judiciary, trim and job ass meddler issued document requests from eighty one people and organisations, and a mass of going investigation for obstruction. Jordan reacted as people in both
political parties have always reacted using the other party being bought by a big donor in special interests. In any event, according to this men's journal, feature star grew up. Were they not practicing. Jewish dad became involved in the episcopal church when it was forty I certainly no idea that style at any George Background Rights, surname is George Sonata supported causes of anything, but a long time. Support Anti Israel, candidates and organizations democratic here, dog so that every mention a globalist or whatever sugar. Daddy's, like George Soros, criticise, can't get there. I are up and what are their own? Trooped drops troops that sound like they ve been from protocols. Are the elders of Zion is a wise person on Twitter, recently pointed out for Democrats style is George Soros, jewish Obama, jewish but Sheldon eight Olsen isn't. Congress of course,
It has no business setting guidelines for acceptable political speech. He says policy. Does, however, have the power to name Eddie appointees and with a power she I did a place, a doltish jupiter, whether radical position, an absolutely no relevant experience on my house foreign. As committee to peace, they grow tyres, road contingent in her party. She did this knowing about Mars, history, Ty semantic tweets radicalism and its support of Hamas, ass, we gave to Omar had been subjected to a slap on the rest and operation M apology, policy was mugging on the cover of the celebratory. Sure Rolling Stone magazine with her and obesity, apologist, representative, Andy Alexander, we Casio quarters. These are quote. Women shaping the future.
I quote says rolling stone: yes, that is policies legacy, but coming to the defence of the bigger anti semite Omar is the New York Times now He has spent more exposed in the New York Times, and I times all through the Holocaust self centered in what Can people to know too much afraid the american people might not by their news they may not want to hear about the ovens. They may not want to hear about the mass executions. They may I want to hear about. The experiments in the death camps so that no time sat on it today data reported any anybody pushed into the back pages, despite the fact that its ownership was jewish,
sat on the greatest human catastrophe. In a hundred years, there we're record that's fit approved now they come to that. A value on all are no surprise there, just as they come to the defence of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Cheryl Gay starboard, that's your name to pieces. One on March. Fourth billion almost criticism raises. The question is a pact too powerful march. Fifth, our societies, Semitism resolutions, surfaces, generational fight, but we're alien, Omar. If feeling on Mars name was David Duke she be writing this village. No Mars name was David Duke she would be talking about the power of the clan If only on all large name was David to they weren't talking
a generation of fight what they. There be editorial after editorial better after our bad news paid article after lose article damning, her. Rather than defending or through the back door,. Welcome to modern liberalism. Ladies and gentlemen, let me ask you a question that have asked it before. If you run a business, they covered up with the third Reich was going to the Jews. Would you be considered a their
It was known that you did that, would you be considered the greatest business on the face of the earth? Would people want to do business with you? Would people quote you what people want to graduate from college and work for you now and yet that's the history of the New York Times covering up the because if I couldn't get a higher costs right, if it couldn't tell the truth about the Holocaust, even today, Of course, for a Hamas furthermore ran deal. It covers ready. It I set my wing of the Democratic Party. Why to believe this newspaper, All the other media outlets that follow the democratic movements, this is why they watered down the resolution that the Republicans Order down their resolution when it came to stay king, he was primarily Kennedy.
We're not Omar. Why bigger it's the same party that refuses but condemn fair return? That's why. It's the same party. They refused to condemn, Keith, Alison and elevator to the deputy chairman of the day, and she experts saying damn party there The Iranians are a hundred and fifty billion dollars, but don't worry, Gerald Nobblers gonna get to the bottom of Trump world. I'll be right back then the new
Congressional leadership is in town, but there is nothing new about what their pushing big government centralized government iron fist at government, higher taxes, more regulations, open borders there on a mission to obstruct our freedom and undermine our sovereignty. Yours mine all of ours and too many representatives, don't care. This is nature, progressive ism, it's an ideological poison and the best way to fight it is where knowledge information about Liberty, about the declaration about the constitution and how Congress is supposed to work. It's up to. We, the people to understand what our government is and is not supposed to do, and that includes Congress and thankfully my printed hills, the college I brought back the powerful online course on the history and proper role of Congress, and it's absolutely free. Please take advantage of this remarkable offered to equip yourself your family, your friends, your neighbours, with the knowledge that all of us should have about our Congress and our government generally hills duck,
I just want a critical mission to restore liberty and our great country, and you can take their excellent online courses for free for a limited time, so sign up right now for this important course at Levine for Helstone dot com, that's l, e g! I am for hills, Del Dotcom, learn how Congress used to work and why it doesn't anymore. So we can do something about a girl of infra hills. Doubt that come Democrats, media hemorrhoids. They don't have any problem accusing the present the United States, racism in those races of colleagues, Hitler and Stalin Fascists and a dictator and white supremacist no problem. Then we have a promising the most
in his things about the presently announced it, but when they actually have an anti semite in their midst and open big chief, proud of it all, are telling you to do. You can whisper this stuff, but be careful and how you say it. That's what they're saying are teeming. You gotta be careful how you express yourself not about expressing herself she's telling the truth, their beliefs stay Walmart name her in this resolution. The trend Peach, the presently United States with phony investigations and what will be phony charge. Started on day one, but they won't expel the spigot and the evidence abounds. While you gotta protector free speech, nobody saying she can't speak this isn't one
magnificent Arab, slash muslim countries in the Middle EAST. If you open your mouth too much, they cut your tongue out now, speak all you want and she does, I don't remember them giving this kind of deference to Joe Mccarthy and he wasn't a big it. He was an anti communist than Anti Communist and right back
now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: the court, on the table. This hour is seen in racist. Why Jeff's sucker. The president of sea and energy, racist? Just a question I want to. I asked this question. Well, here's a story on the hill actually saw this earlier, but takes time Get all that stuff. You know black Jack
less group places CNN special monitoring list below. What's going on here. A J Association of Black journalists, that its preliminary research showed that It would play CNN on a special media monitoring list signing a lack of black representation among the network's leadership ranks. Can, I be J, said in a statement that its preliminary research showed CNN has no black employees reporting the scene and President Jeff Sucker sucker. One at that way. He's the boss! to show that the news organization is no black executive producers As well as no black vice presidents or senior vice president's on a new site, well, that's very diverse, Isn't it CNN, but a joke
she disputed the group's finding that there are no black vice on the new side according to the annex b J, but the news, did not provide the name or position of the vice as a vice presidents and a bee J set, the it may J setting for person delegation sought to meet with sucker, but that this at present. I refuse to do so because, of course, ape Relations between CNN and an aid be J vice president Digital Rollin, Martin, stemming A martens participation in a tree Sixteen town hall would then democratic presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Praetor Please, former Democratic National Committee, Chair Dunna, Brazil admitted, according to a time essay. She inadvertently disclosed a town hall topic to the Clinton campaign that was part of Martens research inquiry from the town, all they may be Stephen reads: it may be requested me, wasn't, is focused solely on
in its diversity. Efforts results in our strategic priorities as an organisation that statement continued. In other words, it is not to do with Rollin Martin, nothing, that's Jeff, Zachary excuse. For not meeting with them. She- and I should, in a statement shared with the hill, that it was opened a meeting with members of the group's leadership team but said it would. Be part of any meetings involving Martin, while the end He didn't say that they be part of meetings with marked, though, is despicable. Anyway J set its next step will include further research and analysis on CNN called diversity, inclusion and equity practices group also, it is calling for a civil rights ought to examine CNN hiring promotion compensation practices involving but employees. The group, sadly, Its delegation is engaged in very positive outreach with other media companies and is met.
Catherine meetings, where they Bc Cbs Fox NBC, here former seen in mourning anchor solid, our bright she's, a left wing cooked by the way. See that's not a lack of diversity, that's much worse than a lack of diversity. On the senior level up backs whatsoever, tat attack. It happens. Missions reporting to the presidency and it s not a lack of diversity It's much worse than a lack of diversity. That's a disgrace in May I'll be discrimination. At sea, and in can't wait to hear dumb means take on this by Chris. Burma for that matter or Jake Tapir. My camera Where are the other lightweight they create? There's an came after O Brien reacted to have seen a report stating their present
I do not have any African Americans when his senior staff, following the dismissal, former aid and Barroso Mangold Newman last year, apprentice reality show. Contestant was the most senior black person in the administration. She wasn't. She not. Are they not aware been Carson, whose a cabinet secretary? every directly communications for the office of publicly eyes on, inter firing and twenty eighteen very But our walk me through this. In your black staff at seeing and politics are seen in our hey I'll. Take cable. So Brian wrote in it this twenty eighteen tweet. So, ladies and gentlemen, while CNN His leading the attack, On Fox NEWS and other news organization. For not sharing, c and ends ideological left wing agenda against Trump and for the radical them.
It appears scene and has been hiding a fact from its viewers. Her from the nation. That CNN under this article and according to the n, a bee j does have a single black person, One of these top executive positions, reporting to Jeff Zaka We find that pretty damn amazing. Pretty damn amazing. I would add, CNN. There is absolutely no diversity and don't tell me they hire people on merit, but a stupid check clowns over their CNN. Why Brandon matter to me. Stupid, stupid, left wing, left wing. Tell me where hiring people on merit only the first journalists. They drag that fact. Slot Bernstein on the programme,
Can I will remain in a wheelbarrow While he is eating, Hershey bars. We have the finest you know like John Dene, O John Dene. Oh yes, he's our ethics expert on, don't forget, Jeff Tube in the chair for sleep. Bar, and you know exactly what I mean to ban. You need your own analysis and it's not illegal one. So there. We are, ladies and gentlemen, CNN If I were one of the commentators on CNN and if I were given to provoke statements, which, of course I am not so that seen in his kind of the David Duke of Cable TV, when you, MR, but I mean. Look around there and the executive sweets back door there nor the other door backdoor. Don't forget that
Look at that. Look at that, but then tromp a racist every day. They need no he's an whatsoever they wore spin. What, place and Charlottesville to try and pay him as such a person when they know he's not. When they know, is not there is she What is CNN. Loser, She- and I know this I've seen it, seen in his ally. Tina pretence pretence. To give you the new scene and pretence that diversity fact, one article later will look we're down lemon. There he's he's the only primetime houses in african American I saw a left wing cook Twice: they're: not because he's an african American he's a left wing, coke fits. With a line up
It comes to the executives. There's not one now how many Greece can say that seriously. How many companies large is a big company. This is a A media platform there's a big company. Well, that's not true with the Vienna be J is saying about us: ok, we'll name one by what name one he didn't get back, they couldn't name one is an amazing, But the trash tromp trash other conservatives, the trash Republicans yet Jake Tapir there. Arrogant s o b. Chris Cuomo, who keeps widening its teeth, are gonna, be trains translucent
This means reporting to Jeff Sucker. I can see his tonsils quotas. Don't thought think about this. This network CNN is democratic and liberal hello, democratic, liberal, and not one black person in time management positions, reporting disease Jeff Zocor, not one, I'm not into quotas, don't get me wrong, but the law people they have. There are stupid as hell and they are leftists, and you can't tell me you, Tell me they're all their on merit. You can't tell me they're all their merit. They're stupid copyright Ben
Let's take a few call showing. I think I shall MAC W Phd country girl. At my friend who walk Rushing in as my comp I've my my comrade? The navy filled with fair, which I wasn't good. I was to back support who yeah it's gonna, give you this these exciting level, these establishment people they just want to ruin this treasure nothing nothing bad for nothing, constructive, nothing, nothing that destruction, nothing better than to take him out to ruin. I'm an endangered Another change me! No! No! No MAC! You know who this is aimed at right. Other people who supported the President
call him a Nazi. They mean we're nazis when they call a racist. They mean we're racist when he com a white supremacist, they mean where white supremacist when they call him, They mean we're corrupt, he's the he's the one they attack, but they despise us hate us, and that goes for. Out of these rhinos and the Republican Party, to configure the thing mark. Here's the thing about it that by doing that, their exposure himself. Why only thing is I'm out Other my blood brethren would call in and make a stand. And now and then, and then news flash just like we ve just like we do around hurry. We need to derail these people and get them out. Yeah, well, it's not gonna, be so easy because the people vote in these districts, That is what you mean, comrades, who the comrades Furthermore, another program
and one lady what you have done for me with another program. Please I'm just saying the example: I'm about action about maybe forming a march or something that might read would take an interest in this. And no matter what you mean, comrades, who the comrades, fellow people, Oh you mean fellow patriots, not comrades, go ahead power power purchase fellow prior service members like myself, that that I care about this country because they want to destroy military. So when the people they hate trunk, what they thought for people hate the MAC. I was part of marches and rallies with the tea party, which was very effective at the time, but you're chicken railing against people who don't care if you march and rally- and I think we should call upon our representatives now to use every power they have in the minority filing ethics complaint, Filing resolutions pushing back doing everything they can to do, what's necessary in the House of Representatives, not try.
Four hearings conducting their own hearings. Throwing too Then the swimming pool, politically speaking, just as the Democrats did filing ethics complaints, justice, filed against, as Heaven outside group? Do it time they fight time? put on the brass knuckles and stop putting around exactly. Are we when the council- and I just hope others like myself people when I sat with. Of course I speak for those. They can't speak because some people, I know, didn't, come back. What do you say yeah how's our for people during their in San Francisco, I can't selves too, as you well know? Having done it? Thank you for your call, my friend, continue Joanne San friends. California the great care so foe. How are you I'm while I good mark? How are you Oh, thank you. How are the year has our enjoy city during their in San Francisco. I can say that on the air mark
how's, the Idiot congressmen from your district? What's her face I do not. Unfortunately, I grew up in the same city as she grew up in, and I know more about it than I'd like she never grew up, she's, always a child. As far as I'm concerned, less newer, stupid ideas, she had Potomac favor from the time she was seven years old and she has never given up on it. Now, however, one day is renewing my dad. Just remember: daddy was a big congressmen from Baltimore. He was mare. There was mayor was the mayor so for one anyway, that's where she got the idea that where the power was and that's why she got into politics that big, dumb husband of hers, Paul, I dont, know much hit me. Nobody does isn't that funny. Why do we We treat him the way they treat Don Junior. Why? look at every meeting this clowns ever had? Why are we We can all his financial activities. Why do we do that?
their family go ahead? That leads to the idea that I called to sound up against you and see what you what you think of it. First of all, if I were to get one of those called subpoenas on quarter letters asking labour information appearance before Congress, whatever it is it's over, I would be inclined to write back a letter saying I respectfully decline your invitation to participate in this because So would open me too self incrimination, which is against the constitution. Well, the only problem with that is for an innocent innocent person. You don't you know criminal yourself if you're already under criminal investigation. Not you do plead the fifth and you say now: I you know Nothing, I say how it can be used against mean the current criminal investigation. You do raise an interesting point taken do that as a matter of strategy, the whole grouped just to avoid, testifying, on the other hand,
yeah, you know what why not give it a shot, give it a shot. They can because it in the constitution, you're right ear, you correctly interpreted again and so forth, but the what they do with it is racket. They do anything they want to and then say, come and get me. You think I'm wrong come and get me in my drink. What I would say- and I put it in a very careful way, so the american people understand defence of the first amendment. I plead the fifth because I know This is a show trial. That's the way. I do it exactly you're pretty good Joanne at I wish all the people that got these aid aid. Anyone businesses, letters of patients whatever that got that sort of stuff would would consider doing that, because that would be one way to slow down make him. Where do I think we should look into all the donors and matters campaign and see if there's any a quid pro quo, We should see what lobbyists he meets with
we want all that are I my frantic for your car appreciate a good cop. I am Brooklyn The great Debbie, let me say, go I want to say. I think the Democrats are again ah Jaime gotta, make she'd on petty, hang up, but. Let's go somewhere else about Green Bay Wisconsin, I love Green Bay was currents and you won't kill me they're dead in the winter, but I love it and they great W tee He'll go, I mark, excuse my voice and not feeling well, but I'm I'm gonna try to partially emptier question at the very beginning year programme. What are we gonna do I? I. I think that I agree with a lot of points that you have made. I think I think we have to organise in such a way that we talk to our members of our republic and members of Congress.
Fortunately, I can't talk to my member Congress, because these are never dropper one. I can talk to a fella named Sean Duffy, who is a he's, a good guy. I know who he is and and I need to know that we need to tell them that desert country crumbles. The GEO p is every bit as responsible for that. As the Democrats, R and D. Perhaps you disagree with that, but they are not there. Tearing up to these people. I wanted I could not agree more. Thank you for The car will be right back. Up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel bloated, tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit?
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and dot com offer code? Levant revenge where Wigan Coalition meets a brig day, call now eight seven seven breed one. Three eight point one. You know it's amazing- I do this job. I spent a lot of time on it. I'm involved in all the intricacies involving the chairman, MR producer,. I'm involved in every piece of it. I won't get at the best broadcasts possible, at least for me some days we succeed some days. We don't most times I like to think we do where we wouldn't have the sort of our expanding our podcast. Her. Which is also very important. I want all of our platforms to be running on all cylinders and running hard.
So have terrestrial radio I m enough, and we have our satellite radio friends course with the internet and we have podcasting. So people make decisions to promote other podcast from Ipod, cast its infuriating. To me, it's not my job for these people to be. Carried by me. So there you listen to them. I do my own podcast, I don't pattern tat, my podcast when somebody else's part. This is inside baseball, but you know so that's gonna stop, You hear anybody promoting a pod cash to my podcast stop listening to them. I never gave permission for that. The point of my podcast, so you listen to my podcast. Somebody else wants to listen to them too,
fine listenin to marry a walk banana happen. The old all these other people up all the time. It says its where'd ya out arid admit it. You think that site the crime, is something that happens to other people, I think that no one wants your data or that hackers canker Your passwords credit card details but you'd be wrong. Billing data from unsuspecting people on public wifi is one of the simplest and cheapest ways for hackers to make money. And when you leave your internet connection on you may Toby. Writing your passwords and credit card numbers on a huge billboard for the rest of the world to see. That's why I D added to take action and you need to take action. I protect myself. You need to protect yourself from cyber criminals. I use Express VP in its the best expressly peons secured and makes anonymous your internet,
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Phoebe and Slash mark to learn more and I A fuller explanation is scratching. Your heads, probably People on this programme, as substitute hosts, because think their quality. People have a good message and I think we have the best substitute Holts hosts in the business. In the last six months, they really stepped up, given the tray. Treaties in our family that I've I've dealt with couple years back, I had a substitute whose very good guy was local host was a good friend. Wasn't MR producer. Next thing I know a competing companies indicating against me. So I help build this guy's career bikes, using him to you. I don't mind that the guys on radio- I remind that he's indicated, but I felt a little bit use by you, know a friend same thing. Pod
casting is the wild wild West and I love it. I love it. It's real competition. It truly is its real freedom of speech with very few people. Between the pod, cached or programmes this programme and you Listen you don't, but don't I had on my shoulders and hold onto my back to get attention Do it yourself. Independent entrepreneur and independent broadcaster. That's what I'm talking about so ipod kiss, I'm not going to tolerate it any longer people are people are or art from Advertising on the programme, without even my permission. I have talked about this enough Look, if I gave vent to you who the hell am, I gonna went to you, the american people you're, my my Since your Maya, my audience family tree
everything or almost everything, Dave Brooklyn, New York? Now is a day rely on, which is it? You want to think that which is what is your name David Hiram, Israel, No! What is your name Dave. What Mr Cashman, why do you have Dave parentheses com? because I don't want my real names to be exposed a while now you're real name's exposed. Sorry, you can call back later call yourself franker something. Ok. Dave given another shot, he didn't want to be exposed. I dont know what it means with the parentheses camera Dallas.
Taxes the great W b. I pick up on, let's get back into the groove here, go ahead baby! Thank yes! All much mark! You are amazing, and there really is only one thing for us to do, and that is an invention of fate. This is the opportunity for we that We don't need Washington, we don't need them in our lives. We, the people, have a constitutional right and duty to restore that constitution and self governance and federalism, and personally I like them with a lot better than having to rely on somebody in the thinking bear gonna do it has Washington is never gonna fix itself, we can see it, it doesn't matter who's in power and I'll. Tell you what this work
left toward socialism convention of States man. This is the way to claim your ear exactly right and they want people to know that I believe Arkansas became the thirteenth state they too to them. For convention of states, is no right tomorrow, have yes, sir, and that you could be neck. You talk could be next. Should be next considering solid stake. You know its centre, The detestable Mitt Romney, whose a chameleon, but we can fix it the convention estates in Utah, new teat up your exact, the right tomorrow and then Working party and washed and hated the cried party hated big labour hated big business, hates it and we love it Presently, United States is doing it, your it on his own shoulders. Convention of states had some wonderful organization to you really ought to check him out really into China.
We're not gonna get changes from Republicans in Congress I mean look when it comes to a wall. The Republicans control. Everything in conveying and there we were. They were fancier. Milk when are we going to do here, and so they do nothing. Nothing. Presently United States is doing at carrying your on his own shoulders and what do we have found libertarian constitutional lists or we will suffer powers are showier, no it out, and if I did I'd be the first one to object. Interest pass a law and change the constitution passing along changing the constitution. There saying it earn instances when there's emergencies so we can act and choose me. Congress can reverse and how that violate the constitution. Why won't always appropriating funds now is not? The funds have already been approved. Created there sitting in accounts, peek a move them around. We're set so well. I just
like this kind of legislating now you're like open borders, that's better and if they were constitutional lists, baby standing up and so every day, Mr Paul, Mr Marsh and objective single department and agency the federal government is that what they do course not and so on. Owing is this law apparently that Mr Rand, Mr Watts is firstly a marsh Justin I don't mean to be rude. I didn't remember just in a much all of a sudden about the law. They don't know about the law. All the years I ve been So I don't spend years by George Bush all back to nineteen. Seventy six, all I didn't know, but now it's on constitutional. Now now, Mr Paul and Mr Marsh Jump up and down, and what Mr Nad, nor MR shifted
with our tax dollars, Bates phony oversight, hearings that have no no constitutional support, bringing in somebody's children bringing in the exact They work within the private sector, bringing in their secretaries tonight even congresses, job to look for crimes. That's the other bread. To government, while you're too, I believe a separation of powers, let the court's picture. The courts have no role in this. None I'll be right back, Let me put this in a way that even they crackpot websites like media media doesn't at her for American, all the others can understand, and I'll speak slowly.
Because I know they're a little laugh the little problem hearing facts there, ready to rig Should take their left wing stuff the greatest threat to our constitution right now is not China, although China is a grave threat, not Russia, although Russia is a grave threat not around and a grave threat to North Korea, even though North Korea is a grave threat. It's the Democratic Party. You have to be deaf, dumb and blind, not to understand that the Democratic Party is trying to destroy this presidency and for ever change, The way elections are treated in the way impeachment is handled. They have unleashed a criminal investigation against the present the United States by pressuring Roderick. Steam tumor did to point a special council.
Of course, Rosen steam. Being the gutless wondered, lady is after having recommended that the didn't fire call me then appoint a special council to investigate the president. He will go down in history as a complete buffoon. You have seen leaks from the top levels of the FBI. I'm doing a republican administration. They be calling a Watergate, and yet the this, the presently United States, he is said to be Nixon and his amended nation is said to be Watergate. Presently United States are trying to secure the border? The Democrats rejected. Then there's so much that is taking place the trial. Destroy this presidency overwhelm and bird This presidency- that is one third of three,
inches of the federal government. And why? Because Democrats lost an election. You know, interfere with this election. In addition to the Russians, the FBI, you know else our intelligence agencies, you know who else the federal judges on the face of courts they interfere in our election and they're still interfering with the next election, interfering with our gap? With our governance issues me they're interfering with president of the United States, not for legitimate reasons. Quite the contrary,. Girl meddler is a greater threat to this country, right now than Lattimer impudent, and I spies Vladimir Putin's, unlike the code pink Republicans, which I've never been one. Adam ship is greater Tor intelligence, then the Chinese.
The Democratic Party, the leadership, a cub, I love left wing maniacs. Who will do anything to bring down as president because their power hungry, like she like, killed them and, like all the rest of them They don't give a damn about the constitution. Separation of powers when nobody, I was in power via the constitution, separation of powers are more than one occasion, including with darker remember any hearings demanded by the Democrats. Do you, of course, not. They are a grave threat to this republic. A grave threat to this republic meeting about Brick House neutral. Is the winter weather beating you down? I mean not in flood of course, but in other places all across the country
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he's going to shut down their email is gonna. Plotter male took that he hears the problem here is the permanent sting realistic if you madly in your elected by really only Democrats and Europe hello, Senior elected by really only Democrats Here- One party congressional district in Lebanon Presently, the United States- and there is no reason they can't take action against that. In my humble opinion,. They are not going to react to emails, I do not think we target them. I think we target the Republicans. And we demand that they take aggressive action and whether to takes complaint against the term in the way and ethics complaint was filed against Nunez, so big Neither has laid out a case and our methods case, that he is using to try and bring down a present of the United States. And there is no reason they can't take action against that. In my humble opinion, right we shouldn't which target the Republicans as well as I do,
they take one one saying targeting the Democrats. While do anything right wreck, you require town halls and they don't respond. You don't have anything to show Fort meaning, meaning you don't have any aunt. You don't have any response I therefore very much can get a report seek to see. The problem is worth thinking traditionally: town halls marches, that's knock on the door. Send a meme is not going to work I'm telling you what we need to do, we must demand that the Republicans take action that is available to them in the House of Representatives. The way that. That the atom Schiff one afternoon as they should do the same exact thing: Datum Schiff they Look at Turin Adler they should be putting together republican minority staff. Brief. If he were a memorandum, if you prefer laying out what he has done in order to try and undermine this president. They should lay out the case Adam ship. We witness
tampering, they should lay out the case and make it public. That's what needs to be done. Educating as many of our fellow Americans as possible. Thanks for you, we'll be right back. If you have a moment, I want you all to go to a brick house: Levine dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five, I refuse I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver, I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens what a great product! Thank you, brick ass for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and you're welcome Steve and subscribing smart. You save money that way field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic, some probiotics plus they are
for a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back, go to brick House, Levine, dot com, our call, eight three three ring be age and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levin, that's brick, house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three three ring be h: N Promo, I would love it now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a non described filling. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, Three, eight one, three, eight one, one turn
Michael Cohen, sought a pardon from President Trump through his attorney and it was rejected. This would help explain a lot. Would it not? Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Cohen, went to the highest bidder. They'll tell the feds whatever they want to hear in the southern district near. Let me tell you guys something in the southern district in New York. You tough guys behind your desk said the southern district in New York. If you take tromp you gonna, take on somebody who knows how to fight we'll have the resources to fight you and your gonna. Take on sixty three million of us. That's sleazy sleazy! Please that you got from current, including those two campaign issues. You're gonna eat that one day and she trying to
Conduct it isn't criminal. Into a crime? We were enough laws out there that have criminal consequences, finds penalties, imprisonment. We cannot have these southern district of New York manufacturing them. And by the way, you so It about non disclosure agreement, so many non disclosure agreements have been signed and the southern district at New York. How many? errors are going on. I have gone on among attorneys and others in this A district at New York how many tat returns, have been audited of the attorneys. Our illegals than the rest in the sun, Just look at New York How many of you jerks. How many of you jerks Clean Bela. How very few of you. You sit, there live two lives, personal life and public life.
We, the american people, we don't know that helps run in the southern district in New York. Yes, said here as observers to our country? about and they try to undermine us- we don't know- is doing it too. Is it in there that we look at an adler Never doesn't represent the people, we represent a left wing congressional district created for him. The Democrats in Albany New York. And he's gonna tell us what obstruction of justice is all about. He's gonna tell us about impeachment here: Left wing cook at some leftwing cook law school, never but accepted the outcome of the election. None of them did the constitution that they hate, though now try and use terror.
Around the president's neck, but the president's just a representative of we, the people. Now they want to destroy the electoral college. Is there nothing? They don't want to destroy put it in plain English Anything they don't want to destroy all about power. Look what they did the cabin no due process, no presumption of innocence. You saw right there. As high school yearbook. Using flat to choose to vote against the guy. Barely he barely got the the confirmation, but could they did to him. We're going to sit here: oh mister, none who's gonna sit in judgment of the president.
Those of you who didn't vote and the matter ass, mid term elections. Those of you who said a pox on both your house's. You did this. You did. This view gave us these Democrats. You gave us the committee chairman, Here we are but look at this republican job ship kiss his name. I did make it up John Shrimp. I believe these formula, noise, arena and Bloomberg Very very excited that is being the network. Representative John Shrimp Guess Republican once issued a forceful rejection of climate science. The congressional hearing, invoking the Bible declaring- The earth will end only one God declares its time to be over the last month. In a turn around the oh no, I republican sign onto a letter with the top Republican.
The house, Energy and Commerce Committee. That said, prudent step. Should be taken to address current and future climate risks. It's just not worth the fight anymore, ship Cosette, In an interview and asked about whose changing stance, The fine anymore, ladies and gentlemen, so helpful upsides. This man is utterly contemptible and utterly useless, no principles whatsoever. None. No principles whatsoever. What about his political life? I'm not! I obey feeding in some primary. That's all attacks, Have you heard of a single Democratic said? You know what I reject climate change and major climate change course the climate changes, but I Jack man made climate change. That is any significant influence.
Well, not China, they never say stuff like their archives. All over themselves. They slobber all over the place. Shiftless remember, that name tried to forget, but here's one that's interesting Three Coop Quebec radio stations are not going to play me Jackson's music anymore, really. This from the daily collar, citing another new source fall out from the explosive aid Yo documentary leaving Neverland his lead, The major radio stations in Montreal Canada to entirely blacklist Papa can Michael Jackson's music. Do too, documentary. Having re serious allegations, pedophilia. According to variety, call gecko media,
which owns the three radio stations announced this week. That Michael since music will no longer be available data sensitivity to their listless. Where attentive to the Comments of our listeners the documentary really Sunday evening, created reactions said a spokesperson. She's made should be a spokes. It we pay to observe the situation by removing the songs from our stations for the time being,. Ladies and gentlemen, the evidence is fairly substantial that Michael Jackson. I was molesting little kids from sorry, the pedophilia inside there. That's that's! What's being alleged Including two who were now adults, male adults- let's have a question for you: liberals out there,
Should we ban his music from the airwaves should all of his cds be. Ripped out at best buy in these other stores. Should it be removed in all its or from the internet, because apparently, allegedly allegations of pedophilia fairly substantiated. Shall we do that. Sure rip his name from signs. Now that's what they wanted to do to John Wayne. After one interview, one interview, Controversial interview don't get me wrong. Commercial energy, but it was. Only the exception to his character: it was the exception to his life, but said what he said and there's no tolerance for. We gotta rip his name from an airport we can have as movies we get it
asking you if Michael Jackson, who is accused of pedophilia, Which is a lot worse than John Wayne ever been accused of? I'm asking you if John Wayne excuse me if Michael Jackson should get the John Wayne Treatment, yes or no, I ask you. Look I mean: should his music be banned on every radio station. Should his music be withdrawn from the internet in all, its forms should used to be from all the retail stores. Given the allegations Eddie that he molested little boys, I'm just curious. And wise and this getting more coverage, his name's, not John Wayne to Michael Jackson,.
I'll, be right back Let us go to Baltimore Maryland the great w em a l go! Thank you very much. Anyone could address with I'm sure you're, the one who can do it turns it is taken their weapons about his omnibus demand for documents, with the try to forget all from Mr Trumpet all this associate But it seems to me this is exactly what the founders had in mind: the framework I have in mind when they wrote the fourth amendment to get some visible, search and see this.
I'm leaving all? Well, it's not it's not a criminal investigation, so it doesn't fall under the fourth and it's not the executive. Its Congress stewing oversight where they are violated. Institutional, whether weak, exactly that oversight under article on the purple congresses. Job is to legislate, that's it appropriate authorized under that under that heading, but it's to legislate. Doesnt prosecutes! It doesn't investigate for criminal violations or financial violations, that's not the job of Congress and so it is a strong case made and I suspect the president will be have missed children on behalf of his business partners on behalf self. There were more than happy to provide them with information related to my job is presently united States and even there
Can you give em conversations transcripts of conversations that I've had with heads of state? That's my bailiwick! That's my purview. It has nothing to do again with oversight responsibilities, but no get to attack my children. No, they don't get to attack my businesses. No, they could get to attack and attack an attack for, reason other than the try and take me out and also Opposition research for the next campaign, so they have a strong my view, argument to make under article one to this over and over. And- and I suspect that the President's lawyers- no, it showed that works out I do too. I mean you know you got the court's here. Those courts go to court donor card. I was here. Concerns are taken that car taken why have the time or more you don't get a particularly good, judge or panel. If you know what I mean she get boxed him, I run by the way IRAN is it. Is it snowing in Baltimore
right now it did a couple days ago, but right now, no, it is not. Are you expecting bad weather in Baltimore, I'm in Florida? Now, that's why I'm asking I think in a couple of days. Yes, I believe, like Friday, it quickly. Then, let's Saxon, coming back over the weekend, are IRAN. Thank you for your car, my friend, but give up. Me, I'd stay in Florida, snobs, no secret, though secret. Love the snow when I met in it. I love look, When I met in it looking at it on tv, had enough from sixty one. I can't take it anymore. I don't know how people do in Buffalo. I really doubt what can you there's four feet of snow? Let's make angels What are you out of your mind? Plus I get what he caught. Here you sick of being inside there, Mr Bin.
She doesn't know one on time and Mr Cashman. Secondly, what he called home, something wrong. Cabin fever. There they go you're right. I do they want to go anywhere because I often do but I want to know that I can go somewhere. If I want to go There I am sitting there, my family, my beautiful look at the snow is the beautiful now. I can't take it after three inches. It's not beautiful to hazard. Let us go to night in palm spray California, the great k and abusing alone? I don't wanna, hear my friend: how are you work? Martin, Yes, you're out of your parents, may their memory be a blessing to all new them. Well. Thank you very much pressure. I wonder! Do you get it And by the way, your show on Sunday, night flights, Liberty eleven yesterday I like to watch it and each one seems to be better than the one before making
I I get great gas and I let them speak what you do you do an excellent job, but I wonder if you could explain something to me: I mean yes, all really and probably one of the few Republicans California while they are getting, they are getting smaller number, but I think there's more than one or gonna hit. My question is: can you give me some kind of an explanation? I can't explain it. I dont understand it why the vast majority of Jews, who will vote for the Democratic Party when it is not the Democratic Party of our fathers and grandfathers? in your jewish correct. Absolutely. Why get this question all the time? It's a bit perplexing and my answer is really the answer. Norman POD hordes wrote an entire book on this and I agree with them, which is not some up with John. But his father was a brilliant man arrears and that's this.
Four secular Jews, like secular Catholics who support abortion on demand like Cuomo and pillows himself. A religion really isn't their religion. Their religion is their politics, their religion is their political ideology, and so first and foremost ninety policies, a left wing Democrat, Catholicism is way down the list Chuck shoes, Is a left wing Democrat Judaism. His way down the list doesn't mean they don't gotta synagogue or go to church doesn't mean they don't promote their party they viewpoints, but when it really comes to public policy. Their values their morals. Their faith does an informed. I'm not saying that when you're elected you should I'm the jewish sullen, so I'm a catholic so and so on. The episcopal so saying that, but he's religions, they provide us with our mornings right from
on, good from evil and so forth, and if you'd dismiss them, then you're a blank slate. Then Europe, slight, and when Europe lacks a blank slate, then you can support post birth. From a K. Infanticide, then you can support the destruction of the freest greatest society on the face of the earth. Then you can argue that you compel individuals to bake a cake, A couple it's getting married with whom you disagree in terms of their their sexuality and so forth, then, can impose their will on other people. You see, one of the great is about this countries, not just the reformation generally, but the reformation of of religion Well, it's Catholicism, er, Judaism or some form of other religions. In many respects, is
It has not gone through that some areas it has with some people it has, which is. Are you still have fundamentalists and apply Sharia law. The way that they do. Lot of other religions in a lot of other people? Had they ve gone through this, the lessons learned from history. The lessons learned from the reformation, the rest and lessons learned from our value system that we get mostly from religion and so forth. Not everybody, I'm just speaking in broad terms with a broad brush. Lost on the left, because there Yes, what power, through obsessed with control religion is their ideology. That's the best answer. I can give you My friend and I appreciate your call night enjoy palm springs and other beautiful area I'll be right back Laverne, tough
That's why I like marvel of them, and I'm not sure a lot of people like me stuff, is what I like I love a okay, now, german, seven, thirty, eight one, three, eight one, one: whether Washington composed, is fully at the corner of anti semite. Oh Omar,. In recent moment, has had a lease three headlines in her defence like this one from six hours ago. Democrats criticism of Alien Omar suggest little room for diversity on Israel. One more time This has nothing to do with Israel has to do with Jews. And a fundamentalist Muslim. From Somali the child of to immigrants from Somalia.
Who is a muslim attacking Jews? I know, but the Washington Post, I tell you, I the other media outlets, will lie to you, but that's exactly what she's doing and show the washed and compost we'll talk about pack. It'll talk about Israel, but I won't about. What's taking place here, one of the first two muslim women, elected to the House of Representatives is one of the first to her I Semites, along with the other one. Now, the washed imposed has gone soft on fair can they went South Keith Alice and it's gone soft or Anti Semitism.
And so you should reject the Washington Post. It's a propaganda sheet. It's a propaganda. Sheep like you should check the New York Times. You dont know if you're going to get the true from the New York Times Somehow, overall, two year period had missed the holocaust and more than that. These publications do not deserve your support. They are disreputable. Then there is the Washington Post: funding alien Omar, because The left us who hates America at all tat, simple. Democrats, criticism of Alien Omar suggest little room for diversity on his first of all.
The resolution is a joke, it doesn't even mention her, so the perpetrator, The purpose is not even mentioned in the draft resolution. Secondly,. This is not about the diversity of views on Israel. The democratic party. Is growing and growing in its hostility for Israel, but that's not even the point that we're talking about. It's got, a wing that is Anti Jew. It says so. Why should we here. But this woman has to say except what she sang as her belief system. We don't need there is from the washing compost to tell us She does a dozen me, we hear them ourselves. We know it. Yes, she's, I hate her. Me why absolutely Jasper out there, whose main
That's an example A day american patriot, who is muslim. In the area, governor of Arizona he puts it mixed Sally whose Mcconnell tells him who to put in and he could have ensued: Jasper, who would have been the first Muslim in the United States Senate had a patron, And enable that but then too much for the Idiot governor of Arizona couldn't handle it. Then I'm sure the media would have played up zoo region. There is example of Islam Mechanism patriotism. Course. Not. They would try to destroy him as they try to destroy. Blacks or conservatives. Whose hoary conservatives by sorry conservatives, you name it oh and white people who are conservative, may I say, we like to say that anymore missed producer.
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Well there it is it's gonna, Bruce saying, Pete Florida on Syria satellite go on go right ahead. Please where's your place. Where is worth forget brows Mitchell? May they are too great. Debut ABC go yes, sir. I just wanted to thank you so much as the person. Who are when you eating, thereby allowing all God I am sorry What are you going? I'm just curious, I'm hungry waiting. There an amazing salad that I will just give my god who they now want to. I have to have salad, don't say that well,
Scottie. You gotta chest I shouldn't talk my wife's laughing right now, but not just just eat food. You know, don't overdo it, but you can still need food. They alike merely grow you wanna get salmonella or anything I get salad and I put a ton of a thousand island on there in my wife's is: what are you doing? My second point I, like thousand, I saw you destroy the whole point exactly. How do I know, Mr Le Pen, Eddie I soon on slots, you thank you. I am a small red got in a sea of blue and it. It's very difficult, pollyanna that small you're eating salad. You just told me you get a good laugh by the way. Yesternight had I'm sorry, it's all right. I just wanted to know you know experience. I I was always in it.
Commercial landing industry in New York at the way I became a successful, was to sit back, shut up and listen to with greater knowledge than I and I even even in very good English say mostly It's a greater knowledge than me, but I is correct anyway. Go ahead and I sat back and I took him what they said and because of what they said I became better business man had better individual etc. And now I am looking to you, because as the constitutional professional, that you are the knowledge that you have about the constitution and the bill of rights. Sir, what do we do?
we accept, we are being taken. There's no luck like Mitchell. I get this question three times a night, people one easy answer there no easy answers this, as a soft tyranny that is getting worse and worse and worse, constitution in many respects has been rejected. Many respects. We live in a post constitutional period. You have a congress, we have checked balances. We have separation of powers, but when the checks and balances. Are more more degraded and separate the powers is more more degraded. Any rely more more in the courts which are heavily populated by liberal activists. You can see what kind of boxed in now people talk about article five convention states. This is a crew. Important way to address this is what the framers of the constitution and the ratifies the institution left us.
But people who want to learn about people don't want to embrace it. I mean million do, but not not enough, because this is how we rise up in a legitimate constitutional waiting at our government. Back. But people one easy answers. They think AEGIS it's an easy answer, or you write a letter. It's an easy answer. You march it's an easy answer. None of that's gonna work, MR women. Even even the boat people, don't understand today we are not at democracy. We are Damn democratic Republic, where every state has the right in many respects, we're not even then anymore. You have you. Have this administrative state that I've been talking about people call at the swamp, this massive bureaucracy and that Why? I can a laugh at these at a marsh end and ran Paul and some of the others talking about here, I shall learn she's act that really violates the constant. No, it violates the constitution,
Is this massive fourth branch of government? that passes laws every day there since the cost of living every day that actually pay people in prison every day and nobody elected them Congress delegated their power to them sit there in the executive branch and even the executive branch and republican president can't control them of their democratic they get behind his or her agenda, but now republican president, so system we have today would be unrecognizable by the framers. The constitution, and we even have a lot of conservatives support it We're won't fight hard for what do you think that never truckers are all about sure geyser, write articles, write books about the collapse coming in many ways. It is an I put their Jong cream on my neck like two or three days Mitch, Mcconnell or Job Bush, MAC has looked at over twenty years. Several they speak. A lot face, looks young and
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most of your saying who the Hell's Luke Correct. Good question he's another liberal cook, Democrat from cattle. Cornea, which is why he's on CNN today. Somebody really needs to see the kind suggests, a troop of sin and all the time they choose their to say what they wanted to say. Our earlier no Mars comments, anti semitic ass listen Colorado,. To representative Lou Correira cut fourteen, go see her comments as Anti semitic. You know I can't speak for. Colleagues, she's elected by her own constituents nobody has. There was no longer there my respect to respond to my constituents and my perspective is pay directly. Your rambling on I get dummy that was Your question: can't say that she's an anti, so this is what some unbelievable and eyewash
posters out there with a bunch of headlines defending excusing, go ahead. You my job I'm accountable to my constituents harbours and my constituents, and so people have different opinions. It's going on. That's not my opinion. I I a down, of course, but is it european than those common or offensive? Well I wouldn't have made those comments. Ok, I don't speak in that tone. I understand that people have different perspectives, but at the end of the day my job is to represent my constituents. And that's what I do day in and day out. Do you think they should be stripped of her committee position? That's not my job to Our position is he, do I I don't know how I got here. I got elected. I don't know how I got here.
But here I am it's my job to strip any body of any thing. It's not my job to call out. Somebody did not my job. Now. We have ten Lou another mental patient California Emma sell us DE cut fifteen go before I let you go when I have ask about this resolution that will be brought up tomorrow, related to Anti Semitism and, as you know, related congresswoman Ellen. How do you do you plan to vote? Have you decided I have we condemn all forms of religious bigotry, weathers against Muslims, wasn't against Muslims, Jews, she's, Anti semite water. The water, this down and done this down constantly. Ladies and gentlemen, you know why, and so do I go ahead place. I intend to vote yes on this resolution. Congressmen, Omar was not singled out in this resolution should she have been in your view,
I read the resolution. It is a resolution condemning anti Semitism. That's why we note and supported it, because we should not always a resolution condemning the anti semite he wouldn't. I voted for it. I don't know how many more times I can express this. The Democrats put party first country and everything else. Second,. That's what's going on here, the wash composed as a rag try caught the compost. As a liberal rag, for that, the greater part of the new Ex limes illiberal rag for the Democratic Party, both of them. As I speak to you this evening, excuses playing down oh, my comments. Both of them just as they have never really directly taken on fair, come in a consistent and compelling way. The democratic party has a poisoned ache,
is spreading and so do the media, the media to Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for listening. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel, law enforcement at every level of government and you that patriots out there thank you, and I it tomorrow check out
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