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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/18/18

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch can be a good justice but can also be wrong, and in the case of his vote to strike down immigration law he’s wrong. We’re told Gorsuch is an example of originalism which isn’t true unless you turn our nation’s history of immigration law on its head. We’ve never treated immigration law as we do criminal law, but Gorsuch has decided that they should be viewed the same way by voting with four activist judges to strike down President Trump from deporting criminal illegal aliens. Daniel Horowitz, contributing editor for Conservative Review, calls in to discuss Gorsuch’s decision. Also, the outing of Sean Hannity violated longstanding judicially endorsed standards. The public doesn’t have the right to know names of uncharged persons and that’s the rule in every federal court in America, except in front of Kimba Wood. Wood directed Michael Cohen’s lawyer to reveal Hannity’s name at the request of CNN’s lawyer. CNN ran with the story all day without revealing it was they who went into court to drag Hannity’s name through the dirt.

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