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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democratic National Committee’s multimillion dollar lawsuit against President Trump, Russia, and Wikileaks is a stupid publicity stunt and it’s going to backfire. The DNC has opened themselves up for discovery and deposition. Trump and everyone named in the case should use this as an opportunity to defend themselves by going on offense. Also, James Comey has condemned himself by leaking memos to his lawschool friend because some of them contained classified info. His memos were written using government equipment and on government time; they are not personal under any stretch of federal law so for Comey to claim they are personal is absurd. We should be investigating Comey for stealing government property on top of leaking classified information. In addition, Trump has been set up since day 1 by Barack Obama, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, and everyone involved in the Steele dossier. If they all got away with it, where would we be today? The Democrat party has surrendered to the temptations of tyranny, trying to destroy American principles in order to advance Progressivism. Finally, Mark has been nominated for induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame and it’s because of the listeners launching Mark into the national radio spotlight that this is possible.

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Now run them. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Anybody like living here aren't number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one free eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one man to leave a lot to get on a Friday of all day, but we know it the foot off the gas pedal. Ladies and gentlemen, that wasn't gonna start with this, but I started to think about, and I think it's crucially important, the Democratic Party just made a massive mistake. Washington, compost, democratic party files, lawsuit alleging Russia, the trunk campaign in Wiki leak conspired to disrupt the twenty sixteen campaign.
Listen to me on this. By Tom Hamburger, you know what I'm in the mood for a hamburger MR producer Roseland S held their men and Ellen Marcia him up My credit National Committee, Father Multi million dollar lawsuit today against the russian government. The trunk And pain and the wicked, links organization alleging a far reaching conspiracy to destroy the twenty sixteen campaign and tilt the elect The Donald Trump. During these twenty sixteen presidential campaign Russia launched an all out assault in our democracy. Fanny willing an active partner and Donald Trump campaign. Dnc cheer tamper has said in his statement now You liberals out there you have idea how stupid Tom presses. You know just it here. And up discovery discovery, not just
Of the charges he and the DMZ make I'll drop in the others who are attacked there, free conduct discovery, two It's called a lawsuit there You take depositions too, and if I'm Donald Rob a farmer these only these other name, defendants have found the Republican Party or ahead of it. I can't wait to conduct discovery. And let you watch the Dnc will be gone in for all kinds of protective waters and I'll tell you what I've wanted. Depose Hillary Clinton. I've wanted to Debbie Bosman shots, Brazil. I'd want to get into the fusion gps manner, They opened up baby as far as I'm concerned As on concern,.
The defence in this case or a got off it. They are gone off and by the way they can counterclaim it's not necessary, but they can. Though they can have all kinds of fund, would discovery and depositions To the bottom of this thing, house But is the Democratic National Committee very? pose pr stunt Are there trying to smother Trump and his family and others in litigation by? Ladies and gentlemen, it just backfired. They just backfire. The case of search that the russian hacking campaign combined would trouble associates contacts with Russia and the camp public cheer, leaning over hacks tuna legal conspiracy to interfere in the election that cause serious damage to the Democratic Party. Ok, you're allowed to defend yourself, and I would argue, on the contrary,.
It was the Dnc in the Clinton campaign that way but the Russians to interfere with the election. It was Dnc and they collect them campaign that An enormous amount of money washed it through our firm washed it through a lawyer fusion, GPS taken spy, collude with Russia tell him you're they just through the damn door, wide open, wide open. And I just hope, their smart enough to walk through. They need a very aggressive litigator, competent profession, but a. And they also get to have access to information, the extent to which perhaps they cling. Campaign in the Dnc conspired where the Obama administration. Less you forget the Obama administration. I didn't lift a finger
The Russians from interfering in ireland- I am telling you this- is a gold mine, in my humble opinion, In my humble opinion, it is a gold mine. It's the least. For many people, I guess the least important issue of the day. It's not. This is at the top of the pile. This is at the top. And I would strongly encourage the president. I would strongly encourage everybody named in this case. To use as an opportunity, an opportunity. To defend you by going on asset, People can drag into discovery here. And they just move it by the way. Should the Dnc reach appointment, you know we made a mistake: let's withdraw. None people named found. It in this case have to agree,
Withdraw. They should say: no, we don't wanna, withdraw. We don't want this withdrawn. We want to pursue this. Man or manischewitz coarsely Washington, composting too stupid to raise any these points, cause they're cheerleaders for the day and see him and the rest. The shrubs and the rest of his lips. I was on Fox and friends. This morning I was on Hannity last night. Talking about, among other things, these memos and so forth, and so on I read the memos parts of it are blacked out parts redder blacked out because their classified and so much call me has condemned himself because he leaked these members to a loss, A friend of his, as you know,.
The problem is some of the memo silly contained classified information. That's now under investigation, also by the inspector general of the United of the Department of Justice. So the Wall Street Journal. At least two of the memos that former FBI director James COM, it gave to a friend outside of the government contained information that officials now consider classified. Prompting a review by the Justice Department, internal watchdog. Of those two memos, MR coming himself rejected elements of one that he knew to be classified to protect secret before he handed the documents I would his friend he determine the time that another member contain no classified information, but after he left the FBI, your officials granted to confidential the lowest level of classification
I justice ideas not conducting an investigation into classification issues related to call me memos, couldn't Moreover, the matter MR come, you said he considered the members personal rather than coming documents. We ve talked about that. It is absurd when you re an official using government equipment on government time. Didn't claim o inside their personal they're, not personal under any stretch and that any stretch of federal law? How are they in what, where they personal. He's writing memos about meetings. Self, serving as they are, Presently, the United States. In official meetings on government time on government equipment, that's not personal that's a federal in every respect. And so they should be investigating actually more than whether or not he reveal classified information, they should be reviewed. Investigating
per lining stealing a government property. Call me knows: it's not: I would information he's not free to take information like that and then, to his body his law provides. Just to show what a fraud this is. After that act, he says. Oh, he wasn't, stay law, professor friend he's my so I'm asserting attorney client privilege, oh yeah, that's funny. I get an exception to that. One call me: exception the crime frolic sex- you stole those members they didn't belong to. You didn't even have a right to make a copy of it. Those memos they didn't belong to. You didn't even have a right to make a copy of them and take them out here where that, ladies and gentlemen,. Every civil servant in America knows this. But somehow James Coney doesn't know it course. He knows. And show that low investigations going on, but I thought we'd have a little bit of fun today,
I thought we'd have a little bit of fun today. I. I said you know what let's do this, let me ask to produce to go back to me Twenty seventeen. When you and I went through this- to get what we were trying to pull information together from newspapers and we're getting more more information right. We are more more information about CNN about the new at times about these me The entities were Getting whip bomb administration officials, whether in the FBI, and the intelligence services. We know more about the face, a court and how I was handled. We know more about the dossier. Now we have the memos so Formation is coming out coming out coming up, let's go back to Our twenty seventy Well, we didn't know anything. Well, we didn't know anything,
and I was trying to pieces together, you were with me- we were all trying to pieces together based on public reports. There. Making information that they had with the five a court They were unmatched in people. In other words, We were trying to pull together piece together without access to any of this information. Let's see how close we came and remember were not done, we're not done Ironically, the investigation of the FBI and the intelligence services and sober their ongoing. So we're not done that see how close we came, A little over a year ago, Et Mr producer cut. I guess it is cut a go. The evidence was overwhelming This is not about president trumps tween. This is about your boss The spying,
The question is whether it spied we know they went to the the court twice question is: who did they spy on the extent of the spine? That is the trunk camp? ain't, the tron transition Trump surrogates and I wonder why through this. The american people exist one exhibit one. This is all public head street. Separate sources with links to the counter intelligence community have confirmed the I saw it and was granted a barn intelligent surveillance at court, this spy in October, Counter intelligence permission to examine the activity of quote: U S urgent in Donald Trump campaign with ties for Russia. Let me go on since it me you say the first vice or request sources, say name tromp was denied Back in June denied by the court, but the second Was drawn more narrowly and was granted in October after evidence was presented a server possibly related to the trunk campaign
So ledge links the two banks now for suggests that they face a. Why was granted to look at the full content of emails and other really The documents that may constrain as persons nine old people are hung up would trumps where'd wire. Well how they get access to the server information. Does it really matter if it was why having electronic surveillance or whatever it was ignored. To the guardian. I well known right wing british papers, Here. It is quite a guard. Learn the FBI applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligent surveillance court over the summer. In order to monitor for members of the trunk, you suspect irregular contacts with russian officials, even though this is drawing a presidential election, the sea president. The incumbent party is now investigating the presidential candidate of the Republican Party and his campaign to some extent a fighter, turned down the application asking f B, I can't or intelligence investigators tomorrow, it's according to one report. Yet the I was
granted a warrant in October exhibit three Michael Another well known right wing newspaper here they have the She's headline FBI, five other agency, five other Obama administration agencies, pro possible covert. Kremlin Tromp, yet the I've I have other law enforcement intelligence agencies have collaborated four months in an investigation into russian attempts. The info the November elections, including whether money from Kremlin only eight, a presidential like Donald Trump, too. Familiar with the matter said. The agencies involved in the We are the FBI and CIA, the USA adjusted the treasure Parliament's financial crimes enforcement that work and agencies, as you all on how are ok, now Obama on. I need to make the case, because the media seems to be confused about our own report in New York Times and other. While
the media seems to be confused about their own recording. Times another, while no liberal outlet intercepted Communications part of inquiry into Tromp associates January nineteen, guys, leading the investigations aided by the inner say the CIA Treasury Department Financial crimes unit. The investigators have accelerated their efforts in red waste, but found no exclusive, conclusive evidence around to listen to this one, therefore, set intelligence reports based on some of the wire tat occasions. Provided too the White House: this is the times. We never had or another right wing out that Japan, China times again and I say: gets more latitude to share intercepting communications in the final days of the Obama administration illustration is expanded. The power the USA to show
globally, intercepted personal communications with the government. Sixteen other intelligence agencies in for applying privacy protection but why would they do this on the way out the door well March? One exhibit six. Administration, rushed to preserve intelligence of russian election acting in, administrations last days listener. This sum why house, officials, attacks between associates information about Russian, like undermine the presidential election and about Possible- they are at times Flynn is said to have pop the Russians about sanctions, Trump Look office. What word they get this information, exuberant scabbard New York Times. Flynn is said to have pop the Russians about sanctions, Trump Look office. What word they get this information? Well,
in the face, of course, there always monitoring the the russian ambassador, and so how do we know that? Maybe they are maybe they're not that there should be lot of other activities to where we have Washington Post one more Washington Post March. Second, you investigators have examined tax attorney general sessions with Russia, professionals during the time he was advising Donald Trump. And paying the focus of the we Counter intelligence investigation has been honoured education between Trump campaign officials in Russia. Listen to this Korea involving sessions is examining its context while sir, this trumps foreign policy adviser in this, The boy answered twenty sixteen, having gone on for a year,
one Tommy's imploding is floating on prior senior corrupt management of the EP, the eyes on the other trunk of this, that will need to be addressed, of course, is the intelligent side. That's addressed. It leads right into the oval office. It takes time, but the Democrats take the house or the sentence: gonna be much more difficult, but the. After the matter is slowly but surely I hope I believe we're gonna get to the bottom of this
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Just about another minute minute, she's a minute now have cut nine, go Carbon argue that this new at this investigation, which was on russian, so called russian hacking, but now the White House, as this morning, will be broadened to looking into executive over each how Cambodia are equally way find something that I don't know, but then they already found something. The issue is whether the Obama administration, spied on the trip campaigner transition or certain limits, arrogance, the issues, the extent of their the forty second time they were so aggressive. They waited for five months. They go back in October weeks before the general election. They now other request. All of a sudden. We have leaks coming out on Flynn. Then we have a or horrible meeting that took place between sessions and so forth. I'm telling you, as a former chief of staff, Germany, Japan, the United States in the regular administration. Police Day TAT know what a barrage you know everything I just read. You are a part Two articles, you know, I know so, no means papers. It's right. There,
Barack Obama not only knew this body, they daily intelligence briefing and let me know something about. Billy intelligence briefings. It's yours. Attorney general and you FBI is going to court a warrant ass the gate aspects of an opposition party in the middle of a general election campaign. How much you want about the present United States knew that what we need is a medium. Now we knew the president I will present a new about the dossier because shortly before he left office, there was a big meeting in his office about it the Sally, Yates, the acting attorney general leftist. Was Susan Rice who wrote the after the fact. E mail to the record. The president's Do it by the book, which means you didn't. Call me was in the meaning. And others are in the meeting
they were conspiring. You see the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. For this dossier- the Russians Participated in the information in the dossier. They put information in the dossier. There was intended to effect The election and assist Hillary Clinton. The Clinton campaign in the dance he tried, the laundered money through law, firm and a lawyer, and then through fusion GPS and then to an Ex Farne agent. British agent, Where to conceal their role in an invite a campaign, finance laws, That dossier. Wound up in the hands of the c I a director Brennan.
And of course, I voted for a communist money was in college. Directors. I've ever heard ever seen in my life and, of course,. I voted for a communist money was in college. He could never It clearly today, I wouldn't think. So the CIA director had it and he was very anxious to get it out and he had a meeting with Harry Red Waste information from the dossier and Harry Red rattle infamous letters. The New York Times reported at the time to call me. Saying, oh, you got investigate this russian connection. Brennan was pressing. Pressing call me. He won't kill me really didn't need to be pressed because over at the highest levels of the FBI, the nice her out for Trump candidate. Transition Trump President Trump. Call me didn't want trap
Family now we know is filled with liberal democrats. Mackay didn't one trop, we know about his family and so forth and others stroke they had of counter intelligence, his girlfriend, the General Council page, and it goes on and on. So the senior levels of the FBI the Obama camp. They didn't need to be provided by Harry Red or the C. I a director, they were thinking about hiring Christopher they are who wrote the dossier. They need presently at all. They turned around and use that information. To get a facial art, except they never told the judge. There was nothing more than paid for opposition research Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.
So the intelligence services, by Brennan and James Clapper, pool one of the dossier out and the public. The national intelligence director the CIA directed the EP director, the deputy FBI direct Use the dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign in the Dnc Stick with me: I'm making it is simple and in explaining wishes. I know out. And then they have a meeting in the White House over what Gonna tell trump at the dossier. You gonna tell Trump. I commented on the six days ago when com clips were coming out. With his first interview with Democrat. Went in war room former aid, George Stephan operates on a b c.
Stick with each point in New York, We stand this completely Let's go ahead and play that MR producers are not familiar with the number here, I'm looking for it, but. At sea. The you haven't got five oh you're sitting here briefing the incoming presidency states about prostitutes. In my. Why did you do it? You didn't ask you to do it it was set up. By they now stand. Have you been hearing this word set up all day to day. We hear on eleven should we always knew this was set up. Though she ate, the president does not tell the president. We now learn through this interview who funded it, but About multiple times,. That he goes and there he doesn't give the entire dossier to the president. Who does tell the president we now learn through this interview who funded it this goes for the most scurrilous accusations in there.
Not just to set up to get the President overreach and court on court obstruct justice, but blackmail, but black man to set up a blackmail situation. Where call me is TAT, we'll. Let the president now look what we have on you noticed she doesn't say who funded it. He doesn't say we know this- will certainly he dangles it out there, and he knows it's upsetting the president, that's scurrilous, would upset anybody. So he keeps it hanging up there. He knows it's a lie, he knows paid for that buddy, until the president either says: look what we have. Clear the room. For added drama.
Should it given the president, the entire dossier and told him who funded, but he couldn't do you know why. Because it was used for the vice of work. He couldn't tell the president, but they didn't tell a federal judge and They wanted the president, the lash out. They wanted the present to do something they wanted. The President Khatami did to court court obstruct justice, and yet that's not what he did. He said if anybody in my orbit phrasing is involved in any kind of collusion or Interference let's find out who it is even if it's a close satellite me president, did the stand up thing, the principled thing. Didn't interfere at all, go ahead. And she and the through through that law firm and then Fusion GPS, Chris.
For steel onto the Russians. Trumpet victim here, you're going in there you giving in the most salacious started in the dossier and then mocking him for his response. Oh, it was surreal. You know I was floating above it floating above myself, looking down saying. You're briefing the incoming presently United States about prostitutes in Moscow. You idiot guy, distracted me. Could he said: and you have in the White House percent It raises the issue again says he may want me to investigate it, to prove it didn't happen and then he says distracted me. Could he said you have not even a one percent chance. My wife think such true. That's terrible! Now, let's just He wants him to investigate. It because he knows it's bs still doesn't know the presence of the United States. Now it's Twenty seven weeks, came from Call me knows where it came from
so you're. The present in the United States now weeks have passed. This I was bothering you that that these, Allegations were made brought to you by the FBI director. You may do, investigate that and find out what the hell's going on. If there's a one percent chance. My wife thanks, that's It's terrible, he finds again Comments outrageous go ahead: and I remember thinking how could you why things one percent chance you're with prostitutes being? How are you seem to be? is to dismiss it go I'm a flawed human being, but Lily zero chance that my wife would think that was true. So A kind of Miguel I want a lot of us, my ways: Digital ninety nine percent chance. You didn't do that and I said to him, Sir, we started talking about it and they order you to investigate that. I said, Sir, that's up to you, but you want to be careful,
But that, because it might create a narrative, there were investigating you personally and now stop plays down. I'm live here. Please they box and Trump and he's getting frustrated. It's a lie, its pay. Or by the Clinton campaign of the Dnc, he never reveals out to the president, because the presents react will be quite different, wouldn't his wrath maybe you better investigate those care that campaign and those people and find out how the hell this wound up at the FBI, but Coma, couldn't. Call me was part of the conspiracy. He was doing the work of the Dnc and so forth, and so on. So he couldn't very well say: look you Who paid for this matter, Clinton campaign in the DMZ pay for their. She couldn't say that, but we use that to get a warrant. How do you like that. I want a source of the legs. How do you like that.
We in the CIA going In difficult to prove something didn't so so pick put yourself in transportation. What's he supposed to do, he sang investigate this. It's this! unless it's not true. Oh well, you know if we investigate this, people will think we're investigating you. So here you have this noxious allegation. That is sitting there. That call me bracted, President Elect still sitting there. When you present the United States and he wants it, addressed because he's being wronged by somebody and only start now, that's enough! I'm here life by the Queen campaign funded by the DMZ, with russian input. Push by the sea, I directed push by director of national intelligence. Push by the FBI director pushed by the devil.
Director, the EP, by the way, push the attorney general, the United States, the deputy attorney general, the United States, all let the sign off on face. Oh arts. Pushed into the media I mean There are fusion and gps. Is owned and run by former reporters for the Wall Street Journal using their connections to get the information. Brennan using his connections to get information at including Harry rate. We know that our Lakers at the top of the FBI, we don't know exactly everything they ve leak. Ladies and gentlemen, we know a little bit just where they ve been caught. Call me pushes his mom a memo leaks them. Because he wants a special council to get Trump. There's no criminal basis to get trop Trump? Is the victim trunk as the target.
Of the espionage and she's the target of these bad cop, I keep calling them and yet. There's a special council appointed to investigate Trump. Now, as we discussed here at some length starting over a year ago. This has been a set up since day. One a say: Since day one that's the word, I've used. That's the word. I continue to use. Since day, one. And we know the whole story related to not the entire set up, but the dossier. No look, how they sat on these combing memos for months and months and months withheld them from members of Congress why they could have done. Did the classified information that commie leak illegally earlier. Why?
They will hold these memos for all this time, without the mammals all this time, because they support the president. They support the president. The New York Times and washed and post and others have done their best twist, these memos into something there, nothing. There is no collusion in their there's, no obstruction in their there's, no conspiracy in their there's. Nothing. There is the opposite He wants to get to the bottom of it. He wants to This has been a to the bottom of any collusion. Ben. What I find out, what the hell's going on that's, what he's saying this is the set up from day one and they're not done our view.
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They just assume North Korea get functional, nukes What about I c p m then done trunk get any credit for anything and that's the truth. I'll be right back. He's here now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven set three. I want three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one. When I get a very nice lighted a day, I wanted to tell you about,
I certainly wasn't expecting this. It's not like I'm monitoring these things and the letter. Was dated yesterday. And it says, on behalf of the twenty eighteen nominating Committee of the National Radio Hall of Fame, I'm honored inform you of your nomination four induction this year. Earlier this month in nominating committee, convened to review their selections for nomination in twenty eighteen. And chose to nominate you in recognition of your many years of honor success in the audience relationship you've enjoyed. Says you been nominated in a category that will be voted upon by the listening public. You'll appears one of our nominees in these spoken word on air personality category. On June. For twenty eighteen.
Radio listeners will be encouraged to cast their vote by either a text message number or an email address submission They radio listener may vote once in each form. The text or email with the vote on that calm, tabulating, the votes is monitored by the accounting Framework Miller, Kaplan and a raise on June, twenty five twenty eighteen, the class were twenty eighteen conducted to the National Radio Hall of Fame will be announced. Along with the voting results, So the voting starts on June. Fourth, is that how you take this rich? So so I will, Very modestly, I must say I will remind you of this and great greatly honoured However, this hunt ends up I've, never. You know contemplated.
Being nominated, quite frankly so I have been on the radio now sixteen years right. I started out for fourteen months on Sundays and Debbie ABC noon. The two The programme director, Debbie ABC was fell boys dear friend of mine, and he said, look. I think you'd be great and radio, But we don't have any money, least. They will give me any money. I've got a slot if you, the try it out new. Two: On W B. And I jumped at it. Because I said to myself can imagine that I'm gonna get a shot, a radio and the biggest station in America in the big city in America. Why? Wouldn't I do that. So that's what I did. And living in Northern Virginia, I will go down in Washington DC to the
Abc headquarters, because at that time the year YO stations room by the BBC radio network. And I will do my radio After fourteen months. I decided to retire. And then they, Contacted me- and they said, looking doubled our ratings from twelve to two on Sunday. I would like to give you a shot at six p m. Ok, I can do one hour. They have another job. They said, ok do one hour they tried other hosts, many of whom you know, and a mechanism embarrassment, but they tried many others. And this is why I have a personal affinity and affection for the people of New York. They're, the ones you launch me.
People try to work their way up to get on New York radio Started at New York, radio and ice Seated thanks to the people of New York. Even from Philadelphia. And was living in Virginia. And so were. That one hour was so strong. They asked me if I would do to ours. And I agree to that: and then they asked attire. This interest- you, maybe not, money, my own business, hosting my two hours on the BBC in New York and for boys, Me again, our programme director debate be says, look. W B, a p in Dallas, which is another massive station, is you folks in Dallas Fort Worth now another fifty thousand want station like W, B C.
Other hostess sick for a couple of days, do you mind if we simulcast you for two or three days? I should sure why not Has totally naive as to what they were up to. In the programme director that time is another good friend of mine, barber shop and. I did that, and he told boys weave rarely had a reaction like this almost never. And so they said, we'd like to Iranian and Alister said: ok, great. Then they decided they wanted to try and syndicates me. And we needed to increase it from two hours. The three hours I said, all right: This is considered to be a major career change. Now I said: let's do it That's what we ve been doing ever since Three hours syndicated throughout the country. When we moved into the south, I was told.
You won't work in the south, you to New York. I said I'm not from New York from Philadelphia, but I work in the south. I work everywhere. We ve had massive success in the South South where the South EAST, the west, the MID West New England, The Atlantic states, whatever. Because, if you believe in America and where patriots, leaving the principles of our founding. And yours substantive hope compelling. Entertaining does a man what part of the country or from doesn't. That way doesn't matter how old you are. In this time slot, ladies and gentlemen, other major Brown, cares companies have thrown. We can what seven different hosts at me.
Over the years they ve never succeeded. We have partners ships allow these great companies too,. My company is cumulative Westwood, one. The westward one radio network. And we were very very well with So many other wonderful broadcast companies, Iheart enter COM, Salem and so forth. And so a great deal, my audience is, platforms that are not owned by the company that I work for. And they wonderful affiliates, then Our approach by this new technology called satellite radio. And we embrace that I embrace all the new technologies.
Then they say we ve been idea. Let's make a mark Lavinia by so let's go for it and I are raiders so we'd like to run on our help to us. Let's go for then we set up. Platform and technology to handle Ipod. Let's go for it. The more platforms, the better. And that's how we built the program just so you know. So we built the programme. And it seems like yesterday I love doing radio its beak as I am so blessed by you. A smart audience. I don't care how many degrees you have or if you have no degrees, you're smart. In love your country you want, what's going on, you know. It's like the starting of live in tv, despair with me a few more minutes, psych starting Levine TV.
I met, made my living room with a great patriot, a great patriot,. Who made an enormous amount of money in a completely different business and decided to sell it and get out of it? and this great patriot carry cats. And he came to my home. We sat in the living room away through around different business models and ideas on what we would do, what we could do. Then he said: do you want to do this? I said yeah: let's do it. We were blocked from satellite tv Blocked from cable tv were blocked Netflix were blocked by blocking he said, Well, let's do this on our own. Let's build our own studios, let's build platform. Let's just do this on our own.
And that's how Levine TV started. And now we have a wonderful network on conservative review tv that see our tv that come with. At least a dozen wonderful hosts for you. To watch anytime, you want. He's a patriot, then I was approached this summer folks at Fox. There were also wonderful people They said to me, we would like to bring you honor network. Well, obviously, folks, I can only do so much. So we had a wonderful chat I did with Mr Murdoch and And Scott another wonderful people, I'm not gonna, get and all the particulars, but they couldn't be nicer. And so what I suggested is one hour show on Sunday.
Why could do in any way along fermented? An aim agreed completely unknown. It's the hub even as a little kid it's what I wanted to do. He gave me the permission to do it. And so that's how we started the Van tv Sieur TV. That's how I came the fox But the radio is the hub everything it's the hub. Even as a little kid what I wanted to do, I know Sounds weird to people, even my friends didn't notice. But I used to sit in those radio studios in Philadelphia. I used to listen in Philadelphia, my bedside that transit to radio from Radio Shack Herbalists Bob Grant. I listen local Philadelphia host, herb, homer many others.
Anyway. That's kind of the long and short of it. A lot of people don't last in this business for lotteries. It's a lot of work, they get bored. They mail it in the audience, gets sick of them and their. A constant attack, constant attack, By the Stalinist, like organizations funded by millions and billions who want to take us out in it, every day. Ladies and gentlemen, every day I look at my dear friend Sean Amity. These desperately want to knock him off fox. They so desperately want to knock him off radio. They ve been doing this to rush for twenty years. Yeah I'll take a turn here where they they trash our families, they trash our business activities. They They try and create scanned on.
And ethics issues and on and on and on. They truly want to take us how they have no interest in engaging us, and you know. We're all there is there, isn't anything else. When you look at CNN and MSNBC and C B s an embassy in a b c, when you look at satellite tv, pretty much the rested, cable tv? This is it. Good I'm going after Sinclair Media broadcast in right now. All they want to do is expanding. I guess, create another conservative network. Got senators trying to destroy them. You ve got lawyers and the Anti Trust division trying to stop them. At other media outlets self serving Lee hypocritically trying to take them and destroy them. These are very, very dangerous times for this country very dangerous times for free speech and freedom of the press, Independent thinkers.
Very dangerous. When I do this programme just so you know it's the same with the other big. But when I do this programme we are monitored. By left wing organizations like Medium Media matters is a Democrat. Operation dressed up as Non partisan operation and they hang on our roads. Every syllable. And if you say something mistakenly something you didn't mean to say: or something they disagree with. They seek to destroy you. Absolute destroy and they're, not alone,. This is basically their mission. Look alarmingly. Look at what they tried to do her tweet wasn't so offensive. We ve
About this, on your two or three times wasn't so offensive. Would he agree with it or not, and yet. You have this David Hog who tried to destroy her, but he on his own can't destroy her. Move on DOT, Org. Media manners think progress only leftwing cook organizations, jumped in Opportunity shot exploited and sought to destroy them. And she was stood, it. And she was stood. Its conservatives, who believe in freedom of the press, conservatives who believe in free speech, conservatives who believe in academic freedom. Conservatives who are confident and our princess, police are debating skills. You look a college campuses when
Television, when you look a radio shrinking, shrinking, shrinking Shrink twice crucially important. You stand behind people. Do you like listening to you enjoy listening to you, may share values with because if you dont we're gonna be gone. Anyway to an enormous honor The folks the radio Hall of Fame and one yet a monotony and most of all, I want to thank you my audience, because none of this clearly none of this is possible without you I'll be right back,
very horrible happened enshrined the Florida and I don't want us to lose focus on this, as reported by Fox fifty one to young deputies and his deputy sheriffs in Gilchrist County Florida were murdered in broad daylight yesterday Afternoon Vesta gaiters, calling it a senseless act of violence. Sergeant nor Ramirez, twenty nine and deputy teller Lindsey Twenty five or just sitting down for lunch at the ACE China, restaurant entrenched in Florida. When alone gum and approach the window and fired two shots, killing them instantly. So this animal goes right up to the window and executes these two officers. Two young men.
Bullet holes could be seen in the window with a man without a mode of open fire there ambush with no chance to return fire investigator, say more Andrew com or blood. The gun and was found dead in the parking lot. You know we in this audience, you don't need reminding about these. Wonderful, wonderful men and women in uniform who protect us every day and every night, but early politicians, do particularly leftists. Andrew COM or the other day. Gave a horrendous speech. A speech that was sought to incite racism, an eighth. And he was bragging about a special unit, cops cop killers unit. Not a unit to investigate kills of cops,
and you need to investigate cops who are forced to kill We wish those families all the best. God bless you seriously. They're gonna talk radio that might prevent, show calling now at eight seven seven, three, eight one three eight flood one in our days, like I'm sure many of you feel you're sick, all this stuff A break from it. But here's the problem. Folks. This is the greatest scandal. If not in american history in modern american history, It involves constitutional espionage, unconstitutional conduct by a secret court. In my view,.
Unconstitutional conduct by the highest levels of law enforcement and the federal government. We just can't turn the other cheek. We can turn our back to this and when there's. Compelling and material information that comes out as a result of very hard work by a lot of people, whether to member to a committee of Congress. Where legal Foundation or news organization Nor it is to ignore that our own peril I don't like coming behind the microphone so often having to talk about these things. Very negative: it's very dark, but it's It's actually happening. And this is how society loses its liberty. This is how a people. Lose their liberty, its Slips away.
If, MR call me had gotten away what he was doing, most Mackay, but gotten away, will what he was doing. Mr Brennan Mystic. Uproar gotten away with this. Where would we be today. The democratic party has already surrendered, to the temptations of tyranny. It has become increasingly aggressive and myopic. Its purpose and its existence. Democratic party, no longer exists to promote them, can principles Democrat party exists to destroy them. You must destroy them, you must Destroy Americanism, read to advance the cause of progressive is now They used to be debates within the Democratic Party. On this, the really aren't anymore. They really are
There's some outliers, but that's it. The Republican Party Ben It's from conservatives and yet Rejects conservative. I don't think they reject Americanism. I don't they you, given it that much thought Think they embrace the progressive radical ideology, but I do think in many respects their progressives. So they're motivation is somewhat relevant, but not completely. They are an opportunity to eliminate Obamacare John Mccain, saved Obamacare Single handedly, John Mccain, I wish him well, but that's what he did. That's what he did
you know, have food stocks on hand or way days even weeks for help to arrive here now. Also, the two realities, many will experience during this year's hurricane and wildlife sees like wildfire, seated, thing unexpected strikes like an earthquake or power grid attack. Many more. You get caught in the fray You prefer the reality, you know what Prepared with things others: com. So by securing food storage today. I patriot supply has a great food kit, she started just as they have millions for over a decade now and I come to look. This is Some crazy conspiracy, theory, stuff. You ve seen what's happened hurricane season. You see what happens what these fires get out of. Control is wildfires. You see what happens with floods, its FEMA where's famer where's, this where's that,
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good to nine for twenty three twenty five, eight hundred. Two nine for twenty three twenty five or prepare with marked out com, prepare marked out com, I hope you'll do this. I really do. Because it really doesn't class at much you'll have peace of mind. It should something terrible happen. He prepared at have food and that's an important thing Take some cause here. I'm working on it. Computers, all screwed up Sandra oh, are again the great K Ex L. Why go Mark rats on your nomination. If I get a chance, they certainly will be putting in for you yeah. My house, State trooper, with organ in my heart and loved, go out for a family in order. Sad, whatcha heart anyway, you, sir, are fired up
last night, Hannity, oh my haven't, and today I would like to enquire whether, if like early Christmas and today, you finally connected those thoughts, but I've been saying for a long time. This is about blackmail, I think had they not add Not gotten into the authors, we would still be seeing the same scenario. Airport guess be with. A Rubio or proves or someone else. I think they wanted Hilary so bad that they were setting this up for her well sooner. Here, here's the difference. I really believe this trump fight back. He's even tweeting tonight it drives them nuts yeah Trump fights back and dont want somebody who fights back. They want somebody who rolls over yeah, yeah and and You just listening to call me now just a week, and he said, and the way he word
His sentencing structure he tried several times to get drunk to falling to the blackmail. Sir and from the to go there and it there's a book that was put out by a retired FBI, guy called by the lie and if read that live your life will be changed on how you watch politicians in these people answer questions. How would you and when you watch call me now, I don't know why you were, but when you do how it described the man perhaps very he's, not choose some words that we wouldn't use. Honourable now wise now good temperament, No serious exactly the opposite self serving yeah yeah he's here,
Just every everything you would not. Everything you would not want and someone who is in the law enforcement, It does not concern you that somebody like him, held such powerful positions and could have such so power over the lives of individuals about it concerns me. It makes me sick. It makes my thoughts. And, and by the way my Cape says that that com is not telling the truth, they call me did or did not about his authorizing leaks and call me says it's not in our. For no other reason than had been watching call me, I suspected Mackay is right about a combing. The com is probably lying all they can't tell each other under the back aftermath. The way that only Lynch says Commie issued in so many words that he's lying. I mean it seems to me like wait, an FBI director that had a problem telling the truth.
I think they all have a problem telling the truth and like a sad when, when you watch these people get their question and the way they answer it. They're they're, covering things up. You watch the wording. You watch the posture there there not being direct in an answer there. Just bring things in it All coming out and the fact that the DMZ now is Suing Russia Thou go nowhere where blazing maybe, but now the were open to discovery. Right, I'm a pointed that out denied their open to discovery in a significant way. About my best to your husband, the state trooper, you take carriers, ladies and gentlemen,. Having given this little bit of thought, was we move from subject a subject? We have another student protests. We did today and all day protest Ganz gun violence, but much of it was gun, control.
Can't control Let me ask you a question: These young people who are here Arching and it's not the vast majority of young people in the country or in these schools, but these young people who are marching. How many of them actually want to do something about them. How many of them are prepared to become police officers. Sure, I'm quite sure it. How many of them were prepared to become police officers to Britain Those of us I don't believe should on weapons. Is it a significant percentage? I doubt it. How many of them are prepared to volunteer for the military. Is it a significant percentage? I doubt it. You get my point.
Protesting against guns. Are these people thinking about professions. Where they can actually protect the community, are they. And if they are one of they say, Sir, instead what's happened here. Ladies and gentlemen, is the left has hijacked this Movements such as it is. The left has hijacked this movements, such as it is. How many of the young people Arching Be prison guards I'm serious how many wanna be prison guards? How many wanna be? U S, marshals, haven't When I worked for the d, a or the FBI, how many went to work for local law enforcement. How many one a volunteer for the military.
It's easy to mark and speak out for gun control. And to berate politicians who don't do it, you want them to do or torture hosts? it's quite another to redirect your life. These are life changing events. In many cases they are, when a big past few weeks for the social media elites. We. I throw that out there for your consideration, I'll, be right back, I mentioned to you earlier Levine TV and see our tv when a big passed a few weeks for the social media led sweep.
Seeing these companies dealing with privacy data issues, and they were just getting started at the scene. They conduct themselves. Stick giants are using the revenue they get from you a further their liberal agendas. Now. We can't change them, being honest with you,. But there is something we can do He's going to sit back or are you going to finally say you know what Enough for this is enough and joy Platform where conservative are headed in droves,. When we start eleven tv, we know is going to be a good show, a place where conservatives could ask the tough questions and finances. Well, we didn't know was that it was going to start a revolution and conservative media everyday work. A platform for conservative voices that the liberal mainstream media won't allow on their networks. We are providing a home for free thought and the exchange of ideas,
But that means we can't get lazy and allow liberal advertiser to funding. So it's up to you. I want to give you a couple incentives to join us. Ok, It's out for thirty days, absolutely free. That's number one number two use promo code Levine Alleviate and your save ten hours off an annual pass normally ninety nine hours, it'll be eighty nine hours. That's like seven and a half bucks a month. Eighty nine dollars you pay twice, that much for cable tv. We have great hosts Levin TV itself. It's a great show, give us Aid for four live in tv. That's eight for four l e on tv. Our folks are there right now: Yet you set up it's very easy: Who started that's for four Levine TV also. Please join us.
This Sunday, Sunday night at ten p M eastern and Southern Pacific Very, very excellent guest: very very excellent programme without. Peter PRY, If you don't know the Doktor Peter Prius go hand in Google is name. But he is, in my view, the foremost expert in the country Electrical grid, you might say you know what that's kind of focus, that's kind of myopic. It's actually not if you think about electricity, what we do in electricity. Can we survive without electricity and how vulnerable our electrical grid is in We gonna do something a little different in this programme will provide a little bit more graphics and so forth. So you can see how this works and what the grave threat is, and you recall the Russians. The Russians have been trying to get into our grid to control it The purpose of warfare one day and shutting down happens if it shuts down, we just get up in three or four hours.
Three or four days of a train limb hits an electric pole. Oh, it's quite dire, actually True, things can be done to shut down the grid with these, electric pulse mechanisms and so forth, and that's what we wanted to talk about. That's what I wanted to talk about with you. This Sunday night. Ten p M eastern and southern PM, Pacific on life, Liberty and Levin,. No you're not going to read this in the paper you and I can read this on websites you look at overall audience at ten p m on Sunday, we ve been number one. Overseeing in an msnbc, I think I've done this for a month and a half, maybe every single programme. Every single programme. And again that's thanks to you again. People underestimate you in there Asked me my shop.
I have people, not a fox, but other people say you know you really need to get angry. You really need to get passionate. You really gotta do this. You really got to do that, and these people have never done anything. I told you from day one And I'm gonna commit to this, for you, It shows going to be different. One hour programme, which means is why forty forty two forty three minutes of actual programme, I'm going to take our time or no rush. I'm going to sit down will one guess mostly maximum too But mostly one on a topic That is crucially important within individual. Who makes huge contributions, some of them you'll know some of them. You want now. Many of you ve never heard of Peter pride, but after watch? The programming are going to wonder why and that's the.
You know the excitement of this programme. Incredible entertainment value, it's it solemnly substantive. Try the liberal media can attack at its while you're there. They are arguing about the lebanese arguing. Now, you might say one or have any and liberals in this programme, while Mr Produce will tell you, we can get up. But if we do I'll, let you know certainly not hiding from them. I'd love nothing more than they have Bernie Sanders on my programme for Elizabeth Warrant, these the hard core lifted. And to have a discussion about it a discussion about their philosopher kings and what we think. That'll happen. One day just takes time. We ve just just begun. Our folks will be right back.
Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader anybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Now these memos, These combing memo so much were made of the com. In my. And all they do is damn call me. And the Justice Department sat on these members for a year. Fought the release of these memos under fire requests for a year. Why.
Why? Because they benefit trump. There's a nice song Concise review of this over there at the daily wire. And they say what do we know about these members. Number one: we know that commie leaked the memos to prompt a special council in the first place. After commies firing. He liked the members to a close friend, so the press would see them in turning promptly special council investigation into his fire And by the way, now that we ve seen these mammals, why would they They special council investigation. The theory was at the memo showed they call me was hot on trumped trail on the rush investigation and the Trump fired, call me in order to obstruct justice. I say this to. If the president had not fired, call me, ladies and gentlemen, here
they'll be over there doing his stuff. The president deserves a big thank you for firing. Call me. Can we told the Sun Intelligence Committee in June twenty seventeen. What I asked a friend of mine to share the content and the memo whether reporter I didn't, do it myself for a variety of reasons, but I still too, because I thought that my prompt, the appointment of a special council. But there is nothing in the memo said, suggest: tromp was actually attempting to obstruct justice, it should apply The appointment of anyone for anything number two The letter from the Department of Justice to Congress suggest portions. The memo were classified. Call me said he hadn't broken the law by showing the members to a third party, because they run classified personal recollection. But the letter from the Department of Justice to Congress.
With a memo attached States Therefore, pursue dear requests request providing the request, a memoranda above acted on reductive formats for your convenience. The unresolved The documents are classified It will provide those in a separate, secure transmitter to the house, so any office tomorrow now. This suggests. They call me was wrong about the level of classification the members required, meaning he could have broken the law and now, as you know, the newest news today is he's Under investigation, but the same inspector general's office number three On the call memos, the Department of Justice, seemingly fibbed, about the importance of the most the Department of Justice refused to turn over the memos one question under the Freedom of Information ACT. They claim the release of the members would interfere with their mother investigation. There's nothing in the members.
Seems to suggest this is true If it were true, why would they d o j now release the memos to Congress knowing full well that they would be leak within minutes number, four The memo do not suggest obstruction. Upon the release of the memos Representatives, Devon, Nunez, Bob Good At and Trey Gowdy. Chairman at three relevant committees, rightly too, Brenda call me stated at the memo coach or the president made clear. He wanted allegations of collusion coordination, conspiracy, reach his campaign in Russia fully. Estimated. Furthermore, the memos demonstrate that Trump did not want the Russia election interference. Investigation ended. But the suggestion that he engaged in lewd personal conduct and I would point out the memos also show for murder they call me never wrote
he felt obstructed or threatened never. Number five. On the call me memos coming out Trump to a different standard than Obama officials. Coming as stated that inner feared and they Hillary Clinton, email, investigation and unprecedented way? you felt the attorney General Loretta Lynch had, cut the credibility, the Department of Justice never wrote contemporaneous members about that. He was is that for Trump. The Congress point out he chose not to memorialize conversations were present she's really were President Obama to any general Lynch, so Clinton arrange Mackay Brothers, he immediately began a memorialize conversations with president Trump.
And these members also laid bare the notion that former director communist, not motivated by animus, which he clearly is. Call me also never bothered to try to launch a special council investigation against Lynch Clinton. Finally, number six. Call me defended Mackay repeatedly call me repeatedly defended his deputy FBI director Andrew Mackay, from it Ex by president Drum, I'm a cave was professional Ok, maybe indicted for crime activating for leaking material to the press without Chrome is permission or say so, at least according to call me They call me memo stone, help, commies case. In fact, they heard a rather badly. They dont show us anything. We didn't already know, but they undercut the case they come. He was being pressured in any serious fashion by Trump, a peasant wrong when he tweets.
James coming memos just out and show clearly that there was no collusion and obstruction also he classified information wow will they hitch Witch Hunt continue. Her daily wire, then Shapiro. In this regard,. James Commie, going on and on about what a great I'm a cable in these memos. Here's? What call me said about my cave. I myself do yesterday to Rachel manner. And may I say this, MR producer My understanding that the Sean Hannity show beat The mad I'll show ass night. Did you know this. That's my understanding. You know who was on our shoulders like me, are right. Cut three
while you were director of the FBI, agent deputy was their clarity under your leadership, about talking to the press about the issue of leaks about who could authorize people to discuss things with reporters. I think so. There were two people who good authorize disclosures. The director and the deputy director so Andy have the authority to speak to the media and to authorize communications with the media. Do you think he improperly spoke to the media in that capacity that I don't know for sure, I know that he didn't tell me about it. Didn't ask me about it before he did it. I think the inspector general support is right in that respect, and I would have expected that, but I think he had the authority to do that, and I think of you airy might say why didn't need to talk to the Basque, as I have the authority to do that and that's a hard won, because, given all that was go on that point, I am. I would have expected him to talk to me, but I think, as a matter of rule, he had the authority. Her hair.
So now we have a cave and call me at loggerheads, and we have Loretta Lynch and call me at loggerheads. It looks like the rats or jumping the ship. Doesn't it? Mr producer looks rats or jumping the ship there pointing to each other. This is what happens when you have a delta thieves. In this case, a dental lies. Where people are trying to get their stories straight and had been caught, Now, here's something I think is important tube to know Stu underscore none, People have been caught. I Robert Molly. Let me repeat: none of these people have been caught by Robert Dollar. Robert I chasing fantasies, he's hurting people along the way he's
Really accomplishing anything fact but think about this for a minute. What exactly has Robert Mahler accomplish. Other than destroying one life after another,. Another case a manner for getting involved in case they really belongs with the Justice Department and not with the special council, but luckily done to Lieutenant General MIKE Flint, HU, I still like- I don't talk to him or anything, but I still like em. Because I think he was set up as I do trumps been set up, but what has he done. What is Mahler accomplished. Absolutely nothing. You got some phony indictments of Russians who aren't even in the country and if you don't have them in person, there's nothing you can do about it. Then you get some false statement. Charges.
Then you haven't trying to destroy Paul manner, for because you want Paul manner for any given tromp apartment effort has nothing to give on Trump. Pretty amazing. So the real corruption, the real corruption. Has been uncovered in part, The inspector general, the Justice Department, who does not have the power to they criminal investigation and others. This, including some serious, intrepid reporters, not the mainstream media. There not serious and they're, not intrepid. Their drunk on their own stupidity. But the real corruption, the ingrained entrench corruption at the highest levels of the FBI. They want to Covered by Mr Mulder, Mr Mothers, in bed with these people, Mr Mulder and Mr Calm, your best friends,
I have a question for Mr Miller Your best friend one year key witness, as MR call me, has demonstrated himself to be a serial liar. I may go maniac a narcissist. What it can do about it. He's going to be your key witness in one case or another, when you after obstruction on Donald Trump obstruction on Donald Trump cards. Many, please tell me what the Hell Donald Trump is obstructed. What does the abstract it He doesn't like his attorney general is still there. He doesn't like his deputy attorney general generally. Still there. He can't stand Mallory still there what's the obstructive they want. After Michael Flynn, Even though the president objected to it, they want, after president in obstruct anything but
After his kids, they go after his son in law. They go after his daughter. She upstairs, Anything what she obstructed Dr documents says you erased steam, not a damn thing. Obstruction From portrait of what obstruction of justice exactly. Then you have these areas in the Senate for the most part. Goober, Lindsey gram- We shall pass a law to protect Mahler. Think we should pass a law to get you the hell off tv. I am so sick. I say no to be perfectly honest with it. How do you get so dumb and you can be a United States senator? Well, that's question they're all over the place. Harry is Harry, is undermined So profound immigration, sofa he's leader of the pack.
Tromp clearly obstructed justice. I want to give you an idea how sick this is how sick some of these leftist goons really are. This is at sea, which one should I pick up. This guy had Marcie from Massachusetts. I never could. Stand this for when he was congressmen and course. The levels Massachusetts give him a job. Priest to a senator. But then again they elected Kennedy after Chappaquiddick. So what can I say here? He is Harry is on a memo. Cut ten go these arguments Joseph further flesh out. Intense effort, which Donald Trump has had right from the beginning of his presidency, to try to sweep the entire Russia investigation and listen to me. You moron, he didn't sweep anything under the rug fact here: called call me
Essence go get em! if somebody a my administration or my campaign Something wrong: go, get em back, damn memo says Just guy illiterate now he's a level. Then we have time Udall, democratic Numa, New Mexico. Cut eleven go, well. My my major take away as the excellent tromp is been involved in in a very extensive in efforts to influence, what's going on with them all or investigate how so Hausa like. By calling a fastball to the head, a fastball to the head by trying to defend himself by to defend his administration. Extensive efforts to do anything you idiot go ahead,
Obviously, a very important investigation to the country because of now it's not an important investigation to the country. It's not important at all. Where would you know about russian Interference, though Collusion, what's the important investigation? Well, you know and you don't want to know about real russian collusion Tom you'd all add Marcie. They don't talk about Hillary Clinton, Dnc colluding with the Russians. Why is that? Our election there's a big question as to whether or not the Trump campaign was involved in the collusion. Big question about none whatsoever is nothing zero, zero. No question whatsoever. Congratulations and in Mexico you allow Did they complete knucklehead I'll, be right back
Ben, this has the ability to be one of our great secretaries of state. I really do. I watched how he died. With the attacks his confirmation hearings, he was really good. I think he's a man of great carriage in principle to. And very intelligent. And I don't think you'll be fooled by the North Koreans are the Iranians. Where the liberal Democrats for that matter,. But the Democrats who for the most part learning up against- and we may pick up one two or three Democrats and you know either lining up against them.
Because he doesn't agree with them on gay marriage, he doesn't agree with them on algae BT and whatever issues and so forth, and so on. He's not abortion is pro life. None of which really has anything to do with the sectaries state position. But here's the deal. Nominee after nominee, Chuck Schumer and his band of Mary morons. Nominee after nominee. There posted May of delay, they refused to embrace. The left's agenda, have you ever heard anything so stupid in your life. So, the president of the United States is supposed to pick a second. They state nominee. Who rejects this election. Secretary of State Nominee, whose illiberal as Secretary of state nominee or so at the country, just like Obama's secretaries of state sought out the country now
Stupid is that one of the Democrats, try, the United States and what have they had. Fifty two, fifty four fifty six seats. The president will never be able to get anybody confirmed as that. I'm supposed to be, of course, not he's picking his advisers he's picking his cabin palm pale. I don't know the man I'm ever talked over my life by these outstanding and by Shame on ran off shame on ran Paul ramp all needs to do a little bit our homework. Pretty well or too little the study I'll be right back
This is the Nations Town Hall Meeting and you can join in at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one Hillary Clinton said in an interview. They were never going to. Let me be president: did you hear this one rich. They were never going to. Let me be president, I'm going to say something that may sound rude, but I mean it. And actually very compassionate way. I think Hilary needs psychological help. She cannot get over this. She cannot believe she lost Donald Trump. It's embarrassing, it's humiliating to watch her Then I say this as a conservative. I take no join the fact. The cheese having some kind of a nervous breakdown.
In front of the whole nation and front the whole world. She needs psychological help. They need to get that professor out at Yale LAW School who was busy, many Donald Trump from a thousand miles away two common on Hillary Clinton and get her help. Hilarious sounding deranged to me. Then I say that with a heavy heart Hilary Bridging ski, if that is your name, Normal is what I mean northern More than she would normally is. She starting that actually sound like Rachel manner,. And there's an idea: actually maybe they should give Hillary Clinton a show, and I myself stay. I have the perfect spot for her.
When the morning schmo doesn't show up for work. They can put Hillary Clinton in there. Can you imagine how wonderful I will be Hillary Clinton, He kept Brzezinski. If that is your name meagre. Now make it may not know this, but most parents when they name a lady, your daughter. Female baby Mika. Means they really wanted a boy MR produce did you know this because They were set on a boy named MIKE. And then they have a girl so desire. I look in IRAN like white collar maker. And so you have make a Brzezinski.
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Right across the country, so congratulations to you that I left my short mark. Your unshorn entities, showing you talked about the Nixon Clinton memos state, emphatically that those member states with the OJ a sitting, If it cannot be indicted, persecuting and not be indicted, because it undermines the executive branch. Now we have the b and C. They want to work, have another lawsuit this this core, I think the Diana see her down is really blown it and people have heard me, cause they're spreading. The word. In particular. I think now, when they travel as people in the currency. I suppose conduct discovery. They're gonna wanna dig into, I hope at least, will make a fighting effort to dig into fusion GPS. They Hillary Clinton campaign and the Dnc in what they did in fact, fun. The collusion with the wood
actions, because you see any civil case, there's weaknesses compared or criminal case, there's some strength. You can actually go places in a civil suit that she can't necessarily gonna criminal suit and vice versa. Right This case, discovery. I it's pretty wide open. Now the other side will fight at every step of the way, but so what. I think that the agency will rule the day practice I just get so aggravated over the money and time wasted the money that could have been spent enough, VA, administration, wounded, warriors and control. I the boy: what about the president's time. Dealing with serious issues, he only so much time in the day and the devil, I won't take no for an answer until they take him out. That's their goal here. Look at that time. Talk weighty spent on it exactly My right on my your car body, godless.
We have to spend time on and we cannot allow this a verse, systemic, historic. Political abuse to take place without focusing on. Let us go to reason. So sorry, Lauderdale Florida on Iheartradio: how are you, I can do. Thank you thank you for taking my car Uganda. I wish Congress appreciated you as much as I always do listen to your wisdom. You know I just got to get back to me were cool. We are yours there to keep Hilary out of jail. Ok, I'm yours hand selected his lawyers, the color like you know, and they are as trumps- People could perhaps right now realer right, yeah
now right now, new nosey, safe, because Congress doesn't care for Trump Congresses. Looking for reason, so stalemate if you think about it now, I don't think I was gonna do anything any time soon, but there will raise your attention span. They no longer stay right. The laws, it's always going, turn to bureaucracy. Men, ass, well, all my friend. I appreciate your car just one again as many as I can hear before. We have two part ways: Anna Dallas. Texas, the Great W B a pay go just one hey that call me was very revealing when he said he wasn't. Gonna be snaky, went away all and unity sneaky weasel listening. He was very revealing its. Why a correlation tables like people before you meet for the first time they say: hey will I'm a Christian and anybody who said that to me when I first made him a very larry of them, Some people are there.
Well, I'm just I know about these. Christians are helping electrician were combined raised. I I can't speak too that well I do think you should show people that you are, but I think that a country with very revealing maybe they could call me. I think it a slave yeah exactly I agree. Thank you for your call, my friend yes, Mister produce a here. It is ass nights, cable tv wars. The prime time slot the prime. So the prime p M Easter. Kennedy Defeat Meadow. No, he crushed motto. And number three was Lord Ingram saw others boycotting of lowering room? audience has grown. Oh do tell.
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mark will be right. Back folks. Just a reminder, this Sunday night, when you're winding down. I've got a special show. Just for you all you living in have everybody listening to me right now, ten p m eastern seven, P M pacific at all times in between and around you know where you live, Sunday night, if your bookmark, that somewhere, dvr at or watch live at even better. Either you gonna be very impressed with this programme. So am, I hope, your check it out it is a life liberty and Levin. Liberty and Levine on the Fox NEWS, Channel, M p m Sunday p, M, Pacific
Tell your friends tell your family. We are we are doing great. That's Thanks to you and We continue to work very hard to bring an excellent programming Carla, Rogersville Alabama quickly, serious satellite go oh hey, Mark. I had the honour to talk. You thank you. Thank you, How are you could think you good? Thank you yeah. I was telling your called greener about their coming back came out, and practically all along the road all day to day lives, then the different needs channel and they were thian. How or why that Republicans her head, desperate to get them out and they would do that because it hurts we cannot agree with
Why they learn? They clearly do not hurt Donald Trump, why they sang because their liars there alone Just because somebody is a journalist, doesn't mean they're, not a liar. Because somebody's reading news on radio and tv doesn't mean they're, not a liar, there lie, I read these memos The thought there was something in there. That's concerning trust me. I would tell you and we'd have to deal with it There is nothing concerning in these memos exe. If your name is James, call me nothing while I agree with the idea that they had the nation sitting on the and collectively all of us on the edge of our chairs wondering what's in the mammas, oh my god, what's gonna come in the memo. And then this Our I my friend, you take care nice to hear from you and I don't know a Rogersville Alabama is, and I know, Alibi Mccoy well. Actually
I, ladies and gentlemen, every Friday, America, because if I don't do it, nobody else will in its in honour of you, my beloved.
really over the weekend begins right now we salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters, emergency personnel,
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