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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, some parts of the media are repulsive with their reporting on the Mueller report. The Democrats love the slanted reporting because it helps their attacks on President Trump. Despite the fact that Robert Mueller found no collusion and made no charges, under seal or otherwise, on the allegations of obstruction of justice. Yet Trump and his legal team made a million documents available, waived executive privilege and allowed Mueller to interview his White House lawyer. If Mueller were a regular U.S. Attorney he'd be disbarred for writing such political fiction. A prosecutor's report is always confidential but Mueller's was made public by AG William Barr at Trump's request to be transparent and set the record straight. Then, according to Germen-American propagandist Edward Bernays, "[T]he new propaganda...takes account not merely of the individual, nor even of the mass mind alone, but also of the anatomy of society, with its interlocking group formations and loyalties... Touch a nerve at a sensitive spot and you get an automatic response from certain specific members of the organism." Lamentably, this describes many in our media today. Later, if Congress gets away with subpoenaing 10 years of the personal tax returns of a sitting president, and that of his businesses, and his children—then they will get away doing the same to a supreme court justice or even worse, to you and me and our children! This is the tyranny that the Democrats are pushing. Afterward, the media has had laser-focus on the Australian man that slaughtered beautiful Muslims praying in New Zealand, because they tried to tie Trump to it, but the Islamist suicide bombings of Christians in Sri Lanka on Easter seems to be of less consequence since Trump isn't their scapegoat this time.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution. Where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening. And my sincere appreciation to Hills, Dale Brother sponsorship now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one, three, eight one one get a great pass over that
I was not here Friday evening, hope yet a great Easter. Well, they Mala report Ladies and gentlemen, I've got a lotta tv lately I did to special life. Liberty and Levine's on Fox have been a number of special on Levine TV I paid on several the fox programmes, as you know, leading up to Friday. I spoke about these matters on re on radio as well. If you keep track of my social media, you can see on posting, eminently posting comments about what's taking place. I am Dressing parts of the media, which really are repulsive and disgusting because their destroying the first amendment and freedom of the press,
this report is a joke. Mr Molly was not required to rip write a report like this. He was not required right four hundred pages. He was not required to talk about obstruction when you didn't charred somebody, It was not required to put all the notes and all the names in his report has to prepare a report, not this report, and, of course, the media and the Democrats in Congress. They know much care about that. They are fully in police state mode. They want the president's taxes. Ten years worth, they were more than his taxes that when all is communicate, since with as accountants, they want all the communications with anybody and his accounts of the last ten years. When you think of that fact, and what is the legislator purpose, there is no legislative purpose, none. Tell us about collusion for two and a half years they need.
Wasn't any collusion. They tried to create collusion, put a spy in the present Campaign Top echelon and the FBI does anyone exist anymore? They were all wiped out by their own conduct. Their under criminal law were idea. Instigation. Think about that. You had individuals in the Department of Justice that were working with the Hillary Clinton go between fusion GPS. And you had the Hillary Clinton Indian See funding. This and the Obama administration, embracing it and promoting it. Now you have the Democrats, they will run from collusion to obstruction, but there is no obstruction. Nothing was obstructed, not a damn thing was obstructed.
They told us there would be a Saturday night massacre all over tv after the president fired call me who deserved to be fired. A long time before the president fired him as a matter of fact there, those cited in massacre all these these allows they said the Watergate. There is no parallel Watergate. This president hasn't committed in the offence at all. President, in fire, anybody else present in cut any funds president to New ended. But he said so and so damn again, who cares what he said to began again again? Is his White House counsel and he's no Savior. The only reason we know up again told Trump is because Trump waved or privileges attorney, client and executive privilege, so them again could talk to Mahler if tromp hadn't waved privilege
we had know any of this certainly would be amazing. Wouldn't, ladies and gentlemen, that the President of the United States to use no privilege, unlike his predecessors, withheld no documents provided any staffer former staffer campaign worker The prosecutors wanted to talk to, provided them to the prosecutor said he would be accused of abstract tat joke I recall it was wholly contempt for obstructing withholding documents. Democrats I worked up about that where they know. Volume one of the report, some too pages long says there was no collusion that took one sentence by two of the report. Got hundred more pages goes on and on and on one stink,
after another one land mine after another put in their opinion, notes back and forth. Miss have set over the weekend. If Mr Mahler wasn't a special council, but of was a garden variety United States attorney, he be disbarred. All of this runs counter to our constitutional system. All of this runs counter to the. Of law, although this runs counter to justice. Why. Because a prosecutor and his team can write all this stuff up without any of it being effectively challenged without due process what an assumption of innocence when our cross examining witnesses without challenging notes and.
And all the rest of it. That is the main reason why Mahler and the rest of them didn't subpoenaed the United States and get into a long battle, let again over whether or not they have the power to try and force a president to testify in person in front of a federal Europe Jerry first, while they are no case, there was no criminal, gotta get now. How do we know that? Because there is no collusion, they had come to that conclusion eighteen months ago that there was no collusion. She don't get a subpoena. The president force on the testify for the purpose of trying to criminalize write a new crime. In order to check out the President of the United States, the Supreme Court would never have for thy mother knew that he didn't for bear is a coward he without because he knew
What would happen there? So? What did he do? He environment and the rest of them said you know what will smear the president of the United States, because we get to write a report. We get to write a report. Unlike all ninety three United States attorneys, we get to write a report, that's cool and we know the democratic the house back in November, that's cool. We know they ve been talking about a peach when, since the day he was elected, so that's cool, and we know that the attorney general when you nominated by the presence of the United States told the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearing said he would make as much of the report is available to the american people as possible. Redirecting you know, sixty material grand jury material. Well, that's cool walked up all this crap into the report and that's how we'll get the present.
And what's been going on with the media for the last many days there, folks, on volume to not collusion, not volume. One forget about that, just as I predicted gestures told, you would all be about obstruction phony, but that's what it would be about there's no collusion say at the manufacture, something else again, if it wasn't for Mcgann, the President of the United States would have obstructed justice. No, that's not true. You think the only way for the President of the United States to fire somebody, the Department of Justice is that have as White House Council do it. You can pick up the phone and say you're fired. You didn't need Mcgann to tell him yes or no.
Period, he didn't need anybody else to tell him yes or no period. He was angry. Who the hell wouldn't be angry? You are said to be treasonous. Yours said to be a spy. You are said to be a sell out of latin repute. All lies. Day out CNN and MSNBC the Phoney news pages of the New York slides and washed and compost J he was angry. Can you imagine that threats about charging a sun Don Junior
some phony offence, threats against his son in law, Jerry Kirshner threats against those daughter evolve a trump threats against this family threats against him. Threats against this business is all lies any supposed to sit there and just pretend these Mitt Romney and just taken. Would you just take it. Would you just sit there while the constitution is being exacerbated by the rule of law, is being twisted into a pretzel yours postal sit there and keep your mouth shut, you're not supposed to tweak you're, not supposed to make public comments the supposed to say anything in the oval office to your supposedly loyal staff. You know that guy oughta be fired, you know
so to happen, and that oughta happen no. Now let me tell you, Democrats. In the House of Representatives, these committee chairman, let me let me educate them, and these are very stupid. People know president, has ever been removed from office. Several have been impeached. As you know, Clinton, among others know, president has ever been removed by the United States. This president, well not be removed by the United States, and that is Nancy Pelosi knows how they contrived a case of innuendo. They can try and build a fiction, their good at that The Soviet Union was good at that and the modern democratic parties good at that too. They can do all that they can try all that in the early.
Today twenty twenty election and I'm guessing sixty four On election day who pay the price for this, while thirty to forty percent of the american people, don't believe and fair play, I think the vast majority do and all was found what we already know that there was no collusion. All. And all was found. What we already know that there was no collusion. All the rest of this is set up, tries they might it's a set up and women when Mr Mulder goes to testify in Congress, the Republicans have an obligation to have an obligation to ask who wrote the report. What are their names,
Who are they? They have an obligation how in the world, can you write a report of collusion and ignore the dossier and ignore They Hilary campaign in the day and see and ignore the senior the FBI? Many these individuals, Mr Miller, who used to report to you? How can you go to thirteen countries? How can you go into tax fraud? now, fraud and wire fraud and care pain violations, you claim and all the rest and you'd miss Boatwright in front of your face. That's intentional. I've got a lot more to say I'll, be right back.
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Why have you noticed it's really intensified today, each for what I was tons in this report, the trolls obstruction. Let me tell you something: Trees and bribery, high crimes and misdemeanours that defines the Democrats. He these committees treason bribery. Crimes and misdemeanours. Presently United States is a victim. I want you to look at every one of these chairman and I want. Look at their leader made sea policy, San Francisco Large Cummings Baltimore, Adam Schiff, LOS Angeles.
Maxie waters LOS Angeles gerrymander Manhattan. What are these congressional districts haven't? Common? Nothing, what the rest of the country that's the point. These are dark, dark, blue districts. To quote the late great Meiji Pelosi, a glass of water, with a d on it can get elected in these districts. It is the he's districts, these chairman from these districts, better Dragging this country into the abyss better undermining their children are the United States.
Their smearing, a duly elected president, who they reject, who are trying to impose a coup to reverse the course of history and to reverse the election results of two and a half years ago. It is these same chairman who reject the electoral college. It is these same chairman who died, Andy up undermine our constitutional status it is these same chairman day in and day out, who refuse to secure our borders, who are spending us into bankruptcy, her on law enforcement, who are undermining our military, whose shake the put activists left us on the court.
These are the same chairman you're, not telling us what impeach minute they're, not ruling it out. Ladies and gentlemen, now we're not ruling out know who the hell do. They think they are. Who the hell does Gerald meddler think he is. But a liar Cereal liar and, of course, here's what they know, no matter what they say, no matter how they say it, no matter how many times they say it lies big and small. The media will protect them because, when Gerald never look in the mirror, he sees Jake Tapir. Why Jake Tapir look in the mirror? He sees a logic.
Makes when Eliza Cummings look in the mirror. He sees Chris Cuomo, you get the point. There are one and the same. They just hold different roles. They hold different roles. The pursuit and conveyance objective truth, as news is now no longer the journalists. Real purpose are gall anymore, but in dead social activism, ideological, Progressive S and the Democratic party agenda. Truck Todd is married to a democratic activists. Jake Tapir was a democratic activists. You go right down the list. Ladies and gentlemen. George step monopolise, risk while mouth the media give these lawless. Well, you fell in a black, they media give them support air cover
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offers and Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right, you can subscribe to Primus for Free here's I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus. I m p r- I am I s- Dad still that EU welcome still love me show a national at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, What are you getting now is propaganda. It's not reality its propaganda, it's the reality of the left has voiced by the media. Isn't it an interesting. That so called news report. A news anchors, a news hosts sound very much like their guests madly and shift.
And comings and all the rest of the reprobate propaganda. You read my book and I hope you do have an entire after news, propaganda and pseudo events. The men created is the great propagandists who servants Tell this notion with a modern society. Was a man by the name of Edward Bernice, Edward Bernice,. He is considered the founding father of the modern pr movement. Any road extensively about manipulating public opinion, he called it engineering consent. Then he was propagandist and
You are to use the media to drive in eighty illogical agenda. It's a propaganda enterprise. He would explain the extent to which propaganda. Look around you. Bernay argues that modern propaganda is a consistent enduring effort to create or shape. Bernay argues that modern propaganda is a consistent enduring effort to create or shape events to influence through nations of the public to an enterprise idea or group, this practice of crime, circumstances and have crate Pictures in the minds of millions of persons is very common, virtually no poured in undertaking is now carried on without any rope. According to him, there's a new propaganda which takes, can't not merely of the individual North the mass mind alone, but also- and especially
an atom of society with its interlocking group for nations and loyalties. It sees the individual, not only as a cell in the social organism, but as a organized into this social unit, touch a nerve and to spot you get it automatic response from certain specific members of the organism You know who found his writings compelling Goebbels Hitler. True skimming a history There's a despotic odoured all this isn't there. Ladies and gentlemen, the elevation of profit. And as a righteous, yet routine undertaking exercise for virtuous purposes by some rosalie, intellectually astute and superior minority. The massive must be shepherded and managed for their own good and the better
and of society. The new propaganda As explains having regard to the council, pollution of society as a whole not infrequently serves focus and realise the desires of the masses. Clearly it is the talent, minorities which need to make use of propaganda continuously and systematically other words. Reporters. He says in the act of proselytizing minorities in whom Efficient or any doesn't mean racial minorities, in whom selfish interests and public interest. Coincide lie the progress and development of America only through the active energy of the intelligent. Few can
public at large, become aware of seeking act upon new ideas about your media today about propaganda, the intelligent not about intelligent, objective truth, it's not about news reporting, it's about propaganda, the intelligent few, the intelligent neo against the masses, the people. This is why you hear yourselves referred to as NEO Nazis, white nationalists, white supremacists, deranged deplorable. They reveal themselves Susie and in order to get it you they want to take down the president of the United States, see you you dealt out their me to you, neanderthals back there you blow
here we were transforming America eight years so the great Obama or more years. We certainly expect that they think a mad Where would we be today, but for you, but for tromp you got in the way the american people got in the way.
Donald Trump got in the way. Now we're gonna move em out of the way and we're going to teach you the masses, we're going to teach you a lesson you either conform. You either conform where we punish you, and so they take the constitution that they so thoroughly despise and they wrapped themselves or the Amal image clause, which has nothing to do with anything. Nothing new to all the peach bring clause which has no
location here, none and they claim to defend the constitution and the media claim to defend the first amendment, freedom of the press. Against this president. They never claim to defend freedom of the press, against Obama, who was busy, locking them up or Johnson or Kennedy or Franklin. Roosevelt are Woodrow Wilson, freedom of the press, what press. What press the press is a word that is used to describe newsrooms, but look at these newsrooms There are one mentality.
One ideology: it is the media in this country. Ladies and gentlemen, that is pushing impeachment. It is the media, it is CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times the Washington Post Embassy ABC Cbs and their elk. They are pushing impeachment just ass. They had pushed collusion. Now, the senior level, the FBI pretty much wiped out because their lakers- well, you don't have leaked, Unless you have somebody to lake too, who are they liking to the media? The media. The media has been aiding and abetting partly
today. I have three years now. This is what dangerous beyond the Democratic Party, when the so called free press in this country represents one. Our party and embraces an ideology that is hostile to our founding principles. We have a big problem, which is why I call it on freedom of the press, freedom of the press. On freedom of the press and all we are all day long all weekend long is the democratic divided on the next steps. After the Mulder report should they have paid, should they not a peach? Is this a country?
That is centred on five or six cities that send their reprobates with the House of Representatives. Apparently, so I have a question for you, ladies and gentlemen:
if, in fact, the democratic concern about how the IRS does taxes about how they handle banks and so forth, and so on. These are the phoney arguments, the pretext that they're using to try and get the president's finances. Why wouldn't that apply to members of Congress? You're the spending bills, don't start in the oval office here, the tax bills don't start in the oval office. You know that the debt financing doesn't starting the oval office. It all starts in the House of Representatives. I continue to ask this question: why can't we get ten years of Paul and eighty policies, tax returns and more than that? Why aren't their accounts subpoenaed for all their notes? For other mammals,.
For other information about their bank accounts, don't we want access to Paul and eighty policies? Bank accounts he's an investment banker after our wherever they all. That means these are high flyer, he's having a grand all time, the speaker of the House and her husband shouldn't. We know she's the one that decides what
ends up on the president's desk president. Does it do it unilaterally? Would you want to know, ladies and gentlemen, how about these committee chairman these commissar based Commissar? I run these damn committees. Should we have ten years of their tax returns? Should we have their bank accounts, but here's the deal- and I hope the court's listening very very carefully. If Congress can get away with subpoenaed.
The imprimatur of the judiciary, the tax returns of a president of the United States, without any evidence whatsoever related to a legislative intent. I suppose them that they can subpoenaed tax returns of Supreme Court Justices of appellate court judges of district court judges. They don't like tyrannies, a bitch. I just hope that justice, is understand and do not side with a row house of representatives controlled by five cities. If you can force A citizen who is president of the United States to turn over his
ex returns via the IRS ten years worth no less than theirs. Reason you can't force any citizen, including Supreme Court justices, including a pellet court judges putting district court. Judges are our at what about their bank accounts. And while we are at it, what about the tax returns and bank accounts of their children, because that is what being demanded that the presence of the United States, By these soviet wing of the Democratic Party, they didn't care when the Irish was going after the tea party. They, didn't care one half the IRA's going after his political opponents and J F K and Lyndon Johnson. They did care when Nixon did it
they didn't care, one Obama did either you have a long history and a pattern of abusing power of forcing you to file income tax returns only then they use them. Answered you. They know what all of us know the president, probably files income tax, return, that's five or six feet tall. They know what all the rest of us now that the real can you hire and accounting firms? Could you can't possibly journey through the tax code and all the rulings and all the administrative decisions. They know. What all the rest of us know that the President United States signs is tax returns on the advice of accounts, and yet they want to dig you and I were paying for this tyranny you and I were paying this opposition research you and I are paying for our own demise. What do you think about it?
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by the american media. They really focused on this guy from us earlier, whose slaughtered all those innocent, beautiful Muslims and this one on four days. They could barely say that the people who were slaughtered and Sri Lanka, where Christians did you notice, I must reduce days. They could barely say that the people who were slaughtered in Sri Lanka, where Christians did you notice, I must reduce they could barely say they were Christians. Parishioner.
We reached the point of view, may be no return with our media. I don't think they're gonna have an easy time gaining respect from an enormous number of people in this country. Centrist thing a watch, these left wing websites as we go through this the start. Tyranny, that is, the leadership of the Democratic Party in the house and our current media. Very good media over they history. This country, we ve had bad media and worn a very down period, but it Interesting? The watch these sites this media, which was founded by Dan Abrams, who has a legal analysed for a b c and these other offshoots any runs down. In India Day dad, they run little clips with little sarcastic snarking and often misleading headlines
they have joined in the tyrannical dark side, and this is Dan Abrams you're, getting an insight into the man's of mind and soul, and he is a legal analyse for ABC I'll be right. He's here now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one now this is perfect, perfect, there's a big time.
Washington compost reported by the name of Philip bump, be you m. And he's been stalking the president's twitter side and if you go to the president's twitter site, you'll see that he is posted. Numerous clips of my show from Saturday she's me Sunday on life, Liberty and Levin. Philip is very upset about this. At the Washington Compost and let me read you Eddie says: let me respond Jesse. You understand how the unfair press works. This guy's a propagandist he's a leftist anyone's tromp out. He writes. This is fresh off the press. President Trump seizes on political slogans with a cat. Ease, have a college bro trying on shirts before hitting a night club on the Jersey shore. Now this is called political analysis
So this guy goes between being a reporter and doing analysis is exactly one of the main points in my book. He's a fraud he's not a journalist, but let's go on He tries them on sees how they work. Leaves a number that many pile on the floor now. This is this man's own sickly projection under the president for every make american great again. There. I half dozen bill. The war and crime will far cluttering up the White House residents. Since the release of special Council Robert a smaller the third redirected report on russian interference in the twenty sixteen election trump has developed a refined version of a sales pitch he's been making for several years When you read this stuff, you see they expose themselves, but there too arrogant they, even though it actually too stupid the actually. Not it was the Democrats, not tromp, who did some crimes and how do you impeach Trump, when the word?
tromp crimes she said Monday, and how do you impeach him for crimes done by Democrats as you phrased it over the weekend. We will set aside. Who is we? Who are we bump? You. We will set aside the fact that anyone can essentially be impeach for anything, sir, you have. No comprehension of what the impeachment clauses about you ve read nothing. You understand nothing. You just burping up what you think, which is the problem with the media today, We will set aside the fact that anyone can essentially be impeach for anything that the crimes have misdemeanours rhetoric in the constitution, listen to this guy Major, essentially whatever a majority of the house as it means no, it doesn't now you're. Accordingly, For and you don't even give them credit.
Why don't you read on this subject, Mr Bump, before you bear pop your propaganda? Let's go on it could clue the sorts of almost crimes their mullahs report hinted at in various places. This is my point. The media are pushing for impeachment. Appealing to the cool minded, rationality and members of the house to avoid being peach seems like a risky bet, but that was, from sales pitch in brief, but again were setting that aside. Let's instead consider the other side of the argument. What exactly are the crimes that the Democrats committed this? a surprisingly difficult question to answer. It has the feel of. Thing approximating a political argument, but any assessment of it. Is as serious and argument falls apart quickly. It hinges. Difficulty on a robust understanding of the parallel line of argument that has run through concern
It is media over the past two years in which free This is such an insurance policy are loaded insurance policy. I remember that stroke our were they wait that allows whole swathes of sketchy? Argumentation can be summarised in quickly move pass, but picking the argument apart if how sketchy this consider this depiction of the real crimes as our led by conservative commentator Mark Levin over the weekend video of in making this case was treated by the President Monday and for a time pinned to the top of Trumps twitter page. Ensuring visitors would see it called. There are this had been done in the last three years. Two candidate Trump President Elect Trop and President Trump it could not occur in the and I should not occur in the United States of America. Levin said senior: I have also the FBI, these individuals, Be charged there are the
Until interfered in our election even more effectively than the Russians. What's more live inside there still added? No, let's stop right. There, MR producer hurry vigils at the senior level the FBI being investigated. Yes, they are. Almost all of them are resigned under a cloud there being investigated. During the course of an arrest. Is they have why'd? They have lied and I would suggest, Mr Bump, if you really looking for obstruction. Maybe that's reorder, look but I've done. He goes on, they planted a spy, that's right, a spy well, who Stephan Harper seven hamper whose where did he come from and the Trump administration he continued. They lie the federal courts, not once but four times the face, a court in order to
Counter intelligence wants and they got it and who spying on page was a backdoor effort to go after the trunk campaign you had they here. We can't paying the Obama administration trying to take out the republican candidate for press the United States because of the proposal so ideal event said the trip was conspiring with the russian President, Vladimir Putin. In some circle, this has accepted almost as a baseline of reality about how the Russia investigation came to be rights bump, but its little sense. Just as Levine's claim. On March, twenty nineteen, the trumpet been wiretap indirectly, sparing an infamous a clown. The New York Times said Why are you lying because you can't help it you'd I'm doing an analysis job your analysis, you clown. I got that from the New York Times that was there a headline wiretap but-
little sense, just as Levine's claim? In March twenty seventeen Trump had been wiretapped indirectly, sparing an infamous trump tweet a forceful denial. The government was similarly weak, but it was true, but it was true. So much pick it up and he says Livin says that senior FBI official should face criminal charges for having interfered in our election. There is no question that it In your FBI, official did effect the election, then FBI director James Combing, whose last minute, statement about the invent. The lesson always come from about the investor if no Hillary Clinton Gmail servers shifted the focus of the final days of the twenty sixteen campaign, but there is also no question that the queen Investigation into possible coordination between trumps campaign in Russia didn't attract much attention before election day, despite the fact that if those senior officials will it let's stop there, what does that have to do anything.
What does that have to do with anything whether caught the attention or not? They sought to destroy Trump in his campaign. That's what they sought to do. Whether it got the attention of the media, they washed and compost or not but see, were your chosen a question that quite investigation and a possible coordination between trumps campaign in Russia. Actually, there was no coordination. Why don't you say that he's saying the possible coordination. There was Coordination didn't attract much tension before election day, but it did it attracted a lot of attention by the Obama amended I should because they manufactured it. Does the fact that if those senior officials Levine disparages has wanted to, they could have released
slower than information about sketchy contacts between trumps campaign in Russia there already under investigation before the election occur. They did they did they did. Play the spine, the trouble administration having claims, presumably meaning the trunk campaign since the admitted Creation necessarily followed the election saw so much but that there was a spy placed in the administration is we noted before there were specific individuals, such as foreign policy advisers card of page referred to by Levin and George Papa? Doubtless who came under FBI scrutiny because of their links. The Russia, including according to reports without reach by confidential import, informant hold on now Papa, doubtless was set up, and he has said so. Why doesn't bump listen to him? Why isn't pump curious. That, moreover, the articles that I read over to you,
ago suggested that there were attempts at vice applications all the way and the campaign? What are you talking about? You idiot What in the world are you talking about me, and maybe you didn't hear. There's no evidence, she says that the FBI targeted the campaign itself, which would have been one pretty direct way to spy on the campaign. What are you talking about you idiot? What in the world? Are you too about me, and maybe you didn't hear from a k doing is sixty minutes interview. Maybe you haven't been listening to Brennan. Maybe the listening the clapper. As for those four lies to the foreign intelligent surveillance court, That's the conservative shorthand for the White wants to survey page, which were predicated December senator. Does he reports compiled by british section? Tell officer Christopher steal that dossier in the page one
our central to the line of argument that Troublous targeted unfairly, because the dossier was work completed. Funding from a law firm that work for Clinton's campaign in the Democratic Party, the warrant and three subsequent renewals, mentioned by the way. In all of this. No thanks to MR bump in the washing compost. We know this. No thanks to the new slides or CNN Msnbc Dewey, MR, but no thanks any of you in part its thanks to me and in full its thanks Never as in the boys, but not you at the washed and compost the warrant and three subsequent renewals mention that the dossier was probably part of an effort to find information that could be used to discredit trumps campaign, but not specifically that it was fun Led by the Democrats, what
Four per Levine a lie and therefore, apparently, a crime aimed at keeping trump from being elected. I'm telling you this is the mentality. This is the mentality. Levin doesn't mention that the page warrants were first obtained after he left the campaign for the pay as already in the FBI's radar as a count counter intelligence target or the page travelled a rush engine twenty sixteen and held meetings there and bump doesn't tell you that, despite for four one war, three extensions for actions by the Fireside court, Mr Page, has been charged with nothing but doesn't tell you that. Why doesn't he tell you that live in breezes pass that? Because it's all taken as an article of faith in his circles that the page face a warrants was a mark, a biased by the FBI?
since this quiet he is a rapporteur for the washed imposed. A key originator of this charge is representative Devon, Nunez, whose staff last year Ruddy four page memo eventually released by Trump to make the case of face a warrant biased public again this was not a warrant despite the trunk campaign. Hate you must not understand how the surveillance works. There was a great peace and I read it too. Many to those of you listen last week and see if we can find this, MR producer, again by former assistant FBI, I believe it is for intelligence. Remember that rich do remember there see if can find it. This memo he said people do not understand that when you get one of these warrants, how extensive this is, how extensive,
it's more than a wire tap and it's more than a spy when you get a face, a warrant, everything goes everything trumps region. Interest in declaring the Democrats as the real criminals appears to match up with Nunez the slightest effort to muddy the waters as ranking republic, another House Intel Khamenei. Nunez has pledged to send a criminal refers to the just parliament. Without that eight people will face cripple charges. Further actions he's not saying those people our mind you, but he did offer hints, and it goes on to this guy in an analysis, and it goes on one stupid.
After another. You wonder why the Washington Post has no interest in what took place at the Department of Justice. Has no interest or what took place at the FBI on the face of court. Has no interest in this case bump in seeing the applications for the warrants none whatsoever. This is why MR bump. Unfortunately, my book is finished, otherwise I'd right, an entire chapter about you, It is a fact that in October, twenty sixteen the FBI, wiretapped Carter,
It is a fact October told her twenty sixteen. The FBI, wiretapped Carter, page literally been a short term farm policy adviser to the Trump campaign. The bureau's application is Byron. Yuruk rights to a secret court for the wiretapping is public is heavily reductive but is clearly focused on page, and I quote: russian government's attempt to influence the twenty six tenuous presidential campaign, Squire tat because of his connection to the trend pain. Some critics have noted that the wire tap authorization came after page left. The campaign has bumped us, but there surveillance order, allowed authorities to intercept pages electronic communications both going forward
the day of the order and backward MR bump investigators. She pages emails and tax going back to his time. In the campaign there is simply no out that the FBI wiretapped a Trump campaign figure no doubt whatsoever. It is also known that the FBI engaged at least one in form and professor named Stephan helper to penetrate the Trump campaign, Derek. I was recently reported agents involved in the rush investigation, asked Mister Harper and American academic good teachers in Britain to gather information on Mr Page and George pop adopt less now. The Trump campaign Farm policy adviser hopper went beyond page Papadopoulos, also contacting in seeking information from trunk campaign aid sand Clovis Snow clear whether Mr Happar had the FBI's blessing the contact. Mr Clovis. The time said the heartbreaking There's more evidence that spying did occur on the trunk campaign, Doin the twenty sixteen election least in it
This is a page and Papadopoulos. The information gathering was done by an informant engaged by the FBI. So bump is wrong. As a matter of fact- and you see here- is the problem- he is a top Washington Post, corresponded and I'll go. Even further Kevin our Brok on the hill Last week- and I read it to you in part, but I personally have to read it again, because Mr Bumpers, a slow listener, former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI. And I'm not gonna have enough time to read it until the until after the break. But I want you to hear what he said so MR bump doesn't even understand how this works. How counter intelligent warrant works are not limited to today forward begging go back
and I show you they did and they can do other things with his warrant that Mr Pomp apparently is unfamiliar with. So does Mr Bob, whose ass mister bump, whose a liar MR bamboos a joke not President, not me, you wonder why the watchman composed had to be bought by bees, those because it was going bankrupt. This is one of the reasons when you're higher, likewise with low. I accuse this is what you get Be right back consider this with passion Like within show colleague, now eight seven three eight one, three eight one one by the way this site mediate that I tell about that's one of the leading hate trump Hate Fox left wing sites.
Founded and run by Dan Abrams. The APC legal analysed here, who headline by Josh Feldman, so true trump tweets out seven Fox news it's in one day and Waken Mala report. Now this site has endless fox clips on it. It usually loaded the fox lips to attack fox and their hosts. So it's a bizarre posed by Josh Feldman, but that's the nature being illiberal consistency is an exactly a strong. So let's continue here. But first I want to tell you something: a recent study shows Americans are sleeping less than ever, which negatively impact our day to day life, but you can get them
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assistant directive, intelligence for the F b? I think he knows a lot of it more than Philip bump by the poet you see a photo of this guy rich psyche was hit by a bus. Let's continue attorney general, William BAR use. The S word in front of Congress, the world last week and organised feigning spells commenced. I believe the government spinal the trunk campaign, said Mister BAR in a town where semantic directives have simply not practice among the political prophecies and their power but fish in the media, Mr Bump, who seek the peace Derivation order by apple skating, true intent, is used, where it spy was his blood. Since every man face it stinks. Station was validated in direct proportion to they contrived outrage of opposition. Choose me: Opposition politicians and cable news man against flopping to the ground. Clutching their knees like european soccer players
weeks ago disgrace, former FBI, deputy director, Ranger Mackay, stated he believe, president. As an agent of the russian government. I e a spy His assertion was met with sombre nodding and little. If any pushed back. Mr bump, he made incredible statement without, according to bar summary, the Mulder report possessing any evidence that it was RO, Mr Bob? He was. In the middle of a book and raising cash on, I go fund may website. Mr Bob. According to let's see him, he was in desperate need of money since the President cut short, some of his retirement benefits. His anguish can be seen as he derives around his drives or honest tony neighborhood in his luxury car. Thank you for your contributions to this destitute and victimized man, the cave. Traveller in the empty collusion investigation, they cooked up and ran fired former FBI director.
Call me was quick to seize another opportunity to moralize to a camera the day. Through a g bar use. The S word, I don't know what the Heck EAST about that's all I can say fairly was. Not all call me could say, since he added when I hear a kind of language used its concerning, because the FBI and the Department of Justice cannot conduct cos, ordered electronic surveillance and, having quite a bit to say, kept talking. I've never thought of that a spine. I hope listening, Mr Bump are not doing this. For my health, the audience knows this already you're the low I q, dummy we was anxious to echo the narrative advanced by those in opposition to the president. That court ordered Electra surveillance is somehow different or less distasteful than the tidy morally fluid concept of spying. He can to take shelter and they softer surveillance word. But here is what he a cave unleashed on an american
It is an involved on the outskirts of a presidential campaign, a fine and tell and surveillance ACT a court ordered electronic surveillance allows the FBI I leeway to intercept was primacy. Is the nuclear option of the war of intelligence collection DAS, Stein, microphone and camera capture the target at all times and in all places, even the most in of his daily life, it is intrusive. Then even a title, three criminal, wired, tap of a drug dealer or my boss, thrown away combing, was right face a court order. Electronic surveillance system, that spying, it is the epitome of government power over an individual's primacy. Is the nuclear. Option of the war of intelligence collection and it isn't He used a proper appropriately against foreign nationals actively spying on: U S interests, and yes, even you, citizens who old security glances and possess NASH
security information and demonstrate a willingness to turn over such information to another country? However, a face so order until now has never been used. I not be I director and deputy director to interest individual would know clearances No obvious access to sensitive information, but who have to be involved in a presidential campaign. How do you explain that MR bump of the washing compost. And why did you skip all that in your peace? What Ignore other, or did you not know about just more bluster and burp up one? think. Then that call me a Mackay would have made darn shore But the reasons provided in the face of court to intercept Trump campaign adviser card a page would be incredibly compelling and build on a foundation of facts and remember what Byron York row. It's not just information going forward. They go back
and they go back many years looking for dirt. Mr bump. He sought the Walter Durante of the collusion phony issue. Instead by your own admission, they relied mostly on a russian influence dossier. The source and of which they did not fully disclosed the court. A dossier call me himself described as salacious and unverified, and yet still sign off on several renewals or the intrusive interception, a page and credit the day was fired. Coming, maintain that he started now if there was anything to the collusion investigation he initiated between the trunk campaign in Russia, The silly symmetrical jousting over spying, verses surveillance is a distraction, the real concern among the collusion justice is a Gee BAR has launched his own. View into the origins of colonies and Mc Caves, investigation of the trunk campaign, them
ask you something, MR bump of the washed and compost when the FBI beget investigating the trunk campaign. The you know was it the week before the election course not one was it. It was well before the election MR bump doesn't put that in his I also see that such a review could lead to some extremely uncomfortable days for those who have favoured leveraging the powerful authorities a government for the benefit of one political. Party over another, MR producer, I want you to hold on to this to this analysis by Philip bump. Ok,. I want you to hold onto the analysis. He also places little trick, which is what propagandist do.
March, twenty seventeenth was a very important period, a time when I not fella bump put together what the New York Times had said. What the Washington Post had said what the Associated Press had said, what my class she had set not me. Not me buddy lives in his little bubble, ladies and gentlemen, lives in New York City. As bodies are left this and Democrats, all of them fuck you and mock the president. Just like this news room at the washed and car posts. They're all the same, pretty much, there's real, no diversity, a thought. They missed the election and I intend to do damage. Mr bump wrote his peace and Mr Bumpo pleaded in addition to what I have said tonight, we're going to keep an eye on what he said and notices, no interest whatsoever as a correspondent of digging into what actually happened. The Trump campaign
basically goes on. The democratic websites comes up with her idiocy and regurgitate all these facts that you chose not to put in their MR bump. Why is that? a news report you're supposed to be news report and then you do analysis. This is your mind. Set you ever revealed yourself. You're, not the only one Kevin Brok, former assistant directive in time, Since for the FBI, was an FBI special agent for twenty years, make that twenty four years in principle, deputy director, the national counter terrorism, such a centre. There's a little bit more than MR bump. I wanted to point this out because it's very very poor mister bumpers, about propaganda. He ends broadly, though, Trump seems to be saying that the fact that he was investigated,
No criminal charges were broad means that the investigation itself was unwarranted or illegal. He has said more than that power long before the report, Immorality, he said was unwarranted and illegal and it was unwarranted and illegal and, as somebody who served as chief of staff to an attorney general, I can assure you that if the FBI was investigating the opposition campaign to Ronald Reagan Let's say the Mondeo campaign and doing the sorts of things that this f b I did at the senior levels to present a trap. You have a very different on this, when you, Mr Bump, if you're honest and you're, not just the point of an investigation, determine whether legal violations occur. That's not correct. Why are you lie again? The special council appointment, the regulation required some legal, some criminal basis, and he had none.
How the hell is this guy hold a job over there. The washed and composting easy he's. One of many propagandists many they're usually kept under wraps doesn't part to avoid impugning people who might be innocent. It's not illegal to try to determine whether someone broke the law. Yes, it is you don't get to just try to deter, If somebody broke the law get there's some predicate some credit. These guys are washed and post correspondent It has no, as you know what from a you know what you, Sir, are the liar and the full and the before your everything that you call the presence of the United States, but you pretend to be news: correspondent, And that's the problem with the media today I'll be right back.
I'll be punctual go on to fill a bump. His twitter. And I saw me as one I will check to make sure he listens to the second pillar, the marvel of in the second era, the mark, the venture, but folk. This is what we're gonna be up against when on freedom of the press comes out. This is part of them trying to solve. Things up to make you look like a cougar inaccurate, arriving, not gonna work here, I'm not going to put up with it. And when a strongly encourage you to priority or copy of on freedom of the press. I think you're going to be a very, very impressed with it spent a lot of time on it, but that's not why it's going to cover a lot of territory in a very concise way substance
way, understandable unreadable way. Then I would ask the publisher descend. Copies book to every major newsroom in America. Yeah we're gonna, get ready folks we're gonna do get up and I'm gonna need you Levine. I sat there just as the President needs. In others, need you we do. You're, my loyal audience and deeply deeply blush to have you, but this is the sort of stuff. That's gonna happen. They, Philip burps, I mean bumps guys like And I am more than happy to deal them directly cause they're, not particularly intelligent or knowledgeable. No, I thought Republican stood for free. Gets so wires. Senators, Rick's garden trash Holly joining He sanders in it. Producing socialist price control legislation for drugs. Now we have a solution for the high costs
But I warn you that the Democrats will use this issue to impose your Install medicine is a solution. When I understand is why Republican Scott and Holly are helping the Democrats. Do you Europe and everyone else that has price controls, pharmaceutical and estimates have dried up. You know data remain the world leader in by a farm, political research, precisely because we don't have price controls had gone along with Europe and dictating prices. Into the Americans would not have access to the drugs that help them live healthier, longer, the wise and help them fight these horrific diseases, because the drugs wooden exist imposing I was in trouble. Price controls now will mean lost access. Nowadays wonder drugs and lost hope for tomorrow's breakthrough. Treatment for all kinds of horrific diseases is ill illnesses, Is this what senators, Scott and Holly want? Are we
let that happen, which is why been speaking out, get the facts. Folk go to true healthcare, facts, dot, com, that's true, healthcare, fax, facts that come true healthcare, facts that come when you're something funny. This is at twitchy: dot, com, it's a great site, twitchy dot com CNN and stouter he's the bald short term guy kind of Adobe guy on CNN. Seen in brine, stouter, along with Julie, I half current Tumulty and Philip bump the infamous fill a bump and then and many other journalists claim that, if nothing else, the Mulder Report proves that the reporting done by the mainstream media during the two year in? instigation into collusion between the Trump campaign in Russia, was on the mark, Philip up. They Helen Keller of Journalism. So why did it take until a couple of weeks before the report's release for Democrats to play
and, after a hyping it for two years, because anyone watching a reading those mainstream new sources had been Bombay. The idea that present tromp was guilty was on the road to impeachment. We know journalists think a lot of each other. They write a twitching, so we Said ten days of this year's World Newsday conference, you heard me world news: they conference in Toronto, we'll be thrilled to have the host of Siemens unreliable. So Brian stoutly on hand to help, explain why fact based journalism matters fact based journalism. I just read you at full of bump on the road had to say, and these are among the journalists. Claim that the investigation was right on the mark. And you see how MR bump had a lie and deceive in order to make his point.
Which we unravelled undressed right here. This is the nature of the media. Today they they actually, I believe, delude themselves, delude themselves as true believers pushing their agenda, pushing their ideology, pushing the case for the Democratic Party, they want Trump Impeach, Philip bump once Trump and peach, regardless of what he says Regardless of what he says, maybe I had an addendum to this book down the road on Philip bump and his ilk, but the. Who sings. Ladies and gentlemen, I don't have to he's covered in this book, not by name, but there are others And they're all alike, pretty much. You can't tell Philip bomb from Brian stouter from Jake they're all alike. Those were too
hours. We got one left. I hope you ll stick with us I'll, be right back now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three! one one. You know I really need like seven or eight hours to a full show. Today, they re happening. You know why, because I hungry. That's why? Maybe I'll have a stake tonight? Remove chinese food, you never know.
Jerry Needler on meat, the depressed. Not all know worse. They pretend hosted a show, talk tat aura cherry Natalie? since these geniuses go back and forth, cut three go. All of this case of obstruction presented the Mulder report is you're just a day. I you have all this case. First war he's alive. But you have all this case of obstruction. Prison. Did the Mulder report, that's it Tommy truck. If you have all this case of obstruction in the Mulder report, Then why didn't Mahler bring a sealed indictment and seek to taller till after the President left office? Can you answer there, but you have all this case of obstruction presented in the Miller Mama
report. Go ahead, might ask why? Haven't you start? Why haven't you open and impeachment inquiry? You see truck church chucks, anxious on here boys Ivan, when the trail here, let's get going, we need and p We're gonna have an election, sir! Don't wait! Let's go before the american people are wise to us. Let's go get. This impeach started beside it, might help our ratings on my cell s and meet the depressed. Maybe what I told you my book pointed out. The short Stein centre. Lydia took a look at the first seven major media outlets B, C and CNN ninety negative on tramp, the worst, And this is why this clown this time, hearken supporting Democrat, whose wife, as a democrat activist we are now to say that you mean How say that
full collusion, Fortuna have three years go ahead. Fairness is but you're doing right now. I don't think we're doing that. We may get too that we are now there's a liar he's a bald faced liar. I wanna really looking into impeachment known. Why would we do that. They wouldn't do they were looking for facts? You know where we are in fact Maude. I would like to impeach anybody. What wonder where? Where would you get that idea from As I said before, it is our job to go in to go through. All the evidence is all the time they entered the ladder and go with the liberals. Yapping I had enough to give you a migraine. Go ahead. Sorry the politics impact this? As you know, each man, it's politicize
So you have a legal case that you believe this happens and you should do it, but the politics dictate something else. How much is that can influence this decision? Now, honestly, I don't even understand is question. As you know, impeach may get polluters all right. So you have a legal case that you believe this happens now this this guy's, the chief political. Rapporteur, Fr Nbc any runs and permit the press. He can't even speak English, so you have a legal case that you believe this happens. I my dear what he's talking about an you should do it, but the politics dictates something else. How much is that going to influence this decision?. Naw man or understands what he said does not learned he above morons guy down the road. When will when, when when we his hands,
others says he's not the only person she is. Certainly the leader of the democratic mortgage he's a speaker, the house, it's partly her and partly out of it, this isn't teachable ye. I do. I do think that this if proven, if do you think What's unimpeachable well the case of the all the cases, I guess for four obstruction, think that well, yeah. I do. You don't say nobler, but see how the press is pushing the impeachment wine pushing impeachment, pushing pushing pushing the way they did collusion, pushing obstruction, pushing and PETE no collusion. I move this way obstruction of peach minute. This is a reporter. You understand the reporter
Go ahead which hasn't improving yet some of this, if proven, some of these would be invaluable. Yes, conjunction of justice, if proven, would be unthinkable and you're gonna go about to see. If you can prove now, you better go about saving improve it. I'm tellin you, I'm track tat, Chuck TAT. And I'm it's a! U better. You you're, going to our achieving in Provo right, come on now right, go ahead, Well, you can see where the facts leaders use such a liar. Then this guy Pre Baja was the Euro, Turning for the southern district in New York, he had his ass kicked out of thereby Trapani as a result, hates Trump another objective prosecutor, ladies and gentlemen,. What did he have to say on the constipated news, nor by the way the ratings are still sinking through you this a long time ago. Why is or a CNN Cnn being propped up.
It has no right. Why is there a CNN because eight, N T want CNN, I think so, go ahead here. What I mean the mother view it seems to me if you look at the document, is that they absolutely believe there is a potential, a viable prosecutes Now stop right there the listener, this idiot them all a team, actual bees, there's a potential viable prosecutor. What does that mean He didn't say: there's a viable prosecute, there's a potential, viable prosecution and the Our team believes this latest. Well, how do we know they wrote in a report? Why would they put it in a report? Is they're not gonna bring charges, or at least not say they would bring charges, because its political, because they're trying to impeach the press? but their use in their abusing their powers. Prosecutors go ahead properties.
So many says in great peterkin particularity at, although you cannot prosecuted sitting present under the LLC interpret. We are nonetheless preserving evidence, while memories are fresh and documents are available because a prayer once he leaves office can be charged with crimes committed while in office. When I, why would he be charged with look how sick these people are? They don't give it up? They don't give it up, go ahead, whether or not prosecutor, will seek to do it and whether or not they will be viable defences. I don't know I don't know, look I'm just thrown out there. You know just how that that's what they do, I've just piss marching! just smearing, I'm just trotted it out there. This is what I do. I throw things out there here is a former federal That's what I do. Yes
be Philip is a reporter foreseen and I'm this is embarrassing. Thrilling, humiliating, Abbe, Philip as safe, as is a report of her CNN, and she was on CNN today, and I want you to listen to her another very thoughtful News person cut seven go. They require twenty Republicans in the Senate and join with Democrats to actually impeach president from a pretty high bark it is a very high bar, but the Senate doesn't impeach anybody. The house and peaches the trial takes place in the Senate President will not be convicted. I think she's trying to say. Should there be this, this coup attempt by the Democrats in the house from San Francisco Baltimore Manhattan and allay, as I said it,
this programme, we are really talking about. Four five cities have representatives that are trying to push the entire country in their direction. But let's, let's play this abbe again cut seven, They would require twenty Republicans in the Senate to join with Democrats to actually impeach president from a pretty high Bart. Yes, but we don't. In the Senate, we impeach in the house. I sure she is alive career over their CNN sitting next to you, on who I dont believe as a law licence anymore. Where's have a naughty. Oh. What did I long ago, ladies in Germany, couldn't turn on CNN without ever naughty? It couldn't turn on, Es Nbc without Bonatti I mean, I understand that he is the potential for serving four hundred fifteen thousand years in prison now, but they just blow off move past. It now look here: dollar care just
they go. Dialogue now collusion no urban audit kicker, where stormy, dangles member Anderson Cooper There is great interview with Stormy Dana's, where Stormy Daniels today I have no idea. Do you know I'd up what about a morose where shape? Who knows how about that author, Wolf or not? but that psychiatry going on about where she, I don't know why they ve thrown everything transparently. Carry Moran ABC this week? This was very interesting, very interesting. Just a tiny bit of factual information in a weaken, fuller bs pass over. Easter and the media Bs Terry Moran of ABC on a this week, Martha rabbits as the female voice,
Go and Terry, you said about a month ago and this programme that if Mahler did not have evidence to support that the present in aided the russian Russians that's a reckoning for the progressive and Democrats. He has been cleared of conspiracy with the Russians, but does this report leave a clear reckoning? for Democrats, or I think it does. Donald Trump is not going to be removed from office for this. Whatever the House of Representatives does down to have not gonna, be frog, marched out of the White House in handcuffs And the twenty sixteen election is not going to be reversed by this and too many Democrat. Paragraphs like if anything, we're home struck onto the justice, but even with the obstruction of justice that he did not make him determination? Mahler, yes, still, a reckoning, a reckoning for Democrats for sure, because because now, that hope is dead and as a result they re there
going to go to the public as many of the candidate already are with an argument more than don't you hate him too. Don't you have don't you want to get rid of them too? And I think that is a positive reckoning for democrats this has been section- this has been something that is consumed: energy, political energy than in the Democratic Party and in the media as well, and I think getting past that scope for the country. Oh, my goodness, this kind each to be fired. Don't you think rich. Oh he's at MSNBC, where it he's on ABC needs to be sent to CNN, will, however, never be heard of again. My lord did you hear what he said was shocking. I wonder if Phillip pump heard it. Did chiller pump here this? I don't know it's an obsession. Philip two elder one Ellen Philip by the way, may I call you fill Phil bump.
Did you listen to your colleague, Terry Moron? Probably not fill bump I'll be right back I mean you knew I should say collar to Shunk shouldn't. I think I will, go to who is a match whereas manage this stupid Campo. Mozilla Montana Serious Satellite Harry you much greater for me. You market? Well, you right now that I hear you it is made, but anyway it's Emma Jane right now,
I've been a fan of yours per year that she's weights and say I bought an autograph copy of your liberty and journey, and fortunately I gave it to my philosophy. Instructor never gave it back to me, but I gave it the. What do I do it? My philosophy instructors going to school down text, I had a use political philosophy, so he stole a book kind of story. What I mean basically Do we have any more left, Mr Produce to Lebanon? journeys yet don't hang up, will send you one after the shells anyway, guy help. Thank you thought we were calling for I want to make a comment minute. I question the comment: is it's amazing to me that you know it this? All things me like old magic trick of the left is using the distraction diversion in this direction.
When you know, what's the Obama, with a heart like moment where you're talking to you or with the russian Uranium one Bill Bill Clinton with Loretta Wine shop during the whole email scandal, it seems to me, like they're, just trying to keep us from looking at and all the steps that the left them with the year. With Russia, first of all one of coins, and they will have a bump in his right hand, corner right and then the other thing. What I wonder why we didn't you know constitute some of these things and it's really frustrating today I loved you return who would prosecute? Well, I mean but I've been couldn't, have been couldn't we are prosecuted- or at least I him back. He was in charge of the Department of Justice, for these people You mean Loretta Wench, where they wouldn't have been on a rod: Rosen Steam, a railroad instead, He wasn't gonna, prosecute anybody right, but what
What about during the autumn? With that without also win, when we were in China, just that when the Republicans have control of the Senate before them a terms, but that represents Anglicans. Had control limit Senate doesn't prosecute anybody. No, I mean the Senate and the House, the House, before the mid term houses and prosecute anybody well, but they do the investigation, for they were investigating. They weren't s pretty much. What we know is thanks to the house. Intelligence committee. Ok! Well, I guess I'm a little confused about all that its first reading, I'm here to help you my friend. What's up. Don't hang up, we got a book for you will be right back to sit on hang up J. Marion Ohio, the Great W Tv and go home mark, hey Mark before I get to the point that I called about. I just one
say that on Friday April twelfth while I was waiting for you to come, on the radio the Irish put out a public service announcement that door if you need to contact them with questions about your return. Their offices closed at five. And they would not be available until Monday as mine, I am really so they but the government down through the high weaken play shut that down for the whole weekend. There wasn't even my very helpful at a time when people, actually probably needed to talk to somebody when I heard that announcement, I thought of you a meeting, listen it's Friday night, the government's liniment, it's almost eight thirty p m can turn the government's been shut down for a couple hours and given the fact that reflect the For probably more than a couple hours night on,
me, squawking squealing by the left. You know. No, I anyway go right ahead, sir. Your I was thinking about wage that the Republicans should fight back, especially on toll la collusion in Dar obstruction thing that they're bringing up and I came running or some other rules for radical course, so sore Wednesday's book number four and eight the Republican should be using rule. Tell us quickly get forty seconds rule number. Some hoarsely enemy to live by its own rules, and I think what an why one of the things we should be looking at is: is I heard the Rapporteur S Donald Trump about two weeks ago?
If you would an agent of the russian government, why are we seemed Nancy alone? See and I live in a secondary in your eyes- were not just the mexican government about the russian government whose benefiting What the democratic doing the trump ironically! It's the russian thanks for your call J, we'll be right back. he applied guess banned you from a shall we have a special number. You can go to reach him age, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one eyed ex chair give your exchequer. Yet I really think you to get one cabin for father stage, not that far away there does your Karen off his chair, support,
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excellent services on their show us the shower second, and not their top of the line, which is why discuss them with you Scarborough, is the adult version of the banjo playing deliverance kid on the bridge. They look very much like, in my humble opinion, and I suspect the I accuse about the same, and I mean no offense to that kid who has no doubt grown up Jos, a whole mother story. I call you, I think I will of course he has meagre, represent scare Brzezinski. Then they talk back and forth to each other. And I guess MSNBC Assembly said Sir Entertaining and compelling tv. It's not it's monotonous and that's why I've no viewers anyway caught eleven go say never again
just container- and I mean that means that this is a better start at the beginning again Brzezinski talking about how could be Sandra she's, never cannibal. Now, of course, Brzezinski And her years and years of incoherence and hypocrisy, they get paid millions for that but how could be Sanders whose a patriot doing a tough job she's a disaster euro Come alive go see, never accountable just continued wise. You know, so I have Kelly. Aren't Kelly Anna because it's just literally sweaty minutes have not fishes hilariously course. They left wing Kook Lyra imaginable colluding themselves back. It's true themselves.
Guide their lies. I was watching watching Rudy Julie on July on this weekend. In first of all, I don't understand why anybody would have serious Anders on if they know that she's going to lie in Kelly and Conway if they now, I want you to listen at each jackasses. I want you to listen to their their constant, anti tromp Anti Trump staff, their constant barrage and keep something in mind, like I said before, these two loved drop, these two couldn't Barbara enough and then things one haywire, and now they can't hate enough, but the really to relatively stupid people I have to say that, even though the potential for me bumping into them at the airport is high since since since we often-
have to go to the same airport. I can't I can't help it. She's got the brain and with tuna fish sounds. And he doesn't Emily brain at all- he's all jello, but why did you know Mister Producer, had yellow and marshmallows I made in part from the heels of lambs or something did you hear this just ruined everything I'm thinking- and I want some of these color colleagues- are when a rice krispies treats. Then our friend a highly says. Well, you know that they come from my heels away of lamb or some social excuse me. Yes, so why'd you have to ruin everything. But she's a vegetarian USA, throw away. We have the ruin, everything for I don't sit there and want to watch a cow get slaughtered, but I like me anyway, I had been alive again. This is it this, isn't it
this is a subject is objective. You can stay their words against against words Ladys in the past, when they they just lie, and they do it, lay in you can get as they would like to get angry about that money to anyone. Clips only show, and only one lips. Are you? U big dumb, for we can do that all, They here in fact we do it a lot, don't we, MR, but it is probably too much water. Run clips when he loved Trump and then run them against when he hates Trump We want clips him on radio, saying we'll be back we're going to you know. We do our show, get it all prepared and we'll be back on radio that was face. Saving they never came back, nobody ever listened to them. Then they found. Sk on Marcella stay where, if you have twelve viewers with a collective iq of about
negative seven, that's considered a hit on. I myself as the guide. The same thing with a regionally Ani. I was watching some hosts interview Rudy through Iranian. He was saying things just were shocked. The bullet objective I only falls objective. I have only one objective. Finally, thoughts not objectively far subject: defiantly false going, you gotta let this guy on, despite the fact he's going to lie. Why To interrupt him in coffee, everybody lives who doesn't agree with them. This Is it the minds of tyrants, small as their minds are? These are the minds of tyrants. Leading to many marshmallows. I think, go ahead every why, as they're moving forward, I don't understand, I don't do that. I even have shut up you Eddie. Of course, you don't understand
not even handed journalism, she assistance failure. Every day. I Lenny stand meagre item Joe Joe, and make a psycho lounging John maker, set the badlands back. Let's take call showy, let's go to Chuck Boise, Idaho, serious satellite. How are you check fine market supply? You like so much pleasure serving in the Oj Andrew President Reagan yourself in Juba, journalists Washington office. Thank you did we ever meet? No, we didn't, but I was just thinking today and something made me go back and re read the Arthur, there's an opinion. The Arthur Anderson opinion in which vice man was the key.
A secure. In that case, any was reverse nine zero by the Supreme Court. Yes very! Going forward against the Andersson from them is exactly the same one that he is trying to push against the president now and what we should start calling the Weissmann dossier, that being volume to the moment tell us about this.
What was historians, the jury, instructions envy of Anderson case were defective, the Supreme Court held because they did not require an element of club, intent and wise men's drafted obstruction. Geologists. It's the same, very he's. Trying to raising in the you check that up. Why didn't sell a bumper they washed and post picked up on this? I don't think they were interested in taking up on that, but if you could find a more compelling press about gonna, nine, nothing Supreme Court opinion, I dont know what it is and try to get those folks to agree on the time of day, and in that case you are aware
you had linguist school Year and Thomas agreeing with Ginsburg Briar and sooner some men. We should not be a more closed legal theory and it is even the just read this nation and yet that's what the left is still lighting incredible. I, my friends, Thank you for your insight. That's very good and thank you for your service too much appreciated got a lot of smart listeners out. We do with the smartest listeners in the listening. Well did you know this true, let's
Judith Brooklyn New York, the great debut ABC, go: hey Marquesan, you cracked me up. I'm sorry when you said Philip bomb pays the Helen Keller Journalism. I said. Oh, my god, I wrote that ban with fabulous. Thank you there's many of them a view. I felt really exactly that's my point that for a month my led off, but I have to tell you it is no collusion- is just delusion have to tell you something. This whole thing from beginning to now is diabolical. There's no other way to say it for them to sit there and Frame Donald Trump and set em up from the beginning and, to put this whole bunch of hope, step it first of all Mahler. Definitely Helen Keller, I mean we're. Where is he? Where is he been? You know it's his investigation. You think that he would uncover the truth. Right he's one Helen Keller, but I have a new Helen Keller, Mitt Romney,
What in the world are you gonna tell me he does not know the truth. I regret having voted for thy clan. I think these millions of us who feller it's not like me, the choice with Obama, but it, but I really regret it, there's something that is missing like a conscience like a spine, others there, he he he's quite communities turn I and I think it would have been a very lousy president, be yeah. Would you believe it and guess what? I would never believe, that Donald Trump, with all the things that are going on he's an absolute fantastic, fantastic present did you did you hear about eight April Ryan and what she said about zero Huckabee lobbying off her head? Oh, yes, are you? These people are quite dead, diabolical an engine.
Continued to beyond. I guess it CNN right. Yes, now they are diabolical, but waiting fulfil a bumper right about that. That's! U new book! I guess you get your work. Thank you. Thank you. Won't hold on hold on we'll get you one when it comes out. Don't hang up we'll be right back.
By the way president and his lawyers have suit the block congressional subpoena was financial records against Eliza Cummings, I believe, is going to win because- and I Vargas there's really two aspects to this- that need to be covered: separation of powers and the role of the Congress when it comes to a citizen separation of powers, because Congress can try and bring down a president by demanding is financial records. There be no end to this. They can have more than that And their purpose for oversight isn't to investigate for investigation sake, it's not for opposition research. We can see where they would never end. There has to be legislative purpose. There is no legislative purpose here.
That's number one: on the separation of powers issue a number two. As a citizen, you can see how Congress would have used this power if it doesn't like somebody or, if they're concerned about somebody, then you can start having trimming or even lobbyists, and even nonprofit groups and even left wing groups and so forth, urging trimming to get the tax returns of a citizen, and you can see, sk. It happened. The justices of the Supreme Court or even lower court judges. Congress has okay, we just want to make sure the IRS is functioning and there's no conflict of interest. That's not good enough! I may Ruth Baker. Ginsburg is quite wealthy, so maybe the Republicans in the Senate should say you know we just want to see your tax return just make sure everything is hunky. Dory! Think they'd. By that I want you to take a quick look at some outstanding free classes. You can register to take it Lavigne for hills, dealt outcome.
Only a few weeks, remain to register to take these free online courses from hills. Dale fever wished. You knew more about how politics and our constitution work or how to explain the differences between capitalist socialism. You can learn these things for free taught by the best professors, hailstones college, as a service to our country, offers you free online courses that provide a taste of the core curriculum that every Helstone College student takes the core that teaches how to think critically enact virtuously, just sign up for one or more of hailstones popular courses for free and thence learning. Whenever you like go to in four hills, doubt that come l e, the iron from Helstone outcome before they pull this court these courses- and they will, at some point and you'll, be on wait to a rich, meaningful education again, I want to strongly encourage you to go ahead and get their free.
Sign up. You can watch them any time. You want Levin for Hills, Dub outcome, Ellie, the iron free hills, do about come how much? How much time do I have MR producer quickly? How much time do I have? Ok, thank you, Usa, today Anybody know who Richard is any binding. Richard call was, I suspect, nobody and that's a damn. Shame. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Richard COM. Ninety seven years old didn't stop him from taking the controls and flying a vintage, be twenty five bomber at a reunion of the famous war war to develop do little writers, while he died a few days ago at the age of a hundred and three, the Doolittle Raiders
as one of eighty men sent a target factory areas and military installations in Japan on April, eighteen, nineteen, forty two and the daring rate done Japan and is credited with boosting? U s morale and helping turn the tide of the war in the Pacific. The only had enough fuel to get there, they didn't have enough fuel to get back The eighty men who flew from the? U s- s, horn, deck three died in the raid and for who were captured by the Japanese were executed or starve to death to others who survived the raid were later killed while flying the China Burma India Route over the Himalayas known as the hump after the re call went to India helped established a dangerous humph flying around in flew more than a hundred missions carrying cargo earning three distinguish flying crosses. The do, little raiders receive the congressional gold medal and twenty fifteen and donated
the National Museum of the USA, air force in Ohio CALL, who often attended raider related events in air shows told the AP last year. That's it was older than many, the other writers he didn't expect to be the last. I figure them The nature and the good man upstairs would pick the time and I wouldn't have any control over it. He'll be buried it only to national cemetery, hardly to national cemetery he's these are quite great men. These were great. I was watching a programme on the history chaff there the weekend and my wife that did too from time to time. Watching these men and the bees seventeenth, ten months before day day, four months before day, there trying to knock out the big chunk of their loved ones,.
The Nazis had their fighter jets fighter planes rather measurements. We didn't have anything like it in these bombers. They were shut out of the sky. We lost hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pilots Burma, dear In others on these planes, these courageous brave men, because they knew that is the general- knew that they were planning for D Day and they couldn't have aloof Wherefer in full force, over three hundred of our naval ships out of the water, and we were trying to lay a d day. Then we came up with the Mustang, which was a better jet she's me better plain, I should say in the matter. Psmith more on that another day, ladies and gentlemen, we salute all our heroes out there and thank them for their long, for What are the military, firefighters or emergency personal
see you tomorrow and God bless.
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