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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/23/19

On Tuesday's Mark Show, the progressive movement continues to reject our constitution, reject our declaration of Independence and pushes for more absurd impeachment rhetoric. The reality is that there isn't a single staffer in the White House that could have stopped President Trump from firing whomever he wanted to. He didn't do it because he didn't do it, not because people he could have fired "stopped" him. Moreover, Robert Mueller's lead prosecutor, Andrew Weismann used a similar approach as he did in the Enron case with Arthur Andersen asserting that they acted knowingly and corruptly and his case was reversed by all nine justices of the Supreme Court. Mueller and Weismann stretched the definition of obstruction just like they'd stretched the definition of "corruptly" in the Andersen case. Trump did not interfere in any way, it was not thwarted in any way. Then, pseudo-journalist Phillip Bump took exception with comments made on this program despite their accuracy. Bump fails to realize that the President does not serve at the pleasure of Congress or any political party, he serves at the pleasure of the American people that elected him. Later, Nancy Pelosi is full of it, these Democrat committee chairs are loyalists to Pelosi and wouldn't be pursuing this impeachment nonsense unless she was okay with it. This is because the fourth estate has become a fifth column. Lastly, Sen. Mike Lee calls in to discuss his new book "Our Lost Declaration: America's Fight Against Tyranny from King George to the Deep State."

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