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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/24/18

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Bernie Sanders believes the federal government should provide jobs for anyone who doesn’t have one, just as he believes in free college and healthcare for all. There are people in this country that believe liberty comes from government and government programs, and fight for more and more programs and redistribution of wealth. Part of the problem is we’re completely unmoored from our founding principles of limited government, private property rights and individual success. Instead we have people who believe capitalism and limited government create tyranny, while big government create liberty. People who debate the progressive agenda are dismissed as backwards, old school throwbacks. Government today isn’t about promoting or ensuring liberty, but stealing it. Also, the media is still going after Sean Hannity, but nobody is looking into Joy Reid and her homophobic posts. Reid claims the posts are the work of hackers, but shouldn’t the media want to know everything about her just like with Hannity? Leftists are never questioned and investigated, so we won’t see any boycotts. Later, President Trump does a better job working with foreign leaders much better than Barack Obama ever did. Trump is called a warmonger by the media, who would never say the same about Iran, North Korea, Russia, or Japan. Trump should not make any accommodations and try to fix the Iran deal, which is the same appeasement attitude European countries have towards Iran.

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