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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Alfie Evans tragedy is exactly what the Left would give us with government-run health care.  Progressives always point to Europe as the example of society we should follow and argue for government run universal healthcare because it covers everyone. Britain covers everyone but they have no control of their own healthcare or doctors. This is the ideology being exported into our country and why progressives push for more ubiquitous government control of our lives. The debate about Obamacare is always about covering people, not about quality healthcare; it’s meaningless to have healthcare if it’s not quality healthcare. The more centralized and compassionate leftists claim government to be, the less control you have over your life. Later, when the left does something it’s enshrined for all time, and that’s exactly what’s happening with DACA. President Trump is being blocked by a judicial fiat from reversing what Obama put in place through executive overreach. Later, after 40 years the Golden State killer was caught.  He was an ex disgruntled cop Joseph James DeAngelo. Law enforcement never gave up and he was finally arrested and will die in prison.

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He's here now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, tallow, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven seven rate three thousand eight hundred and eleven eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven times, do left us and our country point to Europe. As an example, They society in the aggregate that we should follow in Europe. They. This in Europe, they have that in one of the main arguments they make for
Government run universal health care is at everybody's covered. We all k there, MR producer, technically Helga, so one though bomber care, And Bernie Sanders goes on about everybody should have access to medical care for the how they all haven't paid into it. But always some kind of government construct out of the central government and its always painted a compassionate was painted as a right. You have a right to healthcare. You have a right to compel other people to provide you with
You were right to compel somebody who's going to medical school for a zillion years to treat you and a treat you at the course that you want to pay. You have a right to demand prescription drugs for free or at some nominal price, even though it might take two decades in billions and billions of dollars to develop. Protect drug to ban, and this is the breakdown of our values and our belief systems in this country. Despite what happens to us People, despite what happens to future generations, people want theirs. They get it by voting for leftists a who up who act like leftists, then so be it Not one of these a utopian societies is blatantly british House, the system of the whole, this oldest socialist healthcare systems now childcare to one of the reasons why we
Churchill was defeated. He opposed. Evermore run health care, but in any event there we are I am mentioning all this because again we look one Atlantic ocean. What do we say? We see Britain, Britain and what else do we see. While this from the Associated Press, Britain's court of appeal today rejected a new bid by the parents of terminally ill toddler out the Evans and on another, these terminally ill to take him back. Lay in continuous life support against the wishes of his doctors and judges. Parents dared one take their little baby to ITALY for care against
the wishes of his doctors and judges or who cares what his doctors and judges think if the parents think that there's a it's that they can save their little baby and other authorities in other countries And opportunities available on other countries to give it a try. It just amazes me how we bend over backwards. Protect mass murders from capital punishment, you get due process, you get, they should get that goes on and on ten twenty years. But here's a twenty three month old baby- and this is it. If the parents want to do everything humanly possible to try and save the baby in
in which the baby wouldn't suffer. How was it the doctors and judges can stop them. Well, that's what happens when you have centralized compassionate healthcare? Ladies and gentlemen, when Sarah Palin talked about death panels- and she was marked, Many people in realise how close used to the truth, doctors, the twenty three month. All boys suffers from a degenerative neurological condition that has left him in a semi vegetative state with almost no brain function. So why do the treatment, the judges and the doctors in Liverpool? If the parents want to take their baby somewhere else for other forms of treatment. These doctors and judges- aren't God
They could actually be wrong. You know what's happened before, but who do you think loves a baby, the most who do you think, wants to care for their baby, the most judges, the doctors. Now the parents apparent. Medics, caring for him at Alder, Hey Children's hospital Liverpool of said further treatment is futile and the topic I've support was withdrawn, mandate is too serious. A court going sided with the doctors and block for the medical training course. They sided with the doctors, their government doctors in bread, The doctors or on the government payroll their part of the civil service system. The judges are part of the government and the government defends the government. And the individual in the are lost, and all is obvious. Parents continued their fight to take him to it'll, be cared for the Vatican's children's hostile
which has said it is willing to take it and the Pope is willing to applying to get up three court of appeal. Judges rejected the parents latest legal bed today, Trudge Andrew Macfarlane, said nothing has changed since the previous court ruling that office treatment should end high court just the same he hated dismissed the parents case on Tuesday and said his rolling represented the final trapped in the life of this extraordinary little boy. They make you wanna. Puke really does. That the government stands in the way of this baby in these parents. The government stands in the way. If you had a twenty three month year, boy. And it similar circumstances You do everything humanly possible
sure that little boy really wasn t in a state where he couldn't be revived or, conversely, to save him. Of course you were, I would but Britain you can't. Because EVA compassionate government run universal Health care system, where everyone is courage isn't as well, but you control your healthcare? Ladies and gentlemen,. You, lose control of the doctors. The doctors become pointed to the state. You lose control of your own wives. This hideous. Another example of socialism, progressive ISM, which there's really very little difference. But this is the ideology, that's been exported into our country, and this is why they continue to push for
more centralized, ubiquitous government control over our lives. And now can I wrote about this liberty and turning this is. Beginning at the end, if they get Obamacare at the beginning of the end. Well in Europe, in the Senate. John Mccain, killed the effort to repeal it. I felt very sorry for the condition drama came as in its a desperate situation and has been a great here In defending this country in the military, but a disastrous politician there, many people in this country who will suffer as a result of John Mccain vote. Compassion, ladies and gentlemen, isn't receive You are defined by government campaign, As a human feeling compassion, is human event, not a bureaucratic feeling. You're a Craddock event, not a political feeling, not a political event.
And so getting something for nothing which is really what's being preached by Obama. It was under Bernie Sanders and the rest is very peeling its alluring, but, in the end, is a disaster, the quality, the the quality of the professionals who involved in it the little guy and that results from it. These parents should be able to take that baby to any hospital in the world if they think it'll help it's their baby, it's their flesh and blood. That decision has been taken away from him. Imagine emotionally how gruelling losses Oh, that there's nothing you can do because the compassionate socialist state as decided that your kid needs to go and dont for yourselves
the national Health Service and Britain, I used to do stories about this by the dozens before Obamacare was past neurons I find it on. This programme is a constant, constant state of near bankruptcy, and so they don't want to treat cases like this there expensive before There's no point: we saw this and have seen this with senior citizens. Have they limit certain types of operations and certain types of treatments? It's just not worth it. And you remember one of the one of the brain child, her sorrow, intellectual, Rama manuals, brother, was behind Obama Karen and its ilk? He would talk about it two there's a point at which you know, Sir you shouldn't be expanding resources for such people. Well,
when the government controls believers leavers, Healthcare, that's exactly what happened this twenty three months old boy! He was taken off this. This life support on Monday, it's Wednesday in Britain. It may well be Thursday and he still living me and those parents gave a mouth to mouth resuscitate him when they saw his lips turning blue. Can you imagine. Because there's not a hospital in London that will help there's not a doctor on the network hop theirs. Court in London that will help in their forbidden from taking that be and travelling out of the country to get that baby. They help they believe he needs to get him the medical treatment. He believes they believe he needs a terrific, its inhumane
Its socialism and progressive, as will be right back. Ben. There are others I've been a paradigm among a free people. I think and that is they like their freedom, but they like their freebies. They like their independence, but they want the government to interfere. And so our people want their freedom, they claim to want their freedom. They claim to reject a fiery in any significant way. They demand authority,
And in many ways the man. Tyranny in small pieces in small pieces, but they demanded nonetheless,. This is what happens when you on it, patched from vat whose and belief systems when you have a true that his government centric rather than value centric, this is what happens when people I'm just gonna, said, or less and less people of faith and more more people over of government, and this is what this is where we are in Europe, lurched into this mindset. Many decades before us, but were here.
We're here. There's not a single major democrat in politics at the national level who stands for the principles and the declaration of independence. How many of them talk about natural rights and natural law? None of them? When they talk about unalienable right, they mean a right a government granted job a government funded free education. Government funded family leave its all about govern That's not what I'm inalienable. It's me. And so they live in two worlds and its for a while, but one eventually Hours, the other one of truly devours. The other slow
That baby in England is going to die cause of the National Health service and because of the bureau, in England is going to die because of the National Health service and because of the bureaucracy, got up around it and because of the courts and in our country Each day that can never happen. Of course it can happen, darts and little pieces. You can't pick the healthcare so you want today, you know out against the law, because insurance companies can offer certain types of healthcare to you. And the more desperate these insurance companies become because utopia is inexpensive proposition, but it's an impossible proposition universal health- it's not possible! Then we repeat: Universal Healthcare is not possible not on this green earth. It's not.
I mean universal Health care coverage is possible by universal quality care. It simply is not, and so he remarked system the tries to figure these things out. Psychic Give everybody a car and everyone by the same kind of car, save a market system that figures these things out. Everybody can needed. Expensive restaurants, everybody candied, filet Mignon, all the time you have a market system, figures these things out, but the gun. Can't figure these things out, because the government does create anything. The governments involved and redistributing. I don't always amazes me: what does government get all these experts from all these godlike figures, who are they, Are the bureaucracy you wanna show me who they are. Is too bureaucratic any different than anything else. No, he got slops, he got. I'm he got hangers on. You get smart people, studio
people in people. It's a mix like any other offers, like any other department. The difference is the law. As I discussed last night,. Your powers in the collective vote, collective activism. Your powers in the collective vote- collective activism, their pay. Why is the rule of law which they subvert and they impose on you. There is absolutely nothing in the constitution and powers, a central federal government. No government to interfere with your health care, nothing and yet you Get health care without the federal government's interference a doctor can provide health care. Services without the federal government's interference, now they can a nurse hospital can either from.
Tension purposes directly and indirectly. The federal government runs our health care system and its getting worse and worse and more more expensive. But apart from that, these moral decisions you Parents should be making these moral decisions, these ethical decisions, that your flesh and blood bureaucrats, In Washington DC that politicians, Washington D C that judges Who had a one of a hundred cases a day? You should. But the more centralized the government, of course, the more compassionate the government which it's not The less control you have over your life will be right back up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Gifts a bloated, tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit, but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right here:
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Then you're listening to knowledge of great one, the great one you can call it now. Eighty seven, seven three aid, one three, eight one one, you know any. If you ve read my series of books, some of you. Starting with men and black, the tyranny of the judiciary Followed by liberty in tyranny, the number one conservative book in the last, what twenty years, maybe more America Tokyo, the Liberty amendments put, during deceit, rediscovering Americanism. If you read all those books, you know exactly what's going on, you know why it's going on in
We might be able to do about it. There are books coming up by the boatloads right now some of them are actually. I'd. Excellent, we'll have a few authors on the programme. But when I have said to you in the recent past. That the conservative movement is dead. When I It is, and I hope I said, the conservative intellectual movement is essentially debt, because these books burp up now. By conservative, Sir pseudo conservative. Really tell us anything new. They don't tell us anything and by new not mean you have to invent new ideas, but they don't bring much to the table. And many who claim to be conservative aren't really that concern at all their more mostly republican status quo types and buy them,
my picking on any individual, so everybody call it talking generally It may be clever, they can turn of phrase here or there I write these books. I try to write them about events that are happening. Events had are going to happen. I try to link us To our history and our traditions, I tried explain why those are important, what we're confronting some of its new, some of its not. Can't put it all in one book so far taken me six pudding God rescuing Sprite and it's gonna. Take me three or four more till my day is over. This is also one of the reasons why it is important that I have this platform and some others Because there's no way in Hell in pr or invite me on, and they never have there's no way in Hell most of the net.
Ex would ever have me onto debate their hosts for debate leftists because they want to create a caricature of the conservative. A constitutional conservative. And these so called conservatives that embrace are the ones who hate Trump and the people who support one. They can conceive of a conflict. Conservative, who has Supportive of trump- and I don't mean every single thing- Trop has done but significant things that trap is done. That's not tolerable. Because it destroys the image that they are trying to create. The conservative, the conservative movement tramp, All of you are so out and all the rest of it
More than happy to debate anybody on this anybody, but the very few comers. But if you read these books if you look at, for instance, liberty and tyranny, conservative manifesto a title tongue in cheek, obviously from the commune manifesto, but if you look at it. Those of you who have at one point some five million of you. If you go back and look at it and take another reed and look at the manifesto in the back. It's not it's not that I am most Damas or Jean Dicks, Has nothing to do with any of that? This is a battle of Of ideas, it is a battle of principles. So everyone folks need. Understand that were in this battle and then need understand exactly what the battle is.
Not a host on tv and radio will talk about the consequences of the battle. The surface battle I just spoke about this poor young baby in Britain and I'll just leave it there. Will you can't just leave it there. Why is a poor baby and those parents? Why are they in this situation? What kind of ideology what kind of force promotes. Send imposes this on a people that Important to know it's important for us to know. Everything is sold as compassionate the US. Thought when they talk about expanding government. Naturalizing more more decision making. There, is literally no reason why a family can't take their baby somewhere else for care, even if its palliative care there's no reason
And it's interesting to progressive, says that reason that reasoning, trumps all other things. Natural law, natural rights, unalienable right tradition, custom, Institutions, reasoning, trumps everything reasoning Is this reasoning here in Britain upon care reasoning open borders. As our reasoning crashing law enforcement which protects us is that reasoning, professor rain, the military in the face of IRAN, North Korea, China and Russia- is that reasoning bankrupting countries. That reasoning you see, need some moral principles.
Historical experience from which to act,. From which that or my reasoning at all its ideology, dressed up as reasoning, is its ideology dressed up his reasoning. And so this little babies gonna die. Maybe it would have died anyway, but why wouldn't you try and do everything possible to save him. Just look at the left is done to the world and look what they ve done to this country. The inhumanity dressed up as compassion Talk about this subject now and then, but were always told, don't get involved. It's too derisive. You lose your audience its abortion and I'm not taking cause on this. I'm just gonna quickly addressing the the position
in our body politic, which is not where this decision should be made, but that's where it is the position and our body default position and our body politic is abortion is choice. That's the default position. That abortion is a is a choice. It's a woman's right. Known Britain, these judges say the issue is not the rights of the parents, but the rights of the baby. It's interesting, but they don't take their position when it comes to abortion. In this country, we never talk about the rights of the baby, in fact, you're, not even the call it a baby. Because it hasn't been born you, and so we treat
a baby in the womb, a human baby in the warm like we would never treat a puppy and the dogs were we treat. Happy and dogs one room more humanely than we do a human baby in a human woman's. Well because it's a choice, it's all right! That's the default position, Be the default position, we can argue whether there should be a abortion at certain situations. I don't want to get into that. What I'm saying is there's something. Horribly wrong. Morally, morally, the government that imposes this position on its people that our position is it's not a baby. It's a choice. And when you go from there after what to be half a century. Quite but we're getting there.
Of the Roby Way decision and. Squint decisions. You dehumanize people, you dehumanize society,. The debate about Obamacare. The debate is always about covering people covering poor people cost and, the debate is never about quality health care. The debate is we're about quality Healthcare, because Obama care cannot deliver quality, healthcare. To the best of my knowledge, there's not a lot of measurements. There's no statistics, people, don't even inquire smart enough to have health care is meaningless, If it's not quality healthcare healthcare that is timely and we don't debated
because the default position again, which is imposed upon us Healthcare as a right What does that have to do anything? I want a picnic and a health care I want. I want the kind of guy For my family. Then emphasis on x rather than emphasis on. Why would you can't, because Everybody has a right to healthcare, as opposed to I want to choose quality healthcare. It is the opposite of compassion. It is the opposite of compassion. Yet this is the mindset jeez. I hope I'm not going to deepen the weeds here. We'll, be right. Back you found,
situations like this. You realize this is one situation, but look I'll, look how you and I think we know what's going on in the world. The torture, the murder, the slaughter generally an aside you and I we know what's going on in the world. In it, we still are hard aches. And our sole shouts when we see something like this, because we're Americans and that's how we think we're not Europeans. We're not from the third world. Americans and are still enough of us who are Americans who embrace the american culture. For whom this is considered unconscionable Slowly, unconscionable.
I would do anything for my children, anything anything if their sick surrendered. I give everything away. It doesn't matter. But when you're up against government. We have against government like this is not a damn thing. You can do. You know it seems like every day there's another story about technology facebook this Is on that and on and on I bear hackers are always looking for a way in trying to technology to make an easy profit or folks, like you and me,. This doesn't mean we should be scared of technology. I can't imagine giving it up, can you, but we need to be smart when protect ourselves nobody's going to protect us, but ass. The text
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I declare dot com, slash mark. Let us take a call. Let us go to Shelly Oklahoma City Oklahoma, the Great W B AP, with its massive fifty thousand watts gotta get there I'm in the health care, business and alternative healthcare. And I'm dealing with a personally nobody has the right to health care, nor do they have the right to summon up or at anyone, can get cancer treatment and they can get any type of treatment that they want. No one is turned away, but you have to pay for it. So it's more poverty, then anything that that keeps people from giving up here. Take me to know, and when someone says, while my aunt die of cancer, because a four inches
company now your aunt died of cancer, because why she got cancer and two there was no one to pay for their trip so that that's that's. Why is it that Iraq me alive, but that's not an accurate. We have Medicaid, which in part is bankrupting the country, for people under a certain income level? it takes up. As I have said many times, twenty five percent on the average of every single state's budget, medicate, emetic cave for the most part, is intended for the Koran quote poor. You are said Medicare which forest cover senior citizens. But if your poor and you're a senior citizens get Medicare and in some cases medicate as well? So it's it's just accurate to say that there are programmes out there. These programmes are so extensive and so expensive that
their imploding from within overtime agri. Maybe I should need to poverty, but maybe the income gap and we have a patient. Actually here comes the or an alternative treatment. Forehead sir CARE, which is more for em immunology care and kids hospice found out about it, and they said you can't do that anymore. He said why this is only helping me and keeping my level, I will listen. I cannot in all specific examples that I have no idea what to say, it should be covered. A should be covered, are what the alternative carriers or who should be paying for it or what his finances are and so forth, and so on. I appreciate your call, though, it's just impossible for me analyze it on the very, very limited information that I have and if I were to get deeply It would take me thirty minutes, at least so no offense. But
it's not something that I can effectively and thoughtfully address J, a Charleston South Carolina, the Great W tee I may go hey Mark Great, show. Listen, I know how to solve this problem for the parent and that by using the socialist liberal tactics against against them in the way that they do, that is they call up the television station, the newspapers, and they did you tell them that they are going to make a statement and the statement that they make is that the royal some just celebrated A birth in their family there's nothing that day wooden due for their child. There's nothing. The queen mother would not do for her branch out a great grandchildren and who just want your child be treated the same You tell every body that can I gotta go Katy. I agree from a pr perspective that were beyond the courts of rule.
And so the audience that you be addressing judges, they could care less. That's the point, These people are really caught his eye now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one! One eight seven, seven, three, eight one three one really put this
I mean a truly disgusting barbarian was finally captured after forty years. This barbarian in the area of Sacramento California murdered twelve people may have raped up to fifty fifty one women, a former top disgruntled for The cap name, is De Angelo, Joseph Jameson, Angelo. Seventy two now. And these Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones. Was it a press conference today they caught him through DNA. Really in the last week, or so that's listen to what the sheriff had to say, cut third go over the last few days. As information started to point. This individual. We start some surveillance,
able to get some discarded dna and we were able to confirm We thought we already knew though we had our man yesterday afternoon, in a perfectly the acute it arrest. My detectives arrested Games Joseph Angelo many two years old I in want to are you that, although it was DNA, ultimately that let us down the right road there out of places that road could have led. I dont want to underscore. I can't underscore enough the absolute Human factor, the dog D. The of not only the detectives working on this case, but the passion of the district attorney myself.
The community and the victims, all too often we forget about talking about the victims, and today we at least brought the first step towards closure for those victims of these horrendous crimes. And I want to thank not only the district attorney in the crime lab effort, the DNA that way us get here, but my own detectives and about the All these folks represented by the leaders they behind me when we put together this working group, two years ago and brought The FBI was more than happy to be part of this team effort. We had way of knowing that we be standing here. Talking about the resolution of all of these crimes, We take a little bit about the situation with this piece of trash report. The local fox, forty, Asian there in Sacramento these stereo rapists easily. Twelve homicides and dozens of rapes in California.
Rise communities across the state for years for years, over ten years. Authorities say: dna evidence linked the seventy two year old, Joseph James, Angelo to the crimes of the EAST area rapist, who was also known as the Gulf States killer the original, it stalker and the vessel their ransack, her jewels, James. The Angelo see the average neighbour those who lived on a street described him he's a nice guy was help after, working in his right. Yet we hear this all the time about these new jobs. Don't we. But he was occasionally prone to outbursts. Neighbours tell Fox forty. They. Sometimes hear him yelling profanity from down the street. He was born of ever nineteen forty five, the attendant fulsome Highschool from sixty one, sixty three before thing is G d and sixty four showed a navy during the Vietnam WAR later that year he graduated
Sacramentos stay with the bachelors degree in criminal justice and nineteen. Seventy. He married Sharon Huddle and Placer County on November ten nineteen. Seventy three, the also workers he's officer in the small Central Valley of Exeter from mine, Seventy three: seventy six nineteen, seventy six! He returned a placer county as an officer with the Auburn police Depart. He was arrested for shoplifting, a can of dog repellent and a hammer from a sacrament are shop in the summer, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine he was fired from the Auburn police. A few months later divorce the ninety ninety one I may tell you about this- people say don't mention their name in our daughter. That's what they want. That's not what this guy wants. Sky doesn't want to be known, he hit out for decades. So it needs to be known. Every damn morsel of information.
Investigators use dna evidence to link the Angelo to the crimes of the east area rapist when he worked carbon exit are nearly a hundred homes and nearby Vassili were broken into a journalism. Answered the college of the sequoias was fatally got doing a burglary assignment September. Seventy five. Between June nineteen. Seventy six in January nineteen. Seventy eight when the Angela worked and Auburn at least twenty eight rapes in Sacramento area were linked to the east area, rapist. On February. Second, nineteen, seventy eight, Brian and Katy measure re were murdered in Rancho Court Eighteen, more women were raped between nineteen march. Eighteen, seventy eight in October nineteen, seventy nine in northern com, just imagine breaking in these homes and everything. This guy was out at every night terrorizing communities.
In December after the Angela was convicted of shoplifting and fired from the Auburn Police Department, ten people were murdered. For more women were raped in various southern California communities. Clooney, In a barber, Ventura County and Irvine. Last Tuesday night Joseph James, the Angela, was arrested at his home along Canyon, oak drive and citrus heights. His neighbors were shocked. He was booked and said, for many county jail. For the Monterrey Murders- and you know when you go online and you look at this beautiful cup- I mean it is sir. The number of lives that he destroyed just it's good, they never again, never let up they hunted down. The so, we'll get all kinds of due process. Rights he'll never see the death penalty unless he gives up all of his appeals and so forth. He'll die in prison because that's what
you do here. We have a mass murderer: mass rapist, a brutal sub human And if he gets second jail but give a doctor. For needs. An operation arsenal, Diaspora Hospital. She gets three squares and twenty, A month old baby in England just write em off. There's no no hope is in a closet, legit If state I don't know, what was I or semi vegetative state is because I mean. That the baby only respond to two cents century a contact you're speaking, or what have you are? Sometimes
what does I'd even mean? Nor the means, I guess we're all just dumb, we parents, Shelly Dallas Texas, the Great W B, a pay go hey yet. Finally, I think that would be the way we handle Luther's Boycott Britain eleven by money, we will obviously no offense what the hell do we buy from Britain, and only by using for Britain no, it's the truth, money MAR the what the try them. I'm not going there either aye, but shall I do you really think we can organise a tourist span of Britain and he really That's what we should be doing when, in fact the vast majority of people in Britain have nothing to do with this. I think we got I think we ve got to get you set up the organization. You tell us what to do
Although my producer will see if we want to follow you, ok, ok, thank you. She woke people like to get stuff off their chest. I understand John Sacramento, California retired sheriff there. How are you, Sir, my God bless you're like yours I'm precede all you do for us. I just hate him. Back. A lot of memories are back in the amid late seventies. I was Your high and then high school, I lived in Sacramento and the fact that this hysteria, rape is tat. We had no idea, you know until today about the golden state killer. Correlation but Thea the effective on this community with absolutely unbelievable it. If we didn't happen, neighbour that was raped,
These dairy rape, as we knew somebody at our swaller or church that had that and brings back a lot of memories. I went on the military, open police department in retired at a sack sheriff department, and it it it if we were in shock unjust that almost disbelief that they finally finally caught the sky of dollars. Here That's a good thing. Isn't it. Inside the sometimes they never find these, these mass killers and mass rapes, and I'm just glad they don't just throw him into the call case file. You know, Yet it certainly didn't talk about fitting into a community. You mentioned, you know when you got fired, forgetting that dog repellent. I remember back when, when everybody got a dog, and that was kind of some of the reports that you know german shepherds Ere, I interesting so he got it for a reason. All certainly certainly only breaks into these homes. He can
Tell the dogs exactly. And even more- and I haven't confirm this and show you just mentioned about his ex wife, but I went through a divorce Andy the attorney that I had had the same name as you this put out and she would be about dinner. Seventy so would be a fitting The community should well respected attorney in the sacrament. If that's the same Well I'm not following what did she do? the article that I read. There are numerous names I mentioned. That was I wife, I see he had met the name, Sharon Huddle and she reactors these same spelling, but that she was a very were now that the horses In the. If it's the same very interesting and one died They main police officer was shot and killed by killer, who was still a car.
Why have you heard to police officers outside our severe. The two police officers were shot home deeper and one died. We heard that a main police officer was shot and killed by killer. Who was trying to steal a car. We seem to now. As a society, accept these the. So killings as police officers they barely get mentioned, including on, can the talk reign of its outrageous. I don't necessarily see the stories across the country, but when I see them I want to mention it just It's a terrible, terrible thank now. You know out last night I spent some time
looking about joy read, and I noticed how nobody else was talking about Joy Reed, how whose joy, she's, a left wing cook, radical. Who does a weekend show on the left wing cook, radical, Msf, LSD and Congo line of misfits miscreants. And I pointed out the utter hypocrisy of the left media which are most of the media, are they Going after Sean Hannity and his private investments, all of which, perfectly appropriate, even by the worst kind of reporting, from a guardian, among others, swallow or coverage water war coverage. And other media had been essentially silent about joy, reed. And the joy read it claim that her website or her blog site or whatever the hell. I was your twitter account had been hacked.
Which is very, very unlikely knowledge. True. People have said things in the past. I m sure I have that we regret. I can assure you the things that she has said about gay people. I've never said. We can debate over the years gay marriage. Or civil unions or bakeries, related to that sort of thing perfectly legitimate, but really demeaning people trashing people who are you, and doing it, apparently at a fairly routine manner. Some time ago is pretty pathetic third and ten years ago was, is no excuse.
But my main point in addition to that was the extent to which, joy. I was being ignored. Because of joy, read a penny. Choose me host on the Fox NEWS Channel. She would have been drummed out of the business minor because they can cock things against humanity. And others over there? That network. Or joy red hangs on has the Oh backing of NBC. I've noticed one other thing I should have at last night, but a ladder right now how few voices. And conserve talk radio came into the defence of Sean Amity. There were some but very few, very few local host, let alone national House on this attack was.
His real estate investment and you can tell it- was kind of a slime attack because they were inferring. That Ben Carson ahead of hard may have had some rob a bank Carson. Because he's that have hot is involved in any individual matters. Oh Elsie's or legitimate corporations they're, not shell companies. Sitting offshore. The Cayman Islands or somewhere the perfect. Illegal and perfectly legitimate rail companies with real money and so forth and so on, and so when the left media, which is heavily funded in many in many areas at many elements of it, it's hard to distinguish one from the other by wealthy leftists behind the scenes.
Supported by media matters and other cook radical left organizations when they talk get a conservative in media to try and take them out with theirs. But we had style, saw Linsky style, tax tactics. It is appalling to me how few stand up and defend him. Including on conserving talk, greater and quite frankly, even at them, ship, I Willard Fox One Williams, trashed Kennedy. Over the Michael Columnar was really. Completely out of line, so that was my point: joy red Now she sweating now. Because they're finding more stuff? And it's not we want a whole joy red accountable for everything, she's ever said or ever done.
But if there is a significant pattern over a period of time,. A behaviour that is that is in for most of us, unacceptable, of course, its relevant. It's not up to us whether she keeps job or not we're not the ones who led boycotts. I would be the other side. There will be the other side. People should express their views, but there to be held to account. If you're public figure and again, I'm not try and I don't believe people should be destroyed over it or anything of the sort, people will make up their own minds. That's what an audience does it's the purest form of a market system, radio, I am tv on. If you read the listener, you don't you the watching it up. But I watch CNN and they didn't covered This time I watched MSNBC and they ignored it for the longest time. Why why Is that not relevant? Sean Hannity, private, real estate, investments.
Here in the United States of America are some That requires reporting. That was my point. I'll be right. Back mark radios principle, patriot call now eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I see what's cook enough there, Edward Perceval Virginia the Great W. I may I go hide a good evening mark mark. You know I I my view of this. This young child is back. The the judges and the doctors at this point have to ensure that this child does not live for. If this child words somehow to get out of this place, I mean it. The child is basically in the prison It's no different than being in Cuba does point
you know they're both islands and they both go to motor on them. They're, going to make sure that this child does not get out alive and they're vested now and making sure that this child dies because of this child were somehow to get out of that place and somehow, live for any appreciable amount of time Toby undermine their the justification that they may per cent to help us as aching. There also thinking, We could have a lot of cases like this. We can't clog up the courts with this and national. How service, with all these expenses and so forth, and so on? We need these doc to being control. We need the government being controlling, keep an eye on all these lists. Yeah, it could just be a matter. It could be a case study for them the out. This is a justification. This is why we need to do in. But to me this is their there's something then some lights totally sick about this, or something like that list
he's sick about this a bit it did. You have what welcome to Utopia. If you have a universal healthcare system run by the bureaucrats, the doctors work for the government, the nurses work for the government. The hospitals are owned by the state that's done in. There is regulated by bureaucrats. The politicians there, the member parliament's there in charge. And it always amazes me that there and here seem to believe that somehow If you're a civil servant, you're smarter than everybody else. What makes us And finally, there are smart civil servants, but there are also adults and the smart ones are today about the adults, but there this fiction out there that we have a bunch of experts in the bureaucracy, no, we don't some experts and some not in
Your public unions and civil service that protect the the good and the bad. But you're, not necessarily an expert, because you and the bureaucracy may not be an export of any kind and the poor patients are an experts at all and- and why do we think, they're always motivated by noble purposes, polity Tens are motivated by, for the most part, real action and so to turn life and death decisions. Politicians and bureaucrats are not elected judges but lifetime appointment is really an abomination and take that country away from the parents is is on its way tat human nature there? should you procreate and have children. They carry on for you. They are, they are your your import, immortality, your children,
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enter Levine alleviation at check out. Oh, yes, Jesse Durango Colorado, the great k D are oh go. How are you doing right? I was in regard to the child, and I believe that they ought to go ahead. Filed charges. True, the Hague firm. It got murder, I'm not exactly sure how that works. I suspect the government files charges against this one or that one, but I really think, you're, probably out of legal recourse to the governor. Sets up the legal service. Mcgovern's sets up the court system. And certainly in this case, the hold the whole system is rigged down, but the same way they did, but the gave Germany.
What about the Jews in Germany that this is a comparison of that to the third Reich butter. Definitely a system run amok when a twenty three Little baby, I can't get the care that his parents think he knew it's in there more than happy to take him out of the country into another country, I would welcome him with open arms. And provide him with with care. I mean that is it is to me I mean what is Britain give a damn about that? What are they care? Thank you for your call Caroline New York, the Great W B say, go I love you shall I was calling about that horrible man in California, in Sacramento, Donata man he's a barbarian. These is sub human. Yes, I know So many though now I mean it's not like that, but hidden. It is unbelievable that the police department, quite and finally, what are discussed
The human being- but I am very concerned about what is happening in our courage too bad, it's not in Texas or Florida, Virginia era. Where we will, where we have our own forms of old smoky. If you get my drift, go ahead, I'll call you back it's horrible, I mean they stopped however, since I've been going on for years, but I see a progressive trend. What's the violence in this country, and its very upsetting to me, when I tell you what. This kind of violence actually is on the down swing. I know that sounds weird, but political, Violence, in my view, is on the upswing, with groups like, and you remember, wheat about this at the time. How tower the media were of anti for how they were making excuses for anti for, how they were saying that ain't teeth was being provoked,
I remember this: guy down lemon overt CNN defended them for, here a time of any reverse course, Media tolerates significant amount of violence depending on who is doing it. But I see arise quite frankly and political violence and I don't think it's gonna get any better. Thank you. Thank you for your car Janey Herman Virginia the great yeah may Herman Virginia you're, not an her. Where are you a hand in it? I Herndon S hand in Virginia. Yes, But I wonder if I tell you whether some great restaurants, the Russia house- I love my restaurant while I dont go. I take that anyway. I think Mr Mulder will now bang on my door and grab my files cause. I have eaten at the Russian House, restaurant well,
nowhere? That is yes, but I want to tell you that this this situation with a baby and England has just been breaking my heart all day. I just I've. I've been in tears about it, because this is just letting people, be God it's awful. I have ah I had a large. He was ten pounds. I had a medium, he was seven and I had a one point: five, maybe there third one I'll tell you they said you know you have a chance to abort hand, because yeah you're health is in danger, but I said that's not my choice. God chooses if her death, not me- and you know that little boy is the United States Marine right I'll- tell you
What I am so proud, but he weighed my husband jokes. He says I've even chickens. Bigger than that kid. You yeah yeah tiny absolutely tiny, very tiny, and I will never regret, regret my choice. You put a big smile on my face when he said an early ditties surviving Gimme United States marine his eyes, I better and how that little that child. How can people think they can choose over God. I don't know. I just don't. We'll government likes the substitute itself forgot all the time. That's the whole notion of the progressive movement, the whole notion of Darwinism in by the you might be very interested in this training on Sunday at ten p M your time centre in Virginia the fight
to show we're. Gonna have a very substantive, deep, scholarly discussion about not abortion, but about science Evelyn. And progressive. As with one of the great minds really of our time. Many of you probably haven't heard of David Berlin, Ski, but he's absolutely remarkable. And we're going to have this discussion. You know he's he's a secularist. Snap particularly, is really not of religion. He is a secular drew, but he defends. Jim and he raises scientific questions about evolution, so why not about somebody, who's, necessarily a preacher somewhere whose saying you know dont embrace evolution, although I understand that. But he somebody who is questioning atheists questioning ever
ocean. He says this is as much of a dogmas, anything else, but I think what every your viewpoint unify this incredibly fashioning. Could you knock me here this anywhere network satellite cable tv, unless you too, I shall seriously- and I think you'll find a very profound and compelling. All our best to your wonderful son, Janey you take care, will be right back telling by the college under this programme, and we have a full boarding. We have. We do every night somebody cause in somebody- comes from behind and this twenty three months old and what's happening to this little baby and the british government, it has infuriated you.
It is infuriated the american people, MIKE Long Island, the Great W b c, and no I'll go right ahead, Sir, your honor to talk to you, you too, cricket performance, about twelve years ago, I used to call him regularly like liberal from Tri County raised to live. I will let you know that the election that only change a lot of my time Voting day I couldn't vote Raillery at its. But my time and migration day I drove on Long Island to Washington to be there for inauguration. Everything has changed. Seeing the way the trunk the way to change your mind on if no longer by ITALY. Might I remember you yeah. We die to call you about once every other week and you are hard core.
I know it used to scream and shout and push your breaks and all these down the stairs. National action on voting for job, I can promise you that much about them. Well, those convinced two or three million more people in New York, any my window. I'll be hard, but rather a move in Florida. The vote for Democrats right now- I don't want it- There was a child a five year old child desire, king who was in the same predicted In the UK in appearance knocked him out to court, orders You got a cancer and he was treated in the Czech Republic, any recovery, Still, I did you not base that embarrassment agenda. That is a reason why not don't let him go because if this kid's arise- and they have another case where a proven wrong your mind, their entire. You know public houses in which other people-
About to be a lot of us already know the doubtless failure for them before nor blimp. Keep that view up. It cannot legislate out because it is thereby you're, just gonna completely undermine better go up not a glad as that is of course, a brilliant point and if it undermines the entire structure, government run centralized health care were bureaucrats and judges and bureaucrats, there are doctors included, they get to make the decisions that they make the wrong decision. Your right. They, what they could have a potential revolt, after that first gaze and allow articles written about it. But now two thousand and and everyone's watching those if it happens again, but you said you could ever outwardly, people are going to start looking for more private I'd like America, obviously,
As you know, one of the things he said Tom again and I apologize if this something that you have said, because I don't we'll call back buddy, don't be a stranger anymore. Taking are, you make so much sense Ben Virginia listening on W M amazing. How are you. Good evening! Mark I'm well. How are you, sir, did go baby? Yes, sir, you know up I've been alone, come listener to your good buddy state, crowded, one of the key things that he said it is really struck a chord with any is a good honeys. Great he's a great I urge you to one of the things you set timer again, and I apologize if this something that you have said, because I don't doubt that you have is a wonder tremendously France is between right and left from an ideology. Ideological perspective is the difference of how the left is all about the up. The equality of out Where the conservatism is all about equality-
opportunity. And I think that I thank Stephen agree and I did. Went unheeded, invent that this has been a core point. I think for some decades now. Yes, sir, and I think that at bottom everything. In Britain really comes down to that and at the lesson that we all have a large here in the: U S: is there If we allow this liberalism to take over and subvert the equality of opportunity. That is ours by right from our creator and then in Jack. This equality. You have outcome what we are opening ourselves up to with ultimately equality of low outcome because no other outcome can be guaranteed whatsoever, actually guaranteeing quality of no outcome. But thank you for your call. My friend, You know it's time to give your bathroom the cleaning it deserves, get rid of all.
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Mark Levin, our number eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one, one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven, three thousand eight hundred and thirteen eight hundred and eleven. While there was a oral argument in the United States Supreme Court to day again about immigration and for. We ve had to talk about this. A lot given thee. Additional tyranny that has taken place in this country, particularly as applies to immigration. It is banned been a string of disastrous federal court rulings. Even Becomes two regulations in the cafe standards been a disaster parent. Here's, the new rule. When you have a president, like Obama, and he governs with executive fields. Unconstitutionally. If you want to reverse those executive, yachts, you're not allowed or
If, as he in and other aspects, the federal government issue these my boggling. Impossible regulations. And you're the new president, you say: no, I not going to enforce our regulations, I'm going to withdraw them. Once again, apparently not allowed to do that so, in effect now. Let to have a new alike when the left does something it is. Try for all time. This is our new started, decisive as they say It is apparently the new judicial fear. While now The present is being challenged again and a tall away in the Supreme Court. You might remember where he was temporarily preventing people from coming into the country from certain countries countries that have you know like civil wars, the countries that down, Effective governments, because otherwise.
She's me, otherwise, we don't know who's coming to this country. Now, Bob did something of this sort. In the past nobody raised- and I now now and Does it he's a racist he's, a Zena Now we know that xenophobia is too good. Word Ferrara scrabble by the way, but still But you know the story. We ve gone through the soap. We have Neil Qatar you. Who's, the lawyer on behalf of the respondents as we call this guy's a former solicitor General Andorra and are about It could be wrong about that. When so other in court and coarser sang in services. Discrimination, and you can't do this, even though President has historically certainly recently Given a lot of leeway according to this
Cream Court in the Hague states versus Arizona decision anyway. You're here, the lawyer for the respond in sight is the bad side. And then you will hear Justice Alito caught one go another example observer reading this park. Let me let me, let's start over. You gonna hear a leader first. I apologise that again cut one go another reasonable observer reading this proclamation with while taking into account statements, think that this was a muslim ban. There are I think there are fifty predominantly muslim countries in the world five of five countries. If predominantly muslim countries, our on this list, Population of the kind of the predominantly muslim countries on this list make up about eight percent. The world's muslim population, if you looked at the ten countries with the most Muslims,
Actually, one IRAN would be on that list of the top ten. So with a reasonable observer, think this was where Islam Day and if it were just the text of the order alone, it might raise eyes brow eyebrows for fit and other reasons at the Brisco into, but we wouldn't be here, we I absolutely agree that you just did the same test as in leukemia. In other cases, you have to look all the circumstances around it that are said the pub we available once you know into just delete the fact that the order only come encompasses some muslim countries? I don't think means it's not religious discrimination, for example the common employer and I have to. Four can Americans working for me and I only five or two of them Thank you now and say: well, I've left the other media and I don't think anyone can say. That's not discrimination or I understand that, and it is one of our fundamental values that there's religious freedom care for everybody and that number adherence to every religion are entitled to equal treatment. My only point is that if you will
What was done, it does not look at all like a Muslim banned. There are other just vacations that jump out as to why these killer countries were put on on the worse. So it is Let me list, it's a strong inference that this was not dine for that in the and the because a long shot out be can't wait to jump in, but for them everything is about race, you say, or religious discrimination, not when it comes to why Christians, but when it comes to foreigners. And by the way, not when it comes to black Christians either It's gone on in the Sudan, your black muslim slaughtering. Black Russians and barely say anything. Putting in the black civil rights part of these civil rights movement. It's just appalling right now,
So the lawyer says: well, you know, few discriminate against true people had attended. Still discrimination really is What's going on here were taught about governments under either non existent or their civil wars going on in these countries- and we don't know anything about these refugees, They don't have reliable data bases, they dont anything in order for us to vet. This is not a matter of hours. He discriminate against two out attended, stood discrimination. No discrimination here whatsoever, none which is the point, the ten largest mm muslim majority countries one is effective, IRAN, IRAN pick for reason. There are enemy. What is it with these liberals? How suicidal are they you know if they want to jump off the roof? I
encourage the matter, but don't drag the rest of us with. You now justice, Sonia Soda, my or she had the same sure it's very compelling cut to go. I thought that Congress had looked this situation, created a Tori System that the very concern the president is expressing. Congress said you can have. So waivers if you, you can meet the three criteria. Special Committee of the President's look tat, and you don't you have to a very heightened Extreme vetting process created that setting process and suggested its parameters. More importantly, it. Terrorist countries and designated which one supported terrorism. And added another layer of review
and said if you are a national from one of those countries or you have visited one of those countries in the rear, pass. So I have to get the permission of the attorney general and this Secretary of state to I prefer that you are not a danger to the U S, but what I see the president's doing here is saying: I'm going to add more shoes, it limits the Congress, said right and what Congress said was enough, weird In addition to those set forth in me, I need but got together and by the way that, by at least gets a world bomber got his Dhaka authority. You know, is a field which, I am sure you support, but actually stronger than that the slow their General Mall Francisco go ahead. Then. Congress has already decided is adequate
while there there's a lot packed in your question, your honor, and so let me try to unpack it a little bit. I think the basic answer is that lady to F gives the president the authority to impose restrictions in addition to those For me, I need but got together and by the way that has always been the case. And she knows it: everybody knows that the whole world knows it go ahead. Tell your eyes but right on military grounds, the Congress has already enabled them. That's exactly what I was going to address next, your honour. The visa waiver programme, provides, Special benefit to our closest allies and some of the safest countries in the world. Neither the view The waiver programme, nor any of the other statutes that they cite addresses whether we get the minimum level of information needed to determine the admissibility of visuals coming in from some of the doesn't justice sodomy or have any concern, we don't know anything about these people coming in from there
parts of the world She not concern about that at all, because the president has to be concerned about. We have justice. Elaine Kagan can't wait, cut three go. So. This is a hypothetical did. You heard a variant of before that the government has at any rate, but I wanted just give you. So, let's say in some future time a prayer. Then get selected to is a view meant anti semite Firelight Lent left lets them. What are it troubles me. Is when they bring up these outrageous hypotheticals answer, Their wind up debating hypotheticals are not the case before them you know this slippery slope she's trying to say so. You have president whose elected as a visa, who is a vehement anti semite. Anybody really think. Does anybody really think, then that if, that's the condition of the nation.
And then the court that there's a parallel here. We had a supreme court that upheld Coromandel. We had a supreme but then upheld car matter. But that's not this case. Go ahead. Tat all kinds of denigrating comments about Jews and provokes of resentment and hatred over the course the campaign and in his praise you may like the Lee. The deputy chairman of the Deep sea Keith acts a k, Keith Alison. Like him, you mean. He was, I hope we don't get that go ahead and In the course of that asks, for his cabinet members to issue a profit issue, recommendations on eleven. So the present is the common
I told you, I love you, you know, maybe in the courtroom, just from your honour. That has nothing to do with this case. The suggestion of your hypothetical really undermines the facts of this case facts in this case We have countries whether a civil wars. We have countries where the governments are effectively non existent and we have come. These where individuals are committed, acts of jihad. Terrorist on nine, eleven, so the present the commander chief. He has access the information that you know we all down, including Supreme Court Justice. And so it's not about if We have a very anti semitic president, any the cabinet to put out a proclamation focused on juice.
Tat we have a presently United States is trying to do a reality, just like Brok, Obama did when he focused on most of these countries to in order to see nor protect our nation go ahead. All the t s. And what emerges and and in the context of this virulent anti Semitism, what emerges is A that says no one shall enter from Israel right do you say: Mandl puts an end. To judicial review of that set aside no your honour not see. Mandela puts an end to it, but I do say that in that context, Mandela would be the starting point of the analysis, because it does involve the exclusion of aliens which is where Mandela applies. If his cabinet and This is a very tough hypothetical that we dealt with throughout, but if his cabinet were to actually come to him and say, Mr President, there
honestly, national security risk Here- and you I think, then, that the pay it would be allowed to follow that advice the prison in his private heart of hearts. He also animists put. I would also suggest that if I could finish that your honour that think will be very difficult for that too. Even satisfying Mandela rational basis scrutiny. I don't need to know what the rationale was. That Israel happens to be one of the country's closest allies in the war against terrorism. Buddy saying is: there needs to be a rational basis for this decision. That's the law. And if somebody is a very violent, anti semite and their focused on Israel, that's not a rational basis. This is when I listen to the court, a complete and utter waste of time, I'll be right Ben
well. We ve collar from the United Kingdom, laid over their meal on the mark. Levant power uses a mark I've got a member from the liberal. Look, I'm an indian reawakens overdue re, hardworking, we're gonna. What we want we can't go. I have this ticket cost about Europe, talking about energy, you pick up one case, then you can click on. I can pick up a thousand cases ok. You know something I merely supper a harder dick. The paramedics. Climatic and filled my life. I didnt pay pal, you well, that's very good, but there don't people who can't get pretty is done at all
but his son people who are waiting on Gurney's outside of emergency room. I didn't make this stuff up. There's report after report a report, your own newspapers, I agree with you that long there, many people who die from heart attacks over there because they take it into sea cardiologists. Not Mr Cook. Yes, it is true. But not the whole world good. Let unchecked themselves not monk, black people died, a look! I don't don't start with that. Crap look! yeah countries that country that imported blacks under the United States. You aware that POW yogurt but I said: are you aware that written imported blacks and the yen, It states they outlawed slavery, but they said made money from slavery with their slave ship. Coming over to the United States, your where they have. Get on the phone you Eddie it even from Britain. What can I tell you
thinks he knows his history. I know the history, I know the history. That's continue, show let's Jeff like Charles Louisiana. How are you I'm great bar? That's it that's hard act to follow at their but I'll be wiser. Thanks were taken my gall and then you're a man of your time. Really. I do a lot more. A lot of people down here do actually, but the thank wanted to ask you a question about in a mind mistaken in assuming that a lot of illegals are represented by lawyers here, either private or government lawyers trying to defend themselves. What they're doing here, Gideon here somehow and yes you, let's just if, like an Weekly, it ass. It is, I mean everything, raggedy Ann and thanks to a decision last week by five left us on the court and NEO Gorse Ich whose being too,
led by a Cato and heritage and all the others who are absolutely misguided. It's gonna get worse. It's gonna be even hard to deport the aliens in this country the crimes can be much more complicated now. Well, that's what I'm gathering you're not to me Listen. You thought of irony that Kagan cop is this like a fifth column movement here, it's like Sherman Awesome, It really is: what do we do to stop it like? No behind I lie down do you know the tooth fairy. Maybe she can help us do my best the boy day. What is an appeal tat looks like to me, but we gotta do something. You just can't go on like this, and I wish I m ass regular easily after question, but I would ask that the day it is almost feeling like Hoboken here keep they keep coming, and what do we do we defend them? We actually open the door to a man I don't see anything that dating any of Many of them, linking fighting to keep open
my friend, we'll, be right back for them, but at of conservatism coma now, seven, seven, seven green one, three, eight one one take some people the waiting and waiting and waiting, not fair, so Gregg Hollywood, California, the eight seventy. I am our great affiliate there. How are you doing Mark you, how are you doing get great? I have,
we share your show for so many years. My wife and I have to to it, and you know we understood the things and I I just feel how fortunate I was to have receive education. They taught me to think for myself and to look at situations and make judgments in Europe,
book the rediscovering of Americanism. That was the one thing I felt as if we could just have a giant speakers bureau that would be available to every junior and senior high school in this country. I think we might be able to do something new. Well, that might be tough yeah, that's true getting invited by some of these people, but I was thinking about you know Althea in this thing that's happening over in Britain and it it just reminded me: well, hey they do that! Stop because he's a subject of the crown ensures parents- and so was the EAST Indian, guided called
you up I'm so they look at the east, indian guy in a SEC. While he's got some parts, you can put some more money in the system of, we have, will fix him up and make him work, and he has more. But this brings Our declaration of independence from seventeen, seventy six right to two thousand and eight when the bill of rights going along with it and it is totally camp Weekly just meaningful as to what we are doing, struggling for this very day to make gradual right on, of course, appreciate trick. Let us go to Jerry New York, New York, the Great W B cigarette ahead chair. I remember you from Ireland didn't used to call the show I called before when I told you about
father haven't away for nearly fifteen months for a knee replacement. I remember you go ahead, tell America! Well! I had an old friend of mine back and in Northern Ireland who was blind but and he had slipped and fallen and they took him to the hospital which is part of the british healthcare system in Northern Ireland, and they laughed and said. Manawyddan area for hours per hour upon hours and to live two days later, he died with a broken back, So I don't know what that indian guys talking about, he must live in the rich part of London or Somethin was a picture of the rich, but this programme was left then the with area for hours upon hours waiting for someone to attend. And you know you can go on the internet to you, you have a friend you have experienced the UK and so forth, and not just putting down the UK. I could put down France till the It is, though, if you, if you go online, you can see these
There is one after another after another after another If I had a heart attack right now, God forbid. They come here in the ambulance. They take me to the best local hospital they could to attend to me immediately. My insurance would catch up with it in the south I would be waiting on the lines of none of that stuff will be going on it's getting worse and worse. Or we have government run healthcare, more interference, these people of their these people they want socialized Madison could look like that. That's crazy! It's crazy, but I don't like you're the best and keep up the good work God bless Jerry. Take Are you so air, all Houston, Texas, on the model of app Harry you I'm great mark? How are you good. Thank. You were taken. My call mark. I have all of your books,
I'd like to get an early second get the hard copy. The only one I dont have a hard copy of the man in black, because I saw your listing highwaymen think we haven't Dewey rich we don't have one of those he copied out dear. That's the only one but the rest of my have a hard copy, the reason, a college. I want to make two quick points. Number one I've been listen to. You Talk about how the leftist hammering Hannity about his real estate transaction and begged reminded me of senator by the name of hurriedly who looking at the loose busters article right now from October, twelve, two thousand and six, where, according to the eighth Hee Hee over a million dollars from the sale of LAS Vegas property that he didn't even own? At the time,
and left me never brought it up. He knew right. Fell right. They that they have aid. They have a very interesting. I ll a moral outrage, nothing they do, and I believe like. I am the countries getting tired of it, because we can help to standards of justice. One for progressive levels and another one for everybody else in Hungary, one provided unsustainable. Now you clearly. My second point was with regard to hell here, Obamacare provided health insurance just because you haven't,
that doesn't mean you're gonna get any hair and a dozen betrayed the quality of care. So just because we have ensured that doesn't mean a thing. The question is: what kind of care are you getting with their insurance? Now, exactly how I my friend, I appreciate your call excellent com. You know it's been a big past few weeks for the social media elites hasn't we're. Seeing these then he is dealing with privacy and data issues and were just getting started, but even more than that, we have created in the private sector in entity called conservative review tv and we ve got more than twelve outstanding hosts and you ve heard of of many of them. We ve got Steve days. We ve gotTA, Andrew well, cow
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just normally ninety nine bucks, so its eighty nine bucks. Now this is bare bones operation. They cost a lot to do this sort of thing, but work to do it, you can see so many conservatives have lent their name to the operation are working hard to prepare to provide programming for subscribers. It's really a fantastic enterprise, so I hope you'll join us, give us a call eight for four Levin TV and we'll get you all set up. Eight four for El Eve,
the eye and tv check it out again, there's nothing to lose. There's no risk contrives out for thirty days, absolutely free use, promo code LE then, when you call them alleviation. That's eight four for Thou av iron tv and are you gonna love? We get a lot of people who love Sherry Marian. Where are you so far where I can't hear you Marian County Arkansas are going ahead I'm calling about the hierarchy of iron car and I'm sorry go right ahead and everything about higher hierarchy of healthcare, and I ran into a military man from Britain in Kansas about the time they were discussing Obamacare before path. And I asked them about their healthcare system if you're, the military,
at the end of the line and then depending on your status and therefore boy twenty three month, all have very good status and that's a sad part of it. That everybody thinks that is free for everyone, and everybody gets the same deal not true. He added for Mary sat down for a minute. Thank you. I will be right back Howard, ever taken. Your car for oil trained you're mechanic find something wrong in surprise. You hit with a u prepare bill. It's happened to me. What happens? you're not covered by the manufacturers, warranty. Well, guess what you pay through the nose,
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You're safe, ten percent deductible may apply by the way, if haven't gotten us yet. I don't know why it is great service, the protection terrific Dennis somewhere in Florida, serious satellite go right ahead. Market Fernando applied up to speed, will wait a minute, I'm about your names, her Nando her No Florida, Dennis International Flora. Yeah sorry Loretta Correct applauded think what the other higher than calls it mean wrote years with a cut cause. We rode Fernando Eyes had now. Let's call A police officer was shot in the arm and ask you said last week in the week before. And and everybody kind of glazed over because of the Syria connection Harry. What's going on, no one talked about it here, His cane I shot The a canine survived, the officer is, was obviously deceased
when talking about and then we had obviously the two shootings in Florida where I live now, and we decide the Dallas shootings is so behind this discourse and in not we're not when discussing it enough I mean we, I know we. I know we dwell on it, but we don't well enough then, and then thou, but shooting the police officer was by somebody that had been don't discount this hundred and eleven prior convictions? Not arrests were Look it up, look it up and I am not an American up. Look it up one hundred and eleven prior the they knew about him left and right. Harry was allowed now this officer, I know the officer, my my my wife used a baby sit him amenities,
everything about is horrible. As we are concerned, and no one shocking bought it. But while you just dead- and you told the nation- and I want to thank you dennis- let's go to Emory North Ridge- California go right ahead. Hey Don Mark, I know well, talk to you when I had the pleasure of talking to you working at the Ronald Reagan, library on when he had when you spoke over there awhile and I love that place at what I want to talk to you about it. Why my twenty one year old mail and die? I was in college and last year and you know and I your on the California Healthcare system- and you know we ve been talking about healthcare tonight, you get You now hit with that irish tax for not having excel. Unfortunately, I have to be on that helped her hand. It is terrible my much of my family lives in California, my son, my daughter, my son in law, my grandchildren,
and it is it's just disastrous. Absolutely It's think that if a microcosm actually said, I said it's a microcosm, a microcosm of exactly what to do Hurry, I'm writing. A portable Niagara It's all know what I wanted to tell you thought about. Six months ago I came down with an illness, and the on going back to I was on government. Healthcare is the fact that I down with this illness- and I was not treated properly for it What I have in fact, I went back to the year four times and they still hidden- confirm what I had, because what they do is they just try to get you in a now when you this kind of insurance- and I don't know properly treat you so ended up happening. Is I ended up getting omitted to the hospital after passing out in public and you know I'm a twenty one year old athlete. I'm not you know somebody who's supposed to fall out of town, a lot,
and in, I eventually was admitted to hospital and they still we're getting well. What is wrong with you by the way part in what was wrong. Oh I had I had monotonously, though you know them, but these are the virus that alike it might get down. Now that you know it will never be much of a kiss her again and I saw I wasn't able we used to call a motto- is a manifest model. Unable to keep any further than I was completely dehydrated and after them, just thinking that I was being on drugs or whatever they kept. Giving the ivy ivy Ivy and eventually that about work of my body was rejecting anything, and I was on a scale of one to twenty is what they put it out on us three I'd IDA, someone how long it none of this happened out about six months and you dont. Okay now yeah. You know I never recovered by hanging. In spite of them, you you're, ok, yeah,
I'm gonna. While I have some advice or are you prepared to take some advice to get the hell? I ride every thanks for your car, my friend, that's my advice to my kids. Not try to be rude to free countries, get up to what I would do Erica clamp and all the concerns and California angry at me right now. Ok, well, that's my opinion Falls Oregon the great Kay yeah I'll, go higher mark that America crowd. I have my utter witnessed how we are educating the feed me. I wanted to be a nice, but go ahead. I would like to talk and bring up the eight. I say it has been brought up prior to tramp. Like dead and they were talking about it when they were gonna, replace Obama. Karen all that I
have any cafe. I we ve had it for thirteen year we grandfathered into a savings accounts How about its is. The fault big, having arrived at a time go ahead. Ok, it will not be known. Abuses ok and we have a problem in our county where people will use Medicaid and they will go into the e r and, of course, yeah but there's no cause consequences to them. Zactly. So when you have an age a day, and I think limit right now, a year, six thousand, what the Congress Go out. The whole savings account yeah yeah. We We use it. As you know, we bargain, with doctors, hey, hey we have cash. Is there any way I get a discount and cash cash toss cash talk, they don't want. You have to use the middle man, and I have I got my husband.
That fact to meet this counter. So you pay. Cash was ok. Well, listen don't get mad at me. I have to cut off, ok, go in. And no honourable. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. My wonderful audience Levin, I tol! God bless you and I'll. See you tomorrow, take care.
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