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On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the media has learned nothing from the Russian Collusion investigation. Rolling stone writer Matt Taibbi has penned a sober clarification of the facts debunking so much of the faulty reporting that has circulated over the past two years. The media are destroying themselves with their distortion of objective truth. Then, Joe Biden announced his presidential bid in with a video maligning Donald Trump portraying him as a supporter of White Supremacy. Yet Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that Trump has been the best friend to Israel of any U.S President before him. Also, in 1975 Biden told NPR that the concept of bussing was flawed because it promoted integration instead of self-segregation. Later, Mueller's report was a recitation by a prosecutor, not an indictment. There were no charges. This is a political ploy to impeach the president. Afterward, John Heubusch, Executive Director of the Ronald Reagan Foundation, calls in to invite the listeners to a book signing and lecture of "Unfreedom Of The Press" at the Reagan Library and announces his upcoming book signings.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year. Hills. There is a truly independent institution where learn, surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening, and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven three, eight one three One one
interesting piece. I'd like to start off with a mile away, don't miss our two going to be enough. In the book signing locations. You folks, who live around Reagan library era. You're gonna want to pay close attention. First come first served, but we have a big announcement tower too Space and the rolling stone by a fella by the name I met tabby. I understand he's quite liberal but he's ass, had been quite sober when it comes to the so called Russia collusion stuff. I know stone, pretty amazing and the title the peace. The other day, the press will learned nothing from the Russia Gate fiasco. The inner Lady to face the enormity of the last few years of errors will cost the news. Mediates credibility, even with blue state audiences and I can't read the whole thing, but
You want to read some of it to you. Says you know what was fake news most of the Russia Gate story. There was no tromp Russia conspiracy. That thing we just spent three years chasing The Mulder report is Crystal clear on this. He didn't chess failed, devilish evidence of a crime is report is full of incredibly coming passages like one about russian officialdom efforts to reach the top. Campaign after the election quote, they appeared not to have preexisting contacts and struggled to. Connect with the senior officials around the President Elect Unquote. Now Was there no collusion, detour I'm still even have each other's phone numbers in. Two thousand seventeen and one of the first of what would become a mountain of Mafia Hierarchy, style, Trop, Russia, contacts, graphics and major newspapers, though
imposed described an email Trump lawyer, Michael Current Centre, the Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitri Pisca. They called it called the most direct in and yet a top probate. Any senior member Putin's government, the reports the whole episode was a joke in order to further the Trump Tower Project that never as co and literally called emailed the Kremlin more than that, he entered the email incorrect, so the letter initially didn't even arrive when he finally fix the mistake. Pascal didn't answer back that was the most direct interaction yet a top trump aid and a senior member of Putin's government quota, Unquote outlined in his initial mandate. Mahler explored any links between them and government and the campaign of Donald Trump history,
ocean spoke directly to the question of whether there was any kind of quid pro quo between the two sides. It says quote then, instigation examined whether these contacts involved resulted in coordination or it conspiracy with the true campaigner Russia, including with respect sure providing assistance to the campaign in exchange. Any sort of favourable treatment in the future. In other words, all those fancy or charge were meaningless because there was no conspiracy, all those Walls or closing in reports are and there were a ton of them were wrong. We were told we hit turning point after turning point leading to the beginning of the end what trumps certain soon to either resign and shame Nixon style, oughta be impeached. The arts, platform. Change story was economic. According to smaller the exchanges trumpet
its had with ambassadors search kiss like half were quote brave public and non substantive up quote the converse can shift sessions have with clay. Scarcely I at the convention, didn't quote include more than a passing. Mention of the presidential campaign, Unquote Mahler added quota castigated did not establish the card of page conspired with the russian government. Unquote, there was no blue now no secret bribe from those enough. No five year cultivation plan no end, and some any kind of any relationship that ever existed between the trunk campaign and Russia officials Michael Cohen, never travelled to Prague. The whole steel dossier appears to have been bunk with even Bob Bob Woodward. Now saying. The highly questionable document needs to be in the gate at the time. Similarly is reporting to plus years late, I would be the New York Times that people familiar
with steals work began. I have misgivings about. The report's reliability arose not long after the document became public. Reporters are going to insist all they did was accurately report. The developments of a real investigation- and you heard Jeff suckers, say that that of CNN they didn't play vast criminality that wasn't there are hoodwinked, Answers and the thinking I wanna style ending was just around the corner. A routine blow meaningless episodes right this session Yes, we are meeting out of proportion or regular. Smear people who not only weren't part of a conspiracy but had no connection to anything, the law claiming spend years openly rooting for indictment impeachment their wish cast it predictions disguised as reporting, cometary or denouncing people who doubted the conspiracy as spies. Impudent apologies
are clearing their broadcast panels on a bed pages of sceptics, while giving big stages to craving conspiracy, spinners Malcolm Nets and look Harding? That's fine in the short term as significant on the contrary, will probably agree. Coverage was appropriate. Probably this A sizeable plurality of Paul respondents who say they to agree on some level of mothers, findings, lotta people out there despised trump and at least right now, we'll be inclined to sympathy for broadcasters and editorials who gave full quarter to the most damning theories of conspiracy and criminality. In the russian case, then its conservatives found in twenty sixteen news audience over time lose track. In news organisations that tell them what you wanna, hear politically but get the substance of things. Wrongs he's turn back
the weekly standards it doesn't exist and so forth, not anymore. The Mulder report clear reporters were sold Wolf whistles over and over I reams of unnamed officials, unofficial sources who urge them to a meaning in meaningless things and assume connections they weren't there. Reporters should be furious about being at these red herrings right, Mr Philip up, they should be outraged at all those people who urge them to publish the steel report, You might have led to a career imperiling mistake in print they be mad as hell at sea I achieve Gina spell and the other unnamed officials who told them disclosing aim of already long ago exposed government informed step, the high helper would risk lives more than anything report should be furious at the many sources close to the very
Investigation to it now seems clear, must have known pretty early there were serious halls in many areas of the story and that a lot of these thoughts were dead ends, but didn't warn their press counterparts, for instance. That paper should be mad. Those who supposedly had misgivings about the still report didn't warm them earlier, but they're, not mad they're, not mad, which may it. Looked like a case of intentional blindness, which eyes and ears were shut, among other things, because the Trump Russia can Piracy tell made a tunnel money. Media companies earned by for ratings, while the Mahler probe, stuff the drama of a potential spectacular ending with blue state audiences heaping eating up all those walls. Are closing in hot takes. This fiasco while surely end up being a net plus four trump. The obstruction parts of the report make em look like
Brainless goon inside- and I strongly disagree with that, but this is a liberal writer, but the absence of what Mala repeat they cause underlying crime. Make is ravings about an elitist mob out to get him look justified This is not an easy thing to achieve, but we are well aware there and the press is a big part of that picture. News audiences were betrayed, and now or later, even the most vehemently trump this, Seeing demographics will realize it in tune us out The only way to reverse the damage is to own how big a screw up. This was but after the last three years, who would hold their breath waiting for that. You're in there. Ladies and gentlemen, after in the media, warning that colleagues and yet they're going further.
Their pushing this obstruction of justice cannot their pushing impeachment. Msnbc Cnn, unfortunately, some individuals on Fox. New York Times Washington, post the usual suspects, than any circumspection, then say, wait, I believe, at a slow down here. We really blew this. The top editor the New York Times thinks they did a grand job I have seen and thinks they did a grand job look and look at how cocky still these phony journalists, particularly on cable still telling us that really everything they did was right. Look at the Philip bumps over the Washington Post, its appalling.
The media are destroying freedom of the press. Not president Trump, not me not the government, the media are destroying cells, you and I are trying to save them, but they won't lesson. I'll be right back ever wish. You knew more about how politics in our constitution work. Could you explain the key differences between capitalism and socialism, which you know more about american history? Will I have good news for you not to to learn, no matter how busy you are or how long it's been since you ve been in college rice go and you can do it for free, because my
France had hills. The college as a service to our country have free online courses that provide a taste of the core curriculum that every Helstone College student takes the core that teaches us how to think critically and act virtuously, and it can help you to getting started is very simple gesture for one or more of hills does most popular online courses for free. You can learn whenever you like, visit online, bad hills, Dale, DOT, beady, you right now, that's online, Dad Hills, Dale D, Eddie you join It now and you'll be on your way to a rich, meaningful education. Again, that's online died here still don t. You again, one a wrap this up here. The other side of this Jim Rude Bird was eight times news, corresponding term columnist
and this is in the new book on freedom of the press as well, and he wrote a piece on October, seven. Twenty sixteen explain the mindset of the newspaper and the media a large here's what he said just a little piece of viewers working journalist, and you believe that Donald J Tromp was a demagogic playing to the nations worse. Racists and nationalistic tendencies because he's up to anti american dictators and that it would be dangerous. Control of the United States nuclear codes, how they happen supposed to cover him. You believe, all those things you have to throw out the text, american journalism has been using for the better part. Half century, if not longer which it in a very in a way you ve, never up, Anything in your career, a few view: tromp presidency is something that's potentially dangerous than you reporting is going to reflect that you would move closer than you ever been to being oppositional
that's uncomfortable, uncharted territory for every mainstream, non opinion, journalist, either renown and by normal standards untenable. But the key out what should take their place. It may not Standards apply in if they'd out what should take their power it may not always seem fair to Mr Trump or his supporters, but journalism shouldn't measure itself. Anyone campaigns, definition of fairness. It is due Muslims job true to the readers and viewers and true to the acts in a way that will stand up to history judgment to do anything, would be untenable, no, the sanctimonious dripping and- the opposite of what they say. As I explained, the abandonment of objective truth and worse through
the section of the principles and values of America's early press and revolutionaries is not new for the times in law. To date, the Trump Presidency- and this led the times and other media outlets, know a very bleak and dark place destructive of the press as a crucial institution. Fray, free- people if newsrooms and journalists do not act forthwith and with urgency to fund really transform their approach to journalism, which, sadly, Is highly unlikely, their credibility continued to erode, It may well reach a point soon where it is irreparably damaged, but large, portion of the citizenry, and rightly so,. The media will not only marginalized themselves, but they will contain would be the greatest threat to freedom of the press. Today, not prejudiced
or his administration, but their current practitioners of what used to be journalism used to be journalism, and that is how I end on freedom press so very, very, very important. This subject is very important and. You know it's interesting, Jim costumes publicist. His book is published by Harper, they ve been contacting some of the news outlets they hate in order to get Jim Acosta some attention, you see, maybe he'll start fighting with hosts of great drama. This they like this, they want to do It's already up on Amazon he's doing very poorly. There It's early on the left will try and come to his rescue, but who knows but its clear
how unethical that man is to be writing a book on the subject of your daily coverage: CNN, and you should see the hyperbole they use over there, that they ve on Amazon that Amazon, but the publisher puts the infirmary and on Amazon Maybe the state how dangerous it is, how difficult it is to be rapporteur during the trunk presidency. Well how dangerous did somebody get hurt small. Interest aware a mega hat and walkin certain we're herds and communities are certain events in this country, including the national capital. Then it is to be a journalist. No no journalism is is a highly questionable profession. Today. It just is. Given the nature of what's been done, wonders
areas had has trouble me a lot we ve talked about, and I read the transcript to you out loud was Charlottesville and how press and the Democratic Party continue to push to push the narrative president of the United States was saying are good nazis and bad nazis and good clansmen a ban clansmen. He said these good people, both sides by that he meant protesters, not the Nazis, not the clansmen protestors protesters. Some who wanted to take down the Robert E Lee statue. Would Robert E Lee I'm a horse? Some who said no, someone wanted to do the equivalent a book burning and some would say, no start whether you endorse Robert E Lee, certainly not to confess See that's on the Democrats, so matter of history who's next, what's next! That was the president's point. That's my point. That's the point of a lot of people
and I said at the time- and I say it again: what are we banned? Mccrae Party Robert E Lee was a Democrat after all the confederate. Was represented mostly by a Democrat Party, the Democrat Party that fought for slavery and segregation. Why don't we ban the Democratic Party I'll be right back since Family in eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in primacy dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published and
eighteen, seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a stay she's like free speech. There regulation of big tech, mental ill, and the American Medical insurance system, and because because founding principles are so important hills, though a prison Primus, absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right, you can subscribe to privacy for free. Here's. I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll that eighty you for your free subscription, that's an Primus. I M p, r: I am I S daughter, still that EU welcome. Thursday Laverne tough Oh that's why I like Markel event and I'm not sure a lot of people like me stuff, is what I like him. I love,
a call now, seven, seven, thirty, eight one, three, eight one one. I guess there, Joe Biden, today there are no jobs. Announced today in Charlottesville by video card go to tools also home to a defining moment for this day in the last few years. I was there on August twenty sovereignty we saw clansmen white supremacist, NEO Nazis come out in the open. Increased faces illuminated by torture means biology. The Franks racism share the same anti semitic while her across Europe, tea? For MR producer,
our isn't there, First learned of anti from MR producer. And what they wearing their own hoods and masks and everything else go ahead. brave young woman lost her life. As we heard the words, the praise United States that stand in the world and shocked the conscience of this nation. He said there were some very. People on both sides now wait a minute. This is the Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden is a liar. He's light is entire career, he's using the same, saw land Lansky tactics that used against Robert Bork Clarence Thomas among others, against the present. The United States and the media have done this to the
as an and of the United States. I spent an hour on this a few weeks ago going through the transcript sentence by sentence with you. Never ever talked about some fine people among the Nazis and the clansmen. Never ever did. He say that he said some very fine people on both sides. There were many protesters there. Many who were not clansmen, who are not NEO Nazis, who didn't want the statue, pull them. Not because they re Robert E Lee fans, not because they were fans, the confederacy, but there the fans of history, the good the bed in the ugly. There are the modern anti book burning movement,
Yes, the Nazis, they are NEO Nazis in an clansmen and so forth and Antigua President wasn't talking about good. About within those organizations. Is that what he said? No, and yet they system, putting these words in his mouth and interpreting it for us. It's really quite enormous disgrace any brings it up in his video. His announcement go ahead. Fine people size, those words the present United States. Find a moral equivalence between those spreading the courage to stand again. Oh, he didn't and Antigua spreads Haider TV is a marxist organization at say, militia a violent militia.
I had to pick one or the other ladys and gentlemen. You can condemn them all I. Damn the NEO Nazis, the white supremacist that clansmen and Antigua. Why won't bite and do the same? Why won't bite and do the same and if they want to get on against Donald Trump. Why don't? They actually run against what he says and means what he actually does, rather than creating a caricature to run against because I feel that the only way only way they can when do you think that Manette Netanyahu would be embracing and NEO Nazi. Do you think the people of Israel we're Donald Trump, is the most popular person in the entire country? What may embracing a clansmen? Is this? Not the dumbest thing you ve ever heard
isn't that moment. I knew the threat to this nation was, unlike any I've ever seen in my lifetime. You are such a pathetic joke. Such a pathetic joke, actually you're the greatest threat in a lifetime, I'm going to cut from there and go directly to cut 6mr producer where Joe Biden and NPR one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, what he actually actually set nineteen. Seventy five cut sex. Go there, we social planners, who think somehow We just some brigade man. Individual characteristics and trades by making sure that presently.
Virginia society becomes a totally homogeneous society that somehow we are going to solve our social levels and, quite the contrary, I think the concept of buses, which implicit in that concept is the question you jest ass or that statement the question you just as that we are going to integrate people so that they all have the same access and they learn grow up with one another and and and all the rest is a region actual law movement of black pride is a reject, the entire black awareness concept, where lackeys beautiful black culture should be studied and cultural awareness of the importance of their own and then in either own individuality, and, I think, that's a healthy, solid proposal. He thinks segregation, self segregation and segregation generally is a health, healthy, solid, propose,
because he's he's lined up with these organizations in these groups the whole movement aha moment. Now you can be a guess, Bunce Bussing, as I would have been an reject what you're, buying centre and rejected strongly strongly. He is rejecting integration, assimilation, diversity among and between people of various races. In this statement, that's what he's doing he's lining up with what was the black segregationist woman in the Sixtys and Seventys, nothing wrong or black pride or having bride of your ancestry at all less than what we're talking about.
We're not talking about pride, we're talking about immigration, assimilation versus segregation and no segregation is not a matter of black pride. Donald Trump never said anything like this. I am not reworking draw binds words the way they are re. Working Donald Trump swear, and within pr and nineteen. Seventy five, Joe Biden, cut, seven go, I think the reason why much of this has not developed. Much changed not develop is because it had been an issue that had been in the hands of the racist and we liberals have our man rejected, because it George Wallace's forward must be bad
So we haven't really looked at it. Now, there's a conclusive streams. There is academic ferment against it, not majority Academic ermine against it there are young black in young white leaders against it there. It is so unrest which I like it and now the you were known: freezing of the Senate, might be required to go back and Marie look like they didn't look in the past. Maybe he had come back and looked at a time out integration here that Humphrey needs to go back and look at it. Go ahead. Why did you ever have really dismissed out of hand, but I know itself to make transition of. How do I legislative specific, Give you my word is abiding. I plead over a hundred hours. By far, I would say, goes to three hundred hours. I'm yes, torturing mistake meeting
Leaders meeting when the people in my staff Kali must act together, And in the Black Sea and my staff together saying no look. What I think is think I am a mean something in me. We stated that I only know what I mean really hard hard thing, especially when you you yourself and by others, and even though we have a short career, your peers as being someone who is bent out from the other way, I'm in law school. I was considered a raging liberal a lawyer, I'm considered you know I I must be whack. You represent anybody amendment of black Panthers boy he's. Quite a rambling, an incoherent, but besides that, why couldn't you just say? I believe in diversity? Assimilation, integration? I don't agree the buzzing.
But he couldn't and he wouldn't because he was straddling align because back then in nineteen. Seventy five, the report in Delaware for adamantly against integration- and there were people and dollar adamantly, for it was a split state as it was split during the civil war. The watch the northern part of Delaware was with the north. The southern part of Delaware was mostly with the south, just as Marilyn was split stay just as Virginia actually split, but this is Joe Biden. This Joe Biden In nineteen, seventy five, when it mattered, and today today he issues video and which is trying to six,
As to the presence of the United States is endorsing NEO Nazis and white supremacists and clansmen any Saying it he's not even trying to say because Joe Biden in the end, the character, assassin. Not a nice guy not launch bucket Joe theirs. Oh smiling, with his dentures about the fall out of his face now. Is a very nasty man. He's done a lot of much over the years strong a lotta reputation and a lot of people. That's the real Joe Biden, that's the nineteen. Seventy five Joe Biden. And so what does he do? People rejects onto Donald Trump? He projects on the ground a trap. I challenge everyone in any one. You
back and you read the transcript of what Donald Trump said and you will see how the propagandists her twisting His words, the reason. Why would sound absolutely incredible that a president of the United States would talk about costs? It's been a white supremacist and NEO Nazis. Has there being some good clansmen, a NEO Nazis and whites premises? unimaginable right, because he didn't do it. And even here Well he's lying about tramp, he couldn't criticise Antigua he couldn't criticise white supremacy near terrorism, the clansmen, Andy Antigua. He celebrated active.
I'll be right back then folks, many of our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to see truth recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good but sir, Many have lost their way locked in the grip of political Agnes. They no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism thankful. There's hills, they'll college, since its family in eighteen, forty, four hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety and his. Though, enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple and profound: to help stew I understand what is no bless him best in yourself and the World Hills dealt
judges, liberal arts, education and vibrant campus community help students form a foundation for the rest of their lives, a truly life defining experience Sophia. Looking college their prizes, learning and values intellectual enthusiasm, Everyone shares a strong sense of meaning and purpose, welcome to hills, a college. Please, Hills, Dale, DOT, Ye D, you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more: that's hills, Dale DOT Edi you slash admissions Joe by the vice president, Barack Obama in the most anti semitic administration, since Franklin, Roosevelt as you'll, learn and on freedom of the press, the New York Times and others who keep trying to paint the present. The United States Ty Semite in a racist,
also going to learn that the New York Times was a thoroughly anti semitic paper, particularly during the third Reich, and did more damage to the jewish people in covering up the holocaust and keeping that information from the american people, as well as people throughout the world than the client could ever have done. What does that make the New York Times NEO Nazis. What does that make the people who work for the New York Times? White supremacist? Oh, you can learn a lot. Trust me on this trust me on this. Joe Biden, you ve got a lot of action: Adieu, POW got a lotta answering to do for your administration, and you want to talk about African Americans what exactly did Obama by due for African Americans what exactly they do for the employment of african Americans? Oh yeah, Joe, you got a record their brother, you got a record and it's gonna be.
Examined carefully noted up not by the media that have a fetish with you, but by People who know who you are by the rest of us. I am not going to be silenced, I'm gonna, be silent about the real racists and the history of the real races in this country. I'm not going to be silent about the relay apply Semites in this country and the Party Joe Biden leads and his boss, Barack Obama, unleash them neither cheered on Mars cheer.
It was cheered. Keith Alison is cheer. Farrakhan is an important part of the democratic left. Oh yes, he is, and we, the american people, have put up with this long enough long enough with a party of slavery and segregation of party, a Jim Crow, the Party of Omar and tell Leap and a case. And down the road down the list they point at the man is president of the United States. The man is president of the United States, whose hard more african Americans,
those are more or less Tino, whose hired more agencies whose hired more whatever Americans fell in the blank. Then all of its critics combined times a hundred and it's not just him to whom they refer. It's us it's. We, the people who dared about for him who dare to support him. They are attacking you and me. I'll, be right back
Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Tell everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three, one one. Well we're going to announce my various book signings, but there's one in particular. Did I look forward to every time I have a book and that's the Reagan, library. And all you folks are interesting go into the ring and library who live near Reagan Library, although when I go there, we have people coming from all over the country, even all over the world. You're gonna want to listen to this, because I have
director of the Reagan Library Foundation, is a dear friend of mine. When we do this every two years. Job. Hi, Bush John. How are you my friend? I am great. How are you my good friend very, very well, I'm gonna! Let you make the announcement you go right ahead too kind mark well mark will be returning to the Reagan. Library, thank goodness, On Saturday Julie aid now the event is at six o clock, P M here: but she'll be signing book starting at one hundred and thirty in the afternoon? That's how many people are going to be in line marks always always draws the biggest crowd here so at one hundred and thirty, until five hundred and thirty mark will be signing his new book on freedom of the press and its six on Saturday June eighth for going to have mark on stage for a terrific interview, and then we hope that everyone who comes can join us for dinner at seven until eight hundred and thirty
once a mark. We are so so much looking forward to this. Nobody looks forward to a more than I John. You have a tremendous facility in honour of the great president, Ronald Reagan. You have a wonderful staff everybody's treated like a king and queen. I try to her. They talked everybody personally I try to sign and do sign everybody's books. We have a wonderful time during the question and answer session sender and it's always a wonder there are now here's the thing you sell out, literally in fifteen twenty thirty minutes. So I want you to tell her body how they can get their tickets, how they can get started in its first. Come first served. So all you folks who have been waiting now is the time to act. Go ahead, you that's why I mark so if you go to Reagan Foundation, God, oh Archie,
forward, Flash Markel. Then we will take your red reservation right away and, as you know, mark the last time you came here, you are you sold out faster than any other guests. We ve had in our history and usually about twelve minutes, so it's Reagan, Foundation, God, oh Archie, forwards, Mark Levant. If you want to come, I would register right now. Otherwise you might not get through the doors we love to. Have you here world, a posting that, on my social sites, folks soon go through their too. If you're there now, on my face, twitter side she'll see it there to what is the gin? a website at the Reagan, library, Reagan, Foundation, God, oh orgy, Mark and it's just filled with everything and everything: Ronald Reagan, that's terrific site and right now, if you go to it, you'll see a nice beautiful photograph of martial, then speak Reagan,
I worry so if it is going to be great, they have been so Reagan, library, dot, org they didn't. They can go there too, and figure out how to sign a bright. That's right, that's right in gay and that's a sport. Its way to make a writ maker registration is go straight to the website and we be delighted to have everyone whose, within the sound of our boys Now, folks, I want you know, I'm only doing for books, signings and as you're about to find out. I'm doing two in one weekend, some real really only three wakens and iter- so serious travel. This is the only serious travel out to us. Seamy valley. And you ve, done something wonderful there too. As far as the loving family is concerned, there is a bench out there in honour of
In memory of my parents and turn into the Reagan auditorium, if you look to your right, you'll see a great painting of President Reagan, drawing by who else, but your dad Jack and then, if you look to your left just outside in this beautiful Vista, overlooking the valley in the Pacific Ocean is a beautiful wooden bench that that has a plaque on it. I sit on it to the off and Marcus sit on this bench, and it's got a nice plaque today. To you, your dad Jack and your mom normal, so very special place for especially for their fans to visit and I've never seen it. Then she unknown person. So this is This will be very important, and many members of my family gonna be there to Sir Red and library dot org. I mean there now there it is get even get sign up very, very quickly lecture book, signing dinner and I'm not going
How many, how many seats available about fifteen hundred can and in here's a special thing, because you re sell out so fast? What we do with for all those who don't make it into the immediate auditory to see you first, those that are interested after with fell out from the main honour tore him. You can still com and you can watch mark on a huge movie screen that we set up in the AIR Force one pavilion under the wings of air force, one! So you can you can't get directly in the auditorium. You can still come and see mark and get a copy of his book and and join in the dinner later on in the evening. So what am honoured to have Eu Denmark? Thank you so much for common! Oh, it's dress me! It's migraine on early eggs. I feel that if people don't son of quickly, you know people think we're just telling them this John. What's gonna happen and about fifteen or twenty men Does people are going to be disappointed, it'll be sold out? If you want to come, you really ought to act now. It's it's really important cuz. Otherwise we just hate turning people away.
Is irregular library, dot, Org or Reagan foundation. Dollar Reagan. Foundation, DOT, Archie and specifically for this than to get their quick. You just go to Reagan Foundation, God, oh forward, splash Markel, then Although I'm looking at your home pages, is saying, go to reckon foundation that organ, it's all right, they're too. So the book signings one thirty, two, five thirty! Then we have a pro for an hour with you all in me for an answer. Seven until we're done. It is really a wonderful full day, pretty much that's what it is I want. You know, what's needed for their have thousands of people here that David are your fanned barkerville, just the best people. It's just terrific to welcome here. Why not? Tell you something: John you're, longtime conservative. I like to say that I think I can Thomas, the gray columnist. I sent him in advance very, very important book on freedom of the press, its? It is a very, very important book
it's written swords, very understandable, very comprehensible and that it flows of very quickly. You know Cow Thomas. The great columnist send him in advance copy less with he read it a day and a half and he was praising it and the scholarship how it flowed in the information in theirs was very important that people get this booking come to light. Organ of a wonderful time in John, Bush. I want to thank you now you you email me later and tell me how we ve done. Ok, you're gonna well marked her thumb honour to walk and me we're working poor to it. Well, God bless you man, you take care of yourself, I'd! That's big deal and I hope those of you who are in and around the Erika, our ally country and others. I hope you'll jump in this will be done in minutes literally, and I love They are there. So many wonderful, wonderful patriots. Now let me talk about the other book signings the first weekend. The first weakens the big
challenge believe it or not, cause it's. The holiday weaken book ends in New Jersey, Saturday may twenty fifth at one p m. Eastern time, these walls posted on my homepage. Mark Levin show that come on my your website and they ve been posted on my social sites. Saturday may twenty fifth one p M bookends on Ridge would avenue in Redwood New Jersey. They are wonderful, wonderful, local bookstore. The next on Sunday may, twenty sixth one p M book review in hunting to New York, three one. Three New York Avenue hunting to New York Book Review, Google, it it's right there, one p m: So that Saturday and Sunday
we can they say you can't saw books, I weakened. I said you don't know who you're talkin to. We got a zillion patriots and then June. First then, weaken, cited a June first ten, a M Barnes and noble at times Corner Centre, Thyssen's corner, more Maclean, Virginia. First, ten, a m Saturday Barnes and Noble Thyssen corner Mall and Thyssen's Corner Centre in Maclean Virginia. These will all be listed. They are stood on my homepage or Mark Levin show that camp as well all our social sites right now, but tonight you need to be thinking of the ring and library those of you all over California in that area and battle. It is a wonderful thing to do. I family, coming and friends were bringing to. We just have a blast. We really do that's a full day,
then you'll get to see the library. Those of you who haven't seen the library it is a spectacular place, absolutely spectacular. That said Saturday, a unit that starts at eleven p m. Excuse me, one thirty, p m to I've. Thirty p m the book signing sixty seven p m. Is there. We have our talk about the book, seven p m. We have dinner and people who have And this before will tell you, I am very accessible as much as can be, and it's a very, very important trip from my family may every few years, especially this year, and that's it are those of you who can't make these books I hope you'll go to Amazon dot com and priority copy your book, its forty percent off.
We ve gotta figure out ways to save this republic. We ve gotta figure out ways to advance the cause again of liberty. We must do this. We must do this All right we'll be right back These attempts to destroy trumps character areas- it is press conference August
fifteen twenty. Seventeen cut three go, wait and see me on the pudding. Anybody when a moral play. What I'm saying is this: you had a group on one side and you had a group and the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and it was horrible and it was a horrible thing to watch. But there is another side. There was a group on this side. You can call on the left. You ve just called him the That came violently attacking the other group, so you can say what you want, but that's the way it is by the way is talking about Anti. For my only attacking the other group go ahead. You said there was hatred and violence must lady S. I think this blame on both sides. You money. How do I start? You noticed how they will never let him finished, they want to put words in his mouth. They are desperate.
For him to be what they want him to be, not what he is go ahead because blame on both sides- and I have no doubt about it- you don't have any doubt about it either, and if you reported it accurately, you would This sounds like dream: accosted other go ahead. But you also had people that were very fine. People on both sides, not uncommon this is where they're trying to say he said that you had fine both among the NEO Nazis. When he says you had good people on both sides he's talking about the protesters, not the NEO Nazis, not the clansmen. All of us knew what he was talking about, but they continue and continued then, and continued
Day to force a narrative on us go ahead. People in that group excuse me. Excuse me. I saw the same pictures as you did. You add people in that group that were there to protest, that taking down of them a very, very important that you and then Arena, apart from Robert E Lee to another, Washington was a slave owner was George Washington is live out so well, George Washington now loses down is. Are we going to take down she's me? Are we going to take down? We gotta take down statues to judge what Thomas Jefferson, what do you think it Thomas Jefferson you're, like a good? Are we going to take down the statute that he was a major slave owner? Now we get to take down his dad you. So you know what it's fine, you're changing history, you change in culture and you have people and I'm not talking about the NEO Nazis and the White nationals because they
to be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than NEO Nazis and white nationalists. Ok, what what ask any say there! It is right there and they know. He's not embracing the NEO Nazis. They know he's vat rates in the clean, so why are they keep insisting that he is While the same reason they kept insisting, there was collusion with Russia. That's why, because that these people are now that these people are so the president did not
defend embrace endorse in any way NEO Nazis, white, supremacist or clansmen in Charlottesville? And yet, when Joe Biden gave his little speech, dentures barely staying in his mouth, he would not condemn Antigua and a nineteen. Seventy five Joe Biden had trouble simply saying I support integration. I support assimilation. I support still diversity, but I am opposed to segregation of races. Instead, he awkwardly defended it and he bounced back from one side to the other. One side to the other. Joe Biden has a lot to answer for Donald Trump as nothing. The answer for he didn't say what they said. He said just like. He didn't conspire with.
Collude with or do anything with the Russians in order to win the election? That was the other side. The other side- I don't know how many more times I'm gonna, have to do this, but apparently it's absolutely necessary because they can continue to push this agenda you're, going to continue to push it and buying they claim is the modern among us see. This is how they dumbest now turbines. No moderate he's never been a moderate. Why do you think Obama because he needed Delaware when the election now because they think I like they act like they like each other. But it is interesting now that Obama won't come out and endorsed by why Obama will come out because, according to bide and bind told him not to listen to this bs? Listen to this cut forego you're the joy
Fourth, the Democrats in twenty five, why lie Mama River winds. Will you stop the women on your own merits, but people do endorse people in the primary Ronald Reagan Endorse George H, W Bush immediately. Immediately against Buchanan in any one else, bizarre, isn't it? Why isn't Obama endorsing buying I'll tell you why? I think he doesn't think Biden can win the primary. And we know Obama well enough than when it comes to bomb. It's all about Obama, I
I mean me me myself myself, I me myself me myself, I and he knows Biden this adieu face. He knows at first hand. He knows a close up. Maybe did always think that, but certainly long enough, his vice president. He realizes and puts his foot and mouth endlessly, and so he's probably figure in a bomb is cheese, and I make an fifty sixty nine year. I've got this reputation being missed a nice guy, not much. I want to link up with due for somebody here, so he doesn't want to see a Biden. Setback is being Obama, setback. The truth. American Revolution
it's here tomorrow. Cloven shall call in at eight seven three, eight one, three, eight one, one right. You know what MR producer One and we start were cut aid immediately. Go ahead, much higher iq than you do I went to law school on a full academic scholarship. The only one in my in my class have a full academic scholarship, the first year and laws I decided didn't, want to be in law school and ended up in the bottom. Two thirds of my class and then decide- and I wanted to stay- went back to law, school and get it up and talk about the way these are all lies. Just so you know go ahead. I still moved court competition, I was the outstanding standing students in the political size department. At the end of my ear, I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school, not sixty five credits. Only two hundred twenty three credit and I'd be delayed,
sit down and compare MIKE you two years, if you'd like right now, you can go to my ship, a slight indeed acts. There, you don't know my state. My state was a slave state. My state is a border state. My state is the eighth largest black population in the country. My state is aging from north. These liberals, Graham states others, it's that I'm saying God love. What am I talking about I'd say you may get everybody else stand up well, thank you very very much. I tell you what happens to be.
Says three letter word jobs. J, O b, by the way you know the websites. You know I'm inversion of the website number ass. I should have it in front of me and I don't care I actually virus petitions knows a lot about it is Mamma lived in, Ireland for ten years, or so God rest his soul, and although she swayed humour of still your mom still alive, is your dad God bless her, so I gotta get is great. I say there is far too soon employment grow this spring. Why don't we take employment? North America is going to be for the first half of this century least the epicenter of energy in the world North America and Mexico, the United States and China, but the problem with money,
absolutely true. Well, at least will be funny stupid funny about funny yard and they may follow Trump. That's what what what what a joke: tragedy. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the bitter cleaners where the better class on this Russia thing and they're. All Democrats. We have a time Perez the Dnc chair who you want Radical pro legal alien activists in Maryland, which made him perfect, be Dnc cheer. He's unseen, and today you ve ever heard CNN. I could be wrong, I predict, and ten years there will be, no CNN it'll, be something different. You know like an old We channel maybe it'll be,
All the Stormy Daniels Channel they like Stormy Daniels over there. Over the Reagan library there sold out, I just saw the email. So they're selling the overflow rooms and the book signing at getting people in the book signing lines here. If you want to continue- and I would encourage you to do it, could you never know and that's encouraging you're gonna stay line, I'm gonna sit there. I wish you the very best. I can't shake up his hand. Life has always trying to get me a bottle of water to drink when I'm signing books I rarely do you know why, MR producer, so I don't have to get up, go to the restaurant. Because I figure you're gonna stand in line. I'm gonna sit there. I wish you the very best. I can't shake everybody's hand here. Will you have to say and sign your books.
Important get out every now and then every couple of years and that's how I do it Tom Pellets, The sea, chair CNN today, cut nine go. We are At war right now, it is ever war. Unfortunately, because Our commander in chief, is compromised. The federal shut up you idiot, they may compromised the democratic path. He is the party of the Old Soviet Union when Reagan they destroy the Soviet Union in succeeded. His biggest obstacle was the the crab Party in the media. Now we have somebody called Kate had he pronounced said, nay, Ball Dune The owl de away this CNN host- I don't know they always do you folks now, of course, not.
She's on CNN yesterday at ten go, I just can't get over this one fat. Why can the president at this point except to truth that can exist in time that Russia did interfere in the election is reality and also that he is did elected president rise. While let me ask you Kate what should face whatever your name is. Why can't you set the reality there, one Russian and feared and our presidential election? The Brok Obama, was president that your favorite clapper, your other favorite Brennan, and your other favorite call me. They were in the power positions, law enforcement and intelligence. What they do about in my guess,. On this Sundays life, Liberty and Levant. As the great king, Coochie, Dolly, was attorney. General Virginia almost became governor. But it is well known and most of you he is a brilliant constitution, listen lawyer and a wonderful guy and he
tat? They really wasn't. Until September October, till Obama and his administration alerted the states that the Russians were interfering with the general election. And here's why that is a huge problem, because the states are in charge of these elections, not the federal government, its state law that operates in these precincts state law. It state law that operates at the ballot box. And the states had no time to prepare or to deal with it because Obama, how back there's no Curiosity in the media whatsoever, they don't want to talk to Obama, there's Biden there Are they don't want to talk to him, There is a Hillary Clinton. Writing her own bed pace. Nobody instead of them. But what did you do? What did you do to protect us from the Russians? What did you do when you found out about interference? We know it's Susan right. Did she told her
T person at the White House to shut up shut down, don't write anything I mean that's pretty incredible. But K, what's her face over China and could care less than we have this report. This Eric swore well of the Linda Swallow family, sir. His family? As I understand it long a stray the swallows there, a tightrope walkers, actually and then there's a guy, but an airy Melbourne. I have no idea who airy errors at our airy. Melbourne is no doubt another genius. They phone. They have great diversity over their marxists Maoists, Trotskyite Leninist, Stalinists great diversity, they're on. I myself, rusty and airy now Harry Harry. Did you make your bed?
cut eleven go? Are you or are you not maintaining the assets theory, even though a four hundred plus Pedro for formal or does not documents are not the assets theory, you mean the acid SIRI, even though for a painful Ramallah design document there. Oh the assets hearing. Who grasping on, and I were both hands the acid through what the hell is it here comes swore well go. I think he acts on Russia's. Too many times and it puts their interests. Have our interests. Who came one clam? One he's got more and for sanctions on Russia than Obama ever did
Bob leaning over in giving up peut my dead, the dead dead he giving him a wet kiss. My two after the elections will be more flexible them, be more flexible. To do. You know so out Salem sell out whom Cornelia Crimea, Ukraine search is basically so after just wait till after the election and I'm gonna full. People I got the press, my back pocket here, you know, you know, lad. Excuse me my bedroom, their permit demanded of it make sure you tell my lad in our very flexible. Now I had thought Assyria. He wants to reduce the role of NATO, He continues and want to reduce the role of NATO. He wanted NATO to step up to the plate and pay their fair share in. He succeeded. He pulled a set of Syrian we're not completely out of Syria and have a year guy Obama Here's a red line, no gas, no poisonous gases against your own people.
And there they are blown away, the poison escape where's. How, whereas a nobody can find him where's Almah, he turns into where's where's Obama. I don't know I get some fundraiser in Beverly Hills when they cross the red light. What red light! I really read it's kind of pinkish, very pinkish. As a matter of fact, I had pullback sanctions on Russia. He won't tell us what he talked about with Why would a president tell a pupil like you what he talked about the Vladimir Putin's this? Isn't? What president's do they they talked the heads of state, hey everybody wanted our we discussed. Who does that kind of Mickey Mouse candidate is the swore. While what do they keep promoting a martini? Hey everybody swore while says the same thing and by the way Eric had little dabble do little dab? Not all that dab,
we could run a pipeline into your hair. We'd have a tunnel I'll go ahead, you won't tell us, About its finances, what the Russians he acts guilty doesn't have finances with the Russians. Listen to this fool. I went to be president of the United States, Eric swore well. More Eric swell well on CNN Tuesday cut twelve go. I think the president should be abolished now. This is this is this is what we call the media, asking objective, truth seeking questions, and you think presently impeached about this. What do you think Nancy's policy should be expelled. While we talk Do you think we should have the policy tax, which is why? What are your diverting diverting now that dog with I'll? Do you think we should get? The bank accounts
actually waters a mean after all, she and her husband in the past. It's been a little, hey, hey, hey! I want a racist where focused our trump and page and paid Trump. Do you think the president should be a paged and there is there? Is our explore? Well again, like a bad rush? Go ahead, you think the president should be imposed on that road right now and or certainly are closer after the mother. So I'm gonna- let versions have had to prosecute that case and when I was prosecutor for seven years. I owe you a prosecutor. I am a damn good one. I'm sure you are prosecuted, go ahead, pencil, sharpened subpoenas ruddy. My witness exhibits his wife's ready. When did he say? What's ready is genitalia? Somebody said o subpoena map the key to my subpoenas running and ready to go. I'm ready, I'm running for president ready to go when he swore, while the swallow brothers and sisters yeah, you still high wire act, may be solace.
Now, I will read it out my subpoenas already we're ready to go, we're ready to go, go ahead. They display brought forward a new. I get one shot, and here we only get one shot. Only get one shot. This guy's a buffoon absolute before Our idea a thing with a new record and selling out the seats, the Reagan, library and nine minutes and thirty seconds track these things, but they still one people no that they can go into the overflow remedy means. We still do the book signings I still meet. We still have a wonderful time. You can watch the event, even though its remoulded some person from air force, one pavilion, so that's very, very cool and you can still have dinner afterwards, and you can still get and line still have the book we can still meet and that.
I'd like to do so. Ladies and gentlemen, like we said, the auditorium is already sought out, you can still come for the book, signing John screen under the wings of AIR Force One and still join us for dinner. Sweet love for you, folks to continue to sign up You'll be part of this wonderful environment, this pro american patriotism, environment. At the Reagan: library, inadequate, There's going to be Saturday, Junius dont forget Saturday May twenty fifth, this is our posted bookends read, which New Jersey, one of our favorite, stores the next day Sunday may twenty sixth book review to New York, another one of our favorite bookstores and barns and noble the Great Barnes and Noble Bookstore since Corner Mall, Thyssen's Corner Centre, Maclean Virginia Saturday June. First, you wanna do I'd love to have you and dont, for go to Amazon dot com. I told
working at the cell, a helluva lot more books than the next guy, because there's a chapter on the New York Times said is absolutely brutal in my book and is absolutely true for truthful and so they're gonna want to push me their list go Amazon dot com on freedom of the press is forty percent off like sixteen thousand eighty cents or minutes? That's pretty damn good, I think I'll be right back. A recent study shows Americans are sleeping less than ever, which negatively impact Day to MR producer, let's see, what's we can get the new contact there, which includes the direct contact? If you know what I'm talking about, but you can get the best sleeping
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are made, would naturally derived products that the highest level, a crescent ship, with attention to detail in quality through every step of the process and every purchase comes with a thirty day risk free trial a thirty day risk free travel over the US does that right now is the perfect time to try ball and branch during these thanks spring sale get twenty percent off everything. What's the address, MR bidders at ball and branch dot com- that's be: oh I'll, just checking them branch, dot, com, ball and branched outcome for twenty percent off your entire order, ball and branch dotcom. Let's take a look at this, but the Russians got from Donald Trump dramatically. Expanded sanction
so on russian companies and apparatchiks, expanded and beefed up NATO. Massive increase in use defence spending. Restoring missile defence is to Poland and the Czech Republic returning heavy armoured division to Germany withdrawing from ran deal. Pre positioning armed brigades to the Baltics, ending arms embargoes on Ukraine and Georgia that a imposed on victims of russian aggression and a ban on. U S, oil imports Let's see what else here expedited permitting for construction, EL in G terminals to ensure Europe need not become dependent upon russian natural gas, now Did Hilary and Obama do for the Russians. A juvenile reset button, no push back or consequences for the invasion of Georgia, no push back or serious concept just for illegal annexation of Crimea, no push back or serious consequence
for illegal invasion of eastern Ukraine. No push back or serious consequences Russia's criminal shoot down a flight. Each one, one: seven: capitulate mission in Syria, unmet red lines, betrayal of Poland and the Czech with But by a sitting to Russians demand to remove you US missile defence systems, there, the betrayal of ukraine- by refusing to provide it with defence of weapons. Approval of the transfer of twenty percent of american Uranium Deposit Toy Clinton connect! company uranium, one pang russian rush. Uranium ally, a hundred and fifty billion dollars Obama's up issued a stand on order to stop russian hacking during the twenty sixteen election. I dont know how can the media What's the point, but you get the point I'll be right back
he's here now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven seven create three hundred and eighty one, one hundred and eighty seven, seven thousand three hundred and eighty one, Three, eight one one, you know family members, you haven't talked to four years to mean you not close to them. Obviously even talk to the rank of some of those they wind up in the most curious places. Maybe the White House, you never know
You're, a family members, you don't ever want seems like people have people like that in their family. You ever have family members or too stupid to know how stupid there do? You have any of those, MR producer, you have too many camp. I got one in particular, but I'll. Let you cared much just maritime. Judge Andrew the. Play for you what he said on National TV, so it's not like I'm playing a secret here, He lived, media loves it and all over the websites all over the place. And he believes that the president should have been indicted, I thought he was secretly indicted. Didn't the judge say that a couple months ago- and there was Cecile. He thought he might be.
The southern district in here I just want you to hear it very nice guy by the way he drew the power Tata, but look I'm firm, bound about these things, here's what he had to say cut fourteen go twenty dangle them pardon. Michael column. In order to keep calling from testifying against him. That's obstruction of justice. Why not charge him because the attorney the United States when a block of such a charge. Now, let's let soda. Whatever happened to those secret and die hence under seal that used to talk about judge the politicians, the attorney general, what a block their well. Why would they? Why would the Mahler wait for Bartleby Attorney general wasn't instead, the acting attorney Jennifer for some period of time and sessions theatre. Yes, let me bars the
The blood dangled a pardon in front of Cowan? Is there any evidence, ladies and gentlemen, whatsoever, that Mahler went to the wife? Should we went to the attorney dry? the attorney general. And said to them. I want to indict the present the United States for dangling part in front of Cohen. Is there anything in the report saying he did that? No! So what is this? This is non factual and it's pure speculation go ahead. The giant general of the United States, is of the view that obstruction of justice can only occur if you're interfere. A credible message not correct Turning generally United States like the rest of us who are familiar with the two thousand five, the court decision in the Andersson case, the Arthur Anderson case. We're quite familiar with the elements of obstruction and they weren't met here. That's why? Mr Mulder,
enacted? Mr Molly said he didn't act not because You can, and data sitting present specifically said that, because bar said he asked the man. But because he didn't have the requisite elements. That's why knowing specific intend crime And having a corrupt purpose, and the reason there's no corrupt purpose and the reason why what's being done here so damnable is because as in the United States, could have done all these things and he didn't. He could have pardoned corn and he didn't. He could have fired Mahler. He didn't need to go through his White House Council. Any didn't mean into any LISA. The other thing is troubling about this, as any lawyer should now let alone a former George. This is a recitation by a prosecutor. None of this has been tested, none of it.
But should be tested in a court of law why? If the requisite elements were met Why should it be tested in a court of law. Nonetheless, Mahler didn't do that. There was no secret sealed indictment. The west diamond of any kind there wasn't any request of the attorney general whether or not he could even bring an indictment. None of that ever occurred. Why. Because your line up under the same court, the Supreme court, there rule ninety zero against Weissmann. In the Arthur Anderson case. You'd have a hell of a time convincing those justices, even the real activists on the court that Donald Trump intended to obstruct justice had knowledge and a corrupt intent. When he didn't go ahead,
Self, but that's not what the obstruction statue says and that's not what law enforcement believes and that's not one prosecutors. Obviously, what law enforcement prosecutors believe because law enforcement and prosecutors wrote volume to rather than bring any charges, rather than even attempt to bring any charges rather the main challenge the memos hour at the attorney. Office in the Department of Justice, there were no steps whatsoever to even try to convince the Department of Justice at the president, should be indicted. So why day, these things they just my opinion. I have nothing at all against Sir Judge. The Politburo go ahead, prosecutors. Prosecute people who interfere with government functions right in the president did not. And mother said he did not.
Well, I had all the resources he wanted. The personality wanted had access to witnesses he wanted it had access to the documents he wanted. So what are you talking about? Go ahead? What the president did my obstruction where's this going to and we go president did what, by obstruction. Where's he's gonna end. We don't know sure we do. This is about impeaching, the president and or trying to the rail his re election. That's what's gonna end up because assent, it's not going to convict not based on any of this nonsense, go ahead, pointed in the behaviour of the president's his job is to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the amount is exactly what he did not succeed. What he's doing by asserting or likely privileges on these subpoenas he's trying to the executive branch, the office of the presidency, the doctrine of sex
nation of powers from a rogue handful of committee chairmen. From three or four cities who are trying to overturn the election results, in other words, judge what their true the dual disenfranchise. Sixty three million people voted they're trying to suppress the vote, go ahead. To enforce federal law not to violate while he is enforcing federal or housing violating it. This is quite a jump boy attire, a bridge too far guy, if he had ordered his aids, that violate federal law to say human life or reserve human freedom. It would at least a moral defence to his behave. I don't even know what that means. Who break the law. There is no moral defence, for example,. Let's say: rob a bank in order to get money to go to grow.
To start by enough food to feed your family. That's not a defence, the sort of moral deferred, rather than that doesn't work go ahead, but ordering them to break federal law, to save him from the treaties, owners and the break federal law. If he really wanted them the brake federal law, it would have been done now. Here's the problem of folks just give me an example. Let's take the case of Don began that I've talk about before he gave thirty hours a testimony thirty hours, none of it in front of a grand jury. So none of it is sixty information. All of it could have been put in the report to paragraph. Sir Sir, were put in the report in volume to why what happened twenty nine hours and fifty nine minutes, while the prosecuted put it in the report. Why? Because the prosecutor put in the report, but the prosecutor thought would make the best case for the prosecutor, not for the president,
And when you have legal, analyse relying on that and not reminded the american people, what are actually dealing with here is problematic, where's, the rest of the transcript. There wasn't a videotape where's, the rest of the transcript there I can assure you there is there's always as demographer. So where is it? Why isn't that released by mothers office because I have enough experience as does Napoletano, and they didn't ask him one time. That is again, you know, did the president. I tell you to do x or why they had to ask him Sometimes maybe two dozen times, maybe they are. I'll beating and we don't up thirty hours That's a long time and have you ever been deposed couple hours, imagined thirty hours, three fourths of a work week and they come up with two paragraphs are very soon.
Fishes are very curious. Everyone should be especially lawyers, specially judges, former judges and former prosecutors, the very doubling analysis to me so so haywire in my humble opinion, right back, then while attacks deadline pass by goodness. Although some of us pay recorder, The Irish didn't now you for the money you alright you're safe course. No Yonah, brace yourself now comes what they call the enforce compliance season when the IRS actively garnishing paychecks, seizes bank accounts and puts
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Sixty three hundred eight hundred four nine sixty three hundred eight hundred four nine sixty three hundred Jake Tapir. Fake tapirs! We like the column on CNN yesterday, cake chapter was, of course, a mouthpiece for Marjorie, Margolis MA's Vinci member her. She was a congressmen for about twelve seconds and my old district at Montgomery County, the thirteenth district. I don't know what they ve done. Do Since but she was a lefty and ass, she went along with Clinton and that bluer, but anyway Jake Tapir, So was a mouthpiece for hang on controlling now he's just a mouthpiece for the left, cut, fifteen go then. Obviously many administration officials are working hard to combat this. Is to combat russian meddling. Yes, they are heavily armed sector working very hard to combat less than what are you doing
go ahead, then. Obviously many administration vessels are working hard to combat. This questions are: why haven't urban more than a couple senior levels, principles meeting to coordinate this government wide Well I'd! Let what? What do you care? What can a stupid? What is with you pal, you know five or six years ago I had some respect for this guy, Banalities among the leader, the leaders of the pack just fall off the edge, maybe the bonuses over there for CNN for coming off like bozo bozo the tapir, go ahead and from so willing to uses Bali Papa to attack cable news, Ankara's or Saturnalia. Why use me he is freedom of speech and you deserve? be attacked your moronic, your propagandists. Setting and I live, I don't watch shut in an hour. I can't tell you how many years this clown, Alec Baldwin,
He with his with his facial moments. He looks like you see, I'm a cucumber sideways. Now I had one so one willing to do so on this issue related to his job related to Social security- I don't know Jake and unaware- yes you're right on being his brow, as you are you got this? You fear that this whole Russia Clue Thing from day one you didn't say to your colleagues unseen and hey, sit out. There's nothing here, another you are connecting to die, to all so many dogs to connect, but there were no doubt to connect Nora, are reporting was spectacular. This is the golden age of journalism. No you suck you blow at the whole thing. You're the water directive, journalists now, yes, what a disaster I MR producer. It's on your shoulders either pick out, and
regular American, a k, a liberal or a great regular american police. Cavy, O R Dale Colorado Springs, go You need a marketplace for taking my car. I wanted to say to our president sharing very much for everything you do and your family. I mean I seeing sludge and dignity Grady shown by anyone in an office in my lifetime and I've been around since fifty seven and added Is family has shown a dedication to excellence with to a get to the ideal edges. Unparalleled. If you know you raise a grey point, he is a great family. Yes he's raised great kids. Yes, you know and before any any colonna and he gets no credit for none
plenty of credit I offer gadget. Let me tell you but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking in a big mouth country worries rounded by reprobates more- and I mean this continual stop at tack and via now: who's got the two should hold civil rights, an unparalleled I've, never seen anything like it. They're doing it. Violation of constitutional and rights, but they are getting to the constitutional, proud, They are and they're gonna to pay. They need them Mrs criminal at criminal bagger. What they're doing the tactics they're using and their crimes? then committed I'll. Tell you why we're allowing the Democrats who come from San Francisco New York? That's their representatives, LOS Angeles in Baltimore. These are the committee chairs. This is the speaker to drag the entire country down
is it is. It is a relatively small cabal. It represents a relatively small percentage of the population. But under our system they control these levers of power in the trying to do that. Did it take down the present and even now even or Mullah represents no body. Malo should never been appointed. There was no criminal whatsoever in the of the media, the media live in the same places. These dark blue Democrats to the meat don't live in the North Dakota a whole. They don't live in Kansas, her oak la home. They that's not where they are. That's my whether from the national media that Washington Press corps they live Laptop Washington, they're, all the same ilk, our idea I appreciate your call. My friend, Larry Evans will Indiana quickly there.
W g bf go to him a calmer. I won't go back to the speaker bite and what are you, nuts establishing now there's another court. Forty eight species that if we do tromp, don't drop eight more eight, eight years in a white house we will, he will have forever and fundamentally alter the character of our nation. Now I think my response to that would be. I think that if we do that president from another term, I think he's gonna be doing a lot like Reagan did to fund them, restore the character of our nation? I agree with you. I agree with you completely when he really means and not fall to the character of our nation, alter big, centralized. I infested progressive democratic control and that's why they hang on they hang on like the old soviet generals. We'll be right,
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while Ronald Chicago Illinois the Great WS country go. I mark picture taken like all. I want to touch on a little bit about what you discuss overweighted couple weeks, unsuitable events when I was worried deployed on Iraq in two thousand and three see and undecided according pay, some footage and better look like we were up. Murmuring, innocent Iraqis, long story short, I came home and I was about to be courtmartialed for murder because of what CNN had decided to cut and paste And luckily those charges were dropped fight for them. It's just another day, throw out their hope. It and what what the people get fired
I am basically no that's amazing. Was this a famous case, I won't say, was famous because they never got brought anything because I was co, And I put for me: there is an enormous ruined. Your life were exactly and I didn't do anything wrong and I see it I have to answer anybody, but I did even though, Is there a lie that they were producing and whenever back like. Why should I said summer did some about that both You know I was twenty years always a corporal at the time and you guys is happy to be home. I had to come home and deal with that, and I think it's important. No more americans see that and understand it doesn't matter if your four star general, the president or it could be? You know anybody use you
And potentially, ruin your life to the further their agenda. Now you are quite right, I mean look. What they did in these kids are from Kentucky few months back in They were really solid law. Now, taking on these media outlets or drew, and he played here right up the country you. I will tell you what I want to. Thank you for your service. I'm gonna send you copy of my book. Don't hang up when it comes out I can sign it for you and I think I'll find a pre compelling. I want to thank you for your service. My friend, we ve had people waiting a long time. I just want to get to a few more than trying pull up here we go. She's me, let's gonna, Jose nonsense. California eight seventy the age of the great k, our ally, live national, go right ahead. God. Thank you. So much are you like, Tino or latina x. I showed you cannot do the same thing
here, you are chicano. Are chicken eggs? You come over her! Well, you know what they're doing the taking their taken genitalia out everything. I am now and now I'm hispanic unable for John Bonham, also racist, nazi and white supremacist, a graduate. The funny thing about better than don't know how much I I believe in the rights for everyone. Not just for exactly at all is an unnecessary. That's the thing, the big level give us an out of my joy that when tumbling present an alibi, are gotta, be kidding me what's going on here, so I so external. You know the store of you story, like Republicans Democrats, what's your name and calmly central issues like way way out there on the latter way, which is which exactly you know like adjust whenever any to laugh. I just bought
I don't want any other shows which I don't, but I mean they're they're, just fine, I would at anything thing come down their mouth. There was the storage. About a you know word here in early, even though the edge blue or there's a lot of us way and saying you know what enough is enough, they think there were like the buried dumb, because they just think that. Because, where his back, there were automatically come about democrat- and yours and other bodies. But I also watching our conservative has made me a conservative because of not because I am against Hilary, but because of the values and principles that liberty even badly and there's something that they want to take away from us. They want big that. Let me ask you something: had any of those candidates ever talk about Liberty
ridiculous. Only that you want to know why you can't be free. You can't be free, independent thinking individual under these least these these programmes a centralized smothering programmes and want to create. This is ridiculous. Anything you have your like Emily about where I'll make it from America. Great had all, How do I get my window smash? Do you know anything I don't wear it now, because I'm afraid of the legal bases that their saw lunatic bad. You can't even company like our normal conversation with them. Just here there's had on sport, as so many people. They don't even talk to any more because I will jump in adventure Democrat for a long time for the announced before I knew anything about politics and thanks to your shovel, I listen to every twenty mile Andrew to my work, but it's basically like almost two hours in traffic. Not what kind of work do you do?
I work in a warehouse as a union to wait a minute. You're, not a millionaire billionaire, now know about I houses pretty expensive because other taxes that they re everything in it I get so high too long to try to you, know by a house could some others restrictions than that's terrible payments and that action has been. I jump I, for my wish, in which I was gonna, get a little. They rely on pushing money, not she loved Glenville. She loved There is no problem. California is beautiful and there's a lot to do in California in the weather's great. But the lives have taken it over. And you know it in school when Hilary was running against strong and think ass. She lost the day an election and my son's elementary school and air. One voted Democrat. Jump on the next day, my boys, the little in the third and fourth day. They said TAT, he who won the election and it's your job,
in an elder happy as Emma was a Christmas. You know I was so happy in blood that he won and everyone in school was crying and even had to take a day off They were all make lying about it and like Amazon Region, either me bother me alive, because, although there is so little I don't know nothing about parties lightly, brainwashing sides on my way but you and I bought the book- are police that an arm powder to amateur. And then I call last month, immigration we're both from a lincoln another one to do that I hope my boys read out time and then they came to a house and there she buried. My friend told me that also kill, Mexicans and all day just wait there for a second think about them. Think of it makes sense what you think
and then down again, it doesn't make sense and also exactly don't let them brainwash you an item all the time that it was between, replied the count Democrats, I listen to each other in the, all day long, they listen to it at the morning. Well, an italian Africa but you're, a terrific parent, you, terrific patriot, Please don't hang up. I want to give him a Corruption to live in tv rich as well as a book when it comes out signed. I'm a big fan hoses here and God bless YO, Lynn, Philadelphia, pen, Dana serious Satellite go I borrowed may at first of all. Thank you. I was, of course, port of preparatory think here, although it you'll have the business, but at any rate to let you know when you are I think my can in a normal thurii our amount of testimony. You would end up with some
between nine hundred and fifty two one thousand page the added men among hold on now. This is big, so thirty hours testimony normal talking back and forth, and so nine hundred nine fifty thousand pages of Transcription Iraq will depend on how many characterised her aunt. If you put more character per edge, it would end up wait about twelve hundred pages. It depends how much less the minimum nine hundred and fifty two thousand correct The reason you're calling me with this is because I said Gang gave thirty hours had testimony, none of it. Kara by grand jury because he wasn't in the grand jury. He went to the special council off his proudly sat in the conference room. And they had a stenographer there.
If they didn't have a video may be, but the tea they certainly had a stenographer there and two and two are quite report and two paragraphs wound up in there, for repaid report that doesn't smell right Dumay. Does it to you in no way in the world where that ever happened? no way, and then we have legal analysts on tv focused on the two period doesn't even occur to them. They ask where the rest of it is in no way, and in fact that two pages is a high. Simply to paragraphs I mean the two paragraphs is possibly a sonata peace that is their population.
What a boy a part and I guarantee you did- I mean more than likely mockeries, I guarantee you, but more than likely it's their synopsis of what was said. I dont you. I did not read his report, I don't know whether it actually quoted, but a lot of time between peoples Fifthly quote, what I've seen has has been quoted is ninety really and actual would avoid. Somebody says, because they don't tanker quote the words exactly as it was said, in a transcript while that is very informative, and I want to thank you for it, very much and I'll be right back.
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Let us go to Amy Colorado Springs Ex M satellite. Go. I mark, think we're taking my call your new book about about updating. Thank God. I can't wait for it like the product of always thought that they are better than that they can hide things from. I am anxious to read the history about it. Are you coming out and now more than ever- and you know Joe Biden really pathetic- that he has to run on re But he has nothing else to run on. I think tromp can truly. He is much lower, learn, as you said, something actually very important. After all these decades, in the United States Senate in eight years advice
does he really doesn't have anything to run on your right? None now he doesn't m tramp tramp actually could stretch have for the last administration that he was then with Obama. All the scandals he's trying to do here undue effectively everything Obama Biden did do he's trying as darted, and so you know about that that fight and had to resort to raise. But it's all I have told any of them her willingness to talk about It is likely that none of us want to go back to the Obama Biden era. I don't think so, but we had he. We certainly do not want to go into a new era of Camelot, Harrison, Bernie Sanders and the rest of that either Amy. Thank you for your car. Much appreciated. Rigid Kansas City, Missouri, the great Casey em I'll go. I thought I would like to point out that trial.
Then more transparent than any president that we have had an decade Not only has he been more transparent here, Dudley, guy, stick to more running lights and actually get Gulf DAWN, then any president we have had any decades. Why are the people so blind? It's because of CNN? suddenly see BP, we'll just shut off the tv got off your tv radio, don't shut off my show for crying out loud well, I'm talkin about. What's gonna talk radio there but shut off the day, I'm keeping our eye. You got it. You got it why, except for ten PM eastern Sunday with life Liberty and live in, we have a great guess. This Sunday, former attorney General Virginia, can coochie nearly William. It took a really cool
look at all. This is only we can and I think you're going to enjoy it Jolly Springfield Missouri. The show me state the great K asked G F go first, I want to say thank you for taking my car longtime listener. I love listening to you Mark list learned so much from listen to you and I agree with China's saying you're the great one Paul think by the way, my wife's name is Julie, call it, I think, a lot of their hostility against him? Is he not politician they cannot by him he they can't control what he actually says to Everyday America because he can get on social media and he can say what he wants to and they can't control what he says too.
This last point is very, very important and what they, the other thing they can't do, and it's really unique he's very unique. Individual. Certainly in this regard is can't crush him. He will not allow them to crush him. Sadly, it here it. Doesn't he will not bend them if they have tried so hard and it doesn't matter what they throw at him. He They cannot use your points report that he will not been and what they used to doing. The Republicans training them. You know, like Romney, knows that train dog pretty much. He knows what the bark to get an bed in the near a wash and composting how to behave in order to get a nice headline. They train these republicans like like they train dogs or they train the monkeys. Euro. They can't do they were Donald Trump. He won't be train is an independent.
Independent thinking and acting individual. Thank you for your call. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person are all the wonderful folks and law enforcement and the military. Please
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