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On Friday’s, Mark Levin Show, President Donald J. Trump calls in to set the record straight on phony Charlottesville claims and to thank Mark for his accurate commentary on the silent coup against his campaign and presidency. Trump also mentions Hillary Clinton’s emails on Anthony Weiner's Laptop and the dishonest FISA applications. The president tells Mark about his border strategy, how Democrats want to abolish ICE and jokes about how Hillary's election victory party became a funeral for her campaign. The Democrats have tried everything to reverse the outcome of the 2016 election. They tried to spy on Trump, imprison him, impeach him and even flirted with the idea of using the 25th Amendment. Relenting once they realized that it would be more difficult to remove a president under the 25th Amendment than it is through impeachment. Then, former Vice President Joe Biden has admitted to speaking with World Leaders who have encouraged him to run for President of The United States. Biden has literally admitted to running for office at the request of foreign leaders. Later, Congressman Jerry Connolly is now threatening to jail people that don’t comply with subpoenas.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented podcast, as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution. Where learning Surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Their brother sponsorship now run only underground bows away somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levin. Here our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three one. One Donald Trump really is something
He's hilarious, he substantive and he's very solid on most of our issues of my opinion, doing a great job for the country. Imagine what you'd be doing, but for the left trying to destroy Democrats, the media. You know. The White House contacted us the other day. In said, the president would like To me like to do an interview on radio, we very much. Of course More interested in doing that late yesterday we did exactly that and we're gonna play that for you and our second, our M M p M our start at the top of the hour. If you stick with us, you'll get the here that he was terrific we spoke to him over twenty minutes and by the way, folks. You notice how phrases that we, Who's here, wind up in the body Politic,
silent, coup silent coup was the name of the book many many years ago. But, as you know, I'm not gonna play it again and bore you right after the election the day after the election because I went off that night. Who told you that night, this looks pretty good, for the present we saw was happening in Pennsylvania. We saw was happening some of these other states. I told you what I thought was going to happen, they were trying to teach him in and diet and because they were so angry in the Ets. Things like that even before the election that is election day,. And over time. Obvious to me. Would this collusion stuff and then leading up to the appointment of a special council that they want to do knock em off politically knock em off. And so I said I ve got to come up with a phrase. That's gonna do
the attention of the american people silent coup, silent coup, Silent meaning not a violent coup. Cool nonetheless, that, by a couple of other national House pick up by others and sir, this is typically how works. That's, ok, it is saying repeatedly now and he is correct, this was a coup effort after that sixty minutes interview with Macao. I don't know how anybody can today that they were plotting Since the present the United States an alley, the evidence is overwhelming, and there still doing it they're still doing there they flirted with the twenty fifth amendment that will work They don't understand the twenty fifth amendment
Actually hearted remove the president or the twenty fifth amendment, then impeachment. They pushed hard on the special council. They got their special council with no crime. Predicate whatsoever in violation of department of Justice regulations. He comes up empty despite A phoney legal analyse, former judges and all the rest on tv. Their comedy of errors should make it up, Only clear their unqualified be on tv telling you anything. And so we had this years and years collusion years and years of obstruction, no collusion obstruction, obstruction as a matter of law, or fact. There were no charges. That's why? Mr Mulder? even ass, the attorney general if he could bring obstruct. In charges against the present the United States, he had no intention of doing it stead. They bleed out
in the volume two of the report in order to feed little He likes the elk like Adler and the rest in the media because they at a manipulate the media, silent coup. And it still going on it's still going on, we're gonna circle back to that in a minute, because we actually have a member of Congress. From one of the wealthiest districts in a country may government disk Fairfax Tony S, name is General Connally. Also one of the dumbest members of Congress. But that's that's a big group saying that if these Officials, former officials, private sector individuals, don't testify they could go to jail. So now they want to imprison people. Now
one of prison paper but we'll get to that in a minute this Joe Biden, Looks totally washed out, he looks exhausted, he has a color and your skin, and I'm not saying that from a racial pointed it he left, he looks, he looks pasty look. Look see, looks at older. Me looks like it, I job, maybe too, Here's a piece in the daily mail Biden joined a field of nineteen other democratic candidates on Thursday, ok, fine enough, he claimed it. Call the donors. He been asked to run by other world leaders who will treat on. Joe Biden claims world leaders begged him to save the world from Donald Trump as he entered the race for the White House. Yesterday the floor. Vice president made the claims- and I called a campaign donors yesterday, as They will join in the field of twenty Democrats vying for the presidency. I get
us from people all over the World WAR leaders are calling by the way he's a serial liar bind. So who knows, but let me go on world leaders are calling me in there almost begging me to do this. To save the country, save the World Biden set according to political I ve been frantically garnering support from donors with flights around the? U S because of his late entry in the race, but my vp was twice failed. Attempts become president nineteen. Eighty eighty two thousand eight is said. Apart from several figures in Europe after they pray during the Munich Security Conference in February. So I got to thinking MR producer. Isn't this collusion. Exactly which coordinates? World leaders lobbied by didn T run, which once. Now we know G of China. He doesn't
It's like Tromp Hanami personally, doesn't like trumps policies; trumps, really taken it to him on the economy on the Mill tearing Soforth, holding his feet to the fire. We now have lad Putin's, despite the media's best efforts. Is no fan of the president's present. This done more in Greece, Onest of latin repute than Obama had ever done. In fact, Obama was capitulating. Deputed. Which world leaders exactly where robbing Joe Biden to run against the President of the United States, who are they. Is there not collusion? Regardless of the world leaders, whoever they are now Mark, eating a flip com, and nobody really cares. Isn't that the point? Isn't that the point these demo,
Brad President's are always in a back pocket of somebody, always toys plank footsie, with dictators and in there they're always creating policies. Quite frankly, a our country twice it's the trash Reagan, even Nixon and so forth, so the question is exactly which world leaders were lobbying, Joe Biden to run for presently of our United States, which ones. I'd like to have a list. Wouldn't you. And we need to keep an eye on all Joe because of you, how itself from the get gulp, maybe we'll start talking about impeachment an indictment if he gets, we'll start talking about impeachment an indictment but what's my point in that respect, let me explain something to you left us
No, what's my point in that respect, let me explain Thank you. You left us out there. In and out of the media open Pandora's box. Open Pandora's box, you are normalizing impeachment, but about Clinton broke the law What about Clinton Clinton broke the law, our security, we're going to prosecute him, not the case with Trump. And Clinton conceded on the issue of contempt. I lost as law licence. So my question or my point is You left us in, and out of the media, have now opened Pandora's box. We can start talking, an an indictment of special councils. Even before the general election, to set the standard. Chairman of the house, tradition,
committee. Chairman of the house, government oversight, unreformed committee chair. The ways and means Committee chairmen of the Financial Services Committee, they're gonna, take Subpoenas. Change their names. And then issue them against you. That's the panel. Box. You open and by the way you federal judges out there, you Supreme Court justice let me tell you a secret, you better be paying attention. Because of members of Congress have the corner Constitutional authority under article one to get the tax returns and bank account information a public officials in the other two branches. Your next. You saw what they did: a cabinet you're next,
our tax returns. Europe, actual information, the financial information and tax returns in your family members. Kedge grandkids all on the table on the table. That's the problem when you have a tyrannical Rogue Democrat Party running any branch of the federal government, Jerry Connally was on CNN, not once but twice They so enjoyed this crackpot in its provocative comments then he was on yesterday and they brought him back today. Wait till you hear what this clown had to say will be right back Ben
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the present the United States at the top of the next hour, and I might say more mark you know he's been on this- show that you know it's different. It's different I think you're gonna enjoyed a lot. Not you on the left. I don't I talk to my audience. You know my audience. My extended family people on the left are kind in the bleachers unit, with their spitballs in their marijuana manner that much Are you gonna, be proud? Fairfax, Virginia representative, Jerry Connally on CNN yesterday, wanting to put people in jail cut three go. The White House fights needs subpoenas would certainly seems to be what They pointed to play now, there's a reporter for you, Anderson Cooper it's a game. You see: separation of powers, protecting the parole
and it was at the office of the presidency. That's a game to CNN. Twice: and in ten years, won't even exist unless it a stormy Daniels. Porn travel go ahead, fight everything as long as you can try to run out the clock on them. I mean the reality only valid until twenty twenty one, when a new Congress is seated homage to construct on this matter will assume a sort of strict cyclists, though he's not he's a left wing cook plants not manner through constructive, see tat down with a year teenagers that make up his congressional staff for whom you pay, and they said I when I did. Let's do it. We always its the words like good propagandists. Now you know we're left wing cooks, but let's pretend were strict construction is, we go ahead. Coequal brands are governed
are we we have immense powers at our disposal, both real ones, that we exercise currently and latent ones, that we could O Layton powers, my let's listen to the council, national scholar carrier sorry, Connally go ahead if any one to devise a legitimately issued subpoena by the Congress of the United States for its himself or herself any normal legal apparel and that can include fines, contempt for Congress, civil. So in other words, if you dare to challenge as a constitutional matter, what these rogue chairman of these committees from San Francisco New York Baltimore in New York in Lhasa, You're seminars are doing what an approach imprison. We're gonna bank rupture may hear this guy No, it wasn't upset about Eric hold, are being held in contempt on my work hold on a fridge construction, slow with only
I threw Republicans, go ahead, pursued in courts of law, an impossible incarceration by think it's a very unwise thing to cooperate with the across the board. Defiance of constitutionally legally issued subpoenas gonna kind. Here we have a ladies and gentlemen, the the story of our time more, like the professor Erwin Corey of our time, go ahead. You could see a scenario if somebody is refusing to respond to a subpoena of actually trying to put them in jail floor. Yes,. Yes court course where we knew Saracens town here we Democrats nuisance. Sometimes we get our soviet system in place here. We want everybody records, we went to it these telephonic records. We want their email or texts. We want their tax return. My bank account
Their kids information when I read the guy, I believe that that is that a few you phony. You were you tyrannical by phone. DE I believe a year will get their wicked. We're gonna ruin their mother. They don't they non buckler where we say yeah. Well, I'm gonna ruin them up at this. Guy's got all the skeletons in his closet. He looks like, but it looks like he does. Proudly, when it's raining outside he's wearing a raincoat standing on the corner, but the guys watch out for, ladies and gentlemen, are the ones that are standing on the corner wearing a raincoat when it's not raining. You know me mister producer. Yes, all you, people and In fact, you better watch out we're gonna put them at present, we're going to put them in every way. Wait till you see what we're going to require, but meanwhile trumps, the dictator. The Democrats can help it later
In general, they use the IRS; they use the FBI, the abuse law enforcement. Abuse our intelligence agencies. This is what they do. They abuse freedom of the press by destroying freedom of the press, demagogues and propagandists, but he was so. Com allowing so important that she and brings back today- and let me tell you something- this is part of what the media do. They can speak through jackasses like this or get contemporary Kali, who carry calling out on our host Erika O the guy that wants to puppy prison if they don't agree with congresses, interpretation of separation of powers that guy yeah. Ok, let's get up Nobody ever heard of Jerry Connally outside of Fairfax Virginia. All of a sudden, the atom shift of forty eight hours. Yes, yes, that's where we're going.
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sorry candles. Connally intellectual awhile wanted it in our data about the Reagan, library, the Reagan library sold out the main auditorium and nine minutes and thirty seconds, the Reagan library sought out the overflow rooms expanded. The overflow rooms, though, sought out than theirs several hundred people on there waiting list. Now you should stop. On the waiting list. You know Renault and, of course we do. The book signings go hidden taken home page, the other book shiny that are going to take place right. Mr producer, that's the main website. And you will see that home page, the other Chinese are going to take place. May I make a friendly suggestion. Try and come early. Now, I know one of them's on a holiday weaken tube to books, earnings a book and book review Jersey in New York, but I would say: She tried to come early in With the Barnes and noble, which is
first. Saturday, at ten a m in the morning, this is a very, very important book on freedom of the press. You ve, never heard me talk like this before this is a very, very important book. We, institution that created by air- the two, should not really created by the constitution. It is, it is protected by Constitution, freedom of press. That really has not been substantially good night. I don't mean at Sir this level or superficially I mean At a serious level substantially scrutinised, this will be the first book at least in modern times? That does exactly that its work. Institution? for some reason, with all its power and all its force and been examined the way it ought to be examined and way we're going to do that together with this book on free
The press in the title is perfect. My wife came up with it. And I was reading it this morning He soon will mark you wrote it, but I've got. I dont get to sit down and real The way I want to read it because you know you always editing and changing in ending that's all over now. And literally in an hour and a half. I read about ninety five pages and I call him. What is it this really flows beautifully in the kind of information that, since it is so crucial to her, and she. Where did she said a reads like a novel in a really does it's not an hour, but it reads like a novel: that's how it flows and- things in here that are going to shock your system. There's things in here where you gonna nod your head. There things in here we're going to shake your head, no disbelief. Very, very important, very important.
So are you gotta Amazon, dot com right now to, and you can order to feel like its forty percent of today's Fridays perfect time? Do it All I'm out there talking about these things. Please don't forget life liberty and live in ten p m Sunday night eastern time. Tremendous interview, a canker originally before my attorney General Virginia. One of the star Laurie Some litigators in the conservative movement as we talk about what has taken place over the last several weeks and as well as these subpoenas and so forth, find the show very compelling. As I said All of our shows her, I feel all of our shoes are one of the reasons just think back story here and there I like to tell him to your people. Ask me. One of the reasons. This programme errs on terrestrial radio. That's what we call radio U turn on your radio terrestrial radio, Ayman, FM radio.
And on satellite radio. And on our various apps mark living up, Iheart, APP, podcast and, of course, streaming on your computer, and so for one of the reasons that I decided that we should use all available platforms to broadcast. Is to make sure we can reach as many patriotic Americans as possible. We are honoured to have our spectacular lineup of affiliates. We are honoured. If your neck serious axiom satellite, we honoured, beyond I heart and their app. While we are on the market of an app and on streaming, and we treat all of our platforms with respect, we take time out every day
To support each and every one of them, my purpose, behind this microphone is to talk to you. The greatest audience of audiences, not to me get hard for you to reach me, but for to make it as easy as possible for you to find a listening platform that you'll use. That's why this programme has taken off at the worst time of the day for radio. That's the truth not for tv. Sixty nine pm eastern time is prime time. That's right down the middle of the plane, but not for radio. You have baseball. You have hockey player you ve got. You know that the football began all kinds of stuff going on, so I have make it as easy as possible for you to find me. I want to find you.
And that's the model we use here. I think it's very Important to spread the message of liberty, wherever we can, if there ten more platforms someday, then we'll be on ten more platforms. That's the way I look at it. To reach as many people as humanly possible, because the goal is what to save the republic to advance constitutional republicanism. To educate as many people as we possibly can, despite the man, two praetorian guard aligned against us, your children and grandchildren will have a ray and prosperous future why I'm here I don't be here any more, but I'm here that's why. I didn't start out and radio. I didn't start out on tv. I started on a totally different profession. As young man, I was attract
Do the Reagan Canada, see in seventy six and eighty. Spent eight years of my life working and that. Became a president, a vain, very, very important legal foundation, the Landmark legal foundation, which is still very, very important at crucial organization. This is who I am. This is why I am including the book writing, including the book running. Some people read. They don't listen to a lot of or watch Falada TV people listen, a radio, they don't read and they know watch tv. Some people watch tv that Alison operator than already, but that's the gall that's why I work twenty hours a day twenty hours a day to do everything. Possible, because one day I won't be able to do it and I gonna make sure.
Now, while I have the energy and the capacity to do it, I do it. And everybody else is driven by other things. Of course,. I I listen if somebody like general economy and my blood boils This man is anti american Man is undermining the country. This man has no say for what he sang at work, drag this country and unfortunately, this too many people like this. So I could Now, by name now He was so outrageous. He was so provocative. He was so autocratic yesterday on CNN that scene and brought him back today, so he could repeat himself cut for,
I'll see you foresee jail time. What point does it come to that end, and how do you do that when normally when someone is held in contempt, the Congress, the backstop is the Department of Justice which you just pointed out, is led by attorney General Bill BAR who you would not expect to be in your current, even though these are people who have legitimate gripes with these subpoenas, these subpoenas are over the top there over the top. They are intended to destroy people. Congress, does not have the authority to destroyed paper Where's has to have a constitutional basis for what it's doing it does not, and I don't care Damn quarter Supreme Court. Justice says do not have constitute You don't get to use that power, to get out and the media you do get out in the media you wanted to get up medical Party political party. You do that you want to use free speech to do get up to get out. You don't get too Who's the power that the frame
This gave the Congress of the United States to crush people, because you can the point: is you can't. So these people who are defyingly subpoenas baron, worthy of Jerry Meddler, Jerry, o, ok, whatever the hell neutral arbiter. I don't threaten anybody amazes. They should be celebrated their state to this today Terence, go ahead, I expect him to play fair or be a neutral arbiter. I don't threaten anybody guide. It amazes me that left wing hack Democrats who get elected to Congress get the same. Who neutral arbitrators are in China? I don't expect him to be a neutral arbitrator, unlike May, of course, jeering jerry oh Connally, it shall arbitrary. Yes, I am yes, I am. I am go ahead.
Congress has immense powers, and if you want to go to war with Congress, you do so at your own peril. How do you do it well about the deejay? First of all, there is the issue of subpoenas. Then there is contempt of Congress citations than there is going to court to insist on the enforcement of subpoenas by the way. If you violate a court order now, you're in criminal content, memories go in there, let me say, they're going to violate a court order. They can still appeal a district court ruling to the appellate corn than they can appeal from there to the United States Supreme Court. You know you know Connally. The people you are trying to destroy in the people. You are targeting you and the other mobsters in your party. They have rights to in this country constitutional rights due process right, you, don't get to just storm in prison. What're you have a prism get up. In the basement of the House of Representatives when he
They gonna do lock him in the cafeteria bad meddler boy here, me locked in there in the calf to remember him Mister producer when he was like Montana Benny at special operation. I forget what the banned or whatever its cop anyway go ahead and that's what I was talking about. Incarceration can be a new future either through the court system or in here you see how he's we easily. Now CNN, you are disgusting, you're, pathetic, joke! You take one of the dumbest members of the House of Representatives and your prop up he saw the ever naughty of the House of Representatives. If you will the European Union harassment when they historians right about the media, but we don't need the historians to write about the media. I just did I see and then you get near come. Hence I can tell you that my because I'm a conservative, but because you are so pathetic-
I'll be right back then folks, many of our nations oldest colleges, profoundly to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good but Thirdly, many have lost their way locked in the grip of political this they no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism. Thankful if there's hills Del College since its family in eighteen, forty four hills Dell has remained true to its original mission, to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent, piety and his still enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple and profound: to help stew I understand what is noblesse embedded in yourself and the World Hills dealt.
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somebody who's really smart or they have a compelling stories, were let them talk, unlike air, Jerry, Connally. Dale Colorado Springs, Colorado, the great cave. We owe our go work, What did you say? There are no finer examples occurred. Then, President Robin the underlying canvas owns. Family. I mean they strike confidently and of a pillar hell. I Washington, Dc Day out, Fan by their side, and I just want to say I am honoured and hobbled that such people as these will deign to work. For me, You know what to do. When I put it and I'll tell you what I am increasingly impressed and I'm already impress the candy silence others too, but she never fails the Republican Party.
Deserve is these people are so wonderful? my friend, and make it opposition. Let's at I didn't hear that I said, running into position. I will, of course, be Ireland. I am so sick of it. My friend Tom Colombia, Marilyn on the mark, live in quickly go yet sir. I just got a question for you is what would you think about taking the weapons and weapons nation of the subpoena process for these committees, away by amending the constitution Could make to two things ruin out? First by the constitution of organ amended. We should remember that my god. What happened anyway, number two, I'm not against them. So using a subpoena power, I'm against them abusing it. What that involves is sending the wrong people, the Congress and I just all these democratic to one and republican districts
We all around Orange County in San, Diego California, among other places, He d understand. They're gonna be one terms, one terms because I can people. I'm really convinced of this- have had enough of this crap. That's why I see it and has no ratings. That's why MSNBC as a joke I'll be right back
now run only underground: the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one on this beautiful Friday evening. My interview, the presently United States from yesterday, let's get started, go, Mr President, how are you, sir, I'm very good, Thank you very much mark we. You know the smaller report comes out and rather than celebration in Congress,
abrasion in the media that they were wrong. All this time now, they're looking for other ways to try and burden you and trip you up, and they move to obstruction. I actually see some of these so called legal analyse on tv who don't know what you're talking about talking about obstruction. They're talking about impeachment this this I mean. Peaches, subpoenas investigations. You appear to have upset these people were you. The country is doing fantastically well and they can't get over it. The economy is as good as it can be. Numbers have been fantastic, withdrew, just doing great deal, you look at the unemployment numbers are best in fifty one years for individual groups like african american Asian just vanished the best they ve ever been historic numbers I don't know they have at our time with the regulation gods, tax cuts, tremendous tax cuts biggest though we ve ever had bigger than
and that you admire Ronald Reagan, bigger than his guts Anwar was approved in that one individual mandate, we get rid of it, the Obama care disaster and things in that having our time with it, it's when a smaller, when they Mahler, which are intended to port came out. I thought people Well, that's the end of that and instead they say well let me they analyze? Four hundred now when it came to analyzing the russian stuff, there was nothing they could even analyze. There was nothing that put away. I read the even think about so ridiculous, but then they talk about obstruction and have a clean bill of health, but obstruction. Absolutely nothing done, but they they'll do what Where they can to try and sell it, mutations. So they can one an election in seventeen. Eighty much, I do believe it's coming up again. Mark boy numbers. President hate. Here's something that amazes me.
Mr Mulder asked repeatedly to expand his investigation and the Deputy Tourney Journal did so, but he never asked to expand. Isn't it allegation that Hilary campaign the day and see the face accord applications any the dossier. Why do you think that is what are the best of my life I'm just not a word in their about call me lakes and the calm relies on there's not a word in their about Mackay and struck his lover LISA page. There is not a word in their about all the dishonesty, the thirty three thousand dollars. Thirty three thousand emails from Hillary Clinton and don't forget the six hundred thousand text messages from that went through the server of of Wiener of winter nights? A beauty not a word in their about any of this, this corruption at a spear, corruption, but not a word in their of the other side, but it's it's rather incredible, rather incredible, very disappointing, but
We have a great attorney general and will see how that all comes out in the end, but it is really incredible that you can do a report and not even mention the other side. You look at the the fake. Does turn out to be a total take even the New York Times. I couldn't believe it mark a New York Times and the other day talked about deed, the fake very and glowing terms. I couldn't believe it actually, but they do something like that, no mention of it. They do all of this dishonor South Pfizer reports no mention of it. It's a disgrace. You know, Mr President, one more aspect: this and I liked him. We want the year. These subpoenas, one of the american people understand you're, protecting the office of the presidency in the executive branch and separation of powers. That Congress does not have the right to demand. Police records from you from Supreme Court justices from other federal officials and so forth. They they they legislate, and this is now
to do a legislator will it I could have not let anyone speak. I think you know that you know me well and not into the world of GM going to Georgia. Let me call Russia for some help. Ok, so ridiculous, falsehood, which is at a very high level, I could have said no presidential privilege, but I said I I think you know that you know me well, not into the world and I'm going to Georgia. Let me call Russia for some help. Ok, so ridiculous, all pig, although if you look Hillary Clinton, ended the unseen. The Democrats were dealing with Russia, which is very, dress. Again. President Obama knew all about Russia in September just before the election and didn't do a thing about it, because he thought that Hilary It was gonna win, so you know a thing about He only got upset about it after the results were very conclusive. Three o sixteen to twenty so you know you look at what's going,
but I could have exerted. I could have taken presidential privilege a poor, the offer every but didn't I read where that five hundred witnesses I'm hundred spent thirty five million dollars, had angry Democrats angry you're angry people. These were really people that did not like Donald Trump and Euro Mauler didn't like Donald Trump and they had conflicts or place and with all of that, no collusion and obstruction was also a big wanna. Be a look, emanate didn't charge. But now I always hear if you don't get George you're not supposed to be writing your virtually, not allowed to be running. If you don't get charge, you know right. I was in charge in right, whatever they want to write, but it was an incredible. Six
said. I had a meeting with an incredible away. It was an achievement because, when you have the haters than people that were angry, if you look at why, when he was at Hillary Clinton, what was going to be a celebration in their opinion and turned out to be a funeral after the other she's right after the election of the Big Convention centre, which was so beautifully done right, the election, the knight of the election and here say very angry man and then all of a sudden he's investigate and they come up with no collusion, pretty amazing. I beg you. An amazing to use. Mr President, freedom of the press I don't have anyone who opposes freedom of the press. I know you don't oppose freedom of the press ripe, but when you of corrupt journalists, U S, opinion rather than news and have spent two and a half years putting up properly. And about collusion and so forth, and
try to smear your character, smear your reputation when it comes to race, comes to religion or what habit isn't that? What you are attacking well, do you think, These guys were so wrong and they got Pulitzer prizes and they're all wrong and that Sean added a new, and I could go through a whole list, Laura Tucker and I mean Jesse, everybody is somebody had fox, but somebody all over the place you look at sea. Do in the morning and names Lee and Brian spend got become great on the subject of an nobody mention for these George and they were all right, and yet you have people that were the biggest hatred.
Of all that were so amendment. If you went back to their original reporting, it's embarrassing to read it for them and they win Pulitzer Prize. Is it's a rigged system and it's a shame. Mr President, the border you been and she ran you been talking about the border. You ve been told by the need to secure to put physical barriers there to get the resources ere. You ve tried to work with Congress repeatedly. The Democrats obviously view it as politically problem added to do anything that will secure the border. You try Act on your own to secure the border, they talked about a manufactured crisis over and over again, I notice they don't say that anymore now laid out and now. I must show you give many democratic. Talking a lot differently now than they were even three or four weeks ago. At one year. I vow to fight a lot of people in politics, Terrified fight a lot of people and we ve taken
oh by the horn, and don't forget we have eight of you. If you look at what these people have been, we we ve, I use the word capture use whatever word you want. The border patrols been incredible but we're talking about a hundred thousand people a month and I, let's do to go. I made a very strong statement and I mean to this day. I said: if this have these people flow through Mexico, closing the border. That's a very big move because you Talkin about hundreds of billions of dollars, of closing the borders more important and hundreds of billions, but I say, and all of a sudden, as you see Mexico is, is taking people back to their country. They grab them in their bringing back to their country, and I just see it account than just came out at that some fifteen thousand back to their country. Fifteen thousand. Now they Weren'T- that for any browser that you know this has been going on for years. One decision just now and I ve been talking
If you remember and jumped out when I came down the escalated they very wonderful woman in a white dress. You remember that are now is lady, and I announced, and I talked about. I gave her switch on a border. Well, that's speeches peanuts compared What reality is? Ok, it's far rougher that was a mild remember I was just lambasted I'd mentioned the word rape, by mentioned other words that are not politically correct it turns out that they were all very mild compared to the actual reality itself. Is I've been its brutal? Even that trip up? You know the trip up its two thousand. Else, and what goes on in those caravans what's going on is incredible. Nobody could even believe it, but we ve been very, very strong or make it a lot of progress. You gonna start seeing some pretty good numbers coming out in a month of Mexico, now is not know a joy but Mexico now is
bring in a lot of people on that walk, they're, bringing back to their countries to bring em right back and today was over fifteen thousand people, So I make it a lot of progress, but I'm willing to close the border now could all be sovereign easily if Congress would sit down with it that I say forty five minutes, but is really fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes. I could have the whole problem solved. You get rid of catching please you work on the asylum laws which are very simple to work on. Mark people come up that are the roughest looking people you have ever seen. They read the statement given them, given to them by one of our lawyers living in California. They read the statement that I am afraid for my life fibre friend. In some cases these are emphasis: thirteen gang members. Ok, they make other people afraid they come at wavy, the flag of Honduras or Guatemala, or El Salvador waving the flag and then they're saying this wearing that they're afraid to be enacted.
Well. What are they waving the flag for it's, it's a con game and You know we're totally wise to it. If we had some simple changes in the law to make common sense, it would be done, but I'm doing it anyway. Now, detaining them before they get here. You know one say one say step once they have one foot like a football game once they have one foot on our soil mark. They are. It's almost called welcome to the United States. I hope you enjoy injurious it is a disgrace, but we're being very, very vigilant, the border patrols when great ices print incredible. When the Democrats want to get rid of us. You know where we're taking out thousands of sands of thirteen gang members, these people that even top law enforcement people don't want to get involved in this is a rough group of people. They should never have been an error in the first place. They ve come in here over years, their rough and these people go right into a nest of.
Mr Kane and in many cases this wing- and they are now they love their job, but I dont know if you'd like get that. I don't know what I'd like it too. But they are incredible and can you imagine the Democrats, water, you know end ice, you and I issued this country would be crime infested and with all of that we are talking about the crime. Now you have gone way down since I become president, you say that so you know a very proud of a lot of achievements and maybe especially the economy. The economy has been incredible Now we're gonna go to the second part of this interview. You sail engaging this president ass, conversational this present it is. How he can relate. You see how sharp he is. This is what they hate about here: Nothing like they portray so we'll take a short when we come back the final part of my With the president will be right back
Ben We're gonna have to do I'm not playing games, because I don't do that with you. What we're gonna have to do is play the remaining five minutes, or so the prison after the bottom of the Erika is enough time in this segment. Sorry wasn't it! just the way it is. He really is fascinating. Man isn't how many presidents do you know who speak like this trade about the phones and in the media forget about all that he's talking to you. And either use he's connecting with him. I really do stern Burma issues that matter to you. It's from his heart. He doesn't have one of these governors on himself, where he's well
I choose my words in a way that you know I won't be criticized. He says what he believes. He says what he thinks and that's what so refreshing to so many of us. I want you to take a quick look at Some outstanding is is the right one whoops This is why radio and I can screw up- and sometimes I do for all your biggest achievements of life lose them. The person, that's always been there unconditionally supporting you every step of the way your mother. Be thankful. You have a mother, mother's day a show just how much you appreciate the low one eight hundred flowers that come. Right now when you get ahead of the mother's day. Rush. One eight hundred flowers will give you an exclusive thirty six for thirty six offer through This is for thirty six dollars, that's an amazing offer, twenty one dollar, arose,
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Friday. Don't put it off any further I know I have Mr Bidders Evan. Convener California on the mark, Levant Go Mark, I would like to talk to you, yes go right ahead. I would like about the issue congressional. Congressmen, laughed taking up an oath, this constitution. I just wanted to shore it now. How old are you young man. You live in Korean California would ever consider moving the Fairfax County Virginia where you can run a gas to by the name of Jerry. What's his face I don't believe it. There
You have more brilliance in your one or two senses than he has a long dreary, bleak career. You wear them well. Thank you for that so. I want to endorse you, even though your ten years, all when you become of age to run for office and to help strain out this country, You have my vote. A theatre Andrew Young run for anything I run from stuff. You know do we have anything to give this young man? Mr producer, we'll find something we get yet. Don't hang up, don't hang I've ever we get some great books that my father wrote. Don't hang up Let's give him a few: those civil war books, I'll, be right. Back
This is about four or five minutes long, the remaining part of our energy. With the present, the United States go right ahead. Bernie Sanders believes terrorists should be able to vote. Joe Biden has about the other day that he wants to IRAN and he's got a history of actually supporting segregation back and Seventys. He starts attacking you for Charlottesville. I just want to make this clear. I read you. The transcript went back endlessly. What you said a child's fill. You never said anything positive, NEO, Nazis and guidelines, man and they, but they continue to push that line. Don't think it's a terrible thing that they keep bringing up, and I actually said two different ways- and I said it everywhere. You can say it about day said you have bad people involved. Ok, I'm not a. You. Have good people about goes by groups by groups. You meant protesters, not the case.
And in that way you know, I only meant the protesters, but if you remember that started over the stature of it would perhaps the greatest general in this year of our country in terms of strategic brilliance of you, gotta generals, lot of generals, I work with many I think that the strategically and in many ways, robber daily, was the greatest general they have in Charlottesville, where I have a big property over the house in Charlottesville. Believe it or not the John Plucky Estate and a you know, will you go and you look at this incredible. What was incredible, two of Robert E Lee on a horse and many of those, people were from University of Virginia. They were from all around the neighborhood, the area they just wanted to protest. The fact that they wanted down the statue of Robert E Lee. Now there were,
the good people in that group. They were protesting that taking down of such you know some people are for, that in some people- and I urge you see Mister Browne, what they're doing to you is there twisting what you say and what they're saying it when you a lot of good people. They will see that he started about the clan. Did I just know that you're not now know, I'm sorry people that were there, you and you had some very bad people in each group. Do you had some are no forget. Tat was the beginning in a particular way in the nineteen, seventeen is about re salami. Ask you this. Who would you like to run again said that I got quite a As I said, they were heading people with clubs and sticks, and I saw that you had bad people in both on both sides also- and I said that, do you think they're gonna scrutinise with Joe Biden actually Dad in very in a particular way in the nineteen. Seventeen is about
So let me ask you this: who would you like to run again said the dagger quite a crew of ultra left us after what I have to say that in all agree- At the standard answer I'll run against any of us. Do I have a big, maybe I'll, tell you when I'm with you. For so I want to thank you. You have been so brilliant and so good and it said spin incredible the show you did on television, the other night I tell people was like total genius. It was like you built a building like you, a building from the foundation all the way up, in exposing the witch hunters in exposing the the whole, really horrible thing that they created out of absolutely nothing. That was the only thing, It did well, you didn't run a good race, but she sure is built a year, a good thing after the Russian actually during the rest, because you know that didn't star with Mahler that started long four Malo. That was a coup. They were really you lose a coup that started long before Mahler, and that was the whole thing with dirty cops and
Fbi and all of the things that you know about better than anybody else, I mean, if you look at the people involved in that the horrible such and that was a very dangerous thing for our country and and now people understand it really they understand it, but you know they'll go on, but I think I think it's embers now. I just think it's a little amber's. I hope so anyway, because it so bad for our country puts us in such a bad light. It really. It really hurts us as a country which will be ready by think we ve got a good but look how far the Democratic Party is lurch left, I'm also like Bernie Sanders down there. Large laughed and I watched Bernie the other day. Talk about prisoners can vote. Terrorists Well, I actually said because then they went into that. First, they said prisoners and they said well. That means the Boston bomber. You know they used a couple of beautiful examples. Like the Boston Amr, he said that
who's the Boston bomber, and I said well, let's heavy stuff, and then you hear other people more or less. Agreeing with him that our running- and I think it's amazing, but I don't mind mine campaigning on the fact that I will not allow ever to have the Boston bomber, be voting Ok, I don't mind that I think that I dont lose. Any points would further with the world of politics without it's ridiculous, but that's what I'm running against. It is amazing to me and to you how far left these people have gone, but yes will expose it for what it is. While in two years, despite all its been going on around him? Speaking for myself, I ve been a remarkably successful press, not to mention the court's, yet you ve done a tremendous job in the courts, which is very, very difficult. You been fighting this battle on immigration, you cities and states that are violet. Federal law with a sanctuary. Nullification nonsense. You have people are
trying to undermine the United States military you're standing for the United States military doing a lot of things that the people who live between the two coasts wanted you to do Well, I just wanna dimension. That is as far as we in our discussion here, while I a market like good. I just like to thank the farmers, because you know we're doing great trade deals and they're gonna be among the biggest beneficiaries they ve been so patriot. So loyal, and they certainly do really well and you they ve been going down for fifteen twenty years long time, but the farmers- and we regret the military, and we will you in the courts will have very currently within another couple of months, I'll have a hundred and forty five federal judges, including to the Supreme Court hundred and forty five. Nobody would have thought that's possible and didn't forty five, a large percentage of all top notch. So a very happy with that
the President be safe out. There were reinforced because rooting for you is ruining for the country I appreciate I love you show a night you're, very special man, and I appreciate it very much and you ve been with me from early on very are almost at the beginning, a little side path for a few months. However, that was and he happens to be a good man? He ended up doing a good job TED. I understand I can understand that too, but I really do appreciate it very much less and best year. Families would thank you very much. Althesa thing I take care non back, live cracksman here this does not lead to railway. He never lets me forget, but I'll tell you what TED cruises a terrific terrific conservative. He really is and he's doing a hell of a job too, but this is our president
and I know this going to its going to upset the people at Mediate- can upset the people. What are the other crazy Lefrank sites? I remember them a media matters and so forth. I am proud of this presidency. I am proud of him. I am proud of the fight city picks, but the media, with media outlets with individuals, report reporters who think they own this country, the only airwaves they not I'm proud. What he's doing on the judiciary I'm proud of the fact that he is criticized the judiciary and the foolishness of the chief Justice Britain? There are no bomber judges and so forth, like we're all supposed to play stupid. I am proud of what are trying to do on the border, a president finally who's trying to secure our countries safety And national security and yes.
To that. The culture survives and that's a very, very important thing assimilation is crucial into our culture. I thus and other cultures. People are fleeing those cultures. Do we want to be like those cultures? Those cultures should be like our culture. This president- has increased defence spending. He doesn't go around the world apologizing for us. It doesn't show up like a Primavera at the scene of areas, crimes trash our police officers. I mean he's trying to do the right things. And he is he's fighting a fifth column in those countries made. But the media Like Connally NAD learn the rest of the reprobate fight
these billionaires, who seek to take him out because they like the status quo, this this clown style. What what a jackass you want to see he'll come on. The show must have been answered Tom STAR. Tell him you are you are you are buying up the airways with all your eye? How about you come on free radio right here right here, radio, Free America, where he and I can debate. The present is trying to do the very best he can and he's doing great things I'm telling you if he doesn't when we election, we are going to regret this deeply deeply. And when the day comes, whether its and two years, God forbid or for years he's no longer president we're gonna regret that we were gonna regret that, despite. What the left says histories going to treat this president very, very well histories going
treat the media than ever trumpeters and the Democrats. The rogue tyrannical Democrats around the House of Representatives today very, very poorly this item: They believe look of the economy. Up until today we were told we were heading for recession. Your three point: two percent, Did he p growth in the first quarter. You ve heard every one talk about this, but a minute tat. Some you haven't heard them talk about three point: two, Obama never got that with the government. Shutter. You see my attitude is what the government shut down. The private sector felt it could actually muscle out more the regulators when regulating. The government- was in your face. We, the people, we This country, wealthy we grow the economy, not government, not the bureaucrats.
We could do so well, even so much better if we had so much less government. But we were told, all went over and over again by the financial experts. You know that uses a backdrop. The stock market by the EP, the financial hosts on all kinds of cable tv, including our favorite cable. Asia we were headed for muddy waters. I want you to listen to this. This also is from on freedom of the press, page twenty I want you to know why you keep hearing how negative Terrible the economy is one Republicans or president, particularly this president. On November twenty eighteen survey of four hundred and sixty two financial journalists by profit, Sir said. I resign State University in Texas, saying I'm university, which, more than seventy percent of those surveys, we're affiliated with the Wall Street Journal Financial Times, Lombard NEWS Associate
Press Forbes, the New York Times, writers. Are the Washington Post revealed that even financial journalists are political progressives when asked. Generally speaking, how would you describe your political views, the journalist responded very liberal. Seventeen point, six percent, somewhat liberal forty point: eight percent, moderate thirty, seven point: one said somewhat conservative three point: nine four percent And very conservative point zero for six percent, That's nearly sixty percent of financial journalists surveyed said they were liberal and less five percent, were conservative. That's why they throw wet blankets on this president's economy. That's why they threw wet blanket on George H double bushes economy and ragged economy. That's why
because they're liberals to I'll be right back Ben, you want a little more inside boastful this bucket. Freedom of the press is looking to be a really big book. Talking about the Reagan library I don't know from all at the time anyway. This book is in it Second, printing and his hasn't even come out yet. Hundreds of thousands are copies pregnant and I like to give you a number. Freedom of the press is already in its second printing and it doesn't, now two May twenty. First, that's because you people are pre ordering the book. You know where we stand and other problems we ve
Coming up- and we have to address this- we have to as this before they there allowances in the upcoming elections, for we plan to do this just a campaign against one of the cooks. The crash nominate we're running against the democratic candidate and the media. They mean. Eat we're running against the democratic candidate and the media, and this and freedom of the press. This is our guide. I hope I believe. President Trump says I will never be a socialist country, he couldn't be more right. That's why so troubling proposal from the Department of Health in whom services would move us in that direction? That's why I'm speaking out. The international drug pricing index
top socialist price controls set by foreign countries. Now clearly. Americans get access to cutting edge therapies for diseases like cancer, nearly two years before other countries, future holds incredible promise for fighting diseases like em, ass and Alzheimer's, and so forth. The HIV, This proposal will cripple America's world leading medical innovation. We Fewer new cures and they be high- to obtain we control costs with market based reforms by fostering a petition and by making, The countries pay their fair share, not with socialist price controls, keep America Grey, by keeping american medical intervention great visit, protect my Heart be dot; Org protect my part b, DOT org paid for by a great group Americans for tax reform. Now you heard the president did it
like there was Turn into reality, while Jake one of the ringleaders of the media mob. He was upset. At this today. He was on Constipated Newsnight work. Now. Why do I call it that will look at them? They all constipated me cut sex, welcome to the leading to tap or the politics led to president trample all over the place today, promoting his alternate reality where this special kind was not right there. This is a reporter. Why can t you ever that nobody even watches this show my Sunday show gets bigger ratings and this guy and its own, ten p m eastern time he's gonna primetime wiped them today I can do I whenever my shows car a look here. The president's all Reality, disrespectful, honest deceitful, go ahead. You shouldn't started by his hand, deputy attorney general wasn't attend,
then coup against him. Yes, it was an attempted coup against him, and so what the deputy attorney General issues me appointed the special council. He shouldn't have. But this guy acts like nothing happened. I guess he missed the sixty minutes and review of Mackay where they were talking about the twenty fifth amendment, Did you miss that when Jackie fake Tapir, oh tat, broken a single story when it comes to Russia, not a single one. Now dossier not who paid for the dossier. Not on my face. Not on the face of court applications not on or who serve Deputy Tourney General staff, whose wife, where profusion tree php care less of it. We live in an alternative universe here, yeah turn a reality I like the newsroom here? It CNN go ahead
the attacked his own form, a White House Council as a liar slam, Democrats as Mean hotel. Now he didn't call him a liar. You see had a snake all says when fast they do their hidden run stuff, hey fake, tapir, thirty hours, a testimony you get paragraphs in a four hundred and some odd page report. Are you not cure? What happened. For twenty nine hours Fifty nine minutes, the rest of the testimony you guess, our whole with the prosecutors put in volume to which was nothing more than a an essay here reporter Europe you're, not a reporter. Your propagandist. Reporter you're a verb artist, mom. I've got more other right back.
easy now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, tiny mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one well! Ladies and gentlemen,. There is a contributor in Syria They constitute a news network. Who said essentially that we don't need white people leading the Democratic Party back. That's what she said She sat down November every twenty three twenty. Sixteen, MR producer, Douglas the wasn't so easy.
Her name is Simone Sanders. Simone Sanders, said on CNN November. Three twenty, sixteen that we don't need: white people, leaning the Democratic Party and soon throw whether they kept bringing IRAN over and over and over again. I would, Here which he had to say, cut nine go. Hunting is also on record aligning people and Millennials tell Miss Rennie folks. They just need to get it. I M aligning Bernie Sanders, and that is what we need at my thing. If we don't need white people, even the Democratic Party right now, the Democratic Party is diverse and it should be reflected in so when I meet a ship and out the staff at the highest levels on the vice chairs, secretaries, always down to people working in offices at the dance here, so we don't need why people Linda The party anymore, should you signed The Joe Biden campaign she's. Now a senior adviser to Joe Biden.
Introduce they just say only white people, leaning the Democratic Party, MR producer. Biden is technically translucent. Saw bite on a train. I told you guys a couple of times, but I saw on a train. He looks old about knowing nothing wrong with that. He looks old, he looks He looks washed out. But frankly so so does Mr Red. Yes, Bernie Sanders. He looks washed out to me too, but I want to say But back that was seen and back to CNN fake tapir. He ran out of time. Much to talk about a damn trumps alternative reality now listen to this clown, and you tell me who believes in an alternative reality and who pretend to be a reporter member. This the work for hang on controlling. He was a. Person for them he was oppressed.
Send for a left wing, democratic, congresswoman, MA's Jerry Margolis MES Vinci. Miss Linsky Mary Clinton, something like that. So confusing all this interplay, fake, tapir, cuts in scope. Only then to tap the politics leader president trample all over the place today. Promoting is alternate reality where the special council investigation started by his hand, picked deputy attorneys. Why this guy on there and make it big and we'll make it big. They love among comedy late night. There, Stephen CO, anyway go ahead was an attempted coup against him. This is, he attacked his own former White House Council as it liar slam. Democrats, as Maniac Day, Stephen CO bears a proctologist.
He actually invented something you may not have heard this before. He invented something speaking proctologist a home. Colonoscopy kit. Did you know this? Mr producer. He invented a home colonoscopy. Kit bear not really anyway go ahead. Wasn't it then coup against him. This is it His own former, why announced council as a liar slam Democrats is maniacs promised to fill sanctuary cities with on Doc just listen! Listen to this guy! Ngos is council, Ally, area slammed Democrats as maniacs course there, and I we on our lab, promised to fell sanctuary cities with undocumented. What's wrong with that fake. What's wrong with that, go ahead. Legal guidance from his own department of Homeland Security that Cannot do that and claim that excuse me use me You can't do that
The acting head of I said he could do that. We all know he can do that. They didn't. He couldn't do it. They were questioning whether or not the these funds were there in Corsica Funds are And constitutional, all of a sudden, the constitutional is no wouldn't go ahead. There were quoted fine people on both sides of that Charlottesville. Why you keep lying? Why do you keep up with the big lie? Tapir you know quite well temper. He wasn't talking about NEO, Nazis and clansmen. Ladies and gentlemen, the least there's some push back on this now and I'm glad we started it right here, five or six weeks ago, full hour. Remember that misdemeanours are going through the transcript word by word by word by word. Finally, somebody had the you know what to say. That's enough for this crap already. I went back and read it. I went back and listen to it, but I will
to you on the air word for word syllable for syllable take tapir is turning to reality continues to lie what the big lie, what that propaganda another one, another watered the reality of the media. What's warbler motor Did you learn about it in the book? Go ahead. Was the perfect once a presidency, they also claimed that gas prices we're going down when there actually going up. Gas prices were, I am, did go down this week, but don't worry tap or whose, on all around guy all around town guy, he was checking out those gas prices. Yeah yeah he was pump up. Pompey was gone around with checking it now. Jake mouse go ahead. His seventy two year old self, as young, invite, he is vibrant. I must tell you look at the schedule. He keeps PS look at the sky.
We keep paying; no, that's an alternative reality cause. I don't agree with again. I don't agree with their prices going on it's an alternative reality. Is this a news man? No, it's ladies and gentlemen, he's a fraud he's fraud he's not a news. Guy. He's a social activist he's a Democrat We know that a wacko republic and every now and then something that's. That's all camouflage go ahead. We wanted these guys. During any other presidency, would prompt alarm condemnation and sign shut up. You idiot absolute fraud, yea. One of these comments during any other pray would prompt alarm condemnation concerned, perhaps even congressional hearing he says.
We're going back to the twenty Fifth Amendment army there, fake tapir, what are fake, tapirs credentials for being a newsman fact that he's a liberal that the democratic that he worked for democratic congresswoman? Then he worked for hang on controlling where's? It abc knows you know exactly that's my point: what are his credentials. Prs rating suck, and so they have to keep more more hyper more more out there more more outrageous because they ve Raided their little audience and they have to keep feeding it better, keep feeding this God of their audience and, of course, We all know that Joe Biden should be disqualified to run from because he's a white man, That's what his now senior a maybe even TAT
Visor Simone Centre set on CNN of all places on CNN package Jake It's very worked up about the present. You know something that arrive at the present, the United States and Jake Stoats chasing collusion. He still chastened collusion I think I'll hold against the tramp administration. They propose a four point: seven trillion dollar budget and good. I have a problem with this, but you also know how the constitution were but the only thing I sort of a disappointment in this policy is to address the debt and deficit. I happen aground yak, as we are now approaching over twenty two we're going to go on twenty three trillion habitats. Now him. Obviously I understand, but the only I'll hold against the trumpet illustration. They propose a four point: seven point
project and a good? I have a problem with this, but you also know how the constitution were trying. They propose, but really basically dispose of the president's proposal that you get. These blood there are coming out of the House Mitch Mcconnell is a huge spender throw these bills on his desk? You remember what happened last year. I strongly encouraged on the air that a veto at Eton Veto it because he needed the money for the military which had been abused, with a decade by Obama and the Democrats, and some Republicans was sequestration sorts but more complicated. That said, I think you're right that much that that much more needs to be done about this. Why not to? I propose a three point. Seven trillion dollar budget to say here is that of the send, two like- why I don't think you're gonna CUP, one trillion dollars in one and one quick hit, but I think you should propose cuts, and by the way they apparently had proposed cut. I'm sorry about that
needs to be more exact where again, I am about a few crumbs, unfortunately, to retain yourself. I dont disagree with you. I really, but we ve got my girls one way it perfectly start producing beeper. I wish I d, you know I'm not opposed to. They shut their eyes. I think I'm like the long guy on radio that says: ok, fine here it again and I'll. Do it again it six. What does it take fifteen PM eastern time right, shut down right now, as I speak, I gotta I gotta put proposing. We were at a point. Where could I got it Why, Sir top right into the mouthpiece we're at a point? What I believe when a point where the law would have indicated that there was a little girl followed from the more could have been currently laid off, and I believe That's the only way to further soothing the budget and
we have all good when you- and I said here and theorize- I don't think I do. The euro will to do that. But what I would have done quite frankly, is limit the growth of government that is- and this has been proposed by many, but particularly the light Gray Milton Friedman suggest limit. The percentage of the gross domestic product of the federal government can take you don't whack at all at once, but over really a relatively short period of time. Six to ten years, you'd have said if the reduction, but the republic Party for listen to the show you'll understand is a saw. Progressive party you're, not gonna, see cuts like this from a camel or corn in or Lamar Alexander Susan Cause, they simply The votes for this stuff If you're saying, however, that there needs to be more Leadership on this more fully hope it on this. I don't agree. I dont disagree. Excuse me, I don't disagree. Our rights, thank you for your car you're right, Daniel Fredericks.
Virginia they great W, em a go, wait. A minute. Wait do have enough time this guy. I do go ahead, I'll be quick mark. Thank you. So much by we haven't talked in a few years store June. At the last time I was living in storage and let me tell you now: I remember you well things got much better mark you for your leadership, it's very important. When I do me tell me what happened well, so TAT made it into office. I stop drinking. I stopped smoking sober for almost four years I've been on cigarettes for three years, I'm much much better knowing more hopeful descended stream. While I was extremely depressed, was situational. Depression Anyway, I got better, I started making better choices, and so I am women in France.
Spoke now in the house, and things are rolling more real, well mark. You brought it up two months ago. And I've been thinking about this for a long time actually, and that is Trump God bless and needs to get in front of the television cameras, the oval office, wherever and White House wherever wherever and he needs to devote and invest a certain amount of time per month. Whenever you can, I know he's busy guy and literally talus why is it so important to look at the issues that you bring? A constantly here's, the problem they networks will never given the time. Ok, my what trysting about what you say. Those think about this. After did these fireside chats right? Yes, they gave him the time radio gave him the time he did. These fireside chats remember
It or tv came about did these fires? Are they always the time tromp when he wants to do, Speech you hear the debates. While I don't know, we always lies our main aim and his people lie. Maybe we want put em on Euro payment that kind of debate and what happens or the democratic, but we'd trumpet does so. He knew to use that kind of judiciously now, but twitter is his friend, I don't mean company, the company sucks but twitter. The fact that he can tweet in Earnest He does what Reagan did, but in a different I reckon would give these speeches in over the head of the media and he was an enormously effective communicator. So is trump but papas, embrace new technology and he tweets drives them nuts and they receive the his tweets. We ve never seen anything like this. I think it's a beautiful thing. Danny you take care of yourself. You sound great and we'll be right.
Ben interesting. It wasn't that long ago were beta Orourke, the favorite of the media, the favourite of Hollywood, the favourite of Democrats, they pay a hundred million dollars or so into his campaign to take out TED crews in Texas. And wherever he showed up there were thousands of people cheering them on. He was an empty suit. Even the most outrageous things about the border and so forth, and now. Some event. The other day at thirty five people show up he's. Not the fame anymore, the favourite of whom the media the most powerful local force we have in this country. Ladies and gentlemen, again,
pointed out and on freedom of the press and in ways you ve, probably not thought about before the most powerful. Of course we have in this country the press. They back one party in one ADI, the Democratic Party in the progressive ideology, a beta Orourke another disposed of it. I don't think he can win he's just to add. Most took out TED crews in the U S, Senate now they're getting behind the sky mayor. Peat is nothing more than another left wing. Quack dork. They build up. People like a like all more like to leave. You know that anti Semites. So what incredible? Isn't it. They decide who to take out insurance celebrated, promote. So beta Orourke, who we were told, would, with team upward,
by being unbeatable, took it course they're both white there is that but better work. Now, beta Orourke is a lifeline how its mayor p. Oh, that mayor P, look at him! They get tired him in their concern. He can't win. And let me tell you a secret they're, not gonna, take out Joe Biden Joe binds plan, be they may have to move em up the planet, but his plan b. That is its not their first choice, he's not, but they won't take him out yet they could have taken amount. They could have taken him out. I mean it the treatment that he could have gotten. If he were a nominee for the Supreme Court by Donald Trump. Imagine. So you know they done there stuff, so there you have Joe Biden
Seventy six? Seventy seven years, all really accomplish very little in his long bleak, political career, he said character, assassin our many many good people. He has said some of the dumbest things that I've ever come out of any politicians mouth he supply. Segregation and was opposed to it than supported them was opposed to it. So I'm going to take him out, at least not yet they gonna try and build a mob, but. Work should be exampled all of you how the meat Is the most powerful political force in this country I'll be right back
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Exchequer Levine, Dotcom, extra Levine, dot com or one eight for four for extra rose and steam severity. Trysting from hot air democracy. Rod rose and see want stick around much longer the Department of Justice, but the deputy Tourney General Mill make his departure memorable at dinner, hosted by the Armenian BAR association rose instead took aim at critics. The median, especially Russia, whose aims stabilizing the. U S remain vastly under appreciated. He warned, however, when scrapping his last two years: the Centre of the Russia Gate, maelstrom rose and steam veiled shot at the Obama. Illustration J. Call me and Congress for their roles and studying those fires, my confirmation hearing a March twenty seventeen, a republican senator, asked me to make a commitment. He said to be in charge of this rush investigation. I want you to
look me in the eye and tell me that you'll do it right now you take it. Its conclusion on your report, your results to the american people. I did pledged to do it right and take it to the appropriate conclusion that promise to report all results to the public because grain Investigations are Ex party proceedings, not our to render conclusive factual findings. We decide whether it is appropriate to file criminal charges, some decisions about the rush investigation were made before I got there. That previously Illustration chose not to publicize the full story bout, russian, computer hackers and social media trawls. They relate to a broader strategy to undermine American, though we ve been talking about this, the FBI, disclosed. He says Clare find evidence about the investigation to ranking. I just leaders and their staffers I'm one selectively details to the news media, the FBI director
That study congressional hearing that there was Counter intelligence investigation that might result in a criminal charges. Then the former Abbe. Director alleged that the president, and showed him the clothes, the investigation and the press, denied that the conversation occurred. So that happened said rose instinct. Now as Morrissey points out, there is no mistaking rose and scenes meeting, even if he didn't attach names to those allegations. Till now many just assume that rose instead, we have a lot to say about Trump punchy left the Department of Justice that pressure has some reasonable basis. Tromp occasionally took publics It's a rose and stated at one point seemed on the verge of firing. Him rose seen only mention trump once by name in the whole speech, however, and that was a pause, reference to a trump quote about the rule of law. One gets the impression from this I said that he will have much more to say about the actions in actions that took place before Trump ever got to the White House.
And rose and Steen offered. This metaphor is a hint there's. A story about I have have found a man on a burning bed when they ask the fire started, he replied, I don't know it was fire. When I laid down on it. I know the feeling said rose and steam, and he goes on yeah. I've never been a fan of this gentleman, mostly because I've never understood how he could appoint a special council turn instigate, among other things, commies firing when in fact, he recommended at this never added up to me. I will see what he has to say once he's out of office this phrase, Bad cop is another phrase that I started using on Fox and you know it's been picked up Everybody at this point, but call was a bad cop. Mackay was a bad cop, stroke, page bad cops Baker
bad cop and I'm sure I'd miss some. But that's what we have here: corruption An corruption corruption doesn't matter, motivation was, it was what it was Adam Colorado Springs. Colorado. Syria, satellite, go. I mark thanks for taking I call on our question buildings. Great keep talking about impeaching Trump, Then you know they barely hold the majority of the house. They dont have two thirds of the house. They definitely don't have two thirds of the Senate. So my question is why don't even worried about being and PETE good. I know I read an article on the air now I'll. Tell you why? Because it is a wrenching process, because the media will focus on it before an election, because it based on trying to defeat him and ruin his name in his character.
Fewer in his position, you be worrying about a two year, but they likely they're gonna be able to get you, sir. Are you listening to me? They're not no, you don't need two thirds of the house who need a majority that house two thirds of the Senate to convict. Ok, the problem is it yeah valid MIKE I couldn't understand life. What's the point, I've been implemented to a simple majority. In fact, let me read you some. Then you folks, I just want to encourage you it's a book by Rollo Burger he's since deceased. To me he was one of the great great constitutional minds in this country. Any to me. What is it Definitive book on impeachment theres many, but it's called impeachment the constitutional problems, Going through this, it's rather substantial book with a lot of smart stuff, so yet to take your time in many respects,.
And, among other things in their conclusion, part, and I read you from other parts of this book. To he talks about the impeachment of Andrew Johnson. Andrew Johnson- was impeach by the Republicans in that house. The Republicans controlled the Senate. Obviously there has after linkage assassination he was a demo. Grab from Tennessee Buddy supported the a supported, Lincoln Lincoln chose him. The Republicans wanted them out What just like the Democrats want actually committed. And obviously he became president as a result of the assassination of Lincoln one of the things the lay professor Raoul Burger says, is the chief lesson which emerges from the Johnson trial in the Senate is Adam The president should be a last resort.
Inevitably it becomes coloured by party spleen, however, justified and purpose attempts should first be made to accomplish that purpose by less explosive means. What about clean, might Well Clinton actually committed crimes, was committed. No such thing. The Democrats in the media keep trying to use. To the report in there's summer, additional analysts and legal analysts trying to do the same thing to paint the play. As somebody who obstructed justly is simply not true the law or under the facts. A burger one on near the end of his book a decent regard for the design of the founders, a reason, To avoid the excesses which forever stigmatized the Johnson trial should concern in the Congress to disclaim unlimited power and act with it. Constitutional confines. I tell you over and over again despite,
but all the other fools or saying on tv and radio, when it Dismiss impeachment in the the The constitution dismiss. It is a political process. The house can do whatever the house wants to do. It is a the traditional process, and there are confines and those words, have definitional, meaning. There's a history to the words in the constitution. That's why he says that Congress should disclaim unlimited power and act within the constitutional confines if are indeed limits to the impeachment power. The Senate may no more act in excess of those limits when it acts traditionally, then what acts legislatively everybody government is confined to the limits drawn in the constitution and the chief Purpose of those limits was tat, in the much feared legislator branch it was. And I want to remind my friend mightily of this. It was not
to the unlimited discretion of that branch to disrupt the branches through resort to the impeachment power. And I will return to this another day tremendous consequences of such disruption were disclosed by Johnson impeachment and the narrow escape from legislative omnipotence a trial should lead us To say, as Voltaire set of God, judicial. Review did not exist. I've been invented anyway,. These subpoenas these investigations where their headed. This is true dish. This has, could shoot me legislative tyranny. Oversight hearings are fine, there's no problem, I mean that's what Congress needs to do for legislator purposes? That's not this. This is
use a power. This is the use of government resources, our taxes, Position, research, an attempt the foundation for impeachment, to bring articles of impeachment likely for political purposes to try and destroy the president's character and reputation for the real like right back, then time you know sometimes Think I should have been a discharging, but I can remember the names of the songs of the group. So that's that's kind of a problem, some time I want to be a sports cast, but I'm not liberal enough. I don't think this max. What is a key element
Man, Stephen he's, got a deal. What that guy everyday morning, no offense, he gets louder and louder this guy the more wrong he is anyway, by Mr Barroso Oh yes, now I thought Republican stood search for free market. So why are senators Rick's cotton, Josh, Holly Joe? Bernie Sanders and introducing socialist price control legislation for drugs. We have to have a solution for the high cost of drugs. You know what it's called competition transparency. But I warn you that the Democrats will use this issue to impose european style medicine as a solution. What I don't understand is why Republicans? Holly are helping them. Do you now in Europe and everywhere else that has price controls. Suitable investments have dried up now me new cutting edge drugs shortages.
The United States has remained the world leader in by a pharmaceutical research precisely because we don't have price control We got along with Europe and dictating price controls on drugs, merely The Americans would not have access to drugs that help them live healthier, longer and productive lives, because those drugs when exist. What exists when be available. Imposing Controls now will mean lost access to today's wondered drugs and lost hope for tomorrow's breakthrough treatment. Some of these really horrible diseases and illnesses. It's what Senator Scott Holly want. We Let that happen, which is why I have been speaking out, get the facts. Yet the facts go to true how There are facts that come true: healthcare facts that car. Spend a hell of a weak folks. I want to thank you for a for being here. Every day in the last several weeks
Really believe that their it millions of us, and if we stand together this great national town, all meaning that we have every evening. The wording to be ok. Let this army of of patriots of liberty, patriots. We talk to our families and are coworkers. And our friends and and neighbours. We can make a difference. We will, over. Come CNN and MSNBC in the New York Times and washed and Post what's going on now is diabolical
Ladies and gentlemen, in honour of you in this country,
don't forget ten p m eastern Sunday night Life Liberty in love in that's our meeting place bugs don't forget Goddammit on come out now this weekend get your forty percent can a copy of on freedom of the press. Our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel and all law enforcement unites, Brady, Griffin, Smokey Zelda Gigi get I MA
dad and God bless you all. I see on Monday he say.
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