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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the difference between socialism and capitalism is government coercion. It’s the iron fist of tyranny versus the invisible hand of the free market. The idea of living in a utopia run by the state is a rule for one to abandon their own liberty. Hence why an individual's contribution is downplayed and their race, gender, or other grouping is used to overshadow their individuality this emboldening and empowering the central government – just think of Venezuela. At times this may appeal to someone that feels disenfranchised or is disengaged. This is why the left's radical quest for egalitarianism is focused on erasing one's individual identity and advocates for groupthink and group identity. Liberty, however, is none of those things, it is free and allows us to truly be free as individuals. Then, the Russians and Cubans are supporting Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, while Sec. Mike Pompeo has announced President Trump's intention to levy sanctions against Cuba if they interfere with the will of the people in Venezuela. Later, we must not forget who was the Vice President of the United States while the Obama Administration was spying on the Trump Administration. Finally, The Democrats are gearing up for the testimony of Attorney General Barr. Meanwhile, the media been nearly silent on the leaks that poured out of the Special Counsel Mueller's Office during his investigation, the focus remains on attacking Barr to discredit him.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to Hills Dale by their sponsorship, now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over the script building. We once again made contact with the leader of our number seven seven, three, eight one. We ate one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one one on this is great. I give you my headphones, but I do not want.
Me a signal must produce we. Can you hear the programme now can't, I can hear you, but not the programme somewhat continue here see what's going on in Venezuela. Does I really surprised anybody. What is the main difference between socialism, capitalism, government, coercion, state, fist versus the invisible hand. Socialism is fake, Marxism is fake, I hear people today struggling trying to explain what the real differences are. Constitution? Yes, of course, but every non socialist state doesn't have a constitution. Necessarily ours is fantastic although we honoured in the breach, I'm afraid, there's a human factor. A socialism goes against natural law, social.
Some crushes individualism, so I but copy from twenty twelve of Amerika phobia. Socialism, marxism, they preach utopian, isn't there, the great philosopher, I've, I think, A great Karl Popper, modern times anyway, and he eloquent He D constructed the false assumptions and scientific claims of utopian. As this listen carefully to this here, it is totalitarian in form and substance here that any social science which does not teach the impossibility of rational social construction that basically remaking society, isn't Early blind to the most important facts of social life,
the most overlooked. The only social laws are real validity and a real importance. Social science is seeking to provide a background for social engineering, cannot therefore be true. Descriptions of social facts. They are impossible in themselves. So when you're Bernie Sanders or Maduro before him Chavez or Castra, as they are. Reaching ally's. They are preaching and possibilities. They are preaching utopian. Ism. And behind utopian ISM is always the iron fist, the police state. What is Doping is a mess I explained. The Tobin ISM. Free this and free that and green the deal irrational in theory and practice. Port ignores or attempts to control the planned, an unplanned complexity of the individual, his nature, mankind generally. It ignores rejects a perverse.
The teachings of knowledge that have come before that is mantra stark or drawn social experience in development, in fact, utopian ism seeks to break with the huge the influential eighteenth century british statesmen and Philosopher Edmund Burke argued was the society continuum, between those who are living and those who are dead and those who are to be borne Eric. Half very social thinker, renowned for his observations about fanaticism and mass movements. He said for me to plunge headlong into taking a vast change. They must be intensely disconnected yet not destitute, and they must have the failing that by the possession of some potent doctrine infallible leader or some new technique, have access to a source of ear resist more power.
It, must also have an extravagant conception of the prospects and potentialities or the future. They must be wholly ignorant of the day colonies involved in their vast undertaking for x, France is a handicap now hopper visible, collar work. He was a union man along Sherman enduring is, it breaks, he had a notebook. Any would write down these brilliant thought that he had, you told me, some substitutes and when you think about Bernie Sanders and men as well and all the rest, a utopian ism substitutes, glorious predictions and unachievable promises. For now science and reason, while and claim to them all there's nothing new and deception, disguised as hope and nothing. Regional and framed as progress,
Heavenly society is said to be within reach. If all the individual surrenders more of his liberty and being for the general good meaning good, as prescribed by the state. Mrs me about right. If he refuses he will be tormented and ultimately coerced into compliance for conformity is essential and it think good can come of self interest which is Damned is morally indefensible and empty persuasion, deceit and coercion, the individual me stripped of its identity and subordinated to the state he must have. And it is only ambitions for the ambitions of the state? He must become reliant on and fearful of the state, his first, he must be to the state. Not family community, in faith all of which challenge the authority of the state and wants dispirited
the individual can be moulded by the stay within less social experiments and lifestyle. Collaborations. Therefore, especially threatening are the industrial Independent and successful because they straight what is actually possible under current societal conditions, that is achievement, happiness and fulfilment, thereby cunt directing and endangering the utopian campaign against what was and what is. They must be either cooperate and turned into useful contributors to or advocates for the state or neutral I threw sabotage or other means. Indeed, the endeavour this contribution to society must be downplayed dismissed, denounced unless they contribution is directed by the state Bob Self sacrifice for the utopian cause.
Utopian ism also attempts to shape and dominate the individual by doing two things at once. It strips individual of uniqueness, making him industry but your ball from the multitude that form is commonly referred to as the masses. Simultaneously assigned to my group, identity based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, income, etc, I like differences within the masses and then a survey told rivalries and disputes origin, sites new ones. This wake and speed to the well being of the people as a whole, what dividing them against themselves, thereby stampeding them in one direction or another, is necessary to collapse. The existing system or rule over the new one whose at mark that's me now are utopian. Ism is advanced through gradualism rather than revolution, albeit
daddy and persistent, as in democratic societies like ours, it can do even disarm and unsuspecting population, which is largely content and passive it is orders reforming and improving the existing societies, imperfections and weaknesses, weather, imperiling its basic nature under Conditions, it is mostly ignored, dismissed, are tolerated by me. The citizenry and so aided by some train formation is deemed innocuous, well intentioned and perhaps constructive, but not aid, dangerous, trespass on fundamental liberties. Utopian ism also finds a receptive audience among the societies disenchanted disaffected this that is fine and maladjusted who are unwilling or unable to assume responsibility for their own, real or perceived conditions, but dead, blame their surroundings or thus, Cora clout and others they are lured by the
our hopes and promises of utopian transformation, the criticisms of the existing society, to which the connection tentative or non existent. Improving the malcontents lot, becomes linked to the utopian cause more about this urging and diminishing the successful and accomplished becomes Central tactic, no one You better than anyone else so the merits or values of his contributions and exploiting human frailties frustrations jealousies and inequities, a sense of meaning and self worth, is creating an malcontents, otherwise unhappy and directionless life simply put think of Venezuela simply put equality and misery that is equal body of result or conformity. Is it, instead, a just fair and Virtuous undertaking liberty, before, is in Heaven the immoral, except
where it avails equality now he quality in this sense is a former radical egalitarianism that has long been a subject of great concern for advocates of liberty. Equality is understood by the american founders. Is there natural right of every individual to live freely under self government to acquire in return. The property he creates through his own labour and Dmitri It impartially before just law and equality, Be confused with perfection. Fermain is also imperfect. Making is publication of equality, even though most just society imperfect, otherwise any qualms Buddy inequality is a natural state of man and the sea let each individual is born, unique in all his human characteristics. Therefore, equality and any quarrel, properly comprehended, are both engines of liberty,
when democracies, the attraction of but he too often outweighs the appeal of liberty, even though individuals are able to flourish more in democracies and another societies but he's wonders and permeates can be settled and ambiguous and therefore unnoticed and under appreciated, despite its infinite benefits from it, liberty is elusive, for one must look below the surface. To identify it. Conversely, equality can be more transparent and surface level, its positive as a far off concept of human perfectibility but has also delivered in bits and pieces, or at least appears to be in daily life usually takes the form of material rights. Corner quote delivered to the end by the state. Consequently, equal outbreak already in liberty, are both subjects of utopian demagoguery and manipulation. Liberty, I said, is encouraged if its end is equality. Liberty.
I itself is not Now equality is also disguised or confused with pop sovereignty that is, they conflation of the peoples will so calm with. Deleterious campaigns such as social justice, environmental, does immigrant rights, workers, rights, etc. In essence, true democracy, we are told be achieved unless society is reorganized around the disparate and those demands of disparate an endless claimants and in due course, For such a society becomes chaotic and vulcanised as a disavowed, theirs as it jobs and crises build. The stage is set for us relating coercion or repression. I want to continue, ladies and gentlemen, because I think this best described what's going on in Venezuela. This also describes them instead of the left and the Democratic Party and where they were dry. This country will be right,
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right now and you'll, be on your way to a rich, meaningful education. Again, that's online Dodd. Here. Still don t you We have so much good step today. Stick with US socialism, Marxism he's an entire humanity? Why would we buy this. Ladies and gentlemen, I would we allow our country to devolve into an iron fisted anarchy of sorts. Let us just continue Now, what's going on, you told me Isms authority also knows no definable limits. This is what their preaching, but we're, not socialists. We just believing pre college and open borders and sanctuary cities and and minimum
in common, with their promoting utopian, as they want to cry from Americanism Amira Tokyo. You told Isms authority knows no definable limits. How could it if they exist? What are they re, Equally gala terrorism or the perfectibility of mankind is an ongoing process. Individual societal transformation that must cast off the limits of three tradition and experience for that, which is to be necessary: novel, progressive and inevitable. Ironically, income in fact in evidence must be rejected or manipulated. Asthma the very nature of man for utopian ISM as a fantasy that evolves a dogmatic cause which in turn manifest a wholly true for a false religion. There is little or tolerance for the individual deviation from orthodoxy lest it threat the survival of the enterprise and true,
utopian ism is regressive, irrational and pre, enlightenment, It robs society of opinions and ideas. They may be beneficial to the human condition now and in the future. It Time is human interaction, including economic activity, which, the through historical process of suffering organization Toby Nazism. See quality, is intolerant of diversity, uniqueness, debate, etc for utopian Isms purpose whereas a singular focus there can be no feeding voices are causes slowing herbs. Think, societies long and righteous March. Openness relies on deceit, propaganda, dependence, intimidation and force, while sounds like the media, And it's more aggressive state as the militia. And see the enterprise becomes more painful and its impact stability, more obvious Venezuela. It incite violence. It is
Just avenues for free expression and civil descent are cut off violence, the individual primary recourse and stay primary response all the only way out is the stage termination. Now you know why I'm reading MR you, this is from twelve twelve America, Tokyo, America, hope just a few more points. Toby a rule by masterminds is both necessary and necessarily primitive for X. Lewd so much that is known to man and about man? ass, is driven by his own boundless conceit and delusional aspirations which he suffered identified as a noble calling. He alone is uniquely qualified to carry out this mission
He is, in his own mind a saviour of mankind. If only men will Benda was will such can be. The addiction or it can be, an irrationally egoistical, an absurdly frivolous batches that engulfs even sensible people in this. The masterminds suffers from my psychosis of sorts and endeavours to substitute his own ambitions, for the, they draw ambitions of millions of people. Instead, I want to touch on a little bit more this after the break, because a kind of flu, into the intelligence. Academia, the media and so forth, totally relevant to what you're seeing unravel in Venezuela, totally irrelevant to the democratic battle for the nomination for, for their presidential. Take it because it I urge the nice necessary substance in context, what they, since its family.
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a visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's in Primus, I M p r. I am I s dad still that EU welcome Thursday will transmit repaired globally. Aggravate tyranny called a month, then show now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, you know This format is so important and so unique you can wasted. You know, by raising through or you can take your time. Trying to address the fundamentals made kind of the culture society of government. Embracing history. We are witnessing the history life moves so quickly. Events moves so quickly. Worse,
preoccupied, but we are witnessing the history, including our own, and it's important to take the time to discuss it. Not just discuss what's happening, but why is happening and exactly what birds activities that are taking place in front of our eyes. So, let's finish up here, let's get back to what we mean: Utopia, But you see playing up some people summit still totally the opposite a utopian, but it is sold as utopia. It's not soldiers disappear. The master mine these so called masterminds the majority to shove, as is the Castro's and, quite frankly, the Bernie Sanders and so forth, is served by an enthusiastic intelligentsia or so called experts.
Freshly engaged in developing and spreading utopian fantasies. Although there speaking exceptions, longtime harbour, professor and political theoreticians, Harvey Mansfield, explain, The modern intellectuals have monumental in patients with human complexity and imperfection. They believe that politics a temporary necessity until there national solution is put in place. Isn't that true. Well, of course, the irrational solutions are not rational. Are they folks, while it actual are obviously smart, then smart enough to have conquered the Social Sciences and use them to reject your society. They are poles, there's two knowledge they do not and cannot possess. You see people on tv all the time, Meanwhile, the intellectuals, her immune from the impracticability and consequences of their blueprints for they rarely don't themselves for public office. Instead, they see influenced those who do so. They
just lay without accountability rest. Transforming society becomes a struggle between the utopia and self determination and saw observation, since the Israel must acquiesce to centralize decision making by government healthcare apart from brute force, the master mine has in his our small, a weapon that provides them with a predominant advantage to note that is the law, the law Basta, great bastion explain that when the law has exceeded its proper functions, not done so merely in some inconsequential, debatable matters. The laws gone further than this. It is act in direct opposition to its own proper purpose. The law has been used, to destroy its own objective and has been up
I too annihilating the justice it was supposed to maintain too limiting and destroying rights, which its real appeal was to respect. The law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish without risk to exploit the person, liberty and proper They have others is converted plunder into. I write in order to protect plunder, is converted, lawful, dent defence into a crime in order to punish lawful defence, I'm reading from America Toby. If your curious, now when the law is used in this way. Folks, the few plunder the many public sector unit that many plunder the few, the progressive income tax and everyone plunderers everyone universal Health making utopia, unsustainable and ultimately inhumane e g, Venezuela-
centralizing and consolidating authority is required to replace dispersed decisionmaking where they command and control structure, the purpose of which is to coerce behaviour in pursuit of a fantasy by dogmatic cause, a false religion. Cetera, that's not to say that knowledge and information from outside the Central Authority go without notice, rather is collected in a self serving haphazard, an incomplete way to tinker and adjust to torment and control. I'd, never as a means to fundamentally I will reconsider policies are disprove. The utopian ends Obamacare. How could it Since utopian since utopian ism rejects rationality and appearances and, from the outset, a repudiates experience, it is said to be new, different, better and bigger in our like the green new deal,
The master my relies on uniform standards born of insufficient knowledge and information, which are crafted from his own predilection. Values stereotypes, experiences areas, think receives desires, prejudice and, of course, fantasy, the position of these standards may in the short term, benefits some are perhaps many but over time. The misery and corrosive news from their full effects spread through them. Less society, Venezuela. The masterminds incompetence and vision plague, the society, responsibility, be diverted elsewhere. That is to those to carry them out or the people's lack, a sacrifice, order, enemies of the state who have conspired to thwart the utopian cause for them Mr mine is inextricably linked to the fantasy. If he's fallible who is to usher in Paradise if his judgment system are in doubt than the entire venture, my invite scrutiny. So this leads
grander and boulders social experiments requiring further coercion and what went before said in piecemeal and therefore inadequate Steps necessary to try to achieve true utopian ism have yet to be tried. So you can see this. Bomb care now, Mary care for all for the individual and the people generally. Does dispiriting destabilizing stagnating and impoverishing other, All state action is said to be taken in the people's interest. The heavy, if not Chris, burden. They shoulder is the price they pay for an impossible cause, cause greater than their lives. Liberty and the individual is income control as a person, and you only as an insignificant part of a clash of annex I gotta go, duration of insignificant parts. He is a worker part of a man, nothing more, nothing less. His ex
since soulless absolute o b and since the highs virtue like a red China, Only an army of drones is capable of building a rainbow a paradise Now the morality of utopian is, albeit. Yes, the sober thinkers requires explicit. Tension, none for perversely, too many remain enthusiastically committed to it, hoping ism, is immoral and its on what basis does Doping is a make such a thorough claim on the individual's existence. Masterminds dogma increase rising socialism and and its appeal to drop outs and parasites. High act wrote. Rights derived from systems of relations, of which the claimant has become a part through helping them in Spain that any goes on
There is also no morality in utopian deception and distortion to promote an abstraction, forcing the endeavour behave in ways that are contrary to his best interests, destructive of his nature, the civil societies, ethical norms and social arrangements and making commonplace dependency and coercion. Excuse me to love speaking, but even from bathrooms, and so for they can see the point right can't. Pronouns anymore, to describe people based on whether their male female sir, So then, cultivating a moral society in individual virtuous, whether through faith, education or sociability and on the accumulated experience and wisdom of earlier generations. Utopias Reed's dishonesty, not good character? urges ideology, not reason area, rashness, not reflection, it attracts fanatics, not statesmen, and it is transformative, not re formative,
And as the world around, I'm grows increasingly unpredictable and hostile, the moral order of civil society phrase and then unravels the visual may feel that is daily serve while on abandoning as our moral nature and teaching, including prudence, self restraint and forethought. He may become radicalized and join the ranks of predators and become eyes. They didn't conniving hoping to avoid notice. He may become dispirited in detail. Resigned to a life of misery he made defiantly. And his moral ground, which Casey become may may become the printers pray. In any event, the law jungle becomes the law of the land. As this Civil society disintegrates. I will read any more, but this play more here in the first chapter of America, Tokyo, to explain what taking place in Venezuela.
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You're going to see the real echo chamber that takes place out there, some people, I can't even send the book to, because unfortunately I cannot trust them. They keep their mouths shut. But that's the way it goes. Some hoping strongly that you'll go online. Goat Amazon dad come priority or copy forty percent of on freedom of the press. It's going to be a very, very important book and an opportunity for US the really focus like a laser, certainly before the election on a huge power in this country in a huge force that needs to be dealt with, and I don't mean by government. I remember we, the people, the bill of rights exist for we, the people, I'm sorry that includes freedom of the press. The constitution exist for us. The country exists for us, but Jake Tapir, not brine stouter. Their welcome the part. To pay, but they don't own it, they don't control it. Ladies and gentlemen, Sectaries State Palm PEO Mike hey, I was on CNN today and he said that
Then, as well on President Nicolas Maduro was about to flee his country for Cuba, but Russia intervene and convince them to stay here. An airplane on the tarmac pompiers said he was ready to leave this morning as we stand it, and the Russians, indicated he should stay. We think the situation remains incredibly fluid. We oh, that there were senior leaders inside the Madeira government that were prepared to leave they This is much over the past few weeks and we are convinced that the venezuelan people are going to get there Microsoft. Back now, ladies and gentlemen, the Russians intervened to protect my door of the legitimately elected president is still trying to pressure majority leave two points. I thought there was Russia collusion with Trump and the Russian,
Apparently not. Oh look at that look at that more russian collusion with Bernie Sanders. They are much more in common than were tramp. Of course. What's the other point, this isn't a coup. This isn't a coup. These so called opposition leader was legitimately elected president of Venezuela. How can it be a coup. You want to see a cool. You look at the silent coup where the media that Democrats, academics and others have tried to take our president. That's a silent coup. He phrase coin some time ago in the current culture, but there's no clue tat. Place in Venezuela, village, Emily elected president of Venezuela is attempting to take the place. The in the office of the presidency of Venezuela that he was elected to take Maduro
both the election. Can anybody get this straight and Russia while Russia colluding with our enemies not with Trump you make a bad media who cares what they may give anything hobby back, now run only underground boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three one, one,
You know if they had a second amendment and ran his well other, be a lot of people who could defend themselves in throw that illegitimate government. The second amendment, thank God for a bill of rights. All Damn it's funny how the media only support part of the first amendment, all the rest of it can go to hell as far as their concern, but it doesn't work that way doesn't. Ladies and gentlemen, no it doesn't Carry Sanders is an embassy news reporter correspondent for now, when he lowered himself he's on. I myself stated day and really lowered himself. He was interviewed by Andrea Metro. That's what they do. You have correspondence interviewing correspondence.
That said to be noticed, but anyway carry sanders kind of screwed up, listen to this had to pre Beacon, cut three with the help of Russia and other outside forces. Maduro is hanging on hanging on, but he appears to still controlled military. You have to understand in Venezuela Ownership is not something that is open to everybody. So if the military have the guns, they have the power and as long as Nicholas Maduro controls the military, he controls the country magic that man Ladies and gentlemen, the guy kind of blue it didn't. I Joe Biden, people read your poles today, cause they're up their owner. But he met drudges website. And poles have nothing to do with anything right now. Absolutely absurd, absolutely absurd!. There are about name, I D.
And you know the case of Joe Biden. Spent around a long long time. As an elected politician on the government doll, you ve been subsidizing his career for decade after decade after decade, And really, what does he have the show for it? A try and make like he's this nice guys a very nasty guy, what he did, the bark and Clarence Thomas among others, just a very, very nasty guy, but Joe Scarborough, like some. So you must be good. But then again Joe Scarborough as too, but it wasn't pit but I guess today, as we cover things in a very significant way we didn't get to this, but I wanted to day and he gave a absolute Lee brilliant speech, brilliant here's, a taste of a man,
cut forego. I want to thank our Rich Fitzgerald Account Executive reveal getting count executive bead year. In all my time in public life, I've gotten involve the country wasn't bill. I wall Street Bankers C, O five men. If the enterprises archives everybody to hit you? U workers, you took incredible their future. The regular pensions in the lead to get GM work. Thank God that last year and try to wages, are freeze wages for the people, The same is happening because of this, because the system, I regret to rethink how I am content services as successful economy. Folks, America.
Children have the same. There will be no, how can a person may be maintained line where they do? That means investing much more in medical research to cover conquered devastating diseases like cancer detection and, may God protect our rambling and stepping on his lines learning how to find me only the goes like this and they have an eye it because when you could just good you game, we ve Withdraw bringing you s own troops from and and and the the the way is finally, what of of over by say about it.
Budget resist we much. We must- and we will much about that- we commit warrior. You know that it was it didn t look this. If we we ask what are you doing? Well sorry burn in Pittsburgh. Yesterday.
Cuts five go our way, broken political system that deliberately being undermined by our president to continue to use the power of the off. How is he abusing the power the office low, I Q and then that's what he should be Cobb? How is he so I'll call him? How is he abuse is too complex but somewhere, but others are you know, so I don't do that anymore. So, calm low, I Q Joe So how is he abusing the power of his office low IQ, Joe, exactly how go up our tromp was only president is the only present whose decided not to represent The whole country, so Donald Trump, has decided not to represent the hooker unlike low, I Q, Joe. He represents the entire country. Coming from the massive state population and geographically dollar,
he represents, but he was vice president right, but trumpets president I had as its base. We need a president works for all american Souci. During the border, cutting taxes can rolling regulations, getting honest judges in place, that's not working for all the people. What is Joe you, how many jobs did the Biden, Obama administration Craig very few very few indeed cut sex- go. The Mulder report, what was your initial reaction to the five mix while Wanna Harbaugh question for low Iq Joe? It's a tough one. That's a tough one! Ray Lighters, J, O B S go ahead, russian interference without any question, russian Interference, we,
There was russian interference, you were the damn vice president, they held it do about it and I hope the trunk camp in the president himself, will start to point this out: HALO, Iq Joe you or the vice president number, two in the executive branch, the number two in the country when it comes to the government when the Russian For interfering with our election, what the hell did you do about Did you tell the american people know what? What exactly did you do like? You were go ahead, here too? There are elements of the report in the second phase report about seven or eight things that are left undone. He was not within the purview of investigating thought. The Congress is attempting to take. What are you talking about? What was nine in it? her view to investigate go ahead. And what do you Congress should do and they are doing is investigate, sounds so. Here's a guy wants to be present once a run against Trump and now he's encouraging Congress to continue to abuse its power. To take your textiles,
and spent on opposition research go ahead. In fact, a block the investigation. They have no alternative, but to go to the only other constitution resort they have as impeachment. So by. This is the big story that I dont think is really catching the headline industry today, Biden is pushing for trumps impeachment, the present in the United States represents another and should government it's called separation of powers. Jos, not particular, sharp. So it doesn't know what that means. It's called separation of powers. This doesn't have an absolute plenary power too the gate, things to demand, records and so forth, and so it has to have some relationship to their legislative authority. There now roving ban a mob of of should get to just get into jewels, but it's the president or Citizens Supreme Court, justices, tax returns and bank records and so forth. It's not an offence
challenge that and fight that legitimately in court. The headline here should be Joe Biden is calling for the impeachment of the president, because he knows full well president. This challenging this. Now I don't remember by saying that Barack Obama should be impeached when its attorney general used is turn of records related to fast and furious knows it Regional was held in contempt, but his justice Department ever prosecuted, his attorney general, was had unimpeachable offence. Go ahead, I'm in the meantime make sure he's not back his prison. United States work. America has something, don't you something so many Democrats think their best. Hope is a two or three time: loser, plagiarize her and full time. Liar he's a full time liar. There was a great piece in the nation
review and they go was desperately trying to. Fine and I've got so much paper here. Maybe we'll have Do this after the break, someone to take a break them, find it and then I want to read it to you, because it points out that Joe Biden, they cereal wire. What back then the alarm Biden, administration didn't represent blue collar workers in this country, let alone union workers. They were in their jobs too, the undermine our police forces. They went to war with law enforcement. They said radical leftists. They never been a finger for fire fighters
and it's a disgrace that Harold shocked, burger close of careful earmark Present in the air fares, Syria, filleted International Association of Firefighters, declared at a campaign rally for Joe Biden. He's a disgrace he's a disgrace. He doesn't represent the rank and file, in my humble opinion, and too often the rank and file or abused by the the over paid their various unions. Much like leadership in the house for the leadership in the Senate. They claw their way to the top. They build a Torreon protection racket within the union and their hard to dislodge. But this Harold ship shape he's a he's: a fraud
Binding, is a liar he's a liar. As they write at national review. This essay spectacularly audition claim about one washed, its most notorious bs artists. You know that he, Sir he's not artificially, is not a phoney. You see two days ago, Bind declared on the view we were asked. What are your proudest? What are you proudest from your administration? You know what I said as binding said. The same thing I did know want single with or of scandal that, because of Morocco Bomb, perhaps by believes. There is no whisper of scandal because there was no such shouting about veterans dying while waiting for care at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the fast and fear is on walking operation at the eighteenth this dysfunctional launch of health care that Gov
the syrian Redline Benghazi that hacking of the office presidential personnel Management, the IRA, Going to conserve and tea party groups, other government agencies harassing and targeting the president's critics, drunkenness and reckless behaviour at the. U S, good service, and I shall add one about the criminalization of freedom of the press, which the press in a retard about how Obama unleashed is D, o J and FBI against reporters and newsrooms. The irony in twenty sixteen pines, Trumps policy in the Middle EAST would be a go carpet. I'm innocent people, whether or not you like trumps policies. That is not an accurate description of what Trump proposed from the campaign trail or in an office. I'm sure that any it over there, the washstand compost escaping a list of all our binds lies because he's gotta
I ve long list, Ally's I'd, say a million he's accuse trumpet trying to cut nearly one truly. Hours from the Medicare programme, not true bide, insists that he's been referred to for the last thirty five years in Washington as Middle class Joe, despite no record of anyone else, every calling him middle class Joe, I think they call him low class Joe Mr Produce He proclaimed that eating on a single stock are born. I have no savings accounts, but his wife Joe, had plenty of time combine investments and that cop out five saving counts in both their names. What are they sure like their poor when their millionaires on the democratic, the hypocrisy that were in two thousand eight, the vice presidential debate, bind claim U S, I'd teamed up with France to kick Sera at eleven on that the EU spends more around
in one month, and it had in Afghanistan in six or seven years, incited recently visiting a restaurant that had been out of business for decades. Liar liar corn rose on fire and the twenty Twond vice presidential debate by suggested he had voted against the Iraq and F gas wars when voted for them understated the income level of the Obama tax cuts by eight hundred thousand dollars claim that no one had told the Obama administration that yours too. Posts in Libya want more security and claim that Obama, had somehow created seven hundred and sixty billion dollars, a new funding that is now being applied, domestic care. It had not fact: checkers hello, yell, CNN, joke washed and composed choke idiots, name, Glenn, something or other no violence. Pension for embellishment,
The half truths are put a what's a part of what sank is nineteen. Eighty eight campaign when he wildly exaggerated, as academic record and as Jack Feller nationally Detailed earlier this year, Biden has been claiming for years that a drunk I wanna get into that. You get the idea. There is a great deal that is funny about Joe Biden, polluting his hair by the way and his teeth Who is he obviously at Aphasia? Don't you like didn't quite work out and when you watch on tv give these be, he looks washed up. He looks old Ok, look I'll! Just when you're seventy seven, you should be presently united States. You can be proud
of your age away, or something like that. I mean I'm serious, presently United States. Let me put it this way. No offense, no president should wear depends. He agree with me that MR producer, no presidential, where depends and a president Joe Biden, God forbid he be wearing, depends, had sits. It's ok, I'm not I'm not against people wearing depends if they need to pay, but the president should be wearing depends. In my humble opinion, we have James Climber now the clamour of the top Democrats in this house, one of the three stages- and he was on the morning Schmo today cut seven go, but these were still on the table. Absolutely is always on the table. We set off the table. That is the only thing that we have available to us.
Milo Report was a there, you go there, you go and Scarborough impeachment none of the table. Is it please? Please please change, please. Absolutely not that's. The only thing we ve got Mala report was a road map. This guy Molly as a skunk he's a rat think he was from D. One what he did was on ethical. What he did was immoral writing that I am sure that report was a disgrace for any prosecutor, he and advice, and they know it. I'll be right back
Lady liberty. Well, this is Mr Liberty. Raw mark, Levine call him now. Eighty seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight. What one her right! You know, the tax deadline passed and the Irish didn't now you for the money. You are right, but that's a good thing I'm going away, you're, not safe enough and let's see her now comes enforced com, I ain't season. Have you ever heard of enforce compliance season? There's an enforced compliance season, And the IRS will be actively looking at your pay tracks. Your bank accounts their finances. You have and not, try to garniture pay tracks and seizure banking
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rumpled, pass your measure of success with flying colours. The many workers. My measure success turbine proclaimed yesterday. Two cheers much of the media. Oh yeah, the media love not launch bucket Joe Low Iq Joe Strangely, he set that market the first round his campaign to replace a president within establishing record of boosting workers just last month, and resided nearly two hundred thousand jobs and unemployment. How that three point percent a new low, not seen and half a century that can primitive toy monthly job gain average of one hundred and eighty thousand over the whole first quarter, well, of the one hundred thousand jobs a month needed to keep pace with population growth. President trim first two years in office, economy out of more than five million jobs, including four hundred and six these seven thousand in the manufacturing sector
It was losing jobs when buying was last in office and weed, This is finding it hard to find workers pay is rising with meeting ages growing at three percent a year after years of being stagnant under President Barack Obama. Indeed, the we reason the jobless right isn't lower still is the countless. Who had given up all hope of finding employment have re enter the workforce. That is even Lord people of the disability roles, reversing a long increase. Was a two trillion dollar text. That did you feel it did you get anything from it? No, of course not by claimed mine that boosting the economy and employment was the main point of the tax cuts and job back of twenties. Nineteen and a work Obama's vice president low, I Q Joe, can admit Tromp is doing what the last administration insisted was impossible. Manufacturing jobs are just that they come back. Obama warned in June twenty
Sixteen that Joe Biden, but they want to teach the present, he didn't obstruct justice. There was no collusion, he hasn't it it is office? He hasn't use. The IRS, like Obama, did. Hasn't use. The iris hasn't gone after report is trying to imprison them, like others have but they want to teach him. Ladies and gentlemen, and I said they are, language, political fire, and that is no joke. They don't get the disenfranchise. Sixty three million people and suppress the vote. Just because they disagree with the President of the United States and the fact of his election and our Can you to say we're dealing with a small cabal of hard core radical Democrats who represent certain city? in this country and nothing else. New York.
Allay San Francisco and Baltimore. That's the committee chairmen, that's the speaker of the house, that's it that's! It. Nobody's going to impeach him, don't you know, and I of course trying to destroy bill bar there still out there TED Loop, Tetlow, I'm really tried to destroy, can do so and she fed him his lunch. Didn't she basic, a bunch of nails, TED, low, stupid, low I've, California, he's always seen and just look how these media outlets promote their stuff. I'm telling you, we're heading into a very, very contentious period. You ain't seen nothing yet with soviet style impeachment efforts with the efforts to destroy the present, Finances and character, but the effort to destroys election effort and the press?
leading the charge you heard scar for Barrel United, Mr Deliverance, the banjo boy Klaiber in one of the three stages. With with higher under and policy and you're, hurt the press. Then there's is eighty eight had seen and what is her name Erin? What is your name, a Burnett? Green Burnett. She so spark with ideology? Lesson of this cut nine: go fraternity Furthermore, it doesn't show up this Thursday to Congress. The american people should ask two questions. What is afraid of and what does he trying to hide near right, he's afraid and he's trying to hide, of course that sets it everyone's trade in trying to hide, go ahead, Republicans control,
committee. We had numerous members of the departed justice come in and get interviewed by staff interviewed by staff, not hearings, question by stealth, and not the attorney general question by staff. Why did you lie tat? Lou set a song, Why are you lie? Ted Lou? Go ahead was cut off Republicans last term. That is good enough for Democrats. This term if he doesn't show up they're going to enforce a subpoena and we're going to hold him and contempt? Ok. So what does that you're saying you gotta you're enforces Japan hold him in contempt while she's a quick study go ahead back. What does that mean? And obviously now they're saying quote, we'll take whatever action we will have to take sure happy to go through the process. You I'm happy to go through the process. Sure then listen to what, clowns, says: go ahead, love they all bark
cars and have a Trump stooge if he wants to, but he can't disregard the law? No is above the law. Susan disregarding the law being above the law. You clown about separate Powers and the extent to which a committee can conduct self. The way this committee seeks to conduct itself, I all for aggressive oversight. That's not what this is. Not overseeing anything you're trying to correct its very much like this. It's the training create offences, not necessarily criminal offences, but political offences, ethical offences, Briny create pseudo events there trying to pseudo events. Now more I'm quite serious, we're gonna have to fight back now, more than ever, you need to have the tools and that's the point of on freedom of the press You need to have the tools to deal with it: and Barnett's and the Joe Scarborough.
And, yes, I in this book will come under attack, so be it so bear particular when this book comes out. That's all right. What do we The do, but am Burnett. This isn't a real correspondingly! No, she dresses up as one Joe Scarborough, I mean EAST really a pathetic loser and areas Andrea? it. She gave up her hair, corresponding credenza a long time ago I mean legitimate credentials but she's afraid to and you go on and on and on and look they pick. They pick the biggest insane Phones in the Democratic Party, TED Lou, among others and where the other one here, oh yes, we ve got her on a second Sheila Jackson, Lee, and I want waste your time with her James Kleiber Iron.
Course, Pelosi herself as dumb as adorn up hee, hee, hee, hee hee, doesn't matter peers, Pelosi, friends at Fox NEWS, Frank mine. House, bigger Nancy Pelosi, told reporters that present in trouble demonstrated on a daily basis, is obstruction of justice and made a con between the White House in Congress over the terms of scheduled testimony. That's not obstruction of justice, obstruction of justice. What law she talking about Now she may be arguing obstruction of Congress, but that's not obstruction of Congress either. Congress has to legitimate purpose here Never gonna hear this on CNN you're. Never here this on MSNBC you're, never going to read it in the next slide. But you ll, see in the near Ex limes as Anti Semitism. Their hate, Israel pages
Mason! How everybody is talking about this now rich, where the hell have they been where they have. They been. The facts about the New York Times in the Holocaust have been known for decades. I've been talking about it, ten years and finally have pulled Ali information together needs in the new book. But now there also. The Holocaust and the New York Times with a huge Sinning audience had apparently includes ninety eight percent of conserving talk, radio. How sets a good thing? Don't you think bar as scheduled five before the Senate has traditionally committee panels this week on sport Council Robert Mullahs report, and by the way, mothers out there now saying that the bar, In his letter, didn't capture the nature context and so forth of his investigation really. The attorney general and others need to take off the year. The political, breast milk,
there are put them on rather and do a mother and deal a. The fact that he would write what he wrote. I hope Proposal on this committee, this house, judiciary, committee or listening to me right now, and I hope you'll Mr Mulder, I hope Es Mr Mahler. What else did an se, doing twenty nine hours, fifty nine minutes and thirty seconds, a testimony sincerely put thirty six of his testimony in volume to ask him if you weren't, shall council you did this sort of thing, you'd be disbarred when you I have to the report. He doesn't have the right that report. Ladies and gentlemen, he doesn't have the right that report Republicans on the house to the trade committee. You can write a report- that's not four hundred five hundred pages long, not warrant peace with opinion in a penny,
an opinion, no, that volume to is barely Rebecca because its Phil whither pathetic opinions, Mr Mulder didn't have to write a report like that at all matter There's investigation didn't have to go on and on and on, as I've said repeatedly and has been repeated, he had to know? There was no collusion relatively early on and that should have been the end of it and that needs to be pursued When Mr Miller's, up on capital held to the republic, should ask Mr Bar the republican attorney general lot of questions, your attorney general be where have you ever had to deal with a democratic com? Like a dealing with this democratic Committee, Mr Bar, given the fact that you are quite the experts when it comes to the law. Can you tell us what the authority This committee has to subpoena the President's
excess and bank records and so forth, and so on. Can you tell us what authority if there is any authority they need to get there? Tori out. They need to get the facts and the truth out and the attorney It will be sitting there. Ok, you don't have to do with the Democrats. Are doing. Do the opposite. Do the opposite. Lay out the case against them cares one. Mr attorney general. Do you think it's appropriate for Congress to continue to conceal all these sexual harassment deals rather use tax? there's money. Do you think that violates campaign financed laws? That's a good one. Do you think, MR producer? I got a million of tell me the attorney general. The present, the United States is somehow forced to release six or ten years of his tax returns,
Considering we're supposed to have co equal branches. Don't you think the speaker? The house should release hers too, since she's in line to the office of the presidency. I think that's a good one. That's a good one! Here's another one! Whatever I have a lot of good questions, I could be it. Two attorney general bar, if the Republicans are really thinking I'll, be right, Ben others, leaks to the New York Times and washed imposed will be pulling them together for you and discussing them in the next hour. Leaks from the mullahs. Proud, as you might expect, trying to Gina peach. Men trying to juniper smear honor attorney general bar and keep in mind the arguments been
this time that mothers and in fear employ the Department of Justice that he reported ultimately to the attorney general and now. He's undermining the attorney general. Some guy. I never understood why people praising and even even lorries. The president's staff. I never never understood this through this guy's a load, some guy, nothing to praise. This volume to was a complete hitched up, always tended for impeachment purposes and The media are the media. Mother's day is coming up. There's absolutely nothing. Most of us wouldn't do to make sure the special moms and our life her happy sherry's, berries, has special mother's day, berries, design just for mom that are top of chocolate chips, pink shimmer sugar and switch to my taste. Good, That sounds good. You choose your D.
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the formulation of a discussion about that- and I think that big points that I had was this is a narco state. It better not go. And until we can actually do something met again drug policy world. It's all good so what we need to do is legalise drugs. I know Portugal get it, they have never draw you guys with the legalization of drugs. I mean we ve, just sound so idiotic, so The Hugo Chavez, a coup which really was a coup, was about legalization of drugs or the were the drug narco. What happens specifically through the seventies was an hour in the seventies and eighties, the apathy use drugs to help finance their regimes, but you clearly don't understand. Marxism Marxism is not about drugs it while you
drugs to help finance it, but that's not the purpose of these coups in these revolutions. Not in the least jammed listening long enough. I guess you live in California, you might want to move the Colorado just saying, be right back, now run them only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levin. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three, eight one three one one
have simultaneous leaks to the nearest slimy in the washing compost. As you might expect, neither newspaper cover the holocaust with any degree of particularity. So where, of course, we're gonna believe everything they say and this The report, starting with the new, explains my Mark Missouri and Michael S, Schmidt, Michael Ash. Myth is now, I believe, partnered with. What is her name over there Damosel SD. She left her husband, whatever the swamp. So, let's begin reading, which, in the New York's limes albert, a smaller, the third, the special council wrote a letter in late March to attorney general, William P bar objecting to his early scripture, the rush investigations conclusions that appeared to clear president truck Impossible obstruction of justice according to the justice
Parliament and three people would direct knowledge of the communication between the two men the letter at now. Let's just stop here. That's an outrage in and of itself. Mr Mahler brought no obstruction charge against the President of the United States or anything the house in his orbit. Didn't even try, then go to the attorney general than the deputy attorney general. Acting as attorney general rod rose in Spain and say: hey look. I believe I should invite the president on obstruction charges and we can do this in secret and seal. It never happened. And so keep in mind what the media are doing here, they could care less about what I just said and they're, not even going to mention it next paragraph
New York Slimy, the letter adds to the growing evidence of Iraq between them and is another sign of the anger among the special councils investigators about MR bars, characters asian their findings, which allowed MR trumped wrongly claim. He'd been vindicated, no stop right there, these two climate, what is just gave it away. Anger among the special councils investigators- I didn't know that, did you, MR producer. We Miss that now we assumed it, but now it's confirmed This has been leaked out of the special council office could be vice. Men could be anybody else. Weissmann left he was angry. It was unclear what specific objections Mr Mahler raised in his letter, Mr Bar defended, descriptions of the investigations conclusions in conversations with Mr Mulder over the days after you,
and the latter according to two people with knowledge of their discussions. Really, that will be the special count. Office. Again MR bond It was scheduled to testify Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the investigation has said publicly here. Disagrees with some of the legal reasoning in the Mulder report: senior democratic law makers are invited Mr Malerba testify in the coming weeks, but had been What the secure a date for his testimony quote: despair The council emphasised that nothing in the attorney journals March. Twenty four letter was inaccurate or misleading. A Justice department spoke Women carry Copeck said in Greece. Story Quest for a comment made on Tuesday afternoon, but he exe frustration over the lack of context and the resulting media coverage regarding the special councils obstruction analysis. Why would the special council care about the media coverage. That's not his job either. A spokesman for the
National Councils office, declined to come, of course, because their leaking, then at Times news article goes on a central issue. Now, obviously, I'll stupid to the near times is going to lay this out force. Central issue in these simmering dispute is how the public Understanding of the Mulder report has been shaped since the special, So ended his investigation and delivered is four hundred and forty eight page report. On March twenty two to the iter. The general his boss and long time friend the porch The four page later that bar sent a Congress two days later gave little data about the special those findings and created, pressure that Mr Mulder steam found no wrong doing lying. Mr trumpet declared been exonerate What is the issue here? He put out a few page letter, and I said this on my facts- show what two weeks ago he put out this four page letter
knowing full well that most of the report will be revealed. They think, hide something Mr Marinos report was released on April eighteen painted a far more damning. Further president and show them? Mr Mulder believe that significant evidence existed. The Mr Trump obstructed justice. This is outrage haven't Can any citizen defend themselves? Under these circumstances? Luck. We think there was concern evidence of obstruction, but we're not do you say can defend yourself? There, is why they didn't seek to subpoena, not only because they would have failed. Not only because they would have failed, but because one and a the Democrats in the media, everything they wanted and the best way to do that was through volume to through volume, to
next limes continues over the past month. Other signs of friction between the attorney general, the special council emerged over Asia. Like legal theories about constitutional protection afforded a presidency their job and how Mr Mothers team conducted the investigation, wait a minute Mr Mahler serves but has to the attorney general forty metres. This agreement among the Mets like saying, there's a disagreement among a: U S attorney and the attorney general. I want the damn courts, the lesson of this project, Justice is on the Supreme Court over and over again, I have said Mister Mallory, an inferior employ he's, not an informed variable I like a: U S attorney. He acts like a presidential appointee. Irony is inform just that and he never went through the confirmation process and the United States Senate. How can you read this and not come to that conclusion?
In congressional testimony in April before the report, it was released, Mr Bar demurred, when asked whether you believe that the investigation was a witch hunt. Mr trumps preferred term, depends on where you are sitting, MR by replied. What does this have to do new story, nothing, viewers, you're, somebody who's, this falsely accused or something you attend to view the invest? nation is a witch hunt. He said and apparent reference to the president, Mr Bars testimonies, in contrast to committee, made during his confirmation hearing so now we're gonna have bar. Now we have to destroy bar. You see that's what this is all about that's, why they're writing it? This way a rift between the meant, by the way, not a single negative syllable, about Mahler, nothing, there's
their Mahler, Mr Smith, goes the washing the noble Mr Mulder, with unknowable staff prosecutors, never leaks above reproach that just outstanding. We ve never seen anything like this man, ten feet tall. How is just and Belize, incredible and then there's by my alibi, gave his testimony bar did their bar, so they put a white had a mother and a black hat on bar. You're telling you who's the angel who's, the devil, Mr Barnes senior justice. I'm an officials were frustrated with Mahler ended is investigated and drafted his report. According to the two people, with knowledge of the discussions and another person briefed on the matter, they expressed here at TED. In their Mahler fell short of his assignment by declining
good decision about whether Mr Trump broke. The law that let bar to clear Mr Trump without the special council is backing. Mr troop was cleared. There was no trial, nothing here. The senior department officials also found Mister mullahs rationale for stopping short deciding whether Mr Trump committed a crime to be confusing a contradictory, and they concluded that miss Wallis report showed that there was no case against Mr Trump. Let me tell you what happened here. Most people are leaking and other justice Department is leaking back. That's what's goin on here. But Mr Mahler did lay out evidence against the president after explaining how Declined to make a prosecutor aerial judgment setting as a factor of Justice my view that sitting presents cannot be indicted me. Their Schmidt and the other small.
Do you have any information being reporters and all that Mr Mahler at any time, asked the attorney general if he could bring charges against the President of the United States? If not then shut your pie hall? If we had confidence after a thorough litigation in the fact that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. Mr Mahler does investigators wrote based on the facts and the applause A legal standards, however: we are unable to reach that judgment. That is an outrageous Leon, ethical statement, chess disgraceful, if you believe, in truth, justice and due process. Mr Mullahs report, the attorney Joe and other senior law enforcement officials, believed read like it had been written for consumption by car, then the public. I am not like a confident report de Mr Bars
under the regulations governing the special council. As you know, I pointed this out. Some of the special councils investigators have told associates that they were about Mr Bars, initial characterisation of their findings government, shows and others have said, and that their conclusions were more troubling. For MR trumped, the MR bar indicated, you say this: this is the problem with this reporting stuff. This is the problem with all of it. Because now you have stuff outside the court room in politics handed over to the Democrats. To hang their hats on what MR now I did was diabolic on. I want you to listen to me a second to put things in perspective, Unfortunately, this is not going to satisfy a lot of you.
One day and I'll be decades. For now I live enough. Many of us will be around. This is gonna, be looked upon as a disgraceful period in american history. The use of this prosecutor this way, but the prosecutor did the staff that he chose. This will all be part of the history books how he wrote this report, I am too why he wrote volume to the way he wrote volume to. House of Representatives, these committee chairmen will be called Radical Democrats a hundred years from now how they abuse their power, but the entity that's going to come off the work,
in history will be, the media are modern, yellow journalism and the people who write stories like this Michaelmas Eddie, Michael Cashman, they washed impose pieces, is relatively identical. The abandonment of objectivity, the abandonment of any any care about the rule of law due process and all these things. I'll be right back
Stop recommending gas for life liberty and lament annoying as hell just is. Then we have people who write means suggest themselves to be guests. That's the kiss of death people. I think I can do these jobs Well then, I don't read media against a zillion links. I see it all right So now we have these leaks, and so the goal is, of course the The attorney general, whose duking it out with the house you to shake committee and who will be testifying to More committees in the very future might be his earliest thursday. These leaks are time to damage him time to undermine him
and, of course, halt to damage the present a United States. In this. The problem, I can assure you that, what's taking place here, goes against the whole notion of justice that has been in place now, since the western Enlightenment parent been in place since the fifteen hundreds or at least
knowledge, since the one thousand five hundred- and so we are reverting back to sort of an animalistic standard. Here are we, which is a stimulus situation, a real type of third world mental attitude and approach to what's taking place. That's why I've been calling this and started calling this a silent coup? That's why I said the day after the election that they would go after this president impeachment or indictment or both. If I could, through the silent coup. Presidents, exactly right when he picks up. It is a coup, and so these leaks her time they were given to the two out. What you expect him to be given to the new exclaimed and washed and compost intended to stir up the pot, create controversy.
Undermine the attorney general, the United States is trying to bring the best judgment he possibly can to these issues and not on his own is bringing in the professionals throughout the Department of Justice, including the office legal counsel. Its intended to keep a cloud over the present the United States. This is the problem of prosecutors. Doing women dollars done. Mr mothers practice. What work very, very well in the old Soviet Union he do great in modern Russia. That's the funny that he be a great Putin's apparatchik he's a man with a large degree humming physically, you know what I mean is a political, hip man with a large degree. I want you to put yourself in his shoes when you're picking a staff, you pick a staff that is openly hostile to the will to one of the people here
as to gaining or do you look for people are as non partisan as possible. Do you look for people who made donations to the bombing campaign I nor the Clinton campaign to look for a deputy who actually ten they Hillary Clinton, victory Party, you look for you, look for prosecutor. Number three, if your truly a special council with some independence and you conductor, investigation and you see, there's no collusion, You wouldn't write a report like this. You ll need five hundred pay, There are four hundred some odd pages to write what took place. And, as I keep seeing volume to was written for the media was read for Congress was written for impeachment. I called it a long time ago because it's obvious number three. Your truly a special council with some independence, and you
Doktor investigation and you see, there's no collusion, that's when you and your investigation, if you buy but in other areas of protective of of possible illegality, you pass it on to the appropriate jurisdictions the? U S, attorney for the for the Son, a district, the? U S attorney for these. Destiny Virginia whatever you don't continue, and you certainly number number four excuse me. You don't try to trap a president of the United States. There was no need to intervene. The presence of the United States there is no need, even for the President, as it turns out to get written responses to obstruction, but it is also clear that if the president had testified that they were gone after now, I want you to think about,
The president, who opened up his entire Whitehouse, open all the files, all the emails, all the tax, all the staff to the investigators. He would be charged with obstruction. He is accused of ups reduction. Is this? Is this some kind of insanity that's taking place here, Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton rose, countryside, free I'll, be right back Laverne tough. Oh that's why I like marshal of them, and I'm not sure a lot of people like me stuff, is what I like it: I love O Connor, now page seven, seven thirty, eight one, three, eight one, one
I feel sorry in some ways for the democratic nominee for President United States, because I think The Democrats in this house are laying the foundation for very, very big defeat for a very, very big defeat for our Democratic Germany. You're, Nancy Pelosi, senior health policy adviser thinks he is the solution for the high cost of prescription drugs. It's called binding arbitration sounds pretty good. Doesn't it what's not don't be fooled? Anything she proposes is not binding arms, creation is simply the leftist price controls, I'm warning you about third party arbour patient panel members would be hand picked up. Pricing disputes of government determines a drug to be too expensive, whereas once established Derek
that's will likely demand prices be set for our drugs and we know who's gonna control this process. Moreover, they will want to limit access to drugs in order to control costs. Following the european socialist model, there are over four thousand drugs. Only being developed in the United States. Each successful drug will take ten to fifteen years and two points billion dollars to develop then heard that before an area. If implemented, binding arbitration would wipe out the investments necessary for medical innovations needed to find cures and treatments for this, eighty percent of Americans who are now suffering and living with a chronic condition. Binding arbitration is a rigged game where left wing beer. That's, always win and the patient always loses get the facts. Go to truth. Healthcare, facts that come true. Healthcare, facts that calm, that's true, healthcare, facts that come.
Dan leaves Burg Virginia the great W em a I'll go they mark. I therefore ask the question you have fed number times in the past that leaking a colony depending on what leaked Darth depending on what is late. Per SE is not a felony. Ok, there's not reactionary. From my going? I don't think this would be a felony now, ok, there is not an ongoing investigation. Anything of the sort. The reason People are revealing themselves is because there are Mahler staff and there are others who by the present United States and here's the thing, though, damn if we know The identities of the people providing the information, then we, the People could make a judgement about them and the information and the news right right. Idiot deny that to you and me: don't they,
so we don't know whose leaking exactly we waving, what kind of an idea a pretty good damage yeah but we'd like to know their names. We liked another motivations. So basically This story is incomplete conclusion is what they want, but the stories complete because we don't know whose leaking this We know who is leaking this then we too have a Please no story, but the news is not going to do that. These newsrooms are not going to do that because their more interested in getting the scope and getting the president are. I my friend Jim nay prevail Ellen. I. How are you, sir? I don't find marker just I wish that you had my book settings. Why our country- because we are I appreciate you and you know what you have yet timeless.
That's bad on the radio and start a gun and those well, that's the thing you see that I can reach a lot more people rather than you know. Hopscotch around the country I run and for office after all, exactly a man! That's a good thing because not that you don't deserve at that time. You you're not kidding somebody. Once you asked me if I was going to run for attorney, generalised and non running from the attorney general. What about as well crops I know the cuban missile crisis and timber too bad to man, millennials I'll, remember that an end is gonna pay thought the gas we ve got Russia, China you open it has allowed. Has Hezbollah people realize Hezbollah's in there to what they talk?
My friend Pritchett Recall in Illinois. Let's go, Will Quincy Florida. How are you listening to us? Will? let me be a very point. Three amen, baby, just just hang up there you go talked earlier about now. You know history, back on the volume two billion in they do value tabled. It was nothing but a hit base dear me is that history, you know with us. The maybe a history. Just go back and they're gonna be like thank God even volume to because it Didn't we have known about all the other stuff, ammonia and bring up? Now? I don't think so. I think When the politics has long passed and they hate our trump as long past.
They try this impeachment. I think I'll get the Andrew Johnson treatment in that respect, which is everybody, believes, and rightly that the impeachment of Andrew Johnson was an outrage. And he was almost removed from office by one Senator one republican senator held out and said now. I can't do this and so he help you. I was nigh, remove based on the vote, a one senator. So when I went I'd be around one more thing Mama cares about this for years, and I told him, Can I call you answer the couple account look I'll you made one of the most and congressmen called anger, Have you a bit about that? Look at my bad name and anger: sinister five guys names her. Ok, you! You can listen and anxious. It's your dad is a fine scottish name, but Angus fits this senator as a cow. You know what I mean: here you are, I brother, take care. Has the
complain have had that. But what am I going to do? What am I going to do so Boca tone Florida, serious satellite? How are you doing great mark? Thank you, sir. Me I'm I would I wanted to make a statement on your talking about got icon intervene as well I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and arm. I just you know really. That all of your listeners would really, I think, is very hard for Americans to really understand what is happening there because I think sometimes were in a bubble, and we think that's not gonna happen here. Well, if we continue to become but Sarah disengage from disinterested and you lose America. Where do you go from here? Everybody in the world wants to come here. I've lived pretty much all over the world have been very blast, and you know we're not perfect, but we are exceptional, and I just I just turn.
Every time I always say not perfect, but we are great. Had we really are and we have I ever group? I came here to the state. I love this country. My father was afoot Marine Division, Guadalcanal wave and my brother, the Marine, and so you know I I just really believe every American should be made to live overseas. One year later, that's not gonna happen, but why shouldn't every American be made to watch films, the high school or social studies on a day day on the battle the bulge on Guadalcanal on EU a. Why should they be required to really get a full understanding of how great this nation is and the people are because they don't get it today. I can tell you that now they down, and we just really need to understand that it'll do live and the greatest country I have a group women.
The- and I always say when we show up. We win an american need to start showing up and looking at the bigger picture There is no longer a me there's, no longer republican or democratic Party, there's an american and a patriot versus socialism flying marxist failure. Only for me to wake and but I think, a lot here and I think that's how Donald Trump got elected, and I think this is the push back The media considered themselves the most powerful political force in the country and they think they typically are, but they were defeated by Donald. And they made their thing. The decide who the next president's gonna be and Donald Trump beats us we remarking him. He was a laughing stock and our newsrooms analyses presently United States. We can put up with that and other hard core leftists Ottawa. Don't hang up so I appreciate your car, we're going to send you a copy of on freedom of the press when it comes
I will sign it and will ship it off to you. Thank you for your call. I appreciate We have got to get our hands on our heads around this fourth estate. That's what it's called typically and the fact that it Come the fifth column, and talk about all the threats they get all the time they can talk about how President and his supporters are attacking freedom of the press. The fact of the matter is we're not threatening them and worn out attack freedom of the press. We are Sir Sizing are first amendment freedom, speech rights, and we don't have. Sit there and take it. We don't have to be put down the people we vote for We have to be put down. This is a silent coup and I think it is incorrect. We patriotic and important that you speak out of control. Yes, they do at the press would have you believe. And you can see already the effect of this book. It's not even out yet, and I
to you- and I ve been talking to you about chapter six- about the New York Times betraying millions and what are they For the last three or four days about the New York Times by anti semitic cartoons about how the New York Times reported on the Holocaust. Let me tell you, you know They have other yet until this book comes out, there's the ban pensions. Are cherry picking, that's ok, but I'm adventure and I dont cherry pick. And we're going to really take them on because we don't take them all. We're gonna lose this republic. This. Today is not in the spirit of the founders its in the spirit of the free press, there printers the newspaper publishers pamphleteers they're, not in that sphere,. These are lazy area logic they driven Democrat.
The apparatchiks and they know it. No we're not calling for the government to get involved. That's what they do to talk, radio, that's what they do, Fox NEWS Channel, no, not up we're not into tyranny. They are. They are spend more time attacking fox. Then they do read China. They spend more time attacking Fox. Then they do. Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, IRAN they spend more time attacking Fox. Then they do the tyranny in front of their faces. And what do I mean by that? Their college the nose rooms reputable news organization, what I've got Scarborough meagre Brzezinski on their channel. No a beautiful news organization, would give our shores in a programme. No
We don't lose organization, we get political hack, Chris Matthews Platform, they wouldn't do it, they wouldn't do it Now I have no problem with opinion. On tv but opinion dressed up as news is our whole another story, opinion makers, dressed up as journalists. That's all another sorry, that is deceit that is dishonest and that's what's taking place. And we're getting more and more propaganda, more or pseudo issues like the tonight to the New York the Washington Post, when you cut to the chase, is meaningless. There's no point to it. The present wasn't charge with a damn thing, though, is no Urgent, that should be the end of it, but it's not the end of it.
You want to see where these people were dragged us look on it. If he's great look at Venezuela, that's Waller, take us and I'm not kidding. The New York Times revealed itself on Saturday, yet again showed a little. I it's too cartoons, but one in particular could have been drawn by a publication for the third. I would appreciate the United States dressed wearing a Yamaha dark sunglasses. If he's blind holding a leash or what looked like a Doberman. They face a Netanyahu Immature star that Hitler Marian.
And most of the media gave them a pass and the articles. One that same day giving cover to the river bait the anti Semite, the big it Rep ray. Then it is only on Omar. The New York Times they recover, Wasn't that long ago, where the New York Times was writing, fine words about people are and how treating the Lebanese Christians during Christmas. Was nauseating nauseating. I'll be right back.
Quote. I wish this double Jim would just go away on court now, for and mother's day. You wish your wishes are command, would Jenna outrageous mother's day, sir Double chin, sagging draw lines, and Turkey next are real problems for some paper until now, introducing the new genocide, draw my treatment formulated with empty of technology right and, as from Lubbock Texas wrote quote, I put that job I'm cream on my neck like two or three days ago. That's the best man Hackers looked in twenty years, several people tone my face looks young, I'm blown away! Sure you could use exe it's a rehash treatments to look younger, but why would you do that to yourself. For only one more week, Hallo only one more week, the agenda
a line treatment is yours, absolutely free. When you or the cat subject to sell for I bags and puffing us with its instant effects, see reason since the first twelve hours guarantee to your money back, let me repeat: results first, twelve hours guaranteed or your money back goaded Sl dot com or call eight hundreds, six hundred four eight hundred skin sick, so for a surprise, this day, premium give with all orders caught eight hundreds six o four or visit genocide that camp that genocide that come out now we do have a little problem here if you believe in fiscal sanity, you understand, our fiscal operating debt is over twenty two trillion dollars an hour. Unfunded liabilities are now over two hundred and fifty trillion dollars.
The trustees of Medicare said they're going broken eight years, the trustees of Social Security said they're going broken eighteen years, nobody's proposed a damn thing to do. They just keep spending like never before Republicans and Democrats. Well you'll? Be pleased to learn those of you who are fiscal conservatives and care about the future of your children and grandchildren that here's. The White House and top congressional Democrats agreed today to spend too trillion dollars to quote repair the nations crumbling roads and bridges and they need to figure out how to pay for it and they come up with some scheme and they'll. Tell you private public, this sad or will set up a trusted. They always do stuff like that when they robbed them blind, I don't know where you live. Ladies and gentlemen, I live about forty miles from Washington DC, give or take.
There is never a quiet moment. There is endless road construction over es as bridges widening roads approving roads, subway sit, it never ends and creates traffic. I can imagine what will happen when they spend two trillion dollars. It'll Go through the hands of local political hacks, of state political hacks of regional political hacks. They think this the new deal you see where we're gonna build all kinds of new stuff two trillion dollars taken out of the private economy. I'm opposed count me. Is a big time. No, ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel, all law enforcement. Please don't forget to get copy right now of on freedom of the press. It significantly discounted Amazon bad com you're going to need. It
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