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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, Rep Trey Gowdy is giving bad advice to President Trump by telling him to sit down and speak with Robert Mueller. No sane defense lawyer would suggest that Trump sit down with these prosecutors, who would love to catch him on something. Nothing good can come out of this, especially when we have seen where these investigations have already gone. It's not a matter of what Trump knows, but what the Prosecutor tries to do to Trump. Also, William Jacobson from Legal Insurrection.com calls in to discuss Mueller’s timing on his raid on Paul Manafort’s home. Rod Rosenstein’s secret special counsel memo was written after the feds already raided Paul Manafort’s house. So, Mueller decided to go after an American citizen under the pretenses of authority which are highly questionable. Later, Trump signed a proclamation to send the National Guard to the Mexican border, to help the border agents, which is not extraordinary, it’s been done before. Trump has to draw the line and say these caravans of immigrants won’t be tolerated. We have so many politicians and media hosts who are advocates for lawlessness when it comes to securing our border. If you don’t support the agenda of Al Sharpton, or Tom Perez you’re called a racist. How is it that Trump is racist, as they say? Trump’s policies have done more to help black Americans and other people of color than did President Obama’s.

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Now run only underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody liked women gear, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three eight one one now depend It is deploying the National guard. We talk about this yesterday. What he's doing is not extraordinary its extraordinary to the media extraordinary to the political munchkins, who were pouring Andreasen elsewhere. Not extraordinary. It's been done recently by Obama and George W Bush, and no, they cannot arrest and detain, and all the things that law enforcement would do. I told you about the
I see come a tortoise law and we don't want the military doing that sort of thing, but what they can do is relieved the border patrol of some of the other responsibilities. So the border control was free to do all those things and that's good and that's what the President's doing mixed reports about this caravan. It broke up, didn't break up, Baton, its I turned around the Mexicans, are helping at the Mexicans turn it around so we'll see. It's almost stay a while for the present. He has to put his market down yes to draw a line and make it abundantly clear that this isn't gonna be tolerated, but truth be told thousand twelve hundred Many people get into this country in every two or three days we get
five hundred and so forth. But all that said until something breaks that we don't know about. There's nothing else to say, but I know a little different. I just don't beat a dead horse There's nothing to say about turns out the shooter at the Youtube headquarters was not Are there any killer boyfriend, as many reports have S. Nine, as I warned you I'm just reading what the new says and things can change and they did. She was a nut obsessed with Youtube victim, of course, and that was that very sad, but done Now there are other things going on here that are also important. I don't know if I'm the only one that it I'm, certainly among a very few who been calling out
Craig out in for a long time he's not particularly smart, he's, often wrong. And in a short career in the House of Representatives? I don't know what he's done other than give a few good speeches or talk, show host the tv guys can play it and say wow, that's good! He didn't leave the paddle. They get rid of banner Led the battle to cut spending, he didn't leave the battle to fund the military. He hasn't leather, I to secure the border he was put in charge. To the Benghazi Special Committee disaster. I don't know what all the praises for this guy These politicians are better at media than others, and he One of them, like Linsey Gram,. Betray Gouty is all over places on CNN today giving really stupid, advice, origin, former federal prosecutor. So what got fifty thousand former federal process?
he's out there, but against them, I'm not for them, but everyone's different summers Harder than others, some are better than others. Shows on CNN today giving the press really stupid advice, stupid advice. Let's listen to this or whether or not the president Sit down with smaller now, keep this in mind. Mahler created these traps. His people have created these traps. Trying to get people on these really idiotic, false state, and so forth. On. On issues that are not even close to being central to investigate a purpose. So it collects all this information from all these people. Are these. In many cases, no bodies and in some cases some bodies.
And he and his team of democratic processes, get to decide if they're gonna charge somebody or not, and in this political, whipped up environment for the media and the Democrats and many Republican simply being charged is guilt simply being charged is go there it's, not a defence lawyer worth his saw or her sought anywhere in the country. That was just at the president, sit down with these prosecutors and have a discussion with them. When they are lying in wait when that Roy broken awash with composts last night. President is not under criminal is not a criminal target, but he's a subjective. Our investigation, I told it was big news. He got people. Why he's not a criminal target? That's great! They leak that purposely
Why did they leaf that purposely? Why did they leak? That purpose. Cuz they're getting around the president's lawyers and communicating with the president directly hey, look criminal investigation. The present yea see, I told you not here, just a subject Yesterday we got all kinds of subjects. We have to talk to you, Just another one: what's the big deal, you're innocent talk to us, it's a suckers play. It is a suckers play, how many talk show host or lawyers, but I have we want This good advice to you, you don't just walk into something like that and unfortunately appears at looting. General MIKE Flynn did exactly that and I suspect he. He rig regretted immensely.
So in this context. I want you to listen a tray gravity on CNN because you know he's not running for re election. They can really show who he is cut six go. I do think you should sit down with special council Mahler. I think he's uniquely well positioned to answer some of the questions that not just special council, but also the american people. When you sit there is this guy dumb. When you sit down with the special council you're not sitting down with the american people, it has nothing to do. With sitting down and speaking to the american people, it has everything to do. Was sitting down and speaking to people who do not have your best interests and they ve made? go ahead, I'll think those terms target versus subject the only word it matters to me in a criminal justice system.
It matters to me in a criminal justice system is defend at so, if you're on a defendant. What you're the target or whether you're their subjects. I know the FBI gets really called off her nose like so much a second. It's not semantics. It's not cement. I've been there I've seen what the FBI's don't I've seem prosecutors have done. When I worked at the Justice Department. There is a difference. A target as somebody who they intend to indict subject as somebody who, if they get enough evidence, they well indict. So the present needs to be very, very careful, defend, dad or defended, as I like to call on you not to defend it. It's a very narrow description or very narrow label that Mr Gaddafi's giving out there you nodded.
Funded and leisure indicted, United defended and Leisure indicted go ahead as a former federal prosecutor, their meaning was to me because one witness can take you from being a subject to a target, exactly they're, not meaning was certainly not for a potential defendant. Go ahead an adolescent until you ve, interviewed everyone and looked at everything, but no one has been employed. No one has been exactly another reason. The president should not be speaking to the prosecutors exactly he hasn't been scope, exculpate and they keep leaking stuff.
Go ahead. At those words, I read the oracles and I just kind of smile because of meaningless to me- is a risky for the president to sit down and moisten. Do I think he will now is. It is risky only. He knows what he knows, nothing about it, but you see it's not a matter of only. He knows what he knows, how the hell this guy get through law school. I'm quite sure about this. It's that the prosecutor knows where the prosecutor wants to go. The president can't possibly know that in that quite so easy to set somebody up? ever prosecutor, who you believe has integrity and if he has a staff that you believe is truly impartial and trying to get to the bottom of things I still wouldn't recommended. But then
Craig out, he might make some sense, but in this case it's not the case, it's not a matter of what Donald Trump knows. It's a matter of what the prosecutor tries to do to Donald Trump. You see what he's already done with these little fish Skype people, one guy gone! jail for thirty days and a twenty thousand dollar fine. You know when you're running a real prosecutor's office and you have limited resources and trying to decide who to chase and who to prosecute another S await your time with stuff, like that. It's the other thing, God he's not when you have a prosecutor here who has a single purpose, a single purpose, to go after president, going. So I would tell you if you did not rob a bank there's no reason for you not to sit down and talk to the FBI. This is really a hilarious. We did not rob a bank.
If I were we're talking about, ladies and gentlemen, is that why people are are pleading guilty to false statements and so forth, because they in effect Rob a bank and then say there are the bank one of your memories fault You, the candidate, after all, you the present the United States. Before that you were the president, elect you meeting zillions of people having zillions of discussions. Can you remember your met X Y, see Sir I don't remember what day and so forth in order crafty pot prosecuted can do that. You're saying you never talk to this guy I don't remember talking to him than they already spoke to the to the person. I spoke to the present five times here, the dates and times here's a video. Oh, so he did speak to this guy, But he didn't remember five times he did remember five times.
Now why didn't remember, could it be? You know that sort of thing just. Amount of you didn't rob a bank that you shouldn't IRAN sitting down insane rob a bank that the question is. Mr President, digit collude with the Russians. He can sit down No, I didn't color with the Russians, but that's not the kind of question he's going to be asked that is whether a colluded arrived back. I'm saying this guy's bad, just terrible go ahead So only he knows what he knows. He's been arab. Did his campaign a collude with anyone, including other segments of his campaign, do now. I can change their from what tromp knows. To what his campaign knows too. What segments of his campaign knows this? I'm supposed to be an ally. The present look, what you just did not the president does it know everything that is
campaign. Did he doesn't know everybody who was in his campaign, everybody who claims to have been in his campaign, let alone elements Associated with his campaign spoke, like somebody who wants to set up the president galleys making the case against the president shutting down for an interview? Go ahead, certain states, so if you ve done nothing wrong, Look I know I'm in the minority. Most of the so called legal experts are telling them not to do it. If, if you have nothing died, Now, assuming a fair, prosecute, a fair prosecutor, Nothing while arose sit down and tell him what you know. It's not a matter of sitting down and telling him what you know. It's a mess. We're being caught in a memory lapse, not recollecting, something something being twisted
We ve already seen it in the case of Lieutenant General Flynn. And notice. Mr Mulder doesn't talk about Lieutenant General Flynn and Mister. That is rather, Mr Gouty doesn't talk about Lieutenant General Flynn and we ve seen what top levels are the FBI have done. We see what the top levels at the Department of Justice have done. We know what Mr Mullahs reputation is in the anthrax case, which Mr Gouty never discuss ever when about his right hand. Man Weissmann has been admonish by federal judges. Which Mr Gouty never mentions, he just keep saying the prosecutors fair. I think, mullahs, fair. Let him do his job and and trumpet lorries are to throw trump right in front of women. We didn't rob a bank,
In order for risk lab is. I will call Michael Flint now nothing to do with Rob a bank, nothing to do with collusion, It's not that simple and he knows it I'll be right back coming in Vienna and wiggly. Sir GO Sarah go right ahead. Okay, let I can't believe what trade gouty face. Criminal offences like you did Or it I've never heard of federal prosecutor recommend likely, especially when they're not have had a prosecutor recommend. There's somebody go talk to somebody, there's a target situation even worse. A renewal, Levin you get. You can have a potential problem because that leave the other
you may not help explain everyone what you mean by cash, the guy. I know you men within the Ali nor trial among others, go ahead. Why you are in those regions, you you have. The latter is the prosecution, give you that prevent. Basically, it's kind of a use, immunity any information that you give them, but they have that they cannot they won't use it again, but their ways around that, don't they so they do enough exactly what he's bathing he needs to be listening to live warriors are given adequate. I've always thought trick out with a little bit first, but if I ever had any doubts about it that absolutely right, any doubt that I had to use all the other key he's comments are like the comments of a simpleton, Mean I'm listening to this and the Raab bank Then just shade and rob a bank: it's not that simple, easy counselor! No sir, not at all, it's unbelievable what he said. In fact, I it's it's almost it's almost area things that you hear from some
Are you person says what would you haven't done anything wrong? Want you out of Sergio out, Just wondering how many, what kind of cases he's prosecuted and what I mean I've never really looked. Maybe was the greatest process. They history, South Carolina, thereby understood, but I'll tell you one thing. He certainly would be out of a bad depend yeah he be a hell of a defence or I mean, and of course the president has lawyers who are prosecutors right years, lawyers who are having their purpose to protect his liberty- and that is what all neighbouring about this is that trade Gouty didn't even need to make a statement figure. They come out trying to push the president into a situation. He's gonna, be you know in trouble for eighteen, you see one thousand one false statements. I can't actually call your course quite right. Thank you will be right.
listening to Molly said Craig One, a great one, you can call it now, aid, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. So up no report President should ever point Pointe Trey to any significant prosecutorial position at the United States Department of Justice. He is Field himself is being a knucklehead, an absolute knucklehead. From those even more to demonstrate this point. I have a body bill. Jacob sent a professor, he locked as you will be in the programme next salary ones are wonderful website called me insurrection so held dig into this more thoroughly, but. We have? As you know, if you listen to this programme, parliament offers lawyers whose legal team they wanted. A federal court and they said look Mahler, does not have authority.
He doesn't have authority to charge our guy in all. These areas have nothing to do with the campaign and collusion. We have a constitutional system. Officer hears the attorney general. The United States is refused himself for very specific reason. Involving of specific subject: the debt The attorney general does not have the power to effectively sees control from the attorney general and then confer additional power by expanding mothers investigation in areas where the attorney general is not refuse? Now we ve talked about them. It's written, appear at Long Klein, Pearlman efforts, legal team is fine. Court to get his indictment dismissed based on the legal sphere, that Mahler doesn't have authority a prosecutor in the first place. They claim that Mahler steam overstep the authority granted to him.
By indicting man afraid with crimes that we're not directly related to russian election meddling and after thank their quite right. Late Monday evening mothers team fired back with their own response. They pointed to them. A twenty seventeen appointment order, which says that mother can investigate any links and our court. You should between the russian government and individuals associated with a campaign of president Any matters at arose or may arise directly from the investigation. In any other matters within the scope of twenty eight see afar section were what does matter, as we pointed out. The last point refers to a regulation that says the special council will be provided with a specific, factual statement of the matter to be investigated. I contend that he didn't skirt the regulation here, because he did indeed receive a specific, factual Statement of the matter be investigated from deputy. Ernie Journal ROD rose and state that,
some states memo that they provided to their federal judge, heavily heavily reductive, was reviewed, in court on Monday. The memo gives Mahler a specific description of his authority and states that he can investigate Paul Manifold for any crimes arising out of payments. He received the ukrainian government before during the tenure. A president, Viktor Interactive and that's pretty much. Manifold was indicted for they write, but here's the whip part of this I'm reading from their color The rose and steam secret memo revealed in this week's cord filing is dated August to twenty seventeen ok August. Second, twenty seventeen. According to media reports, Paul manner for its whole, Was rated July, twenty six twenty seventeen the week earlier.
So that means rose and stiens lie laid out, the more specific scope and definition of authority for the special council investigation a week after Jennifer a time already been rated. What does this mean? Legally I wouldn't means legally to me after Mahler, exercised. Investigative powers, forest By the way we can, was drawn by the FBI going into the apartment of management and his wife rather embed it six anymore, Reportedly, they went through the stuff. And then they went back to the deputy attorney general rose and steam and got the specific statement they fly.
They needed and or wanted you I. What I'm saying is: ok, MR producer, explaining in plain English, so. In other words, the specific language, the specific language. That was used in is required only came after they had already expanded their investigation. Mahler did based on information that they found and of used in manifolds condominium So the secret rose and steam memo specifically states the following. Allegations were within the scope of the investigation that time a mother's appointment or may seven in twenty seventeen either. Are within the scope of the otter mother. Not if that's true, why
it rose and stay wait. Three months to write a memo three months, he waits their right to remember what the specifics Some others line I'm stains lie, and yet the federal judge in what she did the other day. She started a pound away online efforts, lorries. Why are we here while you filing this stuff, suggesting it was frivolous suggesting it was frivolous. And I want to discuss this with my law, Professor Buddy Bill Jacobson, who was the first to to point out to me what took place because to me this is hardly frivolous. This gets to the nub of the matter. Doesn't I wonder what you re gouty thanks, while our.
By the way I am reminded, the tray county gave the nomination speeches twice twice per John Vainer. Twice for John Vainer Weiler,. While the conservatives in their house we're trying to get rid of Aigner. So Jesse you understand, that's who trade out he really is so gaily gave the nomination speeches twice for baynard, be speaker. The house. That's, whereas loyally lies twice, the guy really hasn't done. A damn thing, really hasn't done a damn thing. I'm pray the United States and only not listen to him. I ignore him, hurried shifted. The other interesting points on this and then we're gonna move along the way. I hit it again an hour to admire my free.
Professor William Jacobson. Let us go to low income. Get on the mark living in our friend Lou. How are you birthmark gaudy is: has a horrible track record of getting things accomplished in the oversight? Committees he's a piece of God. The president, has to stopping bald headed on this issue and listen to good legal advice. Now, your former top right, That's a painted after retired believe it or not, and I have been involved in grand jury proceedings, and you know times market and not only as a witness, but in an internal task forces. I know how its play I got subpoenaed after I got retired On a case I was only a witness. That sort of humor humorous. I I,
I got my disappeared. I led a couple of FBI agent and a little bit of a joke. I mean the delivery, but anyway- Haven't I food over to our sit down first Arguably one of the top five criminal defence attorneys with me in the state, because I knew there was the potential they could turn what I said, or whenever I forgot around on me and I was only a witness and stop right there. So people understand was most people haven't. Confronted this She the concern here, ladies and gentlemen, as you have people in front of you who may have an agenda, people in front of you who may not be calling balls and strikes your people in front of you who may not get the facts straight and yet, if they pull the trigger and bring charges against you, your entire life has ruined right there in the. So you have a lot to worry about.
Some people deserve it and we we real criminals out there. You know somebody rob a bank, that's a wholly different story But if somebody is hanging on your every syllable to try and figure out if they can finally The claim you made a false statement and by the way, in the case of Trump also in this report. That Mahler says he's kind. Produce which is an outrage, an absolute outrage that prosecuted condemn, put together a report And condemn a politician approach of the United States to set em up, page. We ve talked about this. Many times is an absolute outright more reason not to talk to him right Lou forward, When I got into the grand jury preceding it was pretty, can just in the a USA was not happy with my testimony. Persistent you're sweating. You want hence there narrative and they were trying to target their investigation with a very prominent criminal defence attorney. Was against their collusion theory
watching, he was colluding with criminal activity. And in my heart I know he wasn't and my testimony went against their collusion theory. What they are doing is smeared this and he was the judge ship. As a result, I highly appreciate your car. Not all prosecutors aren't ban Chosen to finance has Gouty says, are not good chamber specific case presently and I state now you should not sit down and have a discussion with smaller and his team, because his team, we know many of them- are miscreants what it marked say: that's right, this guy Weissmann in particular, and so a smaller. I want to know from trade shouting. What he thought about the anthrax investigation led by Mahler, the FBI direct. I want to know from trade Gowdy.
Why the man whom are targeted for five years at his rifle of Life- This family ruin finally get five million dollars a settlement with the Dutch despite our tax dollars, I want to know what triggered, I know that I want to know a tray gouty thinks about the fact that my it's never even apologize to the man. I think mauler forgive me I think, he's honours like if I may present Gonna sit down what I'm a robber Rob a bank. I'll be right back. You know I taxpayers coming night, my taxes throughout the year
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How well I got I was a wired tat, but surveillance yes, correct: where were we talk it? Whenever we don't ever was the Pfizer would in fact I don't it was, we don't know for sure, but it was probably with a routine If effort to listen in on the year, the the ambassador to Russia, and then I want. An American is is caught Cora. On the other, Listening in on the surveil And what the law requires that that name be redeemed. The name not be written down and so forth, and some are what we had as people on masking the names and in the case of Michael Flynn leaking his name. But why do we not a danger, the president somewhere far from well? Well I mean it's a good point. They may well have I can see why they want to the trap. Thank you,
I could be a trap or the trap could be simply a try, catch him in a year in a mist eight minutes elapsed, memory in then juxtapose to one of these people who live, who they ve, pressed her. They ve squeezed to plead or lesser offence,. Continue to squeeze them and pressure them to disagree with the president. As I do that I shouldn't do it now, and what is lawyers and some of them have been trying apparently say I'll write you write down your questions will give you the answers, the doktor regarding an evident that require, I know, but you see these process crimes right right right, I'm trying no, right, that's correct. President not committed a real crime. Thank you for your car, thanks for listening forever. Brian
Furthermore, the great w c b I'm go. Hey Mark. I gotta a point that the real rebalance age, your point, reinforces it a question of time permits I heard on another show I dont know if it was your show another show, but this was I heard in a pass, an FBI agent called in who worked in mothers FBI and explained how someone he knew. Was taken out of a job and prosecuted for process crime, because when he gave his answer he talked to them under the guise of nothing's. Going knew nothing sit down, talk her! She didn't do anything wrong. He said something to the effective. I went somewhere a red card or manufacturer manufacturer that cars not read their cars sunset maroon or something like that. You lied you're fired and were heaven you up. That's the trap, that's being laid for the programme right now and if I agree with another, remember something from the path of the way that they have it on tape. They're gonna get him
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president has now sign the proclamation sending the National Guard to the border to back up the border patrol and that's how it works. There is no question about that's how it works and that's a good thing. We have so many politicians now others in this country who are advocates for absolute lol, when it comes to immigration and they shop on Tv Aids, usually the same people. Some of them even have dual citizenship. Like Hamas has those citizens. I don't like dual citizenship. I just don't. Anyway, since almost none of you watch, I myself stay because you're smart and you have a life and their nuts and they don't.
I want you to hear what was taking place to some extent on that network today,. On these sad anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther king. I remember that there's a kid was horrible. And he's on these Scarborough shall cut one go they. Would he really don't understand that those of us that the king movement in the generation after seeing Deanna he's on the Scarborough that we have a had they. Would you really don't understand that those of us that growth in the king movement in the generation after seeing is that we love fiftieth anniversary with the challenges that we have a presidency that has made this kind of Rachel Divide and intolerant intolerance? because when you look at what Donald Trump is doing around Quest
blue collar Mexicans likes Muslim? He has reintroduced. Would that contains life was taken as takeovers, really errors or further oh shut up. You two idiots taken us back fifty years, a third further. How so exactly how so exactly housing taken us back fifty years or further Donald Trump has proposed, giving one point: eight million illegal aliens citizenship against I strong objections are many of yours and many of them. If not a majority or illegal aliens from Mexico, Barack Obama didn't even propose that that's all right,
Trumps proposal was, in my view, wrong. So is Barack Obama. Racist was Brok Obama sending us back fifty years, and what is it that Donald Trump has done? The people of color? Can you name one thing the Donald Trump has done. People of color is economic policies. At least up to this point have led to the lowest unemployment put rate among black Americans in modern recorded history. What did Obama do and what exactly is it that tromp has done the Muslims in this country? absolutely nothing. He wants to make sure that people who come to this country from other countries that can't that people who are poor coming here from war torn trees from countries with civil war, so mean your anti Muslim. You know those anytime Muslim, the muslim
overseas or slaughtering Muslims, there ain't I muslim and so this is the propaganda goes on and on and on they create these myths, and this is paint somebody now, that long ago ago, Donald Trump troubles a Democrat. Wasn't that long ago, when he was donating Democrats, he wasn't erases fanny, wasn't anti collar people of color Mexicans, blacks Muslims. So what strange? What's changed is he's? Not The United States he wants to secure the border he wants to keep the nation safe, and that includes american Muslims. American blacks, American Hispanics effort chose Scarborough essays taken us back fifty years or further. The man is a detestable miscreant. He is a demagogic
He is a hack and he gets paid to be a small numbers Ben Jealous merci of the end of a lazy be running for governor of Maryland. He's us when I met somebody sea like I said this is a mess and be seated he's. Also MSNBC trumpet Stoke the flames of white supremacy. Trump has stopped the flames, a white supremacy. To go it's funny. Ivo twelve new Gingrich to shrink prisons in Georgia worked with tea party members and in Texas shrink. Their presence is well balanced. I don't what they mean by shrink. Prisons, said meanly labelling guys get out. What do they mean by shrink prisons? Go ahead.
Donald Trump is the first Republican I've met couldn't find one thing just one thing we can possibly agree on in a very long time. Why could it be you that you're, a radical leftist. Can it be you that your radical left did you. For it is economic policies, these tax cuts, in particular, quite frankly on corporate side, Not so much on the individual side did you support those MR jealous and I'll keep a minus guys run and as a Democrat and he's running against Hogan, the liberal republican Governor America, So it's not like you, some objective civil rights later he's a part is. Otherwise we would be on MSNBC anything fear, anything good to say about trompe, went beyond MSNBC go ahead Literally there
This is of everything doktor king stood for your said that the great evils, war, poverty and militarism and racism and On those things down, tromp is literally a hundred and eighty degrees. That's interesting, because Martin Luther kings niece supports dropped. So you don't speak for Martin Luther king You ve different members of his family that may have different positions, but you don't speak for him. Go ahead. Go ahead, all about military might just for military might use destabilizing our world. So, ladies and gentlemen, trumpets for military might just be for military. Might. This guy is is is demonstrating what a happier. He's destabilizing our world, not the truth,
Ease or the North Koreans, not the rush so the Iranians Cubans are the Venezuelans. What I mean their governments, not enough tromp is destabilizing the world diet. He's still to the flames of white supremacy in this country. In a way I frankly, I thought I would never see an american presages in Stoke the flames of white supremacy in this country. I know they train say Charlottesville is true. Stoking the flames of white supremacy, he's hasn't stoke the flames of white supremacy in this country. Tom Parry, is the head of the day and see he was also an msnbc today by purpose, not by accident, they continue their drumbeat on this preposterous. Carbon footprint called MSNBC tat. Three go. You talked about
Martin Luther king he's talking about you talked about Of all the inequalities and equality in health care was one of the worst. So you see basically folks if you're, not a leftist, you don't support the left. Us agenda, you not support open borders, You don't support letting prisoners out of prison if you don't support more big government. Well, then, you are racist, then you talking white supremacy and, of course, you doing things at our opposite of what Martin Luther king would go ahead. Then for access to healthcare is a right for all, not a privilege for review that way. We can do this in and for me, is now well known. Obama fail because Obamacare is a disaster, it promotes inequality, Quadrant Code and Healthcare.
Obamacare many people are suffering as a result of Obamacare. Go ahead, important wait up, All of those imperatives and action is to get people about, which is why our signature initiative for twenty eighteen, as I will, but I had the privilege of info, in the Voting Rights ACT, and I see all the upwards in suppressing the The special sure everybody's had their suppressing the vote if you actually have voting lists that are accurate and includes american citizens. Only. Suppressing the vote you see. If you want to ensure that there is at least some standard, some level of vetting before somebody can vote. Obviously you're a racist, and you don't want people to vote. Want to secure the border, so people don't come in here who are exposed to come in here and ultimately Don vote. Well, obviously, you hate people of color.
This is just so pathetic, and yet It is just accepted. Because you have enough in a keep my mind, MSNBC as part of NBC and Embassies Party Comcast. This is a big corporation, but is a huge corporation. And people say, corporations are conserved, know they're, not the vast mature. Corporations are for big government and they're, not conservative. They don't believe. Then the free mark. They don't believe and honest competition. And it is they who fund cable? Works like MSNBC, will you any guy like AL sharpen Ben Jealous and Tom Peres, who say the most hateful dishonest things imaginable about somebody
So if you do not embrace the agenda of Sharpton Jealous and Perez you're racist, we're stoking the flames of white supremacy or any number of things they want to pin on you any number of things they want to, pin on you and there's Joe Scarborough sitting there and carriage, Because he's a clown I'll be right, back under the programme, Professor, William Jacobson, runs about staining website LEO Insurrection that com they all. How are you are you, very good. Now you were you really an excellent peace here which kind of under the ball rolling on the road from strangers the deputy attorney general, the United States, not the attorney general. The United States
and what is the gist of this peace that you think is really quite significant right. Well, it was just a narrow, said, Rosa Stain on August to two thousand seventeen, confirmed with Robert Mauler that mothers, investigation and appointment included things related to poor man afford the former campaign person for Trump. Who is therefore a relatively short time and man afford, of course, has been indicted in is being prosecuted by me. The things that have nothing to do with the campaign, nothing to do with russian collusion, nothing to do with any of those, and then I thought about it and that being is that all these two memo to sort of justify what Mahler has been doing a lot of people I ve been doing it. I think you probably share the view ensuring that Malta has run amok. That he's just two
the growing the landscape looking for a crime instead of sticking to what he was appointed in his original appointment on. May. Seventeen was very clear that it related to the investigation of alleged russian collusion. And Russian Interference in the campaign to everyone's wondering. Why is he going after poor man afford for things that happened? Several ago long before the campaign that have nothing to do with the campaign. Why is he doing this and people say well here? authorized by ride Rubinstein on August two, and then I thought about it. Wait a second I org is to us as a seventeen Robert mowers came was already going after poor man afford. In fact, I did I didn't remember the day a week before that they had raided man affords home unannounced. I think it five in the morning to seize documents- and I looked it up
and happen on july- twenty six, so the whole thing I think, paints a very troubling picture in the troubling picture- is that Robert Mauler has decided to go after somebody a you know, an american citizen who entitled to whatever rights he's entitled to under that essentially pretences of authority highly questionable in any article at my website, I go through fairly methodically what the appointment was, how it was limited and how it does not include things unrelated to the campaign are unrelated to Russia collusion, and so this paints a picture, that's very troubling, of a spy. Your prosecutor, who has decided that he is gonna, go away after crimes that have nothing to do with the reason why he was appointed and, of course, we ve seen other people who he is indicted and convicted for the same thing you know might Flynn MIKE Flint.
Was convicted of allegedly lying about or he played guilty lying about conversations that took place after the election during the transition period, and this just goes to the whole issue of what is going on with this Robert Mauler Investigation and have there been appropriate restraints put on him now. This is, I think, a central. The point you you're making and after the fact He gets his original appointment in May, as you right may seventeenth. He gets his appointment order, from the deputy attorney general, who for only this purposes, the acting attorney join only for the purpose in which the action Turning general has refused himself is no us
I need a grab authority beyond sessions. Refusal is an incorrect. That's right. This had Rosa scheme is only operating in the areas to which the accessions were accused himself, which has to do with campaign related investigations. It does just sessions has never accused himself with regard to things that people several years before the campaign and had nothing to do with the campaign and Jeff Sessions has not conferred and cannot confer the affair. The attorney general and the deputy attorney general and the deputy tourney General- does not have the power to seize it and yet a perfectly blunt about it. It would appear to be the case. Let me make the point based on what you written so In May or may seventeenth, the deputy attorney general, acting as the attorney general, because sessions refused himself appointed Mueller.
Jim gives him is marching. Orders then after Mamma has already gone well beyond his marching orders he's gone outside the box By going in a manner for its home as five in the morning six in the morning his wife and hear embed the EP has, drawn. They have a warrant, they spend ten, Brazil apparently collecting his suit citizen nation in his computers and so forth. A week later, or so rod, rose and studying the acting attorney general deputy attorney general only only for the purposes of the campaign, expanse mollusca thought you go include Mahler already did Some ways is worse than that, because if you read this roses dean memo in its posted on my website, he acts like this was part the original authority.
Why would you have to go to him to get this paper? Create this paper justification Who is already part of your authority, three months after the three HANS later you're right. He writers s document to cover more authority. Has the authority to do these things he wouldn't after the fact, after voter rose has seen an essentially say, creed the piece of paper with justifies what I've already done. Like that thing, where people say he's here easier to get forgiveness than permission, I, Professor Jacobson, I once in a hole on. If it can, I want to pursue this a couple. Our steps will be right now. We're Americans week to Liberty aggravate tyranny.
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Dotcom Slash Margaret when you get back to a professor, William Jacobson. Now we have a federal judge, the matter for lorries. I think it made a very strong case and the federal judge all but told them, every day that what they were doing was utterly frivolous. She was disgusted by when you make that. Well, I guess argument in court has been a ruling at, but I only know their news reports of what happened in the news reports. Are that the man of fourteen and just say your listeners, understand what he did. He commenced a civil law suit to try to get a judge, to halt the Mahler investigation and to rule that the mother was properly appointed apparently, and that was always going to be a long shot to go in an action
rather than bring that up in the criminal case, any sport that up in a criminal case and there's no ruling it. But in the civil case, apparently the judge was fairly dismissive of it, and apparently man affords. According to these news reports, lawyers backed away from a lot of it. It was a very tough claim that he brought in civil court in its federal court, but a civil case which, before the court in his criminal case, are essentially the same arguments, but it very different procedural posture. So they'll get a ruling. I don't think anybody expects that he will get the charges against him dismissed on the ground that smaller was improperly appointed. I don't I just don't think a lot of people are expecting that. So there's not a lot of high hopes that he'll get out of this, but the I think the important thing is
This issue of rose and steam essentially retroactively giving mauler authority to go after manner Fort should be very frightening people, because in our system of justice you find a crime first, and then you try to prove that someone was responsible for mother. Has it completely he was appointed without finding that there was a crime which is probably improper to begin with and he's got targets whether he called them. Legal targets are not he's got. People is focusing on, namely Donald Trump and the people around and he's going out trying to find crimes. That's not the way it supposed to have. No, but you know what The attorney general, the United States, has the power outside of his refusal to take back the subject area from the special council. There's no question about it. He can say you know Mr Deputy turning journal on the attorney general and for purposes of.
Matters unrelated to the campaign to rush inclusion and all the rest of it will keep that in mind. And he can transfer the case to the public sector, the Publican greedy section, the criminal decisions can transfer to the use of turning Dc Regina because they brought cases both courts. He doesn't at the subject and watch. That's right. That's right! That's a very important point because man afford is being prosecuted for things that have nothing to do with the so called suppose it russian collusion or campaign interfering. These are not subject. Meter. Subject areas it straight through your prosecutors at the OJ and whatever the appropriate division it could have prosecuted. I mean it's money laundering its
Violations to reporting violations- there is no reason to Robert Mauler needs to be doing this other than the fact that poor man afford had the misfortune of associating himself for a very short period of time, with Donald Trump in two thousand and sixteen. If poor man afford had not done that, he would not be prosecuted right now by Robert Mahler. Who knows Creepy prosecuted it all, and people may like poor man, affordably may not like him as a character, but he is entitled to be treated fairly and having a special prosecutor put on him to go through his life to try to find crimes that he's done that have nothing to do with why the special project and the special council, not special prosecutor, why the special council was appointed is very. I think it's not supposed to be happening, and I agree with you that on issues unrelated to the purpose for which Robert Mauler was appointed, Jeff sessions should take us away from him, because there's no reason poor man effort should be prosecuted for several
road, money laundering, alleged violations by Robert Miller Well, I have you here: I want to play an audio MR producer, the tray gouty, what Trig Valley had to Sancy an end today, which I strongly disagree with. We had a federal crime, The lawyer, who agrees with me and most lawyers do but you may not once you to listen to a tray Gouty had to say on CNN today, cut six go. I do think you should sit down with special counsel I think he's uniquely well positioned to answer some of the questions that that not just special council but also the american people. How am I dont think those terms target versus subject? The only word first a man, a criminal justice system is defend at so, if you're on a defendant, whether Europe, hurry it or whether you're the subject. I know the FBI gets really called up in those two words as a former federal prosecutor, their meaningless to me because
one witness, can take you from being a subject to a target and an end to an end. Unless and until you ve interviewed everyone and looked at everything, but no one has complicated and no one has been exculpate so those I read, the oracles are not just kind of smile because of meaningless to me is a risky for the president to sit down and Larsen. Do I think he will now is. It is risky only he knows what he knows. So I tell you if you did not rob a bank there's no reason for you not to sit down and talk to the FBI about the bank robbery. So he knows what he knows. He's been arab. Did his campaign, collude with anyone, including other segments of his campaign, to get out the boat in certain states. So if you ve done nothing, oh look. I know I'm in the minority. Most of the so called legal experts are telling them not to do it. If, if you have nothing died, now what is assuming a fair prosecute, a fair prosecutor
and other more rules, sit down and tell him what you know. Professor. I find this to be almost absurd, not in fact it is absurd. I this is really go ahead. Professor I mean you gotta understand it. Donald Trump could go into an interview with Robert more and tell the truth to the best of his recollection, but if he forget something, if he gets something wrong, if he mixed remembers, if he forgets to add information, he'll find himself like Scooter Libby did or eat a choice with the so called process. Crime show of Robert Mola there's no information there. Robert Mahler needs that is uniquely within the possession of Donald Trump. Robert more had interviewed dozens and dozens of people throughout the White House. I think practically. The entire white have staffing campaign.
Has been interviewed, they had their record subpoenaed, it probably is alot there, there emails opera, but we all in motors position possession their text messages. Everything there is. Nothing is Euro. That Donald Trump can tell Robert Mauler that Robert Mauler does not have another source for, and if there were such a pool of information, it could be done by written questions. It does not need to be face to face because, let's face it, Donald Trump is somebody who shoots from the hip he's not gonna worry very much about precise wording, so you can get yourself in trouble criminally with aid in over zealous prosecutor. Even if you want to tell the truth, but if you do something which they will call obstruction of justice, it would be insane for Donald Trump voluntarily to sit down and have a verbal interview with Robert Mowers came a rather more has put together a team of thirteen fourteen fifteen. However, many
lawyers. They are not there to walk away from this with some petty convictions of poor man afford and a couple of other people and Michael Flan. That's if that's all they get from this, the more will be considered a failure from the people who warned from prosecuted. He is therefore one reason and one reason only to catch Donald Trump and something Trump would be crazy if he goes in to a bull back and forth with mauler, where at the slightest slip of the tongue could be used to claim obstruction of judgment of justice or some other process crime. That's so brilliantly put in a course Mahler in his prosecutors. As you point out, no far more than Trump does propose the cat Maybe it's not like. You was involved and all the particulars You could have somebody like this Papadopoulos saying I met with em. I spoke to my did this out of the other trunk and say: well, I don't remember they could survive, video there's this or that they could twist.
As you pointed out in all of a sudden, his backs against the wall. That's right in and there is no reason for him to be sitting down and if I were his council, I would tell him do not do that. If Robert Mahler things he has the legal authority to force Donald Trump to sit down with him and answer questions verbally and let him go to court and get a court ruling to that effect and appeal it and take it up to the Supreme Court if need be. So if you're forced to do it. Of course you comply with. You know what our committee, the Supreme Court says you have to do, but do not it voluntarily- and I really hope Donald Trump will not think he can talk his way out of this not faltering. I generally speaking like tree Gouty, but he's so wrong on this one that you will never convince a prosecutor who's out to get you that that you're innocent, just by going thinking, you can talk your way out of it and they'll be nice to you. There's no reason to expect that this will happen. I mean look at it,
poor manner for no reason for them to have waited his home in the early hours of the morning like that that these veto, people are Mahler staff who are known for being extortion, really aggressive in their prosecutions and have been had cases thrown out when that came out. So Donald Trump has to understand that would ever and verbiage mowers office wants to use whether its subject or target he used the target. He is the person Robert Mauler warrants beget and if he, Robert Mauler, has proof of collusion assuming its even criminal, any mere. We may be politically, but it's not necessarily criminal Robert Mauler from all his wiretaps in his interception is subpoenas and his raid. If he's got the information on Trump, he doesn't need trumps interview for it and if he doesn't have
information. The only reason he wants trunk to sit down in her beliefs are with him. If detached trump in something Let me let me underscore this point. I can't even think of a crime Donald Trump committed or might have committed under these circumstances, not one one so the only reason for him, the citizens for the prosecutor to have him sit down as to catch him, and one of these process deals right exactly because again, he could honestly not remember something and then it gets twisted around like Flynn. My general flint, like Flint, that's right and like scooter living, and he could say something in a way which in his mind, sounds accurate, but might not be technically accurate. That happens to all of us. We may statements and we make. And then we remember something later on that maybe says. Oh, I should have been more precise on that list.
Plus professor, this guy's already said the prosecuting wants to do something rather extraordinary wants to do a report on a prosecutors report, the deputy, a report and they said in the leak in the washed, impose that it might in fact suggest that the present unobstructed justice. Ok, now He's going to do a report, even a reason not to sit down with them again. There is nothing that Robert Mahler needs from Donald Trump other than to inefficient use that interview create a crime to create a crime or someone forget something worthy mistake. Something we're all you may have been to put an end to be and provoke, particularly with someone like Donald Trump who A politician now is a showman in most of career. He will say things that are not precise and for most people that ok, but I'm gonna run. This has been an excellent, these two segments where the bill- and I want
Thank you and tell people were to find you sure you can reach us at the legal surrendering, dot com, just search legal insurrection on Google and I'm sure you'll find us if they haven't wiped ashore at that What God bless? Thank you very, very much well well done and I'll be right, back now, here's the college's educating millions of Americans on freedom and the constitution, economics history other. Areas through their free online courses. Many of you have taken one also teach congressional staff and other leaders constitutional principles at the hills, Del Kirby Centre in Washington DC and I'm? Are you ve heard how Hills does partnering would charter schools to and how
student on their main campus, is required to study the constitution. Regardless of whether they major music chemistry, mathematics, English or anything else. Sure they do that on all the cow California, colleges, particular Berkeley, hills Del? Does all this as part of their mission tat all Americans protrude pursue truth and defend liberty to help him. Has become better citizens and to preserve freedom. Now they're sending a copy of the constitution and declaration to every middle school and high school public school principle in a man Along with an offer to provide free copies for every student, learn how you can help in this crucially important ever and how get your own copy of Hills deals pocket constitution would shouldn't keeper give away at Levine, Free hills, thereby come that's Levine frame still dot com. How easy I end! Freckles delta can end up You gotta check out my website
cremation there too easy, I'm leavin, freckles, they'll, Dotcom, Donna, Frederick and the great w I may I go mark what an excellent. In our view, thank you so much Learning, may we have these, these guys go clear. We are representing their swamp with this. Inclines. You know the whole group and tell them anything at all, and- and I looked up You know the attorney general on he's a who. So my question is: what can we, the people do not protect nothing at number number working hard on I'm not gonna be a pollyanna, nothing. What can you do? Can I can give anything. Can you know? That's why I'm five thirty a m
like I feel like there, you didn't cover up calories crimes that what filled the portable and I took a white back for trade gouty. What could he do for them? you got nothing. We call nothing being done about it, yet I pointed that out trade out, basically when a failure he? What does he accomplished? What is he other than supper? ocean and always hawk and a book which is fine with TIM's caught the senator from South Carolina. That's that's fine but then you hear what he sang saying the dumbest things I can imagine come and our lawyers mouth, the bank the shit out of rob. I well guess what tray the pay they didn't collude with anybody, but that's not the question. There too catch him. As professor professor said in his I've, been saying to that's what they're doing.
Professor Jacobson Ascetic. I've set it I've said, are set at anybody with any common sense understand. What's going on here, but the It seems to be out of any was asked again today, as he was walking away from reporters. He says he's like to talk to the big mistake be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one there's been a lot written said about a democratic candidate, running the Senate in Texas, against Senator TED crews, and is receiving an enormous amount of money. Much of it from out of state think even our raising senator crews. But the guy really is. He's a year more say, he's a real punk, many,
by the name of Veto b e t, O Bureau Orourke. And I want you to hear what he had to say yesterday- is a candidate fora for the United States Senate from Texas: cut nine go but I'll tell you what as an energy in your senator are doing right now they want you to be afraid of next week. When they call them rapists and criminals and stay, Only a wall will keep them out when introduced. Are you about what Muslims are going to do? If you give them the chance to come into this country, and its crew saying we should send police patrols into their neighborhoods. It's trump saying we should keep them out altogether they try to scare you about what a gay couple is gonna do it. They happened to adopt a child in the state of Texas This state still allows discrimination based on actual orientation in the story about the transgender kid who might come into your child
about them, even though transgender children are far more often the victims and the perpetrators of violence, they are trying to push you based on here and paranoia and anxiety, and that is built and we gotta be bigger this is basically a year he's a zombie Is what all these candidates sailor shows you want, Secure the border you against Mexicans. If you want to keep illegal aliens from coming over the border you're against Mexicans against people of color. If you want to make sure people her coming to this country. From countries that are in deep trouble.
With civil wars and other battles going on. In order to protect the american people of all religions. All races, then you against Muslims. Then you against Muslims. If you believe in traditional merge, then your big it if you believe a We should use a boy's room and a girl should use a girl's room than your against trains, gender children and then You see if you stand up for these, what used to be tradition, Beliefs and values common sense, you're pushing Erin Paranoia and anxiety Beetle Orourke is your typical modern Democrat. Can.
Spewing poison, providing the nation any radical, they reject american principles and trading. And they insist on calling their opponents racists, xenophobia, this that, in the other. I cannot believe- and I will not believe that the people of Texas will fall for this, because this is blatant demagoguery, blatant demagoguery and I guess it paid. Now, there's a representative in Arizona these and other radical by the name: a Reuben Gallego. The real nasty cared, this guy, real, leftist and think you understand this when they attack Trump on the issue of immigration, and they are
attacking him as a racist and his aunt time Muslim and his anti max again, and he wants white supremacy and all the rest of this be ass. Their attacking you, folks, that's who they believe you are and they believe the Trump is your voice, that's what they believe he is, but more than that, that's what they believe. You are the base he's trying to appeal to the base and the bases web bigots, racists, white supremacist. The democratic party has completely given up on a huge number of american citizens. They don't even try and persuade you to support their positions or to support their candidates. Its
brass, knuckle time. All the time, Reuben Gallego Democrat Arizona, cut, eleven go the reason I'm Knocker support. This is because this is just a political fixed for the present, because he may a stupid campaign promise or a stupid border war that Mexico, pay for and Congress doesn't want to fund, so he's just trying to pieces base by couldn't called putting troops on the border when reality in the past, Troops are not allowed. You allowed to arrest anybody there. Now, let's stop, so folks he's just trying to peace. You cause you're stupid your racist, your white supremacist, of course, mainly the people who want a border war are not even white and of course I racist. And this is the thing that we need to get through many,
people who want to border wall? What law? In order to do not like. Many people who want to border wall when Ferris immigration system who are not white men, People who want a border wall are concerned about drugs poring over the border and kidnappings. And crime and a mess. Thirteen and all the rest of it. You have to be white to have those views. The democratic party has always been a racist party. The democratic party was founded and racism. The Democratic Party was aligned with the client for decades and decades. Now the Democratic Party still racist but has changed its approach so changed its. Ghana, as it changes the voters in this country and yet still about race, always about race, not about american
not about the individual, not about people race, race, Reuben, go Ale then goes on talking about our military, trying to appease the base when Obama called up the National Guard to back up the border patrol trying to appease his races base. George W Bush did the same thing. Other words: it's not uncommon. It's not unprecedented. Many points out that the troops are not allowed to arrest anybody not allowed to have loaded weapons, so they they're going to bed doing on the border they going to be doing is draining our resources and time from our military says, spend never has been a big support. The military. But it's not draining our resources from the military. It's not distracting the military.
If Congress had done its job, including this clown cloning. This before. None of this would be necessary, but no where's republican or democratic, less thirty years, unwilling to secure the southern border, none none! So as a consequence, we get not jobs like this elected and now we have an entire political demographic. Listen to me, an entire political demographic that that parties decided will be its main concern. And see group an entire political demographic that supports open borders, cysts will the importation of as many foreigners is possible. Family men extended family members, various ethnic group, people from different countries and so forth, and so on completely destroyed
of us of a society and the lack of assimilation completely destructive of a distinct american culture and for the left out there if you think what I'm saying is so horrific about this american culture. These people who come into our country are escaping their own culture gaping their own culture there escaping their own economies, their escape their own governments and yet. Left in this country. Doesnt want assimilation, because the Democratic Party in the progressives have to have constant tumult, constant. Citizens have to be at each other's throats. It has to be constant.
Because by dividing us, they succeed by campaigning on our differences, they succeed by creating differences, they succeed, harmony. Harmony is not something to democratic Party can succeed with or the progressive movement. If people are satisfied and there's harmony. Think about it. What the hell point of the Democratic Party is there or the progressive movement? What's the point there isn't any. And so they never be any harmony and satisfaction when they're in power, and so they they go on and on and on finding whatever cause they can. Whenever distinction they can find to exploit it if they can't find it take
create it I'll be right back. Here there on the left, isn't there is an enormous amount of hate out there on the left. They don't want to have a debate they just characters has name. How much they are its go to share. In Dallas Texas, the Great W B a pay go. Hello, I wanted to say that I am a tax, then As far as we are well aware of your work in the campaign, that is melting waiver, These are saving a lot about out state had money, And we are doing everything we can to keep. Our are wonderful. Trinity occurs in office. I attend
our county, the Tory O convention too. The boy was elected delegate and we heard from lots of speakers I'm gonna be at the convention in San Antonio in June and we're looking for. To hear it. is: is this guy beater, wisely popular among Democrats and I'll? Yes, he's quite popular among Democratic party back and tell our course. You know we have a huge popular Here then, depend on on people like him to feed them all alive. They want to hear about immigration and fairly He seems to be popular. I Africa. The things that have been able to read from the commentary: editorial thin and writers on staff. Dollar forty may die. Even saying that he would have a future role, and course you now
Anything can happen. If he's getting a lot of money from outer space about people, don't turn on and vote will win. Chirac can happen That's what we're doing we're getting out we're trying to get the word warning to everyone, because I and show up at the polls and people I know our mounting, along with us, this fight. So I know you, man, let's, let's hope. So. I appreciate your car. John in San, Diego and the mark live in I market, for them My call a long time less there. I was honoured to beat you last August with my brother at the regular library greed think Usin. I want to call I work for you have Cousin PDA go and I I want to call my real quick on the caravan that, with the new that supposedly breaking up you, may I don't believe for a second that it is our. We usually see them in much smaller groups, I just wonder whether one no out there that I largely during the Obama administration
the number of asylum applicants exploded in war started his ear uptake of elastic they months. Big time well You'Re- probably sing it, because people are being told that the press- proposed one point: eight million would gets sonship you're here illegally people see the demo that's refuse to fund a war and even worse there tying governments hands in terms of protecting us, so word gets out, spreads out across the world. Particular our hemisphere, and then people say ok what the hell, let's make a run for? Yes, absolutely yeah, we're just great offer. The National Guard that can be coming down to supplement border patrol, and here I thought at the ports of entry. I secretary- the open and president top I've been pushing for those loophole to be closed because, as you said, there were gone out and we see ramping up taken. They number then
lobby storage, we hear all an supervisor than a lock of earth elite have it out and it should have real sick joke, We really hope that help is coming to. My friend yeah me too, The Republicans proposed The president sign one that makes it very difficult to secure this board. I'm just telling you the truth. President should a veto the bill. It makes it very, very difficult. The president has announced that he wants to get out of Syria that Europe needs to get out of Syria once the job with ISIS is finished, and I D. We understand that there we have a ton of troops and Syria by, but I definitely but here is a problem with this. We all understand that IRAN is our enemy. We all stand that IRAN is our enemy.
It's not giving out of Syria or Iraq or Yemen or Lebanon. Russia is not getting serious, what happens when there's a vacuum there. Will the Kurds me why there's Muslims, have been our allies, who have fought side by side with us every minute of every battle we ve had in the Middle EAST since administration of George W Bush. What I happen to the Kurt there's, not job one. The fascist dictator of Turkey. He's now making nice with IRAN has been making nice with Russia Russia's going to build a nuclear power plant. And turkeys and NATO by the way what's going to happen to the current. Moreover, How will the Iranians be stopped.
From building this year, really this military pathway that they want from IRAN. Into an through Syria. On the sea on the israeli border,. One of the government of Lebanon and one of Egypt. So this is a really intricate web knowledge been created, and I am quite concerned. I dont know what we mean we're pulling out of Syria. What pulling out of Syria. We don't have ten fifty thousand two hundred thousand troops there. What are we pulling out of Syria. Does that mean we won't use our jihad fighters any more to protect the Kurds are under attack by the Turks? under attack by the Iranians under attack by the Sioux, which is gonna, leave those people there,
what side by side with the United States military. You must be neeoka another neo con. But we have friends and allies who stood by us. So the NEO con, but I'm not a code pink Republican either I'm not a code pink Republican either. So I hope the President knows what he's doing in this regard. I don't know how many assets we haven't seen. Much of that is in public, but I do know It happened when Obama Biden The chain in Iraq, which created ISIS caliphate that they had to create and all the death and mayhem that resulted from a puncture going. Take off your hat and your uniform
the and I mean I'm an outsider- I mean I'm a populist, I mean I'm a nationalist, I mean I know you should not history can repeat itself and when it does, it can be very ugly I'll, be right back radios principle, Patriot, call now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one It's gotta know us, MRS. Set me. Syria, satellite harry, you, sir, you have to be careful. How you can I do to thank you I'm doing well. Thank you break. The ivory believe got back from that region and. Providing us. A board on a daily basis. Syrian troops, but we work with them,
The Kurds on a daily basis- and I can tell you up a group of people there- that want nothing more than our health begging We need it of all Places I've been in the world truly there are four people ever so many wonderful people. He completely. Data people westernize modernize link. Want one one I hope, and I feel like it. If we I mean one thing to pull out better completely, without any support aside get people russian the arena wiping out the Tokyo omnipotence As you know, in the new familiar there already writing about not just gonna continued Emily things were gone, those people just be high and dry. Can be miserable for them at this is welcome.
Turns me it's over it's time for us to get out. I mean I don't know: what's there you would known, but we're going to take, Our air cover out: oh, they willing to take our special forces out of their willing to take people who are assisting the Kurds. Among others I mean the Kurds have stood as every step of the way they not away every step. Another concern about the great people, they want nothing more than to have them. Their area back and they would be our true one and only ally for Israel over there, and it is a shame and their Muslims here we have Muslims are we know who love so appreciate us. I'm talking about the people are in the Middle EAST there and who bleed for us as we have for them- and I just can't- I can't after World WAR two or anything like that. You just say: ok, see you fellows,
in this regard is, as as they come absolutely absolutely right. My friend For your car and thank you for your service, much appreciated. Let us go to Harrison in New York. The great W Abc yes Harris S evening. I go back to the athlete within days, while that's like it's gotta, be twenty years or more, oh, I remember well, and I also remember your Sunday show it was Sunday and W abies. Yes, we national units room, Why? Why listener they have any I hear it went through an I'm harking. Back to your first hour, I went through a prosecutor who is doing a fishing expedition who taught me into talking to him because it was not going to cause,
any problem. I wasn't. I wasn't a person of interest. I welcome this. I wasn't that and before I knew what I was being prosecuted and Russia Kyoto is never fair justice. Defence attorney is never fair therein. Advocate for one side or the other, and the prosecutors interest, is in prosecution and seeking things to prosecute. That's what he's paid for defence attorney paid to defend. His client showed you are in a situation where prosecutor can turn you into defended or turn you into a sauce back there. Thing: U Water! There was talk of a man. I know from experience, Donald Trump don't go anywhere near a prosecutor, particularly one whose red flag obvious that you I've tried to chase you go. He watched the violence, they pay. Isn't it that's the key. He asked
Lastly, while you're here, your your hundred percent right you'll trip, tromp bodies, words tromp transposed as died down by GINO, says trumpet Queens Boy, As things tried to from the hip guided directly and people understand. What do you mean what they will go on the specifics of his word, not what he meant. They will find a way to take it apart and to find something He may not have even intended in the words that he said, Trot stay away from this, we'll go anywhere near that all I can say Harrison. I agree with you. I mean Here we have a prosecutor, we know it is. What is Emma was We know it is I'm aware you know that Once an independent council be further, were special counsel. To conduct an investigation for six months back in the eighties and any stopped
I wish I could recall his name. Can you believe, MR producer Six months he said: there's nothing here, implosion shop. But he did and that's obviously what Malo should have done. He said: look I don't have any collusion here. This other stuff, maybe manner for, did it, maybe didn't, but that's up to Justice Department on that's, not my job. That's not what I was appointed to do and by Mahler is incapable of that he's incapable of it. Here's a reason why I am a big fan of simply safe home security, simply safe system is prepared for anything that gets thrown at it. Even if a storm take such a power simply safe is ready. Did you hear MR producer may be a snowstorm this weekend. That Dan Global Warming Ex killing us here only when the northeast. Now, if an intruder cut your family, simply safe is ready, saying true, destroys your key patter siren, simply safer. Still,
all the authorities and get you all they help you need and here's what I love about this. Sure. Maybe it's overkill, maybe You need to be ready for every worst case scenario, but that's what It simply saves home security system, so great it is always ready. They don't believe overkill: they believe in the most comprehensive system that can be imagined now simply safes triple safeguard protection, triple safer Protection could cost an arm and a leg, but it doesn't. They only charge you what's fair, so twenty four seven National security monitoring. Just fourteen ducks ninety nine cents a month. Pretty ninety nine a month, it was simply saved no contracts, no hidden feet That's why I recommend them to everyone. I know you ve gotta check it out, right now to simply safe mark dotcom. That's
really safe mark that come to protect your home and Emily today, simply safe dot com. It is great, I just upgraded my system. I really want you to check it out. But sir, it's fabulous. You can do it yourself, there's no drilling know. Why are no complications? Trust me. If there were, I would know what the hell I'm doing. That's terrific. It's gonna Bob on Long Island, the Great W Abc go ahead. Marks driver hey. I thought you were all on there. Cholera regarding climate change- I'm sorry baby. I've had about a thousand collar since then. So I dont remember: I'm the one I presume you and I time having you said on the time. I don't want it. Yeah I dont, can you remind me how this happened? I mentioned how my gun,
documenting eating this lawyer, and I remember Bob Neighbour, both hauling regarding our trump, and I guess all the advice he's getting you and I I don't believe Donald Trump would have gone to where he is Everyone, thankfully, He's name it about these never been subjected to a criminal investigation, their totally different itself making deals, it's not about civil suits color and I know he was imagining how prosecutor to prosecute and believe me. I know that and not about truth justice or about winning I don't believe trample go into any interview it. Call modern lurch, they are not matters. Joy looks like John Kerry. Both like where it from the other family. Yes,
there I don't think I'll. Try going to go into any interview with smaller can I e that everyone? Not bob? It's not a question of being naive Do I saw naive to you you're. Ok, I would never do it. An accurate in big trouble, water, I'm afraid he will It's not it's not a question and I haven because my turning to the matter, bravado is what it might be I hold on Hopalong Donald Trump, can't possibly know with these guys. Now he can't And there's no underlying crime whatsoever, and you heard the professor Jacob singer was right on there's only one reason they want to meet with him and when I'm too explain to you and everybody else's. They have all the cards it stacked.
All they have to do is say that he didn't tell the truth. They, even though he says he didn't remember, there's a pattern of not remembering and were born the trigger for going to claim obstruction. We're gonna claim false statement we're going to claim perjury weather and I were able to indict or not a president in there after the races. So when you're dealing with people like that It's not a matter of you being naive. Tibet. View being sharp about this, and not why? into the lions. Den couple count. At first, I don't think Cromwell our union there- I better. Ok, ok, trumps God. What can I tell you. Prompts God he's the only guy in the face of the earth, who can do this and get away with where's Bob? I really don't think I'm happy well, if you don't think gonna happen, then why even the what's the point
my point is we're all talkative I think that's what we're talking about it because he keeps saying he wants to talk to them when he said But how can I get a lot of things? I have in fact listen. I'm with you. I hope he doesn't, but the reason why we're talking now about this is we're trying to discourage them from doing it. The factory indicted Trump on summer profess their profits First of all, it is a question of whether or not you can indicted sitting President the office of I think he can but the office The council has taken the position under dammit, at an republican administrations and that's the little cost. To unit within the Justice Department that serves turning to China and the President. So constitutional interpretation and they ve said no. You can't do. I think they would indicted. A process crime. It doesn't matter because they're out to impeach him
others already said. Is the mullahs. When he said he's going to issue a report, Skynet issued impeachment report. So why would you give him ammunition. Well, I love I first what's good to hear from you again And I want a preacher, and I would thank you for your car will be right back Now we just learn that sacked Fifth Avenue and Lord and Tailor were breached ever sharper use a credit card. While at exposes consumers financial information doesn't facebook. An information on tens of millions of users, therein she's at Fedex, unequal facts and net none expedient nearly every week.
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learn more and get fifteen percent off my idea care Dotcom, promo code mark! That's my idea here: promo code mark or call eight six, six, three, three four three zero this toll free line was set up specific play for you and my audience, because many of you are in your cars and so forth, either way, use our toll free exclusive number, eight, six, six, three, three, four! Thirty! Eighty four protect yourselves protect. Yes, I do I don't trust these people in our breaking into my account, so I don't know who they are. I don't know how they do it. You need help you get help. Sarah LOS Angeles, California, the great k, our allay. How are you I'm good? Thank you for taking my call on our practice. Bitter of twenty five year, my I've been has been for a thirty year than I know, hundreds of others
who would never do anything or be involved with anything like what you are and call me have done. I just want to make the point, because I heard your a collar a little while ago say that the prosecutor he dealt with he believed was unfair. I would Never do anything that I believed boys not Jeff and I wanted to make the point because I know you have millions of listeners is really important that people understand that prosecutors make it Make integrity and doing the right just thing to be their utmost respect, It's like anything else is in it, Sir there's good prosecutors and then there's other way back who is compelled to call in because I am sorry that the man had that experience or is it. If they really, if you really want a smaller. What are you and your husband think a mother? Why it's horrible, absolutely horrible?
What do you think a tray gouty going on about how the president should subject himself to an interview I mean, if there's underline crimes area are prosecuted, there's no underlying crime, and if this special prosecutor has one focus. You know you you other folks who, in this business you gotta, million cases got a deal with. You know you have to make decisions about the priorities. This guy prioritizing illustration every mousy can. I agree with you that you ve gone off the rails. Conservative, so I have strong is about why they let things go off the rails or why they intended things to go. The way they have it in. I really like Mr Gouty for a long time. I am disappointed at that. Comment that he's making. Now I think that the president should not enter you know that that's my opinion, I ride Sarah, thank you and thank you
being a year, stand up public official to lead. A jack in Manassas Virginia the Great W email, twelve years old Harry you jack. Good. How are you mister within right, pelting, happy that I can be on the radio station. Thank you I came on the radio station to talk about my experiences about with mister and middle school in point, we only have about a minute or two cigarette here: ok, but my school I make poster is about open borders and light can make rallies and to start a bunch. They found my school. I think really weird and stupid, so that could be one of the smartest students I I it tell them so into open borders. While you just ask your pay,
Unlock doors at night Everyone in just just amazing to me the propaganda that goes on in our government run schools and Debbie young man like you stand up to. It is really impressive. Thank you, Jack. God bless you We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personal folks eleven tv and I'll see you tomorrow. God bless me well.
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