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On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, Sen. Dick Durbin wrote a letter to the chairman of Sinclair Broadcasting, Group which is a private media organization, demanding information about its editorial policies. Can you imagine if a Republican wrote such a letter to CNN? It’s none of Durbin’s business what Sinclair does. The first amendment exists to stop tyrants like this. The only reason Durbin is going after Sinclair is because he can’t control it, like the Democrat Party control most of the media today. Also, it’s clear that Fox is out to get EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, who is one of the most effective officials in the Trump administration. Did we know what lease Obama officials had or what dinners they had? No, the media didn’t want to know about it. Later, since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein won’t come on the show, we have some questions for him. Why does Rosenstein believe in a soviet style of justice? Why did Rosenstein expanded Robert Mueller’s investigation which had nothing to do with his original case? Why did Rosenstein extended the FISA court warrant knowing that the fusion GPS memo was funded by the DNC? Finally, all signs are bleak for the Republicans in the mid-term elections. The Republicans are losing because of the Republican Party. The Democrats care and nurture their base. The Republican party is a progressive party and hates its conservative base, especially Mitch McConnell. Paul Ryan and McConnell have delivered for the left what Barack Obama could not deliver.

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Now. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight said: seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. Seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one! I will be on Hannity on Fox tonight at the thirty pm eastern time, six, thirty pm Pacific, I hope you'll join us or tape or be ready fort. Whatever we're gonna have a good time. We always do. Again another day of tumult, another day where we have to really prioritize what we're going to talk about,
by the way. I am sad to say that appears at fox- is out to get the EPA administrator. Another tacking any individuals at Fox, tacking, Fox per se, but its clear there out to get the EPA industry and he is one of the most effective people in the administration. We talked about this yesterday. Didn't Tralee. Quite sad, really quite sad. I also talked about the MRS Landmark Legal foundation, was involved and what we found past. He be aid ministers, concealing their documents, destroying the records. They never got the kind of attention that the Skype prove its getting I can't think of any Obama administration, official cabinet member. Whatever did we know a kind of least they had did. We know they render their apartments from. Do we know a kind of flights they took, what kind of dinner say had no, of course not.
The Praetorian guard media didn't want to know Want to know about the IRS want to know about any other stuff, Benghazi,. They didn't want to know about the the selling of weapons to drug cartel members in this country fast and furious. You want to know what I want to start. Our programme was Senator Dick Durban, her eyes factually column Little Dick Durban from my own Roy. And I've told you many times that the late great Senator Fred Times told me that Dick Durbin was the least reputable senator, because he he would give you his word in any stab in the back there, the worst among many who are horrific, and
They like to talk about the laughed and the Democrats, how they care about the constitution and the bill of rights, but they don't care about the constitution of the bill of rights as we ve talked about over, again, as I written about over and over again per So this is the antithesis to constitutional as they cannot coexist, which is why the early progressives we're out of the closet in their hatred for the constitution and the framers of the constitution and their hatred for the declaration of independence. No question about it. There is nothing in the car
The tunisian nothing justifies the creation of a massive bureaucracy. Nothing- and I was looking at this when I wrote, plunder and deceit and just remind the statistics I pulled together from two thousand five to twenty fourteen. There were eight hundred thousand pages of federal regulation, eight hundred thousand pages in twenty forty, pull up. The Obama administration issued three thousand five hundred and fifty in forty one regulation, social laws and in twenty fourteen Congress past one hundred and twenty nine long compared to the over thirty five hundred that the bureaucracy past and from two thousand five to twenty fourteen, the figures I pulled it,
There are thirty, seven thousand regulations instituted and union vote for any one, and you are not aware the vast majority of your most of them are strict liability theirs ices penalties there's even jail sentences for thousands and thousands of they say they care about the constitution. There is article one Congress article to the executive branch artists three the judiciary where's article whatever it is for the massive and a strain of state? Some of you call it the deep state, some of you call it the swap. It's the administrative state, that's what the progressives call it a hundred years ago. Its creation is intentional. It is your big and no matter how many times you vote and no matter how many times you vote for Republicans, Andorra Conservatives, the administrative state is unaffected.
And our President stone a hell of a good job, trying to undo all these regulations at Obama put in place. But the report Congress in their budget in the in signing it in that that massive bureaucracy will be in place for the next president and then I'll issue. Thousands and thousands of more regulations every single day chairman of the federal government, every single agency, the federal government other than the State Department, received massive increases, despite the fact that isn't it wanted to slash most of them, and yet he signed it. That's how bad that spending bill was a few weeks ago, the swamp as we now call it loved it. It feeds them, it gives them sustenance. You know it's the leviathan, that's what it is
you ever read the book leviathan. You ever see they cover the original cover, the book without Octopus, with endless numbers of arms and so forth. That's what it is. The progressives hate the constitution and the Republicans are not much better there not much better because they feed it. They defend it and they cut deals with it. Now. Here's take turban corner the washing free beacon, Paul proxy on how many people read the source and give the author credit, how many talks, your hosting that almost none Dick Durban wrote a letter Wednesday to Sinclair Broadcasting Group Executive Chairman David De Psmith. Ok, so he's writing a letter to the chairman of a media group.
Got it chairman of a media organization, a conservative media organization or right of centre, calling the broadcasters, actions troubling and demanding information about its editorial policy. Demanding information about a territorial policies, what do you think the framers of the constitution would say about that? What do you think they would say? He's a federal official he's, a federal senator, Durban aired his concern in a lighter obtained by NBC News. In other words, he deleted NBC News about local stations, tv stations in the groups network. Delivering a message opposing false move, and I have heard about this for a week right. I've stayed away from but I'm right, I'm undermine M, underscoring it now based on what Durban is done, so they tell all their affiliates luck. You need to go out there and you,
to explain we're gonna. Do real news, not fake, knows nothing political about Republican Democrat left right and between nothing, nothing, this practice. Try to determine not only compromises. The ability of local reporters to serve the unique interests of their viewers, but it under catch the journalist again Greedy of local news anchors or require delivery, corporate scripted messages at times without providing a disclaimer of their source, unquote, not taken When is a coward, he will not come on this programme. We will not come on any of my programs and he never would endeavour, will he's a coward. Because he knows that. I know what he is and behind every progressive is a totalitarian behind every progressive as ETA,
and mine, and saw maybe unwitting, but that's what it is driven added. He had question Sinclair staff last year about how they operate and at the time they said they would not deliver. And at the time they said they would not deliver such messages. Not only is this practice concerning, it contradicts representation of Sinclair's policies made to my staff by Sinclair senior vice president of strategy and policy in over twenty seventeen meeting. Can you imagine A republican senator writing such a letter to CNN. Can you imagine a republican centre staff sitting. Would top CNN officials executives. Demanding information about the editorial policies now keep something also mine take Durban is the number two guy to
a few years ago, drafted in proper. Essentially an amendment that would have got it free speech in this country during political campaigns. You do not hear any media outlets CNN most NBC, almost man. Pointing this out, raising concerns about the number two Democrat
senator in the United States Senate making demands of a private media company because he doesn't like what they're doing the media reacted. Fiercely toy dead, dead, spin video cutting together different Sinclair affiliates reading the promo critics fixated on Sinclair's conservative bent calling the message pro trop propaganda and to stop in Durban also question whether Sinclair would penalized employs for not cooperating with corpse. Erections, so Durban watched another corporate practices visa either employees what their editorial policies are.
Why they operate this way and not that way and so forth, and so, of course, for the good of up of the local affiliates. Of course, and for the good of free speech and news collection and reported course further troubling Durban wrote is recent reporting that their contractual penalties for penalties for Sinclair own stations employees that refuse to run Sinclair, Produce, mandated content. First of all, what's wrong with the private company. It's a corporation. But whether you like it or not, what's wrong with it or not, it's none of Dick turbans business. The first amendment exists to stop tyrants. Like this that pride, I said it in existence. Stop little tyrants like this he's a tyrant.
Please confirm wrote Durban what she'd Claire's policy is regarding Sinclair produced mandated content for local news anchors further. Please clarify whether there will be employment consequences for personnel at local stations or refuse to deliver the scripted promotional message. Not only does it take out of context Would Sinclair was doing, which was really an objective message about news reporting but the company was going to do telling all of its affiliates and honour town, I say this is who we are. This is what we do this in. That, in essence, is our mission statement Natalie twisting like the left has like Oh, I q hosts autonomous B C and CNN, who of course never following course they're all independent minded, you know
I would urge MSNBC they got all kinds of conservative hosts and libertarian hosts and republican House, somebody c c unknown right. They don't have one hate truck message: hate republican message, hate, conservative measure, now anti gun message now on all kinds of differing views and, of course they report the news, fair and square Don't you have a United States senator a federal official trying to intimidate a private media company and nobody says squat. You are a democrat The United States and Obama surveillance, media companies and reporters and nobody says Squat Donald Trump,
lay in front of the whole world, specifically accusers certain media outlets of running with fake news of concocting news, specific reporters, and it said that he's trying to destroy the first man not determine not Barack Obama determined is a tyrant, A coward- and I challenge them again to come on this programme and confront somebody who knows what they how he is and what the hell he's doing, rather than these dinner views Eddie goes on. This company Sinclair did nothing wrong. It's just more. The same saw linsky tactics, more the same left wing, marxists type tactics being used by the media against media outlets
conform, ironically enough to their Praetorian Guard ideology and the only reason Dick Turban is going after this company Sinclair is because he can't control it like the Democratic Party control, most of the media. Today, most of the media controls the Democrats party today I'll be right back This is why it's not good again the individual companies. I have defended Facebook because Like I can't stand the man, but because I care about there. Specific principles mission or anything else,
many men, Amazon Amazon, but this is much worse even because Durban, going after a broadcast company turbans going after a company in violation of the first Amendment and the Democrats do not care. Our borders are wide open. People are coming across the border, Msf, thirteen. We don't know who the Democrats Nunley don't care if they stop efforts to try and prevent it. Democrats, mayors and city councils, as I said the other day, give safe harbour too far. Minors who are here illegally and commit crimes in our country. Then they use a very clever word sanctuary.
Giving them sanctuary there, sanctuary cities there aiding and abetting the legal alien criminals. That's what they're doing against the american citizens. They have politicized immigration, they are political, Star School systems. Now we have calculated pattern: school, strikes, going on and so called red states. They have Politicized lawn water, they want people convicted of crimes and people who played the crimes out of prison and they want to replace them with cups they have degraded the United States military to the point now or the President signed a barely really didn't want to sign because he was concerned about that still on why's. He could beat them, but subjects obeyed intentions were good. These people are the enemy of the republic and the constant
mark love, then show where we create. The talking points call now seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one areas: laughed and the media have no cares about rod, rose and seen the Deputy tourney journal. They don't want to know about his flights. They don't want to know about as mortgage. They don't want to know who goes to dinner with they don't want annoying because they, like the deputy tourney generally known states, know MR producer contacted people at the Department of Justice, tromp appointees, Republicans right, MR producer, who handle the press for the debate, One of justice who have been in touch with us before and I ask MR rose and steam would come on my programme. I mean, after all, I was a chiefest
after an attorney general. I know how the Department of Justice works, and I wanted to talk to open your microphone. Mr producer Tommy, what response did you get from our Department of Justice? They ignored my email, they ignored you all right. Thank you. Now they ignored MR producer because Mr Rosen Steam oh come on the programme and they don't know what to say, and I am sure we caused all kind of instead, what are we gonna do so they ducked Salami interview, Mr Rose and seen in absentia. Gimme interview him in absentia. Mister, Ebony tourney generally United States. Why
leaving a soviet style of justice, you appointed a special council. You appointed a special council to pursue a political outcome. Everybody's read your may seventeenth directive to Mister Waller. There's not a single crime or criminal statute in that document, not one not one, and you appointed Mr Mahler one of Jim Commies closest friends. What kind of an independent appointment was that. MR rose now, MR rose and steam, three months after your initial appointment that Mr Mulder.
Laying out the areas for his investigation, none of which involved a crime, not one, Mr Monti Expanded his investigation in the air is having nothing to do with your initial appointment of Mr Mullay. Case, Mr Manifest, Mr Mann Fight, Answers, Mr Mann efforts taxes. Mr manner for lobbying for Ukraine. If those issues are to be investigated, there'd be investigated at the Department of Justice under the two actually turning general, the United States. The admission of effectively broke into Mister Manner for Tom, with a phoney weren't investigating. The matter referred for matters. He didn't have a right to investigate Mr Mann for then comes. You missed arose and sneezing, and you,
And after the fact, expansion of its authority, to cover what he already did and what he wasn't legally permitted to do. Three months after your initial document, your initial directive, to your appointed special counsel, you changed it. You changed it. Why did you do that? Mr Rosen's me, why did you usurp the power, the attorney General United States, and do it now now Mister Waller, who's? Not a presidential appointed who was not confirmed by the Senate, but is your appointment. He works for you. He has leaked
I think in person. He plans to issue a report in June or July right out of the newspaper that will problem. The accused, the present in the United States. Probably it says of obstruction of justice now one constitutional expert after another, Has explained that the president firing the FBI director and the President firing Lieutenant General Flynn is not obstruction, it cannot be obstruction. It is a power that exists not even inherit that exists in article two. The president is the executive branch So you're going to have an inferior, employ. Who's going to announce that the the United States and some report probably obstructed justice and he
in his democratic prosecutors, while cobbled together the argument not for a case in court, and the Democrats in the House of Representatives who are likely to win the House of Representatives and I'm gonna get to that. Romania too, thanks to the bone, heads Mcconnell and and Ryan and so what Mr Mulder going to issue basically is guidance. Toy Democratic House, a representative: should they win for impeachment your mother doesn't believe and due process. You say Mr Mahler could indict the president without inviting the president. That is, he can effect. I urge the president without having to worry about things like a trial in a criminal court.
There are no underlying crimes. There are none everything A thing related to this investigation that involves Flynn are Papa, doubtless are what they call process crimes, in other words, the fact that the investigation created the crimes. The fact that the investigations Mr Rose and state that MR rose and study the warrant that the FBI secured from the face a cook Was fraudulently secure, don't you think we know as a matter of fact,. The upper levels of the FBI, we're corrupt; they had bad cops, there, We know that as a matter of fact, and no thanks to you, MR rose and steam, could you went into it
Baker, their house, Paul Ryan and you said, call off Devon. Nunez call off the dogs and, to his credit Ryan, said no. As a result, we have learned how corrupt the highest levels of the FBI had been. Leakers call me. Mackay gone stroke, move, page, moved and so forth, and so on that MR rose in Sydney, Knowing what you knew about that warrant, knowing what. About that application of that judge. One week before the general election one week
trying to influence the outcome of that election. You went ahead as deputy attorney general and you extended. You sought an agreed and signed off on extending that warrant with a suffice occur. Knowing that fusion GPS was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, Dnc knowing that some of the sources for that those here we're Putin's his surrogates in the Kremlin, knowing that none of this has been revealed to the face a court you signed off on an extension for an application on I've fighter? Why did you do that? Mr rose and state? Why did you deceived the face, a court? What did you do that.
Mr rose and stay you claim you want to know about russian interference in our election. Russian interference in our election occurred on the watch. The Obama administration. The deputy attorney general for these purposes here they acting attorney general. Have you asked President Obama why he didn't do anything where Susan Rice, why she told us? Every security staff that wanted to confront it way back in August before the election stand down. Have you determined mister Sixteen why the Obama administration did nothing to stop the Russians from interfering in our election. It was.
Bomb administration in the time was it not Sir MR rose? Instead, we ve had felonious leaks. They came out of the Obama administration involving surveillance that was taking place, including of the russian ambassador. You had the unmasked of american citizens and leaking there. To the media, including Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, that was done by an Obama, official or Obama officials. Tell me Mr Rose and steam. What have you done about that? That's a very small circle.
People who know these things, what have you done about that? Have you done anything? Does the interference in our election by the Russians merit an investigation. Both parties are only one party. She, the Republican Party, ladies and gentlemen, has been vetted. The republican candidate and his staff have invented by criminal prosecutors and by congressional prosecutors, but not the Democrats Already not Hillary Clinton, not her staff, not We have also been not Brazil, not the Dnc. They have been at all then been investigated by Mr Miller. There been investigated by any congressional committee.
Nunez is doing his best, please handicapped, all the time, the special council. I know it that whatsoever, so Mr Rose and Steen. How can possibly be that you say you want to look into collusion interference by the Russians, except when it comes to the Democrats in the Democratic Party why there, who is investigated Susan Right and her stand down order whose invest gaining Samantha power. The former ambassador to the EU on masking frenzy, investigating Hillary Clinton and her campaign
and the Dnc in their funding of a dossier which had input from the Russians whose investigating that at the Department of Justice? Oh, yes and MR rose and study the federal bureau, That has done more damage to the wonderful men and women who work at the FBI than anybody could, including the russian they interfere. That has done more damage to the wonderful men and women who work at the FBI than anybody could, including the russian they interfere our election even more than the rush. They use the power of the law to go after the trunk campaign. To go after the trump transition
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I recommend them to everyone. I know you ve gotta check it out, go right now to simply safe mark Dotcom, set simple, simply safe, marked out To protect your home and family today simply safe mark dot com. I let's see here what happened to the lip? Oh, Ellen Northern Virginia the great w I may I'll go hello, yes, go ahead, our mark beautiful, even in our horizon it. What I said a bureau, but even here, Northern Virginia. Are you whether man? Thank you, Sir Gawaine ahead. This up. Can I enjoyed your show on Sunday night on Fox. You seemed almost like a different person, though of just how TAT Party have a clash needed. What would you like rose and stained to do at this point? We rose and still can't do anything at this point. As I said the other day, the attorney general should step in. Take that part of it
ace. Now that mothers working on and give it to line prosecutors inside the Department of Justice. Now we're your defending man afford Did you even here when I just said no, I. But I'm not. If you must be a, you must be a cook, it's not that on defending manner for it it's the process. I have a problem with its, not that I'm defending design. It's the attacks on Amazon that I have a problem with its not that underfunding, Saint Clair. It's the way. A senator attack Sinclair that I have a problem with, can your mind filter that or value for exporters. Much better. I have explained this over and over again you're just dense other defending those people. Then budgets the people there. How can I defend a for it? I only know what the prosecution says there hasn't been a trial, but I know that tactics that were used against him were wrong, and I know that from my own experience
this also in Baghdad, a phone you Eddie, you now want to shut the hell up. You just go on and on and on because that's what liberals do you know what mark really liked your Sunday show you now watch in the Sunday show alienated like a different person area, because I don't have to talk to Guph balls like this out in the lab The only man I don't know man offered one I ever clarified No, I haven't, I said the same. Day in and day out day in and day out. That's continue show Michael January Virginia the great w I may I'll go Margo out. I apologize. Tat. Car use WMD own cause a bad name. I just about we're, not the What are you telling me about Dick Durban just in case
Well, then, when another news break comes onto the some gum somewhere, is not gonna. She won't I'll tell you what the common denominator is. The left is undermining the rule of law. The left is undermining the country. The left is advancing. Jonah. The party agenda and a good care less. Is undermining the rule of law? The left is undermining the country. The left is advancing its own agenda, the party agenda, and it could care less about anything else. Republicans too, and I go right before you Michael. He will defend every. Ass murder and their due process rides every terrorist and their due process right by manner for ya. Gonna get him. I hate to go down a conspiracy, rabbit Hall, but isn't a time. Some figures out the metaphor. I ve been a Trojan horse began. I don't think so, but as a group was working with them, our eyes, slowdown slowdown in color,
Wrong chauffeur this fidessa group may be working for he's not a trojan horse. If he was a Trojan horse, they wouldn't be chased them. Now. That's true you're right, I don't wanna, go around the conspiracy rather hope, but So you don't even kneel to look what's right in front of your face. Look what's goin on here. The grandmother then, and the statement from the governor YU, deeply troubled throughout briefly trouble for a poetic willing. I get government yep. Oh, it's rebellion. Don't you know, there's our resistance movement going on here. Yeah like the confederate Hey there there's a resistance movement I'll be right back you wake up and morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel bloated, tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit?
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dot com offer code Levin Easy. Now. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one In all signs are pretty bleak for the Republicans right now, I'm not making any prediction
I'm just saying: what's going on out there, you know our congresswoman Black in Tennessee, there's a pull out tonight that she's behind the likely Democrat opponent, whose a former governor of Tennessee by twelve points in Wisconsin A leftist was elected to the Supreme Court and their Supreme Court elections in Wisconsin or a big deal the way they are in Pennsylvania and so forth. And our friend, the governor Wisconsin Skywalker, has worn and is warning We're losing seeds and we're losing a big that we shouldn't be losing and you recall they lost. A republican state Senate, see there to a Democrat earlier. Am I state of Virginia.
The state assembly was sixty four Republicans and thirty. Six Democrats, you noted this today. Fifty one to forty nine, and the reason it's fifty one to forty nine and not fifty slash. Fifty is because it's not permitted to be fifty slash fifty, so they they drew straws or something of that sort and the Republican won. And a no name democratic, lieutenant governor, nobody knew who we was won by double digit. Now, what's the cause of this, why think it's a conflict? issues here. When you listen to the Democrats on tv and radio,
The crowd, politicians and the leadership they are doing everything possible to have all the hot buttons race, sex wealth, race, race, to try and turn out their constituent groups. That's what they're doing the doing it at the local level, the state level and the national level in what is a very well coordinated political offence. They have Donald Trump as the buggy man. Then, if only they could get rid of Donald Trump. We'd have equality. We'd have social justice. You'd have free education, free health care, as usual preaching utopia.
And of course, over the years and its now having a significant impact open borders under George W Bush and Morocco by with the support of Lindsey Grammont Mccain and many others has consequences chain. Migration has consequence. And is more and more people coming here become citizens their able to vote, and that's what they're doing also over the decades constant vaccination and our public school system and our colleges and universities. Through our media makes it
more and more difficult. Despite talk radio and despite Fox in some of these other places, to get a balanced viewpoint, then there's group think one of the places. Where it is incredibly difficult to have an honest debate these days is that our Europe, She's colleges, it's incredible. One of the places where it's really not possible to have an honest debate, is on most of our media platforms, despite the fact that their multitudinous. But there's another reason. There's another reason Republicans are losing across the country that, because of the Republican Party.
In particular Mitch, Mcconnell and, secondly, Paul Ryan. The democratic party cares about its base. It feeds its base, it nourishes its base. It embraces its base. The republican Party, the modern Republican Party, is a progressive party in it hates its base, it hates its base. John Vainer hated conservatives, particularly me Mcconnell hates conservatives, Paul Ryan has now defied conservatives, it hates its base. That's why you strangely need, within the House of Representatives a freedom caucus? What do you need a freedom caucus for the Republican supposed to stand for these are, but they don't they don't look at how many of them promoted and voted for that massive, unparalleled blow
budget airports puts billions and billions of dollars to left wing groups. Leftwing causes to the bureaucracy. More than Obama could have ever dreamed of, more than Obama could ever dreamed. Presently United States. In my view, foolish foolishly proposes one point: eight million new citizens out of illegal aliens, crazy, really. Where did Obama whatever have done, is not enough for the democratic, because it will never be enough for the democratic nothing's ever enough for the Democrat, and so the democratic use this to advance race. Baiting, that's what they do.
Even though Trop offered far more than Obama ever thought of offering trumpet the races Obama's the champion of the hispanic folks, They changed the nature, the voter, the natures, citizenship, some doktor nation and our government schools endless doktor nation coming through the book to. At most, a radio apart from talk, radio- and it has consequences, but mcconnell- is incapable of dealing with this and doesn't even care about Mcconnell does not care about it. Mcconnell is not a conservative. Mcconnell was a political operative. Much like Carl Rove he's a political operative and political operatives in the end fail by Carro failed.
In two thousand six, we lost the house, we lost the Senate, we lost the republic majorities that we had before George W Bush became president and before Rove was deputy chief of staff. The tea party conservative movement rose up spontaneously and what happened? We won the house back. One over thirty governorship. We won legislatures, we never one before we eventually took the Senate and of course we took the presidency and all along the way Ms Mckenna was attacking us, climbing we I have taken the Senate and twenty twelve back for the conservatives and the teapot. They miss Connell right now is a no show he's not anywhere to be found to defend his handiwork, But behind the scenes I know several senators he's a
she's, nasty man in the shadows, he's power hungry. Where there in the majority the monotony he just wants to be a player Peter Schweizer on here, though, explained. But then my Connell's are up to and their working with the chinese government and how they ve made an enormous amount of money. The family has its grotesque. So now Mcconnell those this interview for a Kentucky NEWS outlets Kentucky today. And in terms of the mid term elections for the Senate, he says the wind is going to be in our face. From a carnival blame conservatives, Mcconnell blame Trump economy, in the Democrats, but what Mcconnell won't do is look in the mirror and here's the sad truth.
He will remain these so called leader, the Republicans in the Senate for the rest of his life. If that's what he wants to do, if that's what he wants to do, they'll never ever get rid of him. A kind said you ve heard me say before that I thought the decision I made not to fill the Supreme Court vacancy when Justice Scully died was the most consequential decisions. I made my tire political career thanks. I will ask the longest time those are my top priority. So. Then, why didn't you just leave after he did that? Why didn't you just leave their many top priorities. Ladies and gentlemen, the debt is a top priority.
Is that a lasting Mcconnell legacy, yes, it is securing the borders are top priority. Is that a lasting Mcconnell legacy that lack thereof? Yes, it is. Failing to properly fund the military Junta. Look Obama wasn't off sore attain look! I don't have sixty scented. Look. I don't have this look. I don't know that That's not a leader, that's not a statesman! That's not a general! Let's, not anything! It's a fake! That's a any area! Any monkey can sit there if you have eighty Republicans. But you're never gonna have eighty Republicans. We ve never had sixty republicans the most we ve never had. I went through this worthy. The other day is fifty five. Fifty five: he is a fake, later in the United States Senate he's failed us
cause you use, enshrine so many of Obama's objectives and even gone beyond Obamacare. They can talk about the individual mandate. All they want. That's like ten or fifteen percent of the american people, the vast majority. You are unaffected, Obamacare, still killing your healthcare system. What the hell are they do about? You know what they did about: Lamar Alexander one of the fun Obama care to the fullest and help the insurance companies is a free trader. I believe in competition, I believe, in markets. Even within the country. That's subsidies. Obamacare is here to stay open borders are here to stay. Massive bureaucracy is here to stay. Plan parenthood here to stay
a huge stay funded like never before so here's. My point Mitch Mcconnell should be congratulated. He should be congratulated. Paul Ryan should be congratulated. They both should be congratulated not by us, but by the as I have left the Democrats and the media in all arrest because they have deliberate for the left, like Obama could not deliver. Left, and this is why republicans are in trouble, and this is why they may get their asses kick from seed, a shining c, and now I'm out of consultants on tv and radio telling us we gotta reviving out of everybody, you gotTa Republican is likely to reverse it. Now my grave concern.
It, should the Democrats take the house and I've told you this a thousand times the president will be in serious danger, Toby and serious serious danger And whether you like our president or not with agree with them all the time and that he does not deserve to be impeached, he hasn't done anything. This is a fabrication. This entire effort on collusion on Russia on obstruction is a fabrication and if we allow our republic, to turn into some kind of third World Banana Republic joke. We are going to suffer the consequences for this. The President of United States, is campaign,
his administration has been investigated, based on a fabrication the prior administration and its activities with the IRS fast and furious, and so much else was never investigative. There was never a special account so cannot be the case that the left to send our governments skate for state straight away, no matter the consequent, but a guy like trappers and from day one is under investigation as they train handicap as administration. If we lose the house we lose the Senate. Are we lose one or the other? You can thank the current republican leadership,
and many of the men and women who march behind them and will not challenge them. They will cause the disease, I'll be right, back
Let us go to duty, Delaware. The great w g M D. Go hey. I must make the public life I was on the right and the driver love it. I'm all good teacher and your whole show up with teachers strengthened with Spain, and I watched you I kept thinking a red day. There has to be some conservative teacher then voted for Trump in those days. Not all teachers are in love with the union left Politic, like myself, Arthur any conservative minded teacher image,
to use a strike. Yes, but there's nothing they can do. What can they do? Want went back and I heard somewhere wants to show true that about a third of the teachers are Republicans in putting aside the conservative nomenclature, but they are overwhelmed because the unions are controlled by the left as Democrats, the any aid in the area of tea. These are hard core left wing, Democrat entities, and as you, if you watch the shows you did on live in tv, which is part of sea our tv. You saw that I had the charts and how all the money they point, the democratic campaigns and I even went through Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat and went on and on and on and on so they're, not Striking in New York there not striking in California, they pretty much get everything they want bankrupt. Those states anyway, now they're striking an oak and
turkey in the earlier and West Virginia there thinking about it in Arizona and it's all time for the mid term elections to to get out the vote to get people to get people really. To get them a result, resolve and and and and work em up and and that's what they're doing, but where our future Are they just by all? I ask you: where are you I don't know? I mean my fate isn't having any major action right now, but I can buy, as a teacher, let's say, you're to union closer strike. What can you do? Well that the top one I mean by the way. It's not only teachers, you got conservative, cops, conservative, firefighters, conservative, private sector, you they got conservatives in their there too. That's the problem, you know you'll some people, like robber ratio, will tell you. Unions represent the workers in Ireland, The union's don't even represent their members. Now you think the case of coming up. You think that,
he sat at all cry. It would help with respect to public sector units, no question about it and they, cases about whether or not the government, can allow unions to withdraw from PETE. Employees, salaries, dues without them, where's approval and then a member has to go back and basically fight to get their dues back. So there's a challenge at that. Unconstitutional, I think it is My friend, I appreciate your call, Our return, jobs and software pools. Well. So, if you're, a fool, don't oh h, seven, seven, three aid! One for you! one one
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Save you a lot of money to that's the point. Let's take some more calls here see here. That's gotta They are the great W B say: go. How are you let me The question is: are you listening to my show, live on Debbie ABC or the Rangers? Now I'm listening to you show on very good, even offering a hundred forty miles away, or so, unfortunately, my more local station doesnt. Have you any longer so the lesson that we already see which comes in Well, you better static, but I'm sorry. I asked Guarana answer. Thank you I was just going to say that I really think that the republican leadership wouldn't mind losing one of the houses of Congress in Encino November. It's no better way to derail the Trump agenda, then for them to no longer have majority You believe, a political parties in the business of losing elections. Well,
like when it isn't that a strange political part without a doubt when it comes to people like my car when the lion now, I could definitely see them having that, as you know, a way of again cutting off an agenda that they just refused to agree with, even though they pretend that they do not. Right. Sir appreciate your call. Philip Louisville, Kentucky on the market of inner, go, I mark, I'm alive, I'm listening military, I Mustn T only Mark will then out, like is thank. You fired, carry me. I really appreciate the three thanks for your service. Sure I earlier today, you know day job shedding light on roads and time and just how quickly the he appointed a special council. You know,
with any, was under pressure from the Democrats. A guy just buckled like a coward dinner, will serve. You re dead, the headlines from the current, basically serving under pressure from like the congressional pressure, also you make it sound like he was a victim. You know like he had no choice. His hands are tied. Appointing mauler I like to call a bullet. Just this drive me crazy that no one has pointed out the fact that you know this shed light on him doing so quickly. And then only on the other hand, general recruitment, Jesus himself and adjust coming back from them Other special council anything but applies the Hilary or the Democrats there are there not be embedded in northern immunity. Is that her staff with
I just goes on and on and on eight years of just pure hail from me under the Obama administration in their comments just made to give a high trough and do their job? Yeah well looks like a prompt me. I appreciate Recall Philip Dan and LAS Vegas, serious satellite harry you mark an honor. Thank you. I I work for infants some capacity for school district out. Here I go from school to school and I wanted to share a few things that I share with you today, I wonder I must be a cop. No you're, not a cop and another guy, but I've gotta happens all the school and are I saw a few things today show you. What I believe is that these kids come on a high school primed and ready to go for the democratic left. This
You know that they have them for six hours a day and age, It is right when they want them. There were two murals in school painted by the kids. One of them said a world without borders is a world full of love, so this was painted in two thousand seven What the kids, all you know, put their signatures on the bottom and data two thousand savagely and though was a map of the world than and it was you know it was just the people holding hands in and what not. But I just found out everything I wanted actually to take a picture of it and send it to you. I thought you'd get a kick out of it, actually not a cake, but be terrified of this. And another one of them urals sat on one or the other, now, one of the other hallways is sad. You know we all
together with helping hand or something along those lines, and it was pictures you know, kids painted hands and within the hands there the hands were painted with different flags from the world. I was in particular for one flag and it was missing. You know, and one that was U S. It was the. U S flag, was not on that wall jar Dan appreciate your car, and I get the point. It's quite quite depressing. Quite upsetting a mean that I'm not gonna. Look look at the country today, Why is there so much conflict Why is there so much confrontation in this magnificent country.
And the reason is, we have an ideology that that thrives on it factor it would fail, but for a confrontation- and I talked about this before- excuse me-. And it starts in the classroom? We ve got to figure out how to break up. You know they tie we're gonna break. My amazon you're focused on the wrong. Damn thing. All the monopolies, there really are of consequence and affect us Really vital ways are within the federal government. The federal we have a monopoly of government education so Have these monopolistic unions now early on. When there are developing the antitrust laws at the federal level for the first time.
Theodore Roosevelt, who was a progressive, refused to agree to allow these antitrust laws to cover unions. And so you get something like the any aid starts out as a professional association, how it's a thug operation to thug operation shuts down, schools dictates contracts what goes on in the classroom. I can't go on in the classroom. What goes on a recess? What can go on a recess, not turn back? Teachers I'm talking about the I guess they run the any. I like the crooked cop. Around the FBI for appeared a time and you look at these mayors cities, these sanctuary, cities. That's sanctuary, cities, citizen,
Don't go there for sanctuary criminals, go there, their criminal havens, they're, not sanctuary cities and worse yet they're, not even american criminal, their fire and criminals The fund will be bad enough. We get in the way here international debate over something as simple as sure we secure our border nation debates that every nation security which border watch the debate watched them? we watch as the left at the local level and at the federal level, early destroys a city literally destroys Baltimore Maryland the former president, the former attorney general
the former considerably area. The president forget her name, look what they ve done. This great city people are leaving another left wing, Nirvana Utopia All of its unnecessary all of its unnecessary free speak. Where does free speech exist here several places, but were what does not exist? Are most college campuses. You cannot have open. Free debates there more propaganda, males, now indoctrination mills and we spend hundreds
billions of dollars every year on public education at all levels, hundreds of billions of dollars and have absolutely no damn say about any of it. We ve got tenure teachers, wicker tenure, professors we ve got tenured administrators, we ve got public sector unions, we ve got scoreboard for the most part words like crap. We got administrators, you don't look out for the kid, but they look out for the teachers. I'm telling you the truth, farther exceptions. Of course, my mother was a teacher, got a lot of teachers and my family, but they're not left wing cokes And so we don't even control what our kids learn when their away from us most of the day.
Sanctuary cities open borders threaten the threatening us speech on college campuses and university, on law and order. And, of course, the use of racism. This nations fabric is being shredded its being torn to shreds, and that is the purposeful marxist left agenda programme. Division for the thousands time is the Bastard Charta Marxism. They reject our principles. I reject our values, they reject our beliefs, achieving controversial. If you say now, you know what,
Boys what, though, you know what I can agenda Toyota, go to the boys room and the girls, but there are: what are you? What are you discriminating discriminate against? What against whom everything's up for grabs? Nothing stable, the law is not stable. The culture is not stable. Nothing stable, nothing. And when you read Hegel and when you read Mark so when you read Rousseau and when you read a white skin, you read all these people. You know exactly why you must destroy that which is in order to create your utopia. Is this. This kind of simpleton kind of language I mean is this really is persuading people? Apparently it is, I listened to the sky Bernie Sanders Free College, Free healthcare, everyone,
biomedical once again. Third great, what do when a candy store? Is this this kind of simpleton kind of language I mean is this really is persuading people. Apparently it is fairly persuasive. We have law makers who don't make laws. The vast majority laws in this country are not made by law. Because there may be a fourth branch of government that doesn't even exist in the United States Constitution, the administrative state you got a guy over there. The EPA is try to control what's going on and the pic and underpaid, it's over. There he's hang out. There are picking up the pieces. I don't care what he ate. I don't care about his lease. I don't care what damage appointed talk. What do you think of that
They cared about prior EPA administrators because they were left wing radical coach. Nobody cares about. Hypocrisy about Gore: nobody cares about the hypocrisy, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Worn and all their lives and fabrications. So I'm supposed to get worked up about the EPA administrator because the guy is trying to do a good job hell. No, I everybody who tries to stand up to this leviathan, whether its trump, whether it's the freedom cockers, whether it's the guy at the EPA, whether it's me come under these withering assaults, personal character, attacks worth the left and the people who build this monster,
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The genocide that calm, that's genocide, dot com Mark for Wayne Indiana Ex M Satellite go you live in her. You re all right. Thank you, Sir You know what I enjoy listening to you, but sometimes I air I get a lot of people give us teacher, star time and I'm one of the ones that gives them the store, Constitution Tunisian, that teaches them. Question: to look for the truth in In all things around you, so you know it is hard to take. Sometimes when people have been agreed and and put us in that bad position. As a teacher, while Sir look people talk about talk House a certain way. They talk about the military, a certain way. They talk about the cops a certain way, and I owe
over and over again say there are good teachers but- and there sir We know denying what the any is up to the age of two years. Up to these are powerful, powerful unions who man These things on election day, who makes. There is enormous funds to advantage the Democratic Party in democratic candidates and I'm sorry tell you this, but you. Be doing that in your classroom, but there's a lot of awful stuff gone on in our school systems that are degrading our his and undermining our morals, and I agree with you gotta per se- and and do everything in my daily teachings too, to overcome that, and you are one of the great teachers, because I had some good teachers, just like you said the kooks by the way, but its very. Important what you're doing, because you can influence you a hundred two hundred five hundred kids during the course career- and you don't know become very, very important, influential people down the road. So thank you mark.
I shall return. Now run them. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader how everybody Mark Levine here our number seven hundred and seventy three eight hundred and thirteen eight thousand one hundred and eighteen, seventy seven thousand three hundred and eighty one One on by the way. Nine hundred and thirty p dot m Eastern six hundred and thirty p dot m. I will be unhappy on the Fox NEWS Channel. Also you want to check out live in tv. I considered truly an exceptional show.
That's out there for those of you who want to watch it, and while I'm here this Sunday. Am, I a life liberty and live in on Fox ten pm. Eastern Sarah Palin, that's gonna, be great. It's gonna be great She can have an opportunity to speak that being in Iraq. Dead without being attacked without being ridiculed. So I think you want to hear this Senator Paine when she's she's, terrific, now? I want you to hear Bernie Sanders now. You know they know ridicule Bernie Sanders Mona, he's treated with the utmost respect, despite the fact that he is a communist. Don't you understand, he's a democratic socialist. I know what he is. I know what he is and I know who he is like Durban. I know what he is and I know who he is.
But he's Bernie Sanders. I want you to think about Bernie Sanders and, as an end, Does he remind you of a fifth greater third, greater in a candy store, cut, tango visual one presidency why All one sees its legislation.
Now stop now. Why would that be? Why did the Democrats lose a thousand seats now listen to this go ahead. And your significant, why where'd you go the legislation Well, just listen to this. It's the agenda of the billionaire class. They just voted for this mass was spending. They have kept Obama care, they haven't undone a damn. Then they ve spent more than Obama. Could even dream of the republican Party? Is
Promoting the agenda of the billionaire class now the idea that a relatively competent back bencher Republican, Cancun Front these pathetic and bizarre and absurd ma. Sis oriented arguments, is part of the problem. The billionaire class There are more a billionaire Democrats. Our billionaire conservatives, gauges no conservative resources, no conservative buffets, no concern you look at the top millionaires in this country, The majority are Democrats or levels are, what have you got picked? A cobra,
and another one here or there, but the multi billion. Most of them are Democrats. Now. Why, without me, well really quite simple. Just because you have multi billions of dollars doesn't mean your constitution list. Doesn't even mean your capitalist. Need. You found a way to make multi billions of dollars. And you'll do whatever you have to do to make it and do whatever you have to do to protect. That doesn't mean that you are committed to the principles of capitalism. Many people get richer in this country off of government. Many people get rich on this tree by destroying their competition through government regulation like many people wanted to, Roy Amazon, because they fear they would make more.
Honey. If there wasn't an Amazon woke too bad Amazon isn't there for them, and it's not their plaything to kill. You want to take it on you taken on through competition. You know million people taking on Amazon through competition- that's quite considerable anyway! That's not my point so for Bernie Sanders problem with the Democratic Party is their model you see because the Republicans keep winning, even though represent the billionaire class he's a full, but who always talk about classes? that's the indoctrination indignation where there are no classes, there's no care system. Where anyone can fail in anyone can succeed. We don't have a clear system in those countries
four Bernie Sanders. He will insist on it, he'll insist on it and if you did gray with him. You must be part of the billionaire class. He is a vapid, the foolish old man and an old red. That's what he is. That's what he I'll say it. Nobody also say, but that's what are you his positions are predictable, a knee jerk whether to support for ass against the Israelis or his support for we shall lose em against capitalism. I will tell you this. We have tried to approach Bernie Sanders to come on my Sunday, Russia, I've been desperate to get him on my Sunday shown. I would treat him with absolute respect. I.
Discusses ideology: I want to discuss the philosophers, he believes it, but he won't come on. He won't do it and you ve seen the Sunday show it's a very substantive intellectual enterprise because they don't want to debate these things. They want to give speeches and they want to put down other people. I wanted to be These things I want to get into it now with an idiot who cause me by the name of our says he wants to talk about Sinclair Ngos off on other stuff? That's Aoun! You know what I mean so that's Bernie sailor, the billionaire class, the republican stand for the billionaire class. Now the republican stand for government.
The Republic stand for government, that's who they are, that's what they do now doesn't mean. The radical marxist doesn't mean the radical progressives, but their progressive. Nonetheless,. An Bernie Sanders. I mean the idea that you get forty five percent of the vote of the Democrats, who are running that tells you everything you need to know how bad things are Bob. Auto more Maryland. The great w c b em go mark this evening. The earlier. You mentioned that mauler seems to be aiming Or political indictment of president Tromp, by issuing guidance to the Congress,
on a page by issuing a report which provides with Congress, needs to try and do the Trump up the trumped up charges, no pun intended there, but that's what I think they're up to where I think that that may explain why President tromp is saying that he would like me where, MR more not that he necessarily will, but I think, he's a forward looking and may be trying to express that thought. That sentiment, for the purpose of our public consumption that if there is such a report that so he should set himself up for perjury trap for public consumption. Now, what I'm saying is he is expressing a bit, but Sir he's he's. Not writing the report. The prosecutors writing the report. What makes you think that he comes in there and says his stuff? That's gonna be accurately reflected he's, not writing the report. He doesn't get that he doesn't get to edit it he doesn't get to put it it doesn't get to review is key.
I dont understand you're the second guy who's made this point. Another one did yesterday, I'm thinking of. Am I missing something you're going in front of somebody who wants to take you down and use always doing this, because you know public consumption on the report? Will he's not gonna have any control over that's what I'm saying is at this point in time President trumpet saying that I would like to meet with Mr Mulder, but that doesn't mean that he will. But what I'm saying is for What how does that help? Well because it might to soften the public perception of Mr Tromp. Even one more word. Does produces report, while you're not making any sense to make. So he says yeah I want to meet with smaller, but then you say he won't an idle softened. The public perception of the report I this is incongruous to mainstreaming incense for public,
consumption. What's for public concern that it that he sang, I want to be with them and then not me with a well. Is it they charge, as you said, would be obstruction of justice. So by saying wall from his present trampling I'd like to meet with Mister Waller cried, Sir thanks for you. I got this doesn't make any sense to me, and you can see, is having difficulties repeated three times, but it's not right. Am I missing something rich, so you meet with the prosecutor. Has the but he did destroy you, but you do it for public conception, but actually it dont me with the prosecutor. You save me with a prosecutor, but dont me with the prosecutor to soften up the public soften up the public for one for one. Prosecutor rights, the report and says: there's probably obstruction here to lay out the case for them. Pete it doesn't it's not it's not it's not click, and it's not one steps not following the next is one I'm trying to say.
Pat Clearwater Florida, Syria satellite go ahead, Mark S, daughter, Are you are you are? You are probably the best thing that happened. The top radio in a long time, but I That is why I get here what you're talkin about right now we're smaller thank you, my leg or at home. Are you here you, because I go back to Bob Graphic Great Bob, grant you never let these lists. We'll get on your show, I wonder Stringham maybe ideas all free just got rid of all. Can I tell you Something pat- and I was among, I think, by grants, good friends for long and I don't sit here and say bar granted this bar granted there, but I can tell you here instinctively I listen to these people. I think to myself them almost already. All the media platforms talk show how seem too
think that they're going to come a very well that its eight balanced debate, if they let these fools go on and on. If somebody's gonna talk for twenty, seconds, and they really are a fool. I know it My time, I wouldn't do it. My private life went to how would I do it on the radio? That's my point: they sent these guys are a so called conservative offshore house. Listen at EU level. Knuckles they let him get a point across data data. Railway stir, like they're, like robots locks, that the left is locks that I don't care What goes on what does not go in and they don't want to have a debate let's beyond, when I get one who wants to have a debate? Fine, but they bounce they're trying to score points
Settle down, let's get into this, but they don't want to. I wondered: how are you yes, as President Tromp Hawaii, didn't support and a primary I supported. Crews rang president charm should have got rid of call me. What's Stein Garden, knucklehead caution in where Stedman knucklehead statement that used to work, tromp, the attorney general. What was his name tat? You mean sessions I mean holder, However, our byword for Obama why the corruption, in Benghazi everything that was done under that administration and nothing. Nothing has been done. Two seconds after the election. What are democrats going on in this game about The Russians girl, wild and the election, it's the biggest if it's the biggest
political scam and modern american history. It's unbelievable breath worse there back up plan. Terry salary lost the election day. Had this thing down tat, I think you're right. I think you re right near american people are sitting here like a bunch of dummies. Listen to me, local hedge, the Congress when they want to go back and forth? You did this, who died duties. This remit, you shall Markham suddenly to overshadow the middle or seventy two I've been looking at the talk charm and paying attention to politics for years that democratic everyone, this country, since nineteen sixty four. The people that are poor now owe to the democratic because they were poor back then they created more poverty, while this forward Bologna, give away money that they give to these people,
That is what they have done to the contrary, that basically what I am you are right, Peabody and I really appreciate your car, I gotta run we'll be right back Peter Green, exert Arizona, exam satellite go more european, terrific job level. A quick question than all day long, listen, there's trouble how to test if I can be subpoenaed and because why did quite unjustified, set his himself Well, because Clinton was. First, a civil suit, and he declared his innocence and he decided to fight the civil suits everyone through that deposition.
In terms of the interview with the was star. Yes, he he agreed in our view based our, but you know what there is there's a difference here. President Trump hasn't done anything now. There's no blue dress, there's nothing there zero so I be curious to know what they want him the testify about. So if they issue a subpoena, The challenge to subpoena taken to court course there turn, constitutional things you can raise. It would probably fall over time, but if you're gonna exe Tina a present of the United States to testify in front of a federal grandeur. You damn well, but I have some good reasons to do it and we you don't. Any underlying crimes, you better some damn good reason and if you're gonna accuse them of a destruction than you better, have a statute that spells out what you mean by obstruction, and there is one- and it is
nothing to do with it. Allegations that Mr Mulder will put into his report. So if I were advising the president I'd say: stand firm tries to subpoena. You were going to challenge it We're gonna wanna know what undercut lying crimes that relate to you we are also going to want to know what the exactly it is that Mr Mulder thinks that you know because the fact of the matter is. Front, doesn't know anything about any of this stuff You know anything about any of this stuff. Mahler knows, times more than trump those, because mothers been interviewing his staff, his campaign, guys Those who young oligarchy in and everything else you're going to drag a present in front of the federal grand jury and create a spectacle like There is another thing you could do. You know you ready for this. You know what.
I'm then explained it to you want to hold on Peter after the bottom of the hour, because I think is very important and I want to state its all the so called constitutional experts, the Golan Cable TV, repeated, ok, navigable, driveway, What the hell are you you hang on I'll help you I'll, be right back! you really don't. They jump the constitution, I live in Joe calmly now at eighty seven Three eight one, three eight one one well pack season, obviously, and for Russian, his wife, taxis and brings
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optimum tax relief at eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred eight hundred four nine sixty three hundred. That's eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred remember in one hour: nine thirty, eastern time, I will be unhappy tv on the Fox NEWS Channel. Let's bring Peter from Phoenix Back Peters, making a very good point. Peter sang luck, I'm watching tv, I'm hearing can't say no to the prosecutor Cosmos in a human dragline, friendly, grand jury, Correct Peter, Here's your answer further, others, And here is the answer I would use, and here is what I would do. The president. We have two memorandum from the Department of Justice written by an office called the officer legal counsel. This is the office within the Justice Department than handles constitutional.
And for the Department of Justice and the presence of the United States, We have two memorandum, Peter one during a Democrat Administration one. During a republican administration, they concluded that you cannot indicted sitting. President ok you're with me, the only bring em up. So I can speak term you with me Peter now, if he Canada sitting president, why you dragging in front of a grand jury? Now The lawyers out there might say he could be a witness right, bring front of the grand jury testifies a whit a witness to what I witnessed was his own firing of coming. Well, that's absurd! Ok, what I witnessed a firing which was constant, but we're beyond that. Member we're talking about coat Talking about what Mahler wants to do so or not,
Supreme Court were not at an APOLLO court, where I right now we're right there at the bottom level to trial and and so they say well make a witness. Witness to what happened to Lieutenant general flow, witness to what he fired Flynn. In other words, there is no point. So I would argue the present the United States can't be indicted according to the Department of John It's all memoranda. Two memorandum issued by two different administrations and you A subpoena hindering appear in front of a federal grand jury to do what. And so that would be my argument. Could then I am. I go all the way to the Supreme while it depends, doesn't it Enzo another resent it depends mean if it they keep pressing the case they go into federal. Recording and they go to the power coordinating, go all the way- the Supreme Court. Of course, I period
it's for your card. That is a bad thing on radio paw gains well Florida, the great Ws K. Why go yeah, I mark Paul gas, Yeah we know I already said that yeah, I'm a fan of yours, you believe, you're Yankee, Edward ARM Moreau on I don't know about that. Forgets that Algeria yeah well, I'm You are a great delight in a very dull universe that I'm telling you Not only that you ve got a great sense of humour, probably one of the fund Guys, I know I'm planet while pointing out what I'm, what I'm your and thank you so much for taking my call, I've been Thank you, for God knows, twenty years, and I can't be more and fifteen, but I appreciate that I went back before that. I got you on a couple of shows when I would be on Hannity in Russia, show us and so forth.
Very well Hannity and comes, I used to go on there and they say Paul from Florida and they rush man. Why? I do not? anyhow listen what world is going on with call me why. Why isn't this guy locked up? Why is mauler doing what he's doing? I sit back and I wanted to say that you you're not politically correct whatsoever and you're you're like a kindred Zol, because neither am I and I think these bombs oughta be locked up. Call me he's not gonna be locked up unless they can get him on a year on some kind of a contempt obstruction, perjury, false statements and so forth since it is not a special council, at least not yet investigating the conduct of call me and the other bad,
so they were at the head of the fbi- that's not in the cards right now, but look at trade now d I mean this guy is in company- is how I know it's when he first came on the market place, I said well. Finally, he looked down at sea. He had the right demeanor, but after I listened to your many like a wimp, when I heard him before Congress a couple of days ago, I'm saying what are we trying to remember I'm reminding people he gave to nominating speeches for Albania for Speaker the house? Yes, any use also telling he's telling com to go out there and talk to Mahler. Are you crazy I mean that's absurd. Why would I want to talk to Mueller whatsoever? It's a it's a it's a question that Mueller wants to get him on, something where he says something wrong
We never eat that every day you and I step out of our bed Stuy our shoes and guess what we're probably guilty of five minor crimes he's got to keep looking and looking and looking. If I go to the toilet the wrong way, there are now hold on our own. Now, here's the thing Paul. You would think it's be the opposite. If you are investing in your president and administration in the campaign, every. Minor, jaywalking shouldn't be relevant, should it Isn't it a busy man he's trying to protect the country from North Korea, China right now engaged in a battle from Russia, to deal with the arrangements over to take up the president's time with stupid stuff. What it's stupid stuff is really unconscionable are. Call. Thank you. Buddy pre, shaggy, very much Dave
Saint Paul Minnesota, the great k, L, T F, go good evening MAR Greater Cartier and think forgotten. That call I d like to have a simple, dna and the ah, what at the empty I they paddler. Ah there union now, there's really no such things a feather national union. So they have these. You in the union's had her in the various states and then they are affiliated with the national. You are, I don't even wire because We're not remember one Ronald Reagan had to deal with the air traffic control and what did he do fired them? Now the problem is and allow these states not all of them there right to strike provision alot of these contracts, but in some of these states, there's not- and I agree with you.
I agree with you: don't have a right to strike and you're in a public sector. Union public sector unions are different, the private unions, public sector unit. We are told that what what the federal government state government, local governments do, our absolute necessities, and every year we coughing up a more more property taxes and so forth to fund them, and yet, when they go on strike all of a sudden where the kids could miss seven days of school, twelve days of school, what's the big deal or we can shut down these roads. What's the big deal, it's a big deal and public sector unions with the power to strike didn't exist fifty years ago. Right and we are you going idea about better employed, the he rejected it, he rejected it. John Kennedy who buckled under well? Now at the beginning, I my friend thank you for your car, get some good colleagues here
Daniel Wisconsin serious satellite go believing mark tonight, you created a pretty negative and defeated portrait on your show and soup. So what are we supposed to do mean in regard to the mid term in regard to the government monopolies, such as a department of vat and even in regard to a whiteness camping, but first of all you an adult correct, and so you call a talk, show hosting you say: what can I do right right? Well, first thing at them. Think for yourself. I don't know what you can do. I've talked about convention of states in article fiery and robbed and that yes, I'm ok, let's a good thing to be in London, but there's no magic wand that I can wave just cause. I'm a talk show host, I M a tv host or if I were a politicians and so forth, that's
The problem, if I had the answer, do you think I'd be sitting behind the microphone? Mary had been profit if war Oh I'd be profiting, or you know, you're a jack is get off the phone you for really. I mean that profiting more pathetic. When people say to me, what can I do? What can I do? I ask: what are you doing? I'm on the air. I tell you everything that I can tell you everything that I know everything. That's in my brain I tell you of a movement out there that has millions and millions of members and that guy's, not a member convention of states. Article five, I think that's the best response we have, but I don't know of any other. I dont know many others. If somebody does, they should tell me.
But you know, I'm not like Bernie Sanders. Recalls your idly answer. We got a national eyes, they should all this notion is. I have ideas, but what do we do? What do we do? What are we do? Try wrote the liberty amendments. Now that gentleman thinks it's easy to write a book to spend sixteen months of his life and weekends and holidays and nights from ten p m to three in the morning. Writing a book he thinks I want to go. I make money off the book least amount of money. I make us off my book then he ought to do it if it so. It is rather than call me and attack me. That's gonna well long Island, the Great W Abc go ahead. I thank you. Meanwhile, the tiny and the entire world. I commend your client Donald Trump.
Gamala our interview with smaller and anyway. Ok, you would be the last thing as an addition. I agree with you that completely goes beyond goes pass every war being an attorney. I mean the first of the space to back the political climate that wine is not favourable. Dowager Digital Wanna trip him about anything and turn them into a scooter, Libya or a bill Clinton, and why not the getting any way that they can trip him up and turn anything. You say up with didn't like that: what they do, ok, so any attorney. That would do something like that. Shouldn't even be returning hurried, Donald Trump needs to deny and any interview with Malta for as long as you possibly can until there is until they take it to the Supreme Court, and they tell him that he has to interview or testify in some way. Then that there is no speaking time period. Sir. I agree with your fundamental point why, when an attorney recommend, I mean, I know how many more times say this. Why would an attorney
recommend and send his client in front of this guy? I dont know I brother thanks for you I'll be right back Here's your college, educating millions of Americans on freedom in the constitution, economics, history in other areas, through their free online courses, know many of you have taken one they also teach. National staff and other leaders. Constitutional principles at their Hills deal Kirby Centre in Washington you see and you can visit that centre and check up the Federalist papers to great place and I'm sure you ve heard how Hills dose partnering would charter schools too they stood on their main campus is required to study the constitution rather than burn it. Regardless of whether their major is and music chemistry math
Alex English or of anything else, hills does all this as part of their mission to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty to help Americans become better citizens to preserve freedom, now they're sending a cow, Be the constitution and declaration of independence to every middle and high public school principle in America, along with an offer to provide free copies for every student. Now, learn how you can help in this effort and how you can get your own copy of hailstones Pocket constitution to keep or give away at Levine for hailstone back COM, Levine for Hills doubt that calm! That's l, e, the iron pray Hills Del Dotcom. Well, let's continue Fort Myers Florida. What's going on to well marvel they. I can't believe I got for the first time I ever calls and it's an honor to be able to speak to you. Thank you
it and I did my local radio station night. You point FILA wink at them. They preempted your radio station Here you are on a radio from eight to ten well there's someone you're on from six to nine eastern time. This happens from time to time, but anyway, I don't want to attack when you feel it tell me, what's going on, My dog years time. He's lying by much I'd right now, I just I don't wanna put him down struggling, and I just can't put him down. So hard lemme. Ask you what's what's wrong with the dawn. After he had kept He's not eating is barely.
Drinking water. I'm probably got up that got him down tomorrow? Monies diesel oil oil, He just all go mark papers or how. Busy working, it is during thirteen March sex. What can a dog he's our talk. A laboratory, relax name is Booker book. I rescued him when he was two years old Adam for eleven years, I would actually have an ex girlfriend you took on the kind of seawater broke up whether and how to go pick them up and running again. He's you, buddy maize, he's my everything, not cry, but listen. It is hard
you about the cry with you. I read your book or restrooms flight, but I decided to my sister because she she lost. It augurs well. She was up and eagerly, but I know that I know that I know that. Killing your best friend, that's what he is he's my best friend I will. I will tell. I'll tell you that people are listening, who completely understand you and are very upset and they notice, as they are a political educational, show. But we are you for going going there past because various verrier everything I do
boil they are so oil. I just feel tat book I'll. Tell you what ten It's really not you doing this he's he's leaving in the harbor is to know when he should leave cause. You don't wanna play God, and I don't wanna play God. And you don't want to make a mistake. Listen, not eating and he's not drinking, Had a little baby in his name was Griffin. And sometimes I dread that I let him stay too long because he stopped eating and he stopped drinking too and they will starve to death. But TIM you'll make the right decision. Whatever you do, as you have a big hardness, is your beautiful baby
and we all pray for you and wish you will stay with Booker aright folks, I'll see you tomorrow see on fox and thirty minutes and we wish him all the best goblet.
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