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On Friday’s Mark Levin show, democrats do have a plan to get President Trump out of office, and this is why they support the Robert Mueller probe. But it takes a two-thirds vote in the Senate to remove a president, which won’t happen. The objective of Mueller’s investigation is to indict the president, humiliate him by dragging him to court and then get him to resign. The framers wanted a mechanism to remove a president if necessary, but not to have a president threatened day in and day out with impeachment, which is what’s happening today. Also, the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel calls in to discuss her reporting that there may have been an FBI spy interacting with the Trump campaign in 2016. The DOJ and FBI outright hid this critical information from a congressional investigation last year. Are we living in Venezuela or Cuba now? Finally, Matt McCall calls in to discuss his run for the 21st Congressional District of Texas against Chip Roy.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. I maintain my living here. I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, one one. This is gonna, be a hell of a show. I hope, you'll stay with us on this. I'd. I don't put my foot on the brake when I type in the break here were hidden again pill. And I was on Sean Haiti's tv show last night on the Fox NEWS Channel.
And when I was speeding from the radio bunker to the tv studio bunker to do the show. I was thinking about how to approach this issue about mode. Those of you who listen to this programme on a regular basis. You know we ve been really on the cutting edge of this, and I will explain that a little later too, act, every significant part of this investigation. We ve been on the cutting edge. And I want you to listen to this just a few minutes so You weren't able to watch it last night. Some of you did, but it's important ties this because little he foundational to the rest of what I want to talk about, and I think what you ll notice Also is one I lay out these things when I try- take these very, very complicated issues related to the constitution.
Criminal law the Details of criminal law and so forth, and so on. I try to make them as understandable as possible and we're typically happens is in its quite fascinating. I don't time to listen all these other house, but MR producer does. Everybody else does, and I get email is that the repeated in the end they wind up in the conversation- and this is a good thing- they wind up in the conversation most of the people in this business are not constitutional scholars. Most of them the read the constitution from beginning to end people of people in this business, do not understand the intricacies of criminal law. Impeachment diamonds Jerry trials and all the rest and
It is important that when I present these things that I do it accurately, but it's important that I do it. Because most of the others have no idea what you're talking about and it's not have put down they d a lot of other things about other things, but in Sarah they dont, know very much so it's very port. In that I do it. Because I want you- after all, the eight- a half million people who listen to this programme every week and that's just terrestrial radio, digital sigh. We have even though seven million eight million, that I come in Katy with you and that you communicate it with your family members and friends and cohorts and so forth. So this is what I said. On Hannity show last night, as I thought through where She's, going with smaller and trump we're out cut, one go
When I read the judge on Friday, I thought of you years ago. You wrote it incredible book men and black, and you wrote, The liberty amendments recently, then an american tyranny. What some liberty, Marseille here, how many of them? Ok now these are all great books, cause you're, a constitutional scholar, you see what is happening. You heard what that judge said Friday they're putting the screws to Maniford. It has nothing to do with collusion. They want them to sing, be careful because it not just sing he may compose, and I was proud of that Judge but that judge nailed it, and now you see Sarah Carter's report tonight, com and Mahler Coordinating, tell me why this is so wrong and the oil Let's hope the judge is not just a guy, bag and actually does something about what he said. Let's try all back if we well for a few minutes to the constitution. Ok, because that's the bottom line- and this is where it's gonna- why not
the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, really have to answer some fundamental questions. This investigation. Mr Waller wants to interview the president and you the interview him under the most onerous circumstances. What is the purpose of an interview like that, based on those forty, nine general areas whose purpose? is to invite the president. Now what the purpose of inviting the president to try the President into find him guilty. What's the purpose of a convict, it's the remove the present in the United States from office that the bottom line the president, has ever been indicted, while on office, not one now president has ever been forced before a federal grand jury, not one, no press, It has ever been removed from office by the it states, Senate and two thirds vote of the Senate, not one mothers purpose. Its purpose is to remove the president. That means one man got it That means one man, one jury. Would you serve the power
the entire constitutional power of Congress. The power to remove a president you gonna die. Every other public official judge, for instance, whether in office Ngos, the impeachment process- you cannot but the president- and I want to tell you studying this for decades, I'm studying and now here's the authoritative book so going on now. Two thirds of the Senate, to remove a president one prosecutor, one jury. So my question is, from a constitutional perspective, to attorney Jeff sessions, it's time to step up to the door eternal general. It's time to pay attention to the entire country tall alarms you bring on here this that is going on here and now these five over whether he's gonna be subpoenaed. The president, whether he's going to answer questions whether he can be indicted in office I want.
Although I understand that the framers never even contemplated what's going on today, they never contemplated that one prosecutor, a civil servant, a bureaucrat appointed by somebody Else- would have the power Effectively remove the present a United States. The reason why the Democrats or hanging there hat on me, The reason why the media are hanging there had on Mahler don't never get two thirds in the Senate through this president, I don't care if they teach You'll never get two thirds. It's never happened before so what there hoping to do- is in this this notion of a subpoena questioning indicted. Try and humiliate I'm trying Foresman front of a court hope that they get this Cream court on their side, which I doubt they well, but you never know what these courts and then- to resign? That's their game plan. You're hurt it here. First, this is very, very important from a to regional perspective, I speak smaller is undermining. The constitution is not upholding the rule of law weather
consulting, would call me or consulting with those predominant, my putting going on right now Constitutional settlement undermining our system the framers, wanted the body politic Decide on whether or not to remove one branch of government, just as the politic put, person there in the first place The media are too ignorant there too liberal there too obsessed. I understand this, but I'm home. Tonight with a few minutes here, the american people will hide now back, live. I'm told today that at least two hosts. Repeated that almost word for word to hosts and light this is a very bizarre business to host. Well shame on them. Now, let's go
through this a little bit, why I think you'd listen to this programme, why? I think we have a special relationship. You live in. I sat there Six p m on the EAST coast, five p m and other parts of the kind three p m on the West Coast. You can be doing a whole lot of other things, particularly on a Friday. But you listen to my Shaw, the downloads. This show For people who don't even listener, terrestrial radio, isn't it I have six seven million category every month. You must listen to the showed, not because I'm Henny young men crack fifty jokes at a time, not because I do allowed Jack, because I am convinced That you really want to know. What's going on, I don't mean
From tv in everything, you really want to know the substance. I come to this job with a mission. It's not just work for me. It's a passion, And so before I get to this microphone, I already put in seven eight hours trying to approach something way. That's why I'm on at six p m and not on at eight a m or ten. Or known? Although I have to be honest with I've been thinking lately, maybe I'll move up. Me. I should move up to noon or tiny amber p m or whenever it has been anyway. That's neither here nor there. Now, let's walk through the. Because many of you are with me on a fair Regular basis for as much energy can be, as I do this programme. March. Second, on a Thursday twenty, seventy.
I spent several hours before coming on. The air has something struck me about what I've been reading there were leaks. There were going to the New York Times, the Mccluskey Press, the Washington Post other outlets and our nose pattern, I noticed a pattern where they tried to brutalized the president. Yes of course, and then I went back, I want twenty sixteen that summer, though, in the course of the care pain and then I went forward through the fall. I should hope we macro asked Mister producer holy macro? They spying on the Trump team members rich they
Spying on the trunk team, I dont really have my hands completely around it, but Something is wrong here. Now, look! That's because of my experience as a former chief of staff to an attorney general familiar, Vice familiar with intelligent side of the house and things of that sort, if I had a different kind of background, it wouldn't click aunt, Bettie, clicked in. And so I spoke to your march second, twenty seventeen. You can pull it up, I'm not gonna play clips from it. I put together what worthy parameters when it was done with the radio programme. I said this: is it enough? I gotta dig some more. When was done with the radio program. I said this isn't enough. I got to dig some more. As a result of that radio programme Bright Bart took off with it the president took off with it. I said I gotta dig
more, I was invited on fox and friend. I think Sunday or Saturday and PETE Headset, whose terrific I interviewed me And they had me offer to force segments. I was supposed to be one segment. They asked me to stay over and I took the essential evidence that was in the public record. I don't have subpoena powers. And I organised it into eight exhibits and I went through it national tv. I should look at this and I talked about fighter and all the rest of it, especially as I could gleaned from the public record. Then I was invited, unshorn Hannity show a march. Sixth, I did the same thing.
Then I came under a withering attack. Withering attack. She and an Jake Tapir in brain ABC News, Brian Raw parameter Exist anymore,. MSNBC the Associated Press on and on and on right wing conspiracy theories cook hook somebody with my credentials, both professional credentials made. Occasional. I was now a right wing conspiracy theories cook, He said to my wife Amanda, something I'm onto something big. Don't know exactly what it is, but it's big and I fought back for two weeks and I can count on one hand. The number of people in this business in the conservative talk radio business who back me up.
And even some of my friends sat silently. They were so scared and nervous about what was taking place. Not me not me. I continued to dig throughout the year. That's what I do tell em trained, drew tenth twenty. Seventy I dug up the old Department of Justice. Member two memorandum, Thirdly, memoranda. From the next administration and the one at nineteen. Seventy three in the one from the Clinton administration on the way out October. Sixteen two thousand- and I studied them- and I said, again on the radio and on how these tv show official position of the United States Department of Justice, as you can unindicted sitting President
I have said it over and over and over again, since all so called experts were on tv and radio professors, former prosecutor, they just ignored it, but I wouldn't nor because its seminal, it goes to the heart everything, if you can and data sitting president, then what are we doing make an investigator Still that's a pretty fundamental point? Isn't it and then I keep bringing up too much? when I was on tv live in, Radio Hannity Fox Infra. You can indicted. Sending present cannot cited so now every but he's pointing out a candidate to setting present. This is how it works. Ladies and gentlemen, very important. I want to go through some more this with you because
I'm doing this, for a reason will be right back when you take a walk through this brings at the other end, cannot indicted sitting by the Department of Justice according to the parsonage regulations. These special council must follow the policy the department adjusted Two central. Isn't I've been? marking this for a year. A subpoena president to appear before a grand jury. I was the first to say no fight it. Dershowitz was on there is. How do we really know many options? So what course he does don't do it.
The purpose of those forty nine question areas is to invite the president. Purpose of an indictment is to try the president to remove all of which is unconstitutional. And I know it's unconstitutional and not just because the Department of Justice said so into memorandum. Because if you study the impeachment issue which I've done next year, lies that the only way we can At present, the United States is by the Senate, the Senate prosecutor, not a jury, not a court. The Senate, stay with me- will continue I'll, be right back,
these voice? My love then talk with that voice. Now, eight seven, seven three eight one three eight one one only way the president can be removed is by the Senate. Twenty fifth amendment is inapplicable here. For reasons I don't need to get it. It is. They saw constitutional method for removing president, that's what the framers set They spend a lot of time looking at this impeachment generally and they- Really looking appeasement of judges peach when it isn't even in the constitution, but they are covered. They weren't but impeachment vice president their time about really effectively the payment of a president. It's about what it should mean: english common LAW, George Mason May.
They went through great pains about what it should mean a common law. Joy, Mason made his recommendation. James some disagreed. They came up with the language they have now for impeachment. And the trial and the Senate in Britain. While our men were debating the constitution in Philadelphia, they'd similar system, the Just would come out of the House of Commons in the try. What a place in the house a Lord, so they copy that part of it from the british The definitions they used high crimes, misdemeanours and so forth, and so on. The definitions in english common law, except that salmon. Just the other day,
so made. The point Hamilton did that the president shouldn't be his existence. Should be at the behest of the Senate They wanted a mechanism to remove a president if necessary, but not to have a president threatened day in and day out with impeachment, which is what happening today. But it's me more pernicious today, because we have a prosecutor who, I think believes he has the power to remove a president, and we have a Democrat. Would that belief to. I want to reiterate to you: no press, and has been indicted, while in office no present has been forced to appear before in person a federal grand jury. Our president has been tried for any crimes while in office. Prosecuting a jury cannot substitute for the State Senate cannot
And it's never happen in american history. Nice. I was thinking about this. I think it was last weekend. I posted something on Facebook. Made them before we talk about smarter factor was before that? My talk, it would show to genuine bon GINO liberty and live in, and it was this Congress has a responsibility to step up right now and to protect the. Institution in the executive branch from Mahler. As opposed to protecting Mahler, who is the perpetrator in this case, we talk better on the show and on fox- and they should be here Mr Mulder should be forced to testify about the positions, the Department of Justice. Two memorandum about the position of the framers of the constitution when it comes to removal.
Rather than running to his defense. We talked about apparently somebody's written up at about that now good for them the day after the elections Boy, you eclipse, we could do this day in and I'm not going to do it, I told you they were going to try and peaches president or India, because Haiti and I've always hated him. I objected strenuously to the way that region Lieutenant General Michael Flynn was treated when virtually Everybody else abandoned them around here. And I told you then something was- terribly wrong about the way this man was treated and I smell a rat not because our impression but I've been around I smell a rat.
But he was set up somehow some way, but I didn't know exactly how now we know now. We know poor man, effort. I objected to the way manner for was being treated. I don't know the man, I don't know anything about him, but the abusive acting by the FBI, Mahler and Mahler digging. The issues in two thousand and five and two thousand seven. I delete a federal judge, Tell me what's going on you when I talk about this months and months and months ago,. Wildly out of control the prosecutor wildly outside his mandate. Even when it came to the House intelligence community, Devin Nunez Being trashed an attack by the media by Linsey Grand by the Republicans one of the Senate Intelligence Committee by John Mccain by a whole bunch of
including our own media. I said no. Debbie Nunez as a hero, Smart, she had to sit on the sidelines when a phoney ethics complain was file and the people Business my wedding themselves. They wouldn't come to the man's defence. I came goes too far, because I've seen this before I've seen it before try to me. Because he's onto something because he's a fighter. But you trying to get to the bottom of this and we ve talked that this over and over again about mothers abuse of power, his pro Austria's indictment of thirteen russian trawls writer a box. We talked about this. How ridiculous this was. We ve taught
it is time to call me and rose and stay. We ve talked about his past cases. And we ve talked about our rose and stained should never have been involved in these matters. He's a witness. He wrote a memo proposing the firing of call me He should be anywhere near this matter, but he is. We ve talked about that at great length, read from his memory. When I leagues against Trump we're coming fast and furiously, we said they had to become and from the top ranks of the up here, I ve told you about the former deputy director yet I felt that he was deep throat. He was the guy linking award again, and we talked about this and I said well guess what somebody the top of the FBI,
I don't know is lacking because that is mothership they're, the ones you know who's being investigated for what turns out there all like combing, the cape struck, page others top of the FBI. Having again based on my experience, I insisted that Congress needed to secure a copy of the face of applications to determine. Information was used to secure a remarkable the ordinary warrant. First, I thought against trumpet. Generally, but then we later learned, it was against Carter page to go through the back door to survey tromp whirl. Yeah, how to get all of the applications to find out what the hell is going on will eventually, they gotta enough of it
I know what was going on the dossier, the but Miss dossier funded by the Hillary Clinton pain in the DMZ. Smell another rat. Something wasn't right about that face. Something wasn't right, And now we know it wasn't right, I've been in suggesting that it's not possible. All of this could be taking place at the White House, knowing about most of it. That Obama, knowing about most of it, how much of it was already in the media. I would have bought or not that I can tend to this day. He didn't need us all. Roads go to Obama and I believe they do
call me. Koran quote, briefed the President elect about the dossier and only mentioned a little piece, the most embarrassing, the most humiliate, involving the russian prostitutes. I told you, then he did that, so he could blackmail oppressing the United States. More than set em up, but if necessary, blackmail. Call me knew that wasn't true call me knew the sources of information, even though, is on his book Ernie says I don't know nothing that he knew. He know it wasn't true. So why did he presented to the present the EMA heads up? What you're going to get my heads up? Would you tell him who find it? It was curious, curious that I don't believe in
Coming was telling the present United States, in my view, I have this look what I have on you. You know J Johnson later which say that he was concerned. They call me not now be the present because it might look like it was a threat. I believe it was a threat to this day. I believe it was a threat. Then this issue of an masking, though we ve talked about a great month over the course of the last eighteen months, or so we still haven't, got near the bottom of this, the unmasked of american citizens. The leaking of His name, we had a good idea whose fingerprints run this Susan Rice turns out. She was one of them.
Samantha powered the United Nations. She was another one and there are others that played a key role, unparalleled amount of on masking of american citizens in the lead up to this election. It's still an area that requires thorough investigation. And I argued that the Obama administration, Obama Rice, Lynch Commie Brennan Clapper- had failed to effectively press Russia's interference in our election. It was on their watch that the Russians A mocking around in our election and they I ve been how due account never the victim trump. His under investigation the men and women who allowed to occur there.
Sideline shootin spitballs, they did next to nothing. Next to nothing and they waited wasn't until the short. Before the general election, then Obama made public and even inform Congress because, as I surmised at the time, they thought We were able to win and he didn't want to do anything to raise any suspicions about her victory or any questions about it. So they waited, and we know they did nothing turns out we learned that Susan Rice in August twenty sixteen directed the. Why a cyber security team to stand out there. That team said Hale. The Russians are trying to interfere with the election. Let us put a memo together for them,
Let us give em options stand down, she said and no memo no options, because your box, the President maximum maxim into one. And doing last, eighteen months or so especially March, twenty seventeen. Well, it's a sore point. Would me: I received almost no support at the beginning of this. Almost none can go back and check the stuff you so pleading for, In france- and I won't forget it- many of whom are out there now beating their chests about how they did this and how they did that and how they discover that, I'm not into that
out what I've done on the show and how seriously I take this. You know, ladies and gentlemen, you know me by now. I didn't start out and radio. I started out wanting Ronald Reagan to be present when I was a young man. I didn't know who he was. I was from Pennsylvania, he was from California, but I knew he was a conservative by new. We needed a conservative, so I night in seventy six. I took on the public interest. A bunch young Turks and I did in Pennsylvania to try and get us some, in Pennsylvania, their backing Ford. Nineteen eighty, the same thing: the Reagan revolution I was such a honor to be part of it, and the work for that man for eight years
I supported crews in the primary and I supported trumpet the gentle and we're doing it out now. This is my life. This is what I do. This is what I. I supported crews in the primary and I supported trumpet the gentle and we're doing it out now. This is my life. This is what I do. This is what I believe it: it's not a joke with me And what's happening to this country now in this stick surveillance. I've told you the greatest scandal of all time, this domestic political surveillance, by an administration against the opposition candidate, the opposition party, the use FBI. I use, the CIA, the use of other intelligence agencies to use a fighter by God. This is a serious matter. I'll be right back.
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I wanna be a witness to history and when we come back or when I come back from there I'll, let you know all about it, but please watch Sunday some magnificent show a garrison ease, Sunday, ten p m on the Fox NEWS channel I'll be right back Now run only underline the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader. Tell everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one by the way Today's May 11th.
In twenty seven years ago we had a wonderful son by the name of chase, which means it's his birthday today. I couldn't be more proud of him Chase, Levin and just a wonderful wonderful young man. In our family, really adores. So happy birthday, sir. Thousand miles away which drives me nuts, but there you have it happy birthday, No, you ve been hearing about a possible mole or spy or informant planted in the trunk campaign. But this is amazing, Reading from Pga media there may an FBI spy interacting with the trunk camp.
Pain and twenty sixteen Kimberly Stressful reported in the Wall Street Journal Thursday evening. She will be on this point. Twenty minutes fuel to the long held suspicions that an FBI the o J Mall had attempted to ensure excuse me, ensnare Trump campaign advisers in some sort of russian collusion trap. The unmasked of american citizens. The use of a dossier with the Kremlin's input paid for by the Clinton campaign in the DMZ leaking levels of the FBI, abuses of power in my view, by Mr Brandon and Mr Clapper, and MR call me and the media defended: are the media defend it all
But a useless bunch, a buffoons. Have become our modern day: journalists. How embarrassing are the Jake Tapirs and Chris Cuomo. And the Rachel Madhouse. And on and on the list goes held had despicable. And they claim that they are the ones who want to pursue the truth. I want to pursue anything cept, Donald Trump this regulation comes have deputy attorney general ROD, Rosen Steen, again back down after protracted fight we're Republicans in the house. Permanent, Select committee on intelligence, allowing MR view classified documents by the top secret intelligent source that was part of that.
An investigation of the trunk campaign, but were not clear on that yet actual their negotiating. But before I go past that too quick. Did you hear what that says?. A top secret, intelligent source was partly appears. Investigation of the trunk camp. What is its Venice? Well, Cuba? What is this. The FBI D, O J, had apparently been hiding the critical information from congressional investigators for months in order to protect the top secret intelligent source right stressful and on Thursday press conference. Speaker Paul Ryan, bluntly noted that intelligence Chairman Devon Nunez, his request for details on this secret source was wholly appropriate camp. ITALY within the scope of the,
committees, long running up the investigation and something that probably should have been answered. Awhile ago translation, the department knew full well should have turned this material over the congressional investigators last year, but instead delivery concealed it. This did the same Devon. Nunez who's been trash by Republicans trash by concern. Talk radio house in the best known as ugly, pursue the matter. Last week issuing a letter, Anna Subpoenaed, demanding more details but Rosen's his response was to accuse the House of extortion and claim that the I need help in the FBI's files to review as a constitutional duty. As I've said, a thousand times show me They revealing any data about this particular sector resulting loss. Chamber congresses. They have a home article. Justice Ass, the White House, the baggage, Stonewall, Strasser Notes, and it either
began spinning that daddy of all super spook arguments they revealing Any data about this particular sector resulting loss of human lives there The agency's topsecret intelligent source code in the washing of most synonymous: law enforcement, leakers, is a. U S. Citizens see was Only leaked to the Washington Post, so we know, must be true It's a! U S citizen who was involved in the russian Counter intelligence investigate? How do you like that? A more planet. In the trunk campaign or somebody in the trunk campaign who was turned to become a more explain. Straw. When government agency rifts referred sources, they may be. Who appear to be average citizens but use the professional context, a spy for the agents ergo. We might take this to mean that the FBI, secretly at a person on the payroll,
his or her non FBI credentials to interact and some ass. They were the trunk campaign, a spy. This would amount to fine and its hugely disconcerting, it would also be a major escalation from electronic surveillance we already know about which was bad enough, though bomb a political appointees, rapidly on mass Trump campaign affair, those two monitor conversations. While the F B, I play He would the surveillance warn against Carter page failing to tell the fund touch answers for surrounds court, that its supporting information came from the Hillary Clinton campaign. There's a things I already talked about a you know. Now we find it may have also been rolling out. Human intelligence certainly know that John, like Harry style to infiltrate the trunk campaign. Also potential problematic is the timing of the spy operation because it get into.
The FBI has not been straight with congressional investigators about when there Our intelligence investigation started the baron is that the basis for their progress? George Papadopoulos, his trouble drunken ramblings in July twenty sixteen, but if the spy was put place prior to that, the FBI has explaining to do and I never believed it was Papadopoulos anyway. Now we, the daily callers, truck Ross details and odd interaction between Papadopoulos and Stephan, hop helper seas. People are wondering if it's this Papadopoulos guy. I have no idea If an helper is a foreign policy explaining Cambridge professor, we connect so the CIA british counterpart, the m16 too much the twenty sixteen election helper, question at a meeting with Papadopoulos and still a number of questions about Russia that made the junior, advisers, suspicious corner the daily com
A helper met with two other campaign advisers is well traditional watches. Fit and commented on this latest shoe to drop in Russia problem. Fox NEWS. He said the just justice momentum The approach of the modified limited hang out in terms of information. It releases that's true enough. So we're gonna get into this more detail with Kimberly Strasser who seems to have a sorcerer too. Ah so we can pursue this. The UN of american citizens by Obama, officials. The surveillance of an american citizen through the fight, the court by Obama, officials. The use of a dossier, and by the Hillary Clinton painted the DMZ, but the Kremlin's fingerprints on by Obama official. Conversely, the unbelievable
Obstruction of the Hillary Clinton investigation by the investigators themselves. And while we're trying to sort this out and get to the bottom of this cabal, we're having to try protect the present the United States from this silent coup. Which isn't so silent anymore. So I've been doing everything I can to use my noggin to try and figure It is best arguments and the best ways to fight this from a constitutional perspective, and I think I have, I cannot predict with the Supreme Court- will do this Any possible he got a few knucklehead on there, newspapers and want to be loved. I can't how this will turn up, but it's coming ahead quickly on this subpoena, we'll see what
I'll, be right back. In Russia, the human pretty busy amateur a little bag. I mark power. I'm well. How are you, very well, I want to jump right into this. You are telling us theirs by a mall and informant whatever we want to call it. Who was. Working within Trump World And providing information to governmental authorities that would pay seem to be the case based on bulk. What has been leaked by somebody within the government itself to the Washington Post in the story this week that described what it was that until it
Chairman Devon newness is looking at and then based on some suppositions about who this is my own report. It, yes You know when you consider the on that's taken place when you consider what happened with a face a warrant than the extensions of the face. A warrant the funding of the dossier, the people involved in the dossier, but leaking at the top levels of the FBI. The c I a Ex CIA director and the ex National intelligence director all over the media, pushing their narrative Have you ever seen anything like this? I've never seen anything like this and by the way, I do think that this should rise. The level of scandalous- and we are talking in you- know this well from your time. Government that the Justice Department and the FBI are required. There are guidelines that are put out to exercise killer, sensitive, an election ears and around election targets. Energy.
To have zero judgment exercised here in terms of the methods that they used and the extent to which they went after an active presidential campaign by the way impart most part are based on the information of a rival presidential campaign. Are we seeing a full cover up mode right now? Well, this is something that the Department of Justice should be held, took our poor in and of itself. It was very notable speaker, Paul Ryan yesterday, his remarks because he came about what the FBI had been doing and twenty sixteen in terms of monitoring the Trump campaign. Wheatley within the scope of the investigation, Fbi had intelligence committee has been running since the summer of last year and campaign, and probably something that should have been answered by the Department of Justice prior to now, translation is
they knew they were supposed to hand over this information. When newness first said he wanted documents about what the FBI had been doing and twenty, Sixteen in terms of monitoring the Trump campaign, and instead they hid it and that to me as remarkable that you have an agency that is act. We'd ducking congressional oversight and keeping things from the people that are supposed to be overseeing its work. Kind of puts on the spot, but events I've been unleashed here, they soon almost have a life for the wrong we was sure, council. Looking for reasons, in my opinion, to ultimately DR this president from office, and so he Epps, like the energize or body he keeps going on and on and on, there's really too things going on here at once, right the mean, on the one hand, we're trying to figure out what happened and what it happening and, on the other hand, the potential victim
of this massive scandal is under, restoration by this about right, I think you do have a right in that. It ties the hand think about this. We would know far more than we do now if just sessions had not accuse when forced to reduce himself because of some hyped up charges from the left does suggest Gimme. That was always a ludicrous can claim as you and I both well know the idea that a sitting senator was in Cahoots with the russian government come on, but they succeed We realise who s TAT, Kennedy that there would have been very believer anyway And then we have a special council investigating the president and that has inspired. I believe his lawyers around present tromp to advise him to keep her hands off approach to the Justice Department for fear of risking fervour claims of obstruction.
The two most senior people, as it were in the wine and the chain that would have the ability to order the Justice Department to come clean on this are now basically rendered out of action and it's been left instead to rose died, who was involved in some of this to assert that where we know he signed at least one of the five applications and who very much seems to be an institutional, as they all seems to be about protecting the d o J and the FBI, and we have a bunch of conflicted actor there, who are clearly never going to bring this out themselves. And so yes We are in this holding pattern. And why I think we actually are, owe a debt to the members of Congress who continued of pushes because think about what we wouldn't Oh that we know today, had they not just continued to go and go on this problem the case of one member Take level, I think, as the standard of the stand out Devon Nunez, when he was
going deep into this all of a sudden, Alessio comes and ethics complaint sideline him for six months and years. Tat by his own party members on the Senate Intelligence Committee, among others talking- look at him. He goes to the White House, so look at him. He doesn't have to conduct an investigation which brings me this question Kimberly Strasser where's the Senate intelligence commit while the Senator Halogens Committee, Richard Bur, has focused and he's very proud of his by partisan committee. In how he works so well with the Democrats, and I think Normal times and when you indeed have a two parties that are acting like grown ups, that certainly works and you
as well as I do that for years and years, the and intelligence committees in both the House and the Senate were viewed as the last bastions of grown ups, people that did tend to put to a certain extent the partisan to use aside a little bit more and focus on the very grave question of national security. But the Democrats have broken faith with that, and you know even his counterpart. Their mark will we know has been playing games use pen involve talking without the knowledge of others on his committee with some of the sources and people that were involved in this affair. They seem to put partisanship ahead, and that brings us back The way to newness. One thing, but always makes me laugh, is that everything that Devon Newness gets accused of by the left, supposedly he's a ruined the relationship on the intelligence committee or that you know they are leakers. That's that's not. The Republicans on the committee has the Democrats on that committee.
Pretty we ve had out their mark has come from the democratic side and every poisonous environment that we ve had has come from Adam Shift and others who have decided to make this entire. About party instead of country or truth is applied, all that there would be a little while useless. Spy in the trunk camp, in an MR call me not know about it. I find that very I believe I will be honest with you. I don't like to talk about things. I don't know, and obviously I don't know what the methods and approvals and protocols are for running a source within the FBI, the CIA, but it would seem to me to be fairly unlikely that a person that claims to have been his hands on in this pro because remember people that were asking why this proposal being run out of different parts are different offices of the FBI. Everything with handled in central headquarters- and he was
I bear it would seem strange to me that he would not be aware of something like this. I thank you for your hard work. I know you'll, keep it up and we're gonna keep watching it, as is everybody else, can be Strasser. Thank you for taking time, and God bless you, my friend. Thank you you to take care of yourself, unbelievable. We'll be right back EAST, a town hall meeting and you can join in at eight seven seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one are you hiring posting a position, job sites in waiting in waiting and waiting for the right people to see it. That's not the way to do it, Zip recruited knew there was a smart away, so they build a platform that finds the right job candidates for you
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great words of wisdom, you just say: Alexa Open, Mark Levin show open markets of info. For more information. Go online to Mark Levine, show dot com and search the key word Alexa, but one more quickly. I'm here, if you haven't Amazon, ECHO device, just say Alexa in about the mark, Levine Show skill and then act immediately and then after that, or you says, Alexa open Mark Levant shall I hope, you'll do this. You know a lot of our Elliot's are doing this to. But if you want to do it with my show- that's how you do it. I wanted that there was something else, although I forgot, I remember it later. Tony Wes Palm the floor to the great W giant. Go what a pleasure you just have to be careful, Communication, because when you handling a conversation with a sharp
open. The draw you have to be careful. Fine. Thank you. You're hurt you welcome, look, look anybody. That's pro mauler. Ok, I don't care whether Europe bird I don't care whether your life Graham, I don't care who you are you gotta, be anti company untied the rest of us very soon, You know anyone did you see that even that this trade gouty that you and I both I and all of us- were suspicious of you'll become problem. Our you show who you are right away. You know at this point I dont know how anyone could disagree with you right and the open up Only other point, I'd like to make very quickly is that we been struggling with how How do I am describing, haven't naughty right he's alive. He's an act live described him multiple ways as a slip and fall lawyer and also as a porn lawyer and also had been column. For me, I'm a naughty. Well, you see
when a man is a represents woman for percentage of silver Cute there's only one thing: you can call that first, the pip, that's it I'm very sorry that I know is that a bad word actually TAT s. What I but I, but I do feel that that's the please don't say pimp again can keep saying pimp. I will I won't do them is balloon taking some tony, I treasure every year. Your daily up, your teacher, your great teacher, Greek God bless you. Thank you, my friend, I wish I was there right now. I have a home in that area, not in West Palm Beach, it was because I want to go to my favorite restaurant. And I should like to tell you what it is has now you want to go and I ll never get in there again. Ok I started know they're, not paying me. No, I don't get it just telling you. It's called Flash beach and hope. I love that restaurant
Rocky Wisconsin, serious satellite go. Allow me to speak with you in question could read many are high in our report, What about a year ago I see a memo. Roma can start independent council. Thus the geisha animals run rotunda yeah also put this again it was a memo too can star from Ronald Rotunda. I've read that member if you don't have any Yo Canon LAW, even if I agree with it, it doesn't matter the official and I have said this in the past- I have said not sure the accuracy of it or not, but the affair, what position the United States Department of Justice is not the position of professor Rotunda, who I have great respect for the official Buzz the Department of Justice is the official position of the Department of Justice. And this is why
keep saying that MR rose in Spain and MR sessions, but yes Mister sessions to have to explain themselves and they We need to get involved. You ve heard me to Congress needs to hold hearings with mister mole. MR rose and steam MR sessions or anyone else, they need to fight exactly what's going on here, because if they're going to create a constitutional crisis quota, unquote Do not sit around await for smaller, to be Poland, pins on constitutional crisis, grenades and thrown him all over the place they dont. Have to genuflect Mister some states, MR sessions, they need bring them in front of Congress and they need to say here are your two memorandum. This is your position. Now. Have you changed it and they need to grow through a tenders email excuse me, member, a memo is is fascinating, but it's truly irrelevant.
I mean I could write a memo to its irrelevant. The member. The matter, the two that are embraced the Department of Justice. Get my point I give my friend shall bachelor Joshua last cross S, no Mexico, the great Katy S and go. Marcia watched alarm to you. I heard you were going to Jerusalem. What a wonderful time for you. God bless your son, happy birthday, Jerusalem hours then Israel, when I graduated high school there I spent three years in the Middle EAST and I was really when said DOT came. And you could have heard of king drop amazing another amazing moment in Israel. History, In there. You and I are conferred I've been an honour to listen to you over the last eight or nine months,
I am a damn gone deplorable I am angrier, then than most I am shocked, I haven't gotten, may masters and public administration and the gradual, minor and intelligence and security studies of what has become. Of our nation. What has become of what used to be a democratic party? The extent. Corruption. Traction there was just call a treason and Anne said bigger. You know They charges in motion. Real media what's left, shows like yourself. Other researching journalists have exposed. So much real facts, so much corruption, and yet there is still no action under there. Legal action going on against I mean the illegal and they didn t entities that would take legal action.
The entities that we're having trouble with Arthur Yes, they are in the european and so forth, sitting on the oath of office with you listen they even Governor Jerry, Browns, first, opening lines that any public officials and also he's, have taken a fraud. I Josh thanks for your car, here's his fingers press when he's taken the earth plus I think I understand that he's pretty low. I Q Joe Vienna Virgin The great w Emmy I'll go. I mark, I remember when you open your shirt oh and February, first twenty seventeen- and we are talking about Michael Flynn,
In the five the Warrants- and you said, what did Obama no and wended he'd know it? That's how you open your show back then, and I want to tell you that I worked for the intelligence community. I've been with him for over thirty years, and one of the things that we do we train every year. We have to certify that we ve been trained in eco, one two, three three three, which is executive order: twelve thirty
Three: three about domestic supine you're, not allowed to use national assets to spy on american citizens and keep asking you can't commit corporate espionage camps by personal civilians. We all trained and certified on domestic spine, and I think that this issue is probably the largest the biggest scandal in the history of the country. Are you when you compare this to you know the Nixon Watergate tapes? This is timed. Ten.
And in true Hannah, be fashion where's. The outrage, where is an anomaly that not only that to watch the media in this country in the face of this is a spectacular fell under the first amendment. They claim to be defending first, two men. What what what's what's been exposed here too, great detriment, as a nation is the extent to which the media have been devoured by the left by former Democrat operators. By from a democratic activists by former Democrats staffers and the corporate Sir run these news bureau,
They really are of one mind. It really is group think and everything we ve always thought about the media. It's actually worse and in the face of what is this incredible scandal that pulls all the wrong triggers: domestic surveillance, leaks by top law enforcement officers of the unmasked of american citizens. The collaboration between a campaign and a political party with the Kremlin, and that would be the Democrats by the way in court. And then on the other side of it. The obvious affirmative effort to got a sitting president, whose broken no law to try set em up. This is
for the old Soviet Union, you know at the time present trunk was an American are he was a civilian, and the outgoing president is checking on the incoming president saying what he really. I mean I've step back for a second and think well, well, with the administration really thinking. Did they think that this millionaire are? This was Gimme billionaire business. Man was a threat or that maybe he threw the election or that there were collusion. I mean to be honest. I love President Trump but does even really know how to collude with a renewed about who would mean the, The matter is, they thought he was gonna lose, and so they were looking for dirt on him during the coarsely campaign they were leaking during the Firstly, campaign: that's what we pulled together in a march second twenties routine? They were leaking during the course of the campaign
There were gathering information and on him and is in his crowd during the course of the campaign and Just assumed Hilary would win, but still you know they needed to have that information just in case and she losses, and so what have they done? They ve turned to postal lectured mode were trying to take em out our age, a priest, You call will be right back then We all know from experience that mom never forgets from your first depths and those night she call you sneaking out she's got everything locked away, so If you somehow messed around and forgot that mother's day is this Sunday, how do you think moms gonna take it? Luckily, for you, one hundred flower does your back with an amazing offer that I'll make you feel
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As the offer ends in a few hours ago. And even to be up the creek without a paddle so much I encourage you to do it right sure we got here. We ve got. No our body Loomis Connecticut on the mark. Living gallo marker This case is no longer an investigation of our present tromp. This is a case against the cops one they're doing the investigating. I thought with revelation by Kimberly Stressful, I don't like everyone now, you're retired cut, but go ahead correct think you can get any worse. I also spent I'm in two different taskforce, state and federal, informant particle is pretty much the same across the board.
Our coffee in the file so that you can demonstrate to the court when the time comes if you're gonna use in for me, necessarily will be able to look in the database and see the name with the number, but is there for this. Provisos key word for the supervisors to know you create. File with a criminal history operator's licence, work, history, waivers the whole nine yards. You have to do that. You have to include hired copies in. Oh so that you can demonstrate to the Lord when the time. Comes If you're gonna use information from this informal and an affidavit to a judge, you after you have to prove to the job The ban on format is reliable, bottom line is sign off on the road What's they generate for the activities in the field and ultimately,
The person in charge is going to see it in job, especially on a case of that magnitude to die. Knowing what's going on is not credible, I don't believe it easy all right? My friend excellent call! I appreciate it. German, lose retire, police officer and other retirement. Officer, John Newark, New Jersey, the Great W Abc Go How are you more I'd, Harry user. For your great patriot about like you, I boy were the Moors car page I had heard on market, I gotta get your tortured thing was handling when he was doing circuit than he had testified on behalf of the Epp, the eye in the past, now. How did that happen very expert, Witness how did he touched the quiet? Nobody ever.
The only problem with this theory- is that the face. A warrant apparently names him as as far as a fine agent doing things that he's not supposed to do with a foreign government of fees are more equal report of that war, I don't know if they go that far I have my own suspicion, but I can't say it like: I don't wanna get sued, but at my own suspicion. The names bouncing around out there already. Sir retired? We much appreciate your call and your past service to God bless you I'll, be right back
He's here now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know I myself stay in Joe Scarborough Joe Scarborough. Can anybody think of anything this man has ever accomplish anything. Scott is lovely partner. There make a brief then ski. If that is your name, a k
he had make man of the show. But Scarborough is a very odd person. Is a fool actually the time when he couldn't get enough Donald Trump, you that first speech Donald Trump, a joint, their congressional speech and apparently scarp at the president beforehand in the office, and he was jumping up and down like a clapping seal. And then he he went sideways, would trump and of course, the favourite hosted the north korean generals. But truly a dumb guy. In my humble opinion- and I say that with all due respect the person dumber on that panel is soon to be white Mika, so up vice pray
repents doesn't interview with Andrea Mitchell Eyes and whoever advised him to do that. I think it was big mistake. Andrea Mitchell is not a reporter she's, a leftist. And Andrea Mitchell, you know tat brings up investigation and pence. As you know, I think it's time to get their parts time to wrap it up. And the media being on the side of the prosecutor being on the side of the Democrats is very upset about us and by the way, my may, I digress a minute all day long on network news on cable news. All day long, we're hang about the stair for the White House, who said something very nasty, no question about about german king all day long.
They can't just reported move on now. I have to say with jobs, he's going through. I don't wish on any about except the terrorists and so forth. His family is suffering pajamas. He's out there thrown barbs in his right. So forth a pale in a trap and other people, and I don't get it quite frankly. It doesnt excuse with the staff officer, but they don't really care about this. At the White House there just trying to trash tromp prompted say, but it does Matt all day long? It's been gone, this network crap news that I have to listen to the same thing I back to just Scarborough You know he has no audience. My sunday- shows more viewers in his prime time- show.
So he wants to trash the vice president. Now my pants cut to go, it's a fair time, they start asking this question is to what Here's here's the question: what happened to your nose? What's with the wc fields,. That's the kind of those heavy drinkers have you know like christmassy issues to have So I hear I dont know for a fact, of course, allegedly, let's start from the top, I think, it's fair time They start asking this question. What what MIKE can't snow. And when did I know it? Joe What are you reach such heights of your profession at Msf, thirsty Nobody smarter on that now, maybe I'll sharpen given Jos behind now go ahead My parents is an honourable man.
Cancer that you're, not you screwball, you an honourable man by any measure how you yourself identify, go ahead I do really did is this why my parents wants this investigation to begin and then three hours, a conspiracy net job good. For we get the truth to all the questions Finally, what are all the questions Joe, whether all the questions job when you want the answer in the true to Joe? Does anybody think that Joe Scarborough had his if examined like this said he come out well anyway. I think. How many skeletons do you have in your closet? Show. But you have a whole lot.
Maybe they don't investigate your finances. In your background, the way the Washington Post today seeks to investigate Sean Hannity, I've never seen anything like this? We have media outlets investigating the private business investments of our host on Fox. Has anybody else it is this. Why even the sexual predators on the networks, anybody else. Has the washed imposed an investigation of their owner. Mr Beazley, So the bees out, because So the bees- those I hear he's got sweatshops gone on is that people are on food stamps had so they don't care about that. That's their employees, pays them without money, but do we get there get to do. Anal exempt not me personally, of course, annul exams of Joe Scarborough meagre Brzezinski, and maybe Chris
Matthews in his past people like that. Go ahead, but an oligarchy may have had money funneled. There is such a pig, yes, Such a lying propagate Cuz, you really are you're a grotesque disgrace, throwing stuff like that that you know to be false, but and again? That's why you're loved over there? It s, L. How we move over to see it in the universe thence, ratings are tanking core Scarborough has not. You know that CNN, as a network is getting caught, The non existent is only reasons is people I Chris Cuomo, Chris Cuomo is an idiot certify, able he's the dumbest Cuomo. That saying something you ever listened to his brother, the governor,
you're not shut up you any it. But Chris quotas are real journalists. Ladies and gentlemen, you wanna know our private to cut five, partly IRAN in israeli situation. Is there any concern dad pulling the United States are threatening to pull it out of the IRAN deal precipitated or helped provoke The actions that Israel is pointing out now, in terms of missiles that war launched from Syria Intel I've stop right there. That is incredible. That is absolutely incredible. First, what is oppose the agreement. Saudi Arabia opposing the country's right there near and around IRAN oppose the agreement. But all that said. He wants to blame. The presence of the United States.
For the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, attacking Israel, sick boy, very sick boy. Go ahead. It is unbelievable that some would try to blame the United States for runs actions. It's unbelievable that others would try to proclaim Israel for this. Iran is responsible for many bad acts around the world. We ve seen that IRAN, as IRAN has provided weapons money and all of that to Hezbollah operating Syria. We ve seen as Ronnie and Revolutionary Guard core operate outside of Syria as by the way they continue to back the regime. A bush are all aside, and let me just remind you it wasn't that long ago that that regime I gasped and killed many innocent civilians, not just once, but the many many times. So, let's take a look at where these bad actions are coming from their from IRAN and not other countries when you figure that crazy moron go ahead totally understood. Do you think we're going to see more of that now there
IRAN is in a hospital hostile disposition. We see how any IRAN is always in a hospital disposition. Don't you get it but notice how fluffs off that they get their own people totally understood. But do you think, Haswell hostile disposition go ahead? We see them, as we have seen them in a hospital hostile disposition for many many years, and no one knows that better than our folks here at the State Department when back in the nineteen seventy as they how many of our people hostage for far too long. So you don't think what they did in the Golan Heights had any deviation. I didn't stop he's like a year, I won't say, go ahead.
Feeling like it's time to be made and muscular and more militarist, I'm not going to assume why IRAN is doing what it dies. I can just say that there has been a long history of IRAN's terror actions at its bad act. I hope the media research and captured that one. Imbecile of the year war. Chris Chrome, and I know they have lined up causes. So many of them. But this is a american hating. Buffoon America hating before No time do in that area. Did he condemn IRAN not once. Do you think we instigated this? Do you think we created this hostile dispossessed? Where do you yes, he's in it, that's why the ratings are taking theirs. In other, to sustain that network, the Idiot tension in population, while significant is but even I had a fine cnn I'll, be right back
Ben the army or might be monotonous. You know I've. I'm endorsed a friend of mine for Congress. His name is Chip Roy running in the republican primary in the twenty first despair in Texas I required to do this under federal law, but his pony contact Our affiliate there and sent and sir, where was San Antonio and asked to come on so I'll be on Neil Tucson Arizona, the great K S t go yes, new work, guarana. Him
yeah- you know listen first, all I wanna know expressed. The boy thought I'm a big fan tremendous respect your scholarship, ok you, Alexander Hamilton, written by wrong turn off. Yes disputes about constitution, but anyway I mean. To come to an agreement about smaller. I don't know why a rude esteem to find his authority and power. What he's been won Do what they include a route, habeas Corpus and my correct yeah where's, as do anyway, does have an obligation to presented evidence nobody's imprisoned, occurred. Dinah logo Territorial Hoarser, Sir Sir Noble he is in custody right So what is a really habeas corpus have to do it?
I guess, if the next question in custody, then next week You should have the obligation, but nobody is next question. Just a little senior officials in In a nutshell, this investigation about Russia, What happened is the entire United States in total community has been used, I'm in the outcome of the United States, Presidential election rights are thanks for you can't know. The entire intelligence apparatus has not. There are many many brave patriots, heroes who work in our intelligence agencies. I'm not going
trash the CIA, I'm not going to trash the innocent, I'm not going to trash the d, I'm not gonna trash anyhow, we ve had political heads of these agencies and senior officials in these agencies who deserve to be tracked, and whoever is the power, but we men and women for these agencies and throughout the FBI were protecting us. As I speak,. Ben Brandon Iowa Ex M Satellite go good evening hour. You ok. Thank you, sir. You know it's amazing. There are certain back in They were waiting for Hillary Clinton, get elected president because once you're pregnant, you can't be prosecuted for anything. You did before you become present. Now you can forget that now can be press on. Yes, you can, after your president, all over the world because he was the thanks. For
car he just keeps talking. You can be prosecuted after President, if the statute of limitations hasn't run the statute, mutations is run, you can't be prosecuted, so, according to the member from the Department of Justice. That's their position. Let us continue fingers crossed. Chris Winchester Virginia the Great W em a l go from this again, if I speak with you or your way out here, really appreciate your knowledge it inside. I just have two quick points about your topic tonight. The first it is possible. The sooner I saw investigators to stand down because at the time she knew about it
I fear the russian current action on masking and such and that that was going on behalf of the democratic. I suppose it's conceivable, but I don't know, I course don't either, but it is a possibility. The other larger point that I'd like to make- and you ve probably made this yourself before, but the Thea Investigation of our present tromp pretty much Stanza law enforcement. When the on its head, when you selector an individual and then you look for a crime, take apart life in interview and family members and his colleagues in the arm. Thank you. I think I should try to control Scarborough and see how he fares. Well, there is theirs. The citizen, the United States. It can stand up against there's that I agree with you. I grew there
There are so many laws and somebody regulation so many their side and the other the trip yup you you can't can't find any wonder, is not guilty of something. If you look long enough and that's not the way, thank you but the work you're supposed to have a crime that that presents itself. And then you try and find out who committed the crime rather than pick a purse. Then see what crimes are committed. Dummy made, we'd all be lock. What Mr Mulder is doing is typical of totalitarian regimes. Past and present. Were you just keep. In conducting a brutal investigation shaking down people trying to get people to cough up what you want going after family members going after the inner circle of the individual and so forth, and just keep circling encircling the Aspirin is enough to drive most people nuts, but that's what they're doing I mean they're eight, they back, they bankrupt people. Dave but people in prison they threatened people go ahead. I just got better
There is dawning ordinances that that carrier a year in jail for violation and there people like I'm agreeing with there's a lotta regulations out there, and it's likely that you and I and everybody else is violated something thanks for your car Chicago Illinois. The great W Ella Scope our earlier in the show you were discussing our common heritage, and it reminded me of the Ferrers case in England in ten forty two George Ferrers MP, was arrested for a debt by the sheriff, who was an agent of the crown, but he was on his way to parliament. Parliament then descended the right of its members to try, or to and from parliament unmolested and send its own sergeant arms to liberate ferrers from the executive branch and bring into the common. I summoned. I think that the deal J is stonewalling. Congress in Congress should stick up for its own rights and hold those obstructionist in contempt and bring
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Well, thank you so much for having the recluse interested arise. I right I've been trying to find out. About you and I really can't find a writ. While I'm interviewing you, I really can't find out alive. What do you do well when you think about current market that I love about you and that is worn. You're constitutional is too you seem to be amended, passionate about everything. I love that, because I am a passionate cards like you, don't know. What do you do? I own everyday certifies, you increase your bank and I provide human tissue, I'm the distributor The american military in Europe, in an after recurrent and I've, been doing
Fifteen years, and certainly not a stranger s, business that damn you dont get well, the output is incredibly rewarding and through business and personal interest, I travelled in forty five countries around the world and that's what I do for a living now I see here you ve run for Congress a few times correct you know, the average is that you have to run two and a half times on average, due to win twicet, yes raised against twenty eight and thirty year incumbent Lamar Smith. It was time for the next generation to get into the fight, and our country has that twenty one trillion dollars debt and I'm mad. Absolutely against that. Real daughters is real debt and I don't wanna legacies of, but he hears. My question to you is my question. Having come on here and tell me anything and I'm an. I believe everything you telling me, but I went to detect a Texas. Often I work with the tea party.
When in Texas. Often I just don't remember you where were you in the tea party moment what what what activity? have you been involved in the demonstrate your conservative? I poured my heart and I'm having a little trouble hearing about away. I I'm sorry. I said I put my heart and soul for the Party: U S specifically for the parties! Now I don't care about the party, the tea parties, when I'm talking about over the tea party. Well, I'm endorsed by the Fredericksburg Tea Party. I most of the tea body down your don't endorse the Wonted founded San Antonio does and who did they endorse they getting doorstep. I think you're probably aware that and that the first time they ignore me, take your time. They said the head of the three points that I can't. I can't be with you this time through the marchioness doing something for me and
that around twenty three- and I said I don't live in twenty three anything, but it doesn't matter so now is running with wood chippings. Chief also doesn't live in our district in Canada for himself, and so do you live in the different while they re they Jerry Man, I've looked they Jerry Manager District, whilst played in his kids, but I'm trying to figure out about you so be free on the attack. I'm talking to you, hold on now. How will honour TED crews back Chip MIKE Lee Back Chip, Jordan Back chip? Lui Gama, you may have heard of he's from Texas. He back chip gun owners of America. Looking at the list right here, Texas, right to life, why are they backing you? Were you know not a woman A two minute calling me in talking to me and that really is safe. It's not up to them the call and talk to you it's up to you to make your presence known and I'm trying to figure out what have you done in this district? Where you know I appeal
there. You are I've, many conservative activists for forty years around the trade in my own district? I can, today, when I do in my own district for the conservative cause. What have you done for the conservative caught? You know. I appreciate your a fair minded man. Like this, I don't doubt don't gimme the Psycho Bab. I asked you: what did you do? What have you done in your district for the conservative cause go ahead? Well, what did President Trump do before? He ran her off now. Your president trump? No I'm just saying I ran for office twice word my heart and soul. In my opinion, it is into it and if you run graph is, I believe before you know when I was nineteen. Yes, yes, but you and you know what it take it take a full year in a large congressional district. I put
your heart and solar. Sir I've asked you about and that what what have you done and conservative causes in our district, I'm just telling you that no nine for office, yes against a man who coastguard through what the Gunners America called me. Disarmament. I met the gun owners of America back your opponent chip, yes, well, I think there were very interesting. I lay crooked too did I didn't crooked. Now you said the head of the tea party, the other guy was so I've run in the other district, and you know my district call her encrypted dinner. Well. I don't know why you're running what are you running for I'm learning, because I am a constitutional confirmed it and I'm based on what they found the constitution a ban on what? How old are you fifty four for your fifty Are you ve lived the good life? What have, done. Well, let's do it this way. Have you work?
on any campaigns of the grass roots level other than your own. There the minds on the school board did you work for the crews campaign or they trunk campaign? What wise, as a prerequisite for anything There is no prerequisite. I asked you a question why so defensive I'm trying to figure out what you ve done. I dont know you for poor in the political arena other than one profit, nothing for the part. What I done: dissipated, lotta taxes that I didn't say for them I don't take. Crews ran against the party. Donald Trump ran against the party. You tell me, now, when you had one of the biggest Senate races in Texas. You weren't involved you're tellin me when you had one of the biggest presidential elections you weren't involve, and yet you ran for office twice for yourself. Well, I think you know the people in this race, because the people this district thirty three thousand even voted for me last time when I ran against Smith and they have they voted for me
because they know me and they can or time did know me, and I took them I'm trying to tell you the whole countries trying to know. You won't tell me. Well I'm trying to tell you here. You went to a list of questions with trip on the. Why don't we go through because I'm anyone you and I'll do this any damn way I choose to do it I know who you are and I have asked you know. I know who he is. I know what he's done. That's why I endorse them. I'm too find out what you have done. Have you worked in the crew? You don't know, have you worked ending up in the trunk campaign? Note what conservative things have you done? I've just answered the question for you, Sir, why there is not a court is not an answer. Now I've done I'll, just as stipulated from your perspective. I've done nothing on that now. Can we get on the phone to give high? Let's take a position have up. Yes, life. I'm a hundred percent pro life from conception to natural death.
I am alive, deserve due process and what I would like to do. It is see a bill passed, and I think that what we need to do is changed the rules in the house, so we can force clean bill of through and with an upper down, though it everybody in the house on that issue. Instead of letting all the house we're Senator pro life and that boat that way, but you, your pro life and never lifted a finger over my true. What our legislation in Texas. They had a big battle in Texas, a few years back re involved in that year. Very warm wouldn't turn you do. I wouldn't have provided a border Diana Cameroon, marble showed Dorothy there good. You finally gave me some information, that's good Tommy! This work through heavy tell me this: see a twitter thing. Somebody just sent me this and not from the campaign somebody in Texas
Looking at this here, you're in front of the lagoon voters, did you speak in front of illegal when voters? We did this is all over the internet right. You know what I'm talking about about from all it's all over the internet, anti thy right now, you know so? You're in this liberal forum. The legal women voters? They don't not much like me by the way and you say that you want one tromp bar to watch your daughter's set? True, yes, sir! I don't want trunk. The watch your daughter is that it is going to pay a great deal at tat, truth and I went about take I'm talking about year it exactly right. What are you worried about when you were in one breath Why do my daughter's even it s about Brad Pitt? What are you worried about? You know you're trampling! Don't you think promptly hit on your daughter's. Do you do you want bill? Clinton? No watch
Do you have got her? No, I don't want Bill Clinton Watch, my daughters and anyway. I guess I've order and I wouldn't mind Donald Trump watching her either. May I give to quote May I give the go ahead, I watched it might only go ahead. I said I completely support the present Trump Andrews policy. I'm sorry. I don't know very wonder why my daughter, but I completely support the president and his policies. It was a joke and I think the president a pretty good sense of humor. Do you support? Do you support and care for that, but doesn't matter, do you support heavy tariffs across the pour steel aluminium, I don't work well, you know, I think that That's the president's position! I dont support that. Do I think that he is using our leverage for the moment a better I'd say: you do so under proper for permanent tariff. No, I don't believe in that
are you- support EU support, giving one point: eight million people- citizenship like he does, I dont know I have to go, and I said Well, you just said you support the president across the boy. Don't simple arctic, whereas in reality that the amnesty- and I really don't the forty one, I support you. Drawing from this deal on IRAN, because it that is basically they nuclear proliferation, not the nuclear non proliferation, and I think that you can get a much better deal. I support his negotiations in what and doing in North Korea. I said building the wall, because it's not just about immigration, which it is about, but it also about nations nation, which means something and citizenship means? Something to me. Let me ask you may ask a quick question before at a time. You're saying these things, some of which are good, some of which are complicated to me. How do they well in this district. No to I don't
You ve been very active in vogue much other than running for yourself. No, not really, We got thirty seconds. That's all. I have I'm not running for myself, I'm running to serve if that I live in an auto mean run out on me that I'm saying other than running, for listen saying these things, I dont really see that you have done any least. Well, I'm you know the constitution does require that. What did we quires? Is that you re a citizen over twenty five requires you to go out and persuade people to vote for you and I in doing that and they have the people- want to help you, Mr Mccall, where do they go really amount of time? Where, where should they vote, rigour to vote, Matt, Mccall, DOT, com, I'd, say you ve been very, very kind, and I appreciate it. What am I doing? Rich sorry, folks, I had a rash demeanor cut him off, but I have to you no good news hailstones colleges offering shoes with their free online. Nutrition one one course again, but only for at a time, Sir Red
stir right away at Levine from Helstone Dotcom Hills tells the authority on teaching the constitution. You can take the core space the same curriculum at Helstone Student Use, taught by the same amazing professors the one million people of registered. You know- and I know this research, but to share with you, doesn't apply to meet me or you are listeners. Gonna wanted three Americans They must single right protected by the first amendment. Do you know that three percent. Can you name one branch of government com, The two should one or one provides the perfect overview. Sir Register Levine for hills doubt that come you're living get a free pocket constitution for signing up. You have to know liberty to defend liberty, gotta Levin for Hills doubt that alleviate from helstone backup
here's the thing I don't want to come off the Bali or anything like that- the gentleman one come on. That's fine! I know almost nothing about him. I did a little butter research on my own cause. That's what I do and I Trouble finding basic stuff about and I know he wanted to come on and give his conservative speeches and everything. But I was looking for activism any evidence, something and unfair Personally, I didn't find a whole lot, people in the district their decision, the twenty first district in Texas, I laid it shouldn't gentlemen in your honor,
We salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters, emergency personnel, get it's Friday, get I really get I'd. Pepsi get I'd smoky, get I'd, XL that get Al Qaeda, get the Taliban, get ISIS, get her out faster and, by the way, I will see you on Tuesday my man bound GINO, isn't on Monday I'm flying Israel have been flying back from Israel have a what Therefore, wonderful, weaken a priest
It's all very, very much less.
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