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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Harvard professor Bernard Bailyn studied pamphlets and reporters from the early1700’s. They weren’t interested in fundamentally transforming America, they were interested in expressing liberty. When the Democrat party and the media reject our history, they reject everything that followed from that history and all that was built from those results. We don’t have a free press anymore; we have a media because the free press advances principles that help society. This media is aligned with the Democrat Party and wants to change our nation in ways that are conflicted with our founding. Later, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar are ignorant people that are creations of the media. They are celebrated for their anti-Semitism and bigotry as they parade around the late night shows like celebrities as they suggest that Palestinians are only looking for human dignity. Also, AOC's fascist ideas aim to destroy capitalism. Medicare-For-All really means Medicare for nobody, and will eliminate Medicaid. They will take the V.A. Hospitals and further nationalize them along with all the doctors and their salaries, because, healthcare is s right. They will decide who lives and who dies by valuing your life, just like they do in Britain. Patients will face rationing, shortages, and massive bureaucracy, all of this means 'We The People' lose.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year here There is a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening. And my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody market, near our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one. Three eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. You know the two leads
is our tonight all over the news that Donald Trump Junior has reached some kind of deal to testify before the Senate intelligence. And then down began. Miss subpoenaed by meddler and if he doesn't shop and testified. Despite the the executive branches raising objections, then he will be held in contempt. So this is all nonsense. Who really cares to be perfectly honest with you, what they're doing again in the White House. Is outrageous what they're going to non juniors outrageous you're here the top of the news that I have to listen to it, seeing, What the hell is it, MR producer, Israel, low class?
Brill low class, something in where what do I dressed today. You know, I spend a lot of time doing research pulling things together, there's all kinds of things going on in their court battle already in front of an old bomb. A judge overran fast subpoenas. We know that attorney Jim barred, he has turned out to be a solid, as can be, and I mean as a matter of law, politics he's picnic, A? U S, attorney in Connecticut to expand the invest negation. How this sir? This guy, this scandal in american history was triggered. I'm talking about the effort to a spy on and destroy the trunk campaign and there's a great deal more to discuss still the a crash arousing behind Rashid Italia. I mean that needs to be addressed, because the Democrats around behind an anti Semites, pretty remarkable. But that's not how I want to begin this programme, so I called the cleanup hitter, the cat
up show after the long day of going through the predictable points, I want to talk a little bit allowance, not extensive love. About the history of the media. You see a lot of this going on a lot of this, giving you headaches and frustrations just constant static. Harvard professor historian Bernard Balan in. Many, we may not have heard of him, but he really is truly an iconic historian, ninety six and you five, ninety seven years old, professor at Harvard for very, very long time he's like he studied more of the early pamphlets, the early pamphlets Ray Revolution, revolutionary war, pamphlets than any scholar in America and what
fine about our earliest reporters. If you will that coat info Went on shaping the thought of the revolutionary generation were the ideas and attitudes associated with the writings of enlightenment, rationalism, Think anybody in the media today knows when Enlightenment rationalism is now writing set express it simply the rationalism of liberal reform, but that of enlightened conservatism as well and pamphlet after pamphlet These american writer cited John Locke on natural rights and on the social and governmental contract marked askew and later Del home on the character bridge liberty and on the institutional requirements of its attain. Many right. Do you think, there's a party today who knows anything Ben any those men. Now the pamphlets
which there were several hundred between one thousand seven hundred and fifty and one thousand seven hundred and seventy Six- were Bailon rights explicit as well as declarative and expressive of the belief, attitudes and motivations as well as other. The schools are those who led in support of the revolution, and they confirm the revolution was above all else and area, logical, constitutional struggle and not primarily a controversy between social groups undertaken afore changes in the Organization of society. This is called this a very important. They were not twisted and fundamentally transforming America. There are interested in expressing their liberty their unalienable right. It confirmed that intellectual developments in the decade Before independence led to a radical ideological. Ideal and rationalization of the previous century,
and of the american experience, and that it was this intimate relationship between revolutionary thought and the circumstances of life in eighteen century America then ah the revolution with its peculiar force and made of it a transforming event. So, therefore, I but point out. While the revolution was undeniably a transforming event, it was not about fundamental transformation of american civil society itself. Has Barack Obama reclaim about his own election? Furthermore, its purpose some principles when the antithesis- if this is incompatible with the philosophy that underground modern, progressive movement such as The spouse by Karl Marx and Hegel, and later progressive intellectuals, Woodrow Wilson, John doing so forth,.
Professor bail and makes the critical point that what was essentially involved in the American Revolution was not the disruption of society with all the fear, despairing hatred that entails but the realisation that comprehension and Fulfilment of what was taken to be America's destiny in the context of world history. Great social shocks that the French nation of thousands of individual lives crashing dozens of individual lives crashing into ruins at TAT and placed in America in the course of the previous century. Slowly silently almost imperceptibly not as a sudden avalanche but his myriads of individual changes and adjustments, but gradually transformed the order of society. By seventeen sixty three. The great landmarks of european life had faded in their exposure to the open wilderness, an environment of America, but until the decision
benches of the seventeen sixties predecessor the revolution, these changes not been seized upon as grounds for a reconsideration of society in politics. And so, by the end of seventeen, seventy six Americans can, think, of themselves, as in a special category uniquely placed by history, to capitalize on to complete and fulfil, promise a man's existence, the India's added overtaken their provincial societies. They saw had been good elements not of deviance and retrogression, but a betterment and progress not a lapse. In primitive ism, but an elevation toy higher plane, a political and social life than had ever been reached before. Balan writer was the most creative period in the history of american political thought. Everything that followed, assumed and built upon its results.
And so you see, ladies and gentlemen, when the Democratic Party. When the media, when the progressive left rejects our history, they rejecting everything that followed from their history and all that was built on its results. Bail and states that the pamphlets published before and during the revolution, an american independence were so important that court every Essential to the discussion of those years appeared, if not original than in reprints and pamphlet form the It is the sermons, the speeches they exchanges of letters published as pamphlets. Even some of the most personal polemics or contain elements of this great transforming debate, and we have great transforming debate today. Ladies and gentlemen,. Well then, in a moment.
Indeed Balan rights expressing vigorous, polemical and more often than not considered views. The great events of the time proliferate, in chains of personal. Cooperation and an employer and embodying to the world the highly charged sentiments uttered on commemorative occasional pamphlets. Here, here after year and month after month, in the crisis of the seventeen sixty in seventeen, seventy is more than four hundred bearing on the Anglo American controversy were published between seventeen fifty and one. Seventy six over fifteen hundred of them appeared by seventeen. Eighty three, I'm giving you some of your history, your history, about how we got freedom of the press are one of the great pamphlets, of course, whether great peril. Tears was Thomas Pain, although recent immigrant from Britain coming to Philadelphia in October
one thousand nine hundred and it made decisive force for american independence. Like ten, seventeen, seventy six pains s. A common sense was published as a pamphlet. First appeared in one newspaper, forty eight pages long and written in plain English, the pamphlet spread throughout the colonies, the constant Lucian Centre points out its southern amazing one hundred and twenty thousand cop is not what you think about that. There are only a few million people, estimated five hundred thousand copies by the end of the revolution and Maybe twenty percent of colonists own a copy, the pamphlet, numerous papers also reprinted it in holler part. It is in that indispensable when writing about the press, then, and now, to examine key. So this enormously influential pamphlet and the ideas and deposit, promoted country,
there were the ideas and principles of the modern media. What they promote today, the progressive ideology so we'll take a little brain when we come back. I hope you find this summer Helen, because this is your history and right back shit, Family in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speech Digest of Helstone College in Primacy and it came to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published and Nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty, with
Subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent and Primus publications have addressed issues like free speech. The regulation of big tech, mental ill and the American Medical insurance system and because a merry Its founding principles are so important. Hailstone off Primus absolutely free of charge, Anyone who requested that's right, you can subscribe to Primus for free. Here's I want you to do. I want you to visit Primus, Dad hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus, I M p, I am I S daughter Still that EU welcome to Helstone I was really fascinated by the way: writing this book getting deep into the history of the press,
moving into various surveys and poles studying propaganda, studying pseudo events, buying these issues to current events to the way the current present treated the way past presidents were treated it real. Was quite a year quite a mission, which is why takes the amount a time that attacks And by the way the two perforation was the word I was trying to pronounce sailor. Oops sorry folks cut that out. In any event, the point is that this is this book. About a journey to an explanation about a journey where we can From and how we got to this point, particularly when it comes to freedom of the press and so Thomas Pain,.
On January, ten, seventeen seventy six, he writes common sense and it is a massive here and it is red throughout the colonies threaded pubs had thrown at the dinner table its discussed at great length, and of course he wasn't. The first rather pamphleteers, as I just mentioned,. And what were they pushing? They pretend to be seeking objective truth and terms of news. They sought to be promoting objective truth in terms of principles of philosophy. Unlike the media today, which pretends most of them to be seeking objective truth, but is pushing the opposite of what the original printers pamphleteers newspaper men were printing and pushing their pushing the opposite. So he writes this In its profound, some writers have so confounded society with government.
As to leave little or no distinction between them. Whereas there not only different but of different origins, says it is produced by our once and government by our wickedness, the former problem. Her happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively a restraining our vices, the one. Carriages and, of course the other creates distinctions. The first is it patron, the last as a punishment. Society in every state is a blessing, but government, even in its best state is, but a necessary evil in its work, date and intolerable. One for when we suffer or supposed to the same miseries by a government which we might expect in a country without government Our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish them means by which we suffer.
And as the colonies increase in population and distant grows between members of society and as public concerns multiply a government representatives small in size and confined in power, becomes necessary right, pain to Kurdistan, a common interests with every part of the community, and they will mute we naturally support each other. I draw the idea of the former government from a principle in nature which no I can overturn that that the more simple anything is the less libel it is to be disordered and the easier. Haired when disordered ain't believed in the primacy of individual liberty. It was I started a large institutions and averse to TAT, station and government regulation for the modern, progressive move. And its media voices inscribes today pains concern of governments to messy and to disperse to allow for required expert decision making in scientific planet
Required of a centralized administrative state and then pain, tax, the british monarchy and hereditary succession. He says there a greater distinction for which no truly natural or religious region can be assigned, and that is distinction and men and the kings and subjects male and female. Our distinctions of nature, good and bad. The distinctions of heaven, But how I race of men came into the room, so exhausted above the rest and distinct like some new species is worth inquiring into whether they are the means of happiness or misery to mankind. Paying goes on England, since the conquest has known some food good monarchs, but grown beneath is much larger number of bad ones yet no man in his senses can say that their claim under William the conqueror, the very honourable one, a French
I stood, leaning with an armed, Banditti and abolishing himself king of England against the consent of the natives, is in place. A very paltry rascally origin insert. It has no divinity in it, however, it is now less to spend much time in exposing the folly of hereditary right. There are Any so weak as to believe it let them. Promiscuously worship, the ass, an lion and welcome. I shall neither copy nor their humility nor disturb their devotion. So the progressive and modern media would agree with its condemnation of monarchy and hereditary succession, one of the enormous power exercised today by lifetime appointed judges. Who might manage more and more of society, unelected bureaucrats implied by scores of government departments and agency, should legislate not through elected members,
was, but the issuance of untold regulations and Rules and the surrendering of sovereign, legal and policy authority, the international organizations, thereby confirming Decisions to organisations that exists outside the constitutional framework is this area I begin design a representative government have wished Miss Paine and his fellow countrymen would approve. Yet this is the design and increase reality. A progressive governance promoted by the modern mass media This book comes out in one week stray lesson goes beyond what I just read. You on freedom of the press, get your copy really fast. Amazon that come I'll, be back folks. Many of our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good but sir, Thirdly, many have lost their way locked in the grip of political
Agnes. They no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism. Thankful there's hills Del College since its family in eighteen. Forty, four hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent, piety and his. Still enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple and your profound to help. Stew. Understand what is no bless him best in yourself and the World Hills dealt judges, liberal arts, education and vibrant campus community help students form a foundation for the rest of their lives, a truly life defining experience. So, if you're looking for a call their prizes, learning and values. Intellectual enthusiasm everyone shares a strong sense of meaning and purpose welcome to hills. A college please visit
I still don t you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more that's hills. Dale Don T, you slash admissions in a world of further liberal potholes. These truck full of hot constant, too, should all spoke Mark will then call him now seven, seven, forty hundred one forty eight one, one now. Have you ever heard of Bobby Assyrian Phd, a cognitive nor aside, affiliated with George Mason University, freelance journalists his work has appeared in the Atlantic. The New York Times, BBC Future scientific american slate, the Huffington Postscript Courts and others. Or he earned a place in my new book to know why, on September, twenty three twenty sixteen
wrote a piece in psychology today buying from other articles. To again this is some trying to show you how things I've changed over time the seriousness of the the pamphleteers back in the pre in psychology today that called the only thing that might be more perplexing than the psychology of Donald. And said in these psychology today that called the only thing might be more perplexing than the psychology of Donald Trump, as the psychology of his supporters view them I can people tens of millions of Euro in their eyes Donald, can do no wrong you in I'm seems to be astonished by this phenomenon as therefore, take the sumac superhuman task of psycho analyzing, tens of millions of the president's supporters. They does it with some help from his lofty perch had psychology today
many right so how exactly our trump oil, psychologically or neurologically different from everyone else. What's going on in their brains, that makes them so. Finally devoted any I guess there's four possibilities: the Dunning Krueger effect. Some believe that many of those who support Donald Trump do so because of ignorance. Basically, there Under informed or misinformed about the issues at hand, sex Possibility is hypersensitivity to threat sign, has unequivocally shown that the conservative brain has an exaggerated fear response when face, stimuli that may be perceived as threatening these brain boxes or automatic and not influenced by logical reason, fear keeps trumps file, so energized and focused on safety or a third. Stability, terror management, theory.
When people are reminded of their own mortality, which happens with fearmongering, they were more strongly defend. Those who share their world views and national ethnic identity down more aggressively towards those who do not and by car ITALY, emphasising existential threat. Trunk creates a psychological conditions that makes the brain respond as actively rather negatively to bigoted statements and divisive rhetoric. First, I thought this was tongue in cheek must be some kind of joke. There wasn't. Or the fourth and last possibility high attention engagement, the sun, lay the loyalty of Trump supporters may, in part be explained by America's addiction, entertainment reality, tv a place on the edge of our seat, and for that reason some trump supporters will forgive anything. He says they're happy as long as they're kept entertained. But don't worry the author of this Azeri and assures us that these explanations do not applied all trump supporters. In fact, some are likely to tell
People who know better better, supporting trumped be rebellious or to introduce, ass into the system. They may have such disdain but the establishment and Hillary Clinton that their vote for tromp as a symbolic middle Anger directed a Washington as disdainful attitude about Trump and his supporters frankly is typical and widespread. Throughout newsrooms the Democratic party presses and curious. And even blind to objective truth and reality that surrounds them at Sunday miss the twenty sixteen election. Ladies and gentlemen, that's how miss everything. This is interesting anybody I hope so. Can these are just little nuggets, a little taste here and there what's in the on freedom of the press,.
I'll, tell you. When I found fastening arose during my research. There was a piece by William Round believe it or not: CBS News Digital political correspond than euro right after the election. Some of em are eleven twenty. Sixth, he part will you said, listen to this. The mood in Washington press corps is bleak and deservedly so it shouldn't It's a surprise to anyone that, with a few exceptions, we were all tacitly are explicitly with her meaning here which has led to a certain anguish in the face of Donald Trump victory? more than that and more importantly, we also miss the story if having spent months mocking the people who had a better sense of what was going on. This is all symptomatic of modern journalism. Great moral and intellectual, failing its unbearable smugness.
Tromp knew what he was doing when he invited crowds de jure and hit the reporters covering him. They hate us and have for some time, and can you blame them, Journalists, love mocking trump support. As I wrote I just read from his area. We. Agnes them as racists in the way dark age clerics, confused medical problems with demonic possession. Journalists are worse, see ourselves as priestly cast we believe we not only have access to the indisputable fact, but also a greater truth. A system of beliefs divine from an advance understanding of justice. This is all white lash, you see Whitewash I'm photos are said to be racist and sex, so there must be more racists and sexist than we ve been realised. Less increasingly, don't even believe. Possibility of reason, disagreement and as such,
rob, cynical motives to those who think about things a different way as it is. Result we get a wrong. We greater frequency out on the road. We forget to ask the right questions, We can't even imagine the right question. We can do on assignment to certain that what Define will serve to justify our biases and he was right. Wasn't he and his wise counsel has fallen on deaf ears has in fact after he wrote this, the Democratic Party press after trumps election unleashed a relentless and hellish campaign of insulting combination against the present and against the people who work for, and this in part, is what, on freedom of the press,
is about. Why did I start for this book today by the way comes out in one week? Why did I sort of this book today I'll tell you I've been thinking about this. I have an interview with the Sean Hannity Friday night on his programme. I've been interview with the Jesse Waters. I will our Saturday. On my own programme, PETE Headset, an eye on life liberty. Eleven will be discussing this foxen friends on Tuesday. Bread bear on Tuesday and more. The question broadcasting network, other programs to I just can't remember everything as well as throughout the radio world, and these interviews.
Are just not going to be long enough to explain everything? That's in the book, I don't mean you know to read it one front covered about cover. That's not my point. So, there's no better place than really too to move this discussion. This journey, which I The nation will have at least half of us, but behind this microphone Microphone, you have people a box out now that simply have transcriptions of interviews over the years. You know one per Recommended that I do that, I said I'm not going to rip off my audience and just take transcript Burma that MR to marketing houses book now. Is sixteen thousand eighty cents on Amazon and I want to make sure it's worth every penny of it? Do that? That's a mark marking hoax to marketing houses now is sixteen thousand eighty cents on Amazon, and I want to make sure it's worth every penny of it.
But even more than that, its intended to really jump start a discussion among we, the people just like the colonists, heads when they were reading the pamphlets handful of newspapers had disk since around their dinner tables. Her in pubs and in our case restaurants, tat sort of thing, that's my hope,. Because I know there's millions and millions of you who are furious with what's taking place here, millions of you. We don't have a free press, we have a media. There's a difference A free press really is interested in advancing the very principles I create this magnificent society. To mean everybody has to agree with what should be the future how to pursue it or whatever. But we, The press in this country that is aligned with a single party and that single part,
has as its purpose to fundamentally change our nation in ways that are that that our conflict with our founding in our constitution, such basically become the mouthpiece for fundamental transformation. We need to understand this. We need to digest this. We need to understand what were watching tv what's being thrown at us. While lies Marta. None are we need to understand more than that? How conniving this is, where this comes from, how they think why they think the way they think and we need to counter this. We need the united,
Yesterday, I was interviewed today for a totally different matter. I was asked today or what what what do I consider so important to the society. I said the press can once the press. I said Press at an enormous force, it's got enormous power practically in modern times, technology would television and radio and iphones on all. We are overwhelmed with information. There were also really overwhelm a propaganda and when the President take is talks about fake news, you see the these, so called intellectuals and elites in the media. Don't understand the president This really understand fake news. This is what professor Daniel Bore steam was.
When he was talking about pseudo events, they create fake events present calls fake news is right on so much of what we receive is a concoction. So committee subpoenas somebody, and so he here this all day long. So they know how to lay the media. They know how to play the new cycle and they know how to play in a way that their friends in the media are going to promote it and your pile up enough US subpoenas, and then you have called on quota constitutional crisis on your hands. There's no crisis, there's no collusion, there's no obstruction! It's all fake. I'll be right back then every human being has a common problem. How do I live? Well?
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Take this recourse from Hills, Dale and he'd Aristotle's advice. Your life will change for the better. You can learn how to lead a good life justice, every hills. The college student does it's yours for free at Levin, for hills down that calm, that's EL! Even I am for hills doubt that come we are just seen also reaching out do that most of our Philly. It's all of ours, have to let them know that we want to make this case and press it. So I hope you all hope you'll stick with a snout. No, I'm a mean honestly, I'm looking at the news here, I'm looking what's taking place, we the Democrats who want to get a hold of the president's financing their finances
We haven't Obama, judges ever seeing the case and the Obama Judge is trying to expedite the case a wise. The Obama judge trying to but then the case anybody know razor him right. Take the Democrats in this house what they want is first, as they want it. Of course, the sort of thing I'll be appealed. The deasey certain than the Euro Supreme Court, but is the story from law and crime. President trumps attorneys had some thoughts for the Barack Obama, pointed federal judge who decide. A quick and the pace of certain proceedings in the ongoing struggle between team Trump and House Democrats for paying attention last Thursday afternoon May nine judge aim it matter. In order revealing that it was his plan to fast track, prompts attempt to stop financed, firm, Mars.
As ours USA from complying with a congressional subpoenas from the House Oversight Committee they want. This is basically an accounting, for this is basically an accounting firm, Eliza Cummings. Once all this credible and detailed information about the president's private finances is communication, It's really so outrageous met. A city was notifying the parties that the court intends to advance plainest motion for preliminary injunction to trial on the merits consolidated, whose enjoy hearing because they count can discern no benefit from an additional round of legal arguments, so he's coming out part of the process and combining But what is he's arguing? You make all your arguments in one combined argument: less Thursday at four p m, the court notified the
It is at the hearing on plainest motion for a preliminary injunction. That is the President's Laura's say. Stop. Them would also be the first a trial on the merits, because they bring us tomorrow. The court's consolidation were forced plaintiffs to try their case on only four days notice, with no discovery with little opportunity to assemble evidence before defendants have filed a single pleading with no, I which facts are actually in dispute and without around a briefing focused on their merits. They began by the way. Have you noticed little. This is covered by the fake news, while plaintiffs understand that its desire to decide this case efficiently, resolving it in this way and on this schedule was severely prejudice. Plaintiffs put simply,
seating in this fashion will deny plaintiffs a full and fair opportunity to assemble a record. In brief, the merits of their constitutional claim wise the judge in such a hurry. Again, he wants to deliver for the Democrats in the house. Can Obama Judge Trump Laura's added that they respectfully oppose consolidation, because consolidation on such short notice would undermine plate of constitutional? Do press and why should they be able to depose members of Congress and their staff, among others, to find out which truly going on here, because the court doesn't want them. So they want to limit the hearing motion for preliminary injunction. They don't want to turn it into a in effect, a trial yet Thou service. The committee, subpoenaed maize, Ares USA per financial documents, including statements, have financial condition
And you know we read that to you. It's really incredibly outrageous, and I want this judge to know apparently today. I am not aware, since eighteen sixty eight teen, eighty of the cord ever deciding against Congress on a subpoena. Let me tell you something: judge that's irrelevant. Tommy judge. When is the last time a committee of Congress sought the private financial records of a present, the United States. This way so extensively. There's no legislator purpose whatsoever. I noticed they didn't do it too Obama. Mr Duff and Mr Obama Judge noticed that are very concerned about the way our financial systems. While they weren't concern about it under Obama worthy. I'll be right back.
Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one all day, long, not all day long all year, long all last year, long all day long since this man has been elected President United States. How we talk about is the Democrats. Agenda, the media, gender collusion obstruction, subpoenas court cases about subpoenas on and on and on and on
It has no positive effect on society, none. It has no relationship to how we live our lives as individuals as fast Places communities, none. It has no reality related to the the dangers we face throughout the world: China, Russia, IRAN, North Korea, etc. Look at this. It's an absolute disaster. These people in Washington DC primary. The other cities to New York, LOS Angeles, primarily in Washington DC. This is their industry, government and media government and media. And they're, like siamese twins, you better not cut the government, you better, not cut taxes and funds flow the government, you better not eliminate any department or agency you better now, change. The way Washington works without all these and
actual relationships taking place the meaning. The back part of the Democratic Party and the more call the party, the more man radical the media and vice versa, champion. Somebody like a Yossi and I'm gonna. Get to this letter is better fact, better fact: let's see where we have it here. The reason why I talk so much about to leave and omar- and I owe see his these are clear- Since the media, these three stooges, they are created creations of the media and they are nasty people, nasty nasty punk. People not because of their race because religion not because of their genitalia, but because a what's between their ears and what comes out of their mouths, ignorant nasty p
and the media celebrate them. The media celebrate them anti Semites, bigots and the Democratic Party today is in full throated defence of these people. Full throated, the fence and it becoming celebrities, front page is a magazines going the lightning. Programmes again. This has no relationship to the reality of what goes on America. None. But I want you to hear because we're gonna break. This down is only we can hear Russia, telly begin this time, she's on lake
I would say Myers, North South Myers is jewish, or at least I think he is but more to the point he's leftist he's a liberal. And so he brings her on not to seriously questioned her because she wouldn't come on if he was going to seriously questioner. He actually brings her on not just a defender, but they give us more time to repeat basically what she said. Cut three go in also Firefox, though alone. I don't know, I mean my grandmother, my living grandmother, my mama's mom lives in the West Bank and activated There is no West Bank in occupied territories of Palestine. If Seth Mars news history, but he doesn't care.
My mom's mom lives in the West Bank in occupied territories of Palestine, but your parents lived overseas. Why did they come to America, obviously to live in a free or country, and she trashes this country to constantly feed on agree with her? If you criticise her your racist, your anti Muslim, I don't give damn where her grandmother lives in occupied territories of talent, Palestine and the West Bank. That is a mouthful of bs right there go ahead. What's incredibly, the tragedy of the Holocaust me The reason why Israel was created is create a safe haven for Jews around the world is real the device,
none of our homeland occurred before the third Reich before World war. Two before World war, one. It can date back to approximately eighteen eightys. It had nothing to do. It wasn't created out of the holocaust. And, as a matter of fact, we talked about the grand mufti of Jerusalem, the leading. How can a mark of the so called palestinian Arabs? Remember he was a close. Confidant an ally, Adolf Hitler. He met Hitler He met Himmler here, same intention. Is them to wipe out all the Jews, but that for him in the Middle EAST Muslims Board, formed.
A military unit they slaughtered trod, the fourteen thousand bosnian Jews and the grand mufti was involved in the slaughter of hundreds and hundreds of Jews in Israel. What is today, Israel, but she repeats her damned up alive and set by this- is the problem with having a a lounge racked by their name, assess Myers,
comedian getting into politics trying to get into this is why a Johnny Carson would never have done to Steve. Alan would never have done it. A J Leno never would have done, but these lightweight Seth Myers Coal Barentz over who don't know a damn thing, but no knee jerk liberalism they bring on a bigoted, anti Semite to give our air time they would never do it. Would David Duke never go ahead, and there is something like in many ways earful about that, my ancestor many had tied or had to give up their livelihood. Their human dignity to provide a safe haven for for Jews in our world is this. Is this is so thoroughly outrageous so thoroughly outrageous that they gave up their land for the Jews after world war? Two. The Jews were not only there are thousands of years ago, the Jews were there before these palestinian Arabs there.
Renault palestinian Arab communities, towns, villages, capital, nothing says Myers. Why don't you come on my programmes by the way? Did sixty minutes ever take our hook must produce no one ever heard from sixty minutes and we're not gonna hear from sixty minutes. It's not gonna happen. I want you to contact the seller Meyer shown a spoonful come on my programme. Again, I'm quite serious. We can discuss this issue with him because he's in ignoramus go ahead, and that is something I wanted to recognise and kind of honour and some sort of But I also think it's important, because I want policy people also to find some sort of light. Kind of what's happening, but also regional, she's, she's, incoherent cheese, illiterate, some light in kind of what's happening,
In the and I said I want all of us to feel safe, all of us deserve human dignity, after lying about now. All of us deserve human dignity. You see, ladies and gentlemen, and of course, if you, human dignity. You know where to go right: the Gaza Strip or the the areas control. The Palestinian Authority. Now there there's really get human dignity right, Hamas terrorist organisation, the only Where there is human dignity is in the state of Israel, you're not going to find it in any Arabs. Lash muslim country in the Middle EAST, not one, not one. The Arabs slash Muslims in Israel. They get the vote. The court system applied to them their treated like actual human beings and citizens about the Jews. How are they trade? created by the Palestinians. There aren't any Jews
as a strip. You know why they be laid at their throats. Let there aren't any who's in the palestinian Authority. You know why that I wrote slut go ahead background. Matter, ethnicity, no matter even our political opinions. We all need deserve that kind of equality and justice, and you know for me. I wanted to uplift that and in bringing that too, It was unfortunate you, woman, who was with a mouthpiece for Hezbollah. What was a couple months ago, rich. Some of them are celebrating a mouthpiece for Hezbollah. Hezbollah is the terrorist militia wing of the Islam. Nazi regime in Tehran. Hezbollah, All those Marines had died in Lebanon, its believe that was Hezbollah, morale
Men who died in Iraq from those various explosive devices, they were developed most of them in IRAN, but she cares about equality. Injustice she doesn't talk about equality and justice in the arab world, are in the muslim world and the Middle EAST, not once no those damned Jews after the Holocaust My family, I d give up their land. Some of them had to give up their lives, so we can make a homeland for them. She is sick and she's a liar go ahead friend whose like hey next time, you know really clarify. Maybe talk like a fourth fourth greater, because maybe the races idiots. What understanding about our that's? The problem.
Hey MA, am efforts here. Remember that maybe the racists idiot, you don't agree with me- will understand you better, but I want equality and justice. Talk like a fourth greater. You know, so all of us can follow this genius, Rashid a Taliban, the future, the Democratic Party I had a clapping seals in the audience, can guide bring seals in the audience, so you can, you can stay your audience when you're a when you're, Seth Myers or something like that load up. Your audience were left with. Wood left us with morons, go ahead, the power and continued upload, my grandmother through love, and I think she won't stop lifted grandmother through love, while she spews hate.
And spews a lotta hate. Well, guess why, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats today rally behind Russia to leave. They rally behind or New York Post democratic leaders were rushing to the defence of Fishermen Congresswoman Rashid, had to leave on Monday after she got blasted by Republicans, including president Trump for Common she made about. Use moving into Palestine after the Holocaust quote: Republicans desperate attempts. Smear representative, Rashid misrepresented comments, are outrageous tweeted how Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Donald Trump and House GNP should apologise to representative tightly and the american people for their gross misrepresentations. There's Nancy Pelosi Anti policy defending an anti semite second time now her and all MAR.
Without phony resolution speaking to the hill in an email house, majority leader, study or said, if you read Preventative Tullidge comments its clear that president tramping congressional Republicans are taking them out of context. They must stop and they all her an apology. Well, there's an independent thinker and also low, I q, what about it? They hire what about her history lesson. What about an eighty percent? What about her history lesson? You two are everywhere by Europe. Used to come on any of my shows. Why is that? Why are you such damn, cowards, I'll, even Turkey, as a fourth greater, to quote the great tat. Tally by palestinian American represents districts in Detroit was criticized a weakened by house Republicans. Including minority web, Steve Scully, said republican coverage Churlish Cheney Recommit. She
aid on a yet Yahoo NEWS, broadcasts, skulduggery and the two any so called reporters s cough and climate interviewing. Her didn't even have the ability to confront her with facts and history with facts and history. She says peering Friday. MA am, I can repeat, we played already numerous Democrats rally behind Tele, better Trump fired off his tree, so here we have trouble is accused of being an ant Sunlight antiracist, pointing out, Ty semite and a big it and they attack him trump. Numerous Democrats, rally behind Tele after Trump fired off his traitors supporters included representatives mark Pecan, Democrat Wisconsin, Earl, Blue Meyer,. Democrat Oregon and Alien Omar Bigot Minnesota
Omar the only to muslim women in Congress. What's that have to do anything but tat if they do anything. This is another transparent attempt to so division between minority communities and distract from your criminal behaviour by smearing, a muslim woman, all March waded she's, sick. Both tell even Omar, been accused of saying things that have been deemed Anti semitic. In some cases, people in both I do the I'll have said so in their defence democrats, continue to claim that the comments are being taken out of context. Well, let me tell you: what's not taken out context, she's now lied about the history of that area that the poor Palestinians they gave up all their land, so the Jews could come back after the holiday and, as a result there now, the victims, that's not gonna happen.
The Jews began moving back into the area about a hundred and fifty years ago, Arab started to follow them because they wanted jobs and so forth, as the Jews were actually creating functioning communities. That's what was taking place. Liar I'll be right back Rambo, Bozell in researcher put together, pretty amazing trip this September folks, they book the crew. The Mediterranean in a lot of people, including many people from this already have already signed up to join them. The speaker line up is really terrific. Top notch just got even better. They already have our body Brent, plus Alan West Cow, Thomas Jason shavings. Pisca and many others.
And they recently announced that the honourable James Buckley they'll, Barclays, older brother, will be joining them. Jim Buckley, true legend far as I know, is the only living person who have served in senior All in all three branches of the federal government was the United States. Senator from New York. Get elected on the ticket to the conservative party by the way was an under sectaries state under President Reagan. In a nineteen eighty five, he was nominated by reg into the Deep Sea Circuit Court of Appeals, stronger, individual and imagine the stories he can tell. Recommend right now that you gotta am our sea crews, dot, com and red judge bucklers by and by the way, isn't it time to give yourself a gift of occasion you? when your spouse or significant other whomever isn't time seriously too little rest from all this to join these one.
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the undermining the ability of the president and the executive branch to defend themselves. It's really a another grotesque miscarriage of justice and we are swamped with these Obama. Judges have tried to thwart the president's policies: legitimate policies on immigration, his legitimate policies on EPA regulations, just one after another. These district court judges think they have all this power they put in injunctions. They do other things at work to prevent the press, the United States from implementing his policies that he was elected under some subterfuge. They come up with some pretext, but you know because the present it seeks to defend the office of the presidency in the executive branch and he seeks to defend himself. How come these outrageous subpoenas flying in every direction which are all part of the Democrat Party, two thousand and twenty campaign, opposition research course the media play along the median the Democrats claim in a constitutional crisis
Here we have a montage from news: busters cut forego if it's a constitutional crisis. That sounds bad So now you hear the term constitutional crisis, and are you sure this word constitutional crisis in little constitutional crisis? What exactly counts as a constitutional crisis? Are we in a constitutional crisis and is this a constitutional crisis? I think it's a constitutional confrontation, constitutional stress, test, constitutional shoutout, constitutional confrontation, confrontational crisis which their country. Currently, yes, it's a constitutional crisis. I stopped to show prices is no longer a hypothetical. The country is in a constitutional crisis, the official Trump constitutional crisis. Folks, a constitutional crisis, I door number: do you have a constitutional crisis ever wonder what a constitution?
crisis looks and by the way, fog seated the same people who brought you collusion, number Illusion collusion, collusion, collusion, obstruction, obstruction. However, constitutional crisis crisis crisis. The ever wonder why people are able to put these montages together. We do too, and we play them for Why all the media outlets sound exactly alike by the use? Exactly the same words, have you ever wondered why there are progressive? There are social activists, that's what these newsrooms have become. Again, we don't have a free press, river media. If you ve heard one, you ve heard them all these strength with which these montages underscore. The point is really quite remarkable,
play them because their funny I play them because they prove appoint, go ahead, total end of democracy. I ll open your eyes. If this is a constitutional crisis, how can Democrats not move forward with impeachment hearings? We the option of impeachment- and we think this is a constitutional crisis- start impeachment proceedings. Why not pursue a piece? But why are you resisting from people? Argue we ve been in a constitutional crisis zones. Donald Trump was elected president since he was elected president. We ve been in a constitutional crisis. This is your media media, it's absolutely segment. Then, of course they sell re people like a o c? The even give initials EO sea like I'll, be J, J, F, K, Archie three, a Twenty nine years old and is dumb as they come.
In a rally in Washington DC yesterday on the new green deal with a green new deal, it's all red saw one form of marxism or another cut ten go. It was reported today that. This weekend, for the first time in human history, we have reached atmospheric levels of carbon at four hundred and fifteen parts per million village. Stop a second. What does that mean. And how do we know what's the first time since the beginning of may we're not even clear when the beginning a man began, did they keep records, were they. Chiseling among the K balls where we haven't we, how do we know that we have no damn idea, none that doesn't matter, go ahead This has never been seen in the corded human history, in fact
So how long backers recorded human history go It's never been seen right, MR producer, in human history. It's the first time in human history And now this has never been seen in recorded human history, which is it human history are recorded human history and what the hell are we talking about Eric whole thoughts and journalists said simply about this measurement and developments. We do not know a planet like this. What we learn or plan on like this, what does me? You know, there's an infinite number of universes, which means there's an infinite number planets. How would we know a planet like this?
We ve never gotten outside of our own universe and what are they talking about? I feel this is a bad start, trap movie, barbaric, STAR Trek Programme. I should go ahead. The last time our planet hit for fifteen. Within the pleiocene period oceans were ninety feet. Higher bacteria motions knows so. Why are they many feet higher right now is to produce it. Let's keep listening. You know I've come to conclude that the dumber than politicians like Al Gore, the more they talk about the stuff go ahead. We have never seen before roamed the earth humans did not exist. We have never seen a planet like that's. Why you ramble of humans didn't roamed the earth.
We have a higher four hundred and fifteen per parts per million of atmospheric levels of carbon. We ve never seen anything like this, but humans are roaming near, I believe their seven billions of us all kinds of mammals. Reptile all kinds of things are roaming mere. So what the hell are you talking about, and why am I ask here, go ahead and a planet like this is exactly what we are going to Gatt and it is why why why must they always tear down things, always looking for four things to attack the status quo, to attack society always talking
and emergency terms went on I quickly and we got act now and put aside all your thinking or your deny or a racist or whatever just let all rush into the void together. You ve gotta be knots. If we don't, we only have two three four years, because the planet's gonna be dead. Twelve years and I'm not joking, but I am joking Bernie Sanders picks up today. We really only a bush Do you know how all the earth is for God's sakes, it's over three billion years, all we only! two years three years to get this done two years three years to put this in place, otherwise we're finished forever. Now these are people. Ladies and gentlemen, these are people Ladys in Germany they can't tell a damn whether ten years ten
days from now it my rain and may not re it's a long term forecast. We don't know, but we do know this death in twelve years I mean, and they really want to create it. Impede you see. They really want you to surrender your liberty. They really want you to surrender your property. They want you to surrender your free will to them. This girl is a not did. I say not yes, he said not now I had going to inherit from previous generations. If we do not act, without wanting to exactly I be curious to know our rally talking to the mob. She wasn't done, cut eleven go. So often you know when folks, particularly conservatives on both sides of I'll.
Back or purple conservatism. Both this must be quite a crowd. Did the or march in the same direction. Middle ground is in harmony middle, they ter wearing the same color clothing. I say the subway her way or no way either everything is turned on its head. Either we shut down fossil fuels. Either we change your homes either. We change our cars limit, your cars change, how no middle ground at her way or the highway, or, should I say the subway her way or no way? Either everything is turned on its head: either we shut down fossil fuels. Either we change your homes either. We change our cars limit, your cars change how you live the amount of heat you get the amount of air conditioning you get the number of children. They can have whether or not you can eat me. You either
are all in. Are you not with us now? Let me tell you something I am telling you this. This is the great leap, the great leap forward in Communist China, the great leap forward in communist China purity purity of ideology. You know we talk about freedom, I want a purist. Freedom doesn't create purity. Freedom creates all kinds of diversity, people doing all kinds of different things, and so for freedom doesn't create uniformity in conformity. This does who are listening to fascism. Right ear got that media. I got that media matters, your listing, the fascism right now, mental out man. We the destroyer, capitalist system. We De growled, the industrialized America, you lay one less, you do what you're told no middle ground go ahead
always curious, but I'm always cures when they say that all it's too much. Why do they actually mean actually mean? Is our liberty? You clown our liberty, our free? Will our prosperity, that's what we actually mean. We actually mean a civil society, not a centralized government with Nimrod like you who think you know everything when you actually know nothing. You coward witches
Actually, why are you won't come on this radio show or any my tv shows cause you're a coward. You go and assess Myers show in a wet, but why do you put up and all these conservatives the way that you too well, let me tell you a chess you'll bring entirely tummy representative Turley, isn't an awful how all these people are criticising you for your anti semitic remark. I mean you're you're your remarks about justice and equality come on here for once in your three or four months in office, he was somewhat Who knows what they're talking about you? Gonna go and Chuck taught and our I'm truck Todd, and even though I don't know a damn thing about climate or meteorology year, physics or anything of the sort having almost graduating college, where they political science degree.
Lesson that we're not allowing any any man made climate change deniers on our show no know about these visits sit down at them about this Phd. Now they don't know what you're talking about till ignorant. I can't allow them on my programme, I had is a hundred percent clean and renewable energy too. Are you out of your mind? Do you support nuclear power because, as far as I know, that's a hundred percent clean, but it's not renewable, creates all kinds of waste. So what is it that you are proposing, while you're destroying capitalism? You expect capitalism to create what you demand that they create. And all the people am, I right
right back, I see all the code pink Republicans are out there. Trash and John Bolton, like the president, doesn't make decisions. John Bolton does. Are these people stupid presidents in charge? If you know anything about Trump he's in charge, but they don't care. The code Pink Republic, why you get us into another war? They act like the left. We don't as in the wars people attack us people from nice people try to undermine our nationals. They are national security. Our economic system will, around. Looking for wars, that's what the left says: I'm sick and tired of these code pink Republicans. They sound like a man. I don't know where to start.
Think with hard evidence from Mahler that there was no collusion democratic. Many media would finally back off and crawled back into the hall they came from, but instead there. It's not over that the fight just getting started. Well, guess what we're ready to fight too? if he lives. Listen to my shows for any length of time on live in tv. You know, I'm unapologetically pro constitution pro Liberty Pro America I've always told you what I'm about. Then I break down the stories. I think you need to hear and the media are furious, that we pull off these people away from watching them on live in tv. So what. Then it ends when you say enough, is enough and come track out what we're doing on Levine TV right now. You can for thirty days to watch every shown the blaze tv network, including in tv- absolutely free, if you decide
Stick with us use. Promo code Levine L Aviation to get a full year for less than eight bucks a month start your free trial. Now start. Your free trial now give us a cop eight for four. Then tv aid for four l e on tv are you gonna website, blaze, tv, dotcom, blaze, tv dotcom, either way you really ought to get started. Eight four, or Kelly, the iron that's Levine TV. Let's get back showing let's get back. More on her rally cut twelve as to producer: that's a go for years at denial and years of abdication of leadership and responsibility. We finally are stepping into that voice. What Lloyd you idiot stepping into what void the do? What what are you talking about Do you know about photosynthesis? Dear did you? Actually,
Take a science and eighth grade. I do know anything we're going to stop. Advice, ladies and gentlemen, and what are you gonna do in that void?. All you little radical leftwing cooks, what're, you gonna do we're going to change their technology, capable of doing anything. You don't actually work and technology companies. Do you what is it that you're going to do exactly? Go ahead, for ourselves and we will change this country and we will change the future to be more just because a logic that we are fighting against right now? This is not just about putting solar panels on our homes. We are fighting against the logic that says. Poisoning and giving communities. Cancer is ok, nobody says it's! Ok! You them with this. Is their future Democratic Party, her Omar Talley while the three stew, the left, that'll, be fine, I'll, be right,
He's here now run only underground. The bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven. Seven. Three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one of its: let's do a little mind test
green new deal at the new green deal. It's all a bunch of it's all a bunch of Ashleigh meal. Anyway. How is this going to work as a practical matter? Who's going to be in charge of changing all the public buildings or the private buildings, or the businesses saw the private homes who is going to be in charge of setting the rules. Who's gonna be in charge of enforcing them are Wigan a hired tens of millions of people who go around and check your homes are going to have to send copies over utility bills to an Iris, equivalent department or agency. Now, how are we going to pay for all these changes to our home and what our all these changes to our hopes to have to change our windows to have changed
relation to its change, our roofs. What do we have to change exactly before we agreed earlier this year? We have a right to know what exactly is the plan? You know you don't build a house or by us, and people's we're gonna have a great house What's it look like heavy rain, I'm a great house, it's gonna be grave. It's gonna, be great. Britain a clean war. It's gonna be great who, what's it look like? I just got a great house, a cam. Let's go.
What if you can't afford to make the changes that are mandated? What happens then? Oh they'll be subsidized. You know how many homes there are in this country, whether returning about single family homes or duplexes town homes are condos pardon. You know many places. People live what kind of homes there and so for who's going to make all these changes. Are there enough people?
these various professions to do like traditions and plumbers, and roofers and carpenters on and on, and on and on where they come from you to be trained, who's, going to train them, and we have limits on how much heat we can use in the winter and how much air conditioning we can use in the summer. I soon we will choose me are soon we will exactly which department is going to be in charge of this new department was at department, gonna, be located in Washington. How are the people in Washington DC going to know about homes in Montana, as well as homes in Hawaii homes and flawed, as well as homes and main she's me again, their built differently for a reason,
different kinds of climate, Soforth spray complicated, isn't it, ladies and gentlemen, what happens with new homes, while all new home construction and architecture had to be approved by the federal government? Will certain types of roofs going ahead to use certain roof? Wind are all architects and so forth, going to have to get some kind of a new federal certificate to make sure that they are acceptable to the federal government in terms what it is that they are creating about state law, but particularly local does rules. Are they gonna be nationalized original limit? How many acres a home can have, depending on how many members of Emily there are single family home care beyond fire return, late acres,
are we going to have an effort to determine what kind of density we have in our communities in order to limit the amount of land that used and limit the size of homes? Have our cars hammer? This is the green new deal. It affects everything we can to limit. The number of cars of a family can have an individual can have the types of cars there had to be approved by the government in order, of course, keep the are clean, as I was kind of take place. If we're not going to use fossil fuels to fuel automobiles, and we can use electricity because we need call a natural gas to create electricity, because we know we get rid of all these hydro electric dams. We can have those anymore either can have nuclear power either. So this magical energy, wherever it's going to come from.
Do we have any cars designed to actually received this magical energy while all communities have to be built around near public transportation, though, is that the plan they talked about? that, like ten years ago, you may remember MR produced was at the plane. Homes are affected cars, her affected about truckers, who move our food, and so many other things from one part of the country to the other. How are they going to be regulated ever seen? One of these trucks that do cross country drives and halls you ever seen and pick out like fourteen different sets a numbers on the side of the tractor already ready. They did into Hell. They'll, be regulated more of course, why? I guess there owing to lose their jobs and their because we're not gonna use fossil fuels anymore. We may get rid of them and five ten twelve you're gonna get rid of everything within twelve years.
All those men and women will be put out of work. Olive goober will cease to exist. The taxicab industry will cease to exist. You're gonna have to get government approval to purchase a coroner purchase, a plain o boats. No more boats. Boats are useless their pointless. They they flew rivers, streams, they pollute legs, they pollute the ocean. People just want to have fun. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the biggest scam of scams. This is the biggest scam of scams. This is a back door through which they marxist left. They call themselves wherever they want, but listen closely to the words. There is no middle ground. Gonna
But all now it's time to sell a gap who do they sound like this is the biggest scan this country's ever confronted and it will destroy your lifestyle, destroy our kind of government and the nature of our government. It'll be everywhere, it'll be ubiquitous be making every single decision. When I say it, I don't even know who these people are. I don't even know what they're going to setup, but they're going to have to hire millions of people millions. Let's move on to the next idea, Medicare for all. Those of you on Medicare you paid in Amerika for decades, though do you. Work for living talking about, are removed
Dull now those of you who work for living you been paying into Medicare for entire were career. All of a sudden. That's all going to go away, poof, none of little matter because Medicare for all means Medicare for nobody there so dishonest about what they're doing they have to call it Medicare fraud, because I know you seniors like medical. They're gonna eliminate Medicare they're gonna, eliminate Medicaid. They're gonna eliminate all this stuff. What they're gonna basically to us, take the vizier imaginable eyes all health care under that formula: government, controlled hospitals, government, controlled doctors for that matter, government control, nurses, you're all gonna- have to get your licences down the road in order to work for the government
You become part of the government but control? What you're salaries are the control, your working conditions, not control where you Weymouth doktor shortage in Vienna in oh boy, the Idaho, ok, so you guys in Bonn then you're gonna wanna get well you're going your life's ceases to be your own, because you know Healthcare are right. Now. And so the only way to implement a riders to compel other people to lose their right. Doctors, nurses, market price
tension is all up and down the medical profession wine, which of course will create shortages nobody's gonna wanna. Do it takes a lot of work to become a dock, takes no work at all, get elected office while campaigning, but who cares but houses gonna work? The gunman could approve every single procedure, surgery, impatient, outpatient, every single drug who gets who doesn't get member? What Sally pipes at on my show on Fox in Britain if a value to a life, they give a numerical vital life if you're, old and sick. In other words, you somebody who needs medical care about most people who needed are all and sick, not all, but most you'd devalue life is less than somebody who was young amount, sick. And so let's say you have some horrific form of cancer and yours, Yours old they give you.
Here, maybe and there's some dry there? The Mai, maybe clause five thousand six thousand dollars a month. And they value your life below whatever the cost of that drug is over a six to twelve month period? You're, not gonna, get it that's the way it works and Britain. So you spend your your last days, fighting the bureaucracy in the federal government to try and get a drug it'll make the insurance companies look like Santa Claus by the time they done so for the patients its rationing had shortages. And its weight times, and for many it's too late, all the compassion and humanity is removed, because everybody is working on a clock. Everybody's reporting to the federal government everybody's. Having to fill out forms an area
He's in a hurry, they don't know why there in a hurry, but everybody's in a hurry and who's gonna, be in charge of this who's, going to run Medicare for all single pair national universe. System, free medicine for every, but who's gonna run it which department, which agency and who are the genius, is going to be that are appointed to run these agencies. You don't even know them if we just stepped back and analyze what their proposing their proposing nothing and everything everything, and that its all about power and seizing control and seizing wealth and seizing her lived liberty, nothing
they tell us nothing about how this is actually going to work. Is this how you function in your own wife? Is this how you function in a business or a union or whatever? It is, of course not. You need some organization need something they don't tell us, they don't tell us cause, they don't know because it doesn't matter just grab the power grab. Your liberty grab your individualism grab, all the decision making and we'll figure it out later. And if we haven't grabbed enough or grab more again, I often wonder we have the greatest country the man has ever establish ever look around. You ve need medical care to know you can get medical care tonight. We need something to eat tonight, you'll get something to eat tonight. These are the basic medical care eating
each other tuna you'd get shelter tonight. If you need to go somewhere tonight, mobility, you can go somewhere tonight. These are the big things. Look around us. Man, has never live so well, and we don't even know if you go through people attack like fast food restaurants when I don't eat that stuff or who cares, go to a drive through and think about it. Think about how quick think about how fast we get french fries or a hamburger, a fish stand which are a salad or so its hand, fatigue in cash off. You go. Do you?
How rare that is on the world and do you know the richest people, the most powerful people two hundred years ago? Looking at this, what they would say they too. This is on the line. That means and what do we do? We attack the fossil fuel in the car. We attack the existence of the car. We attack the fast food, we attack everything and then it costs too much. We live card very rose, the raise the price twenty nine cents. For God's sakes, if we put the same federal government in charge, Mcdonald's we'd all start death and will cost us fifty dollars a hamburger to starve to death I'll, be right back
What a freak show where living through. Ladies and gentlemen, it is that an absolute freak show any biggest freaks. Quaker Bernie Sanders Mothers Guy, twenty years ago, a guy that honeymoon in Moscow would have a chance of being a senator. Maybe thirty years ago,. Let alone a year s, Kennedy within the Democratic Party, but there you have it Bernie Sanders yesterday that Let's go a cut, thirteen and bilateral like all these cuts, but it makes more sense than reading what they say. You get to hear these idiots cut thirteen go when you're dealing with the future of the planet and making sure that our kids and our grandchildren have a healthy
the habitable world in which to live? I don't want to see this. This is how it works. They stand for a healthy and habitable world. Kids at our grand kit, Zuri, Marxists or socialist regime on the face of the earth, where you want your kids to live, know why cause it's not healthy in its not habitable. That's. Why that's why I guessed. I shudder to think this is such a an efficient time. We lived through technology all around we even up anti technology to Burma. What are we gonna do we're all in all. It is our job to see the unemployment numbers, the lowest in modern history, the more technology we develop, the loan
the unemployment new assembly lines. Do fabrication. New paining may be new wheels, new transportation. Everything relates. I mean I feel like were surrounded by neanderthals, some on the left, some on the other side. Just let it be let the people be leave us alone. Let us produce, let us create, let us have commerce among us voluntary activity among us. We don't need to be regulated all the time. Only to be bullied and pushed around all the time, we don't need twenty nine euro screaming in our ears at twelve years, the world's coming to an end. We don't need it a man from for a modern, old commie telling us about the the utopian days, the the magnificent days of of centralized planning.
And how everything is free and everybody lives so beautifully we're all dancing in in in flower fields and other it's just insanity? Why destroy the greatest system on earth and replace it with the worst system on earth? It's not hard to destroy, thinks it's hard to build things. Bernie Sanders is incapable of understanding our economy. Most of us are incapable of understanding our economy. People are doing things every day there doing right. Now, as I speak, though, we don't understand and yet can improve our large they're going to improve our lives. We think we know everything we know very little as I as an individual as a collective doing our own thing. The system works and what's there and watch the glue that holds it altogether, believe it or not its freedom. When's. The last time, Bernie Sanders talking
freedom, rather than free things, what's the last time the three stooges talked about freedom rather than free things. There are two different things there to say from for somebody to get something they haven't worked forming. Somebody else has to do the work for them to get something. They have worked for its that simple and they caught bushes justice and equality, justice and equality, its fascism or some kind of isn't all these magnificent things that were surrounded our so you get up to in the morning. You can't sleep in you, wanna get a cup of coffee. You can get a cup of coffee in getting it. Aren't. You can go, there's things that we do in the society we take for granted and there's more things we could do in the society of the government. We get the hell out of the way I'll be right back
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I'll, say ten percent may deductible may apply. I must recall screener, MR producer, give me a collar. We haven't had a collar all day, Hooty recommend Daniel Philadelphia, their great w phd country go say. I want to say thank you for what you do and I wanted to ask you we thought about something. So I was listening to what you're talking about about the green new deal and become It's become quite apparent to me that a lot of things fingers big issues that were being propagated by the mainstream media and by Democrats our no he thought about that sets from off. Mother fag issues in the sense that they can never actually do them, but what they can do is take liberty and take money and destroy industry. That's the problem
and they and they hide behind the green new deal. They come up with these phrases, which are really quite absurd. A green new deal, you know, do you realize five and a half per cent of the country of the Continental United States is actually developed? Are you aware that I know where you live again, I'm living in Philadelphia you if you fly from Philadelphia, LOS Angeles there's a lot of country in Between- and I love my country and put in between- is pristine. The most dense state in the country's New Jersey about a one third of news, She's developed, but I put this in my book: liberty and tyranny early on it was from a study by the Heritage foundation. Several years ago. People understand about food a half per cent of the other
land, mass of the United States. The continental United States is actually developed the rest of its not you wouldn't know that about thirty percent of the land Mass of the United States is controlled by federal government. Are you aware that I was not now thirty percent of it? Well, people act like the chicken healthcare. Are you aware that fifty percent of healthcare is concerned by the federal government. Fifty percent of people are either on federal. Healthcare are subsidized by the federal German. You wear that loud and no less. Are you aware that over twenty five percent budget in most states of all their spending goes to medicate. No, nothing! This is what I mean people act like we don't have garden wall. What we need is more government, more government, more government, their driving up the price of health care are driving up the price of policies, their driving,
the doktor both their limiting amount of choices we have in health care and what they're saying is trust us give us more power. Didn't they tell us twenty ten give us Obama care will fix this. They got Obama here they didn't fix anything. They made a worse But we have met a care which is over fifty years old and they say they are going to turn Medicare. Now they want to destroy Medicare in order to create single payer. European style government run healthcare system. We need Oh, how lousy they are. Why would we trade in our system for that system? Green new deal for decades, we were talking about Energy Independence, not to rely on my Arabs and Saudi Arabia and then as well, and so we actually now energy independence and what do they want to do? Destroy it. There was a day when the left used to complain,
that we don't have enough material wealth to go around that we need to register today they make the opposite argument that we have too much material wealth that we needed the industrial as we need a d growth because we're creating pollution? Are we supposed to keep going then, when they have global cooling, global warming, climate change, you're gonna need a neck praised by the time you done. All of these are schemes and scams to separate you from your prosperity and success. The supper you from your individual liberty, to separate you from our founding principles, and I follow the Pied piper darkness and bleakness and failure. Structure. That's what's going on here does not make sense to you, sir. Thank you very much. I right, sir. Let's take another call: Mister
Jimmy Serious Satellite Jimmy from Alabama. Go right ahead, sir. I mark thank you so much for everything that you do. It's amazing. When I listen to you, I listen to myself and Jimmy. Where are you an album? Auburn, that's area, back off from well, it's nice easier on so many topics I mean. I don't even know where. To begin to be a is one thing: I'm part of the PA system moved up from South Florida came up Alabama to Central Alabama and it's horrible. Your people want talk about Medicare for all. I can tell you, don't want it when I was in south where there are so many retirees down their doctors, wanna live and South Florida. No, we are great medical men come up here and in and I'd I've got an appointment three weeks ago. Up for the first time, accurately doctors,
July. Second, I made the old man and I imagine the problem- that's what's gonna happen exactly like, but I wanted to go back to leave when we gave our lived in Jerusalem, Israel from two thousand servility, thousand p m then, and during that time, a master over the Gaza Strip by was passed. Her friends of mine give be handed in drug through reach humbling, and let me go to lay wants to talk about the this equality. Does this go? She wanted lovely system for everybody when her own pay by that went into Ramallah and end would take groceries and the people. They were in highly this one, I had to hide her Bible in a mad version which bear like a dog on the floor, and then this is worth their warning. Issues is beyond me I just don't understand where this country's go on, I already have lived there
an alarm limited. When you deal with people, I gay o redo of people. I Bernie soon these people they really have never experienced americanism. They really haven't done enough. Anything where there were involved in our our various systems are very small. Businesses are very sober. They they sit back and they make allegations, they sit back and they and they when they talk about theories and abstractions, but they ve never really participated in the american system. When you look at TAT Leap and you look at Omar, these people are coming here with a very very big chip on their shoulders and I don't know what motivates them, but they they hate the very country that they come to. They hate. The very sick in which they are now members of Congress and I've just reach the point. It's not really up to me to feel out there there's psychological issues. They just need to be defeated.
Because of their ideology. As far as I'm concerned- God more, I don't even know what type in our country look. I live. I live twenty five miles from Tusky Alabama and where the Commodore, forearm right largest, find out that the day at a terrorist training camp there, the guy who went out. New Mexico. They started in Tuskegee Alabama that girl. He wants to come back Alabama, who went, join mate, who brought these people here word they brought themselves here. That's the irony. They hate this country so much they wouldn't be here, but for the fact they wanted to He heard their parents wanted to be here and we want escaped a refugee camp and the other escape the magnetic and so called palestinian homeland, and here they are. Crashing America, I've never like it and they always have something in common
eight America and they hate the Jews. We notice that oh yeah immigration, I wanted to help with a yak. I you cholera yard were what these then I do not know the gods and control she wants to say the world's gonna end in twelve years was a Jew and a Christian you know. I understand that that that Hashem and God is in control. She isn't we're not we're not going to. Where can I go to destroy this planet any sooner that God wants it destroyed? I mean it just makes no sense to me and once this twelve years come from exactly what Fourteen years after eleven years, I have no idea you're crazy, but this is what candour contrary to America. I mean. Do I just love, let that that is the problem. Without you dont control immigration. We used to be able to choose who comes here. We used to insist
assimilation, there's a reason for that. If more more people come here from more more different parts of the world with their own cultures escaping cultures in escaping cultures, that is their very bad cold. Coming into this country and then clinging to their cultures and then trying to protect them under us, you'll have a country anymore in Minnesota, who brought all there to do like, though more urgent, Omar there. I don't know how this happened had be curious to know I'm sure scene and will be telling us any time soon. Sir. Don't hang up! I want to send you a copy of on freedom of the press, I'll be signing all of these next week, so we can get them to all. You folks had been giving them too and all The rest, you can go to Amazon, dot, com and audio copy of on freedom of the press. We're gonna have a very, very big discussion about this huge problem in our country, which is the perversion of the media into an eighty, illogical and partisan mouthpiece. We need to talk about it and break it down in the little piece
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Accurate alleviation dad come here. Give us a call one eight for four four exchequer whoops. I was the microphone one. Aid for four for extra have often said Mister producer. We are qualified professionals here every day, working on an aren't we we do our best. Who else do we have MR producer? Charles, in Brooklyn New York on the mark, Levant Power, you very well know of, and how are you very well? Thank you, Sir about the screen new deal, a mechanical engineers who has been involved for quite a number of years in buildings systems, design, come on. We call they track, and the fact is that going back to the
oil crisis oil embargo, I should say, and so called energy crisis and the early seventies. There was a push start to really ramp up. He efficient these systems and and themselves, with spearheaded by an engineering organization called Ashraf and over the years these standards have been adopted by codes pool across the United States and national codes. His as well as local code has been emblem, implemented consistently and New York City has a section and the old be totally devoted to make sure in new construction and wept when planters,
They meet either the prescriptive requirements of the code, typically its ashtray oars and some modifications to it to tap the by states. State also adopted a shriek and die even well might, even, but twenty years ago, under the Eu S Green Building council, I programme could lead with implemented that allows buildings to be accredited to certain officials who standards saw this sustainable design is always ongoing, is always improving its realistic where manufacturers can meet middle, manage fish to requirements with equipment that produce buildings can put solar panels on photovoltaics, whatever they can do to create the more efficiency, more efficient, safe and unusable.
So the concept is not now so what this green new deal does just. I guess she tries to be rational about the whole approach, I'll rip it up from the bottom and you had to start all over. And now nor zoning I'm not into that, are you? what if they're wrong and then damn home every damn buzz. I mean, I don't think people understand the the extended the expense and the dislocation, and you tear these systems. Out of your ceilings and everything I mean this isn't so simple, so my point is that systems have been meeting minimum efficiency standards. That that they want to change the standards set by the point? That's my point and if these efficient- it's not like-
You know the lack of efficient cost money is well anybody who has an old cars. You wanna go from twenty miles a gallant eighty miles. Gown efficiency course is eight. Is a lifecycle item that and of benefits when economically, when applied correctly? That's all I'm saying I don't know a lot of the details of what they want to do, but if it's lunacy, if it makes no economic sense, then then I wish you shouldn't be implement and my point, which is to alert you when you're listeners, either Thank you giving us excellent information. Honestly. I think we already know why they go. We already know that when they come in and they want to change systems in all the restless is a mass of undertaking an early and in the end the end result is absurd. The eye that man is having such an enormous impact on the climate is just stupid. It's
it is unproven, no matter what they say, no matter how many times I said, all right, good, show, callers? I thank you all great listeners too. We salute armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emerging person and all you great heroes out there, please Amazon bad, come right. Now, after the end of the programme, look up on freedom of the press, I think we're number eighteen on the list or something help us push it into the top. And before release. It's up to you see tomorrow.
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