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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/17/18

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Barack Obama’s FBI, CIA and national intelligence agency interfered in our election in ways much more notorious than the Russians yet President Trump is under investigation. There was surveillance of Trump's campaign that used national security letters to circumvent the FISA process. We've seen lies of omission by the FBI in FISA warrants to spy on Trump's campaign by a cabal of rogue FBI agents that took it upon themselves to investigate him. This cabal conspired to interfere in our election and was more notorious and extensive than the Russians. To our knowledge this has never been done before! Robert Mueller is investigating the wrong campaign, the wrong party and the wrong surrogates, and the media is an active participant in covering up the wrong-doing and illegality of those that interfered in election. Then, Mark reiterated the case he laid out in March of 2017 that Trump team was spied on. Mark said it first despite being attacked by ABC, MSNBC and CNN, immediately for being a conspiracy theorist. Meanwhile, we watch the conga line of lawyers and professors on cable news who've never dealt with a independent counsel, let alone a special counsel. A prosecutor cannot have the power to nullify the impeachment process; its absurd! Trump and his lawyers have now now taken this position. Finally, Trump calls MS-13 gang members animals and democrats and the media say he was talking about immigrants when it was clear he wasn’t. They take a logical statement and try to imply that Trump is racist. MS-13 are animals, what do you call people who kill for fun?

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