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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, the SAT has changed to make college less competitive. Social activists have pushed identity politics even further ahead and the SAT will no longer be based on merit and will now include an adversity score based on social and economic factors. When will we start treating individuals like individuals? Then, Attorney General William Barr continues to correct the record as he looks further into the origins of the Russia Investigation. It appears that Mueller's Office and the media are still colluding as reporters continue their indictments in the court of public opinion since Mueller couldn't bring any charges as there were no offenses. This was likely leaked to shape the narrative of information that will be made public in the forthcoming Inspector General's report. Finally, Shannon Bream calls in to discuss her new book - Finding the Bright Side: The Art of Chasing What Matters.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now, in its hundreds, the fifth year Hills, Dale. A truly independent institution where learn surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to Hills Dale by their sponsorship, now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a non description. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody. I have an echo guys mark living in our number, eight seven One three one one. Eight seven, seven three one
three eight one, one we'll get it together. One of these days as sat scores. I know this has been in the news a few days, but I haven't had an opportunity to address it and it troubles me greatly, particularly when I hear people agreeing with some of this stuff. The daily mail report and alleged us wait a minute. We ve had now weeks of coverage. Maybe it's been a month. Maybe it's been six weeks of these wealthy people buying their kids way under these colleges by wind blowing out their sports achievements, lying about their academic achievements. There being prosecuted Some are going to go to jail. Maybe they're all gonna go to jail, no wise. This a big story. Because wealthy people are buying their way and for their care through many of you have kids
going to college or going to college or may go to college and they have to compete with other kids An you send these applications of their rather substantially had to pay a fee. Submissions offices, and maybe it It has strayed aids and have done very well on the essay tea or maybe not. And you really have very little information about what's taking place and that emissions and it's a big deal. Because there is a system that some place. The standard, pass. They look at the great point averages and they look at extracurricular activities right, and so you gotta put the case together, reared your trial dancers, with your assistance, whatever. That your kid oughta be going to the university.
But there is already a lot of things going on here from the social activists. And the social engineers then have actually nothing to do. With your s, eighty score, your great point average or your extracurricular activities. The issue of identity politics has seen its way into college admissions and the spindle. It's been this way for some time been this way for some time and yet the media, because it supports identity politics, because it supports this sort of thing in all courses of life dont focus on it. There's a hell of a lot more kids who are disadvantaged as a result of a system that is infected with identity politics, then kids Affected by what a handful of starlets have done for their children, I'm just being honest way.
Posted despise the ladder and celebrate the former. Why. I say: tease now, which are part of this process are going to be further poisoning the process. It won't be based on merit because merit not a good thing anymore. Nancy policy made that clear. Yesterday. It'll be less on merit a moron. Other considerations, so now one of the elements that and emissions office Some consideration on top of race on top of sexual preference, On top of religion. On top o, however, ass its weight, it is now the essay tea which is supposed to test aptitude. That's what the aid for aptitude,
So the essay tease will now contain secret adversity scores students will be rated on deprivation and crime in effort to level playing field for poor and minority teens. Nobody will be told the numbers, so it's not testing aptitude per se. Is it now? It's not Every student taken, the USA too, will now be given an adverse adversity score to help equalize the college, can system for low income teens. Let me ask you folks. A question is that the only adversity people face that their poor or their minorities, lots of kids have adversities that have nothing to do with that
to be their physical adversities, maybe their mental adversities, maybe they're things going on in their homes. You don't know about tuna. She can make a laundry list, but what's, the USA T doing here their developing a quasi quota system. So you'll get extra points. Just because a who you are- where you been born this whole mentality. This whole mentality. Has taken hold of our society. Now it's taken hold of the USA teeth the College Board, which administer. The test established a new system, the news Still use fifteen different factors to determine students adversity score based on things such as the crime, poverty rate, An home values.
So what they're saying is poor minority kids in the inner city are going to get additional point, such just be honest, poor minority, kids, In the inner city, poor, a minority team, we're going to get that members reading when it says rating on deprivation and crime and efforts a level playing field. Fifteen different factors and you're not allowed to know about it. You have to pay for the S. Eighty course you have to pay to take the s. Eighty, colleges and universities demand know what your eyesight t scores. Automatically
pending on who you are and what your background as you're gonna have points deducted effective. Now, who's heard most through this, whose heard the most well white Americans rank wrong Asian Americans Jeanne, Americans now I soon will be some kind of law suit. File by people wanting to know exists. They how the system works. I mean, after all, your kid wanting to go to college is bound by this system, a secret point system for adversity. There should be no points for adversity. There should be no points for poverty. There should be no points for race. It's an aptitude test. It should be a color brine system, regardless of where you live in the United States regard
So who you are here's the standardized test, standardized test. And why is it assumed that minority Age and poor areas are smart, as majority. Kids and wealthier areas. Why is that assumed? While they didn't go to school, There is good well, whose farmers that I no group Landmark legal foundation that has fought for decades for school choice and who opposes it. First,. We every city mayor virtual every city council, the a lazy pay the icy you the anyway. They all oppose, in other words, these democratic front groups, democrat front group, But it offices take that into consideration anyway. There
I would consider it as a factor as long as they're not setting up a quota system according to the Supreme Court, so they're allowed to take consideration in individuals background. If there are any Crime infested area, in other words, if they really exceeded, ways there are not determined by mathematics and science and spelling overestimate so they're already able to take that into consideration. But there s a t shouldn't take that into consideration, because you're perverting an aptitude test. When are we gonna start treating individuals as individual human beings are given example? Let's forget the s. Eighty, let's look at the the medical exam for kids, you wanna become doctors, they do this kind of waiting to and they won't tell you what's. Gonna.
You're, an individual human being, if you work your entire schooling career, because you want to try and become a doctor, you ve done all your homer. You ve studied like hell, you ve, given up your weekends And use, then you lose a slot in a top medical school because you're not caught him called the right race. From the corner call right! Neighborhood, you don't have the cotton quote right experience is that fair. I can't dealing with an individual human being, not a group of white people, not a group of suburban pay. You're dealing with an individual human beings. This is why I detest these sorts of things. We try to arrange our society based on race and stereotypes. I detest this sort of thing.
If my father were alive, he would tell YE grub dirt, poor dirt character, poor. There were no programmes in place. To wait the scale one way or another to help somebody who very poor we live in a free country. You don't have to be, a poor, your entire life, you really out and the greatest country the greatest country for which circumstances are available to create wealth out of poverty, opportunity destitution as this country is this country So here is another, I guess you could call it institutionally. Yes, I t that's being flush down the toilet for identity power
ex political correctness call at whatever you want, and it's a damn shane its outrageous. It is outrageous. That human beings are treated as individual human beings. I'm not Twisted and all the other factors- everybody they we talk about equality, everybody should be t should be treated equally, except, of course, for left has an agenda and of course, the College Board clearly has an agenda there. All blunt about it, I'll be right back shit,
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I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and pride I m p r. I am I S, died here, still that eighty you welcome to Helstone by the way a reminder big time special Hannity denied on the Fox NEWS, Channel nine Pm Eastern six be emphasised full, our full, our one on one? Where we talk about the press, I think you're gonna love the show I really do, and we must it show for you on Sunday too,. Ten p m. Eastern is usual some Pm Pacific. Life Liberty and Levin, peed hex. If it's not really
I guess he's my colleague and we have a year a really great discussion back and forth. Do we have a free press on free press in this country? I think you'll find it very intriguing. But first things. First tonight nine pm eastern, please You're gonna be out set year. What are you set your what you said so you dvr. But if you're going to be homer somewhere weakened should I think you really love it might in when I was finished, Sean pulled me out said. That was a fantastic interview. I think that's the one we ve ever done. I dont know that, but that's what he said. That's what he said. So I think you're gonna love it So tonight nine pm eastern time on Fox on Hannity one on one Hannity in Sunday
on life, Liberty and Levine. We re special PETE Hague senses than nice guy by the way, smart, a sharp, as can be in just very, very gracious, And that all comes through and you'll see that again Sunday, ten p, eastern time of life, Liberty and Levin and really Hannity needs. No introduction is one of my best friends, like a brother in many ways. And they can find this to be a truly fantastic show. These long form interviews just are done any more in Sean. Does one with me they're just not done anymore. And I M similar Sunday night show and they, Different in many ways, even though both going to talk about the press- and we expect to be hammered because, don't forget or Tuesday, the book comes out, may twenty first
Tuesday on freedom of the press and younger Amazon dot com right. I think it's number four on their re rich spin, there all day so few books and ahead of it. But convinced the Levant Nights out, they're, gonna, wanna, know more and more about the subjects we can do more more about it. Have you got Amazon dad come on freedom of the press, forty percent off its number for now. So that means living nights are starting to turn out in numbers. That's good thing. When you watch Hannity nine, you watch my Sunday show and so forth. I think you'll see why. So what do you think about that The perversion of the essay tease now I think it's outrageous and by the way it's not just as a tease, you got all kinds of test for firefighters and cops tests for teachers, This is like resonating throughout our society. I would love to who is responsible,
These things we can never been a down while the College Board one of them. From the College Board, who makes these decisions, whom all these decisions, it's like trying track down the individual or individuals who decided that chain migration was the law, and constitutional Eighteen sixty as we believe that the Social Security Administration, but we all know and people, make these decisions they impact society cycle. These decisions to send all these illegal aliens from set the southwest part of the United States. In this flawed in order to Tipp Florida. At some point,. We don't know we don't know the names of the people, it Bernie Sanders says all you and we normally saint, now, shut up and set out but how do you know what what many care for all? So pay a universal just like that. When Harlan Harlan now goes out, there's still waving? It
when mouths over there, although would run it He's gonna run their single parent. Well, I don't know it now. We want names who are they? Experts were they watch the groped. That's gonna run out of care system. Just the government who decided on this college board issue that College board or I don't know who decided on CHE migration their social. Security, even though we may hope I don't know, and they just ran this stuff down. The public's growth It is not a healthy society that reward perceived victim hot and, in some cases, actual victimhood you reward competition. You reward merit whether its and sports, whether its in broadcasting, whether its in politics. And yes, whether it's an education
I'll be right. Back folks, many of our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up is good, but sadly Many have lost their way locked in the grip of, nickel correctness they no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism thankful, there's hills, Dale College, since its family in eighteen, forty, four hills Dell has remained true to its original mission, to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety and his still enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple, and your profound to hell
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They will only grow Babby or take it very awake in the control room today, just want to make sure yeah, go ahead mark from your house greener about who, I think, has really moving out there s eighty adversities sure thing, and I therefore assure northern I'm a teacher here in Wisconsin, and I think I think, Bed work themselves out the situations you know they they do that because they see what therein and they want to work out of it. Didn't never have to do that. What you know it s really hard for me as a teacher to get them to understand that they need to come in Regard one girl, percolate, I don't know I haven't even one about a little different take, and that is the kids who have worked hard. Utterly situations are going to be thrown in and viewed as the other kids get just got extra points right
How, then, do it's not them to? This is a problem. This is a problem I mean when we speak. Society should be about equality of opportunity and so forth and so on, and you don't do that by holding other people back in order to promote certain people. You just don't do that, the legal base it on physical characteristics as a nation that for a war and is trying to get away from this. I thought we were so, which is it colorblind or not, colorblind, I get a story here with seventy five universities, have a black only grow patient ceremony. What the hell is that? How do you know but we were for integration? I thought we for assimilation. I thought we refer colorblind ass. I thought we were all these things were Americans,
I agree with the American. You know that the kid see this they pick up on it and if they don't get into those profile, they don't bother working as hard as they really should. I say thank you for your call. Tom Chicago Illinois, exam satellite. How are you mark longtime listener. First time collar, love the show who were the other caller. I just want to make one thing: what is released, also a text on the good students that students that go ahead and put the effort and make the effort and everything But the original thing that I was going to say as the real, simple solution, but I may offer mental well. Your have to call back to tell us why you Warrenton Virginia the great WMD I'll go ahead, a marked out common said: Galahad Skype.
As the gap to measure is no longer a glass the gap, the two measurement tasks, like you said in its literally just for full blown, racial and economic profiling not for long, because everybody is treated way, but it certainly is poisoning what was supposed to be an objective process: the You know I used to go on with your GPA and they saw you go from this school at school? So we're going wait. Some schools are better than others, and so for then you give your experience. People want to look at that and then the It is supposed to be the objective text and now it like waited gap Were what I was going to say, as I think you should start, movement thanks for your car pressure and how much more can I do what movement should I start when everybody
I should start this or I dont understand really Scott. You start a movement then we'll find out what kind of movement you're starting that might be interesting? You start the movement. By the way, there's a fascinating interview, attorney General BAR on Fox, I'm not gonna, play all the clips and so forth and so on. But this is really a terrific attorney general he's a terrific man, of enormous integrity and strength. He knows exactly what's going on? He knows exactly what the Democrats are doing, but he is held back. On figuring out what took place in this country and the twenty sixteen election, and he is right in here- to do things really. You have to wonder why the mass media into what we know why but he's gonna undertake, Those responsibilities and is very, very important. And yet you smeared by the Democratic Party any assessment
by most of the media, because it's not at times where the difference between the two. I want you to hear some of this. I can't play at all, but listen to some of the integrity of this man in bill hammer by the way bill hammer is a real journalist. They'll Henry is in fact they real journalist. You can't tell bill homers politics cut three go. You also said back in April there you thought the respond going on the from campaign. When do you think that? started making to speculate about when it sure we're going to find out when it started And said that it was July two thousand sixteen sound right to you again. I want to speculate. What I will say is that it I've been trying to get answers to questions, and I found that a lot of the answers have been attic inadequate, and I have also found that some of you
explanations? I've gotten don't hang together zones in a sense. I have more questions today than I did when I first start some of what things don't hang together some of the the nations of what occurred. Why, That matter well, because I think people have to find out what the government was doing during that period. If we're, if were worried about foreign influence, For the very same reason, we should be worried about whether government officials abuse the power and put there's some on the scale and- and so I am not saying that happened, but I am saying that we have to look at that. Can you say when Mahler knew there was no collusion with Russia and I couldn't say that no day given no, I couldn't I couldn't say when, when he knew they look, how forthrightly is
four ago you are being heavily criticized by Democrats by the house, bigger Nancy Pelosi. She believes you lied under oath. Would you think of that charge? I think it's it's a laughable charge and I think it's largely being made to try to discredit partly because they may be concerned about the outcome of a review of what happened during the during the election. What does that mean? That means they may be trying to under undermine my credibility, but obviously you can look at the face of my testimony and see on its face that there's nothing and accurate about. Don't you love this guy. I wasn't gonna play around. I'm gonna keep going cut. Five, go the press
Calls this a witch hunt. He calls it a hoax. You agree with him. I said: if, if you were the president, I think you would view it as a witch hunt hopes, because at the time he was saying he was innocent and that he was being falsely accused and that's if you're falsely accused. You would think that something was a which- and I have to say we stepped back and look at this to two and a half years of his administration, three years probably campaign and then the first part of his administration. He has been hammered for something for allegedly conspiring with the Russians and that we now know that was simply false. How do you like that? This is why they hate bar. He wants to get to the bottom of this any stating the truth. You know how to do. That is
had sex go when pose with that question about whether he considered witness tampering once you got the mother report, billboard explained his decision. This way that's a misconception. He was not ass. The changes testimony that was a reaction to oppress story.
By the New York Times that claimed that Trump had told him to fire, Mueller and Trump in this gun. Just going by what the report said, I'm not arguing the case, but Trump was mad at the word fire and claimed he never directed began to fire Mueller and in fact elsewhere. The report does say that Mcgann was told by Trump to talk to Rosen Stein, to complain about about conflicts of interest at Mueller. Had and have mother removed for conflict of interest and there's a difference, because if you remove someone for a conflict of interest, presumably someone else is going to be put into continue the investigation and what Trump was being accused of the New York Times. We just outright
the firing of Malta, and this is a clear difference between what the New York Times as reported in what the report actually set in the media, unless all the legal endless went on and on this is a case of extraction and so forth. Cut seven five I go. You reportedly had a conversation with her this week. What did you say to her? I wouldn't call it. A conversation is more like an icebreaker was introduced and I asked her if she had brought her handcuffs weather and she said I didn't really quite hear what she said, but she was an unpleasant about which she will say and Democrats will say is that you were spending on behalf of the presidency.
With the principal conclusions that you released: they they level charges that you held back the mother report for several weeks. We spending for the White House to buy some time now. I wasn't, I think, what they really perhaps annoyed about is that they didn't have an opportunity to spend and fundamental findings of the report were out there for everybody to say, and they were not in a position to span there. You go, and he is absolutely right. Right back every and being has a common problem? How do I live? Well? happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills to college. Larry Arn argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's. Nick I'm a key and ethics, and new, free online course from hills. The college shares Aristotle's teachings that. Why help
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Website called media founded by Jan Abrams, who pretend The journalist on ABC pretends to be illegal, analyse and this site is really quite which is why bring it up. We are your where it embassies, Nicole Wallace MSNBC, said today. He considers attorney General Bill bar to be the most dangerous person and the Trump Administration right now, I think, bars the most dangerous person that works for Donald Trump, because Donald Trump World View Show Hannah Worldview buddy oversees the Justice Department. He's worldview. What is shown Hannity have to do with this kind of approach. Is this Nicole Wallace was a paid and bought for republican consultant work for John Mccain? how she's a Paden bought for mouthpiece for leftwing Cook Democrats. Really low. I q.
Which moron understand now dating somebody from the New York Times. That doesn't surprise me no offense. It's in the paper course of sits in the paper. It must be true, so bill bars the most dangerous person in the trunk cabinet because, as we all know, Donald Trump is a very dangerous man. He's he's got a cab, full a dangerous people. I am sick and tired of these reprobates. These do nothing state of chief nothing's who managed to get a show on MSNBC, I'm sick tired of these people by Comcast, just burping up their stupidity each, every day, I'm sick of it, whether at her. Or the other house there? Whether Jake, Tapir all got on this one all yoyo. We got trump on this one. There pretenders absolute pretenders, let's go to
Jeff like Charles Louisiana. The great k a ok go, but I just wanted to say about the epic visa. You know that that more of a threat to our country than we realise, when you put people into positions that are not really qualified like the medical profession, even a legal professionals. Other potential. If they don't have the credentials in IRAN, I out tenuous basis just getting by a young. You noticed. Good lawyers and bad assembler just getting by their there are detrimental think think about the hospital and you get somebody just gotta- have they got a degree. And therein nursing her a doctor and their treating you. It's real You know I'm concerning to me the peak or in some of these positions. Shouldn't, be here, really is not good for the country
you got it all wrong, but it just to seen a lot of this. I've got some relation that I'm gonna say because this too close to home here, but The pressures on the lobbies, colleges, the good people in and get there A warm up and get people the path. That is a good thing and they made money but downtown view that there is a lot of people should not have a degree or they need more trying. Others allotted to people for a while. But I agree with you by the way, but what about the people? What about the injustice of the morality of it? Are you you? We can even those people, because you know if you were serving alongside somebody who is really weak and got in there, and you. You did the credentials on everything and in it it's really diminishing. Your position is well now you probably stand thou, don't get me wrong, but if they compare you do the other person and you get it we'll pay for doing more and more conscientious work. You know
so. You're willing irritates, maybe even talk about this, because I've seen a lot this in every forgot. What about what bothers me here- and you ve kind of touched on- is the inconsistency of this. That is, on the one hand we wanted to be. We want everyone to be treated equally right level playing field. Other hand. They really dont do it now they want special treatment, because if they can't make the grade when they want to be in there. They want to be in the men and why won't the college Board tell us the fifteen bases, forgiving extra points to people who come from this I heard that back runaway. Why won't they did well? They need the numbers the money- and let me ask another question: does this mean? Illegal aliens moved to the top of the list
in many cases in many locations they do because they get their preferential minority treatment that about their dirt, poor, most of them coming into this country cross the border me. No, not all, of course, but you see hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens coming to this country, their dirt poor. They live in impoverished air, yes, they haven't had time to assimilate. There were no time too were to become part of this tidy and so forth, and I'm just wondering Children are automatically gonna get extra points on the air he too, as well as extra points chiseling from the admission office, and the answer is yes: they are. And it's the morality of something like this: it's just not write these people with the S, eighty score scoring and the college Board, should absolutely blinders out of every kind. They should Green, I showed types there looking at scores, they're giving points
All the other areas that it to be looked at her to look. We looked at by mission boards, but not the essay t test and I even ever would the emissions boards. Looking at these various issues, its but there's only so many seats and people are going to be denied seats and its on fair to another human? Being, I don't care what the races I could care less, meaning some provisions in this country that are heavily populated by caucasians, heavily populated others by agents heavily populated by African Americans. When you look at certain professions and so forth, and so on, you don't stop. Killing people down in order to lift other people up, but this is a very vibe Diverse society and if you're taken a test the test as a test, and it's that simple, All these kids, you wanna go to college now, have that taken as a key test. There are gonna, be judge
on the merits of their score, but, among other things, I'll, be right back. Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one
Three eight one one: I the latest pseudo news: let's take a look at this. This is from CNBC, but they all say the same thing Michael Flynn told Special Council about possible attempts to obstruct Russia probe wow. I better read this.
What is this scandal? Number five thousand within the collusion, so called scandal and a fat now keep something among which has had a special council eighteen prosecutor, the vast majority of whom hate Donald Trump, the vast majority of whom are Democrats, some of whom donated to bomb or Clinton campaigns are both. Ok, you had the number two in the Mahler camp. Vice men who was out to destroy Donald Trump, now keep this all in context. When you read this or when I read it to you when you listen to this end, a filing attached to a sentencing memorandum made public late, Thursday federal prosecutors, said Michael Flint quote: inform the government of multiple instances where they he or his attorneys received communications from persons connected to the event.
Creation or Congress they could have affected both his willingness to cooperate in the completeness of that cooperation, while Flint a former national security adviser. Not only Tom investigators, about these communications, but also provided the special council office with a voice mail of one instance: woe voicemail, that's read on Flynn pleaded gilding twenty seventeen to line the federal investigators about conversations he had with the russian ambassador false statement, one camp. We know the whole history about a good Christine Wang over NBC, but let's keep going so. Natalie untold investigate about these communications, but also provided the special council office with this voicemail pray.
It is said in their file. They were not aware of some of these attempts until Flynn enforcement. Anybody find something kind of weird about this. Mr Barroso, you finally kind of weird about this and all over tv they're talking about obstruction again, they have a voice correct lady drove this isn't hard just play by the numbers. They they have a voicemail, correct They know who's on the voicemail Correct Mr Flynn would have told them who's on the voicemail correct if EVA Voicemail, a recorded voicemail. That is an attempt at obstruction or who did they charge for that. Who did they charge? There's no presidential protection for whoever was on the voicemail? Who did they charge nobody? Why not?
we have a whole article here that says obstruction we have prosecutors, it say obstruction, we, I don't put particular these prosecutors. They had no problem charging people today So who members on the voice mail? As this article report, I was involved in some sort of effort to pressure when the changes testimony wasn't charge with anything. Oh now they talk about the prosecutors. Do. Many occasions from persons I'm quoting connected to the administration of Congress. It could have affected both his willingness to cooperate and the completeness of that cooperation. Listen carefully to this.
Were either he or his attorney received communications from persons connected to the administration of Congress that could could have affected with his willingness to cooperate in the completeness of that cooperation, but they didn't, they didn't say they did There's no affirmation of anything here. This is how these Mahler prosecutors right. We do not exonerate the president, you don't get to exonerate the president now, evidence of obstruction of justice of any body on but all hell or in the administration was trying to prevent. Persuade him to obstruct or not cooperate. So bored and so on, where the charges for crying out loud that's their job, where the charges there aren't any there on it.
Although what the hell is this all about nothing, it's about nothing. Look at the headline again: Envy CNBC, Michael Flint, told Special council about possible attempts to obstruct rush approach possible. Attempts could have affected possible attempt could have affected that doesn't
I probably caused me in either case does deal. So what is this exactly? What it is once again mowers office in the media in Cahoots Mothers office? Writing these things up where they can actually bring charges in the media, taking the next step and bringing charges themselves, architecture obstruction, but obstruction wasn't brought my we ve decided at substructure. Look at this. I even heard a friend of mine on tv, so this is. This is very problematic. It's what were very problematic area. This is troubling watch troubling sure now we're all gonna sit back non prosecutors, former prosecutors hosts experts,
and this. This is unbelievable. What took place? What do you think Jeffrey treasure? search, trays, him crazy, Jeffrey Treason, wow obstruction. Nobody was charged with anything in. None of these people have the president privilege that was explained into memorandum was half a century ago by the Department of Justice. None of these people are protected by that and nobody was charge, not the person on the voice mail. And this is a very else, did special learn and anyone seemingly down prostitutes- The advice man is in there, you know what else did we learn? Oh.
What else did we learn and anyone seemingly CNBC report. Started surveillance, lieutenant general. My Flynn much earlier than we thought. Excuse me who was surveillance, the FBI, what he was being so. Failed much earlier than we knew. I guess what is brothers? Television, you noticed brother, says not only that, but they never told Michael Flynn in any of their decision. Into them and he gave ninety hours Hallo ninety hours a testimony. I and the hours they were to shake him. There. And through all that, through its cooperation through the plea deal. These sentencing offer they never tall Michael Flynn that he was served.
Of much earlier than anybody thought. How do you like that? Isn't that the key Michael Flynn who joined the Trump administration as nationals, treaty advising was under surveillance by the FBI before we know it, too. Spies to spies were sent into the Trump campaign, one of which we learned about two weeks ago, thanks to the New York Times. Why? Because somebody leaked to spin it before it inspector general report that's released and the New York Times is there to serve the police state. Hats right.
So all day, long judge, Emmett Sullivan, who, as I recall six months ago a month so sounded like a fool, sounded like a complete fool based on things. He was saying from the bench by what do I know, but they release this information leaders in German, I can look at this. We have obstruction. I get. No, I don't know what he was charged with this or younger nobody's. Ladies and gentlemen, nobody was charged with obstruction relative to Michael Flynn, The present in the United States, Mr Mulder said, could have been charged with obstruction because he doesn't necessarily believe those two memos from the Department of Justice are determined determinative being the power prosecutor, that he is. Why should he listened, whose bosses? But there was no argument, made that the president should be charged with obstruction
but still the media in the democratic order should obstruction, and I Orton Watergate shut up you idiot now this is obstruction present unobstructed people around fleet, tried to obstruct him in the administration and Congress. Then joint defence agreement, the president's lawyers and floods, Laura so they may have been talking about a lot of things. Strategy and so forth doesn't mean they're obstructing. Doesn't mean they don't want Flynn to be complete and cooperative. So where's the story taking us exactly. I mean this is You got a scratch your head, another day and night Pelee another day and night after that of endless reports over the weekend. The Sunday shows and are all your shoe, there's stuff on Michael Flynn. It's obvious obstruction. Excuse me there was a criminal, instigation, not a single,
When being was charged with obstruction out, so what I see abstraction, I got former federal press They tell me they see abstraction You gonna get a letter soon from about twelve hundred former federal, prosecute and other. They see obstruction to. This is a pseudo event. There's nothing here, there's zero here, except that the FBI took after Michael Flynn, that is, the Obama administration took after Michael Flynn long before we know I want to thank Attorney General BAR. I try to get to the bottom of this whole thing and let the chips forward.
They may including on Obama's feed if they must, because I've never seen anything like this, the greatest scandal in american political history. There is no question about it, but there are focused on the wrong scandal. A man scandal, the pseudo scandal. There is a real scandal here, if a former director deputy director, b. I said in fact they were seeking a coup, not his words mind with the twenty fifth amendment that in fact, They were pushing investigations. Despite the fact there was no collusion, then, in fact that who's the dossier that even the former up erected come, he said, hadn't been properly vetted, they used it, they used it to get a face, a warrant. I know, fell bumpy over there. The washed and compost could give a damn he's very busy tonight, probably had a happy hour proudly put down three or four dirty martini We know that dirty martini, as I heard the other day,
this is no story, it's nothing, except for the fact that one piece is that they were going after Flynn. Spying, spying on Flynn early on I'll be right back, Man, you should go to our social sites were kickin, but aren't they? Mr producer video? We ve got powder, we ve got a new commercial from my book. We ve got information about silence. We have got my appearances leading off tonight. I M p M an hour and a half from now eastern time. Well, my buddy Sean Hannity one on one for the full hour. And you won't want to miss life Liberty and live in ten o clock.
And I want my body PETE exit- these are great guys, easy go on nice, substantive guy and that's just the beginning, just we are going to engage check that we are going to start a national debate on the media. I don't mean a national whining session. We're going really get into this and we're gonna start to confer the men demand reformation, remember The constitution belongs to you. The paper. Same with the bill of rights, same of the first amendment saying with freedom of speech saying with freedom of the press and unfortunately the mass media today are destroying freedom of the press. Happy you don't trust them happy, you don't trust them and you shouldn't.
That's admit it. You think that I as crime, is something that happens to other people right now. They think that no one wants your data or that hackers can grab your passwords or credit card details. But, of course you be wrong stealing Eighty four months suspecting people on public wifi is one of the simplest and cheapest. For hackers to make money when you Your internet connection, unencrypted you might Bobby writing your passwords and credit card numbers on a huge billboard for the rest of the world to see, and that's why I decided to take action to protect myself from cybercriminals. I use express Vps Express Vps, secures and makes anonymous your internet browsing by encrypted the data and hiding your public ip address. Turning on express vps protection only takes one click and using Express VP an eye safely serve on public Wi Fi without being snoop on our having my personal data stolen Europe
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And I thought captain Why am I having some trouble hearing you using one of these at chinese cell phones, what are you, what are you doing there nine members device I tried again, your son did what and It's not that no better, it's no better! I just can't here it. Well, I'm sorry! Folks! Maybe it's my ears! I don't know what I apologize: try to call again try to call again Terry, no max. I go that great K K Obey, go below it's an honor to talk with you, I'm retired business, professor out of Michigan.
On that? I had to go when I heard about the USA, peas being wasted in our mark. Everything is waded, everything our whole justice system, those waded other than that the current rules won't be indicted. Prove that everything is wasted and eighty four of the older folks who are sitting back and watching all this and you know remnant about the good old days when you know someone who identified as a female, couldn't you know actually beyond a men, soccer yeah somebody who's, a male identifies as a female gets, whatever and then and then competes and always wins. Somehow we're supposed to respect those results out fairly rampant crampade and break my heart as an educator
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MSNBC, Nicole, Wallace Low, I Q, bought and paid for by Miss Alice DE she says: Sean Hannity is the attorney general. You see how this works. They don't have an independent thought now their thoughts or moronic, but they don't have an independent, even moronic thought one regurgitate the other in terms of their thoughts. China had the attorney general, you see, no bill bars the attorney general and you don't like it. You some legal, analyse Jeffrey tube in your blithering idiot in a blithering idiot for the entire two and a half. There's probably much before just like Dan Abrams in his website, And I just linked to them he's a blithering idiot
like Nicola blithering it it it's blithering Idiot day on the cable channels. Ladies and gentlemen, I Marcella stay in the constipated news network. I have an idea, I'll, go on the air and I'll call the attorney General Trot Hannah. That's a good one. I will call Trump Hitler. That's a good one, whereas women, she got in here. I told back there that's pretty much what I've got case coming in Kentucky Serious satellite go I'm art while you're says you're married. I can oh, my god. I can't believe I'm talking to you. It's not that big a deal, but thank you. I just got your book Sorry, you just ordered a copy of on freedom of the press. Yes, sir, thank you.
I bought your men about by the way some people are telling me that Amazon's already mailing them. Did you get one already? No, not yet, on our Facebook say right, MR producing. He spoke in Twitter, they already starting new arrives. I hope people will go on there and go ahead, Nora them as quickly as possible. Guy had my friends are yet. I can't believe I'm park in the hallway love your shirt Don't tell him we're gonna lose Keith. He Stiller Keith R T what Mr College trip back as they try to get your number, but go ahead. I get tried trying get his number and hopefully will want loosened beforehand. Let us continue Shelly, dug from wherever you're calling from Doug. Where are you calling from Doug son where Tucson? Yes,
Thank you, Sir you're welcome. By the way they have a great shudder. Every year, the the gems went to the site, you wear this, absolutely that's! That's our biggest drawing Tucson every! it's the worldwide biggest jam think mineral show in the world is an end in fossils. Fossils. Do you go to that show every year? It's so big heavy visit everything you can nothing while eight goes work a couple weeks and you can spend a day, going on section in get exhausted in just have a great time. Do you have fun? What do you look for? There are usually go with a friend of mine from Phoenix, and we just walk around looking for different fossils and things like that and for anything that Catches are I real? Will it really is an amazing event? I've been there one city to it. Then, once I snuck out snuck,
and nobody would know. I was there. Are there so many people on so many different you're right facilities and- and and centres with their side and the other thing nobody's looking for people there looking at stuff in ethnic, it in it seems to get bigger each year, and I know how much more I don't have much bigger. I can get. It spreads out to just so many venues across the cities it. That's a big revenue maker for the city and I'll tell what's fascinating. It started all privately. All in a bigger and bigger and bigger and that's the way things are supposed to work and were listening that your listing in the great care
and ask tee and to some they ve been a long time affiliate. Oh my go right ahead that while I was calling about the comet you're making two things one last week you were making that you ve never smoked in you, ve never done any drugs in direct. You hardly see people like anymore, I'm missing ballpark, as you I've never done either in some kind of proud about that. In my answered, the other thing I mean meanwhile, at the age of forty two I had and I had a heart attack. I said to the surgeon now: look I don't smoke, I've never smoke. I don't. I do drugs I've never done drugs. I live a clean health. Clean life now they have others. Well what you read and DNA and said well, maybe
Should it not all those other things I'm just get anyway go right ahead right, you were talking about peace and all that kind of stuff. I teach you, the local community College, administration. There has it set up so that students have to go through all kinds of prerequisites to get into classes. For that and I walk and get emails from students saying while I've done this and that and they're still making me do this is there anyway, you can let me into your class- and I almost always right- send them an email back and say if this email is good enough. You have my
get in just to cut through all the red tape it set a prestigious so in other words there being blocked for some for some issue for some reason for some reason in it, and I think it's kind of silly, so I I just try to eliminate that, for you want to get into my class. Are my friend I appreciate selling very nice man by the way. What do we have here? Let's see, trying to pull up the calls for all their. It is what happened: truck, Boston, Massachusetts, Ex M Satellite Harry User guide dogs are doing the mark. You don't make an you, don't make enough money doing it. I know that for a fact, as you have your worth more than you make, Sir, I make a lot of money, but I do appreciate that sentiment.
Examined from saying that they come out money, give it to you and all the others. I know I do have a partners I do, but I do it's called its core Washington DC. They take. The other has go right ahead. I just want to make the point that if you can to bring them here, don't bring the media the out had a flop. Make them half of what they need that personally, I would tell them at their hiding behind first amendment durable, in the constitution, enemies of the cost to them a body that swore an old like. I did in the Navy to uphold and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, anyone that is in office that took that off. Does not all these people accountable they should be held. While you can't really hold them accountable in any kind of a legal way or even more criminal way.
And are we wouldn't want that anyway, we had us, we ve had to sedition accident in our history. Under under John Adams in seventeen ninety eight we have one under Woodrow, Wilson and nineteen eighteen. They actually shut down some newspapers and locked up a bunch of journalists I'm, not I'm not into that after yard,. At the IRS unleashed on the owner of the Philadelphia of the enquire, his wife, or the lovely Eleanor had the IRS unleashed on the get newspaper, because these were not, though they were supporting the new deal. Safety change f, C c licensing regulations from two years to six months. So you could put the shoulder on these various sir radio companies to us and why I could go on and on and on, and I do in my book on freedom of the press, fashion. Anyone I have to hear some reprobate, like Jim Costa, has a book coming out that this president is really the great enemy the worst
ever seen, or these phony legal analyse, who are historical illiterates unconstitutional. The leather roots going on and on and on, I don't remember any them. Squawking about Obama. When his administration, when, after a James, rising a reporter investigator, Rapporteur for the New York Times or James Rose and a fox her twenty reporters got caught up in a p. I just don't remember all the anxious over that all the tumult- and I don't remember- Obama being called a dictator Hitler, NEO Nazi or what have you. I don't remember any their manufacture. Remember of most of the media had a big pucker on their face notices. Mama one last thought. I would just like to somebody to call these people domestic enemies of the constitution. That's all I mean they needed we call them de seas.
Call them theses. I guess that's what it's called as I like. Stds. I buy friend thank you for your car I'll, be right back right now. There are over four thousand drugs being developed in the United States, because our free market system encourages innovation. That's great news The sixty percent of Americans now living and suffering with a chronic conditions. So why have republican senators Rick Scott and Josh Holly Joint Self avowed, socialist Bernie Sanders and Democratic Roca
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a study by the Galen Institute show that of two hundred ninety new medicines launched worldwide between twenty alive. In twenty and eighteen Americans since the ninety percent of them. Now compare that the sixty percent for the british notice their teeth. Fifty percent for the japanese and just forty four percent for Canadians. Now that's dead wrong! Get the facts, ladies and gentlemen. Yoda true healthcare, facts that come true healthcare, facts TAT, come that's true! Health care, facts, dotcom Bob as Tech, New Mexico. They Gregg K, e and and go Egg, thank you were taken. My call you're the great one. I appreciate your appreciatively do per country, thank you, sir, or to.
Thank you, and by the way have you noticed your governor eliminated you're bored. I know she or about she's, just a disgrace to use she's a disgrace to this country, but I didn't love or felt very right Forty certain, yes, sir, and I note your great legal mine can handle this. Yes, I am wearing, that's what I always say where an outbreak yeah, I'm kind of war cop. I know about the statute of limitations and kind, worried about the statute of limitations getting drunk with all these investigations getting drunk out taking the long We gonna run into up problem with that an, all these people are gonna get off because it just now to light gleamed out the first lines very interesting question
Hands on when you start measuring the time when the clock is ticking, so that would depend on each case and the facts let's surrounding each individual, so that some, Hopefully there there, mindful of in there king, an animal. What the hell happened, this? U S, Utah, remember him Was I like a year or two years a year and a half ago, a When I get investment will, whereas the guy. You know where the middle we're in the middle of this battle and it's a battle for the future that country to battle over the constitution it's a battle over whether or not sixty three million Americans are gonna, be disenfranchised by the left in the media. Ok we're sitting around here waiting for this guy. Meanwhile, my Mahler guy were put out this report and would like this. Formation. I got seven hundred ex prosecuted writing a letter. We shit near toiling. I found waiting for the guy in Utah.
So I don't know how to answer you other than you marries a very good point to get. My question is like look like. They call me, did I'm gonna presumed innocent, As we should in this got, why, why should we I mean they don't presumed innocent when it comes to? You know why, but we should present, well, we will, but we understood, we consider is always do it's, the left that doesn't believe in due process and presumption of abuse against the court's. What the statute of limitations there's no statute of limitations on that and I'm aware of it, but said where the judges. Should it be holding evidentiary hearings, really contempt, hearings to find out, which I don't know what's going on with a view to you at this. Solomon, MR tough guy, he's all over the place. If you're the others there in the district court, and then you get these These guys and hello. Hello. Do you know you were misled? You know it
just undermine an election ride. I friend I appreciate your car Doug LOS Angeles, California, it. Seventy the seventy of answer, the great k, our ally and will be out there. I believe it's early fall, the out their Kerala country go right ahead. Well, we can't wait. I just wanted to stay. Presentation in the media regarding the new effigy score, the pack alive. You need to watch this, good Morning, America for the two minutes be all, but also this new. I think he is just an assault on the american dream now, but he is rich, is gonna, buy a house in the barrio cheated vague in an EU that is their residence, why they still live in Beverly, Hills, every car gas! She and child is being raised by a single handed them. Let me Slater how did this turning into an attack on rich people, when, in fact,
This s, Haiti has as its purpose to push really a racial agenda, or is it not an assault on rich people? It's gonna give rich people the way to gain the system without having overtly cheap another that but but but the vast majority of people who will benefit from this system? Gonna be, You know the car dashings in something like that: it's gonna be the people who are targeted to benefit from this right: I don't know that. I don't necessarily disagree with your point, but that's like one percent of the issue. Isn't that bade the big issue that we institutionalize Liza identity policies that we keep tearing this country apart, based on race and other fact, that we have these institutions, whether it's the college Board or whether its admissions policies or whether the Devil that party in the media that will not leave us alone and let us get along with each other. I think that's the biggest problem,
but thanks for your will be right back with a daily fake news, dumping through your tv, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, sir I just suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this They discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat here, the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and vegetables and your dad which is why I recommend that you start taking field of greens by Brick house nutrition. Just one scoop of fear of greens has a full serving of real USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables. It helps booster, immunity, using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics. This is real food. Not some fake supplement, lab powder, just re
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if one one was, somebody does Dan rather and he's why I don't know. Ah, and Dan rather gonna news here. Oh, I see a guy escaped from mediate. Joseph Watson I congratulate just false and he now works for a new and real media outlet. The fox. Actually be s evening, news anchored Dan rather blasted President Trump Thursday, calling him the biggest purveyor of fake those amid trumps ongoing feud with immediate now this is a man has been disgraced, This is a man who tried to smear George, W Bush is military record backfired smeared himself, and he was basically put out of CBS and so You know much like John Dene, whose a disgrace former lawyer, who can't practice law anymore, tat, they are making noises and people actually. Repeating what he says now get a load of this
during his appearance on the Dan Abrams shall member dna rooms, I told you he's the phony legal, analyse, Re Bc News, and The genius founder of media outweigh made what another left wing cook website. I think I'll start one. So during his appearance on they Dan Abrams Sean Thursday Dan rather admitted that journalists journalist, makes mistakes journalists. Yet we know that but insisted that was different from fake news. I tell you what MR produce. Will you reach out to my dear friend Jean and ask if we have Dan Rather's address, so we can send him on freedom of the press. I wanna nor the hell out of these people. Why not make the conversation about fake news, which I do not the single biggest purveyor of fake news in the country is. Unfortunately, there is no joint saying this says rather
The present in the United States that Dan President's not a reporter whack where's, my dentures, but what he tweets out and have in fact check, for example, the Washington Post, does this you'll find is the biggest purveyor of fake news I'm a little frustrated that those of us in journalism have not made the point strongly enough. She still in journalism shocked by one. I really not you brine, William, stolen Emma sell Us D, When you call everybody in the press, enemies of the people know he doesn't call everyone in the press, enemies of the people. But I will say the media are destroying freedom of the press and that's the basic premise and my new book. Try to indict all the press and the same thing Courts has done the same thing. Would Congress? Oh, that's funny. I feel the left us the same thing.
Publicans and conservatives, and talk radio on fox and anything. They don't like. There's a pattern here. He says he sought undermine every portion of our system of checks and balances, but an idiot. Rather, eighty seven retired from CBS in two thousand, for he was forced out monster an unverified documents and a report about President George W Bush it's in the Texas, their National guard prior to the two thousand for election. He now makes frequent appearance on CNN and MSNBC Tommy and why did you try to do that? The George W Bush. Why did you use unverified documents and a report about President George W Bush is service in the Texas, their national guard? Mr rather, why did you do that. I think we all know why you did that. Mr rather.
Because you're one of the early leftwing cooks. That's why. That's, why did it? Ladies and gentlemen, and following right on his heels. Is down lemon, then I may a name for this guy, don't remember what it was Dna done lemon. Doesn't let title get in the way of his honor opinions, also from Fox by the way, we're gonna have Shannon Bream at the bottom of the our very lovely lady, my family and friends. Bunting they heard a greek restaurant with her family in France has nothing to do with that. I'm just saying China and tonight anchored Don lemon is builders just that an anchor buddy spouts Anti tromp opinions on a regular basis and is right. The eyebrows in the process to Paul you know Professor media critic, Jeffrey Mccall, told Fox NEWS that lemon fit well was seen as prime time objective to feature Now assists in interviews,
Is clearly not a news anchor in the traditional sense he's a host of it opinion driven shell and which is opinions are front centre. Thus he is a host rather than a news anchor my card told Fox news people watch your show, surely know all of this and are happy here is insights, has showed, does discuss news topics, but it's not as an objective new show, but that's what its claim to be lemon, initially game broadcasting, prominences news anchor covering breaking news Reporting from the scene of major stories the lemon offered his opinion on a regular basis. Recent memory on CNN. Oh, yes, veered further to the left, her in the Trump administration, whose Busters Managing editor Curtis House Fox NEWS that lemon is the quintessential example. Have a line has been blurred at sea and between anchors analyse commentators, contributors, correspondence, housing, reporters because all of them pontificate a biased.
Against conservatives and the president exactly right: Curtis I met somebody see a K. I M s. L S day and vocs knows are typically transparent about specific honour personalities, hosting shows but seein and lists lemons programme as a news, quorum quote, show. Its official website while others are listed in an interview in debate, category corner cloud, lemons, I also labels him as an anchor which typically indicators news reader scene. Did not immediately respond. When asked to see and ten I would die lemon should still be. Classified as a straight news programme. A lemon because he's such a genius has called tromp a racist or fraud, a con man, his car. Whether or not these state of the union should air on a dollar
to avoid propaganda and even declared that he wouldn't shake the president's hand. He's also question I'm cement of fitness, criticise attorney general, William, barring cut off a guest to accuse them of contributing to the political divide in the country. And they openly condemn ordinary Americans for supporting the president. Cry him as a racist push policy positions like gun control and use hi IRAN's used just delivering the news need become active, as House said limits stability to those who think differently. As one example, shore conservative appear on the show. There are often harangue by not just lemon but two three four or, however many other paneless or on Hand may not have heard this earlier. This week lemon appeared on former ESPN personality, Jamal Hills, podcast,
splay that if anyone had seen and could call President Trump a flat out races, he's the anchor up for the task and doesn't care about any backlash there isn't going, being a backlash. You idiot you work presented CNN, I'm not gonna, say it. Who's gonna say it. That is, if I'm not going say, who's gonna say it, nobody would a brain cells, the rub together, you Eddie it so open the show thy way. Lemon said referring to regenerate twenty eighteen edition of CNN tonight,. Now a news anchor. In an opinion knows, might not seem very different to the average viewer, but the media industry, and they are to us of course, considers that distinct. No, they know and that's part of the problem. Jeffrey mothers, sucker Oh run, CNN, Jeffrey, others actor who run CNN. He knows Equally, we die lemons up to the article goes on food.
Snooze. His mark Levin recently criticized Lyman for tackling himself as that down the Middle NEWS. Man during the day and say than during the day and see if you want to join one of these left wing groups like move on or think progress, then join one of the left wing groups or, if you want a member of Antigua because he's kind of partial twenty four they go join Antigua. But the sit. There is a news person and I make this and to make the kind of commentary about you are about Here is disgusting. Levine said last week, I think I say that repeatedly Way there you are you're on freedom of the press, were the media is destroying freedom of the press and they could give I'll be right, back
You know I don't know where to start you'd think with hard evidence from Mahler mother of all people who I am no respect for. But there was no collusion, the Democratic party media, what a backdoor by now, but of course you- and I know better because we ve talked about on freedom of the press, and we ve talked about this for some time, and on Tuesday it's gonna come to a head with the actual release the book, but, of course, the Democratic party media, social activists you're saying it's not over the fights just getting started? Well, guess what folks were ready to fight too Now you listen to my shows for any length of time, whether on radio life, Liberty and
then, and only then tv, you know, I'm unapologetically pro constitution, pro conservative values and pro American Have always told you what I am about, then I break down the stories. I think you need to hear in the media. There furious that. So many of you have joined us Overt Levine Tv Programme and our blaze, tv bled network. So where does all this end It ends when you say enough is enough and just come check out, but we're doing on live in tv in the blaze tv network right now. Listen, please! You get a full thirty days to watch every show on the network, including Levin T absent,
Lee Free and if you decide to stick with us, use promo code of in to get a full year for less than eight bucks a month. Now. What am I talking about start? Your free trial now plays tv dot com, promo code. Levin Blaze, TV, dotcom, promo code alleviation or give us a call any time. Eight. Four. Or Levine TV aid for four alleviation. Tv aid for four Levine tv guarantee emigrate outstanding programme because First, I do live in. I think we do a hell of a great job work very hard at a to g Orlando Florida on the mark, Levant go. Tell your on the echo remarked tat.
Yet now it lower and lower the radio die much lower the tv and radio before you come on a show it thanks for taking my car. I just want to talk about liberty, and here I would just reading our just reading through my dad actually gave me the book and I'm a college right now, and I just thought something he said in that book was really true. You talked about how people nowadays, like the mulatto age, a fight that they take for granted like liberty and freedom. We have because it's always been there and they act like it, they can never go away and they don't be a threat that could come from all the things that are proposed nowadays. I just thought really There are defined and I recall that's right there in chapter one near the end, yeah yeah. I never call then, but I thought I was really cool
You want to call on all sides- and I tell you at the medicine, to books, plunder and deceit, MR producer of your right, this damn plunder and deceit and my new book when it comes up on freedom of the press, and I want you to read those two books as well: ok, all right you still there. Is he stellar guys? I hope so we'll get him the books. Let us continue. Kelly. Have our wrought in Chicago Chicago W L S country great affiliate there. How are you on? outstanding Martin. This is such an honour to speak with you today. Thank you. First of all, I want I'm a marathon or so I note, your wife goes through training and I appreciate that there hey, hey: what about the spouse,
we have to go through. You know we got a drive to the events. We got awaited. The finish line Sit there need an app all. You know it's a lot of work for us I do know that I do not ask kidding. I'm just kidding she's terrific and I want to thank Dan Bungee now for three months ago, when he was hosting your show Acknowledging my dear friend bribing Simon, see who was killed in the line of duty in New York City. But my question. And then is a classic go ahead. I'm so end and is a phenomenal guest. And I do it she ate his his service as well as his in, but I also unease Like you in terms of a bull dog in terms of that Backing down on anything, but my question to you today is if you were there, Ernie General,
would you be starting in terms of who would you go after first? And then, next and next in this, I wouldn't do it this way. I wouldn't do it the way. I was doing it, but you know it's. My really fair me to second guess, because I think he's doing a tremendous job. The attorney general Lena TAT. What I would have done. I would spend set up a special unit within the Department of Justice that will report to me. The general I'd, bring in individuals who are absolutely exceptional investigators and prosecutors. I put this team together rather than having started these desperate operations going on, and I would tell them go for boys go for it. Here's what I need to know. I need to know how the started I need to know the extent of the Obama administration, knowledge that is from the White House on down
now about Brennan Clapper and call me Mackay by one about stroke and page and baker and all of them, but I want to know about more. I want to know these Pfizer judges. Why these face it judges, approval, applications and why they haven't done anything about it, because I may propose a one. The guy was to get rid of the face. According to this, the best they can do rubber stamp in an absolutely outrageous investigation. I also want to know where, if we should restructure- and this may require blue ribbon organization or commission, if we should Reese restructure the top levels of the FBI, and our intelligence agencies, and unfortunately, not because of terrorism, but because of their domestic interference in our election, and not only that I give him a deadline, twelve months and that's it. I need to get to the bottom of this and get back to the bottom. We can go on and on and on forever. So I think I do something like that. I don't make sense in
You know, since you just mentioned tonight, the the guy in Utah, it's like he's, been in the witness: action, programmers and strong botch. I keep saying, don't worry s eyes were full steam ahead to what yeah I don't know. Maybe you know you're, not tight timings, important exactly. You know. What can I tell you? I met you, you know listen to you about the letter at least ten years ago, and I'm hearing this guy on the radio screaming and it's like who is this guy now that's my neighbour. Not may I dont screen, but yet do you mark. How can I am, I think, cherish I had a long time ago that there, the one when I say I don't remember it said: keep peace alive. I know it's like I love dog with people. I can't stand. I think I've won
I use the word another had there was Hilary happened, recently where they are. I my friend, is good to hear from you. You take care, When we return we're gonna have Fox news hosts. Shannon Brain on the profile of very much, for this will be right back love and champion of liberty and true conservatism, call mark now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. You know my call screener Richie VE often says I wish this double Kim would just go away to manufacture.
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can you be simultaneously Miss Virginia Miss Florida drill doktor degree with honors from far too State University College of LAW since a smile interface. We notice that to Mr Pinochet, This is a book about our life. As I recall, there was one point when she and her sister. Actually thinking or run away from home most did you ever run away from home? Did you So you ran away from home to your grandfather's house of the clock up the block. What who had run away from their home thinking to myself I mean a punishment, and I'm gonna leave the house go outwards dangerous, go. I were I can't get any food go out where it's called and that'll teach my parents isn't that kind of weird you did that, You were seven, eight or nine.
When I was seven air- and I my parents, know where I was at all times. Not you. I try your Grandpa s house my right, so the book finding the bright side and, if Shannon shows up the next ten minutes or so a bring or on the air She's right here Dan and Bream. How are you? Oh, my goodness, my friend I'm greater you, I'm doing very very why I told a little story out of school here that we want and each other at a greek restaurant we'd there was such a funny painted with little and get it How are people hinder you and me? We knew each other like either come on. Tell me tat. He was grateful, though, isn't it go where should I think we had everything on the menu until Adele? This is a fascinating book. First of all, what caused you to write a book? You don't just write a book to write a book. It's a lot of work, written, I'm, not a bigger in our approach like new
we hear back I'll, come on you're a pro, but anyway go ahead, but anyway I was approached about doing it. Can I Britain stories on Facebook, unlike anything the publishers, the hey, you wanna, do a book and I said sure, let me read something by the Supreme Court. Religious liberty is something that I thought was a little bit more walking there like none are now. We just want european goofy stories that you write about Facebook, but if it will have a working teaming up of the writer. No, we want you to write these groupie stories that you went on Facebook. I said: ok for me,
If I can write about my faith I'll, do it makes it yeah you can we withdrew, do whatever you want, and I said: ok, we'll do it. You want to liberty universally. So you are a person of faith right. I am and has had affected your career at all. You know what I did have someone who shall remain nameless. Tell me at one point that I would quote to Turkey as I do you know I do posed final version. I got my faith on social media, like I think, if it's a deep thought for me or something profound or something I think will encourage somebody out or encourages me I'll show Canada, but they said I was a little bit to religious and I'm ok. Well, it's not like I proselytize and talk about it on tv when I'm going to do is blighted. Let your impression on me. I d much rather have you have that impression of me, then something in the other direction. So I thought well, that's me, I'm not gonna change bad and God I'm proud of it. What do you want
so is a very sharp attorney. I've watched you analyze Supreme court cases like within five minutes when their issued and so forth. How hard is that fewer turkey but listen. If you're adrenaline Don T, you might have a little bit it out. You idiot, I'm afraid you think you can As a lawyer I want people do have when I was a lawyer- and I wasn't in media like that- worry. I remember watching the bushy Gorka on unbundling, and that is my worst nightmare. I do want to do that, but now I kind of love. It is very dangerous tightrope act, but you gotta the ancestral. Our former colleague taught me the best break the? U turn to the descent, because when you see who lost and who find on with them, that's often more telling that just grabbing the majority opinion in reading it could all kinds of little tricks, and sometimes you know you get these you know concurrence as employees. Next up is kind of the worst nightmare, but this kind of sifting through and in What you're saying that you're going is always a smart thing to do.
Even number of interesting, really short stores the recipes and including this when they caught my attention date, like a man, explain to America, where you member centre, I was coming to offer that about her break, a guy that I told we fell for way too fast, you very dashing and it has taken exciting, but not always, What about some got? Nowhere did very well, I think you ve grown out of it and her by now, but that Santa think about you find out who you can trust with a really like under pressure that kind of thing ass? If that's it, I was getting wet graduate can college and annual going on to law school, and I thought I might just like a guy because gonna go, have fine, there's, not any big emotional. Unlike in it, you know, go through a check list on the first day did with thy marriage material on this gonna go. Have them Bundy, maybe a free Beale here or there, I'm sorry. I know that old fashioned in and you know anti
whatever, but as soon as I did that no motion old no strings attached, my husband, of course, o my lord or psychology thing to tell you. I hated data, I saw, but that's a whole other story right. Well not that I just hated it saying there in going through the Razumihin listener her eye. So what am I doing anyway? You know right away right, I knew immediately there. Let's, oh How about this when losing your toenails? Yes, this is where I talk about. You tricked into running a marathon begin. My husband does not believe in New year's resolution seething. That's very corny, then you're setting yourself up the sale when he dies at the end of this year. Her end in early January come up with things he would like to accomplish in the coming here. The common regulations in our house. You met him
yeah nice, my arm so many years back I think I want to run a marathon. I might that's awesome. He the college athlete this guy is fit as a fiddle, and I think you know this guy, I now have a little signed along the way. I'll beat him a different point on the router. Get our friends will organise can be wonderful, neither another. No, I think you should do it with me I could not run around the block at that point. I thought this is ridiculous, but he's insistent you just gonna take the whole months time. All these long training right granted you together till I think, ok I'll, do this with him for a week or two and then I'll fell out of it at some point in the first this book there was like idiots guide to running a marathon. I kid you not. I do think that the title of it said sign up for racing, sending your money and they feel bad about sending it like the thirty five dollars. Knowing I wasn't gonna do it, but he does one stop about it. So we get signed up. It also says dark. Strangers, and everybody know that you're running America could lead you to doing it to my home.
Who does not like to talk to strangers is telling people the grocery store like in the check out my hey merit on Sunday but as these weeks take a buying, I'm complaining the whole time, and I hope that words, but I think I used to feel during this way. At some point the can the competitive edge thing kicked in and then I just was sort of addicted to this idea of this. Only four percent of the people We actually finish the thing and I just got kind of rigged up and by the time the day got there. I said shorn of two broke there's no way, I'm not punishing the thing now I wasn't running quickly, but I did Finnish and that was it for me, big deal, because my wife is a marathon runner and Armenia. She, Once more, I drive it's unbelievable. I can arise yeah she's great allotted time. What am I gonna road? I need to ask a question in the cover flap joy,
Fox NEWS Channel two thousand seven currently serves as house. Your show is absolutely terrific. Fox news admire the network chief legal cars a regular guess, who's top rated pro such a special report, Fox it she's a grand the Liberty University in former Miss Virginia Amis Florence, you can wear you simultaneously. Miss Virginia Miss Florida. Now this is, you know a lot of people, don't know, there's an this America system in this USA and I don't expect them to build up a click, one big giant, tat but when I was in college, I did in this market system with Miss Virginia all gonna liberty. I really thought that was it for me. They want to miss the mayor. The final there was terrifying, but I got through it and with fine and a paper college. For me, as five years later, when I was about who I thought that's kind of fun, maybe I should do that again. So I entered this border which fed into than the USA system. So we were two very different, France's, but then I got my lawful paid for. So I mean a graduate that pre with a great way to do it. They suffer everybody. I get bad, but it was
It's not for me. I can't do it, but let me ask you this Is anybody ever been missing? any measure that is a miss fill in the blind from two different. Even with the two different events. Probably sell back. When I did it, I think I was probably the first person or weather first cuz. They were this very snobbish. We don't cross over into the other system. We could have dealt with in the legal field in the political field. They were very worried about. Like me, I was wearing apparel right. I mean they were used by the thought of their lives. They didn't feel like he was going her head. But if you like it, why not do it? re way to get yourself a school, ask your question: I mean for this to be controversial. Cavanaugh his cabin ah star to turn on the more conservative justices or turn away from them on the Supreme Court, Will you know when we were going through this analysis of whom were gone away to get down the fibre down to three? I heard from
lot of very conservative, both within the legal field in the political field, they were very worried about. Like me, I was wearing apparel right, I mean they were used, the top of their lives. They didn't feel like he was going to be alive, a vote for the way they view a conservative should operate on a court listen, you know, there are many, a republican nominees you get on the court and keep entry and entering attention to them. The longer that they're on the bench on I've always you'd him very much Robert to point out, I mean I really thought that was sorted and hackneyed beyond, and it looks like that, though you run up boy, came together. I said you're right, In fact, this is a really fun, but that's what it is finding right side. I'd have tracing what matters Shannon Brean do.
At smile by Lambeth. I'm correct people say to me: you never smiles, I'm I'm workin on, do you ever while I could give you smiling cracker or lessen you want that. You know what I hear when I think it is important for me to include some of that stuff about future. Really cool things have gone through because people you see me pretty. To them a funny, and I do think that kind of my default setting to be positive- and I was raised that way- and this will very blast in life. But I've been through a couple really really are things and it will cover all in and hard to be that transparent to share them. But I thought you know if you're gonna try to encourage people and damn you should be honest about where you, then an people find themselves all of us and our life at some point or there maybe they're there right now and I think the thought- and I think I want them enough. You're valley, the tough dark place on the yeah. I've been there too. As there is awaited weighted to pull yourself out and make it through things that you think might kill you and until I got was important- include that leaders, a gray but I went
He bought a good Amazon, dot com or any major retail store anywhere, really finding the bright side. The audit chasing what matters Shannon Bream, Shannon supply God bless you my friend, well done you care what your dinner again then we will you take. We'll be right back then, Folks, I want to remind you later about eight nine. Ten minutes. I want you to turn on the Fox NEWS: Channel, Hannity, nine pm eastern six, p m per se, in all kinds of times, all over the other places. This is a full one our one on one long form interview was shown is interviewing me. I don't believe it received me do this before I don't think ever done it be
If I have it's been a long long time, I hope your watch, I think you're going to find it compelling entertaining in substance. Which means there's nothing else on at nine P, M Eastern six Pm Pacific. So take a look. Hannity really about seven or eight minutes. When the Fox NEWS Channel, I hope you'll join love to have in honour of you,
Z in three minutes on fox bogs. You're gonna enjoy it. I hope you'll be there with us. We salute our armed forces. Police officers, firefighters, emergency per Now ice law enforcement down the chain can I Friday, gonna Griffin, can I Pepsi can I smoke, Can I observer Nigeria and, ladies and gentlemen, we began our big battle to take our pressed back tonight, all through the weekend I hope you're gonna Amazon dot com, yet your copy of on freedom?
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