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On Friday’s Mark Levin show, we’re not doing enough to protect our kids, we need to harden our schools. There are certain things that need to be done as basic safety measures in our schools. There needs to be armed security personnel, not just one resource officer. When new schools are built they need to take safety into consideration. This won’t stop every situation, but it will help. Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor of Texas, calls in and explains that Texas allows teachers to be armed in schools but they leave it up to the parents and the individual school boards to decide. School board members better go off their butts and do something – they are in charge. Also, the Obama Administration used their power like none other in history to try and influence 2016 election. There are things President Trump needs to do as soon as Robert Mueller turns in his report to Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. Trump should appoint a special counsel to investigate the interference in the election by the CIA, FBI, and the Obama administration’s top intelligence officials. Trump should also appoint a commission to reform the government to prevent this from happening to any future president of the United States. Finally, UN Human Rights Council voted to send war crimes investigators to probe the shootings of Gaza protesters by Israeli forces. The UN is such an anti-Semitic operation, they take the side of terrorists and it’s appalling we subsidize them with our money. We ought to get out of UN and start one of free and democratic countries.

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Now. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody liked of it here, I'd number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one Why do these mass shootings in these schools give up? Why do they keep happen? We're not gonna get into this gun debate will leave that to MSNBC unseen and one. I can allow ourselves to that. We're not gonna get in these preposterous gun debates. All of a sudden, the left has us debating their agenda. That's not what we're doing you one.
That call somebody else. I will continue to say we need a hardening schools while they had a resource officer. Yes, apparently did a hell of a job but there's a lot more. That can be none of these schools. We do at our airports. We do in our sporting places. They do in an office Buildings we do in government buildings, but we're not purely gonna do in our schools. And even if we did all this, Maybe we should do to hardly schools. We still are not gonna be able to this all the time. So the basic fact, some of you driving home now may not have heard this and we're gonna have the lieutenant governor of Texas on and just a few minutes. It occurred in Santa FE, Texas, little town,
about forty miles, give or take from Houston. Ten people were killed. This more at a high school south of Houston Authority, said school district police chief, Water Braun said that spoke of devices were found in Santa Fe High School and the surrounding area. Nine students and a teacher were killed in the shooting. The ten people were wounded, the suspect in custody was identified a seventeen year old, Demetrius Portas. Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trust. That said in his statement, who is being held without ban on charge, Of capital, murder. Harris County Sheriff, Ed Gonzalez said the suspect was believed to be a student at school abbot,
said to people of interests were being interview by authorities, but he didn't identify them code into law enforcement. I suspect, posted to social media dangerous days were they Graham on Friday, before shooting Milton report. But apparently there wasn't much else out there. As far as we know now that suggest that. The seventeen year old hat Past be mass murder, Habit said, the suspect had said that he wanted to commit suicide after the shooting. He gave himself up and admitted the time they didn't have the courage to commit suicide, he's found pressure cookers pipe arms around the school. There was active search for explosives, a federal law enforcement source told CBS Parties are in the process of rendering them safe and ask the public to call nine eleven. These, He thinks suspicious.
To students and a school resource officer were shot an injured in the shooting and other Enforcement officer was also injured but was not shut when hassle reported treating eight wounded patient six retreat into released one. Was listed in. Condition another unfair condition: the suspect had a shot gun and a thirty eight caliber route River, a revolver those are not military style. Weapons corner quote the Aspects: Father own the weapons legally it said adding that he didn't know whether the father was aware. His son had obtained the weapons, didn't Damon Robin told CBS that he look out his classroom door with a substitute teacher after hearing several loud banks and saw the gunman black trench coat Sure kind of guy had a sort of shotgun this the two teacher then pull the fire alarm, the hopes of a learning students and faculty and other areas of the school and getting them to evacuate.
Tyler Turner, a senior at the school, told CBS, who felt a cage. Oh you tv that his friend saw some kind of a gun That is so some kid with a gun when tea students for outside after the fire alarm was bold, shots were fired, Turner set as soon as the alarms went off. Everybody just started running outside sophomore Coda shredder told reporters next thing. You know, everybody looks boom boom boom boom. I just ran as fast as I could the nearest floor, so I could hide, and I called my mom- the high school. Turn it said he ran behind some trees, heard more shots jumped the fence and random car wash. He said he saw firefighters treat a girl who had a bandage around her knee. It may have been shot. One student told used in television station Katy R K and telephone interview that a gunman came into her first period, our class and started shooting. Student said she saw one girl, a blood on your leg. Is the class evacuated the room? We thought
a fire drill at first by really the teacher said, start running the student tone. The tv station, The student said she didn't get a good look at the shooter because she was running away. She said students escaped through a door at the back of the classroom. Authorities have not yet confirm that report. Students from the high school were transported to another location arena with their parents. Ariel footage from the scene showed student standing, a field and their lifelike helicopters landing at the school and Santa FE assertive about thirteen thousand residents. Roughly thirty miles South EAST of Houston as I say, what have the lieutenant governor on to fill us on a partner. Anything, he knows. That's up to date but I just feel that there are certain things that need to be done but need be done as basic.
Safety measures and every school district each school district decided this just my opinion. That for now on, one schools are built. They need to take into consideration safety safety, the potential that somebody will try and get into the school or somebody will get into the school, and so experts who can see this sort of thing out and their ways to do this You can do it in your home even. I will continue to say, as I have said for years committed to the notion. There need to be armed, Security personnel, whatever their backgrounds, whatever their training, the school districts, can decide on no expert who can help. Not one resource officer. The people who are there and number them anyway on a constant basis.
Most of us believe our children and our grandchildren, the most precious thing we have and they are, and they are. So why are they protected like the most precious thing that we have? One of these school districts do at school. Districts need to do again. Stop every one of these situations and I clear about that too. When you hear I'll additions and commentators and whatever they are on tv and radio, telling you they have all the answers. They have none of the answers. Do you think they all the answers. None of it. People will continue to be killed in this country. Continue to be killed in the most odd ways and the most gruesome ways and the most obvious ways. Life is dangerous its precious and it's dangerous? Their evil well in this country. Their evil people all over the world.
Sometimes we get a sense of who they are. Sometimes we ve no idea who they are. They can strike at any moment like. Apparently, this barbarian did. But the fact of the matter is, if you are so demented that you want to kill as many people as possible, you- and I know that the best placed to do that is in a school. It's in a score. Why is that. It's because their vulnerable. The National Education Association doesn't believe schoolteachers should be trained Find themselves in their students, I dont understand it. The left keeps going on about more guns in schools, while protect us will, of course, they will. If then, the hands of the right people. Not necessarily in the situation but potentially in this situation. But whatever the situation more
is to be done. He'll districts need to pay more attention to protect the students at her in the schools and and encourage illegal aliens to attend their schools. There should be a priority on every single superintendents desk every single school boards desk. I speak as a former school board member many many decades ago, when I was in law school. The scoreboard memory Cheltenham Township right outside of Philadelphia, Montgomery, County Pennsylvania, of so much time is spent by school boards and school district personnel arguing over nonsense. And pushing nonsense. They need to bring in the security experts We need to figure out when they build new schools, how to build them. They need to figure out how to retrofit all schools. In it.
To bite the bullet- and I don't mean that enough- it's an odd phrase- to use this time they need to bite down and what they need to do is the right people in those schools, because public school teachers and janitors and ass school assistance and them fourth and so on No position right now to defend themselves. Are these students. And there's no reason why at least some of them should be prepared to defend themselves I'll? Ben
We are now at the six. Fifty you know this is a fluid situation is obviously trying to do us a favour. So we appreciate that presently the United States. Today we have a lot of. To discuss today, but this is number one present the United States today commenting on the mass shootings, cut seven, go what I have to begin by pressing. Our sadness and heartbreak over the deadly shooting. At Santa Fe High School in Texas just took place moments ago. The closer closely monitoring the situation and federal authorities are coordinating Local officials this base in going on too long in our country. Too many years too many decades now.
We agree for the terrible loss of life and send our support in love to everyone affected by the. Absolutely horrific attack to the students, families, teachers and personnel at Santa FE high. We are with you in this tragic hour and we will be with you for ever. My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students. Secure our schools and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat. To themselves. To others. Everyone must Together at every level of government to keep our children's safe. May God heal the injured and, may God comfort the wounded. And may God be, with the victims and we
The victims, families I said day Very very sad, and as I listened to our president. I am not watching the other cable channels, some sure they're, marking him and mocking his reference to God, and you know this is part of the problem. Give you part of my two cents worth. What's happening to our culture, our culture has been so thoroughly secularized. And so were faith. Used to be relied upon to you, Guidance to Teach us right from wrong family values and so forth, teach us right from wrong. Family values and so forth.
So much of this is at odds with what are China has become even the courts Pushing faith other public square, pushing faith, out of our schools, You know this nation was founded them. Shortly thereafter, we had, I can't the tunisian and shortly after that, we and our bill of rights. The first amendment. About not establishing religion, establishing religions means. You dont compel individuals in this country to follow your face. In other words you dont molest them. With your faith, I mean then in the general notion of imposing your will: we don't it totalitarianism in any form in this country. That's what our Institution is all about. But that has nothing to do,
pushing faith out of the public square. The come jewish I have no problem with the majority faith in this country, Christianity, in our schools being in our public. Swears doesn't stop me bracing my faith, it doesn't stop me. Practicing. My religion. But the idea that it's all or nothing that you have to push it all out of the public's, where even manger, since, even Ten commandments, a criminal code is effectively based on. I can find no support whatsoever. These positions in our farming in an hour Institution, it's been completely perverted. Which is why we ve talked about this before slightly over a hundred years ago, and our Supreme Court was built. They religious figures.
Carved into the building in the front of the bill, the ten commandments. Does that mean everybody has to have a faith? Is I mean everybody has to be christian or everybody has to this? Of course not. But with the rise of the progressive movement, we push face The public square, Replace it with what either nothing or government. I'm not saying this is why this situation occurred. It creates a very unhealthy society. A very unhealthy society: it is degrading of our culture. And we are slowly but surely replacing Culture with another culture.
So I believe this is a problem. I also believe that, when an individual does that they are responsible for what they ve done, They are responsible for what they ve done. There not used Exclusive they're not mutually exclusive. Why? Come back you'll hear from the government. We ve got an audio that you're here from senator crews. Among others, and we will be right back. Just read that he was a mid term. You go about. My plugin show now seven seven, three, eight one, forty eight one, one that will be addressing some other issues today when I went to complete thoughts on this. It, sir. So troubling it's not something we can just fly past
governor of Texas, Sir, whose an excellent man Gregg Abbot today cut it Go we come together today, as we deal with one of the most heinous attacks that we ve ever seen in the history of Texas. Schools is impossible to describe the magnitude of the evil of someone who would attack innocent children in school, a place of learning where parents should be able to send their children without fear for their child safety, with a very heavy heart that I can confirm that. As of this time, there have been ten lives that have been lost and another ten that have been wounded, cut nine
the weapons used in this attack there are two weapons, one was a shotgun and the other is a thirty eight revolver. Neither these weapons were owned or or legally possessed by. The shooter has my information that both of these weapons that were obtained by the shooter from his father to my formation of the time that the Father legally own these weapons. I have no information at this time. Whether not the father was aware that his son had taken these weapons from the father.
Senator TED Crews of Texas, cut tango once again access a say in the face of evil. What happened this morning here in Santa FE defies worth the agony. The hell parents of this community is going through is unimaginable. Every one of us is apparent. Sands are songs or dollars off to school in the morning. To have this or read, this community is grieving. Mightily in the entire state of Texas, the entire country is breathing along with these parents. Reading, along with these students, who have been too damn, many of these taxes has seen too many of them. We seemed arrange murderers, whether this morning, here whether a deranged bomber in Austin, murdering innocent people, whether six months ago and Sutherland Springs on other evil criminal murdering innocent people in the public policy arena, we need to be doing everything humanly possible to stop this from ever happening again, to stop violent criminals to stop them from getting firearms to stop them from getting access to schools. Do incarcerate them when they try to illegally fortress via the days ahead, will discover more about this particular shooter about what red flags, what warning signs there may a manner there may not at them, and I'm sure, we'll have a robust conversation about what more could have been done to prevent this horrible atrocity. Taxes as a state will make it through this.
He Martinez is a mother of one of the students who attend Santa Fe High School. Listen to their CNN, cut thirteen go What now for one hour what happens today downward now is aggravating that it could have been warned. You sure do happened again in particular, given the person could call you know, but they get back as a warning that time to oppose the booty. They said that they had to tat. You see how fast operators will get you that's going to make it look like a car like you isn't that fake one firecrackers in the hallway, then, why has mentioned Two months ago, a little confused by that? That's why I played it and then they to present trump so by the woman. Couldn't finish, your comments
is she sang the school district? Did this in the end, the police department at this as a trial run or somebody Instead, this I'm I'm assuming the first Dakota Schreider student at Santa FE, Highschool cut fourteen go. I was in the same way as we are, though, arms everybody, just you know, started leaving following the same procedure as we did it. I will be. There is nobody by resuming everybody just I was no normal procedure, practice wired and next thing. You know easier. So many three gunshots explosions, oddities tellin us right, go right. There is nobody to be able to feel vines, visited please rivers and say this is what we were doing. Nobody, nobody will that be
This is page students. Santa FE high school today cut fifteen NGO There are party you that was like this is a real. This is it this would not happen in my school now there was a why so it's been happening everywhere. I felt I've always kind of public. Eventually it was going to happen here too. So I don't know I was in surprise or just scared is going through your head, a Muslim. I really just wanted to leave, but I thought it better to stay and just hide for and high with everybody else. Now most you listening, and I have kids I have to- Kid you listen to this, just gonna tell said, flatter we're not doing enough to protect these goals. We are doing enough to protect these close,
doing enough to protect the kids in the schools. And I want to talk you school board members all over the country. You'd better get off your asses and do something about this. I'm not saying or stop every single case. I know you're up against the National Education Association. But you're in charge. You employ the teachers who employ all the staff the decisions about the buildings, not the superintendence. I also know the superintendence in many these Communities are like emperors. They think they control everything these allow. The school board members and some of them are appointed. They need to step up. There, did take charge. They need make. Specific decisions about their specific schools have to not security. Experts walk those school study, those schools. Take a look at the vulnerabilities and these schools and do everything possible to each and every one of them, and if so,.
Play happened. Somebody gets through than you know. You did everything you could not understand this. We spend ourselves in the massive debt and our communities for our schools, mostly for teachers. We spend ourselves into massive debt. Education is the number one priority But education is not a number one priority protect, Our children is the number one priority. That's the truth. Our children will be educated where they go to public school, parochial, school, private, school charter. Schools or a home scope. So the idea that we must have government schools to educate our children. Sorry is not absolutely accurate isn't, but we must. A way of doing everything we can to protect those kids when they're in the schools and we're not, we are obstructed by idiot locks.
Vidya VOX, who do not believe that personnel in our schools should, as a matter of unemployment requirement so Personnel be trained, be trained to protect the kids in their classroom. It's not even a debatable point as far as I'm concerned Entire system needs to be adjusted now what we teach. In these education departments in our schools is not enough. Teachers need to be taught more, including self defense classes. I'm sorry, that's the way, needs debate. There's a stranglehold on the teaching profession, by the anyway. Offshoots in their different states and so forth. Theirs drank a educational system by ten professors and colleges and universities, and it has to be broken its.
Time for reality for reality,. And I say it again: we protect our politicians as best we can. We protect airports as best we can not perfect but perfect, isn't the test as best we can as the test. And we're not doing everything we can as best we can for our schools we're not doing it. My county allowed in County Virginia. I know that is a matter of fact way. Doing it in the neighbouring county, the biggest county in the State Fairfax County. Instead, they want to have theoretical debates. An advanced or ideology. They got media on cable tv immediately. The same damn dance, every single time supporting.
You know my listener wasn't enough in deep with them: taxes to the iris, roughly fifteen grand and he couldn't pay just At a time until they garnished his wages and seized his bank accounts and ruined his life altogether, umpteen too, an umpteenth times he started to make the call, but he did he didn't finish. Finally, he did was the best call he could have made teeth times. He started to make the call, but he did he didn't finish. Finally, he did was the best call he could have made the tax experts. Optimum qualified him for the fresh start initiative. A special iris program that saved him, since a doubt and put his taxed at to rest opera has resolved over half a billion dollars and tax debt for their clients in their eight plus raided, with a better business peer. When you They D put your irish crisis behind you, one
I can start the process to solve at all com, Trusted friends at optimum tax relief call them at eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred eight. Four nine sixty three hundred that Satan. For an hour, nine sixty three hundred- let me just say this. Every time a tragedy happens. The energy is attacked the debate about uncontrolled, takes place and nothing he effective, gets done. Nothing effective, gets that new schools taken to consider each these news, and that they use part of their mass above. Must demand that they protect our kids, that they run profit, these schools that news I was taken to consider each these new safety issues and that they part of their massive budget. Oh yes, they Massa budgets in this country. The train but properly to protect it
in the classroom. The reason why we have mass killings in schools is because their very very, very vulnerable. That's. Why I'll, be right back lieutenant governor of Texas, Damn Patrick. I want to thank you for taking a few minutes after what I know. What a terrible time to join us, but the nation would like to know I understand your visiting some of the wounded. Is that correct, sir? Mark I just met with a young man and Clayton was actually standing next to the shooter? He was shot he done before to play dead. I thought he could escape. He dared he was shot in the in the elbow and agenda
The room was filled with this fellow students. Their faith is strong marking to tell you what this family strong attitude write. His attitude was remarkable, he's wider and he's a pole. Walter dumb and he's going to be it'll, be back at it sometime, but he's got to go through some therapy, but you know we asked if I was there with Governor Abbott Martin. We ask all this to What's your answer and they all What we need are arm our teachers made armor teachers, An intact as we allow that mark, we just leave it up to the local school districts to make that decision. What why is there such resistance? To this I mean that we protect our airports. We protect our politician. What is the issue here? I don't Oh, it's only against an taxes we ve had schools, arming their teachers, opera arrival long time, not a lot of the schools, but without schools. Critically, rural areas, where they're not closed law enforcement, bus,
You know my someone happily driving by their. They may be twenty minutes away, so they have to protect themselves, but we leave it up to the parents in the school board in the superintendence in there somewhere. Groups are committed, don't want do as we pretend it, but I think We told these young people their voice is important to be heard and other than they talk about three things mark, and this should be a surprise. Anyone not to me only one, your audience, but number one we kicked got out of school number two. Families have turned over the raising of their children to violent video game. They should probably all day, Third, we need. We need to protect our schools with teachers who are willing to carry out in Texas, which just say you have to training courses and though we teacher being handled active shooter, but in the classroom, art next door there was a the teacher marine and You know one of the students in the classroom who was not injured. If our with teacher are marine kosher, never next worried if our marine it had been-
we might I got the shooter shudder Governor. I really feel we need to look at this whole issue of of teeth. Certification now and- and this has to be part of the responsibility, safety and security of our students do agree. I totally agree an end back when I was Dora was what you wanted: bills to provide millions of dollars and in training for ten years ago before this became a phenomena. Quite frankly, because there's something that had happened. Obviously, after nine eleven sandy hook and others. The other thing market I talked about today- that we have to do is, I think we have to heart. Our targets with schools. Over eight thousand school properties and taxes, now each one has multiple entrance inaccurate and you know, as you know, we have. We have large office buildings at all,
out of the people there or various places court houses where there is only one entry in and out, and I think we have to think out of the box. I think that last maybe not every student has to be its goal at the same time and we stagger start I've done with final our students through one entrance for officer who was there school was and our school districts. One hundred out about an eighty six out of other thousands gotta shape. You worked for their training and they the two armed officer on the premises and A roving officer who was there within minutes and within minutes they they took on the shooter. Had they not had they not had those two armed officers there. I feel sure, though, the young man with the granite and shot gun, what would have killed him and maimed others? So it did work, but you still, we could have had even faster reactor time, maybe that marine next door had had a gun or the children. The classroom, whose killed you met her.
Maybe twenty, the families that lost a child, Not yet what happened today Mark because there were there were bombs, placed some turned out so far to be not real, but there was a pressure cooker Bob, what looked like a pressure cooker bomb. There were molotov cocktails, it well real and so sadly like to protect our law enforcement. And our medical janitors and note they had to call you. The building of the bombs, and I took a while sell em. The families are are being the father of the notified recently and on our heart breaks for all of them, but you know this is when I tell you that this is a very high taxes. But we are touching strong. Yet we ve been through the worst natural disaster in the history of the country and our came the worst. Church shooting an extra taxes, and now this
the shooting and the faith in God the faith in the second amendment. Face and the community taking care of each other I've seen it. I seen it first. While some personal cover out and I attended a lot of fuels and this Last year and everywhere, markets They stand on the work of their faith and they said, the belief in the second amendment, was there to protect us against people like this and and actions dont want to surrender our guns to to. Some even soccer targets, Logan I hope you let the people there are no, that the nation, the nation weeps with them. The nation supports them in the nation stance with him, and
and God bless you and what you're trying to do there in your governor to you take care you well. Thank you mark aware. We appreciate everything you do for a constitution, extending a fire library afraid of what we all try for you to everyday. Thank you, sir, be well alright folks I'll see you in a few minutes he's here now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Obviously we can discuss this during the course of the programme.
I want to discuss a few other things like saving the republic. I think I'm overstating the case maybe the best way to handle this. To begin this, he is to play a clear From my appearance on ahead it last night and then take it from there with you. Ok, so started this way. Then I want engage you on this to a cup one from last.
Its energy show go. It's been the position of the United States Department of Justice under Republicans and Democrats in the nineteen seventy three memorandum and are not Tobin Memorandum under the Clinton administration that you must not cannot indict these sitting president, not that this present it would be. That's not my point as a matter of constitutional interpretation for forty forty years, that's been the position of the Department of Justice. We ve law professors, homeless people would be law, professors all we're tv and radio talking about obstruction of justice. We ve had media types talking about. We ve had members of Congress talking about it, it doesn't matter. The official position of the Justice Department is we'd on charges sitting president where the crime, The great one markel of in our programme June twentieth twenty seventeen. He worked.
And Missus Chief of staff at me, through the attorney general explaining Department of Justice policy, we ve been saying this for ever and this programme mark broke it right here joins us. Now holds the Sierra Tv Eleven TV and life liberty leavin. The number one show on Sunday night, great one mark Levin. How are you my friend, you know I'm getting really ticked off because you're right, you have all of these people. Yes, they are big news, although they can't indicted sitting. President no kidding you ve been saying it for over a year, we, pointed out repeatedly that the media's gotten every aspect of this wrong. They ignore the real crime, the real abuse of power and corruption, scandal in this country, and they ve been on a witch hunt that is now going on over a year. And to me this, To come to an end, and some truth needs to come out, Sir, the Mueller investigation. Oddly enough Sean, disclosed has revealed that the greatest perpetrator of
against the american people, was the federal government, the greater perpetrator against the american people was the federal government. Was the eye, the CIA nation. Intelligence, director in this file of course not- and I want to take this to the next level- The present United States will not be indicted and if he is held taken to the Supreme Court and I'll win said now, Cannot allow this to happen again. We saw our federal government used by the prior administration by the head of the CIA by the head of the FBI by the head of national intelligence and many many others, to try and destroy the candidacy of an opposition candidate in another party, Donald Trump, and Republican Party, that is The president's administration, the existing administration interfering in the elections. We ve never seen anything like this before in american history. So here's what we need to do. We now know
the Obama administration spied spot, It's the Obama administration he's the present at the buck, stops at his desk. He may playing around with his library in Chicago and gone, often in writing a phoney book in everything He is to be held responsible and surrogate should be held responsible for the fight the failed us. This accord failed us, We have these national security letters that are supposed to be used in extreme circumstances being used. We ve cabal So let who took it upon themselves to investigate, candidate and his campaign and then we have, of course, actual spies, one or more in the Can't pay what the hell is, this the Soviet Union then as well as the United States of America. So let me say this once Their Mahler. Mister Waller turns over in his report that MR rose and staying president of the United States, should do two things here
his favorite United States attorney, not favorite, because their past, but the most professional, most competent, most aggressive me can and give him an assignment. I don't care what Jeff sessions does he's the president and tell him I want you to investigate the activities place in this election. Let the chips forward. They may the interference in this election by the FBI, the CIA, the national intelligence. I want to know what Brennan did I want to know what clapper did I want to know. What call me did not because I'm going to punish them, you'll make determinations of values or I something something is terribly wrong more. I ask would tell him- and I have said this before myself- we need This We cannot have an another election where it does. Federal government are United States governance with fair interfering with an election, and what I think the present needs to do is appointed commissioner fibre, seven people- I told you this one- you show a long time ago, top notch men.
From prior administration and women point them and say fix the FBI at the top. See, I fix the intelligence agencies. We cannot allow this to happen to another present the United States, how sorry Jeff would you have sessions and all these other people, the president, should take their responsibility and also talking about you're talkin about spies in there, administration you're talking about moral sale vice accord. This is incredible. Snuff. I want more cut to go, talk about despise. You talk, it wasn't. Just one finds a court judge that was given phony information that was never verified, never corroborated, never what they told that Hilary bought and paid for this information with a foreign asian. Where are the where's Congress? Why
Wall Congress, brain for these five and judges before them and demand to know how they feel value. I lied to Tell you why because The Democrats and Republicans scatter like rats a scatter have certainly been illegally, who thronged with the Democrats, because they want to destroy this president. They get over the fact that he got elected and they can't get over the fact. The american people didn't follow them. The american people don't even know who they are, but I want to- emphasise something here, so you guess in the future can repay what I'm going to say, which is this We need an accounting of what Mr Brennan did, what MR clap, or did. I was what MR book salesmen call me. Did we need an accounting of what Susan Rice did? What Samantha powers did we haven't even got into the unmasked stuff, yet because we want to get even because we need an accounting. People need to be held to account number one. Another example run more. We need to fix these departments and agency. Mark
If we don't fix it, we lose our country, That is not a joke and it's not a joke. You once wrote weren't supposed constitutional America, it's getting scary now, of all that. Here's, my focus with you tonight. I want to emphasise that I believe the presently United States once this smaller once this rogue mob, like lawyer. Issues his report to the deputy attorney General United States- and you can be sure, it'll be leaked it'll, be sent to the congress- will be used to trying to teach the president. The present it doesn't it to sit back and take all us. There's two things that need to be done. And you heard it last night first, I will repeat it again, so you here at second. He should choose among his ninety three United States attorneys. A United States attorney in office of the United States, a turn anywhere in the country
and assigned to them the responsibility to get to the bottom of the scandal. The real scandal the interference in our election. By the United States federal government. Under the authority of the prior castration He should empaneling grand jury, this. U S attorney. And he should subpoena Mr Brennan, subpoena. Mr clapper subpoena! Mr call me Mister Mc Cape, Mr Stroke, Miss page He should subpoena Susan Rice cement the power. Maybe it's a she, he or she I'll use the generic he took over he and she cannot that's what we used to do. I even though, today understand it's, not peace,
Do it now, not The purpose of getting even purpose again into the bottom, with a real scandal. The prior ministration abused our like no administration in history. To try to influence the election. Trying to influence the transition. Try to influence the tenure current president, Mr Brandon, has been operating in the shadows, Some extent out front, but he's been doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes. But Mr Clapper same when MR call me. Since the attorney general, the United States was to shut sessions, has decided unwisely not to appoint. Special counsel to get to the bottom of the
Burma Administration and federal government's interference in our election, which is far more ubiquitous than even the Russians, and I despise the Russians slimy. That clear for the one millionth time. And you're nobody's gonna be held to account. I am all for the inspector general doing his reports and referring those to the. U S attorney. But it should be left to the inspector general to do the reports refer them to the. U S attorney. We don't need a middle man. Good, as the middle man may be. So people need to be held risk. While they need to be. They need to be held to account for their Fritz the undermine our election, remember lectures. We got from the likes of Mark Warner and others about America. Cannot tolerate russian interference with our electorate and yet Barack Obama normally tolerated. Mostly nordic soda. Brennan. Sorted call me sorry, clapper, they were all responsible. They are
positions of power- and yet they spent most of their time. Investigating Cromwell Now what you think about this- and I said this honour- I said he today and also said it on Fox with Hannity last night, Mean you're probably heard it from house this morning I was listening. The Obama administration, the federal government, through at Trump World, virtually air, investigative technique. That is now a fighter work. National security letters, Furthermore, spies intercepts. You can't do much more than that. Folks. We can't do much more than that and no crime Had been committed, no car
had been conceivably committed. And it is so lane to suggest that some, when he twenty nine year old Guy, who was Italy, drawn Papadopoulos. Told the ambassador Australia. That the Russians were interfering with our allow or something like that, and that was the me predicate the sinister pretexts to launch soviet style campaign against the republican nominee for President United States that goes on today. That goes. Under this day. We to get to the bottom of this. We need somebody who has the power to indict to get the bottom of this to an panel grand jury. We are fighting to from wars american citizens here legally.
A too for I wore politically. We need to protect the present. The United States. From this obvious effort by the media and the Democrats. Due to the coup exactly what it is. They dress themselves up, you know and in the law on the constitution, but that's what are their hats number one number two must get to the bottom of what took place. And it should be left to an inspector general. Economists who are surmising about what might have happened in one trying to do the other and so forth, and so it's getting almost monotonous to read what they have to say. They quote each other. I, We have guests on here to talk about that. I talk about myself based on my own experience now and then somebody write something interesting yes, but the point is This isn't a game among calmness. Who cannot do this? I don't care about any of that.
Or lawyers on tv who can be smarter. I don't care about any of that. You need to get to the bottom of this. You get to the bottom of it. I think you pick it the? U S, attorney new drugs, and then finally, I should add my third point: We need to make sure this never happens again, never happens again. We ve had commissions before we ve had commissions on social security, be bad conditions on the CIA, we'd bad commissions. On nine eleven we have commissions only Kennedys, finish. The commission on this. When the president is very careful about whom he chooses to be on this commission, it's a presidential commission. He gets to decide, not a congressional commission.
My suggestion is you take some of the best and brightest Eve used to serve at the FBI, who used to serve the Department of Justice who used to serve the CIA and our or other intelligence agencies put them in there. And figure out how to fix this never happens again. One of the things that I now believe as they are abolished. The bicycle. The fight Accordingly, it has existed since nineteen, seventy nine. We need to come up with something else. It didn't work, the work and the judges in the face of court took no steps whatsoever To remedy what took place in their courtroom, they know it place in their core. They know that these applications were mislead Because they omitted material information like who actually funded this information. But not a single one of those judges has taken any steps: contempt, ordered investigations, nothing and they have those powers to address this. To fix this. So the face a court needs to go.
The commission needs to come. A U S, attorney, needs to be. The authority to get to the bottom of what took place and penalty grand jury and bring these People in front of it, Something truly unethical about the fact that Brennan is, how a country the two NBC clapper is Contributed CNN and call me is promoted and pushed in his book by virtually every media outlets in the country. Something is terribly these are. These are men who are supposed to be quiet. Behind the scenes. And look Heller celebrated back then
James glamour was once in endless knife, responding to the FBI and planning for recruiting spies, or at least once by in the trunk camp. I want you to listen to this man. Was Obama's choice to be the directive. National intelligence cut too What is it cut three go well. This is I personally they may had. Someone was talking to them
in the campaign, but the focus here and as it was within tells community is not on the campaign per se, but what the Russians were doing to try to two instantiated themselves in the campaign or influence or leverage it. So if there was some one that was observing, that sort of thing, that's a good thing, because russian pose a threat to the to arm the very basis of our political system, and I think it's hugely dangerous. If someone like that is exposed, because the danger to that person came. Ladies and gentlemen, no problems with it Besides hyperbole, buying on a campaign because the Russians were working with the term campaign. That's a big deal
and where were the Russians working with the trunk campaign, even with the spy, they found nothing logic that allowed by law the mark. Let me show call now that eighty seven seven three aid, one three eight one one Sunday it just amazes me that I'm able to do a show at all just us. So many things going on around me: it's unbelievable Past few weeks we ve seen in October. Natural disasters. Tornadoes in Alabama. In Hawaii we saw the eruption of the volcano after weeks of heavy earthquake activity more earthquakes off the coast of Oregon three and four days. No matter where you live
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Bring field Mississippi the great care strength Are you in Mississippi now you're Missouri, right, Miller, Sprinkle with earth casket, Let's m o go right ahead. Workers from these things happen in a just frustrates me because Ninety ninety nine April twentieth. We had this, Columbine. We re. The rules of engagement we hold on another. Who is we carried out a I sat where you work out. Deputy sheriff had different high school that day. I remember how clear day is it was then, my fellow officer got mine and I had same issues with the same kinds of stones. At my school Ok, I fought tooth and nail for five years. That's cool A liberal mindset that doesn't want to address the real issues. We thought.
In Florida. This park, Auckland thing we saw that they were to limit the number of police reports well, that's actually the best thing that can happen to the kid get em. I'll get him into the system, don't ignore it. Well. The problem with the editorial in another problem here is an eye could change tomorrow. I'm just saying a based on what we know. This, sir, Continual apparently didn't have all this pedigree. Well, he might not have had illegally, but he had it when reports right now maybe dead, but you can't point anything, and neither can I have been searching all through the news. He may well have had it, but I dont know what is at issue here is new fellow students, I don't know who knew what none of us do I'm still waiting for the information okay, but will that work? I think it will need to change like the airports. Did you know, used to be fun to fly
to be peace, a king. I flew back in the sixties when I was a missionary kid in the The whole lot different today. We made the targets harder. We absolutely went in and changed the way. I agree. One hundred percent and the fact that this isn't done is a shameful. Now you're by our generation. It is a shameful failure by our generation that we tolerate the any aid that we tolerate. These liberal superintendence that we tolerate these liberal school boards that is so driven by ideology. They will not protect these schools, I couldn't get them to close the doors after columbine after it happen, One of my job was to make my school safer and I was tat That by my sergeant and my sheriff's department, cuz work for the sheriff and they would never listen to the simple things: The students have I why, when they do that Andrews their whole. Look, I mean they don't want the school.
I got a prison, but the fact is You couldn't get into the sheriffs department through the front door and meet the deputy at the desk, he couldn't get in there I mean nobody had access to the back except deputies, but there's always exceptions. Do because the ban kid or use the kid in Emma. Glass or whatever the kid is unreasonable he's: gonna, let a couple a country that door locked the doors everybody goes through, the front everybody has, somebody that looked at him, but then but we do it everywhere else you couldn't get in the courthouse. Get into a police department. During my friend. I appreciate your service and appreciate recovery very much Robert well Austin North Dakota, their great Katy GEO, go please. I was to learn tat you. Taking my car a couple things I'd like to say at but
At the risk of sounding cliche, I'd like to save my prayers go out to the victims, the families of the rest region, shooting in Texas, I agree with that call, or just now one hundred percent. I think your monologue mark was spot on and was very powerful, and I think at this time in our country, your your radio show- and your television shows are the most important shows. I think that everyone needs to listen to mark I'm sitting in my driveway here. I make good money out here in the Bakken oil field in North Dakota and I'm looking at a pickup truckload of happy. Smiling young teenagers that just pulled up with the mother of the daughter of my my young sons. First girlfriend these kids are laughing your smiling their respectable kids, lasting these children and others like them in this country, need to worry about, is too being hunted and killed it in their public school. I brought this issue up there.
Times on different occasions on our local radio show, what's on your mind here, to our school superintendent of public Instruction, Kirsten Bays rob here as well as are our congressmen Kevin Cramer on different occasions about security Markham, a veteran I served in the eighty second airborne division. I'm an Ex paratrooper, And tell you you are absolutely spot on when you say that this type, types of attacks can be reduced to where they are almost the rarity in our country. If the proper measures were taken. If you get a handful of veterans and mark, I make good money out here. I would more than willing to take a huge cut in pay to be able to protect our public school system. That's what I was trying to limit. Let me ask you this robber, even if they, even if he had a mental detect. This is me not gonna, get a thirty eight a snub nose. Thirty eight, through that mental detector.
No, sir, you are not an easy couple caught the collar and you and it was a lieutenant governor YU, had on Romania's thereon track, sir? You you have the majority of the comings and goings on the public school it in and out one door, save the fire escape doors which can only be opened it from inside the school, get a metal detector. That's that's pretty asked effective in the public. Schools grants basic stuff, it's based, security is not even that sophisticated anymore most it's not its basic, I mean it, It can be done by a handful of veterans such as myself in, but there are tens of thousands of us that that would love to do nothing more than dented to to do what the motion thing right now, given our society in the way that it is to protect our children, a handful of veterans mixed with a few law enforcement officers at every public school and these
school shootings would be reduced to the rarity. You you, you would almost not even here bottom in public schools, anymore now, you're. You're not going to stop every single event, but I guarantee you if the right measures are taken, Are you a lot weight, the Golan life. Is it not, sir? The guy life. Robert is to do the best. You can And you're still gonna fail, but you do the best you can wear not doing the best. We can, what I'm doing nearly the best everything in the world money, cars, houses, property, materialistic things, but you cannot replace the child as soft. This targets that exist in this country, with the most defenceless individuals, are our schools period. Absolutely and that's why they are being targeted. These goods that are doing this, yeah? You account
A town halls in the court houses- you know you can replace everything in the world money, cars, houses, property, materialistic things, but you cannot replace the child as soft. This targets that exist in this country, with the most senseless individuals. Are our schools period ab really that's why they are being targeted, these kids that are doing these school shootings. I mean there's a plethora of reasons why they're doing it, but let's We can address the wise lady, everything from proscription antidepressants to fatherless homes. To I mean video game, to day there? What's the word I'm looking for and in public schools and universities? Indoctrinated? Yes,
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shipping and returns. That's casper dot com turned Conditions apply, Randy, Jupiter Florida, the Great W J, a no go. Thirty, my call. You know when the Democrats Screamin, Russia, Russia, Russia, sounds silly and now I'm here and a scream, spies, fine! I don't understand why when he asked a desert job and put in a format a situation where there are investigating page and up. Alas, we, go crazy. First of all, the only one that sounds crazy as you Let me try and educate true about the the civil society in your country, of which? utterly ignorant the FBI does Get to put an informant a k, a spy within a campaign. It's never been done before in american history. Ever
Under the pretext that a fellow by the name of Papadopoulos who was who had too much to drink and had no real, serious connection of the campaign, that was a very, not even a junior player in the campaign. It said something to the austrian ambassador said: ridiculous was what took place here? Is they never launched a criminal investigation? They continued to unleash this counter. Terrorism. Invest. Excuse me yet encounter intelligence investigation and if you know anything about a counter intelligence investigation. If you're gonna have an informant or spy you placed them with the Russians, but they could place them with the Russians dino. I sir because they were men investigated out another no informants that want to rework the Russians. Dont really is, are you answer? No They play some with on the russian side. I'm sorry, sir, I said with whom replace them among the Russians. Where would they placed the person,
there was no collusion pow, there was nothing. That's the problem now get off my phone. And make sure you don't drive into a telephone call that will be, terrible thing. Be careful out there. What a fraud hurry to us is out there. Let's see here Bob Holden Louisiana Ex M satellite. How are you are you doing today must mark I brother. Thank you I'd like to make a comment about the shoe Norman taxes. Lotta brave people Did the way they should act today say saved a bunch of I've got a memory and array, a veteran The one comment there really put me to my soul was to teach you said when he saw the shooter Pull the fire alarm at the person, weapons training there was a mistake. You think.
I wonder: how does one achieving stood upon a firearm? He was able to pull his weapon as a train professional and stop this before even started I'm with you man. I really am. I really dont understand this thinking with airports that are loaded with people. People on their movement all the time we'll we ve liners all over the place, we restaurants and these airports and so forth, and By the way there not impenetrable. I mean you can still hit them. You can still attack them. Security get into the interior, the airport, that's where insecurity begins when you move towards the gates and so forth and sought. So it's not perfect, but it but it, but it is a security system to try and save as many people protect as many people as possible, notably in airport once they get to the gates, but in the planes here we have children chill elementary schools, middle schools and the high school children. When he schools some do but the Majority schools, how many have mental detectors? What
the easiest way, sir, to detect a weapon of somebody's coming into school, a metal detective. We don't even do that in most of our schools, because we I want them to look funny. We don't let them a look funny. We have all kinds of highly paid professionals in our schools and, worst of all, they can do it Why is that? Why? Because we tighter that's all they can do. Well, let me suggested, maybe that prefer Who needs to change a little bit and peace I want to change that profession. Maybe they have to get other jobs, I'm sorry something S be done. These schools exist for the children. They exist for the children just for the community and right now, many of them are targets, and these it's our sitting ducks there sitting ducks run. When somebody has a weapon run locked the door What we're gonna do now Needs to be done when you
going to mingle all on a Friday night and you want security, Watchin abundant oh boy mangled and you can see in our young children get an educated. The community is really need to come together, pull their head out. The backside realized whether priority stand right. Sir, thank you. I don't know why in Israel, the teachers not all but most of them are taught to use weapons. And before they had these attacks in their classrooms, with the Palestine, He's coming in and stabbing their children, they were I had to bring weapons in the school, but they deserve We gotta do something about it. We have to. Something about them and they Something about while we do. Yeah yeah yeah talk, talk, talk not every school But to many of us.
Aren't I'll, be right back now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Anybody, Michael then, here I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three, eight one three one. One way you knew this was coming, the french press agency, three. I condemn the hypocrisy and absurdity. Of the? U and Human Rights Council after it vote today
to send war crimes, investigators to probe the shootings of Gaza protesters by israeli forces. Israel totally rejects the resolution of the: U and Human Rights Council that once again has proven itself to be a body made up of a building time, Israel Majority, guided by hypocrisy. Absurdity, said these only foreign ministry. And Geneva twenty nine of the council's forty seven members voted for a resolution calling on the body to urgently dispatch an independent international Commission of Inquiry, its highest level of investigation. Only to members the United States and Australia voted against the resolution? Twenty nine voted in favour of fourteen abstained among those abstained. Britain, Switzerland, in Germany,. The resolution came after israeli forces killed. Sixty Palestinians. Excuse me,
Hamas, as fifty out of the sixty two, were terrorist members. The israeli Foreign Ministry, said the results of the inquiry where a foregone conclusion inherent in the wording of the resolution it is clear to all the purpose of the commission is not to arrive at the truth, but rather too, pair Israel's right to self defence and demonize the jewish state. Now this Human Rights Council. Really, the bizarre entity. How can the EU and have anything, call the Human Rights Council includes as its members, Syria, Cuba, Zimbabwe. China's rounding up its Muslims and sending them to indoctrination camps. You wear that, but the tens of thousands. Not a word about that right.
Is blown away Chechnya as fast as they possibly can not a word about that cute. Is a prison island. Not a word about that. Proposal, there was repeated by others afterwards that we ought to get out of the EU, no police, state and so forth The United Nations is. Such an anti semitic operation. It's just appalling that we subsidize this this entity with almost twenty five percent of all of its budget. Many. Many years ago, I made a proposal that was repeated by others afterwards that we ought to get out of the union. We ought to start a new organization of free and democratic countries. They'll, be much smaller than the urine. But there's no way we should be sitting with.
Genocide or police state type governments. Why, in the General Assembly at least, they have the same vote, the weather. These resolutions against Israel are endless. They are constant. The union takes the side of Hamas. The union takes the side of terrorists what it Exactly do we get out of the United Nations? Can you name one thing, what exactly do the people of the United States get out of the United Nations? Nothing! Nothing. Why are we part of an organisation that has, as a vast majority of its membership governments that are tyrannical. Why do we subsidize such an organization.
Now the Israelis did not attack. Hamas or the Palestinians in Gaza fact Palestinians wouldn't be in Gaza, except for the fact that these he's turned it over to them. Notice. The Human Rights Council says nothing about conditions for women, full of other face. Any muslim country, why is there not a word. But I don't know why we tolerate this. But I don't believe we get anything out of the EU. We should start another organisation and of countries want to join us that are free and democratic good if they dont them. How will it who cares. The sit there and listen to this stuff tat Time and time again, There is some kind of research that was done about how many resolutions
You know the Human Rights Council passes and how the overwhelming majority them deal with Israel. So why are we part of an organization like this. And a resolution some typing in now see what we can. With a right. Mr producer, let's see every girl, quick, Google, come on come on, come on noise, yet constant. March, twenty four human Rights Council passes five anti Israel resolutions, five. Tiny little country that she's trying to survive and is thriving, think. If Hamas Bela ran all the rest of them overran. Israel would, he say, I think the union will be thrilled. Don't you see?
Just a few weeks ago, they passed while these resolutions. Ambassador Harry said who is standing Missus March. Twenty third, in a public statement. Today the. United Nations, the of the United Nations Human Rights Council, adopted five resolutions condemning Israel. At the same time, the council adopted only one resolution: each against noise Maria IRAN and Syria every March, the cow, so sets aside only two sessions to debate human rights violations and abuses. All countries And another entire session just to debate, single country, Israel,. When the Human Rights Council treats Israel worse, the North Korea, IRAN and Syria
The council itself, that is, foolish And unworthy of its name, it is time for the countries who know better to demand change Many countries agree that the council's agenda is grossly biased against Israel, but too few are willing to fight it. You know, like Germany, which of course is always welcome the Jews when that happens as it did today, they So fails to fulfil its duty, called human rights around the world. The United States. It continues to evaluate our membership of the Human Rights Council. Our patience is not unlimited. Today, actions? Make that make clear that the organism reading a fact that so tiny, I'm looking straight at the monitor that make clear that the organization lacks the credibility needed to be a true added. It for human rights.
So I would ask Ambassador Hell it will, then why are we a member of this Human Rights Council, Nothing to do with human rights, nothing- and here we are. And yet there they are passing another resolution. They want to a criminal investigation of the israeli government at the Euro. I'll, be right back. Human Rights Council votes the whale boat and I want to listen to this- this writing this story Stu underscore when we talked about yesterday, but it goes on Hamas, leader talk. A peaceful protest is mere deception, very senior member of Hamas MA What are you have Ado.
Said the one is organization quote talks about, peaceful resistance, we are deceiving the public unquote. Our har yeah whatever, according to some extent as a co founder of the Islamic Group ruling Gaza said this May thirty about his group's organizing a protests that it old as non violent, but which end the following day with israeli troops killing more than sixty Palestinians. Border clashes that featured dozens of fire bombs and attempts to break through the bar the Barrier during an interview with Al Jazeera. May thirteen. As former far A stir in the Hamas government spoke about deception and dismissing his interviewers suggestion, that, by organizing a non violent protests, Hamas was no different than the more moderate palestinian Liberation Organization and Fatah I'm old Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority.
System of rallies demonstrations protest. Or enable talks with the israeli enemy that this decision sure the interviewer referencing the language used to advertise, the protests, he said this is not peaceful. Resistance. Has the option of armed struggle, diminish no on the country its growing in developing that's clear. So when we talk a peaceful resistance. We are deceiving the public I mean Folks, they tell us what they are for tyres, peaceful resistance consists of rallies. Ministrations protests please and requests in order to improve the terms and negotiations he says or unable to. So the israeli enemy than this Section does not fool the palestinian public says our hearts. Tease a terrorist. Zella out barred wall, a Us law, maker and spokesman in Con Yunus.
Said on Wednesday that fifty out of the sixty two people listed is killed. Monday were members of his organization. Pouring out our hearts. Prime Minister Netanyahu underscored what they said: the United Kingdom, France Canada and other countries have Used Israel of using excessive force in Gaza on Monday, though, the it states australian. Several other countries blamed Hamas for the bloodshed, so you have France, Canada and Britain blaming Israel but I could the American Democrats, the american media, listen to this. Separately. The United Nations Human Rights Council accuses relic keeping Gazans quote: caged innate six slum, unquote growing Special session in Geneva on the Gaza border clashes called, Israel. This is the: u n.
The EU and Human Rights Council quote Israel as an occupying power under national law is obligated to protect them violation of Gaza and ensure their welfare They are in essence, caged and they toxic slum from birth. The death deprived dignity dehumanized by the israeli authorities to such a point? It appears affair. Please do not even consider that these men and women have a right as well as every reason to protest, said Zeb he'd raw I'll, whose, On whose saying YAP, The United Nations High Commissioner for human rights. Now the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights does not condemn Hamas. He does Condemn how Hamas has created the environment that exists in Gaza, not aware not work. You know when I came back from Israel
Stay morning- and I came on the air that evening three nights ago- I was furious. And what I had heard and seen from the american media. In the first hour, the show probably the first, ninety minutes, other show where, among my best. And one of the things I pointed out that the Eric and media, in fact the world media, but I was focusing on the american meeting the Democratic Party in this country, really one and the same, had blood on their hands. They were giving aid and comfort to Hamas. Hamas, which was put Its babies in its women to the front line on a peaceful protest in a violent armed riot for the purpose of having pr advances with
Eric and media, making pr points with american media but I made that point, it was the courageous, really I came, you're pretty vicious attack behind the scenes and elsewhere where, tight and so forth. But something very, very interesting help people began to repeat it. Alan Dershowitz. Painted government officials in Israel repeated. Columnist in America, repeated it Talk, show hosts in America repeated it. I said it in one viral on the internet. I conservative review at right scoop.
At legal insurrection and so forth, and so on, because it's true And I also pointed out that day and you can go back and listen if you wish you don't have to, but it's up there on Mark Levine, show website our official radio website. That our media, in fact always defends the enemy against America. As do the Democrats. When the present pulled out of the Randy out, because it was a horrendous deal. With the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, media and the Democrats attack the present. Armenia and the Democrats attack the President President was trying to prevent North Korea
building any nuclear systems missile systems I could hit the United States three carrier groups in at least one offensive nuclear, Submarine group off the peninsula of Korea. He was accused of wanting to have war, he was accused of provoking a nuclear war. So again our media and the Democrats sided with Kim Jong on Responsible for the death of untold tens of thousands in his own country- families responsible for the deaths of millions of millions. And they sided with him and even today,. The democratic party in the media- they love Putin's oh yeah they love the russian gas. They always have dammit. It's a very, very close association and relationship. That's just with Russia, but the old Soviet Union, Algeria Was a spy one of the key
advisers to Franklin, Roosevelt and when he was exposed by Whittaker Chambers and Richard Nixon. The Democrats too, to try and destroy both of them. They always defended out your office. One TED Kennedy, nineteen, eighty three or so is our friend professor. All categories written extensively about made overtures to the Kremlin to work with them closely. To condemn Ronald Reagan, policies and the feed him in the next election. The Democrats But absolutely silent about. It either silent about. One former house, bigger Jim Right and other Democrats working very very closely with the Sandinistas communist regime. In Nicaragua. They thought the right thing to do. When the New York Times and the Democratic Party even
where's of John Kennedy OWN Party were working with Castro. Recall, wasn't I could go on and on and on that's the Democratic Party. That's our media. But in the latest they really went over the top they really one over the top. Siding with Hamas and terrorists, Ty Semites enjoy haters and american haters and trumpeters Signing against us, And siding with them, yes, our media have blood on their hands for the very reason I said on Tuesday, I'll be right back there's only one mark live in and you can go in seven hundred and seventeen three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven.
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After anyone around him going after Michael swam, gonna diplomatic work, warlords ass, he gone after you're. The guy After dawn Junior and other methods, Basically, they bear had bought in these people down a legal fees bogged down, destroying the reputations, destroying them in all their there. Their careers and the third prong mark is the fact that I'm an upstart hearing from this to build on well you're, even He didn't do anything. I've heard your. Why do we really want to present it with all these investigations over him? Even if he didn't do anything so that that other words, in other words, they only The reasons for his removal, yeah and then justify them in an absurd way, replied attack also just say: How dare anyone from outside the swamp common run and other kabuki theatre in our little DC play so the message sounds like not only will we be legal after diatribe double after anyone there,
she's with another want to go out to you in an outsider, the laughter anyone associates with you, destroying them financially, destroying the reputation and basically he gave them every night anti. They know it. Basically, the three pride attack and am disgusted value here and spoiling constitutional republic and going on to the people that I very well said and very succinctly, thank you and disgusted to a quite frankly, Gregg Amarillo, Texas, the great K, W F S, their place? That's an order. Turkey, more accommodating, I believe, is very way I said today or facebooks: smart man in media my again you are very kind it yeah you're, Come on? You say you think I beat our joy. They hire wherever the Helen AMOS villages yessir
You go right ahead, I'm gonna tell you was a common sense has not gone everywhere. There was a town, ninety miles, man or tax as the Shamrock taxes strand hurdle informed School, they got a sign this big. Besides this attention. Please be aware that shamrock eyes be personnel are armed. And will use force to protect their students, Perhaps I ought to be in for a very stolen in the nation. Yeah I could not agree with you more. I really could not enough. If you look at your Google Shamrock school security sign, you can see that a stop. There take a picture of what I was trying to mail or to be a bit. But anyway, I just thought you know you're you're right rather than you know, like these theatres gun free zone in the guy with the guns has I'll call. Ok good here If you go on shamrock with evil intention, Georgiana assume we'll temperature.
Very quickly but hit here's the thing Gregg. It's like you know it's Robert and arm robber, wanting to go into somebody's house? They could they go up to the house and then they see. Ok, they have all kinds of security in the house. You know Have you have the Simply safe notice in the window, where you have a little sign out there and so forth, and the guy extra doesn't have anything like who do you think he's gonna do yeah. Gonna hit the house that he doesn't think is protected correct and what and in what way? place. If you're, not job, then they hit a school of kitchen of arms. You know, teachers are honoured, Maybe they ever resource person running around there, but the schools are big. Lilies high schools are quite large. One person can protect the place taxes, don't don't go there to girls travel. I thank you I appreciate Dallas who's in Cleveland, Ohio. How are user or
something right in front of you do for usually take a moment to take place also You have been won firemen, responders? Thirdly, I want to thank you for your service, Maybe even more than you realize that protecting all of us by one educating and motivating us, due to some good news- and I remember the call attended a meeting has much to second. She asked me in one day in that way, I want to see exactly what they wanted it or just school gesture to stable Heil bottom because I didn't have any money budgeted for security and I realized programmers be paid, so they had a teacher I'm sorry I don't want my young children terrorized. I have an alarm officer and the school schoolboy number even some training there to the meeting stood up and said. I am against arming teachers, and then I heard them through the next half hour. Talk about helping. Using a band aid approach, the collecting,
the building problems within the school district Marcus is a blue ribbon school academically and I stood up and I knew know was being televised, and I said you read about numbers, you better hope so doesn't happen what you should be or your blue ribbon school academically particles credit Asian or that waiting include the security law. Within your school. I looked at the school superintendent make an otter forty thousand dollars a year, and I said: do you consider these schools within your districts? They have a blue level rating his horse, Dirty- and I just want to let you know from again poor level within our community. We got the word out or what the teacher said. What school board member. Lucian, wasn't guns and guess what is being proposed, a levy which include one big thing in that
to protect my grandfather in all The children in one school, there's more than five hundred three children, and I want you to who did an assessment only directed at the door? That's it! But now I was motivated and we gotta, get those from the ground floor level. I We gotta get into the school board meetings. Antonia was a schoolboy member. Let's see forty years ago,. And I would organise tea party organisations. We attacks revolves and nineteen. Seventy nine nineteen. Eighty we have to organise for our children, because these school districts, many of them, are run by liberals. These school district In many cases, aren't gonna do what they have to do is going to sound like these left us on tv and left US members of Congress are, I doubt, wonderful, wonderful and thank you for your service to Charles
they are New York. The great double ABC Go remark. I regard ok, how about this true that without going are you shouldn't? We be surprised about this initiative, crowded party, the Communist Party and isn't that what they do now, the Democratic Party every lucky must have a lotta neighbours and friends were Democrats who are not nearly as radical as Bernie Sanders. I do our work So it's not it's. I wouldn't say it's the Communist Party, but it is a radical progressive party he's kind of an offshoot of that mentality. The director of the communists. Now he voted for in this light whatever he is he's out of control, he's rogue. That's the bottom line: he's trying to undermine this country needs to be exposed and he needs to testify. Friend of a federal grandeur. The bottom line
Why are you crying with cargo? Language has come but Munich Congresses, it Congress can't press you'd anybody. I only Especially installed the insertion, we're talking in now equally that my proposal that the president should pick a: U S attorney once more makes his his report to the door the attorney general. The United States was not accused of undermining lap and then We can have a Brandon and the rest of them brought before a grand jury to final, exactly what took place in all these people to account for right thanks, Bachman, any Annapolis Indiana, DR time rich or not. I'll go right ahead. Taking my call you an American and I've been listening to you for one year now if they go yesterday in IRAN, state of IRAN.
Kill. The sermon Iranian in protest in a city call call their own, but there were soon a word about it. All they do. Is Gaza, Gaza been any binding and Hamas have another. There you can see the baby is doing a story on against Israel, but in IRAN Honey came and find a nuclear deal with them more Obama there have been two thousand seven hundred execution. Anyone blouse- and maybe I didn't do nothing beyond another meal times- is their new CNN agent, their NBC over there, but it all right why more about this Ayatollah honey? Anyone to be real and limited? It good news since at present
come come Iranian are so happy. But they want to protect your home on your privacy, so they came up with this brilliant idea. A privacy shudder further camera now simply safe. Wanted you to be able to hear may take something. The Israelis love Trump, the arrange people, love tromp the people want freedom in the Middle EAST love Trump Oliver enemies, hate trop. What does that tell you? What am I Mr Minister. Aright You say this about our friends at the simply safe. We were just talking about this. Remember security, here's here's what I love about simply safe. They obsessive details like no other home security company. And here's an example. Simply safe has a camera that you can control from your phone right, but they want to check your home on your privacy, so they came up. This brilliant idea, a privacy shudder, further camera. Simply save, wanted you to be able to hear the shutter click. So you know that it's closed. They were
did they have a light on it, so you could easily tell when it's on and they need to work for the entire lifespan of your system so simply say got to work, testing, different metals and hinge designs for me. Some months, so Simplisafe safe, what gotta result in effect of home security camera with a thin lightweight aluminum privacy shudder that works every time. Now, that's that No attention to detail that set simple safe apart from the rest and Keep your family safe it. Security done the right way, cutting edge technology like nobody else, get ten points, nah fierceness your system? Today, it's Please safe marked outcome that simply safe mark dot com, and you get percent off simply If marked outcome,
By the way folks spend some bacon. I want to thank you, for Listening to the radio show for watching me on the facts show for watching live in tv very blush to have you out there in my audience my radio family tv family, one and the same really. I really hope you you'll remember to watch it. P M Eastern seven, Pacific Sunday night a life liberty and live in work to have a wonderful discussion we highly informative. Really so, the two, but also fascinating, and I'm sure entertaining North Korea, China, nukes. Cyber Warfare- Cyber security Weena cover at all and weaken it. Got time through the hours. We always do it when you leave the show on Fire
you'll know more than most people and a real is the biggest shown its time slot on Sunday night. It's also the biggest show in sending a real most nights. Most Sunday, knights of any show. So I hope you it is a matter of fact it become. So I don't know These other networks are so concerned. Abc is putting our Baldwin up against us. Public tv has created some concoction of Guph boss, who are going to be doing it even my own westward one has somebody up doing so. In any event, Where the real deal check this out on Sunday night,
I, ladies and gentlemen, a Raven Roddy America in honour of you here we go
The weakest, especially over the weekend, begins right. Now we salute our armed forces. Police officers. Firefighters had emerged, she pursued out, get it's pretty good gravy get. I
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