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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, "Unfreedom of the Press" is officially released! Immediately the Democrats and the liberal media is trying to go after Mark. Also, there was an NPR review that clearly had an agena behind it - they refuse to even remotely understand the Constitution or see another side besides their own agendas. Later, the Democrats are using and playing the media to their advantage - by pushing false narratives, especially when it comes to the President and their non stop accusations against him. Finally, Rep Elijah Cummings' wife may have gained 'illegal private benfits.' Cummings should release his private documents just like how the Democrats want Trump to.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented of the as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now, in its hundreds, the fifth year, Hills Dale! a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run them really underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, o everybody, Markel of any of our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three
we're going to spend a lot of time in the course of this programme on what the cherry nad learn. The house Democrats are doing to the executive branch, the separation of powers to the constitution. They are intentionally and specifically subpoenaed individuals to testify that they know full well, cannot testify. Unless the present the United States destroys the office of the President, a president must have a closed circle of advisers attorney secretaries, eggs. Of assistants, chief of staff and so forth, who can provide him with information without fear that members have come
This will then drag them in front of their committees and demand that they give private or public. Testimony of this notion of executive privilege goes back as far as George Washington and, of course, has recently is Brok Obama, with respect to a record And now this president, and so what nobblers doing systematically, is he a subpoena individuals who he knows the officer legal counsel, the Justice Department, by the present the United States to prevent from testified before Congress, these people having committed crimes there are accused wrong. Going it's just that Mr Nobbler wants to pierce he cherished tradition and practice in this country. He wants to destroy the notion of separation of powers I heard a traditional analyse, not tv, say today that
President allowed, his White House attorney Mister MC can to testify, during the course of a special council investigation that he had way privilege with respect to Congress. This is any rudimentary student of constitutional or knows is utter ignorance, since special council as part of the same branch of government, that is the executive branch or would have absolutely no presidential effect the present United States asserts privilege on the same individual, as applies the Congress to completely different institutions, one having nothing to do with the other. One should declare up a privilege against your own branch of government would be odd, was tried several times
but it would be odd. That's not what the President of the United States is doing here. I just told you succinctly in the course of about one hundred and eighty seconds: what's going on the constitutional issues, the history we heard this on tv anywhere, I don't know, I'm just wondering, have you this on tv anywhere, and so you keep hearing that this congressmen from Rhode Island, whose a complete jerk you keep it the Jerry Needler, we know what he is and the others say that we can help. The president is building a case impeachment he's broken the law that were announced today. The present broke the law and I was the present a charge and convicted of anything said he committed crimes. I was the Fraser This just shows you wanna reprobate, this guy meddler as he's how to control. If the Republicans had any guts whatsoever, They would move immediately
to have em remove the chairman of the house. Judiciary committee might say, will lead on the votes course in all the votes, doesnt matter. This is drama. This is also pseudo news. He should be removed here At handling this committee in any kind of an objective way, he's gonna, be a partisan hack and he's going to violate the constitutional cause, damage of separation of powers between the two branches of government. The Republican should give speech of the speech of the speech on the floor of the House of Representatives. They're, not gonna, defend tromp police defend the constitution, but so far there Instead, we get ramblings from members of the republican side. I like this guide dog Collins, but he soon this organised in his defence of what's taking place, I'm not putting him down in any respects. It almost understand me, but then, to be a concerted effort to fight this? So we get into more this. Began another there supporting other
They drove her in the immediate orbit of the presence of the United States, its understood that Congress doesn't get to interrogate, then, publicly in these committees understood that's our history. Whose violating what what sad is in. Yours is seen in an immense embassy, any the readers of the New York Times any listeners to end pr they're, not gonna, get any of this. But at least we should write well, today's debate, At least here, I think, with many of you have many of you have received your copy now on freedom of the press. I hope you are enjoying it. I hope it's every is compelling. As I said, it was based on. Five star rating so far in its early at the first day. I want to thank you all. It was only a matter of time, however, really seconds that the book would come under attack its much Tromp, where they were demanding as impeachment before I was elected, we brine stouter.
Where it CNN he's a reprobate too. We know all about him who is condemning the book. We'd never read it now: Britain, PR which shouldn't even exist. We ve got plenty array YO stations and so forth as an individual by the name of Anal LISA Quinn,. Anal LISA Quinn Symmetric. I never heard of it before she's their book review person and I went back to look to the sort of thing she's written because she's been a contributor to The New York Times and the usual left wing you know papers and so forth and she's a hack, she's, leftist and she's relatively inarticulate and incoherent. Now I don't have time Read the entirety of the screen, but I wanted to know something I'm going to read. Some of it is a perfect example of exactly what I'm talking about in this book. Your snow and you're in a leaders, and you have no reason to be either cause you're, obviously not particularly bright.
Really shouldn't be revealing a book when you absolutely hate the author. That's the point. Somebody should reveal a book who wants to objectively review book, but you have an agenda. That's why you work for and right for and are subsidized by left wing publications and then pr which we, the taxpayer subsidized. So you prove the point and here's her title on. Freedom of the press is full of bombast and bile. Long considered friend, remember who she is long considered fringe. The right wing radio hosts Mark Levin has had a few good years. That's the beginning of the book, reveal So she's already identified herself as a punk, but she goes on. He picked up a weekly Fox NEWS show he picked it up and actually they contacted me he can
conservative, political commentator Jean Sean Hannity as his best friend and the press, recently tweeted in support of his book warders out that book as great so so far, nothing at all about the book. Just the drivel dripping from her chin. Onto her high heels on his show. So again, nothing to do with the book. Livin speaks in the Stable tenor of a man experiencing role, rage or shouting at a customer service representative, she doesn't get the show she doesn't comprehend the show low I q. She doesn't listen to the show where we talk about heavy things, not heavy things. First, things and yes, passion, anger, like any other human being. So now, I shall do what they all do. I've been at this for fifteen years, cherry pick a recent episodes. So this has nothing to do with a book
he ordered an absent beater orourke. Nobody, like the wind, weak man beta, nobody likes a weak man like you attack, speak, A house Nancy policies looks now remember. This is, after attacking the looks of conservatism, Republicans her also popping out of her head. Like ping pong balls called senator Mitt Romney, an ass and Senator Dick Blumenthal, a pathetic loathsome liar. Now, there's an entire section of my book. Where one media figure after another is calling Trump Hitler, Stalin Muzzle Lenny a dictator, a racist, a Its in a tie, semite and more nothing. I said that she cherry pics here comes close to what her friends and the Democrats. Party media have said about the president. Now remember we're not even in the book in the media
escape his invective either from CNN. Brine turn thy little creep? Msnbc whole Congo line of freaks working it way up to Rachel Madcap again, not a word, not a word. What her friends in the media have said about the presently United States, nothing, nothing! Then. She starts. This is the starting point of his new book on freedom of the press has nothing to do with my new book and freedom of the press. The media Levine Rights constitutes a profession whose members for my class of or aristocracy of strident, pretentious arrogant and self righteously superior individuals, rarely capable of circumspection or improvement.
Live in hopes to prove this by tracing the history of american media from the early days of the revolutionary presto. What he calls the modern Democratic Party press. Let's stop there, that's not where I start the book. I don't start the book on chapter two, although Annalisa Quinn may have difficulty with numbers. I start the book a chapter one and why does she skip over time you're one she skips over chapter one because it's called news as political and ideological activism This case after case indisputable that this is the fact. With a modern mass media that it is democratic that it is progressive That it is filled with social activists and added, not reporting news. Of course there are exceptions and Pierre is not one of them. Why did she skip this entire chapter? Two discusses standards, what free
The press is supposed to be what news is supposed to be. What do we mean Journalism. Why does she follow their that? Why cause she's a hack. Who should be reviewing this book, but it's ok, cause she's, given me an opportunity to talk about along the way. He looks now listen to this on the way he looks at the New York Times is inadequate coverage of the Holocaust, full disclosure. I write freelance pieces for the times. Let's just stop there at her come. I have an entire chapter with a three top scholars who spent years researching this issue going.
Through near at times articles and so forth, I cite them in my internet along the way he looks at the New York Times, inadequate coverage of the holocaust. Ladies and gentlemen, the New York Times coverage of the Holocaust was an inadequate. It was criminal, it was unconscionable, apparently for Annalisa Quinn. The Holocaust was no big deal. The third Reich is no big deal anything in defence of the New York Times anything in defence of Progressive ISM, anything in defence of social activism for fundamental transformation? It doesn't matter, and you and I are subsidizing this woman in part. She writes for national public radio. Along the way he looks at the New York Times has inadequate inadequate coverage of the Holocaust when you all but cover up what took place in the holocaust.
The extermination of six million jews- that's not inadequate coverage, that's an abomination so I want you to hear what see where this woman's mind is that sponge between her ears, how low some she is and she's not alone. She is illustrative of what we're dealing with. She is incapable of reformation she's, incapable circumspection. This is a psychological issue with her. It is a knee, jerk issue with her. She can't help it she's a leftist, which is why this book is unreal. For her and she says she writes freelance pieces for the times so why she revealing my book one an entire chapter with the help of others, where's exposes the New York Times. She doesn't then do it. She doesn't want to discussion There are six. She doesn't want to discuss chapter one and she's off to the races. She goes on.
And touches on a handful of clear problems and american media from the often poor distinction between reporting and opinion. The distorting incentives at the Inn and wait a minute. The port distinction between reporting and opinion. Clear problems. This is a monumental problem. A monumental problem and the internet. And a few sentences on the internet, because I I thank God for the internet. I know most don't I do. Because, in its best light, it is a competitive platform to go, Financed and pr to government financed PBS and too much of the left us meter, but she goes on this into this, but the book is largely filler quotations and paraphrasing make up the Madrid
The book central chapters, lengthy and irrelevant black quotes from historians about, say, colonial printing practices, the use of tight commenced in Virginia. Sixteen eighty one give the book the air of a package Knesset now, ladies and gentlemen, understand that progressive, don't want to talk American his I understand the Boers them. I understand they have a limited attention span, but Don't I love american history, including the details. I'm writing a book in part about the history, the press, I shouldn't put in their about the colonial printing practices. I shouldn't quote the experts who know about it. I shouldn't touch it at all. This is a book reveal. This is a buck reveal if I hadn't quoted the sources that I was using, I'd be accused, rightly plagiarism. I am quoting the sources I'm using I'm giving you the context
But she's bored with one thousand six hundred and eighty one, it's just a little bit too much b2 and I have to take a break but I'll be back. We'll, be right back then shit. Family in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about Primus, the free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in Private is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First part nineteen, seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a issues like free speech, the regular a big tech. Mental ill
and the American Medical insurance system and because Erica's founding principles are so important hills, though often Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for free here's! What I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills they'll that EU for your free subscription. That's in prime. I M, p r. I am I S daughter. Still that EU welcome to Helstone. The individuals Annalisa twins. Did you so you can read it draw your own conclusion it is. Is it is incoherent? She doesn't even understand the substance of the book. She doesn't understand scholarship. Does it
matter this is their narrative. Now this book wasn't written for her she's, incapable of reform and a digesting it taking a step looking at? What's going on in the horizon to the meeting Pushy's I deep into it. She's a writer for the New York Times contribute she's, a writer for NPR she's, exactly the problem, and she jumps right out of the gate trying to create the narrative for the book. It's not going to work in Eliza. It's not going to fly we're sick of you and people like you, you think you're. So clever you In fact, you're so stupid, you wrote this review and amusing. He was a foil tonight. What do you think about that Ladies and gentlemen, when we return the attack on the contrary, the and presently united. By though I want to thank the President United States, he just tweeted out
The study and paraphrasing loves the book, I thought you might want to check it out- we're going put that up for Annalisa Quinn Minority. Other payment leases out. There will be right back folks. Many of our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but, Sir Many have lost their way locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism thankful there's hills, Dale College, since its family in eighteen, forty, four hills Dell has remained true to its original mission, to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent, piety and his still enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple and your profound to help stew,
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Reference, the Broadway hit Hamilton and I mocking the left, a mocking the left when Levin offers on analysis. It can approach parity in one example of in suggests that, in order to see how unjust the media's treatment a trump is, all we have to do is compared with the way the press garlands its most cherished progressive, idle, Yes, I speak of the Broadway hit Hamilton, an american musical. That's not the point, Anna LISA and LISA. Queen of that is your name. The point was a spoof on fools like you who run into that play because they bastardize who Hamilton is projected their progressive ideology onto him in the joke is on them because he was a computer. Oh yes, he collude with the British behind Washington's back. That was the point she didn't get the point. She can't get the point, because I wasn't
Your purpose, you heard how she led the book and then I'm gonna tell you why she skip chapter one while I'm sorry Can all be governments subsidized by the american taxpayers want NPR? We all can't work for the Holocaust, denying New York's limes, as you seek to collect a few bucks hearing there as a contributor to these various sir conglomerates, but. Fact of the matter is all your favorite media outlets. Have I to CNN. MSNBC, the New York Times the Washington post. She doesn't comprehend these things, so any book review show me street, which I don't you think they have any more, but you also have clowns she's a dime, a dozen annalisa. Now, why did she skip chapter one and those of you who have the book or getting the book there's a reason, its chapter, one there's a reason. Maybe like a first amendment, it starts at number one
they want, and those of you who have the Booker getting the book, there's a reason, its chapter. One there's a reason will be like a first amendment. It starts at number one because it answers ass, the core questions and then show them? What do we mean by a free press? What do we mean by oppressor freedom of the press? What is the purpose of a free press. So the report information. What kind of information is a turn analyze information. What is that Our decisions made about what is newsworthy in what is not working Whose organization a blog a weekly newspaper television network and we go on and we walked. Way through this and try and get the answers and what what's going on today and we look at his Arkell analyses, among other things,. And then we actually use the Gallup Poll in the past pupil in the past first hand, comments that have been made:
from individuals like Lara Login? Who have left certain media outlets? I'll go with the commission on freedom of the press had to say and their warnings about mixing fact with fiction and the warnings about a partisan media. Then we look at the night foundation gallop and the view of the american people with respect to the press that a vast majority republicans do not trust the press, but support a free press that the vast majority Democrats do trust them And what are the standards we go over? What the standards are, what the standards are said to be, but then we point out. What changed in a nineteen twenties and there we point out, what's changed even the nineteen twenties and again we look at the facts. Who are these people who provide us with information?
We also provide a section in this, but in this trap it shows me that lays out. The incestuous relationship between Democrats and the media and vice versa, and it goes on. An anal Quinn left out all of it because she's a fraud, Sheila it all out now. Why did she leave it all out the discussion of standards, the discussion, a bias. Why did she leave all the evidence? Why did she leave even Ali anecdotes, outlook and so forth, and so she's upset that I've quotes in the book. She doesn't even understand basic research and scholarship as a practising lawyer. Obviously, when you put things in a brief, you need to provide the source and you put quotations marks around. Quoted information I hadn't done then I'd be accused of plagiarism
over four hundred and note that overwhelming to her. But this book is in written for her. That's why I do not believe that the modern media can be reformed. I don't believe they can police themselves. I believe they are obsessed. They think they're, morally superior they're, not particularly bright, but there on a They're almost like brainwashed and in one direction, you can look at it think she's written I might later in the evening, linked to it. What she's In the New York Times to same gianduja, the same eject stupidity. But she's representative of the problem isn't.
Representatives of the problem. This is why you don't like the news. This is one of the key reasons even go throughout this, but this book so far is being. A positive we received by people who have an open mind and really one understand what I believe is taking place in our degree with me. I want to encourage The democratic party media there, when you have people called book, reviewers, actually hadn't review the book. Maybe try and find somebody outside your normal staffer outside your rolodex, try and put the radical kooks to the side just for just for one book review, somebody that might be an independent thinker, not part of the group. Think of the pack mentality, like Annalisa Quinn. Somebody.
Who smart enough to digest this, not necessarily agree with it or even all of it, but understand, rather that the project psychosis. And their own anger management issues like Annalisa Quinn,. We have linked to Annalisa Quince peace. Excuse me, so you can read it for yourself because its full bombast and while I would say When you say Annalisa, I think so all right, there's some other commercial. I needed to do, or did I do it? I did it now. The New York Times has jumped in them. We may get to some real news here. When I was on Brett Bear Show they asked the near times for an opinion about what I said about chapter six in the Holocaust which Annalisa Quinces lucky
inadequate that well I let's move we're busy here. We're busy were busy trying to take our trump thou. Don't start with the weather like us, everyone knows what the New York Times did in the Holocaust night. No, they didn't know they didn't at all. Your time spokesperson responds to an increase from Fox based on what I said in chapter six. One here with the New York Times said: let's see my printer screwed up at sea here. Let's see vine grabber, MR producer can grab it for me. I'll do my best. I don't have a lot of time here. I'll tell you what to related. Take a break are already the beginning, a new account. Spokesperson. Respect mission is to seek the truth and how people understand the world. That their mission, ladies and gentlemen, is that their mission.
The New York Times fell short of that mission by publishing guarantees discredited coverage. Durrant would be Walter Direct, their correspondent in Moscow for twelve years, who covered up the slaughter of the? U rainy and some ten million of them by Stalin and by failing to adequately cover them cost in the nineteen, thirty and forty now you ll notice that Annalisa Queen uses exactly the same language that the New York Times does these prized. She says the coverage was inadequate. The near time says that they Fail to adequately cover the Holocaust, even in her review, she's apparent now again to say they fell short of their mission by publishing, guarantees, discredited coverage. They're, not gonna. Tell you what direct is discredited coverages. I have to tell you
Annalisa. She Quinn's me to that. I use experts and historians who looked at the records at the time. Investigation, warm sorry Where is she wants me to actually interview older directly? She wants me to pull him out of his grave. She complained about my lack of first. An investigation. While I'm sorry Annalisa those six million Jews are dead, In our view, anybody in the newsroom she says I didn't go in anybody's knows from you, don't have to go in anybody's newsroom, my watch tv, don't you watch tv folks pathetic in both cases rights the New York Times arms has comprehensively over many decades detail its lapses to ensure They are not repeated that actually isn't true, investigator that they ve, given rather superficial responses glinda One case the New York Times, and I specifically rest that in chapter six, the response they gave an. I specifically addressed
sports. They gave to the slaughter the Ukrainians in chapter six. The time believes that opening up to moments when our journalism fall short as a central part of demonstrating our commitment to, and, of course, they printer screwed up there, but to pay praise and they say Mr Levin must know this century tops the fact that he's on the New York Times less than the cover of his book, we'll see what the New York Times does with on freedom of the press. Ladies and gentlemen,. But didn't I tell you yesterday, Mr Producer, why I put them on the cover the book. Did I mean That seriously yesterday or not the irony of it, they just don't get it like Annalisa Quinn. They just don't get it for a book like mine,
any the books. I write to be number one on the New York Times best seller less must drive the left nuts, you all get it. They don't get it. We're gonna sell more books this week, thanks to you, because you are very, very engaged You are very, very serious about this. You want to know more and you want to get your free press back, while some more books than any other book this week will see what the New York Times does. I'll be right back, then, every and being has a common problem. How do I live well? peace and well being depends on how we answer that question hills to college. Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm a key and ethics and
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Easy I for hills down that come, I will be on the Fox news. Channel Pm Eastern had check that nine thirty PM, Eastern six, thirty pm Pacific and I'm here Annalisa LISA Quinn will be watching you obviously she's a stalker. Let me read something to you and next out we're gonna jump with both feet into this disgraceful rogue Democratic House of Representatives is doing to the president and of this country in particular Russia. Nuclear capable long range bombers flew into the air defence identification Zone, which Approximately two hundred miles off Alaska as western Coast. I can't tell you where I got this screening it too
the russian bomber flights are seen by: U S military officials as part of Moscow's effort to train its military for potential crisis, while Simon. Geniously, sending a message of strength, adversaries. This latest intercept comes amid tensions with Russia on a wide range of geopolitical issues and a week after sector hasty My palm pale met with Russian Vladimir Putin's the resort town of such about interfering in: U S, elections, taking a tougher public line, the President Donald Trump on the issue. This is: what's written? U S have twenty two's their fighter jets the E3 airborne early warning and control system from North american Aerospace Defence command positively. In a fight and intercepted a tool for tuba of two you, ninety five bombers and to issue thirty five fighters
entering the Alaskan AIR Defence Identification Zone aid. The icy on May twenty nor add said in his statement. Two of the russian bombers were intercepted by two f twenty two's and a second group of bombers with as few thirty five this was intercepted later by two additional: have twenty two's, while the E3 per it overall surveillance nor had said adding that the right, Bombers and fighters remained a neutral in international airspace and in no time I did the aircraft enter United States or canadian sovereign airspace, this The thing is going on China's laying down our throats backs IRAN, North Korea, These things are going on and what is the House of representatives? Mr call screener? Let's leave a couple lines open. Frank: irregular Americans, a k, liberals.
What are they doing in the House of Representatives for the american people? Don't gimme the Donald Trump stuff? What are they doing for the american people to secure the board? to strengthen the military, I really want to know what are they doing. And don't give me that I am not talking about Republicans etc. What are the Democrats doing? control the House of Representatives what substitutes piece of legislation has been passed in the last four six eight weeks there would improve this country. I want to know. Because next hour, I'm gonna tell you a bunch of on american Anti constitutional as they can. They are got that Annalisa Quinn, Hathaway, worse, Philip bumped. These days, member Philip bump MR producer of the washed and compost
a bump. He comes and goes anal LISA. I expect she will do the same thing You never know the way these hidden run so called journalists are these democratic party. Operatives is what they are we also have when we get in second, our and into the third. Our the wife representative Eliza coming use the receiving millions of dollars from special interest groups and cooperation at a business before husbands committee and could used illegally. Couldn't? Do an irish complaint, far Bioethics watchdog group? You don't hear this on the morning schmo because they happen to be friends. Have you heard in anywhere on MSNBC beheaded anywhere on CNN? No, but your here will be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody March living here. It's our to our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven three, eight one three eight one, one of her, yet nobbler, an eagle of rogues miscreants on that committee. The Democrats want to read a little story to you from our friends at the wash and examine a lotta Goodman top Democrats. Wife may have gained illegal
I've had benefit from his committee activities. This is why, ladies and gentlemen, I have been arguing that members a com should be required, release ten years of their tax returns. There's a lot now that has been received by the washed and compost, because we know it's an objective newspaper from the Irish that there was some kind of a draft opinion. It said that the president must release is too returns not having served in the regular administration having dealt with a lot of bureaucrats. We tried to sabotage us somewhat worse. What about a lotta tried to sabotage us? These are self serving member. I write these memos. They give an opinion The opinions are overruled for legitimate reasons, not always political reasons, and then they leak their draft opinions to members of Congress or to the media. This is the way the games played.
I am also sick and tired of seeing headlines had say the White House defies subpoenas. The White House is defending the executive branch and the office of the presidency. But let's get back a charity run by the wife of Representative Eliza Cummings save millions of dollars from special interest groups and corporations that had business before her husband's committee and could have been used illegally. According to an Irish complain filed by the ethics watchdog group coming Sixty eight Maryland Democrat is China. The House Committee on Oversight and govern reform, his wife my rocky more forty eight is that. Chairman of the Marilyn Democratic Party briefly ran in the states gubernatorial race last year. I didn't know that didn't
you know Cummings his wife was the chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party. The couple in two thousand eight Cummings was Heavily in debt, in part, due to hefty child support payments to his first wife and two Their women he had children with butter and they attack trump. I'm just tell me but its financial situation has improved considerably over the past decade. Rocky more runs two entities? A nonprofit group called these centre for global policy solutions and a for profit, consulting firm, called glow, a policy solutions, L L, see whose operation appear to have overlapped. Do the IRA's complaint file by the watchdog group, the NASH legal and policy centre on money. This is a very, very serious group. They complaint states that the euro you may have been used to derive illegal private benefit quote on quote
global policy solutions receive more than six point two million dollars and grants between twenty thirteen and twenty. Sixteen, according to tax records, several than non profit groups, financial backers, which include Google, J, P, Morgan Prudential, have business interests before the House Committee on oversight and government reform. Isn't this trial great area of this, The chairman Who overseas effectively government operations is going after Trump, his wife? Is there the Democratic Party in Maryland and his wife S. The one nonprofit one for profit- and it just so happens that Google, J, P Morgan Prudential business interests before the House Committee on Oversight and gum reform which coming chairs has given ground to her organizations.
Cummings has served as democratic chairman of that committee since January privately see previously served as ranking member now the largest contributor to the, on Profit organization run by his wife. Was they Robert Johnson Foundation, a company that is regulated by Cummings Committee, the foundation which gave a total of I point five million to Rocky moors, consulting firm, that is Cummings, wife and five point two million through her nonprofit group c, supporting her? alien twenty seventeen, the Robert ceased Johnson Foundation total of five point five million dollars to his wife's consulting firm in five point, two the into her nonprofit group ceased. In twenty? Seventeen? No wonder! Elijah's! Looking good these days, wanna hear more
The robber would Johnson Foundation was established by Johnson and Johnson found a robber would Johnson, but is not officially affiliated with the pharmaceutical company. The foundation of thirteen million shares of Johnson and judge and stock with over one point, seven billion making one of the key but he's largest shareholders. Currently five board members of the FAO nation, are former senior executives at the pharmaceutical giant, including the they should. Chairman of the board of Trustees, Roger fine hoop, Leslie served as a corporate vice president and his general Council, Johnson and jobs You said months, Cummings has been vocal opponent of Johnson and Johnson targeting the company is part of the House: oversight, committees, probe of drug price, inflation. Under Cummings their to the House Committee on oversight and government reform as widely as wide authority to regulate business, Twice: rocky more decline to let his organization view her non profit organisations. Most recent public funding
Daniel J, P, Morgan and Johnson Johnson have had business interests before the committee. I'm Anderson Director, the national legal policy centres, government integrity project, which has been in getting the nonprofit arrangement and provided research to the Washington examiner said. The potential for corruption is off the charts cordon quoth. He said, things, wife, rocky, more declined to let his organization view her non profit organisations. Most recent public financial record. Required by the IRS. Now, isn't that precious so they're going after the president's tax returns and he's not a non profit Meanwhile, I should Cummings. Wife runs this non profit and her nonprofit refuses to give her tax return. To this organisation that has a right to reveal it cause she's a nonprofit quote when I
chairman of a committee of the House of Representatives has a wife that is bringing in money from entities with interest before his committee and she's, providing the transparency mandated by the IRS theirs. Serious problem said Anderson the potential for corrupt, this situation is simply off the charge and can't be understated. We hope, trim Cummings works with his wife to end Stonewalling and provide the public with what's vaguely mandated by all charities. Both things in his wife rocky more refused to discuss the allegations with the wash them examiner all obstruction. Cummings did not act questions about the overlap between companies with interest before his committee and donors to as well foundation. Rocky more did not respond to requests for come They complain ass, the IRS to investigate this. Shared leadership quote on quote: integrated operations quote on quote.
Shared address and physical facilities. Koran quote of Miss Rocky moors to companies? When you hear more, you won't hear this on tv, rocky, more non profit and the Elsie Sea have mutual clients, donors and projects and we're located at this. Imagine ensure a phone number and others you gotta for profit and a nonprofit they're supposed to be strictly segregated. According to its website, these centre for global policy solutions is a nonprofit group that seeks to call create healthier communities strengthen social security and close racial wealth disparities. Unquote the for profit confer consult Firm global policy solutions LLC describes itself, as quote a social change strategy firm,
dedicated to making policy work for people and their environment Sancho. Don't you love it when these powerful politicians pretend there for social change there the status quo, they come states that they appear to operate almost as a single entity which would violate iris rules by the way rocky consulting firm, was selected. Oh for a one million dollar federal contract with a general Services administration and twenty seventeen for work on called the leadership for a healthy communities project to combat child obesity. According to federal records at the same time rocky moors. Nonprofit group called serve this. The National Programme Office for leadership. I'll take communities. I quote according to its website, so you can see the conflict and the appearance of a conflict When you're tax dollars a going to organizations.
That are run by the wife of a powerful committee chairman Eliza Cummings. This is absolutely stunning to me. And all. But a lot of this goes on what members of Congress, which is why we need their tax return. So all the media listening tonight, the good the ban in the ugly I want to insist tonight that, I shall Cummings released ten years of its tax returns that Only a large coming subpoena that want to the president's accounting firms be changed. Eliza Coming and Missis rocky more and that it be. To his own accounting firms and that Mr Cummings Ten years of all the records that isn't counting firm has and that of his wife ten years at tax returns,. And ears of financial information,. And here is the real reason for now also suggests
that possibility the appointment of a special council to investigate the powerful chairman of the house- They form a government oversight and blah blah blah Committee. I will. We hear Republicans, make this demand and well that dumb Rats in that house show their consistency for once now they want, if both groups, by the way, maybe Annalisa Quinn, will write. A review of this may be analysed. The queen will look into this. What do you think. Both groups are involved in managing the project. The arrangement is self dealing and cannot be arms length, as required by irish law and prompt the question either its organizers are getting fat off the grants. According to the watchdog groups, complaint rocky more did not respond, a multiple request from the wash them examiner for her nonprofit groups. Most recent public financial records paid
clarity. The chairman of the National legal and Policy Centre said she hung up the phone on him when he asked for a copy of tax returns, o the inhumanity. I wonder if the will be covered by the morning Schmo and Mr Schmo tomorrow. I wonder if this will be covered by fake tapped out aka Jake Tapper, how about Don lemon? How about Chris Cuomo? How about Wolf, Blitzer somebody wake him up how about the Washman compost in the New York slimes? What do you think, ladies and gentlemen This looks like a real big time scandal. Does it not when the wash and I guess amateur visited the listed business address Iraq anymore, is consulting firm and non profit. A doorman said It moved out of the office building over a year ago, did not leave affording address and the building is concerned.
They get hurt companies mail. I wonder if Philip bump over there, the watchman compost is interested, as committee Chairman Cummings as abroad on illegal battle to obtain president trumps tax returns Cummings recently, subpoenaed trumps financial records prompting. President pursue him in an effort to block the subpoenaed, of course, and Obama Judd in thirty days time, with no discovery. Truncated hearings ruled in favour. The Democrats, margin that coming struggled with serious financial problems after joining Congress over twenty years ago, his plate, his house, was placed in foreclosure. At one point, you believe this healed thirty thousand dollars and unpaid taxes to the Irish and he was taken to court multiple times for thousands and unpaid debts. Theirs,
Colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, a logic cummings coming said. His financial difficulties were due to his hefty child support payments What, since meringue rocky more eleven years ago, Cummings Financial Outlook has improved considerably. Couldn't a financial disclosure reports and property records, couple currently owed to rennell properties in Baltimore worth between a quarter of a million dollars and half a million dollars each last year. They saw their three. Room, Victorian row House and North West Washington for Eight hundred and ninety six thousand dollars Cummings disclose this financial reports. That is why, for an unspecified salary from global power, they solutions, L Elsie, he did not discuss said she receives a salary from a non profit organization, which was one hundred and fifty two thousand. Ten dollars and twenty sixteen, according to the groups tax records from that. Ladies and gentlemen,
the chairman of the house, reform and government oversight and blah blah blah Committee must resign and there must be a House Ethics Committee Investigation and this is the man who travels one question: At its treatment of the president and his finances, look at this guy's financial condition. It was an absolute disaster. Now, all of a sudden, it's not his wife, they headed the Democratic Party Merlin, his wife wins a a for profit and non profit organization, millions flowing in polluting from organisations over which her husband has oversight. I wonder what Annalisa thinks about this she's me Annalisa current Annalisa Quinn over their national public radio. I wonder what their thinking today, I wonder what Philip bump
I'll, fill you over there, the washed and car post. I wonder if he is interested in the store now I'll be right. What then Elijah Cummings, ladies and gentlemen, is why what was rocky more something like that. I repeat now, if that's the case, How can a larger cummings remain the head of a committee that involves investigating, among other things, government. Corruption with somebody please explain to me is that possible. And should we demand that Eliza Coming stepped down as the term The house, government affairs and reform
blah blah blah? Many, I think we should is her other group Republicans with enough guts to raise dark on the wash and examine this complaint. That's been filed against him with the Irish and the irony that his lovely, why We, the other public tax return. You know for non profit groups. The tax returns are public, the tax returns republic. And she she hung up on the president of a watchdog or of the chairman of a watchdog group who simply asked her for a copy of the tax returns. Now it sweet irony, but it also happens to be the law. Doesn't it I think so now. I want to know: what's going to be done about this talking about in Congress. I'm Dick entirely paper? It's like,
members of the media, who are cheating on their wives, who dropped their wives and kids or the opposite. Husbands who drop their wives and kids are wives who drop their husbands and it's her husbands and husband, you get the point for all over tv. We know who they are talking about, the president's character. Whatever happened to the meat to movement in the media, all of a sudden there's no more sexual predators. They found five or six. They found a few in Hollywood, it's all over, not all over this stuff our out there, but they want to look anymore I'll, be right.
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We're going get into what took place and Jerry Nadler, Sir STAR Chamber, his soviet style star chamber and is a very interesting peace at the american spectator, sent to me by my good buddy, Victor Davis Hansen Heard me if you listen to the first hour to Annalisa Quinn, because what the left tries to do. It's an old Soviet and Linsky tactic to try to tear people down. No, what she doesn't put in her book review is anything about. My background is anything about my academic achievements. Anything at all. She doesn't want you to know them, just as she
kept around different chaired by the way, I'm not being defensive it all. I don't need this woman, I don't care about NPR. I don't care about a review amusing it as an example. There's a peace today in the american spectator by IRAN, ROS intellectual poverty on the left. Arrogance is no substitute for intellectual humility and you see Annalisa Quinn, Philip bump and the other reprobates there, never in a cover our discussion about these things ever and Mr Ross right, you may have noticed that conservatives are blessed with an impressive lineup of intellectual heavyweights. Liberals have none literally none. A few of those on the conservative side or Thomas saw Victor Davis Hansen Dennis Prager shall be steel, Jordan, Petersen and Markleham
Thomas all. As an economist Ex Marine Hoover Institution scholar and the author of over thirty books, you ve never read one of em, you don't know what you're missing two of his class her knowledge and decisions, the vision of the anointed self congratulation as a basis for social policies, well known for as many pearls of wisdom, which he terms random thoughts on the passing seen. Those now can be found on Twitter, George Peterson is a professor psychology at the University of Toronto and Helstone College, best known for his book. Twelve rules for life and attic doubt the chaos. Several million copies have been sold Zeb number one best seller in Sweden. If you read that book, you will understand life better. If you follow the rules, you will be a better person. The book is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Besides these columns, daily radio show and books Dennis Prager is the foundered. Frequent, contributed a prayer innovation and, by the way, a very nice man. All of these people, a nice people Prager, you presents concise, thoughtful five minute lectures on a weekly basis, And recently reached a milestone of two billion views. His latest book, as the rational Bible Genesis, our body Victor Davis Hansen, is a former professor of Classic a greek history, also scholar at the Hoover institution. He writes columns, usually once or twice a week and appears on Fox NEWS, often is about as often they met a logic in historical perspective. He includes in his columns as mind boggling his latest book.
Is the case for Trump Mark Levin is the founder of the Landmark legal foundation, the author's several best selling books host of a daily radio show. In a weekly hour long interview show on Fox NEWS, he's just published book on freedom of the press. Is the number one best so on Amazon and Levin Lever needs, never if you wondering what he believes shall be It was another scholar, the Hoover institution and author of the content of our character, a new vision of race in America and shame Cannot name a single liberal whose anything approaching the above credentials are intellectual output? Why there's? A number of reasons Liberalism is fundamentally about feelings rather than thoughts. Also, the left focuses on intentions. The right focuses results in the ways by which results were achieved in advance and making tensions. Your goal is that
to choose and announced them. You're done no need to follow up to see if your intentions were realised donated Consider second or third order effects: leftism is about force, conservatism is, freedom and voluntary exchange, the use of force it's no theory or ideology anyway, owing to rely on forced to accomplish his objectives, doesn't really need to Day and how the world works. Instead of the writers listed above, reflects what is written in ecclesiastics quote, and I gave my heart to seek and search out for wisdom can learning all things that are done under Heaven, and I gave my hard to know wisdom and to know madness and folly. The foremost source of the left. Intellectual poverty is arrogance, yes, like Annalisa Quinn and Philip bump, and the rest. Arrogance kills curiosities, those on the left. Feel they already know all they need to know. They have nothing left to
In order to bothered thinking deeply about, ironically, they feel intellectually superior to conservatives a prerequisite for speaking a serious thinkers. Curiosity he requires being cut. About how things work, society, the economy, human nature, for example. Curiosity is the incentive for doing the hard work of study and serious thought, the left off but feels morally superior to any of our predecessors. Conservatives, on the other hand, well possess a deep respect and reverence for the wisdom we ve inherited from, for example, the Greeks, the Bible Shakespeare in the founding fathers Isaac Newton, famously said: If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants, even Newton needed to know what those proceeding him had discovered on the left.
There's no gratitude for the wisdom in doubt and wisdom endowed by our forebears rather than gratitude. There's disdain and other reflection of their arrogance. The opposite of arrogance is humility. As Isaac Newton also Naso recognised, what we know is a drop. What we don't know is an ocean and twenty eighteen study report in journal a positive psychology in time, links between intellectual humility in acquiring knowledge, found that intellectual, humility was associated with a variety characteristics: Sociedad with knowledge acquisition, including reflective thinking, need for cognition, intellectual engagement and so forth. As long as the left holds onto its arrogance and will never match the richness of the rights and offerings,
do that. Let's take a couple, a cot people than waiting for some time here. John Davenport Illinois, Syria, Satellite Harry- you, Sir great mark thanks for writing the book. I just want to know that I ordered the work from Amazon or go, and I happened to be out of town I business. I couldn't wait together because I went over to burn the noble and pick one up while the first hour, I think let's take a couple of calls people than waiting for some time here. John Davenport Illinois, Sirius, Satellite Harry you, Sir great Thanks for writing the book I just I'll. Let you know that I ordered the worker Amazon or a month ago, and I happened to be out of town I business. I couldn't wait to get it. I went over to Barnes the noble and pick one up at the mouth, the first hour
I think I'm. I hope I didn't let you down. No, you! You have not not at all and just and another thought is I've. That's just reaffirms what I thought for many many decades of my life, I the opportunity early in my career in the eightys to have a overseas assignment for three years, and that was a stark reality to see how even just overseas they report more fairly, I'm what our political Our situation is, then that was in the eighties than what was done back in the eighties, this its sister, something that's hard to believe that this actually went on, over a hundred years. But the thank you again for writing this book. I've been watching. You amuse with Sean Hannity and Peter exerts on Euro Sunday night show. This is exactly what I believe
I think sixty three million other people it voted for tromp, at least thank you. My friend, I appreciate very much Kirk. Now Oklahoma on the mark Levine APP go this market in order to talk to you today relating to the new book, and I just want to tell you- I was really excited today when I got home in my copy- was waiting in my mailbox only so thank you. They asked here. We spoke before you said at the time Imagine how popular populated president would be if we had an honest press. So that's why I specifically want to thank you for the but I want to ask you a question mark and I'm not gonna be provocative What an you will look like this really changed hearts and minds, or is it just gonna get lost in what I consider to be a conservative bacco chamber? We don't know we don't,
I can already tell you that the liberals don't care what's in this book or any other buckling, they don't care what's in the constitution, but this is a really focus. On people like that. That's why I read that article just now about the arrogance of the left is focused on people who are finding their way, who aren't sure, as well as my vast audience, people like you, it's not that it's an echo chamber. It provides more information, more ideas, more support for our values and our principles. We need to reinforce them. That's it. Exactly what happened with the colonists. Now we're not going to fight in armed Revolutionary war, but we're in a war of ideas were anti war over a culture over our government and over. Our society were trying to defend what the with the colonists fought for. In the first place, and so there are people out there. Who am I he smarter than you and I who do different things than you and I and they may have
ideas about the media, how to approach it, how to create new platforms, had a great new new products and so forth, and so on and that's the goal. The goal is to have a society that is free that keeps pressing ahead and pressing ahead and that we get over these obstacles, but this is a very big obstacle I've contending that the mass media today, the modern mass media, is destroying the free press, its destroying the first amendment, while at wraps itself in it so. First of all, we gotta get arguments out there and gotta make our core positions known and then, secondly, influence just don't watch them anymore. We don't pay attention to the many more or we ridicule them as we do, and then there are other things weaken. Do people attack the internet? I do not attack the internet, of course, should get reprobates.
You get reprobates of the seven eleven are the sea vs or that girl grocery store in schools. Whatever there are smart people, their great bloggers, there are great news websites. There are great thinkers. We have more access to them than ever be more than ever before. No thanks the CNN and MSNBC in the New York Times in the washed and posts we should embrace these technologies. We should embrace these platforms. And I want to thank you very very much for your call. Kirk we'll be right back. Ben, I do you wish to double check, would just go away.
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You can try to make fun of my advertisers. You can try to make fun of my audience, but here's what I know I have a conscience. I have a soul, I have a heart and I would never ever under any circumstance receive a penny from the New York Times. You sit there Thank you so smart with your smugness with your ignorance with your psychological issues, your anger management issues and you write and contribute to a newspaper that beach, aid, millions and millions of European Jews that beach aid millions and millions of Ukrainians.
As they were screaming at the top, their lungs for somebody to hear them for somebody to help them. The New York Times turned effectively back even the american people, were in the dark until about nineteen. Forty, four, how anybody can work for the newspaper. And then attacked the present in the United States were attacked me or attack. Anybody else is really unbelievable. Would any of you work for any other business outside the media? The did with the New York Times did during the Holocaust in face of the third Reich. Would you solve sensor information to try position yourself. As a universal newspaper. Carrying water for
fifty are who wanted a kind attempt down the information. Is that what we want from a free press- and they did it twice ten years before that to the Ukrainians same damn thing. And this clown who works for this government subsidized left wing, propaganda machine called national public radio one way of thousands, thousands or radio stations? Subsidy Eyes by you and me when we work PBS, go on the air and sell mugs and floor mats and all dvds.
They looked down at you and me. They looked down at you and me. They are a disgrace, an absolute disgrace: national public Radio and Annalisa Quinn and over there at the Washington Post, Philip bump great job, Philip bump, in covering the police tactics of the Obama administration, which did in fact interfere with the last election. Somehow they all escape charges somehow they ve all escaped oversight. Now they ve all escape condemnation from Philip bump and Annalisa Quinn. Now I wash my hands these individuals and we move on
I'll be right back with a daily fake news dump, going through your tv, mobile phones and computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food. But what this They discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and vegetables and your diet, which is why I recommend that you start taking field of greens by Brick house nutrition. Just why, and scope of fear of greens has a full serving of real USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables. It help booster immunity using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics. This is real food, not some fake supplement, lab powder just right
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One one I will be on Hannity denied nine thirty pm eastern time, six, thirty pm Pacific time, executive, privilege to anybody know what executive privileges. The right of the president and high level executive branch officers to withhold information from Congress, even the courts and its use due to circumstances certain national security matters And protecting the privacy of White House deliberations when it's in the public interest to do so now. The second point is relevant, whose used executive privilege. Many presidents have used executive privilege to separation of powers issue. Would you be surprised? The George Washington was the first to use,
second a privileged lady called executive privilege, but it was a privilege and he used it, because Congress wanted information about the deliberations of the executive branch in coming to this J Treaty, which was very controversial in Washington, said no, How the hell can I deliberate other presidents, not in it particular water, the come to mind: Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Grover, Cleveland Bill Clinton. Others tell me where they all obstructing Congress should they all have been impeach for this.
Again, I just told you more in sixty seconds under him here on any tv show. You know who else used it Barack Obama. Was he impeach further? I don't think so. Sir. I bring this up to you Because the president's use of executive privilege respecting demands about his White House lawyer now others in his close circle is a perfect legitimate exercise of power. I want to read to you in this context sum of one of the news that south or so called here. We have National review d O J office. Illegal council concludes Congress. Can't
Force began to testify, may read Mccartin in an opinion released Monday. The office illegal council, which which provides constitutional advice, the former White House Council, Dunham again is not legally required to testify the Congress on matters related to special council robber Mullahs report. Opinion stated: the immunity, the president's immediate advisers from compelled congressional testimonial matters related to their official responsibilities. Long been recognised and arrive, this from the fundamental workings of separation of powers? This is a fact stuffing controversial about this. So you have these constitutional illiterates running to the microphone, said, Marcella stay in. CNN and they give these people legitimacy and they give them a platform.
To make these asinine comments that this is the final straw Refusal to allow began to testifies the final straw. Is there, anybody closer terms are giving the present advice than his White House counsel So this has always been understood. And yet you would know that. Would you I what else is happening Judiciary committee has now issued subpoenas two former Whitehouse Communications director and confident HO picks and to any Donaldson the former chief of staff. Ex Whitehouse Council DOM again, of course, this falls into the same Categories Mcgann, the interest because the present United States, because its understood president cannot function if he cannot have an inner circle that he can talk to confidentially and openly. Just like Eliza Cummings, obviously talks the hysteria for so forth, and so
purposely doing this in order to create the impression that we have a constitutional crisis in order to create the impression that the President is obstructing Congress and he has something to hide when, in fact is protecting the office of the President. House, judiciary, Chairman Adler, Fox NEWS, Joseph Wilson, by though I want congratulate Joseph Wilson is made it incredibly important career decision. A smart Great decision is left media I and he's gone to Fox Tromp is making more difficult, not to consider impeachment battler, says house, Judiciary Committee, Chairman Gerald Meddler, accused the White House of Intent, Aiding former Whitehouse counselor down began from testing. I know Capitol Hill. Is becoming more and more difficult, not to consider president trumps impeachment from Monday night. You're, dealing with a lawless president who is willing to go to,
the alliance to prevent testimony that might implicate him. That does implicate him. Needler said what is this clown talking about implicate him in what. Some criminal investigation we already had a criminal investigation, did we, ladies and gentlemen, so what does this full talking about? And yet this is repeated verbatim, I know as as if this is a serious person he's not a Sears person is a clown where the media, why don't they set things straight? They refused to set things straight. These are phony events. And we have this article special councils team, hesitant about Mahler, testifying public are part of hold up of securing his testimony
council robber. Mothers team is express reluctance to him, testifying publicly in front of the House to committee. According to sources special councils, Must convey the notion that Mala does not want to appear political staying behind the scenes for two years and not speaking as he conducted his investigation, one option is to have him testify behind closed doors. But the notion of Mahler would only answer. Questions and private has become a sticking point according to a source and Democrats believe the public needs to hear directly from the special council rank and file dump,
my crafts make clear. They believe Mahler must as to five publicly given the gravity, the investigation sources, caution. Numerous options are being considered in negotiations between the committee and the special council office. Why do they need to talk to the special council? Does anybody know what's the problem, unjust, curious? They want to question everybody, and then we get to the issue of impeachment. What does impeachment? What does the constitution? Seven impeachment? You hear it said all the time constitution says not so political process constitution doesn't say that constitution uses actual language presently United States and the vice president.
States are the only individuals in this country, elected by the entire country, the individual To one would teach him or not impeachment when it applies to judges, peach went one applies to other executive branch. Officials is a different kettle of fish. You like that also there's only one president there's only one vice president, there are many second tier third tier exact, officials are many judges in their many members of Congress. Of course, when you are considering impeachment of a president you're supposed to be particularly careful about it when what about Clunton everybody says in a political response, I mean, after all, that backfired on the Republicans. What does that have to do with anything Bill Clinton,
I'd to a federal grand jury. Bill Clinton lie during his deposition in front of a federal judge. That's what happened bill was held in contempt by that federal judge, he didn't even challenge it. He didn't even fight it. He paid the penalties and the court fees. And he was disbarred by the Arkansas Supreme Court for eight years and he resigned from the. U S Supreme Court bar before they would despondent. Donald Trump hasn't done any these things. Hasn't done any lessons for anybody. We keep talking about? He told me again to fire Mahler. The president wanted, a fire, Mahler mother, would have been fired. You didn't need to go through his White House counsel
but as the attorney general points out for which he is too, they attempt to destroy his character. The president, in one of fire Mahler because he wanted to invent and the investigation. In fact, the president had sent on other occasions fight What's wrong, go for it, but he was critical. The prosecutor and critical of his team because their partisans there, dumb crash. There are supporters of Obama Clinton. One of them went to the And then victory party or vat, while from air with Andrew Weissmann. So he wanted Mahler fired because Mahler was conflicted in his view, in my view, but the president even says. I never said that. The hours. A testimony was again that's the best they ve got.
Chairman of the Judiciary Committee announced today. The present United States has committed crimes. He has declared that the President of the United States has committed crimes. He should resign he's a disgrace. And this clown congressmen from road- I can remember his name, Sis Aloni or something like that goes on tv- can barely talking complete census. And he says them again issues the last straw for him, it's time to really seriously consider impeachment. We're dealing with either idiot logs or low. I Q radicals, maybe they're both. But I just wanted you to know that the assertion of executive privilege, while not done every day historically, it's not particular unique. And then they issue soup. Is demanding the president's tax returns.
As they want to make sure the Irish Ulysses function properly but they didn't demand disappearing of Brok Obama, Michelle Obama tax returns. Did they know they didn't they write the president's information, because they want to see if there's any hanky panky going on with his investments. They have absolutely no predicate for this none whatsoever. They just one is information, so they can lick it and they got a federal judge. Burma appointee, Mr Chief Justice, who made a farce of his courtroom. And I say that as the senior judicial analysed on the market of info, he pushed the process at breakneck speed, thereby cutting corners, including discovery, He says you know the last time like requests like this was may was Buchanan, but what does it matter.
Did they request Buchanan Tax returns? We do have a federal income tax back then not so clever. Their job Millions and dollars into a for profit. Listen to a for profit and non profit organization that she set up. She got a hundred fifty two thousand dollars salary that they didn't report on there the unseen, the things they would. They do want to know anything about that, the president's investments. Ten years ago, eight years ago, that's crucially important to know We learn about Eliza Comings and his wife. She's, bringing millions and millions and millions of dollars into a for profit and not but organization that she set up. She got a hundred Two thousand dollars salary that they didn't report on their financial disclosure forms in some other way in contributors. Are some of the most prominent contributors? Are entities.
For which her husband has oversight response. Building, let's take a look at Dian, Frank in fine style, sits on the intelligence. Many so unintelligent issue, in other words, so stupid. Is she. For Annalisa Quinn, just to underscore she didn't know that she added communist chinese spy as a driver for years. She didn't know. She was on the phone. The other day on our cell phone with the foreign strive: IRAN she's, very busy, lady, very busy but of course her husband is a big investor in Communist China and she sits on the intelligence. Can me no big deal? What's the problem, not the problem, No collusion there suspicion, their none
I back, then let's go to some of our brilliant collars John Naples, Florida on Mark living dope doctor. Would then it's an honor to speak to you, sir. Thank my pre. On freedom of the press. Books arrived today, When the liberty in Turin came out, I got twenty five of them. Only Montenegro! I came out to a lot of people, and so it seemed with your other books of Chris. I left Friday. That was a great book, but this one is can't wait to sit down start reading it with you. For our country still cannot be overestimated.
I just want to know how how but we appreciate every minute of what you do. I watch me I, the podcast, I listen to function. So I come it's just I can't Enough of your knowledge, dodgers train observe as much as I guess. I just want to say thank you and those millions of, let me just like me Their whole life and and wanted to be able to enjoy what we have, and I see this country go down the tubes and what they're doing do this president, is just an delegated disaster. I just want to ask you what what do you think he's gonna happen with these tax returns? Why do you think you can restore that or what first I want to thank you for your kind words. Well, unfortunately, our constitution has been turned inside out.
I often say that in many respects we live in a post constitutional period and the courts unfortunately will decide this. Even though the court should have no business, and that will be the decision that made. But I hope the court's understand that if a committee of the House or a sub committee, the House has the power to subpoena the tax records of the present the United States, then they the power to subpoena the tax records of Supreme Court justices. They don't like the propeller justices. They don't like her. The court judges they don't like of individual citizens, they don't like this will be a power that was never intended to be reserved, are granted to the Congress same with the president's financial records. This Obama judge in Washington DC strikes me as very partisan and
particularly intelligent, because the way he ruled it was so broad access to the president's accounting and financial records. That is private accounting for must turn over, gives Congress power that the framers never never. Ended these there there seeking this information, basically, when trumpet Serb for the most part, a private citizen, and let's keep that in mind, they have no information of any collusion of any kind. So this is a second destroy mission by the Democratic Party on behalf of the deep sea on behalf of the democratic, So we'll see how this turns out, but the fact that the the United States has to do this has to deal with. This is a big problem, but even more the fact that the
Can you carry the water, for this is what I want to focus on in a great way, because they are supposed to check government abuse and they seem to think whenever Republicans elected president, it's their job to take him out. Let's not forget they wanted Reagan out. They want to George W Bush. Have that got Nixon out, can't think it too many Democrats who suffered that kind of attack. Thank you for your call. John you're great patron, very, very kind words. I can't thank you enough. Well, they Fact: more internationally to defend liberty, aggravate tyranny cos a mug show now at eight seven seven, one. Three, eight one one.
Tell me who overseas congressional abuses committee abuses of power who overseas that. You know they want to keep talking about the president violating the constitution, the president abusing its power. My whose destroying the nations finances where's. The spending and borrowing start is destroying the nations immigration laws by backing sanctuary citizen, refusing to secure our borders, whose destroying our health care system. Who overseas Congress will you do we vote for what we vote for the President to Norway? So that's not the issue. That's not the issue And the way the media report Congress that reduces its authority unless, of course, its run by Republicans. I want to remind you- and this is in my book- I am very, very proud of this book and I'm
So many of you, I see all the five stars on Amazon and I know the miscreants well snake there in there, but I am very proud of it, and I want to thank you I think you're going to enjoy. It really be engaged I take you'll, read it and one or two sittings to that's what most people are saying now but acts in the book there was. A committee in the Senate was headed by sea, or by the name of black who had been a member of the clan came out of Alabama. You may have heard of him Hugo black. He became the first appointed to the Supreme Court by Franklin, Roosevelt, but he headed a committee And is that this committee, he sought to punish newspapers They didn't go along with fifty yards agenda and the telegraph company.
And they found all kinds of subpoenas for information Telegraph and they went into the telegraph Firstly, they literally looked at millions of telegraph. They claim they had the oversight authority to do it. Mr Nad learn and his band of rabbit Democrats opening Pandora's box. If we had a functioning media. They would be condemning this rather than mouthpieces for Mr Madelin, you can see what happens, when you have a media that doesn't function properly, which is why keep bringing up chapter six in the New York Times. When the new media doesn't function properly, tyranny is the result, sometimes even worse, sometimes even worse,
You know where I heard all these Democrats talk about how much better the european health model is, but is it. In England, right now, patient with a doctor's refer for cancer treatment will wait at least sixty two days just start treatment. That's over two months since we know that treating cancer in the earliest stages gives the patient the best chance of being it. Would you want your love? onto a more than two months before they can even begin treatment. Given England's healthcare system. Where is bridge may not even have access to the latest cancer drugs, because they're government run system dictates what they will pay, even if they'll cover a new treatment. So I want to ask you a question. Hs Secretary Alex's, or want to import a european healthcare system with Ration Karen Long waiting lists,
Why is he pushing socialist drug price controls and changes the Medicare that would deny seniors access to the latest and best treatments? Why do we want that here? When it's not working? There is competition and trains. Aren't you the works, not one size fits all mandates, competition and transparency. We ve been antitrust division, the Department of Justice, women antitrust division in the Department of Justice if to toast, companies. One wants to buy the other and there's a certain. Turning to the market controlled by a toaster company, the Anti Trust a visual step in, and yet when it comes to left's agenda. They demand monopoly government monopoly, so it makes sense to you. Competition and transparency, not one size fits all mandates and price controls, so wise.
Countries are still pushing socialist solutions, get the facts. Gotta true healthcare, facts that come true healthcare, facts that calm, that's true, healthcare, facts that come. The present the United States is a victim of the This scandal in modern history, if not american history, and yet they want to impeach they want, is private records. They have no predicate whatsoever com has abused its power before and its abusing its power now. When he came to New Jersey, serious Ex Emma Satellite go yes, sir. You know a police to a standard as they limit above their means? They come under investigation
The police were poor, Mcgann, you're, police officer. Correct, yes, how they come under investigation living above their meat, pointed to some online magazine waters who lives in a four million dollar home, making a hundred seventy three thousand dollars a year. What I want to find out where that money is coming from or airline coming stood coming. You say it in the school in this global salary that you made last year, wizened being scrutinised by scrutinized politicians, to a higher standard than a lowly police, while you named because their politicians- and so my question is why are some politicians? Why do they get it right, why is the present the United States, who comes in office as a boner? Why this interested in his search his investments. Barack Obama, made multi millions of dollars through book Nobody really NOS ninety percent. Why tell me, did the Democrats seem concerned about that?
I'm all I'd like us and my republic to introduce legislation, maybe that that they get the budget system like internal, have to set it up when there's all Republicans cause, I don't think the Democrats and for that to you some republic, is I'm ready, Sir preach call, let us Carl Norwood New York, the great W cutie k, go mark As always. Thank you and right now doubly so close. Your book, Courtesy Amazon, was my birthday. My seventh earlier this month, it's coming tv should come says any day. Now I would, by the way, on our side, but just remember if you are not aware of this already. Sir bet, you were gifted with all for your parents for as long as you were good
I appreciate that a statement of fact, but in any case I am by way, may I say the greatest part of my book as the dedication to my parents anyway, Guarana had use. My point unwitting expert, ensuring public media. Public radio: my response is a right. What nation Well, the letter p stands for pure and I'll. Let you fill in the other two the other two initials bs you mean Bernie Sanders yes, but in any case the point being I by pure fate hooked on all this day, a breathing ethical?
Living commentators such as yourself on the road nine years ago and nothing on the Public radio station appear worthless thing too. So I dial in Liberia. And there we should voice rush to lead at six p m. At that time directly on to you- and I said, I have been under a rock and I locked on cue t ever since that day, one radio that was killers, real top radio killers Thank you very, very much Carl. I appreciate you preach added MIKE in Canada. Listening, I guess. On cancer foes website. How are you I am very warm market? They can honour to speak with. You haven't written with it, you gotta now for a year. When I first heard of you, are you a Canadian or an american company?
and bread, and I still within that Corner Dc British Columbia, and I actually want to call just in case after utter you know more than I could offer cleaning like leading to sort of heard of you just through all this disorder bomb The charge extra nuclear new wave of conservative- how did you hear me all the way in Canada and well? I sort of
You know you're around your gas Brennan Strata, who was lying asleep library within tv show off he. I went through the very similar experience and heated about in the early two thousands sixteen, and so there was once a sort of saw was happy. I mean you, don't internet if you know, expands largely beyond even the United States and Canada, pre close and also noticing it should say. I will answer your question, but I gotta say that the politics of what happened in the United States is extremely conversational and debated all the time in Canada, so one people might think one Bonanno would we must clarify the country, but I mean it's: it's unbelievable. How much even the cap must happen. That's what happened at what everyone was talking on everyone still taking sides in identifying with their position and getting up set an angry bunny quickly. Answer your question. I started with new letter of prouder. I really like the content, and he's too is it always is a username
he's pretty funny to any other cleaner fuels is actually kind of you. He saw what happened was I I saw the censorship happening and I thought you know what a joint his my club and an appeal put the even more dynamic money. So you know I. I believe this is a good cause, all pay the money I got my mark, which is confused and I started clicking around on the show. I got one minute left. I apologize go ahead. I'll just make a very quick eye. I saw within tv right I've never even heard of you, clicking what your videos and I really really enjoying the content, and now I've become aware that I saw that, for I want to take you to risk. While my friend thank you very very much, and he ever need good medical care. Of course, you're gonna have to head cells. And, of course, if they destroy our medical care, I don't know where we're gonna go, but I pray Your call very much. God bless. You will be right back
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as soon as possible, so we can really jump in even further the idea, Professor University of Alabama, he wrote about President Franklin Roosevelt's war on the press during New Deal later world war. Two all the things he mentioned- and I include part of this in my book- is that after recruited, Senator Hugo Black a ban, as I was briefly discussing with you, a zealous and effective new deal loyalist as chairman of the Black Committee and They took a wide ranging investigation into anti new deal critics, including journalists, and he was granted. Access to tax returns dating back to nineteen. Twenty five of such critics as David Lawrence of the United States NEWS, he man, that is, targets turn over their private telegrams or the telegraph companies. Let the committee search copies of all incoming and outgoing telegrams, the first nine months.
Nineteen thirty five western using reef in Western Union refused on privacy grounds the FCC a black surging, ordered it to comply. The extent of the government's intrusion into private telegram communications was shocking overnight a three month period at the end of nineteen thirty, five rights beta, not that bad my real beta FCC in Black Committee staff research, great stacks of telegrams and Western Union Stacy Office. They had virtually no restrictions. They read the can occasions of various lobbyists, newspaper publishers and conservative activists as well every member of Congress and writing to like one investigator stated, they had gone through thirty five to fifty thousand telegrams a day very newspapers, are members of Congress later estimated that staff France had examined some five million telegrams over the coarsely investigation. You Black would later become Roosevelt's first appointment of the: U S Supreme Court in
Craig had been a member of the coup. Klux clan. You see, ladies and gentlemen, there are abuses by car. To suggest one there been many. There's a Congress Congress our committee's Congress as a whole can abuse power and does abuse power knowing exactly that today. If subpoenas or the president's inner circle, with a subpoena of the President's Whitehouse Council The subpoena the president's tax returns and financial information and communications with those accounts with this- He knows that the President's bank records. Oh the shame of it, and yet the media just carry on at all well and good, because the goal is to take out the president. The goal of the media people say to me: why not the media apologize for what took place.
Russian collusion, listen apologize for they participated in it back in many respects. They led the way they led the way. So just wanted to point that out. Marv actually say Mary and I owe us serious exam. How are you ok, not well Kevin Way: Constant on the mark, Levant GO, he remarked Kevin Aweary, Irma listening for about two years now and of quite been educated over the past few years we mean to you perhaps you might be able to help me out with a kind of a two part question? My question is what well, if first of all the impeachment inevitable, because the Democrats or did they want blood, and my question is what is the specific charge for
Peach meant that they would get him well and then the second part of my life, and only through be one. I think, they'd be multiple and they're gonna. Add up these subpoenas, I'm making. I get an overwhelming case refused to provide relevant financial records, refuse to ride tax records authorized by the code. Refuse to allow this one, the test of high, that when the test why I can already right it for them, even though its a complete joke opera stood over there really, but no new information from and discovery. If you will find the Mauro report came out, this is all relating to obstruction. If you will the up, I understand. Thank you very much. I thank you very much take care, it's pretty much. What it Is it see oh yeah, I'm gonna be on Hannity. Unlike thirty five minutes, you folks gonna, be there with me.
I hope you well, I mean I'm gonna see if I can discuss some of these things and when you see, if I can get in there, sir, this issue about these abuses of power by the committees, the executive authority. Presidents will see will see what I am able to do these gentlemen. Thank you He'S- do go out and get your copy of unfair the press ridden get it online and multiple areas, including Amazon, dot com for its very I well price Oh, you don't like it, and I know it's important. I really believe it I salute all you heroes, I'll see in thirty minutes on Fox God bless each and every one of you take care.
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