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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/2/18

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, By threatening to subpoena President Trump, we have a rouge prosecutor, Robert Mueller, who’s pushing the limits of the constitution like no other prosecutor in modern day history. They just want to notch up victories and they want their biggest victory - take out a sitting president by smear or false charges. According to an official 1973/2000 DOJ memoranda, the long-held official policy of the Department of Justice is that a sitting president of the United States cannot be indicted. If you can’t indict a sitting president, you can’t subpoena a sitting president for the purpose of investigating whether or not he should be indicted. The DOJ were concerned about a prosecutor like this with no self-restraint. Also, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy calls in to explain that it’s time for Congress to step in and rein in Mueller’s out-of-control witch-hunt of Trump. The supervision of this prosecutor has broken down and somebody has to be asking some hard questions, and that somebody often is Congress. Later, the contemptable news had back to back stories. First was a snide report condemning Iowa for passing strict pro-life anti-abortion law. The next story was about football players head injuries. The football player made a choice to be a player, even knowing about the injuries. But the baby in the womb didn’t make a choice. The sick irony of the left wing news is missed on them. Finally, Chip Roy calls in to discuss his run for the 21st Congressional District of Texas. This local race is a national one and he explains his position on the Iran deal, the Mexican border and if he would become a member of the freedom caucus if elected.

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