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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, Nancy Pelosi wants to be Speaker of The House more than she wants to be a Patriot. She is beholden to the reprobates in the Democrat Party, but We The People are not. Pelosi trashed the president saying that he is engaged in a "cover-up" for asserting presidential privilege, as is his right through the executive branch, shortly before her meeting with the president in the Oval Office. These people want to destroy President Trump politically and professionally. Trump pre-empted the meeting for an impromptu rose garden press conference reiterating that he gave Special Council Bob Mueller full access to all white house staff, allowed the White House Lawyer to waive privilege and testify for more than 30 hours, and didn't resist 500 search warrants. Then, a renewed call to action is issued to Tea Party Conservatives and supporters of the Article V Convention of States movement to engage voters, raise funds, and bring challenges to the pretend moderate Democrats in Republican districts if they support this pseudo-impeachment. Later, Joe Biden is back on the rail peddling his blue-collar bull even though he's never held a lunch bucket in his life. Finally, Sen ted Cruz calls in to discuss his letter to Yale requesting documents related to its discriminatory policy.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution where learning Surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run them really underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three One on women tend to cover here and that's exactly
we're going to do the way I do at best. These are issues that are in my wheel house, my Amazon Wanna get started immediately now. You may have heard some of this today, but you haven't heard from me. So let's begin at the beginning,. Ain't Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi may be been home to the radical leftists in her carcass, but we, the american people, are not and what's happening here is the most radical, Elements in our politics, the Talley, the all Mars. The Eo Seas and the other reprobates hour drive the agenda. The national agenda in the house Preventative and the Democratic Party and they and some other miscreants and malcontents from dark blue districts where there are elected for life if they wish to be,
they're pulling this nation into the abyss. And so Nancy Policy wants to be speaker there more than she wants to be a patriot that goes for a lot of those damn cracks in the House of Representatives as a matter of fact, and so as the push for impeachment or pseudo impeachment takes place. Matey Pelosi becomes the voice for this movement. I told you this before she's playing a game people, so she standing between impeachment no she's, not she's, playing a game strategy. Don't worry I'll get the Michael Ivan argument. I'm gonna get all this today and so there's a big meeting at the White House to discuss two trillion dollars and infrastructure Spain. Now we know what the Democrats typically do. They uses for port barrel spending.
The trillion dollar bill that Obama put through that was supposed to create jobs and most of it went to port barrel spending. And so they were going to meet their we're going to take a very close look at what it was that the Democrats were going to propose, look at the various proposals and so forth, look at different ways for funding it, but before she goes to meet with the presently United States, Nancy Pelosi unleashes an attack on the present.
The United States caught one go see they re now. Have the dream do have our legislative agenda that removing fully on it was very positive meeting about respectful sharing of ideas, and I think there are impressive presentation by our tears. Would you believe that is important for them to follow the facts? We believe that no one is above the law and clean at present, the United States, and we believe in the United States, is engaged in a cover up cover up and nature presently. The United States is engaged in a cover up of what, because he asserts. Executive privilege, on behalf of the office of the presidency, because he doesn't believe his private financial information,
go to the Democrats in the House of Representatives. Try to use his private enough information for propaganda purposes and have the Democrat Party Press do their bidding he's engaged in a cover up They have no predicate that he's done anything wrong with his taxes or is financial information, but they want to be able to second guess it and draw attention to this. The other for political purposes. We know the president committed a crime, has already been investigated and cleared because no charges, brought against him and, even more importantly, no attempt was made to bring charges against him a cover up. The issue scores of subpoenas and because scores of subpoenas which are outrageous.
The scores of subpoenas or not, immediately honoured by the present in the United States, who has the right to assert privileges on behalf of the executive branch because of that he's involved in a cover up, you see. So there were supposed to have this meeting and, of course, the present it states sees there ass. He sees the one of the people he's meeting with as now accused him of criminal behaviour as now accused him of something he's not doing whose leading the pack of wolves and mobsters that she is upon us. There's chair positions to try and destroy him personally, financially and politically and kisses, and not once but twice of a cover up emphasizes. The word cover up.
Another supposed to sit down like nothing has been done, like nothing has been said on an infrastructure bill. Will this president doesn't play games like that. He's not going to smile and sit there and play along with Nancy Pelosi and truck Schumer. These people are trying to kill him politically and professionally. They hate because he stands in the way of their choice. First, Hilary in November, president response, like you and I would respond again rational human being, would respond, you're, not gonna, sit down and do a deal with somebody you just accused of a crime and what is now, members economies can walk around accusing presently criminal behaviour will They single indictment well on any any
evidence whatsoever to support something, and then they say what we don't have to meet that standard. You just accused him of a crime. Danger? Do you have to meet no standard? They just blurt these things up, nobbler. Did this thing the other day the prisoners committed crimes who says so. The president of the United States cannot s not be blackmailed by the Democratic House of Representatives here it's not serve at their demand. He's not there staffer he's not a send it to the House of representatives. This isn't a court room. So the president replied the way he should have replied cut to go. So I can We are to do a meeting on infrastructure with Democrats, not really think you. They wanted to do.
Infrastructure or anything else other than investigate. And I just saw the Nancy Pelosi. Just for our meeting made a statement that we believe that the President of the United States is engaged in a cover up. It turns out on the most but- and I think most of you would agree- there's some the most transparent president, probably in the history of this country we have given On a witch hunt or a hoax, the whole thing where the russian I was a hoax as it relates to the trumpet restoration and myself was a total horrible thing that happened to our country It hurt us in so many ways cut three go Guy well- and I said, let's have the meeting on Infrastructure- will get that done easily. That's one of the easy ones and instead of work in happily into a meeting I walk into
look at people that I just said that I was doing a cover up. I don't do cover ups. You people know that, probably better than Buddy I'm just looking at a list of some of the things said we just did more than two thousand five hundred superiors qualified for and I let everybody talk. I let the White House Council speak for thirty hours, thirty hours, I have nineteen special councillors, forty FBI agents.
Said open it all up. Let him have whatever they want. Nearly five hundred search warrant. Stick it out a search warrant. Did you ever see a search warrant before needed? I, this was over five hundred search words and of the nineteen people that we're heading up this investigation or whatever you want to call it with Bob Mahler. They were contributors to the democratic party. Most ever Medea Hillary Clinton aided president Trump aided him with a passion is so true and what is being done to him is so grotesque cut for go ahead. These are the people that, after two years and forty million or thirty five billion dollars, Atalanta, big a lot more than that by the time all the bills are paid. This is what happened.
No collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. They issued fifty orders authorizing use of pen register's think that there are five hundred witnesses. Then I have Nancy Pelosi, go out and say that the President of the United States engaged and cover up. Now we ve had a house investigation. We have settled investigations.
We have investigations like nobody's ever had before and there's nothing. We did nothing wrong, they would have loved to have said we colluded, they would have loved it. These people were out to get us the Republican Party and President Trump they were out together. This was a one sided horrible thing cut five go. There was no collusion, there was no obstruction. We ve been doing this since I've been president, and actually the crime was committed on the other side will see how that it turns out. I hope it turns out well, but to want to my way of thinking- and I know a lot of you agree with me- the crime was committed.
On the other side. This whole thing was a take down attempt at the President of the United States and, honestly, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for the way you reported so dishonestly, not all of you, but many of you. The way you reported so I've said from the beginning, right from the beginning that you probably can't go down two tracks, you can go down the investigation track and you can go down the invest.
Track or the trap of, let's get things done for the american people, I loved the american people got six and there was no collusion between Russia and the trunk campaign. That said that they want to make this a big deal, whether or not they carry the big guy word out. I can imagine that, but they probably word because it do whatever they have to do today. There is a danger here, if some day a Democrat becomes president and you have a republican house, take it impeach him for any reason or her any reason. We cannot allow that to happen. We cannot allow it to happen. So when you look at all of the transparency, when you look at all I've done- and I tell you my lawyers say you do this, you can use presidential privilege, you don't have to lead.
Your lawyers and all of your staff testify. You can use presidential privilege, sir, would you recommended well, you can be transparent or you can be tight being if you ve done nothing wrong, being transparent is better, so I said I did nothing wrong, let's be transparent, so that what you have all of these things look at all of these things. Five hundred witnesses. I allowed to testify. It's a disgrace, it is a disgrace and then right afterwards. Nancy Pelosi is that again in front of the microphones cut seven go fascinated four times in the train:
President was making some sounds with question, how serious he could be if you were saying what we say and less, and I put forward the letter saying that unless we passed the? U S, Mexico, Canada, free trade agreement, there was no reason for us to go, for it was empty structure. We didn't see those two as related, but the fact is hopeful, optimistic and Joan seeing the necessity for big infrastructure initiative for our country we went in the spirit of my part is no. You didn't go in the spirit of Bi partisanship whose accused of being a criminal. Would you. Negative? We accused you and your husband in your children are being criminals because use what really should tax return your office knows, I keep asking you to release. Should tax return, your office as I keep asking release your bank accounts those in your,
has been your office knows, I keep asking to release the same wreckage demanding from the present the United States and you ignored. I don't expect the press to ask you there in your back pocket but this is a massive show. We ask asked the question: why must you release your information stand. Why lotta Republicans won't ask Ozanna well release their information either. So I just the president. Why should the number three in line to be present at the speaker of the house through whom all this legislation in spending accusation goes through white, didn't she and her husband, be compelled to release the same information. Go ahead. Common ground with the presidency on this He's came into the room statement that he may was wanting to characterize it, but I will say this I said after you left Thomas Jefferson, when he was president of the United States
is preferred the treasure reality to put forth and infrastructure proposal for the initiative for the country, and she is a rambling before another with this has to do with Thomas Jefferson and infrastructure. A common on this, when we return I'll, be right back right, back, family in a teen, forty four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speech, Just of hills the college in primacy, located to educating citizens and promoting And religious liberty, by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in
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I still don t you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more that's hills. Dale Don T, slash admissions. America's pole revere calling now Mary seven three, eight hundred and eight one one not finished I want to lay out the facts. The audio clips a more policies to show mercy, and then I want to jump in both feet. Mr producer and MR calls greener, and when should open your MIKE's, we spoke during the brake, and you know you can tell me the truth about in. You may do in. Let me start with Mr Cosgrove. You finish the book rain on freedom of the press. Yes, Sir
very honest, you read the other books- give your little critique right, we're talking about during the break. I think this came across both as academic was definitely right on historically, so I think it could be used in the college classroom, but it's also like a primer almost like the average Jos every day, understanding to what's wrong with the media. Today. I think you spell Out from a to z, let me ask you this: you know that early pamphleteers, like pain and others in the early newspapers, I tried to cut kind of follow that kind of logic and flow where they would talk about Montague Unlock, which I don't do here by the way, but then, on the other hand, speak with passion, speak up
our principles and that sort of thing is that kind of come across what really comes across it does. But what really comes across as how fact based everything was in for an opinion commentator that you are it was there was a ton of opinion in everything was back up so well straight through the envelopes, and you finish the book I did. Actually, I think the epilogue was one of my favorites. How long did it take you to finish the, but probably three or four sittings on audio? Ok, let me ask you, MR producer: where are you in the book? Are you in the book? I am in the book halfway through chapter seven, so you're almost done. I am. What do you think that excellent chapter seven, I now I told you at the brig summarize perfectly the Trump collusion narrative and what is going on in that three or four five pages perfect summer
and you like this book better than the prior book right rediscovering American is yet number one tell that kind of tat other country. The truth is that this is the top book. I think it's perfect. I thank you and I just want you folks to know they tell me the truth if they think of books to difficult or not and so forth, and what I would have done, but I couldn't do in this instances. In my book to my father and my mother, and have them could take it in my down with my father particular was very blunt when I sent him liberty and tyranny ten years ago. I guess almost satanic something like that. I didn't hear from him about the book for about a week and then he called me said I want to tell you about liberty and turn outside yes, you're going to sell a million copies. I said that people don't sell a million they said you gonna, sell million copies. I couldn't put the book down.
When I sent him the next book America Toby about Winkler, he said very good book. Not so easy said: okay,. Fast forward. When I sent him a copy of rediscovering Americanism, you thought it was fascinating, but he said the same thing very good book, but tough, and then you know what he said to me: why don't you do your Nextbook, like you? Did liberty and tyranny, write it in that style right at that way, cuz I think more people will read it. Not that I am not that I think there is anything wrong with your other buxom just saying, if you, if you want. A broader readership in this particular book. In his usual he was right and that's what I did in this book and I'm gonna tell you folks
truth and I don't mean to be a cry baby. I really doubt it was a tough day for me yesterday, It's a mark. When you mean your book was released, you see you sounded up. You been on tv. You been all these radio shows your number one on Amazon, the promoters or greater, but I could share with my mom and dad so was very tough for me. I'm not whining and just telling you the truth, your my radio family and I tell you everything in a time my favorite part of the book. My favorite part of the book follows the title page in the book and its dedication tuna memory of my wonderful parents, Jack a normal again. Loving and beloved american patriots and together forever that's the best part of the book. Now we jump back in nature,
see after she leaves the White House she's, angry she's angry. She accuses the prisoner of cover up de accuses the president crimes. I've never seen anything like this. It is grotesque, so she doubles down. She set these centre for american progress, which is a radical left wing, so called think tank cut a go, but this is why I think the present was esteemed off this morning, because the fact is in plain sight in the public domain. This president is attracting justice and he's engaged in however, our let's stop for a second, when you are legitimately challenging subpoenas in federal court, that's not obstructing justice. That's not upset injustice that is legitimately challenging subpoenas and federal court and,
chips forward. They may all the way up to the Supreme Court number one number to the court phrase in any event wouldn't be obstructing justice, since this isn't a criminal justice matter be obstructing Congress. Number three: she says: he's engaged in a cover up. Very clever and I'm sure we'll put be putting a montage together in an Ex twenty four forty eight hours were you hear all the media people speak again. Equally the same way that this is a cover up a cover up of what his taxes private is. Financial records are private. His bank records are private, it is Democrats who are demanding access to this. Information are covering up anything it's supposed to be confidential. That's that would be like me, saying the dainty pole she's, covering up her taxes, because I keep demanding them and she won't
EAST Timor, who am I will who is she diet and that could be an. Ignoring this, nor are they so. This is supposed to be a think tank and their plodding impeachment. The democratic party tonight for her that The crowd party has hijacked the House of Representatives has hijacked these committees. It is hijacked the power behind these come. To subpoena records, its hijacked, the media and, in many cases, its hijacked, various court This is a tyrannical party, has always been a tyrannical party parties lay reinstall, aggregations, aunt pie, civil rights. Now the party that What's the disenfranchise all you Republicans
all you moderate Democrats and all you independence who dared to vote for Donald Trump. Continue to say it is the biggest attempt disenfranchise the largest number of Americans in american history. They want to suppress the vote. That's already been taken. No there's been a recent poll taken. Should the President be impeached no overwhelmingly over fifty percent and the public its Congress to move on with the issues over fifty percent. I want to make this warning to Mr Adler to Mr Cummings, to MR shift to MR higher
And to Ms Pelosi, you pull the impeachment trigger. You will see a reaction at the polls. You will see a political reaction reaction that you have never ever imagine you. Wanna listened the clowns like Nobbler, you analyse the clowns like Schiff Water. Cummings you're gonna pay a price and you have no idea what their political price is going to be. You are going to infuriate half of this country. You haven't even convinced all the Democrats that there should be done. I'm just telling you, ladies and gentlemen, as you know,.
You know what I'm saying is true. You know it's true in your own lives in your own households, in your own communities. How furious half of this country is going to be. Because we don't like coups in this country, we don't like fraudulent peanuts in this country. We don't like unfair fights in this country, and I would suggest That these judges in and around Washington DC be very careful to because if they want to jump into the political, around they're gonna destroy, what's left of their reputations and the reputation of the judiciary, and they will be judged by history. They will be judged by his president of the United States is trying to protect his branch of the federal government, its duty, it's a sworn duty and in that they say, he's conduct
a cover up presently United States once they keep us taxes private there already with the Our government there already at the Internal Revenue service their free to do Ever they want to do like the rest of us who fired taxes smell like peace. Keeping them under is bad. But he chooses to keep us financial information and the enormous investments and they come. Relax investments and all the rest confidential so that its political enemies who want to destroy him, don't have more data information to twist and spin in their friendly media outlets, imagined now? They blackmail the House of representatives blackmailing the presently United States. Either you give us what
any information you have with Europe. Come you give us everything and anything we asked for or you're covering up and we're going to page you. Since since, when there how it's the Congress of the United States above along just because they issued subpoenas, don't make it right. Is the Congress of the United States, above all law, just because issues subpoenas, don't make it right that doesn't make a right. I'll be right. Back then, every human being has a common problem. How do I live? Well our happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills to college Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm a key and ethics and
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I am for hills doubt that come live and let me tell you what we're gonna do all you tea party, I this all you, article five activists, are you all ragged nights out there and all you knew Trump by TAT. Their conservatives are Patriots are. Let me tell you what we're gonna do if they dare to bring articles of impeachment against this president I am going to compile a list of of democratic invulnerable districts. That are in marginally republican districts there were able to win by talking about.
Voting against Nancy Policy for speaker by talking about all the wonderful things that are going to be doing for the country, one in fact, there are throwing in with Gerald madly, When Eliza Cummings well Adam Schiff, with Maxine Water and yes, Nancy Pelosi. We will begin the process here of removing them from office in the next election in the presidential election cycle. I will give you their names. We will find out. Their opponents are. If you live in their districts, I expect you to be blocked. Captains, I expect you to help re money, we can raise money nationwide and work you're being a partisan for Republicans. Absolutely not And being a partisan for the constitution,. And we here we're going to stand up the tyranny? I know most Jose like going on I'm out and activism. I am and activism.
That's one of the reasons I wrote this book on freedom of the press. I can step away from this. This is our republic. This is our country, men and women have fought for and died for it. I have children. I have grave Children, so do you. We're not going to sit here and take this crap wallet try to remove a duly elected president of the United States. While the state. That is number sixteen and trying to destroy the electoral college? Did I hear about that one? While this New York, another blow state is going through the back door with a bill of attain. Passing a law aimed that one person, the President, the United States, to force the release of a state tax returns, we're going to sit here and watch this damned tyranny swirling around us like how I am
Work, what are you yell on the radio when you're pissed off? What do you do? Whisper we're going to engage That's exactly what we're going to do enough is enough. We have a man who decided to put on hold his businesses, who dare to run for president of the United States, who have spent It is republican. Apology, absolutely did Spartacus Democrat opponent here, smarter than press anyone and errors one they ve been trying to destroy him, he's Hitler and Stalin, You know o Hitler is, you know, Stalin is you from the left. Now you Congress, people who are high.
We're going to find your names in these just They were once Republic in Botswana Democrat because of your elect cause you're alive to the electorate. What are Ireland, Huntington California, whether its northern Virginia Northern New Jersey We'll find out who you are or make it my business and nobody's better at this than me. And we're gonna make sure nature policies, never speaker that house again and Morgan Am I mad learn from his chairmanship Clean waters and all these other mental patients, we will remove them from the positions of power. You have guessed piss me off and now you just just inflamed the grass roots of millions.
Millions of patriot, you can play the CNN and MSNBC all you want, and there are twelve yours you can play to that The pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post and reliably left wing democratic voters, but you Democrats, who pretend to be moderate to get along. Who said you're gonna remove Pelosi your liars and we're going to be Can you you're gonna, be on our radar screen now and I'm serious about this. I've never been more serious in my life. Now I don't know where to start you'd think with hard evidence from Mahler that there was no collusion
democratic party media would, finally back, but now there incapable ever why their progressives their social activists, Stead It's not over onto the next five okay! Well, guess what we're ready for a fight to you haven't gotten your copy. One freedom of the press, please go to Amazon or any other online sales outfit and go ahead naughty. Copy I'll, be back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! We have that a democratic party and surrogates. In the media who are demanding that republic and start to buckle republican start to come out against the president, because they know this would be potentially his undoing. So now that's the pressure that the place on Republicans. You could see what Jake tapirs surrender to the Then, where did Mitt Romney use only too
You know you and just in a marsh horizon for the rest of the parties. Not. Why is that a good one? Jake like we didn't see that fastball at our nose. That's what they're trying! So let me reiterate these pretend moderates, who got elected a republican districts last time around. They pull us impeachment trigger you and I ain't. They have. Have you out there and millions more on podcast on the at reading my box, wherever you might be we're gonna target these people politically and wanting to defeat them and we're gonna defeat them tat. Simple again, I don't do this because the Republicans I do this because
Democratic Party is off the rails and we have to do whatever we can be well. What are we gonna? Do Mart? Ok, that's my idea, but I need my army of law knights behind me. I can't do it myself. I have the power of microbes but you have the power of the grass roots, just like with the press. Now have another federal judge, another Obama appointee. How is it that the Democrats in Congress keep getting Obama point? Is a New York judge this time of an abominable appointee by the name of a guard o re most New York charge washed in times refuse today to block congressional subpoenas seeking financial records from two banks that did business with President Donald Trump, making it clear
Then they close call you a district judge, Eduardo RE, most said in a current use. May I just kind of blue at here said in a ruling delivered from the bench, so he eat rules from the bench. He gives an oral ruling that trouble Company were highly unlikely to succeed in a lawsuit, arguing that subpoenas seeking records from Deutsche Bank capital, one. We're unlawful and unconstitutional re most also concluded that penis, have a legitimate legislator, purpose and dismissed one by one arguments made to try to bury them, though he conceded that the records release publicly could cause Trump and his family irreparable harm. Excuse me
So the release of the information could cause the president and his family irreparable harm men, amazing, but so what right innocent at the purpose of all is the lorries for the house, financial services and intelligence committees. So they need access to documents from the banks to investigate a foreign influence in the U S political process and possible money laundering from abroad. This is this is so outrageous by them is Katy healed Democrat from Irvine California bigger She was a lawyer. I law, professor of sorts, Bernie Sanders fan. She got elected. As a moderate Democrat Intervene, California,
which is a heavily republican area. What a bunch of dummies to vote for this woman? Why a bunch of more odds to vote for this women, woman now she's on tv? She goes on fox. She pretend she's a moderate she's, a fraud and we're going to keep an eye on all the frauds like Miss Hale. Katy he'll keep it up. Katy you're, going to be a one: turmeric go back the law school, so this judge says that it could do irreparable harm to the president and his family, but no problem. Deutsche bank has lent trumps real estate company millions of dollars over the year, so what one re must fit.
Reading aloud it lightly ruling. He asked trumps Laura Patrick's drawbridge if he would appeal. Probably a safe, batched rubbish responded the judge than noted that I mean what kind of a judges this. Of course they were going to appeal. Such isn't. Obama judge the judge. The noted that both sides had agreed that the subpoenas would not require response for another week, giving trumpets families companies time to appeal. Well, that's nice job, you're gonna. Let them appeal that's very kind of you, The hearing false two days after a judge in Washington, another Obama judge of the article was written accurately. A second Obama appointed federal Judge and Washington ruled against Trump and a similar case. Finding the president cannot block I how subpoena for information from a finance
services firm that had done accounting work for him in the Trump Organization, so to Obama? Judges have dutifully ruled that the president must provide Congress with us all as bank information, and all of his financial information, in addition to any notes text any mouse between the president and his accounting for comes a day. While I go on so much, Think about them and, as I said the other night on tv and I said behind this microphone, the Democrats are creating a precedent that will destroy themselves. All these Democrats want
run for president. They and their wives and their children are going to be examined in ways that they ve never been examined before. This is what the Democrats do. They always go too far. Filibustering judges. And now the Republicans pull the nuclear option following up on Harry Reed, another pushing judges thrill. Ben Borders, claiming there is no disaster on the border which they stop saying by the way there is a disaster on the border. By the way, is moderate democratic, Katy Hill from Irvine. California says the impeachment cases perfectly, laid out in the Mulder report that your mom for a democratic via California, it is a right. Her down, Katy he'll she's, first analysed cheese. First on the less she's, a complete
she's a Bernie Sanders sink offend a liberal Democrat. I believe she was a law school professors. Lie to the people in and around Irvine, California and she's, all four impeachment. She voted for a Nancy I see the base bigger how she already lie to all the people in Irving, California, and so were she's on the list least, unless right now, so we have these federal judges. The coarseness precisely to tell me the present and the presidency that has to give in and has to Comedy what all the other branches wanna do? Have you noticed that three of the New York State Legislatures approved a bill. That authorizes the release of President Trump state tax returns to Congress. What kind of a bill is this
outrageous. So you have a state legislature that sit for the purpose of eggs, of assisting the Democratic Party. They're all working together, ladies and gentlemen, this is a democratic party operation. You got Democrats on the bench that Obama pointed to get it Emma State Legislature in New York is blows. It gets you ve got Democrat Chairman are absolutely radical, not a moderate, among them all working together, all colluding. If you will try to take down the present, the United States. Andrew Cuomo will sign. It will, of course, the man has no morals or ethical anybody, the with signing infanticide bill and they get cheered. Direct daily news reports, Democrats and State Assembly proved a bill authorizing the State Department of Taxation and finance to share tax return, informational, congressional,
committees if requested, the bill, amend, stay laws prohibiting the release of private tax information does not mention the president, but it so you prohibited from releasing tax information before but now, in one case, with citizen of New York, the press, the United States. They can release the tech. How much longer we going put up with this crap complete breakdown of the rule of law. In the name of the rule of law, a complete breakdown, and these phony lego, analyse on tv play games lie. This is part of the problem. Is it not? Why did I write this book? For this very reason on freedom of the press says it right on the back of the jacket fares, remembering.
The purpose of a free press, like the purpose of free speech, is to nurture the mine, communicate ideas, challenge ideology, share, notions, inspire creativity, advocating reinforce America's founding principles, that is, to contribute to a vigorous, productive, healthy unhappy, individual well functioning civil society Republic and the media are to expose official actions aimed at squelching speech and communication. But when the media function as a propaganda tool for a single political party and ideology they now, they destroy their own purpose, but threaten the existence of our free republic. It is surely not for the government to control the press, and yet the press is not capable of policing itself. We must remember we're not merely observers.
We are the citizenry you have to believe me. In these comments during the brake on Amazon, I want to thank you serious folks, verified purchasers purchase the book five stars. I'm honored is very important that I These two, because you see I spent over twelve years of my life raining this book weekends nights holidays. Whenever I could. And I always wonder: Lothar always wonders how, can it be received in this book is being received. In the way the libyan tyranny was received and
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Mark for fifty hours off Poland branch dot com, be. Oh l, l and branched outcome important to put the promo code marks. They get the best deal. Was you probably heard Eleven naughty the lawyer. Please previously stormy Daniels has been charged again we miss appropriating nearly three hundred thousand dollars from his former clients, Stormy Daniels. You know, folks. I want you to think back six seven eight months ago,. Was there a CNN show and Emerson be show in the rest of them. Didn't have Michael ever naughty on repeatedly. He was on meat, the press he was on this week, so on the Sunday Shores The media knew nothing about this man's background, the media to anyone,
the time to look into this man's background because he had already been sued by one of its partners. He stole money from his partner stall money from his law firm. He has stolen money from his clients and alley stall money from stormy Dennis. I want you to think about this. You and I D. Didn't know, Michael have, except for the fact that he was pushed into our faces by the media and there too Media outlets, in particular. That would bring him on repeatedly. And that is MSNBC and CNN. The major networks also gave him an enormous amount of coverage. Enormous amount of coverage. But CNN and MSNBC. It almost seemed daily thousands of times this slip and for
slime bar was on their programmes. Why? Because he was particularly smart. Why?. Because he was trashing, the president of the United States, that's why it didn't better than he was asleep by didn't matter that they didn't know anything about his background. They certainly what going to vat him. He was the last shiny object that wave in front of the american people. Even so, would become, are announced for present in the United States, and some of the media figures were very excited about what they Poligized CNN. Of course, not while they apology, I said MSNBC, of course, not while they pilot eyes at any other networks, of course, not. I mean how the New York Times barely even accepts the fact or is explain the fact
They covered up the holocaust. You really expect them to apologise. For my, eleven Oddy. Is this not the point that we can get the facts? Then we can get by real news. Look what we ve been faced with an recent recent months. Two and a half years of a Russia collusion story where the media participated in the police. State tactics of sea Obama Administration officials an absolute disgrace, and I will now state emphatically that we had federal judges. Serving his face. A court judges who also through in with a police state
Takes up a senior level or the FBI and the senior level of the intelligence agencies? What else explains the fact that not one of these judges has reconvened their court for the purpose of holding anyone in contempt and they push these people on us? They push these people on us because they know what they're going to say they bring in the most radical. Disgraceful professors. They say the most outrageous things about the president. You look at MSNBC, starting with our clowns. Scar borrowing is clown. Why that's right? I said it look. What they
Every day look what they do every day in tandem, my two Rockettes dared to get across the stake and they say there defending freedom of speech, the press there defending freedom of the press there, the on free press. We believe in freedom of the press, I'll be right back dont field of greens. What a great product! Thank you break, ass for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it and your work
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then it is truly an honour, and I will tell you today was a great day. I received yearbook the Amazon and I put it up there with my first bicycle and Christmas every year. Thank you, sir I'll tell you one thing. Unfortunately, I've only been able to get through the first chapter, but you know that a report that was done by the Atlantic about the relationship between the Obama administration the media and you named by name and apartment, where the appointments lad. Almost two dozen people, it Bob Mama incredible who worked for Obama another backing?
the media and we're supposed to believe that they're gonna be objected. But this is why you hear these attacks on the president and the celebration in praise of NEO see a defence of attack Leap who has a big it in an anti semite same with Omar. This is why the reflection in the media. Mirror is that of the Democratic Party and not just the Democratic Party, the radical progressive activists wing of the Democratic Party. And, as you read the rest of the book, I think your eyes are going to open even wider, almost like Nancy Pelosi's I'll look forward to it, sir, and thank you for all that you do, God bless you and you too, my friend, I appreciate it. It's take a few more calls here. Am I caught up here, MR producer, or not, I'm in good shape
Let's go to Kyle Roanoke Virginia on a mark. Levant go, I remarked good. Thank you might wander through your thought, born back in November, conflicting data. Show about. Brother Trump was going to be more like Reagan or Nixon, and I think the way the Democrats, the three of them kind of take the point home. That is definitely more like Reagan Yes, I recall what I said is the president's gonna need to make a choice and he's made a choice. He is more like much more work Reagan One of the reasons I really appreciate him, no trumps getting, from treatment. I've never seen any President get this treatment. I live through the next, an error to, and he was brutalized, but taking place here, total Some manners done anything wrong and these
we're trying to get hold of his tax returns, and I mean these. These are the tactics of a fascistic state. This is what the third world does an item It's fair to say- and I think some others have said this over the course of a period of time, We have not had a peaceful transition, a power. You know the Democrats like how we have a piece transition a power. I don't mean people are armed and there's bullets flying? This has not been a peaceful transition of power. The Democrats have not the transition of power, the media of not one of the transition of power. So now democratic bomber judges who are poor. The most outrageous subpoenas under phony claim legislative need that their fellow grants are issuing as chairman these committees and we have these dark, blue states, these democratic states doing everything they can to serve the impeachment purpose. To I'm telling you it's not a conspiracy. It's a fact. It's a fact of: what's occurring
to be deaf, dumb and blind, not to see it in here and all the rest of it are. I mean friend Kyle. I appreciate your car. My friend TIM a chest or New York Mark Living, go yogurt yes, go right ahead. Thank you! Man mark. I gotta tell you. This is such an honour to talk how I do appreciate that couple. Just just a quick point I wanted to make. I live upstate New York, I Mama Lenny. I pay my taxes and take her my family in Emma You pay taxes, well guess what your private tax returns may, be private anymore, I'm telling you the precedent is being said here. Then, if Congress has individuals that they believe our enemies or threats or whatever they want any pretext, and these clown judges who are making these rulings. I don't think they understand that they could be subjected exactly same treatment like Ruth Paine Ginsburg, is very, very wealthy, diminish I heard decisions influenced by her wealth and
and you can see how this tactic just be. Down the the nature of a civil society anyway go ahead, TIM well I truly believe that that eventually these people are gonna start being held accountable closely, meddler, I mean how long can these people live in the face of american lion I don't know how long as Madeira hung on there. Obviously there not the same, but the but tyranny and comes in different forms, doesn't make you make a great point, but a book appreciate everything that here with him. Have you no don't be nervous about the Squire view acquired a copy of on freedom of the press? Yet I have not for no four don't hang up, it's your lucky day. I'm gonna send you a signed copy of unframed You promise, if you read it, to pass it on to somebody else. Absolutely after I d, Hang up we're gonna! Take your address. I want this to spread
like common sense, bread with Thomas Pain. That's how much I want this book dispread. You know a dear friend of mine, who was in the book business? My former editor was retired. He's looking in all this saying to me mark just keep pressing your mission. Es keep pressing your mission, which is to get this book in. What's in this book, It is many hands as possible, and he says ITALY, liberal gentlemen, but he's a gentleman and he's a smart guy He said, I know how passionate you're about this. I know how much this matters to you. Just lay in the mission and get it into his many hands as you possibly can, and that's what I'm trying to do. That's what I'm trying to do.
That's gonna, Lamb, Cambridge Marilyn, Ex M satellite. How are you are you really par I'd? Sir? Thank you tragus you ve taken account you for everything you do have it wasn't for you and Sean Hannity. We probably what no one tenth of what's going on what we, the people's government, thank low insurance, terrific, absolutely I just have a question. What is your thoughts on it? I was speaking with my wife. Briefly, a moment ago that maybe shining Leonard and anti pollution gasping asking for the last five years of work, federal tax returns and sending its if I may, on the freedom of Information ACT of you here's the problem, the foyer doesn't apply to Congress, it doesn't and under under the, internal revenue code sections? Ex one zero. Three. There are not free to release private tax returns to you.
This is, this is the scale, so who's gonna be away, but I there ought to be a drumbeat more and more of us demanding that Nancy Pelosi Release number: ten years of her tax returns with her husband, paw number two all of her bank records in number four three Oliver of financial information that is kept with her account. All three things we should be demanding it over and over again. Every concern talk show how should be doing it. I don't know where the hell they are. Every tv should be doing at every cow, and this should be doing it. We need a drum b. We need the two to alert the American people to engage the american people what's taking place here. We cannot, lie on the media to do what needs to be done. I agree. One hundred percent take care yourself. I appreciate it go to Jim Rockland New York, that great doubled
ABC by the way you got a great morning show there there's a lot of great shows but Bernie insider buddies of mine, and they are hilarious. They are, hilarious, like I said, there's a lot of great programs out there and I've been on many of them and I'm so fortunate to have affiliates like I do. Yes, I've known them a long time, go right ahead! Ameer Ali go baby, my bag, you ve, taken my call, you got it I want to. Thank you very been that you have the educated me all the people that I talk to you about the constitution of the United States. The sheer dish locking show much putting some almost she's. Ok My family, my family, my father was born in away with clean, linen
country and nineteen twenty boy, my modest Emily more, my main that can be discussed, really. Eighty, like my grandfather, complete, allow music. You know. Plasma tours gave you where's. My muse go see my grandfather in its brothers. They wanted Why my music players in the United States? How about that that's very cold Jacob mortgage, We all agree. I she wouldn't run out of time. Ok! Well, measured. I want to say this fact: I got thirty seconds. You heard you gain us is the problem in this country. Right now,. Wanna take your screen all because he grew up in the same one seconds come on now. Jim get to your point. People use country are uneducated
No, they have no clue about the declaration of independence and they have no clue about the constant Let me just say this, because I have to go Jim, the more more people who come into this country who do not speak English. We're not assimilated into a country are now going to understand the constitution and its nuances and the declaration and its principles particularly here day in and day out, how this country sucks and how we need to go forward and forget about our past. This is a huge problem. This country has his public education. Maybe out tackled, But next, but first things first I'll be right back.
Reminder I will be on Shannon Bream show at about eleven ten pm eastern time, ten minutes after eleven, which makes it. Let me do my quick math. Eighteen, a date, ten p M Pacific time saw step a little later and I hope you folks will why, We have a lot of fun, I believe she's, a very, very nice lady. You know I hear all these Democrats talk about how much better the European Healthcare model is, that is it, in England right now, patient with a doctor's refer for cancer treatment will wait at least sixty two days, at least that's the minimum. Sixty two days just start treatment.
Since we know that treating cancer in the early stages gives the patient the best chance of beating it. Would you want your loved one to wait more than two months before they can even begin treatment, Does that sound like a better idea to you worse Brits me,
not even have access to the latest cancer drugs, because their government run system dictates what they'll pay for, even if the cover a new treatment and yet HIV Secretary Alex's our seems to have a crush on this system. Why does he want to import a european healthcare system with ration care and long waiting lists and wisely pushing socialist drug price controls and changes to Medicare? That would deny seniors access to the latest and best treatments. What do we want that here? When it's not working there? I know its competition and transparency that work, not one size, fits all mandates and price controls, so wise secretaries are still pushing socialist solutions. Get the facts, go to true healthcare facts that come true. How
the fact that time, that's true health care facts that come Alan Chattanooga, Tennessee their great W p, o w go good morning were good afternoon farther. Thank you must take with you. First of all, I would like to say your book is very important in members. Many other both are important as well as in preventing conquered remaining back into a civil or, if you look at the rhetoric that we improve around all the propaganda fifty imposed out whereby the media is very again to what was done in Nazi Germany before Hitler came to power rather was coming to power, or they might, I add another Nazi Germany. But I will tell you this: I think the the language by
political leaders and by media elites is very dangerous. I think the things they ve said about the present the United States. That is corrupt, that he's in a cover up. Then he thinks he's a diktat, when you hear the Joe Scarborough show when they talk about him being like Hitler. Neo Nazi, They bring on a guy like Danny Douche, who says most outrageous things, one person after another, is a racist he's, a white supremacist on and on and on and on. I very much fear that they're gonna unleash their cook base and somebody's gonna do something I really hope I'm wrong. But she saw what happened in the end in two years ago in the baseball field. Thanks for your call. I mean I'm really concerned about it. Barely the media are not there perfectly fine
a lever MAR California the Great K, s F, o, go the great wonder now. He is always a pleasure to speak with you, sir. Thank you. And congratulations on the new book you. How do you think of this latest revelation about stormy, ever naughty will hurt his presidential, stormy Evan. I know I don't think so if they think it can be trouble, I'm sure the year the on the line, a left wing coax one MSNBC and CNN we'll get behind him so to speak, or their already was one. The George could stand alone. The amendment has been behind a very fine of fear and I dont remember he knelt there. I think, he's a very fine of CNN, but I did call about the busy at the idea, the speaker of the house, yeah yeah yeah, and how she is creating it.
Living in an alternate reality, and then she suspects or probably assumes that the people who listen to her or just a bunch of parenting, dingbat dummies she's talking to while you're right, she's talking to the media and then she expects the media to to move the message and Sensors really aim a monopolistic medium mentality in places like San Francisco and the other cities. She knows that there will be no diversity. Viewpoints will be. No challenge will be nothing so she makes these statements, it's the media in San Francisco and so much of the rest of the country and so much of the national media. The right down, She says you know it's like her. It's not just write down what she says and repeated and went in order to promote it.
When you do your campaign there that you talked about earlier, show pictures of San Francisco the places for democratic rights and I'll have to their all over the place. Yeah that places the Dave owned and operated. Hearing stories about Ray. I know one should in misunderstand what I said: I'm not interested in campaigns in San Francisco, I'm interested in campaigns in districts that are marginally republic and the Democrats One claiming to be moderate, saying they wanted to help their people saying they want, dislodge palazzo. They relied across the board Move Pelosi at San Francisco: that's not what I'm doing what I bet you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel bloated, tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit
but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of filled agree as a full, serving a real USDA, certified organic fruits and vegetables helps boost. Immunity using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics. Now, this is real food. Not some fake supplement, lab powder. Just read the nutrition facts panel. On the side, a brick house Levine dot com, it get fifteen percent off your first water with the offered code Levin now you know and I'm going to start cooking, fresh fruits and vegetables. So let's not pretend just get one full cup of fruits and one for a cup of vegetables every day with field of greens, gotta, brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick house, l easier,
an dot com offer code. Levin now run only underline commander in the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader Kilo, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one Steve Cohen, is one of many court gestures up there in the democratic carcass of a house representatives, you, member
him he's fried chicken guy and when he's gone from the house when he's gone from the good green earth, that's what will be remembered for he'll be the fried chicken guy Anyway, Steve Cohen, his own capital Hill, Rome, around, like a homeless person and carry picket, who is a great reporter. She confronted. Now. I know she doesn't work foreseen, Anoura mess NBC, the new Ex limes or the washing compost, Raul arrest of she works for the daily collars. I recall she's a real reporter. Let's hastened to listen to this exchange, cut fifteen go
I know that democratic and look at this, as just as crime itself is underlined. Very special education or damage has already been underlined. What exactly is crazy obstruct congresses oversight right now, bricklayer, including Republicans, have made the same argument about older during periods or anything it, and so they could have increased monitoring agreed last.
While how route is that fried chicken man, I'm not going again it or legal discussion? You you wanna, go to law school, go to law school, while she has to perfectly legitimate question. Her collar was held in contempt, Barrack Obama asserted executive presidential privilege same thing effectively and she sang okay well is that obstruction was he covering up? How come you didn't move to impeach Obama? Then he goes, I'm not going to get it illegal to schedule. Do you want to go to law school, go to Lasco, I'm going to Kentucky Fried Chicken gradually. The Tennessee district, from which this new comes from sure he's a great representative. I'm sure it's a great representative. And I want to turn to something else. Ladies and gentlemen, a joke buying is getting a free ride is getting a free pass. I mean if his name had been trump,
You know they'd be all over him. They certainly be all over his wonderful son, Hunter, lawless connections to the Ukraine and his our activities in the and ours. He made his daddy's little son, but his name is binding, so they need to prop up. But I want to remind you of the real Joe Biden: Joe Biden. Has a hater tried to destroy robber pork. He tried to destroy Clarence Thomas. He tried to destroy numerous nominees who are in front of his committee, he's also complete idiot, so plagiarists. He lied in college
He's never served in the private sector to the best of my knowledge, and yet he is Mr Blue Collar man. How is that? How is he, Mr Blue Collar Manny? He went to law school. He was elected local office, any get elected to the Senate than is elected vice per he's. Mr blue companies helped out the blue collar workers. How so tell me blue collar workers? How'd, you do under Obama by not so great don't under trump much better. So how is it that he can wear this moniker blue collar because he wants to wear? That's why blue collar job they used to call lunch bucket Jones I got on the appearance of this. Man is now required, a lunch bucket in his life, and then he announced now I'm not launch bucket Joe he's, not. He's a cell a train, Joe he's only a seller train all the time. I know I bumped into by accident.
Anyway, we want to remind you who Joe Biden is since he's leading in the Democratic Party, and I know what they call it. It's a primary looks like a year. I don't know what it is, so many of them and their oars cool Biden, gaffes montage that we put together. Others have used their welcome to listen carefully and enjoy cuts. Kinda much higher iq than you do, I suspect, want to law school on a full academic scholarship. The only one in my in my class have a full academic, scholarship and the first year in law.
I decided didn't want to be in law school understand. Every one of these things is a lie. Go ahead, so my class and then decided I wanted to stay, went back the law school and, in fact, that it up in the top half of my class. I want the international mood cord competition. I was. They are standing student in the political size department. At the end of my ear, I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school otters, sixty five credits. On twenty three credit and I'd, be delighted to sit down and compare my cue to yours. If you like right, not much of a slight indeed, actually know you don't know my stay. My stay was a slave state. My state is a border state by state. Is the eighth largest black population in the country. My stated eying from the northeast.
State leaders. Graham states Heavens shut up shop at sea, God love. What am I talking to I'd, say you may get. Everybody else stand up profile. Thank you very, very much I tell you what happened to be as Iraq says, not letter word jobs, J, O B, Where do you know the website? You know very well. The website number ass. I should have it in front of me and I don't care I actually varnished. Letitia knows a lot about. It is Mamma lived in Long island for ten years or so
we saw and although she's way your mom still you're still ivories your dad, God bless her. So I gotta get is great. I say that it will start to see unemployment grow this spring. Why don't we take employment? North America is going to be for the first half of this century Lee the epicenter of energy in the world, North America Actually, girl, the United States and China, the problem- and, I guess usually true, this idiot, Can you imagine a sky where Republican you know much like Mitt Romney, what they were doing. They re talking about low. I q that he needs and mental examination is unhandy, should they be going on. But now it's Joe Biden, its lunch bucket blue Collar Joe.
Joe Biden has been a welfare cases, entire life, you and I are paying a salary. We ve been pain as medical care. We ve been paying as pension. We ve been paying his his train trips back and forth. Wilmington only a solid train, the kosher hot dog he probably gets on the trip we ve been pay. For this guy. His whole life, senator than vice president. I this guy, doesn't know how to create a private sector job period in any talks about tramping, a man, a privileged men, a privilege. You ve been our wealth, Brother, you been on the public dull, your entire life download. Spent a business man. Low points. High point is created jobs and mostly blue collar jobs, men and women who build buildings and stuff.
Then you put him they everything he's got. He inherited. Ok, he wasn't born poor. Who cares? His father was successful. Let's go And his father told him how to be more successful and he's more successful than his father was. I can point to the sky line that the Trump changed. I can point to anything, but Joe Biden has done nothing. Nothing. And so blue collar Joe, don't fall for that pencil. Pennsylvania, don't fall for that crap Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Skies, no more blue collar than than Barack Obama was. But he's a union guy now he. The union meetings. He talks the union guys he talks to their leadership, not
union guy he's a big government guy. He just said he supports the green. Who deal. The green new deal will kill off any private sector unions that are left, let alone private sector employment by blue collar workers period. Don't you understand. Its aim to destroying our assembly lines are smokestack industries, its aim to destroying our trucking businesses, our train, but, oh yes, the seller gone. I have never understood I've, never understood how the Grab party gets away with them radical economic change, like the green new deal and, on the other hand they claim they support blue collar jobs, the environmentalist hate blue collar workers, they despised view cup, go collar. Workers asked them in the oil patch in the coal mines, ask ask him on the assembly lines ass, the truckers what they had to put up with this,
Blue collar workers ass, the fishermen they commercial fishermen. The green new deal is a war with blue collar workers. It'll kill the housing market. That's construction, roofers electricians plumbers, bricklayers on and on and on our work. So how supporting Bernie Sanders tight budget? What he's a moderate you know moderate housing, moderate he just embraced Medicare for all, which means Medicare for nobody.
He's embrace the radical immigration policies. How does that help? Blue collar america? You know a dub Donald Trump several years ago, the blue collar billionaire, and somebody else picked it up at him. That's right! It's a blue collar billions. Are we the first, MR producer cities of blue collar these the blue collar billionaire? Any really is. He sounds like a workin guy. He sounds like the guy in the neighborhood at least the neighbourhood. I grew up in there's no pretension with the man pretensions there's no affectation, he speaks plain It is understandable. He is what he is. By the way, that's one of the reasons. The phoney white collar types in the on free media trash, the president of the United States position he's too much like a blue collar guy,
I'll be right back By the way, I hesitate to do this with politicians, but we're schedule, TED crews on the programme at about eight forty east in time. Ever here, Jim Rutten Burke Route bird It was a correspondent for the New York Times and then it became a columnist. This always amazes me how newspaper become columnists they just change the name, and what do we do something? He wrote a peace and he asserted that their fury journalist, who despisest Trump
and this of course is unfair in on freedom of the press. As I dug deeply to find these verse illustrations, he said that if you are a journalist who despises Trump many in the Democratic Party press do and consider him some kind of a threat to the nation. You can hardly be expected to report objectively about On August, seven, twenty sixteen route and bury the times explained the mindset of the newspaper and the media at large is what he wrote in this suggests in part. If you're working journalist and you believe that Donald J Tromp as a demagogic playing to the nations worst racist and nationalistic tendencies, Eddie oh she's, up to anti american dictators and that it would be dangerous with control of the United States nuclear coats. How the hell are you supposed to cover? Do you believe all those things you have to throw out the text?
American journalism has been using for the better part of the past half century, if not longer an approach it in a way. Ever approached anything in your career, so he's giving advice to his fellow, so called journalists. Few view tromp. Presidency is something that's potentially dangerous. Then you're reporting is going to reflect that. You would move closer than you ve ever been to being oppositional. That's uncomfortable. Our territory for every mainstream non opinion journalist, I've ever known and by almost standards untenable. The question that everyone is grappling with is through normal standards, apply if they dont, which should take place. It may not always seem fair to Mr Trumpery supporters, but journey Some shouldn't measure itself against any one campaigns: definition of fairness,
his journalism. Job to be true to the readers and viewers and true to facts in a way that will stand up the histories judgment to do anything. Less would be untenable. Now, that's not the entire peace, but that's the gist of it. So, in other words, in order to uphold journalistic standards, rights. For many times, correspondent now columnist, you need to recognize Trump as the devil, and you need to treat him is the devil. And as I right at the end of the book, the very under the book, the abandonment of objective truth and worse, the region, of the principles and values of America's early press and revolutionaries is not for the New York Times. It long predates the Trump presidency and it has led the times
other media outlets in the very bleak and dark places destructive of the press as a crucial institution for free if newsrooms and journalists do not act forthwith and with urgency to finance really transform their approach to journalism, which It is highly unlikely their credibility, continued to erode may while reach a point soon. What is irreparably damaged with a large power some of the citizenry, and rightly so, the media will not only marginalized themselves, but they will They need to be the greatest threat to freedom of the press. Today, President trumpeters administration, but the current practitioners of what used to be journalism and the final package for the book. Therefore, as I said at the opening, this book is intended to him Other things jumpstart a long overdue and hopefully productive,
dialogue among the american citizenry on how best to deal with a complicated and complex issue of the media is collapsing role as a bulwark of liberty, the civil society and republicanism living It's out their patriots, all that's what I'm counting on that we use on freedom of the press, as a pamphlet has the colonists would have- You being the pamphleteer spreading the word reading the book and spreading the word. From one household to the next from one neighbourhood. Did the next four among community to the next. Just like are our colonists forebears, I know of no other way to begin a process where we can find future. Thomas Pains Future Thomas Jefferson.
But spreading the word pushing the ideas like the early printers and pamphleteers did on freedom of the press. I'll be right back, plastic, conservative, higher mark. Laverne show call now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one three, eight one, one I want to thank everybody who has written some very, very kind things reviews about. Freedom of the press. I want to thank all the citizen really that's gone on Amazon. That's actually purchase the book and read it or most of it and have put five stars and have commented there check it out, Your fellow citizens commenting I'm very proud of this
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Color Joe, he yellow belly Joe, he took five draft deferments from nineteen sixty two nineteen sixty eight in order for him not to go into the military, took an eight point, two seven years to get his undergrad degree and then he still claim that he had asthma, one use a teenager playing football in high school, yet he still play division, one football, the universe, the Delaware, so remembers, suicide is a liar he's a coward, even number. Thank you. Not the tough guy they want got kicked out comes, as I recall, uncoupled man debate. When I saw him on the train, I mean the guy looks a little feeble to me and I'm not kidding. He looks relax than he is? Quite frankly, feeble minded people body. It goes together. Thanks hurry, you take care of yourself, that's continue Shelly Let's go to Tom Penrose Colorado, the great k we owe our. One another. It is to speak to you mark
It's a refinery pressed for time. I just want to give you why do you think I pressed for time where you said I'm not going anywhere there at ahead. Well, I think that the reason that the treaty dropped the way they are both republican, undemocratic Democrat being the most vicious, is a simple fact. That is an outsider and they don't like it and they're, not gonna. Let an outsider have a second chance ever. This will be the only time that we, Probably ever see in our lifetime that you're gonna, let it an outsider, come in and take over what gave this beautiful realm at the built amongst cells for themselves. He's definitely shaken up the places, any absolutely no every base, forgotten, and I never even shown mentioned this- is the demand not taken once fit so far they don't made it always.
Show me at my landed. I don't know I just now but I think we ve talked about it here. I mean you talked about a guy who has left multi billion dollar business he decides to run for President They talk about him. Like you, some kind of cooking. You are quite right and I've said he's donated salaried various government agencies and private charities and causes, and let me ask question time? it's a plus he's very, very rich thanks to her husband, paw, and I wanted to look into that. I'm asking about this: come she doesn't donate her salary well, because she's rich and that's all get rich in there now, let's not how they get rich. The present donated his salary. How come she won or I'll? Tell you why I'll tell you why because she doesn't believe in charity. Because she's not of a of a good heart.
Because, if you really believe in charity as I do, and you give significant amounts of money to charity as I and some others do, it's not same thing as the government giving money to somebody Nancy Pelosi, feels at taking money from you, Tom and giving it the somebody else and redistributing wealth is a substitute for charity. I am quite serious We need her tax returns. Ten years worth her and her big dummy husband we need to know about their bank accounts and we need to know about their finances from their accounting firms, and we did. Now of ninety policy has been self dealing a speaker of the house. We now, if NATO policy has has any foreign influences that are affecting, a decision to speaker of the house. We need to know all these things too, and if it's good for the present its good enough for the speaker that how she's third line to be present, the United States and she's in charge of the spending bills and taxing bells and barring bills, come through the House of Representatives. Don't you
an interesting time? I've been talking about this for months, and not a single media like gives a damn what they do, but they're not remember let, when venue escape out there and be a part of what they do, So we are holding here. They are exactly right, but they don't love our country. They couldn't love our country. Do what they're doing if they do, they have a funny way shown it out. They tat we ass a classic example. What they did this morning. They set up any bit hook, line and thicker This is meeting she tells him, but he's got a cover up. And he d link that same thing, I would have over and over and over. Of course, you can't sit now. People are accusing you crimes for political purposes, she's a reprobate. Let me he that so they can hear that all the little teenage left to serve their mediate. Meteor matters. Currency policies are reprobate. You're, my friend
I don't call her the names that they call our president. I don't call her Hitler and Stalin and all around those other terms, that's what they call our president. I just color reprobate because that's my opinion. Look at this, ladies and gentlemen scene and refuses to report on illegal aliens, serial killer, allegedly murdering twelve elderly women and Texas Corridor. France at the daily? Why? Why would see in and be hiding there. And look at this one. Ladies and gentlemen: oh there's all kinds of coal things going on liberal them, our friends of bright barred. It does offer a black only graduation ceremonies. National Association Scows reveal that at least seventy five american colleges have black only graduation ceremonies and for
the three percent. A survey colleges offered segregated residential halls, we're going backwards, highly lower, claiming to be going much scope for Let's pull down statues, let's, let's forget about the slave owners who found of this country and meanwhile they create segregated. Graduation ceremony. Forty three percent of serving colleges offered segregated residential, how this is six staff, six stuff, Well, let's move on to another college, Yale in our friend and our guests. TED crews. How are you, sir, marked by friend, I'm doing terrific carried out?
I'm doing very very well. So tell me, you wrote a letter to you what's going on a year while Yale a couple of months ago, announced a new financial aid policy and an added as a policy that is openly discriminatory, discriminates against Christians. Grim and eighth against those who believe in traditional marriage and traditional sexual values and and and the origin of this begins with the group of the alliance defending freedom, which you know is a public interest law firm that offend. Religious liberty. They are viewed as they did. They cut Colorado Baker case the dead, the Christian Baker in Colorado, who did not want to be forced to celebrate a same sex wedding and, and he was persecuted he was punished for those
Then he took the case, the Supreme Court. They want. You want a big rhythm Supreme Court defending as religious liberty right well, a lawyer, Romania was speaking on Yale Campus and then talking about the Supreme Court victory that that that eighty happened just one and the algae Bt Group on Yale Camp, a group called out laws which such a pretty clever name. They they did what? What college leftist do they protest? They protest it and they demanded Yale change their policy and what Yale announced
is that so Yale pays summer, stipends to Yale LAW student who work at a public interest law firm and it has alone repayment programme for young graduates. The work at a public interest law firm and they announced that apply to absolutely everybody, except for they at those Yale students that go and work at a christian organization like eighty at that believe in traditional marriage or toward credit traditional sexual. By an end, it is blatantly discriminatory, and so I am the chairman of the constitution subcommittee. This attitude is your committee, and so I launched an investigation of Yale discrimination against people. Face and, and just this week sent Yale at the Mann for documents to get every one of the emails of the memos of all the background correspondence in adopting this policy, because what I expected to reveal is is it
was driven out of an animal specifically our lives, defending freedom that they wanted the blacklist idea and they wanted to punish any law students with the temerity to go and work for that organisation that, among other things, Yale receives vast amounts of federal funds and an federal civil rights laws, prohibit discrimination against religious faith and then so we are going to end ass, the gate and shine a light and hopefully stop this discriminatory policy. I'm glad you're doing this is very, very important, but you know there's a lot of repression. And suppression going on our college campuses. Isn't it I mean whether its crew, genes or Jews were its conservatives, whatever it is more and more these her like that. Like em, monopolistic ideology that they teach that they that they in force intolerance. What do you make of this world
You ve got a bunch of disgruntled sixties radicals who have taken over colleges and universities in their sub. Many of them are socialists and an far left us in an action this this. This really is a sign of fear and weakness on their part, they're afraid they can't defend their ideas, and so, instead it is a sign of fear and weakness that they want to silence anyone who disagrees with them. You know you and I both went to law school, where we had a lot of professors who were left and if I had a number of professors who were open, communists and an spout communism would readily admit they were marxist. Now, look as you know, my family has suffered directly under communism. My family been imprisoned and tortured by Fidel Castro's good Mighty Estonia was imprisoned and tortured by Castro's goose. I take communism deadly serious
And yet I was perfectly happy to take classes from communist professors because its valuable to know what the other side thinks the left does. It doesn't think that way, they're afraid to defend their views and at an end, so they're trying to use power instead the silence their students and end the whole point of universities, especially law schools, is to learn to say to learn the reason the learned to defend your views to defend them in what John Stuart Mill called, because the market place of ideas, and so I think you can come, but all of us to defend pre speech and stop this censorship and intolerance that we're saying a colleges in the universe when work question. You know I've been around awhile, I mean I was chief of staff. Attorney general, you were litigator for some period of time.
Represented the attorney general, the iron Contra matter after he left office? I've dealt with these independent council. You see what congresses, though, what what do you make of all these subpoenas private information from the president and all the claims that he is obstructing when he goes to court in order to defend the Firstly, the presidency what do you ever see like there's somebody may of this year? I think anger and rage, we see
monk rational Democrats is unprecedented and, and they are consumed with hatred for President Trop, he can do nothing right their minds. There is nothing goodness country, so we ve got as a result of cutting taxes as a direct result of repealing job killing regulations. We get the lowest unemployment in in fifty years, the lowest african, american and hispanic unemployment ever recorded, and yet congressional Democrats are listening to their left wing base that just aches, Donald Trump, and so I think the next two years. The policy house is gonna, be nonstop investigations, nonstop subpoenas and I think we're gonna see them go after impeachment, because it gave me it is a policy
of hatred and vitriol and division? And sadly the Democratic Party is moving further and further the left, motivated by that hatred of the press and there's no chance in Hell? Listen, it's gonna vote to remove the present the United States, the zero point, zero percent, but but the facts don't matter look here you eat! You watch that the testimony a couple weeks ago when Bill BAR came and ten, but in the Senate, judiciary, com, that the position of the Democrats was utterly ludicrous and were screaming. They were imputing barge integrity. They were demanding that he resigned and in their argument boil down to this. When the Mulder report was submitted to bar, he wrote a four page summary of its conclusions and Senate the Congress. A butler at the time asked him to all
send his twenty some odd page summary. I got it already seconds. I apologize go ahead. He didn't send it then, but he sent it three weeks later, along with the entire dam report, though the democratic complaint is you suppress this summary which have in my hand and everyone I feel it is trying to suppress. It he's really lousy at it. There sound, weak. There argue that is how I take keep it up. Rather God bless you you too, here will be right back constitutional cry, actually, Democrats look like you're having a constipated the crisis. Quite frankly, look at Nancy Blows, Is that a normal? Maybe this you ve heard people say.
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miss Paine one of em Thank all of you who wanted it and I want to salute all you heroes out there A little bit on Fox
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