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On Wednesdays Mark Levin Show, with so much at stake we must respond to claims that are inaccurate. Some television judicial analysts, such as Judge Andrew Napolitano, are unfamiliar with the Constitution. Robert Mueller’s appointment violates the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Given the power that Mueller is exercising and the fact that Rod Rosenstein is not supervising his work directly, it is inaccurate to classify him as an inferior officer in the Department of Justice. He qualifies as a principal officer, a class of federal official like a United States attorney that the Supreme Court has ruled must be appointed by the president and confirmed with consent of the U.S. Senate. Also, Napolitano needs to produce the DOJ memo from the late 1990's that cites a president can be indicted. He can’t because it does not exist. Later, there’s a myth that President Trump somehow violated the norms of the presidency by meeting with Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray and ordering an investigation into how his campaign may have been spied on by the Obama administration during the 2016 election. But past presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others, have directly ordered investigations because that’s the power of the presidency. Trump has done nothing like Washington, Adams, Jefferson or Jackson did. Not even close, and look how they trash him.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Anybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three, If one one, Well, ladies and gentlemen, looks like I'm taking some incoming fire and when I do, of course- important to respond, particularly when so much is at stake I've been explaining recently based triggered
I professor Stephen calibration I've expanded on myself that the appointment Of Robert Mahler, Especial special council violates the appointments clause of the constitution he's differently. Then pass independent, countenance special council. Given the enormous breadth of his appointment no space pick individuals, name, no specific statutes name, given the fact that Supervisor MR rose and steam has a hands off policy. With respect to Mr Martinez investigation. Also the fact that. Mr Mulder, had several members of his prosecutors team receive a dual appointment: and other special assistant United States attorneys, which gives them even broader authority, there are the equivalent of assisting United States attorneys and Mr Mulder is the equivalent of a. U S: attorney nine, told you that we have a lot of people,
Their lawyers, former judges, former federal prosecutors, Defence Council, who think they are in the constitution, but actually don't take the time to read it. Were they don't take the time to read the relevant case law, nor do they the time to read Madison's notes respecting One provision or another the constitution and they get on tv and they blow the eight and they make these comments. Comments that they know nothing about and unfortunately, it's happened- the little bit too often with Judge Andrew Napoletano. Normally I ignore it because I don't really care, and, of course now he is. I suppose, a colleague of mine on the Fox news to him, but at some I can ignore. Its not personal, may amount attacking impersonally it yes, he's dead wrong, because he doesn't understand it. And he throws out stuff. Super
Actually, I know he was his superior court judge in New Jersey. But that's not a federal constitutional position. That is a state lower court trial, judge. Again that is excellent. But he doesn't have any particular expertise constitution except for that. Which he has Learned on his own it's something. I've been practicing almost my entire life to make me right in him wrong, but I want to address this city has Direct addressed me directly does arise the early morning show on Fox. What's it called rich, and I remember Foxen friends. First. And Adrian APOLLO tunnel was on there. This morning, which cut? Am I looking at rich. And this is. Let's see let Start this At nine, as the relevant one hour, I look
but it cut nine go some supporters of president tromp. Even academics have been arguing lately. Robert Mahler is an officer of the United States because of the independence that he has and because he wasn't appointed by the president and wasn't confirmed by the Senate. Has offices illegitimate and his behaviour is unconstitutional. That trail know that flies in the face of a Supreme Court opinion directly on point which says he's an inferior officer, the United States, an officer of the United States, has no boss in an ivory up, stop steps that, unfortunately, is talking about Marston Verses, all summits of four part test, and he's just running to the conclusion, without going through the four part test. He says in fear a an inferior park officer? He doesn't have to be appointed by the let's go ahead. That's continued
the boys his boys is rod roses to. I saw a: U S. Attorney has Abbas to an assistant attorney general has Abbas to the assault. The attorney general has Abbas, the deputy tourney General has Abbas, the attorney general has Abbas they're, all small officers, the Doesn't whether they have a boss, they all have a boss. The presence of the United States, the assistant secretary of agriculture, they sat in the other, also has to be nominated in confirmed by the Senate, they all have a boss, that's not the test. The test is what the boss- and this do in terms of oversight. In terms of oversight. And in the case of Mr Mahler, the oversight of management of his operations is dated. Eight operations is almost non existent It's not the argument, but that's the argument makes go ahead because he's
inferior officer. He doesn't have to be appointed by the president or the issue is whether he's an inferior office and, I would argue, is not I'll get into that again, as I must but go ahead, This is a very late in the day argument because this ruling, but has just described newest thirty years thirty years old, is again the Morrison verses, also decision. I would encourage from actually read it and look at the some parts of it like we did like ass recalibration Thirty years old, but you'll have to look case also says that the facts surrounding the appointment and in fact you gotta, look at the elements in order to determine if somebody is a principle officer or an inferior officer, go ahead That's how well settled the law is, so those who are saying has offices illegitimate are following the descent in case no. Actually I'm following
a writer in the case who wrote the majority chief justice renquist go ahead. Was written by my late beloved, dear friend, Justice Scalia, but the majority rules. You learned absolutely nothing from that segment, not a word. You learn. Absolutely nothing nothing don't even though a case he's talking about. I know of cases talking about you, don't know what elements that you have to test cause. He doesn't even talk that about it. She doesn't even today there are elements. Determine whether in any officer is inferior or principle, and this is the price a lot of times with these interviews on cable tv, even gets worse. There's somebody by the name, Rob Schmidt, who apparently, as a whole, cut ten go Our aim is like this I feel like
Don't make Republicans look good because it makes it appear in the Democrats would argue that they're trying to just obstruct the investigation makes it look like the Trump campaign has something to hide. If they're trying to get something like this, that as he's out so he makes his comment, the other houses right, I'm not with the term care paint. I met with the Trump administration. And I wish the Republican Party. Just as when I made the cases that you cannot indict sitting president according to two memos written by the Department of Justice. So his argument is utterly irrelevant. Almost moronic. It makes it can't pay. Let we're talking about the constitution whenever it makes the prompt campaign. Look like. But the problem is Nepal, a jumps in and says this go ahead and we,
to try and put. I agree with you and if you want to look at it from a republican versus Democrat, this arguments, gotta be one on the merits. The president did something wrong or didn't not. Did Mauler get his job. That, though I will take, the public really cares. Other, it's not a matter of whether the public really cares about, and I would suggest to the judge. Given my radio show my ratings, the ratings on my tv show he has no idea what he's talking about. A dumb down you, the audience. You have no interest in the constitution, you say you have no interest in knowing how this works and yet I know you do or you wouldn't be here. Are you being so. This is the back of the hand because he can't make the case substantively on the merits. So now he Takes the lead by this guy Schmidt and go ahead,
like this case go away, but they would like it to go away on the merits, not on some technicality which surely get too and the second or third year of law school since never debated in the second and third you're lost. This is why he was a superior court. Judges never been on the Supreme Court of any court or Pella court of any court. Again, it's not a personal attack, he's them, making a personal attack, I'm not impressed with in your judicial analysed, I'm not improve. I'll, give you another example. I not impressed. Auction friends last Thursday. Once you to listen to this, you and my audience listen carefully cut. Eleven go I dont know what Bob Mahler told Rudy Giuliani, but there are actually too Now Zella Deejay one says the president can be indicted. The other says the president cannot be no, that's not correct I have them right in front of me, Apparently he didn't read them.
Apparently, didn't rhythm, there's a nineteen, seventy three memorandum in the next administration that certain president cannot be indicted and a two thousand October. Sixteen two thousand memorandum for the attorney general by the same office of legal counsel. Agrees that a sitting president cannot be indicted. So. He says: there's two memos. Well, let's start at the top go ahead, MR producing I dont know what Bob Mahler told Rudy Giuliani, but there are actually too none. I wasn T J one says the president can be indicted. The other says the president cannot be, and so I would challenge Judge Napoletano. To show us that memo that the Department of Justice has that says a president can be indicted, always in office. Show us the officer legal counsel, memorandum. I challenge him now to show it to us. There isn't one. There is not one
He may be talking about some other memo written by a law. Professor too I've read those I'm tug the efficient. This is why you can't be sloppy about this stuff. You're, just it be sloppy about this stuff, as if you're a second or third year lost it. You can't be sloppy about this stuff go ahead, and one Bill Clinton pleaded guilty to lying under oath. They waved in front of him an indictment saying he wants to bring the store grand jury said. No, our plea to an information. What that has nothing to do with anything. He could have challenge it, institutional grounds. He could be challenged. Challenges arguing that under the two memo said that couldn't be done to that has nothing to do with any of that was Bill Clinton decision. That's not Go ahead, nation looks like an indictment, but it doesn't involve the grand jury and it means that defends,
looks like an indictment, but it doesn't involve the grand jury and it means that defended agreed to it. So when general flan and George Papa Babblers now, examiners veer, pleaded Gill, he too their crimes. It was through an information it didn't, while the grand jury guess how what? What does that have to do with anything? Nothing go ahead. President. They did with their bill Clinton well. End Giuliani, says the my team said we in our longstanding department of Justice guidelines say you cannot indict sitting president. He has to the impeached first and that's a political located adviser House represent correct, correct that it is a political decision by the house. Now the house is controlled by Republicans that may stay the same after November or it may change, but there was another d o J memos emergency other, both Circa Clinton they're, both Nineties, which says present can be indicted, but not prosecuted until
it really is okay, this I this this. He needs to reveal. This. He needs to reveal any and if it's in the late nineties, I just told you that these second memo was the lake two thousand October two thousand, so that dates a correct there, both the late nineties, I know the two memoranda that I have from the spyware, none of them are in the late thine is one of them was nineteen, seventy three and one of them's, two thousand. So what are you talking about? What is he talking about? Go ahead, have to invite him to stop the running of a statute of limitations. Know that spinach. He didn't read it. That was addressed us. It was a dress also in the two thousand memo side of their statutory limitation run, so be it. The position of the Department of Justice. That is more important, that your preserve the office of the presidency
Does what gets lost when you use second and third great last year, law, school logic in these things After read, the memorandum judge. You have to know the provision of the constitution actually understand it in the history behind it. Then you, understand the appointments clause. And the martian vs wholesome decision. Which apparently I don't know if you read it or not, but that as is in fact laid out. The chief justice, so whether so you can Site scully- and I certainly do, but you can also see renquist. So I was very disappointed, but it's more than the first. I had a second and third time he's done this. I have kept my mouth shut, but I see no reason to keep my mouth shut anymore when we come I will give you the facts. One more time that this matter of whether or not Mr Mulder
a constitutional appointment or not will be right back, For many years he s a period court judge Andrew Nepal, a tunnel in the House of Fox and friends. First, here's the first paragraph from the October. Sixteen two thousand memorandum for the attorney general by the Office of legal counsel. I mean It gives me the first paragraph I read the rest for them, one thousand. Seventy three, the department concluded, that is justice, that the entire In a criminal prosecution of a sitting, president would impermissible undermine the capacity of executive branch performance institutionally assigned functions. Women to summarize and review the analysis provided in support of that conclusion.
Consider whether any subsequent developments in the law led us to reconsider and modify disavowed determination. We believe at the conclusion reached by the Department of nineteen seventy still, seventy three still represents the best interpretation the constitution. They provide the basis, the case law A kind of wonderful footnotes- I read them all, so that is a total of sixty two thousand referring to a memorandum of eighteen. Seventy three, nothing in the nineteen nineties. No other memorandum that is out there. He confusing a memorandum. There was written by law professor for can star, but that has nothing to do with the Department of Justice. So, if you're going to ignore this, like a second or third year law student Well then, you shouldn't comment on. It Is there some other memorandum that he's talking about it's? An official memorandum from the Office of legal counsel to the attorney general, the United States. Now he's not!
so we still wrong about whether or not you can indicted sitting president according to the position of the Department of Justice. Now when it comes to the appointments clause of the constitution, he cited decision. That's thirty years old, I'm well aware of it. I was at the Justice Department when that decision was issued. He was not an that said It is exactly that opinion and to other sectors, Court decisions that were taken, no account by professor calibration and me and others. When we looked at the tests that exist in those cases and in particular the martian versus also case at nineteen, eighty eight all due respect to to a power, and I fox and friend, first post they were- they don't know what you're talking about there really just commenting very, very superficially, they really need to study these math MA.
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And there's no question the martian verses, also decision and to others by the Supreme Court are applicable here. I would remind you- Napoletano, New Jersey, parry court, judge, retired, Napoletano. Let the martian verses also case obviously dealt with the independent council statute, which has since lapsed and the power the independent Council under a statutory in a minute the procedure that was set up by Congress. The question was the constitutionality. Of having such a feature that is created by Congress. And they went back and forth and Renquist wrote the majority opinion and he put a test out there in the is whether or not an officer is a principle officer where the
ointments clause of the constitution applies are inferior officer word. Doesn't the vast majority of people in the federal government are inferior officers but our principal officers, as I said, a United States attorney doesn't become a United States attorney unless he's nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate and so you need to look at the specific facts involved in this case. Molly was not appointed for any independent council statute, he was appointed under debate Men of justice regulation appointment was very unusual in that it extraordinarily broad, no specific criminal statutes were mentioned. No specific statutes at all specific individuals were mentioned just now, gray, broad area, investigate if the Russians interfere with the last election and if the trunk campaign effectively had some role on its been expanded to include bank fraud, wire fraud weather.
Man referred, should ever didn't file as a federal agent and numerous other areas that have absolutely nothing to do with his original mandate, a man, that's already been expanded at least twice Then we learn that a number of individuals on Mahler staff received all appointments, so they are effectively listing United States attorneys A a label a power given to them through the I'd states, attorney's office in the EAST and district of Virginia while that rather extraordinary. Why do they get there? and a power why so then get into areas that are not specifically in the original scope and mandate. That was provided to Mr Mulder. Well, what is I make? Mr Mulder. De the equivalent of Assistant United States attorney. Is he an inferior employ offers? Of course not? He They special Council of eight
of special council. We ve never seen before. Well what about can star? He had all these areas, Eddie investigated. Yes, he did and he was in specific areas by JANET Reno, multiple specific areas, multiple specific individuals, but under that abstract under the independent council statute? They all said port that they set up a three judge court. And I litigated in France I called on numerous occasions in A different independent counts when the Iranians. And so there was a at your toy. So Administrative oversight procedure involving an independent council that simply does not exist with Mr Molly. So we have a number of problems with Mr Mulder. Does he have a boss? Yes, but so does a? U S attorney So does an assistant attorney general such as the deputy attorney general, so does the attorney general. So I quote: boss, MR rose and steam. The deputy tourney General makes much of the fact that he's a hands off type, a guy that Mr Mulder has to do with Mr Mauro, has to do.
Effective corner, quote boss, Mr Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, makes much of the fact that he's a hands off type of guy that Mr Mueller has to do with Mr Mueller has to do basically, he rubber stamps the expansion of the more staff. So he's far more than an inferior employ and in fear office, and this is why what I appointed up. Honor Hannity last night on Fox, and this is what has the people, some of the so called lorries and so forth on and off fox and it's in a twitter, if you will And here's what I said exactly cut eight go on, we have this appointment of Robert Mahler by deputy. Attorney general rod. This time, because passenger accuse you have been saying in the last twenty four hours on your radio show and you. Only privately that this
very well violates our constitution and, more specifically, the appointments clause, and I want you to really explain this tower audience that, firstly, the seed was painted with me barrier had Tipp to Professor Stephen calibrating old friend of mine, who work for attorney general means as well. We the constitution Sun and by and by the way, that's where they get the cheap shot on the professor and academia and so for it, because I mentioned per sir calibrating soap, It's very bizarre to you people who raise things like this okay, so I should rely on the professor, I shouldn't have read the relevant Supreme Court decisions. I shouldn't quote on quotas into the weeds and yet, on the other hand, we saw like second and third year lost, and you see this is where they go. When their ignorant go ahead, applies to principle, officers of the
second, a branch there's inferior officers. You know, like a chief of staff and administrative assistance reports to principle, then there's principle officers as an ex every single United States attorney in the it states, ass, to be nominated by the present United States and confirmed by the Senate, because our founders make clear that they wanted. Here is the problem we appoint. Of the senior level people You have assistant secretaries and departments, deputy secretaries and apartments and, of course, cabinet sectors- and I said you S, attorneys here's the problem. The appointment of Mahler is utterly unconstitutional for a number of reasons rod rose and steam gave him an agenda that is so broad, not a specific individual, not a specific statue. A specific matter. Now he was the initial appointment incredibly broad. He keeps spanning it. So it's special councils de let's stop there. So why did I bring that up, ladies and gentlemen, because
here that thirty year old Supreme Court decision, that's one of the four elements, that's one of the tests. The responsibility the prosecutors narrowly defined so not to interfere with the power, the presidency to prosecute cases. That's Specifically. Why even brought that up go ahead? he's more like a roving, U S attorney also we learn something today, that's absolutely incredible. In political It says several court filings indicate that when lawyers for Mothers Office appeared in federal court in Alexandria earlier this year, they did so not only as representatives of Molly Office. They received an appointment, a special assistant, United States attorney employment in the EU. The district of Virginia they are, in effect, Assistant United States attorneys, smaller wanted to expand their power. They were to him. If there are the United States attorneys your special assistance, United States attorneys
make smaller without question the equivalent of the United States attorney. So what unique about him and pay Independent counsel. Special counsel is the mass of breath of his investigation is going in the bank fraud wire fraud is now. Why is this relevant again, because the second test. This thirty all decision, Aim of which is martian verses, also. Is whether or not the point in its executive power too much of his executive power Then conferred. On another individual. Whether too much The executive power of the president has been conferred on another individual he has not nominated and who has not been confirmed by the Senate. An enormous amount of power has been confirmed on Mahler and his prosecutors. And has been seized by mothers prosecutors. That's why he's different then, asked Independent Council go ahead or countries
he's interviewed hundreds of individuals, tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of documents. He's not an inferior employees like an administrative assistance are or anything of tat sort. He is a principle officer and under the point bunch, clause of the United States Constitution, article two Mr Rose and steam usurped. The authority that presently united States to nominate denominate whomever he wants a prosecutor. Mr rose and steal you, the power, the United States Senate, what's so so a contest thirty year old decision. The second test, for whether an officer is inferior is inferior or a principle Frank, was decision. The majority decision whether the year is whether the appointment interferes with the present its executive power. Cordon quote too much. It would seem that it does. Does it not.
And then there are other tests, a fourth test. As well, and that is what The duties are, Sir and limited. I his duty, certain limited they to expand every other day off, Whether there is a fixed, ending point. Not a word. You investigating seminary investigating an issue and that's that well, what's the fixed ending point of this investigation. What is- thus the gaming, exactly he's going into a number of countries. Now is in Israel, He's interfering in foreign policy. He's interfering with the press you'd horrible duties. And are under the control of a president which are Happily, the powers of the United States attorney. This is not a normal special counsel.
Investigate why water or investigate dead, Lewinsky matter investigate this person investigate that? No, even if their, all the bullshit wide. Investigation, and you can even see from the forty nine areas of questioning that he wanted to raise with the present the United States, its undermine the president's constitutional powers now, mental statue whatsoever if one You fire call me: why didn't you want me to be hired? What did you think about this guy? What are you, the chess? Further I'd evidence that this The council is a different special council that he can tell himself as a principal officer, and I would remind Napoletano it's the test, isn't whether they have a boss. The test is. The relationship between the boss and the officer there I bought, and yet that's what he said.
Again, unencumbered with information related. Go ahead a nation or not. Mr Mahler is serving unconstitutionally in violation of the appointments clause of the constitution, because of the way rose and Stena pointed them because of expanding its authority, because Mr Mulder has expanded its own authority with these four now assistant United States attorneys. Now, if Mr Napoletano had understood the tests in March- and he would have understand that I was addressing them one by one- But I wasn't going to be here, I was gonna, do don't say it on tv one hears that tests are the requisite. Mrs, this I just laid him out. As a former New Jersey Superior court judge, you would think he would have known that go ahead. This case, every witness in this case everybody who receives a subpoena in this case, whatever federal court it is, should raise the issue of the appointments clause of the constitution. Of that, Mr Mulder is
acting himself and his appointment is unconstitutional, so under the martian verses also decision, let me just summarised very quickly- is running a timer. She, and she was a she margin in the penny. Counts was empowered to perform only certain limited duties and she had number two limited jurisdiction. So, on the facts of the case, that's how renquist concluded at the end of the opinion, that she was an inferior employ because she didn't have too much of the president's power. The control, an aspect of the executive branch It was defensible and Mars in case she was Estimating one person tunnels who had already left public office banner So she was performing very limited duties and had a very limited jurisdiction. Mothers cases very different. Said Vesta a sitting. Presently United States is fascinating. Corner quote whether obstructed justice by firing as french and call me
not collusion with the Russians, was concealed weather It was collusion with the Trump campaign and the Russians and twenty sixteen. So at pursuing one person, even a limited number of people pursuing an endless number of people in an number of issues authority for a number of its employees, a of his prosecutes, I'd fraud for tax evasion for not filing as a as federal agent and they had to get. Additional authority to do that by getting ready for a number of its employees. A number of his prosecutors, We have the indictment of Flynn which, He had nothing to do with. Russia was a false statement case and I go on and on and on you ve got the entire when a thirteen russian citizens. Well. It obviously has an impact on foreign policy. Doesn't it and I he's gotten bogged down right now. He's indicted. I am an attorney. A dutch attorney her false statement.
Related to what related to Russia hardly So we can go on and all of this I really in that attempting to persuade Nepal a tunnel. I'm attempting to make sure you understand how serious this is. The path tunnel can hang out with Lou, Rockwell, Enron, Paul and those guys and so forth, and so on and to point out as this is what the constitution is all about. This is what this Cream court said thirty years ago it was escort by more recent case. As a matter of fact and loving this chief justice, currently Roberts. But if I go to much further, I think I will bore I'll be right back. I would also tell the house, what's his name Schulz, MR producer,
Schmid, I'm size you raise a constitutional issue: that's not obstruction! Struggling an investigation. Constitution supersedes their investigation, Mister Waller the whole thing. When you raise a legitimate constitutional issue, that's not obstructing an investigation, luck. This is not personal of me. I dont even know this gentleman Politician, I don't know him my well either, so it's not personal with me, but I think the laid out there and we need to do in the snark away. They're gonna get a response from it. And I am more than happy to engage further- doesn't bother me. This is what I live for. I love this no, I'm not even a senior judicial analysed or a former New Jersey, Superi Courtyard does not. Let me just a constitutional law whose chief of staff, the attorney generally nice, they settle all right
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You are framers of your constitution, decided While we can't leave this to you, no other to make these appointments. The president needs denominate in the Senate, needs to confirm or not confer given the breadth and are that Mr Mulder has granted to him and seized by him, as well as his own prosecutors, its but impossible to conclude that he's an inferior office I'll be right back
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An promo code. Levin now rose early underground, bows away somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! I want to address another issue, another miss- that's out there and other Miss We played audio for you last night, I'm not gonna. Do it again today of various mean. Miscreants and malcontents. Going on and on about how the present, the United States. Conducting himself in a fascistic manner
by meeting with his deputy attorney general, his at director and telling them he wants them to get to the bottom of what took place Visa free, the federal, the FBI, the Justice Department in the intelligence agencies and campaign. And we had the morning Schmo we had Sally Yeats. The democratic hack, who was deputy attorney general under Obama,. We had all kinds of Guph balls with law degrees, all kind of go pause from Congress. All over TV saying that this was absolutely outrageous. Nobody's ever done this before. Nobody's ever done what, before, As for an investigation, presidents nowadays for an investigation, Because he's in charge of the executive branch, what we call a unitary executive branch Unitarian, at under the president
the folks, the president came first, all the rest of these departments and agencies came later. And yet, ladies and gentlemen,. I want to encumber you with some more history. This isn't foxen friends first, after all,. What is shock you here. The President, George Washington,. Ordered the prosecution of individuals. Our friend professor calibre easy relying on another professor, but none of that matters. He writes the George Washington clearly believed he had Plenary Authority to control all federal prosecutions and directed various growth, district attorney's, the equivalent of U S, Turnkeys, the exercise of their prosecutors discretion.
It included telling the? U S attorney in Pennsylvania that he should drop the prosecution of to individuals. Washington thought were innocent here. The very specifically directed federal prosecutors and other officials to go after those involved in the infamous whisky rebellion by the way Not encouraging president's to do this. I'm giving you your history. Washington believe the president was responsible, the president enforcement of federal law and thus may. Superintend all those authorized to execute removing those who do not do so to his satisfaction. So we have Our current present Fires- Jim call me an abstraction obstruction of stocks, is so outrageously moronic, Thomas Jefferson, Had the same view the Washington had drawn out,
our second pray had the same. You, the Washington, had Andrew Jackson had the same view as Washington. Jefferson had a very expanse of your presidential power and took control of federal prosecution. Building directing all United States attorneys could immediately stop enforcing and a drop all pending prosecutions under the alien and sedition. Which I feel is unconstitutional, but that's not the point. John Adams was defeated. His but he was defeated. Jefferson and his party one. They took over both houses of Congress. One of the things Jefferson ran on was his opposition to the elements Addition ACT. He's elected president directs. All U S attorney throughout the country. Do not enforce this statute was repealed yet, and Up all prosecutions under it.
Jefferson was also involved. What is his hands? On rights. Perhaps the most memorable federal prosecution, american history, That of his own former vice President Ehrenberg for treason,. Jefferson insisted that it be prosecuted and Jefferson was involved in Andrew Jackson,. Exercise direct control over federal prosecutions, including ordering the termination of federal condemnation proceedings then pending. Of a jewels owned by the princess of Orange. Going to Professor Frank Cross So it goes on in their numerous examples. Of this again are not encouraging my they presidents to do it. Let's give this some perspective. Tromp has an ordered anybody prosecuted and in order that. Any prosecution that's going on should be stopped.
President Trump simply asked his deputy attorney general and his FBI director to investigate stand to which his campaign. Was survey by the prior administration, the to which his campaign had Implanted spies went on at least one in his campaign In any other, doctor this sort. That the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the central intelligence Agency, the Department of Justice or any these other federal entities had withdrawn the interference in the last election, I don't even understand what the controversy is. We're investigating, whether or not in the least to which the Russians interfered in our election, and we should in the present into saying. Ok, and I wanted to investigate the extent to which The Obama administration in the federal government interfered in the campaign to there's an awful lot of information out there now, and I want to see, is a dictator. What did she a fascist
What are you trying to get even. He's done. Nothing like Washington did or Adam State or Jefferson debtor Jackson did not even close. And look how they trash. Look how they trash, because There are ignorant just Some people are ignorant of the constitution hurrying Supreme Court decisions, but they their chests on tv and radio? We where's the Congress and people in the media for absolutely ignorant about american industry and they don't care. There's a senator mossy her particularly despicable from Hawaii. From Hawaii and she was on M S. Lsd. Last night you know what she says: active bright bar cut, five go
You talk about the rule of law. The difference between a democracy and totally Terry and government is the rule of law. So you have a president tromp who has attacked the media, he's gone after the gun after judges. It on agree with embassies upon after ready body he's criticized, he's critic What only Nazis marching in Skokie have free speech. He's out criticise them when it was so crazy these morons go ahead They intelligence community. The FBI department has gone after the intelligence community appear. The Department of Justice They, after him. He's been really be very passive. In its dealings with the FBI, the Department of Justice and the intelligence community very passive compared to pass president but buried Ass? A period going,
Justice- and these are the kinds of actions taken by people like the one in Turkey to Turkey in the Philippines and of course, put an end in russia- are all three dictators. Basically, the present very much. If you know this woman is a complete otter disgrace in a moron on top just totally off Absolutely all, but they love her over their damosel estate because just as moronic clannish who she is Turkey of the Philippines and Putin's Russia. Senator Maisie she smoking right back
the Senator Maisie Verona of Hawaii. Make the most outrageous over the top statement about our present MSNBC. There is no responsibility or accountability for the media in this country whatsoever. They don't even police themselves. And MSNBC loves a guess like this, a cook a rat- call Nacho. But soon and will not be outdone. Seen in one out be outdone. They bring in some guy might quickly he's a Congress meant diamond dozen. And I don't know where this cretin is from- who we represents. But I want you to listen to this cut six go
I thought that the russian attack on our democratic process was the most important thing to happen: a lifetime of greatest threat to our democracy. I now believe the greatest threat to our rule of law are democracy. Our Intel community works to protect us is not from that attack, but from the presents reaction to that its aren't. You clever you jerk, so Let's lets you what he has to say go ahead.
Was just to be precise. Of this kind has been, you think the president, and how is behaving right now represents a bigger threat to american democracy. Then what the Russians were doing and apparently are still doing here in the United States. Interfering in the election process what's happening here is far more insidious. It's an attack on how the intelligence community collections information. If they can't assure our sources and our methods will be secured, we will be less safe as a country if the independence of the Justice Department is threatened for all time. If this establishes a pattern of behavior where the Justice Department doesn't have that independence, the rule of law is greatly threatened. I shut him up. Thank you, I'm a little confused about something Written at the Department of Justice is independent from
the rest of the executive branch, where written at its independent from the present in the United States. Tommy was the Justice Department, independent from Barack Obama, when I recall, was the attorney General Loretta Lynch. Who's, the attorney general. Who is it that nominates the people to fill the double positions in the Department of Justice- and a confirmation. So you get this straight. So presently United States has no say in what the Department of Justice does has no say what the FBI does has now Jane what the intelligence services do I want the constitution, says what come from. Now, we know, there's a line that you don't cross weed leave our president should get into the specifics of a prosecution, that's going on and so forth. Even the beginning of our republic. They certainly did.
Much of the presence of the United States simply asking for an investigation of what took place all of a sudden, he threatening the nation, he's threaten the independence of the Justice Department. He's threatening thee yeah, good conduct of our intelligence agencies and so forth, and so you see, ladies and gentlemen, here's the take away. The Democrats Party is a party of tyranny if This had been done to a Democrat, they burn the country down. But it's done Dunder Republican and specifically Trump and they defended to the hilt. They have. Principles. They have no morals, they have no standards whatsoever. None. That's what makes them so damned dangerous, Lee Haroun. Oh, what have you. Is a very dangerous people and the media dangerous. By giving them voice.
This president hasn't threaten the independence of anything. This president hasn't threatened the intelligence agencies with the media are so forth and so on pigs is mine. He speaks out he's trying to defend himself he's trying to defend the office of the presidency. He's trying to defend its administration, he's trying to do and his family and he's trying to defend the republic, quantum just to be quiet and take it take the silent, could take the impeachment. Take the prosecutor, don't fight back, don't speak up. You always the greatest threat to the first amendment in american history really. He is the greatest threat. Are there not primarily with Franklin, rose about during world war? Two I take it they're, not Talk about the Yelling sedition act, maybe not familiar with that passed under John Adams, so called journalists were actually thrown into jail
These idiots think they're following were there Comments about Trump and his actions. Exactly how as a interfere with the russian investigation by firing combing that doesn't I fear that the russian investigation into This will commies psychotic agenda. Call me was a bad cop. I've said it over and over again is being repeated by others, a bad cop. So as it's got kicked out of of the Epp I like it should have been. Hillary Clinton, one of them out, but not until trumped got rid of em. All The Democrats turn on a dime, they hate. They will cite, they think it helps. This is what I mean A Democrat party leadership And the media in this country- they stand for anything but themselves, I don't stand for anything but their own power. They don't stand. Nothing but their own agenda. They will cite the constant
Ocean, if they think it helps them, they will reject it if they think it doesn't They will cite american history if they think it helps them. They will reject. There's nothing more than a history of slaveowners if they dont think it helps them. Why Because their power hungry, that's, why you're not allowed a question not only to challenge them? If you do. It's a threat to the republic. Don't you know the independent but the Justice Department. Is this a joke. The Justice Department is not independent. Of the president of the United States anymore than the Agriculture Department is. And since one is the FBI independent of the other presently United States, do we really want the most powerful law enforcement entity in the nation at the federal level to be independent from elected officials. Of course, not, of course not.
And I'll change their tune when they're back and power ain't. There too, The thing is they politicized everything they politicized the courts, they politicized the FBI, they politicized the CIA, they pull size, the Anna? They politicized the Department of Justice. They pull it the? U S, attorneys offices, yes, NATO. In order to advance their radical progressive in statist agenda,. All of a sudden they guy. If the corporations four things, I were perfectly legal, they take the money that they That they are black bail out of the corporation to give it to community activists groups. Who will support Democrats the invite protection agency under their control, politicized like they are true, destroy this guy poet. Who's the administrator there there's some
looking at all there, she flew at first class. All look at their she's running is played from a guy who, on this and used to gladden, look at this did a single Obama, Venice, Asian official get an angel exam like that, of course not. Let alone the heads of the EPA because they were radical cooks and they defended them, are protected. Finally, we have a president of the United States who fight back fine. We are presently united States who goes around over the media like regular a magnificent speeches because he can't he uses twitter. Thank goodness, there's twitter and they hate him forth. They hate him for it. And so there are two wreck him: they are a wrecking ball rhetoric that they use? That lies a propaganda. These. Demagogue has no bounds. Has no bounds whatsoever,
here, this idiot Harun in this other eighty quickly. Talking about the president is, if he's some kind of fascist, they must have confused him. Campaign of freedom, greatest champions like freedom in speaking world market March at eight right back then champion of freedom in a year, one of the greatest champions of freedom in this country. It not me and will have become world more call mark at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one friend of mine wrote me Karen. And makes an excellent point. Maybe what the present an order do say: okay, I agree with you Democrat the FBI.
I sure, they're free to put spies a K informants in my Campaign to see whether or not we are colluding with the Russians, but let's try this Tell the FBI director that he it puts spies and some your campaigns to see Who you're colluding with. Since most of you are sympathetic to the Cubans in the Iranians and the North Koreans, the Chinese and, of course, the Russians. That's what we hear shore. You dont any problem whether we don't want to interfere with the FBI, manufacture, leave. It suggests that the intelligence agencies. Do some domestic intelligent scooping, which of course, there now to do as a matter of law what they are, on interfere with the FBI, which is independent, as we all know, and the CIA, which is independent, as we all know, sure. Ok,. Go ahead. Boys check out the Dnc check out
But these democratic campaigns got on right now see if they colluding with the Russians, see if they could. What the Cubans see if he remarked I have the colored, she colluding with the max can government on immigration. We don't want to interfere with the FBI and the intelligence agencies. Now. Do we, ladies and gentlemen? No, no! No! No! No. It just shows you how sickening these people have become. How defend how a terrorism. All over MSNBC these frauds. A freak show of hosts defending. Solitary in. It CNN a freak show of hosts defending totalitarianism. It wouldn't tolerate this for a minute. If it was the Anti Democratic, any Democrat, but that's who they are.
One of the questions we keep hearing from our fans. One radio in Fox TV is: why should we sign a procedure to go I'll? A lot reasons? Why? First one two completely different. Show that I don't love in tv. Secondly, we have. Great number of house not just me who are not on Fox. Kosovo, don't have radio shows, but who are great people Stephen crowd, I was on who show today that guy a sharp he's Now it I really like a ladder, we crowded, fell Roberts. Another guy who has met, who I really like. We fell Robert Shall Martin, who is just terrific Andrew, will, I could go on and on and on you can check it out at sea are TBD calm yourself. But the fact is, it is a a digital
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And he's gonna be ninety three in a couple weeks, so I hope you'll check it out. I bought it for I want to watch and he loves aright. Well Joe Scarborough, On the morning, smile This man is a complete, sell out. Don't we have our Joe Scarborough Music, Mr Produce, do you have that available there he has to get an. I forget it. Let's go ahead and play cuts. Seven had Tipp daily
Call it go ahead well, as is in fact Willie that there was some conspiracy by justice and the FBI and the administration to rig the election. If that were the case, and they were all characters out of my judges, eighty accuracy and probably water that their grass with Gator AIDS, because after all, the investigation into Donald trumps possible contacts with Russia which count quiet while Hillary Clinton got a letter from the FBI ten days beforehand. That was absolutely devastating. Newer campaign everything the F b I did in the home stretch- was Donald Trump Benefit and he'll Clinton's detriment, including caves league. Now, for somebody not to understand that seriously, this exists only one thing that is, they are either intentionally lying or that you're too stupid to handle household appliances.
Well, let me explain something to the morning smell of deliverance, the boy the bridge with the banjo. One investigation, was a criminal investigation, Joe the other investigation was a counter intelligence investigation. Joe and me, some purposes while the particulars aren't public Fact of its existence is often public understands that. Ro one number two: a. Our intelligence investigation is secret, like that secret face a court stuff, like that, How'd it go. Joe and make us Scarborough, oh yes, their wedding music right here,
The couple from deliverance I'd kill it. Thank you. Mr Barroso, I don't. Carl screen you recommend that I speak to start our program off with a collar here. Xm, Satellite Georgia stevedore Yeah well, your cheer turned all sir. Mr Van get. Thank you one question I have boys are oh well, remain calm. We think that is such a good idea, retried a protector. At the time candidate Trump from ban ample trained by the Russians by inserting I guess rag were girls, Let me raise this: why haven't they did it, Hey Joe Steiner, the current sir
Bernie Sanders campaigning want. Why why this is an excellent question, sir, if you really concerned about russian interference in our elections,. Why didn't you send some spies to the Dnc? Because his clapper said your point is well investigating trouble. Looking forward looking at the rations well, Why didn't you say one year malls over to the day and see if you're looking at the Russians and what they're doing? Why didn't you send your mall is your pointing out in a jewel signs campaigner the Hillary Clinton campaign. I mean, after all, you aren't after tromp you after the Russians, isn't that your points Go you use a great point. It is a right, but it is a great mistake. Man, you gotta baby. Do, we have Mr Clapper, MR producer, that weave we ve put from the past. I believe it was March. Fifth Seventeen over a year ago, on meat, the depressed with with Chuck Todd.
Listen to this one folks has down memory lane, go ahead or refer I can't speak officially anymore, but I will say that for the part of the national security apparatus that I oversaw, as DNA there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the present, the present worked at the time were there as a candidate or this campaign can't speak for other title, three authorized entities in the government or state or local when I was just say if the FBI, for instance, had a vice a court order, some sort, first surveillance with The information you would know or not- yes, you be told that I would know if there was a vice, a court order on something like this, like this, and at this point you can't confirm or deny whether that exists. I can deny it. There is no final. Not not to my knowledge of anything trumped, our no,
well that's an important revelation of this now. Of course I was March fifth, I was really in response to my march second radio show in the presence of the United States talking about wiretapping. His wires trumped up, but you see how dishonest seat for Mr Clapper is. He's not aware of a face, a warrant involving wiretaps, a trump tower. But he was aware of a high, so art wasn't: he Mr Clapper has a very difficult problem with the truth, whether under oath in front of Congress, whether in the media. But I was NBC Meet that depressed, NBC meet the depressed. And they ve never really circle. Back with Mr Brennan excuse me: yes, with Mr Clapper heavily
Thank you, Mr Clapper, said in response. I think it was a widening of Oregon respected the USA of fur, their monitoring, the phone, calls actually not monitoring, but the tracking the phone calls of american citizens he flat out said now. He was a liar and he lied again on the view Yesterday. I guess I was saying that he had been mistaken and so forth and so on are taken out of context. This is a man who is liar under oath and a liar on tv, and you gotta, think of Michael Flynn is watching this stuff. He must be shaken his head. Lieutenant general fund must be shaking his head to look at this hour. Hillary Clinton in her cereal lies about the he s been Hijacked- must be shaking his head be right back,
We had a few suggestions here that I think are really right on really nail. This. He listened to the media and you listen to the Democrats, one and the same you hear them going on and on and they they buy this James the clap. Your argument, which, as you know with the the informer, was in there not to add spying on the trunk campaign, but to but Watch the Russians and to attack the b I doing the good work that it was doing under call me and Mackay we're a leakers, of course, but nobody cares- is to attack the very essence of our republic. And so I want to repeat what suggestions have come into this programme, which I think are brilliant. Well, then, next election cycle. We should put spies,
campaigns of the Democrats not thus the gate. The Democrats, of course, but check them from the Russians and the bridge, that country from russian Interference in our elections. So we Put spies in part in the democratic parties, the dates campaigns, and I would get a step further since the you do you think this is so cool. I think we should put spies their nose rooms not to invite they gave them. Of course, now not just Make sure their protected from the Kremlin once CNN and MSNBC and CBS and ABC Nbc in the New York Times and Washington, post harm the Kremlin. We need to find out the then to which the Kremlin's trawls influencing the nose to protect, these new companies. Therefore the FBI, should implant we call informants it. The word informants in the
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Stephen Staten Island New York, suicide like a right of employees to talk and I thank you want a great one Furthermore, wooden APOLLO time, let me say they assign the senior judicial analysed at my own show. Yes, you are And I respect your mother and ruin the power tat out he's never right. I turn him off. It's not only about what you said is he's never right, but he is my question to you mark. If trumps attorneys would go to accord to the judge that danish conflicted with rules and stay call me and my that he wrote the memo ratify a call me that, before the whole dossier, with the five judges crooked paid for by year, Hillary Clinton and then bring up what you bought up yesterday couldn't just told the whole thing out
Well, we'd have the parcel a little bit. The president could bring up. Not so much the rose and steam conflict because it doesn't directly affect anything what he would bring up as these constitutional arguments number one The department of justice and to memos in their correct he can't be indicted. So therefore, all these other activities aimed at entrapping him. Certainly don't hold water and again number two. I would challenge the appointments the appointment of the appointments clause for the reasons that I said, I think manifolds lorries how to do it, and so I dont want these judges are going to rule. You know we have a lot of leftist judges, but they ought to fight like hell and make the case. You Stephen we'll be right back
Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one want to get to a lot of things in the final, our their desperate but still interesting. You ve heard of this guy Thomas He's a billionaire the nasty human being. He has spent a small fortune, but nothing to him on. Putting the impeachment of the present the United States, and he started this almost from day. One. Dance like a russian oligarch, if you will.
And he's a conspiracy theories to any believes that Trump move the american Embassy from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem because of money, that was going to go to the Republican Party by shall the needles and other billionaire. I want you to listen to this cut thirteen. Go! it was worth walk away. He understands wasn't around treaty you billionaire moron. Part of the problem. It wasn't a tree style, you billionaire moron. While we have far from the top go ahead,
It was worse than you just said, because actually Trump walk away from the IRAN treaty. Very scary Listen to this psycho mister Let's try something during will you see we get him on the show tomorrow, I want to talk impeachment. I want to talk about his comments related to the ranch treaty and moving the embassy to Jerusalem and shall the needles I'm quite serious. So, according to this, guy trouble the way from the array- entreating, of course, Trump. Condemned the Rand deal and said he was going to walk away from it going Campaign
Move the embassy to Jerusalem tromp said he was going to move the embassy to Jerusalem during the campaign and Congress voted and ninety. Ninety, five, by overwhelming numbers, to move the embassy to Jerusalem. And shall win eight also. Gave the aren't see thirty million dollars the next eight Sheldon aid. Also, who gives lots of money The republic in the various reports, institutions, as well as candidates, but he gave the money to the Aren t. You see Star seems to be saying he paid for Trump. Drop the er Andrea he paid for tromp to move the embassy to Jerusalem. I really want to pursue this with Mr Star and lets. Fears the guts to come on the programme. He's throwing his money everywhere, he's a big but I ll behave.
Damage to stay on the program. Let me put it that way: Mr Steiner, hello, hello, MR style out there. We know you're out there next subject. Roger Good Daily, commissioner? The NFL? I cannot stand this man When I see him when I hear his voice, Not stand this man its forty million a year to make em es the Unifil in it issues of the forty million. He wanted a private chat. Health care for his family rest of their lives. Talk about a pig, What does he say, commissioner? Not an owner, not apply Many were referee is a commissioner. A starts in the end, a foul as an intern works. Its way up into the illegal office eventually works its way up into the commissioner, see Dumber, these owners to keep promoting this this guy anyway. Ladies and gentlemen,.
They figured out what to do with the players in the national anthem. Cut sixteen go Clearly, our objective is a league to all thirty two clubs, which was unanimously said. We want people to be respectful to national anthem. We want people to stand at all personnel and make sure that they treat this moment and respectful fashion as something that we think we owe we been very sensitive and making sure that we get players choices. We do believe that moment is an important moment and one that we are going to focus on pretty good and a couple of things here. First of all, I heard people on television saying that this is unfair to the players that they are first amendment rights too You heard that MR producer
yes pianist paean to European three as peons. Seventy as paean the players are rights took the first amendment at times. Do I have to explain that the first amendment has nothing to do with this, bill of rights, apply to your individual liberty, visa v, the government. There is no government here, it's the NFL So this has nothing to do with the first amendment. Any more the new mousing off office in your business Your place of employment you're not by the first amendment: either it's not the government and your boss can are you if you're smarter than the players Union, they weren't consulted doctrine? And they're going to take her away she attitude to monitor this. They're not really happy about this. The players union I have to.
It's for the players. Unions screw off you jerk The union boss screw off. The players union players, the honors. They all exist because you and me that's it. And I'm tired of these millionaire football players whining all the time. Always whining always sounding off. They don't do it in the NBA they don't. The major League baseball, they don't do in a professional hockey, its football. They don't do them back they don't do it in a Marshall up Marshall. You have seen and so forth. This map it off all the time we don't give a court But you players think, don't you get it, we could care less. We pay for you to suit up and Bang bad of each other. Yes, we do. Yes, we do.
And they carry this weird ball. Across the Enzo into the Enzo. Our kick it through the upright that's, why you're there that's we're in the stands. If we want to hear Idiot speak. We can listen to most of our neighbours. We don't need to pay for idiots to speak. We get enough of that. We get enough. Oh the Players Union wasn't consulted wow. I don't know about you. But here or I work and so forth management, rarely every consults me when they put in some new policy. Do they consult you, MR producer. Did they consider MR cars greener. Now they just do it well, what about my first, moment right, you don't have any first remember rights when it comes to the private sector. It's called the private sector.
Hey a first amendment right there, it's just so stupid and I hear this all day, long all the cable channels. News, cable channels, sports, cable, channel, hey first a memory right to know it's not the government now shut up and play football. Oh you're not allowed to say that he now we I'll go to football games and pay. These exorbitant prices because we want to hear some jerk go off against act Country we want here is some jerk attacked the police. We can do that Free just turn on the tv we don't you but it was stadium to watch this spectacle. Take. A knee in protest are what the phrase- greatest country in the face the earth I'm taking a knee and cap pickle mecca whatever his name is unique.
Back on this guy, they won't allow him to play for any team. I think it's actually. So what so? What you are be it to be an honour to what that guy on your team, right all the tumult and upset the fans, whether what you hire a guy like that and I require dire m lots. Conspiracy in the It's probably the best, the Anna Falco do I'm not particularly happy with it, but I get it. I don't think he's a jacket is any damn good, they'd IRA? What are you many damn good, so they don't hire a will. Now so basically, here's the deal so I understand it. The teams can either stay in the locker room or if they come out, They have to show respect and they can't Neil. If they Neil there's some kind of finer penalty, that's probably the best the NFL could get away with.
Probably the best the NFL could do. I'm not partake. Happy with it, but I get it, but I get it Then stay in the damn locker room if you're gonna be disrespect for what about that, go ahead, stay in the damn locker room. Then, if you want to come out and show respect, but here's the thing. We're all gonna know what's going on, if the Does it come out? We're gonna know that team, particularly patriotic. That's right. I said it that that team is not particularly patriotic that they come And stand in a respectful manner for the national anthem that we're gonna know that team is patriotic said: simple, they'll self identify. If you will I'll be right back,
gets owner. Or, I guess he's the son of the owner. Christopher Johnson yeah. I think he's the sun. We're really creating anything he was born into it. C, despite the institution of a new policy require, players to stand during the national anthem. Closing fines for any that. Don't Where do the stand, a locker room or if you come out, you'd, be respectful. Only your jets players will be paying any fights. Team trimming, Christopher Johnson, who is acting as the owner while his brother at the brother what he Johnson serves as the United States ambassador to the UK, Tuesday and Wednesday that the team will cover any finds incurred by judge players for violating the anthem policy. I do
like imposing any club specific rules. Johnson said some and the jets takes a knee that fine will be paid by the team. Oh no offense, W, we country. You know that I have a very, very special connection with you, because I started on radio in New York on we ABC on Sundays, so I can Debbie! I beseech you to be my home in it respects New York City to be my home. But I will not watch the jets not because they suck and they do, but because Christopher Johnson, and they better bring Woody Johnson home from the UK because brothers thinking up the place. He set his brothers taken up the place. He can't wait. Can't wait to ingratiate himself with the players union. Rather than they military rather than pay
Braddock Americans rather than veterans not for these games. He's gonna play the fines, So he's gonna encourage them to take the knee. But don't worry I'll be there. Popular man in the club House, although all love on the players now that fraud- this Christopher Johnson, the judge Chairman wow, what a guy, let's take a cautious thinking, Let us go to Forest Gun Barrel Texas. I, like the name of that, I would like to change the name of my county. Did gun barrel, County Mark Levant Power, user, it's gone Beryl sit behind piquant. You gotta by a bigger unlikely that I, like your show every night
but that since it is associated with the White House and that's the government and that twitter account is paid for by the government that the year that the president and his people, that is can't pick and choose based on whether they agree with somebody or not about your point, is well taken. As for the rest of us, we're not the government, but there I m until in Twitter is not the government. I lack we'd rather different black gobio Goin mark you now it here. I got it right. This judge has left us by the way she ruled that, since it is associated with the White House and that's the government and the, Twitter account is paid for by the government that the that the president, his people that is can't pick and choose based on whether they agree with somebody or not. Your point is well taken. As for the rest of us, we're not the government,
and then I am until in twitter is not the government, unless we find Black on global on mark, you know it here I got, it is right, Yes, I agree one hundred percent and there's no reason the people out there shouldn't shouldn't find other ways to communicate and they are- and you know what He's left wing corporate goons continue to do what they're doing there are going to create competition. There are going to create new. Cutting edge technology. Otto mean them personally, but others will to compete against them, and that's what makes the system so great happen to me in radio here there was jerk on radio, he was being a jerk on radio and they said Hale of in you want to step up and do this I said absolutely now that Jerked was state of my time slot. Does he couldn't get raining things happen. Captain. I learn that I love you, passion the girl. Ok, here's the more arrogant twitter is the more they they press their ideological agenda there will.
The new platforms there will be new technologies. There will be new competition, we can't know simply know what it is today. Just as we didn't know fifteen years ago, what the hell Facebook would be. That there would even be a facebook shall I call forest Take care yourself, sir. Cats laying Westchester New York. The great debut ABC go again from New York City ABC Lanterns. I gotta tell you, do the talking bird, quite quick thanks for everything, your education, I love that I love you passion, The girl, haven't, you been neighbours on line; they live in an external over the guy makes me sick, the United States Senator right, who was defeated by James Buckley manufactured buried, the respect for their country. Because of that try to organise like a flag flash my about it because I wanted to get,
Wilson combine kind of hard to see what kind of community and the last thing I want to say is I'm glad you're feeling better. You found a lot better. Maybe you use chemical by God. Fragrant free wondered courage and I think you might not have, although that asthma attacks, could I get those sound, and I love you and I don't want you to Well, how do you know I don't don't know, but you like boy. I do. Somebody comes near me that got like extremely Eric hate. I let me let me tell you what's going on here, I have a special respiratory, probably know what it is. What I'm I round. Liberals talk about liberals or What they're doing to the country the damn thing kicks in, and I can't stop it. It's like dust, might marry Harry Harry and why they felt that you now you I want you around and to tell your sweetheart thank you and in an honour of what you said,
And after the sham getting a nice stake, you know a Kathleen Ivan at stake in a long time. What's it all about, I love my favorite MIA anybody want how he apparently, where I am really get my snake. You are like this well done with a little bit of catch him that's not bad, but well done. I used to be a sharp argue, for I still am of every now and then I do medium with every time I do medium well, its raw canny raw meat. I can't stand it. Has lain wonderful call. I appreciate it take care yourself I'll, be right back. Or have staked tonight that's the goal, and I was just told yes, ok, fine! I can't wait. I won't tell you what I like to have a mistake. You think I'm three result in order.
Can region at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one well I stand corrected. Ladies and gentlemen. In America my wife just reminded me: I had stake on Monday. She makes a great state Bobo. But you didn't have a wee ketchup. I must tell her. So I did have stake. We had stake on Monday. But I want stake today too, so I think we have staked tonight. That's the goal. And I was just told yes, ok, fine, I can't wait. I won't tell you what I like to have a mistake, you'll think of three result in order like they were, my statements to producer corn, like corn, here's the kicker, boy applesauce. Do you like applesauce? Ok, that's what I like
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could try zip recruiter for free, that's right, free just go to zip recruiter, dot com, slash Levine! That zipper who did not come Slash, L, easy! I an zipper, a dot com slashed, Levine, zip recruiter this, Just wait a higher by the way shadow to my body, Larry O Connor, who is my lead in host her I'm his followers post on the great w I Mayo does a great show he's a great colonists and I thank him for his excellent com today matter fact not a wonderful people in websites out? There let me see where we're going on here. ES go to AL, our Denver Colorado Ex Satellite go hey regulatory from my car. Yes, he answered here comes pretty straightforward way, understand worthy.
Hey OJ or the F B. I could see authority to apply a type of a council whatsoever considering that the independent council statute expired and was never renewed. Now this is an excellent question. First, while the FBI doesn't get to appoint anyone, it's the Attorney general in his Lou, the deputy tourney General and its, a regulation within the Department of Justice. That's what they use. Can the council statute right, but there The independent council statute wasn't here from the beginning a time I realise that previously, when there has been a special carefully reported by the press, United States, so no they were appointed by hello. There point the attorney general like in the Watergate case. Now, that's ok, usurping presidential authority. It's not usurping presidential party, because an attorney general can appoint an inferior officer, the price in this case is given
a wide breadth, as I have explained now of mothers investigation. They continue. Expansiveness investigation fact that a number of his prosecutors have a dual appointments, giving them even more authority can assistant, US attorney's, he is an inferior office. As the others were, he is a principle office. I agree with that. I was wrong, I feel good I was trying to say is that it seems to me from the very beginning there wasn't anything that actually took place illegally to actually give anyone the authority to your right hand, and that's why this will know. An attorney general can upon. In there two million people working in the federal government the relative small fraction of them reconsider principle officers who require nomination by the present in confirmation, so this is well understood in this has been in existence since the beginning of the republic, Educate you.
The problem here is this specific appointment in this specific authority that he has go ahead. So I was trying to say is that even under the independent council share required a core. The term I the original independent council statute. That process was set up by Congress. It required a court because That's what the statute did. That's, not what the constitution us I mean I, I would argue with you that we certainly do not one porch making executive branch appointments, Dewey, rational, thanks for your car, is not listening, so I can have a conversation Plus we're going in circles. Bob long island, New York, the Great W B, say, go On I went when you write made a comment about with a gesture doing regarding Tang players: fines if they work, would incur I have a life long history with the judge. The very first Superbowl Party went. It was when I was a kid in nineteen sixty. I barely remember it. I remember,
the judge winning the shepherd all that year, my uncle it up near cynically solidarity became. Finally with. The officers She ran out the author leading players with near catch. I actually gotten me a bunch of them in the seventies and eighties. I told you caught wearing my relationship catch currently. I just why your relationship with the jets currently Are you now decide, but it? But it's it's a familiar situation with the honor correct it's a familiar, such a situation where the honorary exactly with the owners brother with the other with the owner and I'm not the youngest brother- I don't- I don't know the honour, the youngest brother- but I guess I just wanted to say that the owner and his wife are patriots and I don't know what happened to his brother here. Mark like everything else in a family right.
He wants to become the ambassador to yield to the UK, and I was always told that this guy Woody Jenkins that his name Oh George, and many Johnson was a solid patriot, would listen to my show, among other shows, but but he's got this Christopher brother. Who is now chairman while he's in the government, which means you pretty much has to wash his hands the operations. While he's the ambassador to the United Kingdom and this brother, Christopher he's, the one hey you know I will pay the fines of the players. Do all the name. You want. And I guess I just wanted to say that because some he's. Obviously, the dim witted brother. Obviously what do you know? Why should I had a very solid patriot? That's what I've been told that is why I can cut your password and knows no, my relationship. I see right appear in the cars going. I will not expose you, but you have a very significant relationship with the family and
The case of Christopher. He doesn't have a relationship with reality. I appreciate your client. Thank you for that. I've understood the Woody Johnson is a great patriot to we're talking about Christopher the Dumb one May I say with all due respect: hey guess what we have this picture this policy in place. But are you players? You want to come in a locker room and taken the our pay? The fine, jerk, is that a jerk as that. Gary Richmond Virginia. How are you, sir, architecture honour to speak to you, and I will thank you for taking my call to, point one on the back burner- backtrack a little bit too the collapse or visit on the view, James. The clap
One thing that this Bay Har came to the conclusion that this actually helps Trump Where's my truck told one screaming, but this help trump. This helps Trump While you know she's not on the view cushy, smart she's on the view, because she's a jerk off I would even kind of like a green when one when she saw him on whose dummy they harm or the clap through. What a word I did. What I wanna do is I want to thank you back when Tom more passed away. You did a great tribute to him and I wasted. If I ever got through to Mark, I was gonna. Thank him for that great tribute com- and I were we are we were- we were really friends is close to you. You guys were probably I was more of a collar on. He shows and I met him in person a couple of times, but I consider him a friend and
It was a great guy. I just really wanted to thank you, because I thought that was just a great tribute and, and I just was trying to assess what would come more, be saying right now about the situation, and you can actually almost hear him saying this. Don Quixote Mean- and I did I just wanted to thank you for that You don't have to. Thank me time was a friend of mine. He was a friend of the show I've known a new time for years and years and years even when he was in Philadelphia and mission very much. I think about, and quite often. When I think about time, I think about Bob Grant tours is be a b c and also spent some time in Philadelphia radio. Another wonderful man who I was friends with His passing to these these are these are wonderful men and we're not gonna. Forget them on this programme, but Tom You know he was a regular substitute host and he was A patriot,
and the funny thing is when I was back in TED crews and he was backing Trump. We were good friends and so forth, and somebody should I'm Tellin you mark one day I'll see so anyway, he's very much MR around here. Thanks for your call, Gary we'll be right back I've had my share mechanics calling me, so they found something wrong. The needs replacing one I've taken current foreign oil changes that happened to you. Suppose it surprise. High repair bills are terrible, especially when you're not covered by manufacturers, warranty any longer you're paying out of your own pocket to fix them that I strongly recommend extended vehicle protection from car shield. If your car five thousand one hundred fifty thousand miles on its core
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but I have it on our twenty ten camera and it needs it and it needed it. So you should check it out to my humble opinion. Yes, When I go to football and only are the politics of the football players. Get the hell out rights. As private sector. I know a few a business situations where the employees can start spewing there. It takes taking knees a disrupt. What's going on in there are noted a turn off the customers turn up the customers. You got a football game because you don't want to hear politics football game because you don't want to deal with family issues. You gotta football came because you want to leave the stress behind you. So, when they're doing stupid stuff on the field- and you gotta hear these phony civil rights are hey I've first amendment right now you I'll get the hell out to fail.
Hey there, social injustice great. So what. After the gang deal with it. But after that, they don't deal with it? They go home enjoy themselves, just like everybody else. What is social injustice anyway, never ends never ends. Individual responsibility that ought to be the response individual get like Robin. Grand Rapids Michigan, the Great W J W Go, to come as one comment and invocation appeal, Self in West Michigan, I will tell you to the best stake in town, and we will vote on a well done. Would catch up really only other one? I know that that lack while you do they do Oh absolutely I put catcher binds Dagon, I dont can't catch up. I can't read gourmet dipping sauce because of all the steps out there that I like that, because they also dare to yet oh yeah
Any time here was Michigan. That battle beyond me did be an honor sir Blossom I appreciate that I've never buying West Michigan. I got. We got two great steakhouses in grand in, so you can't along wrong I wanna go Harrison. I would just tell you that But thank you. Thank you, sir. My comment. Yes I to ABC World knows tonight, because that's the most powerful about again tolerable major network news story, new stations and they were- about terms comment or accusation that he had a spy within his campaign organization and it strikes me very funny that they use the cold words that checking- the four times in the story They never use it with anyone else and they never bend over backwards to you. What did they find out that tromp was lying right?
While they want to discredit in anything that he said, then he Robert, let's, let's legislate. Where did this first appeared at first appeared in the New York Times, didn't correct. In a long articles. Is that our best MR producer. The New York Times it was so we're going to go back on our best I've memorial day, so Eric Times lets it out. Everybody figures out who it is it's this old fogey, professor and tat, it's just like in March before last, when I was putting together these newspaper articles and make it the case that the Trump world had been served, held by our government. They say why look you're making it up. Times wrote about this as have other news outlets, and now the clap James, the clap, he's confessed to I mean we know, this took place. So why are they fact checking trump? Why don't? They fact checked the club
and the one that he didn't used the words by he didn't like that were used? The word inform it. Tell me, I know her. China, while of course I mean I can, and I am telling you I'm so fed up with the media. I watched the other side, just So I can be well informed and well rounded person and Egypt absolutely I just want to walk through my tv every night because they always leave out key information and keep it I have listened to this network news. I only know where the hell we get it from the top of the hour when I'm listening here and it's such it so partisan So left wing, it's disgusting, you have about twelve people pro, Casting Tromp in law on Long Island, The president is saying these things in these twelve people get equal time it just as absolutely sickening and I am fed up them up. By the way? I do you agree that the year that the Amis thirteen a gang members or animals
Do I believe they are yes, I think I think that an insult to the word animal I do too. I believe they are sub human rabid, something or others think they'd. Respect human life. So why should we get why? Why should we give them any respect back and just for the fact that they need that very important. A little bit of information in the media as well and make it sound like tromp, is nothing more aren't. Aren't they domestic terrorists? In effect, I'm sorry aren't they domestic terrorists in effect I guess I don't know mark their human beings human beings mark. You know what. Human beings, human human beings, kill more human beings than anything else. Three, a cancer vents, Norville Michigan Year it baby girl
Are you do and welcome this because you are you're gonna carry. I must stop the spot on your hit home runs every night, yadda be planned for the pleasure. I thank you, but another no way. How are they doing? The tigers only were not there there and doing bad there. They're doing all right are struggling to a little bit, but where Vernon Money money inaccurate.
I just want to say thank you for what you're doing with the country I mean you're you're, doing an outstanding job, you're, actually bringing the truth forward and what you're gonna see with Mr Mauler. Simply with Mister Mallory, back like sculpture, little corner, listen, listen! Get this gentlemen's phone, I'm not kidding! You will call him back his. I interrupted him, I'm sorry thence. We salute all you heroes out there. I hope you'll check out Levine TV tonight and I'll see on the radio tomorrow. Invincible call you tomorrow, take him erika, goblet.
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