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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/24/18

On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, The extent to which the American media hates America and speaks with one progressive radical voice is troubling. The media says they are defending themselves under the first amendment when they go against President Trump and say they have never seen a President like this. But this wouldn’t have been possible without Barack Obama who actually targeted journalists. Obama abused the media and the freedom of the press more than any modern president and he’s celebrated by the media. Trump hasn’t done any of that and yet he’s said to threaten freedom of the press because he defends himself against the media attacks. When Hillary lost the election the media rose up and they want to remove Trump because he fights back; they want you to think he’s mentally unstable and moronic but he’s not. Also, Trump has handled the North Korean situation beautifully. Three Americans were released, the Navy is positioned and three aircrafts are positioned off the peninsula of Korea. We have economic sanctions in place – Trump is doing everything he can to protect us. Finally, the NFL was right to require players to stand and those that don’t should stand inside and not come back out. It's the players that need to love their fans not the sports media that needs to love the players. NFL hall of famer and actor Fred Dryer calls in to discuss the new NFL rule on standing during the national anthem.

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